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Top 10 Bizarre Miracles

Lara Webster . . . Comments

Miraculous events are inexplicable by their very nature, but some reported miracles are more bizarre than others. A miracle can mean more than just a sudden ghostly vision or recovery from a serious illness – sometimes the reports are flat out weird. From levitation to moving statues, these miracles might leave you scratching you head in either wonderment or doubt.


Joseph of Cupertino

San Giuseppe Da Copertino Si Eleva In Volo Alla Vista Della Basilica Di Loreto

Joseph of Cupertino was an Italian Franciscan friar who is considered a saint and a mystic. He is said to have sprung into a spontaneous levitation in October of 1630, during a procession in honor of another saint, Francis of Assisi. Joseph of Cupertino remained hovering over the crowd for a while, eventually returning to the ground. Because he experienced this levitation more than once, including in front of Pope Urban VIII, Joseph of Cupertino is considered the patron saint of pilots and astronauts.


St. Bernadette


According to the Roman Catholic church, some bodies of the deceased can become miraculously incorruptible, meaning they do not change form after death. These bodies remain flexible and without decay for an infinite amount of time with no intervention, such as embalming. One such occurrence of incorruptibility is St. Bernadette, who, as of 2012, has been dead for more than 130 years and is said to be in the same condition as she appeared in life.


Fatima, Portugal

Miracle Of Fatima

In the Cova da Iria fields near Fatima, Portugal, a miracle occurred with the sun in October of 1917. According to legend, three shepherd children reported that the Virgin Mary told them a miracle would occur on a certain date and time, and thousands of people gathered to witness it. At high noon, after a patch of rain and clouds, the sun suddenly appeared in the sky as a spinning disk. According to witnesses, the sun then zig-zagged towards the Earth. This miracle was officially sanctioned by the church in 1930.


Atika, Japan Statue

Crying Maria

A nun by the name of Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa had a vision of the Virgin Mary in 1973, and afterwards experienced stigmata on one of her hands which began to bleed. In June of the same year, a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary in her church spontaneously started to bleed in the same place. The statue went on over the next few years to cry and sweat also without explanation. Scientists collected samples of the blood, sweat, and tears, and determined that they were real and human. Sister Agnes was subsequently cured of total deafness with no treatment.


Martin de Porres


Martin de Porres was a lay brother of the Dominican Order who resided in Peru. Among the miracles he is said to have performed, including healing sick patients, is his ability to be in two places at once – literally. Martin de Porres was seen in distant places like Mexico and Japan while he remained at home in Peru. De Porres would provide proof of the journeys in his other body by means of a detailed description of the locations. Martin de Porres was canonized in 1962.


The Statue of Cartago
Costa Rica

Romeria Newsfull H

In 1635, a young girl in Cartago is supposed to have taken a small statue of a mother and child from a footpath and brought it home with her. The next day, the statue disappeared from her home and she found it again in the same location along the path. After this happened once more, she brought the statue to a priest who, after telling her it was a statue of the Madonna and child, put it inside a box. The statue disappeared once again, reappearing along the footpath. This miraculous statue was eventually placed on display at the Basilica de Nuestra Señora de los Angeles.


Roman Eucharist

Rome 1

In a Roman mass that took place in 595, one of the women who had prepared the bread for the Eucharist began to laugh at the notion that the bread and wine were really the flesh and blood of Christ. Pope St. Gregory, present at the time, denied the woman communion. Shortly after, some of the bread prepared by the woman became actual blood and flesh. Some of this relic is still housed in Anechs, Germany.


Seminole Finance building


One of the more recent miracles, this episode tool place in Clearwater, Florida beginning in late 1996. Suddenly and without explanation, an image of the Virgin mother appeared on the side of the Seminole Finance Building, which is outfitted in large panes of black glass. The rainbow colored image stood two stories tall, and withstood vandals throwing liquid on the side of the building. More than 500,000 faithful people went to visit this unexplained vision.


Healings of Willard Fuller


Many miracles involve some sort of medical healing, but most involve serious or even terminal illness, not something much more minor and easily treatable. However, Willard Fuller, a Louisiana man, became known for his miraculous dental healings. From the 1940s through the 1970s he reportedly healed the dental cavities and other health issues of his believers. Some of his healed witnesses reported gold fillings suddenly appearing in teeth where none had existed before.


Voice of Saint Clelia Barbieri


Instead of appearing as a visual apparition, Saint Clelia Barbieri, an Italian woman who is also the youngest founder of a Catholic community, can still be heard audibly. While passing away of Tuberculosis at the young age of 23, Clelia Barbieri reportedly told her fellow parishioners she would never abandon them. Her voice was first heard miraculously exactly one year after she died, in the form of a high-pitched singing voice, at times harmonizing with the church choir. Her voice continues to be heard in the communities of Usokami and Wadakanchery.

Miracles can take many forms, and must have witnesses to be sanctioned as official by the church. Whether you believe in miracles or consider yourself a healthy skeptic, these bizarre miracles make for good stories and are sure to incite conversation in almost any crowd.

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    • Elen

      Believe me when I say that there are religions other than Christianity and there are people in places other than Americas and Europe.

      • Faraz

        Believe me when I say that I second that.

        • rmg1501

          Roger Roger. Well said!

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    first! hahahaha

    its a miracle

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      That awkward moment when…

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    well… this is akward

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      …awkward even!

  • calipso

    Check for reference Skeptoid with Brian Dunning.He has explained some of them –

    • Canadianguy

      Now that’s funny.

      “Miraculous events are inexplicable by their very nature…” LOL.

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      not exactly

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      Haha not even first to not be first. There is always tomorrow.

