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Top 10 Unusual Borders

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Most of the time, a border is an imaginary line that isn’t remarkable in any way, usually not even readily visible. More often than not, the only indication you’ll get when you’re crossing one is a sign that says “Welcome to Oregon” or “You are now leaving California”, while you’re driving on a highway where nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. Some borders, however, are more unusual. Here is a list, in no particular order, of nine border areas that are somehow peculiar or noteworthy.


Spain/Morocco Border

Border Fence Spain Cemetary Melilla 1207 Bw Large

Ceuta is an 18.5 square kilometres (7.1 sq mi) autonomous city in Spain and an exclave located on the north coast of North Africa, surrounded by Morocco. Separated from the Iberian peninsula by the Strait of Gibraltar, Ceuta lies on the border of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Morocco claims Ceuta, along with the Spanish autonomous city of Melilla, and a number of Mediterranean islands which border it, which has led Spain to erect a 3 meter high border fence around the city topped with barbed wire.




Baarle-Nassau is a Municipality in the Netherlands. It shares an unusual border with the Belgian municipality of Baarle-Hertog. Baarle-Hertog consists of 26 separate pieces of land surrounded by Baarle-Nassau, but some portions of Baarle-Hertog also contain areas belonging to Baarle-Nassau. The smallest parcel belonging to Belgium is only two-thirds of an acre (one-quarter of a hectare). The border is so complicated that there are even some houses that are bisected by it. In the picture above you can see the Netherlands on the left and Belgium on the right.


Bir Tawil


Bir Tawil is a plot of land about 795 square miles (2,060 square kilometers) in size. It lies between Egypt and Sudan. It was inadvertently created in 1902, when the United Kingdom drew a different border from the one that was created in 1899. The two different borders created two different areas, Bir Tawil and Halaib.

Halaib has various resources, making it desirable, but Bir Tawil has nothing. Therefore, Egypt claims the 1899 border, which gives Halaib to Egypt and Bir Tawil to Sudan. Sudan, conversely, claims the 1902 border, which gives Halaib to Sudan and Bir Tawil to Egypt. Each country insists that Bir Tawil belongs to the other, making Bir Tawil the only piece of land in the world (outside of Antarctica) that is not claimed by any nation.


Mount Everest


What’s Mount Everest doing on this list, you may ask? Everyone knows, of course, that it’s the tallest mountain in the world, but what a lot of people don’t know is that the border of Nepal and China goes right through the middle of the mountain, including the peak itself — making it not just the highest mountain, but also the highest border area.


District of Columbia


The District of Columbia was originally a big diamond carved out of Maryland and Virginia (later, the Virginia portion was returned to Virginia). Due to its size, shape and location, the border has some unusual features. When it was originally delineated, large stones were placed one mile apart around the entire District to define the border — one hundred stones in all, since the original district was ten miles long on each side. A few of the stones are missing today, but most are still present. There’s one in Silver Spring, Maryland, that marks the northernmost point of the District.

The border is unusual in other ways as well. Eastern Avenue and Western Avenue form the Northeast and Northwest borders, respectively. If you’re walking on the sidewalk on the northern side of the street, you’re in Maryland; the street itself is in the District, and the curb is the state line. Stores on one side of the street showing phone numbers in their windows will have one area code (for Maryland) on the north side of the street, and a different area code (for the District) on the south side.


Derby Line, Vermont

2775944069 E57Be8Cffc

The town of Derby Line straddles the US/Canada border. The border passes right through the town, even through some buildings and homes. In some cases, a family at home cooks its meals in one country and eats them in the other. Derby Line is also home to the Haskell Free Library and Opera House, which was purposely built on the border. The opera stage is in Canada, but the entrance to the opera, and most of the stage seats, are in the United States. Because the building straddles the border, it has two mailing addresses, one for the US and one for Canada.


Cooch-Behar District

Coochbehar copy

The Cooch-Behar District has borders somewhat similar to the Baarle-Nassau/Baarle-Hertog border. There are a number of parcels under Bangladeshi jurisdiction that lie inside of India, and vice versa. An additional peculiarity is the Indian area Balapara Khagrabari. As an exclave, it is surrounded by Bangladeshi territory. However, it also surrounds another Bangladeshi territory, and that territory itself surrounds yet another Indian territory, Dahala Khagrabari, making it the only place in the world where an exclave contains an exclave that itself contains yet another exclave.


