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Devastation in New Zealand

I recently posted on our site update that I don’t like to post personal messages. Tonight is an exception to that. At midday today Christchurch – a large city in the South Island of New Zealand – was hit by a devastating earthquake. This follows in the wake of the earthquake of September 4, last year. When the last quake hit it was early morning and there were no casualties. Today, the earthquake hit at the worst time possible – lunchtime on a week day. And while this quake was a lower magnitude (6.3 on the Richter scale), it was far closer to the city center, and shallower. Geologists believe it is 20 times worse than the last one.

It is now 10 at night, and there are collapsed buildings across the city full of people who are believed to be alive. If emergency services can’t get to them, they will be dead by morning. Please, if you are religious person, pray for those people. They are pinned in the cold and dark and may not survive this night.

Thank you to the governments of Australia, the United States of America, Japan and the United Kingdom for putting your search and rescue teams at our disposal. The sooner they arrive here, the better the chances for our people. The aftershocks are continuing at a large size, on an average of one per hour. Buildings are continuing to collapse. The weather has made a turn for the worse and the rescue attempts are occurring in the rain.

From a personal perspective, I have a family member who has not been heard of, despite many attempts to find him. Again, religious people reading this please pray for Aaron that he will have survived the quake. [Update: Aaron has finally texted from Christchurch to say that he is okay. Thank you all so much for your prayers and thoughts.]

I would like to thank, especially, our Prime Minister, the Right Honorable John Key, leader of the National Party, who has flown to Christchurch to help in any way he can. Also, thanks to Mayor Bob Parker who many of us remember from television as children; he has shown himself to be an extraordinary mayor in one of the biggest disasters to hit our nation. And most especially, those men and women on the ground, who are working through the night to dig, by hand, amongst the rubble to bring people out to safety.

I am proud to say that around our country people are sending money in to the Red Cross, offering blood donations, and offering beds to those who are grounded in airports.

Thank you to Telecom for making all pay phones free, and thank you to Air New Zealand for providing flights for those who need to get out, or return to find family. Thank you, also, to Google for putting together a friend/family finder so we can search out our loved ones, or register them missing.

If you are in New Zealand and need to report someone missing with the police, please call 0800 779 997. At present the death toll is 65, and a state of emergency has been issued. The unofficial death toll is in the hundreds.

You can follow the up to date news on what is happening on Twitter on #EQNZ.

Everyone in Christchurch – we are thinking of you tonight and will do anything we can to help.

[UPDATE: Thank you so much to everyone who sent in a donation. Listversers contributed $1,291.14 and, as promised, I will add to that the same amount times two bringing us to a total donation from Listverse to the relief fund of $3,873.42. Any donations that have been made but haven’t yet reached our account will be included in the final donation to Red Cross. Your generosity has been overwhelming.]

God of Nations at Thy feet
In the bonds of love we meet;
Hear our voices we entreat;
God defend our free land;
Guard Pacific’s triple star;
From the shafts of strife and war;
Make her praises heard afar
God defend New Zealand.

And finally, the very untraditional anthem we grew up with in the late 70s on TV in NZ, when TV shut down each night:

For all those poor souls who will die tonight because we can’t get to them quickly enough: “Goodnight kiwi.” God be with you. Requiescat in pace.

[UPDATE: I received an email today from Laura, a longtime Listverse reader who lives in Christchurch. Her mother is missing. Please keep her and most especially her mother in your prayers.

UPDATE 2: Laura just emailed me to say that she found her mother this morning in the hospital with a broken arm and leg and minor head injuries. She sends her thanks to everyone who sent her best wishes and prayers.]

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  • Kimani

    Our thoughts are with you and the people of New Zealand. May the rescue teams get to the trapped people on time.

    • Thank you.



  • Jesus help them . the news just cannot make it sound so real ,terrifying and tragic .

    • Arsnl

      Well ofcourse the news cant convey the “real” situation. Because we dont have the capabilities to understand or comprehend the real situation. I dont mean to be harsh in these moments but they arent in our “monkey sphere”. In a matter of weeks it will become for us (the people that arent involved) just a moment of our lives that passed and we will leave it behind. Just like it happened recently with the floods in australia or brazil or pakistan or whats going on in irak or the killings in tunisia, egypt etc etc.
      So thats why the news are the way they are.
      Lets hope they get all the people out of the collapsed buildings

      • Gonoan

        irak? you truly are an idiot

        • memento

          he is not only an idiot he talk’s nonsense

  • thunderkok

    God bless you. God bless New Zealand.

  • Geraint Jones are taking donations for the relief effort from anywhere in the world

  • Dronz

    Our prayers are with you Christchurch, from everyone here in Fiji.

    • M

      we are all thinking about you and praying for you, people of Christchurch

  • You have the support of all of us here at Listverse during this tragedy. I hope Aaron is safe and found quickly. God Bless.

    • He has been found – deo gratias. Thanks for your kind wishes.

  • Andrew

    we are with you buddy ! with all of you!

  • My genuine sympathies fr all the people affected… I know its too easy to say ‘Keep the Faith’ in such times but faith really helps…

    • You are right – and thank you for your thoughts.

  • katecdc

    I sincerely feel for New Zealanders, you have endured much in the last six months, from the previous earthquake and mine disaster. Despite the pain the country is feeling it is heartening to see and hear acts of heroism during these difficult circumstances. As an Aussie, I hope that our Government does everything it can to help.

    Jamie, I can only hope that your family member is found safe and well, and that anyone else who knows those affected hears good news. Our hearts go out to those who have lost family or friends in this tragedy.

    May strength be with you as a nation, and with your people.

  • ajaybhathire

    It is really tragic. Lets pray for the unfortunate people who suffered from this disaster

  • Benj

    I’m hoping for the best, guys.

  • Stefan

    This is on the news constantly here in australia, and for good reason too, it’s truly a tragic event. God bless you all and I shall pray for Aaron

    • Thank you – Aaron is safe and well – we just got news.

  • chrom3d

    That’s a very sad news.. My prayers to the people of New Zealand and God bless all those people who are helpful to the cause.. I’m planning to go to New Zealand this year but the earthquakes are scaring me right now..

    • Thank you. Unfortunately quakes are always a risk here in NZ but they are few and far between. Sadly Christchurch has been hit with the big one that we all expected in Wellington (where I live). The kiwi spirit will help everyone through it in the end. We are a strong people.

