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Top 10 Worst Blockbusters In Recent History

chris Rau . . . Comments

[WARNING: potential spoilers] This isn’t necessarily a list of the worst movies of all time, although a lot of them would probably make that list, also. This list has more to do with being crappy, escapist garbage that appeals to the lowest-common denominator. That isn’t to say that you should feel bad if some of these movies are personal favorites of yours– Actually, yes, you should feel bad if some of these movies are personal favorites of yours.

You will notice a lot of Jan de Bont, Roland Emmerich and Michael Bay on this list. This is because they are awful. But you know what? I still go see their movies. I think Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, but will that stop me from seeing Transformers: Dark of the Moon? Of course not.

You may be asking yourself: “But where is Independence Day?” To that question, I have no answer. It’s one of those crappy movies that I have some sort of nostalgic love for. I cannot bring myself to publicly ridicule it.

Now, allow me to don my snobby black beret and stroke my skinny, pretentious goatee as I list, and insult, some of the worst movies ever made.


The Day After Tomorrow


The cold chases Jake Gyllenhaal down a hallway. That’s right, the cold. Chases him. Down a hallway. Also, in order to create some sort of quasi-deep commentary on survival, the characters discuss the merits of burning books in a library to stay warm, while being SURROUNDED by wooden tables and chairs. This movie made me wish that Global Warming would hurry up and put us out of our misery already.




This guy sums the plot up much better than I could, so, take it away hilarious, random internet movie snob:

“So, Billy Bob Thornton is, like, the Boss of NASA or whatever (LOL), and he is like “we have got to fuck up this asteroid,” and some guy is like “we’ll just nuke it,” and Billy Bob Thornton is like “we can’t nuke it because of some made up reason,” and so they decide that the only way to destroy the asteroid and save the Earth is to talk to Bruce Willis, the Best Oil Driller in the World. Oh boy, here we go. Meanwhile, out on the oil rig, Bruce Willis is hitting golf balls at a Greenpeace boat because he is a MAN. It’s hilarious and stupid how you work to make the world a better place based on deeply held personal beliefs when you should be shooting at Ben Affleck with a shotgun because he is having sex with your daughter, Liv Tyler. The army is like “Mr. Bruce Willis, please come with us, asteroid time,” and Bruce Willis is like, “Ben Affleck is fired.” And I don’t even know what the big deal is anyway, because if we learned anything from Deep Impact it’s that when the asteroid hits Earth you just need to run up a tall hill.

So, NASA is going to send a team of astronauts into space to land on the asteroid (sure) and drill a hole in it (yes) and fill the hole with a nuclear device (absolutely). But Bruce Willis is like “you guys are so stupid, the only way to do this is to send me into space.” OH, HOLD ON, WHAT? Nevermind, because it gets so much better a few seconds later when Bruce Willis is like “and I want to take my own team with me.” Take your own team with you? Into space? To land on an asteroid? And drill a hole in the asteroid and put a nuclear bomb in that hole? Better bring Daniel Farraday with you. You don’t want things to get ridiculous.

So, Bruce Willis hires all his pals, and surprise: they are so wacky and out of control! Oh, and he hires Ben Affleck, even though he just fired Ben Affleck? Also, Ben Affleck already has his own oil company but it has been literally 24 hours since he was working for Bruce Willis? How did he get an oil company so fast? These are the types of questions we might have time to wonder if that asteroid wasn’t coming straight for us! Of course, it’s hard to imagine a group this ragtag going into space, but they are the only chance we have. Most astronauts train for years to go into space, but these oilmen will only have 12 days. Insert 45 minute training sequence. Now they are ready to go into space! First stop is the international space station where there is a kooky Russian cosmonaut who has space cabin fever and then there is another 45 minute sequence involving fuel lines and space fires and oh no Ben Affleck almost dies but then he doesn’t die at all phew but then a few minutes later he almost dies again but he still doesn’t die. But some people die. Because his ship (one of two!) gets hit by a meteor and crashes on the asteroid. (You know how things in space are always crashing.)”

-courtesy of Gabe from




Waterworld won 4 Razzies for Worst Picture, Worst Director, Worst Actor (Kevin Costner) and Worst Supporting Actor (Dennis Hopper). It cost something like $200 million to make back in the mid-90s which, adjusted for inflation, is about $45 billion today (I think my math is right). Kevin Costner was coming off the huge critical and commercial success of Dances With Wolves, so the studio was going to back him on any crazy-ass idea they came across, including Mad Max with Jet-Skis.


Battlefield Earth


Battlefield Earth is consistently ranked as one of, if not THE worst movie ever made. Unfortunately for science fiction, it was based on a classic novel, so anticipation was fairly high when the bomb dropped. It went on to be nominated for 8 and win 7 Razzies, in 2000. It won for worst picture, director, screenplay, actor, actress, etc. It also won for Worst Screen Couple, which they gave to “John Travolta and anyone sharing the screen with him at any given moment.” And then, to put the icing on the cake, in 2010 it won the Razzies coveted “Worst Movie of the Decade” award.


Pearl Harbor

Boy that trailer looked promising. It was, perhaps, the most incongruous movie-trailer-to-actual-film relationship in history. This one was nominated for 8 Razzies, including worst picture, worst actor and worst director for Michael Bay, who decided to make a national tragedy into another one of his super slo-mo action movies. I think Team America: World Police sang it best – the clip is above and the lyrics are here:

I miss you more than Michael Bay missed the mark,
When he made Pearl Harbor.
I miss you more than that movie missed the point,
And that’s an awful lot .
And now, now you’ve gone away,
And all I’m trying to say,
Is Pearl Harbor sucked and I miss you.

I need you like Ben Affleck needs acting school,
He was terrible in that film.
I need you like Cuba Gooding needed a bigger part,
He’s way better than Ben Affleck.
And now all I can think about is your smile,
And that shitty movie too,
Pearl Harbor sucked and I miss you


Why does Michael Bay get to keep on making movies?
I guess Pearl Harbor sucked
Just a little bit more than I miss you.


Wild Wild West


If you want the perfect example of the unnecessary Hollywood remake, look no further than Wild Wild West. This movie managed to take two otherwise great actors (Kevin Kline and Will Smith) and drain them of any joy or talent for 2 hours. You can almost see them NOT wanting to be in the movie while you are watching it. It won 5 of the 9 Razzies it was nominated for in 1999, including, hilariously, worst song. That picture nicely captures Will Smith likely thinking, ‘what the hell am I doing in this movie’?




What did we learn from Twister?

1) Hold on to a water pipe and a tornado can pass directly over you with no physical consequences.

2) If you are only feet from a tornado, but you have something really dramatic to say, wind will not affect you or your ability to hear.

3) It rarely rains near tornadoes.

4) Mentioning an f-5 will cause everyone in the room to go silent and spill their drinks.

5) Bill Paxton can predict where tornadoes are going to hit by picking up a hand-full of dirt and letting it fall through his fingers.

6) Jan de Bont is a terrible director




David Sheega from does a nice job of describing this disaster of a movie:

“…A car speeding through a city in the grip of terrible earthquakes makes insanely unlikely maneuvers, one after the next, then drives straight through an office building as it crumples and emerges unscathed. This sets the tone for the film. We learn not to worry too much for the characters’ safety. We know that if they get on a plane, it will always manage to take flight just as the runway collapses. The unlikely occurrences continue so relentlessly that we are numb to later scientific offenses, among them a tsunami that overturns a ship in the open ocean despite the fact that real tsunamis are tiny before reaching shore, and tropical animals that miraculously avoid freezing to death as they are flown through snow-covered mountains while suspended from helicopters.”

This movie was just so ridiculous I was completely distracted for the entire thing. The part where the mountains mysteriously MOVE to EXACTLY where they need them before crash landing was one of the most forehead-slappingly stupid things I’ve ever seen in a movie. This actually works much better as a comedy.


