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Top 10 Terrifying Questions in Movies

This is an unusual topic for a list, but (as you will see) it makes for great reading. Here we look at ten questions posed in movies that make you shudder – because as soon as you hear it, you remember what comes next; and that is almost always something dreadful. Be sure to add your own favorites to the comments.



GoodfellasThe Question: “What do you mean I’m funny?”

This one is on the list because, at first, it is delivered harmlessly, and then the gravity of it is suddenly thrust upon us like a landmine. It is also the first of two appearances on this list from the 1990 mafia classic. Joe Pesci, brilliantly portraying Mafioso Tommy DeVito, is shooting the breeze and trading laughs with Ray Liotta, portraying Henry Hill, and others at a table. Everyone is laughing and having a knee-slapping good time listening to Tommy’s exploits. After really laughing up a storm at something Tommy said, Henry says “You’re really funny.” At first Hill isn’t taking Tommy’s response seriously as he’s figuring he hadn’t insulted him. DeVito gradually drops his smile all together and, after another mobster tries to calm him down, he says “No, no, he’s a big boy. He knows what he said.” Now the mood at the table is deathly serious as everyone, including Hill, is now fearing Tommy has, indeed, taken it as a grievous insult and seems terrified of what he’s going to do next. At the end of this suddenly intense pause, Hill gets it and laughingly tells Tommy to “Get the fuck out of here.” Everyone at the table, including Tommy, starts laughing and actually appear relieved that Tommy wasn’t serious. Tommy actually says “I almost had him.” And anyone who’s seen this juggernaut wise guy movie began to breath again after this moment.


Gran Torino

Gran-Torino2The Question: “Have you ever come across someone you shouldn’t have fucked with?”

Now, if we were to have a terrifying movie question on the list that was delivered by a character portrayed by Clint Eastwood, you’d figure it would have to be the timeless “Do you feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?” from Dirty Harry. But the reason this one beats that one out is because it’s just as thought provoking, but a tad more directive in nature. Portraying disgruntled Korean War Veteran, Walt Kowalski, Eastwood happens upon a teenage girl and her spineless boyfriend, who are basically being manhandled by a couple of thug life galoots. The two are not taking Kowalski seriously at all as they see him as a foolish old man that they could easily beat down if he doesn’t leave like they tell him to. It is right in the confines of this safe moment for these two guys that Kowalski poses this question. Then suddenly, like everyone on the edge of their seat engrossed in the moment, they realize that no one would dare ask this question if they WEREN’T someone that was not to be fucked with! Before this scene is over, Kowalski rescues the girl from the thugs, and from having a frail boyfriend and even winds up looking good with the thugs too. Clint Eastwood style—a definite must see. I think anyone would agree that it’s truly terrifying to have this question posed to you, but picture it coming from the steely, assassin-like glare of an angry Clint Eastwood and it’s magnified a hundred times over.



Goodfellas1The Question: “What did I tell you? What did I tell you?”

Just like number 10 on this list, this question from Goodfellas makes the list because of the timing of delivery and the sudden nature of the seriousness of the question. Robert DeNiro’s portrayal of lifetime wise guy, Jimmy Conway, was legendary like every other role he’s ever had. As the organizer of the infamous Lufthansa Heist, Conway, based on real life wise guy Jimmy Burke, was on edge about not having any attention drawn to his crew, and especially himself, immediately following the heist. As members of his crew begin to file into the bar to celebrate, when he sees some of the big time purchases some of them have made, he becomes infuriated. While also trying to keep his cool, he grabs one of them, who is gloating to him about a car he just bought, by the collar, stares him right in the eye as if he were a little child and sternly belts out this question to him, TWICE. Instantly, you realize that this guy just fucked up. And to make things worse, after Jimmy makes it clear to the guy that he’s going to take the car back, the guy actually has the nads to say something under his breath. This gets Conway’s ire up even more causing him to throw out an equally terrifying question which was, “Are you fuckin’ trying to be a smart guy with me?” I feel that it wasn’t until after this sequence with Conway that we knew how powerful this man’s influence was with his crew at this time.


The Terminator

The Terminator-11355The Question: “Are you Sarah Conner?”

This question is not only more than worthy of being on this list, it has also become a pop culture staple in movie phrases outright. Now, he’s the “Governator”, running California with an iron hand but back then our good friend Ahhnuuld, was an up and coming, muscle ripped action movie dynamo. Portraying a frighteningly emotionless cyborg from the future, sent back in time to kill a woman that would give birth to the leader of his kind’s mortal enemies, which was US as humans, Schwarzenegger delivered this question to his first victim early in the film. After watching good ol’ Termie stock up on weapons, ammunition, and then kill the guy that tried to sell them to him, this question definitely terrified us because after he asked it, we sort of knew what was coming next. A hail of gunfire and then probably a computer readout in his head that said “TARGET IS DECEASED. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.” Over the course of the movie franchise, the Sarah Conner he was really after became a real ass-kicker (played with brutal intensity by the lovely Linda Hamilton). It took more than futuristic cyborgs to stop her. Cancer to be exact, but that was well after her son John, the exalted leader of the human resistance, was safely birthed and on his way to making SKYNET pay for trying to exterminate us.


The Dark Knight

Dark Knight 18The Question: “Why so serious?”

This question sounds harmless enough. Three simple words forming a question that is designed to actually lighten the mood. But have them come out of the mouth of the most demented serial killer, super villain in comic book history, holding a very sharp straight razor, and preparing to carve up a guy’s head like a Halloween pumpkin, and they form a question terrifying enough to make this list. It’s no secret now that Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker in the Dark Knight was as epic as it was dark and gritty. I’m pretty sure he had a few other scary questions in that film that I may have overlooked, but this one is a standout. Thug Gambol, portrayed by Michael Jai White, wanted the Joker dead. The Joker feigns death; pretending to be delivered to Gambol dead by hired thugs. While viewing the “dead” Joker’s body, Gambol is sprang upon by a surprisingly alive and well Joker. Holding the razor closely to Gambol’s face, the Joker eerily pulls us through the dark side once again by recanting yet another, and different, story of how his own face became carved and mutilated. He then proceeds to, to coin a phrase from the defunct sketch comedy show In Living Color, “carve up Gambol like negro sushi.”


The first and original

Michael07The Question: “Was that the boogey man?”

No disrespect to Rob Zombie’s new Halloween franchise, which I liked, but I felt it did not hold a candle to the creep factor in John Carpenter’s original 1978 classic. This movie set the standard for all crazed serial killer slasher movies to follow that came after it. And it magically did this without a lot of blood and gore. From the original score of the movie, to the way Michael Myers creeped through it like an apparition from another world, to the unfeeling and cold blooded murders of his victims, this movie nailed everything to the wall (including one of the victims). By the time our heroine, Jamie Lee Curtis, in her very first full length feature film, asked this question, we were all exhausted from sheer fright and horror as Mr. Myers stabbed, choked and slashed his way to this climax. Portraying Laurie Strode, who turns out to be Mikey’s sister, battered and bloodied and through tears, she is speaking to Dr. Loomis when she asks this question. Loomis was portrayed with sheer raw power by the late, great Donald Pleasance. Hats off to Loomis, who tried at every turn to convince us of how evil ol’ MM was, but we just couldn’t quite grasp it. Having been thoroughly spooked out at this point by Haddonfield’s finest, we already knew Dr. Loomis’ answer, “As a matter of fact it was.”


