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10 Fascinating and Amusing Relationships

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Relationships are not always about sex (though listverse has generally only published lists of that type, thus far) and this list looks at ten relationships that were either amusing, interesting or quirky. This is but a small selection of the potential candidates, so do be sure to mention others you might think worthy of a follow up list in the comments.


Bohr and Einstein


The two founding fathers of Quantum Mechanics vehemently debated one another over the interpretation of quantum theory. Bohr was a champion of the uncertainty principle put forth by Werner Heisenberg, which states that it is not possible to obtain completely accurate measurements of certain pairs of properties of quantum systems, such as position and momentum, or time and energy, at the same time. At the fifth Solvay conference, Einstein expressed his disagreement with Bohr. Einstein distanced himself from the uncertainty principle, famously proclaiming “God doesn’t play dice”. Over the course of several years, Einstein came up with several papers and thought experiments in trying to refute the Copenhagen Interpretation championed by Bohr. However, Einstein’s arguments failed in refuting Bohr’s interpretation of the quantum mechanical view as wrong or incomplete, despite intense collaboration with other prominent scientists. The debate between Bohr and Einstein continued till the death of Einstein in 1955.


The Five and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky


During the 19th century, differing opinions occurred on the nature of classical Russian music. Tchaikovsky wanted to write professional compositions of such quality that they would stand up to Western scrutiny, and thus transcend national barriers, yet remain distinctively Russian in melody, rhythm and other compositional characteristics. The Five, which consisted of a circle of powerful composers who met in St.Petersburg, had the aim of producing a specifically Russian kind of art music, rather than one that imitated older European music, or relied on European-style conservatory training. The Five also believed in using the melodic, harmonic, tonal and rhythmic properties of Russian folk song, along with exotic melodic, harmonic and rhythmic elements from music originating in the middle- and far-eastern parts of the Russian Empire. While Tchaikovsky himself used folk songs in some of his works, for the most part he tried to follow Western practices of composition, especially in terms of tonality and tonal progression. However, the relationship between Tchaikovsky and The Five was quite friendly: In 1869 Tchaikovsky entered into a working relationship with Mily Balakirev (one of the members of the Five). The result was Tchaikovsky’s first recognized masterpiece, the fantasy-overture “Romeo and Juliet”, a work which The Five wholeheartedly embraced. Furthermore, when another member of the Five, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, was offered a professorship at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory, it was to Tchaikovsky that he turned for advice and guidance, and during the 1880s, after the members of The Five had gone their separate ways, Tchaikovsky enjoyed a very close relationship with Rimsky-Korsakov.


Chesterton and Shaw


Chesterton’s most famous philosophical opponent was the Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw. Shaw represented the new school of thought, modernism, which was rising at the time, while Chesterton’s views were increasingly focused towards the church. Nevertheless, they both maintained good-will, and had great respect for one other (It had been Shaw who had encouraged Chesterton to write a play, and claimed that the world was not thankful enough for Chesterton).

Their debates, in print and in public, were a subject of great amusement, and a source of one witty exchange after another:

Shaw: If I were as fat as you, I would hang myself.
Chesterton: If I were to hang myself, I would use you for the rope.

Chesterton: I see there has been a famine in the land.
Shaw: And I see the cause of it.


Martin Luther King and Malcolm X


To many, King and Malcolm X were heroes of the Civil Rights Movement, two towering icons of contemporary African-American culture. Their speeches reflected visions on improving America, and both men believed that if blacks were to attain freedom, they first needed to achieve self-respect. However, their intentions were delivered in different styles and purposes; King believed in peaceful demonstrations and arguments, and a non-violent approach to things, the same approach applied by Gandhi, while Malcolm X promoted nationalist and separatist doctrines, and for most of his life, he believed that only through revolution and force could blacks attain their rightful place in society. Thus Malcolm and King each became a focus of one of the opposing wings of the movement for equality that swept Black America, and the country, and their titanic struggle shook the nation and the world. Nevertheless, near the end of their lives, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X’s beliefs had become more similar. After his break from the black Muslim movement, Malcolm X emphasized unity and change through black pride, and respect for oneself, rather than through hate and revenge. Their relationship became more amiable with X expressing his interest to join forces with King and the progressive elements of the Civil Rights Movement.


Gilbert Lewis and Irving Langmuir


The two greatest American chemists of the first half of the twentieth century, Lewis and Langmuir were also famous rivals. Lewis had helped create the College of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley, and made it into one of the world’s most productive centers of chemistry research. His contributions to chemical bonding, chemical thermodynamics and theory of acids and bases had made Lewis a household name. Langmuir (above), in turn, had extended Lewis’ theory on chemical bonding and popularized it to a great extent, often to the annoyance of Lewis. Langmuir had been recipient of the Nobel Prize for his work on surface theory, while Lewis had been denied the covetous prize, despite a staggering 15 nominations. In 1946, Lewis’ lifeless body was discovered under a laboratory workbench at Berkeley, and while officials have reported the death to have been brought about by hydrogen cyanide, most believe it to be a suicide due to his relationship with Langmuir, and subsequent depression brought on by it. Indeed, on the day of Lewis’ death, Langmuir and Lewis had met for lunch at Berkeley, and Langmuir had expressed that he had been on the Berkeley campus that day to receive an honorary degree.


Thomas Jefferson and John Adams


With Ben Franklin ill, the task of conjuring the Declaration of Independence had fallen to John Adams. Adams however argued that Jefferson should draft it instead, and Jefferson’s draft was defended by Adams with much eloquence. However, from that point on the two had a less than amicable relationship. During Adam’s tenure as vice-president, the two argued vehemently on the nature of politics and the direction to lead the country. A heavily contested presidential election between the two was determined by only three electoral votes, and Adams became the second president of the United States. However, the bitter campaign was renewed in 1800, when Jefferson defeated Adams to become the third president. The two exchanged hostile letters on several occasions, and Adams famously declared “I will out live Jefferson”. On his death bed on July 4, 1826, Adams famously proclaimed “Thomas Jefferson survives”; however, unbeknownst to him, Jefferson had actually passed away a few hours earlier.


Freud and Jung

Screen Shot 2010-08-02 At 9.54.33 Am

Freud met Jung in February of 1907, and the two established a firm friendship, and corresponded extensively over a period of six years. Freud had described the, then young, Carl Gustav Jung as his heir to psychoanalysis. However, as Jung began to expand his own theories and dissented with the basic tenets of Freudian theory, the relationship started turning sour. This eventually led to a highly hostile exchange of letters between the two, and Jung’s resignation as chairman from the International Psychoanalytic Congress, where he had been elected with support from Freud. Jung went on to form his own school of thought, known as analytical psychology, while Freud continued to develop his own views of psychology. They met for the last time in September, 1913, in Munich, where Jung developed some key concepts on psychological types in analytical psychology, that would come to distinguish Jungian theory and Freudian theory for the next 50 years.


Schopenhauer and Hegel

Schopenhauer And Hegel

Arthur Schopenhauer was a German philosopher whose metaphysical analysis of will, his views on human motivation and desire, and his aphoristic writing style influenced many well-known thinkers, including Friedrich Nietzsche, Richard Wagner, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud and Leo Tolstoy among others. Subsequently, Hegel was one of the creators of German Idealism, and his historicist and idealist account of reality as a whole had revolutionized European philosophy, and was an important precursor to Continental philosophy and Marxism. However, Schopenhauer was a strong critic of Hegel, often accusing him of deliberately using vacuous verbiage that sounded impressive, but was ultimately devoid of any content. Such was the hostility between the two, that in 1820 Schopenhauer became a lecturer at the University of Berlin, and scheduled his lectures to coincide with those of Hegel. However, only five students turned up to Schopenhauer’s lectures, while Hegel’s classes overflowed, causing Schopenhauer to retire from academia.


C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien

J  R  R  Tolkien

The Inklings were a literary discussion group which hosted several influential intellectuals of the 20th century, the two most prominent members being C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien (above). Tolkien and Lewis were close friends, and it had been Tolkien who had helped Lewis to convert to Christianity, whereas Lewis had encouraged Tolkien to expand his fictional writing; both taught at Oxford, both were interested in literature, and both wrote fictional books which propagated basic Christian themes and principles. They often narrated manuscripts of their works in progress to one another and The Inklings long before they were published. However, Tolkien expressed strong disapproval of Lewis’ Narnia books, citing that the Christian themes and messages were far too strong. Tolkien also never thought highly of Lewis’ attempt at popular theology, and believed that theology should be left to the professionals to avoid misinterpretations of key Christian themes. Nonetheless, Lewis dedicated his massively influential and popular “The Screwtape Letters”, which had landed him on the cover of Time magazine, to Tolkien. However, the rift between the two seemed to widen following Lewis’ growing affiliation with the Anglican church and his romance with American widow, Joy Gresham. After Lewis married Gresham, he grew apart from his old friends, and it is believed that Tolkien took it personally.


