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Top 10 Defining Moments of the 2000s

Having reached the end of the first decade of the new millennium, it’s time to look back at all the things that helped shape the cultural heritage of our ever globalizing society. It seems amazing that it was nearly ten years ago when the entire world rang in the new millennium with style. From Tokyo to London, New York to Sydney, Rio De Janeiro to Cairo, the fireworks and celebrations were extraordinary. We’ve come a long way since. Did anyone think they would be holding a powerful phone in their pocket and take that power for granted today, ten years ago? Did anyone really grasp the ability for computers and the internet to permeate every aspect of our day to day lives? And did anyone think the Rolling Stones would still be touring? Well, here are the ten moments, ideas, and innovations which defined the decade. The list is broken into ten different categories, with at least one runner-up listed for each.


July 21, 2007 – Final Harry Potter Book Released

Harry Potter

Runners-up: The Da Vinci Code, Oprah’s book club.

In 1997 an unknown writer named Joanne Rowling finally got her break upon the publication of a novel she had been working on for seven years, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. What followed was nothing short of mania. The series, with seven books planned from the start, became a global phenomenon. By the time the final book was published in 2007, the Harry Potter series had turned Rowling into a billionaire, one of the runners-up for Time’s “Person of the Year”, and easily the most influential children’s writer of her era. An entire generation grew up along with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, reading thousands of pages in a time where most children are watching TV. Harry Potter became famous for its cult-like following, with millions of kids everywhere waiting outside bookstores for midnight parties on release dates. Over 400 million copies of the books have been translated into 67 different languages. Along with tie-in merchandise and movie deals, the franchise is worth an estimated £15 billion. Many groups attempted to ban the books, arguing that Rowling was brain washing kids into practicing magic and believing in the occult. Most of their criticism has been ignored, especially by the college students playing quidditch matches on campus, and Oxford English Dictionary, who in 2003 entered “muggle” into its lexicon.


October 5, 2001 – Pop Idol Debuts


Runners-up: Lost, The Sopranos, Family Guy.

Perhaps the most annoying of all entries on this list, reality TV has changed the landscape of television over the past decade. While different shows can fit the general description of reality TV, it really began with in the UK with Pop Idol in 2001. The winner of the first season was Will Young, who has had a modest career since. American Idol took off a year later, and every week gains more votes than the US presidential election. Other reality TV shows took off at the same time and have had a huge effect on television, such as, Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and The Real World. Jeff Zucker, the Chief Executive of a rival network remarked that, “I think Idol is the most impactful show in the history of television”.


November 12, 2008 – Slumdog Millionaire Released


Runners-up: Hotel Rwanda, Brokeback Mountain.

Danny Boyle created a masterpiece in 2008 with his film Slumdog Millionaire. Based on the book “Q&A” by Vikas Swarup, the movie tells the tale of an impoverished young man and his chance to make millions on the Indian version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” He answers question after question based on chance encounters throughout his life, such as how he knows who is on a US 100 dollar bill. We learn that the young man, played by Dev Patel, is not interested in the money, but in finding his lost girlfriend. Slumdog Millionaire took the world by storm, grossing $377 million. It also won 8 Academy Awards, including Best Picture. It has been acclaimed as being a small representative of the future of film, because of its international cast, crew, and audience. Joe Morgenstern called it the “world’s first globalized masterpiece”.


October 17, 2004 – Boston Red Sox Begin Their Comeback


Runners-up: Spain Wins Euro 2008, Zinedine Zidane’s Headbutt, 2008 New York Giants.

Down three games to zero against their fiercest rival, the New York Yankees, in the American League Championship Series, the Red Sox were down to their final inning when the magic began. Even with superstar closer Mariano Rivera on the mound, the Red Sox were not going to be denied. They scored the tying run, and eventually won the game in the 12th inning. Game 5 went to 14 innings, and game 6 was decided by just two runs. In game 7 however, the Red Sox cut the Yankees loose with a 7 run victory to become the first team to ever come back from a 3-0 series deficit and win. But, their job was not done yet. The Red Sox had gone 86 years without a World Series title, and were not going to go home empty handed. In fact, they swept the Cardinals in 4 games to win the championship, in what analysts would later call “the greatest story baseball ever told”.


October 23, 2001 – Apple Introduces the iPod.


Runners-up: Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl Show, Live 8, Napster, death of Michael Jackson

Steve Jobs didn’t invent the mp3 player, but he did revolutionize it. In October of 2001, Apple introduced the world to the iPod, and perhaps they didn’t even realize what they were doing. Previously, mp3 players were unpopular because they were fragile, had short battery life, or were simply not sexy and fashionable. Apple saw the flaws of these products and attempted to fix them all. Eight years later, it’s hard to find a teenager or young adult without an iPod. Over 220,000,000 iPods have been sold throughout the world, making them the highest selling digital audio player. It has also changed the music industry itself. Any small musician, looking to make it big, can get his music in the iTunes store, and theoretically propel himself to stardom. Interestingly, there are studies being done that argue iPods are making kids more anti-social, because they can turn on their music instead of socializing. Even if you “are a PC”, you must admit that Apple was doing something right when they introduced the iPod.


February 4, 2004 – Launched


Runners-up: HD TV, high speed internet, Wikipedia.

It was called just a fad, but others insist that social networking sites have become one of the biggest shifts in human interaction since the invention of the telephone. Social media has overtaken pornography as the #1 activity on the internet. Consider that it took the radio 38 years to reach 50 million users, but it took facebook less than 9 months to reach 100 million users. Twitter played a pivotal role in the 2009 Iranian elections, and yet all the popular news feeds were over taken on the day Michael Jackson died. With nearly 93% of college students using facebook or another form of social networking, these sites are already having a massive effect on human interaction. Social networking is fundamentally changing the way the world communicates.


January 1, 2002 – Euro Adopted

Content Euro

Runners-up: Dotcom bust, real estate collapse.

The second most widely used currency in the world was formally introduced in 2002. The euro, primarily used by members of the European Union, is also used by millions of people on other continents. 16 members of the EU are obliged to adopt the euro eventually, with the United Kingdom and Denmark exempt. Many African counties have also adopted it unofficially and some countries have negotiated usage. There are now 23 countries using currencies directly pegged to the euro. Behind the US dollar, the euro has become the second largest reserve currency and the euro also has the more value in circulation than any other currency. With close to 500 million people worldwide using the euro, its use and expanding use will help shape our future and hopefully lead us into a stage of macroeconomic stability.


International Affairs
September 11, 2001 – Terrorism Attacks on the United States


Runners-up: Darfur Genocide, Benazir Bhutto assassination, London train bombings.

On September 11, 2001, four airplanes in the United States were hijacked by Muslim extremists and crashed into various locations. Two were crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, one was flown into the Pentagon Building in Washington DC, and in the fourth plane, civilians overtook the terrorists and the plane crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Nearly three thousand people were killed in the attacks. Al-Qaeda, a terrorist group centered in the Middle East, and its leader Osama Bin Laden were blamed for the attack. The New York Stock Exchange, which makes its home only blocks away from the WTC, had its largest one day drop in history when it re-opened. Following the attack, President George W. Bush started his War on Terror, which has led to major conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. The long term effects of the attacks are still being felt today, and will continue to shape the world for years to come.


December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake


Runners-up: Hurricane Katrina, Victorian Bushfire, Climate Change

The second largest recorded earthquake in history occurred on December 26, 2005, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The resulting tsunami killed nearly 230,000 people and displaced over one million. Deaths occurred in fourteen different countries, and Indonesia suffered the worst fatalities. Tourists, mostly from Europe, were also killed during this peak travel time, with over 9,000 deaths. The tsunami is believed to have been the deadliest natural disaster since the 1976 Tangshan earthquake. In the aftermath, entire cities had been destroyed. Rural areas had been completely wiped out. The rest of the world responded with relief aid estimated at over ten billion US dollars. Despite the efforts, the countries most affected are still in the process of rebuilding, and many may never be the same.


November 4, 2008 – United States Presidential Election

Large 080604 Ap Obama-1

Runners-up: 2000 Bush/Gore Florida election, 2009 Iranian Elections.

In a nation still bearing the scars of its Jim Crow past, the people of the United States made a huge move toward true racial equality in 2008 by electing Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president. President Obama won the Electoral College by a staggering 192 votes over his opponent Senator John McCain. The triumph of “change” was approved all around the world. An international poll showed an average of 49% worldwide in favor of Obama, while McCain only garnered 12%. President Obama had some strong ideas and plans for the future, and only time will tell if he can truly come through with them.

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  • El the erf

    Poor Joanne, if she'd sticked to the usual no. of school years ,she mighta tipped Gates to become the world's richest person. Though it might have hit her bonce later.

    No wonder why she made the later ones more plumper, a burden to read.

    The final book was like a bundle o' confetti between two dollar notes.

    The things people do for money!

    @BravehisTickle (23):

    Re Eminem…The defining moment about it was that he didn't take it! Eminem forever!

    • Boss

      Burden to read? Really?

      • what

        Sorry to latch on to your reply here, but wasn’t the first reality tv show The Real World? That was out in the early 90s…

        • segues

          In 1973, America was introduced to the concept of reality television with a twelve week program: The Louds: An American Family.

          From :

          On Thursday, January 11, 1973, the first broadcast of An American Family changed television history forever. A 12-hour documentary series on PBS, An American Family chronicled seven months in the day-to-day lives of the William C. Loud family of Santa Barbara, California. An audience of ten million viewers watched in fascination the unfolding real-life drama of Bill and Pat Loud, and their five children, Lance, Kevin, Grant, Delilah and Michele.

          The series challenged conventional views of middle class American family life with its depiction of marital tensions that led to divorce, an elder son’s gay lifestyle and the changing values of American families. Prior to An American Family, the staples of television family programs such as The Brady Bunch profiled a model of the perfectly happy family that seldom faced any crisis. The broadcast of An American Family in 1973 proved to be a groundbreaking watershed that forever changed American television programming and led the way to more complex family portraits such as Roseanne, One Day At A Time and even The Simpsons.

  • Freemont Wood

    I, like many other commenters on this list, do not agree with the Slumdog Millionaire choice. There were many films that were better than Slumdog and redefined how we look at film (Oldboy, WALL-E and Memento come to mind) and it definitely isn't the first movie to win 8 Academy Awards, or to have an international cast, crew and audience- Roman Polanski and Lars von Trier have been doing it for quite some time.

    What would I say was the defining moment of film? I would say the amount of Best Picture nominees for the Oscars being increased from 5 to 10. It was spurred on by the controversial exclusion of both The Dark Knight and WALL-E, and it will give a chance for the equal treatment of animation, summer blockbusters, and smaller/independent films at the Oscars which was definitely more influential than Slumdog Millionaire was.

    • Boss

      I swear, WALL-E was one of the most boring movies I have ever seen.

      • willL

        yeah, wall-e sucked

  • Adam

    9/11 should be #1, Obama's election really should be somewhere around #5-#8.

    also, you really shitted up the music thing… Napster is by FAR the most impactful thing to happen to music this decade. iTunes is simply the mainstreams only attempt at bandaging the wounds from all the filesharing napster introduced.

    • Boss

      This list is not listed based on importance. There are different categories.

  • lala

    nice list… like it… but i don’t understand why everyone was so over-awed by Slumdog millionaire.

    • Tjs

      Agreed.. It was a pathetic film.. I inspite of being an Indian am sayin this..!!

      It got those oscars because there was no competition that year..!!

  • Human?

    Great list

  • Human?

    @lala i thought i was the only one who thought that it wasn’t that good

  • Fanella

    Fantastic list – a really good read and so interesting. A nice one to start the year with.

  • uh oh

    you know this is going to be a controvesy.

  • lala


    well well my friend, you are definitely not alone… the book was definitely better than the movie… its like any bollywood movie. according to me, the movie of the decade has to be one among LOTR trilogy, memento and Dark Knight.

  • “ODHI”


  • Kei

    Good list. A few great highlights.

    Of course this is going to be a controversy, but I mean, come on! It’s not like a list writer can know what all list verse followers want on a list.

    I think some great highlights were mentioned.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  • Avi

    Sorry but these highlights show too much useless minor culture and not enough about what really happened this last decade.

    Obama before 9/11??
    You serious about that being the defining moment of the last ten years?

  • chrono

    There’s no way Obama is more important than 9/11. 9/11 could be the defining moment of the century for all we know. An election, even one as important as Obama’s, does not overshadow an event that has shaped world politics for over eight years and counting.

    Other than that, solid list. Except for the Family Guy mention.

    • Magnumto

      In additional to international affairs and politics, I would say that, for many people, 9/11 also defined a religion.

    • Bella

      It isn’t based on importance, they are different categories. So they aren’t even compared to eachother.

  • grey_h4t

    the list is not bad, but i don’t particularly like the sports choice.

  • JimRoadie

    as a red sox fan i appreciate the recognition however i think the real sports story of the decade was Michael Phelps shattering all those records in the Olympics.

    • Magnumto

      …and then getting media busted for smoking marijuana. Imagine, being a pot smoker and STILL being able to break all those records.

  • Cj

    Go facebook!

  • Erika

    First time writing a comment…. I liked the list but what about the US going to war…

  • suzzi

    Amazing list. Well done randomprecision24. a great start to a new year. Happy new year to all.

  • Jack Deth

    Happy New Year to all listversers!

    A nice list, one or two that I don’t agree with, but that’s the nature of Listverse!

  • Leewey

    I think usain bolt should have been under the sports (/athletics) section. Three gold medals and world records is pretty impressive and more universally recognised and applauded

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    LIst id cool Happoiuy New Ytear!!

  • ena

    it’s december 2004, not 2005..

  • Himself

    Lol @ putting the Boston Red Sox comeback before Zidane’s headbutt. Another America oriented choice. No one except Americans gave a damn about that comeback, and yet millions over the world were staggered by Zizou’s headbutt.
    Go figure.

  • BravehisTickle

    Top 10 Defining Moments of the 2000s reloaded:

    The Enron scandal
    “America’s Most Innovative Company” for six straight years, the Enron Corporation becomes one of the largest bankruptcies in U.S. history in 2001.

    Eminem wins the Oscar award for best song “lose yourself” of the movie 8 mile in 2002.
    Eminem fans unite!!

  • Shadow Lord

    Gimme a break! Not slum dog millionaire again!

    And gimme another break! Obama for prez, Obama for Nobel and Obama tops the list again! Come on he is just another prez!

  • Shadow Lord

    In fact Obama doesn’t deserve to be on the list. And definitely 9/11 should top the list.

  • Andres

    I also think that the sports section deserved an event of global outreach, which unquestionably implies that it has to be an Olympic event. It could be Phelps or it could be Bolt.

    As for the technology section, social networking wouldn’t have come to existence had it not been for the expanded access to high speed internet connections. And even then I think the evolution of the cell phone into the do-it-all smartphone and its subsequent proliferation are more significant. I mean, in three decades I don’t see myself telling my sons that the 2000s decade was the one that brought us social networking–I see myself telling them that it was then that cell phones became pretty much right-hand men.

    In terms of economics, I think this decade will be remembered for the collapse of the global economy in late ’08 than anything else. I mean, it affected more people than the introduction of the Euro. That’s, of course, pretty debatable and I understand your choice.

