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Top 10 Famous Rabbits

John Miller . . . Comments

Today is Easter Sunday in the Northern hemisphere so it seemed fitting to do a list with an Easter slant. Our previous Easter list was very religious, so this one is is based on a secular Easter tradition: bunnies. Happy Easter, Listversers!


The Energizer Bunny


The Energizer Bunny is starting work in his 4th decade. Debuting in the 80’s, The Energizer Bunny was in a group of toys featured in the famous battery company’s commercial. He was a standout, and from then on has been acting alone in commercials. I guess it makes sense, since he keeps going.. and going.. and going…..




Harvey is a pooka: an Irish spirit in the guise of a giant rabbit. He is the best friend of Elwood P. Dowd, a lovable character who is thought of as the town screwball because of his invisible friend. Although we never actually see Harvey, his existence is confirmed by the end of the movie.


Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog


The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, the guardian of the Legendary Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh. When the Knights of the Round Table are led to his lair by Tim the Enchanter, the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog fools the knights with his non-intimidating appearance. He pounces and kills both Ector and Gawain before he is slain with The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.




Quite an appropriate name for Winnie the Pooh’s neurotic friend, for that is exactly what he is. Rabbit is a worrywart, who always does his best to keep Pooh and Piglet from danger. Whenever Pooh, Tigger or Piglet are about to set out on some sort of adventure, Rabbit is always there to point out the cons.


Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit By Winnie Beatles

Possibly the world’s only vegetable addict. So strong are Peter’s desires he is willing to risk life and limb to get into Farmer McGregor’s garden. In his final attempt at thievery, Peter loses his clothes. Mr McGregor uses them on a fancy new scarecrow and Peter has to go home nude. He gets a bit of a scolding and ends up with a cold. Peter makes appearances in a few more Beatrix Potter books, but is never again a title character.


Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit2

Roger Rabbit is a character from the novel “Who Censored Roger Rabbit?” by Gary K. Wolf. In 1988, it was adapted into the huge moneymaking film, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”, with Roger as the star actor of Maroon cartoon studio, owned by R.K. Maroon. Roger is set up for the murder of Marvin Acme by Judge Doom. Roger has a wife, Mrs. Jessica Rabbit, who is a sexily drawn human woman toon. Roger believes she had an affair with Marvin Acme, and it is because of this scandal that people believe Roger committed the murder. A P.I. clears Roger’s name in the end.


The Trix Rabbit


Making his debut in 1954, the Trix Rabbit has been in a mostly fruitless (pun intended) pursuit of the sugary cereal, ever since. On a few occasions he has managed to score a bite or two, but not much else. Usually he is beaten, with his identity being uncovered just before he get a mouthful, and he is met with the taunt “Silly Rabbit! Trix are for kids!” If he has all the money for disguises, one has to ponder why he didn’t pay some crackhead to go buy him some cereal? Perhaps the Trix Rabbit is not too intelligent.


The White Rabbit


Another depiction of a neurotic rabbit. The White Rabbit is a character from Lewis Carroll’s book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, and he is the first Wonderland character Alice meets, muttering “Oh Dear! Oh Dear! I shall be too late!” Alice is curious just what he will be late for, and chases him down the rabbit hole and thus, into Wonderland itself, setting the stage for one of the greatest children’s books in history.


Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny With Flowers-1029

Bugs Bunny is, far and away, the biggest star of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons. Beginning his career definitively in 1940, in the cartoon “A Wild Hare”, he has tormented Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck and Yosemite Sam ever since. Starring in over 150 Warner Brother’s shorts, he is definitely an icon in American animation to rival Mickey Mouse. During WWII, Warner Bros. Studios used Bugs Bunny cartoons as a morale booster for US troops serving here and abroad. Though not always PC, the cartoon shorts were patriotic and definitely roused the spirits of American soldiers and civilians alike. Scoring 3 Oscar nominations and 1 win throughout his career, Bugs Bunny is the only rabbit on this list with a star on the walk of fame.


