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Top 10 Favorite Films of JFrater

Happy birthday to me! Last year for my birthday I wrote a list of my favorite books. This year, in an equally selfish move, I am presenting my favorite movies – in no particular order. Finally, as so many people have asked, here is my Amazon wishlist ;)


Morte a Venezia


The reason I love this film is the stunning cinematography. Also, it is filmed in Venice (obviously) – the site of one of the best holidays I have ever had! The director (Visconti) is one of my favorite directors – virtually everything he has produced is brilliant. The film tells the tale of a composer who retreats to Venice to recover from a breakdown. Unbeknownst to him, Venice is about to be hit by a deadly pestilence. The film is based on the book of the same name by Thomas Mann.

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Dancer in the Dark


Before seeing this film I was already a great fan of Bjork’s music. As well as writing the original music for the movie, she also had the starring role as Selma, an immigrant to the US who is slowly going blind. The film is very moving (and anyone who has seen it will agree). It is a must-see movie – but be warned, it is very traumatizing.

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Lost in Translation

Scarlett Johansson I 96704O

I realize that a lot of people consider this film to be overrated, but I love it. It was the first film in which I really appreciated the talent of Bill Murray and his subtle humor. The film is slow paced – which I like, and has a brilliant track in it by Peaches – who I had not heard of until this film (you can watch it here on Youtube – be warned, it has x-rated lyrics).

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The Rules of Attraction


There is something about the writing of Brett Easton Ellis that really appeals to me. This movie adaptation of his book of the same name is very well done and has some great acting. The film follows the lives of a group of students in their last year at College (one is the brother of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho – also by the same author). The film has some hilarious moments (see here) but also one of the most disturbing scenes in a movie (see here).

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This is the remake – I know it may shock people, but I do prefer the new one to the old. Anne Heche is excellent in this film and Vince Vaughan manages to be more sinister (and revolting) than Perkins in the original. The whole feel of the film (music and color) is warm and vibrant which adds a surprising irony to it.

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Mulholland Drive


I love everything by David Lynch, but this film is definitely my favorite. It tells the story of a young aspiring actress who moves to Hollywood and gets involved in intrigue and mystery. You can see the trailer here. If you have not seen this film you absolutely have to. It is disturbing on so many levels.

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164040  Magnolia L

This is a brilliant film which intertwines the lives of various people. It has excellent acting from Julianne Moore (who also starred in Safe which I consider to be one of the most boring movies of all time) and it has some surprisingly good acting from Tom “Xenu’s Bitch” Cruise (I can’t believe I am saying that!) The case just has “win” written all over it: John C. Reilly, Philip Symour Hoffman, Alfred Molina, william H. Macy. Need I say more?

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The Great Gatsby


I have always been interested in the 1920s and this film is about as good as it gets for a look at the lifestyle of rich Americans during that period. Added to the fact that it is based on one of the greatest books by Scott Fitzgerald and you can’t go wrong! The film is a good adaptation of the book and contains excellent acting (for the most part). The colors and filming style really heighten the sense that you are present and watching the scenes unfold.

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The Exorcist


I love the original version of this film. It seems to never date (despite the 70s sets) and the story is still as spooky on the 20th viewing as it is on the first. If you had to pick one horror movie to take to a desert island, this would be the one I would recommend. The acting is excellent – especially from Ellen Burstyn (oscar nominated and winning actress) who is one of my favorite actresses.

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Requiem for a Dream

Ellen Burstyn1

Anyone who has seen this film (particularly to its conclusion) will know that it is one of the most disturbing films out there. But for some reason, I just can’t help but be drawn to it. As above, the film stars Ellen Burstyn who is absolutely amazing. It follows the lives of ordinary people as they descend into the hell of drug abuse.

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Hahaha – just kidding! Happy birthday me!

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  • akelly318

    happy bday!!!! :-D

    • Kanob

      Happy Birthday to a very special litlte girl on her very special 9th birthday. A girl from my own heart loving construction….seeing as I am a retired carpenter I adore the birthday cake.Raggedy hello to you my friend so nice to see you on my blog tonight.Lee-ann

  • Sky

    Nice, I love the Bonus, and I agree.

  • kiwiboi

    Happy birthday Jamie!!

  • Happy Birthday JFrater!

  • kiwiboi – thanks:) extremely pissed at a 21st in cuba st.

  • ohrmets

    Happy bday, jfrater. You’re right, The Exorcist never gets not scary, no matter how many times you see it.

    • someone

      It is such a shame and it pisses me off a little bit. I have grown up in this generation with video games and violent and "scary" movies and because of that I have become desensitized to most scary/violent films. I found The Exorcist quite funny and maybe a bit shocking but was not scared at all. I did appreciate the fact that it came out when it did, in which case it was pioneering and would have been extremely scary.