  • Nick

    Besides the fact that just about every single one of these “miracles” has been covered to death on this site 10x times before, this list offers nothing new — no new facts, no new information. Just one or two sentence blurbs.

    • Nick

      *Edit* I’ll give the author the tiniest bit of credit — maybe 3 or 4 of these I don’t recall reading on LV before, but my general complaint remains the same.

      • Ash ketchup

        Maybe you should compile a better list because I’m sure you could do a much better job.

        • Nick

          Dude, you’ve posted twice already on the comment section telling people they aren’t the First Posters. I’m just trying to express my opinion on this list and, you know, add something to the discussion. I have utmost respect for anyone who takes the time to compile and post a list on LV or any other website for that matter. I’m just *commenting* that: A) Many of these have been posted on one (or 2 or 5) Lists before, and B) It added no new insight, just the briefest blurbs. I don’t personally believe in any of these religious miracles or any other pseudo-science BS like that, but I do find them interesting and always love learning and reading more about it. Sadly this list really didn’t offer anything even remotely close to that.

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        • oldirtykoala

          I have to agree with Nick, A lot of these have been shown on listverse before, with probably a little more info attached. Topics like these, I believe, have the potential to be the most interesting, but they do stimulate one into some follow up research. Like Nick notioned at, our opinions are our own and have a right to be shared in the comments section, whether they may be critical or not.

          Personally I feel if we had not recycled a few of the entries and used a few new ones or some new info or insight, then This list would have been a winner in my eyes.

        • Ni99a

          Implying just because someone does not write list, one cannot have opinion.

  • Missy

    Just as well you haven’t mentioned the fake miracles of Sai Baa Baa.
    If he was such a miracle man, how is it he had to be hospitalised with a broken leg and his brother had rabies?
    I’m sure someone just tinted that window incorrectly in Florida.

    • New superstar

      And as Missy mentioned that fake clown hypocrite Sai Baba, i’d like to add this….believers believed that there is only one soul of one being , and that joker Sai Baba has been dead some time ago but very long before his death he declared that his reincarnation has been reincarnated as a boy in Sri Lanka, so if there is only one soul how come that thief, crook Sai Baba existed in two bodies??? So all this stuff are Bu*ls*it…. And there was a legal war about his properties between his family and workers.

  • New superstar

    Aint there some difference between miracles and paranormal or supernatural??? Either way i dont care, i am a skeptic and this is utter tomfoolery… Unless given proof that all these really happened and not hoaxes, tall tale, idiotic gossips, losers fantasy, retard imagination….

    • Ppppffffffff


    • Maggot

      Aint there some difference between miracles and paranormal or supernatural?

      Not really, it’s just semantics. “Miracle” is a feel-good word that tends to be reserved for alleged events of a more religious nature, whereas “paranormal” and “supernatural” are avoided in that context because their connotations suggest more of a secular, pagan, or even demonic type of occurrence. Generally speaking of course.

      • Paradox

        You have just proved my mother’s point that God is supernatural!

  • Zan

    Cool list. Hadn’t heard of any of these before except the crying statue. How freaky is the statue reappearing in the same spot and why did it not do the same when put on display one has to wonder. Maybe that is where it was destined to be?

    • Ppppffffffff

      Probably because it never happened

    • Damon

      It supposedly happened in 1635 and there are no official accounts of anything so it MUST be true!

    • what

      Probably because it was just the priest moving it in the first place, or the mother in conjunction with the priest. Sounds like someone trying to get a little girl involved with religion more than anything else. I mean if someone else had actually seen it happen that would be one thing, but a statue being moved onto a path is not in itself extraordinary lol

  • Ppppffffffff

    What a load of bull, all can be explained by an amazing thing called common sense…. It’s not a magical sky fairy

    • Paradox

      If you are so darn sure that everything here can be rationally explained, then explain it.Go on, try.

      • Xyroze

        Let me try and field this one for you.

        Lets see, people are exaggerating liars and stories evolve each time they are told.

        It’s the same reason people believe so widely in ghosts and magic and aliens, even though not one concrete piece of evidence can be given in support of any of it.

        If someone wants something to be true enough, they will find a way to convince themselves it is, regardless of how little sense it makes to a rational person and how little they have to draw their claim from.

        • Very good summation. I am Christian. I believe in miracles. BUT most of these seem to be simple magic tricks or naturally-occurring coincidences.

        • Paradox

          Okay, so you’re saying that some of these could be exaggerated.The whole ‘Virgin Mary appearing thing’, no, I never believe in those.I just think they’re random patterns people see.Like the one people saw in the tree scar.
          Some of the others, like the statue crying and sweating, I don’t understand.Levitation is science, the other guy who is said to be in two places at once, it could’ve been a twin.And the other statue could have teleported or something.
          There are some things that can be explained, and some aren’t meant to be explained.They just happen.But, I was merely saying to the guy above that, if he’s so sure that they can be explained, I want to hear what he thinks then.

          • Diesel

            The ridiculous thing about the Virgin appearing on the side of the building is that literally thousands of people would stand outside praying, rain or 98 degree heat, every day of the year, to a water mark on the building. Someone finally threw rocks at the top panes and broke them and it’s been replaced with plain glass so it’s just her body standing there with no head now. I think a church ended up buying the building, as there’s a permanent shrine outside now.

          • souljacker

            I can’t see anything remotely like the virgin Mary in the picture. must have been like cloud shapes, ‘stand this way and squint your eyes and, hey Presto, a giant tortoise’ or something.