  • Michael Wood

    The weather around Australia and New Zealand has been devastating lately. I sincerely hope that your family is safe, and that Aaron will be found safe and alive.

    • He has just texted and is alive and well thank God.

  • Caravaggio

    Wishing only good news from now on.
    Thoughts are with you from Wales.

    • Thank you from so far away! Coincidentally my brother in law is from Wales so that makes your comment all the more special!

  • emily weirdnez

    i have a frend of mine that studies and live there in christchurch. i emailed him asking if he’s ok. thank God he replied saying he was alright. thank God. my thoughts and prayers to all the ppol there in christchurch. i pray that not more ppol are hurt and more ppol r rescued.

    • I share your feelings exactly having just finally heard that Aaron is okay.

  • fknairii

    Hoping and praying for only the best. My heart goes out to the people of Christchurch.

    I am an ex-religious person but in times of disaster and dismay, I will utter prayers for those in need.

    Even in the darkest of times, God offers a light to guide the way.

    • Indeed – and thanks for your kind wishes for our people. There is nothing left but to pray and hope that as many people will survive as possible.

  • Thank you all so much for your prayers, thoughts, and best wishes. Aaron is fine – he just managed to get a text through!

  • sega

    God bless the trapped and missing people. Hope everyone is helped soon.

    • Thank you – it is a very horrifying night here tonight.

  • Marmitex

    Love and best wishes to you all! God be with you
    From all the Essex lot x

    • marmitex

      E s s e x

  • ArtemisFox

    I know it isn’t much but if it helps, know that all my good thoughts, hopes, and prayers go out to you and all who are being affected by this tragedy. We are all, as humans, interconnected and can draw on each other for strength and support even from so far away. I hope that its being felt by all the people in New Zealand now.

  • Daniel S.

    I hope that many will come through this disaster and I give my condolences to the family and friends who sadly lost their loved ones.

    Our thoughts are with you from Ireland.

  • adifferentJamie

    God Bless to all in New Zealand. My deepest, sincerest condolences to all that have lost loved ones and a prayer for all those who are missing.

  • finaldestination

    I don’t have money for donation but I can offer tonight’s prayer for the devastated country. I dream of going to NZ like right now. I want to work there as a nurse. God bless New Zealand.

    • Thank you – your thoughts and prayers are as valuable as money.

      • Ni99a

        Seriously? Dang, imma goin to a church rite now with guns.

        • woogie

          As A Person In Christchurch I do find it offensive, that on a page of tribute and prayer for those both found and lost in the disaster, that you litter the comments page with immature comments, designed solely to poke fun at members with a religious backround. I understand you’re not a religious person, but have some respect for those taking comfort in their faith, to help them get through this tragedy

  • Caz

    As a former Kiwi, my thoughts and prayers are for you. I still have family there, albeit in Auckland so this is still personal. May the rescuers be on time.

  • Ruthless tooth

    We know that our Father is watching over them, he won’t let ’em down. It’s his will that we shall follow, and as of now, we can pray for the safety of our fellow New Zealanders.

    • Ni99a

      Yea may Father Buddha do whatever you just said.

  • M.T.

    i posted a link on my FB page, hope that my little contribution can help.

  • Patburnell

    In really strange how something so sad can bring people so far away together. Tonight many prayers will be said as the world falls asleep waiting for their prayers to be answered. These things really make you think about your family. Think about the important things in life, and revaluate the priorities we have in our lives. Be it our family, friends or pets.

  • Daniel

    My deepest heart felt condolences to those who have lost loved ones in New Zealand.

    However can we please stop making references to religion, it is ridiculous that in this day and age educated people still believe in these fairy tales.

    There was no talking snake. Jonah did not live in a Whale. Noah did not live to be 950 years old and I will not burn for my sins.



    • S.M.J.

      Sir, I mean no disrespect, but this is hardly the time or place for such discouraging words. Because you do not believe does not make it true. There are people who believe that man walking on the moon was a publicity stunt, and while I don’t believe that, I respect their rights as human beings to believe what they will. In a time such as this, when many thousands depend on their faith to carry them through, the last thing they need is a nonbeliever shoving his/her personal beliefs in their faces. Respect to your own beliefs should be expressed in such times as Armadillo (down two) did, inserting that she is not religious but still giving good wishes, which is what should matter at this time.

      This is about encouraging hope, not crushing it beneath your personal disbelief.

      • Daniel

        I offered my heart felt condolences to those who have lost loved ones and I signed off with a message of love.

        To know that a stranger across the other side of the planet who has no connection to the tragedy cares, should be encouragment enough.

        • Hernan

          You seemed more interested in pushing your own agenda than offering sympathies. And this rebuttal you gave only makes me feel like you were not very sincere with your words. Like offering spoiled fruit to someone and saying it’s okay because you coated it in sugar.

          • Pope

            Seemed sincere enough to me though.

          • Bob

            I am also an atheist, but this is most definitely not the time to argue about religion. My thoughts are with the people who suffered this tragedy, and I offer my sincerest condolences to those who have lost loved ones. Best wishes to all of you in NZ from Holland. May your god be with you.

        • Simplifried

          I am an atheist also, and agree 100% that your remarks concerning your beliefs were wholly inappropriate and my estimate of your lack of sensitivity when you said “condolence enough”. Having been a member of Red Cross crews at two of the major earthquakes in California I can vouch for the looks in the eyes of the dispossessed. Having been early to arrive shortly after the Boxer Day tsunami with a truck load of supplies from Bangkok, I can say without doubt that you found the wrong pulpit with incredible insensitivity in your words. I believe that true atheists are humanitarian people with a thoughtful approach to their beliefs. I think in your case, you espouse words that suggest you are simply behaving badly. You should reconsider them.

          • Daniel

            I am a police officer. I see the dead on a far too frequent basis. I can assure you prayers will save no one.

            This is Listverse not the Red Cross forums. People affected by the NZ earthquake will not coming here looking for support.

            Estimates of up to 1000 people dead in Libya, but there is no Listverse blog entry for them or the Tunisians or the Egyptians who have been murdered in recent weeks. I wonder why? Are they not important? Is the tragedy befalling them not tragic enough?

            As of 13:01 GMT there are 75 dead in NZ. With 300 missing.

          • Maggot

            Hmm, apparently you can’t directly reply to a post after four or five levels into a thread, the blue “reply” trigger is gone. This is in response to Daniel:

            I can assure you prayers will save no one.

