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Top 10 Well Deserved Nicknames

What follows is a list of people who through their acts of bravery or even treachery earned them nicknames that are still widely known today. All of the people named on this list had to have the following criteria:

A) Have a nickname with significance (no shortening of their name etc).
B) The nicknames for the person were not made up by the same person.
C) All nicknames had to be earned in some way, whether through derogatory or positive actions.

With that in mind I found the following and believe their actions have earned them a spot on this list.


The Red Baron
Manfred von Richthofen

Redbaron 01-1

The Red Baron is probably the most well-known on this list. Born May 2, 1892, he was a German fighter ace in World War I with 73 confirmed victories in the air. He earned the Blue Max, Germany’s highest military honor at the time. Richthofen was killed in April 1918 after sustaining a shot to the chest. He made a hasty landing into a nearby field where he died a few minutes later.


Ernest Smith

2002 Smith

Ernest Smith earned the nickname Smokey while he was in the Canadian Army on the Sicilian front. His brigade was chosen to establish a bridgehead across the Savio River. Torrential rain had caused the river to rise six feet making it impossible to reinforce the infantry with tanks or. The right forward company was then counter-attacked by three Panther tanks. Smith exposed himself directly to the enemy and fired a P.I.A.T. from a distance of thirty feet away, taking it out of action. He subsequently then held off the barrage of men storming out of the tank, killing four at point blank, all the while protecting a wounded comrade at the same time. He recieved the Victoria Cross for his actions.


The Scourge of God
Atilla the Hun


In much of western Europe Atilla is remembered as the epitome of cruelty and rapacity. From his base in what is now Hungary, Attila, king of the Huns, waged war against the Roman Empire in the middle of the 5th century with such ferocity his reputation as the “Scourge of God” continues to this day. He shared power with his brother, Bleda, for a dozen years, but after 445 Attila was the sole commander of a force that extended from the Rhine to the Caspian and the western edges of China. He defeated Emperor Theodosius, almost overran Constantinople and invaded Gaul, where he was turned back by Roman commander Flavius Aetius and Visigoth king Theodoric in 451. Attila then invaded Italy in 452 and headed toward Rome. But Pope Leo I and Attila reached some agreement that kept the Huns from sacking Rome. Attila died the next year and the empire he built crumbled within a generation.


St Edward the Confessor

St Edward The Confessor

St Edward the Confessor was one of the last Anglo-Saxon kings of England and is usually regarded as the last king of the House of Wessex, ruling from 1042 to 1066. His name is a result of him promising two seperate rulers they could be king of England. He first promised it to William of Normandy (or William the Bastard) but as Edward lay on his deathbed, he gave it to Edgar the Ætheling. Upon news of Edwards death, two armies marched towards England. Edgar defeated the northern invaders only to make a last stand at the Battle of Hastings where William of Normandy claimed the throne.


Old Blood and Guts
George S. Patton

George Patton

George Smith Patton, Jr. was a United States Army officer most famous for his leadership commanding corps and armies as a general in World War II. He was also widely known for his controversial outspokenness and strong opinions. Patton was commissioned in the army in 1909, and participated in the unsuccessful attempt to capture Pancho Villa in 1916-17 in World War I. His nickname comes from a (very explicit) speech:

War is a bloody, killing business. You’ve got to spill their blood, or they will spill yours! Rip them up the belly. Shoot them in the guts. When shells are hitting all around you and you wipe the dirt off your face and realize that instead of dirt it’s the blood and guts of what once was your best friend beside you, you’ll know what to do!


The Commentator


Averroes was a 12th century Islamic scholar who devoted his life to defending philosophy against the precepts of faith and in writing a commentary on Aristotle so influential that St Thomas Aquinas referred to him simply as ’The Commentator.’ He was also a polymath, and much like the Leonardo Da Vinci of the Middle East. He has been described by some as one of the founding fathers of secular thought in Western Europe.


Deep Throat
W. Mark Felt


William Mark Felt, Sr. was an agent of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation who retired in 1973 as the Bureau’s Associate Director. After denying his involvement with reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein for 30 years, Felt revealed himself on May 31, 2005, to be the Watergate scandal’s whistleblower, “Deep Throat.” Felt provided Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward with critical leads on the story that eventually saw the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon in 1974.


The Mad Monk
Gregori Rasputin

391Px-Rasputin Pt

No other figure in recent Russian history has received the amount of vilification and contempt heaped upon Gregori Rasputin. The self-styled monk, who received practically little education in the intricacies of the Russian Orthodox faith, came from the rural areas of Russia and achieved great recognition as a “staretz,” or holy man in the highest circles of St. Petersburg society. From rags to social prominence the life of Gregori Rasputin holds many of the events leading to the eventual overthrow of the Russian imperial system, the dethronement of the House of Romanov and the murder of the Imperial Family.

Followers of the Skopsty firmly believed that the only way to reach God was through sinful actions. Once the sin was committed and confessed, the penitent could achieve forgiveness. In reality, what the Skopsty upheld was to “sin to drive out sin.” Rasputin, one of the biggest sinners of the province, was suddenly struck by the potential held by this theory. It was soon thereafter that the debauched, lecherous peasant adopted the robes of a monk, developed his own self-gratifying doctrines, traveled the country as a staretz and sinned to his heart’s content.


