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Top 10 Tools of the Flow Arts

This list is about the flow arts, which is a group of performances revolving around that moment when body, mind and spirit is at one (when you are in the zone). This group of arts have emerged with a wide variety of tools, styles and rhythms, and include all fire spinning techniques. All fire spinning tools have Kevlar wicks, and need paraffin (lamp oil/kerosene) as fuel. Steel wool can be wrapped around any wick to create sparks that fly off and various elements added to your fuel can change the color of the flame. I have become totally addicted to the flow arts even though I have only been spinning poi for about four months. It is the first form of instant gratification that I have ever come across.

Every single time you spin, you will be better than the last, and that moment when you have been trying a trick for a while and then suddenly get it right for the first time is indescribable. It builds pathways in the brain and is amazing meditation, not to mention how addictive it is to hear the fire whooshing around your body. Regardless of how amazing it might sound, I would not advise anyone to spin or play with fire unless you have had some practice, and even then you should take care to protect your body and hair, and remember not to wear any plastic based clothes when spinning as it will result in severe burns. Definitely worth a try for anyone who wants to learn an amazing new skill.


Fire clubs or balls
for Juggling


Juggling has been around for thousands of years. The first depictions where found in an ancient Egyptian tomb, with other depictions also found in Chinese, Indian, Greek, Roman, Norse, Aztec and Polynesian cultures. In the 1700s juggling was introduced to circuses, in which they are best known today. Through the evolution of juggling, jugglers have been using more and more dangerous instruments for shock value, but none compare to the beauty of fire juggling. Fire juggling balls are made from a round spiral of wire with a wick secured in the center of the ball. Fire clubs are similar to normal juggling clubs but with a wick at one end. With practice and a variety of different kinds of throws, beautiful patterns can be formed by the fire.



Screen Shot 2012-01-29 At 10.13.00

I am sure everyone has seen, owned or wanted nunchaku (nunchuks in the western world). These double short sticks attached by a chain have a variety of possible origins, all from the east. One theory is that they were originally used to flail (beat till the grains are separated from the husks) rice and soybeans, in a time when commoners were not permitted to carry formal weapons. When war broke out and everybody had to arm themselves, any common object became a weapon. Nunchuku have evolved into a form of contact martial arts since then, and are now also used in flow arts. By adding a wick at either end of the sticks, they are transformed into an amazing fire spinning tool, with a wide variety of possible moves.


Rope dart


The rope dart or rope javelin is an ancient Chinese weapon that consists of a sharp dart attached to a chain and then to a long rope (2-3 meters). The dart could be thrown at an enemy and then pulled back to the wielder. It allowed for a variety of moves including spinning, throwing and whipping out towards enemies. In the modern flow arts, the dart is replaced with a wick and the rope is secured to the left hand, allowing the right hand to throw out and spin around the burning end.




The diabolo, formerly known as the devil on two sticks, is an interesting and fun tool or toy. It consists of a spool which is perfectly weighted on either side with a thin contact point in the middle and a rope with a stick attached at either end. The spool can be run along, thrown and spun on the rope. The diabolo originated from the Chinese yo-yo and was standardized in the 12th century. Though normal diabolo are made from, rubber, plastic or a mix, fire diabolo are made from metal, with small wicks at the center of each cup.


Buugeng staff

Buugeng Img

The Buugeng or S staff is an interestingly shaped fire staff. It generally consists of a staff, with a grip at the center and either side bent into opposing half circles. The term Buugeng, meaning martial arts illusion, was coined by Japanese performer Dai Zaobab, but he was not the inventor of this interesting instrument. The S staff was first used by Michael Moschen, a Cirque du Soleil juggler who also won the MacArthur Foundation genius grant. Moschen’s inspiration for the staff came from the Chinese martial arts’ double dear horn. This instrument requires more concentration and knowledge of planes than a straight staff, but the result is a beautiful visual Kaleidoscope or optical illusion.


Devil sticks

Devil Sticks On Fire By Murderbean

I am sure many of you are familiar with the devil sticks, which consists of three tools, used in unison. You have the baton and two control sticks, which are used to manipulate the baton stick. The Devil sticks have evolved over 3000 years, but the exact origins are unknown. When spinning fire devil sticks, only the batons’ ends have wicks. This can give the illusion of the baton floating around at night as one cannot see the control sticks. There are many patterns that can be created with the devil sticks and it can also become a team sport, where two or more people can pass around or juggle back and forth the baton.