Korean Demilitarized Zone

Donghae-Bukbu Line On Korean Dmz

The Korean DMZ is a strip of land about 160 miles (258 kilomters) long and 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) wide, dividing North and South Korea. It is the most heavily militarized border in the world. Because it is so heavily guarded and almost nobody ever enters it, it has inadvertently created a nature preserve. A number of highly endangered species have taken up residence there, and there are indications that some of them may even be increasing in population. The DMZ is also notable in that it does not delineate a border per se; rather, it surrounds a “Military Demarcation Line”, or MDL. A border between the two Koreas cannot be formally agreed upon, as the two nations are technically still at war. A cease-fire was agreed on in 1953, but there has never been an actual peace treaty.


Tumen River


The Tumen is a river in Northeastern Asia. In an area near the coast, on the border between Russia and North Korea, just to the south of Lake Khasan, the Tumen snakes down between Russia and North Korea and is actually in Chinese territory. Thus, in this area, you can start off in North Korea, and just by walking North for less than half a mile, you will pass through China and end up in Russia. Although that might not be a good idea. It’s a common place for North Koreans to attempt to defect and, for that reason, it is heavily patrolled by North Korean soldiers.


The Diomedes


The Diomedes are a pair of islands in the Bering Strait. Little Diomede hosts the American city of Diomede, with a population of 146. Big Diomede belongs to Russia and is uninhabited. The two islands are only about 2.5 miles (four kilometers) apart. The International Date Line passes between the Diomedes and serves also as the border between the United States and Russia. Thus, when residents on Little Diomede look across the strait at Big Diomede, they are not just looking at another country, they are “looking into tomorrow”; for example, when it is 9 AM on Saturday on Little Diomede, it is 6 AM on Sunday on Big Diomede. Little Diomede has set up a webcam looking across the strait. Visitors can control the camera, panning from side to side and zooming in on Big Diomede.

  • bri

    Very weird borders

  • Schiesl

    Makes one wonder, if you live on the border (like the vermont/canada one) do you pay American Taxes, Canadian Taxes, or both?

    • p1t1o

      Probably depends on where you work. But if you work at that opera house…

    • Rachael

      On the Belgium/Netherlands border it depends where the front door is – hence it is not unknown for people to move their front door to take advantage of the lower tax rate.

    • Nocturnesthesia

      I’m guessing it would be a matter of citizenship… You’d pay taxes depending on which country’s services you utilized (i.e. Canadian health care when you work in the U.S. would be the highest taxes, but probably the most ideal situation regardless)..

  • Jhoyce07

    cool list..hehe

  • Jhoyce07

    you can watch MACHETE for the Mexican and American Border, made funny.. hehe

  • No List about borders can be complete without India-Pakistan-China border dispute in Kashmir. All three have been fighting over land which each claims as theirs. So many innocent deaths have resulted due to this idiotic dispute, and no one is ready to back out. All want to continue fighting and each is desperate to spill more and more blood… India says the the land is legally their,Pakistan says that Kashmir is morally theirs and China says that historically it was their land. So all fight, as if its a good way to divert the attention of the citizen from the real issues…

    • 7raul7

      I suppose it belongs to Pak.

      • And i suppose you are mistaken in your belief…

        • P

          Way to not perpetuate the “idiotic dispute”.

          • Lurker

            Regarding the Kashmir issue, both India and Pakistan are claiming it on the basis of water. All the major rivers flow from the disputed territory (currently occupied by India), which both countries are heavily reliant on for their agriculture and natural drinking water. As a result of this the Indus water treaty was introduced in which Pakistan got access to half of the rivers and India got access to the other half.

            The current problem is that India is violating the Indus water treaty by building dams on the Pakistani rivers. So when there is a lot of rain India releases the water from their dams causing major floods in Pakistan. When there isn’t as much rain India holds the water for their own use which results in a draught in Pakistan.

            Another issue is that India hasn’t really explored and developed the territory due to the fighting. So there could be vast amounts of natural resources in the area which both sides want to claim.

            This dispute has caused both countries to treat each other suspiciously and invest in defence. Therefore money that should have been used to develop India and Pakistan has been diverted to the military. In order to move forwards and get past this problem, somebody has to sacrifice Kashmir.

            IMHO Pakistan should forget about Kashmir because they will never be able to take it back (India is too powerful). This will improve relations and allow the subcontinent to become developed. Pakistan should also think about building dams for water storage instead.

      • Bilal Mohamed

        I don’t think it belongs to the Paki’s. I believe it’s Indian land!