Speed 2: Cruise Control


Jan de Bont strikes again with this horrifying movie. They decided to take the same premise from the first movie, and apply it to the SLOWEST form of transportation imaginable. This was like a really long SNL skit, or like that scene in Austin Powers when the stream roller is slowly approaching the screaming guy. I loved the 10 minute crash scene into the cardboard village at the end. Speed 2: Cruise Control was nominated for 8 Razzies, but, astonishingly, only won a single one, for Worst Sequel. But to be fair, that particular year saw perhaps the worst stock of blockbusters in history; it was up against The Postman, Anaconda and the #1 WORST BLOCKBUSTER OF ALL TIME, I give you…


Batman and Robin

Nominated for an earth-shattering 11 Razzies, this movie sucks so much that it will actually give you a headache if you attempt to watch it all in one sitting. It has been voted the worst movie of all time by Empire Magazine, and deservedly so. It actually received 3 times as many votes as the #2 selection (Battlefield Earth). There is really nothing I can say to do it justice, so, instead, watch the 3 minute clip above, it’s hilarious.

This list is courtesy of Chris Rau.

  • Otter

    I could not agree with this list anymore than if I wrote it myself. And Batman and Robin was the absolute WORST.

    • fendabenda

      The trailer is cool, though. :)

      • Otter

        That I will agree with, but they should have stopped there. :)

      • HJRO

        Ice Cool some might say

    • Lifeschool

      And I couldn’t agree more with you myself. Although I kinda liked ‘Twister’.

    • Gumbi

      Battlefield earth is the worst movie ever. at least batman and robin was funny/bad. There is not one single positive i can say for battlefield earth

  • Pablo

    I loved 2012

    • so did i, it was awsum . . . mostly cause they mentioned The Cape of Good Hope . . . I was like “Hey, maybe us south africans will be safe when all this crap goes down”.

      • Patricia

        Not sure how they got from the Cape to KwaZulu Natal, though. Or is that just me? Did they go to the Drakensberg via the Cape?

        • Jessica

          That’s exactly what I was thinking. How lame…

    • Me too. It was one of the most exciting movies I have seen in a long time.

  • Watched most these as an ordinary ignorant human being and loved them . . . I feel like such a tool

    • Drunkmidgetman

      Lol me to armagedon , wild wild west and bat man are so sweet !!

    • Armadillo

      If it can make you feel better, I still enjoy watching The Day After Tomorrow. Please don’t banish me from the website :(

      Most of those movies are bad in a good way, I’d say :D

      • Drunkmidgetman

        There like a tooth ache, u know it’s bad and it hurts when you flick it with your tounge but there’s something satisfying about doing it

  • Galfordsg

    I quite like some of these movies though. Ah well, the writer does have his points.

  • Straight , thats how you write a list! 10/10 . Cracked me up (pun NOT intended) . Strong start, drawing the reader in to a informative yet riveting middle and ending with the closest any thing to ever come close to killing the Batman(even at 10 years old i knew it was shit) . Again awesome list it made me warm in my pants (awkward silence)… This should be a Friday theme .

    • Red

      You said pun not intended. What about that sentence was close to being a pun?

      • Jasmine

        He’s confused. Probably thought he’s reading a article. Or drunk.

        • the article is written very close in style to an article you might see in cracked . Which is in stark contrast to the usual straight forward informative style of listverse .

  • Carlos

    I’m glad you share my views on 2012… ‘oh the world is ending? Well let’s go on an Indiana Jones style adventure for an hour or so!’

    • g

      don’t insult indy like that.

      • HJRO

        yeah lucas and spielberg already did that with indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull

        • g

          Enter your comment here.

        • g


    • Naldo

      Actually that,s the fun of it is totally outrageous and funny for me it was intended to be an exaggeration and ridiculous. As the claim that world will end in 2012. I really like it for that.

  • ErraJohnson

    Thank goodness someone else FINALLY agrees with me that 2012 was ridiculous… If you’re gonna end the world in a movie, end it right! ….and actually end it.

    • Armadillo

      That’s so true. I hate that there’s always a way to make it. Movies like that make us think we would actually have a chance to survive when (if) the end of the world comes. Well, we won’t. End of story.

      • Lifeschool

        @Armadillo – It could be worse, there are a few movies which have sad endings and show you what it is really like. My faviourite movie of all time is ‘Threads’ but I wouldn’t recommend it; it’s rather on the bleak side [insert: very]. :)

        • jcs299

          Threads is one of those never-can-sleep-again films. I’ve seen it once, about 5 years ago and still can’t get over. Makes me realize the world/life is not a bleak as it could be. Agree that I would love to share it, but it’s just not a feeling that you want others to have to experience.

          I say watch it if you’re strong, emotionally strong that is, but not if you’re alone.

      • Canadianguy

        We’ll all be long dead when the world does end.

    • Sylar

      If you hate 2012, then Dara O’Briain’s latest stand-up DVD is a great watch. He goes on a very long rant about just how bad the film actually is!

  • oh,btw, Armageddon and Pearl Harbor made me cry :(

    • Matt C

      1998: “I spent twelve bucks and 2 1/2 hours on this!”

      2001: “I DID IT AGAIN!”
      *sob sob*

    • linda10989

      Me too! I cried when Harry was saying goodbye to his daughter and in Pearl Harbor well as seeing the fingers of the sailors reaching up for help through the grate as they were drowning…very sad moments :(

      • When Danny died in Pearl Harbor, i fell apart, more so cause Rafe told him he was gonna be a daddy :(

    • juBuMi

      i like Armageddon too, and it has a good sound track too

      • Yes it did, well, i only know one song but its still freaking awsum

        • wait, what did i just say, sorry, that made no sense, damn kiwis got my mind in a tiss . . . i meant to say, that i only recall one song from the movie soundtrack but i still love it

      • linda10989

        Hans Zimmer and Trevor Rabin really know how to score a movie–I still get goosebumps just listening to their music; never mind what was happening on the screen at the time. The music for Pearl Harbor was good too!

      • linda10989

        I find that Armageddon is good for those days when you want to waste 2.5 hours in the middle of a Weather-Is-Too-Crappy-To-Go-Outside day and you want to leave your brain at the door, or as Rockhound said: “But that’s just me.” :)

  • faffs

    favourite list in a while, thanks!

  • LeRajah

    I really enjoyed watching Waterworld until the pirates came into the picture, after that I would agree it quickly became quite awful, but then I thought it picked back up at the very end when they find land.

  • andste

    Some of the points in this list are plain stupid, you don’t watch big Hollywood blockbuster action movies and expect them to be realistic, you watch them to be entertained.

    • g

      1) there is literally nothing in the list that talks about a movie being bad due to its “lack of realism”

      2) It IS possible to have a blockbuster with a decent story. not only possible, it should be required.

      • andste

        Did you actually read the list or did you dive straight into bashing the comments ?

        1) One example but there are quite a few more: First sentence of first entry!

        2) I didn’t mention stories at all, a decent story could be both realistic and unrealistic it doesn’t matter at all in my book, I primarily watch movies to be entertained. If a decent story entertains me then that’s fine, but its also equally fine with an unrealistic story.

        Films like ‘The day after tomorrow’ or ‘2012’ is not made to be realistic at all, its science-fiction we are talking about here and not science fact, they are made to entertain people.

        If you go into the theater expecting realistic scenes, excellent acting and so on with movies that that you will be very disappointed, what you should expect is great action and great special effects and how realistic it is shouldn’t be a factor at all. Pretty much as people don’t watch pornographic movies and expect great dialogue in them.

        • g

          Yeah, I read the entries, and you seem to have reading comprehension issues. The first sentence doesn’t speak to a lack of “realism” but rather how utterly silly the idea of being chased down a hallway by “cold” is.

          And again, nothing is mentioned about “realism”. Day after Tomorrow and 2012 are utterly inane not for their lack of realism, but for their basic lack of plausibility.