The Godfather

Godfather-3The Question: “Can you get me off the hook, Tom? For old times’ sake?”

America’s love affair with all things mafia would not be what it is without the Godfather. I officially don’t like anyone who doesn’t like the Godfather. With all the great lines in this film, it’s no wonder there’s a question from it on this list. The question itself is not all that terrifying and neither is the answer; what IS terrifying is knowing what both means. Abe Vigoda is portraying mafia point man, Sal Tessio, and he has already betrayed newly appointed Don Michael Corleone (I shouldn’t have to mention the awesome brilliance of Al Pacino in this role, but I will). What he doesn’t know is that Michael knows it, and so does his consigliari Tom Hagen. While he was trying to set up Michael, Michael set him up. Believing that he has successfully deceived Michael and is going with him to a “meeting”, Tessio and Hagen are intercepted by one of the bodyguards. He tells them that the boss is going to come in a separate car. Tessio says that will screw up his arrangements, to which the guard replies, “well, that’s what he says.” After they begin to proceed to their vehicle, Hagen stops and tells Tessio that he can’t go with him, either, as several bodyguards surround Tessio, it becomes obvious that Michael has found him out, and now he’s about to pay for his betrayal with his life. Probably because his character was an old salt in the business, and knowing how these things go, he takes it well and even asks Hagen to tell Michael that it was only business and that he always liked him. To me the terrifying part comes next. Tessio shows us that the fear of death can even get to an old Mafioso like him. Before Hagen splits, he looks at him with sad eyes and poses this now classic question. Without hesitation, Hagen looks back at him and says “Can’t do it, Sally.” Tessio is then lead into the car and driven away to his doom.


When A Stranger Calls

Whenstranger1The Question: “Have you checked the children?”

This question has become so popular in American pop culture that when one voices it you instantly think of the horrifying movie it came from. As with Halloween, earlier, this seventies fright film has been imitated but, in my humble opinion, not outdone by it’s successors in 1993 or 2006. There are two things that are terrifying about this question. Number one, any threat against a defenseless child is terrifying, and two, picture it being posed to you telephonically by some maniac IN the same house with you!! Carol Kane is portraying Jill Johnson, who tragically, has to listen to the maniacal Curt Duncan, portrayed by actor Tony Beckley, ask her this not once but twice in the movie. The first time, she’s a young babysitter when he hits her with it. It’s horrifying to think that children you were hired to care for could be horribly murdered right underneath your nose, but it turns out that Duncan had already killed the children several hours earlier. Time and adulthood can’t save her from being in this situation again. This time, she’s a married wife and mother of two kids, herself. She and her husband are out celebrating a promotion, and a babysitter is at home with her kids. While at the restaurant, she receives another call from the homicidal Duncan who is now posing this question referring to her children. Eventually, we learn that her kids are okay but that doesn’t stop an explosive final confrontation between her and Duncan. Oh, and I should mention that veteran actor Charles Durning portrays cop turned private eye, John Clifford, who bursts in and saves the day at the very end.


Marathon Man

Marathon-Man LThe Question: “Is it safe?”

Our question at number two comes from one of the best movies of all times. I would say that’s my opinion, but it’s also the opinion of millions of others as well. Based on a novel by William Golden, this 1976 suspense thriller is so good, that I can’t do it justice by trying to rip through the whole thing in this short blurb about the now world-famous question from the movie. It is an absolute must see, and crushes many modern day suspense movies into a fine powder. If you see it at Blockbuster, please rent it. Hell, right now it can’t be an expensive buy and if you bought it, you definitely would not be wasting your money. I’m going to thrust you right into the gripping moment of our question, though. Dustin Hoffman, with flawless excellence, is portraying Thomas “Babe” Levy, a history Ph D candidate, who has been abducted by Nazi war criminal Doctor Christian Szell, played by Sir Lawrence Olivier. So evil was Szell that he was voted to be one of the top 100 movie villains of all time by the American Film Institute. Szell mistakenly believes that Babe has vital information he needs in his efforts to obtain a very expensive, and rare, diamond collection. Outside of being a Nazi, Szell is also a skilled dentist. He uses these “skills” to torture Babe into giving him the information he wants. Unfortunately for Babe, Babe really does not know the information. So, Szell starts drilling holes in his teeth while repeating this question over and over again. It is a code question for this specific situation but Babe has no idea what the answer is and at one point, he answers one way and then when the question is repeated, he does a 180 and answers the opposite way in a desperate attempt to end the torture. He eventually passes out and those of us watching are left literally holding our mouths shut to give extra protection to our teeth.


At Close Range

00374The Question: “If they put you up in front of that grand jury, what you gone tell ‘em?”

Though gripping and compelling at times, At Close Range wasn’t one of those movies that you could officially classify as memorable. I liked it a lot and so did a lot of Christopher Walken fans. What gives this question the number one spot on this list is that the movie is not a work of fiction. It is based on the real life story of Bruce Johnston, Sr., head of a crime family in rural Pennsylvania in the 60’s and 70’s. In the film, Walken portrays Brad Whitewood, Sr., the character based on Johnston. A good movie but quite tragic; it will make your stomach churn. At a critical point in the film, Whitewood realizes that the police is getting close to him and his crew, which included sons Brad Jr. and Tommy (portrayed by real life brothers Sean and Chris Penn). To prevent the police from discovering him, he decides to execute his own sons and the other new members of the crew that may give him up. The question above comes from the scene where he and his crew take Tommy out to a secluded area. To make this scenario even more morbid than it sounds, his grave is already dug for his soon to be lifeless body. That’s when his father poses this terrifying question to him. Tommy tells him no without hesitation or trepidation. There is then a silent and motionless moment, then Tommy realizes that his father is going to kill him, anyway. He pleads with his father, briefly, before his father calls him a liar and shoots him in the face at point blank range. I made this question number one because it is both heartbreaking and quite frightening that a father would do this to his own son…and it actually happened in real life.

  • Arsnl

    Damn kid. I bet those years spent sqasjing your zits in front of that computer screen are all worth it now.

    • Same thing can be said about you….but without the “worth it”

  • G to the OLD!
    nicely done.
    i can personally relate to #1 and 2


    "What is your purpose?" – Survive Style 5+
    "Feelin lucky, punk?" – Dirty Harry
    "Does he look like a bitch? " – Pulp Fiction

    • Instead of "Does he look like a bitch" I would go with the first question: "I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?" or "What does Marsellus Wallace look like?"

  • Kimani

    “Could you spare some cutter, me brother?” A Clockwork Orange.

