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10 Grotesque Examples of Male Genital Mutilation

by FlameHorse
fact checked by Jamie Frater

The last thing any man wants to read or hear about in the news is the de-penisification of another man. Many agree that not even the Devil himself should have to go through such pain. Some of the following might have deserved what they got, while others definitely did not—but we cannot deny that they suffered horribly.

10 Woman Defends Herself Against Rapist


On May 24, 2012, a woman in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, was out walking with her two children, 11 and nine years old, when a man named Mkhululi Ndubeko approached her near a bar and tried to stop her. She kept walking, but Ndubeko upped the ante by removing his pants and exposing himself to her in front of her children. She called for help just as he knocked her down and jumped on top of her. Fortunately, his attempt at sexual assault backfired. He was unable to remove her underwear before she grabbed both his testicles and squeezed them until they popped.

Passersby were drawn to the screaming and separated them. Ndubeko was dragged to a police station.

9 Amanda Monti vs. Geoffrey Jones

SCreaming Woman

On May 30, 2004, Amanda Monti (who had had various fallings-out with her boyfriend, Geoffrey Jones) got into one final argument with him at a party and, in full view of dozens of witnesses, reached into his pants and ripped his left testicle completely off. Jones collapsed, and Monti tried to swallow the testicle but gagged and spat it out. A bystander picked it up and gave it back to Jones, saying simply, “That’s yours.”

Monti pleaded not guilty by reason of self-defense, but the judge disagreed based on her attempt to swallow the organ. She then told the court, “I am in no way a violent person.”

8 Wife Tears off Husband’s Testicles

Pain Scale

Yes, both of them. The husband allowed only his first name, Howard, to be published. He lived in Nicetown-Tioga, North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and during the night of May 17, 2006, he woke to excruciating agony in his groin. His wife Monica was yanking on his scrotum until she finally tore it open and ripped his testicles completely free from his body.

Monica claimed that her husband was cheating on her, while Howard claimed his wife was bipolar. After surgery, Howard was able to make a full recovery, but when asked how bad it hurt on a scale of one to 10, he replied, “30.”

7 Unknown Man’s Penis Found in Freezer

Police found a severed human penis and testicles in a man’s freezer while investigating the removal of another person’s testicle in a castration fetish act. Police and paramedics were called to a hostel one night in 2020 in Brisbane to find a 26-year-old Sydney man with his genitals partly removed.

The investigation led police to the apartment of a 27-year-old electrician. Andrew King allegedly met the victim online and had arranged to partially castrate the other man. King, not a medically trained physician of any sort, claimed he learned how to castrate through online research. When police searched his home, they uncovered a human penis and set of testicles in his freezer. Surprisingly, police reported no complaints have been made about the set of severed male human genitals, and there are no pending charges related to the discovery.

The Sydney man was taken to the hospital for surgery and recovered from the partial castration. King was charged with two counts of an act with intent to main. He was still awaiting trial as of this update; however, police believe they have identified the man whose genitals were found in the freezer by viewing footage of King’s GoPro.

6 Woman Removes and Disposes of Husband’s Penis


On April 29, 2013, in Garden Grove, California, a married couple going through a tough time got divorced the hard way when Catherine Kieu Becker slipped Ambien into her husband’s soup. She then tied him up while he was asleep, amputated his penis with a kitchen knife, and ground the appendage up in the garbage disposal. Her husband has not been named publicly but testified in court with tears in his eyes that he would never again have a sex life and is barely able to go to the bathroom without sitting down.

Kieu pleaded not guilty, citing emotional distress inflicted by her husband over the years. Her husband, though, had demanded that they get a divorce—which Kieu apparently refused. She was found guilty on April 29, 2013, of both torture and aggravated mayhem. She was sentenced and received life in prison with the possibility of parole after seven years. As of January 2021, she has not been granted parole and is imprisoned at the Central California Women’s Facility.

5 Man Corkscrews His Lover’s Testicles


In January 2011, Renato Seabra bludgeoned his lover (the somewhat coincidentally named Carlos Castro) with a wine bottle, pulled down his pants, skewered his testicles with a wine corkscrew, ripped them completely out of his scrotum, and smeared the blood all over his own body. Seabra pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, indicating a perceived “call from God to eliminate the homosexuality from his partner.”

It is not clear whether Castro was still alive or conscious when Seabra mutilated his genitals. Seabra was sentenced to 25 years to life for the brutal murder of his lover, Carlos Castro.

4 Dutch Catholic Priests Castrated a Man


Henk Heithius is the only named victim of 10 teenagers who, in the 1950s, were accused by the Dutch Roman Catholic Church of homosexuality and punished with surgical castration. Heithuis claimed two priests sexually abused him. Though the priests were convicted, Heithius was sent to a psychiatric hospital against his will and, he claims, surgically castrated under the orders of Catholic priests. Heithuis died two years later in a car accident, and the investigation into whether the castrations were carried out against the teenager’s will is ongoing.

3 Man’s Dog Chews off One Testicle

On July 30, 2013, a 39-year-old paraplegic from Trumann, Arkansas woke up to a severe “burning pain” in his abdomen. He looked down and saw blood all over the nose of his “small, white, fluffy stray dog” (which he had recently taken in off the street) and blood trickling from his groin. The man called an ambulance and was taken to a hospital. The dog, who had removed and eaten one of the man’s testicles, was euthanized later that day.

The pain of a destroyed and severed testicle is not merely localized in the testicle but spreads upward and outward into the abdomen (following the spermatic plexus), which is why paraplegics can feel it. The man is still able to have children.

2 Woman Kills Man by Crushing Both Testicles

Testicles Feature

If you’ve ever wondered if rupturing a man’s testicles can kill him, the answer is “yes.” Regardless of blood loss, the intensity of the pain is so intolerable that the victim can go into shock and will die if not treated. This is what happened when an unnamed Chinese man got into an argument with a woman over a parking place in the Meilan District of Haikou City, Hainan, China. She parked her scooter and attacked the man when he began shouting at her to move. The first and only attack she employed was to grab his groin with both hands, squeeze, and yank. Witnesses heard her shout, “I’ll squeeze it to death. You’ll never have children again.”

The man collapsed and could not be revived. A medical doctor testified that the level of pain resulting from crushing both of a man’s testicles could give him a heart attack. The woman was arrested and faces the death penalty.

1 Pit Bulls Chew off 6-Month-Old’s Testicles


On April 9, 2009, Carrie McKinney, a 22-year-old mother in Loma Linda, California, was visiting her boyfriend and put her six-month-old baby in a car seat on the apartment floor. She then left the room and the baby unattended in the company of two full-grown pit bulls, who promptly ripped the boy’s diaper open and bit off his scrotum. Both dogs had blood on their muzzles when McKinney reentered the room, and both were put down not long afterward. McKinney lost custody of her son and was charged with criminal negligence. However, the charges were dropped in 2010 as the judge deemed there was no crime, only an unfortunate accident.

FlameHorse is a writer for Listverse.

fact checked by Jamie Frater