          • plaingray

            “how utterly silly the idea of being chased down a hallway by ‘cold’ is”

            Are you kid me? I think it is you who are being silly. You remind me of silly people that keep saying that literary works has superior quality than popular fiction. The fact that the so called literary works gain its status is because “the super structure”, people or institution who have power to influence, fortunately love it.

            So I think let’s be honest. If you don’t like science fiction or action movies, please don’t try to rate one as worst, best, or bla, bla, bla. It is just plain wrong to rate an action or science fiction movie based on other genre criteria

        • Antonio

          100% agreed

          • Antonio

            science ficion movies dont need to be realistic

      • Ryan

        Yeah I don’t really know where your coming from, he definitely brought up lack of realism way too much

    • boone_olmy

      there is a limit to how many highly improbable things happening before the movie becomes rediculous. The first half of The Island was good, until the rediculous chase scenes. and has anyone ever seen The Sackets. I loved it when i was young, but when you notice that these guys seem to find a gunfight every five minutes with completely different, extremely unreasonable people and even their best friend in the end it gets a little annoying.

    • bratwurst

      I somewhat agree with andste, but mostly I just found the opening description really pretentious and stupid. To each his own, man. I agree with about half the entries tho, but I can’t believe there’s no Transformers here.

  • Mike

    Are all these movies really worse than Transformers 2?

    • megan fox dude, ….megan fox

      • Metalwrath

        Megan Fox is the only thing that made the first 2 transformers interesting. Not her acting, but he sweet candy looks! Transformers 3 without her has nothing to sell for me.

  • stopper333

    so i guess i should be ashamed of thinking 6 out of these 10 were pretty good. i admit yes they are very unrealistic in comparison to reality but excuse me so are most movies. i personally think this is a common trait most if not ALL movies share.. unrealism. for gods sake this list was like seeing a movie with my sister where a monster is shown and she scream “it looks all fake” to which id respond “oh im sorry i wasnt aware youd seen the real thing, why dont u tell me, how does it look huh? HUH?!” lol. ive never heard of the razzies. they sound cruel but funny haha btw battlefield earth really did suck. i hate batman so it comes as no surprise.

  • Christine

    got to love that description of armagendon, had to try and not laugh out lud in the office :-)

  • Haha very nice. Good selection, and definitely a few unexpected ones. Twister, specifically. My mom loves that movie, but I guess that’s just a really poor criterion on which to judge a movie’s merits.

  • Alison

    I know it’s not a good movie but oy, people need to stop being so butthurt over “Batman and Robin” already. Knew it would be #1 as soon as I saw this list, so cliche and predictable.

    • g

      …like the movie.

      • joe mama

        Ohhhh snap!

    • Tryclyde

      You know why it’s predictable? Because it IS the worst blockbuster in recent history. I don’t get your point.

  • Meh

    This list is inadequate and highly opinionated. Though I would have to agree with you on most (in fact, almost all) accounts, this list lacks a lot. For one thing, you could have included a short summary or overview of the movie before saying why it deserves to be one of the worst blockbusters ever. All you did was post the Razzis it earned or copy well-written bad reviews about it and you considered that enough evidence for the movie to be considered bad. Also, the writing style is just off. Your writing style made this list like something out of a nerd’s forum rather than a good list from Listverse. I understand your attempt at comedy but ultimately it just fails. Maybe you could take a leaf out of the humor bloggers from

    In conclusion, good movie choices for the list. But the list itself is just bad.

    • The Razzies are a pretty respected anti-award show in the film industry. If there’s any source to cite for a list like this, it’s definitely those awards.

    • Tryclyde

      I couldn’t disagree more. Everyone knows the basic plots of these movies and the entries were humorous and light-hearted.

  • annoyingAndroid

    I LOVED Twister as a kid. I watched it like a million times. I guess it was cause I was so fascinated with twisters, and America in general. I’ll probably still watch it for nostalgic reasons.

    • Ryan

      I actually hated twister as a kid, I thought it was boring lol. But, I saw it again recently and its really not that bad

    • AmberKB

      Oh I loved it too!

  • Will Trame

    It is incredible the amount of garbage Hollywood puts out. The majority of the flicks on this list were absolute torture to watch. I’ll admit I saw all of them (save for “2012”). An interesting note on the “Wild Wild West” was that series star Robert Conrad was considered for the role of President Grant. He reputedly saw the script and wasn’t impressed, to put it mildly. Wonder how the producers convinced a notable Shakespearean actor such as Kenneth Branagh to take the role of Dr. Loveless?

    “Batman and Robin” fittingly takes the number one slot. I went ot see it on its opening weekend; I definitely should have saved my money.

    Question of the day: Will the Green Hornet movie show up on a future list? Van Williams…who played the Hornet on the ’60s TV program…wasn’t impressed with the flick.

  • g

    Outstanding list, didn’t disagree with a single one of your choices…thank you for including Pearl Harbor.

    I do think, however, that honorable mention should go to Titanic and Avatar, both of which are utterly inane piles of dog vomit that managed to be two of the biggest blockbusters ever. Hated them both.

    • Chipper

      I totally agree with you. They pretty much copied the storyline from pocahontas for avatar and just made it futuristic… Complete waste of time….

      • Ryan

        Don’t really see what the storyline being similar to Pocahontas(I stole your spelling btw, I have no clue how to spell it) has to do with anything. Shit, if a movie stole that story line, it would be Dances with Wolves, yet nobody really bashes them for it.

        • g

          They aren’t “similar” so much as one is almost a plagiarized version of the other.

    • Dopamine Addicted

      about pearl harbor
      “i thought that movie made money”

    • steeveedee

      I agree with you 100%, especially on the biggest blockbuster of all time, Avatar. While I truly disliked the script for Titanic, I was completely impressed with the ship and it’s ultimate demise. However, Avatar was the most overrated pile of crap I’ve seen in years. The story was completely predictable, the “bad guys” were complete cartoon stereotypes, the “good guys” looked like cartoons. Visually impressive for the first few minutes, but ultimately forgettable, silly, overblown crap.

  • cheesy

    aw, i love nearly all of these, esp waterworld, am i the only one who loves that? They were all so cheesy, but it was good cheese :P

    • Ms-binks

      I love them too and I’m not even sorry! I could watch armageddon, independance day 2012 and deep blue sea a million times and not get sick of them. They’re pure leave your brain at the door entertainment! Any movie snobs expect anything different from these films and the joke is on them!

    • Quote-Me

      I think Waterworld is hilariously great. I was excited to find it on Netflix and have watched it at least 3 times since! I’m literally the only one in my circle of friends that like it, so I’m glad to find another person out there somewhere! Sometimes you can watch and enjoy movie for pure entertainment value!

  • Hans

    Armageddon? No way!

  • Tarheel

    The Day After Tomorrow wasn’t that bad, was it?

    • Dillen

      I really enjoyed it. I think this fails to take into account a lot of factors which were at play in the movie by summarizing it as ‘cold chasing him’. I found it fun.

  • Lucas

    Say what you will, but Wild Wild West was enjoyable in a sort of bizarre, “should hate it but just can’t” way. Batman and Robin was unforgivable though.

    • Ryan

      Haha, that’s exactly what I thought. Or it could just be nostalgia because I saw it when I was younger and I didn’t know any better then

  • chrom3d

    This list s uc ks………….

  • ChristineM

    What about Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the nuke the fridge crystal skull?

    • linda10989

      I totally agree!! The moment I saw the UFO, I said (out loud in the crowded theater) “Are you fu**king kidding me???”

      • g

        it was the monkey swinging scene that made the movie crash and burn for me…and this was after I decided to accept the nuked fridge. But then, this is also a movie in which Lucas lobbied very hard for the title: Indiana Jones and the Saucer Men.

  • Jakes

    Been a listverser for about a year now and I must say, this was the funniest list I’ve seen :-D Well done!!

  • hyeronimvs

    Haha! Funny list! :D I love how Armageddon and 2012 was explained.

