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Top 10 Vitamin Deficiencies

Kate Mulcahy . . . Comments

Until quite recently, the role vitamins play in good health was largely unknown. Explorers in the renaissance found that on ships where they ate salted meat and grain, a huge variety of diseases appeared that were cured by eating a more varied diet. People began to suspect the existence of vitamins, tiny substances which were needed to sustain good health. There have been several Nobel Prizes given to scientists who correctly identified specific vitamins, as they allowed thousands of people to avoid death from deficiencies simply by eating a certain food. Today vitamin deficiencies still occur in developing countries or in those who have restrictive diets, but centuries ago people lived in fear of these deadly deficiencies whose causes were unknown and seemed to affect people at random.



N5040001-Beriberi Patient, 1914-Spl

Beriberi is a disease whose symptoms include weight loss, body weakness and pain, brain damage, irregular heart rate, heart failure, and death if left untreated. It was endemic in Asia for a long time. Strangely, Beriberi occurred almost exclusively amongst the richer members of society, and was unknown in the poor. Although recognized to be a nutritional deficiency, doctors were baffled as to why wealthy people with plentiful and clean food would fall victim to beriberi whereas the poor with limited food did not. As it turned out, beriberi is a deficiency of vitamin B1 (thiamine) which is found in cereal grain husks. The rich had been washing their rice so well that they removed the husk with its vitamin B1, whereas the poor did not wash their food as well and consumed enough vitamin B1. White bread can also potentially cause beriberi, so today developed countries add extra vitamin B1 to it. Beriberi is now found mostly in alcoholics whose bodies become poor at absorbing vitamin B1.

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After the discovery and exploration of the Americas, corn was grown by settlers and all around the world. The natives who had originally grown it would treat it with lime, but the taste was unpleasant to the Europeans and they omitted this part of the preparation. As corn was increasingly farmed, the disease pellagra began to spread. Symptoms included diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia, and finally death. Many people believed that corn was in some way toxic, but could not explain the lack of pellagra among native New Worlders. After thousands of deaths, it was discovered that corn, although high in carbohydrates, lacked vitamin B3 (niacin). Farmers would sometimes eat little other than corn and succumb to the deficiency. The Native Americans had actually been using lime as a way of adding vitamin B3. Today it is well known that by eating a variety of foods vitamin B3 is freely obtained and pellagra is easily treated.


Biotin Deficiency


Biotin deficiency is caused by a lack of vitamin B7 (biotin). It causes rashes, hair loss, anaemia, and mental conditions including hallucinations, drowsiness, and depression. Vitamin B7 itself is found in meat, liver, milk, peanuts, and some vegetables. Its deficiency is quite rare; however, there was a brief spike in the number of cases when it became popular for bodybuilders to consume raw eggs. One of the proteins found in raw egg white binds vitamin B7 and makes it difficult for the body to use, leading to a deficiency. Cooking egg whites makes this protein inactive. Mild biotin deficiency is also found is about half of all pregnant women due to a higher use of vitamin B7 in their bodies, and supplements are recommended for such women by the World Health Organisation.




Scurvy was first noted among people who spent a long time at sea. Boats would only carry non-perishable foods such as salted meats and dried grain, so sailors ate few if any fruits or vegetables. Scurvy causes lethargy, skin spots, bleeding gums, loss of teeth, fever, and death. Ancient sea-faring civilizations would cure it with various herbs. In more recent times, these ancient cures were not used consistently and their value was not realized. In the 18th century horse meat and citrus fruits were found to cure scurvy, and British sailors consumed limes to the extent that they were nicknamed ‘limeys’. It is now known that these foods contain vitamin C, and in modern times scurvy is rarely fatal as it once consistently was. Today, there are groups who advocate vitamin C megadoses of hundreds of times the recommended daily requirement; although any positive effects have not been firmly demonstrated and harmful overdoses can occur.