Tokyo Rose
Iva Toguri D’Aquino

Iva Toguri Mug Shot

Iva earned the name “Tokyo Rose” as she was put to work broadcasting Japanese propaganda during World war II. An American herself she often dropped subtle hints about whose side she was really on during her twenty minute broadcasts where she used the alias “Orphan Anne.” She routinely identified American units on air, sometimes even naming individual soldiers. The money she earned she used towards food to provide to POW’s. She was later tried for treason in the US and found guilty, only to be pardoned by Gerald Ford on January 19, 1977, Ford’s last day in office.


The White Death
Simo Häyhä

Simo Hayha-S585X360-11707-1

Häyhä, a native of Finland served one year in the Finnish military and then became a farmer. But when the Soviet Union invaded his country, he grabbed the standard issued rifle he’d received, some white clothes, and a couple cans of food and then proceeded out into six feet of snow at -30°C (about -20°F). For a period of over a hundred days he sniped 505 Russians and had over 200 SMG kills. The Russians tried several times to kill him by scouting the area entirely, developing a counter-sniping team trained to target him, and by napalming the vicinity he was in. None of those stopped Hayha, and he became known to the Russians as “The White Death.” He was finally stopped when he was hit in the head with an exploding bullet. A week later he woke from a coma on the day the war ended and lived until the age of 96.

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  • sonicsuicide

    Awesome list. Number 4 had me choking bad tears of laughter.

  • sonicsuicide

    At 6 I was ‘gushing’..

  • T

    Great list, I especially enjoyed number nine.

  • sonicsuicide

    Number 5: “defending philosophy against the precepts of faith”.. Hoo boy. We in for a religious debate!

  • sgcvelasco

    Is it just me or was the Deep Throat in the X-Files patterned after the real one above? Looking at him made me recall that character. guys?

  • sonicsuicide


  • BravehisTickle

    *Wow* #1 was some fellow..

  • sonicsuicide

    Yeah, The exploding bullet thing gave me the shivers. My mom was working as a receptionist for a GP some time ago and once a 10-year-old came in with bullet wound to the centre of his forehead. He was conscious, could walk, talk. In fact seemed perfectly fine. Until 5 hours later he went into convulsions and died.

  • nickoho

    Nice list! #1 is my favorite, I’m a big fan of war stories, and Simo’s is GREAT!

  • Pyderz

    No 1 on this list is also in the list top ten snipers. Or something i remember reading about him.

  • lala

    great list… knew only about patton, rasputin and white death… good list.

  • Darxta

    Good list, but some obvious info missing:
    10. Red Baron was “Red” because that was the color of his plane.
    8. Atilla the Hun was originally from Mongol area. List makes it look like he was Hungarian.

  • tookyb

    No. 7 is wrong, Harold Godwinson (sp?) fought that ‘Northerners’ (who included his brother) at the battle before Hastings, not Edgar the Aethling. Harold was the King after Edward. I also seem to remember, although I may be wrong, that Edward promised Harold the throne on his deathbed not Edgar. Edgar was not seriously considered at the time as he was a child and it was not believed that a child could combat the Norman invasion. I believe that they only turned to Edgar once Harold was dead.

  • apepper

    Interesting list, but you don’t explain why some of them got their particular nicknames; for example, why was the Red Baron called “Red” and not the Orange Baron?

  • Rudyard

    Nice list. I think it could have gone into a little more depth about the people, though. They should have all been as long as the Rasputin one.

  • scrumpy

    Harold fought at the Battle of Hastings,not Edgar

  • aadarm

    Curse you Red Baron! (my girlfriend is sleeping behind me wearing Snoopy pajama pants that say that on them.)

  • Metalwrath

    Simo is indeed one of the biggest bad asses ever :p
    Weird that Hollywood hasn’t made a movie about him, they did Vassili Zeitsev (sp?) though, who is similar, but the Finnish counterpart would make a cool movie too :)
    Nice list.

  • MamaBear2Cubs

    When I a kid my older brother went to like a “special” combined school for kids with special needs, he has aspergers aspergers and brain damage from lead paint exposure, anyways one day the school calls and says my brother is being insolent and demands his teachers refer to him as “chickenhead the conquerer” and as my father and sister tell the story, my mother didn’t bat an eyelash when she said “well than call him chickenhead the conquerer!” LOL This is a huge joke in my family and we all still call my brother that, what’s even more hilarious and an obvious symptom of his Aspergers is that he doesn’t really see it as hysterical he was just in one of his “moods” and decided to mess with the teachers. When it’s brought up he just shrugs like “it happens”. Also he has an almost genius level I.Q and is the most interesting person I have ever met. Has limited basic social skills but seems to know everything about everything.

  • Atreyu3388

    Great list. I love learning a little more everyday.

  • Muscarius

    Simo Häyhä needs his own movie, videogame, clothing brand, etc.. DO IT FAST DAMN FINNS!

  • james

    mga ungas

  • Erwin Rommel

    Desert Fox anyone?

  • Wrighty

    Where`s Bad King John, Osama Bin Laden, The World`s Most Wanted Man or that pillock George “Dubya,” Bush? And why not do a list on Bushisms?

  • Edgar the Unready, or Æthelred II (c. 968 – 23 April 1016), was king of the English (978–1013 and 1014–1016). He was 9 or 10 when he first took the crown.
    Okay, I admit this has limited connected to # 7 save the name, but you have to love a king whose nickname is “The Unready”.