      • Ppppffffffff

        No. 10 obviously didn’t happen, it was a time when holes were drilled in your head to cure headaches. No.9 has been proven multiple times to be fake, it’s a waxwork mask. No.8 Either a trick, asteroid, solar eclipse. No.7 these are always explained in the easiest and most simple ways, either the statue is made of a porous substance so water is sucked up from the bottom, or the roof above the statue leaks, or it’s just a massive fraud and getting attention/money for said church. No.6 clearly didn’t happen, I wonder how detailed his descriptions were, “there’s a mountain, with a valley, and a river with fish in it”. No.5 The most ridiculous “miracle” on here, amazingly, once it goes on display, its magical qualities ended… Couldn’t make it up. No.4 it happened 1500 years ago, that’s not evidence, it’s hearsay, rumor and over a millennium of Chinese whispers. No.3 I saw a dog in a cloud yesterday, a porcupine in my burnt toast, and the perfect map of south America in my tea leaves, ridiculous. No.2 ever hear of the cat who could tell who would die next in an old people’s home, pure coincidence. No.1 An echo, the wind. Take your pick. 10 reasonable common sense non supernatural explanations

        • Paradox

          Half of your explanations make sense, the other half sound ignorant.But I did ask your opinion.Thank you.See ya next list. :)

          • Ppppffffffff

            I’ll be here, Mr Skeptical himself. However I will say I think it’s religious ignorance on the behalf of believers is where most “miracle” arguments come from. Such as the “Ark” they found in Turkey, it’s a boat. Not an ark, the shroud is only 800 years old….. I could go on but I can’t be bothered… Adios

    • So it’s not a magical sky fairy’s fault you’re a jerk… it just comes naturally.

      • Ppppffffffff

        Jerks are people who believe this shit, then try and claim we were put here by a man on a cloud. The human race is held back by religion.

        • And you certainly haven’t drawn any conclusions about the nature of the universe based on zero evidence. No! Of course you have photographic evidence of the nonexistence of God that you’d be willing to share with the rest of us.

          Either that, or you’re just being a douche.

          • boscoe

            It is NOT down to us to provide evidence that something doesn’t exist – because , of course , that would be impossible. It is down to you to prove that this imaginary figure does (without just throwing around bible quotes). Of course, you will never, ever be able to do that because there is no god whatsoever, just a system of man make rules used to control people. Religion is disgusting.

          • “I believe something that can’t possibly be proven, but since I can call it ‘unbelief’, I hereby relieve myself of the burden of proof!” – You

          • Maggot

            Of course you have photographic evidence of the nonexistence of God…

            Lmao. That’s not how it works, AE.

          • Right. You’re just good enough to accept us at our word.

            At least I admit that what I believe is based on faith.

          • Maggot

            At least I admit that what I believe is based on faith.

            And I don’t have a problem with you living your life like that. Why is it such a problem for you that others would like to see before they believe? Then it becomes knowledge, not a belief. Why do you desperately try to argue that evidence-based knowledge is just another form of faith? Spin, spin, spin…

          • It’s not a problem that others see before they believe (although I believe they are very and damnably wrong). What is a problem is the dishonesty with which so many of those nonbelievers approach their personal theology.

            For instance: how so many atheists tend to evangelize more than the average Baptist congregation.

          • Maggot

            What is a problem is the dishonesty with which so many of those nonbelievers approach their personal theology.

            Oh lol. Look at you, talking about dishonesty. If a person is a non-believer, then by definition they do not have a theology. Oh I get it. You only play the dictionary card when it suits you.

            For instance: how so many atheists tend to evangelize

            What is “dishonest” about that? I’m curious which definition you are going to fall back on. The one that specifically says evangelizing is the promotion of gospel and attempts to convert others to Christianity, or the more generic one that just means championing a cause. Of course you will say the latter but obviously it’s a calculated choice of words on your part so as to imply religious zeal in order to support your dumb “atheism is a religion too” defense mechanism nonsense. Talk about dishonest. Give it a rest, AE, I’m getting tired of schooling your ass…

          • The definition I fall back on, genius, is the one in the dictionary (you know – that book that says that religion is a “a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe” and that evangelism is “the practice of relaying information about a particular set of beliefs to others with the object of conversion.”).

            Sorry if the dictionary doesn’t back up your wishful thinking.

          • Maggot

            Cherry-picking and word-parsing, as usual. I guess the “good book” isn’t the only place where such dishonesty is practiced and condoned by its adherents? Unfortunately your entire reply is undermined by your fallacious reliance on the phrase “set of beliefs”. I‘m sorry if logic and common sense pokes holes in practically everything you say. You’re grasping at straws. Are you really that insecure about your beliefs? Maybe a little self-reflection is in order, rather than projecting your feelings of damnation onto others.

          • If you’re not an evangelist, why do you keep trying to push your “lack of belief” on the rest of us. If you were truly honest about your atheism, you’d admit that your conclusions (essentially, a chemical reaction in your brain) is just as valid as my conclusions (another chemical reaction).

            So the next time you start complaining about me using the dictionary to define words, maybe you should do a little self-reflection yourself, you arrogant twat.

          • Maggot

            If you’re not an evangelist, why do you keep trying to push your “lack of belief” on the rest of us.

