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Top 10 Unusual Uses For Coca Cola

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

We have previously published articles on unusual uses for peanut butter and beer which proved very popular – so today we are presenting another fun list of out-of-the-ordinary uses for a rather ordinary product: coke. Coke was introduced by the Coca Cola company in 1886 – making it a rather true and tested favorite of generations of people in over 200 countries (at least according to the company). This list should give you some ideas on how to get more from your coke than usual.


Rust Buster

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Coca Cola is an excellent rust buster. If you have a bunch of small objects that need de-rusting, soak them in coke overnight and give them a good scrub in the morning. The properties of coke help to break down the rust particles, making cleaning much easier. You can also apply coke to a chrome finish which is rust spotted – pour some on a rough textured cloth and rub it in a circular motion. Be sure to throw out the used coke when you are done with it or you might be taking a trip to the doctor.


Clean a Window

Img 0289 Edited

Like the previous item, the citric acid in Coke makes for an excellent window cleaner. This is especially useful for car windows which can get tough buildups of gunk. Pour over the can of coke and rub the window – then wipe it off with a damp cloth (to ensure the removal of any sticky residue from the sugars in the drink). Think of this like a cheap alternative to the many citrus fruit based cleaners that are sold on TV.


Eat It


Coke can be used for a variety of cooking techniques. You can mix it half and half with BBQ sauce for an excellent marinade, and you can even casserole an entire chicken in it. Here is a tasty recipe for chicken pieces cooked on the stove top with coke – try it, you will be pleasantly surprised. The sugars give a deep glossy coating and caramelized flavor, while the citric acid (found in lemons) gives a nice tang. Coke also makes a great glaze for baked ham.




For those of you who live in areas where skunk smells can be an issue from time to time, one can of coke added to a bucket of water with detergent really helps to break the odor down. If you have been sprayed, stand in the shower and cover yourself from head to toe with coke – wait for a few minutes, then rinse off. The added bonus is that coke is an excellent hair treatment so you get two tips for the price of one with this item!


Pain Killer

060119 Jellyfish

The chemicals in coca cola can be very effective to help neutralize the pain of jellyfish stings. The best thing about this is that while most people at the beach are unlikely to be carrying anti-sting lotions, they are likely to be carrying a bottle of coke. Just pour the coke over the area in which you have been stung and feel the relief. If you don’t happen to have any coke, the other alternative treatment is to pee on the stung part of your body – or to have someone else pee on it for you.


De-blacken Pots

Img 4461

Pots can sometimes get a black film on the bottom which is almost impossible to remove; this is caused by over-cooking or just natural discoloration due to highly acidic foods. To remove the black and restore your pot to new, pour in a can of coke (or as much as you need to cover the blackened area by an inch) and put it on the stove on a low heat. After an hour or so, wash the pot as normal.


Clean Clothes

Dirty Clothes

Grease stains are famously difficult to remove from clothing and stain removers can be very expensive. Here is a cheap solution: empty a can of coke into your wash along with the usual detergent and run it through a normal cycle. This is also quite effective for removing blood and it helps to deodorize smelly clothes.


Kill Bugs

4.24.09 Slugs 2

This item also appeared on the beer list – and it works just the same. Pour some cola into a shallow dish and place it in the garden near the problem area. Slugs, snails, and other bugs will go in for a drink and never come out again! This is a very good first line of attack in your garden and it can obviously save you an enormous amount of money by reducing the need for pesticides. You can pour the left over coke (minus the bugs) onto plants that like acidic soil like azaleas and gardenias.


Heal Yourself

Istock 000004781555Xsmall Sick Dog

Coca cola is useful for a variety of ailments. The most common is for soothing upset stomachs. Just slowly sip a glass of flat coke and it should help to alleviate nausea. It is also good for people suffering from diarrhea or a sore throat. I would say that it can also cure hiccups but, frankly, a glass of water should do the same thing, as the chemicals in coke don’t offer any special “anti-hiccup” magic.


Make an Explosion

Most people who have been around on the Internet for at least a few years will be familiar with the diet-coke-Mentos volcano. The idea is that you drop a Mentos into a bottle of coke and the chemical reaction causes the coke to spurt for miles (not literally of course). The video clip above shows a great example of this fun use for coke. Why not buy a bunch of bottles this weekend and see if you can do better than the efforts shown above?

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • fazrin

    ok,very useful!nice list

  • Chris

    cool beans

  • AussieNik

    Hails! Numvber 1 was lame

  • fazrin

    picture f0r item n0 6 terrifying much!is that the average size of a jellyfish?wew

    • St3ph3n

      This photo is fake.

      • notsoquick

        Is it? Took me 15 seconds to find out if it is or not.'s_mane_jel

        • Nice link, notsoquick!
          A Jellyfish is not one animal but, like a coral reef, a multitude a separate animals, each with it's own specialized job to do, which together make up the whole. These are amazingly complex creatures at that level.
          That doesn't make me any less afraid of running into one in the ocean, and I know our neighborhood ocean has plenty of jellyfish (although, thankfully, not those monsters). Jellyfish, Great Whites, Sea Slugs, Sea Urchins, and host of other things you might run afoul of if you aren't careful.