  • frostybabygurl

    Great List!!! Loved # 1

  • Avi

    I love this list but Rommel’s nickname of Desert Fox should get a place on here for sure.

  • oouchan

    Great list!
    Rasputin’s picture is kinda scary. If he was aiming to fit his nickname, he did a great job.
    So I wasn’t the only one who chuckeled at number four. :)

    My nickname is Harold. Since I’m a girl, this is kinda funny. My brother is 5 years older than me. When my mom had me and my brother saw me for the first time at the hospital, he was … disapointed that I wasn’t a boy. He asked if he could call me Harold. My parents thought that was cute, so they allowed it. They said that I would respond to Harold more than my real name to about the age of five.
    More trauma from my brother who now 30 years later still calls me Harold.

  • Hubert

    This was a good idea for a list, but for most of the entries there was little or no explanation of how the nickname related to the person’s actions, which was, I thought, the main point of the list.

  • Karl

    #1 is so f-ing cool! Why don’t the Finns make a videogame or at least a cellphone model named after [email protected] (4): Please. No more religious debates. Can we just focus on how cool these nicknames are???

  • Romanov Konstantine

    It was Harold Godwin who lost to William the Conqueror at the battle of Hastings in 1066. Edgar was elected to be King after news of Harold Godwinsons death in battle. Edgar continued to fight the Normans in Britain as the last male member of the Wessex house He was exiled and then returned to lead a revolt in 1069.

    Harold Godwin fought the Vikings then traveled south to Hastings to fight the Normans where he was killed by an arrow to the eye as depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry in Northern France.

    So Harold Godwinson was King of England from early 1066 until his death at the battle of Hastings not Edgar.

  • missmozell

    I’ve always liked Andrew Jackson’s nickname–Old Hickory, because he was supposed to be as tough and hard as that wood. I believe he fought at least one duel to defend his wife’s reputation.

  • chingpower

    the white death simo hayha is f*cking awesome. imagine killing that lot. and he lived 96 years.
    his picture reminds me of that sniper chick from a metal gear solid game. i forgot her name though. pity.

  • sad muso

    Excellent list – just been checking out loads of people on Wiki! Good work! :D

  • Romanov Konstantine

    Also the Winter War was in 1939. Napalm was invented in the early 1940’s so the Russians couldn’t have been, “napalming the vicinity he was in”.

    Good list but a lot of misinformation…

  • sad muso

    @oouchan (28):

    Haha, that is awesome! You must get annoyed with that, Harold! I can’t talk, my nickname is ‘Azzy’ – weird one!

  • astraya

    I’m not sure that these are nicknames. To me, a nickname is a name that you are actually addressed by. I’m sure that no-one ever said to Attila “G’day, The Scourge of God – how are they hanging?”.

  • astraya

    @oouchan: Harold be thy name?

  • GlasgowBoy1990

    Simo Häyhä rules.

    Does Canada give the Victoria cross as it’s highest military award like we do in Britain ?

  • shadydeathrow

    Cool list, but i think there’s a lot of people from sports that have cool nicknames, maybe you should make a list with athletes’ nicknames.

  • chingpower

    sniper wolf. that was her name. finally remembered. haha. the white death reminds me of her. :D

  • A friend of mine often proudly boasts that his gradfather (or some such close relative) was one of those who helped to shoot down the Red Baron, and was one of his pallbearers. We often call shenanagins on this story, but he certainly believes it.

  • Firefly

    In number 9, am I the only one who giggled at ‘Smith exposed himself directly to the enemy’. Hehehe.

  • nicoleredz3

    Old Blood and Guts? Interesting… Never heard of that one.

  • WiseMenSay

    i’m sorry, but #7 is pretty much all wrong. Edward the Confessor didn’t promise the throne to Edgar OR William. he named Harold Godwinson as his heir on his deathbed. it was in fact Harold who had agreed to help William of Normandy’s claim to the throne when he had been captured by William, but after ascending to the throne who was obviously a bit reluctant, prompting William’s invasion. also, Edward was nicknamed the Confessor because of his piety.

    besides, if you were going for great monarchical nicknames, look no further than James II of England and VII of Scotland, who the Irish nicknamed Seamus an Chaca, or James the Shit.

  • pyrex

    Great List! White Death story is quite stunning!I wonder if there is a film about him?????

  • Romanov Konstantine

    @WiseMenSay (45):

    Just like I said in post #31

  • Lifeschool

    One of my nicknames at school was ‘Grandad’ because I talked slowly and with a thick Lancashire accent. Go figure.

  • WiseMenSay

    @Romanov Konstantine (47): um yeah, exactly like you said. sorry :P

  • Arsnl

    What about ivan the terrible or vlad the impaler (he had it coming to him. You CANT impale thousands and expect to be nicknamed vlad stickman). Also churchill the british bulldog. But i guess this list could go on and on. My fav j. edna hoover. Also deepthroat is from a porn movie from the 70s.
    @Firefly (43): naughty naughty. You just mocked a hero firefly. But come to think of it i wonder if he yelled: “come and get it, nazis. You know you wanna”
    @oouchan (28): hey if you read comment 45 you would see you where promissed the throne of england. Harold godwinson. Thats catchy
    @MamaBear2Cubs (19): i dont mean to be too curious (or rude) but is your brother proficient in some area of human knowledge. He reminds me of pam dirac :p

  • Romanov Konstantine

    @Lifeschool (48):

    Fuck Lancashire you Northern wanker. You probably sound like a downer.