            I’m not trying to push anything “onto” you or anyone else here. Show me where I have ever tried to “convert” you. I don’t care if you wish to continue practicing your faith in god or not, but I question why you so desperately grasp at these straws as a defense mechanism in order to defend it. That strikes me as being self-doubt on your part. Now, I’ll debate anything I feel is wrongly or dishonestly stated, so if by convert, you mean simply trying to show you where you’re mistaken about, or come to an agreement on, various interpretations of words and concepts and whatnot, well then there’s your answer. But I have no pretences that, for example, getting you to realize that true Atheism is an absence of a belief, not a belief of an absence, and the differences between the two scenarios, will cause you to ditch your faith or “convert” you into a non-believer, nor would that ever be my intent. In fact, that particular topic doesn’t even remove what it is that you are fighting against, which is those people who insist there is no god, so I don’t see why you are so stubborn to cling to a misinterpretation about a word, when your beef is about a concept. But hey, I’ll continue debating you as long as you keep saying things I feel are worthy of rebuttal. If you don’t like being challenged and you’d rather just quietly go on your way and stop flailing with ridiculous hyperbole, then by all means feel free to do so.

            your conclusions (essentially, a chemical reaction in your brain) is just as valid as my conclusions (another chemical reaction)

            Lol not this again. “Chemical reactions”. I’m not sure why you keep trotting that one out. Graningt it as true doesn’t change anything. Call it whatever you want, but there is no way, shape or form that you can call a “chemical reaction” (aka a conclusion) based on evidence as being just as logically valid as one based on blind faith alone with no tangible evidence to back it up. I’m sorry, that’s not me being arrogant or dishonest, it’s freaking common sense. Lmao.

            next time you start complaining about me using the dictionary

            I don’t mind consulting a dictionary as a resource. I’m just pointing out to you that you don’t use it consistently, only consider it infallible when it suits you, different dictionaries contradict one another, and it is not the only resource at our disposal.

            you arrogant *****

            Gawd you’re funny. Just playing your game, AE. It appears you can dish it out but can’t take it. Let’s review some of the things you have said recently:

            “Keep dancing, monkeys! Entertain me!”

            “I’m not only going to ignore what you say. I’m going to mock it.”

            “Well, I DO think my beliefs are better than atheists’. Of course I do.”

            “I’m honest about my belief that I’m right and atheists are 100% wrong.

            “Well, that, and that I enjoy mocking atheists who enjoy mocking others faith, but bow up when challenged on their own.”

            “I’m not going to condemn you to hell, but I do believe you are headed there.”

            “I believe they are very and damnably wrong”


            Need we continue?

          • For someone who’s supposedly not trying to push their beliefs, you sure do get defensive about people accusing you about pushing your beliefs.

            Just go ahead and buy a bike, put on a tie, and join the Mormons.

          • Maggot

            you sure do get defensive…

            Really? That’s all you could come up with? Another ad hominem? You’re losing credibility with every post. And you just don’t know when to quit, do you? I’ve given you a couple of face-saving outs here, and you don’t take them. Are you some kind of masochist or something?

            about people accusing you about pushing your beliefs.

            “My beliefs” Lmao. Keep displaying your ignorance, AE. So yeah sure, if you’re going to accuse me of something that isn’t true, I’ll defend myself. Who wouldn’t? But really, in a debate, a rebuttal is not being “defensive”, it is a counter-point (Lol, I can hear your next diversionary tactic now: “now you’re being defensive about being defensive!”). Basically, you made a claim which was untrue, and I countered it by challenging you to back it up, to prove it. In hindsight I realize the comic futility in that, as your life revolves around thinking you don’t need proof for anything. But the challenge stands – “Show me where I have ever tried to convert you (into being an Atheist).” I also asked you earlier what is “dishonest” about evangelizing, which you conveniently ignored by the way. You’re such a blow-hard.

          • Says the person still blowing.

            You’re pushing your beliefs. You mock others. When I do the same to you, you get on your high horse, ignorant of the fact that all the while you’re claiming that you’re not evangelizing, you’re still arguing with me.

            And yes, I mean “your beliefs”. As in your belief that the dictionary is inadequate to describe the nuances of your religion (you know – the conclusion about spirituality that you’ve reached with zero proof).

          • PS: I’m done with you. Your responses show you’re more concerned about redefining terms than in discussing anything in an intelligent fashion.

          • Maggot

            “Show me where I have ever tried to convert you (into being an Atheist).”

            If you can’t answer the question, just say so. “Pushing beliefs” and “mocking others” is not an attempt to convert you into an Atheist. In fact, I flat out said that is not my intent. Don’t you think that is the overriding authority (for lack of a better word) of what I’m doing? Why do you insist on affixing a label to my actions that describes them as something else? Seriously, what is the point in you continuing to do that? I believe I have said more than once – for the purpose of discussion, stop arguing about word definitions (yes, I’m guilty of it too) and focus on concepts and actions.

            your religion (you know – the conclusion about spirituality that you’ve reached with zero proof)

            What conclusion is that? I’m not being facetious here. Tell me.

            And again, arguing that Atheism is a religion is pointless. Whether it is or isn’t has no bearing whatsoever on the base discussion of evidence-based knowledge vs. faith-based belief. That is why I’m saying it’s a transparently disingenuous diversionary approach in effort to avoid trying to defend the latter in comparison to the former. Because you know it can’t be defended, other than to say “I can do it if I want”. By which I (or pretty much anyone else) would not deny you.

            But if you really want to keep insisting on it, then why don’t you try to apply your so-called definition to Theism. Because I posit that Theism isn’t a religion either. Various religions have theism as a component thereof, but Theism itself? Not a religion. Look up in your beloved dictionary the words Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, and you will see the word “religion” in every one of their definitions. Look up Atheism, and you do not. Because Atheism is not a religion. So why don’t you practice what you preach and stop trying to redefine it by attempting to shoehorn it in to the “religion” definition.

            I’m done with you.

            The only reason you are done with me is because you know you don’t have a leg to stand on. You don’t have to answer me here but if I see you arrogantly regurgitating the same old dishonest rhetoric somewhere else, I’ll be on you like a fly on s.hit.