  • Jack Deth

    Chin Chin, birthday boy, many happy returns and plenty more to come!

    • Augustus

      I LOVE THIS spot! I just happened upon it one day . I saw your most reecnt pic and it looked like the wall that I took some pictures by and I was wondeing if it was the same place LOL

  • ciunas

    Have a good one, Jamie.

    All good films, the 8 I’ve seen anyway. Haven’t seen the Bjork one or your #1. Better download them — I mean buy them on Amazon — hadn’t I?

    Magnolia would make my top 10 too. Cruise’s best performance, I’d say.


  • Ray Bees

    Happy Birthday, Jamie!

    Think you’re going to upset a lot of purists with the Psycho choice! I actually didn’t think it was that bad, especially as the brilliant Julianne Moore is in it, but still prefer Perkins.

    What the hell was Mulholland Drive about anyway?
    Does David Lynch even know??

    Ellen Burstyn: Totally agree.

  • kiwiboi

    kiwiboi – thanks:) extremely pissed at a 21st in cuba st.

    Haha. You’re there now? Enjoy!

  • kung-fudevil

    happy birthday!

  • MTiru

    Oooh…I got so excited when I saw #1 was Requiem for a Dream. That has been my fav for almost 5 years now.

    Happy birthday!!!

  • facekickin

    hewl yea @ #1! that movie will never cease to scare me away from drugs. and ass-to-ass

    • plum13sec

      I find drugs to be beneficial in my life. Everything in moderation. One size does not fit all.

  • kiki

    happy birthday jFrater!

    i enjoyed the vince vaughn version of psycho too. =)

    personal faves: lost in translation, the exorcist, requiem for a dream

    i haven’t watched Dancer in the dark yet. and i must say, i am interested. i have a friend who absolutely loves it. i’ gonna watch it.

  • JT


    I was scared when I scrolled down and saw the words ‘Titanic’ but you got me! Haha!


  • Ghidoran

    Happy Birthdy jfrater! This site is very good to me. Happy Birthday again. And may you have many more.

  • Metalwrath

    None of these movies would be anywhere close to my top 10 but i do recognise that you have taste and thats a good thing ;)

    happy birthday.

  • thematic

    Happy birthday JF, There is a couple there I have not seen and I am not sure I will seeing as you rate Lost in Translation, definetly something lost on me in that movie, each to their own I suppose, all the best.

  • Tom

    Requiem For A Dream is probably one of the most uncomfortable films I’ve ever watched but it was brilliant . . . and Lost in Translation seems like one of those movies that people either love or hate (I love it myself!). Anyways, happy birthday JF!

  • rearden

    A list of your favorite films? That’s “much too vulgar display of power.”

    Happy birthday man.

  • romerozombie

    Generic happy birthday comment!

    I didn’t ‘get’ Requiem. AM I NOT INTELLECTUAL AND HIP NOW?

  • romerozombie

    I love the melancholy of LIT. It goes so well with the soundtrack, which is the kind of music I was really into at the time – MBV, Kevin Shields. And Scarlett’s hot. LOLOL

  • Wally

    Whats not to get? People think drugs are the answer, they get strung out and desperate and eventually become caricatures of themselves. Pretty simple message.

    Maybe you are looking too deep. Forget that with anything Leto is involved in. He is a good actor, but he doesnt need to be analysed.

  • Teapixie

    Happy Birthday Jamie,

    I totally agree with Requiem. What an amazing movie.

  • BrotherMan

    Happy B-day, man! I like a lot of the movies on this list. Some I have not seen though. The Bjork one seems like a good movie. I was suprised at the diversity on this list.

    And I also agree with Requiem for a Dream. The book is excellent too if you can get past the odd style of grammar and punctuation and lack of paragraphs.

  • ????

    Happy birthday jamie~~~
    I often read your article?it is very exciting, thank you~~~