  • the best is yet to come

    What about “Stonewall” Jackson…. surely he deserves a spot on such a list. And it would be easy enough to find accurate information on him. Plus he is probably a little more pertinent and recognizable than some of these other people.

  • oouchan

    @sad muso (36): I did when I was younger. When he would pick me up from school, he would ask for Harold.

    @astraya (38): hahaha! My brother said that one to me when I was over for dinner once. It wasn’t funny at the time, but looking back, it’s funny now. :)

    @Arsnl (50): Sweet!

  • Armodillotron

    What about Saddam? His nickname was “The Butcher of Baghdad,” and Ariel Sharon, was The Butcher of Beirut, General Dyer, The Butcher of Amritsar, Oliver Cromwell, The Butcher of Ireland, Klaus Barbie, The Butcher of Lyons.. Does anyone else know any other person who has the nickname Butcher?

  • David

    I know someone who`s nicknamed Victor Meldrew.

  • damien_karras

    @oouchan (53):

    Heh, I was ALMOST dubbed Harold at birth (according to my family). The reason being that my last name is ‘Aue’. This is pronounced ‘OW-EEE’) Hence, if they HAD named me Harold, I would of been Howie Aue. Pure torture.

    Buc reminded me of this great line: “Rommel, you magnificent bastard… I READ YOUR BOOK!”

  • calvin51

    What of King William the Bastard?

  • Miss_Info

    @Armodillotron (54): ted bundy

  • eleven

    Yes, I’ve always thought that Edward the Confessor got his name because he was extremely religious–so much so in fact that he was believed to have “the gift of touch.” He was reputed to have special healing powers; the skin disease scrofula was called “the Kings evil” because Edward’s touch was reputed to cure it. The reason listed here doesn’t make sense; why would confessor be his nickname?

  • Shagrat

    Cheers to all those who pointed out that it was Harold Godwinson and NOT Edgar the Aetheling who fought Harald Hardrada’s army (co-led by Harold Godwinson’s brother Tosti) and defeated it at Stamford Bridge and who then rushed south to confront William of Normandy at Hastings (in fact the battle took place about 1/3 mile – south of the village of Telham and about 4 miles north-west of Hastings itself).

    Also Aethelred (or Ethelred) the Unready did NOT get his epithet (nickname)from being vacillating or unprepared to assume the crown or rule: his epithet stems from a pun on his own name. Aethelred is a combination of two Anglo Saxon words “aethel” – meaning: royal or noble or pure; while “raed” – means counsel. Thus his true namke Aethelraed translates as meaning ‘Good Counsel’. However his epithet stems from “un” meaning no, none or nothing and “raed” meaning (again) counsel thus his name should be translated as Ethelred of no counsel (that is: heeded or given).
    In short, his nickname implied that he either received bad advice, would not TAKE advice from anyone or that he was simply stupid. (unwise). It could also be implied that he was actually guilty of acts of evil through pride, arrogance, ignorance or (as is most likely from his life story) all of the above!

    Oh and BTW – Manfred; Baron Von Richtofen shot down 83 aeroplanes over the Western Front; not 73 and the shot that killed him is now widely believed among war historians to have come from an Australian Rifleman in the trenches at Morlancourt Ridge, near Vaux-sur-Somme, France – not from the guns of Canadian; Capt. Alan Ball.

    His 83 ‘kills’ all came between Sept 17th; 1916 and April 21st 1918 – a mere 19 months: His brother Lothar (who survived the war) was credited with 40 confirmed kills – talent obviously ran in the family.

    In Germany he was known as “Der Rote Kampfflieger” translated as: “The Red Battle Flier”
    Apepper (14) He was known as ‘The Red Baron’ due to the habit of painting parts of his aeroplanes: and, most famously, ALL of his Fokker Dreidekker) a deep red colour. This was to alert other fliers as to WHO was in that plane and both instill fear into them and also to draw combatants TO him. Baron, of course refers to his hereditary title of ‘Freiherr’ or ‘Baron’.

    Arsnl – CVhurchill was a wanker who wouldn’t have made it alive out of Australia or New Zealand alive after the way he treated our soldiers (and our countries) during BOTH wars! He should have been known as “The Arsehole of the Commonwealth”

  • assasin

    The White Death’s face looks weird!check it out!Who he looks like???äyhä

  • CandJ

    Daniel Day Lewis played “Bill ‘The Butcher’ Cutting(which was loosely based on a real person)in the film “Gangs Of New York.

  • Shagrat

    Eleven (59) – you are correct. Edward the Confessor WAS so named due to his religious convictions which were so strong that he was actually celibate his entire life; despite being married – his marriage was reputedly never consumated which is why he ended up having to name William of Normandy.

    BTW there is also evidence that Godwinson simply SAID or CLAIMED that Edward named him successor as he was the only one who heard or reported it. The claim was upheld by the Witan because the Godwinson Clan was the most powerful lordship (Theignship) of the realm – to the point where they actually had more power than Edward himself – – – and more influence.

    William, BTW, was actually closer, by blood ties to Edward (and by that line the crown) than Harold who had virtually none.

  • CandJ

    I did a quick google,the Bill’the butcher’ Cutting character,was inspired by a man named William Poole.