    When it comes to film I think most of us agree that your choice was questionable. Slumdog Millionare is a fantastic movie, don’t get me wrong. It’s probably among my all-time favorites. But there have been fabulous movies since the film industry took off. It is the billion-dollar blockbusters that define decades. The ’90s isn’t remembered for Shawshank Redemption, it is remembered for Titanic. And The Dark Knight will be up there with Titanic, the Godfather, Gone With the Wind, Casablanca, and that handful of movies that define eras. It will not be Slumdog Millionaire.

    This was a decade of 9/11. That event should have topped the list. Barack Obama is huge, no doubt about it, but we cannot gauge his impact for now and he certainly hasn’t marked the end of an era like 9/11 did.

  • Toysaber

    Yeah, Slumdog should be replaced by The Dark Knight, The LOTR series, or the movie that just came out, Avatar.

  • september78

    a couple of things are on this list which i can’t quite agree upon.

    economics. don’t get me wrong, the introduction of the euro is important but it is gravely overshadowed by the biggest financial crisis since 1929.

    on top of that i don’t see how obama ranks as the most important thing on this list. sure, he’s the first black president and seems to be a really good guy. but in germany, we got the first female president. 9/11 had far more impact on the world than those two politicians ever will have.

    and i would not have chosen facebook as the defining technical moment of the decade. they basically only did what other pages have been doing for years and filtered out the best of that to create their own my book, that’s not really groundbreaking stuff.

    @erika: the americans went to war – so what? try to think of any decade they didn’t go to war.

  • #7
    Federer’s 15! come on! !!!! !

  • 63jax

    Do not agree with Slumdog, Harry Potter-though i like it but i think LOTR should be there-, Ipod and Facebook (wtf)??!! And Euro has more value than the US Dollar. Poor list.

  • David

    Well The Noughties, (You know it took me ages to work out the name for this decade. Whats this one? The Teenies?)will be remembered for 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, Saddam being hanged, Radovan Karadzic being caught, The Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Cyclone Nargis, Floods in England, Wars in Lebanon and Gaza and George Bush not catching Osama Bin Laden.. You know, I miss Bush and the mindnumbingly stupid things he said?

    • jackdaniels63

      Much like yours dumbass.

  • gav

    Great list and I respect the choice to include runners-up. I love Dark Knight as much as anyone, but certainly not a definitive cinematic moment in the 00’s. I question Slumdog as well, though I understand it’s global participation as well as the height of Bollywood. I may disagree and definitely harbor ill feelings toward Al Gore, I think his “Inconvenient Truth” might have been a civil choice (Won a Nobel prize didn’t he?), and more globally impactive than anything by Michael Moore.
    Really, will Slumdog or Dark Knight be as respected 50 years from now as “The Godfather”? Even Star Wars is aging less-than-gracefully.

    • TheGuyWhoIsn'tHere

      Yeah, that's mostly due to dreadful spinoffs.

  • Some Guy in NEPA

    #1 America elects its first illegal immigrant dictator-in-training President who happens to be black on his father's side and therefore everyone who criticizes him (black or otherwise) is an evil sewer-scum-sucking racist.

  • jstar

    Wow, I agree with a lot of items on this list, but many of the runner-up’s seemed more important than what was picked as the final. Okay list, and yes, its going to be controversial.

  • Cosmo312

    Family guy?

  • Khanis

    Ridiculous list. Pop idol, Harry Potter, Ipod?! Those are probably the worst things that happened in television, literature and music during the last decade. Facebook = Technology? And has anyone outside the USA even heard about Red Sox? 9/11, Euro and the tsunami are rightfully on this list, but I think that the completion of the Human Genome Project should be number one. It is one of the most important achievements in the history of humankind.

  • bassbait

    What’s with all this “hope” stuff. The top ten Defining moments should defined what the era was, and the era was destruction, debt, unemployment, downfall. It was the Episode 5 of the 21st century. It’s not a time of hope or change (although there has been BAD change). The defining moment of the 2000s was 9/11 because it showcased what the whole decade was going to be. Destruction. Sorry to be so morbid, but in a terrible time such as now, the defining moments of a terrible time are not the election of somebody who has only achieved symbolically (What has Obama done besides being black?), but the moments like 9/11, and, more specifically, the response. The response to 9/11 was “We can be put through hell but we will stick together.”, and that says a lot more about the 2000’s than Obama’s election.

  • Nagalot

    Many on this list are, but 10, 7 and 5 are totaly arbitrary and have much more to do with the author’s choice than with their real importance. I mean come on, the redsocks? Who outside of the usa actualy gives a damn? Facebook – oh great, the monstrosity was born, celebrate! The 7th book of harry potter? If that was the greatest literary achievement then god help us all in the future…

  • Wrichik

    Nice list !

    As usual, I’m going to disagree with a few items and propose my own … :D

    Technology – The whole “Google” thing. GMail, Google Videos + Youtube, Picasa, Orkut … well … maybe not Orkut ;), Google Books, Google Scholar, Google Patents, Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Reader, Google this, Google that. It started in 1998 but it’s certainly a 200x phenomenon. Facebook is awesome too, but pales in comparison to Google’s range of online services.

    Sports – Zidane’s headbutt was the biggest thing since Maradona’s “Hand of God” incident two decades ago. Soccer is way more popular than baseball and the incident sent shockwaves throughout the world. I, for one, was not aware of the “Red Sox” saga.

    Film – I found Slumdog very entertaining but I don’t think it is the definitive 200x movie. The craze that followed “Passion of the Christ” or “The Dark Knight” or the LOTR trilogy was much more than SM. Left to my whim, I’d select Kill Bill though :P

    Science – Okay, this category just has to be on the defining moments list and I am very confused about selecting one. Help me out on this one, folks but I tentatively pick the initiation of the LHC experiment as the most significant scientific step taken in the past decade. Of course, climate change is very hot right now but what the LHC reveals will be extremely significant for the future of physics.

  • KG

    Hi, Happy new year to all!!

    “Having reached the end of the first decade of the new millennium”, ??? still one year to go isn’t it? if my maths is correct.

  • jake ryder

    I suppose it would be next to impossible to pinpoint a moment when China overtook the world economically.

    Speaking of China, I think Phelps in the Olympics beats out the Red Sox.

    Janet Jackson’s boob as a close runner-up?

  • Skrillah

    Standards of the lists declining.
    [ \_
    [ \
    [ \___
    [ \
    [ \

    Y => Quality
    X => Time


  • Ny

    Wow! What a brilliant list! Happy New Year to all Listversers!

    (BTW, I loved Slumdog Millionaire. I think it’s rightfully considered best of the noughties)

  • careless whisper

    Top 10 Defining Moments of the 2000 (in America?) duh…

  • astraya

    Standards of the graphs declining.

  • cascading spirit

    @Wrichik (39): agree 100% I google this. I google that. I google at work. I google my lovelife. I google my destiny. I google my life…. I google, google, google, google all day…. hahahahahahahaha. Now google me.

  • cascading spirit

    and red sox… is that the one santa put his gifts on during Christmas? Hahaha. Just joking.

  • jordybear

    @KG 40 – Yes your math is incorrect – 2000 to 2009 = 10 years, thus the end of 2009 was the end of a decade!

  • Wrichik

    @jordybear (48) and @KG (40):

    2000 was the last year of the previous millennium and hence 2001 was the first year of this one. However, conventionally, decades are counted beginning with the “multiple of 10” year. Thus, 01.01.2000 through 31.12.2009 was a decade.

  • Phil

    Excellent list. However like others, I don’t agree with the film choice. In my opinion something like the Shrek series should have been considered. They were the one of the first movies to be made from CGI only, something that hundreds of movies in the following years have also done, I.e Avatar.

    As for the sports moment, IMO the Red Sox shouldn’t even be a runner-up never mind the defining sport moment of the decade. Realistically it should have been Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt who rocked the sporting world with their stunning performances at the Olympics and the World Championships. Hell, even Roger Federer’s complete and total dominance over tennis this decade should have at least gotten a runners-up place.

  • ChristineM

    Another vote for “Slumdog Millionaire” isn’t the most important movie of the decade. A good film, but I doubt it will even be remembered by the end of this decade.

    If we’re basing it on memorability, international popularity/box office, innovation, influencing pop-culture and most achievements/awards it should clearly go to The Lord of The Rings series

    I’d also say that 9/11 has had a much bigger impact on the world than number 2, I actually would have placed it ahead of Obama’s win making it the most defining moment of the past decade by far

  • Mmh, for the film I was really hoping it would be Avatar.
    It absolutely blows Slumdog out of the water.
    Besides, it’s not that good. ;/

    The sports should’ve been about the Beijing Olympics or something.
    Phelps was impressive and so was Usain. And how the hell did the Chinese get all those medals? XD

    • TheGuyWhoIsn'tHere

      In case you hadn't noticed, Avatar sssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkeeeeedddddd

  • Ooooh, Lord of the Ring is DEFINITELY an amazing movie.
    I think you should’ve included that somewhere. xD

  • A nation still bearing the scars of Jim Crow? Are you serious? You really need to keep the Obamanauts off your lists.

    Slumdog Millionaire? How about Lord of the Freaking Rings winning 13 Freaking Oscars?

    >> try to think of any decade they didn’t go to war.

    The last one was the 1920’s-1930’s. And guess what that led to?

    • Imperator

      11 oscars

  • necro_penguin

    more fuel for the i hate the 2000’s fire i have burning. where’s my time machine? i wanna go back to the 1980’s.

  • Chinli

    Well movie should definately have been the Dark Night..but a great list thanks!

  • oouchan

    Interesting list, RandomPrecision24. Loved how you gave a top pick and runners up as well.
    I agree with some of the comments that 9/11 should have been higher than Obama, not especially at number one. As for choice of movies…Shrek would have been better.

    As for those who rag on Facebook…I’m taking it you don’t have accounts open. I enjoy the games, social interaction and the cultures it brings to my everyday life. It’s neat to have what I want all on one page instead of having to travel to many web pages. In addition, I have interacted with people all over the world. Like one giant pen pal account.
    Having said that, I think for this list, Google might have been a better choice but didn’t it start at the end of the last decade? 98 or 99?

    @BravehisTickle (23): Eminem? Really? Does anyone know who he is? He’s not important outside of the USA. Most of the world would have heard of the above items (maybe not the Red Sox) but he doesn’t fit for that category.
    My opinion. :)

  • stefan

    GREAT LIST !!!
    although greece winning euro 2004 eclipses spains win in 2008 :)

  • Miss_Info

    This list sux! these moments arent defining at all..

  • Ouchmaker

    Family Guy as a runner-up? It should have been the first…. on the Annoyances list as having no redeeming qualities.

    But yeah, 2001 started the millennia, so 2010 should be the last year of the decade, so this ones a year early.

  • Radelaide

    America thinks the universe revovles around them so why not listverse……haha jk….sort of…..but seriously the sport one is a farce. What about England and the Ashes! (and I’m an Aussie!) or numerous Olympic achievements. Alright list but too Americentric.

  • gyrtar

    Who the f*** are Boston Red Sox!!!

  • shadydeathrow

    Thank u at least someone mentions eminem, the most infuential and most commercially succesful artist of this decade without a doubt.

  • shadydeathrow

    exactly everyone was expecting spain to win it, but what happened at Portugal was a footbal miracle

  • Miss_Info

    @shadydeathrow (63): Eminem is not the most commercially successful nor the most influential artist of the decade…and his last good album was marshall mathers lp in 2000!! By far the most influential Hip-Hop artist of the decade is Lil Wayne…lyrics or record sales, put your favorite rapper in front of him and Wayne will annihilate him!!!

    • Sagar

      THAT IS SOOO TRUEEEEE…..(thumbs up you u)

  • Ben Dover

    Obama’s election #1?? You have to be kidding me. The only thing defining about it was that a majority of ignorant and uninformed people voted for him. As a collective that does not say much about this great country.
    The only reason he is President is because of his skin color. Not because of his supposed “intellect”

    Sept 11 should have been number 1.

  • damien_karras

    ListVerse being borne was the defining moment
    *shameless plug*

  • just saying…

    Just because Obama being elected takes the No. 1 spot doesn’t mean the list is in any particular order (though symbolically 9/11 should have been first for sure).

    Also, I don’t know why Slumdog Millionaire is the top film when this decade bore witness to the monumental achievement that is the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

    And while facebook has been a defining technological advance, I don’t really think it should be considered the most important of the decade.

  • Chanchita

    @ KG (40): Yes, your maths is incorrect. Count again.

    To everyone saying “how can you put Obama over 9/11” etc etc, the list isn´t hierarchical, it´s just a list.

  • Rolo Tomasi

    #3 – I believe the Madrid Train Bombings were impactful than London Train Bombings were. Nice little list.

  • cascading spirit

    “The list is broken into ten different categories, with at least one runner-up listed for each.”

    It’s simple to understand, right?

    International Affairs – 9/11
    Politics- Obama
    1+1= 2
    1+2= 3

  • Carole

    I think “Cops” was the first reality show

  • dbrownl

    cmon this is ridiculous…slumdog millionaire the most influential film of the decade? How about a little trilogy that won 10 oscars for the third film and became this generations star wars inciting an near cult following, a new language, and 3 of the top 20 grossing movies of all time. Do we remember Lord of the Rings or is it just me?

  • cahyawardhani

    Okay list, but I have to disagree to some parts…

    First, I disagree with slumdog millionaire! In the last 10 years, LOTR series?
    The economic and sports, too. There are many evens that have more significant effect to the world than the sox and euro.
    And the terrorism thing should be in nmbr1.

    Other than that, fine list :)

  • DJ

    Too soon. The decade just ended. It’s like the “George W. Bush was the worst President ever” post-mortems that started in 2008. Reasonable predictions? Sure. But the lens of history requires a much bigger picture than what you get the day after. Keep in mind, people expected we’d be on our second manned mission to Jupiter in 2010, and that seemed like a reasonable prediction in the 1960’s.

  • Adam

    @Miss_Info (65): Eminem sold ALOT more than Lil Wayne this decade… thats not an opinion, that is fact. However, Eminem is not the most influential artist this decade either. To be very blunt with numbers, sales, and followers…The Beatles are easily the most influential, and have sold the most this decade. Between albums, DVDs, books, merchandise, and then if you add in the gross of the “LOVE” show, the movie “Across the Universe” and Paul McCartney’s solo touring…. it makes even Eminem look pathetic (he was not, Lil Wayne is.)

  • Adam

    @Miss_Info (65): seriously, the only argument you can make is that Lil Wayne’s career took off towards the end of the decade when albums couldnt sell anymore, whereas Em, was one of the final artists to have a Diamond record. so maybe they are reaching the same number of people…i do not know for sure. i just know that you are wrong is saying that Lil Wayne sold more than Eminem.