  • rshady

    Ridiculous list, I don’t think you like any of these films.:D

    Hehe, Happy birthday! :p

  • Aaron

    Happy birthday

  • First of all, happy birthday, Jamie!
    Secondly, I haven’t seen the movies in the lower part, that is 10 – 7, of your list, so can offer no opinion there.
    The new Psycho is a good movie on its own, but if I look at it as a remake of Hitchcock’s movie, then it loses badly. I guess it’s one of those movies you see as itself, or not at all. I chose to see it as itself, and was glad I did.
    Mulholland Drive has to be one of the best movies of the last 20 years.
    Yes, it’s deeply disturbing, and the intrigue and mystery hit you at every turn, without let-up, but it is so incredibly beautiful at the same time that you forgive it. But then, I, too, am a David Lynch fan, so I will see anything anything he does with rose-colored glasses firmly in place.
    Magnolia I considered just okay. It had some brilliant moments, but not enough to keep me entertained throughout.
    The Great Gatsby. Cinematic perfection. Need I say more?
    The Exorcist. While this movie had so much going for it, some beautiful moments of cinematic perfection, characters who, in the beginning, did some serious soul searching, I felt it quickly became a dark circus. The acrobatics with the girls head, for example, were laughable, though other scenes scared me half to death. So I give this movie 60/40.
    Requiem for a Dream. You said it first and you said it best. A darkly disturbing *must see*.

  • Morte a Venezia. How on earth could I have forgotten to add this one?
    I had read the Thomas Mann book in Uni, and so *had* to see the film. It was not a disappointment.
    Both the book and the film are filled with subtle, and not so subtle, chance happenings which draw the protagonists deeper and deeper into the story.
    Absolutely brilliant!

  • Chris

    I had to turn Lost in Translation off because it was so boring, and I definitely think that the original Psycho is way better than the new one.

    • plum13sec


  • The_PeteMaN

    Whenever I think up one of these lists I always put Requiem for a Dream in there and always push the movie on other people, but out of every movie I love that is the one movie I will never watch again. At least not for 10 years anyway. Talk about depressing.

  • Anon

    Many happies!!

  • rushfan

    Happy Birthday! Interesting choice of movies. I also enjoyed Requiem for a Dream and Rules of Attraction.

  • stevenh

    To Jamie:

    a very happy birthday to you.

    thank you for the hard work and long hours that you devote to this list.

    may you always have wonder, joy and peace.

  • kowzilla

    Happy Birthday Jamie!
    (I love Requiem, but I am terrified of how much it emotionally devastates me. Its in the “worrisome” section of my DVDs with Funny Games.)

    (Also you nearly gave me a heart attack with the Titanic thing. It was mortifying.)

    (Why the parenthesis? I do not know.)

  • CJ

    Happy Birthday!

    I love Dancer in the Dark as well, but I don’t think I can ever watch the entire thing again. It’s way too depressing. But Bjork is an amazing actress!

  • Squall

    Don’t comment often, but your number one is one of my absolute favorite movie. The story and the driving, simple, and poignant music makes this my favorite movie. Well done list!

  • aquadog

    I really love Mulholland Drive, Magnolia and the Exorcist, but I really really hate Dancer in the Dark, Lost in Translation and Rules of Attraction.

  • Deziner

    Happy Birthday Jamie!!

    I rented Requiem at your suggestion in a previous list, and found it very watchable. After an “adults only” viewing, and discussion with my husband, we had our 2 teenage children watch it. We felt the movie’s realism could warn our kids away from the “life”, more so than substance abuse programs supplied at school.

    So I guess Thank you Jamie is also in order.

  • Kreachure

    “Happy birthday, Jamie!”

    That’s something I would say to you, except that you said it to yourself twice already here. :P

    PS. You have clearly committed cinema sacrilege with #6. Heathen, I say!

  • meanmofo

    I don’t really care for the movies, but hey we have the same B-Day!!

  • JwJwBean

    Happy Birthday, Jamie! I hope it is a good one. :D

  • Kreachure

    BTW, here’s a simple equation for those who don’t understand the greatness of Lost in Translation:

    Bill Murray humor + Sexy Scarlett Johansson + Unadulterated Japanese idiosyncrasy = AWESOME.

  • Victoria

    Happy Birthday Jamie!!!! :D

  • Kreachure

    Erm, you know I’m just kidding with my #40 comment about your birthday, of course.

    I sincerely wish you have a good b-day, jfray! :) :) :)

  • Jimmy K

    Happy Birthday to you, and Happy Birthday to me as well!

  • burningskittles

    Harry Birthday JFrater, as usual, love the list, haven’t even heard of most of these, but will definitely try them

  • Saint Splattergut

    Happy Birthday dude. Thanks for listverse, thanks for the nuggets of trivia that I so adore. May happy times and more trippy knowledge come your way.

  • Mom424

    Happy Birthday Jamie. Have a great week-end of drinking and debauchery. Just wishing I could join you.

  • yay! happy birthday! go get drunk! haha ;)

  • Cedestra

    What about “Lawrence of Arabia” or “Singing in the Rain”? Waaaahhhhh. Ha, just kidding. You and I, sir, have very different tastes in music. But I respect your tastes.
    Happy Birthday, Jamie, and many more.