  • bucslim

    What about Sam “The Butcher” from the Brady Bunch

  • bucslim

    @oouchan (28):

    Could have been worse oouchan – my dad had all sorts of nicknames for me like ‘pussy,’ ‘pantpisser,’ and ‘shithead.’ He would always follow it up with the question, “What, are you gonna cry now?”

    What a great guy!

  • grainwetski

    Would like to know why Smokey was called Smokey; certainly not from killing? More details as to how they got the nicknames, if it’s not obvious…Not one sports nickname? Sultan of Swat? The Great One?

  • CandJ

    assasin 61
    Thanks for the link,talk about battle scars.

  • Arsnl

    @Shagrat (60): relax dude im not british. It was just another nickname that came to me. I know he was somewhat clumbsy but i still prefer him to that nimrod chamberlain- j’aime berlin.
    @bucslim (66): so i guess you take you father issues out on old people huh? I guess your father called you like that because you were so lovable as a baby and he wanted to relive those moments (you shitting or pissing your pants or crying). And pussy? C’mon since he’s a dad i guess he’s heterosexual. So what’s the thing that a heterosexual guy loves most in the world??

  • CooCooCuchoo

    @(39) glasgowboy
    Back in world war 2 Canada was part of the British Empire…and as such the canadian servicement were deemed as ‘commonwealth’ servicemen…fighting for the interests of Britain…so they along with India Australia New Zealand etc etc where awarded the Victoria Cross for Valour. i think now they have their own versions of the medal.

    • Guest

      Canada still uses the Victoria Cross as its highest honour.

  • Forsythia

    Great list again today. I love Rasputan. I hear he had a huge ween.

  • M Mac

    Couple of others to add possibly

    Olaf Ravenfeeder, Earl of Orkney
    Harold Bluetooth, King of Norway
    Ivar the Boneless. (Psyco) son of Hairybreeks
    Go lightly, huge stomping creature from the Islands

    Know they have their names in the nickname but they are good.

  • Taylor

    @assasin (61):

    I guess that’s what happens when you get shot in the face

  • bucslim

    @Arsnl (69):

    No, none of that. He said those things whenever I got injured in football or didn’t want to lift weights or the garbage bag ripped open over the driveway.

    Me: Dad, I couldn’t get back into the game because I pulled a hammy.

    Dad: What a pussy!

    Me: I’m really sore, so I probably shouldn’t lift weights.

    Dad: Yeah, well you might as well piss your pants then. You’re good at that. And by the way, are you the shithead who didn’t pick up all the trash when the garbage bag broke? Oh jeez, are you gonna cry now?

    It was his way of saying I love you son, I’m so proud of you.

  • Packeranatic

    Some corrections that have been mentioned: Yes, Harold Godwinson was promised the throne on Edward’s deathbed and fought at the Battle of Hastings. That was originally what I had in but changed it after I researched it a bit. I found a site that contradicted the others and wound up thinking about it too much and inserting Edgar.

    “Stonewall” Jackson was originally on the list but I replaced him with The Red Baron.

    Thanls for publishing JFrater! : )

  • Scratch

    I liked this list, but some of the descriptions did not explain the nicknames.

    On a not of summation, this is at least Averroes’ and Simo Häyhä’s second appearances, and one of Rasputin’s appendages was on here a few days ago.

    One of the comments seemed to insinuate that Attila was a Mongol. He was not. He was a Hun – hence the moniker “Attila the Hun” and not “Attila the Mongol.”

    @CooCooCuchoo (70):

    Um, Statute of Westminster?

  • Swapie

    shame bucslim, you really had a tough childhood.

  • Arsnl

    @bucslim (74): i bet he wanted to pistol whip ypu when he was cleaning his magnum right??
    If you dont have a sister maybe it was his way of saying i love you becky.
    Well buc i guess its better than having 2 older sisters and always being fed cookies and cakes and all kind of cool desserts. Now im fat :-( and you are buc- slim.

  • bwmyers18

    I always thought it was Jackie Gleason who was the one and only “Smokey” :D

  • psychosurfer

    What about Ron “The Hedgehog” Jeremy from Tromeo and Juliet?

  • CandJ

    I know (at least one)of Jackie Gleason’s nickname was The Great One

  • CandJ

    Wayne Gretzky also nicknamed The Great One

  • Yawyack

    @Romanov Konstantine (51):

    Agreed about Lancashire, but leave off the north. Just remember, on the eighth day God created Yorkshire.

  • Taylor

    @CandJ (82):

    You could make a whole list on hockey player nicknames, I have a feeling it would never get published though.

  • Yawyack

    @M Mac (72):

    “Harold Bluetooth, King of Norway”

    For those that don’t know, the “Bluetooth” on your mobile phones is named after him.

  • Miss_Info

    bucslim has “daddy issues”..

  • El the erf

    This is depressing.
    I was expecting the english gentleman Jack the ripper to be #1. He happens to be my all time hero.(blush blush)

  • dandy

    “Also the Winter War was in 1939. Napalm was invented in the early 1940’s so the Russians couldn’t have been, “napalming the vicinity he was in”.

    Good list but a lot of misinformation…”

    Winter war lasted from 30 November 1939 to 13 March 1940. You might want to check your facts also.

    Not sure if they used napalm though, but it’s true that the russians were bombarding the area where Häyhä was with artillery.

  • John Sherman

    What?! No Vlad The Impaler? At least it is pretty obvious HOW he got his nickname! (He impaled people, see?)

    p.s. Put “Butcher of” into Wikipedia and you’ll get a LOT of choices!