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Rickets causes muscles and bones to become soft, which can cause permanent deformities in children. It is most common in children and infants who have a poor diet or who are housebound, but is nowadays relatively rare in developed countries. Breast-fed babies are at higher risk if they or their mothers do not take in enough sunlight, and baby formula is now designed to prevent this. Rickets is caused by a lack of vitamin D or of calcium. Vitamin D is required for calcium to be properly absorbed into bones to strengthen them. Adults rarely develop rickets because their bones are not growing and do not need much calcium. Vitamin D itself is obtained from many foods but the body can only use it if it has been converted into its active form via sunlight. In recent years there has been a slight increase in children with rickets possibly due to too many of them staying indoors.



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This condition is present mostly in people who suffer from malnutrition and in alcoholics. It causes distinctive bright pink tongues, although other symptoms are cracked lips, throat swelling, bloodshot eyes, and low red blood cell count. Ultimately it can cause comas and death. It is caused by a lack of vitamin B2 (riboflavin), but easily treated by eating foods rich in vitamin B2, including meat, eggs, milk, mushrooms, and leafy green vegetables. Vitamin B2 is also used as artificial orange color in foods. It is absorbed through the liver, so alcoholics might eat enough of it but be unable to use it. True deficiencies are rare, but about 10% of people in developed countries live in a state of slight deficiency, thought to be from a diet of highly processed foods. Constant slight deficiencies can increase the risk of mild health problems.


Vitamin K deficiency


This deficiency affects nearly half of all newborn infants worldwide. In severe cases it causes uncontrolled bleeding and underdeveloped faces and bones. Many hospitals give newborns vitamin K injections to avoid the more severe symptoms. Unfortunately babies born outside hospitals are statistically at a much higher risk of serious deficiencies. Vitamin K is found chiefly in leafy green vegetables, although human gut bacteria help produce it in humans. Newborns have not yet developed gut bacteria which is why they are so prone to deficiencies. Other than newborns, vitamin K deficiency is found in alcoholics, bulimics, strict dieters, and people with various severe diseases such as cystic fibrosis. Adults who bruise or bleed easily sometimes have vitamin K deficiency which itself may be indicative of one of these more serious disorders.




This mouthful of a disease was first noticed as a symptom of an autoimmune disease. It causes gradual deterioration of the spinal cord and very gradual brain deterioration, resulting in sensory or motor deficiencies. Mental disorders from the gradual brain damage begin as fatigue, irritability, depression, or bad memory. As the disease progresses over several years, psychosis and mania can appear. This damage is irreversible and is caused by a deficiency in vitamin B12. Fortunately, this vitamin is easily found in meat, dairy, and eggs. Vitamin B12 is stored in the liver and can last for years before deficiency sets in. Hypocobalaminemia is most common in developing countries amongst people who eat few animal products. The most at-risk groups in developed countries are vegans, as no plant produces enough B12 for a human diet. Children need much more B12 than adults because they are growing, so infants who are only breast-fed can become deficient and suffer permanent brain damage if their mother is only slightly deficient. Supplements are recommended for people of all diet types as an easy way to avoid the devastation of this disease.




Vitamin B5 is found in nearly every food, and deficiencies are found in people who have been starving, volunteers of particular medical studies, and people on diets restricted to a very small number of foods. A deficiency in vitamin B5 causes chronic paraesthesia. Paraesthesia is most familiar to us as the numbing sensation we feel as ‘pins and needles’ or a limb ‘falling asleep’. This kind of paraesthesia is perfectly normal; however, in vitamin B5 deficiencies it occurs constantly. Malnourished prisoners of war sometimes reported prickling and burning sensations in their hands and feet which is now thought to have been paraesthesia. As this is nearly unseen today, most vitamin supplements do not include B5.


