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Top 10 Unusual Mail Deliveries and Events

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

Sound familiar? It’s the motto of the United States Postal Service, right? Actually, the USPS has no motto, but this quotation from Book 8 of The Persian Wars, by Herodotus, which is inscribed on the General Post Office in New York City, is a fair evaluation of the lengths to which postal carriers have gone – and still go – to get our mail to us.


The Pony Express


In 1860, William H. Russell was sure that his Central Overland California and Pike’s Peak Express Company could beat the time of stagecoach wagons, which made the trip from Missouri to California in 24 days. The company built way stations every 10-15 miles, and published the following advertisement:

Wanted: Young, skinny, wiry fellows not over 18.
Must be expert riders, willing to risk death daily.
Orphans preferred.
Wages, $25.00 per week.

Johnny Fry and Sam Hamilton were first to sign up, signing an oath under which they swore not to cuss, fight, abuse animals, or lie. The Pony Express was born to great expectations. “No danger or difficulty must check his speed or change his route, for the world is waiting for the news he shall fetch and carry… God speed to the pony and the boy!” (The Western Journal of Commerce: Kansas City.) Russell’s prediction proved accurate: the first run was completed in 10 days – less than half the stage time. Riders covered 75-100 miles each day, stopping at the way stations only long enough to change horses.

Sending a letter on the Pony Express was not cheap: $5.00 for 1/2 oz., compared to standard U.S. postage, which was 10¢. But if you were in a hurry, there was no better choice. In 1861, President Lincoln’s inaugural address made the fastest transcontinental trip up until that time: St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California in 7 days, 17 hours. But that same year, the transcontinental telegraph was completed, and on October 26, 1861, the Pony Express came to an end after just eighteen months of operation.


Missile Mail


Mail has been delivered by horse, boat, sled, snowshoes, skis, trucks, motorcycles, automobiles, mules, pole boats, airplanes, hovercraft, dog sleds, parachutes, and snowmobiles. But none is stranger than missile mail. In 1936, two rockets transported mail about 2000 feet across a frozen lake toward Hewitt, New Jersey, from Greenwood Lake, New York. The rockets crash-landed and slid across the ice. The Hewitt postmaster walked onto the ice and dragged the mail bags the rest of the way.
Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield later attempted again to shoot the mail. On June 8, 1959, Summerfield declared, “Before man reaches the moon, mail will be delivered within hours from New York to California, to England, to India, or to Australia by guided missiles.”

The submarine USS Barbero fired a guided missile with 3000 letters toward the naval air station in Mayport, Florida. The missile, at 600 mph, covered the 100 miles in 22 minutes. The cost, however, was too great to justify missiles as a standard method of mail delivery.


Mule Train

99Az-11-25 Havasu-Canyon-Mule-Train

In Supai, Arizona, a sign in the local café reads, “No fries til mail.” The town of Supai eats more mail than it reads. At the bottom of the south rim of the Grand Canyon, and home to 525 Havasupai Native Americans, Supai is the last place in the United States to get its mail by mule train delivery. Helicopters and air drops are impractical here, so the 3-5-hour trip is made by mule five days a week, with each mule carrying up to 200 lbs. of mailed supplies.


Million Dollar Delivery


When New York jeweler, Harry Winston, decided to donate the fabled Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institution, he chose first class mail. “It’s the safest way to mail gems,” Winston was quoted as saying. The delivery from New York City to Washington, D.C., cost Winston $2.44 in postage, and an additional $142.85 for a million dollars’ worth of insurance.

Letter carrier James Todd picked up the diamond at City Post Office and drove to the Natural History building, where he delivered it to the curator. Afterward, Todd told the Washington Post that he felt “a little shaky,” not because of the enormous value of the 45.52 carat diamond, but because he was not used to getting so much attention at his job.


Pet Post


In December, 1954, the postmaster in Orlando, Florida, received the following letter:

Dear Sir:
I am sending my chameleon because I live in Fostoria Ohio and it is too cold for him here. Will you please let him loose.
Sincerely yours,
David __________
P.S. Could you let me know if he arrives there OK? Thank you very much. I am so worried about him.

On December 7, 1954, David received the following response:

Dear David,
I received your chameleon yesterday and he was immediately released on the post office grounds. Best wishes for a merry Christmas!
L.A. Bryant, Jr.


Child Post

2B2F 6 May2

In 1914, a four-year-old named May Pierstorff, who lived with her parents in Grangevillle, Idaho, was going to visit her grandmother in Lewiston. Her parents calculated that Parcel Post was cheaper than full fare. At 48.5 lbs., the child came in under the weight requirement of less than 50 lbs. It was then legal, and still is today, to mail chickens, so her parents were charged postage at the chicken rate. The Pierstorffs pinned the fifty-three cents in postage to her coat and put May in the baggage car, under the care of the postal clerk. Though it was customary to leave packages in the post office overnight, when May arrived in Lewiston, the postmaster took her to her grandmother. By 1920, it was illegal to mail human beings, although not before an angry mother mailed a baby to the husband who had left her.