      • Unfortunately, it isn't. I included it on one of my lists actually, and when I first heard about it, it freaked me out.

  • I had no idea coke was so useful. If I ever get stung by jellyfish, coke will certainly be my choice of pain relief. The pee option doesn't appeal to me. I just wish they would bring cherry coke back to NZ.

    • And an empty 2.25ltr coke bottle makes a good ball for an impromptu game of rugby.

    • Wellington City New World sell Cherry Coke :) I discovered this two weeks ago much to my joy.

      • Cheers for that. I don't live in Welly anymore (used to live in Silverstream but in ChCh now), but relatives live in Taita and Stokes Valley, so they can send me some!

    • oliveralbq

      someone further down in comments gave a quick recipe to replicate vanilla coke.
      i've done that, and it does work nicely

      for cherry coke (if you live somewhere where it is un-findable) you can take grenadine and put about an ounce into a coke. that is a similiar taste, although i believe grenadine has more of a pomegranate flavour. grenadine is typically sold where liquor is sold (i think the biggest/most popular now should you be in a bar (or knows someone who works in one — or whatever) — the juice that marachino cherries are paackaged in has more of a uniquely cherry flavour. its rare that anyone would purchase 925 marichino cherries —- and if youre at a bar (unless you are the designated driver) i'm guessing youre looking for something a tad stronger than cherry coke —- butthe next time you are in the presence of cherry juice, just take some)

  • Julius

    While this is a really cool list, it is kind of disturbing that we actually drink this shit. I mean rust buster? Or pot de-blackener?
    I want to try out cooking with coke though I could imagine that'd be nice.
    Anyways I'm gonna get myself some coke now ;-)

    BTW Jamie, when are you going to announce the winners of the books?

    • MadMonkey

      Holy crap water will clean dishes! Who would drink that crap? And they use it to was cars OMFG!

    • deleriumtremens

      try. coke, ketchup, tom purée, tequila, chillies, coriander, salt, pepper and onions as a marinade for lamb chops chicken or pork ribs. sounds odd but works fabulously. am sure there are many similar recipes to be found on the web

    • Mimi

      It’s also used to clean blood off of streets. e~e;

      • Nope

        Urban myth. Not true. It might work, but they don’t actually use it.

  • jediknight

    I wish they would bring back Vanilla Coke back to the UK , I loved that flavour

    • Randomhobo

      Wow i didnt know UK didnt have vanilla coke anymore, where i am vanilla coke is just as common as regular coke. Except cherry coke we dont have that around anymore. Dosnt matter drpepper is just as good

  • Brahma

    i used to be in the fire service back in singapore and we’d carry cases of coke everywhere. It’s what we used to wash away blood from roads after traffic accidents, we used it to clean our boots, helmets and my colleague once saved a potential suicide’s life by offering him a can and then grabbing him when he reached out for it. This man was OUTSIDE on a window ledge. Most interestingly though, we’d put it in saucepans over a low heat, wait for the liquid to evaporate off and you’d be left with flakes of dried up residue. We’d eat the flakes, its like pure caffeine!

    • Packeranatic

      Since a lot of my family is in the healthcare system I was expecting to see this on the list, because I had heard stories about paramedics carrying cans of coke to wash away the blood. They seriously missed out on mentioning that in my opinion.

    • Really? hahaha, cool, I'll try that!

      • KingJames

        @crissy- You have a lot of blood to clean up?

  • I've cooked with it but this list shows why I'll never drink it.

  • Spermicide?

    • jeffthemaori
      • Haha! Did you take me srsly? I checked that article before I posted my comment!

        • Mark

          your post "Spermicide?" doesn't show whether you are serious or not. this is the internet, be a bit more obvious man(or woman)!!!

  • What about using it to jump start your car. Weve done that twice. Battery dead, pour coke on the battery where the cables connect and bam, starts right up.

    And my kids are forbidden to drink this crap. I wont allow it in my house!!

    • YES! You know that white stuff that gets all over your battery cable connectors? That is exactly where to pour it.
      I once had a 1960 Porsche 356 Cabriolet. I had to learn several tricks. That was one, the other was priming the carburetor. Actually, I didn't go through the entire priming sequence…I just poured a bit of gasoline into the carburetor and it started right up.
      I've been told this was dangerous.
      both it and the coke on the battery worked.

  • Senor_Shutter

    In the United States we will deep fry ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, including Coke! "Newest Fair Food: Deep-Fried Coca-Cola!"

    • I'm in the US and I will deep fry, or shallow fry for that matter, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
      Do you have any idea what frying food does to the amount of FAT that ends up in your food? And then in you?
      Why do you suppose obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are rampant in America? It certainly isn't from the recommended 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables.

