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Site Update: November 2010

So, it has been almost one month since the site relaunch. Hopefully that is sufficient time for you to all have taken in the changes and formed opinions about them. We have been working extremely long hours ironing out the wrinkles and implementing the changes you asked for initially. This update will hopefully bring everyone up to speed with the latest changes and will give you an opportunity to voice your views.



Thank You (Arrow)

First off, I want to say thanks to everyone for the feedback and comments regarding the site relaunch. The bug reports were extremely helpful and all of the positive words showed us that you can do a massive site overhaul without upsetting the majority of your readers (a feat that neither Facebook nor Digg were able to achieve in their most recent redesigns). Hopefully those of you who were not so keen on the update have become used to the new look, and are now as comfortable with Listverse as before. For a nostalgic look back in time at how Listverse has changed, here are two Web Archive backups of Listverse from the past:

Listverse on September 1, 2007
Listverse on June 3, 2008.


Mobile Site

Ipad Image Screenshot 1024X768

Now that the new design is live and mostly stable, we have started work on a mobile version. As well as regular mobile devices we also want to target iPad and iPhone. Our option in that regard is to either make a free app for both (which would possibly exclude comments), or a website which would include comments but would lack functionality in other areas. Please let us know in the comments if you use an iPad or iPhone to view the site and what you would prefer to see from Listverse.


Recent Submissions


It appears that there is a bug in the submissions form which has prevented it from sending lists to us as expected. If you have submitted a list since the site launch (one month ago) and have a local copy, please email it to [email protected] in case it didn’t get through. I have received a number of submissions without trouble so this is hopefully just a precautionary measure. I will be working on fixing the submissions form over the next few days. The best way to tell whether your submission got through is if you received an email in response to it. All submitted lists get an email back – so if yours didn’t – resend.



A Bugs Life 2

No one likes bugs and we have tried our best to get rid of as many of the ones you reported in the first days of the site launch. Now that the site changes have slowed right down we would like to hear from anyone that is still experiencing difficulties. Please use the comments below to tell us about problems you are having, or even odd or quirky behavior from the site. You should also mention what your operating system is (for example Windows XP or Mac OS X) and what browser you are using (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc) and the version number if you know it. If you wish to send screenshots you can email your bug reports to me directly at [email protected].


164145237 1595Faa60D O

We have just added a neat new feature to the site – If you are looking for a list and you can’t remember where it was, you can find it with If you are looking for a list of evil women, just go to women and you will be sent to the list that matches most closely what you are looking for. You can also use it just to get to the main site by visiting or you can use it to get to our facebook ( or twitter ( page.


The Social Network

Screen Shot 2010-11-22 At 9.16.04 Am

We have mentioned facebook in a number of our recent monthly updates, but it is time to mention it again. We have both a personal account for me (Jamie Frater) and a Listverse fan page. This is the first time we have been able to point out the incentives to like the Listverse fanpage – in the last two months we have given away over 60 Listverse books exclusively through Facebook, and we often post comments there regarding the site that you don’t see here. If you weren’t sure whether to “like” us before, hopefully that will be incentive enough. Oh – and we are also on Twitter and Youtube.

Because this is our one month celebration of the relaunch of the site, everyone that becomes a fan of our Facebook page and tells us why they love Listverse will go in the draw to win one of five signed copies of our newest book – winners will be notified directly by me on Facebook.


New Admins

The Linux System Administrator

After a recent bout of trolling from someone who will remain unnamed, we have welcomed a new admin to our site. Timothy Hoff (AKA timothyjames) is our newest site admin. He has done a magnificent job of melding with our other admins to take control of the increased trolling and spam comments. I am especially thankful that he came on board as I took my first holiday in two years just as the worst of the trolling hit. In addition to Tim, we also have to welcome Kate Borrell who is our content specialist – her job is to ensure that all pre-update content conforms with the standards of the new site. She happens to be a personal friend who has featured on the site before for her ukulele talents. You can read about both of them on the masthead of our about page.



