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10 Modern-Day Sightings Of Reptilian Humanoids

by Marcus Lowth
fact checked by Jamie Frater

As soon as the subject of reptilians is brought up, most people roll their eyes, state how crazy all that stuff is, and possibly mention David Icke and his equally crazy theories on the subject. All of that might very much be true, but there are plenty of examples in mythology and ancient texts that speak of serpent gods and lizard people who live deep within the Earth. Perhaps more strange is that there are still alleged sightings of these reptilian humanoid creatures today.

10‘Devil Creature’ Of San Doong Cave


When it was discovered in 1995, the Son Doong Cave was said to be so large that it couldn’t be fully explored at the time. Over 150 meters (492 ft) high, 200 meters (656 ft) wide, and 6.5 kilometers (4 mi) in length, it was opened to the public for tours in 2013. Since then, there have been several reports of strange creatures lurking within the cave systems.

In January 2015, a video appeared on YouTube that claimed to show a picture of a reptilian creature. It was taken by one of the cave’s visitors, who described it as a “devil creature” that had a human–like body and a face that was more akin to a “dragon or lizard!” The sighting is particularly interesting when put alongside an alleged account that appeared on another website regarding an American military unit that was based in South Vietnam close to the same caves in 1970.

The report claimed that a two-meter (7 ft) “upright lizard humanoid” was spotted near the entrance of the cave. The unit eventually opened fire on the creature, but it appeared that it escaped unhurt as no body or signs that it was wounded were found. The anonymous soldier stated that his unit was not debriefed about the incident, which led him to believe that it was either unreported or that it was simply hushed up.

9Sonoran Desert, Arizona


While cycling the “24 Hours”—a 27-kilometer (17 mi) trail through the Sonoran Desert in Arizona—three mountain bike cyclists spotted a strange creature when they stopped for a short break. While one of the cyclists, Michael, took a toilet break, the other two spotted what they described as a two-meter (6 ft), very skinny creature that appeared to walk with an “awkward gait.” Michael returned and gasped at the sight, causing the creature to turn its head toward the trio.

It appeared to be observing them. The cyclists described its eyes as being snake-like—black with a yellow stripe in the middle. The creature was covered in green and red scales and had two holes on its face where the nose would have been. It appeared to have a red pattern around its mouth and didn’t seem to have any visible ears. The creature suddenly turned and scampered out of sight of the three cyclists.

8The Scape Ore Lizard Man

The Scape Ore Swamp sits in Bishopville, South Carolina—a small town of only a few thousand people. It is also home to a two-meter-tall (7 ft), red-eyed, reptile-like monster known as the Lizard Man.

One of the first recorded sightings came in 1988. Teenager Christopher Davis was driving along a road next to the Scape Ore Swamp when he was forced to pull over and change a flat tire. Davis claimed that the creature came out of the woodland and attempted to attack him while he was working on his tire. It had scaly, green skin with long fingers that ended in sharp claws. Fortunately for Davis, he managed to get back into his car and drive away.

As recently as August 2015, another sighting was reported when Sarah Berra was leaving church and spotted a strange creature walking in the woods. Berra managed to take some photographs of the alleged creature. The evidence was widely ridiculed, with one Internet user describing it as looking like a “Scooby-Doo villain.” Berra replied, “My hand to God, I am not making this up.”

Several months prior to Berra’s sighting, a local man reported seeing a dark creature walk out of the woods and cross the Scape Ore Bridge. Another man captured 24 seconds of footage of a strange creature in the woods near Scape Ore Swamp, before ending the footage abruptly when it appeared that the creature had noticed him. He claimed that he had shot the footage in May 2015 while hunting, but he’d kept it secret—even from his wife—for fear of being labeled as crazy. Only when Berra came forward with her story did he volunteer the video.

Several years earlier, Bob and Dixie Rawson claimed to local media that they had discovered bite and claw marks on their vehicle that had bent the metal “like a piece of paper.” They also claimed that several of their cats had recently gone missing and their blankets were shredded to pieces.