Night Blindness


The Ancient Egyptians and Greeks wrote about night blindness, or ‘nyctalopia’. This affliction makes it impossible to see in dim light, and sufferers become completely blind when night falls. The Egyptians found that they could cure sufferers by feeding them liver, which contains high levels of vitamin A, the deficiency of which causes night blindness. Vitamin A deficiency still affects one third of all children on Earth under the age of five, resulting in over half a million deaths each year. Most high dose vitamins obtain their vitamin A from liver, which is dangerous at high levels and can cause various health complications. In the past, starving Antarctic explorers would eat their dogs for food but became sick when they ate too much liver. Vitamin A found in carrots is a slightly different molecule to that found in liver and is not toxic in high doses, although it can cause skin to turn yellow. During the Second World War, the Allies announced that they ate carrots to see well, although carrots only help maintain normal vision and do not improve it beyond this. Actually they were lying to hide their development of radar.

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    Nice list. I had no idea so many people around the world are still affected by these.

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      Unfortunately this list is not too American. Many of these diseases are actually found in underdeveloped countries like in Australia where I live. Americans and Kiwi’s are far to healthy to fall victim to these diseases. In fact I have #5, #6, and #7. My mom suffers from #8 and #1. The night blindness makes her a great pros.titute she never finds out what people just made her do, or how many people did her.

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    Night blindness sounds really weird. And the brain damage one is just awful. Gotta get those vitamins :)

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    Kate, another fantastic list!

    Pretty horrible information, nasty results from a simply bad diet. We all learned about sailors and scurvy, beriberi, and rickets in school, but the rest of these awful illness are new to me. Beautifully ugly pictures. Enough to make one vow to improve one’s diet!

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    Good list. Obscure topic, but very nicely written.

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    It at least makes me feel good that just about every one of these is avoidable with a varied diet. Man i dont want to gwt ANY of them.

  • Im sorry but that list was crap i guess im just a hard person to please

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    The brain damage one is really scary. You could slowly be getting worse and worse, permanently, but be completely unaware of it. That kind of brain damage is terrifying.

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    They add vitamin b1 to bread? I’ll have to look at the packet next time, i never knew that.

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    I’m doing med and let me just say this explains vitamin deficiencies much better than my textbooks. You read those things and after 10 pages you still have no idea what its about. I like this list. very clear and easy to read.

  • Gower59

    I’ve just been diagnosed with a vitamin D and calcium deficiency. I thought they were mad with the amount of milk I consume per day. So just a few weeks ago I became familiar with the Ricketts item on the list.

    I’m now prone to bone diseases if I don’t get the supplement and sunlight. Always get you vegetables people!

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    scary stuff man. my daughter gets mad when i make her drink milk and eat vegetables, i should show her some of these pics. Kate your on a role babe! keep up the good work

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      That will only serve to make your pee expensive. A varied diet and you’ll be much better off!

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        Big bang theory…. The more you know (silly rainbow thing)

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          Some might not know about Vitamin D but you should aim to get at least at the very least fifeten minutes of sun on a daily basis. This is because your body will organically create the Vitamin D the minute your skin is exposed to the sun. If you typically wear sunscreen all the time, for this time frame, skip wearing it. This is because the chemicals in the sunscreen will stop your body’s natural absorption of sunlight. Another good part of sunshine is that it is good at fighting fatigue and depression. If you have medium to dark skin, then you should try to stay out for 10 minutes more in the sun to receive all the benefits.

      • Meghan

        True. But sometimes it is difficult to have a balanced diet, and in that case vitamins can be helpful. I’m in college and have limited funds and I often have to choose between meat and fruits and vegetables.

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    Awesome list Kate!! Very glad that so many of these deficiencies are easy to prevent in this day and age, also thankful that we have such intelligent people who study biology and food science improving our lives. Im always so careful about choosing the right ingredients for my meals when I buy groceries. If only the whole world could have well balanced diets..

  • I’m guessing Kate Mulcahy can write an intelligent, fascinating list on any subject. This is another winner.

    When I had my first child I made it a point to read every book on nutrition for children I could lay my hands on. Much of the information contained in this list was included in those books. Kaye, you’ve made some difficult info easy to grasp. You’ve done a real service today :)

    • Kate Mulcahy

      Thank you so much :) I was just scrolling through the comments before I leave to work. Thought I would leave a quick “thank-you” :) I enjoyed coming to this site for years, so I thought I would write my own top-10 list. Turns out I really enjoyed writing it, so I wrote many more. I am glad to see so many people enjoying them :) The work is finally paying off..