56329 499238946060 737381060 7938595 7190060 O-1-1

Two weeks ago my harddrive crashed. It crashed in a big way and my backup systems were out of date, which led to a few days of terror for me as I waited to see whether my systems support company could recover the data. Fortunately they could and I am now up and running again at full speed. A positive result of the crash is that my new system is much more tightly integrated with the site, and I can now see all new comments as they occur on my desktop (as you can see in the picture above – click to enlarge) as well as a variety of analytic data. This should help with trolling comments, which are now, fortunately, dramatically reduced thanks to the efforts of the admin team.



Managed-Services-Advertising Copy

Listverse has been around since 2007, and in those three years we have constantly adjusted our advertising to try to boost revenue whilst ensuring that our readers are not bogged down with ads they hate. Sometimes we have succeeded and sometimes we have failed (think back to the cursor ads). The redesign forced us to make the most significant change ever with advertising; we removed more than half of the ads on the site. The result of this is a significantly faster load time (in my case it has quartered). We have also signed up some new advertisers and ended our relationship with others. The new advertisers were picked for quality of ads and speed of loading.


Bizarre Book


Great news – the new Listverse book the Ultimate Book of Bizarre Lists is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If you order now you will be able to get all your copies in time for Christmas. The new book features a number of lists not available anywhere (including here on Listverse) – lists that were written especially for the book, as well as the most popular of our Bizarre category. It is guaranteed to provide entertainment for everyone. The super cheap price of around $10 is perfect for Christmas. You can, of course, still order our first book, the Ultimate Book of Top 10 Lists. And in other good news – we have signed a contract to produce a third book for next Christmas!

Listverse Staff

Listverse is a place for explorers. Together we seek out the most fascinating and rare gems of human knowledge. Three or more fact-packed lists daily.

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  • Ivan

    Cool I guess.

    • kubrick

      oh la la!!!!!

  • nzall

    well, i can say that i enjoy the new listverse look. some of the adds were intrusive in the past, but most of those are gone now. the new features also seem pretty nice.

  • mom424

    Congratulations on the new book deal. Yeah!
    Load time is good with Firefox although the ad placement is off a bit. Chrome and Explorer work fine for me. Again, Congratulations, both on the new book deal and the new format. Good Job.

  • Vera Lynn

    I love the new Listverse. No problems until just a few days ago. Where it says how long ago the comment was made is right in the middle of the comment instead of above it.

    I have an ipad and use it all the time for Listverse. The only problem I have there is that everytime I want to make a comment, I have to reenter my nick and email address. Gets tedious quickly and has affected how often I comment. :-(

    Other than that, I love it here. Sometimes the comments are better than the lists. Mom424 pointed that out on one list recently. Bluesman87 (close enough?) is in esp fine form. That whole thing about the Parker prawn while he was …doing his taxes… was hilarious!! ;-)

    • Jille

      I have the same problem you do, Vera Lynn. It does make the first line of the comment difficult to read. And sometimes the replies are already displayed, other times I have to click and wait while they load everytime. Very annoying as the comments are the best part of LV. I almost always use my iPhone so it would be a tragedy for me if comments were excluded from the iPhone app.

  • Sam_89

    Never thought you would be a Lady Gaga fan

    • Her album is mixed in with millions of other songs :)

      • oliveralbq

        i like how you've neither confirmed nor denied the validity of sam89's assertion ;)

        • In my line of work it is necessary :)

          • Sam_89

            Haha, I'm not judging :p

  • fendabenda

    The site looks fine… but since you asked about possible bugs (#7): the site seems to gradually slow down if I use Firefox. There's no problem if I use Chrome or Iron (I never use IE, so I don't know about that), so it's not really a big problem for me. I just thought I'd mention it, in case you have a compatibility problem with Firefox.

    • NatC

      I noticed that with Firefox too. I have the most up to date version, but notice when I load lists, it tends to freeze up (annoying when I'm scrolling down). Only happens with Listverse :(

  • Lifeschool

    Hey there, this got posted just in time for a quick comment. Yeah, the listverse sure has come a long way – love the links to the old v1 and v2 sites (some of the pictures didn't load BTW:) ) – it just goes to show what can be accomplished over time. The new site is much more professional on all fronts; trying perhaps to attain an air of elegance or refinement; while losing a little bit of something too. But I think the site has gained more than it has lost.