  • Xcal

    Good topic but I really dislike the way the author writes

  • Seth

    How about use to calculate inflation next time. $200 million in the mid 1990’s is about $300 million today. I have no idea how you got $45 billion.

    • Jakes

      Relax dude.
      He was just “inflating” to keep with the tone of the list.

    • fudrick

      You’re a moron if you took that seriously.

    • g

      you need to study the concept of humor.

    • Mendel

      Oops. Someone has a dormant humor gene.

    • Tryclyde

      Congratulations! You have the most clueless post of the week!

    • Nightmare

      That took honors in the tool awards

  • br0ck

    waterwold is bad ?gtfo then

  • Szceli

    Most films posted were based on Razzie’s, and much of the criticisms were not written by the composer. A list of everyone elses work that has been poorly put together. It’s poor construction meant that I couldn’t read the list in its entirety. I can’t wait for JFrater’s next post…

  • randomizer

    No Twilight. Not even a honorable mention. Sigh. :(

  • mdos

    Christinem you beat me to it. Indy 4 was definitely top five material.

  • chinise

    idiotic list

  • joshua lee jordan

    sooooooo every disaster movie ever made is a disaster? yes. not trying to be anti-teen movie here, but i really tried to sit through the first twilight. i am not exaggerating when i say i was unsettled by how horrible it is. i caught it a little in when the the horrible actor is in the lunch line with the horrible actress. my body LITERALLY didn’t stop squirming until i changed the channel. i did say literally, and i literally meant literally. when mentioning blockbuster atrocities, twilight shouldn’t be an afterthought.

    • Metalwrath

      The film Sunshine is a sort of disaster movie, and I liked it. Also some more or less zombie movies like 28 Days Later are good (same director btw…).

  • soo many list snobs .

  • Shawn

    # 10 and 9 dont deserve to be in this list

  • Marla

    No Starship Troopers or Avatar? Good selection, though.

    • Jfrater

      Starship troopers was not good. Nice addition – thanks! :)

      • Auburn Tiger

        Scifi movies are typically just bad by nature. You have to prepare yourself for it and then it’s enjoyable. Ask anyone who watches a lot of scifi. Half the time, the worse the movie, the more fun it is to watch.

        • ArjayM

          I agree.

        • Auburn Tiger

          I mean I’m not advocating that scifi movies are good in the traditional sense (obviously a few are), but they are good in their own campy, not so serious way. Also, if you thought Starship Troopers was bad, you should see the two straight to DVD releases. They’re absolute abominations.

          • Metalwrath

            Starship Troopers was fun. Sure its painfully cheesy, but many times it was the intention. I liked it and still do. Oh, and I had read the book before, but it was so far away from it that I wasn’t disappointed.

    • Lifeschool

      I liked Starship Troopers – there was just something extra about it. Good guys died for a start, and the CGI was very well done. Imagine if they’d used models or animatronics to do the aliens… it would’ve been totally r***ish!!

    • cambered

      Starship Troopers is at least enjoyable enough… far better than all of the movies on the list, imho. The same can not be said of the two sequels. They were egregious.

  • Jfrater

    Wow – Fantastic comments thus far! I agreed with every item (which is why I published it) and am glad to see so many others do too :)

  • Jessica

    Fantastic list. Spot on. Well done :)

  • Doug

    Sorry, but I don’t watch movies for their artistic value, or their realism. I watch to be entertained for a couple hours. And nearly all these movies accomplished that.

  • stefan

    Love the humor ! Amazing listttt!

  • Rob

    I LOVE Twister :(

    • Valecynos

      Me too! I was surprised to see it listed. I get some of the others, though. I have to say, though, that there are several that I liked (Armageddon and Pearl Harbor, for example), even though they were by no means high on the artistic level. ;) Sometimes, you just want some silly, action-packed fun. I more or less enjoyed 2012, but it totally should have ended faster. I kept having to fight the urge to fast forward towards the end.

      Three that I TOTALLY agree with: Speed 2, Wild Wild West, and Battlefield Earth. UGGG! (And that’s a real shame since I like Sandra Bullock, Will Smith, and John Travolta normally.)

      I also loved the humor in this list! Great job!

  • Rob

    First comment I’ve ever made, by the way!

  • Auburn Tiger

    This reminds me of the Futurama episode where Bender auditions for a part and Calculon says “That was so bad, I think it gave me cancer!”

  • amrendra

    Fantastic list. hope that you write more lists like this. Really funny too. 2012 was really a horrible movie. the stereotyping of people in the movie was so lame.

  • Jun

    Now I couldn’t agree more with this! Although I must admit that I felt a tear crawling down my cheek when I watched Armegeddon.

  • Bassbait

    These movies are all good! I don’t know what you’re talking about. If you can’t enjoy these movies, there’s something wrong with you.

  • oouchan

    I liked Batman and Robin for some reason. I also liked Wild Wild West and Twister. Have both of those movies and I don’t feel bad about myself for owning them. To each his/her own.
    The rest of the list I agree with. I thought for sure Titanic would be here. Awful movie.

    Ok list.

    • deeeziner

      I was going to add the Titanic suggestion, thanx for saving me some keyboarding.

    • Maggot

      Heh, like you with B&R, I actually like Titanic and don’t feel bad about owning it. I know it get roundly trashed on LV and elsewhere, more so as time goes on it seems, but I’ve never understood why. I actually thought the comments section here would be all over it yet again. Yeah, it’s not Citizen Kane or Casablanca or something, or even worthy of all of its Oscars, but really I guess it’s mainly the sappy (and of course fictitious) love story aspect of it that serious film buffs dislike? Or the contrived heartstring tugging? I dunno; I don’t consider myself a “serious film buff” btw, and personally, I can take or leave those elements of the movie, but I just dig the whole portrayal of the sinking, how the panic gradually builds among the passengers from barely a bother to the point of chaos, and then the empty feeling from the lifeboats when it finally goes under and all you hear is the distant, desperate cries for help. From a historical perspective, I’ve always been interested in reading about the ship and the disaster (even before that film came out), and for me at least, those details of the film seemed pretty realistic emotionally to where I could really imagine what it must have been like being on board (and probably going down with it).

      • oouchan

        Actually the reason I don’t like it is because the ship sinking was a tragedy. Could they come up with a happier story to make it worth while? No…they make it crappy with crappy actors. When he died….I laughed and said “About time something good happened!” Then I found out it wasn’t the end of the movie yet. Jeez!
        Can’t say enough of how bad that movie was. I just will never be a fan. :)

  • QueenWeiner

    Awesome list as always.

    And am I the ONLY one who liked the Batman and Robin movie? I mean it wasn’t good but it wasn’t bad either, well to me anyways. Surprised not to see Halle Berry’s Catwomen movie on here.

  • DiscHuker

    I would have to add Transporter 2. While the first one was mildly entertaining the sequel was only entertaining in that I was laughing at how bad it was. I generally go into those sorts of movies ready to suspend disbelief and just have a fun ride. But this gem was so completely over the top that my disbelief was brought back kicking and screaming.

    But this movie did give me some valuable action movie skills that I hadn’t seen before…

    1) What do you do if you suspect a remote control bomb is attached to the under carriage of your car? Look for a sufficiently shaped and placed ramp that is in proper proximity to a crane with an accessible hook so that you can lauch your car, while doing a barrel roll, so that the hook from the crane grabs the bomb as your car flies by, upside down, and then continues it’s roll so that your car lands back on all fours.
    2) What do you do if you are attacking a office and a police helicopter shows up? Just shoot it with your pistol. That will cause the heli to explode.
    3) What do you do if you are in a private jet that is hurtlling to the ocean and will be crashing into the water in just a moment because the pilot has been killed? (Oh, and you are also in a fist-fight in the aisle with the bad buy) You just dive in the opposite direction right as the plane hits the water. Your legs will give you enough boost to counteract the gravitational force of a private jet falling at terminal velocity and striking the surface of the ocean.

    Thanks Transporter 2! I don’t know what I would have done without you.