Pneumatic Tubes

Pneumatic Tube Station

The pneumatic tube systems represented a different kind of tunnel vision. Under New York City, workers still occasional encounter remnants of what was once a flourishing underground mail delivery system. Powered by positive rotary blowers and reciprocating air compressors, pneumatic mail tubes could fly under the city at a rate of 100 mph, regardless of snow or traffic snarls overhead. At one time there were 136 operators in New York City, called rocketeers. They could send one tube every 12 seconds. By the 1950s, 55% of NYC mail was send by tubes.

There were problems, however, Each container could hold only five pounds, and could not carry more than one kind of mail. The process was expensive, partly because each container needed to be sorted twice. The time saved in shooting the mail through the tubes was lost in sorting and resorting. The system was suspended from 1919-1922, briefly resurrected in New York and Boston, and finally discontinued in 1953.


Rural Free Delivery

Rural Free Delivery Carrier And Wagon

Rural Free Delivery, RFD, was born when Postmaster General John Wanamaker thought it made more sense for one person to deliver mail to country homes that for fifty people to go to town for their mail. Until that time, postmasters would often hire a boy to deliver; schoolteachers sent the mail home with their students, and the post office stayed open for one hour after church on Sunday, but none of these systems seemed satisfactory.

The problem with delivery to country homes was, of course, mailboxes. Soon the roadsides were “littered” with orange crates, lard cans, feed boxes, and many other contrivances to hold mail. By 1901, Congress went into action, deciding after prolonged debate that country mailboxes needed to be of a standard size, have a signal flag to show when mail was inside, and be of a height and proximity to the road to be convenient for the mail carrier. The standard basic mailbox cost fifty cents, but there were some locked boxes that cost several dollars. As a result of this expense, some customers refused to buy a mailbox, and the post office refused to deliver their mail, resulting in some contentious exchanges.

When Sears, Roebuck and Montgomery Ward began sending out large catalogs each year, they hit upon a retailing gold mine. But the mailboxes needed to be resized, and in the 1920s, Congress approved the larger mailboxes still in use today.


First Airmail

Object Aug06 388

History’s first airmail flight happened in 1859, aboard the hot air balloon, Jupiter. The historic flight took place on August 17, with the temperature in the 90s. John Wise, the aeronaut, was given 123 letters in Lafayette, Indiana, to deliver to New York City. The balloon had to ascend to 14,000 feet to pick up any wind, but that wind, unfortunately, carried it south. After covering only 30 miles in five hours, Wise descended in Crawfordsville, Indiana, where his trip was labeled a “trans-county-nental” flight. Wise gave the mail to a postal agent, who put it on a train for New York.


Posted To Freedom


Henry “Box” Brown, a slave who had seen his wife and children sold away from him, mailed himself to freedom on March 29, 1849. With the help of a storekeeper in Louisa County, Virginia, Brown had himself packed into a crate that was 3’x 2’x 2.6’ and labeled “This Side Up With Care,” to be sent to the home of Philadelphia abolitionist James Miller McKim.

At 5’8” and weighing 200 lbs, Brown curled himself into the box with only a small container of water and traveled in that position for 27 hours. The crate was loaded onto a wagon, then to the baggage car of a train, then another wagon, then a steamboat, then another wagon, then a second baggage car, then a ferry, then a third railroad car, and finally a wagon that delivered him to McKim’s house. When no sound was heard from the box delivered to his house, McKim asked, “Is all right within?” and Brown answered, “All right.” When the box was opened, Brown stood up, and passed out.

Public outrage at his story led to the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which made it illegal to help escaping slaves. When the law was passed, Brown moved to England, where he remained until 1875.

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    I have an unusual mail delivery that happened to me and I ended up in the newspaper for it too. (mind you, it was a small town)
    I was 9 and living in Kentucky. I got a letter from my grandfather who lived in Louisania, that came to me with 2 dimes still taped to it. Back then if someone didn’t have enough a stamp they could tape the required postage amount to the letter and the postmaster would take it off and put on a stamp. It went through with the dimes still taped to the envelope. It was cute. I kept the newspaper article and the envelope with the 2 dimes still on it. :)

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    I think the growing consensus is to delete the top 10 commenters list and I kinda agree. It was fun way back when to stop by the About page every so often to see who was where but when that commenter list becomes the sole focus, the published lists (and the comment community) take a back seat and that’s a shame because I think SharonE did a great job with this one.