  • DJ

    Obama’s election wasn’t due to his skin color. It was due to his not being Bush. McCain was the Republican nominee for much the same reason. Then he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate, one of the few electable Republicans more conservative than Bush, and the election was pretty much over. Let us not forget that, in American politics, the one who smiles more and is more optimistic, with the exception of Nixon, wins. Obama smiles constantly and had a campaign slogan of “Yes We Can,” while the Republican campaign that year was more hate, more fear. Bush himself ran a campaign of big smiles in 2000 and 2004.
    Anyway, the force that elected Reagan, the conservative God, was the same force that elected Obama nearly three decades later. He was all smiles and an evangelist of change too. And after the disaster that was the 2000’s, Americans were eager for change in any form, admit it or not. McCain, talented politician though he was, really didn’t stand a chance. He was held back by his age, his irritability, and the fact that his own party’s establishment wanted him ruined.

  • Adam

    @Miss_Info (59): oh, my apologies, i just read up at an earlier comment you made and realized you dont even consider these moments defining, therefore, you are either daft or uneducated. either way, please do not reply to my comments to you, i dont wish to argue with you because we are clearly not of the same intellect. thanks and happy new year!

  • Miss_Info

    @Adam (79): Agreed! The Beatles were the most commercially successful artists of the decade..I’ve had Beatlamania since I saw Help! in 2007…

  • Miss_Info

    @Adam (81): Wow!! I see there is no shortage of pompous assholes on this site! God Bless You Adam…

  • scientific

    web 2.0, E.U Libon treaty, Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the rise of China.

  • NiMur90

    In my opinion, Slumdog Millionaire was a terrible film. Great list though! It makes you wonder what events this decade will have in store for us!

  • britexan

    I have a question about Dark Knight, and this is with no shred of maliciousness that I ask this. Can somebody please explain to me what the allure was that makes so many people think this should have been the best movie of the decade. I have seen it twice, I enjoyed it…but it’s become apparent that most people thought it was a significantly better movie than I did (as this comment section has proved again) So I would be curious to hear what aspects of the movie that make it the phenomenon that it has become.

  • StalkerTalker

    True racial equality would mean we wouldn’t even care that Obama was black, and we wouldn’t mention it as if it was something special. It would just be another fact about him, like the fact he has short hair. Electing someone based on the color of their skin is just as racist as not electing them for the color of their skin.

    Other than that little… personal disagreement, I think the list is very good. Though I kind of agree with 76 about The Lord of the Rings, but I might be biased being such a geek :)

  • Romanov Konstantine

    Boston Red Sox? That was only defining for 300 million U.S Citizens.

    Usain Bolt? Euro 2004 Greece? Beijing Olympics? England winning Rugby World Cup? Holt? Paula Radcliffe? Chris Hoy? Michael Phelps? ELLEN MACARTHUR?

    The ultimate decade of stupidity has finally finished. Unfortunately in a downward trend. Darwin is rolling over in his coffin.

    Really ignorant list. Bush should of been number one. His stupidity represents this decade perfectly.

  • Marian

    I too don’t think Slumdog Millionaire was that great. I don’t know what all the fuss is about… although the kids were so cute. I think the LOTR Trilogy held more people mesmerized.

    September78 – My, aren’t we smug. Germany, huh? And you’re pointing fingers at the US? Do your history books contain anything in them about WWI or WWII?

  • Glass

    The Film section should have been for The Lord of the Rings trilogy, it was a much more significant accomplishment. But I understand the “globalization” aspect of the Slumdog Millionaire choice.

  • 32

    Slumdog Millionaire was a horrendously overrated film, I thought it was crap. Good list though, nice to have a bit of a think about the decade.

  • Mereology

    great list :)

  • lyckligmig

    Ok – Slumdog Millionaire? You idiot… its of the DECADE, not past two years that you can remember…

    And Hotel Rwanda? Good movie… doesn’t belong in this list.

  • Lucian

    Very good list. I have no complaints about the list itself, however, I think that the invasion of Iraq deserves to be “runners-up at point number three. For many people it was there the U.S.A went from being a victim, to be perpetrator.

  • Ginger

    This is a poorly done list. Obama really number 1? I don’t think his election should even crack in the top 10. Everything else is poorly connected for a decade.

  • leacar

    Well for me, I didn’t think Slumdog was the best film of the decad. I mean, sure, it was good but I was left feeling nothing after it. If that makes any sense.
    But maybe it’s just my taste in movies, cos I personally LOVE The Dark Knight and from the comments above, I can tell thats definately not the film of the decade either :D

  • randomprecision24

    First off, I’m honored to be published as the first list of the year :)

    I agree, I probably should have put 9/11 at number 1. I originally just wrote out categories with no specific numbering and never really considered them to be ranked higher then the others.

    The Red Sox had gone 86 years without winning the Series! It was accepted as common belief that they were incapable of winnning. The fact that they had finally pulled it off would be enough of a story, but they did it in such dramatic fashion. For anyone unfamiliar with the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, it’s by far the fiercest in the country, and ranks up there with Pakistani-Inidan cricket and all the other greats. No team had EVER come back from a 3-game defecit before. And they did. I watch soccer and rugby and appreciate the great stories they have to offer, so why is it so difficult for others to appreciate the magnitude of this one?

    Slumdog Millionaire is more of a small film representing all of society and the trend the world is following. I can’t remember the details, but its all summed up by that one quote “the world’s first globalized masterpiece”

    Most of the other selections haven’t been attacked yet, but I’ll be back later to respond to more comments.

    Hope you all had a enjoyable and safe New Years!

  • ianz09

    10. I agree, Harry Potter was a literary achievement in a technological world. Regardless of whether or not you liked or even read the series, it broke records, and really set the stage for children’s books and movie adaptations to come.

    9. Reality TV. Most annoying think ever.

    8. Slumdog Millionaire was a good movie. Not the greatest, but for the reasons you highlighted, it makes sense. Also as anther runner up, and I know it is recent, but Avatar could be a runner-up, becuz of its visual effects and new technology used in its filming.

    7. Don’t like baseball, so meh.

    6. Got my iPod Touch right next to me, an awesome little machine.

    5. Got a Facebook page, so yeah

    4. Euro was sketchy, but after I read the article, I was reminded how significant it was. First currency to be officially used in multiple countries for the sake of unity.

    3. 9/11 was truly a stain on the decade. It killed thousands, killed thousands more in the subsequent wars, and resulted in revamped national security and more and more privacy invasions. But it also gave many the opportunity to show their heroic side, and united a lot of Americans. 9/11 was hardly a good thing, but at least something good resulted.

    2. The tsunami was horrific, and I still can’t believe it’s been as long as it has. I still squirm when I see footage.

    1. Plenty of haters will attack this one, without a real reason. You can’t bitch about Obama being on the list because you don’t like him. It doesn’t matter your opinion, the election was landmark, period. The fact that not only a black man was elected president, but that a woman was a strong contender, another woman was looking at the real possibility of a VP seat, and that Americans not only gave these people the spotlight, but scrambled in unseen numbers to cast their votes for these non-old-white-male politicians shows a degree of tolerance that Americans are not known for. Seeing as America plays a large role in many world affairs today, and that this was a humongous step for America, the significance simply cannot be denied by people of ANY opinion.

  • ianz09

    By the way, congratulations to Listverse on entering a new decade! Look forward to this list’s sequel in 2020 ;)

  • randomprecision24

    ianz09: I agree with what you said for number one. Trust me, I’m a hater on Obama. But that was truly signifigant.

  • mathilda2

    I really like this list! So many of the end-of-decade lists that I have seen have been so depressing (granted, it was perhaps not one of the better decades). It’s nice that literature, technology, music, etc. were included. The world has certainly changed in the past ten years but not all has necessarily been for the worse.

    I think that I would have chosen high-speed internet access for the masses over Facebook, though. I don’t think Facebook, Google, Wikipedia or any of the others would have been anywhere near as popular or successful if we were all still using dial-up connections. I have a relative who, due to living in the middle of nowhere in a mountainous region, was using dial-up until very recently. I tended to forget just how limited one’s internet use is for most practical purposes when it takes five minutes to load a page or half an hour to download a song.

  • Shadow Lord

    And yeah, as someone mentioned, the recent recession should top the list if not 9/11. And what about the two wars that can be attributed to 9/11 events and Bush?

  • Forsythia

    Im pretty sure he didn’t put this list in order of importance. He said it was just broken up into catagories. So, I think the list is great! It seemed to stay unbiased and was really well written.

    Being from Boston, I especially enjoyed the sports pick. :)

  • Forsythia


    I totally agree that Avatar should be a runner up. The movie was ground breaking and visually breath taking.

  • Pizzaaaa

    Excellent list! i liked the format.. showing runners up…

  • Forsythia

    @Some Guy in NEPA

    Illegal Immigrant? Ya sure about that one?

  • Chris

    “It could be Phelps or it could be Bolt.”


    If you think that what Phelps did is even comparable to Bolt, you’re having a laugh. Phelps perhaps registered a 7 on the sporting Richter Scale, but Bolt was a solid 10.

  • Bartolo Colon

    If the list isn’t a ranking, why is it organized as a countdown? That’s kind of confusing. Listing them 1-10 or even saying in the beginning that the list was not in any specific order would have eliminated about 30-40 of these comments.

  • shadydeathrow
  • shadydeathrow

    and this is the list:

    Top 10 Selling Artist Of This Decade:

    1. Eminem 32.2
    2. The Beatles 30
    3. Tim McGraw 24.6
    4. Toby Keith 24.4
    5. Britney Spears 22.9
    6. Kenny Chesney 22
    7. Linkin Park 21.4
    8. Nelly 21.2
    9. Creed 20.5
    10. Jay-Z 20.3

    Top 10 selling albums in Millions:

    1.The Beatles, 1 11.5
    2.’N Sync, No Strings Attached 11.1
    3.Norah Jones, Come Away With Me 10.5
    4.Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP 10.2
    5.Eminem, The Eminem Show 9.8
    6.Usher, Confessions 9.7
    7.Linkin Park, Hybrid Theory 9.7
    8.Creed, Human Clay 9.5
    9.Britney Spears, Oops…I Did It Again 9.2
    10.Nelly, Country Grammar 8.5

  • Sharki

    Slum Dog Millionaire? Are you f***king kidding me? That is without a doubt one of the most overrated movies of all time. Trust me, in a few years most people won’t even remember that film. I never understand how that movie won best picture.

    I actually think movie of the decade belongs to Spiderman. It completely changed the playing field by showing there was a huge market for comic book and superhero movies. It also brought geek culture to the forefront. Think about it for a second. If Spiderman had failed, how many movies over the past decade would never have gotten made?

  • David

    Okay, for film I think you should have gone with one of the following:

    THE DARK KNIGHT – Highest grossing of the decade
    LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN OF THE KING – Most oscars of the decade
    FINDING NEMO – Showed pixar’s true skills

  • Forsythia

    @Bartolo Colon

    It’s totally confusing but why would the author want to eliminate comments? That’s what this place is all about!


    how can you say that the most defining moment of the decade was the election of a sub par president. It was a great achievment and showcase of race issues being subdued but come on…

  • Once again, Obama gets an undeserving number 1 spot… That day was the defining moment of the decade? You undermined you’re entire list with that one.

    By the way… The decade is not over. It ends next year.

  • Starboars

    wow. The 2000s must have really sucked if these were our defining moments!

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @Sharki (112): The only problem with that is that spiderman blew ass. Easily some of the worst movies of the decade.

  • Brian

    The choice for the sports defining moment is ridiculous. There are a multitude of other sports events/moments that are much more defining and had more of an impact.

  • Andres

    @britexan (86): No, you’re getting it wrong. If you’re referring to my comment (I hope not, because that wouldn’t speak well of your reading comprehension), you will see that I didn’t say that TDK was the best movie of the decade. Not at all. What I’m saying is, it was the biggest blockbuster and it defined an era, just like Titanic or Gone with the Wind or Casablanca did in the past. This was the decade of Lord of the Rings and The Dark Knight, not Slumdog Millionaire. It is about being the most successful and not the best when it comes to which movie will be most remembered as representative of the decade.

  • Paul T

    “how can you say that the most defining moment of the decade was the election of a sub par president.”

    Bush was on the list?

  • Andres

    @Chris (108): I’m just giving examples of what a global event is. And he did win 8 golden medals. Nobody likes him nowadays but that doesn’t mean his record-breaking performance at the Olympics all of a sudden loses its merit.

  • Scott

    @Romanov Konstantine (88):
    It wasn’t defining for 300 million Americans, it was defining for only one city and a small geographic region of the country

  • Matt

    I’m a huge Obama fan but I think the Gore/Bush election was more important. It set us down the path we are on with two wars and it was probably the biggest fraud of an election in decades. Just my two cents.

  • Kris

    Eminem Rocks!!!
    Slumdog Millionaire, bleh….
    Red Sox thing, nobody really cares except the people who do. So yes.

    Gee I basically just repeated what the above comments have already said. Oh well.

    Good list, though.

  • trfan

    For me, September 11 2001 will always be the defining moment of the decade. Everything changed that day in the U.S. We could no longer be so secure in our own safety in our own borders, airline travel became fraught with danger and became tied up with security measures, two wars that outlasted the decade began because of it, and it shaped the presidency of a man who was either lauded or villified. On the other hand, it did bring us Americans together for a time, even if life has gone back to normal since.

  • Miss_Info

    Best movie of the decade is “No Country For Old Men” !

  • CandJ

    good,interesting list
    yeah I agree about Slumdog,I liked it but its quite overratted.
    BTW Iam a Red Sox fan & winning the world series(first time in over 80 yrs.)in 2004,meant the world to the fans :)

  • TheSloth

    For music it should easily be Phish’s New Years Eve 2000 concert. They played a seven hour set to kick off the new millenium

  • Savanti Romero

    I went crazy when the Red Sox came back from behind. They were down 3 games to nothing and then won 4 straight. I still remember game 4 of the ALCS and going crazy at the comeback.

  • Armodillotron

    Have you seen how the relatives of some of the actors of Slumdog Millionaire live? They live in absolute shitholes. It`s a wonder the Plague hasn`t spread there!

  • randomprecision24

    I’m still not really sure how eminem came into the discussion…

  • ianz09

    @randomprecision24 (132): I’m still not really sure how eminem came into the discussion…

    Me neither, actually

  • deeeziner

    Congrats Random on being the author that has christened LV’s New Year!

    I think you have made another fine list for the site, with a lot of item recognition on an international basis.

  • asd

    ok, fuck this. Slumdog millionare ????

  • SnowKid32

    I have that Red Sox poster in my room! Awesome! ^_^

  • Alin

    I quote:
    “Having reached the end of the first decade of the new millennium”
    You’re kinda wrong. The first decade ends on January 1st 2011 at exactly 00.00 am, witch is about a year from now :)

  • CandJ

    So do I :)

  • h

    it’s great. BUT you didn’t write about fake iranian election which cause lots of “things”.

  • h

    probably the biggest fraud of an election in decades.

  • h

    you forget matrix trilogy & lord of the rings trilogy for the tittle “Films”.
    It’s realy a big mistake.

  • Radelaide

    Lance Armstrong should win the sports catergory hands down, can’t believe he hasn’t been mentioned yet!

  • Moko

    It’s funny, I was just talking with some friends about the impact 9/11 had on our social psyche versus the impact the Indian ocean tsunami did. 200,000+ dead from one wave on one day but arguably 9/11 – the event itself – impacted MUCH more. Bizarre. Thanks for putting it ahead of 9/11.