    The only fly performing the backstroke seems to be the ads. The site does load quicker; that's for sure; but, I dunno… At least the ads are mostly clustered around the top and edges of the page and not scattered throughout it (which can get annoying).

    Nice to see a pic of your desktop JF. Those statistics look interesting – I just couldn't quite see.

  • fendabenda

    Oh, hello there! I'm Lutheran, too, although not a very active one.. :) Yeah, your pastor may be right, I hate change, too… I'm way too lazy to convert into buddhism or anything… :D Just give me a beer, a pizza and a Mountain (Leslie West) cd and I'll live happily ever after. :D

  • Fasuoy

    I use an iPad and to be honest the site is already very usable and functional but I would like everything to be just a bit easier…

  • shmotorsny

    Any chance of an Android app?

    • I am hoping that the default mobile site will be good on android so an app wouldn't be necessary. But it may happen – who knows? :)

      • fendabenda

        You know, I was going to buy some Listverse books from Amazon and give them away as Xmas gifts. But am I being too square and old fashioned if I give away books made of ink and paper? I should probably give everybody iPads or whatever, maybe iHoes to the young male relatives, and iRomance to the aunties… iDunno… :/

        • You could give the ipads and ipods pre-loaded with the kindle version of the Listverse books :)

          • Vera Lynn

            I got the Ultimate Book of Bizarre Lists fron ibooks on my ipad. I didnt even think to look for it there. Thanks for the idea. And its loads easier than carrying around a book. ;-)

  • Tom

    Awesomeness, But… On #3 'Now Playing' Is Lady Gaga… Nooo!!!

    • fendabenda

      Haha! That's probably why it crashed… :)

  • Chineapplepunk

    I like the new site, it's a great change! It's very eye- catching too, so much so that my Fiance has started to read lists over my shoulder now :) .

  • amy

    iPhone user, and no comments–this is the first I've commented in over a year of viewing!

  • thorlite

    I pretty much exclusively use Listverse by using my I phone, the current mobile site (part of wordpress?) works really well. Do you need to spend out on a specialist app? Couldn't you just use this?


    • I am inclined towards doing a web app as opposed to an app – then there are only two sites to maintain – one mobile site (designed to look good on all phones but especially iPhone) and the main site which does work quite well for iPad already. I could make a few tweaks to make the main site look a little better in iPad.

      • iPhone user and would love an app for this. I would be more likely to view on the move if there was an app available and not a site. (:

  • oouchan

    Love the changes. I now have the book and take it to work with me to drive people crazy with stuff I read from it. :)
    Nice job with the new site!

    • Thanks :)

      • piousaugustus

        If you don't mind my asking, how do you get all that information to show up right at your desktop (date, weather, itunes on the bottom and Facebook, Listverse, other info on the left)? Is there a specific program or something for OS X?

        • Geek tools is the app I use – it is free and you can use ruby, perl, python, php, shell scripts etc.

  • One vote for an iPhone/iPad app please! A mobile site would be cool but you'll get more hits with an app..

  • betterthantheoriginalwally

    Well my comment that had over 12 positive thumbs ups was deleted overnight. Nothing racist, sexist or trollist about it whatsoever. I have noticed that a lot of the old school commenters have dropped off here and I doubt they even visit the site anymore. This site has jumped the shark unfortunately.

    • Julius

      While I disagree that the site has jumped the shark, I must say I've also noticed that you rarely see comments from regulars such as Randall, Bucslim or Deeeziner anymore which is quite sad as they really lightened up the comments section (esp. Randall taking apart idiots ;-) )

  • By the way, loved your desktop!

  • Damien

    Hi Jamie! I’ve been an avid reader of listverse on mobile for the past few month. Im not sure what avenue i have to point out a severe (at least to me) problem i faced while browsing the site on my mobile after its relaunch. The “suggested lists that you might be interested in” has been removed from the mobile site! I really loved that feature, it allows me to link and view many older lists that i have yet to read.