  • T

    I have not seen Speed 2, but it indirectly gave me a good moment with my Mom. My Mom was not and is not pop culture savvy at all. So she was back from a vacation and said to me, “I saw the funniest movie on the plane!” I said, “What was it?” She said, “Speed 2.” She then recounted the hilarity of the ship about to hit a town, or something, I don’t know… She thought that was hilarious! I told my Mom, “You know what wasn’t meant to be a comedy, right?” And she said, disbelievingly, “Oh, come on.” She thought I was lying to her! I’m not sure she believes it wasn’t a comedy. Oh, Mom. Thanks Jan de Bont, for giving me a great moment with my Mom!

    • Valecynos

      That was hilarious! LOL!

  • Elemarth

    LOL. Now I see why Armageddon is said to be so much worse than Deep Impact, which has practically the same plot with real astronauts. Deep Impact may not have been realistic, but it’s better than this, and at least it was enjoyable to watch.
    I guess I have to take The Day after Tomorrow off the list of movies I want to watch. And WTF is going on in Wild Wild West?

  • Mystery

    Hahaha…i like that “What did we learn from twister?” :D
    Did not like 2012 in any way! And Armageddon…everyone thought it was romantic when Ben Affleck sang to Liv Tyler…that dude cant sing!!

  • BRIK

    You forgot Avatar.

  • luvprue1

    I must admit, I saw all of those movies. Out of all of them I like two. “Armageddon”, because of Ben Affleck, (who was hot.) and Bruce Willis. I’m a huge Bruce Willis fan,and I will watch him in anything. Yes, I did watch him in “Cop Out” . Worse movie ever, but Bruce is still good, even if he phone it in. The other movie I like was 2012, although it was pretty predictable. I knew that they were going to be saved, and that John Cusack was going to get back together with his wife. I was tricked into seeing “Battlefield Earth” and Waterworld ” by a guy I was dating at the time. He claim that the movie was great, and that I should go to the show with him to see it, since he already saw it, and thought it was great. I should have broke up with him in 1995.

  • Forrest Greene

    But “Twister”?!? That tank-top t-shirt!

  • deeeziner

    At the time a few of these entries came out at the theater they WERE great blockbusters. With some time and a little more sophistication/cynicism regarding audiences these greats have aged to some tangy cheese.

    The kind of cheese that I still like to taste once in a while. *hides face*

  • ???

    How much advertising can you cram onto this site? Now even each individual picture on the list has a popup?

  • Mikhail

    This all reads an awful lot like a rejected article…

  • mn

    #1 Avatar. Hands down,

  • FranksandBeans

    at first i thought Chris Rau was a little douchey and up on a high horse when i read the opening warning statement, but i completely agree with everything he typed or copy-quoted. they were all terrible movies. the armageddon review was pretty awesome. ive noticed right when u start to notice the ridiculousness they try to insert a “fuck yea !!” moment to sidetrack tour train of thought. then another when it gets silly again 20 mins later.

  • ArjayM

    Should the Last Air Bender movie included here?

    • Alucard

      Yes along with every film night did since The Sixth Sense. The Happening holds a record of being one of the stupidiest film every made.

      • Mrs. Antichrist

        Signs was okay, other than the last 20 minutes or so.

  • LissaLou

    Is it bad that I really.. like 6 of these movies!?

  • Geowyn

    Well I don’t care what anyone says, Armageddon is one of my favourite films. I agree with all the others though.

  • Alucard

    Worst film in history: Gummo. I agree with the above list but 2012 is worth watching for the special effect and having the most amount of disasters in one film.

    • Woyzeck

      Gummo is an incredible film. Was it the lack of narrative structure that turned you off?

  • gr8gtsby

    Each one of those movies is absolute dreck, and I have shamelessly enjoyed watching at least half of them. Battlefield Earth is the only one of the bunch I couldn’t make it through. I’ll still watch Pearl Harbor if it’s close enough to the actual battle scene. And time, alone with two outstanding movies, has healed my hatred of Batman and Robin.

  • FlameHorse

    I agree with the choices, but not the placement. Battlefield Earth is #1 without competition. I could rank the rest, but anyway good list, except for the large quote in #3. You’re supposed to write these mostly yourself.

  • jakeryder

    Oh you are so right on all of these and sadly there could be so many more. Rarely do I agree with a movie list this much.

  • Me

    Who, in the name of all that is holy, ever said that Battlefield Earth was based on a CLASSIC book?! It was based on a nearly unreadable piece of crap by L. Ron Hubbard harkening back to his days as a pulp SF writer. The movie, on the other hand, was wonderfully bad. I loved it. I liked where the savage human is learning to fly a jet in a few hours with the off-hand comment, “It’s like riding a horse.”

    • Diablo

      Agreed. L Ron Hubbard was as respected for his science fiction writing as he was for his military career. Most of his books sales are dubious as they are artificially inflated by his followers and same is true for the “awards” they have won as they were created just to give him false accolades.

      I do have to admit though…I love to watch Battlefield Earth as it answers the question…”What would Ed Wood do with a $50 million budget?”

  • erik

    whoever posted this was kind of a dick…

    Anyways i can’t believe how bad the batman series got

  • Slojack

    Seriously, this website is becoming one giant advertisement. If you accidently hit your mouse button an ad pops up and now half of every pic is taken up with an ad for some crap nobody needs or cares about. Knock it off.

    • Woyzeck

      Some web browsers offer downloadable adblock programs. I use firefox and I’ve never seen an advert on Listverse for that reason.

  • mom424

    Pretty damn fine entry this morning. Funny as hell and good picks too! Not that I didn’t enjoy the odd one; it doesn’t necessarily have to be good entertainment for me to like it. I have an almost super-human ability to suspend disbelief – on almost all occasions – 2012 being a giant exception to that rule. I actually had to walk away from it, before that I only thought the monker too stupid to apply to movies like Dumber and Dumberer or Souper Troopers. Btw – The Day After Tomorrow provoked the same response – weren’t they the same movie anyway?

    I must be one of the only people on the planet who didn’t hate Wild Wild West. Must be my sadistic streak; I enjoyed watching Kevin Kline squirm and Will Smith didn’t hit any jarring notes (one of his best things is NOT being offensive). And I cried at the end of Armageddon – on more than one occasion – again, those super-human powers of mine. Besides it was funny and touching; the hand on the video screen thing. Sooo predictable, I know, but it’s predictable because it works.

  • Ffiffisop

    What, none of the Twilight films? The most talentless, boring actors devoid of any emotion thrown together into a film with a deplorable plot? Not exactly my cup of tea…

    • Samantha

      Agree completely. Not all of us have the sensibilities of a 13-year-old girl. Those books are classified “young adult”, so I am surprised they’ve been such a hit. But then, fairy tales have been around forever (although most folks haven’t read the REAL Grimm’s fairy tales, which are pretty dark and monstrous).

      • Name

        I’ve read every original Grimm fairy tale.

        Those are messed up. For some reason Rumpelstiltskin always creeped me out the most…

      • Valecynos

        AMEN Sister! I work at a book store and I am so sick of the Twilight crap. (BTW, Stephanie Myers is putting out yet another book to milk the Twilight money cow. Not a new novel, mind you. Oh no. It is an illustrated guide. *rolls eyes*

    • Mrs. Antichrist

      Twilight summed up in a single word: Dull.

  • jaguiar45

    War Of The Worlds with Tom Cruise was pretty bad too.

  • joe


  • Skye

    I think Judge Dread needs an honorable mention! Admittedly I never watched the whole movie; we walked out of the theatre after the first 25 minutes!

    • Skye

      oh, duhh…recent history. Apparently I can’t read lol.

  • I

    Twister should be ranked higher as it introduced us to the most badass archenemy any respectable Movie-Hero-Scientist can have:


  • XaxMan

    The rumor about Batman and Robin is that George Clooney blamed himself and said that if anyone came to him and said they paid money to see it, he would personally give them a refund. This either proves that Clooney is a hell of a guy or that he feels incredibly guilty. Or both.