Werner Heisenberg and Niels Bohr

Werner Heisenberg Niels Bohr-1

The world of the newly emerging quantum physics had been very much defined by the Danish scientist Niels Bohr. His contributions to the understanding of atomic structure and quantum mechanics had resulted in the Nobel Prize in 1922. During one of Bohr’s crucial lectures among a host of intellectuals, a young German student raised his hand and pointed out a mathematical flaw in one of his arguments. This left Bohr stunned, and he personally asked for the young man; this 20 year old was none other than Werner Heisenberg. The two, then, established a firm friendship that would last many years, and several collaborations, and Bohr was overwhelmingly pleased when Heisenberg, too, received the nod for the Nobel.

However, what science had brought together, politics would divide. Theoretical physics had been labeled as Jewish science due to the immense popularity of Albert Einstein, and Bohr, too, had Jewish connections. With the onset of the Second World War, Heisenberg was viewed with an eye of suspicion by the Gestapo and was eventually recruited by the Nazis to work on a project concerning development of the atomic bomb. In their final meeting, Bohr thought that Heisenberg supported the idea of developing an atomic bomb for the Nazis, and was appalled by the thought that Heisenberg showed no moral qualms towards the idea of the bomb. The friendship was strained. After the war the scientific community ostracized Heisenberg, and it would be some time before he would once again gain acceptance from both the scientific community and in his friendship with Bohr. However, the relationship was never to be restored to the same status. An excellent documentary documenting the relationship between the two and the politics involved can be found here.

  • CCR

    someone spoon that mans eye out! Quick.

  • Kimani

    Nice list, but I don't Know who half these people are. Wouldn't it have been interesting if C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien had collaborated on a book.

    "The Lord of Narnia"
    "Chronicles of the Ring"

    • swapie

      lol. would have been a great read

    • They did! While researching for my masters degree in linguistics, I found reference to the finding of a manuscript called "Language and Human Nature". The manuscript is in Lewis's handwriting, but there are references to "the authors" and "we".
      A collaboration between the two would be exciting news for many, but to the people who know them mainly for Narnia and MIddle Earth, might come as a bit of a disappointment.

    • i wonder what all would have happened in either of the two books… it'd have been something.

      • deeeziner

        I don't know who they would encounter, but it would involve a REALLY LOOOOONNNNGGGGGG walk. hehehe

    • WhiteDragon

      Unfortunately I don't think things like that normally turn out very well. I've known several instances where people are in love with two different authors and those two authors are pressured to write together and so they do and what you get is just, "ok" at best….I'm not saying it COULDN'T have turned out well just that it often doesn't. They are wonderful alone and I'm kinda glad they stayed that way.

      • WhiteDragon

        I should specify that I mean a combined work of fiction….totally different, at least in my opinion, then combined works of non-fiction

        • There's a story that Queen Victoria met Lewis Carroll and expressed great delight in his "Alice" books and asked to receive a personalised copy of his next book. The next book the Rev Charles Dodgson wrote was a very abstruse book about mathematics.

      • you are right, i dont know that it would have been good, necessarily, but definitely interesting.

        the stand (peter straub and stephen king) was great though

  • Kimani

    This really doesn't count as a comment.
    This is the equivalent of someone just standing the middle of a room and all he does is point to himself.

  • swapie

    like two peas in a pod…

  • kdr

    how about Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison?

    • the mick

      thats the first one that came to my mind, kdr. Good call.

    • TEX

      But Telsa and Edison’s casual and professional acquaintance was brief – after that they did not associate at all.

    • All I could think of was Nuka-Cola Tesla

      • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….you are too funny…when I was growing up in los angeles, a common school trip would be to Griffith Observatory, which has a huge Tesla coil. The guide would always select a few kids from the group to stand near the coil and be zapped by it.
        I was always selected because my hair was always very long, waist length, and it would stand up all around like a dandelion.
        I still love that place.

    • Drake

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • rain

    nice list.

    it's good to see my 2 favorite authors were close friends.

  • bluesman87

    Randall and Bucslim ?

    • or is it Bucslim vs. The rest of the world ?

      • no. no.
        bucky and I get along just fine.

      • oliveralbq

        bucky is cool.
        he likes everyone

        hes like a little fuzzy kitten……….

        ………..who has been accepted into harvard……
        … do unethical neuropsychological experiments on rodents….

        • ha ha ha ha ha!
          I really can see that side of him! A sort of semi-evil Tom to someone's half-wit Jerry.
          It's mostly a front, though, a facade. He's a very nice guy. Seriously.

  • Smudged Mascara

    loved the exchange between Shaw n Chesterton. Brilliant! Other than that,quite a boring list. Informative but not very interesting.

  • nicky

    Churchill and Nancy Astor

  • enucleator

    Hey thanx for the list, i didn't know some of these relationships, like Lewis & Caroll…
    i've learned something again, merci ^^

    • Lewis and Caroll? :)

      • TEX

        I think he meant Lewis and Martin.

      • oliveralbq

        good tex. didnt think of that
        i actually thought he meant "'didnt know some of these relationships, like tolkein & lewis"' — getting c.s.lewis and lewis caroll mixed up or something

        martin and lewis would have been good though

        all i could do when i read this was think of how cool it would be to see daniel day lewis portray general william henry carroll in a film.

    • enucleator

      hahaha :D Thank you guys
      Yes i meant Lewis and Tolkien, of course


      • i think it would be semi interesting to see a collaboration between c.s. lewis, tolkein and lewis caroll

  • Pee

    After reading the previous list, I pronounce that this list is an example of gender equality :-) I’m excited to read the comments about how ”male-centric” this lis is, by the listverse female population ;-)

  • VMP

    Pretty boring list I'd say. How about the new context like America and Pakistan – Cant live with or without each other.

  • Pee

    My previous comment should read ‘gender inequality’.

  • oliveralbq

    are you *trying* to piss off all the female listversers?

    i'm reading over the introduction to see if i missed anything.
    like…fascinating male/male relationships.
    i dont think it was there to miss.

    –i dont understand why i'm not seeing anne sullivan and helen keller.

    –or dian fosse or jane goodall, both of whom carried on fascinating/interesting relationships with kima and david greybeard, respectively– and other primates.

    –hell, i'll settle for venus and serena williams

    this list is a fine idea. and the disclaimour is a nice touch because you are readily admitting that this list is incomplete. but if you knew it was going to have a follow-up, why didnt you make this one more diverse.

    i mean — from 10 to 1, we've got subjects: science, music, philosophy, politics (civil rights), sci (chemistry), politics (pres), psychology, philosophy, literrature, and sci (physics).

    but no
    –modern music (gilbert and sullivan) — (andrew lloyd webber and tim rice)
    –composing — you have one, but of course saleri and mozart
    –sports? — george steinbrenner and billy martin — magic and larry bird — figure skaters
    –technology — jobs/gates?
    –internet peculiarity/weirdness — randall and arsnl
    –entertainment — carson and mcmahon — zigfried and roy — (film – siskel&ebert)
    –sci (astronomy) — aldrin/armstrong — chuck yeager and scott crossfield
    –you can go with deviant behaviour/illegality — from mcveigh/nichols to the columbine kids
    –a bonus could be fiction — lecter/starling — calvin/hobbes — smart/99
    –mentor/student — plato-socrates-aristottle // phil jackson and kobe or jordan
    jesus — i dont even know where to begin…….
    i know most of the ones on the list are more important than *some* of the ones i lister here, i just think it would have been nicer to have a more broad collection of entries. the ones you left off this list can go on the next one, and it'll be more diverse too.

    great approach to worthy info though — nicely done – nicley written — youll probably have enough for another list within the hour.

    • and how about Harper Lee and Truman Capote? I mean a relationship between a man and a woman, but not romantic. that'd have made the list complete.

      Also, got my listverse book today. :) but deer hunter dvd got stuck with 1 hour of the movie remaining. i'll have to do something about it. the movie was good till here… but thats all i'd say.

      • oliveralbq

        lee and capote would have made a fine inclusion. i was actually trying to think of a plutonic male/female relationship, and didnt think of them.

        in fact the only one i could think of at the time was dr. phil & oprah — and i wasnt gonna go there at all

        • A plutonic relationship? One relating to the solidification of igneous rock at the seabed caused by the weight of the water above it?