  • sleddogg

    Have a good one, Jamie!!

  • schiesl

    Happy Birthday Jamie! We are celebrating my sisters birthday today as well! I love your taste in movies, i have seen all of these except Dancer in the Dark, and really like all of them. I am a huge David Lynch fan as well and am glad to see Mulholland Drive on here, great movie. Great Choices

  • kittym

    Happy Birthday!

    Exellent movie list. I’ve seen all of them and enjoyed most, and may I just say that Requiem For a Dream is both disturbing and incredible … I bought it and Pi on a whim a few months ago and was blown away by both films. Darren Aronofsky is amazing.

  • Phil

    Where is your source?

  • ManxMark

    I dont know who you are but if your choice of movies are anything to go by I wouldnt invite you to any of my parties

  • TiffanyH

    Tanjobi omedeto gozaimasu!

    BTW, have you ever seen “The Snake Pit”? it stars Olivia de Havilland and was made in 1948. it was ahead of it’s time being a movie about a mentally unstable woman in an asylum with no recollection of how she got there and the doctors and treatments that helped her come round to unlocking her illness. the subject of mental illness and asylums were taboo in the 40’s , especially when the sufferer was a woman!! i highly recommend it!

  • YogiBarrister

    That tears it, Jamie has eccentric taste. Gus Van Sant’s frame by frame remake of PSYCHO is better than Hitchcock’s version? I don’t think so, although Hitchcock probably would have shot it in color, if he had the money. I also concede that GVS’s experiment was intriguing and more successful artistically, than most people realize.
    To each his own, MULHOLLAND DRIVE is the only one that would be in the running, though I’ll be sure to check out the two I haven’t seen.

  • Sarah

    Ahhh! Rules of Attraction! I freaking love that movie. I’m reading the book right now. It’s also amazing. Good taste in movies and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Diamond_Dragon

    Hahahahahahaha Titanic!! Lol nice one :P

    Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE!!!!!
    (Pardon my way of showing my enthusiasm by writing in all capital letters, but I think you deserved it today! :P

  • kiwiboi

    I rented Requiem at your suggestion in a previous list, and found it very watchable. After an “adults only” viewing, and discussion with my husband, we had our 2 teenage children watch it.

    Deziner – great anecdote. Good to see LV touching “real-life” in a positive way.

  • thank god you’re joking about Titanic hahaha. Requiem for a Dream is such a fantastic movie, glad to see it is number 1. I also love Lost in Translation. Great list as always :)

  • downhighway61

    Happy birthday J!!!
    Make it into an entire weekend and don’t stop having fun!

  • Diogenes

    yeh, it’s too bad Ole Andy Wharhol weren’t still alive to be in Van Sant’s as Perkins/mom/Bates. That would be the cherry on the sunday.
    a little late.
    I too heard shot for shot, but i think the most notorious scene in the shower is not…well
    it would have been more pop exquisite if it were “movement per movement” exactitude. i connect them in my mind. (as long as the camera is in the same place, then its shot for shot. maybe thats the idea. give the same words to say and the same story , along with the camera in the same spot and angles, WILL be different still.
    i might see it again. it did nothing for me when i first saw it.
    i worked in a wine story for a short time back when Magnolia came out. Moviestars would frequent the place and one evening i sold a bottle to Julianne Moore. I joked with her and she laughed, but as i swiped her card and was finishing up the sale, i couldnt help but have the scene where she freaks out at the drug store, flash through my mind…and her beautiful smile and casual presence took on a sinister quality. i was sorta scared and exhaled with relief when she left the store.

  • Riya B.

    Hey,happy birthday, man!!! I love this list, and hope your birthday is all good!

  • thepennymachine

    Happy birthday! Mulholland dr. and Magnolia are deep favorites of mine as well. some of mine are Eraserhead, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Down by Law, Rope, 8 1/2, the Shining, INLAND EMPIRE, and many more. There are also a lot of films that were introduced to me through this site like Satantango, and Man Bites Dog, and Death in Venice. Thank you Listverse!

  • Taranis

    We read the book and watched the movie for The Great Gatsby. It was so good.

  • deepthinker

    Happy B-day, Jamie. I love “Lost in Translation”, and I thought I was one of the only people to appreciate it. I will have to sit down with a few of these- “Dancer in the Dark” sounds intriguing. Although, last year I took your advice on your book list. I ordered “Atlas Shrugged”, and I could not get into it. I mean, I am sure it gets better as the book goes along, but if I’m not happy with the first 100 pages, I lose interest. But, I’ll trust you with the films, many I have heard of, just not seen. Have a great day.