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    Another interesting item that can be legally sent thru US Mail: Bees

    As many beekeepers will tell you (myself included), you can order honeybees and have them sent to you in a double-screened, wood frame box. If you do, you will lkely get an early call from your local post office when they arrive.

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    We must of had training at least once a month on how to deal with “target mail” when I was a mail carrier.
    Watch out for any of the following:

    Characteristics of a suspicious parcel:

    * Unexpected or from someone unfamiliar to you.
    * Addressed to someone no longer with your agency or an otherwise outdated address.
    * No return address or one that cannot be verified as legitimate.
    * Unusual weight, given its size, or lopsided.
    * Restrictive markings such as “Personal” or “Confidential”.
    * Exhibits protruding wires, strange odors or stains.
    * Postmarked from a city which does not match return address.
    * Displays distorted or childlike handwriting or addresses with homemade labels or cut and paste lettering.
    * Unprofessionally wrapped or secured with combinations of tape.
    * Excessive postage.

    I picked up a package once from an office building that was buried at the bottom of their outgoing mail and it fit three of the criteria listed above. It wasn’t until later, when I was done with my route that a postal clerk walked over to me and said… “Uh, you better come take a look at this!” Needless to say, after we alerted our postmaster, it turned into bomb squad bedlam! Ever see the movie “Monster’s Inc.” where they had to be quarantined?

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    Were they delivered as adults? I received Jewel Wasps through the mail, although in a egg form and in a cooled styrofoam box to slow development.

    @MrRee (54): What about intestinal mail? I mailed a hot burrito into my mouth and in just a few hours, it was delivered to my toilet.
    “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

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    I am the mail-room clerk at a downtown office building. This list very near and dear to my heart.

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    I’ve always enjoyed the stories you hear about now and then where a letter is delivered like 40 years later because it was found stuck in a mail chute or something.

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    @gabi319 (59): Why in earth would someone need Jewel Wasps for?
    You reminded me of that Silence of the Lambs scene where the bad guy breeds moths.

  • gabi319

    @psychosurfer (84): Why in earth would someone need Jewel Wasps for?
    I kinda don’t want to say now that you’ve linked me to Silence of the Lambs! That sounds much cooler than the real story.

    I was an out and proud science nerd by senior year of high school. For my senior research project, I studied immune system suppression of Nasonia vitripennis (jewel wasps) as caused by particulate matter in smoke. When I whined about this long ago on LV, I think I said I won second in my category, but I was wrong. It was third. A friend of mine won first with her study on the regenerative properties of certain algae (makes wounds heal faster) and I won third for my work on immunology. I lost second place to the girl who studied the difference between glasses and contacts on peripheral vision. I’m not bitter… no I’m not… Not. Bitter. At. All……

    …weeps silently in the corner….

    But well, as with any science experiment, one should strive for controlled subjects with a well documented history and these were laboratory bred animals, hence the need to have them mailed to my high school from Fancy Pants Science Laboratory. Don’t remember if that’s the name of the lab, but I’m calling it that from now on. (like how I neatly tied this story back to the list topic? :-) )

  • ChineapplePunk

    @Maggot (83): I love those too, like love telegrams sent in the war and marriage proposals etc. I bet there are couples out there who still argue about whether they recieved their mail or not!!!

  • There are 8 million stories in the postal system…oh,wait! Wrong set up. I have read of a number of these before (about half), and many, many more. It seems that there is a reason postal workers get overstressed and go berserk. Read some postal history sometime. It can be fascinating.

  • stunty

    You could mention the Prague pneumatic tube. It’s the only completely preserved pneumatic tube system in the world, defunct since 2002 floods and currently under reconstruction.

  • The chameleon entry reminded me of all the people who mail pieces of Hawaii back to island post offices for fear they have angered the legendary goddess Pele. Just, you know, nicer and with less propensity for horrible bad luck.

  • damien_karras

    @segues (87): The reason why we sometimes went berzerk was if there was a good idea to improve delivery services or just ANY good idea put forth to improve efficiency, it was a given that management would go in the OPPOSITE direction every time! And our union reps? A joke mostly. It’s illegal for us to strike, so where is the bargaining power?

  • pestomama

    My father proposed to my mother by mail. We kept the letter because it has a postmark from the von Hindenburg dirigible on the envelope. Fortunately, the von Hindenburg didn’t crash (or was it the Graf Spee?) before she got it or I wouldn’t be here. :-)

  • Davy

    Damn, that would be uncomfortable being curled up in a box for 27 hours. I’m sure he was heavily bruised after that ordeal. But I guess it was worth it to escape slavery.

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    @damien_karras (90): So, postal worker, huh? Mind if I picture you as Newman (of Seinfeld… yes, I´m a geek) from now on? ;)

  • damien_karras

    @GTT (93): The mail never stops!! It just keeps coming and coming and coming, there’s never a let-up. It’s relentless. Every day it piles up more and more and more! And you gotta get it out, but the more you get it out the more it keeps coming in. And then the bar code reader breaks and it’s Publisher’s Clearing House day!