    • camo

      Your quote has me wondering whether A Clockwork Orange was the inspiration behind Echo & The Bunnymen's seedy, yet sensational track called, "The Cutter":

      "Cut it up…
      Cut it up…

      Who's on the seventh floor
      Brewing alternatives?
      What's in the bottom drawer
      Waiting for things to give?

      Spare us the cutter.
      Spare us the cutter.
      Couldn't cut the

      Conquering myself until
      I see another hurdle approaching.
      Say we can, say we will,
      Not just another drop in the ocean."

      • oliveralbq

        good tune man
        the line in clockwork orange, when the homeless cat asks the droogs for 'cutter', he's trying to snake some change — cutter being slang for money, it seems as if that quote is said by a simple panhandler.

        somehting in this song always made me think it was about a cutter.
        i do know why……
        well, first of all, consolidated came out with a song about cutters around the same time.
        it was the first track on "business of punishment"…i tink it was called 'cutting'.
        as different as these bands are, i tied them together for some reason, probably due to their proximity in release dates.

        the other thing — this little part made me think i was right.::
        watch the fingers close
        when the hands are cold.
        am i the happy loss?
        will i still recoil
        when the skin is lost?
        am i the worthy cross?
        will i still be soiled
        when the dirt is off?

        i actually never thought about the other association, but i can see it in a stretch.

        • camo

          Mate, you continue to impress with your taste in the tunes… Echo & The Bunnymen are fucking awesome. That whole era of 80's English was fucking awesome… bands like The Psychedelic Furs, Depeche Mode, The Jam and The Smiths… they sit atop my musical mountain. I would without a doubt put 'Bring On The Dancing Horses' in my Top 10 of all-time… 'The Cutter' and 'The Killing Moon' would be not far behind.

          Cheers for clearing up the application of 'cutter' in Clockwork Orange. I am not familiar with Consolidated at all, so no comment there, but I have been doing a spot of Echo research and it appears that 'The Cutter' has a couple of meanings… depending on who you ask:

          One interpretation is that 'the seventh floor' was at an old BBC building where (on the 7th floor) there were recording studios. The cutter was the guy who would chop the recordings and splice them back together using sellotape (which is mentioned in one of the later verses)… hence 'spare us the cutter' was basically saying to the BBC execs to leave their sound unaltered and give them a chance… that they possessed talent and were not a flash in the pan (or a 'drop in the ocean').

          A completely different, quite amusing interpretation was that the song refers to circumcision… kind of disturbing when you look at the section of the song that you quoted… 'watch the fingers close, when the hands are cold'… eek.

  • Homer Sexual

    don't worry, its totally safe, JUGAJUGAJUGA BOOM!

  • don't set yourself up so easily
    the internets isn't a nice place for people who finish first
    so negative points
    nom nom one thumbs down for you

  • List was not as scary as I had hoped. Why the fuck am I cleaning my house fucked up at 5 am!?

  • danny k

    Because ur a tweaker!

  • Gav

    Also from "Goodfellas" – "Are you gonna take that?

    "What does Marcellus Wallace look like?" (Pulp Fiction)

    " I'm right about that, right? That's correct? That's your story?" (Reservoir Dogs)

    " He got a real pretty mouth ain't he? " (Deliverance)

    Just a few more questions I have no inclination to be around for the answer.

  • Armadillotron

    What about, "Be afraid. Be very afraid." out of The Fly? That scared the shit out of me.

    • This list is about questions. "Be afraid" is not a question. Try it. "Be afraid?".

      • jeffthemaori

        Here's one for you: Will the Wallabies beat the All Blacks? (No of course :-D )

  • jeffthemaori

    Great list, very interesting.

    "Hi, I'm Chucky, wanna play?" -Child's Play

    "Are you going to shoot me?" "That depends. Do you see me?" -No Country for Old Men

    "Who will survive and what will be left of them?" -The Texas Chainsaw Massacre promo line. (1974)

    • mofunky

      A scarier question would be "Heads or tails?" from No Country for Old Men

      • mofunky

        Oops, I think somebody down there got the exact quote

  • I know this isn't a question, but it made me question eating meat (for about 10 seconds) :
    "Meats meat, and a man's gotta eat." – Motel Hell (1980)

    • That is my favorite B-movie of all time. Just remember the song:

      You're eatin' out my heart and soul babe
      You're feastin' off my better side
      Whoever knew you'd be this way, girl
      Who knows what a pretty face can hide

    • TEX

      It takes all kind-a critters to make farmer Vincent’s fritters.

  • kasaa

    while i'm not a fan of the saw series the question "do you want to play a game?" is still really creepy

  • mko

    "What's the most you have ever lost on a coin toss?" – No Country for Old Men

  • icet224

    What about the most famous line from the Scream series:

    'What's your favorite scary movie?'

    It's just as well known as all of the ones in the list (if not more so than a few), and it's usually a pretty innocent questions. The fear in it is brought by the entire situation from the initial scene (Casey Becker on the phone talking with a stranger, thinking it's just harmless flirting, until things start getting serious.) That question, alone, came to define Scream, it was perfect for describing Scream's self referential style as a horror film, and became one of the most chilling questions I've ever seen put to film, since it's one I'm asked pretty often, lol. (Plus, there are only a few other questions that seem so meaningless, that can have such an impact, lol)

    • I was wondering where this one was. You can't have a list of terrifying movie questions without Scream's famous quote.

    • Laurabelle

      I highly agree with this one. That line has become a horror movie staple and the one I thought of immediately when I saw the title of this list.

    • I disagree, I'm so glad that it wasn't on the list. It's a terrible film and not scary and if the question was on the list it would just show a lack of imagination.


    "how many miles would you say 10 million miles?"–kung pow

  • Weeza

    That wasn't her boyfriend in Gran Torino, it was her younger brother.

    • Julius

      The lister doesn't refer to the lawn scene where Kowalski breaks up the fight between Thao and "Spider" but to the scene where Kowalski is driving back from the hairdressers (or something like that), and sees Sue getting harassed by a 3 thugs. The picture and the scene described don't match up that's why it was a bit confusing for me too at first….

      • necropenguin

        good clarification. i was wondering about that too.

      • Jonny Bronson

        What's really confusing is he describes that scene but the quote actually is from the lawn scene.

  • jack

    "what's in the box?" – se7en.

    • Hi Mom

      Whoa, that is scary…Lol.

    • Atticus

      First one I thought of when I read the list title. Can't believe it wasn't on here!

    • Andres

      That was the only moment in movie history that actually got me really, really, really (I can't emphasize that enough) frightened. Bravo, sir, for bringing that one up.

    • Neeshad

      Oooooooh, that's a good one

  • "I know what you're thinkin'. 'Did he fire six shots or only five?' Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I've kinda lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya punk?"
    – Definetely my favourite movie question/speech ever, although Gran Torino is fairly impressive too…..nice list…

  • Great list!!!

    I loved reading about all of these. The original 'Halloween' is my all-time favorite movie. Just a tiny bone to pick – the picture you used for 'Halloween' is actually from Rob Zombie's 2007 version. No big deal, though.