      • Senor _Shutter

        I WAS NOT endorsing deep frying!!! And yes, I know full well how much fat frying adds to food and I am very aware of the obesity problem the U.S. has. You took a humors comment WAY TOO SERIOUSLY! For the record I have never had deep fried Coke or deep fried Oreos or deep fried snickers bars or deep fried pickles or deep fried green beans or deep fried grilled cheese or deep fried bacon or deep fried Twinkies or deep fried Macaroni & cheese or deep fried Chocolate chip cookie dough or deep fried Pop-tarts or deep fried Pizza or deep fried Cheeseburgers. I also have never had Oprah's favorite DEEP FRIED BUTTER! See! we really will deep fry ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING!

        If I could edit my original post I would change it to, "SOME PEOPLE In the United States we will deep fry ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING…" just to make you happy.

        • My apologies, Senor. Had you added a smiley face or some such clue that it was all a joke of some sort, my reaction would have quite different.
          The fact of the matter is, however, that a great many people in the U.S. will deep fry ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING! I have seen deep fried ice cream on a menu.
          The Oprah link was priceless, Senor, thank you for that. The woman eats deep fried Dr. Pepper and wonders why her weight yo-yo's so much?
          ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
          You gave quite a laugh this a.m. Thanks, sir.

    • scotjock

      love it however i guess you have never tried the scottish delicacy the deep fried mars bar now thats a treat, my personal favourite was the deep fried creme egg but then that is commin from a country that deep fries pizza.
      on topic i use coke to remove tyres from truck/lorry wheels it works an absolute treat as anyone who has ever removed a tractor/truck tyre from its rim will know what a bitch it is try pour coke round the rim next time.

  • remote snatcher

    very informative.
    if it can remove ‘rust’ what will it do to our stomach lining/wall? is it too acidic for our own good? i hope the answer is ‘no’.

    • Our stomachs are built for very high acidity. Gastric acid has a pH value around 1, regular coke has a pH value around 2.3. To compare, lemon juice has a pH value of 2, orange juice has a pH value of 3. In other words, coke is not dangerous to the stomach. If anything, you should be worried about your teeth.

      "Everything in moderation" is great advice for coke consumption. If you drink a gallon a day it will most likely affect your health. If you drink a gallon a month, you'll be fine.

      • thanks for the info, I drink like 1 36oz of coke everyday. Goodluck to me!

    • that makes sense :-)

    • youngal

      your stomach can handle more than you think!
      but teeth… not so much. that's what cokes not so good for

  • I work with severely disabled children. We clean out feeding tubes with coke. Takes the caked -on dried feed right off the inside of the tubes. That's some strong shit. Yet, I still drink it :)

  • KabirBhai

    Here in India, a research was conducted few years ago by a highly reputed chemical research institute where all th soft drinks were chemically analysed. Th results were mind-blasting (not mind blowing).

    Almost all of them had very high quantities of pesticides. (Am not joking. Search th net). They were way above th normal levels. Even coke had high levels of pesticides.

    So here, th media gave two very good uses of soft drinks (including coke). They were

    For a long time, th sales of coke were effected. So here are two more uses…

    • well guys, as much as i hate to admit it, what Kabir is saying is true. It was all over the news… But then this is how things are here. You can't really blame anyone… But yes. The level of pesticides was very very high.

    • TEX


  • Saber 25

    The first one is SO COOOOOOOOOL! i knew that experiment since i was a kid, but i could not make an explosion like that

  • fazrin

    has verify it? Well,i only believes snopes because there are just too many lies in the internet…wew

  • Armadillotron

    Yes, you can use Coke to clean things.. I thought it was a myth at first. Until it was proved to me. I put some dirty pennies in some Coke overnight, and blow me, they were nice and shiny the next day. Unreal. He did it to prove, that it`s bad for me. "Imagine what that muck does to your insides John!" I still drink it though.

  • enucleator

    urmpffff…. years ago, i was a Coke addict . Like so many people, i was the how-can-i-live-without-Coke-it's-so-good type. Results : painfull burps, acidity in the throat, burning stomach, sometimes headaches. And like any addicts, some kind of incomfort when no more Coke in the fridge. And i'm not talking about the weight….oh and nervosity…. I was more and more unable to sleep because of all the acid produced by my stomach, i was like, chocking myself with acid. Then i stopped. Do i have to say how much i feel better?
    Great list! Thanxxx!!!
    and i insist : Coca-Cola is a drug. Store it with your cleaning products, not with your sodas.

    • Coocoocuchoo

      Its not a drug you just drank shit loads!

      • enucleator

        hahah :D oh yes, i was drinking wayyyyy too much, i totally agree with that ^^ and i was drinking shit loads because i was addicted…
        Now, i'm using the term 'drug' in a very general and large definition. Through my life, i noticed a lot of behaviour by people addicted to Coca-Cola, and it was very close to behaviours of drug addicts.
        Let's say it's a very soft drug, but a drug anyway.

  • KabirBhai

    @fazrin: not a rumor man. Sadly, not a rumor. I saw th press conferences given by th institue and th cola companies and everything on th telly.

    Th tests were conducted by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE).