          • greengitters

            Every picture I’ve ever taken doesn’t have God in it. Is that enough photographic evidence for you?

          • So you’re expecting a supernatural entity to provide you with natural proof of His existence?

    • New superstar

      I agreed and i add rational and logical thinking, reasoning and logical explanation….. Believers will believe anything about their beliefs….. Its all rubbish….. For one example goto youtube and see debunking of. Marian apparation in. Zeitoun… So all this stuff are hoaxes and believers are stupidiest beyond stupidiest…

  • Damon

    Some miracles. Reports of this and that. All hearsay and old stories that can’t be verified. Has the body of Bernadette been tested? And there will always be sad people who see Maria appear in no matter what. This photo shows exactly what it is. Reflections. But tell gullible, religious people it’s Maria and they believe it. The same goes for the relics and all the rest. For religion you need gullible people who refuse to think and accept what they are told without doubt.

    • Ni99a

      Oh yeah… I can test Bernadette’s body for ya…..

  • Dan C

    Number 3, if memory serves was amusingly exposed by Randi a while back.

    There’s no harm in believing in this twaddle thankfully.

    • Sister Morphine

      there IS harm in it and shows how easy it is to brainwash people. so sad.

  • oouchan

    Unfortunately, all of these have zero proof. Just hand me down stories. Not one miracle has been performed that was recorded or survived under scientific examination. However, if such stories give you strength…have at it.

    I like (and prefer) stories that show how science has triumphed over all. Those are the real miracles.

    Unbelievable list.

    • Sister Morphine

      just like the bible

  • BuddyTommo

    Miraculous fillings eh? Same happened to me a few weeks ago. Incredibly £600 went missing from my bank account too!

    Less of this nonsense and more lists about murderers please.

  • Shouldn’t this be a list of Christian miracles? Because I’m pretty sure that there’s claims of bizarre miracles in other religions, too.

    • Ni99a

      Yea, shouldn’t this be a list about Christians? All other religion can go to hell right OP?

      • Since I don’t believe in atheism, you don’t exist. Go away.

        • Paradox

          Logically, if he doesn’t exist, you are merely imagining the comment and it really isn’t there.Don’t get so worked up over nothing and let it be.It will go away.

          • I would, but the voices in my head (which are totally real) won’t let me….

        • Maggot

          Since I don’t believe in atheism

          There you go again, misusing the word believe/belief. I’ll cut you some slack this time because you were just poking a stick at an idiot (I don’t support his unprovoked trolling of you or your values), but I’m hoping you don’t really think that “I don’t believe in atheism” is a defendable statement.

          • There you go again, ignoring the dictionary definition of “faith”, “religion”, and “atheism”.

            And yes, I reject atheism. Not only do I think it’s a defensible statement, I think atheists are silly and unattractive people who smell.

          • Maggot

            There you go again, ignoring the dictionary definition

            The dictionary definition is not relevant here, except to say that if there are people to whom that definition applies, then “atheism” does in fact exist.

            And yes, I reject atheism.

            You didn’t say that. Had you, I wouldn’t have commented. But, you said you “don’t believe” in it. In this case, “it” isn’t anything but a word that describes certain people. How can you “not believe” in a word when you KNOW for a fact there are people that meet the description? It’s like saying you don’t believe in red-heads. Are you really taking yourself seriously with these desperate reaches of yours?

          • Paradox

            To your comment below:

            To not believe in atheism, and to reject atheism, I think, is the same thing.

          • Maggot

            @Paradox: I think that was in response to me? They are two different things.

            To “reject” something means you have to accept its existence in the first place. To “not believe” in something means you do not believe that thing exists. Your take is a variant of the same argument people like AE use about god: “well if you reject god then you are acknowledging his existence.” No, it’s rejecting the belief in a god. Rejecting the belief accepts that there IS a belief to be rejected. We all know the belief is there, because obviously, people have it. But “the belief” is not the same thing as what the belief IS. Some people have trouble differentiating these two concepts. Just like some people can’t differentiate between “not believing that something exists” vs. “believing that something does not exist”. Again, two different concepts…

          • Paradox


            Here is the dictionary definition of ‘believe’:1-to take as true, real, etc.
            vi-to have trust, faith, or confidence

            So if he doesn’t believe in atheism, it means that he doesn’t take their beliefs as true.

          • Maggot

            So if he doesn’t believe in atheism, it means that he doesn’t take their beliefs as true.

            With all due respect Paradox, you didn’t understand a thing I said, did you? Ok let’s use a different example. You might think that astrology is a bunch of bs, but you can’t deny or “not believe” in astrologists. Because I’ll open a phone book and point you to any number of them.

            By the way, atheism isn’t a belief, it’s a lack of a belief. I’ve been down this road before with AE and he still doesn’t get it and stubbornly clings to selective dictionary definitions instead of focusing on the actual concept he disagrees with, rather than a word that has some contradictory definitions and is commonly misunderstood.

          • Paradox


            Okay, you know what, I’m just going to drop the subject for now since I get the feeling we’ll be playing two square for the rest of the week.I get what you’re saying, but right now you’re shooting a tank with a gun.Besides, there’s a new list.See you later!

          • Ni99a

            I love it when my plan goes according to my way.

  • Sbtier

    What you’re seeing on Bernadette’s ‘incorruptible’ body is a wax mask. Wax alao covers her hands. Very few bodies of incorruptible saints are not restored.

  • Frau Jones

    St. Bernadette’s body is covered in wax–the visible parts at least. Do you know why? Because underneath it, she looks like death. She’s basically mummified. Almost all of these–the current ones–have rational explanations behind them. It’s a bit misleading to not at least mention those explanations.

