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10 Off-The-Wall Ideologies Some People Actually Believe – 2020

by Toby Jones
fact checked by Jamie Frater

We’ve all had those types of shower thoughts, where we take the time to consider how the world would be if some niche thing were different. For example, have you ever thought about what would happen, say, if humans devolved to monkeys? Perhaps maybe you joked once about how we’re ruled by the less intelligent? Well here’s a crazy, and possibly even scary fact: There are people who believe these types of things are a good idea!

Now of course, that’s not to say that these people are wrong. After all, many ideas considered unrealistic and incompatible with working society are now commonplace, one of the biggest examples being abolition of slavery. The ideas in this list aren’t here because they are “wrong” but simply because they fly in the face of what people are conditioned to today. Although as you will notice, some ideologies here are just… Blatantly wrong on every possible level. Also, not all of these ideologies are extremely well-known so some might be lacking in sources. With that being said, our first wacky ideology is…

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10 Post-Humanism

Everybody loves the advancement of technology! Well, not the guy I wrote about last time, from the looks of it, but almost everyone. Now, let’s say hypothetically, we ascended completely past the physical plane with technology. Even our minds, in this case, would be re-made into an AI where we can live out a type of digital VR life in which we’re far less physically limited. Are you considering retreating to a Montana cabin and assembling mail packages yet? Well, many people will jump in joy at the thought of living as an AI, and these people are called post-humanists.

This isn’t to be confused with transhumanism, which is the ideology that states that technology should be wielded to overcome human biology within the physical world while keeping our humanity and not turning into AI. One criticism of post-humanism is that we’d be giving our entire minds up for reading and simply trusting those who run the system to keep out of our business. However, some post-humanists will advocate for a decentralized network to work around this.[1]

9 Kakistocracy

Kakistocracy is basically the last thing most people would advocate for, which is rule by the least fit. Imagine if we were to give the entirety of the world an IQ test, and then put into power the LOWEST-scoring person. That’s Kakistocracy. A case could be made for this type of system if you’re just that much of a dystopian fiction enthusiast, or maybe just an anarchist playing 4d chess. Some have even stated that we’re already living in one, and as much as you could be inclined to agree depending on your preferences, we can all agree that we haven’t yet entered the plot of Idiocracy… Yet.[2]

8 National-Bolshevism

What were the two biggest threats to the world as we know it throughout last century? Hold that answer. How about we combine those two things into one super-dystopian tyrannical system? Well, apparently, this is a good idea to some people in the form of National-Bolshevism, which by the way, is EXACTLY what it sounds like. We’re not going to sugarcoat it like we did with Kakistocracy… This would just end up horribly, there’s no working around this one.

That’s right, it takes the blatant racism spouted by the Nazis, and mixes it with complete Stalinism. The two mix about as well as hugging cacti and bathing in lemon juice… Two things that would hurt individually but are even WORSE combined. There are even other branches, like Anarcho-Nazbols, which advocate for a different National-Bolshevik society run by the community rather than the state.[3]

7 Posadism

But enough talk of what should happen… Instead, let’s talk about HOW. For instance, HOW would you aim to achieve a complete utopia, given you were just as utopian-minded as some of the others on this list? If you’re a Posadist, the answer will be easy. NUCLEAR WAR. don’t bother looking back, you read that right. Listen, if you think that in the long term, a utopia could rise from nuclear winter, that’s your thing and we respect your diverse thoughts. But… Do you think you’d survive it or something? Unless you’re able to get a nuclear bunker in the near future, you’re probably better off turning this one away for your own good.[4]

6 Social Darwinism

If whenever you hear “Darwin”, you think about that famous phrase that describes nature as we know it, you’re right. That’s what Social Darwinism is all about, which is survival of the fittest. They will advocate that society be arranged in a way that prevents negative genes from spreading to ensure that humanity is collectively powerful, sometimes even advocating for killing the weak.