          • yeah dude…..
            but unlike the collective ideology displayed by all the members of the 'greater plutonians for the missionary rock solidification society (gpmrss);

            the women are on top
            why did you think i was trying to avoid thinking about dr.phil and winfrey? — its lunchtime, yanno.

      • *SPOILER ALERT* they never catch the deer.

    • I know it doesn't say it, but I believe his goal was to list ten relationships you might be unaware of. Most of the ones you mentioned are relationships that everyone knows about. I do agree with your point that they are not very diverse.

      • deeeziner

        Sorry Random, but I gotta go with Oliver on this one….there was a distinct lack of diversity in this list.
        And there were too many "duh' relationships.

      • yeah–if that was his intention, it was too important of a distinction to have failed to mention. i mean, to me, 10, 7, 5, 4, 3, and 1 were quite well known — but perhaps not as well known as the ones i pointed out. (i thought everyone knew 10-4- and 5 though).

        — like deeez implied, it would have been more interesting to have a more diverse pool of relationships substituted in here and there, for a couple of the ones listed, which were a tad similiar to some others, albeit lessser known.

    • Arsnl

      Sports is alain prost ayrton senna. Undoubtably.

      • oliveralbq

        yeah arsnl — this is actually a fine example. unfortunately, in u.s., formula one gets just barely more coverage dedicated to it than does cricket and rugby. everyone is into nascar, and f1 goes under the radar too often.

        alain prost and ayrton senna have one of the more peculiar sports relationships i've seen in a while. its rare that a base of fans will feel such strong negative feelings toward each other while the men/women themselves could care less.

        having said that, the one thing i find odd is the decision to retire (prost back in 92 or 93) was so strongly attributed to wayne rainy's accident — imean — i knnow they were buddies and prost had a sort of epiphany after rainey's crash, but it always seemed to me that there was more there.
        there were too many stories surrounding the contracts b/w senna and williams, and the change in mansell's contract, … it just seemed like we werent getting the whole story

        • bluesman87

          yes Ollie but you live in the land of the muscle cars . Fair trade in my opinion , we trying to rebuild an old studebaker daytona with a 5L super charged V8 but shit it cost so much in this country , it seems impossible .

          • ok….you win this round sir. but, i'll be back, dammit.

            man, this is so far off topic its not even funny, but the guy down the street from me is rebuilding an old camaro for a festival we have on the mississippi gulf coast that showcases old cars that people have redone as a hobby. this isnt an attempt to make you jealous, blue, its just that your comment is more spot on than you think. here, the issue isnt price by any means, but rather what to do with the vehicle in the event of a hurricane that will flood the whole county.
            its a week long, and although i didnt take hardly any of these pics, i snapped a couple from my porch (the 2009 event)

          • Nathan

            oliveralbq…..after reading many of your comments, I have come to the conclusion that you are truly full of yourself, and have a narcissistic superiority complex. I am going to guess that you consider yourself a philosopher of sorts? Just calm down and don't think into things so much…get over the little things.

          • oliveralbq

            haha … not even close, man……
            i mean — im not real sure which comments you read that made you think this, but i really dont need to calm down, because i'm extremely calm as it is. and i dont need to get over little things, because nothing has riled me up in the first place.

            i think you are confusing sarcastic surface-level quips for major diatribe — which just isnt the case at all.

            and a philosopher? heh, noooo —not by any stretch.
            im good at deductive and inductive logic, but my degrees are in psychology and statistics – and im only marginally good at that.

            im good at my part time job though (which is bartending)
            if your girlfriend/wife needs a malubu scratch pina colada and you need a black and tan, and put me in a room with a blender, coconut milk, akeg of guiness and a keg of harp or bass ale, then i can hook you both up ;)

            if youre looking for philosophy, go talk to randall (hes a classicist, but hes good at that), or woyzeck or someone else

          • TEX

            oliver – try not to use words with more than four letters when responding to this type comment

          • yeah, man — i was just in a good mood.
            i almost went with ""suck my balls"" but if this fucknut can read a post about cars, and get narcissism, then he can read a post telling him to suck balls, and he'll think i'm telling him that the abominable snowman flies to the sun every night, and the loch ness monster lives in the sea of tranquility.
            and i dont wanna hear it.

          • Maggot

            im good at my part time job though (which is bartending), if your girlfriend/wife needs a malubu scratch pina colada and you need a black and tan

            I take offense at your gender-based stereotyping of cocktails. You are just further fostering the problem I always run into down at the local biker bar where I hang out, whenever I order my favorite treat, which I’ll have you know, is a banana daiquiri with a colorful little umbrella presentation. I mean, wtf is so wrong about that delicious refreshing concoction? It’s really quite yummy, and I always make sure to sip it like a man. I mean, maybe those biker dudes don’t care for bananas or something, but they don’t have to get so rough about it, do they? One time, I even offered to give one of them my cherry garnish. Man that didn’t go over very well. I’m blaming you…just another insensitive bartender. I have feelings, you know.

          • oliveralbq

            a) … any drink with an umbrella is fine.
            b) … ive never seen a biker bar with the capabilities of making frozen drinks.
            c) … ive never been to a biker bar where the patrons wouldnt rather shove the banana up your ass, than make a drink out of it.
            d) … if you have a banana daiquiri, and theres a cherry in it, then your bartender doesnt know his ass from a hole in the ground.
            e) … "sip it like a man" — ooo — sipping. … .. ok. scotch gets sipped. wine gets sipped — mostly. cognac gets sipped. any apertif gets sipped. sorority girls sip. high end bourbons/whiskeys get sipped. youre not talking about scotch, wine, cognacs, apertifs, or highend bourbons/whiskeys/liquers — that makes you a sorority girl by proxy. [which i didnt know — learn something new etc…..]
            f) … theres nothing wrong with that delicious refreshing concoction ….. if youre eating dessert. or a sorority girl.
            g) … i didnt suggest that genders should drink certian things. in fact, nathan (who was whining like a schoolgirl) was offered a black and tan. the reference to 'wife/girlfriend' is more sugestive of him being 'the girl' in a same-sex relationship — making his/her partner 'the man', and drinking a colada. again — no gender discrimination there.
            h) … do they have to get rough? that all depends on what *kind* of biker bar youre in.
            i) … allow me to float back to umbrellas for a sec. poke out the eyes unwanted suitors if its *that* kind of biker bar. horray for umbrellas.

            as the men on horses gallop toward the moat.
            cue the trumpets for the beginning of the panda resistance.
            all hail the reptillians — gator smash!
            make it across shedding no blood — croc smash – resist!
            round up the umbrella trees, to be picked by fair maidens.
            murder the whip cream faerie
            take all bananas from all apes.
            after i finish my banana daiquiri.
            manly, indeed.
            i'll try to do better next time. apologies.

          • bluesman87

            narcissistic ? you kiss your mother with that mouth ?

          • bluesman87

            lucky lucky bastard . NICE pics .

        • TEX

          two words Oliver – Speed Channel
          some of us do follow f1 closely – but you are correct

          • oliveralbq

            listen to this crap — a couple years back the geniuses at the cable one office in biloxi were innundated with a massive amount of requests to pick up the 'verses' channel. while ice hockey isnt the biggest sport in the new orleans area, the coverage on the gulf coast was lacking (as there are 5 minor league hockey teams between lafayette, la, new orleans, biloxi, mobile, and pensacola).

            so we got verses
            and we watched nhl games all the time
            and we were happy as clams
            til we realized they stuck it in the spot the speed channel previously occupied.

            now we just t.p. their office weekly out of sheer annoyance, since we cant watch the damn races.

          • TEX

            Satellite dude – land lines don’t have band width, no matter what they tell you. I’ve been through that – cable to satellite, back to cable when they went optical – signal degraded and they couldn’t add a channel without clipping another, back to satellite. I called friends the other night to tell them “Freaks” was coming on TCM, but they’re locked into AT&T because of iPhone, but no TCM.

      • camo

        Prost vs Senna was really intense, but did it match Borg vs McEnroe?

        I am first to admit that tennis sucks, well, balls… but that rivalry was stunning… fire and ice… 7 games apiece from 14 played… just saying…

        • i was too young.
          but my dad talked about borg/mac all the time. placing that rivalry above edberg/lendl, connors and anyone, even martina and evrett

          i grew up with the sampras/agassi rivalry. some people try to say federer/nadal is good, but to me it isnt even close.

          prost/sanna fits somewhere in there, but probably not above johnnymac 7 borg.

          tennis isnt as fun to watch, as it is to play. i play all the time. while listening to rachael nagy and the cobras ;)

          • camo

            hey… only just found this post… it's hard keeping up with responses etc… (rookie question alert: is there some kind of setting which lets you know that someone has replied to one of your posts??? ).

