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10 Explanations For UFOs Weirder Than Aliens

by David Tormsen
fact checked by Jamie Frater

If you don’t believe UFO sightings are the result of the misidentification of either astronomical or mundane aerial objects, you most likely believe in the extraterrestrial hypothesis, which states UFOs are vehicles sent by civilizations from far distant stars to bring us a message of peace or probe us mercilessly. Yet, there are other possibilities as well.

10 UFOs Are Earthlights

Storm over the city

Some people believe that the appearance of UFOs is simply the result of an unknown natural byproduct of the Earth. This idea was developed by Professor Michael Persinger in the 1970s as tectonic strain theory, which we have mentioned in a previous article. These ideas were built upon by author Paul Devereux. He believes that while most UFO sightings can be explained as misidentified mundane aerial objects, mirages, hoaxes, and hallucinations, there are some that result from an unexplained electromagnetic phenomenon related to earthquake lights and ball lightning. He believes tectonic stress and strain in the Earth’s crust creates luminosity in the atmosphere, as do other geological and meteorological sources of energy.

He refers to the phenomenon as “earthlights,” though earlier theorists called them “spooklights” or “ghost lights” and believed they were the explanation behind historical sightings of dragons, fairies, bodhisattvas, corpse candles, foo fighters, and ghost rockets. UFO behavior such as apparent intelligence and downright illogical movement and appearance suggest to Devereux that UFOs may be a form of macro quantum phenomenon, meaning UFOs represent phenomena that should only exist on the subatomic quantum level but have somehow manifested in the macroscopic, visible world.

9 UFOs Are Four-Dimensional Objects

Drop of water

Imagine a flat plane on which two-dimensional creatures live. They cannot perceive our third dimension, but we can see them. Say you stick your finger into their plane. From their point of view, an object has suddenly and inexplicably appeared out of nowhere. It also appears to change size and shape depending on exactly what cross-section of your finger is in their plane. When you pull your finger out, the object disappears, and no one believes the two-dimensional creature who saw it because he was drunk and is always making up crazy stories.

A comparable theory has been promoted to explain UFO phenomena, particularly how some UFOs appear to change size and shape, morphing in the air. If a four-dimensional sphere—a hypersphere—passes through our three-dimensional space, it would appear to our limited perceptions to be a small sphere that appears suddenly, then rapidly grows in size before it shrinks again and vanishes altogether. Any four-dimensional object that entered our three-dimensional plane would appear to be capable of shape-shifting, impossible movement, and dematerialization, reflecting many reports of “morphing” UFOs.

Claims of bizarre magnetic effects caused by UFOs could be explained as changes in the structure of three-dimensional space caused by the passage of a four-dimensional object in the same way a pebble dropped into water creates ripples on the surface. Some argue that entities from other planets or other three-dimensional universes could be using four-dimensional space as a convenient means of traveling to our world.

8 UFOs Are Demons

Devil face

Some believe sightings of UFOs are actually manifestations of demonic activity prophesied to increase during the Last Days. Satan knows in the End Times he will be forced out of the spiritual realm entirely and therefore needs to corrupt human beings in large numbers. This theory posits that UFO abduction is actually abduction by Satan’s advancing forces. These forces take people to engage in sinful, sexual congress and open them up to possession, just as the fallen angels had sexual intercourse with human females in the days before the Great Flood, creating the giant race known as Nephilim. The entities onboard UFOs are demonic but pose as extraterrestrial visitors to weaken faith in Christ and prepare for the creation of a unified world occult religion venerating the fake aliens.

The appearance of UFOs is also linked with the occult. Many UFO abductees have had previous experience with occult practices. Some claim there have been increased numbers of UFO sightings in areas where the Soviets conducted occult research as well as areas associated with US military research and Native American shamanism. Crop circles, meanwhile, represent an esoteric form of communication related to Kabbalah and the Illuminati, a secret demonic language. Of particular interest here is the Milk Hill Script, Hebrew-like letters that appeared in a field of crops in England.

Animal and human mutilation during abductions is the result of demonic experiments to create artificial physical bodies for Satan’s forces to inhabit during the End Times. Abductees and psychics have reported sightings of “grays” relaxing in a vat of “human stew” made from blood and body parts in the hope of absorbing nutrients such as adrenaline. This stew is created by torturing and traumatizing human victims before death, particularly children.

7 UFOs Are Nazi Anti-Gravity Vehicles

Moon base background

Ernst Zundel is most famous for his Holocaust denial, but he was also famous for theorizing that UFOs are actually advanced craft created by the Third Reich. He was preceded by the work of Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, who claimed the Vril Society, an occult Nazi conspiracy, made contact with Aryan aliens living in the Aldebaran system. The strange “foo fighters” reported by Allied pilots were actually the first prototypes of anti-gravity craft designed by the society, incorporated into the SS. The craft was allegedly powered by an electromagnetic-gravitic engine known as the Thule Triebwerk. After the war, the surviving Nazis regrouped to Antarctica to continue development. Bulgarian physicist Vladimir Terziski went even further, asserting that the Nazis had by 1942 landed on the Moon and later established bases there, which he claims has an atmosphere, water, and vegetation despite NASA’s propaganda to the contrary.