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        Am I the only one who thinks this isn’t the real deal?

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    I’ve not heard of most of these. Just the common ones like scurvy…which always reminds me of pirates. :)
    Some of these pictures are cringe worthy…. especially #5.

    Good list.

  • Awesome list.

    It’s strange that some diseases that were deadly or thought to be almost incurable can be cured through slight diet changes and that now they are viewed as simple deficiencies.

    I think I read something about children in Australia developing rickets in higher numbers as parents were keeping them out of the sun for fear of skin cancer.

  • Shady

    Interesting list although slight factual error. Vegans can get B12 through nutritional yeast. Regardless, it is the only ‘blanket’ nutritional recommendation for those who eat a vegan diet.

    • gregor

      It says no PLANT provides enough B12, which the world began association itself states. It then says vegans are reccomended to take supplements, which for B12 get it from bacteria and yeast. Not sure where the error is there.

    • fen

      Yeah, that’s why it says to take supplements, which are made via bacteria or yeast. But I looked it up, its quite correct in saying no plant can do it since the world began association themselves say this. I don’t think there is any actual incorrect information here.

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    Besides having scurvy that person has never brushed or flossed his/her teeth. Good list. I just found out I’m a little short on Vit D, which seems to be common now.

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    vampires also suffer from vitamin d deficiency because they hate sunlight

  • AFoz

    Was this list written by someone who works for a formula company? Almost every topic has some form of why this was caused by breast feeding. Breast milk is far and away the best substance to feed your baby on. Formula is missing literally thousands of nutrients that are present in breast milk. If formula companies had thier way, we’d be drinking formula from birthd to death. From baby formula through Ensure. Total crap.

    • mom424

      I agree – but I still gave my kids vitamin k drops…..

    • gemma

      You really have a beef with formula companies dude… Unfortunately, if the mother is deficient, there is a good chance her milk is also. Just take vitamin pills to be sure, especially since vitamin deficiencies are so common in underdeveloped countries where children are almost exclusively breast fed for at least 6 months. I mean, if a third of the worlds children have vitamin a deficiency, then breast milk clearly cant do its job when rhe mother is deficient. It’s not necessarily got anything to do with formula.

    • Steve

      Of the 10 topics listed only Rickets and Hypocobalaminemia mention breast feeding and only Rickets mentions baby formula. 2 out of 10 of these topics mention breast feeding and all of a sudden the author is anti breast feeding 1 out of 10 of the topics mention baby formula and all of a sudden the author is a shill for formula companies. I guess 10-20% is the new standard to define “almost every topic” Way to overreact. If anything is total crap it’s your response.

      • titan

        Plus for both of those two the author says that a healthy mother is fine, its only when 5he mothet is deficient that theres a problem. Sadly this is true for a lot of women aroynd the world. But a quick (and easily verifiable) mention that baby formula is designed to prevent against one deficiency is apparently the same as saying all women should use formula. Of course healthy milk is best, but for a third of kids on earth, its just not available.

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      What Steve said. Also, companies want to sell their product. That is not a crime, and you shouldn’t be surprised.

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    Great list! More like this one please :D

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    Great job Kate. My favorite lists are generally health/science/fact based. Definite winner here.

    Sad fact that there are many people still suffering these very treatable afflictions. Often treatable with what the grocery chains throw out every day. Too bad we’re so poor at spreading out the resources.

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    One of my friends’ body can’t absorb B12 from food so he and most of his family has to take special vitamins.

  • Oh my god… creepy!

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    Excellent list. I like how in the intro it says how these deficiencies were seen as taking people at random and people lived fearfully, but now with just a bit of variation in the diet they’re pretty much all treatable. Thank god for medicos who go out there and figure these things so we can all live better lives!

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    Beriberi is the reason for Marmite/Vegemite.

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      No, silly… Deliciousness is the reason! But yeah apparently they are high in vitamins too…

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    I love these educational/interesting lists. Go Kate Mulcahy!