    The current list sorting system for mobiles isnt very convenient as we’d have to scroll through 6-7 pages of newer contents before i hit an older content thats yet to be read.

    I hope the “related list” portion gets restored back to the mobile site. =).



    • That is probably the biggest request of all and it will definitely be added back :)

      • Jletha

        Yes please add this back because I used to love going list to list.

        • Working on it right now :)

  • Brian

    You should make it so that you can choose to load up comments. They can really slow things down for loading up pages on certain internet speeds.

    • Tis a tough request but I agree and will see what I can do

  • dan

    page downloads "really slowly"

    before your "up-date" pages pop up in a blink

    i will pick a page and open it in a new window so i can keep browsing something else while it is downloading

    sometimes the download will come near to locking up the computer

    p4 /2 Ghz
    w/2Gb ram
    win xp
    ie 8
    latest up-dates for all
    top high speed internet connection most sites you blink and the page is loaded

    • Thanks for this feedback – i will investigate and see what I find

  • cg26

    Congrats on the new book.
    I am also still having the small problem of the post time showing up in the middle of the comments. I have to read around it. Not a big deal, but can be kind of annoying. I am using Windows and whatever the latest version of Explorer is.
    Love the ship.

    • Vera Lynn

      Thats the same problem Im having. Glad to know its not just me. :-)

      • cg26

        I have a horrible feeling that it won't be going away soon. But I know that there will be other people out there squinting at the comment lines like me.:)

  • Kim

    LOVE, LOVE the new format. So much, I forgive you for never picking me in book give-aways. I was working up a grudge. :) -Kim

    • You never know – you may be next :)

      • Kim

        Thanks- *crosses fingers* I'll keep wishing on eyelashes. Also, I forgot to mention that I'm running this on Chrome, and it loads like I dream, except when I try to load old pages from the archive. On Firefox, I didn't have any trouble whatsoever. The new color scheme is so attractive that a stranger in Starbucks asked what I was reading- of course I told her- I'm not the only one with work that needs avoiding. :)

  • ArjayM

    Well done! Jamie. The sites looks good and neat. I enjoy reading here. =)

  • sippigrrrl

    I, for one, can't wait to get my grubby hands on the new book! Congrats! I'm pretty nerdy, but seeing the new list is a high point of my day. A whole book? I may not leave the house for days!

  • archangel

    hahahaha! listening to lady gaga awesome. I'm intrigued and amazed by your desktop Jamie since I never knew such things were possible (to have a live auto feed on your desktop). In any case, although I don't comment as much as before, I'm glad to see Listverse going strong and the new site design is magnificent. It has a really cool feel about it and I REALLY like the idea of having the comments box at the end of the list, and not at the end of the comments. =]

    Having said that, it seems the boxes below in regards to "displayed next to your comments" and "not displayed publicly" beg a little instruction. I've been at Listverse long enough to know that they both mean "commenter nickname" and "email" (at least I hope they are still)… although it seems it doesn't say what they are for (what you write in them) on mine? Perhaps a little intruction would be nicer although it could just be my browser.

    • Thankfully this is something I can fix and will :)

  • Magnumto

    Site looks great, but it still loads very slowly for me. I've used 6 different computers in the last 6 or 8 months, most (if not all) that use Hughes DSL as a provider, and all have been extremely slow to load Listverse pages. Damned irritating, if you ask me…and you did! ;-) On the plus side, it got me to switch from IE to Firefox which didn't help the loading issue, but discovering Firefox was worth it. And even a slowly loading Listverse is better for me than no Listverse at all.

    Second, my wife has dragged me forcibly out of the stoned age and made me get an iPhone, so I'll be trying your site out on that when it gets here, maybe tomorrow. Hope it comes with some good instructions, because I'm pretty sure it'll be way different than my old Motorola flip phone. (Again, you did ask about iPeed/iPhone users.)

    And finally, THANKS for the GREAT SITE! I hope you're making buckets of bucks with this, and with your books! But please, no matter how stinking rich you get, don't ever turn your administrative duties over to some Second Banana – no way can they do as good a job as you.

    • Vera Lynn

      "Out of the stoned age." Too funny.