            You don’t know that. And, being a non-believer myself, what I mean by that is – if someone else’s faith and praying gives them the strength to survive a night trapped under rubble, or gives solace to a loved one or even a caring stranger located elsewhere, then it helped/saved, even if in reality it was just a placebo. The point is – the immediate aftermath of a disaster or tragedy is not the place to be scolding people for whatever mechanisms they use to cope. Doing so in the way that you have is insensitive, and this you cannot deny. Doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to be insensitive if that’s how you want to be, but then just accept the consequences that someone will call you out on it, and stop trying to justify your insensitivity.

            there is no Listverse blog entry for them (Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, etc.)

            It has already been addressed as to why there is a Listverse entry about New Zealand. It’s a quite logical reason. I suggest you accept it and move on. Random people die every day too, but no one would criticize a person for crying more about the loss of their own friend or loved one.

          • OmegaMan

            Double thumbs up for your comment Maggot. Thank You.

    • FlameHorse

      It’s people like you, Danny, that galvanize the religious to never give up.

      • Daniel

        What do you mean FlameHorse?

        • FlameHorse

          I’m not even bothering to explain.

          • Kevin

            Kudos to you man.

  • oouchan

    Horrible tragedy. Sincerely hope all goes well for those still missing.

  • Armadillo

    I am so sorry. For such a small community (or any community) it’s a true tragedy. I am not a religious person but all my thoughts go to you, New Zealanders…
    Kisses from Germany.

    • Lifeschool

      Kisses from an earth angel – nice!

  • Princess

    Oh my gosh, I’m actually crying and I have the chills. I’m so so sorry to everyone who lives in New Zealand or who has loved ones there. Ill be praying for you guys and will proabably get my family/school to do the same. And Jamie, thanks for posting this. I’m glad you’re ok and that you were able to inform people. It seems like you really care about your readers :) Good Luck and God Bless to all those people.

  • Sarah M. J.

    This brought tears to my eyes…I have Christchurch in my prayers, and while it will be devastating once the number of dead is fully tallied, I pray that all involved can find peace within the comfort of their faiths. I’m glad that Aaron is safe, and hope that there are others that will be found and restored to full health. Goodwill towards New Zealand.

  • Swapie

    Let us hope that the death toll will be low, that there will be no more quakes and that the people of NZ will stand together in this time of tragedy. You are in my thoughts.

  • ArjayM

    Whoow. I was stunned about this tragic event. Let us pray for the safety of others.

  • BarryTX

    Growing up in another earthquake area, Los Angeles, I understand how terrifying this natural disaster is. My prayers go out to all in Christchurch and across New Zealand, for families far and wide are affected. May all the missing be found safe and may the children be given comfort and peace in the shock that follows the quake itself. You are all in our hearts – Vaya con Dios.

  • sad_muso

    My thoughts are with you guys over there.

  • undaunted warrior 1

    From me and Im sure I can speak on behalf of other Listverses here in South Africa that our thoughts are with you guys and the rescue teams.

  • ListverseFan

    May God help the people of New Zealand. What a tragic incident. May the trapped people be rescued in time. May our prayers be answered.

  • vanowensbody


    I hope and pray any family and friends of yours who are missing turn out to be OK and I hope and pray for all the people in NZ who need help.

  • Jay Karlson

    Yanks at your service, Kiwis.

    Thrilled that God granted our prayers for Aaron. I’m off to Paypal now. Will catch today’s list later. Priorities.

    Jay Karlson
    Jay K

  • Springs
    Do it people. Help anyway you can.

    To those who have died, Peace be with you my brothers and sisters.

  • JimsKelly

    Dear JFrater,

    Please tell me those trapped under the rubble can survive the night. Rescue efforts should be much more productive by tomorrow. There shouldn’t be any reason why the victims can’t pull through..

    • 120 were saved over night. While the weather is wet down there it is still summer so we should have good hope for those we haven’t found yet.

  • Dan

    People better wake up and look at what is going on around the world. Increased world disasters, governments falling, Islam rising, United Nations condeming Isreal…the world is getting scarier and scarier.

    • thorlite

      Its you that’s the scary one, lets look at another point of view….

      Increase in world disasters-The world is in a reletive quiet period of natural Disasters

      Governments falling – people finally getting a democratic vote

      UN Condeming Israel – Because they are killing innocent Palestinians by blocking much needed aid.

      The world is becoming an altogether happier place to live.

      Happy Days

  • Carole

    I’m praying for them.

  • Thank you for posting this, Jamie. I love this website, have been visiting for quite some time now and love that you’re a fellow New Zealander! I live in Christchurch and was in the middle of a park when it happened, so I believe I was fairly safe compared to those inside. I thought it was some kind of truck driving by (the noise) until I saw buildings collapse around me and people falling to the ground. Earthquakes are always on our minds these days for those of us in Chch, however I am sure nobody was expecting this.

    My family are all in good health, as is my home, so I’m very lucky, and I’m glad you got in touch with Aaron :).

    I’m sure you can appreciate how insane it is to log on to the internet and see little New Zealand as the headline in countries like Canada, America and Brazil. Most of the time I’m under the impression no one knows the place!

    • I am very glad to hear that you and your family are okay. Also, I just read that the UK is sending troops to help as well – the world is really coming to our aid which is so wonderful to see.

      • Heather

        Search and rescue teams have come from the Uk and Japan and I think some are on their way from the states. They have dogs that are sniffing for people and doctors and nurses are flying in to help the wounded. Food and supplies are being sent to Christchurch from all over the country. I know that tomorrow 3 trucks and 3 busses worth of supplies are headding to Christchurch from Wellington to assist those in need. This includes water, which is in short supply. The whole of New Zealand is in shock and we are all thinking of the people in Christchurch and what we can do to help.

        I feel grateful to be able to send some supplies to Christchurch, just to do something to help.

  • timmar68

    The worst I ever encountered was a strong tremor that almost made our china cabinet topple over and THAT scared me so I can only imagine the horror of this! :(

  • Ni99a

    Meanwhile in Africa millions of children are starving to death.

    • OmegaMan

      Dear Sir,

      Then start taking some steps to eradicate that. Start a blog where people can donate to feed them. If that is not possible, if you follow religion, pray for them. But please stop whining. That is never going to help them.

      Thank You.

  • Auburn Tiger

    Hearing things like this breaks my heart. I hope the relief efforts are swift and effective. Condolences from Auburn, Alabama.