The Easter Bunny


This myth of a rabbit bringing eggs and candy to the children on Easter has its origins in Germany. Rabbits, breeding like they do, have long been a symbol of fertility in Germany, and plenty of other places. Eggs being a symbol of birth and renewal just went hand in hand with the rabbit. German settlers spread the tale throughout Europe, and eventually to America, where America made the whole Easter Bunny racket into the commercial juggernaut it is today. From giant chocolate rabbits to enormous Easter Baskets filled with remote control cars to mp3 players, the Easter Bunny brings it all.

  • Tuckertime

    I love that No.8 made it on here

    • Triptastic

      Me to! It’s the first rabit I thought of when I read the title- “run away, run awayyyyyy!

  • cooter1mb

    # 8 should have been # 1 !!

  • magoopaintrock

    Is Peter Rabbit the same thing as Peter Cottontail? Also, I wonder if Trix picked a Rabbit because of Beatrix Potter… interesting.

    • Lifeschool

      P. Rabbit and P. Cottontail are different.

  • Steven Douglas

    No Brer Rabbit?! As ol Brer Bear would say, I’m gonna knock yer head clean off!

    • Mik

      Great Flobots reference! (I saw them live last week :)

      • Mik

        P.S. I realise you meant Br’er Rabbit

  • randomizer

    I had a bunny as a kid his name was ginger eventhough he was white. When we left england i gave it to my bestfriend. I never kept pets after ginger its like you never forget your first pet.

    • Samara

      Cool story, bro.

  • beam

    Great list, being english I’m not too familiar with trix rabbit. Which makes me think audiences away from england may not know watership down by richard adams? Hopefully many do as it’s a fantastic novel, one of the greats and a decent film adaption as well. The foreseeing Fiver and his courageous brother Hazel definitely deserve a place here

    • hhenry

      I’m from the U.S., but I thought of Watership Down, also. I concur with beam.

    • Mik

      If you’re English, then why didn’t you realise that it is the Duracell Bunny in England and the Energizer Bunny in the US?

  • Arsnl

    I think Harvey is a pooka in a hares disguise. I have no idea if thats true or not but i always wanted to correct someone on the difference between a rabbit and a hare (even if i dont know myself whats that difference).

    How about frank from donnie darko or thumper. 8 and 9 should be higher up. Those were great movies.

  • Rossco

    Wow great list for a change. Mad props for the Monty Python reference. Good work!

  • kreep

    What about Silent Hill’s Robbie the rabbit?

  • loapaja


  • Conejita

    I thought for sure you’d include the playboy bunny.

    • bigski

      me too…

  • Will Trame

    Then there were the giant rabbits from “Night Of The Lepus”; the less said about that movie the better. Goes to show that Hollywood can often pull a turkey out of their hat rather than a rabbit. The Cadbury Bunny is a notable omission, but then the mention of the Easter Bunny may well cover that. I agree that #8 and #9 were great movies. Happy Easter.

  • Anon

    Velveteen rabbit?

    • Colleen

      Here here. That was my favorite book growing up!

      • Erin

        I also was wondering about the Veleteen Rabbitt one of my favorite stories!!

        • Erin

          Velveteen sorry….

  • Lifeschool

    Quite an entertaining list, and #9 certainly brought a smile to my face. :) There didn’t need to be big descriptions for these as most will know them just by the picture, so nice and concise. Two notable omissions: ‘Thumper’ (Bambi) and the ones from Watership Down (although I frankly wouldn’t want to see those depressed bunnys in a list about easter!) Top job.

  • chrom3d

    Where’s the Playboy Bunny?.. I’m sure everybody will recognize that bunny hahaha..

    • Maggot

      In keeping with the magazine’s cover tradition, it is hidden in the header photo that accompanies this list. Look really closely…you will see it.

  • oouchan

    Tim: “I warned you, but did you listen to me? Oh, no, you knew, didn’t you? Oh, it’s just a harmless little bunny, isn’t it?”


    I love that movie! Great inclusion to the list…and great choices too.
    Neat list.

  • FlameHorse

    Bugs is muh wabbit. Wove dat wittle joker.

  • fraterhater

    Easter sunday where I am in the southern hemisphere too, just autumn as opposed to spring.

  • indasteve

    missing the bunny made famous by Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction

  • apocrief

    playboy bunny?