    Traces of 4 extremely toxic pesticides and insecticide were found which far exceed th maximum permissable total pesticide limit set by European Economic Commission (EEC). These were
    1. DDT
    2. Lindane (banned in USA, 21 times higher than the permissable limit)
    3. Malathion (87 times higher)
    4. Chlorpyrifos (43 times higher)

    All th cola companies were quick to defend themselves but yes, th results were sadly true. They were later verified by th health minister also. Am sorry as to i cant give th link as am using opera on my mobile but u can easily search th net. But try using it as toilet cleaner. It worked here.

    • I find it difficult to believe any science that comes from a person who cannot spell 'THE'

  • jhjkkjhkjkj

    Maybe in poor ass India the coke is contaminated with DDT.

    • Surya

      No wonder coke and human urine have same effect on jellyfish stings. And there is no jellyfish in poor ass India.

    • and where are you from, Einstein?

    • Matt

      "poor ass India" pays for the drink. and to whom??? to the filthy rich multinational who doesnt care what goes into their drink….if its for "poor ass Indians"…

  • hybrid

    I'll probably get thumbs down by this by anyway………..


    • Pogs

      Blecch…no! Pepsi tastes like chemicals.

    • I'd pay for Pepsi before I would drink free Coke.

  • Pee

    BBcode fail!!

  • Lifeschool

    Hey there. Crazy list and some fun comments. Didn't know about the pesticides thing – it saddens me if this is true – but given these kinds of additives are present in almost every single consumable product, it's not really surprising. I wonder why they don't advertise these things on the label? Luckly, the human body can cope with much of this to a comfortable degree.

    I've used coke for stomach aches (i.e. intestinal) and it really did work. Sometimes when I'm feeling run down I'll buy in a bottle. Perhaps it's the acid which balances something?, or perhaps its the cokes pipe cleaning properties which unblock something?

    I'll still drink it now and then, perhaps twice or three times a year, cus the taste is great. Otherwise I mostly only drink water… every other plant and animal. Sorry if that sounded self righteous – each to their own.

    BTW mods/jf – someone often goes around and 'thumbs downs' every comment. If you're reading this – get a life and do us all a favour.

    • Pogs

      What are you telling the mods for? Maybe someone dislikes every comment. You can't police people's opinions.

      • Lifeschool

        True, or maybe somebody's just cocking about?!. I'm ALL FOR free speech and free thought, and cocking about can be great fun – but can sometimes appear rather silly; which could start to annoy some people.

        I just thought I'd mention it. (ya know – in case some readers feel they have been unfairly represented 'n all that).

    • Lifeschool, it's the coke syrup that soothes the stomach, not the carbonated product itself. You can actually buy the syrup at most pharmacies.

      • Lifeschool

        Top tip there ^^

    • Drunk Angel

      It's alright I go around and 'thumbs up' every comment.

      • thumbs up to that. :)

        • Lifeschool

          And thumbs up to that too. :)

          How happy the ratings system looks now you've plussed it up a bit – it's almost smiling. :)

  • Kon

    Fun list. :)

    I just drank about 3 litres of coke. Now I see it was wasted on me.

  • Lifeschool

    High fructose corn syrup – there are many stories about it. It's not present in Mexican coke.

    • Pogs

      Did you try the "limited edition" I think it was Pepsi that used actual sugar as a sweetener? It was out a few months ago. It tastes SO much better but of course they use corn syrup because it's cheaper. Although I think I remember reading that they only do it in the U.S. It's really sad that using a real food product makes it limited edition.

      • Nicholaa Fiery Elf

        You can still by Mexican Cokes here in Alaska. Pure sugar no corn syrup. My man claims it tastes better but I can not stand Coke! *blarg*

    • Back in 1993 I spent a month deep in south eastern Mexico, most of it in the beautiful city of Zacatecas. Zacatecas is not, or at least at the time was not, a vacation mecca for the American, or even European, tourists. Few of the workers in the hotel or shops spoke English, and we had, embarrassingly, only one crew members wife who spoke fluent Spanish.
      Coca Cola, that wonderful real Coke with sugar in reused bottles, was one of the few things we could safely consume.
      The other items we lived on for nearly four full weeks were the best Tequila the director could buy (and oh! was it good!), beer, coffee (which they made with bottled water just for us), breads, certain fruits, and some items brought in from home by those who had thought ahead.
      Drinking strong liquor at very high altitude is an amazing experience. It's nothing like drinking at sea level, which is what we were all used to.
      I think we must have drank all of the Coca Cola the town had, and every time more showed up we'd send someone to buy another large lot. I haven't been able to drink coke since.

      • @ segues – I love life stories, wow, what a wonderful experience. Sounds like you got rather tipsy too?

        • mmmm,yeah. Funny coincidence. My husband and I went to one of our favorite village restaurants for lunch today and the waiter, a new one, was from Mexico. He was, like many of the actors we had hired on the Zacatecas job, of German/Italian ancestry, very tall, very handsome. He spoke Spanish, German, Italian and English in rapid-fire spurts. I had to ask him to slow down, "I can't listen as fast as you can speak!". He knew Zacatecas quite well, and I was sorry to learn that it had suffered economically even more than when I had been there, and the indian's, the mayan descendants, were living in caves with facades which mades them look like houses. Very, very sad. We hired every one we could find an excuse to hire, and paid them American wages. We were told not to, but they were doing the same job, so why not pay them the same?
          I am now determined to go back and waste as much money as I can afford to waste. They are such beautiful people, so happy, so full of love.