Hoops have been played and danced with for a thousand years. The first hoops where toys which were made from fines and pushed around with sticks or rotated around the body (hula hoops) but they have evolved into a great flow art movement. Fire hoops are generally made from aluminum, with wick spokes sticking out around it. Either one large hoop or two smaller hoops can be used and they are spun around and tossed to the beat of the music. In addition to looking amazing, spinning hoops also offer a great form of aerobic exercise and the possibility of movements can be endless.



Performance Firefans

Fire fans are metal fans with wicked prongs sticking out at the ends. Fire fans can be used in different forms, one being belly dancing in which fans are moved, swayed and turned slowly with the movement of the body and the other being tech spinners, which use more upbeat music with much faster and more intricate spinning. There are two main types of fans: collapsible, which can open up to 180° and can give the illusion of one wick turning into many, or non-collapsible, which is fixed at 90° and has finger holds at the bottom. Even though the collapsible fans sound more appealing, the lack of finger holds makes spinning impossible and so they are mostly used in belly dancing where extravagant moves are not required.




Poi where first used by the Maori people of New Zealand and are still widely used by them today. They are essentially just weighted objects attached to chains or strings with a grip at the other end. These are swung around in unison to make rhythmic circular patterns. The word poi refers to the spinning instruments, the music spun to, and the performance. In Maori culture the women are the main spinners but it is believed that the men also used to spin poi to gain wrist flexibility for combat. A poi performance usually includes singing or dancing and can be done synchronized with a partner or a group. Poi are available in many forms, including sock poi, LED poi and fire poi which can have up to three wicks on one chain. To make your own poi to start practicing with, all you need is knee high socks or stockings and some tennis balls. Poi have also evolved into other fire spinning tools, such as the meteor, which is one long chain with a grip at the center and two wicks or weights at the ends. To learn some poi moves, go to



Tom Firestaff

I will be damned if anyone has never played with a broom, hockey stick, golf stick or in fact, any stick. The staff is one of the oldest weapons and a stick is in the Museum of Historical Toys for being the oldest toy. There are martial arts revolving solely around staffs and they were even used in medieval Britain as a weapon. In the flow arts, there are a variety of possible staff practices including: single staff, double staff, contact staff and wands. Fire staffs mostly all have wicks at either ends, except for the wand, which only has one wick, though some staffs can have up to three wicks per side. The staffs can be twirled around the body, tossed in the air, wrapped around specific parts of the body and stalled in various patterns. Modern LED staffs are also available for spinning where fire is not permitted.

Notable omissions: Meteor, Whip, Contact Juggling, Fire Fingers, Fire Swords and Fire knifes

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    Coincidentally I watched a program on LSD that involved people at the Burning Man festival performing these flow arts while under the influence of LSD :) Perhaps that should be added as a tool for performing this art?… or is it not a requirement?

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    Well I thought it a cool list Christine. Even if I’m not likely to start spinning things with flames shootin’ out of ’em, I can certainly understand the appeal. Fire has a definite allure – guess who is in charge of the bonfires in our family?

    Our kids have had both devil sticks and diabolo; there was a period when they were the must-have fad toy. Amazing how proficient they got with them and the number of tricks they mastered. Damn good thing they didn’t come with wicks – my house would have burned down – multiple times.

    Nice job Christine – awesome that you’ve found such a cool outlet for creativity.

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    A somewhat interesting list, but a terrible title. The flow arts? I expected some nonsense about interpretive dance.

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    It’s amazing how many different variations and tools are available for something as simple – term used loosely – as spinning fire. Interesting article, and more interesting, I find, is how so many of these started as weapons, and then evolved into forms of expression. Reminds me of capoeira, if Brazil’s main export was Prometheus-inspired pain!

    Good read.

  • Zan

    Cool list and something i’ve always wanted to try. Thanks Christine :) May i ask how long it took you to practise before you were able to light up?

    • Christine Vrey

      Im glad you enjoyed it =) I was foolish when I started and lit my poi about two weeks after I baught them (I baught fire poi and practised with them before I baught practise poi) which resulted in some minor burns, very tired arms and a total lack of tricks or flow… I basically just spun them around, weaved abit and did butterflies. You do get noticably better everytime you spin though, so atleast I didn’t suck for too long =)
      Put some tennis balls in socks and give it a try!! If you need some insparation or help, check out ZanOO or meenik on youtube… they are amazing and have great tutorials…

  • #winning

    The people that do this stuff are extremely annoying. I mean seriously what a waste of time. I couldn’t imagine saying my profession is a fire-rope-swinger. I have also noticed that these people are lacking in personal hygien, maybe they should learn how to use soap-on-a-rope. Are you sure that these are the “top 10” or are they the only things these people use? How many more could there be? And seriously what is so interesting about learning what these people use, no one cares about these people anyways. So someone did the smart thing and made a list about the tools they use lol.