  • Kristine

    How about the velveteen rabbit? It’s a classic.

  • Cleo

    You forgot Jessica Rabbit!!

  • Sophia

    You forgot the Duracell bunny, who predates the “Energizer” bunny.

  • number 8 made me WTF hahaha

  • Jono

    In fact, I petition that Watership Down be added as a bonus. It makes perfect sense.

    • Josh

      I second that petition. No Fiver? No Hazel? No Black Rabbit of Death?!?!

  • deeeziner

    My hubby wants to know where the hell is Jessica Rabbit!!!

    • deeeziner

      but I’ll have to add the rabbit from Donny Darko.

    • Sophia

      Jessica Rabbit is a human, not a rabbit.

      • fendabenda

        Actually, she’s a ‘toon, not human, but you’re right, she’s shaped like a human instead of a wabbit.

  • dustan

    If you include ‘Harvey’ then you must include Frank from ‘Donnie Darko’ :-)

  • Donnie Darko rabbit

    Donnie Darko rabbit

  • ziljan

    untalkative bunny?? anyone???

    • Lukin

      Ooooohhhh I loved Untalkative Bunny! I was just looking up clips on YouTube the other day!

  • Eddie

    My favorite- THE PLAYBOY BUNNY- is missing.

    The very first-ever cartoon on television was Crusader Rabbit.

    the Rabbit Died used to mean, uh-oh, I THOUGHT SHE’D TAKEN THE PILL!!!!

  • Plod

    In my town in the north east of England cqlled Easington there was a rabbit that got chased by hunters and their dogs and one dog bit its leg but it got away, they chased it to a house and when they went in their was an old woman with a bandage on her leg.

  • Plod

    That should be Called sorry

  • mom424

    Entertaining fair – not too many misses – although Watership Down is definitely a sticking point. One of the creepiest concepts in fiction is Silver and his compatriots worshiping that wire. Still creeps me out – one of the best books I’ve ever read – don’t be off-put because it’s about rabbits…. a must have.

  • undaunted warrior 1

    Nice light hearted list for a Sunday

  • David Hopkins

    Definitely an appropriate list for Easter. Happy Easter everyone!

  • waltermelon

    Those ads that slide up the images are really annoying.

  • ironflange

    What about Oolong, the pancake rabbit?

  • No Buster or Babs? Or maybe even Lola from Space Jam?

    Otherwise, a very interesting and day-appropriate list.

  • ashley

    What about Frank from the movie Donny Darko??

  • Maggot

    Some excellent notable omissions mentioned in the comments already. No mention yet of the hare from Aesop’s Fables “The Tortise and the Hare” fame though.

    I’m aware that someone may jump to point out that hares and rabbits are two different things (though in the same scientific order and family). So if that is going to be an argument – Bugs Bunny is really a hare:

    • John Milller

      He also gets hunted during rabbit season and elmer fudd always threatens to make him into “wabbit stew”. I think they just used hare because of the term a wild hair.

  • Ben

    Enter your comment here. thought of. even tho he really isnt a rabbit. Frank has to be an extra or something

  • Kerkko-koira.

    #8 would have been at the top of my list.

  • datdemdar

    The Rabbits from the novel ‘Watership Down’?

  • datdemdar

    And Thumper from Bambi?

  • Richard

    Re: the intro to this article. It is Easter Sunday across the world, not just the northern hemisphere

    • Anon

      That is not what he’s saying, northern hemisphere is technically a day ahead. When it’s Sunday in NZ for example, it is usually only Saturday in other places!

  • DGMdragunov

    Where is Brer Rabbit???

  • Samir

    Enter your comme here.

    bunbun is more famous at this point then harvey

  • Bren

    Bugs Bunny should be #1 because some children haven’t heard of or believe in the stupid rabbit that somehow got associated with Easter!

  • Alyssa’s Ark

    I run a small animal rescue here in Canada and currently have 9 rabbits. Best pets EVER!!!! They each have their own personalities and are supper sweet. Check out
    I am currently working on a list for my page Why Rabbits Make Great Pets

  • mMm

    What about the Nestle Quik brown bunny?