  • Kelly

    Now, I agree with your bit on reality tv, but Pop Idol was not the first one of those. It was ‘Popstars’ a New Zealand reality. It formed the band ‘True Bliss’ and then the idea spread around the world. Also I agree that you should have put in Lord of the rings and Matrix trilogys in instead of Slumdog Millionair.

  • landocommando

    man there are some stupid commentators on this list

  • landocommando

    @145 landocommando

    you mean like you?

  • landocommando

    @146 landocommando

    no I mean like you, douche

  • landocommando

    @147 landocommando

    so….you mean like you?

  • landocommando

    @148 landcommando


  • Lloyd

    I think Liverpool FC winning the champions league in 2005 should be the defining point in sport. To be losing 3-0 at half time and come back, shows an amazing team effort!

  • eric cantona

    ridiculous. 9/11 is the only thing that deserves to be on the list

  • Bill

    @Alin (137): The new decade starts in 2010 and the new century started in 2000. I can’t stand how some people have to be so technical; it’s really annoying.

  • Tryclyde

    I think one of the steroid/doping scandals that occured in sport should be the most defining. Perhaps Marion Jones or Barry Bonds. It’s DEFINING because it did much to signal the loss of innocence in sport and pro sports will never be the same. Keep in mind, it’s not the greatest moments of the 2000s but the most defining.

  • marc t

    quite less than stellar list. most things were humdrum and some not even good, like obama’s election….how about the massive butchery of innocent humans by the muslim barbarians.

  • Armodillotron

    Reality TV, is the worse thing that has happened in this decade. Pop Idol, with Simon “I`m about as funny as a kick in the teeth” Cowell, (how he`s become a millionaire for saying things that everyone else thinks, still annoys me) I`m a Celebrity, Get me out of here, where total losers go into the jungle to eat Grubs, and then come out and become big stars, but the worse thing of all is Big Brother. Where people go into a house, act like morons, and make a ton of money. Reality TV has gave us, the vile Jade Goody, George Galloway, and that disgusting “would you like me to be the Cat?” thing he did, and bloody Susan Boyle. Or “SuBo,” “The Hairy Angel,” as people like to call her. That`s one of the worse of all. How is it that a fat ugly bitch, who just because she has a nice voice, become a global superstar, and have MILLIONS of views on You Tube, is beyond me. So if a fit bird, went on Britains got talent, and had a shit voice, would she become a big star? I doubt it. How a woman goes on a programme presented by a man who discovers shit singers, a disgraced newspaper editor, and an empty-headed bimbo and is now a global star is beyond me.

  • Shifty

    Nice list Random!

    So if I click on “View a Random List…” is this the list that will come up now?

    To me iPods, other MP3 players, and the MP3 format represents a decline in sound quality. Although I agree with it’s importance and position on the list. (I have to admit that I have one, they are pretty damn convenient) The CD (16 bit, 44.1 kHz) is a poor quality low resolution audio format. The MP3 format is worse due to data compression. The effect this has on sound is sometimes described as harshness or a lack of warmth and emotion. It is one of the reasons that many audiophiles still listen to vinyl. There are higher quality/higher resolution digital audio formats out there like DVD-A (24 bit, 192 kHz) and SACD (1 bit, 2822.4 kHz) but no one pays any attention to these. The Blu-Ray format which seems to be increasing in popularity can also be used as a high resolution audio format, maybe that will catch on.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  • Arsnl

    @Shifty (156): you know that the differences you perceive are not real. I fail to see how a humans hear can detect changes such subtle changes. Maybe mp3 loses some quality(actually is does cuz it cuts high frequencies :-p ) but really i dont think it can be detected. Who says ohh geesh you can feel that is misses a beat every 1/44100 th of a second. Its not like jpegs and high contrasts.
    Btw: slumdog and not the lord of the rings. Also why not a runner up on political the expansion of eu by 12 states (+the first states for the ex soviet union). Also why not f1 and ferrari. But really a great list.


    #7 has nothing to do here, as far as i’m concerned it doesn’t have a global impact, same for obama… this list is written from an american point of view. come on ! the rest of the world is there too !

  • Stevie C

    In terms of music, Eminem was definitely the most influential. I’m not as big a hip hop fan as i used to be, mostly because of shit like lil Wayne coming out. Whoever said the Beatles is talking nonsense! There old news! Defining Moments of the 60s maybe…
    Seriously, in terms of impact, Eminem ftw.

    As for movies, i also think LOTR trilogy should have been mentioned even though i’m in no way a fan of the films; they had huge impact that marked the decade, simple as.

    Yeah 9/11, Invasion of Iraq and Obama are certainly the things i will remember about the 2000s.

  • foohy

    @lala (#6)
    -“the movie of the decade has to be one among LOTR trilogy, memento and Dark Knight.”

    Really? The Dark Night? From a profit-generated point of view it was massive, but the movie itself was just OK. It was just another ‘anti-hero’ superhero movie. The Joker character was played amazingly but Christian Bale utterly failed as Batman! I don’t know why he gets so many high-profile movie roles considering that most of the movies I’ve seen him in, he’s absolutely terrible! I was rooting for the Joker to kill him, I really was.

  • PoorMe

    Dear Author,
    I believe you are not listening to latest news in Al-Jajera which was Quoting “Did Muslim world expected too much from Obama?”; I guess selecting “one man” is not enough to remove the political and social tension between the communities. Remember the fact that tension between two communities of Europe (Jews and Christian)resulted in Hollocaust.
    I just want to make one point world is a home to all and I think to make a home it take years but destroy it; it takes the day. I just want these world to be peace but as I see it it won’t happen soon enough.

    PLEASE DON’T WRITE BARRACK OBAMA changed the WORLD as soon as he was elected or tension erupted as soon as mr. BUSH declared his war because this took years before we were born.

  • OvalSeven

    I have to nitpick here. It takes 10 years to make a decade, and we have just started the 10th year.

    There was no year 0. The new millennium and a new decade started on Jan, 1st 2001.

  • Andres

    @Alin (137): Absolutely not. Nobody refers to 1990 as “the eighties” or 2000 as “the nineties.” 2010 is part of the 2010s, not part of the 2000s. For cultural purposes, a decade is defined as “a period of ten years beginning with a year whose last digit is zero (e.g., the decade of the 1980s).”

  • Roger

    @OvalSeven (162): Shut Up! It’s a new decade!!!

  • Weegmc

    History will show that the 00’s will be defined as the pinacle (I hope) of religious fanaticism and religious divides. Should also include something abut gay marriage perhaps. No matter your opinion, its been a cause celeb in western culture in th elast half of the decade in particular.

  • Bill

    You must be a member of the “Cult of Obama.” This should only have made the top of the list with the title: “The top ten mistakes made by the US in the last ten years.” Only a “knee-jerk,” liberal would think a human being happening to have certain skin color becoming the president of the US would be the number one accomplishment of the last ten years. By the way; what’s his approval numbers now slick? If I had my way, Allen Keys would be President of the US:

  • Andres

    @OvalSeven (162): Absolutely not. Nobody refers to 1990 as “the eighties” or 2000 as “the nineties.” 2010 is part of the 2010s, not part of the 2000s.

    See, a decade is just a period of 10 years. Yes, the 201th decade CE/AD may have started on January 1, 2001, but the decade of the 2000s (i.e., the period of those 10 years whose first three digits are 2,0, and 0) started on January 1, 2000 and ended yesterday, December 31, 2009.

    For all practical purposes, when we talk about this last decade in the cultural sense of the word, we’re talking about the 2000s decade, not the 201th decade. Nobody gives a shit about the 201th decade (in fact I just made up that term). There is a reason why Random House gives this as the second definition for the word decade: “a period of ten years beginning with a year whose last digit is zero: the decade of the 1980s.”

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    I just passed over all the comments after reading the list. Flame wars going on?

  • Andres

    Shit, sorry about my message being sent twice. Disregard 163. I was originally responding to Alin’s comment but then I saw that there was a more recent one making the same mistake. I think I explain myself more clearly with my last comment (167)

  • Andres

    @foohy (160): “From a profit-generated point of view it was massive, but the movie itself was just OK”

    Why, because you say so? What if my albino cousin thinks it was the best movie of all time. Then is it to be considered the best movie of all time or is it just considered to be an OK movie because your opinion is better than his and that of 95% of the rest of the world?

    For the 124582556832nd time, even if TDK weren’t a good movie, we’re not talking about good movies here, we are talking about significant ones. Nobody is saying that 9/11 was good, yet it was pretty damn significant. So is Obama, so is the Euro, and so was the Tsunami.

  • Dk

    @Bill (166): You clearly haven’t read the comments…random even stated he is not a “fan” of Obama (see comment #100). I suggest you also read the last paragraph of ianz’s post (#98 I think) explaining the full scope of why that was an important election, he summed things up quite nicely.

  • Anonymous


  • matt

    i agree.

    slumdog millionaire is overrated

  • jclayton9

    Ummmmm….Global Recession!????

  • ididntgetmyantiterroistdegree

    the #1 defining moment deserves something a little better than the first non white president.
    its not that big of a deal and its insulting especially after winning a nobel prize for sending 30,000 troops to iraq

  • RobAwen

    To everybody saying Obamas election wasn’t a defineing moment… you’re wrong.

    Barrack Hussein Obama is a charismatic, radical, and is the leader of the only world superpower. When you look at other leaders with similar circumstances (mao, kim-jong il, stalin, hitler, etc) they have all changed the world we live in… Obama’s adminastration will be a defining (though regretable) moment in our lives

  • Karl

    @Khanis (36): Are you one of those people who hate pop culture???? If you are, then, shut up, you evil witch-demon.

    9/11 should be on the top of the list. Followed by global warming & the economic downturn. I also think that Obama’s election victory should be at #4 or #5. And why is there no Youtube???? I think that the number one movie of the decade should be the first Harry Potter movie. This list suck. Big time.

  • novemestranged

    much better than the mtv list which had kanye west taking the microphone from taylor swift as # 3 and the presidential election as # 4.

  • Karl

    @RobAwen (176): Hey, I kinda agree with you there. Barack Obama’s election broke the racial barrier for good. And some people out there want to see changes happening to them now but they don’t even realize that it takes time for those changes to be implemented. Probably we will have to wait in the future if Obama’s policies will come true.

  • randomprecision24

    Poor Me and Bill: I didn’t say Obama is fixing everything. I’m not in the cult obama, I don’t think he should have won a nobel peace prize, I didn’t even vote for him to be honest. But his story, for better or worse, had a huge impact on the decade.

  • Tom Wang

    Like him or hate him, the most “defining” political moment should have been the 2000 presidential election of Bush 2.0. Anyone with a (D) after their name would have won the last election, it wasn’t that amazing. It could just as easily have been Clinton the the White House, but you can’t say that the Obama year is as notable as 8 years of Bushonomics.

  • jclayton9

    Obama’s election doesn’t break the racial barrier!!! It confirms it. 96% of black voters voted for Obama. That is racism at it’s best (or worst, I guess). Someone explain to me how voting for Obama simply because he is black is any better than some southern hick NOT voting for him simply because he’s black!

  • Mortivore

    The only problem I have with this list is some of the people commenting on it. “OBAMA AS NUMBER ONE!!??!!?!1!? 9/11 WAS WAY MOAR INFLUENSHAL!”

    …It’s broken up into categories. Kinda like the Oscar’s. One for “Best So-and-so”, another for “Best So-and-so.”

    Other than that, great list. Oh, and even being an American, the Zidane headbutt was a little more defining than the Red Sox. Crap, I’m American and I don’t even know much about the Red Sox. Soccer (Sorry, futbol. XD) is just a bigger sport, worldwide.

    An I’mma let you finish, but Beyonce could’ve written a way better list. XD Jkjkjk…

  • Bill

    President Obama’s election was one of great fraud (in other words; this “Defining Moment,” never should have happened); for three reasons: 1) The extent ACORN (and other groups, i.e. the main stream media), committed fraud to help him steal the election will never be known. 2) He is not a native born citizen required by the US Constitution to become a US President. 3) His campaign acquired over 600 million dollars in funds-the bulk of which came from UNKNOWN sources outside the US. These are obviously individuals/groups-who DO NOT have the United States’ best interest at heart-wanted this man elected.

  • Wrichik

    @Mortivore (183):


    An I’mma let you finish, but Beyonce could’ve written a way better list. XD Jkjkjk…

    Definitely meme of the decade !!

  • Wrichik

    @Bill (184):

    … and Ann Coulter is pretty.

  • Wrichik

    @ianz09 (187):

    I’m Indian … I mean, Indian from India who eats Indian food and appreciates the overwhelming Indianness of it all. Let me speak on behalf of the billion people of my country, when I say, we need YOU … that’s right YOU … to diss some of our nastiest politicians.

    As for Ann Coulter, I think the maker of this video feels roughly the same way about her as you do :

  • @Bill (184):…2) He is not a native born citizen required by the US Constitution to become a US President.
    So being born in Hawaii, just because it’s not attached to the mainland, makes Obama’s citizenship questionable?
    Last time I checked, Hawaii was still a State, Bill. Do you have other information? Was it’s Statehood secretly revoked? Are we now the land of 49 States?
    Please, Bill, I want to know how you came upon this information. We’ve all seen his birth certificate as born in Hawaii. So your contention is baffling.

  • thomas

    sh*tlist, really, lame

  • Ciko

    Nice list. I didn’t like Slumdog Millionaire (‘coz of the “You wanted to see the real India” – “We’ll show you what real America is” part and I’m Indian) but the idea of it being the first globalized masterpiece captures the current, worldwide state of situation.

  • Ciko


    BTW I second that idea and I’d also be happy if someone kicked out Berlusconi. I hate that guy.

  • Ahmad

    ok, how can this list speak of “Muslim” terrorists attacking the US without talking about American foreign policies in the Middle East which create those terrorists e.g American support of corrupt Arab regimes which commit gross human rights violations against their peoples. Religion has nothing to do with these attacks – politics does.

  • Glass

    @Sharki (112):
    Actually, X-Men did that.

  • Glass

    @foohy (160):
    Spare your seed the shame and never reproduce.

  • Wrichik

    @Ciko (192):

    He’s already got a broken nose and lost two teeth … which is more than what most corrupt politicians get for what they’ve done. :D

    Seriously though, he deserves to be sacked and indicted. Our politicians look saintly next to him !!

  • ChristineM

    The Dark Knight is not the highest grossing film of the decade, it’s the third, and fourth of all time.

    1) The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King(2003) $1,129,219,252

    Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006) $1,060,332,628

    3) The Dark Knight (2008)

  • Aaron

    Most any movie could have been pulled of the bollywood floor and marketed to western audiences to be as popular as slumdog. Poor list entry.