            Anyways… borg / mcenroe > prost / senna (imo… and I prefer to watch F1 GP).

            You listen to detroit garage music whilst hitting little green balls…? How do you keep them inside the lines?

          • oliveralbq

            ok man —– there are a couple ways to keep up with responses. one is how you are supposwed to do it, and the other is a backwards way to do it.
            **both facilitate the need to have a wordpress account**

            so the first question is: why dont you have one, and if you do, how come youre not logging on with it.? –the acct is free and takes like,…15seconds to set up–

            —-i have my thingy set up so that i get 3 things on my fone (via my email account) — one is a private message (which you can do in the forums).
            —-i also get all the new listverse lists right away (3:31am every day)
            —-and the 3rd thing is that any response/reply to one of my comments.
            for that last one, wordpress allows you to opt in to recieving replys in your normal email account. when you wrote this, i recieved your message instantly, even though i was on a boat in the gulf of mexico fucking around with oilspill people. actually, you can get it to pipe all new comments to your email address, but since i have it set up to go to my phone, that means i'd have 463 messages everytime i looked at my fone. fuck all that.

            the only time it wont work —- ok for example — on todays list (financial crises) woyzeck and i are giving each other hell about something — he's a funny cat. arsnl jumped in and directed something at me, but it was in the same thread and attached it to woyzeck's post.

            thats fine, but you kinda have to pay attention, and direct your attention to the actual thread sometimes. this is waaaaaybetter than checking them all every day.

            the other way is that through wordpress, your name will apppear as a hyperlink. the link is set at a default which leads to your comment stream. (segues, for example has hers set up to go to her photography website)….. if you click on your own name, it will go to your comments. it will tell you how many plusses and minuses you have i that reputation meter. it will also tell how many replies you have to that comment. if its more than you remember, then check it on the main site.

            wordpress is the way to go though.


          • oliveralbq


            garage rock goes with tennis. it beats the shit out of silence. today i listened to that sympathetic sounds of dteroit, then eminem, then boston's first album, then the sounds of terror (von bondies)….. i finally beat that twat 5-7, 6-3, 6-3, 6-1. good match, and it was like 105 degrees today.
            but out balls are yellow. do you really have green tennis balls in austrailia?

            i'd rather play tennis than watch it. i love watching it if im there live, or if i have a bet on a match.

            f1?… rather participate in that too — those cars are tight

            oh — and check out whirlwind heat, but keep this in mind —- theyre weird as fuck. its hard for me to describe them…. its like a captian beefhart way of weirdness. you love it or you hatre it. the cobras are one of my favourite bands. period. not just among motor city acts.

            other than the stripes and cobras, the henchmen are best live, and the vonbondies have better studio shit.

            i went through this long period when i was young, not really caring for covers. war pigs by "faith no more", great. "smells like teen spirit" by tori amos. "raining blood" (also tori0. "back in black", by eminem. "hurt", johnny cash. ***"isis", white stripes (on bob dylan's 'desire" lp)(which i think is even better than jolene, everyone's goto favourite), "pants on the ground" by jimmy fallon, impersonating niel young. "love&happiness" by living colour— dude, there are tons, of truly classic, badass, genius covers, but overall, i didnt have as much respect for a band taking a song, changing the notes, changing a few words, putting a blurb in the liner notes thanking someone else for writing the tune, and calling it a cover.
            then….i heard shout bamalama. living in tuscaloosa alabama at the time, we heard sweet home alabama, and other songs more than others, including the old otis redding version of this song. nagy's cover with the cobras is one of the tunes on that 'sympathetic sounds of detroit' compilation. i hate hate wiki, but i know this is correct, so i dont mind ref.-ing it here

          • oliveralbq


            garage rock goes with tennis. it beats the shit out of silence. today i listened to that sympathetic sounds of dteroit, then eminem, then boston's first album, then the sounds of terror (von bondies)….. i finally beat that twat 5-7, 6-3, 6-3, 6-1. good match, and it was like 105 degrees today.
            but out balls are yellow. do you really have green tennis balls in austrailia?

            i'd rather play tennis than watch it. i love watching it if im there live, or if i have a bet on a match.

            f1?… rather participate in that too — those cars are tight

            oh — and check out whirlwind heat, but keep this in mind —- theyre weird as fuck. its hard for me to describe them…. its like a captian beefhart way of weirdness. you love it or you hatre it. the cobras are one of my favourite bands. period. not just among motor city acts.

            other than the stripes and cobras, the henchmen are best live, and the vonbondies have better studio shit.

            i went through this long period when i was young, not really caring for covers. war pigs by "faith no more", great. "smells like teen spirit" by tori amos. "raining blood" (also tori0. "back in black", by eminem. "hurt", johnny cash. ***"isis", white stripes (on bob dylan's 'desire" lp)(which i think is even better than jolene, everyone's goto favourite), "pants on the ground" by jimmy fallon, impersonating niel young. "love&happiness" by living colour— dude, there are tons, of truly classic, badass, genius covers, but overall, i didnt have as much respect for a band taking a song, changing the notes, changing a few words, putting a blurb in the liner notes thanking someone else for writing the tune, and calling it a cover.
            then….i heard shout bamalama. living in tuscaloosa alabama at the time, we heard sweet home alabama, and other songs more than others, including the old otis redding version of this song. nagy's cover with the cobras is one of the tunes on that 'sympathetic sounds of detroit' compilation. i hate hate wiki, but i know this is correct, so i dont mind ref.-ing it here


          • oliveralbq

  … i dont even through i made it through the whole song before i was on amazon, ordering their 1st cd. i have em all now, (l, l, &l — is great but i think i like 'baby' better). the fact that damn near every song they have is a cover, is mindblowing. not becausee they get away with it sounding so damn good, but because they actually make them *not* sound like covers. the last time i got to hang out with rachael, she started explaining how she would grab a hair brush, get in front of the mirror, and wail away to her folks' old motown records. she went on to say how few people actually get to do (for a living) exactly what they wanted to do when they were 5. then she ordered us all a round of liquid coccaine (jager, midori, pine.j). she would be the coolest drinking buddy of all time. ccc

          • cambered

            All done. I am now the artiste formerly known as camo, and now known by the moniker of cambered. I have been stumbling about the word press site trying to orientate myself… pretty confusing at first but I will get the hang of it. I think I will be automatically notified of responses to my posts, but time will tell.

            Cheers for the uber-post, by the way… very excellently (and rather jealously) impressed by your drinking feats with Miss Nagy… although "liquid cocaine" sounds grotesque… I kind of had her pictured slugging back the beers straight from the bottle and wiping the chin dribble froth on her sleeve. She sounds so fucking cool… next time you see her, tell her that there is this guy in Australia…

            On the topic of great cover versions, may I suggest: "Blinded by the light" by Manfred Mann's Earth Band; "I Fought the Law" by The Clash; "Sweet Jane" by The Cowboy Junkies; and my favourite cover, Stevie-Ray Vaughan's take on "Little Wing".

    • Arsnl

      Ive never heard of that story before (rainey). He just won his 4th championship and i think that he wanted to stop while on top. Williams had the better car than its rivals and senna signed with them (and had 3 wc to prosts 4) so it would just be downhill from there.
      Top gear made a wonderful tribute to ayrton senna. I strongly recommend it. It is amazing. You get to see how wigly the cars drove back then and it really stresses senna on rain.
      Probably the fans argue so much cuz the drivers were always on the edge. Eg suzuka in 89 and 90.

      • oliveralbq

        typically, if i knew something in the past, i might try to jog my memory (like when i eas reading the c.s.lewis thing earlier, and it popped in my head that he and another author died the same day j.f.kennedy was assinated. — i had to look to remember the other guy was aldous huxley.

        anyway — i couldnt remember what year probst retired, so i checked out a fan site of his…..normally, ill glance and use my own words, but im in a hurry right now,
        this is what i ran across, and remembered from several years back
        taken verbatim from the aforementioned probst fan site.
        """ Alain had a lot of reasons for his retirement, although he didn't tell all of them to the press. One of the mean reasons was, as it seems, the accident of the American motorcycle rider Wayne Rainey, who is in the wheelchair since then. Alain was deeply affected by this accident as he knows Wayne Rainey quite well and they both have several things in common, like, for example, their similar, professional driving style and they both were 3 times World Champions at that time. Alain didn't want, that his son Nicolas would have fear for him when watching F1 races in TV."""