    • You are welcome! I am working on the new mobile site right now so be prepared for a few changes in the next month

  • Eddie

    It was better the old way!

  • Tomorrow :)

  • Thanks for this comment and the review :)

  • Geronimo1618

    Thanks a lot for shifting the search bar to the left! And the only problem that I was having earlier was the relatively slow loading in Firefox but I switched to Chrome which gives no problem at all.

  • matt

    Nice TPB (the pirate bay ) desktop ;)

  • Amrendra

    I'm using windows XP Service Pack 3. Windows Internet Explorer Version 8. I have been an everyday avid reader of Listverse. The problem which I face with the new updated site is that the comments take too much time to open and once they open its flow in moving the page up and down; it starts hanging and the flow just aint how it used to be. But rest of the site. Its just amazing. Thank you Mr. Frater. Every day it has become a ritual to open Listverse and read something new.

  • nimur90

    I guess the time has come where I started getting nostalgic over a website! Keep it up Jamie!

  • blackbeard

    cool pirate bay background!

  • Hays

    I'm an iPhone user and a long time listverse fan and im ashamed to say this is my first comment ever.

  • Hays

    I just want to mention my favourite feature used to be the links at the top of the page to random lists. That's kept me on the site for hours, but now i just read the new site added per day. I think it's been mentioned there's something about random list links somewhere on the pc site but unfortunately not on the mobile site :(

  • Phil

    I visit the website on my iPhone primarily, but now the links to related lists are gone on the mobile site. I used to wittle away hours flicking around the related lists.

  • freckledsmile99

    I think the site rocks and agree with others that with Firefox it loads quickly. Thanks, Jamie!

  • Freia

    OK lemme just start by saying I found Listverse around a year ago and love love love it.
    HOWEVER, I am having major major trouble with the new site. It takes forever to load, and I mean forever, and at least 90 percent of the time, something on ths particular site causes my Internet to shut down. You know, when you get that message that "Internet Explorer has shut down." followed by "Internet Explorer is looking for a solution to the problem."
    Now this rarely if ever happened with the old site. And it rarely if ever happens with any other of the many, many internet sites that I visit. It happens at least 90 percent of the time with the new Listverse site.

  • Freia

    This happens so frequently and so predictably that I will only visit this site if I have 10 or 15 minutes free where I can continually restart Internet Explorer and when I have no other tabs open because all of them shut down and when I won't get too annoyed with the constant grind grind grind of this site whilst trying to open. This happens with the main page, and when I click on any topic to view. Browisng the archives is completely out of the question.
    Such a shame, because I truly enjoy(ed) this site when it actually worked predictably…
    Oh, and I also can't scroll down the page smoothly at all…again, maybe due to the ads/animation on the right side of my screen is slowing it down but it sure is ANNOYING….

    • mrsmarvel

      I use Mozilla Firefox and have no problems. Have you tried the site in other browsers?

  • B Dizzle

    If you're going to go mobile, look into the Android OS.

  • natalie.

    I just have a question, Jamie. How come sometimes when you read a list, the replies to comments are already shown, but other times, you need to click on "1 reply?" It doesn't seem to have to do with the recency of the list, either….Just wondering. It's certainly not a big problem or anything, it's just a bit of a nuisance to have to continuously click to see each reply. Why would anyone want to hide the replies, anyway?

    • I am honestly unsure what the logic is behind the nested replies – it does seem a little counter intuitive to me. This is unfortunately one area of the site where I can't modify the code – I can only change the appearance.

      • Vera Lynn

        It has to do with the number of comments and the space on a page. Lists that dont have a lot of comments show the replies. Once it hits around 100,the replies are nested.

        • natalie.

          ah, makes sense. thank you!

  • silver_del

    I've been visting listverse for a couple of years now and I love it. Keep up the fabulous work

  • mrsmarvel

    I must say that I think the new site is lovely and easy to use. I particularly like the home page organization & style. Colors are nice and easy on the eyes. Finally, like so many others I'm sure, I am so grateful you ditched the cursor ads long ago, lol. Excellent work all around! Having been through some site updates on other sites that were NOT so easy, I give you two thumbs up on a smooth transition.