    When you control the mail, you control…. information!

  • psychosurfer

    @gabi319 (85): Those ignorant short sighted fools!
    Never mind, I´m sure the Nasonia vitripennis specimens fulfilled their philanthropic duty and were redeemed in wasp-heaven :)

  • GTT

    @damien_karras (94): :lol:

    OK, I think it´s time to take deep, relaxing breaths… Picture yourself in a lovely meadow with a babbling brook… And if that doesnt work, at least let us know what office you´re going to blast with your shotgun on the day you snap so we can steer clear. A little LV courtesy, if you willl….

    OK, my ignorant, non-American moment of the day… What´s a Publisher´s Clearing House?

  • deeeziner

    @El the erf (39): I am going to try to appeal to your desire to conform and be a valued member of the site….Yes, there is a top commenter tally available for viewing, but it’s not a competition. Regardless, most who ARE listed in this tally have achieved their position by being long-time members,who have submitted comments that are intelligent and insightful, and more often than not, well respected by the other long timers here.

    Your immature race towards a hollow “victory” as you can see is not really appreciated by most of the readers here, and when you do achieve the top post position…what will you REALLY have accomplished?

    By your own words in yesterdays? comments…you are not seeking top poster position…

    If you aren’t, prove it.

  • damien_karras

    @GTT (96): No worries… I’m an EX-Postal worker. Haven’t delivered mail in over two years. But I still have my shotgun, bags of lime and a shovel.

  • Davy

    lol the pet post one is funny

  • Davy


  • Davy

    Many people use ‘pet post’ frequently, my little brother being one of them. Ant farms require special ants, which are shipped from california to him.

  • Maggot

    @damien_karras (94): The mail never stops!! It just keeps coming and coming and coming, there’s never a let-up. It’s relentless. Every day it piles up more and more and more!

    So you probably don’t like it when idiots like me think they are doing the USPS a favor by increasing the revenue stream every time I return a junk-mail “postage paid” envelope empty back to the sender?

    To play a dirty trick on a friend (or enemy), I have also taken those tear-out cards, the ones where you circle numbers from a grid for the information you want to receive back from advertisers, circled a bunch of the numbers and put their name and address on them so that they’ll get barraged with junk mail. Fun fun fun.

    Ok here’s some questions for you:

    Is it true that in a pinch, you can send mail for free by putting your intended recipient’s address also in the “return address” area, and when the post office sees there is no stamp on the envelope, they will just return to “sender”.

    Where do all the “To Santa – North Pole” letters go?

    Do you read people’s magazines and/or postcards while on your lunch break?

    If a box says “fragile” on it, do you purposely toss it around haphazardly?

  • Nitroglycerin

    @deeeziner (97): Amen to that..

  • deeeziner

    SharonE–To echo a few other comments here…great list, once I actually got to the reading of it. Well researched and full of little gems. (items 10, 6 and 5) Thank-you.

    Isn’t there an island somewhere that relies on their own tourists to deliver mail? A large wooden box on a post, just off the beach, where people leave a letter or small package, and if they are returning home to the vicinity of a left post they take it with them to deliver?

    @General-Jake (75): “Lol plus if you scroll really fast you can see Erfs head whizzin by all fast and hilariously.”

    Okay Dude…you owe me a new coke and a clean monitor.

    • Hethah

      I believe it’s the Galapogus Islands that has the post box relying on tourists that visit. A system that started long ago with sailors

  • deeeziner

    @damien_karras (98): Your cool..A postal worker who has a work ethic….A plan for cleaning up his work station. :)

  • GTT

    @damien_karras (98): Uhm, well, in that case, I´m on your good side, right?

    *quietly retreats to hide under the table*


  • damien_karras

    @Maggot (102): Excellent questions!

    1. I’ve never seen that attempted, however, when you send your mail out it first goes to the dreaded PLANT. This is an industrial juggernaut of a structure which runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is here that some of the incoming stuff is sorted by hand and some is sorted by machine, where a bar-code is put on the bottom that represents the actual address. If someone attempted what you just described, a handler would probably pick-up on it and put one of those yellow stickers on it with a check box marked on why it would be considered ‘undeliverable’. But, once again, I’ve never seen someone attempt this, so I’m not completely sure what would happen.

    2. All the ‘North Pole’ letters, from what I’ve heard DO go the dead-letter zone. (Yes, it exists, and you wouldn’t believe me if I told you how much crap winds up there.) When I received my mail to hand-sort my route during Xmas time I NEVER found a North Pole letter, simply because it never made it to me after going to the dreaded PLANT first.