      • @ Arsnl – Totally love the Senna vs Prost 'relationship' – sure was a grudge match but made great telly.

  • enucleator

    haha i wonder how many comments this list will received ^^
    it's not about religion or movies so…..

  • enucleator

    it's not a comment on the list, it's just saying '' i was the first one to type some uninteresting words unrelated to the subject on the comment's area"

  • i wanna press my "sloth-bear" button.

    • chaitanya

      Why do you guys make so much fuss about just one comment – is it really worth all the fuss? Why does it annoy you so much? I felt it is easy to ignore just one comment than reading all your clever remarks about the comment. Your remarks too have become equally cliched and childish.

      Why don't you respect others pleasures even if you think they are silly?

      • bluesman87

        i agree 100% people should just be tolerant of other peoples silly pleasures , for instance i like to go to shopping malls and pretend to murder newborn infants in front of their mothers , you know to give everyone a good laugh , but people are always like "hell are you crazy"!! and " you should know better for god sakes!!!" and " are you some kind of sick freak!!!" man it really gets me down …people should respect others silly quirks….

        • enucleator

          liver, Bluesman and the others…. exactly my thoughts.
          I read somewhere that the ''first!'' thing is a kind of unwritten law of the internet…
          What a pathetic excuse for a waste of time… A law? Oh so you have to follow it if it's a law, yeah, let's be good citizens of Internet-City…
          It's just a stupid trend.
          I hope that ppl will understand that this kind of trend is simply not welcome on listverse.
          And this is not an ''unwritten law", it's just our choice…

          Bluesman, i love your style, man :D

      • oliveralbq

        ok — in order — response to your questions.

        –it hardly counts as "such a fuss" when a reply comment takes 9 seconds to type in and then no one thinks about it again.
        –is it worth all the fuss? — i mean, read the above sentence. lots of things are worth 9 seconds of my time, thank you.
        –it hardly annoys me at all, otherwise i'd dedicate more than 9 seconds of my life to saying how infantile it is.
        –you feel its easy to ignore one but not the other. oook. thanks for calling us clever, though.
        –childish and cliched? responses to people leaving cliched responses are doubly cliched.
        –and the last question — there is a lot of respect there, but no one that would take 9 seconds to comment of this behaviour thinks its silly, they thinks its infantile and retarded. so you have addressed your question to the wrong pool of people. for further explaination, read bluesman's comment.

        • enucleator

          Oliver, Bluesman and the others…. exactly my thoughts.
          I read somewhere that the ''first!'' thing is a kind of unwritten law of the internet…
          What a pathetic excuse for a waste of time… A law? Oh so you have to follow it if it's a law, yeah, let's be good citizens of Internet-City…
          It's just a stupid trend.
          I hope that ppl will understand that this kind of trend is simply not welcome on listverse.
          And this is not an ''unwritten law", it's just our choice…

      • enucleator

        Well i think that the answer is in your final question….

    • TEX

      HOORAY – I’m sixty-fourth!!!

      • that still gets you in the ncaa march madness tourney

  • Narnia is terrible.

  • mordechaimordechai

    of course every body gone to hegel's lecture. his philosophy

  • Sorry, i meant everybody followed Hegel 'cause his views are so pleasing and quite wishful to the men's mind.
    It tells us "every thing is fine… or it will be at the end" so is very comfortable being a gentleman in hegel's world. World can be squared and made straight hegel tells us.
    And yet is system of philosophy brought so much evil it amazes me.

  • brock

    Its kind off boring list for me

  • Interesting list- I'v never read or heard about some of the names, they're quite new.. and those names that I read or heard about, I never knew.


  • Really? Schopenhauer and Hegel? All that really existed between the two men was Schopenhauer's jagged contempt for Hegel. That's pretty much it. I am a fan of Schopenhauer and his views on pessimism in general, but I hardly find the relationship between him and Hegel fascinating.

  • Grushenka

    This is now my favorite list ever.

  • demonface

    very boring list

    • I got to say, i almost fell asleep reading this one. Did trollers just get lazy or just boring?

  • bluesman87

    how about marilyn monroe and JFK or naomi cambell and charles taylor .

    • Fluffybum

      Or Naomi Campbell and Adam Clayton(U2).

  • Great list! Interesting to see how they mutually influenced their body of work, specially Jung and Freud in their early years.

  • Armadillotron

    What about Hitler and Benito Mussolini? A demented megalomaniac, who wanted to create a "Master-Race," and take over the world, and Benito Mussolini, "II Duce," a fat buffoon, who liked to go sking bare-chested, kissed Hitler`s ass, and was a total disaster? Or better yet, George W Bush, and Tony Blair? Remember, "Yo Blair!" and "We both share the same toothpaste." Priceless.

  • Outofbounds

    I found this extremely boring, the only interesting featured relationship was the one between Malcom X and Martin Luther King, and even than I still nodded off. I just find the subject to be quite frankly, boring. This list reminds of school, even though I didn’t really learn anything. This is of course, no offense to the creater, just to the list’s subject, which I’m sure some would enjoy.

  • becd85

    When I went to Oxford I went and drank at the pub where Lewis and Carroll met every Tuesday. I think it was called the Eagle and Child or something like that. Other than that not a real interesting list.

    • why do people keep talking about lewis *and* caroll?
      who the hell are you talking about?

      • becd85

        Oops I mean Lewis and Tolkein was I thinking of Lewis Caroll cos he was an oxford man as well as I think.

        • oliveralbq

          yeah — he was at oxford between rugby school and christ church, im almost positive.
          its just that – you were like the 3rd person to do this today, and i was beginning to think i missed something major in my studies of british lit.

          • becd85

            Oh was I? Hmm maybe I saw the others and that's why I did it. Yeah let's go with that lol

          • yes — all subconscious :)

  • Diego

    Excellent list. I can't wait for "10 More Fascinating and Amusing Relationships."

  • vanowensbody

    These pairings were all great artists, great thinkers, great intellectuals, great scientists. Who are the great minds of today? Minds like those listed here that pair up, collaborate, or irritate?

  • the mick

    Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker…
    oh c'mon, you know you would include it if fictional relationships were allowed !!

    • bluesman87

      i dunno the relationship between luke and his sister in the first movie was a bit weird, he kissed his sister .

      • Ounce!

        If I could see the future like Luke and knew my sister would look that hot in a slaev outfit, I'd want to kiss her too!

    • How about George Lucas and George Lucas' right hand?

  • oouchan

    What about Rocky and Bullwinkle? Couldn't help myself. :)

    Nice list. I can see a need for a part two based on the comments. Tolkien and Lewis are both great authors (at least to me) so it was nice to know they were friends. That would be an awesome read if they did a book jointly.

    • oliveralbq

      adrian wouldnt have let rocky get near a moose.
      she was a strange agrizoophobia-having, moose-a-phobic chick.

  • Arsnl

    Terribly good list. A sequel is really needed. When i saw #10 i thought oh how bad you missed bohr-heisenberg but you came back and put it in a deserving 1st place.
    Too bad you missed out on some mathematical relationships: newton-leibnitz being the most well known. Newton was a bit of an a*se and he tried his best to discredit leibnitz’s work. Another example poincare-cantor. Poincare thought cantors work was a plague. And maybe hilbert-godel. Hilberts goal was to prouvr that mathematics is complete but godel prouved that wrong. There are statements in mathematics that cant be prouved wrong or right.
    And maybe einstein-godel. Einstein said the only reason he still went to princeton was cuz he could walk back home with godel.
    But this is just me. The list was great.

    • I am completely with you on this Arsnl.
      In fact, I could add more, but that would muddy the waters, so I'll refrain for now.
      á votre santé!

  • Blah

    Too masculine and too euro-american centric.. make another list soon, much to add outside of the masculine and euro-american domain.. thumbs me down if you agree.. :D

  • Lana

    Marx and Engels?

  • Lifeschool

    Well I thought the list was well written and interesting. Plenty of info, many stories I’d never heard before, and a few amusing anecdotes. Thanks for writing and getting it published.

    @ Oliver – Yeah, the general level of disagreeable converstaion has taken a turn of late. I don’t know why folks have to antagonise each other. The LV used to be such a friendly place.

    • It turned nasty right about the time you showed up, as I recall.

      • A lesser man would say "that's how your mother described last night". But I am willing to be the bigger person here.

        That's how your daughter described last night!


        • uh, that still put's you in the "making it a nastier place" spot. mum's out anyway, she's dead. So which of the daughters do you want making the comment?
          The one who studied Capoeira, and kicked the 6'5" guy in the back of head while he was beating up his girlfriend?
          Yeah! Yeah! Pick her!