  • Lindsey

    so basically you hate action movies?

    • chrisrrau

      Lol. No. I hate shitty movies though. I did a ten best action movies list on my blog if you are interested in my opinion. Just click on my name.

  • Samantha

    Just because we’re all human beings, I’m sure everyone has a different Top Ten, but you sure picked out a lot of stinkers, that’s for sure.

    Probably lots of folks will argue with me here, but unless you’re an “Avatar” devotee, you think it’s amazingly dumb. I saw it last night for the first time. I didn’t like it. Don’t argue with me about Oscars and box office results; they won’t make it a better movie for me.

    So you’re either into it completely and think it’s one of the greatest films ever made or you think it’s pretty damned stupid. There is no “right” answer.

    • Mooncroww

      I agree. I get caught up in the experience of going to the movies. It was always a treat as a kid, it didn’t matter what the movie was or how awful it was, I loved it because I saw it at the theater. With the exception of A.I. I HATED that movie. If we hadn’t paid to see it, I would have left. It was awful.

  • Nick

    I don’t understand all the hate for Waterworld. I thought that was a pretty good movie. Every other movie on this list, though, I absolutely agree with.

  • michael

    i loved batman and robin

  • Name

    So, I agree with you that all of these movies are pretty darn terrible, but does it make me a bad person if I like almost all of them anyway?

    Is there a support group for people like me?

    Hello, my name is Tracy, and I like EVERY super hero movie ever made…

    • Mooncroww

      OMG! Me too. I’m so uncool and geek like. Darn my comic book upbringing!

      • Name

        right? honest to god, the first “wish upon a star” i made as a kid was to be an x-men….

        still waiting for my powers to manifest

  • Take out Twister and Waterworld. Replace with Emmerich’s Godzilla and Emmerich’s Independence Day.

  • Kat

    Oh man, spot on list. Brilliant! Let me tell you, when I was like….9 I must have watched Wild Wild West on TNT or USA or whatever it was, like 10 times and even THEN I knew it was bad. XD We all have those movies that we just can’t help but watch when they’re on no matter how bad they are or how many times we’ve seen them. XD (Case in point: National Treasure).

  • James___uk

    But Batman and Robin is the greatest movie of all time! XD

  • daxel28

    1. The summary for Armageddon was hilarious.

    2. Armageddon, Twister, BattleField Earth and Wild Wild West weren’t so bad, but that’s just me.

    3. I agree with the rest of the list, especially with Pear Harbor, what a piece of garbage.

    4. Ben Affleck appears on 2 movies of the list.

  • can’t argue there :))) you got material to make a list of 100?

  • Mooncroww

    Waterworld, Twister, and Armageddon are guilty pleasures of mine. I enjoy them despite their flaws. The others I could do with out.

  • Brad

    “Twister” is a terrific movie. If you want Oscar-caliber acting, watch “Sophie’s Choice.” If you want a very hot Helen Hunt and a very busty Jamie Gertz running away from great-looking CGI tornados, watch and enjoy “Twister.”

    “Waterworld” gets a bad rap, but it’s the closest we’ll ever get to a good live-action “Aquaman” movie. The director’s cut is even better and I think it holds up well.

  • therush

    Pretty much agree but 2012 should be number one. That was literally the worst movie I’ve ever seen.

  • laertes

    Anything Michael Bay has ever made, or will ever make, should be duly classified as trash. And speaking of trash, I’m surprised Crash didn’t make the list.

  • Cammykinnis

    Forget about that! Dumb list. Keep all those subjective views to yourself

  • Mel

    I’m getting a very hipster vibe with this list.

    Dude, you’re so non conformist.

  • I’ve got to say well done here, pretty much a list of bad big budget films…and much like you I seem to go see them all despite the fact, they’re most likely terrible. As for Independance day, great film!


  • Name

    I liked twister the sets were cool and check out the ride at universal Orlando it was fun and you WILL get wet

  • OmegaMan

    I don’t disagree with this list but here are some of my own views. Well, bear with me for a long comment on this one please.

    10) The Day After Tomorrow – Actually I liked that movie until …. There were wolves on a ship! A ship!

    9) Armageddon – Liked it too. Come on, everybody who went to see it knew already in their heart that Bruce Willis will save the world by showing some hilarious bravado. But I hate Ben Affleck and his stupid animal crackers. And too longgggg.

    8) Waterworld – Hate me if you want for this, but I admit I love Waterworld. Why? Because it takes place in a dystopian future. I an always fascinated by books and movies based on dystopian future. Am I a pessimist? I don’t think so. Not in my everyday life at least. But I love them.

    7) Battlefield Earth – Just one suggestion. Watch it just to ridicule the movie. I laughed at it the whole time. No one can make a movie as bad as this.

    6) Pearl Harbor – The animal cracker man again! O man I hate this movie. Michael Bay created the cheesiest love triangle ever possible and made us feel that bombing of Pearl Harbor was less important than boning Kate Beckinsale in the movie!! Mockery of a tragedy.

    5) Wild Wild West – I haven’t seen the original, but I actually sympathized with Loveless because he didn’t have legs. Now you have to agree that one can’t like a movie when you actually feel sorry for a character when the writer intended it to be absolutely other way round.

    4) Twister – In my country we are not that familiar with twisters, so I was very confused while I watched this movie. I thought if the lamest guy from Aliens can handle them this easily, why the US makes so much fuss about the damn things. I think Jan de Bont confused them with farting. So it does make sense that Bill Paxton could predict that when he is going to fart (before a few seconds).

    3) 2012 – I switched off from this movie after the car speeding sequence mentioned in the list. The only thing that amused me for some time was John Cusack’s expressions when the devastation was happening all around him. He had this funny look on his face all the time as if he enjoyed the fact that Roland Emmerich was going totally nuts by destroying the earth. NY, US, The damn planet. What next Roland? Jupiter? That’s big enough to blow.

    2) Speed 2: Cruise Control – Didn’t expect anything and got nothing. If I am not mistaken then the scene in which the ship hits the church bell in the end is in this movie, right? That was really comic. Dong!!! This is what happens when you run out of ideas.

    1) Batman & Robin – Bat nipples.

    I hated these more than some of the above – Terminator Salvation, Van Helsing, X-Men – The Last Stand, GI Joe – Something Cobra, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Next, Knowing… hell it won’t end.

  • KirbyTheAwesome

    Meh. A lot of these movies were good.

  • Ally

    The worst movie EVER is Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room”… and by the worst, I mean the best. It’s unintentionally funny and that makes it so much better than just an awkwardly horrible movie

    • moe

      the room is great

      but it was not a blockbuster

      and one main difference between “the room” and all these movies is that “the room” has been playing in theatres since 2003 and is STILL playing in theatres. I went and saw it in theatre last year in the summer. it travels around, and sometimes Wiseau is there.

      great movie – i wish wiseau all the best!

  • Let’s kick some ice…


    I still think Day After Tomorrow is way worse, simply because it’s pure propaganda…

  • Nate gilsom

    Personally i thought that The day after tomaro and Armaggeden were great movies

  • 5) Bill Paxton can predict where tornadoes are going to hit by picking up a hand-full of dirt and letting it fall through his fingers.


    Great list. Waterworld was so bad I wanted to drown myself after watching it.

  • forgetful

    you forgot avatard

  • TheGuyWhoIsn’tHere

    I’d say Waterworld is only marginally bad. Not terrible, just boring. And Twister could stand to be a bit lower, despite being terrible. And where the hell is The Last Airbender? Other than those, you are right on the money, my friend.

  • 1 and 2, batmand and robin and speed were bad but i liked some of the others. twister wasn’t bad and although it got terrible reviews, I really liked waterworld.

    this list is very flawed.

  • ME

    10,000 BC sucked so bad it blows! I actually wished to be in 10000 BC so I wouldn’t have to watch it!