  • Dark

    Hmm…How about the miracle when prophet Muhammad split the moon in half….there’s even a visible region on the moon which looks like they have been sliced and recombined…..

    • skin2win

      looks like study time for me

  • This list would be better if it included miracles connected to other religions.

  • Sister Morphine

    i don’t believe in any of this and i am constantly surprised “the church” doesn’t condemn statues.

    • Paradox

      What’s with your ironic name,”Sister”?

      • Maggot

        It’s the name of a Stones song. I’d always assumed that’s what inspired her nic. Very cool. :-)

        • Sister Morphine

          it is. and thanks!

      • Sister Morphine

        It IS from the Rolling Stones song Sister Morphine (it was written and also recorded by Marianne Faithfull, who dated Mick Jagger) It’s more of a drug reference than a nun reference….about a man injured in a car accident and his only relief is when Sister Morphine makes her rounds.

  • matt

    uhhh. like more then half of these were previously listed, and the ones that weren’t previously listed are the stupider of the bunch… ie, “HOLY DENTAL FILLINGS, BATMAN!”

  • inconspicuousdetective


    • Paradox


      • inconspicuousdetective

        i believe miracles happen but…if there is a god he keeps himself outta human affairs.

        • Paradox

          “if there is a god he keeps himself outta human affairs.”

          Based on what?

          • inconspicuousdetective

            what do you mean?

          • Paradox

            Can’t reply to your message, darn it.

            I mean did you initially believe that, or did you come to the conclusion some other way?

        • Paradox

          Can’t reply to your message, darn it.

          I mean did you initially believe that, or did you come to the conclusion some other way?

          • inconspicuousdetective

            the longer you’re alive, the more it seems that way.

  • skin2win

    I want to be cannonized…Of course I mean fired out of a cannon…

  • Miracle

    I am late by miracle.

  • AEM

    This title of this article is seven letters too long (*hint hint: ‘bizarre’ is redundant. all christian miracles are bizarre)

    Am I also the only one who doesn’t see shit but some rainbow colors in the third one?

    • Sister Morphine

      acid is groovy :)

      • Coyle

        Fayetteville? Stokely? If not, that is weirdly similar. Look it up.

        • Sister Morphine

          what? “2 jobs at Stokely Hospitality Enterprises in Fayetteville, Tennessee”

          • Coyle

            The Jeffrey MacDonald case in Fayetteville NC. He claimed four hippies broke in and murdered his wife and two little girls, and that the girl was holding a candle and chanting “acid is groovy”. A truly tragic case, but I think he did it.

  • CatChick

    Are all of these but #2 associated with the Catholic church? As far as I’m concerned, that’s enough of an explanation for me to pass on each of them. Why would a religion demand that you confess to a priest that intercedes for the Pope that intercedes for God. Why not just talk to God (IF YOU BELIEVE IN HIM).

    ~~The last part of that sentence is a pre-emptive response to all the hate comments that will follow. ; p

    And the miracle dentist? Why not just cure the cavities instead of miraculously implanting gold fillings?

    It’s all suspect and only believable to those who need to believe in something bigger than themselves to get by.

  • CatChick

    Are all of these but #2 associated with the Catholic church? As far as I’m concerned, that’s enough of an explanation for me to pass on each of them. Why would a religion demand that you confess to a priest that intercedes for the Pope that intercedes for God. Why not just talk to God (IF YOU BELIEVE IN HIM).

    ~~The last part of that sentence is a pre-emptive response to all the hate comments that will follow. ; p

    And the miracle dentist? Why not just cure the cavities instead of miraculously implanting gold fillings?

    It’s all suspect and only believable to those who need to believe in something bigger than themselves to get by.

    • CatChick

      Dang… really that edit / delete button Jamie.

      • CatChick


        (It’s Monday)

  • New superstar

    In religions, religious teachings imposed that the body is just a mere vessel nothing else, like cloths that are discarded, thrown away when it becomes old and useless….. So why the hell believers are bend on preserving corpse, the so called incorruptible corpse??? Strange are religions and their wierd ways and so desperate to hang on that they came up with such ridiculous rubbish. S. H. I. Ts…..

    • pedro

      Christians beleive the body is resurrected, not just the soul.

  • Ortho_Fan

    Hi Laura:

    Actually, the miracle associated with St. Bernadette is NOT her incorruptible corpse, as the “internet generation” might assume, but her visions, trances and discovery of the spring at Lourdes, which was later attributed to miraculous or spontaneous healings–68 “recognized” by the Catholic church, to date.

    Also —

  • Barry

    I wanna fly…………….

  • major harris

    the statue in number 5. is it still teleporting? if not, why did it stop when it was put on display?

    no padre pio on this list? kind of surprised he isn’t.

    i have always wondered about the blessed mother. some one, please tell me where in the bible it says people are to worship her? having read the new testament a few times, i must have missed that chapter. i thought jesus said we were only to worship and praise him. and she did have kids the old fashioned way after she had jesus. mark 3:31-35.

    which is why i ask, why do catholics worship her? isn’t that raising her up to goddess status?

    • Cubone

      This argument is so old.Do some research before spewing whatever hatred you were taught. Mary is not worshiped. Nor is anyone but God. Mary is adored you hillbilly, not diefied. As for Mark 3:31, there was no word for “cousins” or “kin”- everyone was called brother or sister. Grow up.

      • major harris

        i am not attempting to spew hatred. people do worship mary. people do pray to her for miracles. why is she accorded miraculous powers?

        “lord, you mother and brothers are out side and wish to speak with you.”

        how am i misreading that?

        calling me a hillbilly? very mature.