    I also think that "What's your favorite scary movie?" from Scream could have been included, but I'm a biased horror movie fanatic ;)

    Still, awesome list!

  • Hahaha! That was brilliant! :) But what about "Do you feel lucky…punk?" (from "Dirty Harry")? Or: "Are you looking at me?" (from "Taxi Driver")? I did love the list, but those should have been included. :D

    • fenda! I swear to God, we must have been separated at birth! I was going to add " Are you looking at me?" from Taxi Driver, myself…I have lost count of the number of times you have beat me to the punch on a particular comment.
      Good man.

      • fluffhead234508

        its "are you talkin' to me?" And yea that shoud definitely be on there

  • Arsnl

    “who needs reasons when you’ve got heroin?” trainspotting. Not terrifying but the movies was. Especially bigbie.
    Also who here didnt cheer when tommy (goodfellas) got made. :-)

    • good call arsnl….
      !!! trainspotting
      i forgot all about that scene——-

  • Pope John Paul II

    Does he LOOK like a BITCH?

  • dah dah dah diogenes

    "what the fuck is that?" screams the crybaby girl in blair witch while running all crazy through the woods at night.

    and another 'horror' you don't see-

    "What's wrong with it's eyes?" – Rosemary's Baby

  • dum dum dah diogenes

    just wasted a lil' time and looked it up

    Rosemary Woodhouse: What have you done to him? What have you done to his eyes, you maniacs!
    Roman Castevet: He has his father's eyes.
    Rosemary Woodhouse: What do you mean? Guy's eyes are normal!

  • oliveralbq

    this is a good idea for a list.
    i'm not so sure about the execution, but super clever idea.
    the good news: so many people have already left such great quotes in the comments section, that when i get home this evening there are going to be about 125 good ones (and apparently 17 or so that arent even questions — armadillo)

    this subject is too vast to have 20% of the list from 1 movie.
    i like goodfellas, but cmon.

    dopetype's & julius' comment (from dirty harry) — jeffthemaori (javier bardem's creepy ass quote) — kasaa got that one from saw (which,by itself i suppose was creepy (the 1st time) even though the movies sucked ass) — but kimani with the clockwork orange quote wins so far.

    just for the sake of being different, here's about 5 different terrifyingish questions from a conversation between bill pullman's character and robert blake's mystery man character in lost highway.

    this was the first thing that came to mind when i saw the list title

    –mystery man: we've met before, haven't we?
    fred madison: i don't think so. where was it you think we met?
    –mystery man: at your house. don't you remember?
    fred madison: no. no, i don't. are you sure?
    mystery man: of course. as a matter of fact, i'm there right now.
    –fred madison: what do you mean? you're where right now?
    mystery man: at your house.
    fred madison: that's fucking crazy, man.
    mystery man: call me. dial your number. go ahead
    [fred dials the number and the mystery man answers]
    mystery man: [over the phone] i told you i was here.
    fred madison: [amused] how'd you do that?
    mystery man: ask me.
    [fred's facial expression turns from amused to serious as he's clearly rembering the anonymous video tapes]
    –fred madison: [angrily into the phone] how did you get inside my house?
    mystery man: [voice] you invited me. it is not my custom to go where i am not wanted.
    –fred madison: [into the phone] who are you?
    mystery man: [voice] give me back my phone.
    [fred gives the cell phone back to the man in front of him]
    mystery man: it's been a pleasure talking to you.

    • One of the most terrifying conversations ever (on film).
      It tells you exactly who the mystery man is, without being told…and that adds to the creep factor by several powers of degree.
      Fred seems a bit of a simpleton here, or maybe just so deep in denial of what he once did, that it begs believability…but then, most "scary" movies depend on the characters doing very stupid things; going into dark rooms alone while a crazed killer is about, going for midnight swims in shark infested waters (one joke about my own swim and the commenter gets a monitor as a hat), a walk into the dark woods to gather fire-wood just after hearing the news of an escaped insane killer.
      If not for the truly idiotic, there would be no scary movies.
      Some of the movies above do not fall into that category, neither does Lost Highway, actually, it, and several others occupy a separate niche.
      The movies above, seven of them anyway, fall into three discrete categories:
      The Godfather
      When a Stranger Calls
      Marathon Man

      Gran Torino

      At Close Range

      • Julius

        Now, for all of you who had to google tl;dr (like me) here's a short explanation on how skinner4251 tried to be witty/relevant/a troll:
        "too long; didn't read."
        1. The inability to accept, understand or pay attention to information when not separated by a header.
        2. The ability to arbitrarily read 400 small posts but not a long one.
        3. A sign of ADD or lack of reading capability.
        4. A very cheap response and an indication of lack of wit.
        5. 90% of the time: A lie.
        6. A desperate attempt at a comeback used by people who just can't think of one.
        7. Usually used by people who've been torn apart verbally but want one last attempt at looking witty.
        8. Total failure at #7.
        7. A sign that, not only is someone too lazy and stupid to read but, clearly, too lazy and stupid to even type out four words indicating such.
        9. Collect every "tl,dr" post online, and you'll have a good estimate of the number of lazy idiots on Earth, who currently have Internet access.
        10. Should really be: "Too Lazy, Don't Read."
        In this case, I think 1,2,4,5,7 all apply…

        • welcome to the internet.

        • Arsnl

          Aaaaahhh urbandictionary. Where else would i found out what a turkish snowcone or a dutch rudder is.

        • oliveralbq

          haha—classic julius–
          i never saw this post from you until now.

          although i think #9 deserves a mention too.

        • randomguy

          And was it only me that read your post and realized you repeated #7? haha. I think it’s ironic on the part of other posters who replied. lol.

      • fendabenda

        This is not about films, actually, but people can be that stupid in real life as well. I live in a small town surrounded by a lot of woods and here be bears. It seems that whenever there's a public announcement that people should stay indoors and keep their doors locked, there are bear sightings, people do exactly the opposite: they run outdoors in droves to see if they could catch the bear on film… "Where's the bear? Me want a picture…" :D
        Oh btw, it's not allowed to shoot a bear on sight where I live…. unless it's attacking you right on. Then you can kill it with Capoeira or Karate if you can. :)

        • segues

          fenda, your town sounds something like my village on CA.'s central coast. We live in the woods, just 1/4 mile off the ocean and, though it's very rare, we do get the occasional bear sighting.
          Same warning.
          Same reaction.
          We have an Elephant Seal rookery. Have you ever seen a full grown Bull Elephant Seal?
          And angry, and aggressive, and full of testosterone in the mating season.
          So the rookery had to be fenced off, because tourists would get down among the Bulls to "get a good shot", and end up injured or worse.

    • well, i guess they have all been covered but i guess i'll just put them up here. and i haven't seen the first 3 movies. so, oliver, what have i missed?

      What does Marcellus Wallace look like?

      What's the most you have ever lost on a coin toss?

      Could you spare some cutter, me brother?

      Who needs reasons when you've got heroin?


