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The Ultimate Book of Top 10 Lists

by Listverse Staff
fact checked by ascendeum

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I am thrilled to announce that our book: The Ultimate Book of Top 10 Lists is now available for purchase at both Amazon ($10.08) and Barnes and Noble ($11.96).

Here is the publisher’s description of the book: “Providing an astonishing array of information, The Ultimate Book of Top Ten Lists contains the best of everything from serial killers, scientific oddities, and historical events to little-known facts about everyone’s favorite celebrities, films, and books. There are even practical lists on how to save time and money and how to survive anything from a cocktail party to a bear attack. From the Oscars to Fantasy Football, everyone loves to debate rankings of the best and worst. For even those who think they know all the answers, there is an inherent curiosity to see what made the list. The Ultimate Book of Top Ten Lists is the perfect book to pass around to family and friends, who will no doubt debate what’s been included — and what’s been left out.”

The book has been the culmination of two years of Listverse and contains the best of contributed and self-written (by JFrater) lists. There are over 700 pages of top 10 lists making this the ultimate book for those who love lists. It is a perfect book for a Christmas gift – so be sure to buy more than one. The quality is excellent and the names of all the contributors are listed in the front. You can use Amazon’s “look inside” and Barnes and Noble’s “see inside” feature to see if your list is there (note that it doesn’t let you see the list of contributor names – but it is definitely in the book – I have an advance copy so I guarantee it).

The book is also being sold in all major retailers in the US – in fact, it is involved in a special Christmas marketing deal which should mean a lot of exposure for the site. It is also being distributed worldwide – so for those who don’t wish to buy online, check out your local bookstores (though bear in mind that the price is likely to be higher in non-online stores).

I would like to thank everyone that has contributed to the site – whether it be through comments or lists. The book would not be possible without all of you.

Buy The Ultimate Book of Top 10 Lists at, or
Buy The Ultimate Book of Top 10 Lists at Barnes and Noble

fact checked by ascendeum
Listverse Staff

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