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    When I was growing up, mom made us take vitamin tablets. I always thought she was being paranoid but after reading this I’m kind of glad for it.

  • petet2112

    I am a Diabetic Type 2 for the last 6 years. I am going to permanently write down this list (Sorry, I don’t have a printer for my computer). Very thorough and very well researched

    • Type 2

      I’ve been diabetic for only a year, but I know what you mean. There is so much information outthere, it’s hard to sort out in your head. This list is very easy to follow and well categorised. There are only 13 vitamins, so this list plus 3 more and you’re covered.

      I’m sticking it on my fridge :)

  • Deb

    I always used to think of nutrition as kind of vague, with all sorts of random nutrients that could pop up and you’d realise you were lacking or they’d say you need, like in ads and stuff. Then I went and learnt about it all, and it’s much easier to understand how it all fits in, and it isn’t as vast or vauge as it had appeared. I’m glad people have researched all this sort of stuff to make it easier for the average person like me to know how their diet fits in with these sorts of things.

    • Ben

      If you want vague, take a look at pills designed to correct ‘brain chemical imbalances’. The companies themselves say “we aren’t sure how these supplements work”, so it seems like a total scam capitalising on the placebo effect.

  • Bradman

    I’m so glad that basically all of these can be avoided with a varied diet. Man I’d never want to have rickets or brain damage or anything.

    • Samantha

      Bert, your writing is so tguohht provoking. I was disappointed when you announced that you were no longer writing for the paper but I no longer am. This blog is wonderful! Your thinking helps me to clarify my own thinking as I ponder the many things happening on this planet. Your marvelous example keeps me digging hard in our garden!Elizabeth

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    These are pretty much the worst deficiencies you have have with vitamins. There are others but they’re pretty much unheard of or not nearly as devistating. I reckon as long as you cover these ten you’re fine.

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    When I saw the ‘disturbing content’ flag for this list, I thought ‘oh come on, it’s just vitamins, how bad can it be?’

    Oh how wrong I was. Some of these are absolutely disgusting.

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    I saw one of those “True Stories of the ER” episodes last year. A young couple brought there little boy in to Emergency with lots of pain. They were confused at first. Turns out he had scurvy. He refused to eat anything other than oatmeal and they let him!

    • Fid

      Their little boy not there little boy. Why can’t I correct my own errors?!

  • Missy

    This is a great list. I am a medical typist and even now, I have typed a heck of a lot of reports where people have iron and B12 deficiencies, and these can cause serious gut problems. This seems to be a real problem in our society. Please, please, if anyone has gut problems go to your dr/specialist and have it checked out, you never know what you might have. Do not ignore your body.

  • Fid

    PS – great list Kate you rock!!

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    Fantastic list again, Kate. This list is getting a permanent home on the kitchen wall :)

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    I see the picture of #7 a lot. That’s not scurvy, that’s terrible dental hygiene.

  • Vitamin D deficiency is rampant worldwide, more so in the industrialized world. Vitamin D is not a vitamin, it’s a steroid. It’s been shown to be correlated with lower rates of cancer, along with a host of other ailments and diseases. People, including children, spend all day indoors, plus people have been scared silly about getting skin cancer. FOOLISHNESS, ALL OF IT! A POX ON THESE MEDICAL CHARLATANS AND THEIR QUACKERY!!!

    It’s almost a silent epidemic, and should have been A#1 on your list. I thereby find your list to be suffering from a deficiency of its own. back to school with you, boyo!

    • FMH

      Eh? Charlatans? You can get both from too much sun: Skin cancer and a healthy dose of vitamine D, no doctor would deny that. Most MDs would probably recommend a good walk in the sun each day (apart from getting vitamin D it also reduces the probability of getting depressions and heart desease) but frow upon hour-long sunbathes (which, apart from getting vitamin D get you sunburns and eventually maybe cancer). Nobody ever said that you should spend all day inside to prevent skin cancer.

      And if you’re still worried, take supplements. Chances are that you are wasting your money, but they aren’t that expensive.