        • Cubone

          I apologize for calling you a hillbilly.
          If people worship Mary, then they are wrong. As for why she might have miraculous powers, that’s a gift given by God, not man, so it doesn’t make sense to ask anyone but God why she was given miraculous power.
          As for the reading. You are not misreading your translation. In English it could say “brothers”. But it says that because there was no word for “cousins”.
          A more accurate, modern translation would read, “your mother and male cousins” or “your mother and male family members”.

  • Sorry, but I do not believe in “miracles”. Some of these stories are just hearsay and
    others are subject to interpretation. I would have to see, feel, hear and smell it myself and then I would think I had been slipped some LSD>

  • Dan C

    for a birovva laugh type in “Michael Shermer Why do People Believe in Strange Things’ into youtube to see why number 3 is not an ‘un-explained vision’ (about ten seconds of research would have sorted that) and why the 500,000+ people who visited ‘the sprinkler head miracle’ are idiots.

  • And how come when people see a long-haired bearded face in an image it’s always Jesus. What about Frank Zappa?

  • zet

    bullshit. what a coincidence that they’re all related to religion. Seminole Finance building just looks like a blob.

    you wanna see a miracle? how about this water stain of chewbacca i found on my pants after a shower.

    • …wait…that’s a picture of an unshaven jesus!!!!! All hail the holy trousers!!!!

  • Cubone

    It’s funny how some of the comments are quick to decry some of these miracles and at the same time puke out some misunderstanding of the Church. Some seem to”know” quite a bit about what’s not true, but have no idea about the truth of what’s officially taught.

    Reminds me of Pierre Boulle who wrote “Planet of the Apes” (one of my favorites), who seems to believe that time travel is possible, but not God.

    It’s all silly. I would think that if you are capable of believing in “dark energy”, you’ld be able to conceive of God.

    • Xyroze

      Dark Energy was created to fill a gap in an equation. No properties beyond those observed were attributed to it. God was created to fill a gap in an equation as well, though has largely become obsolete, as we now understand many of the things that we used him as an explanation for.

      • Cubone

        Knowing how things happen will never explain why they happen(ed) that way. Me knowing that I may have evolved from an ape does not explain the reason I evolved from an ape.

        • Sister Morphine

          if we evolved from apes, why are there still apes.

          • Paradox

            Apes come in all shapes and sizes.The apes we evolved from were members of a genus called Homo, and we are the only surviving members of our entire genus.Answer your question?

          • Sister Morphine

            not really, no.

          • Xyroze

            I hate it when people try to discredit things they obviously don’t understand.

            If you don’t know why what you asked is an invalid argument, you don’t know enough about the subject to debate its legitimacy.

          • Sister Morphine

            i wasnt trying to discredit anything. just making a statement. there are how many kinds of apes still out there and how many extinct and only one kind has evolved?

          • Xyroze

            No, not just one kind has evolved. Our last common ancestor with modern apes is long extinct, with many other species in between. Evolution drives life in different directions, its only goal is survival.

            It seems you have a very limited understanding of evolution in general and if you’d like to know more about it, I suggest doing some personal research. No matter what you choose to believe, if you don’t make an effort to understand all sides of a matter properly, how do you know your side is right?

          • Maggot

            i wasnt trying to discredit anything. just making a statement.

            They are chiding you because it’s a common but fallacious go-to argument that Creationists and their ilk use when trying to refute evolution. I’m not assuming that’s what you are or what you were doing, but the question you asked mis-states the premise. Which is abhorrent when done willfully, but if you really just didn’t know, then Xyroze’s advice is applicable. The simple answer is that we did not evolve from apes, but that humans and other primates all evolved from a common ancestor.

        • Xyroze

          You said it was just as silly to believe in a force that explains the cohesion and expansion of space using our understanding of physics, as it is to believe in a being that defies all rational thought, observation, and reason, with no evidence other than hearsay.

          What do you gain from pondering why something happened, when you don’t care how it happened?

          • Sister Morphine

            idk why i can’t reply to you above, but i did not try to discredit anything nor did i ever mention i was right or express any beliefs.

          • Paradox

            To your reply above:

            When it comes to religion, it’s not a matter of what you think is right(if you think it’s right more power to you), it’s a matter of what you believe.In science, it’s the other way around.

          • ww

            To paradox, science isn’t all fact, most of it is theory that comes from watching how things work and applying it to other things. In the case of God, if he wants it to happen, it will happen despite what the laws of physics say. There is more period for God then against him. Such as the fact that He has spoken to people and all the miracles that He has caused. Those of us who believe don’t need proof, but we’re given it. Fir those who don’t believe, no proof is possible because you’ll deny that it ever happened. I can say, without a doubt, that when you die and are faced with either heaven or hell, any doubt that you have will quickly be erased.

          • Xyroze

            I’m not sure what you mean by “more period for god than against him,” but if god is able to defy physics and wants us to believe in him, why is all the evidence for miracles anecdotal and easily explained through common phenomena? That sounds a lot more like a hoax to me. What kind of god would hide behind something indistinguishable from a conspiracy? That gives the impression we are supposed to be playing 3-card Monte with our souls and just have faith that the dealer isn’t cheating and we are able to pick the right card even though you’ve been given no reason to trust the dealer and the cards are identical.

            You are free to believe what you like, but don’t for a second think that untestable, unverifiable “miracles” and anecdotal reports of schizophrenic symptoms can in any way be called proof of anything beyond one’s own fantastical desires and irrationality.

  • ww

    And notice that all of these things happened die people who believe in god, it’s just more proof that He exists.

    • ww

      I of course meant to say to, not die. I hate autocorrect.