7The Loveland Frogman


Photo credit: Andrew Haggard

In March 1972 in Loveland, Ohio, there were two separate sightings of a strange, reptile-like creature that became known as the Loveland Frogman. Both sightings were made by Ohio police officers, and both took a lot of ridicule as a result.

An hour after midnight on March 3, 1972, Officer Ray Shockey was driving on Twightwee Road and saw what he thought was a dog on the side of the road. As Shockey pulled over, the creature stood upright and looked directly at him, its eyes gleaming from the car headlights. Then it leaped over the guardrail and headed to Little Miami River. Shockey reported that it was around one meter (4 ft) tall with the face of a frog or lizard and appeared to have leathery skin. He returned to the scene a little later with fellow officer Mark Matthews to investigate further. They found “scrape marks” on the embankment of the river, but no monster.

Two weeks later, Officer Matthews himself witnessed the creature while driving on the outskirts of Loveland. He noticed what he thought was roadkill in the middle of the road, so he pulled his car over with the intention of dragging it to the side of the road. As he exited the vehicle, the creature got up into a “crouched position like a football player” before heading to the guardrail. Matthews stated that the creature kept looking at him until it disappeared over the edge. Matthews discharged his weapon at it, but missed. Before he knew it, it was gone. By the time investigators Ron Schaffner and Richard Mackey looked into the case in 2001, Officer Matthews expressed doubts about everything he’d witnessed.

6The Honey Island Swamp Monster

Also known as the Louisiana Wookie, this swamp monster’s sightings date back to 1963. Honey Island Swamp is said to be one of the largest areas in the United States that has not been compromised by the modern way of life. Consequently, it is home to numerous amounts of wildlife and covers over 283 square kilometers (110 sq mi).

Harlan Ford and Billy Mills made the first detailed sighting in 1974 when they claimed to have found several wild boars that had their throats ripped open. They also claimed to have found claw-like footprints that showed webbed feet—one of which Ford managed to make a plaster mold of. The footprint was examined by Louisiana State University experts, as well as the state Wildlife Commission, and was determined to be genuine—although it could not be identified as any known animal. Given the depth of the imprint, the weight of the creature was estimated to be around 181 kilograms (400 lbs). Legends state that the eyes of the beast are reptilian and red, and aside from the web-like feet, it also has a tail and stands at around two meters (7 ft) tall.

A video was shot by Harland Ford that surfaced in the late 1980s—several years after his death—and led other investigators to suggest that it was not reptilian, but more likely a Sasquatch or Bigfoot.

5Reptilian Photographed In Vehicle


In April 2015, an unnamed man claimed to have not only seen a reptilian humanoid, but caught a photograph of it inside a moving Kia Spectra vehicle. The man took the picture while driving behind the car, and when he examined it later, he claimed to be able to see a reptilian face staring back at him in the car’s rear-view mirror.

Originally, he made the report to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and provided his pictures to them. He claimed that he was taking a picture of the “Monster” decal on the back of the car. Only when he looked at the picture later did he realize what he had photographed.

He claimed that after adjusting the contrast of the picture he could make out heavy eyelids, as well as scaly protrusions on the creature’s forehead—which also showed that the figure had appeared to be frowning. He claimed to have taken the picture in February 2015, but he had studied it for several weeks before deciding to volunteer it and his story to MUFON.

4Men In Black Turn Into Reptilians


An event that is thought to be the first recorded reptilian account outside of the United States occurred in 1980 in San Paulo, Brazil. The account came courtesy of Antonio Huneeus, a respected science journalist who had many contacts in South America and was always informed of strange events that transpired there.

Months before the incident, the witness claimed that they had been followed by three men who were dressed in black suits. One evening, a dark car pulled up to his house and, against his will, he got into the car and was driven to a remote area. The car halted when they were underneath a large object that hovered overhead. The three men and the witness exited the vehicle and, as they walked underneath the airborne craft, were enveloped in a beam of light.