  • Pendo

    What about the hundreds of people that have been murdered in Libya?

    • Daniel

      JFrater it’s a good point. Surely the people in the Middle East deserve your prayers?

      • Pendo

        Exactly. To be honest, the atrocities in Libya are more deserving of peoples prayers.

        • DontLikeIdiots

          They can’t be equally deserving of peoples prayers?

      • And who is saying they weren’t or aren’t already getting them? The reason for this post is that it is my country which is small and seldom thought of overseas and that I had a family member missing.

    • Auburn Tiger

      The fact that there is a another tragedy elsewhere negates this one entirely? You could have said “Let’s all show concern for X also.” and that would have been fine. There’s absolutely no reason both events should not evoke concern from us all, but you shouldn’t try to trivialize this or that.

      • Pendo

        When did I say this tragedy is negated by the one in Libya? Oh that’s right. I didn’t.

        • Auburn Tiger

          You didn’t. But your comment and the subsequent ones more so (I understand they’re not your’s), given their tone, do attempt to trivialize it. In the writing world this would be called “show don’t tell”. No you didn’t explicitly state it, which is how I know you’re not a troll; just a douchebag.

          • Pendo

            You’re attempt at taking the high ground by stringing together words in a clever manner hasn’t worked. Gimp.

          • Auburn Tiger

            I’m not what your argument was there aside from “Nuh uh”, but for the sake of keeping this thread relevant and showing support, I’ll drop it and move along.

  • BellaBlaQue

    I’m fairly new to this site…Listverse is my new love my husband is jelous… Thanks for the info My prayers are with all who have friends and family in NewZealand. Thanks Mr. Frater for the info…I am a huge fan <3

  • Thanks for posting this. I was unaware, but now I’ll go check out CNN.

    I’m glad your family member is ok :) I’ll say some prayers for the city.

  • OmegaMan

    My heart cries out thinking that some people are going to learn soon that their loved ones are no more. Nothing is more cruel than to loose a family member suddenly and untimely. May GOD help these people to come out of their most helpless situation.

    • Daniel

      Did God not cause the earthquake?

      • OmegaMan

        No. Happy?

        • Eye-Licker

          Did the devil do it, then.

          This is a tragedy, and I don’t mean to be cynical, but encouraging people to pray is like encouraging them to twiddle their thumbs.

          They pray, and while active and self-sacrificing rescue workers are working their collective asses off, some numbnut is sitting beneath his crucifix thinking “heck yeah, my/our prayers have been answered.”

          Now excuse me while I go chug a gallon of milk and chalk your relative’s safety up to my act of hydration.

          Still not to be a dick, but “Christchurch?” what the fuck kind of a name for a geographical location is that? Mother nature didn’t seem to like it either.

          God bless, and all that jazz.

          • I don’t wish to become involved in a debate on this so this is my only comment on this issue. From the perspective of Catholic theology, God is the cause of the earthquake (hence the name “act of God” for a disaster – which, incidentally – is a legal term).

            However, whatever His reasons it is still correct to pray for the victims as there are likely to be innocents involved. Theology says that the prayers (even after the event) are considered by God before the act takes place (as God is outside time) and they can be efficacious as a consequence.

          • Clockwork

            Shut up, you moron.

          • Janus

            if prayer works then why are there firefighters and doctors and EMTs and rescue workers?

            if I was trapped, I wouldn’t want the rescuers standing around saying “well, I prayed for him, but the concete didnt move, so I gave up. since he died, i guess he wasnt worthy.”

            I realize that people far away from a tragedy cant help physically, but they can still help directly and meaningfully with donations (money, bottled water, etc) for the rescue crews who are actually doing something (not just “praying”).

            Prayer just makes the lazy person feel less guilty about not helping.

          • OmegaMan

            Eye-Licker, you just assumed that I thought devil did that. I just wanted to shut Daniel up. Which he did. But alas, you didn’t catch the drift.

        • Lionel

          Could God not have prevented this earthquake?

          • Daniel

            JFrater 22/02/11 02:14 – “However, whatever his reasons it is still correct to pray for the victims as there are likely to be innocents involved”

            So the ones that perish are likely not to be innocent and are deserving of their deaths?

            If they are really unlucky they’ll burn in HELL for all ETERNITY.

            Isnt religion beautiful.

    • OmegaMan

      Given the tragedy that has taken place, I didn’t wanted to start a debate or something. This was a sincere feeling.

    • leroy

      Man I love how people always bash on people praying. People always point out that praying isnt helping and that it will be rescue workers doing the saving. To the people arguing about praying: What are you doing to help? a prayer might just be a psychological thing that will make them feel better. To the people who believes in god they are doing something that actually means something, and the people who need help right now I think that whether or not they believe in God they will still like a prayer, you know at least they know that people do care and have taken notice of them.

      What harm can praying do? I can guarantee that the rescue workers will not argue about the subject, in fact I am sure they would like a prayer at least its some type of support cause god knows you are me arent helping them.

      Im not sure if God really does exist. I respect everyones opinions, but everytime I hear someone bashing people that believe in God and listening to thier bitterness I want to believe in something different than them I want to be the opposite. Looking down at my hands typing on my keyboard almost makes me cry. The process to type these letters is amazing, the human bone structure, the nerves and muscles and tendons it takes to type this is amazing. Look at us, look at the world. I just cannot imagine this coming from nothing with no help from anything. If someone says we come from mud where did the mud come from, where did the stuff before that come from? You cannot make something from nothing no matter how many billion years you have. It may sound crazy to believe that thier is a man in the sky that created everything, but its more crazy to think something came from nothing.

  • Janus

    So I understand the Christ’s Church steeple in Christchurch was toppled by an earthquake. Ironic? And people are praying for help. Sounds like Nature vs. Religion to me. and Mother Nature is winning this little battle.

    I do hope those that are trapped get rescued. But prayer wont do it – hard work and volunteers will. Luck vs. Miracle.

    • Janus

      and I will be donating $5 to the rescue effort.

    • Janus

      Christchurch (actually all of New Zealand) lies directly on the border between the Pacific plate and the Indo-Australian plate. This is how NZ was formed, by earthquake and volcano. They just had large quakes in Sept and December 2010 (in the 5-6 range).

      Earthquakes – created by SCIENCE. Victims – rescued by MAN.
      GOD plays no part.

      Good luck to those trapped. I hope they get rescued.