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      don’t worry, i bet your profession is just as annoying and stupid to someone else.

  • David Hopkins

    Hey, who removed my comment on the censored words? I honestly consider automatically starring out words on listverse regardless of context contrary to freedom of expression. I was merely trying to demonstrate a point. And now you’re suppressing people who speak out against censorship?

    • Not sure how it works in the rest of the world (of course who really cares about the rest of the world), but in the good ole USA individuals are only protected against government censorship. The private sector can censor at will.

  • An interesting an informative list. I have seen fire spinning a time or two, but have never heard it referred to as “flow art” — you learn something new every day. Would have appreciated more videos, though — maybe in the follow-up list.

    • Christine Vrey

      Im sorry crazycatman, but I dont think the rest of the readers want a follow up on this =/ If you want to see some great videos, chek out ZanOO or meenik on youtube. Give it a try if you want, it realy is SUPER fun and not lame at all!!

  • Bubbles

    I have been spinning fire myself for about 2 years now and it has become a big part of my life, i have worked hard and learnt alot but i have only scraped the tip of the iceberg of what amazing and challenging things you can create with fire.

    All the commenter’s who are being ignorant idiots, try picking one of these up yourself and mastering it eh before you start insulting others hobbies and passions. It’s an amazing art form that’s both therapeutic and generally fun and i wouldn’t give it up for the world.

    So respect for doing a list i for one am genuinely interested in :)

    • Christine Vrey

      Finally! I was waiting for another like minded spinner =) I can only immagine (for now) how much better I will be in two years, but there is still soo much to learn. What is your tool of choice? I want to try fans out realy badly, but dont know where to get any. Most online companys dont even ship to my country. I have only been spinning for like 4 months but already it comsumes me. It is totally addictive and I look forward to the next blaze session before leaving the last!!

      • Bubbles

        It is amazingly addictive :) love it, fans are my favourite. Have dabbled with most of them though some better than others.

        The fans i use are from but there are many different website selling various shapes and styles if you google “fire fans”, depending on where you’re based. Home of poi ships from new zealand and me being from the UK the shipping was surprisingly reasonable from what i remember.

        • Christine Vrey

          I have checked out homeofpoi but they dont ship to me (Namibia is a random little country) but im moving to Thailand in less than 2months so im sure I will have more luck there!! I am super exited to find a larger spinning comunity there aswell, since here I only know of like 4 people that spin besides me. If you are ever in the vacinity… Thanks for awesome info =)

          • Bubbles

            A guy that runs a circus company i work for lives in tailand so i assume there must be a decent scene :) and no worries, good luck!

  • William

    neh Hippies! lol just kiddin’ these guys are awesome!

  • Name

    i don’t care…

  • fiiiona

    Respect! I had a girl friend that did this stuff in our high school talent show. She definitely stole the show!

  • fraterhater

    Ha, trollverse…

  • DavidMembrane

    Fire spinning – a hobby taken up by those who did not receive enough attention in school. For every person impressed by one of these jobless hippies, there are about a hundred people pitying them.

    I’ve seen it numerous times in nightclubs (albeit without the fire). Every single time it’s been some idiot still trying to get over being unpopular in school by doing something no one on earth is impressed by and generally annoying people trying to get past

    • Sam


    • wow you really sound like an interesting and creative person.

      • DavidMembrane

        I’m very interesting and creative. I take my shirt off and spin fire around myself in public places despite no one asking me to in the mistakes assumption people think it’s cool

        • Bubbles

          Ever thought not everything is done to please everyone else? Maybe some people actually do it for personal enjoyment also in which no elses opinion matters. Being “cool” is irrelevent.

          • DavidMembrane

            If being ‘cool’ is irrelevent, why are they doing with their shirts off in front of as many people as they can, most of who have not requested a performance.

            They do it for personal enjoyment in the same way guys working out at muscle beach do

    • duh

      response to last comment: fire is hot. ;)

  • Ljudmilsmith

    Good List for the Flow arts.I have really enjoying it to make a different type of art.

  • Billgarcia

    Maybe a stage chart would help. design it the way you best understand it, or see to it that each person knows all the stages that the art must move through. before class ends each student should be able to stage their project.

    • Karolina

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  • Napoleon666

    Forgot the bow, one of the best meditational tools there is.

  • Interesting list. Never knew fire spinning is called flow arts. I’m wondering how the Buugeng staff is handled/flourished, it looks hard to handle, even more with fire at the tips.

  • ibra

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  • stephen

    So you can twirl things that are on fire. Yawn.

  • Bronislavsmith

    These type of Picture are so very Creative and Good happiness moment.

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