    • br0ck

      the terrorists are all over kashmir border pakistan is winning

      • Yeah i agree is india and china dont do something soon , Pakistan will win all those fancy sweaters and jerseys .

    • pianodwarf

      I was trying to choose borders that are unusual. Countries claiming different borders in different areas and fighting over them is not unusual (unfortunately), which is why I did not include Kashmir.

      • Well i grudgingly accept your view, and admit that the personal nature of the border issue facing my country might have influenced my thinking, though for me, it is still unusual…

        By the way, it was a good list…

    • Apexgold

      Well said my friend!!!!

  • MindOfaGenius

    Great list. I like this kind of list. Unusual or interesting info that I can observe and rattle off to the random person haha.

  • Hakuna Matata

    Nice list! Cooking from one country and eating it into another? Awesome.

  • Yet another great list. I love it.

  • tanvir

    i think that the indian pakistani border should be here

  • eman

    nice list

  • stockyzeus

    yo dawg, we heard you liked exclaves. so we put an exclave inside an exclave inside an exclave. so you can be inside a country while you’re in another country while you’re in another country.

  • Raj

    @ Kabir – I wouldn’t exactly put the India-pakistan border on the ‘unusual border’ list. Violent though it may be, there are other even more bloodier borders. Case in point – Israel Palestine Border

    • Israel Palestine Border is not unusual as simply speaking, both Israel and Palestine want the same land and are fighting for it and spilling innocent blood.

      On the other hand, Kashmir border is in dispute involving three countries and all have very different reasons to occupy the land. It had very different dynamics…

      • Lurker

        China and India have a separate border issue, which is actually the largest border dispute in the world.

  • Will Trame

    A good number of these aptly demonstrate that one can occupy two spaces at once. Doesn’t that concept violate certain fundamental laws of physics? Another good list, BTW.

    • p1t1o

      Timecop says its alright so I guess its fine.

  • stillontheperch

    Best list for ages. More like this please (smiley face)

  • tookyb

    I dispute the point made in #8 that Antarctica has no claims over it. Currently Australia has the largest claim (thank you Sir Douglas Mawson), with the UK, New Zealand, France, Norway, Chile and Argentina all having claims. These claims have not been recognised universally.

    There is a treaty in force which prevents new claims however Brazil, Peru, Russia, South Africa and Spain have all reserved their rights to put in a claim. America has also reserved their rights to put in a claim and (typically) do not recognise anyone other countries claim.

    • tookyb

      Unless you were speaking specifically about Marie Byrd Land in Antarctica, which has not been claimed. If this is the case, you should have been more specific.

      Overall though an excellent list, very enjoyable reading.

      • pianodwarf

        I wasn’t saying that *all* of Antarctica was unclaimed, only that Antarctica was the only other place in the world that had *any* unclaimed land. I’m well aware, of course, that there are claims there. “This is the only piece of land outside of Antarctica that is unclaimed”; i.e., there *is* a piece of land *inside* of Antarctica that is unclaimed.

        • redster

          I hate it when the authors of internet articles reply to commenters. Just ignore them, mate. You have to learn to handle criticism in this game, even if it’s wrong.

  • i wanted to go to vermont!!!!!!

    • Heidi

      Im from Newpirt VT which is right next to Derby line, it’s really not that interesting. You have to be a serious nature lover to really enjoy yourself up there.

  • Mr. Ree

    So, if there was a Border’s bookstore on the USA/Canada border, it would be Border’s on the Border?

    • ZedroZ

      If you were reading the book “The Border Lord” by Kim Curran in a Borders on the border then I think that time would turn backwards…

  • lesotho is another , completely land locked by South Africa. Due to US trade agreements they pay no duty exporting into the states so textile manufac’s have all moved into there from China , set up factories with crazy minimum wage and make all the gap and other name brands for extremely cheap then send to the US for you to pay an arm and a leg for .

  • oouchan

    What a unique list. I like the Derby Line one. What a neat concept to have it shared that way.

    Cool list.

  • Lifeschool

    Cool list – interesting! Esp. #1 – in fact they all good. Great job!

  • SMLoyd

    The Nahwa enclave within the Madha enclave within the United Arab Emirates. Check it out!

  • mom424

    Excellent list this morning. Great stuff even if you missed one. St. Pierre et Miquelon. Does everybody know that those damn Frenchmen still have a presence in North America? This small group of islands, 10 miles from Newfoundland at its closest point, are owned and administered by France. The last left-over of their colonization. Well other than a plethora of Quebecers and Acadians. Good thing they don’t claim the 200 mile sovereignty, they’d own lots of NFLD, PEI, etc. Still odd that we have a border with France.