  • Colleen

    Great list, I love coke.
    I never thought to cook with it though, the only recipe I would use it in would be chocolate coca-cola cake.

  • badlist

    I Don't like this list very much

    • So don't read it.

    • Tamed

      Why not?

  • You don’t pee on a jellyfish sting. That’s wives tale and doesn’t work. :(

    • Andy K

      Correct. I was waiting for someone to say that.

  • BGo

    The reason for many of these items, namely the cleaning properties, is the phosphoric acid contained in the soda. While it is a dilute solution, it is still acidic enough to be used as a cleaner. And no worries about drinking it; your stomach contains hydrochloric acid and is thus equipped for a low pH environment due to structure and frequent shedding of cells, so a little H3PO4 won’t hurt you. I would worry more about my teeth if I drank it! And I personally would not consider snails and slugs “bugs,” but that’s just me.

  • Anneka

    I've been making coke chicken for years – it's really great. You can also open a can, shove it upright into a whole chicken, then roast it upright, really good.

    As far as vanilla coke goes, you just add a couple of drops of vanilla essence to coke and voila!

    • Arsnl

      That sounds like the beer chicken.

  • I'm not a fan of Coke. I prefer RC.
    I only knew of one of these (the rust one) and learned a bit. The de-skunk one….does it work on animals, I wonder? My dog got sprayed once. She was so miserable! I just used tomato juice on her but it would have been nice to know if Coke would have worked.

    Also….that jellyfish scared the crap out of me! I didn't know that got that big!

    Great list, Jaime!

    • samir

      hah, I was in Alabama and saw a taste test booth for RC vrs Pepsi. I tasted both and pointed to each drink.. "Thats RC and Thats Pepsi." the lady said (a little pissy too) "That's not the question… Which do you like better?" I said. "Neither." and I walked away.

    • A zookeeper once told me to use a vinegar douche on a dog that was sprayed by a skunk. Well, I thought that would get very expensive, so I bought a large jug of plain vinegar. It worked pretty well, and it doesn't leave as much of a mess as tomato juice when your dog shakes it off in the bathroom!

      • Boo, why would you do that inside your home?
        I have had to do it to my dog once, and help my brother twice. We always did it outside, in a paved area.
        It would never have occurred to me to deskunk a dog inside the house until your comment.
        I'm boggled.

        • I was living in an apartment building at the time, and there were no outside faucets that were not locked shut. (I believe this was to prevent tenants from washing their cars without paying extra for the water.) It was late at night, and the caretakers had gone home for the day. I had to have access to running water, so I used the bathtub. That was the time I used tomato juice. The next time (same dog… never learned her lesson…) I was in my own house, so I could do it outside. The vinegar did work very well. Ha ha! I'm sorry you were boggled!

  • Sharkiepoo

    To the UK person without vanilla coke:I feel your pain, they don’t sell it in my neck of the woods either :( I’ve recently started making my own by adding vanilla syrup to taste if that helps.

  • Dane

    We use coke to put on corroded battery cables. One other thing that you probably wouldn't think of. Pour a liter of coke in a cement mixer truck that has concrete on it that has been on it too long and is starting to get hard. It slows it down so you can get it poured out.

  • jediknight

    Cheers for the vanilla syrup/essence tip!

  • dreamongirl

    I love coke! It’s always a really good choice. I think it’s really cool that it can be ‘successfully’ used to do all these other things. Like the laundry…

  • coke with an upset stomach is amazing. It works so well! when my mother told me to drink coke when i had the flu i thought she was crazy. but it worked. it's cool what you can do with coke that doesn't go with just drinking it.

    • Keep coke syrup on hand for stomach upsets and flu. Available at most pharmacies. That way you avoid drinking the dratted stuff.

  • Hodari

    What a great way to read this article, since i happened to be drinking it right here!

    • Firefly

      Ha! Me too :)

  • janitorpoopitine

    coke can dissolve the corrosion on car battery terminals

  • Coke has a pH of 2, which is VERY acidic. However, if you pour an ounce or so of rum into your coke, you'll find the acidity neutralized nicely, making it safe to drink. Just my little contribution to the discussion and to science in general.

    • Nice tip…will try it soon today. Still a bit early here.

    • joe f

      So? its the same as lemon juice.
      mmmmm rum and coke thanks now I want one!

  • cjs

    No sure if anyone has pointed this out already but peeing on a sting is not the best thing to do. Medical advice states that it can actually worsen the effects of the sting and make it more painful. Maybe that point should be corrected.

    • I think it depends on the kind of jellyfish sting it is. They don't all sting in the same way, peeing helps some and makes others worse.

    • Pogs

      I think it depends on what stings you. I think it's that it helps on a jellyfish sting but makes a man of war sting worse. So you have to be sure of what the animal was.