  • Z0mgZ0rs

    Obama is #1 for Politics really? And Iranian Election is up there twice, when it was a clear cut win for Ahmadinejad. US Recession should be in place of the Euro. Don’t know what Slumdog was doing up there too.
    Bad list

  • dsig

    slumdog was not ‘pulled off the bollywood floor’ it was developed by a british film company (Film 4) with british fuding, a successful british director and british lead actors. It deserves its place.
    Sporting moment however deserves to go to Liverpool FC 2005 Champions League Final, losing 3-0 at half time, coming back to 3-3 and then winning in a dramatic penalty shoot out. The comeback was done in one game, no half of a game (this is the problem i have with the Boston Red Sox comeback, it was over a prolonged period).
    And the politics entry. Get over him. he has done no good since coming to power. The colour of his skin should not (and does not) make him as amasing as people like to make out.
    Other than these three, good list

  • foohy

    @Andres (#170)

    My opinion on the movie was just my opinion. But the fact stands that it was just another “boohoo, I’m a superhero and my life’s not perfect” movie. Hmm, where have wee seen that before? Let me think; EVERY superhero movie from the past decade except for Superman Returns.

    In the long run people will remember TDK as that superhero movie that made loads of money due, in part, to the sad passing of Heath Ledger.

    The movie is entertaining; true. But it’s in no way a masterpiece in terms of writing. I mean, look at the reviews; they all basically center around the Joker as being the overwhelming highlight of the film.

  • foohy

    @Glass (190):

  • karolina

    I loved Slumdog Millionaire. Briliant from the soundtrack (Jai Ho) to the cinematography. It might not be the BEST but its damn near to it.

    I think that it summed up this decades movie themes. Indie movies were finally recognized. More movies this year became more and more realistic, I mean, how many people in India didn’t go through what Latika or Jamal did. Movies can’t always be fairytales, comedies, or sappy romance films.

    Same for Brokeback Mt. I mean it was perfect for the Same-sex equality movement of the 2000s. Plus a good movie romance, like a marriage, doesn’t have to be boy/girl. Eye-opening

    I mean the movie itself and the life of the young actors helped raise awareness of the deep poverty levels of India.

    Plus, you can’t put up all the movies released this decade. Just mentioning the amazing Pixar movies would take forever.

  • rachelsmith1989

    I have to point out that #5 should have listed the creation of as a lot more major cultural and technological shift in the past decade. Facebook admits that they clearly have a little over 300 million members using the social networking site, while Wikipedia’s figures are close to 350 million users/publishers/editors since its creation, with countless more users across the globe in dozens of languages using the sire as effortlessly as we do. In fact, Wikipedia just completed their fundraiser to raise over $7 million dollars to ensure that they operate the way they do: with no ads and to protect the right of anonymous editing. Yet it seems that a few conversations I’ve had so far have included that fact that Facebook’s ads can be almost as intrusive on privacy compared to, say… According to Newsweek’s 2010 project, Wikipedia ranks #1 on the list of “Unknown in ’99, Indispensable now” list. Granted Facebook was opened nearly five years later, it can’t compare to Wikipedia which has as much equal access to everyone, regardless if you have an account on the site or not.
    I do however love the fact shown that the social networking craze is now a more popular than porn. It puts people who believe in “culture wars” in their place when we can point out that the internet has now helped build social precepts that seemed impossible at the dawn of the new millennium.

  • Cubone

    @Some Guy in NEPA (105): Well said.

  • Brandon

    Although I did enjoy the film and can appreciate its cinematic beauty, I do have to agree with “lala” on her critique of “Slumdog Millionaire.” I too believe that the enormous hype surrounding it was mostly unfounded.

  • Jake

    Idiotic. The dot-com bust or the real estate collapse were far more important than the Euro, George Bush’s “election” had far more impact on the world than that of Obama, the mere mention of Michael Jackson in Music was moronic, and Facebook winning Tech was retarded.

  • jdrourke

    This was a bad decade overall, kids. There were some bright moments, but still…

  • Some Guy in NEPA


    Why don’t you e-mail the White House and demand they prove me wrong by ordering up a copy of his birth certificate (listing hospital and attending physician) from Hawaii?

  • kmarx

    207- Jake,

    Refrain from calling people idiots without reason. The dotcom bust and real estate collapse were terrible, but in the long run they are recoverable. The Euro however is the first step towards having a single world currancy. and believe me, I was hoping it would be the USD, but they beat us to the punch. Euro is the correct entry.

  • Patrask

    Regarding #1: It may be wise to mention that the 192 votes where, in fact, electoral votes (or whatever they’re called).

    Overall it’s a good list.

  • I’m not sure why everyone thinks 9/11 should be number 1.
    I completely agree with the choice, only because it was a huge step in progress for America. 50 years ago, if you told someone we would have a black president they would have laughed in your face.

  • Maggot

    @Some Guy in NEPA (209): Why don’t you e-mail the White House and demand they prove me wrong by ordering up a copy of his birth certificate (listing hospital and attending physician) from Hawaii?

    Why don’t you? Better yet, why don’t you provide definitive proof that the certified information contained in the current legally acceptable document is false?

    Yes, I see your cleverly worded parenthetical caveat that conveniently omits this document from your consideration, but that is your problem to overcome. Not anyone else’s. You’re going to need a little more than a tired rehashing of already debunked conspiracy theories to do it though.

  • h

    @Z0mgZ0rs (199): if you think the election of iranian was clear and ahmadinejad won it whitout fraud so you better don’t talk about something that you know nothing about it.

  • iCanHaz?
  • iCanHaz?

    oh, i forgot to say this group basically made one for all the years, so the author could have watched these and determined the highlights

  • VikingBerserker

    Actually a decade just refers to a period of 10 years and is not tied to a specific time frame such as century or millennuim is(ie 18th Century, 2nd Millennuim etc etc). 2000-2009 is just as much as a decade as 1985-1994 is.

  • calvin51

    10. I agree.

    9. I have to say okay, as much as I hate those shows.

    8. Slum Dog Millionaire? Over Dark Knight, 300, LOTR Return of the King, and Avatar? This is a rather poor choice.

    7. This is worse. Overpaid celebrities are apparently more skilled and important than Olympic athletes who train for years and dedicate their lives to sports.

    6. Agreeable, but biased over computer technology (e.g. modems to laptops)

    5. …I cannot respond to this.

    4. Number six, but not as agreeable. Euros? Over economic crisis not just in America, but in the world? What?

    3. THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE. This not only should, but is, number one. This incident killed thousands, terrorists thought they could do what they want, and America pulled out guns and pulled up the big boy shorts and fought back. The Pearl Harbor attack of the new millennium.

    2. Same problem as number four and six.

    1. I believed had a running gag where Obama is on every list possible. I just realized it is no joke. Why reward a man for his race? Race shouldn’t even exist. Skin color is about as significant as color hair. Not pickable, not fair. It doesn’t make any sense. We all think everyone else is racist when there are so few Americans who really are.

    I really hope no one mentions twilight/new moon for number 8. We have enough cults on here without fanatics about “vampires”.

  • calvin51

    Number six on my list is messed up. I wrote it under tech than music. My bad.

  • randomprecision24

    @rachelsmith1989 (204): Thanks for the comment, I agree with what you say. If you re-read the entry, you’ll see I talk about the other social networking sites. I selected facebook because it is one of the biggest and most widely used, for the purpose of having a single day. Check out the “did you know” videos on youtube for some more stunning facts.

  • Obama, for sure :)
    May the new decade bring us more positive news

  • Meandonlyme

    KG You are right, and Jordybear is VERY wrong. Acctually since there is no year 0, the first decade AD started with year one. Hence, making the end of that decade the end of year 10 (you know, Jan 1st, 0011). If you count every ten years since as a decade that would mean that we still have a year left in this decade, which will end on midnight, Dec 31st 2011 (And make the new decade start Jan 1st 2011). Same applies with mileniums and centuries. The 21st century as well as the third milenium started in 2001. So, yeah.

    BTW, I know I probably spelled melenium wrong, don’t hate and don’t judge.

  • Buba A.

    Literature – yes Harry Potter series was a clever masterpiece but so was the Twilight series (in popularity)! But they should have been the runner ups because top accolades should be given to Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner.

    Movies – I’m a huge fan of Slumdog Millionaire but Lord of the Rings was undoubtedly the best trilogy of the decade!

    Sports – Red Sox making a comeback? really? uhhh, Zidane’s headbutt was a controversy discussed for months & France lost the world cup due to his loss! & Giants/Patriots superbowl game of 2008 should have been the first runner up.

    Technology – GOOGLE GOOGLE GOOGLE! the most innovative invention of the decade.

    Politics – Yes, Obama won. woohoo! but Gore/Bush’s election of 2000 should have topped the list.

  • Meandonlyme

    LOTR did not win 13 oscars as previously claimed in this forum. It is tied for first place with Ben Hur and Titanic with 11 oscars. Incidentaly, it wasn’t nominated for as many as titanic was. And personaly, I thought the whole trilogy sucked, but then the AMPAS have made some real idiotic movies “Best Picture”, Slummdog being one of them.

  • Andres

    @foohy (201): “But the fact stands that it was just another “boohoo, I’m a superhero and my life’s not perfect” movie”

    Oh, here we go again, pulling “facts” up your sleeve. I believe you are misunderstanding my arguments in almost every single way they could be misunderstood. First and foremost, I don’t know how many times I have to repeat this, but I’m NOT discussing the artistic merit or the overall quality of the movie. Did you get that finally down or am I going to have to say it once again? I don’t care if it’s a masterpiece or not, but the fact is that the movie was a defining moment of the pop culture of the 2000s just like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter were. And God knows I hate LOTR and Potter, but who the hell am I to deny that they were very significant?

    Second, I’m not exactly saying that The Dark Knight was a masterpiece. What I’m saying is that it wasn’t “just OK.” A movie praised by 95% of the critics (for whatever reasons they may have) is not “just OK.” It is certainly not one of the all-time greatest or anything like that, but that doesn’t mean it is average or barely acceptable as a film. At least that’s not what most people seem to think. In fact, the critics’ consensus from Rotten Tomatoes reads, “Dark, complex and unforgettable, The Dark Knight succeeds not just as an entertaining comic book film, but as a richly thrilling crime saga.” Do you see any variation of the expression “just OK” in that verdict? Do you fail to see the word “unforgettable” and the phrase “richly thrilling”? We may or may not agree with that consensus, but it certainly leads to the conclusion that critics DON’T think the movie is just OK. Now, I know there is a bunch of scum-sucking morons out there calling themselves critics, but again, their opinion doesn’t help your case a bit.


    for anyone saying, “I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE RED SOX”!

    Its an amazing story, maybe you guys should read about it in detail. it has nothing to do with US bias of other bullshit. its an amazing story, and will become a movie (i’m sure) given a decade from now. don’t see that about the head butt sorrry…..


    and yeah dark knight and brokeback mountain were the movies of the decade. I thought slumdog was overratted…..

  • Muscarius

    obviously, for american people 9/11 should be 1st. for the rest of the world, it has been just overhype.
    As for Obama: maybe a giant step for USA, but not much for other countries.

  • Fantastic list and format. One of the more engaging reviews of the decade I have encountered.

  • I’d agree with most of this list but Slumdog Millionaire? Really? I preferred the runners up. Maybe it was all the hype that made me not enjoy it so much.

  • Bill

    @segues (189): @Maggot (213):

    You’re both pretty gullible to go with a liberal outfit like Here is an article that nicely refutes’s reliability concerning the validity of President Obama’s origin of birth:

    Of course, it is my belief; If I could transport both of you (and others like you who believe “hope, beyond hope,” in the cult of Obama)—back in time-to the actual birth of President Obama (showing he WAS NOT born in Hawaii, or any other part of the US), and you would still not believe your eyes.

    Here is Hitler’s view of Obamacare:

  • Nemiga

    I think people have already mentioned it 2004 not 2005…. great list though! Nice way to begin 2010 :)

  • 1-7

    The Lord of the Rings should have been in the film section. I don’t think Slumdog was a more significant achievement over it.

  • Clyde

    @HOMER SIMPSON (226): Ha, although Hollywood makes absoulte crap, not even they will stoop as low as to make a movie about the Red Sox.

  • therush

    Usain Bolt completely redefining what is humanly possible athletically is the sports moment of the decade. 9.58 in the 100 and 19.19 in the 200? That’s completely ridiculous. As for the people saying Phelps is worthy of the same conversation as Bolt, no he is not. If track was silly like swimming and had dozens of events I’m sure Bolt could win eight golds.

  • Maggot

    @Bill (231): You’re both pretty gullible to go with a liberal outfit like Here is an article that nicely refutes’s reliability…

    Eh, I just posted a link to that particular site because it had an image of the document that was submitted. I could’ve used any number of other links instead, and yes I’ve seen other sites that go to great lengths in attempt to show how this document is supposedly a forgery. However, the challenge was to provide PROOF that the information contained on it is false. You have not done that, nor has the website you cited, nor has anyone else. The best you can do is to say something ridiculous like “If I could transport you back in time…”? Your hyperbole is laughable. Provide EVIDENCE to the contrary or stfu.

  • ianz09

    @Bill (231): You’re funny. You do standup, I presume?

  • Bill

    @Maggot (236):

    It’s going to be a sad day when President Obama has his version of the Reichstag fire and simpletons like you say/think: “I know it’s true because it was on and/or (and any other liberal media outlets-as you say: “other sites”).” He is counting on people like you to believe in his “crises (s),” so his takeover of the government can be completed. You better get to thinking for yourself slick-before it’s too late. This man and the people surrounding him-are all about taking our freedom (by making decisions for us) from us. Remember the Nazi party was the The National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party. Socialism of a government is never a good idea; whither it is far-left or far-right; it all leads to the government making decisions for us. Some folks may think: “it can’t happen here,” but history can repeat itself.

  • nuriko


  • Michael Jackson

    I molest little boys.

  • CandJ

    why must every list bring out the douche bags???

  • CandJ


  • ZibbyYamala

    nice list!! all true, (cept slumbog, eeeeew)

    though it’s a shame there’s gonna be a million Obama haters bashing ur list. tisk tisk. oh and


    ur life must really suck hu? but it’s ok, i’ll pray for u, . . . mabye.

  • Doobie

    Nancy Pelosi is satan.

  • Maggot

    @Bill (238): Still no proof, dimwit? Didn’t think so. But do keep babbling on about how you don’t like his policies or platforms, even though that’s not what we were talking about. Get back to me when ya got something.

  • calvin51

    I decree my presence has arrived before an atheist with no social activity trying to convert Catholics via Internet.

  • foohy

    -I think we’re misunderstanding each other. I’m not disagreeing that critics and audiences loved it. When I said it was ‘just OK’ that was just my personal opinion. That’s NOT the reason I disagree with you! Each to their own.

    I don’t think it’s significant because, well, it’s not! To this day movies are still compared to Titanic and Gone with The Wind when judging their popularity, significance, and box office haul.

    In fact, here’s an excerpt from IMDB posted just 2 hours ago:
    “Propelled by enthusiastic word of mouth and repeat business unrivaled since Titanic, Avatar crossed the $1-billion mark in just its third week at the worldwide box office.”

    TDK came out about a year and a half ago and it seems to already be in the back of peoples minds. The only time I hear people bringing it up now are:

    A.) Comic book fans


    B.) People arguing that “no, it IS the movie event of the decade!”

    Now I could be wrong and TDK could stick in the minds of critics and audiences for years to come, but as It seems now, it’s fading fast.