    • oouchan

      The moment I read your comment I thought of the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail when the French took over the second castle where the grail is supposed to be.
      I love that bit!

    • Andrea

      Don’t forget the Iles de la Madeleine

      • blue jacket

        Forget about what? There is nothing unusual or in ispute about the location of the islands. They have been exclusively part of Quebec since 1774.

  • sevendarkdays

    The U.S mexico border? with the wall trying to keep out illegal aliens, and the immense crime in some cities just south over the border, it’s pretty interesting.

    • The U.S. – Mexico border is very interesting (I know because I live in Texas). College kids will drive across the border on the weekends and get drunk in Mexico because the drinking age in Mexico in 18 and the beer is cheap. I remember when gas was very expensive a few years ago, so much so that people would drive to Mexico to get gas and then come back across to the United States and go to work.

      • James

        What an awesome factlet :D

  • undaunted warrior 1

    Our previous government used to patrol the border between Swaziland and the R.S.A.

    Today the kids that live close to the border go to school in South Africa and walk through the holes cut in the razor wire, back into Swaziland in the afternoon, not to mention the hijacked cars and stolen property.

    Nice list to start the week with.

    Thanks P. D.

  • pianodwarf

    Thanks to all who have offered props. I definitely enjoyed putting this list together.

  • greatoz

    Delaware has the only unnaturally curved State border and it is the only place where the Mason-Dixon Line runs North-South instead of East-West

  • pianodwarf

    Thanks also to Jamie, by the way… the list I submitted had only nine items, so he added item number ten (Spain/Morocco) to round it out.

  • qwerty123400001

    Nice list… few I haven’t heard of, too!

  • deeeziner

    Not as weird as the ones in the list, but I understand that there a towns all over the world that straddle time zones, which can cause extra struggles to be timely in people’s daily lives.

    Interesting list..the only one that I was aware of was the one about Mt. Everest.

    • astraya

      I had a Nepalese student last year who flatly refused to accent that Mt Everest lay on the border, and instead claimed it as wholly in Nepal.

  • fendabenda

    Brilliant list, again. I’d like to add one more: there’s a twin city in the Northern Scandinavia. The Eastern part is called Tornio and it’s located in Finland, the Western part is called Haparanda and it’s in Sweden. There’s a bridge between the cities, and you can walk or drive across it to the other country without a passport or any customs formalities. :) If you try to smuggle something, the cops may come for you later, of course. ;D

  • Macatac

    I would suggest you look at the Maine/Canada border Aroostook Valley Country Club. Front none USA, back nine Canada.

    • blue jacket

      Still being ridiculously harassed by the Dept Of Homeland Security. They can’t afford to reconfigure the course. (I grew up downriver in Woodstock.)

  • Cool list. I would have included the Mexican-Guatemalan border. The line is so distinct because of heavy deforestation.

    • Wow – that is unbelievable!

    • DGMdragunov

      That’s the same case with the Haitian-Dominican border: on the Haitian side, there are no trees whatsoever, but on the Dominican side, the land is heavily forested.

  • Dime79

    Awesome list! Didn’t know about most of those.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Pretty interesting shit there

  • dio

    …went over and took a gander with the webcam on little diomede. pointed it at Amer. and swear I could just make out Sarah Palin looking out her kitchen window at me! I haven’t been over to big diomede yet, so I couldn’t rightly say if she’s visible in russia or not.

  • psychosurfer

    It would´ve been nice to see the Maginot Line here:

  • Name

    wanted to let you know that soccer sucks and America is awsome

    • fendabenda

      You’ll have to be more creative than that if you want to start a flame war on this site.

  • allyb10

    This is pretty cool. I knew someone who lived in a house that was divided by a town border. Most of her house was in one town, but her bedroom in the other town…

  • The Diomedes time change thing is particularity puzzling. It is bizarre to think you could throw a stone from big Diomede and it will land yesterday in little Diomede.

    • Maggot

      It’s not so puzzling or bizarre if you stop to consider that “time”, or rather, segments of time measured by clocks and calendars, are just somewhat arbitrary human constructs. There is an infinite number of places in the world where you can throw a stone or even take a step and go back in time. They are called “time zones” and the borders between them.

  • Bruno

    i understand that near Basel there is a part of France that is entirely surrounded by Switzerland

  • Elemarth

    Great list!

  • Allie

    Cool list. Mount Everest is in Tibet. Even though Tibet is no longer considered a country by some. It will always be its own autonomus area to me as it should be.