  • Agrim

    PEPSI FTW !!!!!

    • Pogs

      Pepsi tastes like chemicals.

      • Arsnl

        And coke tastes natural? Yeah you’re right. I love cola fruits. But the kernels are annoying. Way to big.

  • deeeziner

    Do NOT substitute Shasta Diet Cola for Coca-Cola in a meat recipe. NOT the same thing, but my mother-in-law NEVER understood that. Worst roast beef nights EVER!!!!

    * * * * *

    As I read this list to my husband, he asked if NASCAR was mentioned. The pit crews use coca cola to give traction back to the ground if an oilspill occurs in the work zone. After the initial oil is removed, they scrub it into the stain to break down any remaining oil and keeps the mechanics from slipping as they rush to the driver's needs.

    Other oil absorbents can be picked up by the tires and ruin the drivers ability to control their car.

    * * * * * *

    If you should ever have to deal with the dreaded headlice, pour coca cola onto the scalp to dissolve the glue that the nits (eggs) are anchored with. They rinse easily down the drain when you shampoo.

    The weird things Moms have to learn when they have school age children.

    • badlist

      You read lists to your husband? Grow up

      • You're giving marriage advice? Grow up!

    • Lifeschool

      @ deeeziner: Yeah, my mother is just the same. v v interesting about the oil – I'm just about to change the oil in my car, so I may have to try that out. As for the lice – I had them once (and only the once thank God). I thought I'd tried everything to get rid of those bugs but I never tried coke. Here's hoping I never have to test that out.

  • Shelly

    Actually, peeing on a jellyfish sting is highly unsanitary and doesn't help in the least. Never go to a beach without a bottle of vinegar, though, if you're worried about stings. That really helps.

    • Just Thinking

      Urine is sterile, but it doesn't help with the jellyfish sting. Maybe some people just like to get peed on :-0

  • Arsnl

    Can cola be used to remove shame? I think argentina needs it if then.

  • remote snatcher

    Arsnl: rightly said.
    4-0?? WTF???

    • I just found out! Cannot believe it!

      • 4:0 was a bit harsh on those poor little Argentines ;-)
        still absolutely stoked about the result, we're gonna be champions!

        • Jules! I had no idea you were German. I shall cheer your team on in that case, since my own, USA, is long gone. I absolutely believe in championing friends teams.
          And to my other friends whose teams are still in contention, I will still cheer for them if you let me know which ones!

  • Cypher

    do some of these even work?

    I need more excuses to stockpile on them

  • Nicholaa Fiery Elf

    I remember when I was a girl in grade school doing an experiment using Coke and Pepsi. Fill up 2 jars each with 1 of the types of soda. Next grab 2 picked clean chicken leg bones left over from dinner. Add 1 bone per jar making sure them are completely submerged. Put the lids on and wait a few days. Remove the bones from the jars. Give them a good rinse. Now you can TIE THEM IN A KNOT!!!!!! At least you could tie the Coke one in a knot. The Pepsi one was a bit limp but not able to be tied.

  • samir

    in the number 9 paragraph (Pour over the can of coke and rub the window – then wipe it off with a damp cloth) needs to be rewritten. to 'Pour the can of coke over (item) and rub the window – '

  • chromeyes

    Coke does not have citric acid in it, unless it is a Lime or Lemon Coke.
    The acid in it, is phosphoric acid.
    Strangely enough, this is the same acid body shops use to prep metal before primeing.
    You are ingesting an industrial acid every time you drink Coke.
    Think about about that from now on.
    Honestly, I don't care. I drink a ton of Coke anyway. hehe

  • I was stung by a jellyfish. A picnicker had a jar of pickles and poured it over the sting. Even though it lessened the pain it still hurt like hell.

  • Also great for getting fat!

  • Asa Griggs Candler

    And another use of Coke is, It fulfills the fantasy of dieing from a kidney failure,pretty damn quickly.

  • Bryan

    that jellyfish is scary!! damn O_O

    we use coke to make the floor of a stage sticky so that dancers and performers wont slip when they perform..

  • Y.N.W.A.

    I hear some people even DRINK the stuff, sickos.

  • Some of these uses for Coca Cola are absolutely wonderful, I have used it for cleaning rust and battery cables, glass and de-blacken pots (how embarrassing to blacken one in the first place!).
    However, for drinking, there is only one soft drink I will consume: Reeds Extra Ginger Beer.
    I have been hooked on it from childhood. Ginger Ale will NOT suffice. Anyone who has ever had a Reeds Extra Ginger Beer will readily acknowledge the superiority.

    • deeeziner

      There was a family run fish and chips house in San Diego when I was a kid. Never had a basket of their food without a ginger beer to wash it down with. I don't know if it was Reed's, but it was good.

      You're right, no ale can compare with a beer.

      • I would lay odds on it being Reeds. It was the only game in town for a long, long time.
        Even now, I will rarely run across anything else claiming to be Ginger Beer.
        I get mine at Trader Joe's. The chain stores usually don't carry it, and where I live, there aren't any chain stores anyway.