  • diana

    Why is he your hero? He killed innocent women. and why the annoying gay (blush)(blush) Go back to elfland, you fag.

  • Luv4Tahoe

    bucslim~ Your Dad sounds like my Mom.

    “Mom, I fell off my bike, and my knee has a hole in it!”

    “OH JESUS!! Get outside with that, your bleeding on my clean floor!”

    Kids these days are pussies.

  • CandJ

    seemed like alot of old west people had nicknames,such as Billy the Kid,Calamity Jane,Wild Bill Hickok…the list goes on & on.
    Also no gangsters,so many of them had nicknames too,Pretty boy Floyd,Baby Face Nelson,The Teflon Don,Whitey Bulger… again another long list.

  • Luv4Tahoe

    “My Name is George Nelson, NOT Baby Face!!!!!”

    (I love “O’ Brother”.)

    “Cows, I hate cows worse than coppers!”
    “Oh George, not the livestock.”

  • bucslim

    @Luv4Tahoe (91):

    “Kids these days are pussies.”


  • Arsnl

    @CandJ (92): since all criminals have nicknames such a list would be irrelevant. Plus how can you compare the red baron with baby face nelson. I mean the guy had a red fokker triplane. Can you imagine how big of a cock he was? I bet of he lived today he would buy a maybach with a spoiler.
    @bucslim (94): i dont about you buc but carpal tunnel syndrom is a bitch. And the way kids nowadays can last for 8-9 hours playing WoW is amazing.

  • Clauddd

    Dr. Josef Mengele; “The Angel Of Death”/”Beautiful Devil”
    Missing this guy???… unforgivable…

  • Clauddd

    @Clauddd (95):
    C) All nicknames had to be earned in some way, whether through derogatory or positive actions.
    I missed that, sorry… :p

  • undaunted warrior

    @97Clauddd – Read the list before comment

  • Winston

    Too American

  • amy

    Nice list!

  • Vera Lynn

    I wish I had a nickname. :(

  • Lifeschool

    @Romanov Konstantine (51): Sticks and stones…. nothing personal.

  • bucslim

    @Vera Lynn (101):

    Vera “Fiably” Lynn

  • alpenstocks

    RESEARCH, RESEARCH! Richtofen had 80 aircraft downed not 73. And your knowledge of Saxon England is awful.

  • Moloch1123

    #1 is such an inspirational entry.

  • timmy the dying boy

    @sgcvelasco (5):

    The identity of Deep Throat was revealed long after X-files went off the air.

    But while we’re here, let’s remember Tricky Dicky.

  • vex279

    My vote goes for Edward Teach AKA Blackbeard.

  • Maggot

    @bucslim (103): Vera “Fiably” Lynn

    That sure beats Randall “The Spotted-dicked Goat-fucker”.

  • James

    What about a man so tough he was called old hickory? In a duel he allowed a man to shoot him so that he could take the time to aim and kill the man.

    What about “The Black Devil” Hartmann with 352 aerial victories.

    What about carlos the jackal?

    What about the current pope aka God’s Rottweiler

    Mohandas Gandhi aka Mahatma.

    Who cares about the confessor and I don’t get, from your info, why he is called smokey. Seems it has little to do with his actions. His actions were amazing and he deserves a nickname but wish you would have made a connection.

  • Ned

    What’s a P.I.A.T? Is it just me or is number nine missing half a sentence.

  • Yawyack

    @Ned (110):

    It was a British produced anti-tank weapon used in the second half of WW2 by British and Commonwealth forces. Its famous for its use at Pegasus Bridge on D-Day.

  • howyadoin09

    They say the Red Baron stopped counting kills after 80 some speculate that he had in the ball park of 100 in WWI alone. What a pilot

  • Ned

    @Yawyack (111) Thanks! And for ten bonus points and a chance to win a lovely set of steak-knives, What does it stand for. I could go to Wikipedia but it’s better to interract don’t you think!?

  • Floyd

    What about John Prescott? his nickname was “Two-Shags.”

  • Yawyack

    @Ned (113):

    Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank. Though I admit I’ve just had to look that up. It’s not exactly a catchy name to stick in your head, is it?

  • superbloop

    Simo Häyhä owns war. Secound time he appeared as number 1

  • Yawyack

    @Floyd (114):

    It is “Two Jags”. Cos he had two Jaguars (as in the cars) despite boasting he was working class.

  • Yawyack

    @CooCooCuchoo (70):

    Nah, I think they still use the Victoria Cross. In fact most, if not all, Commonwealth nations with the Queen as their head of state still use the Victoria Cross. It is presented by her representative in the country, the Governor-General, to the recipient.

  • astraya

    @bucslim (103: Vera “Fiably” Lynn

    It took me a while to figure out that one, but then it’s first thing Saturday morning here, and my brain is a bit slow.

    I had many nicknames at school, but none since then. People call me by my real first name (not even shortened – I hate the shortened form of my real first name). (My LU username isn’t a name I use in real life.) Some high school students in Korea called me by my real surname (eg “Hello, [Smith]” and probably couldn’t figure out why I didn’t like that at all!!!!. I tried to be nice about it. I’d say “MR [Smith], please!!!!”

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    Regarding #5:
    Randall has time-travel powers? Awesome!

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @Ned (110): It was a British rocket-launcher made during WW11.