      • Akatz

        Flawed logic here. If you surround yourself with a certain hobby or belief then you are bound to find things that remind you of it in daily life. I’m sure you’d find to be no coincidence that a cat hoarder might think that the stain on their pants looks to be in the shape of a cat and is therefore proof of a higher kitten power. Yes, that sounds crazy but it’s really no different than the train of thought of people who spot these “miracles”.

        • Akatz

          Whoops, “find it to be”.

        • ww

          But when proof is constantly given, then you can’t deny it. Unfortunately, people like you simply ignore it or try to find a different cause.

          • Akatz

            We try to find a different cause because in cases like these people have been too quick to accept explainations that they desired rather than explanations that are more practical.
            Occams razor, learn it, use it.
            Many of these have been debunked by people who actually took the time to find out what was really going on, a simple google search and you can see for yourself.

          • ww

            Akatz, the ocams razor principle states that a simpler explanation can be wrong. But the fact is that He has proven his existence many times over, – whether you believe it or not.

      • Maggot

        I hate autocorrect

        Lmao, are you sure it wasn’t a Freudian slip?

  • Evkero

    Um, all of these miracles have been debunked.

  • combatsmurf

    I can see how people think #3 is the virgin mary (basically a basic outline of a person in blue), but am I the only one who thinks it looks more like darth vader?
    Kinda proves people’s points that everyone’s vision and perceptions are different.
    If you were to ask the 3000 people that gathered there what they thought it looked like (without mentioning the virgin mary first), you would get hundreds of varied shapes, people, etc, while most of them would probably say “just a random mass of colour”.

  • 10. So, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordon also Saints…

    09. ” is said to be in the same condition as she appeared in life.” It is also “said” I can be really sarcastic and saintly too!

    08. Looking directly at the sun would make me see spinning disks….

    07. Condensation. My windows do this every morning…

    06. Doppelgänger, and how healing? I put a plaster on my sons knee…MIRACLE…he healed.

    05. Either long fingers…or someone was pulling your finger…

    04. So…the wine got into the bread…ok….

    03. This goes along with the Holy Toast…and Saintly Crisp….

    02. “he reportedly healed…” ….I would need prior dental pictures of said witnesses… (and wow…gold from nothing…if only I could…nah…BS)

    01. I hear dead people…anybody actually recorded the voice? Echo anyone?

  • ww

    It’s so sad that all the antitheists think that they can disprove these. They ask for proof of God and when they get it, they deny it.

    • Geko

      We deny it because, well, it’s not proof at all. Just BS…

    • Xyroze

      I think it’s sad you’re willing to believe ridiculous hearsay at the drop of a hat if it supports what you want to be true.

      Proof is not someone else saying something impossible happened without even trying to offer a rational explanation. Proof is testable, verifiable, tangible evidence.

      • boscoe

        Indeed, scientific proof is verifiable. This is just speculative nonsense, and makes me feel very sorry for gullible religious people.

        • Faith requires no proof or it wouldn’t be faith.

          Science requires proof, otherwise it would be faith.

          Science does not “disprove” faith. You can’t prove a negative.

          Faith does not “disprove” science.

          One can believe in both God and Science, one or the other, or neither. Whatever one believes, or doesn’t believe, or rejects outright, is of little consequence unless one attempts to belittle those whose beliefs are different from one’s own. It behooves the intelligent human to treat all others with respect. Treating others as imbeciles only makes your case weak and shows you to be a bigot. Not the best way to bring others to your way of thinking.

  • Dew

    Well written list.

    Short and to the point but very informative.

  • jimbo

    Hocus Pocus. The real miracle is people actually believe this $H!T

    • Paradox

      People like you ought to take these events as possible instead of as actually happening.

  • laboom

    #3 was actually refuted in a talk on TED.
    That window design appeared on other parts of the building too. It s was something to do with window washing and palm trees,
    Only the other ones on the back of the building were cleaned off.
    Apparently onely one miracle per building, lol

  • paul

    very nice section

  • Sister Morphine

    oh cool thanks i will look…still in disbelief i didnt know about these.

  • pococonuts

    regarding no. 2: cavities filled, broken teeth crowned, gum diseases healed, old fillings turned to gold, crooked teeth straightened, silver fillings… actually this should not be a miracle since it can be performed by a dentist… it could be explained…

  • Caminitismith

    These are very Impressive and Mind Blowing List for the 10 Bizaree Miracles.

  • Truth Teller

    The dumbest & fukking miracles I hav ever seen… Very stupid, very sluttty, like a folktale & people tried their best to make these things so called motherfukking ‘miracles’ go to hell all those who believe it..

  • lolololol

    hahahaha! if you believe these are true, you are a fu**ing idiot! hahahahahahaa

  • Kayleigh

    St Bernadette’s hands and face are made of wax (fact admitted by the catholic church). Apparently to protect her real hands and face but obviously to hide the fact that she is a rotting corpse…

  • Freddie

    Too Christian. Other religions have extensive records of miracles as well.

  • HelloLV

    Wow this creeped me out so much

  • Jesus

    believe me when i say this article doesnt focus on them

  • Pete

    Orthodox Christianity has many miracles too. I have witnessed one or two. I would say the highest-profile miracles are Orthodox (the holy flame on easter, and the Jordan River flowing in the opposite direction every year.)

  • John son of John


    Thank you for this list

    St Joseph of Cupertino had at least 70 witnessed levitations in his lifetime

    God bless

  • KJ

    Haven’t you noticed that off lately the only Top 10 articles being published here have something to do with religion (Christianity) or cult.

    • Sister Morphine


  • Alot of crap