  • yakity

    How about the borders around Israel being mentioned here? It is unusual indeed for a hostile state to plop itself right down on a land where people already are and commit acts of terrorism.

  • qabandi

    no gaza?

  • CurtShmurt

    The inadvertent nature preserve that happened around the DMZ in the Koreas is kinda cool in that military tensions can have at least some kind of silver lining. Good to know…let’s get the WWF in on this.

    • blondbulldog


  • santa


  • Cora

    Enjoyed the write up on my city, Washington DC. The boundaries within the city are nearly as strange. The city is broken up into quadrants so we add NE, NW, SE and SW to our addresses. The intersection of North and South Capitol Street and East and West Capitol Street is (surprise) the Capitol. The Capitol Building is also the starting point of the street numbers and these streets define the quadrants. This means that 300 North Capitol NW is across the street of 303 North Capitol NE.

  • Jon

    I have family in Derby Line/Stansted. It’s pretty interesting how it’s basically one city with a division in it.

  • Pach

    For some reason I think it’d be fun to stand over the USA and Canada border. I’m a simple person.
    The Russia, N.Korea and China one is impressive. It takes roughly the same amount of time to walk from one end of my village to the other, but I bet they don’t have as many pubs on the way!!
    Sorry for the non contribution, but I thought I’d throw that out there.
    Thank you for the list!

  • Scott

    Maybe the best list I
    have ever read.

  • So wait how is #1 possible. I mean how can it be 3 time zones passed? or does russia do their time zones like china -_-

    I am curious, I want to visit mount everest… to get there, would I need to go by nepal or china? Also should I then get a chinese visa too?

    I am working on a website ( and would like to add stuff on china when I go there next yr.

    I love the travel oriented LV.

    Also It should be interesting to note that the DMZ has normal tours in south korea (and north) however South koreans arent allowed to be in the tour. I tried to go with my korean friend and they told me they arent allowed.

    Furthermore, to do that DMZ tour, you need to go formally dressed. It should maybe get bumped to #2 for being the most fashionable border LOL!

    • astraya

      That part of Russia is on UTC+10. N Kor (and indeed S Kor) is on +9. The whole of China is on +8.

      Speaking of which, a mention might be made of the China/Afghanistan border. It’s crazy enough that there *is* a China/Afghanistan border – a bit of Afghanistan sticks between Pakistan and Tajikistan. The time zone difference at the border is 3 1/2 hours.

      You would reach Mt Everest by Nepal. The “Chinese” part of it lies within the Tibet Special Autonomous Region, and I don’t like your chances of getting a visa for that.

  • Canadianguy

    Some people live inside the DMZ and there are many soldiers stationed on both sides of it. So, to say few people enter it is not painting a clear picture. As a matter of fact, I’ve been inside the DMZ half a dozen times.

    In the past, yes the North Korean threat was a concern, but the main reason it remains a green zone now is that it is heavily mined. The surrounding areas are falling to land developers.

  • NedNoodle

    You said 9 borders but you gave us 10. Very disappointed with that. Ha,ha, good list.

  • astraya


    I was thinking about writing a list about borders, and several of these would have been on my list. I would have stuck to international borders.

    Australian politicians and media commentators keep talking about “border security”, which is really odd, because Australia doesn’t really have any borders. (It’s an island. Or a continent.)

    • fendabenda

      Every man is an island. Or a continent? A sumo wrestler would be a continent, then, and an ordinary guy would be just an island.

      • ParusMajor

        And you would be incontinent. Thanks for fixing my laptop, btw, but it still connects to your ISP. Who is Anne, if I may ask? Have you told Marie about her?

        • fendabenda

          OK, now you are crossing the line. Anne is your MOTHA and I just F UC KE D her last night. And she wasn’t even good! Your dad was better! Although not as good as your lil sis!

          • the internet

            No really, we want to know who Anne is. Because if you are not certain about Marie then you need to re-think your priorities.

          • fendabenda

            I think Parus has kidnapped my squirrel, the one in my avatar. I can’t take this!! My head explodes!!

          • ParusMajor

            Your squirrel is ok, but you need to claim it soon. I gave her some oatmeal, I don’t know what squirrels eat, except nuts and I didn’t have those. She’s sitting on my bookcase and if she starts to eat my books, I won’t like it. She came in from the window and hid before I offered some oatmeal.