  • killer rabit is my favourite!!!


  • Enter your comment here.

  • Kokolo

    We all know Bugs is the real #1.

  • Susan

    You forgot the most important bunny of all…. Thumper from Bambi!!!

  • Mimz

    What about Frank!?

    • Delilah

      I exoected to see Frank too but it makes sense since he isn’t a rabbit, he’s just a human in a costume.

  • trfan01

    What about the NesQwick rabbit? Otherwise, great list. :)

  • Frank

    The hell with the White Rabbit, give me the March Hare!

  • bigski

    how about all the dead rabbits used for pregnancy test they may not be famous but they are martyrs…..

  • I’ve never heard of #9, Harvey, but I like him. The funny way the he’s standing and the shape of the shadow keeps making me laugh. I’ve gone back to look at him over and over,,,just is funny to me. :))

  • Ross

    Good list, unpredictable, thought bugs bunny was going to be # 1 until I saw #1

  • I had to click this link because I could not think of ten rabbits. Surprise surprise, I knew nine of them. I don’t know Harvey, but I do know that rabbit from the horrid Frosty The Snowman cartoon, so that makes ten. What do I win?

    • Ah crap, I didn’t know the killer bunny either, but I do know about the movie Lepus, so that’s close enough.

  • cctx

    I thought rabbit from winnie the pooh was a female?!

  • hehe..i came here..expecting some real species of rabbits :) :)

    Neverthless it was quite interesting!

    Killer Rabbit..ewww…

    Amatullah @

  • nzgirl

    what about the suicide bunnies???


    what about the rabbit from alice in wonderland? D:

    • Lifeschool

      This one was actually in the list.

  • P

    You forgot the Velveteen Rabbit!

  • Gabby

    Well I recognized 8/10 lol

  • meh

    Should have had Frank from Donnie Darko!

  • Name

    So, a human-like rabbit is easier to believe in than Jesus Christ? :S

  • fendabenda
  • Name

    it’s a great list but you forgot bambi’s thumper

  • Penny

    Was expecting the Playboy rabbit and Donnie Darko rabbit.

  • missmozell

    Bunnyrabbit from Captain Kangaroo. *sigh* I miss the Dancing Bear.

  • bigski

    the dead rabbit gang in the movie gangs of new york….

  • Samantha-lee

    Don’t forget the bunnies of watership down;hazel,fiver,bigwig and general wormwort.the black rabbit of inle,

  • Denzell

    Playboy Bunny, Awesome as F**K Bunny … ?

  • Triptastic

    Hazel from Watership Down!
    Bright eyes , burning like fire!
    I love this movie, when I was a kid I watched it, it absolutely broke my heart. Such a beautiful story and really amazing to get lost in as s young kid!

  • Jon

    Thumper from bambi!!

  • Kelly Clark
  • RubyMoon

    Hey, you forgot the rabbit from Fatal Attraction!!:) haha!!

  • The Chocolate QUIK Bunny

    You left off the Devilbunny. BEWARE THE DEATH THAT FLUFFS!!!

  • Susan

    You forgot one of the best bunnies of all!!! Thumper!!!

  • Sousuke

    Where is Jessica Rabbit hmm?

  • jackie

    um hi the nesquick bunny? I effing love chocolate milk!

  • Roy

    wait, what about the playboy bunny?

  • Humphery Bogart, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Laurence Olivier…….Toss them all out of the window. Bugs Bunny is the greatest actor whoever lived. Bugs is Bugs. Bugs is Prometheus. Who can segue from being an astronaut to a ballerina in just a matter of seconds. And when he said “Of course you know, this means WAR” he just wasn’t kidding around. I wonder what the composer Richard Wagner would think if I had a time machine, went back and picked him up and brought him here today and make him watch the famous Bugs Bunny / Elmer Fudd “Ring Of The Nibelung” cartoon with Bugs as Brunhilde and Elmer as Siegfried………

  • There’s already a Duracel Bunny.

    They imitated the Energizer Bunny.

  • dipshit

    they 4got play boy bunny

  • Maasa

    Where is the Playboy Bunny ???

  • Josiah Decarmine

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