      So how did we end up here? – Inception. when Cobb is talking to Adriane. not terrifying i guess, but very very thrilling?

      Also, in a completely unrelated incident, I am halfway through Deer Hunter… But the DVD is in a very bad condition…

      • oliveralbq

        the whole first part, i will answer tomorrow.
        good questions — but i only have a sec.

        but what is wrong with your deer hunter dvd?
        how do you like it so far?
        you can borrow mine — although if i recall correctly, you are on the other side of the earth from me.

      • oliveralbq

        crap man — forgot about this———
        ''what does marcellus wallace look like?
        he's black
        he's bald
        does he look like a bitch?
        does he look like a bitch?
        then why'd you try to fuck him like one?
        i didn't
        yes, you did, yes you did, you tried to fuck him like one.
        and marcellus wallace doesn't like to be fucked by anyone other than mrs. wallace."

        no country for old men –
        great dialogue — anton is creepy as fuck.
        "could you spare some cutter, me brother?"
        um….not to be repeatitive, but alex delarge is creepy as fuck

        "who needs reasons when you've got heroin?"
        i choose not to choose life, i choose something else"

        since i read this list first, i have thought of so many that were terrifying in context. out of context, not so much. i mesn — it was a fine list, but it was lacking. if jamie ever sticks this on a podcast, and includes the whole conversation, it would be a little better to those who havnt seen these films. and if he sticks in something from lost highway (biased personal wish)

        i wanted to see inception, but got swamped my last off days — whoch are tue/wed, and i'mm gonna do my damnedist to catch it wed.

        your dvd was acting like an asshole? ever get to finish it?

        • lalabhaiya

          ya. good idea to cover the whole conversation in a podcast. have been seeing a lot of monty python of late and was thinking whether something can be added to the list from there…

          you STILL haven't seen inception? watch it. i am sure you'll have a lot to say and think after that. the dvd, well, my friend, is ruined. i'll have to get a new one… but i'll watch it soon. hopefully.

  • Good list – unusual topic – enjoyed the read, it brings back memories about movies you have forgotten about.

  • Marky B

    ''Are you gonna bark all day little doggy, or are you gonna bite?'' – definately one of my favourite questions in movie history, cant beat Reservoir Dogs.

  • Lifeschool

    Yeah, can only add “You lookin at me??!” for a second time in the comments – not a bad list.

  • Taxi driver!! You talkin' to me? Yeaaah!

  • Maan..that one line set the whole movie..Travis Bickle's intentions were clear..superb!

  • brock

    "so you wanna go out and i`ll eat your pussy" from jaws 4 i believe xD

  • missmozell

    "Wanna see something really scary?"

    You had the two I thought of immediately, from When a Stranger and Marathon Man.

  • Cool list. Thought of Deliverance right away. Could have a part 2 to this one based on the comments. Great job.

  • Jessie

    It's Sarah Connor. With an 'o'.

  • Andy

    I'm Ron Burgundy?

  • Nic

    "Well, Clarice – have the lambs stopped screaming?"

    • Eve

      yyeessss – i'd been sitting here trying to think of the exact quote!

  • Magnumto

    Another by Clint Eastwood, from The Outlaw Josey Wales:

    "Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?"

    Maybe not terrifying, but action packed. And you KNOW what happens next…

  • "Is this Clarice?" – Hannibal Lecter to Clarice Starling from Hannibal. If that single question over the phone does not give you chills, you're not human. :-)

  • Norman Bates asking himself, "Norman, is that you?" from Psycho.

  • Arsnl

    “How much more black could this be?”
    Now THAT was thrilling. How could a documetary where youve got two spontaneous human combustions not be thrilling.

    • What is the name of the movie, Arsnl?

      • Arsnl

        This is Spinal tap :-p. Its a classic line. Kinda like 11 out of 10.
        They want to make an album. And cuz the original cover was banned they make a new one thats completly black. And one guy says. “how much more black could this be? The answer is non…non more black”. Classic :-)

        • Ah! It's wonderful!
          Thank you.

  • FlockO'Seagulls

    Two greats from Tarantino:

    "All you gonna bark all day, little doggie, or are you going to bite?" Reservoir Dogs

    "What does Marcellus Wallace look like?" Pulp Fiction

  • I've got another one: "Baby wants to fuck!!!" (Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet). :D :D :D

    • camo

      That is not a question.

  • And here's another: "I need you to stay still" (Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men). I won't spoil it for you in case you haven't seen the film, but it IS a brilliant scene. :)

    • camo

      Neither is this. You're not good at this, are you?

      • Right. I guess I'm not good at this. I thought we were looking for scary clauses, none of what I said were actually questions. I beg your pardon, I should have read the original question better.

      • You needn't make it personal, camo.
        If you want someone to begin pointing out every error you make, in public, that can be arranged. Easily.
        Care to take a chance on that?

        • segues, it seems that someone seriously dislikes me and thumbs down all of my messages. I know I'm a controversial person, and that's how I like it. But could you thumb my messages up, just to piss camo off? :D

          • fenda, I always thumb up your comments because, in one way or another, they always do something to make my day a bit brighter.
            How are you a controversial person? Did you do something horrible while I wasn't paying attention? You're interesting. I think that is a more fitting description.
            As for camo, you can see my response to his nitpicky little comments to you. That's how I feel about him. If he cares to continue to behave like a 5 year-old on the playground, it's easy enough to deal with that. He can't just harass you for no good reason. It's in the FAQ, for one thing. For another…well, we won't go there.

          • camo

            Ok fendabenda… ease up for just a minute. Yes, I was being a nitpicker… and the "you're not good at this" add-on was unnecessary… but please don't think that I spend my time on this site giving the thumbs down to all of your comments. If there is some kind of conspiracy against you on this site, it is news to me.

            I was merely being overly-literal, and meant no real offence.

          • OK. No hard feelings, I hope? And I've given you a thumbs up for the above (not that I'm counting) :D

          • camo

            All good bro…;)

            For references sake, you can file my inflammatory "not good at this" comment under the banner, "ham-fisted and clumsy attempt at sarcasm / tongue-in-cheek" as opposed to, "derogatory and bellicose attack on one's persona".

            To be honest I was taken aback by the pummeling I wore from yourself, segues and oliveralbq (I do *not* have a vagina – and if I did I assure you it would be devoid of all things hymenoptera – pun intended). Upon re-reading my comment, however, I can understand why said pummeling happened. I just didn't think that one all the way through.

            For what it is worth, I reckon you have sublime taste in film. Blade Runner is superb, my favourite, and I am a massive fan of No Country too… and I have thumbed up all of your posts on this thread as a goodwill gesture..! Cheers.

  • Lyrebyrd

    Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

    • What film? Line is vaguely familiar but can't place the film.


      • jeffthemaori

        I think this is what the Joker said to a young Bruce Wayne when Joker killed his parents (First Batman movie).

        • Yap, Tim Burton's 1989 Batman…(was that the first batman movie?)

          • jeffthemaori

            I am pretty sure this was the first one.