          • At first when you said "Capoeira", I thought you were referring to these bad boys:

            Your daughter sounds badass, I do indeed pick her.
            I pound my walking cane on the floor and reach for a new can of WOYZECK.

          • you'd last about three minutes, and only if she was feeling compassionate because of your mental state…or did you choose the name for some other reason? I mean, a mentally fragmented, dehumanized remnant of a man, that just doesn't seem like hero material to me.
            And I've never read a version that was satisfactorily finished. Perhaps you have. It would be interesting.

          • Woyzeck

            "you'd last about three minutes…"

            Yes, but I'd be ready to go again in about twenty minutes.
            I think WOYZECK has a good deal of negative capability. I'll leave you to judge whether I am referring to the play or myself. Or neither. Or both.

            edit: besides, it was either "Woyzeck" or my real name, Joseph Mengele.

            Woyzeck pulls the skin right back and carries on talking with tears streaming freely from his eyes…

          • I just don't know about you…you are disgusting, annoying, irritating, interesting, occasionally funny…but mostly hateful.
            That is not to say I am full of hate toward you, but that you seem to be full of random hate…then you turn it into a joke…strange, Woyzeck. Very strange.

        • Much better pic, btw.

  • Ethan

    Tesla and Edison?

  • TEX

    Here is an unbelievable photo of the 1927 Solvay Conference mentioned in #10 – 29 attendees including 17 Nobel Prize winners.
    A few in the photo: Max Planck, Marie Curie, Hendrik Lorentz, Albert Einstein, Paul Dirac, Arthur Compton, Louis de Broglie, Max Born, Niels Bohr, Erwin Schrodinger, Wolfgang Pauli, Werner Heisenberg
    It is hard to conceive that there will ever be another gathering of minds of this caliber.

    • Great pic.

    • That photo gave me chills!
      I love all of the hard sciences, but Physics, especially Quantum, is tops as far as I am concerned. To see the people gathered, all together, who actually invented the art, the science, is almost too much. I am going to print this, frame it, and hang it in my workroom.
      I don't *DO* science, I play with science.
      I'm an artist.
      Everyone has to have a hobby. Quantum is mine.

      • TEX

        I had it as my screen saver for several months – now i have one of the Hubble Deep Field images

  • george

    that's benjamin franklin in picture 5…

    • Ghostwheel

      That is what I thought too. I looked it up and you are correct.

    • Yes, it is. I snapped it for Philadelphia Daily News.

  • Well written list, the author did some good research and obviously knows his / her stuff.
    I only knew 3 of them, but Im pretty sure Hitler had a crony that he confided in.

    Thanks great list.

    • Hi warrior – long time , no chat. I bet Hitler had a few cronies – Himmler for one – Joseph Goebbels for another. But they were always squabbling with each other over tactics, and some of his aids decided to try and get rid of Hitler sometime around the Normandy invasion. I know Rommel was instructed to kill himself because of his part in the plan.

      • Thanks for the reply Lifeschool – I have always been interested in German history and your reply sure rings a bell.

        Thanks again pal.

      • bluesman87

        forgot Borman

  • camo

    A tremendous list. I thought that it was both well-considered and well-written. I have long been aware of the distrust between Tolkien and Lewis, yet was amazed to learn that they actually started out as very close friends. I was also engrossed in the relationship between Heisenberg and Bohr… that story could easily be made into a wonderful film, if it hasn't already done so.

    I would question, however, the exclusion of some seemingly obvious examples in preference for the likes of Schopenhauer and Hegel (erm… whom and whom?); and two of the ten entries devoted to Niels Bohr (as brilliant as he was, perhaps one of these should have been saved for the follow-up…?

    Some further suggestions:

    Pop / Rock music: Lennon and McCartney… Waters and Gilmour.
    Sports: Ali and Frazier… Evert and Navratilova… McEnroe and Borg.
    Mathematics: Newton and Leibniz.
    Arts: Michelangelo and Raphael.

    • Schopenhauer and Hegel are among the greatest and most famous philosophers in history. Asking "whom and whom?" is unlikely to strike a chord with many people reading this.

      • camo

        Fair enough Woyzeck, and granted that Philosophy is clearly no strong point of mine. I suppose if the list were compiled of people and relationships I was already aware of, then I wouldn't have learned anything new… which is part of the reason I visit this site most days.

    • Would definitely like to see a list like this that includes Waters and Gilmour. One of the more realistic parting of ways in my opinion.

      • camo

        Mate, those guys had the epitome of a turbulent partnership over their years as Pink Floyd. For someone who started out as meek as a mouse, Dave Gilmour now refuses to play with Roger Waters again and, in fact, detests him with a vigour. Surely that would make for interesting reading to discover how things got so bad..? Additional to that, of course, is the Syd Barrett factor… 10 Fascinating and Amusing Personality Triangles, anyone?

        Shine on.

  • I think this list could have been 1000x more interesting. With that said it was pretty entertaining.

  • Emma

    Shelley and Byron?

  • Damn good read

  • Good list. This could be the start of something special.

    But, calling Lewis and Tolkien "intellectuals"? Bwa ha ha! Surely "imagineers" or "imbeciles" would be more fitting?

  • TEX

    Jenna Jameson And Peter North

  • Tunapaw

    What about J Edgar Hoover & Clyde Tolson ?

  • Bob

    How about Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr?

  • Will Trame

    I liked the above comment on pop music. Other volatile combinations include the Davies Brothers (the Kinks) and the Gallagher Brothers (Oasis). And, as also noted, the Waters-Gilmour partnership was definitely oil and water.

    On a nonmusical note, leave us not forget the Collyer Brothers.

    An amusing and fascinating list.

    • TEX

      you need to do a "brothers list" – good idea

    • camo

      Of course..!!! I should have included Ray and Dave Davies from The Kinks… imagine, two brothers in a massively successful rock / pop outfit who literally loathed the sight of each other. There is a whole list in that: 10 musical siblings who wanted to brush each others teeth with box-cutters. You could include the Fogerty brothers (CCR), the Gallaghers (Oasis), Jim and William Reid (Jesus and Mary Chain)… hey, this list writes itself..!

      • oliveralbq

        isnt one of the detroit bands made of siblings? i vaguely remember being at white stripes show, and having another detroit band open (whirlwind heat, or the von bondies, or the detroit cobras or the hentchmen, or bantam rooster — seen em all, just dont remember which one was with siblings)*someone* having brothers that got into a fight, and jack white had to come out and play a couple songs cause the one guy was acting like a dick.

        and alex and eddie van halen -and- malcolm and angus young both had some amount of problems (which truthfully, i would expect of any band with siblings) —even if the probs werent long lasting. oh and cant forget about the duran duran weenies.

        • camo

          To be honest, I don't know the Detroit garage band you are looking for, although I do recall an occasion in 2003 when Jack White punched Jason Stollsteimer (of Von Bondies) in the face in a Detroit club…?

          I have albums by The Detroit Cobras (they rock) and Von Bondies, but neither of those outfits boast siblings. I am also familiar with The Dirtbombs, another great Detroit unit, but none of those guys are related either. I will have to check out the other bands you mentioned… thanks for the hot tips.

          I thought about adding the Van Halens to my original suggestions, but thought most of Eddie's beef was with David Lee Roth..?!?

          There was also the Wilson sisters from Heart… and to rival your weenies, perhaps even raise you, Gary and Martin Kemp, from Spandau Ballet.

          • oliveralbq

            woah man — in over 3 years i have only seen one other person make reference to these detroit bands, and that was randall, like, a couple years ago. — of course, other than me going on about the cobras and rachael nagy. (i have all their albums too, and saw them at the house of blues in new orleans not too long ago)

            high five.
            very nice.

            part of the reason i cant remember is because i have seen the white stripes like…20-25 times, and a lot of the openers are in that same category — released stuff on the sympathy for the record industry label — the ones i mentioned, ko and the knockouts, soledad brothers (from ohio — close enough), the come-ons, the buzzards, the greenhorns. etc etc — and whats gonna make this hard is tht im not totally sure this person is still with whatever band it was.

            van halen — initially you were right — i mean, the most famous problem they had was dlr vs everyone. however, they thought about doing a reunion tour whatever thingy, and it was set to have all the original members, and a week later there was news that alex got into it with lie….everyone, and eddie's son wolfgang was taking over on drums. i dont think that tour ever materialized.

            spandeau ballet? yeah…you win. or at least tie with the beegees.
            hell, while were at it, didnt the beach boys have some problems too?

            @camo: ""I will have to check out the other bands you mentioned… thanks for the hot tips.""