  • deliciousdanger

    Happy Birthday! :D I just added whatever movies I hadn’t seen from this list onto my ‘movies I want to see’ list, as I tend to trust your judgement. ^^

  • chershey

    I love Magnolia to tears. I love how each storyline is slowly revealed to be related to all the others. And yes, I *cough* will admit it that Tom Cruise did indeed act in it. He did an excellent job of faking being a good actor. :)

  • jackit

    Happy Birthday! It’s your listverse, we just live in it :)

    I will see some of the older movies on this list, you make everything sound so interesting!

  • Cedestra

    Well, I’m silly- I meant movies. Anywho, I still don’t “get” Mulholland Dr. There’s some secret to that movie that everyone keeps saying, “Well, I can’t tell you, you just have to know.” It really pisses me off. I was irritated by the portrayal of Tokyo life in Lost in Translation- it made it seem very bizarre, empty, and sterile. Rule of Attraction and Requiem were great movies. I enjoyed the original Psycho, but I think I see where you’re going. Older films portray what was older culture. Jimmy Stewart’s characters would never fly in a movie today (although that would be incredibly interesting).

  • glittershrooms

    Happy B-day Jay-Fray !!! Have fun at your party, even though you did not invite me :(
    Well, your loss Jamie, I was gonna bring a Tom Cruise pinata!
    :D :D :D

    #67 “Man bites Dog” is my favorite movie of all time, it’s the most quoted movie amongst college students in my country. Sadly, a LOT of the content has been edited out for the american audiences. Needless to say all the best parts are missing.

  • astraya

    HB, JF. (The perks of being site admin!)
    Right now, this list has clocked up 74 comments, and “Ancient Egypt” has attracted 31. Jamie is clearly more than twice as popular as Ancient Egypt. (238% to be exact)

    I will comment on the films when I’ve had time to read the list, but I will say that I remember that you’d vowed never to make another movie list!

  • BrotherMan

    jfrater: I do not see any responses or rebuttals from you thus far. What gives!?

    Are you having that much of a good time on your birthday :D

  • erin

    Requiem for a Dream is one of my top tens

    Happy Birthday!

  • stormy617

    Hope your birthday was a great one and as lots of others have said, just make it a great weekend!!! LOL

    Happy Birthday and many more Jamie!!!

  • Karly

    I love Requiem for a Dream! It’s one of my favorite movies, but I can’t figure out why. It’s disturbing on so many levels, yet I keep watching it again and again. Great list! And happy birthday :)

  • gouldgirl

    I’ve only seen three of these: Dancer In The Dark, Lost In Translation, and The Great Gatsby.

    I loved all three movies. I watched Dancer In The Dark by myself and ended up crying throughout the whole thing.

    In Lost In Traslation I found the main character’s agoraphobic attitude towards Japan a bit child-like, but it was still a very charming movie. :-)

  • apeacefulscorpioswickedheart

    I absolutely LOVED Requiem for a dream…I regret not seeing it more than once before my boyfriend’s hard drive crashed….and all music, pictures, and movies were deleted….oh the tragedy…oooh and Happy Birthday too!

  • Hey all! Thanks for the nice comments – they have certainly helped brighten up my day :) My absence from the comment box has been because of parties. I am now at a family afternoon tea so I won’t be saying much until later. So, thanks again everyone – I really appreciate the kind words and the fact that the majority of you also love the movies I love!

  • Kathryn

    Requiem for a Dream is pretty much insane. I saw it in …8th? grade… yeah my friend wasn’t aware of the rating or how weird it actually was. Awkward…..

    Oh and Happy Birthday!

  • Lori

    Ah yes. Requiem for a Dream was awesome. It was so very hard to watch, so depressing, yet so beautiful. I felt melancholy for a whole week after that.


    the only ones on this list that i’ve seen are the exorcist and requiem for a dream. i’ve seen the original psycho, but not the remake. i lol’d at your “bonus” pick.

    now i kinda wanna see requiem for a dream again… but i kinda don’t… it’s the single most depressing movie i’ve ever seen, but i still thought it was a great movie.

    happy birthday!!!

  • MPW

    Happy Birthday Jamie! Lots of good choices too. How old are you now? :)

  • Sandra

    You know what’s sad? The only movies I’ve seen on this list are Exorcist and Ttanic.

  • Jennifer

    Dancer in the Dark is AMAZING!!!

  • Denzell

    Happy birthday (belated)!

    Yeah, how old are you now? :)

    Unfortunately for me, I haven’t heard of any of these except for The Exorcist and Titanic.