          • ?
            in 1966 there as the one with adam west playing bat — burt ward as robin — burgess meridith and lee merriweather were in it too — lee was catwoman. meridith = penguin? frank gorshin…not totally sure a/b the cast — way before my time, but ive seen it.

            the 1989 version one was the first on the re-boot (for lack of better words)

  • ohmy- When a Stranger Calls! To raise money for a youth group I belonged to as a teenager, we had a rock-a-thon. We all had to rock in a rocking chair for as long as we could and we even took pledges. We used our church basement and rented a bunch of movies and bought tons of snacks. We rented mostly horror movies and threw in a couple of comedies to relieve the tension. That's when I first saw that movie.
    It was even more intense because it was one of the last ones we saw and we were really tired and our minds were playing tricks. One of the leaders snuck away and called us and asked THE question in a really horrifying voice . It was a fun time.

  • Moonbeam

    If you are going to post a quote, how about including what film it's from for those of us who may not recognize the line? Some are a little obscure.

    • It might be more fun to keep guessing for a while, if you don't recognise it. Someone will reveal it eventually. :)

  • Maggot

    Heh, regarding number 4, I say “Can’t do it, Sally” all the time to answer a question where a simple “no” won’t suffice. That’s just a great scene, full of subtlety and expression…in particular Tom’s eyes shifting from side to side very briefly.

    And let’s not forget during the christening where Michael is becoming Godfather to his nephew, the priest asks: “Do you renounce Satan?…And all his works?” Cut to – scenes of Michael’s enemies getting whacked by his henchmen.

    • Arsnl

      Maybe you’re just married to a very imaginative gymnast called sally.

      • Oh, don't remind me… the vegetarian gymnasts called Sally are the worst… :(

    • I found that among the most chilling of scenes.
      Here is Michael, standing in the House of God, blaspheming at the baptism of his nephew, a boy who he knows is destined for the same damnation as the rest of the males in the Family. It show the deep depravity of the man, the complete collapse of all he once held dear, and once fought hard against becoming. He has fallen into the pit so totally he doesn't even recognize himself.

  • camo

    A really great idea for a list… here are a few more:

    "You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Well, who the hell else are you talkin' to? You talkin' to me? Well, I'm the only one here. Who the f–k do you think you're talkin' to?"
    Taxi Driver (1976)

    "We all go a little mad sometimes… Haven't you?"
    Psycho (1960)

    "Tell me, Senator: did you nurse Catherine yourself?…Did you breast-feed her?…Toughened your nipples, didn't it?…Amputate a man's leg and he can still feel it tickling. Tell me, mum, when your little girl is on the slab, where will it tickle you?"
    The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

    "He got a real pretty mouth, ain't he?"
    Deliverance (1972)

    Amon Goeth: "You want these people?"
    Oskar Schindler: "These people. My people. I want my people."
    Amon Goeth: "Who are you? Moses?"
    Schindlers List (1993)

    • The Deliverance quote gave me chills after reading it.

  • timmy the dying boy

    In honour if the 30th anniversary of Airplane!:

    "Have you ever seen a grown man naked?"

    "Steak or fish?"

    "Surely you can't be serious?"

    "The cockpit? What is it?"

    etc. etc. etc.

    • One of the funniest films I have ever seen!
      Thank you for bring it up. It may not fit the criteria, but it absolutely provided a much needed laugh!

      • Yes that one was funny… "Surely you can't be serious? -Yes I'm serious, and don't call me Shirley" HAHAHA :D

  • This would have been a great list if it had contained 50 Terrifying Questions. 10 just wasn't enough to make it a truly good list. Not that the author didn't do a good job with the space he had…he did! There are far too many better questions that were left out, as per the comments.

  • N!B

    really creative list!!

  • great list. The only problem I had was that the read out in the Terminator's head probably would say "Target Terminated," not "Target is Deceased." Just sayin'. Great idea for a list though.

  • Nic Swaner

    This list was good, but the concentration of movie lists lately has been a little off-putting. Also one quote from Goodfellas would have sufficed in my opinion.

  • I like to dissect girls. Did you know I'm utterly insane?
    I think if you stay, something bad will happen. I think I may hurt you. You don't want to get hurt, do you?
    -American Psycho

  • WHat is THAT? What the FUCK is THAT? – Full Metal Jacket

    Also, pretty much every question asked by R. Lee Ermey in boot camp.

    • I'm not sure they're terrifying, but definitely hilarious.

      • They're hilarious to you, but they're terrifying to a recruit. Trust me.

    • segues

      My niece is currently in boot camp, on her way to becoming an officer in the intelligence corps (there go all my "military intelligence oxymoron" jokes). During a training run, in full-body armor, full 50 pound rucksack, carrying rifle and ammo, a 19 year-old died of a heart-attack just trying to obey his Sgt.'s commands to "keep up".
      That is terrifying.

  • What is your favorite color?

    Monty Python and The Holy Grail

    • OMG! I just watched that for the umteenth time last week, and that scene always gets me. I laugh so hard it's difficult to hear the dialogue (but since I know the movie by heart, that's a real big issue).
      Thanks for the hilarious reminder…aaaarrrruuuuugggggghhhhhhhhhh

      • Do you remember the scene with the knight who wouldn't give up the fight although all of his arms and legs got cut off? He just said (without arms or legs): "so you pussies are gonna give up now and run away?" :D :D :D

  • But but but… who's on first? :D

    • segues

      Yes, exactly.

  • Matt

    how about saw….do you want to play a game?

    • Actually, it's "I want to play a game"… but a good call otherwise :)

      • matt has either gotten that quote from the saw x-box 360 game, or the film "saw 3", where it appears the way he typed it.. actually, i believe that same quote was also in "wargames"

    • Wine man

      That sounds like the quote from "Wargames."

  • Arsnl

    Maybe a list with terrifying or amazing monologues would be cool. Ive got the one from la haine ” C’est l’histoire d’une société qui tombe et au fur et à mesure de sa chute se répète sans cesse pour se rassurer : “jusqu’ici tout va bien, jusqu’ici tout va bien, jusqu’ici tout va bien”. L’important c’est pas la chute,(gun shot) c’est l’atterrissage.” (its the story of a society thats falling and as it falls it repets incessantly to reassure its self “all is well till now (x3 times)”. Important is not the fall, but the landing).
    Ps: im too lazy to check the archives if such a list exists.

    • Well, that was cool… merci beaucoup :)

  • reggae

    People here are forgetting the obvious "Would you like to play a game?"

    • So what is it, since the opinions seem to differ? "Do you want to play a game?" "I would like to play a game" or "Would you like to play a game?" This must be one of Jigsaw's puzzles… the one with the wrong quote shall die…

      • @fendabenda: "" the one with the wrong quote shall die… ""

        –so, basically what youre saying to us l.v. commentors, is::

        do you want to play a game?

  • will

    Col. Hans Landa: You are sheltering enemies of the state, are you not?

    inglourious basterds

    chilling question…right before he orders the nazis to come in and shoot the place up

  • bassbait

    Um, there's one immortal movie question that you missed:

    "Well, do ya, punk?"