    3. Yes, we read your magazines if it’s something that interested us, but more notably, there’s a reason why your Netflix were usually running late. I have never done this, but I know other carriers who took your movie/magazine home first, and delivered it a couple of days later.

    4. As much as it tempted me because I detested a particular person on my route, I never personally messed with their parcels.

  • Go Henry. XDD

  • Davy

    @damien_karras (107): ha! I knew them postal workers had something to with my late movies! :)

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    Good list, SharonE! One complaint, though: that picture for #1 is really creepy looking. It’s like, in the middle of the Uncanny Valley. And why does the guy on the right have an Easter basket?

  • Missle mail: would be pretty awesome if not for the cost. And I think the chameleon one is hilarious. But what I’ve always wanted to do is pack myself up and ship overseas!

  • ianz09

    @Geronimo1618 (73): @General-Jake (75): @undaunted warrior (80): Thanks guys I’m glad I am liked around here. It is reassuring! :) And el the erf, if you read this, you’re good bud. A silly comment here and there won’t upset anybody (except the internet dicks. And all us cool folks will haze them for you. Miss_Info, that means you. Lick my butthole). BUT, sheer volume makes you a nuisance. Stack up your responses, compose a super-comment, and it is all good. But when 19 of the first 40 comments are yours, it is chill time. Don’t let haters get to you, but the regular, nice population advises you relax with the submit button. Also, your English almost always makes sense, which is more than I can say for saber25. I think one time he told me to fuck my dog, but I’m not entirely sure. Plus I don’t have a dog. I have a cockatiel, who is an asshole and will soon be a bite sized rotisserie chicken if he doesn’t stop squawking.

    To Australians: Aren’t cockatiels wild in Australia? Are they as annoying there as they are here?

  • ianz09

    Hey, question time. How many people saw my “high” rewrite of my ghost story list? Was it funny enough to submit a gag list written like that (with more written into it, of course)? I want to write a comedy list, so let me (and JFrater… ;)) know if you think this will be funny. Grassy ass, amoebas!

  • Davy

    A storm is coming…

  • Davy

    @ianz09 (113): lol yeah that was pretty funny :)

  • Doug

    I live in the UK, and got some mail today. How’s that for an unusual mail event, right Britons?

  • Slavery Fries

    I have to say this list is solid.

  • Maggot

    @ianz09 (113): Was it funny enough to submit a gag list

    I don’t know what you have in mind but fyi last time someone submitted a “gag list” that got published (it was about “imaginary diseases” or some harmlessly silly thing like that) it got roundly booed, basically it was booed right off the page…comment complaints were so numerous that Jamie actually pulled it.

  • alexman

    lol apparently that slave box guy of no1 “Left his first wife and children in slavery (though he had the means to purchase their freedom), he married a second time, to a white British woman, and began a new family. In 1875, he returned to the U.S. with a family magic act” what a bastard

  • ianz09

    @Maggot (117): Eh I don’t know then… I guess some people around here wouldn’t get it. I was going to write a humorous list about the dangers of alcohol (for example) but it would be written like my comment as if I’m drunk. Reading back on what I just wrote, that explanation makes it sound terribly unfunny. But, I thought maybe a few lawls could be had, but after your comment, I’m second guessing it.

  • Maggot

    @ianz09 (119): after your comment, I’m second guessing it.

    Well that was just my 2 cents worth since you’d posed the question out to the forum, but don’t make your mind up based on my comment alone. I’d say just submit it and see what Jamie thinks. Or talk it over with him first off-line perhaps (before putting in all the effort to write it up). It’s ultimately up to him of course whether he’d choose to publish it, and then like any list, you take the heat or the kudos that come with it.

  • Sam Man

    Just a quick note on #1, the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 was actually passed as an appeasement to Southern states in response to the Missouri Compromise of 1850. Because it limited the boundaries of slavery, the southern states were upset. In order to keep them happy and prevent them from seceding, the Fugitive Slave Act was passed. The federal government at the time was trying to take a very neutral stance on slavery, and this balance is one example.

  • Sam Man

    Sorry, thats not the Missouri Compromise of 1850, just the Compromise of 1850. They are separate acts and have different impacts.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  • @damien_karras (89): damien, you’ll find no more sure supporter of the mail worker than I. I once lived in a “planned community” (NEVER do this, btw, kids. It may look attractive with all the large swathes of lawns, the lagoons and canals, the homes all on cul-de-sacs, but in reality it’s just the first level of hell), where the city council decided that Federal law be dammed, no homes in the city would have curb side boxes. Mail would be delivered to the door, or not at all!
    Somehow, I was elected to fight the city council. Needless to say, after a protracted fight, I won. But having the residents of the city all having to descend on the SINGLE post office to collect our mail, we came to consider our postal workers hero’s.