      • Auburn Tiger

        Most religious people would agree that God would not simply make it better, but that he would work through people to solve whatever. You could easily argue for or against that. That’s irrelevant right now. By even challenging anyone’s belief in a post about providing support during a natural disaster, you have achieved the highest level of trolldome. You have become that guy who makes things a religious/antireligious issue when least appropriate. Congradulations.

        • Janus

          Great minds discuss ideas (like the irony of a natural disaster striking a city with a religious name)

          Average minds discuss events (like an earthquake)

          Small minds discuss people (like you)

          Having a different opinion or point of view does not make one a troll.

          It does not lessen my wishes that people are rescued.

          • Auburn Tiger

            The ad hominem approach won’t help you here. Most people have a pretty strong grasp on reason. What some people don’t seem to have is a sense of reverence. I agree with your point on discussing such matters (being so detached from the event I can even appreciate them), but my point is that you should have the tact to not do it here or now. Does that make sense to you? I think it’s a pretty reasonable point.

          • woogie

            It doesn’t take a great mind to figure out that Christchurch has a religious name when its staring right in front of you. Believe me buddy, you’re hardly the first person to point out the irony.

    • Lois

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but this thread has nothing to do with a religion vs. science debate.
      Even some non-religious people feel like praying when stuff goes wrong; people pray out of desperation half the time, and that’s just fine.
      You’re also entitled to your opinion, but I see no reason for you to be posting it here, now. It’s not making anyone feel better, it’s just making you look like a jerk.

      Christchurch is in our thoughts and prayers here in Auckland. We’re all really shook up about it, I can’t imagine how much worse it must be for you guys.

  • Kim

    I don’t have a paypal account and don’t want to create one, but I would like to help. Is there a way I can send my donation straight to your paypal account? I looked on their site and couldn’t find a way to do it without creating my own account.

  • Randall

    Very sorry to hear this, Jamie. Hoping the best for the people of Christchurch.


    Good that listverse has given us a highlight of the tragic quake in new zealand
    hours after watching a cricket match between kenya and new zealand;I feel
    pity for the players of new zealand who are currently in INDIA.We are all be
    hind you in sympathy GOD will help you all !

  • Juwaria Mohammed

    My Prayers are with you i hope ur friend has been found alive and well x

  • Emily

    I recently spent 6 months travelling round New Zealand and was near Christchurch when the 7.1 hit in september. For this to happen again is devastating. Such a beautiful country and beautiful people, I am sending all my love from the other side of the world. Will be donating all I can….

  • Lifeschool

    Very sad news indeed, my wishes go out to NZ and their families all over the world. May God be with you.

    • Robert Hagedorn

      As someone above pointed out, there was no talking snake. But what was the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Do a search: The First Scandal.

  • it’s wonderful to see such an outpouring of concern for fellow man from all corners of the world, and every thought of faith, prayer, and hope speaks volumes to those of us with friends/family in that area.

    i have yet to hear from my cousin at otago but he is studying as travel nurse and likely is busy dealing the ordeal at hand.

    many times things will get worse before they get better, and right now they need our thoughts, prayers, and hope.

  • oneiros1313

    Very sad, prayers to New Zealand.

  • Derek Williams

    It has not been a good period for New Zealand. First a great cyclone went by the island, then this happens the very next day. It is with sadness that I right this, I hope that the Kiwi’s will pick themselves up and get back to living life, but never to forget those who were lost.

  • Bruce Wolper

    My prayers are with the people of Christchurch and those who have been touched by this disaster. Jaimie, my family and I are also praying for you personally that you hear from your friends and family and that they be safe.

  • taronzone

    Oh my god… I’m just shocked. I’m glad to hear Aaron made it out okay, and all those still trapped will be in my thoughts and prayers. I’ll give what I can.

  • allyb10

    Wow… my thoughts and prayers are with you, Jamie, and anyone else affected by this tragedy. This is truly heartbreaking.

  • Christian

    The frequency of natural disasters such as this one, might be a sign for us to watch ourselfs until we have passed the galactic ecautor.. in other words this is going to get worse before it gets better..

  • paula

    love and prayers from canada, take care of your self also, we don’t want anymore people hurt! did you feel any of the aftershocks where you live? we must also pray for those who are left with nothing and donate so these people can make it through the rebuilding of their city.God Bless you and yours.

    • I felt nothing up in Wellington – and no one I know of here did either.

  • mom424

    You’re doing a good thing here Jamie. Now if we would all just always do whatever we can eh?

    I’m glad you and yours made it through; my thoughts to all those still suffering.

    • Thanks mom424 – I appreciate the kind words.

  • fendabenda

    My prayers to all of you in NZ.

  • ianz09

    My condolences, I made sure to donate, even though I barely had anything to offer. I’m proud to see America is trying to help out, we are blessed that our nation has the resources to help and the interest in doing so. For some reason, the part at 4:00 into this song came into my head.

    God Bless, and Rest in Peace. The world is behind the those lost.

  • Gandolf the grey

    Any news on the progress of The Hobbit? Is peter jackson ok? The filming keeps getting interupted, i dont think it will ever be completed. If any hobbits get trapped in any rubble may they follow the white wizard to safety. What Madness is this? What wizardry befalls us, this evil from mordor, but one does no simply send America and japan into mordor to rescue them.

    • Lifeschool

      Filming of the Hobbit is scheduled to start in about two weeks time.

  • Mathias

    I’m not a religious man, but my thoughts, support and love go out to those trapped, their loved ones and the people trying to get them out. I wish I could be there to offer up myself to help.

    Mr. Frater, you are a good man and I know that your efforts will be met with kindness and love!

  • Lisa (NL)


    I’ll meditate for thier rescue

  • deeeziner

    Dear Jamie,

    I’m so sorry to know that your homeland has been dealt such a serious hand, and that there is such horrible suffering, fear and confusion holding reign.

    You and your countrymen are in my thoughts and prayers. I’m glad to know that Aaron is alright, though it must have been very stressful for you before he was able to contact you.

    I hope the rescue efforts are fruitful, and also pray that there will be no more devastating aftershocks that might hinder the progress.

    Stay safe Jamie, and thank you for the comprehensive information about the situation.


  • major harris

    my cousin and her husband live there. my uncle has not heard from her yet. god bless every one down there!