        • The only Ginger Ale I will drink is Vernor's, made in Michigan, I believe. It is very good! A small cafe in Colorado Springs had a Ginger Beer… it wasn't Reed's, but I can't remember the name. It was SO good, that I always ordered two and took one home with me.

  • Coca Cola as a pain killer. Cool!

  • _-DAN-_

    My favorite use is to have whomever I am kissing drink it and then kiss me. It makes it taste way good!
    P.S. I think I heard one time it can be used as a contraceptive, but that might just be an urban legend.

  • hillerious

    I LOVE coke. I don't drink any other sodas, juices, anything but water- and then a coke every few days. I can't help but laugh at all the people talking about how bad it must be for you. Sure, it *is* probably bad for you, and it certainly has no real nutritional value, but as for me? Well, I'm pretty sure the whiskey and real butter will take me out sooner than the coke. I may very well live a shorter life, but at least I've truly enjoyed myself.

    Also, my favorite coke recipe (not much coke in it, really, but I think it makes a difference):

  • Misunderestimate

    I don`t drink Coke. I drink Lucozade. The stuff that makes you feel wide awake. So what does that do to your insides?

  • Mindymoo

    Bolivia has a a cola called "Coca Colla" with the actual coca leaf in it. I really need to go to Bolivia.

    • IRI

      been there, did that.
      It raste like crap but it`s the best energy drink ever

  • Thanks for mentioning this – when I was researching the list I came across it but didn't add it because Snopes seemed to have some doubt as to whether it was true or not.

  • LittleGlass

    Great list…although I'm not too sure if I want to finish my coke now…

  • Chineapplepunk

    I use it to swill around my tonsils when I get tonsilitis… I find it very soothing and it feels as though it clears my throat. Mind you, after seeing what else it cleans I'm not suprised!!

  • Will Trame

    I prefer Pepsi and Mountain Dew but I might pick up some coke to see if they can indeed applied to the situations listed above.

  • Coke is terrible for your teeth, though. A neighbor who swills three daily is a case in point.

  • Coke or pee for sea jelly stings? Are you out of your mind? Trust a Kiwi to have the wrong treatment for jelly stings – you never see any dangerous ones!

    THE universal treatment for stings at the beaches is VINEGAR – that's why, at every beach north of the Sunshine Coast, you will usually find regularly-spaced boxes on poles along the backs of beaches – and in each is a council-supplied bottle (or two) of Vinegar to pour over any tentacles and their attendant nematocysts – the vinegar neutralises the toxin.

    And remember that Austrealia is home to the two deadliest jellies on the planet – the Sea Wasp (Box Jelly) and the Irukandji.

    And while I'm at it – flat Lemonade is far more effective for stomach upsets than flat Coke – even Scottish Irn Bru is better than Coke – and it doesn't have to be flat (It's also real good for a hangover)

  • snowwhyte

    can you use other sodas for the same purposes? like dr. pepper or root beer?

  • rain

    nice nice list. number 10 will be useful

  • bubbles

    i remember growing up i used to love “arroz con cocacola” ie. rice with coke -to prepare you just make the rice as usual but instead of using just water, mix half coke and half water and no salt (if you usually put salt on your rice). You may add rasins or coconut-yum! Ps. i also remember my father placing a metallic spoon in a glass filled with coke – taking it out 2 weeks later and saying “imagine what this does to your insides” needless to say- coke was never the same.

  • I'm sure my mom will find all this very useful… If only I knew them when I was a kid…

  • remote snatcher

    this is totally off topic but anybody wanna tell me which team they’re rooting for to win the world cup??
    oh and inspite of all these different uses that coke has the only thing im gonna use it 4 is drinking it….d stuff is awsm!! won’t share with bugs.

  • So it is not advisable to drink coke and eat mentos or vice versa or else? YOu're tummy will explode :-)
    Did I make sense?At all?

  • I loved the Mythbusters episode when they tested a lot of uses for Coke. I've used it myself as a rust remover and meat marinade/tenderizer, and it's used as blood remover after car accidents and such where I live (Alabama). Great list!

  • oh damn, this drink if we look at the article in the mail it means very hard, it is difficult to remove may be lost, it also could have opened damaging organs in our bodies such as cleaning the rust and kill insects.

    I stop drinking soft drinks.

    • fajita

      holy shit! i have no idea what youre trying to say in this comment because it's written so poorly.

  • Adam Felt

    Is it just me or does the dust on the window in #9 kind of make an outline of an alien or something

  • Michael

    Problem is Coke as a cleaner does not better than anything else, as a matter of fact it does not cut through grease. See the Mythbusters episode on this subject before you go dumping Coke around your home since it just wont work like stated here.

    • As a window and glass cleaner, nothing beats a homemade combination of ammonia and water. If you desire an mildew cleaner, just add a bit of bleach to the above.
      We've been making our own household cleaners like that for years. They work far better than anything you can buy in the stores, it costs pennies a batch, and because you are reusing the same containers constantly, ecologically saner. One bottle of ammonia will make gallons of glass cleaner.
      It's just a win/win situation all around.