  • Chanchita

    @ Paaro (9) – love the way you had to explain your joke. Don´t worry, I got it anyway. It´s these Americans that need explaining to :P

  • Pete-oil

    I’m oily!

  • Some Guy in NEPA

    El the erf: Yeah, aboard the Demeter with a cargo of plague rats and a dead crew….still one of the creepiest Dracula movies ever made!

  • Davy

    @Pete-oil (125): I’m sure.

  • Iakhovas

    @ianz09 (111):
    Yeah, we have Cockatiels here but they don’t bother too many people. What are really annoying are Cockatoo’s (much larger.)They are beautiful birds but extremely destructive. They chew wood and ruin so many patios. Never feed the bastards, or you’ll have em for ever. I have hundreds around the area where I live, but my Bengal keeps them honest.

  • Davy

    @Iakhovas (128): I don’t know why, but I found your extremely amusing. :)

  • ianz09

    @Iakhovas (128): Bengal? At the risk sounding stupid… Tiger?

  • sammie davis

    excuse me, i am a black male and what is this?

  • Davy

    @Davy (129): Damn, your **comment** extremely amusing.

  • ianz09

    @sammie davis (131): Go home sammie you racist prick. Nobody loves you in real life which is why you insist on trolling Listverse. You aren’t funny. I would say ‘go crawl in a hole and die’ but that would be offensive to holes. At this point I would generally ask you to lick my taint, but I want to keep the backwoods inbred hick off of me, so instead you can reply by saying “I, sammie davis, have fucked my own mother on at least one occasion.”

    Thank you.

    PS- Congratulations on not being illiterate anymore, you learned almost as fast as my trained monkey.

  • Davy

    @sammie davis (131): To summarize what ianz09 just said, since you’re probably too stupid to understand, “Go away you racist asshole”. Hopefully that clear enough.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @ianz09 (133): lulz

  • Spiff17

    ianz09: I read the “high” version of your last list and it was hilarious! I actually laughed out loud. Not like one of those “lol” moments where you type it but its actually a blatant lie because you didn’t actually laugh out loud. This time I physically laughed out loud. So yeah I’d like to see more.

    I definitely don’t have a problem with your commenting. You’re a great contributor! However, you’re maybe occasionally a little heavy with the Randall idolization. I like you more when you do your own thing instead of trying to be Randall. Hes entertaining and has contributed some good lists but everyone knows he can be a miserable old cuss and we already have one of him. He loves himself enough that we don’t have to.

    Speaking of the devil, where’s he been?

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    Okay, I just looked at the top commenters list, it says I only made 95 comments, when a week ago it said I made 100-someting comments. What’s the reason for this?

  • Spiff17

    Where do you find the top-commenters list?

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @Spiff17: In the ‘about’ link at the top of the page. I don’t really care how high I am on it, though.

  • oouchan

    @GiantFlyingRobo (137): It’s on a rolling 30 day cycle. So any comments you made 31 days ago drops off.
    I was up to 400 and something at one point. :)

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @oouchan (140): Ohh! I thought Jaimie was deleting all my comments behind my back! It’s a relief to know that’s not the case. :)

  • Miss_Info

    Did anybody hear about the guy who tried to mail a bomb but didn’t put enough stamps on it, so they returned it to him and he blew himself up ???

  • sammie davis


  • bucslim

    @oouchan (140):

    Yeah, back in the day, that was on the front page, and all us oldtimers would toss in a witty pun or farcical anecdote just to watch the number tick off. Hell, I’d even resort to a rib-tickler or knee slapper, or if I was feeling particularly squirrely, I’d make a cutting zing.

    Then I’d tell my Mom that I made the ‘Top Commenter’s’ list and sometimes she’d give me an extra scoop of taters.

    Gawd I rule!!

  • sammie davis


  • oouchan

    @GiantFlyingRobo (141): No problem! He wouldn’t delete unless he had a very good reason. Like the racist troll we got lurking around here.
    Jamie? If you are watching, he might be better under moderation. Just a thought. :)

    @bucslim (144): hehe

  • Davy

    @sammie davis (145): Get off Listverse asshole. Your racist comments aren’t appreciated here.

  • Blogball

    Neat idea for a list SharonE.
    Very entertaining.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @sammie davis (143): If you’re from the South, get out! I mean, you’re reinforcing all the redneck/hillbilly/KKK stereotypes about us. And I hate being stereotyped! Screw you, scrotum sucker! I hope you burn with all your other fellow Klansmen, too!

  • Davy

    @GiantFlyingRobo (149): hey I’m from the south! Do you automatically assume that if you’re from the south, then you are a racist cocksucker like sammie davis? If you do you’re sadly mistaken.

  • Randall

    @Spiff17 (136):

    You called?