  • apeacefulscorpioswickedheart

    Sandra- Don’t worry I’ve only seen Requiem for a Dream, I do want to see Dancer in the Dark as I love Bjork, but believe it or not I’ve never seen Titanic or the Exorcist…I need to watch more movies -_-

  • Mortivore

    I’m not gonna lie. Requiem for a Dream bored me. T.T Ended up watching The Great Gatsby in school, and while it had a few good parts, it wasn’t really worth it to me. I feel so left out. T.T Just kidding. XDXDXD

  • babygirl2882

    Happy Birthday!! Hope your having a blast!!

  • DoppHopper

    I’ve seen Death in Venice, tragic. And I’v seen the end of Dancer in the Dark and man, it’s a movie I will never recommend. It’s so upsetting.

  • Joanie Girl

    6 and 2 are 2 of my fav movies
    Id been wanting to see Requiem for a Dream for sometime now.

  • Tomo

    Go Jamie, it’s your birthday…

    Happy Birthday Jamie. I think it’s great that you made a list for yoruself, you deserve it. As my birthday gift to you, I think I’m going to buy some listverse merchandise.

  • cubicdome

    Happy birthday JFrater!

    Requiem for a dream is tops as being a very disturbing movie!!!

  • ZedroZ

    Happy birthday JFrater!

  • knight_forked

    Happy Birthday Jamie!

    I have not seen #10, #7 and #3 but rest are all very good movies. David Lynch and Aronofsky are among my favorite directors as well, for the surrealist movies they make…life is nothing but a very long dream, the moment you wake up you find yourself waiting at the doors of hell.

  • beyondinvisible

    Looks like we share a birthday. Hope you had a good one.

  • Drogo

    Happy Birthday JFrater (aka Jamie,JayFray,JF)!!!

    I’m curious about “Dancer In The Dark” I woldd like to see Bjork acting.

    I went to “Psycho” with a teenage buddy. I informed him ahead of time that it wasn’t going to have alot of blood splurting around like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, so he might find it boring. (haha).

  • NestorV

    Happy belated birthday, Jfrater.
    I liked Requiem too, awesome movie.
    The last 20 minutes was one of the more disturbing and depressing scene I ever seen in a movie.
    The soundtrack was good too.

  • Lsg

    My #1 favorite movie of all the time is also Requiem for a dream, great movie.
    And also Dancer in the Dark is on my top, is really sad but i love all the music scenes

  • Lsg

    Oh!! and happy birthday!:D

  • Brithombar

    Happy Birthday man. I like what you do here.

  • warningdontreadthis

    Oh dear I didnt know it was your birthday!

    D :

    happy birthday jfray :D

  • warningdontreadthis

    Why is everybody so mean to titanic D’:?

  • carpe_noctem

    Happy birthday mate, and I can’t thank you enough for being the first person besides me so far to put Requiem For A Dream at the very top of their list!

  • Cheryl

    Happy Belated Birthday JFrater! I hope it was grand! Loved the list. You’ve got the best site here, can’t wait to see what’s new every day!

  • Ray Bees

    warningdontreadthis – watch it and you’ll find out.

  • Marcello

    Say what you will about Titanic, but the last hour or so contains the most wonderfully crafted disaster sequences ever committed to celluloid. Nice choice with the Visconti film, to say the least.

  • Tyree

    Requiem for a Dream and The Great Gatsby are both amazing books AND movies. Seriously, if anyone on here hasn’t read both, but liked the movies, uh…you should. >_>

    Unfortunately I haven’t seen any of the others, but many of them are on my “to-see” list.

  • melloyello16

    Happy belated! I love Requiem and Rules of Attraction. The song “Without You” is still unbelievably sad and depressing to me (more so than normal) due to that scene.

    Psycho has ruined my showering experiences. I saw the remake before the original and don’t have a preference either way. But Vince Vaughn was amazing.

    I’m glad you put Magnolia up there. It doesn’t seem to be as well known as it should be.

  • astraya

    To those who have been asking how old Jamie is, the answer is available somewhere on the internet – I won’t tell you where.
    Are you deliberately not answering, Jamie?

  • Vera Lynn

    JFrater I’m coming at you late here, but Happy Birthday my friend. I wish for you only what you and yours wish. May you always have good health and happiness.

    Your Universe here has changed my life. I do not want to detail why publicly, but I want you to know that your influence has been profound. I can never thank you for your dedication to this site. If you ever need anything (and, I don’t mean some silly reference to sex or whatever) please do not hesitate to ask. I am forever in your debt.

    Vera Lynn

  • Clouds

    Happy Birthday J. Thanks again for the great website.

  • miki

    happy birthday. requirem for a dream is also my favourite movie. Altought, i’m surprised that you slightly mentioned about it on the lists..

