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Top 10 Extremely Cool Retro Style Gifts

by Listverse Writers
fact checked by Jamie Frater

There’s no turning back- it’s a modern, high-tech world, and perhaps that’s why sometimes, we all need a touch of the old-fashioned. Whether functional, decorative or both, here are some unique gift items we’ve curated that will help infuse any home with a sense of retro cool.

10Retro Camera Replica


While it should go without saying, be advised that this is not a working camera, as old-timey photographic plates are hard to come by these days. Having said that, this is a lovingly detailed replica that will add a striking touch to a den or studio.

The piece stands over five feet high, and is constructed from cast aluminum and antique brown finished wood. Perfect for photography buffs, and a unique home accent.

9Vintage 3-Speed Turntable

There’s nothing like the warmth and depth of vinyl recordings, and if you agree, then this throwback record player by Gadhouse is right up your alley. It features all three speeds- yes, even 78 RPM records can go for a spin, if you have a few lying around- and incorporates a modern tweak or two that any music aficionado will appreciate.

An auxiliary jack means you can plug in an external device to play over the built-in speakers, or simply take advantage of the Bluetooth functionality to stream from any enabled device. The best of both worlds, in a nicely-priced, appealingly retro package.

8VFAN Vintage Whole Room Air Circulator

The classic Vornado fan was designed in 1945, and its design has stuck around for a reason- superior airflow. This beautiful reproduction based on the original design is no different, and while any fan can cool you down, very few look this cool.

The unit is available in a variety of retro-inspired colors, and a full-size pedestal-mounted unit is also available for larger areas. Both are backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty, which speaks to the heavy duty construction.

7Retro Compact Refrigerator

This charming old-style mini fridge instantly evokes every small town gas station or general store we’ve ever set foot in, right down to the bottle opener bolted to its side. Manufacturer Igloo has been in business since 1947, and the retro design is inspired directly from the company’s own history.

Fully functional with 1.6 cubic feet of space and an ice cube tray, this mini fridge is the perfect offbeat addition to any shop, garage or entertainment area. Need something appropriate to stock it with? We’ve got you covered there, too.

6Coronado Vintage Style AM/FM Radio

While it’s safe to say that we have no shortage of portable music options today, none that we’ve seen can match the cute factor of this 50s-style portable radio from Coronado. You may not be planning to hang out at the malt shop or help build a treehouse, but you’ll have no trouble evoking such memories with this little box.

It features period-accurate volume and tuning knobs and an old-fashioned antenna, and runs on just three AA batteries. For maximum effect, we recommend tuning to your local oldies station and leaving it there permanently.

5Retro Cottage Quartz Square Table Clock

These lovely bedside/desktop clocks really stretch far to complete the retro effect. All models feature a distressed finish and even minute, irregular chips in the paint and slight discoloration on the faceplate.

These are available in a variety of colors and styles, and are actually backed with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty- a unique, inexpensive and sure-fire gift.

4Old Cigarette Lighter Windproof Trench Lighters

Speaking of unique: fancy lighters have been given as gifts since time immemorial, but this is the kind of snappy old-fashioned unit one could make up stories about (note: nobody will believe you fought in World War I). It can be refilled with standard lighter fluid, and is about as far as one can get from the six or seven regular Zippo lighters that any smoker is likely to have already been gifted.

The lighter handily takes standard wicks and flints. It can double as a key ring and is made from durable brass and stainless steel.

3Retro Best In Class Stereo Monitor Headphones

Sure, earbuds are fine for a lot of applications, but if you ask us, nothing beats the all-encompassing sound of over-the-ear headphones. This classic design, which will inspire pangs of nostalgia in any music lover of a certain age group, marries modern electronics to its timeless form factor for a truly groovy listening experience.

Huge 40mm drivers power the sound, and the phones are available in seven retro colors including avocado, salmon and candy apple red. Also black or white, but what fun is that?

2Retro Series Microwave Oven

While a true retro-style microwave would be square, ugly and as large as a toolshed, this elegantly designed product seems to imagine what microwaves would have looked like had they been invented decades earlier. The 800-watt, glass carousel unit is sincerely the coolest-looking microwave we’ve ever seen.

Manufacturer Nostalgia Electrics has a number of fitting companion pieces to this product: an old-style hot dog toaster, convection toaster oven, and vintage-look ice cream maker, to name a few.

1Telephone Handset Receiver

And finally, we can get the comforting feel of an old-school telephone handset without sacrificing our smartphones. This smooth-finish receiver works with any smartphone and can even be used to make Skype calls on a tablet or PC; it has adjustable volume control, noise reduction, and is a heck of a lot easier to cradle between your head and shoulder than an iPhone.

For many of you, this is what a phone is supposed to look and feel like. For the rest, this is the reason for the shape of the “call” icon on Skype, and also the original hands-free device.

fact checked by Jamie Frater
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