    Randall has been on a protracted, long-weekend jaunt with a lady friend. Weary and spent (in all the good ways) he has returned home at last to check emails and take a peek at his favorite websites. I see I was missed (slightly) and that bucslim is doing a bang up job at mocking those who should be mocked and ridiculing those who earnestly deserve it.

    Nice list. Good idea. I like it.

    Who let the fuckin’ racist in here? Which one of you was supposed to close the door last?

    ah..alas I am too tired and, frankly, hungover, to do anything more than say hello, wave to my friends, and flash a defiant middle finger at my enemies. Off to bed, to recover.

  • Davy

    @Randall (151): Hey Randall!

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @Davy (150): Umm, no Davy. I’m from the South. Notice how I used ‘us’?

  • Miss_Info

    @Randall (151): Not before Ianz gives you a sexy backrub…

  • Davy

    @GiantFlyingRobo (153): crap! Sorry, I misread: too angry at our racist friend here…

  • sammie davis


  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @Randall (151):
    “weary and spent (in all the good ways)” Excuse me, but does this mean what it sounds like? Lady-friend, weary, spent, this sounds like you had a really “merry” time! Ugh, I need to take a shower… Thanks Randall! You old perv, you’ve polluted my mind once again!

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @sammie davis (156): Screw all of you redneck cockfondlers. Stupid crackers with their small, little noses sucking up all the red mans’ oxygen. GO BACK TO EUROPE!!!
    My point: the Americas weren’t the white mans’ to begin with.

  • flamehorse

    @sammie davis (156): I believe that’s from “The Chappelle Show.” Pretty funny. Got any jokes of your own?

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @sammie davis (156): You ever think about the fact that white people brought africans here? And what makes it “white mans air?” Why don’t you go die and make the world a better place skinhead fuck!

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @flamehorse (159): Damn, I didn’t know that he was referencing anything! I guess I owe him an apology, unless that’s his actual opinion. In which case I regret nothing!

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @GiantFlyingRobo (161): I don’t give a shit. If it was Dave Chapelle’s joke the dude should look in the mirror and realize he is not Chappelle. If it isn’t a joke Hitler Jr. should go put his nuts in a food processor.

  • brandong08070

    I hiked the havasupai a few years ago, It was cool seeing the mules with the mail, even cooler seeing this on the list

  • ianz09

    @Spiff17 (136): Thank you. I wouldn’t say I idolize Randall. But I’m sick of the hater bandwagon, so I take it upon myself to defend him reasonably, before he can hack them up, then maybe they won’t remain haters, less haters equal less hateful comments which results in less time on the threads arguing and swearing therefore resulting in much more relevant comments which will in turn make the top commenter list more accurate and discourage annoying comment sploogers and eventually result in Listverse being a happy online community.

    I am a fucking genius.

  • ianz09

    @Miss_Info (154): Boy oh boy do FUCKING love Randall. You have NO idea. Can you imagine how much money I would pay to switch spots with his lady friend? God DAMN, Randall is like Jesus’s older, cooler brother. I have a Randall shrine in my closet. Doesn’t everyone?! Hand me a towel someone, all the sarcasm is dripping on me.

  • Effect You Not

    Awsome list SharonE.. Best one for ages imo

    Leave it out kids, let him speak!!

  • Trapper439

    Missile mail is cool, but I would have to build a Star Wars type missile shield around my letterbox to keep out the junk mail. As I don’t have a spare billion dollars or so, I’m glad it never took off.

    Also, I’m betting that the guy who sent the Hope Diamond via the post would be getting scammed by Nigerian e-mail fraudsters if he was still alive.

  • Effect You Not

    @Maggot (101): My girl got flowers n chocolates with a card delivered one afternoon n bein the jealous type i roughed up the flower n crushed them chocolates good.. whe she open the card, She’d umm, kinda helped out a friend n got em for doin a survey hey

  • Effect You Not

    ooh i meant el the erf too not SD

  • Spiff17

    ianz09: So you’re like the Listverse Cobra Commander. I approve of your evil plan but I’m not sure it could ever happen. There’s an endless supply of idiots out there.

  • deadangst

    Great list SharonE. Very informative. I didn’t know postal work could be so interesting. So thanks for enlightening. And please post more lists. I like your style of writing.

    El The Erf: Dude, you not doing anything wrong. Your comments are funny, and they are relevant. (Even though numerous). It’s an open, free website, catering to everyones tastes & likes. And I don’t think Jamie would mind about the number of comments you post, as long as they are relevant, funny, and not (racist, bigoted, trollish, vindictive). So please keep posting dude. I enjoy your comments. And if I don’t, I can always ignore them and move to the next. Can’t i?

  • jettroll

    child post?? it is interesting how could children be post-officers… but it is not less interesting about mule train! i think the receiver should wait for a RATHER long time in order to read the mail… it is slow!! is not it?