  • Mrs. Antichrist

    10 & 9: The science was god-awful, but I actually found these two entertaining. Definitely not thought-provoking films by any means, and there were parts that broke my willing suspension of disbelief, but if you don’t take the films too seriously, they’re watchable. MST3K Mantra and all that.

    8 & 7: Yeah, these two were ridiculous. The basis for Waterworld had the potential to be entertaining, but it was just too ridiculous in its execution, and Battlefield Earth was just… ugh. It was by far one of the worst mainstream films I’ve seen.

    6: Pearl Harbor fell into that area of mediocrity where it wasn’t quite bad enough to be enjoyable in a “So bad, it’s good” kind of way, and wasn’t good enough to be watchable by its own merit. It was pure “meh”.

    5: It’s amazing how a steampunk film with giant mechanical spiders managed to be so boring. I think I fell asleep halfway through it.

    4: Same as 10 and 9. Bad science, silly moments, but it was entertaining.

    3: Such a paint-by-numbers disaster flick. The MST3K Mantra failed me in this film — I hated every second of it. The limo “chase” scene, the fact they they somehow outran a pyroclastic flow, and just… the whole thing, really, was horrible. Also, they made the vice president out to be this horrible guy, when he actually kind of had a point. The main character was such a smug jerkass that I wanted him to die. There was NOTHING redeeming about it to distract from the shitty science and shitty script.

    2: Never saw this one, and I don’t plan on seeing it.

    1: See, now THIS is an example of “So bad, it’s good”.

  • Gabby

    2012 was NOT a very good movie. It was cheesy and unrealistic but the graphics were pretty good …

  • RS

    “Worst Blockbusters”

    Gotta love the oxymoron haha

  • Marcello

    I could not sit through the 3 minute Batman video.

  • cynicalgenius

    Sadly, I’ve seen all of these movies.

    Excellent choice for number 1, Batman and Robin. At least Schwarzenegger went on to be governor of California to atone for his crime. Clooney went on to his philanthropic efforts to prevent the rest of his career from tanking.

  • Thanks for reading my list everyone. I’m glad a lot of you seemed to like it. Great feedback all around.

    • kirbluv

      No quibbles with the terrible-ness of your list, but.. unless “blockbuster” in this case is synonymous with “big-budget”, then some of these movies, dismal as they are, don’t belong here. “Battlefield Earth” and “Waterworld” were box-office flops, for example. In other words, I assumed the point of the list was to highlight movies whose financial success was inversely proportional to the quality of the movies.

      That stated, “Transformers” would be a perfect replacement for “Waterworld”. Oh, and thanks for pasting the “Armegeddon” review. Side-splittingly funny!

      • kirbluv

        I meant to say, the terrible-ness of the selections on your list.

    • OmegaMan

      You can absolutely follow-up this theme with more lists. Looking forward to it. :)

  • Charlotte

    Not that I am not a big fan of most of the lists posted on Listverse, but this list is immediately going in to my personal favorites tray. Not necessarily because of the subject, but the style of writing had me in stitches, which is quite a nice change from all the very formal informative lists usually posted.
    I’m not saying Listverse should turn into but it wouldn’t hurt to maybe loosen up the language a little bit on here.
    I never realised how much I missed that until I read this list. Hilarious!

    • Joe W.

      Agree with the list one-hundred percent. (Dis)Honorable mentions should have gone to the Pirates of the Caribbean flicks (any or all) and the Transformers movies (both reeked). Michael Bay is the biggest villain in cinema history.

    • chrisrrau

      Thank you. That’s very nice of you to say.

  • heyhey

    i liked armegedon or how ever you spell it and twister. i agree with the twilight comment. i LOVED the books. but the movies were doomed after Kristen Stewart was cast as Bella!

  • I’d have to point out that “Battlefield Earth” is an incredibly silly book to begin with. It makes Tolkien look like a physics textbook. At least the Lord of the Rings is self-consistent.

  • Cazz

    Where is Twilight?!

  • Nicolelodeon

    Shouldn’t you already know that it rarely rains near tornadoes? Its a common thing.

  • please just stop attacking Batman/Robin, i know its stupid but still…lol

    i thought pearl harbor wasnt THAT bad….hmm

  • Woyzeck

    This list is 200% accurate.

  • Andree

    I showed everyone I knew the trailer for 2012 on apple trailers. And when the movie came out-I was ashamed and embarrassed.

  • Alex

    You wanna know something funny? I love almost every movie on this list, and it’s ironic that Batman and Robin is at the #1 spot considering it’s one of my all time favorite movies :D

  • GT

    Any 20 minutes of any Twilight movie contains enough suckage to eclipse all of these movies, COMBINED.

    • Ben

      So true.

    • dsfsae

      I only seen the first Twilight and i have to say that it can make you become insane and mentally disturbed. Needs to be banned.

  • Adam

    twister shouldn’t be on the list. that wasn’t a bad movie…

    • fdsfse

      Lol just watched that robin and batman trailer… “Lets kick some ice.” You have gotta be shitting me. That annoyed me so much.

  • A review of “The Day After Tomorrow” by an actual paleoclimatologist:

  • BigMclovn

    Twister was a good movie, so wasn’t 2012 but I’m o.k. with you dissing on them But Wild Wild West? I fucking love that movie it’s one of my favorite movies of all time.

    • qwimper

      True story:

      I saw Wild Wild West in theater (I know). 20 minutes in a small dot appeared in the center of the screen. It grew slowly for 20 more minutes until it filled the screen. I looked over my shoulder and saw the projector booth ON FIRE!

      My Friend shouted “This movie sucks so bad, it took it’s own life.”

  • Joboo

    Just wanted to add my nomination for Avatar as #1 crap blockbuster of all time. It was pretty, I suppose, but the characters, dialogue and plot were like something written by an 8-year-old. I got a headache from rolling my eyes during it. What a simple-minded film. I’m sure there will be five crappy sequels that make a trillion dollars each.

  • Ellie

    I fucking love Batman and Robin :)

  • rizla

    The correct estimation for the movie number 8 Waterworld is not 45 bn$ but instead is 290 m$.

  • Freddie

    Thank you for making me feel ashamed for liking twister. Hilrious point about mentioning an f5 twister though. Armageddon is my on my wifes alltime greatest movies.
    All batman movies before C Bale suck big time, clooney, keaton, kilmer were all crap as batman.

  • Freddie

    I think there are more so called blockbusters that should be on here, lets see how many i can name:
    Superman (the last one)
    Spiderman 3
    Transformers – revenge of the fallen

  • borogirl

    True story.

    I was once on a 13 hour flight from Sydney to LA and the two inflight movies were Speed 2 and Batman and Robin.

  • I seldom read a list here and find myself nodding vicariously in agreement! It is because of these hideous crimes against humanity that I can no longer partake in cinema activities for fear of monetary wastage. Bravo sir! Such a well written list …Thank (who ever…as an athiest please insert diety of choice…) for the internet and movie2k where I can simply ALT F4 any stupendous Hollywood creation without fear of destroyed brain cells!

  • The great Waspo

    What about ‘The happening’ – That sucked testicles!!

    Seriously, a ‘horror’ film with people being chased by invisible things hence the excuse to avoid any special effects.

  • The Ashok

    Ice age killed the dinosaurs? :O

    I love Twister and I don’t think it should be on this list. May be because I am a hardcore fan of Michael Crichton. However, I definitely agree with what we learned from that movie;)

    2012 should be #1. And World Invasion: Battle LA can make it to the next list. My girl friend loves Armageddon. She’s cute.

  • Popo

    Some of these movies are pop culture and commercial, but I think it’s quite good. Twister is good and so is Armagedon. I mean, there are a lot WORSE like Transformer 2—or you think it’s good?

  • Name

    No Avatar?

  • Redhill

    What? No Godzilla?? Only movie I fell asleep in the theater. Ever.