Once they were inside the craft and strapped to a chair, the witness stated that the three men appeared to have “shed their skin” and transformed themselves into reptilian humanoids with green, scaly skin and heart-shaped heads. He also stated that at one point he managed to glimpse inside another room on the craft and saw human corpses that had been hung by their feet.

After that, his next memory was being back outside his home. Aside from remembering the creatures speaking to him about upcoming global events, he has no other memory of the incident.

3The Austrian Cave Reptilians


As an expert and investigator of cave systems in Austria, the Czech Republic, and Poland, Gregor claimed to have witnessed a reptilian in the old salt mine caves of northern Austria in May 2011. He estimated that he was around 50 meters (164 ft) below the surface and was taking cave chippings to be studied. That’s when Gregor heard strange voices coming from close by. He stopped and listened to the sound until the voices appeared to stop. Ignoring them, he moved farther through the cave and into a chamber where he smelled a rotting odor. Suddenly, he heard the voices again. A little spooked, Gregor decided to turn back and exited the chamber as quickly as he could. As he did so, he turned his head to look behind him and saw with horror that a light appeared to be illuminating the previously dark room. One light became several, and Gregor finally got a glimpse of what was carrying them.

He stated that several muscular, lizard-like creatures, standing upright, now occupied the previously empty chamber. He stated that each one seemed to wear what appeared to be a uniform, and that they had tails that swung behind them. They appeared to be talking to each other in a language that he did not know but which still sounded similar to human speech. The creatures did not seem to notice Gregor who, as quickly as he could, made his way out of the caves and to the safety of the ground above.

2Reptilian In The Room


Wes Penre from Oregon claims that his reptilian encounter began when he woke up one night and noticed that the room had suddenly turned icy cold. As he fully awoke, he realized that he couldn’t move and was paralyzed in his bed. Then, Penre noticed an extremely muscular, green humanoid with red eyes in the room with him.

At the time, he stated that he could only describe it as a demon, but then he realized that what he saw matched other descriptions of reptilians. He remembered a spine sticking out of the creature’s skin, and it was around two meters (7 ft) tall. Its build was much wider and more muscular than that of a standard human being. The creature stared at Penre before suddenly speeding toward him, wrapping its hands around his neck and choking him. Penre stated that the creature was growling and roaring during the attack.

Penre claimed that the reptile-like being literally “sucked the life energy” out of his body and swallowed it. However, as instantly as it had appeared, it was gone. Penre described the sound he heard when the creature vanished as a “swoosh.” With the creature gone, Penre was no longer paralyzed, but he states that he has no further memory of the night. While the most likely answer to this experience is sleep paralysis, Penre vehemently disregards this idea, stating that it was not a dream.

1Judge Turns Into A Reptile


While attending court for a traffic violation, an unnamed man claimed to have witnessed the judge turn into a reptilian right before his eyes. He stated that it was only a momentary change, and the face was the only part of the judge he could see. Over a span of 10 seconds, the judge’s face went from human to that of a reptile and back to human again. Despite there being around 15 other people in the courtroom, nobody else appeared to notice this. The man made his report to MUFON, and his court case was subsequently rescheduled. However, when the new date arrived, a different judge was now presiding over his case. His attempts to contact the original judge were not met.

There have been claims of an underground network of tunnels under the city of Los Angeles that are said to be home to the “lizard people.” In 1934, the Los Angeles Times ran a front-page story on these tunnels and the excavation by Warren Schubert. Although the city of Los Angeles had given Schubert permission to proceed with the dig, shortly after the story ran, the project was shut down and the tunnels were sealed shut.

Marcus Lowth is a writer at Me Time For The Mind. Me Time For The Mind is on Facebook.

fact checked by Jamie Frater
Marcus Lowth

Marcus Lowth is a writer with a passion for anything interesting, be it UFOs, the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the paranormal or conspiracies. He also has a liking for the NFL, film and music.

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