  • Whispers* "Are you ready?"

  • This is not a question…. but a great line: "I made it, Mom! Top of the world!" (James Cagney, White Heat)

  • The Abyss: "Sniff something? Well, did ya, rat boy?"

  • I haven't seen the Godfather/Scarface universe-type movies, are they Good? Maybe it's just me, and I'm not into that genre?

    Anyhoosier, I have to agree with numbers 3, 6, and 7.

    I would be totally creeped out if Arnold came up to me and asked me a random question… Gives me chills just thinking about it.

  • nervouswreck75

    "How about a nice game of chess?" – Wargames

  • "Tell me, who was it you left me for? Was it Laszlo, or were there others in between? Or – aren't you the kind that tells?"
    -Rick (Casablanca)

  • kasaa

    i just remembered this seemingly routine question by the LA.P.D. it goes like this, "police knocking on a door in an apartment complex" "Mrs.Espinoza?, Mrs.Espinoza are you alright?"

  • kasaa

    oops i seem to have forgotten to write the name of that movie it was Quarantine

  • JimmyJon

    Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

  • fendabenda

    Does anyone remember the soliloquy of Rutger Hauer in the end of Blade Runner? I don't remember exactly what he said, but it was awesome… something like he has seen everything there is to see in the whole Universe… but now it's time to die. (And he dies) :(

    • fenda — in the comment section today, you have compiled quite a list of terrifying clauses, and statements.

      i believe they would make a good list. — you ought think about adding a few more obvious ones, and hook it up — it would be an interesting read.

      *hint, hint, nudge, nudge*

      and ignore camo
      hopefully he will have removed all the ants from his vagina soon

      • camo

        Two things:
        1) Thankfully I have rid my "vagina" of ants; likewise there are no more nits to pick (please see my apology above).
        2) I love Blade Runner, and that scene is probably my favourite of all-time, from any film. For what it's worth, Hauer's character, Roy Batty, says:

        "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I've watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time…like tears in rain… die".


        • :) … :) … ;)

          hysterical — flashes of south park

          cartman: you seem a little irritable, kyle. you got some sand in your vagina?
          kyle: there's no sand in my vagina!

          not 'i dont have a vagina' — oooh

          no harm no foul, boss—- sometimes nitpicking is annoying.

          i just jumped in so he didnt get attacked, cause he's a cool cat.
          but the truth of the matter is:
          @camo: "and the "you're not good at this" add-on was unnecessary"
          it wasnt *necessary* — but it was kinda funny

          • camo

            Oh yeah… erm… whaddya mean ants in my vagina? I don't *have* a vagina…!!!

            You are a good man, stepping in for your mate… ;)

          • Thanks, camo, for the full quote. :) It was still as awesome as I remembered.

          • camo

            It still gives my goosebumps to this very day.

  • Laura

    What's your favorite scary movie?

  • Amanda

    "Is it safe?" I watched that movie as a kid with my father. To this day, whenever I go to the dentist I always ask them that and then ask if they have any clove oil. I usually have to explain myself afterward because apparently I'm one of like five people that has seen that movie. I'm so thrilled that it made the list.

  • oliveralbq

    there are a couple in the movie "snatch" — and i thought one of em might be here
    i'm over-exaplainin it a touch for peple who havnt seen it

    turkish (jason statham) goes to a pikey camp, where he permits a fight between brick-top mclean's (alan ford) fighter (georgeous george – adam fogerty) to fight a bare-knuckle gypsy champ (brad pitt), and george loses. as turkish is tellin brick-top that george is lost,
    —-"where did you lose him? he isn't a set of fuckin car keys is he? and it's not as though he is inconfuckinspicuous is he?"

    later, after turkish asks brick top if he was going to get a hole in his back if he turned around, brick-top says:
    —-"don't be silly turkish, if i wanted you dead would i be talking?

    later, brick-top finds 3 men who have just robbed his bookie, and who are in possession of the newly dead frankie (benecio del toro), and rattles off a few more terrifying ominus quotes in an attempt to (a) scare the piss out of them for robbing him, and (b) suggest ways to get rid of the body..:
    —-"do you know who i am?"
    —-"what you gonna do with your man there? you're always gonna have problems lifting a body in one piece. apparently the best thing to do is cut the corpse up into six pieces and pile it all together. after you got six pieces you gotta get rid of 'em, of course you can't just leave it in the deep freeze for your mum to discover, can ya?"
    —-and then "i hear the best thing to do is feed 'em to pigs. you gotta starve the pigs for a few days, then the sight of a chopped up body looks like curry to a drunk. you gotta shave the heads of your victims and pull the teeth out, you could do that after of course, but you don't want to go sieving pig shit do you? ever seen the size of one of their molars?""

    good shit

  • kelso.

    This list was awesome. I think a few more from The Dark Knight should be on here though. Amazingly creepy epic awesome movie :D

  • "What is your favourite scary movie?"

  • Jason

    great list

  • This isn't a question either, but a scary comment: "Open your eyes, Otis. Look at the world. It's either you… or them." (from "Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer").

  • Qoheleth

    "Is it secret? Is it safe?" — The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

  • Yautja

    I have to point out that the terminator never says that line, he simply asks "Sarah Connor?". (not Conner)
    Anyway, good list.

  • "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse" (I'm not sure if this was mentioned already, but that's one of the scariest lines ever… and so understated)

  • Thanks for putting this together!

  • BrotherMan

    I believe that in the Terminator scene, Arnie simply knocks on the door and says, "Sarah Connor?" After she says, "Yes?" in a sweet, innocent tone that is when he forces the door opened and shoots her several times. Check it here. Although it says deleted scenes, trust me, I am a total fan of the Terminator franchise and this is indeed in the original film:

  • "Hi, I'm Chucky, wanna play?" -Child's Play

    Always a classic, it always made me anxious given that I knew it was not a harmless doll introducing itself.

  • Jomm

    "There's no reason to be alarmed and we hope you enjoy the rest of your flight. By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?" – Airplaine!

    A classic question

  • movie geek

    blood diamond when the rebel soldiers ask "short sleeve or long sleeve?" either answer your screwed

    great list more like them please

  • Ryan

    Most of those are rhetorical… Not that dramatic.

  • bluesman87

    “Does you wanna sing a song boys and girls? ” the Barney the dinosaur movie , still wakes me up screaming….

  • Jimmie

    "Did you fuck my wife?" – Raging Bull

  • Chris

    "Do you know him do ya?" – Chopper

  • "Are you ok?" – Butch to Marsellus Wallace in 'Pulp Fiction'

  • Hater

    shut the F&$k up.
    you made a completely shi**y list just to feel like you did something good, or whatever.

    this is pointless.

  • Shane

    "What's in the box?" SE7EN

  • LOVE this list!

  • stugots

    Couple from one of the most quote worthy movies ever:

    Eliot, do I look like a beautiful blonde with big tits and an ass that tastes like French vanilla ice cream? – Clarence Worley

    He must have thought it was white boy day. It ain't white boy day, is it? – Drexel Spivey

    And not really a question but still awesome:

    Marty. Y'know what we got here? Motherfuckin' Charlie Bronson. Mr. Majestyk. – Drexel again.