    I don’t know if you remember the insane hype surrounding the release of Grand Theft Auto IV but it was just as massive among video game fans as The Dark Night was among comic book fans. The critics were eating up! Perfect reviews left and right, it was hyped as the game event of, well forever! Then it was released…and it was just another grand theft auto with a new story and a new city. Suddenly it wasn’t god-like anymore and armchair critics started coming around revealing that “no, it’s NOT a revolution”.

    Same thing happened with The Dark Night. The critics loved it and so did the fans…at first. Then came the blog reviews and youtube parodies mocking Christian Bale’s bad acting and smokers rasp.
    now I’m not saying that it’s a terrible movie or even a bad movie. Clearly many people enjoyed it but not enough, it seems, to thrust it into immortal remembrance. I think this review pretty much sums up my point:

    The Dark Knight…an OVERRATED film

    And it’s not just the guys on their couch that are seeing through the hype:

    The Daily Mail review: “The Dark Knight: Holy Moly! Batman’s a big noise – but loses the plot

    Read more:–loses-plot.html#ixzz0bbbrJPZy


    Once the dust settled and the fanboyism left the building, we were left with a movie that was just another superhero movie that will be remembered for it’s record-breaking box office haul, massive pre-release hype, and the fact that it featured Heath Ledger in a post-humorous role.

    If you STILL think I’m basing my argument on my opinion solely then I’ll just sum it up with this…a timeline:

    It was hyped beyond measure…
    …the critics and fans wrote about how perfect it was…
    …the critics and fans wrote about how it wasn’t exactly perfect as everyone first thought…
    …The Dark Night began to fade from the public mind…
    …the world of entertainment moved on…

  • Bill

    @Maggot (245):

    Say smuck; I’ve already given you the proof…unfortunately you seem to be confused by the facts. Everything Barack Obama has done has been a fraud, a deception-from his so-called proof of birth-to his so-called stimulus plan/Obamacare. Say smuck-you must like living in deception. Here is your proof again loser (you paying attention this time):

  • Barold

    I was just about to write this message defending Obama’s right to be president (having read your link) but then I realised there’s no point really. Even if he you could go back in time and see him being born in Hawaii you’d still find a way to dislike him and claim he shouldn’t be the main man… right?
    Well tough! He won! And thank the millions of Americans that aren’t idiots for that!
    I doubt there was much of an attempt to say Bush was born elsewhere and look at what a mess he made.
    So maybe you should concentrate on the work he’s doing rather than trying to find some pathetic way to oust him.

  • @Bill (231): I hate to break it to your hateful little heart of stone, but I’ve never ever heard of until you put it into your post.
    After reading all of your posts, Bill, the conclusion to which I have arrived is this; you are a puppet of the right-wing radicals. They pull your strings, and make your mouth move, spouting all the current right-wing radical lines.

  • careless whisper

    for lit… it’s Dan Brown’s novels.

  • nicoleredz3

    Muy Excellente! Oops, I meant, exellent choices! Slumdog was an ok, movie, but strange to put on this list…

  • ianz09

    @careless whisper (251): Yes! Another fan! I agree. Da Vinci Code caused a huge stir, bigger than any in the past decade. Dan Brown is an incredible author, and his books are top notch. I finished The Lost Symbol in 2 days. After that I had two days of homework to make up for my classes.

  • ianz09

    @Barold (249): If I could thumbs-up your post, I would.

  • Bill

    @segues (250):

    Strings? Strings? Listen smuck, you better look at the strings attached to your own body/mind; because Obama is your puppet master. EVERYBODY is influenced by individuals/groups-but it’s up to YOU to decide who influences you. I know you probably fancy yourself “enlightened,” but I’ll bet you were one of those poor saps who was crying “tears of joy,” when your savior was elected president. What’s it like living in deception anyway?

  • ianz09

    @Bill (255): Dance puppet! Dance! Who has their hand up your butt, Glenn Beck or Ann Coulter?

    Opinion on Martin Luther King Jr.?

  • Bill

    @Barold (249):

    You said what: “we should concentrate on the work he’s doing rather than trying to find some pathetic way to oust him.” Listen loser, I bet that’s exactly what folks said about Hitler when he was solidify his power-only the truly enlightened knew where he was going with “his work.” Only the self-deceived refuses to acknowledge where Obama is going with the United States. Your better wake up before it’s too late bonehead: This President has used deception all the way. Deception on his origin, deception on his government policies, and deception on where he is taking the country. He IS counting on you to be deceived.

  • Bill

    @ianz09 (256):

    For the record, I think Glen Beck is phony, and Ann Coulter is a skank (she makes me want to puke). FYI: We all have a puppet master-every single one of us. The difference is; we get to choose the puppet master. MLK was the right man, at the right time, for the right race. African Americans NEEDED a Civil Rights movement; God blessed them with the right leader for that: MLK.

  • Arsnl

    Ill go in a strange direction here but i think that if one wants to put an election as a defining moment (by defining i mean as impact) id choose putin’s. The guy transformed russia from a nobody to a regional power again. Frankly he does whatever he wants with the eu since germany is dependent of russian fossil fuels and in nato he managed to impose russia’s will. I
    hate that this happened but hey those are the facts. And lets not forget the anti missile thing.

  • Marv in DC

    “It’s going to be a sad day when President Obama has his version of the Reichstag fire and simpletons like you say/think: “I know it’s true because it was on and/or (and any other liberal media outlets-as you say: “other sites”).” He is counting on people like you to believe in his “crises (s),” so his takeover of the government can be completed.”

    Actually this was done with the implemetation of the Patriot Act and the election of Dick Cheney as the Vice President. Those two things did more to erode American Rights than Obama’s policies have.

  • Bill

    @Marv in DC (260):

    I agree with you; the implementation of the Patriot Act was a bad move, however; there was NO election of Dick Cheney as the Vice President (the election was for George Bush to be President-Cheney came with the package). Do you agree with me that Obama is going to further erode our civil liberties (beyond even Bush’s wildest dreams-as far as I’m concerned: Bush/Obama are birds of a feather)?

  • Maggot

    @Bill (248): Say smuck

    The word you’re looking for is “schmuck”, you doofus. Geeze, I have to coach you on delivering insults now?

    Here is your proof again loser (you paying attention this time)

    Well if YOU were paying attention in between your neurotic rants, you’d see where I’d already told you that nothing in this article proves he was born outside the U.S. Look man, I agree with you that it (was) a valid question, but at some point ya have to move on. To continue clinging and dwelling on it is just grasping at straws.

  • Marv in DC


    I know that Cheney was not elected, I was more trying to make the point that (I believe) most of Bush’s actions were prompted by Cheney.

    Sorry I have to disagree about Obama stripping our civil liberties. I don’t think it is possible for that to happen, and I also think that his administration is much more open than the Bush/Cheney one. I am not an Obama idolizer, but I do support many of the things that he is trying to do. Did he deserve a Nobel Peace Prize? Not in my opinion, but I also do not believe that he is leading us to the end of America as we know it. I personally think that much of that type of talk is not based on facts or reality, but is instead knee jerk reactions to sound bites and flat out misrepresentation of the facts. (Death Panels? Seriously?)

  • deeeziner

    I’ve been keeping tabs on this dispute you guys have regarding O’Bama’s right to the office based upon his birthplace.

    Now that the debate has brought in the names of Bush and Cheney I feel I must ask THIS question.

    Does ANYONE here remember that during Bush’s first election campaign it was pointed out as unconstitutional that Cheney be his running mate due to the fact that both candidates came from the same state? And so Cheney dropped from the campaign, as was proper, as he was ineligible to run with Bush.

    For about 30 days….As that was as long as it took for Cheney to register his new address. An address that was in a different state than Bush’s, and thus making him a viable running mate.

    Legal? Yes, according to the precise letter of the law. A question of integrity? Most certainly. A harbinger of the type of politics to follow? Proven a thousand times over.

    Where was commenter “Bill” or all the other “righteous” Americans when this devious trump on the intention of Constitutional electoral proceedings occurred?

    Why wasn’t there an outcry of “FOUL!” when this occurred?…Would we be in our current straits if people would have shouted “foul!” at the time?

    How blind are we really? And how short our memories.

  • randomprecision24

    deez, where does it say the vice president can’t be from the same state as the president?

  • djsmooth

    randomprecision24, 12th Amendment of the U.S. Constituition.

  • randomprecision24

    I’d actually never heard of that before, but I just looked it up.

    “The inhabitant clause of the Twelfth Amendment also suggests strongly that the president and vice president should not be from the same state. Although the provision does not directly disqualify a vice president who is from the same state as the president, the provision disqualifies the electors from that state from voting for both offices.”

  • deeeziner

    @randomprecision24 (267): Thank you Random for going to the effort to research the topic I’ve brought into the discussion here. I apologize to you if you feel that I have de-railed the comments to your list with my post at 264.

    I definitely did not mean to come off as a troll, but previous comments here did provoke a bit of personal ire on my part, concerning people pointing fingers about un-Constitutional behavior in our presidential office.

    That said, I’m stepping back into the background again.

  • Maggot

    @deeeziner (268): I definitely did not mean to come off as a troll

    Pshaw, why would you think that’s how you came across?

    That said, I’m stepping back into the background again.

    Well don’t feel you have to step back, deeez. Your input is as worthy as anyone else’s, more so than many, and in fact that question you raised at 264 was particularly interesting.

  • Bill

    I guess we all are stepping into the background; until we meet again my worthy opponents!

  • sir

    while the election in the u.s. of a black president is HUGE news, and a great leap forward in terms of racial equality in that country, i have to agree that the events in the states on september 11th, 2001 had a much larger impact on the world as a whole.
    Slumdog deserves the nod here, again because of its global reach..”international cast, crew, and audience”…can you say that about dark knight?
    and j.k. rowlings mention for literature is also spot on, in my opinion..the list is about the effect these ‘events’ had on their respective categories, and the harry potter series had a monstrously huge effect on kept many publishers afloat, for one, and allowed some publishing houses to take risks they couldn’t before they had a cash cow like this series. many unknown authors saw their words in print, and successfully marketed, because of harry potter. and a whole generation became readers.
    red sox? pure american interest, no one else really cares. and in economics, the global financial woes of this last year or so are much more meaningful than the euro.

  • chaos1111

    Number 7 is a load of craaaaaaaaaap

  • archangel

    good list. Everything was great, but was a little disappointed by the sports section (I always had a problem with an American series being called the World Series).

    Anyway, don’t get me wrong, I love Obama… but I think the rise of other nations (China, India, Russia, European Union) to equate the US, and climate change politics should trump that section. Also, I don’t think racial equality can be achieved by electing a non-caucasian president… I’ll know it to be achieved when people stop caring about the colour of their president’s skin or ethnicity.

  • xv


    This is your ‘top contribution to literature’ from the 2000s? HARRY EFFING POTTER?

    Are you kidding? are you insane? Are you all completely stupid? Harry Potter is not literature, it is a CHILD’S BOOK THAT ADULTS READ BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRAID REAL LITERATURE MIGHT CHALLENGE THEM

    i cannot believe you put dan brown’s rambling catastrophe on there, too

    good effing god

    have you people never heard of michael chabon? cormac mccarthy? HARRY POTTER? LITERATURE? SERIOUSLY?

    It’s a KID’S BOOK.

    Why not put up the effing Animorph series while you’re at it? Why not just throw up an issue of Archie Comics, call THAT great literature?

    god and dan brown too

    our species is doomed and we deserve it

  • calvin51

    What is it with everyone bringing up Martin Luther King Jr. when Obama is discussed? They were two totally different people, had two totally different outlooks on the world, in two totally different time periods, and had two totally different careers. So what, because they’re both black and well-known across America, they automatically become the same person? A reincarnation or something?
    Also, Martin Luther King, if you ever payed attention to his speeches, spoke of freedom for ALL Americans. Not just blacks. Native Americans, Hispanics, women, Aborigines, Asians, everyone. He was a genius (academically and common sense-wise) and knew what someone might do when he preached. He did it anyway. He was brave, smart, and altruistic.
    Obama hasn’t even done anything yet and he gets a Nobel Peace Prize, immortalization, and victory of an election because of skin color. He also gets compared to one of the greatest preachers of all time. It makes me sick.

  • oouchan

    @xv (274): Really now. Did you not read the info on why it was included? No other book(s) has been able to do this. Not even the authors you mentioned. I don’t think anyone was lined up to get the books by Chabon.
    This series has been able to bring reading to children (and adults) who otherwise would never pick up a book. They are fun and entertaining. It got my kid to read (finally) instead of playing on the internet or trying to watch TV.
    As for adults….I was one who loved these books (hate Twilight though) but have a large library of books that I read. Just because you didn’t like the books, doesn’t mean they weren’t important.

  • randomprecision24

    @xv (272): Try writing a coherent paragraph as to why these people deserve the spot over Harry Potter.

  • Barold

    @randomprecision24 (275) Well put. Especially since xv seems to think himself so well read.
    Also, I’m sure plenty of literature snobs were dismissive of Tolkein and C S Lewis, both of which are now well and truly in the literature canon.

  • Barold

    @calvin51 (273):
    He wasn’t elected for his skin colour and they are compared because they cite similar influences and (despite what you say) similar attitutdes. I imagine MLK would object to someone like you saying “It makes me sick” as it’s quite likelt that he would have seen the election of Obama as a continuation of his own good works!

  • It’s amazing how fast culture and technology change. There’s 3-4 major paradigm shifts a decade it seems.

  • I simply wanted to add a comment here to say thanks for you very nice ideas. Blogs are troublesome to run and time consuming therefore I appreciate when I see well written material. Your time isn’t going to waste with your posts. Thanks so much and carry on You’ll defintely reach your goals! have a great day!

  • watson

    How can the 2008 New York Giants be a runner-up? What was defining about it? More defining should be that the Steelers became the most Superbowl winning franchise.

    I do agree with the Red Sox though, that was history.

  • Michael Ryne

    Listverse commentors are some of the whiniest and self-involved people I have ever encountered in my life. Seriously, some of you guys ruin great lists with your negative selfish crap.

    This is a great list. Do I agree with all of it? No, of course not. It doesn’t stop it from being a great list, though.

  • Lumberjack

    Very bad list sorry. You promised the “Top 10 Defining Moments of the 2000s” and what we got is stupid movies, books and television series. I mean how old are you really?
    So your defining moment of the 2000s was reading Harry Potter and watching Slumdog??????! You got a really sad, ignorant life there…

  • randomprecision24

    @Lumberjack (282): I appreciate your comment. Before you criticize my life, you should offer some suggestions for the categories above.

  • Maggot

    @Lumberjack (282): You got a really sad, ignorant life there

    As opposed to your life of putting on women’s clothing and hanging around in bars?


  • Lumberjack

    I didn’t want to get personal. I’m sorry if I offended you.
    The idea of having categories was appealing to me at first but when I reconsidered the title of your list again (“Top 10 Defining Moments of the 2000s”) I changed my opinion.
    I just don’t see how Harry Potter and Slumdog can be on a list with such historic events like 9/11, the Obama election, the Indian Ocean tsunami, the financial crisis, the war on terror, the Euro, etc.