  • Wingnut

    @gabi319 – Yes, they are adults. You get a queen with some of her attendants in a small cage within the larger box, and then a few thousand worker bees in the main box.

    As they do not have a home to defend, they are somewhat easier to handle than an established hive. You “install” them by gently shaking them into an empty hive, and then place the queen cage into the hive. There is a sugar candy plug at the end of the cage which the workers eat, and by the time they get thru the plug they are under the queens pheromones and begin establishing a hive.

  • sallysweet

    It isn’t even that far from Grangeville to Lewiston, although I can see how at the time mailing your child seemed like a good and cheap idea.

  • RedMan

    Wow the very first Empire who had a mailing system wasn’t on this list. I’ll let you figure out who they were. It was interesting otherwise.

  • Handrejka

    This was a great list. You’ve taken something most of us take for granted and anaged to find something interesting and informative to say. Well done.

  • This was fun! I’m glad I found you guys. Time to read more of your posts now! :)

  • Wow lot of information……..regarding mail deliveries.

  • redcaboose

    SharonE, this was one of the most enjoyable lists in a while. Thanks

  • Matticus

    Havasupai (featured as #8) is an awesome place to camp! Its like a huge oasis in the middle of (a juncturing canyon of) The Grand Canyon. It features 4 or 5 waterfalls, one of them (Moony Falls) is 200 feet tall, and another one splits at the top of a 150 foot drop, making it a sort of ‘double waterfall.’ Its an 11 mile hike from the parking lot to the camp grounds, and once there, you have the option of hiking another 5-6 miles “Rambo Style” (in and out of the river) to a 80 foot cliff jumping spot and a peak at the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon itself. If anyone loves camping, hiking, or all things nature, plan a trip there asap, it is well worth it. I’ve been there 3 times myself, and I’m planning a trip back there this upcoming June!

  • Iakhovas

    @ianz09 (130):
    Bengal Cat. They are bread from Asian Leopard Cats. They’re not cheap, but worth the money cos it entertains my girlfriend which gives me more free time.

  • amy

    No barefoot mailman? I guess ’cause my mom is a Florida historian, this is the first type of “alternate” mail delivery that I think of!

  • sammie davis is a disgrace to the human race.

  • ianz09

    @Iakhovas (181): Ok, there was really no way for me to get out of that one without sounding at least somewhat dumb. Bengal Cat? Never heard of ’em. Gonna Google that in morning, if I remember (3:00 am right now in good old Ohio). And I appreciate you not making me feel dumb.

  • speaky


  • g3

    Best personal mail delivery for me:
    It was from a guy I dated in Spain (who was Swedish, just to increase the oddness of this story). He decided to send me a letter, but he didn’t have my full college address, so he sent it based off of what he knew. This is what he wrote:

    “My name”
    Duke University
    North Carolina, USA
    (I think she fences, if that helps)

    Judging by the postmark, it took around a month to get to me, but it did arrive! I’ve had much more respect for the post office since!

  • I’ve always been fascinated by pneumatic tubes. I think I saw them on a cartoon once when I was a little kid, and thought they were simply amazing. I wish they were still around.

  • @widdersyns (187): When I was very, very young, I remember being in a large department store, seeing those pneumatic tubes in use. The lady behind the glass counter, which seemed both to sparkle and be dim and dark at the same time, put my mum’s money in a holder, which she placed in the tube, and it swooped away.
    Soon it returned with some change in it.
    I remember walking through the store with the tubes going everywhere! I wanted to shrink myself so I could ride in one.
    Weird reminder from childhood…I couldn’t have been more than three.

  • Disciple

    Missle mail would be awesome, but I can see why its not done anymore. Nevermind the cost, imagine an ICBM-sized missle carrying thousands of letters and a few packages. Our enemies would take advatage and paint “USPS” on every one they send!

  • sex

    Super ce billet ! merci ;-)

  • You have some very interesting and very diverse articles here. Enjoyable to read. I will be back.

  • Ryan

    On a technicality the first airmail flight was in 1793 when a hot air balloon flew from London to Paris to deliver a letter to Benjamin Franklin.

  • Wow you would have thought that missile mail would be a bit over the top. I bet now it wouldn't even be possible with all the health and safety forms. It makes you wonder too about the people who decide to mail other people rather than take them normally.

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  • Wow you would have thought that missile mail would be a bit over the top. I bet now it wouldn't even be possible with all the health and safety forms. It makes you wonder too about the people who decide to mail other people rather than take them normally.

    fire risk assessments

  • tonytuk

    missile mail looks interesting lol

    european car insurance

  • Carl

    There is a bank in Vernal Utah that used over 80,000 bricks sent via the USPS as the cheapest way to ship at the time.,_Utah

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