  • pete s.

    Have the lambs stopped screaming? Hannibal Lechter

  • Finnish man

    I'm sorry, did I break your concentration? – from Pulp Fiction

  • monica

    the spineless guy from Gran Torino was the girl's brother, not her boyfriend.

  • Tara B

    "What do you think? Do you think they stand a chance?" Funny Games (2007)
    I will never forgive myself for watching this movie. It continues to haunt my dreams.

  • Kuban8r

    I'll burn 'em out of your fuckin' head. Then you'll be blind, burnin', and buried alive. So what's it gonna be, sister? – Budd (Kill Bill Volume 2)

    Pretty much my personal most terrifying movie question of all time. Try and put yourself in her situation, already knowing that whatever you answer you are STILL going to buried alive. You just have to decide if trying to escape is worth having a bottle of mace emptied in your eyeballs.

    • Yeah, and was he gonna keep his promise to not to throw it in your eyes anyway?….

  • Brad

    The Shining has lots of great quotes and quite a few are terrifying questions

    Most notably is….

    Danny Torrance: Dad?
    Jack Torrance: Yes?
    Danny Torrance: Do you like this hotel?
    Jack Torrance: Yes. I do. I love it. Don't you?
    Danny Torrance: I guess so.
    Jack Torrance: Good. I want you to like it here. I wish we could stay here forever… and ever… and ever.

    Wendy: Jack!?!


    Lloyd: How are things going, Mr. Torrance?
    Jack Torrance: Things could be better, Lloyd. Things could be a whole lot better.

    Jack Torrance: Hi, Lloyd. Little slow tonight, isn't it?

    Lloyd: What will you be drinking, sir?
    Jack Torrance: Hair of the dog that bit me, Lloyd.

  • LOLO

    "You talk-the-talk….Can you walk-the-walk ?" – Full Metal Jacket

  • More classic Joker lines (from both the 1988 "Batman" and "The Dark Knight"):

    "Did you ever dance with the devil under the pale moonlight?" -The Joker, Batman
    "Want to see a magic trick?" -The Joker, The Dark Knight
    "You wanna know how I got these scars?" -The Joker, The Dark Knight

  • Heath Ledger

    “You wanna know how I got these scars?” is, in my opinion, a better question than “Why so serious?”

    Both lines were delivered by a pro, though.

  • Does it hurt? Does it hurt? -Robocop

  • Loved the list. Goodfellas is by far the greatest movie of all time.

  • speckledjim

    "Wanna see a magic trick?" from The Dark Knight was so horrible the first time I saw it. I'd vote for that over "Why so serious?" though obviously that's terrifying too.

  • Mitzi_119

    When Paul indirectly asks a question: "Ann sent me over 'cause some guests dropped by, and she was wondering if you could help her out with some eggs." -Funny Games (2007)

  • johnpc53

    Joker: Wanna see a Magic trick?

    • jesse1919

      technically it's "How about a magic trick?"

  • fuckmesideways

    "how'd it get burned?! how'd it get burned?! how'd it get burned?! how'd it get burned?!"
    -The Wicker Man

    that movie was so BAD it was terrifying. :)

  • Mimi

    Way late to the party, but my dad made me watch ‘The Hitcher’ when I was, like, 8, and this line has stuck with me ever since:

    “You wanna know what happens to an eyeball when it gets punctured?”

    It helps that Rutger Hauer says it. Dude is INTENSE.

  • Snow

    hey guys, what about :

    “Who sits here?” from Lara Croft Tomb Raider??? That line where she has to repeat twice…If you know the answer to that question doesn’t it creep you out a lil bit?

    Is there anyone who agrees with me?! You guys sooo have to search for that answer, it’ll send chills down your spine

  • geneva porter

    "What's that stuff all over you?" War of the Worlds, the Spielberg version.
    Tom Cruise has narrowly escaped the first attack where the Martians pulverized people into ashes. He makes it home to his kids and his son asks that question. Tom Cruise then realizes he's covered with the ashen remains of people who didn't make it.
    A chilling moment in an otherwise mediocre movie.

  • Hitchcock

    "You ever listen to K-Billy's super sounds of the seventies?"

  • manofaiki

    "English, motherfucker, DO YOU SPEAK IT???!!!!!!

  • StGeorgeGentile

    As frightening as the scene from the Marathon Man movie was, the description in the book was much worse.

  • BeckoningChasm

    Isn’t the Terminator’s line just “Sarah Connor?” without the “Are you”?

  • latsea

    "Yes We Can" — Barack Obama

    Very Scary.

    • Jay

      That's the answer. What the heck was the question?

  • The Patriot

    "Does anyone on board know how to fly a plane?" Scary in movies, scarier in real life.

  • Hapaxes

    It's William Goldman not Golden.

  • jesse1919

    Pulp Fiction: Maynard: "Who's first?" when they're both tied up in the chairs.

  • Mat

    I personally like "the street is watching" Al Pacino in Carlito's Way, its alot more subtle then these though.

  • Kat

    This may have already been put on here, but what about "What's your favorite horror movie?" from Scream?

  • aquariwake13

    great list. i would have liked to have seen ‘heads or tails’ from no country for old men. that whole scene is amazing.

  • Sandos

    Fantastic list, from the topic itself to the way it was written. Go to the head of the class my friend.

  • Sandos

    Not a question but the absolute best line from Gran Torino: I’ll blow a hole in your face and then I’ll go in the house… and I’ll sleep like a baby. You can count on that. We used to stack fucks like you five feet high in Korea… use you for sandbags.

  • Gerry Alanguilan

    What’s in the boooooox?

  • Jorge Andrei

    Instead of “Does he look like a b*tch?” or “What does Marcellus Wallace look like?”, I’d go for “Do you read the Bible?”.
    “What’s your favorite scary movie?” – Scream

  • Brendan

    “What’s in the box?”-‘Se7en’

  • COok

    How about : You wanna know where I got these scars!?

    • Slappy

      Fell off your bike?

  • Charlie Goose

    The Gran Torino quote is inaccurate. The exact quote is, “Did you ever notice that you come across someone once in a while that you shouldn’t have fucked with? That’s me.”

  • Kathleen

    Wait – Laurie didn’t ask that question in Halloween (the original). She said, “It *was* the boogeyman!” Then Loomis agreed.

  • darqjade

    “what’s in the box?!” Brad Pitt in Seven. Creepy Chilling and Depressing because we all had an idea, but hoped we were wrong about what was in that box.

  • ericvg16

    I would change #8 to “What’s the most you ever lost on a coin toss?” from No Country for Old Men. I was blown away by Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh.

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  • rephovia

    What do you think? Bowels in? Or out, like Cousin Francesco? – Hannibal

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  • Godfather01

    “Does he look like a bitch?”

  • donovanl6

    “Warriors… Come out to Playyyaaay”