  • 4th wise man

    So when is the last time that New Zealand came to the rescue of any other nation? Have people forgot about the war on terror that America is fighting for the world? Every day soldiers are killed to protect the world from terrorists. What attention do they get? have we forgotten them? left them fighting a war that almost every American wanted after 9/11, but now everyone has turned there backs on our troops saying that the war is wrong, making them feel unappriecated dying with only thier brothers in arms caring about them.

    My condolences go out to everyone across the world, to everyone reading this may you be blessed whether or not you are doing fine or having problems in your life no matter what the problem is. Just know that people do care. Right now let the focus be upon the people in the New Zealand who are hurting because of the disaster whether or not you have lost a loved one, or you are physically hurt. YOU WILL MAKE IT THROUGH THIS AND ONE DAY THE SUN WILL SHINE OUT FOR THE BRIGHTER. but at the sometime lets not forget about everyone else in the world.

    • Alex

      New Zealand supports other countries post disasters, etc…
      But you’re forgetting we’re a small country, and don’t always have the capacity to help as much as larger countries can.

      • 4th wise man

        I was just asking about New zealand because I dont know to much about them and if they do alot of things like that or not. I know that they have helped in the war going on right now. I just didnt know if they are quick to get involved with other nations like america is, which I think they would be more than willing if they had the means and the extra people. I love new zealand its so beautiful your such a great nation and you deserve nothing like an earthquake you are never at odds with the world you are awsome!! and good luck!!

  • Wiggin

    Praying. Thanks for such a beautiful and informative post.

  • antonio

    ppl need help from other ppls not praying to a god ,praying not solve anything…GOD BLESS = earthquake

  • katecdc

    My mum just told me a short time ago that my uncle and aunty were in the cathedral only on Monday and stayed in the hotel next door to it. Luckily they flew back to Australia on Monday night. They’re both religious, so I’m sure they’re counting their blessings right now.

    Just watching the news right now and the destruction is indescribable, and that doesn’t even show the scale of what has happened.

    Let’s hope that every last one of the 150 people missing is found alive. Good on all the volunteers risking their own lives to help as well.

  • Sarah

    Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve been watching TV3 since I felt the quake in Dunedin until I went to bed and since 6am this morning. When I felt it yesterday afternoon I was so sure it was nowhere as bad as the September quake, but I guess it was the shallow depth and nearness to the city was what caused so much damage.
    I was shocked when I saw the images of the cathedral, until I started hearing about possible fatalities and suddenly the loss of buildings didn’t seem anywhere near as important.
    I’ll continue to pray.

  • Carra 23

    We’ve had our differences in the past JF – but, under the skin we’re brothers and my heart is hurting for you and the rest of our kiwi brothers and sisters: i know, here in Oz we’ll be bending over backwards to help you all out – we can but pray God that the toll does not rise too high.
    You have our sympathies, our prayers and our bodies where necessary

    God Bless Mate.

  • J

    Our thoughts are with you, New Zealand. You are a beautiful country with amazing and strong people. You will make it through this.

  • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

    Jamie, I hope that you, your family, and friends are all okay and wish as sound and speedy of recovery to your country as is possible. I am pleased to read that my country (The United States of America) is assisting in the recovery efforts. I also hope that the death toll is not in fact in the hundreds and that it does not rise much further than the already tragic 66 I most recently read.

  • sokru

    Glad to hear you found your relative! But still I hope and pray (for every god, spirit and science) that more people will survive from the collapsed buildings.
    The earthquake is a big news also here in Finland, and even though we are on the other side of the Earth (with -30°C and way too much of snow) people are still concerned for you all, I hear people talking about this and surprisingly many have friends or relatives in the area.

    Lots of thoughts, love and hope.

  • leon

    There’s some real inconsiderate dicks postin on this issue.

    Didn’t your mothers never tell you, if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?

    I’m not religious my self but at as a mature man, I know to respect people and their beliefs. And at a time like this, where people are dying, knocking ones belief is wrong.
    Iv been watching this unfold for the last 24hours now and donated what small amount I could, whether a man is of religion or not, he is still a man in need of all the support he can get.

    Best of luck newzeland, from me and my family. England is watching, helping and praying

  • stormysiren

    My heart goes out to all New Zealanders! Thinking of you from Minneapolis, Minnesota!

  • ianz09

    I just skimmed the comments… For God sakes, people, do you have to make everything a pedestal? Can’t you just say a prayer if you’re religious, and wish the victims well if you aren’t? Regardless of what side you are, just recognize a tragedy for what it is, and don’t add your two cents to the negativity, there is already plenty to go around. And if it truly bothers you that much, just donate a dollar and respectfully refrain from commenting. And here’s to all those who commented and those who didn’t, who I am sure had something preachy to say, but respectfully declined.

    • Well said, Sir!

    • stormysiren


  • Isa

    Love and prayers are with you, dear friends xxxxx

  • Nic S

    My thoughts are with the people of Christchurch. Chicago just recently had its (first) snowstorm of the century, and I won’t forget the camaraderie that came up as me and my neighbors worked through the 2 feet of snow to ensure everybody could get safely out of their homes (the old frail couple next door, the disabled folk a few doors down) …. but I cannot imagine that this is anywhere near the camaraderie felt in New Zealand right now. Again, my thoughts are with the people of Christchurch.

  • Blogball

    I went through something similar to this in the 1994 Northridge CA earthquake. It was a 6.7. The the ground acceleration was very high just like this one. 33 people dead and over 8000 injured with $20 billion worth of damages. It’s really a horrible thing to go through. My hopes and prayers are with the people in Christchurch.

  • mazgee

    I’ve been following Listverse for months and this is the first time I’ve commented – Christchurch needs help, I can’t believe it’s happened again. I’m from Wellington and I always thought it would happen here. Thankfully I’ve heard from (most) friends and family down in Chch. I just hope they can get everyone out from the buildings, and that the aftershocks slow down… I will be donating, and will find a place to give blood.

  • Athena

    My hope and condolences for all those affected in New Zealand and else where. I hope rescue forces can find all those unfortunate souls trapped in the rubble. Today, on the radio, I heard a recording of a call for help from a collapsed primary/elementary school. I am not religious, but I do hope to the Compassionate Forces of the Universe that the children, especially, are saved from the rubble.

    I live in Southern California and was alive during Northridge, so I certainly know the feeling of being completely terrified during a big earthquake.

    I hope as many people as possible escape alive and unscathed.

  • Mayor McCheese

    Terrible, i’m sure my thoughts echo thousands when I say my thoughts are with all of the victims.