      • I put bleach in a spray bottle and about once a week I spray the bathtub and tiles with it after I shower. I've never had soap scum EVER.

        • EXACTLY!
          My husband and I run a Bed and Breakfast, and between our own bathrooms and the B&B bathroom, the Bleach mixture entirely eliminates even the suggestion of soap scum or mildew. Our household water is soft, so it would be easy for soap scum to build up, but the bleach mixture cuts through even the softest water residue.
          I'm glad you added the soap scum remedy to the mix, I am so used to it I absolutely forgot to mention it.

  • Who knew? I guess you did.

  • Wow- that jellyfish is HUGE!

    Kind of scary that we all drink so much of the stuff and it can clean up rust! Really…. I wonder what it is doing to our insides?

    The most interesting one to me was that you can mix it with barbque sauce and make a merinade. I might have to try that! :-)

  • erin

    unclog a PEG tube. only dark sodas work…

  • ajurNA


  • what a REFRESHING list
    get it?

  • Dude

    i knew there's something about coke that i love other than its taste. Cheers!

  • Once I bought a huge desert rose and I was told by the salesman to wash it with coke to clean it perfectly. He was right!

  • bluesman87

    @Shutterman dude you giving me a serious case of munchies…

  • I usually warn ppl against drinking Coke. Hope this helps turn off alot more ppl… I've heard a story that Coke truck drivers actually carry extra Coke, just in case they have engine trouble, like battery pole corrosion, etc…. Tell me, should humans continue to consume this?

  • Tell me: Using something that can be used to remove rust, is something you'd used to consume? May as well drink drain cleaner, what do ya say?.. I would try Coke on the pots at home, we were to throw out, though…

  • Yeah, I remember my screen printing instructor told us when he worked in the print shop back in Ireland they used Coca-cola an industrial degreaser on metal they planned to print on. I'll still drink the stuff though.

  • Carole

    Have you actually tried using coke for any of these things? It doesn't work that great

  • Markus

    For those worried about Coke causing them harm, don't be. The acidity of Coke is no more than that of lemonade, which I'm sure you wouldn't think twice about drinking (unless you're teething).

  • Angela

    The fact it can 'derust' metal makes me rethink ever wanting to drink it again. What does it do to your body, other than the obvious????

  • Both Coke and Pepsi can de-ice the locks on your car if they've frozen shut. Back when people took care of their own car engines, the terminals on the battery could be de-gunked with some Coke. Mix Coke with sliced apples and cook them for a caramel apple treat – use diet Coke for a low calorie treat.

  • Top Kill

    Great list. I once used coca cola as the engine coolant for my aging car. It worked perfectly. Ofcourse i could hav urinated into the radiator saving some dollars but what the heck, it worked. I still use it on my range rover sports. Perfect.

  • Great!!!!! Now i have a cheap easy way to get all the blood off of most of my clothes!!!!!! Muh hahahahahah!!!!

  • Steelman88

    I've got a use for coke that most people don't now about – getting rid of kidney stones.

    I've had them and followed this recipe and it worked:

    Drink 2 liters of coke in a 1 hour period (harder than you think)
    Follow that by eating 6oz of pureed asparagus
    Stones should pass within 1/2 hour. Worked for me.

  • haydn

    can we please stop with the pee thing for a jellyfish sting … it is nothing but a myth …

  • disbeliever

    *ahem*, who actually provide sources.

  • Kerahdah

    Makes you wonder what it could do to your stomach lining!

  • Militant Bibliophile

    I can add one: cleaning howitzers. After firing, the easiest way to clean out the carbon from the tube is to plug one end, pour in a 2 liter of Coke and drive home with it (or start punching the tube immediately, just keep one end plugged. Getting it foaming and all over the inside is the point). Once you get there, drain and punch and most of the carbon comes right out. It carves massive amounts of time off the job and would work on just about any firearm (or so I imagine). Also works on battery terminals.

  • anti-society

    Slugs and snails aren't bugs they're molluscs you moron.

  • Markus

    If you have a slipping clutch in your car, pour Coke on it, and voila.

  • mmm

    cleaning howitzers: useful is so many ways!!

  • visionfudge

    Wacky Uses for Coca-Cola!
    It's quite handy around the home! A short, fun clip here:

  • icily

    i used to suffer from bladder and kidney infections, i cut out coke and pepsi and bam havent had any problems since. That shit is just plain bad for you

  • Lorkin

    From syrup it always seems to cure my hangovers too =)

  • mattycombs

    Ditto On unclogging feeding tubes, but also for busting clots out of central iv lines if nothing else is available.

  • bbQGrill

    I love to know about Barbecue!! Its my passion….

  • jammyjas

    dus it work on alloy wheels ?

  • Coke is a MIRACLE.


    I LOVE Coca-Cola! :D

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  • jerryleana

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  • Hailoper

    Does Pepsi do the same thing?

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  • Jessie

    Actually, the weirdest is one is that prostitutes used to use Coca-Cola to clean out their body in between clients. As old Coke is rumored to properly kill sperm.

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