  • appie

    I know it’s late but….
    better late than never…
    Happy bday to the smartest guy in the world…

  • abhilash warrier

    Happy b’day, Jamie! Belated wishes… You always make me come back to this site… I just love this site.

  • PirateXxEsque

    Happy Birthday kiddo!

  • kris

    Belated Happy B’day Mr.Frater… n thanq for the e-mail you sent…I am glad finally I am home…will have to see the doctor for a review on 11th again…

  • EJF

    The Great Gatsby? Yeah, if you need sleep.

  • Vera Lynn

    Thank you for MPW. I love him. So much.

    Segue, Anon, Tempyra, Astraya, ringtailroxy, Randall, rushfan, bucslim, goof_ball, slickwilly, etc. Even S_R. I love you all. I need you all. You have changed my life forever.

  • astraya

    Thanks for the thanks, Vera Lynn. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve been on an “A list”.

  • CRSN

    Happy Birthday J / a belated one at that :)

    Vera – I’ll be sitting in the corner with the dunce’s hat on :(

  • cparker

    That’s wild, Requiem is also number two on my list only behind Snatch

  • Callie

    Jamie we have the same birthday!! I haven’t been able to read the site all weekend because I was at the beach, but happy birthday to us!!!

  • Sgt. Batguano

    Happy Birthday.

    BTW. We just did an overrated films list. :D

  • happy birthday!

  • greg

    Requiem for a Dream…my favorite movie ever. It grabs you…you cant look away. Smoke a fatty and watch that…It’ll blow your socks off

  • Brandy

    For those of you that have seen Requiem for a Dream if you have not yet seen “Pi” you should also check that one out as well. It is another great Darren Aronofsky film. I orginally saw it for the first time as an extra credit project for my psychology class (easiest extra credit assignment ever) there are some graphic seens so be warned but worth the watch.

  • Happy belated Birthday !

    I thought the remake of Psycho was interesting because in many of the scenes they used the exact same script & camera angles etc. as the original. I never saw a remake try to do that before. No chocolate syrup going down the drain though. ?

  • Vera Lynn

    CRSN(124) I left off a lot of people. My computer is always failing me. I didn’t say half of what I wanted. Like S_R. I was gonna say, “He is a legend in his own mind.”

    I personally will never forget the joke I shared with you. I think you and MPW were the only 2 to see it. It was pulled fast!

    Special thanks to Christopherbourne who did the Pink Floyd list. I believe that was the first list I posted on.

  • Domingo

    Requiem sucked, if you really want to see drug addiction live in the inner city for a year.

  • Ray Bees

    Sgt.Batguano…V Funny!

  • astraya

    It’s my birthday tomorrow.

  • new

    The Shawshank Redemption!!!

  • F. McClure

    The Great Gatsby? Really?
    And no Boogie Nights or Pulp Fiction?
    What about a Clockwork Orange?
    Ever heard of American Beauty?
    Ah, well. At least Requiem is here.

  • Nicosia

    Happy belated b-day, JF… But Requiem? #1? Really? I can not put into words how much I hated it…

  • Egg

    Happy belated!
    Gatsby: hated the book, loved the movie. I wish I were in the twenties.

  • Nicosia

    You gotta love those finger-waves!

  • MovieMaven

    I wonder if he’d think so highly of the 1970’s “The Great Gatsby” if he could have seen the 1949 version. IMHO it’s those glamorous costumes that make the 1970’s version memorable – but they also sabotage one of the classic moments from the book, because no one dared turn the waterworks on those exquisite confections. (The moment is IN the 1949 version, with its more pedestrian costumes.)

    Redford was okay, but he made heavy going of showing more than one level of Gatsby’s character. Alan Ladd *nailed* him on at least four levels (talk about severely underrated actors). The supporting cast was quite strong also – Barry Sullivan, Macdonald Carey, Howard DaSilva, a young Shelley Winters (who bodily stole every frame she was in), and even a quirky Elisha Cook Jr providing incidental music and commentary. It could have been the definitive version, but was undercut by a severely meddled-with screenplay (to placate the censors) and a director who wasn’t “into” the project. And no one seems to want it to see the light of day ever again – for reasons that MUST be financial, as no others make any sense.

  • marko x

    well i haven’t seen all of those movies but requiem for a dream is also my favorite movie along with mullholand drive, i can’t believe you didn’t include stanley kubrick or tarantino but still a good list though

  • Betsyville

    The Great Gatsby is written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, not Scott Fitzgerald.

    Just pointing out an error.

  • AniH

    BTW how old r u jfrater??

