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Christmas Competition 2009

Two years ago we ran a fun and successful Christmas competition. This year we have decided to do the same – for two reasons: 1. Competitions are fun, and 2. I am going to be away for a week or two over Christmas.

First Prize

Screen Shot 2009-11-03 At 3.41.31 Pm

First prize is an 8GB iPod Touch (whichever model is the latest available in January 2010) valued at $199.00

Second Prize

Screen Shot 2009-11-03 At 3.39.31 Pm

Second prize is an 8GB iPod Nano (whichever model is the latest available in January 2010) valued at $149.00 in any color of your choosing.

Third Prize

Screen Shot 2009-11-03 At 3.40.27 Pm

Third prize is a 4GB iPod Shuffle (whichever model is the latest available in January 2010) valued at $79.00 in any color of your choosing.

Remaining Prizes


In addition to the above prizes, five published lists will be chosen at random to win a free copy of the Listverse book: The Ultimate Book of Top 10 Lists.

How it Works

The winner will be the person who contributes the list that I feature on the front page of the site on Christmas Day (December 25, 2009). The second place getter will have their list featured on the front page on Christmas Eve (December 24, 2009), and the third place getter will have their list featured on the front page the day before Christmas Eve (December 23, 2009).

At least five other (though I reserve the right to publish all regardless of number) lists will be published, and of those extra published lists, five people will be randomly selected to win a copy of our book.

The Rules


List Format: In order to enter, you must write a list of at least 10 items and include an overall description of your list for the opening paragraph. You can send the list in text form – no markup please. Each item on your list should contain at least one or two paragraphs – please no less or more. Each paragraph should be between 100 and 150 words.

List Topics: The topic of your list can be anything you like. I will accept lists relating to Christmas, but I would like a good variety of many topics so we don’t have a month of nothing but Christmas lists in December. The winning lists may not have anything to do with Christmas – they will be the best of the lists I receive regardless of topic. Remember, bizarre lists are the most popular here – so you might edge ahead with a bizarre list. Other than that, miscellaneous, science, and crime are also popular.

List Content: All content must be your own – you must not copy lists from other sites, text from other sites, or books. A good way to test this out is to do a google search for the list idea to see if anyone else has done it already. Lists must also not duplicate content from Listverse. Please spellcheck twice and grammar check twice. If I have to edit the list I will reject it.

Important Dates: No lists will be accepted after Midnight PST on the 14th of December, 2009. I reserve the right to publish any or all of the submitted lists from the 15th of December. All published lists will be marked as part of the competition. This means that if your submission does not win, it might appear on the site as early as the 15th (though you will still be in the draw for the book prizes).

Copyright: All lists submitted become the property of Jamie Frater (representing Listverse). Once the competition is over, all lists will be included in the general pool of lists for publication at any further date.

Single Entries: Entries are limited to one per person.

Submitting Your List


Please submit lists in text format (either as an attachment or directly in the email) to [email protected].

Please include your username from Listverse, your real name, and use an email address that I can reply to if you win (as I will need your address for prize delivery).


Listverse Staff

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