          • fendabenda

            she? how do you know it’s a female? what have you done to it? eww.. please don’t tell me… but you can put it through my window, I’ll leave some seeds or nuts for.. ehm.. her? :D

  • James

    What a brilliant list! I wonder if the Derby Line border goes through any maternity wards, then you could really say you’re half Canadian and half American. And maybe you could go over to one side of town to get cool stuff that’s banned in the other :D I’m not familiar with Canadian/US law differences being in the UK n all, but if anyone could enlighten me on some?

  • Marlei

    Living in Baarle (so we, the residents, call Baarle-Hertog / Baarle-Nassau), we believe that people, outside the village, cannot understand what it means : living in two separated countrys and two municipalities with their own laws, two parishes with their own bishop, … but always obliged to cooperate.
    Now, in 2011, we have the Euro, but ten years ago we had the Dutch guilder and the Belgian franc, but never there was a problem how to pay in a Belgian or Dutch shop. Customers had the choice.
    Can you imagine : two post-offices, two town halls, two churches, two primary schools, and also two cars to pick up the garbage in one street, but one library, one harmony, one fire department (think about material with Belgian or Dutch connection), one water treatment plant, … all paid by the two municipalities, and working toghether ?
    It´s Europe in miniature, and it works.
    And it´s a a pleasure to live there !

  • murpheyslawyer

    Wow to number 1!!!!!!!!!!! I did not know about that.

  • wingracer

    I like all these people mentioning borders that are under dispute. What’s so interesting about that? History if full of border wars. A far more interesting border would be the US/Canada border. The longest UN-defended border in the world.

  • Fred

    Great list.

    A couple of honorable mentions:

    -New Jersey and New York had a long-time dispute about islands in New York City’s harbor. The US Supreme Court ruled that the natural parts of Ellis Island were part of New York State while the parts added through fill were part of New Jersey.

    -The Gambia, which lies entirely within another country (Senegal) except for a small strip which borders the Atlantic Ocean:

  • Sarah

    There is a HUGE mistake on the 10th, the islands are not mediteraneen, they are located on the atlantic sea!!!! (canaries) you must get well documented next time

    • bluec99

      How do you know the author is talking about the Canaries? It’s never stated in the article. I’d be much more inclined to believe he was talking about island groups such as the Peñón de Alhucemas which are disputed between Spain and Morocco and ARE in fact in the Mediterranean. Perhaps you’re the one who should “get well documented” as you suggest

  • surdinmood

    Very interesting list. Loved going through it!

  • olegsas32

    The diomedes are 2.5 miles away and they have a 21hr time difference…WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! impossible

    • Yup. The International Dateline goes through there.

      • p1t1o

        Why isn’t it a 24hour difference?

  • hannah

    Across the South Carolina/North Carolina border, there is an amusement park called Carowinds. When you enter there is a long line of brick in the middle of the cement to show the border. This leads, of course, to every little kid standing there to have one foot on one side and one of the other, declaring they are in both states. :P

  • WafersWaffles

    I just realized that the first sentence in the sign in number 2 (Tumen River) is written in Korean. I can only make out the word ‘punishment’ though.

  • freckledsmile99

    Interesting list. I did not know about The Diomedes. Cool.

  • backnineblues

    didn’t read all the comments so i don’t know if this was mentioned. the country of lesotho is entirely land-locked inside of south africa.

  • My favorite for this list would be Point Roberts, Washington.

    It’s a small spit of land that should be part of British Columbia, but because it is south of the 49th parallel, it is part of Washington state. To get there from Washington is a lengthy drive through Canada. A neat quirk of geography.

  • santhosh

    how do u know dat mount everest is exactly d border

  • Floklo

    Although border#1 is probably more interesting, the Afghan-Chinese border deserves some recognition for being a border that separates two time zones that are four hours apart. Imagine losing four hours by walking one mile? (though somehow I doubt that border would be undefended)

  • Oscar N.

    The list lacked one of the most peculiar borders in the world: the border between Finland and Sweden on Maerket island. You should Google it…

  • nep

    mount everest is located in nepal and kailash parbat lies in the border for your kind information

  • be

    so not truee about mt everest i request you to collect accurate data before posting like this in ur web…..may b you are puttin false data of others as well so b carefull

    • bluec99

      I request you learn how to spell correctly and use proper grammar! For your information, Mount Everest most certainly does lie on the China-Nepal border, which passes right through the summit. I don’t know what anyone can say to make you believe it but it’s true. Educate yourself before telling others to do so

  • The perimeter of the District of Columbia is 40 mi not 100 mi and there would only be 36 Perimeter stones