    And even if you want to keep those categories. I just don’t get why you put Slumdog up there. This is never ever the defining movie of the 2000s. What in the world was your criteria? If you would have taken the all-time world wide box-office from imdb for example you would have seen that Slumdog is only #140! Avatar got #2, LOTR2 got #3, Pirates2 got #4, Dark Knight#5 – I like none of those movies (Slumdog including) – just saying which were most popular…

  • Edmian

    Simsons and South Park over the Family Guy!!

  • randomprecision24

    @Lumberjack (285): I understand 9/11 was a tad bigger then reality tv. That’s why it is seperated into categories. It isn’t the same as the standard list set-up on this site, instead each entry is the top in their respective area. I arised at this plan and the different categories after a lot of time deliberating with other members over in the IRC.

    Tons of movies make a lot of money in the box office, and yet don’t change the world. Ten Commandments was an epic fim and huge blockbuster in its time, but we now watch and laugh at the graphics and hammy acting. Perhaps we’ll think the same thing about LOTR? Who knows.
    I chose Slumdog after researching it, listening to lectures about the film in one of my college courses, and then discussing it with several listverse regulars. The film’s global cast, crew and audience are why it made the cut. It shows an important shift in not just movies, but society. We are continuing to globalize and knock down barriers and borders. It was the first non-hollywood film to win the oscar for best picture. Regardless of your opinion of the film itself, (I thought it was a bit cheesy at points) the medium is the message.

    The same idea of the medium is the message is broadcast in number 9, 8, 6, 5, and to an extent 4. While the singular events might be insignifigant, the events represent fundemental changes in the way we as a society communicate and understand the world.

  • Peter

    nice list. Two items can be objected objectively, methinks. the red sox play a sport that has no global appeal whatsoever. the euro (was that to appease the europeans objecting the red sox ?) wasn’t a big deal economically, because the currencies that disapperd into it had been locked together in fixed rates for years.

    more subjectively: a nice film like slumdog isn’t in the same league as a landmark epic such as LOTR.

  • murph_head

    Yeah your right “Peter”. No one in South/Central America plays baseball. The Carribean? You’re right it’s all about bobsledding there. Japan? No one in Japan has even heard of baseball. Yep, you are quite the cultured/worldly man aren’t you.

  • @Bill (253): Just like a radical right-winger, you make assumptions about someone else’s politics based on nothing but your own fear.
    How can you possibly know whether or not I voted for Obama or McCain (or voted at all, for that matter?). Do you have a tap on my phones?Or are you just so fearful that anyone who doesn’t agree with you 100% must be against you 100%?
    I could clear this whole thing up by simply telling you for whom I voted, for which party I am a registered member, for whom I campaigned.
    But that would spoil the fun.

  • htmrovs

    another obama synchophant…you don’t think the great one is having to respond to 9/11 even today? #3 and #1 should be reversed, easily.

  • BuzzDJT

    Ok I’m gonna leave the americans to their stuff, I’ll agree with Nature wise being the tsunami, Thats about it though, so my two major problems are…

    find me one european who thinks that wasn’t a big deal, the euro is the big story of the economic decade, and is probably after 911 the biggest political one.

    Honestly, take away that baseball exists soley in the US and only in japan as a niche (and murph_head i’ve been to both and to mexico brazil and columbia and its true, noone but the US really cares), the redsocks winning a series was a big deal.
    Rugby and Football (Soccer) were played in Croke Park. By people not Irish, but English. this is a sports event that on a world stage is pretty damn important. This is what really marked as the end of the Northern Ireland ‘Troubles’ (like the fall of the berlin wall) (911/war on terror people – All the people who trained the terrorists who are now training the terrorists were IRA or IRA approved)

  • Larry

    Obama’s election to president and subsequent swearing in should be high on the list, as the greatest crime. When else has the Constitution of the US been so obviously trampled upon. This man is not a natural born citizen because if he was he would have released his birth certificate. Not only this but the Legislative and Judicial branches of the government looked the other way and allowed the primary law of the land to be ignored and broken. The current US government is a disgrace.

  • Anthony


    That is probably the most absurd thing I’ve heard in a while. Do you really think that Obama has fooled the American government. In a world where you can find someone’s blood type online, you think Obama has made it only appear he was born in the US. Please I would like to here your logic. I want you to make me a believer, or a non-believer should I say.

  • Larry


    Only the short form COLB (Certification of Live Birth) has been released. The short form is a forgery as it lists his father as African not Negro.

    He cites as just one example the use of the term “African” to describe the race of Obama’s father on the COLB.

    Parker Shannon of the Obama File says the use of the word “African” to denote the race of President Obama’s father is evidence the Certification of Live Birth touted by the Obama camp is actually a forgery.

    “There is a narrow list of [acceptable] words, none of which are ‘African,’ which is what is on the Certification of Live Birth. Whatever liberal counterfeited the thing couldn’t bring himself to say ‘Negro.'”

    Indeed, a 1961 summary of U.S. vital statistics by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (now known as Health and Human Services) indicates:

    Births in the United States in 1961 are classified for vital statistics into white, Negro, American Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Aleut, Eskimo, Hawaiian and Part-Hawaiian (combined), and “other nonwhite.” The category “white” includes, in addition to persons reported as “white,” those reported as Mexican or Puerto Rican. With one exception, a reported mixture of Negro with any other race is included in the Negro group; other mixed parentage is classified according to the race of the nonwhite parent and mixtures of nonwhite races to the race of the father.

    Many people remain unaware that someone doesn’t even have to be born in Hawaii to receive a COLB, as those birth documents can be granted to children born out of state or even America.

    To date, Obama has steadfastly refused to release his long-form hospital-generated birth certificate including details such as the name of his birth hospital and attending physician.

    But his original birth certificate is not the only document at issue. It is known that among the documentation not yet available for Obama includes his kindergarten records, Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, passport, medical records, files from his years as an Illinois state senator, Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records and his adoption records.

  • @Larry (295): Obama’s father is listed as African because…drumroll…he is from Africa!
    On my COLB my mother is listed as Australian because…drumroll…she was from Australia!
    God, the ways the government goes to hide the truth from the public are prolific and evil, but the COLB takes the cake. It’s a good thing we have intelligent folks like you watching out for us. Otherwise, who knows, we might have to elect another Joseph McCarthy to weed out the baddies.

  • Larry

    @segues (296): What entity issued your COLB? What year were you born? Did you even read what I wrote?

    The finding was: “Births in the United States in 1961 are classified for vital statistics into white, Negro, American Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Aleut, Eskimo, Hawaiian and Part-Hawaiian (combined), and “other nonwhite.” The category “white” includes, in addition to persons reported as “white,” those reported as Mexican or Puerto Rican. With one exception, a reported mixture of Negro with any other race is included in the Negro group; other mixed parentage is classified according to the race of the nonwhite parent and mixtures of nonwhite races to the race of the father.”

    Even so, since Obama took an oath to uphold the Constitution, how difficult would it be for him to release the long form of his Birth Certificate, showing the pertinent information, if it exists, to satisfy the requirement of being a natural born citizen? What possible reason could he have for withholding it?

  • Mrs. Antichrist

    Probably one of the fairest “defining moments” lists. I don’t 100% agree with all of your choices, but it’s good to see a list that manages to avoid being US-centric without completely ignoring events that occurred in the states.

    I strongly disagree with the Obama choice for number one, however. The Iranian elections caused such a massive stir across the planet, both for and against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and with all the Iran-related issues going on in the world right now, any instability within the country is going to have a ripple effect.

  • @BuzzDJT (292): “(911/war on terror people – All the people who trained the terrorists who are now training the terrorists were IRA or IRA approved)”
    I’ve never heard this assertion before. I’m stunned by it. All of the evidence points to al qaeda, none of whom have been identified as Irish as far as I know…what a bizarre idea!
    (I’m not calling you bizarre, this entire affair is and always has been bizarre).

  • Bill

    @segues (290):

    For somebody who “may or may not,” have voted for the “anointed one;” you sure are re-campaigning hard for him. Seems like love to me!

  • Anthony


    Multiple doctors have confirmed the birth of POTUS. The State Department Director of Health in Hawaii has confirmed that the birth certificate is real. There is even a posting in the Honolulu Advertiser by his grand parents on Aug 4th 1961. Now how you fake that, im not really sure. Your theories are riddled with holes and you lack any hardcore evidence to prove your point. The only thing that brought up that might make a little bit of sense is the fact that his fathers race is listed as African when it wasn’t an availible option at the time, but even then if you provide me with a link to the vital records 1961 I would count it as a point against Obama and his campaign.

  • D

    #5 is bullocks. What most defines the 2000´s technologically is the fact that common people really started to have access to the internet and that broadband connections started to be more widespread. It is only because of this that sites like Facebook could ever exsist. in 2000 it wasnt that common for people to have more than a dail-up connection. It took the same amount of time to load a picture as it takes to load a video on youtube today. So try to imagine having to upload pictures to myspace, facebook and twitter using that it would take forever just to be able to do a status update.

  • @Bill (300): You, sir, are simply an ass. Once again, you make wildly obscure and personally attacking claims against me.
    I will not bother you personally again. You are too untouched by the real world for me to waste another second on.

  • fishcakejayke

    Does it matter at all where obama was born? AT ALL?

    he has been an american his whole life. He might not be perfect but calling him an illegal immigrant is a complete falsehood. How could he be an illegal immigrant if his mother is American. That would make him legal right? Am I wrong? To speculate as to why he wont release his birth certificate is to show the rest of the world the level of your wisdon. Why speculate? you will never know the answer.

    to all those saying 9/11 should have been top of the list… Fuck off…

    It may have been important to America but thats because you care more about rich white folks in your own country than the millions of brown people who are still dying in other continents around the globe. Oh, you hadnt heard, this is a globe we live on, not just an america shaped lump floating through space with canada as a hat and mexico as an ass… What about seirra leone? or the attrocities in the sudan? or the continual war in somalia? or the civil war in sri lanka? or the deaths in burma and mayanmar? the uiygur uprising in china? the isreali arab conflict? FUCK THIS WAR FOR OIL AND PRIDE BULSHIT!

    I'm very sorry that some people lost their lives on the 11th of september 2001, my condolences to their families but will the rest of you just shut the fuck up about it now?! honestly… Here in London, we had some bombs go off on july the 7th a few years back. do you know when we shut up about it and carried on with our lives and got back to normal to show the terrorists that we werent going to be shaken by it?…july the 8th…

    For those ignorant egocentric bastards who think 9/11 was the most important incident of the decade… the only people in the rest of the world who agree with you are the guys who planned it…

    • IntellectualB

      I agree. Quite a few of my fellow Americans can be quite egocentric, and furthermore self-centered. The world is a huge place and I find it ironic that yahoo news has Beyonce’s pregnancy in bold letters, but news of the conflicts of the Middle East were in tiny print off to the bottom right-hand corner. I do love my country, but as an African-American I definitely get to see some of it’s major flaws that quite a few Americans seem to be blind too. Probably would have used a bit more tact lol, but I think your point was made stronger by your intensity.

  • Anthony


    The reason 9/11 is on the list is simple. It was one of the defining of the moments of the decade. I guess if I had a twisted, narrow, from a assholes point of view maybe I could agree with you, but I digress. Back to the reason it is on the list, you're just looking at the direct aftermath. The result of the attacks were the U.S. and wait for it………60+! Countries going to war. 60 countries involved in a single counter-insurgency including the……..yes you guess it Royal Army. Side-note, how dare you compare the bombings on July 7th 2005 to the attacks on 9/11. The attack on 9/11 were 50 times worst, and I mean that literally almost 50 times more people died on 9/11 than the London bombings. Now I'm not having a Kanye West moment, and sorry if I offended anyone but its simply the truth. Here's analogy for you Jake; Lets say someone close to you passes away and your friends dog pass away. The following week your friends fine, has a new dog and is happy and he approaches you and says "man you need to get over yourself, we both lost something that day and I'm fine now" The shit don’t add up. DOG≠GRANDMOTHER and 56≠2973. Back to the point at hand, trillions have been spent on the wars that have spawned off of this single event, countless have died and you still can't see why it's one of the top ten defining moments of the decade. I ask you Jake whose the egocentric one?

    • IntellectualB

      He actually stated that he disagrees with it needing to be on the top of the list, not be listed at all. Furthermore your analogy doesn’t quite add up, in all honesty most of us don’t value an animal’s life as much as a human life, but what quite is your point? Surely you don’t imply British lives are less important than American lives. Also worth note is more people dying by quantity doesn’t make a tragedy more important than another. Both were incidences of tragedy, and my last point is simply following your logic 9/11 wouldn’t top because there are far more conflicts that have caused more loss of life than 9/11 in this decade.

  • Bill

    @segues (303): How did you like the way your boy; Obama was defeated in Massachusetts last night loser?

  • ianz09

    @Bill (305): No, bad Bill, you go outside and do that! You are annoying.

  • Bill

    @ianz09 (306): @fishcakejayke (310):

    Listen up anti-American scum, just like all the other losers right now; you don't see the connection between the defeat in Massachusetts with the policies of President Barack Obama. The true (those who believe in the U.S. Constitution) Americans are feed up with you, President Obama, and all the other anti-American progressives. I don’t know if either one of you is an American citizen or not-but if you are; go someone else where they believe in your ideas of Big Government. Go to Cuba, China, and so forth.

    • santa

      Anti-American scum forever!

    • IntellectualB

      Being conservative does not make you pro-America, you are simply the typical conservative who cries anti-American at any policy, person, idea, or group who happens to believe different than you do. Not only is that moronic, childish, and nonsensical, but it is inherently anti-American. America was founded by people who were tired of the status quo under British rule. They sought a place where they would be allowed to hold their own beliefs. Furthermore holding on to “the good old days” makes you sound like a stubborn men who never evaluates the positives of change. Answer me this how American is a political group, this case being Conservative Republicans, that has little to no minority support, while concurrently being dominated by Older Caucasian people??

  • Lumberjack

    @randomprecision24 (287):

    “The film’s global cast, crew and audience are why it made the cut.”
    A pretty unusual criteria to determine the significance of a movie. Ironically there are tons of movies which are more “global” than Slumdog – LOTR for example. You fell for the cheap marketing gag of Joe Morgenstern. This is kind of funny.

    “It was the first non-hollywood film to win the oscar for best picture.”
    You are pretty ignorant, aren’t you????

    “While the singular events might be insignifigant, the events represent fundemental changes in the way we as a society communicate and understand the world.”

    Then don’t call it “Top 10 Defining Moments of the 2000s”. Call it “Insignificant events that changed the fantasy world of RandomPrecision24”.
    I’m just messing with you so take it easy. But still: LOTR >>>>>>> Slumdog. And as I said: I’m not stupid fanboy – I like neiter of them.

  • fishcakejayke

    @anthony… to answer your question, “whose the egocentric one?” Do I really need to answer this question. Your rebut has proven who is egocentric and self centred.
    I quote “how dare you compare the bombings on July 7th 2005 to the attacks on 9/11”

    I didn’t compare one attack to the other. I didnt even say that the world trade centre attacks shouldn’t be on the list. I said that those who harp on about it being the most important event ever, can fuck right off. IE, you.

    What I focused on was the fact that there are more people dying around the world (thats everywhere else that isnt america) than died on the 11th of september. What you seemed to focus on was going back to these attacks and what they have done.