But it was Zundel, working off the success of von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods and other UFOlogy books, who truly popularized the idea. Writing under the pseudonym Christof Friedrich, he claimed a secret Nazi expedition to Antarctica discovered an almost tropical area the size of Germany where they established bases and withdrew in a massive convoy in 1945 with their secret weapons in tow. The CIA and KGB collaborated to keep the truth of the UFO phenomenon secret while they plotted to destroy the Nazis and establish a global dictatorship. Thankfully, an investigation of the evidence by UFOlogist Kevin McClure concluded the Nazi UFO mythos, like Holocaust denial, is nothing more than bigoted delusion.

6 UFOs Are Archons


According to the Gnostic theory of alien intrusion, the truth about UFOs was ascertained by ancient Gnostic seers known as siddhis 1,600 years ago. The theory claims the Nag Hammadi texts discovered in Egypt in 1947 contained information about a jealous group of predatory inorganic beings known as Archons, led by Jehovah. These arose during the formation of the solar system due to a wave of plasmatic energy from the galactic core and now intrude upon the Earth.

They have two forms: a neonatal, embryonic form resembling aborted human figures and a more developed reptilian form, which corresponds with common descriptions of gray aliens and reptilian aliens. They are soulless bodies, robotic in behavior and lacking our ability to innovate and drive to create, and they hate us for it. They are also able to feed on our emotions, particularly fear, but they are no more powerful than we are. They merely have greater technology in the fields of virtual reality, space travel, and telepathy. They use mental conditioning techniques to influence the way we see the world and foster belief in Jehovah while secretly controlling the solar system like clockwork.

They are occasionally visible to the mentally disturbed or drug abusers, who cannot truly comprehend them. The ancient Gnostic siddhi were able to perceive the truth of the universe and explore the heavens through remote viewing techniques, but they were wiped out by the bloodlust of those members of Abrahamic religions deluded by the Archons, who are themselves deluded into thinking they are our rightful rulers. Only through communion with the goddess Sophia, the Gaia spirit of the organic Earth, will humanity overcome these interlopers.

5 UFOs Are Extremophiles Or Plasma-Based Life


There is a theory that UFOs are indeed from space, but rather than being the vehicles of a technologically advanced interstellar race, they are instead biological in nature and indigenous to our very own solar system. The theory asserts there is a species living in interplanetary space, and sightings of these creatures explain many UFO sightings in the upper atmosphere and in orbit. One theorist believes the entities are either extremophiles (organisms that can survive in extreme conditions like thermal vents or deep space) or possibly a form of plasma life. They are said to resemble single-cell or simple multicellular organisms like algae with four distinct morphologies: sperm-shaped, cloud-shaped, donut-shaped, and cone-shaped.

It is theorized they are attracted to electromagnetic energy created by storms, hurricanes, and tethered satellites, perhaps for reproductive purposes. They migrate between Jupiter, Venus, and Earth in search of storms. Another version of the theory suggests they may be beings of pure energy called “energyzoa,” resembling deep sea creatures like jellyfish or squid and existing on the edge of our three-dimensional space, which explains their abilities to appear and disappear, move great distances, and pass through solid objects. One of the earliest of these theorists was Trevor James Constable, who claimed in his 1959 book They Live in the Sky that while some UFOs were mechanical vehicles, others were invisible biological entities native to our atmosphere. He dubbed them “sky critters” and claimed they could usually only be photographed with infrared cameras.

4 UFOs Are Time Travelers

Alien face

Perhaps UFOs do not come from distant space but rather a distant time. The visage of the famous gray aliens is considered by many the future evolutionary form of the human race. These humanoid beings have perhaps returned to this time period to help guide our genetic development. Some believe these future beings have become dependent on technology and suffered an erosive genetic atrophy. They are forced to visit our time period to take tissue samples through abductions, perhaps in an effort to cure future diseases. Dr. Bruce Goldberg, hypnotherapist and (self-declared) “world’s foremost authority on futuristic time travelers” believes human “chrononauts” from a few thousand years hence have traveled back to our time period via the fifth dimension in order to further our spiritual growth.

One website claims that the UFO that landed at Rendlesham Forest in 1980 transmitted a sequence of ones and zeroes to US serviceman Jim Penniston after he touched strange symbols on the side of the craft. Penniston noted the sequence down in his journal but apparently didn’t think to check if it was some kind of code until 2010 at the 30th anniversary of the UFO encounter. The translated binary code began “EXPLORATION OF HUMANITY. CONTINUOUS FOR PLANETARY ADVANCE. FOURTH COORDINATE CONTINUOUS.” The code indicated an origin point in southern England in the year 8100 and listed a number of sites supposedly visited by the time travelers: Caracol Pyramid in Belize, Arizona, the Giza pyramids in Egypt, the Nazca Lines in Peru, China’s Tai Shan Mountain, and the Temple of Apollo in Greece. These future beings are said to be behind the crop circle phenomenon, which are theorized to be a way of navigating between parallel time streams like someone leaving marks in tree bark, warnings and portents of future events, or even the secrets of time travel and parallel dimensions.