  • astraya

    Australia, New Zealand and Canada have instituted their own Victoria Crosses, which are otherwise (at least within Australia, New Zealand and Canada) of exact equivalent standing to the British VC.

    Generally, the commonwealth realms have a mixture of their own decorations and British ones. In Australia, the main awards are the Australia Day awards, but some people are still awarded Imperial Honours such as OBE, MBE, but I don’t know whether anyone can accept a British knighthood. Australia being such an egalitarian society, I think anyone going around as “Sir John Smith” would probably soon get taken down a notch or two.

  • Maggot

    @astraya (119): I hate the shortened form of my real first name

    I respect your privacy and am not trying to out you, but does your name happen to be “Richard”? lol

  • Yawyack

    @astraya (122):

    As far as the British knighthoods go, anyone a citizen of a Commonwealth realm that the Queen presides over may be knighted and referred to as “Sir”. Those who don’t fit into this criteria may be awarded an Honourary Knighthood, but they don’t have the privilege to use the title “Sir”.

  • Floyd

    I didn`t know he was nicknamed Two-Shags, because his other nickname was Two-Jags-I thought he was nicknamed Two-Shags, because his other nickname is Two-Jabs-after when he whacked that guy. It makes me laugh everytime I see it. “The Prescott Punch,” would make Larry Holmes proud! Remember when he said, “Bush is crap,” the guys hilarious.

  • Vera Lynn

    bucslim (103) Vera “Viably” Lynn I like it! In my real life my name is pretty plain. Not much you can do with Wendi. My dad used to call me Shmendall, Shmendrick,and another I cant recall right now. Hmm…

  • Vera Lynn

    “Fiably” Im typing lying down. :)

  • Stefan

    ohh no captain obvious. lol

  • ClassyKoehler

    Very nice list, “Dick” for Dick Cheney would be pretty good, as a bonus maybe as is doesn’t completely fit in, and/or isn’t necessarily official.

  • noclustu

    Awesome list! but… no pirates?!?

  • MamaBear2Cubs

    @Arsnl:Music. Really like random pieces of music trivia, obscure facts,etc etc. He would have cashed in on “name that tune.”

  • Moonbeam

    Great idea for a list; there could be several more made out of this topic. How about Tricky Dick (Richard Nixon) or Slick Willy (Bill Clinton)? But wait … totally unacceptable as they are “too American.”

  • EngineerAdam

    Where is Mike “The Situation” from Jersey Shore? HAHA jk

  • gabi319

    My nickname and how it fits in Packernatic’s criteria:
    A) Have a nickname with significance (no shortening of their name etc).
    Yes, it is.
    B) The nicknames for the person were not made up by the same person.
    No, it was not
    C) All nicknames had to be earned in some way, whether through derogatory or positive actions.
    I certainly hope my nickname wasn’t earned in some way whether through derogatory or positive actions.

    @astraya (119): I hate the shortened form of my real first name
    I don’t mind mine. Sometimes I wish I could sign my name that way – I would save SO MUCH time. Only problem is that it has some negative connotations attached to it (not my name or nickname, but the word in general), so I there are certain situations in which I don’t allow people to use it. Only one person has every been banned from nickname usage because he greeted me with it when my dad was present. Awkward.

  • john m

    someone please Please PLEASE explain what “deep throat” has to do with keeping silence. I don’t want to have to google it or look it up on wikipedia and feel like a pervert. i could see deep throat meaning a deep voice, certainly. a number of these were boring. I would have preferred a good athletes one, or a musicians one. the boss, slowhand, the man in black, etc etc.

    and as always, the finn is fuckin awesome.

  • Carole

    There was no Tokyo Rose, rather it was many different women who broadcast propaganda for Japan.
    Iva Toguri D’Aquino was pardoned because she didn’t do any of the things that you mention. She was a scape goat.
    Do you people actually do any proper research before you come up with these lists?

  • astraya

    @Maggot (123):

    “@astraya (119): I hate the shortened form of my real first name

    I respect your privacy and am not trying to out you, but does your name happen to be “Richard”? lol”

    No. The shortened formS (plural actually) are perfectly safe and many famous people use them, but I just happen not to like them. Interestingly, my father’s name is Richard. He was known in his childhood as “Dick” and some of his family and long-term friends still call him that.

  • Andrew

    boston strangler?

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Yo I’m pretty damn sure I deserve the name General Tits

  • @Luv4Tahoe (91):…“OH JESUS!! Get outside with that, your bleeding on my clean floor!”
    Kids these days are pussies.
    true story: My mum was Australian, and very prim and proper.
    One day, when I was maybe 7, I managed to hit my finer with a hammer and nail, severely enough that I was bleeding profusely.
    I ran into the kitchen, where mum was, and said, through tears of pain, “look at my bleeding finger!”
    Without missing a beat, mum gave me a swift slap across the face.
    “Don’t let me EVER hear you use that kind of language, young lady”
    Blubbering now, I held up the still gushing finger.
    “Oh, for heavens sake,” she said, “you know better than to bleed on the floor!”

  • @segues (140): I still bear the scars, both physical and emotional.

  • tom

    did you know that Patton was the first man to successfully operate a tank in American military history during world war 1?

  • mom424

    I liked the list, although as others have mentioned it would have been much better with a more thorough description of both the person and the reason for their nickname.

    I’m jumping on the Simo bandwagon too – where’s the movie? and it even has the miracle ending – for real.