If you believe it’s wrong to knowingly spread genes that cause disease, we can see a case for that, but forcing people into selective pairing is undoubtedly an act of tyranny and should hopefully make you consider the overall use of these things when technology is nearly hitting the point where genetic disease could be a thing of the past. Besides, if you think about it, the entire point of society is to do away with this type of thinking.[5]

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5 Soulism

Have you ever (Been in a legal state and-) gotten really, REALLY tipsy on the Devil’s lettuce and thought to yourself “Man… The laws of physics are just… oppressive…”, then congratulations, you’re a soulist. Funny enough, this is arguably a TRUE ideology. To elaborate more, it’s technically not provable either way.

This all really depends on how much restriction you can tolerate before something becomes oppressive. And to some people, the line is drawn at the laws of physics! The only real issue is that of HOW people plan on resisting the laws of physics, but the post-humanists have them covered on that one. So if you want to be a soulist, you may also want to try post-humanism! Also, most soulists also advocate for a form of communalism (we’ll get to that one later!) where people act in their self-interests.[6]


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What do you imagine is the opposite of anarchy? Simple! A government that controls every aspect of your life, right down to your very thoughts. One that can use your loyalty to make you hold downright ridiculous claims, such as that war is peace, freedom is slavery… and even that ignorance is strength. If you did a double-take on the title for this entry, you’ve likely read 1984. And if you did, you’ll remember the absolute oppression that the people suffered under the INGSOC state in the novel.

Now, while most people think “That’s horrific! A truly sobering piece of fiction that will educate us to avoid this type of system”, there are some who think of this as the only way to organize a society effectively, some arguing that with the expansion of technology, this will inevitably be needed. Others argue, however, that the state being given this much power will deprive humanity of the ability to truly enjoy life. A lion at the zoo is given all it needs to live off of, but at what cost when it is in a prison?[7]

3 Primalism

Remember post-humanism? Primalism is basically the opposite. Let’s not think about AI brains or VR realms, but rather the technologies we have built up so far. Now, imagine burning down every last bit of that, moving so far back in human progress that we devolve right back into monkeys. There’s anarcho-primitivism and everything, but the Unabomber himself would be taken back by this proposal!

Unlike anarcho-primitivism, which advocates that the industrial revolution be undone while agriculture and… basic human evolution… can stay, primalists believe that human intelligence has made us both the most powerful species, as well as the saddest species, having been largely disconnected from the majority of what we’ve evolved for. This is actually a perfect ideology if you’re the type that would rather be ignorant and happy than educated and unhappy… Which before you judge, is a perfectly legitimate position for people to take for their own happiness.[8]

2 Communalism

Despite what a lot of people say about communism, it’s not as simple as just “sharing everything”. Marx defines communism as a classless society, which still allows for personal property. This is stuff like your food, clothes, home, etc. Now, communalism on the other hand takes communism one step further and abolishes personal property as well as private property.

You’ll be sharing your food, clothes, and just about everything with your comrades. The logic is that with everything being the product of one earth, no person has the right to claim exclusive ownership of the earth’s bounty. It’s an agreeable philosophy, to say the least, but it has negative impacts beyond what you may even realize at first glance.

When we say “abolish property”, we mean ANYTHING that you can claim solely belongs to you. That’s right, some communalists advocate for an entire HIVEMIND (pictured) just for the sake of sharing minds as well as physical property. There we have it, the most communism you can theoretically have in a society. Marx is looking at us from the grave with either utter excitement, or fear for the ideas he created. There’s no in-between.[9]

1 Momentism

Ironically enough, in a list of unrealistic and wacky ideologies, this is likely the most status-quo you can get. There are two lines of reasoning that can lead you to momentism. One is that the status quo is the best we have, therefore we should *ahem* FREEZE TIME FOR THE SAKE OF PRESERVING IT, and the other is that because of the butterfly effect, anything you do inevitably forces something onto another person which is a violation of their rights, therefore we should freeze time so that everybody is acting in free will… by not acting at all. Somehow, the most centrist and extremist ideology one could think of, but feel free to post a comment about a wacky ideology that wasn’t on this list![10]

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fact checked by Jamie Frater