  • Chris

    Wild wild west was somewhat funny when i saw it on tv, the rest was absolute crap… the worst must be 2012 i want my money back!!!! Yes i went to the movies and saw it :(

  • Eye-Licker


    Nuff said

  • wikus

    A bonus mention should be Avatar, yes kids the one by James Cameron, however the one not in 3d

  • Colleeny

    Not to pick on Kevin Costner, but Postman was a trainwreck too.

  • Holly

    I’m not sure how to feel about the fact that i kindof love quite a few of the movies on ths list.
    Does it make it any better that i know they are really terrible but love them anyways? Entertainment is entertainment, whether or not the plot makes sense or the diologue is cheesy.

  • Rae

    I like waterwold.

    • Alex

      I was too ashamed to write the same…I’m with you :-)

  • xj

    Someone once summed up Armageddon as follows:

    I just wanna close my eyes
    I just wanna fall asleep
    So I’ll miss it baby,
    I wanna miss this whole thing

  • Tom

    Now why isn’t Twilight on this list?

  • jum1801

    Battlefield Earth a “classic novel”? We’re talking about the “novel” by world-class batshit crazy con-man L. Ron Hubbard? That is a “classic novel”?

    If that’s the case, I wish you luck on getting “clear” on whatever thing the aliens left in you to make you feel all bad and stuff; and I hope the masters and mistresses back at Scientology Central cut you some slack about bringing in new suck…, er, “converts”.

  • Maat

    The Village = Worst Of Decade
    M.Night Shamalamalamlamalmalamalon = Worst Director Ever

  • avinash

    suck u all movies are damn awesome

    • The Ashok

      Did you mean to use “f-word” ;)

  • theainhell

    I did enjoy Armageddon, Twister and The day after tomorow, crap yes, but amusing crap. Waterworld wasnt such a bad idea it was just done wrong, it would be a good book. Never saw Battlefield earth or 2012, Batman and Robin is the WORST! Predator 2 though older is also worthy of this list.

  • isleswinger8

    People who thought Batman & Robin was supposed to be a completely serious movie are retarded. The movie’s hilarious and they do a good job creating a comic book-esque feel to it. That’s like judging the 1960’s Batman as being serious. Good flick and really not that hard to watch.

  • badjokebob

    Great list, but I kinda liked Battlefield Earth. I know it sucked compared to the book, but it wasn’t bad.

  • C.S. Haviland

    Not a bad list, I have to say. Pretty much on the money, although there are some others that I wish were there too. Choosing just 10 is difficult.

    While they are bad movies they are fun to watch. (Although I have no desire to see Batman & Robin, Battlefield Earth or Speed 2 again. Once is all I can choke down.) Out of all of them, probably Armageddon is the most fun. While many of the other choices take themselves way too seriously, Armageddon at least has fun with itself. I would address Independence Day and Emmerich’s Godzilla in the same fashion.

  • Patricia

    Except for Speed 2 and Battlefield earth, I loved all of the other movies on this list. Bad movies can still be good with great action scenes.

  • Heather

    I love Batman and Robin :(

  • I agree with most of the entries on this list but I did enjoy a couple of them. My only criticism of this otherwise great list is the fact that there are entries that don’t probably qualify as ‘Blockbusters’. I believe at least a couple of these films were financial failures.

  • edys

    arnold was the only good thing in batman and robin

  • Kimmy

    Batman and Robin is one of my favorite movies! :(

  • knotsy

    the one listverse list i don’t agree with. hmpf.

    • J.M

      Armagenden was fun to watch,,sometimes the bad ones are more entertaining than the elite,,,,im just sayin

  • sdfsdfdf

    number 9 made me laugh so hard, thx!!

  • I’m surprised that the overly advertised “Skyline” did not make it to this list.

    It was an hour or so of poor acting mixed in with expensive effects, cheap slowing down of screaming and more that I could list and list…

  • shelby

    the clip for batman wa. flippen dumb all it did was show all the different scenes with arnold schwartawhatever. if ur guna say a movie sucked actually show parts of the movie not just one character

  • Jasterisk

    Wow. Your inability to expound movie experience means you are dumb. No offense.

  • Rhys Williams

    2012 Was Awesome.

  • brian

    Twister was the stuff no way should that be on there ..I can see where your coming from with Armageddon still a good movie tho.

  • Hmmm, I rather like Wild Wild West. Brisk, well made entertainment, and the mechanical spider is excellent.

  • nonya

    this is bull crap. most of these movies were extreme hits. batman and robin sucked but seriously. whoever wrote this is a ignorant dick.

  • meat

    Transformers is worse than all of these

  • Yeah

    Transformer’s 2 is worse than all of these.

  • john

    thats why there movies

  • STATUE30247

    Twister is one of the greatest films of all time, and you are demon spawn for thinking otherwise. I hate y0u forever.

  • LOLguy

    How the F is twilight not in this?

  • Georgin

    Why wasn’t Room Mates displaye on here

  • Slappy

    Been a few months since this list went up and, just to keep everyone up tp date, Hollywood has produced several more movies with huge budgets, enormous advertising campaigns and exciting characters that were eagerly awaited and turned out to be total and complete garbage.

    Green Lantern would have to be the biggest recent disappointment; virtually no one who saw it liked it.

    And the world spins on…

  • micheal

    battlefield earth is the worst movie i ever seen.

  • Ric

    I loved batman and robin was I was little. I grew up watching that.

  • Invisible Apple

    I thought of 2012 as a generic (as in machine-churn-out-able) disaster flick with all the tropes and predictability. With that in mind, I sortof enjoyed it. Although it helped that it involved Russian accents and a character whose similarities to Max Fenig from the X Files was impossible to shake.

  • manish

    Batman and Robin,Speed 2,Wild Wild West,Battlefield Earth and waterworld were not blockbusters, they were heavy box office disappoinments..

  • John

    Disagree with Armageddon, Day After Tomorrow and Twister, as I liked those movies. Especially Armageddon. But, the way you phrase this article, I can’t help but feel like you win, anyway.

    The Cold chased him down the hallway. That’s right. The Cold chased him. Down a hallway.

    How can you argue with that?! LOL!

  • Iris

    But hey, at least we got a ride in Universal Studios from Twister

  • Teagan

    How are you commenting on November 29, 1999?? I am confused.

  • KXG

    “Battlefield Earth” is a CLASSIC novel? What??Afraid to call it a steaming pile of shit that rivals Tom Cruise’s career, lovelife and personality lest the $cientology drones sic Xenu on you? If little Ronnie Hubbard wrote anything “classic” the only people who consider it so are the same morons who think Atlas Shrugged is the height of literary gold.

  • Alucard

    The Day After Tomorrow is yet another film to see ONLY for the special effects. There is one flaw after another beginning with Jake Gyllenhaal’s father WALKING from DC to NYC and manages to find him. The deep freeze kills everyone/thing except the wolves who somehow were on a Russian ship that manages to float right to the public library. Anyone who knows NYC knows that even in the most ideal situation would be impossible.

  • July

    Most of these are incarnations of ignorance, like someone just watched the film and said “Let’s make it look like a bad movie” and wrote this, example: Tornado.

  • coolio

    i dunno whos more funnier.. u or the guy in time warped 99.

  • Twister, Armageddon and Pearl Harbor were great movies. Not good movies, great ones.
    The author of this list is an idiot to include any one of those three movies.

  • “So, NASA is going to send a team of astronauts into space to land on the asteroid (sure)…”

    Hey moron, we have already landed a non-manned spacecraft on an asteroid. For the sake of a movie, it is not that far of a stretch to think we could land a craft with people on it.

    • westpointdrew

      you must be a bigger moron as space shuttle can’t develop the speed to get any higher than 600km above earth.

  • Chris


  • westpointdrew

    300 was so bad, it should be in the top 5 of the list.

  • qwimper

    That word, Blockbuster.
    Look it up again. If a movie flopped in the cinema, then by definition it is NOT a blockbuster. More than half your list are box office failures.

    You have failed.

  • jo

    You forgot Avatar