    For all you guys whining about your nicknames – unless you were called both Uggs and Monkeyface growing up – Stop your bellyaching. I unfortunately have always had very strong features, round cheeks, and huge teeth (think Donny and Marie without the gums); on a little tiny face it wasn’t such a great combo. I was called those names for years. (If any of you are reading this – No I haven’t forgotten – but you’re forgiven). No lasting scars from all of this (at least most days) but it certainly heightened my sense of empathy for the underdog. Also helps that I grew into my features and ended up much better looking than most of the name callers.

  • yob

    Does anyone know if there has been any films or documentaries about #1 because it would make one hell of an action movie.

  • Very interesting List – sound info.
    Like Tokyo Rose.

  • jd

    what about “tardy george” mclellan, he was a union general during the civil war that was known to be cautious and always thought he was outnumbered. or there’s “champagne charlie” townsend

  • Forrest Greene

    There are lots of nicknames among Jazz musicians, plenty more than just these.

    Charles Parker, “Bird.” Not because he played as pretty as birds singing — although he did — but because once, while traveling to a rural gig, a carful of musicians ran over someone’s chicken as it crossed the road. The frugal Parker insisted on rescuing the corpse for supper. His nickname started out being “Yardbird.”

    Coleman Hawkins, “Bean.” Check out the shape of his head.

    Lester Young, “Prez.” The President of all the sax players.

    Ben Webster, “The Brute.” He was a big guy.

    Sonny Rollins, “Newk.” He resembled a NY Yankee named, I think it was, Newcombe.

    Eddie Vinson, “Cleanhead.” Shaved his head.

    John Gillespie “Dizzy.” The man had a goofy sense of humor.

    Milt Jackson, “Bags.” After the ones under his eyes.

    Julian Adderley, “Cannonball.” He was big, Black, & round.

    Edward Ellington, “Duke.” There was no one more debonair.

    Miles Davis. Miles didn’t really have a nickname, but when he died, he took Cool with him.

  • deeeziner

    Three to add:

    Elvis “The King” Presley

    Frank “Ol’ Blue Eyes” Sinatra

    Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen

  • gr8 No.1

  • Moonbeam

    @Forrest Greene (147): You’re comment should be a list – very nice! I especially love your last line: “Miles didn’t really have a nickname, but when he died, he took Cool with him.” Perfect!

  • thingeh

    Very interesting list.

  • nuriko


  • ubercube

    Should add:
    -Richard Cœur de Lion, aka Richard the Lionheart
    -Otto von Bismarck, “The Iron Chancellor”
    -Lu Bu “Flying General”

  • markusebert

    The White Death is one hell of a sicko! God damnit!

  • Gabriel

    And the white death strikes again at Listverse…

  • Tex

    These lists are short, so for the love of GOD can you not at least double check your grammar?

  • GTT

    @gabi319 (134): You are going to tell us what the nickname was, right? You cant get into a story that involves banning nickname usage because it was used in your father´s presence and then not tell us what it was! Nickname tease! ;)

  • gabi319

    @GTT (157):
    Were it not a public forum, you know I would tell you, GTT. However, it is public. Much too public. I can’t blow my cover. Superman doesn’t throw around Clark Kent’s name. Batman has only let a select few know of Bruce Wayne. How am I supposed to save the world with my spandex tights and cape if I’m letting the whole world know about secrets like that?!

  • meh

    Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson

  • Rian

    ohh the white eath is so amazing.. really amazing

  • archangel

    deep throat? GAHHHHHHHHA

  • David

    Please doublecheck your facts on the Skoptsy. They did not believe that “that the only way to reach God was through sinful actions.” Quite the opposite, they castrated their genitalia to distance themselves from “lepost” (bodily beauty, human sexuality, sex appeal, etc.).

  • Jester of the Apocalypse

    ” And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, hailing from the Planet Lovetron, Darryl “Chocolate Thunder” Dawkins!

  • weeg

    where is mad jack churchill?????????????

  • hildolf

    Grigori Rasputin, while admittedly a bit of a weirdo, was not just the debauched tool the list makes him out to be.

  • huifjfdf

    Where's Vlad Tepes, the Impaler?

  • Sardondi

    Half of these are completely incomprehensible by the criteria set by the list maker. Red Baron? What, he was a Baron who flew a red plane? That's essentially "naming yourself". Lame.

    And "Smokey"?. What?! There is not one thing immediately apparent about his nick and his deed – I assumed he was a fireman/struck by lightning/caught in a fire. But PIAT-ing a tank and shooting the emerging tankers? That's "Tank-Killer", or "Bodyguard", or "German Tanker Killer". But not Smokey.

    Edward the Confessor? Named because he promised the throne to two men? Huh? That has not one thing to do with his name. Besides, he was given the name for his personal piety and interest in furthering the church. So his name was well-earned – but you effing totally missed it the reason.

    "Tokyo Rose"? What the hell? The Rose has zilch to do with what she did. I assume you're ignoring the Rose bit and sort of transposing her name to mean "Tokyo Broadcasting Woman". Weak, man.

    I dunno – I think you had six obvious ones and stretched to include the others so you had a "10 Best" list.

  • Kym667103

    Bloody Mary, Queen Mary TUDOR, should be on the list.

  • Number one. What a beast.

  • Simon

    what about IVAN THE TERRIBLE

  • Alan M.

    “The White Death” guy is boss.

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