    • Thank you – I was really pleased with the job Zack did on the design. Listverse needed a bit of brightening up :)

  • Lifeschool

    @Freia – I used to have these kinds of problems too.

    @ Jamie – I suspect from some of the comments that the issue might be the old villan, Intense Debate. What a good idea; to be able to switch the comments on and off – and this would be a way to see if it is ID or not. I’m sure the commenters would soon let you know. Wa’ ‘D’ya’reckon?

    • That is definitely a good idea but it would be easier for the person to just disable javascript in their browser to see the impact.

  • hanktherapper

    What's going on? I don't see anything other than ads, the "Also on Listverse" section and comments. :/

    • Apollon

      I'm having the same problem. I don't see any lists, not even the old ones, just what you described.

      • This should be fixed now.

    • This should be fixed.

  • A few things to note: today I removed another ad as well as the 2leep links on the main articles. I have nearly finished the touch mobile site and will have that up and running ASAP. Other tweaks should also have a positive impact on site load time. Please let me know if you notice the difference.

    I am also planning to install (ugh) Windows XP, Windows Vista, and the new one that came out after that on my Mac tomorrow so I can test the site more thoroughly in IE for those of you having IE issues.

    • Freia

      I heart you, jfrater!

    • Freia

      Its working WAAAY better now on my laptop with Windows 7. Must have been the ad you deleted or something!
      Thanks a million…back to my happy LV life, yo!

  • I really love this site like I get to learn more and more about everything.Yeah!!!!!!

  • Beast Of Gevaudan

    That's pretty cool info Jamie. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  • deeeziner

    Congrats to you timothyjames and Kate…..It's good to know that there is now some more muscle for the home team!!!

    And to our Fearless Leader….Cool ship on the personal screen. :)

    Lastly, Yes, even a cantankerous guinea pig can adjust to the new digs here. Fine Job to everyone involved with the update to the site.

    LV2 forever!!!

  • Hays

    Hey jfrater, can we PLEASE have the related lists at the top of the page again on the mobile site? That's what kept me on this site for hours! Not anymore.. :(

    • I have just sent in the mobile site for the new version of Listverse. It has the related lists back but they are at the bottom of the lists (where they are on the main site). There is a link at the top to take you straight to it though if you want to skip reading a list. This should be deployed in the next week :)

  • Los

    Yes Iphone app would be amazing free or not free definatley worth getting.

  • astraya

    I've sent you private messages in the last week. Have you got them? There seems to be something strange going on, either at my end or with the system. I've emailed Jamie to ask if he knows whether there's any known problem with the system.

    Jamie – please no video ads which start automatically. If I want to watch it, I'll click on it, okay?

    • Miss_J_Bean

      I didn't get a private message but that may also be me just not knowing how to check it. I didn't see a message in my email saying it, though. I'll look again. If worse comes to worse, do you have an account at I have the same user name there and I know that the private messaging works. :)

      • astraya

        I'm not on reddit, and I don't want to join, even to communicate with you (no offence!) Are you on Facebook? If you are, email Jamie to ask him for my real name (and point to this for authority). Otherwise, ask Jamie for my real email address.

  • Mabel

    I really like the new site. It looks great. Fantastic job. :)

  • Kiwi

    Love the new look, but I do have one complaint:
    Where are the comments on the old lists? Half the reason I read these lists is to hear the opinions and arguments of others, but all of the comments on the older lists have disappeared. It makes it a lot less enjoyable to read, especially the controversial lists.
    I do like the new site, but I really miss those comments.


    I read your lists on my iPod touch PLEASE make an app!!!!!

  • John Miller

    Mobile version needs work. 75% of the lists load but scroll is locked. I have to stop the page from loading entirely in order to scroll it. Many lists are pointless without the pictures, this is an infuriating problem. I also couldn’t find a place on the main page to email you about this problem. I’m done with listverse until this is fixed, as I only ever use the mobile version.

  • Bielizna Sklep

    Hey! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog. Is it difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking about setting up my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Thank you

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