3 UFOs Are A Metaphysical Control System

Puppets on a string

French-American computer scientist and astrophysicist Jacques Vallee was an early proponent of the idea that UFOs had an extraterrestrial source. But as time went on, his views began to change. In his 1969 book Passport to Magonia, he advanced the theory that UFOs are paranormal in nature and have been with us in various forms throughout human history, manifested as fairy lore and religious miracles. Vallee saw a deep connection between reports of UFOs and legends of devils and supernatural tricksters. Later, in his 1975 book The Invisible College, he asserts the UFO phenomenon is a control system influencing human understanding of reality, guided by a metaphysical intelligence of unknown nature.

In his autobiographical book Forbidden Science, Vallee wrote, “[The UFO phenomenon] is physical in nature and it remains unexplained by contemporary science. It represents a level of consciousness we have not yet recognized or developed, which is able to manipulate dimensions beyond time and space as we understand them.” He believes there are three levels to UFOs. The first is the physical object, the exact nature of which he declines to speculate on but which surely contains a large amount of electromagnetic energy in a small area. The second is the perception of witnesses, who may be viewing an actual physical object or experiencing hallucinations caused by radiation. The third layer is the social, the effect of the UFO reports on society, which he claims to be most interested in.

UFOs represent something fundamental about the nature of the universe, a technology or phenomenon able to affect the psychic environment of the witness and causing paralysis, hallucinations, space and time disorientation, and personality changes. They often first manifest in an amorphous way before assuming an appearance in accordance with the expectations of the viewer. He suspects physical traces of UFO activity are left as a deliberate deception, in the same way the British created artificial tank tracks to fool the Germans in World War II.

2 UFOs Come From The Imaginal Realm

Young Girl in the Forest Pointing at Fairy Sparkles

The Imaginal Realm is a hypothetical alternate reality only perceivable by those in an altered state of consciousness. This theory was developed by psychiatrist Dr. Kenneth Ring to explain out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, shamanic experiences, psychedelic experiences, night terrors, and encounters with UFOs. Ring describes this realm as “the cumulative product of imaginative thought itself.” This realm has throughout history been associated with fairies and other creatures of legend, but the modern world perceives entities from the realm as extraterrestrial beings. This is said to explain the history of supposed sexual liaisons with both fairies and elf-like creatures in folklore and with humanoid aliens in some abduction reports.

Shamans, mystics, and visionaries are gifted with the ability to view this realm. It is possible to gain access to it via the use of psychotropic drugs, religious rituals, trances, and the heightened use of imaginative powers. UFO encounters are said to resemble near-death experiences with the sensation of being taken away into a strange environment, often featuring glowing lights. However, while near-death experiences are usually transcendent experiences, UFO abductions are more likely associated with feelings of violation and post-traumatic stress disorder. Both are seen by some as shamanic initiations into the world of the imagination.

1 UFOs Are Of Cryptoterrestrial Origin

Dragon face

This theory by late American author and blogger Mac Tonnies asserts that if we accept that UFOs are vehicles created by an advanced civilization and apply Occam’s razor, we can conclude that it is most likely the civilization originates from the Earth itself rather than a distant planet. Tonnies suggests that we share our planet with a humanoid race much older than humanity but related to us (explaining their physical form) and more technologically advanced. He dubbed these entities the “cryptoterrestrials,” rejecting “ultraterrestrial” as too linked to theories of humanoid visitors from other dimensions and “cryptohominid” as too suggestive of Bigfoot.

Tonnies suggests the entities may be a dying civilization given to subterfuge by hiding underwater or underground. These entities promote and encourage the idea that UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin as a cover story to throw investigators off from the truth. Reports from abductees of aliens warning humanity to care for the Earth make more sense if they are fellow Earth residents rather than visitors from thousands of light-years away. As for the Roswell crash, Tonnies has an interesting take on it. Perhaps the cryptoterrestrials aren’t terribly more advanced than us after all, explaining why the unusual wreckage found at Roswell didn’t look all that high-tech. It may have been something like a weather balloon after all, but rather a balloon sent up into the atmosphere for surveillance by the cryptoterrestrials beneath the Earth’s surface.

The US Air Force isn’t trying to cover up a threat from above, but the existence of another, slightly more advanced civilization below us. Tonnies admits that some alien encounters could very well be of extraterrestrial or interdimensional origin, but he believed the majority are the result of a deception campaign by a desperate, Earth-based military force of subterraneans hoping to keep our eyes fixed firmly on the skies.

David Tormsen also hails from the world of the imagination. Send him a line at [email protected].

fact checked by Jamie Frater