            –whirlwind heat is weird. people love em or hate em. — henchmen and bondies are great. if you dont have it, pick up that 'sympathetic sounds of detroit' compilation cd. that way you can hear almost all of em. probably 2 or 3 songs from 7 different bands — and that unreleased stripes song –red death at 6:19

          • camo

            re: Detroit bands… I just love that sound… Detroit Cobras blew me away when I first heard 'Life, Love and Learning'… I was hooked after track 1, 'Hey Sailor'… and then I saw a photo of Rachel Nagy and realised I was actually in love with her. So I explored that scene a little deeper and found The Dirtbombs and Von Bondies. The White Stripes were faves of mine long before all of this, pretty much from when 'White Blood Cells' was released.

            Living in Sydney, it is not easy keeping track of the alternative / indie / garage stuff coming out of the States, but I try my best. I will give Whirlwind Heat a listen in coming days… and I love how they got their name (I just read it on a music site): on the cover of 'Goo' is the phrase, "I stole my sister's boyfriend. It was all whirlwind, heat, and flash. Within a week we killed my parents and hit the road". Any band that pays homage to the great Sonic Youth is at least worthy of one listen.

            House of Blues in New Orleans is a very cool room. I caught a gig there when I travelled around the US in the mid-90's. I wish I could say I saw a really mind-blowing outfit like TDC there; alas Cyril Neville and the Uptown Allstars were topping the bill that night! We went because we wanted to see a gig at the famous HOB… and Cyril et al didn't suck too bad..!

            Oh, for the record, Wolfgang Van Halen actually replaced long standing bassist Michael Anthony for their 07 reunion tour. It did materialise… and so did $US 93 million in takings!

  • Rissa

    Georgia O'Keefe and Ansel Adams, great friends who never really liked each others work.

  • Woyzeck

    Ian Brady and Myra Hindley?

    • Armadillotron

      That isn`t funny in the slightest bit whatsoever.

      • he was probably shooting for fascinating, rather than amusing

      • Woyzeck

        Your first thought when I mention child torture, rape and murder is that it may be humourous? You're sick, Armadillotron.

    • oliveralbq

      shoulda been included for the sake of alliteration.

      manchester moor murderer, myra — my mailman's mom — made me more magic mini muffins monday

      • Even Ian's is interestingly… uhh… AH FUCK THIS SHIT.

  • Sau

    As author of this list, I had to exclude a lot of relationships that so many LV readers have mentioned, but there will be a followup to this list in the coming days/weeks. The list also consists seemingly obscure names to most people, but this was intended in order to arouse interest in many of these brilliant men.

    • Well, you've certainly aroused the interest of this brilliant man.

    • Please, if you do write a sequel, focus a lot more on female relationships. Look into the literary world, I remember there was an author or poet with an odd relationship. I want to say Sylvia Plath but I may be wrong.

      • oliveralbq

        i posted earlier asking if the list writer was trying to piss off female listversers. this is exactly what i was talking about . i read fascinating relationships and instantly thought of goodall/chimp, fosse/ape, keller/sullivan — i could not guess which one would be placed higher.

        not only were none there, but no female relationships at all. the only way i could justify this is if this was identified in the title or intro that these were male relationships, and a female list was in the wings.

        ive been perplexed all day

        • camo

          Bette Davis and Joan Crawford?
          Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert?

          Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera?

          Ellen Ripley and that bitch!?!

      • bluesman87

        i agree focus more on female on female relationships , those kick ass heh heh ….

  • SloanKots

    Napoleon and Alexander I of Russia

  • Techstyles

    Saladin and Richard the Lionheart ?!


    • Armadillotron

      They were sworn enemies. Even though they never met each other.

  • Techstyles

    No, wait – Bebop and Rocksteady ! Woo Hoo….

  • As KDR said, Tesla and Edison. They not only had a technological disagreement (Tesla favored AC and Edison favored DC), but a personality clash. Tesla thought that Edison was a dirty-handed tinkerer, and Edison thought that Tesla was a starry-eyed dreamer (and they were both right). But if they ever could have joined forces — WOW!!

    • Yeah, WOW! Tesla could have come up with all sorts of innovations and Edison could have patented and taken credit for them!

  • enucleator

    hahah yeah, Ren and Stimpy, Beavis and Butthead, Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, Pierre and Marie Curie.. eerrh wait, they were married ok so let's say Mario and Luigi? But they are brothers right? …. oh god, we can go forever like this :D

    • bluesman87

      i have to say Beavis and Butt-heads relationship has always fascinated me .

  • roliutshui

    This is one of the best lists in listverse. very well written and very informative

  • FlameHorse

    I dunno if anyone's asked this, but just so I can show off, here are the Big Five of Russian Music:

    Mili Balakirev, Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov, Alexander Borodin, Modest Mussorgsky, and Cesar Cui.

  • TEX

    Edison was a fucking ass-bag – I wish he’d fallen against that poor elephant he electrocuted and fried along with him – just to discredit Tesla.
    Say goodbye to Topsy!!! –

  • leacar

    Tingle and his obsession with rupees . . .? ;)
    Anywho, thanks for the fascinating list!

  • copperdragon

    Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan?
    Lewis and Clark?
    Fossey and Goodall?
    Albright and Thatcher?

  • aldoraine

    How about Clough and Taylor

  • Juli

    I thought that Jefferson and Adams had reconciled before they died, knowing that they were the last of the 'old breed'. I love Adams!!

  • puzzlesovflesh

    Great list. But I just can't help but think you missed two really important relationships…

    Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison I think should have been number 1, yes even over Heisenberg and Bohr.

    But I think you should have also included, or at least for the next list, Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky. Now talk about heated competition.

    • Agreed, Fischer/Spassky and Tesla/Edison. Both would be great picks for another list.

    • Arsnl

      Tesla&edison over bohr&heisenberg? Are you nuts? The guys who made incredible breakthroughs in quatum theory, that give us the understanding of how the atomic world works under the guys who gave us ac and general electric? Do you know anything about physics?

      Spassky wasnt that great (i bet that like every commie chess player he just wanted to defect) fischer was great but cuz of his mood swings we will never know if he would have bested kaspatov.

  • It is a trend, like the "Hi Mom, I'm on TV!" routine.

    • i know, man.
      but thats kinda dumb too.

      at least there, though, you are communicating with your mother.
      mothers love that

  • sami

    I love the scientist pairings! <3 I know of all of them separately, but I didn't know they shared a relationship with each other! Very, very interesting, especially because many of them came up with scientific theories that were pretty different in that they applied to different fields within the same subject.

  • anon

    William Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli?

    • Duckling

      Yeah, it’s a must!

  • Walter Mitty?

  • Neil

    Freddie Mercury and Kenny Everett.

    When these two met, they were both still closeted, and this was before Bohemian Rhapsody. They hit it off like a house on fire, becoming instant friends.
    When Bo-Rap was released to the radio stations in the U.K, Everett would go on to play it 14 times in 2 days, thus giving it the exposure that would lead to the international success of the band, Queen.

    However, by the mid- 80's,with both now out of the closet and a reputation as some of the wildest party animals in the world of showbusiness, petty arguments would estrange the two forever.
    Kenny didn't attend Mercury's funeral saying 'Freddie won't be there', and unfortunately, a few years after Mercury's demise, Everett himself succumb to the AIDS virus, or which it is rumoured they both caught off a 'shared' partner in the early 80's

  • Brandon

    That's a pretty bad mischaracterization of the relationship between Jefferson and Adams.

    Between 1776 and 1796 they were essentially the best of friends. It was a friendship forged in the Revolution and strengthened by their time together in Europe as ministers to England and France, respectively. it wasn't until Adams became president that things really began to break down – and that wasn't even because of the election; Jefferson was supremely upset about the Alien and Sedition Acts and wouldn't go to France as part of a peace mission to prevent the Quasi-War with France from becoming a full-scale conflict.

    The real souring came during the election of 1800 when both men's agents hurled insults during the campaign. They saw each other for the last time just before Jefferson was inaugurated and then Adams left town that morning before the swearing in. But they did, indeed, rebuild their friendship through an extensive correspondence that began in 1812 and continued until their coincident deaths on July 4, 1826.

    While Adams wrote three or 4 letters to Jefferson for every one he received in return, that's due to any lack of esteem or affection on Jefferson's part.

  • barbie

    pretty interesting. it makes me really happy to see people who disagree with each other on one thing but still get along.

  • Zak

    Patton and Eisenhower is a really interesting one, that I think deserves to be added as a bonus.

  • metoo

    How about Richard Nixon and Elvis :-)

  • Terra

    Great idea and well written list.