  • philipmarie

    May the Blessed Virgin help all those who are stuck and trapped in those ruined buildings. Oh Mary, pray for us.

    Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope. To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve, to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears.
    Turn then, o gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy towards us and in this our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb Jesus. O clement, o loving, o sweet Virgin Mary. Amen.

  • deb87

    My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in NZ. I’m happy that your family member turned up safe Jamie.
    I’m not a very religious person but at times like this it helps to think that there is some greater power out there then ourselves and that they have a plan for us all. And that our prayers and thoughts can help somehow.
    No matter what your religious beliefs are, the point is that the world needs to be in our thoughts.
    Events like this make you realize how important people are, makes you realize that tomorrow is not promised and you never know when someones last day will be. I offer this advice to some, if you love someone tell them! Because you never know what tomorrow, the next hour, or the next 5 minutes might bring.
    God bless NZ and I hope many more people are found alive. And to all of those that have lost someone my heart is with you and I send you my deepest condolences.

    • simplifried

      I never believe in a greater power, and instead, believe that power rest in me. I exercised some of that power with a donation to the Red Cross NZ and urge everyone reading to do the same. If enough of us respond, each with a small amount, it can add up. Skip the next couple of lattes at Starbucks and, instead, use your credit card at
      It will be put to great use, and afterward, you will feel more powerful.

  • Andrew

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in New Zealand. May Jesus guide you from the darkness.

  • Deb C

    Didn’t realise you were a Kiwi. I am thinking of everyone on our sister island (I’m in Tasmania) and hope the fighting ANZAC spirit kicks in.

  • JessiCat

    I read this site every day, as do many of my friends. I know they will agree with me when I say that we send much love and hope from SIU-C in the US. I only wish I could do more.

  • Pixie

    I’m not religious in the slightest, but even I was wishing to the sky last night for the people to be ok. I honestly believe if people fill the air with enough goodwill then it finds it’s way to those who need it.

    I have a friend over there who nobody had heard from since the quake. She’s managed to get back to us now, but she had me extremely worried.

  • Fakie


  • Cataline


    You’ve been an inspiration to us all for years and I hope I can return the favor in the smallest way during this horrible time. NZ will endure and the people who are waiting to be saved will be saved!

  • Prayers and good thoughts are sent to everyone in NZ that have been affected by the quake from us here in South Carolina, USA. God bless y’all!

  • Miss Kitty

    I was in Christchurch last February, taking pictures out of the Cathedral steeple of the Waitangi Day crowd in the square below. I was heartbroken to see it as rubble. My husband works in Antarctica and was in Christchurch one week ago; a few hundred people just off the ice are now in New Zealand and some of them are unaccounted for.

    Christchurch was such a beautiful place. Love from Kansas, USA.

  • Lucky Louie

    Let’s hope/pray (depending on your beliefs) that all are rescued safely. For those who aren’t — may they fall asleep peacefully and wake up in the arms of God.

  • Kelly

    God bless y’all , your in my prayers

  • jamie

    As a fellow New Zealander, I can honestly say I have never felt so sorry for Christchurch. I hope that no-one else is found dead and hope everyone can get through this devastating disaster

  • lalabhaiya

    What happened yesterday afternoon was terrible. And my sister was in Christchurch for her honeymoon. Thankfully they had left Christchurch for their next destination a few hours before the quake stuck. But they still felt the tremors on the road. They are safe, but my heart goes out to those who passed away or got injured. I hope things will be ok for them soon. It is at times like these that I wish I was religious so that I can pray.

    I hope things get fine soon. I hope people find strength at this dark hour.

  • CheekyMonkey

    May God provide watch over those who need to be found. May he provide strength and comfort. Be with those looking for people and may ad many as possible be found alive.
    Comfort to the families who are missing their loved ones and may those lived ones be safe.

    In the blink of an eye, everything can change. It’s up to us to show live, support, comfort, donate if we can, give blood if we can.

    May God Bless!

  • TybaltUK

    I Hope That All Remaining Trapped Survivors Are Rescued Quickly And The Family’s Of Loved Ones Lost Can Find Peace In Their Darkest Of Moments.

    Our Thoughts And Love Are With You Here In Oxford, England, UK.

  • karli

    All the victims and their families are in my prayers tonight, God bless everyone in this time of grief & hopefully more rescues will come in following hours.

  • Greyish

    I’m sorry. I really am. I have my Runes of Magic close friend from New Zealand (I’m from Indonesia, we are far, bot not too far), I sent him an offline message and he’s not yet reply it. Hope he and the family are okay.

    I hope the kiwi and kakapo are okay too.

  • Fraser

    Am in Christchurch but thankfully safe and well and no house damage. It brings tears to our eyes to hear the wishes and solidarity of those in other parts of New Zealand and around the world.

    As a Christian I can tell you that my faith is all that holds back the crippling fear of another big quake. It is a truly terrifying experience. God allows these things to happen and people become heroes and show great love and compassion which is at the heart if what it means to be human. Finding meaning is difficult if you don’t know God.

    When all is said and done no Cantabrian will be untouched by tragedy. If you don’t believe in God donate money. If you do, get on your knees and pray for the 300 people still missing.

    Mock the beliefs that sustain those of us who believe in God in Christchurch by all means, but maybe waif until we’ve had a chance to bury our dead.

  • AntQueen

    Been watching it on TV all day yesterday and all day today. It is very sad how many people were lost.
    Hang in there, Canterbury!

  • Angela

    Since I live in Bosnia, there’s nothing much I can do to help you, but to pray, though I’m not avid belivere. I do hope it helps.

  • JamesC

    I am from oz and my heart go’s out to all the traped souls burried amoungst the rubble across the sea, this is the worst tragady to hit close to home since the Victorian bushfires
    my energy go’s out to you all

  • Good luck to all and may your prayers be answered.

    On the other hand, i sincerely hope the NZ government will invest heavily on earthquake and disaster preventions and safety measures in the future

  • Mrs. Antichrist

    Between the earthquakes in New Zealand, the typhoon, and the flooding in Queensland in Australia (where several of my relatives live — that was scary), it seems like Oceania really isn’t fairing well this summer. :(

    My thoughts have been with all of the folks in NZ since I first heard about this. Such a terrible tragedy. I’m glad to hear your family member is okay. I have a family member who I knew was out in NZ when it happened, so I was a bit worried about her, not knowing which part she was in. Turns out she wasn’t anywhere near Christchurch, thankfully.