    Here are some points I would like you to adress if you can, if you need to use a crayon and card first then get your carer to type it up for you, feel free.

    Number 1 – get your facts straight. There are not 60 countries involved with this conflict. That is WAAAAAY over the odds.
    Number 2 – Its not a counter insurgency, its just and insurgency, nobody invaded America.
    Number 3 – Who the fuck are the Royal Army?
    Number 4 – There should be an ‘an’ before asshole, not an ‘a’
    Number 5 – surely looking at this from a narrow minded point of view would involve looking at one conflict instead of trying to highlight the many other conflicts around the world as was my specific point.
    Number 6 – 300,000 people have died in darfur, at least 20,000 in sri lanka, 500,000 in somalia… thats just 3 different areas. How about all the others that have still gone unmentioned? Why are 2973 american lives worth more than millions of poor peoples lives? Why is that anthony? Why are they worth more than 50 British lives? surely everyone comes from a sperm and an egg and they are born as equals before God so every life is worth the same? is YOUR life worth less than someone elses anthony?
    Number 7 – before you go ranting on about how bad 9/11 was and what it has spawned, read the argument put forward and get your words in order. Your last sentence makes no sense whatsoever. I didn’t say that it wasnt one of the defining moments of the decade, my comments were to those who said it was THE defining moment of the decade.
    Number 8 – Your analogy sucks. Do you go and find the person who killed your grandma and kill them, their family, everyone who knew them, everyone who lived near them, their friends, their neighbours, their neighbours friends and everyone connected with them?
    Number 9 – Your analogy still sucks. Say we look at this from a non retribution point of view, do you go around constantly telling everyone your grandma is dead for nearly 10 years constantly getting mad and constantly using it as an excuse or do you try to move on and grow past it?
    Number 10 – some people get really attached to their dogs.
    Number 11 – this is just a ps really, saying I digress doesn’t make you look clever, especially when you didn’t digress, you just insulted. If you would like a game of insults, I would be happy to indulge you, just not today, I have nails to scrape down chalk boards and small crying children to listen to whilst having red hot shards of glass stuffed down somewhere very uncomfortable which roughly translates as, I have better things to do.
    Number 12 – pps do they make you wear those special helmets where you go to school? I assume by your prose that you are still a child.

  • fishcakejayke


    Obama didnt get defeated. He is the president, he doesn’t compete for another 4 years. Martha Coakley was defeated in massachusettes. She is a 54 year old, red haired, skinny, white lady from pittsfeild, MA. Barack Obama is a 48 year old mixed raced gentleman with both kenyan and american heritage. I dont know how you could get these two mixed up, they are very different.

  • fishcakejayke

    @bill (311)

    “Listen up anti american scum”
    I am not anti american, I am anti american dream, I am anti ‘look out for number one and no one else’, I am anti capitalist because someone always loses out. If I WAS anti american, why would that make me scum bill? is it just because you are american? is that it bill? have you ever left your country bill? or are you too scared/xenophobic to do so? what makes you think that america is so great bill? I dont mean that rhetorically either, give me a list. Why is the american constitution so fucking awesome bill? is it because you live there bill? is it because you are brainwashed by your own society to believe that america is the best country in the world bill?
    What is a false american bill? is it someone who doesn’t believe in what you believe in? because in a democracy, everyone is allowed to believe what they like and follow the parties that they wish to follow. What you are talking about by telling people who don’t believe in the same things to conform or leave is like what the Nazis did bill. Its what they do in China and in Cuba. You really shot yourself in the foot this time bill. I do see a connection between the policies of obama and the defeat in MA but I see more of a connection between the death of Ted Kennedy and the change of senator. Do you really, honestly, hand on heart, think that Scott Brown would have beaten good old TK? I dont think you do bill.
    Just to recap for you bill, Im not an Anti-American Progressive, Im just progressive. Surely when you live in a modern world, you need to PROGRESS with it otherwise you will never see any progress. Is this too much to take in bill? should I give your small under developed brain a break now?

  • matt

    9/11 should have been number 1. That was huge.

  • fishcakejayke

    no matt, 9/11 should not have been number one… im not going to explain again. read post 304…

  • nefarious11

    Real World was popular waaaay before reality tv became popular.

  • kyrakyra

    I like this list a lot. =]

    Personally, I would add video games to the list, but I don’t really know many details on the scope of games in the 2000’s, so I may be wrong.

  • robby

    i disagree with the sports bit. how can the red sox have any more impact on world sport than a national team winning a universal sport in what could be considered a less prestigious world cup? ridiculous. everything else is fine though.

  • tiecg1

    I’m a Slumdog Millionaire defender.

    That movie blew me away, and it originally was slated to go straight to DVD.

    The Dark Knight got so much press because of Heath Ledger’s death (he was good in that role though). I thought it was way too long and slightly boring, not to mention quite depressing. I thought Spiderman 1 was better, and that’s not saying much. LOTR 1 was good too, but groundbreaking? No. And I read the book.

    The rest of the list, outside of the Boston Red Sox in sports, made sense. Wasn’t it the next year that the White Sox ended their winless streak? A more defining moment, if I had to stick to baseball, would be the fallout from the “steroids era” and the congress hearing. After everything that was going on in the US we were having hearings about MLB players using steroids? Seriously?? That was downright egregious.

    • santa

      Slumdog Millionaire forever!

  • tiecg1

    I will agree that the controversy of “The Passion of the Christ” was a defining moment, if I had ot pick a movie. It touched everything that Americans love to debate, argue over. You didn’t even have to see the movie to talk about it; all you had to do was read news articles of how people died in theatres because of how graphic it was… now that’s a defining movie.

  • hellolleh

    From my personal stand point, there is another bonus moment of 2000’s

    Re-election of George W Bush in 2005(apparently by cheating)

  • charlie

    slumdog millionare!? its a pretty good list but quite a few american things on there

  • joshcf1

    great list! everyone likes a little controversy right?

  • Top Kill

    On August 23 1994 at 11:23am, Top Kill was born. Geologists said it was a seismic event. Surgeons said it was a phenomenon. I say it was an event horizon.

    • santa

      Top Kill Forever!

  • Jay

    Top Kill was born? Are you talking about the offspring of George and Martha Kill? Anyway, 1994 is a little early for this list.

  • kneugent

    Normally (but not always) you're dead on with the facts, bur reality TV did NOT start in the UK with Pop Idol in 2001. It started in 1991 (or was it 1990) with MTV's "The Real World". EVERYBODY knows that.

    • INside the House

      I thought reality TV started with the first "live on the scene" report from a local disaster. I don't consider any show where they do scripted re-shoots to be reality TV. So most reality TV simply… isn't.

  • Rolf

    #5 Technology I simply cannot agree with.

    Myspace and blogging and vlogging were huge. I'd say the item should have at least been called "Social Networking" rather than feed the glory to facebook only.

    Is see HIGHSPEED INTERNET making that even possible.

    Further more the influence of smartphones I believe also has had a huge impact.

  • DownWithApple

    Am i the only person in the world who thinks the iPod is nothing special?

  • Justin

    coup d'etat in thailand?

  • akelz7


    10: Only ever read second book, but totally. That or… twilight… *kills self*
    9: Yup. unfortunately, yup.
    8: I agree with EVERYONE here that it's LOTR. But I'd put, as a runner up, Avatar (it defines our standards of movies: fuck plot, go effects.)
    7: I agree that it's great, but I think that the defining moment was the 2008 Olympics.
    6: fuck the Janet Jackson thing and make it a 3-way tie.
    5: … I am at a loss of words for the fail here… Internet
    4: yuppers.
    3: While I agree here, I will always see 9/11 as: McCarthyism for Muslims, and along WITH discrimination, we'll go to where YOU live and lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of their civilians (95% of suicide bombings are a response to foreign occupation), while only bitching about the 4-5,000 troops that died. Fuck America, I hate this place. And yes, I WILL leave ASAP for Europe for anyone who tries to say that I ought to leave.
    2: yup.
    1: I disagree. Don't get me wrong, I like Obama (to an extent), but I think that the FUCK up of the Bush presidency is WAY more (unfortunately) defining than Obama's election. But I disagree with what I read about 9/11 being more important. Face it people, politics shapes our lives, it MATTERS.

  • Kevin N.

    I keep seeing this very, very incorrect assessment that "Pop Idol" in the UK was the beginning of reality TV. This is simply not true. Everyone with half a brain (in other words everyone who watches this garbage) knows that it was MTV's "The Real World" in 1992 that started it all. Period.

  • Can't saw I agree with this list completely, for me, there isn't even a question about film: Lord of the Rings was the best. Harry Potter is by no means great literature, but it did the job and was insanely popular so I guess it deserves the spot.

    I'm not sure what I'd have said for technology – facebook is popular sure, but is it really that much of a technological feat? I'd have had some major things, something like the LHC or something.

  • I was went back and forth for a while, but near the end I realized we had to have something to start with. I'm glad the bill passed, even if it's unfinished business. Now, like any other bill, we can fix it, and make it better. The obstructio­nist Republican­s, however, are neither "unfinishe­d" or can be "made better". Their opposition to the bill will be as historical as the bill itself.

  • jackdaniels63

    Other then the IPod this should have been named “The 10 Worst Things to Happen in That Decade”

    • akelz7

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I get it! You’re a Yankees fan and a Retardican err, Republican., sorry. You also hated Slumdog Millionaire and the Euro… good job.

  • akelz7

    Enter your comment here.

  • GuessWhereImFrom

    Solid list I guess, but I just really think Lord of the Rings, the ending of the Star Wars trilogy or even Avatar for being like, amazing should have got the film spot, I just think slumdog millionaire was an over-rated movie, but to be fair, I haven’t even watched it.

    But seriously, the sports choice is wrong – I reckon you shouldve had USA and then a ‘rest of world one.’ For me, the best sports thing of the noughties was always going to be the 2005 Champions League final. Liverpool had beat juventus, chelsea and faced AC Milan in the final. Maldini scored in pretty much the first minute, and Crespo scored twice before half time. So what do liverpool do? Well, they just go out and score 3 goals within 5 minutes, bring it to extra time. And everyone remembers jerzy dudeks masterful double save from shevchenko. And then, penalties. Dudek saves the final one from shevchenko. Liverpool win their 5th European Cup after being 3-0 down against the mighty milan. That, for me, was the best sports comeback/match etc of the noughties, and always will be.

  • me

    This list is horrible, but what can you expect from someone not from the US. You obviously don’t understand our culture.

    Some of these things are just insignificant. Idiot obama defined nothing and is an embarrassment to the great USA.

    • IntellectualB

      I suppose Bush was a genius, and 9/11, American Conservatism, and Traditional Values should have placed at the top. Do yourself a favor and don’t comment on lists involving American culture until you yourself gain an opinion that is worth mentioning.

  • Tjs

    Agreed.. It was a pathetic film.. I inspite of being an Indian am sayin this..!!

  • Now that this list is a year-and-half old, we can look back and see that Obama has been an abject failure: the first president in the history of the United States who doesn’t even like this country very much.

    We will be lucky if we survive the rest of his first term, and God help us if he’s elected to a second.

    • IntectualB

      Wow…and I bet your a Bush supporter? You people love to criticize like you actually have an intellectual input to add, last time I checked there is not a fire maelstrom destroying us at the moment, so somehow I think the direness of his presidency isn’t quite reality outside your probably conservative-hate-em-cause-he’s-democratic head.

  • Se

    Red Sox, what a load of Crap very few outside out the USA and perhaps Canada cared about that. Should be something that the a large portion of the world acknowledged. e.g Zidane`s Head butt. Such an American List.

  • Parad0xfool

    Great list. Very interesting.

  • IntellectualB

    As an American I can definitely say that a lot of you need to get over yourselves and America…9/11 was a tragedy…but you should be ashamed if you think the loss of American lives automatically marks it more important than the Darfur GENOCIDE, not to mention the countless national tragedies that happened this decade. President Obama is the most defining moment of the 2000s because he reignited hope for people all around the globe, that’s the best victory any hero can ever give to people. I grow weary of this sweeping radical nationalism with subliminal hints of racism that far too many Americans are calling “pride in their country”. Most of these same people equate Muslim, Arabian, Middle Eastern, Islamic, and Foreigner as synonyms for Terrorist, and the media and conservative government is all too happy to play up the fear card to gain support for sweeping prejudice and racial/ethnic/religious stereotyping.

    Another point to ponder, saying a movie is overrated because you didn’t like it is extremely egotistical, Slumdog Millionaire was a brilliant movie loved by critics and audiences alike…do you suggest that somehow everyone else in the world has no taste except for the few of you who “dare” criticize the movie? The correct stance is to admit the great points of the movie and simply state that the movie did not suit your tastes.

    Fans of radio decried TV, Fans of Newspaper decry the internet, Naturally people will swear social networking is evil rather than understand that it simply doesn’t quite suit their personal desires in socializing. Pointing out the flaws of social networking is a moot point because every medium has it flaws, so naturally we are left to engage the mediums we find most effective when weighted against a benefit/risk ratio.

    The message here being think rationally, not selfishly.

  • darkwingduck

    actiually the Real World was the first reality tv show it first aired in 1992

  • tugbote

    To clarify: the advent of reality TV in America actually began in 1948 with the premiere of “Candid Camera” –

    Also –

  • Richard McQueery

    Obama is a piece of crap. The real story should be how do many people can be tricked by empty promises and a nifty slogan/poster.

  • Jeannie

    Thanks for intodruincg a little rationality into this debate.

  • ojzkutmesi

    lS6hz0 xcidoumolzic

  • jackie

    so facking stuped! really?

  • samamama

    greece winning euros has to be up there with zidanes headbutt nobody outside the us cares about american sport, the world cup final is watched by over a billion people compared to the 100 million who watch superbowl and the red sox are apaz a baseball team so they dont even get that many viewers. i think that liverpools comebk in 2005 has to be a better comeback than there’s 3 – 0 down in final of champions league…

    i sidagree with obama choice thats pathetic once hes gone then nobody will remember him we wont remember this decade cos of hm or 9/11. i hate how americans bring 9/11 up all the time like they were the only ones affected oh we have to kill osama cos he attacked us, when osama attacked the twin towers he didnt just attack you he attacked civilisation you muppets. the world was affected not just america. i think boxing day tsunami has to be top 40, one of the biggest tragedies ever never mind this decade. as for the political number 1 only gedafi can top it, 40 years of him dictating libya and hes taken down that has to be number one for politics.

    michael phelps? dont make me piss myself hes a good swimmer but much better things have been achieved in sport this decade including federer’s 15 and 5 consecutive at wimbledon and US equalling bjorn’s wimbledon record.

  • Lexi

    Obama says change. Apparently most everyone agreed. But the question nobody asked was,”What are we gonna change?”

  • Cain

    What about the assassination of Osama bin laden?

    • Brian

      dude, two things #1 that was 2010’s not the 2000’s #2 it didn’t happen til 2011 this article was written in 2010.

  • Portugal-Italy-Greece-Spain, PIGS

    Haha Number Four turned out great

  • bbo

    #1 was a trojan horse. obama has created more racial tension than existed in the 60s while destroying the economy at the same time.