  • CeeJay

    oliveralbq, I am a female reader and I am not pissed off whatsoever. The thought never even crossed my mind of the lack of female relationships. You must be a feminist of some sort? Or at least sympathetic.

    You must realize though that most of the great minds of the past have been predominately men, mostly because back then women were not allowed to be educated and/or not taken seriously. (Which is terrible, but a thing of the past now. And you cannot change the past, so why not accept the reality of it?)

    I personally would have rolled my eyes at hellen keller and anne sullivan, because I've had enough of them, and they simply just are not interesting to me anymore, whatsoever. I do not think the list would have been better with them included, but that may just be me.

    The only relationship I can think of right now would be that of Nietzsche and Lou Salome. I think that is an interesting relationship, although Salome is not very well known. (And it includes a women, too, which would satisfy oliveralbq, right? :P )

    • oliveralbq

      oh my god.
      i … was … just … kidding
      yesterdays list was about gender equality, and todays had 25 males (with the inclusion of the five).
      thats all. period.

      that would satisfy me :p :-p ;p
      triple tongue sticking out —–
      if the list author were to include a female, just for the sake of adding a female, then that would be a travesty. – especially if there was still a lack of explaination, it would be moot. while your argument is very poignent — and while i do accept reality of it — im simply not in agreeance that you can place ten items (with two males a piece, (and another 5 for entry #9)) before you consider the achievments of 1 female.

      jesus — these arent even achievements, per se, but relationships. that makes it more subjective, and makes the lack of female entries stick out like a sore thumb.

      now the example you used was good.
      lou andreas-salome/nietzsche is a fine example that would have made it to at least #5 or so if i'd have written it.

      oh, and listen — im no femininist. neither is my girlfriend, my mom, my sister, my roommate, or my boss. (those last 5 are women, i aam not) — and they dont like the idea of feminism any more than i do. im cool with equality. and even the lack of equality when appropriate, on either side of the gender issue.

      the point of my post actually had nothing to do with gender issues… post had to do with diversity. i used the example of women (but i used other examples too)

      i was wondering about something past what the introduction explained. i was wondering because it almost seemed (operative words: *almost* and *seemed*) like he had narrowed the scope to keep from including women. i know that wasnt the case. i knew then. i never thought otherwise. ….i am confident this isnt the case, but thats how it read on first read through.

      not to piss off any femanists, but what i was hoping for was not the inclusion of women. i was hoping for a clearer explaination of why the listwriter chose the disciplines he chose.

    • oh—–hehehe one other thing.
      im actually sick of this one too.

      however, not everyone here is as familiar as i (and you) seem to be.

      with the list titled "fascinating" relationships — i mean — thats a unique and fascinating relationship.

      (but i gotta admit — i like nietzche/salome much much bettter)

      • Ceejay

        Oh, well I am sorry I misinterpreted your comment then! It sure seemed to me like you meant what you said. ><

        If he does a follow up list though, I do really hope to see Nietzsche/Salome on it. That would be really cool. :]

        • i meant what i said — but but but
          some was tongue in cheek — some was sarcasm.

          it wasnt until the reply above that i said — ok…this is what i think he should have done.–
          –well, i do still think the lack of diversity hindered the interestingness of the list, but everyone is going to have a different opinion, and it didnt seem to bother some people.

          a follow up list would be great. and salome would be a cool inclusion, since ont thing randomprescion pointed out, the list author concentrated on lesser known of relationships. salome/nietzche *for sure* falls into that category.

          if i didnt think the author was going to write another list (or already had) i would suggest that you do it, since you have come up with exactly *one* example, and it was brilliant… i'd love to hear what other 9 you think would fit.

  • diogenes

    This really is a new type of list that garners respect. Not only for what it lays out for personal research but also how it utilises the medium for a much broader domain .

    • diogenes

      …or maybe not.
      it's not so broad.
      I was just trying to lay down a statement.

  • suzi

    THIS is a good list. Thank you.

  • Princess♥

    you really should have stuck to a list about sex =)

  • A Very Very good list: If I may add a friend-rival relationship which was incredibly intense in Australia: that of Henry Lawson and Andrew "Banjo" Patterson – writers and poets of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries in Australia.
    Both wrote iconic poetry and short stories which has stood the test of literary and folk history: Waltzing Matilda, by Patterson almost being voted the National Anthem in 1988.
    In print, for both rival and mutual newspapers and magazines they waged an increasingly bitter and contentious war of words against each other's works but it wasn't until after the death of Lawson in 1922 that Patterson came forward and stated that the two were, in reality, close friends and supporters of one another and that the "rivalry" had been cooked up between them to galvanise the public and make it more aware of contemporary Australian based, inspired and produced literature as opposed to that of British production and source which, at that point, dominated Australian Literature.

  • Sorry – that last post which read "Both wrote iconic poetry and short stories which has stood the test of literary and folk history" SHOULD have read "Both wrote iconic poetry and short stories which HAVEstood the test of literary and folk history" – sorry; I changed a couple of words around that pivotal "has" but forgot to change IT. oops!

  • Woyzeck: Are you serious? Imbeciles? These two men produced literature which has gone down as not simply some of the greatest of its genre of the 20th Century, they have been recognised as Literary Immortals whose works are studied in prestigious universities the world over. It is already believed that their work (possibly Tolkien's more so than Lewis's) will go down as Literature which will be recognised as classic and worthy of study in centuries to come – as are the works of Shakespeare today.
    A personal view: I find no problem, anomaly, exaggeration or disrespect to 'The Bard' that I compare Tolkien's writings with his – after all, beyond The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, there is a great deal more he wrote which is just as good.

    BTW – According to biographers; Tolkien and Lewis eventually patched up their differences and were friends (if not as close as they had been) by the time Lewis died in 1963. Tolkien, of course followed his friend into the great unknown in 1972.

  • nicolelynnw

    Odd coincidence that C.S Lewis is on this list and I’m currently watching the Narnia movie :). Good list, I knew about a few of these relationships but the majority of them were new to me.

  • Larry C

    well how about Timothy Leary and G Gordon Liddy. After one tried to jail the other for I don't know how many years they end up on the same stages on the lecture circuit and appear to be friends?

  • Tom and Jerry…where are they?

    • fendabenda

      Or Tweety and Sylvester the Cat?

  • Chris

    Jay and Silent Bob???

  • Chris

    No but seriously, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

  • Flavor Flave and Bridget Nielson. Sorry, I had to go there.

  • xristos

    No Tupac and Biggie?

  • chris

    Great List.
    Edison and Tesla?
    Also, Kind of looks like Jefferson and Franklin, but maybe Adams let his hair down once in a while …

  • Princess♥

    oh i just thought of one…natasha and boris

  • midnight

    what about Stephen Douglas and Abe Lincoln. Dougles actual help campaing for Lincoln as president up intill his death.

  • Stefan

    "The Inklings?" nawww how cute!

  • Strembop

    Churchill and Astor

    -Winston, if i were your wife i would put poison in your coffee.

    -Nancy, if i were your husband, i would drink it.

    • fendabenda

      Classic :D

    • fendabenda

      "One reason I don't drink is that I want to know when I am having a good time." -Nancy Astor :D

    • camo

      That's an all-time classic… so is this one:

      Bessie Braddock to Churchill "Winston, your drunk!"
      Churchill: "Bessie, you're ugly, and tomorrow morning I shall be sober"

      An oldie but a goodie.

  • bleumoonselene

    This list didn't hold my interest. But that may just be me. Can't like all lists.

  • Sistarose

    Charles Darwin and Captain Robert FitzRoy… Once friends turned into bitter rivals with Captain FitzRoy finally killing himself.

  • jessie6693

    There is actually an excellent play, written by Michael Frayn called Copenhagen, which describes the last meeting between Bohr and Heisenberg. I had to read it for school many years ago, it`s very emotional.

  • elroxzor99652

    It's too bad that the picture of Adams and Jefferson is actually a picture of Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin…

  • joebecca

    this list was one of the most boring ones so far… sorry!

  • ellie

    How about Lennon and McCartney?

  • werwerwq

    Lennon & McCartney!

  • Ica

    the bronte sisters. maybe they didn’t have some sort of falling out like the other people on this list, but it’s very interesting that one family have so much literary talent. and it’s sad about them dying out one by one.

  • BreK


  • LOL WUT?

    Name and Name

  • Julia Odum

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  • Duckling

    Too sexist with no females on the list … yawn
    I bet the relationship between the Curies would come much as exciting, if not more exciting, than let’s say, Heisenberg and Bohr.

  • qywendyj9


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    Voltaire and Fredrich the Great