    Unfortunately, not every family was so lucky. My heart goes out to all of the people who have lost/have missing loved ones, been hurt, or had someone they love get hurt. Such a tragedy…

  • Mrs. Antichrist

    Also, Kiwis, please know that Canada is here for you — our Prime Minister has already extended an offer to help, and I hope we can play a role in helping you rebuild after this horrible tragedy. The world is behind you. <3

  • gigo70

    A shocking tragedy.

    I truly hope that more people can be found alive and the damage, to this lovely city, can be repaired as quickly as possible.

  • circlefan

    me and my family are praying for the safety of everyone…l

  • Simplifried

    Jamie, I was pleased to hear that your relative was located, and of course, touched that an avid reader from Christ Church is missing her mother. I also hope that you are experienced enough with the open comment system here and how that will bring out all kinds of remarks, some of which may not be on point.
    I am a believer in the response that Red Cross organizations around the world can mount in times of sudden dire need. I had the extraordinary experience of being a volunteer during the response to two major California quakes. I hope you won’t mind if I mention that one way to support the relief effort in Christ Church is to make a direct donation to Red Cross in New Zealand. They have set up a direct fund for the relief effort in New Zealand. Donations can be made at the following web site.

    Cheques can be sent to: New Zealand Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal, Freepost 232690, PO Box 12140, Thorndon, Wellington 6144

    • Direct Credit Transfer to our Special Appeal Bank Account: Kiwibank 38-9009-0759479-00 and the account name is RED CROSS.

    As popular as your web site is, I would think we might rouse enough response here to be meaningful. I urge everyone to take a moment and donate $10 or more to the relief of the earthquake victims. Events like this have an enormous impact on resources and a shared effort on our part could go a long way.

    I am hoping for an expedient resolution for all effected by the quake and I am eager to be a small part of that.

  • Frooltace

    Did they drop any good loot?

  • My sympathies to all those who lost their loved ones. It always gives me hope when a tragedy like this happens and people come together with outpourings of solidarity and love.

  • Kalyan

    Such a sad day for one of the best nations in the world. Today, we are all Kiwis …

    I have a cousin in Christchurch and was very happy to note that he & his family are safe

  • Tim Davis

    I visited New Zealand for the first time almost exactly a year ago. I spent three weeks there and fell in love with the people and the country. While in Wellington there was a football match between Australia and the Phoenix. People everywhere were dressed in yellow and black and more than happy to adopt this Detroit, Michigan native as a fellow fan. It was a highlight of the best trip I’ve ever taken. Just about the only place I did NOT visit was Christchurch and now my heart is breaking in that I’ll never see the people or the city as it was. Yours is a hardy and resilient people; you WILL get through this! Please accept all my love, hopes, and prayers for the best.
    I came upon this thread rather late, but if there is any way to contribute further, monetarily, please let me know. I do have a PayPal account.

  • Mortal

    I always thought jfrater was an atheist, like me. But like they say, only in the time of need people think of god. Well I hope that neozealanders and the rest of the world recover from any adversities. Remember that it is not god who is taking people to safety from collapsed buildings but men, only men. People deserve credit for their effort. Not an invisible non existent deity. Please do not reply to me since I have already heard all manners of nonsense comments against atheism. Work hard.

  • David D

    Should we be praying to the same God that caused this or another one? And if God deems it worthy to assist today will he also help those children currently starving in Africa? (This is a dig at the religious, not the poor souls affected by the earthquake)

  • This is one of the worst tragedies I’ve seen in a while.

    • Khalid

      I really do feel sorry for the people who have lost their loved ones in the New Zealand earthquake. But I do wonder why he have a page dedicated to this earthquake in which 75 people have lost their lives but not for other earthquakes like the 2010 Chile Earthquake where 521 people died or how about Haiti Earthquake where 316,000 people have died. Just because these people weren’t Caucasians, it doesn’t make them any less of a human being.

      • This page has nothing to do with the ethnicity of any person. Jamie has a personal connection to New Zealand, as you can tell by reading the article.

      • Because I am the owner of Listverse and live in New Zealand where this quake happened – as well as having family members living (and missing for a time) in the quake zone. Furthermore, NZ has an enormous non-caucasian population who are equally suffering. Race is totally irrelevant to my reasons for posting this.

        • khalid

          My apologies then JFrater. I really hope that your family members are fine.

  • Katie Leiataua

    I’m an Aucklander and I have been watching the coverage on both ONE & TV3 since Tuesday. Just been announced that 76 have been confirmed dead, still that is likely to increase.

  • O

    Kia ora tatou,

    You can also donate via the British Red Cross. People really need help; over 200 are still missing. 92 are now confirmed dead.

  • Dee

    Having lived through two devastating events in the last few months, (flood and cyclone), we in Queensland feel particularly moved by the tragedy that occurred on Wednesday. At least we had some warning to our emergencies, you had none. Please remember that you will survive, our ANZAC brethren, you must survive. We may not be there in person, but we are joined in spirit. God defend New Zealand.

  • jim

    praying does nothing but i really hope all the lives can be saved

  • freckledsmile99

    My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in New Zealand. May G-d hear our prayers.

  • Pearl

    I am so sorry about all those people, those families who lost a beloved one on this earthquake. Myself, being a survivor of Chile’s 8.2 earthquake know how horrible it is and how desperate you feel after it, not knowing if your family or friends are alive…I’m so glad Laura found her mom! All my good vibes to the New Zealand people!!

    I was wondering too how is that this earthquake, being 6.3 Richter caused so much more damage than the one in my country, so thank you for explaining it Jamie.

  • Oakes

    Godspeed, Kiwis.

  • hilly

    Thank you all for your kind words. I am an American living in Christchurch with my Kiwi partner and his family. We are now in a place called Rangitata, about an hour and a half outside of town. Our house was at the foot of the Port Hills (in one of the Eastern suburbs, the area that was hit the hardest), several boulders rolled down the hill and smashed through one of the houses on the property. The other two houses (they are small places, called “granny flats” in NZ) are completely destroyed and basically on the verge of collapse. We’re not sure where we’ll live once school (I just stared at the University of Canterbury) starts up again in a few weeks. The numerous, large aftershocks aren’t helping any, either. I’m very heartened by all of your support, and, as a long time LV reader, I can’t say I’m surprised. <3

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