  • Ben

    I’d never heard of vitamin K until a few weeks ago on a commercial, it sounded so made up! :P

  • nicole

    I’m an extremely picky eater… and this list just convinced me to eat my veggies and fruits! Hahaha thanks

  • perrymcneel

    There are specific blood tests for specific vitamin deficiencies like B12. But it is better to take a good general multi-vitamin and mineral supplement or eat healthy food.

    • FMH

      “But it is better to take a good general multi-vitamin and mineral supplement or eat healthy food”
      You are wrong there. There is no “or”. It should be: Eat healthy food. Supplements only do the job if you are really lacking on a special vitamine and show symptomes, they won’t help you however if you don’t eat healthy food.

  • Guy

    I was a vegetarian for 4 months last year, and now am paranoid that I could be at risk for getting hypocobalaminemia. Is that possible?

    • It’s OK

      You should be fine. As the list said, your liver stores enough vitamin B12 for a year or so, and you only need to eat a little bit of eggs and milk and stuff to get it. So unless you are a strict vegan, take no vitamin supplements, and live like that for more than 2 or 3 years, you’re perfectly fine. Relax!

  • petet2112

    To Kate Mulcahy, Another fascinating list that you have authored and big time kudos to you. I am a Diabetic Type 2 and was diagnosed on Nov. 20, 2006. I am also a recovering alcoholic and have been clean since the aforementioned date. I now firmly believe that I had some of these Vitamin deficiencies, and we’re brought onto me by my vicious cycle of eating junk and drinking alcohol. I also have other conditions as well, but would take up much time and many words to describe them. Anything relating to food, I always read faithfully. I do not own a printer for my computer, so I carefully hand wrote the list and the do’s and dont’s of what to eat. I found #10 Beriberi to be the most awful in my opinion, but was surprised that horse meat can be very helpful in preventing # 7, Scurvy. I tried horse meat once when I vacationed in France some 20 years ago and found it to be just so-so. Thank You again for another very informative list.

    • Good On Yah

      You wrote out the entire list? That’s a huge effort! Although probably nothing compared to staying clean for six years. Good luck with your road to a healthier body, and here’s hoping you can make up for bad eating habits in the past!

  • fendabenda

    Why have the pictures of my hair (#8), my teeth (#7), my mother’s legs (#6) and my tongue (#5) been used for this article? Where did you get those pictures from, Listverse, anyway? I’m gonna sue for compensation

  • Geoff

    A big THANK YOU to the author of this list. A lot of this information is freely available on the web, but scattered so widely that there is no way I could ever group it all together like this. This is easy to read and understand, and best of all, very useful. Both my wife and I have genetic digestion problems, and let me tell you, it is a huge relief to see information like this grouped together so nicely for us.

    Thank you.

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    Really useful and informative article..

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  • Ace13

    I have B12 deficiency. I have never been so sick in my life. It left me with a lot of permanent damage to my body. Thankfully it was caught early enough that I can still walk and I only developed some brain changes. After being so sick for 6 months they finally figured out what was wrong and I get a B12 shot every month now and am perfectly fine. Vitamin deficiencies are serious and I think more people should be aware

    • B 12 is important, I agree. It also has a side benefit of which not everyone is aware. Energy!

      When my children were toddlers (the 3 of them have a total age spread of 33.5 months), I got weekly B 12 shots from my doctor in order to keep up with the marauding horde. I felt like Mr. Clean!

  • Jhonny

    ADD has become a mecane in the children. Thank you for posting this very informative post. Keeping children healthy and giving them proper nutrition could really help not only in their problem with ADD but also with their over all health.

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    Wouldn’t the British pilots in WWII eat blueberries to improve their night vision?

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    Vitamin A deficiency can lead to poor work at work and poor growth as an adult.

  • Sina

    Vitamin A deficiency can lead to poor work at work and poor growth as an adult.

  • Sean

    An american vitamin deficiency would be vitamin A. So, you can try that if you could, by have some of the same food at a given time.

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