  • Only really young teenagers would be inappropriate enough to ask someone’s age.
    Adults don’t ask each other how old they are. They don’t ask how much money the other makes. They don’t ask inappropriate personal questions. These are things you will learn as you mature. Get ahead of the curve. Learn now.

  • AniH

    segue – im actually in my mid 20s… and wasnt expecting an answer…

  • astraya

    segue: They do in Korea. All the time! Age, marital status, weight, income. I’ve learned to shake my head politely.

  • 147. astraya: Just remember Douglas Adams! The answer is always 42!

  • CRSN

    seague – is it me or do we reference the meaning of life all the time. We should have some kinda honorary link to Douglas Adams site because bugger all people have actually READ the books, they may have seen the movie (shudder) but that has nothing on the book series.

  • 149. CRSN: It’s not just you.
    I, thankfully, have read the books and have *NOT* seen the movie. Further, I happen to know the actual Physics behind the number 42 being the answer, as I’m betting you do.
    I agree with you on the honorary link. It’s the fair and gracious thing to do.

  • i love corn

    It seems impossible to count the number of times you used the word disturbing or creepy or eerie or the likes.
    Are you trying to tell us something?

  • david a redding

    This is a crap list, im glad i dont know you, seriously?! anything with a bjork listing has to mean that you only love crap music to.

  • quiana

    I love titanic

  • Ashley R

    REQUIEM FOR A DREAM! YES YES YES! lol i love that movie and they had a wonderful selection of actors/actresses. love it ^_^

  • Nikki

    Hey jfrater, i know this is late but you have the same birthday as one of my best friends :)

  • dustofstars

    Happy Birthday fellow Leo!!

  • I4gotmyMANTRA

    happy birthday ( really, really, really late )

    you like your pathos, huh? and disturbing movies.

  • dee

    hehhehe..i like the bonus..tsk tsk

  • LarssonR

    what? Titanic RULES! =)

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  • callan

    hahahah the Psycho remake is number 5 on this list of worst horror movies

  • marmalamuc

    “Before seeing this film I was already a great fan of Bjork’s music”,
    “[Lost in Translation] was the first film in which I really appreciated the talent of Bill Murray”,
    “[The Rules of Attraction] is very well done and has some great acting”,
    “I love everything by David Lynch”.

    Legitimate proof in a single list that JFrater may have a serious mental disorder.

  • teb

    lost in translation??? yuck. hated that movie. don’t ever want to see it again. the slowness was BOOORING.

    Great Gatsby however, I agree! love that book

  • nicoleredz3

    I also love Bjork’s music and Dancer in the Dark…

  • Miss_Info

    I didn’t know Bjork made a movie. I love her music also. Ever since I heard Army of Me, Bachelorette, her words will take you places!

  • mordechaimordechai

    I would save #2,#3 and #8.
    The rest is absolute nonsense

  • Brooks

    jFrater is the man. great taste….Lost in Translaton is my favorite on the list

  • meanie

    y r u so mean about titantic, sure it is sappy but it was the first movie that made mee cry ;_; i haven't seen n e of these o well at least u didn't put stupid gang movies like pulp fiction or the god father or goodfellas or scarface or anything with robert deniro who isn't a good actor at all that's good at least

  • lab276

    Titanic is freaking awesome.

  • Someonelse

    I have never seen any of these movies.

  • Stefan

    JFrater: a direct questiom to you: why joke about titanic?

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  • Name

    Hahahaha The fact that a super intelligent bohemian could like Titanic, a movie for common scum!!! Hilarious HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Its not even subtitled!!!

  • Alabaster

    Why are we supposed to care what movies this guy likes?

  • Drcunt

    This is a best of list that sounds like it was made by a 14 year old retarded girl.

  • Tobecontinued

    What’s wrong Titanic? You all are acting like it’s so bad to enjoy it, I love the movie.

  • Hello J Frater : No.4 “Magnolia” (which I have not seen, but would like to) has almost the same actors and actresses from the movie “Boogie Nights”. Am I right or am I wrong. Just curious.

  • Asiah

    Oh dear…

  • nootaoolah

    Love Dancer in the Dark! Glad to see someone sharing it with others :)

  • crystalmett

    The inclusion of Titanic in you list wouldn’t have bothered me at all. Your list was already doomed from the Psycho-Remake point on. I mean Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates? I can go on and say without hesitation that that is the biggest miscast I have ever seen in any motion picture and comparing him to Anthony Perkins is just ridiculous.

  • Juhee

    Bit late, but happy birthday Martyn! You aint that old, but I have the self-happiness to know that i’ll never grow older than you See you after the hoalidys, Steve

  • David T

    you and I would make great friends lol

    Happy B-Day Jfrater

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