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Top 10 Intriguing Inexpensive Home Decor Items

by Listverse Writers
fact checked by Jamie Frater

If you’re looking for some interesting new accents for your home that won’t destroy your budget, you’ve come to the right list. Assuming you live in a place and are not a wandering spirit, we think you’ll find something to like here. If you ARE a wandering spirit, please contact the editor; we have some questions.

10Modern Mute DIY Large Wall Clock Stick


Not only is this the cheapest and coolest-looking giant clock you are likely to find anywhere, it’s also a fun do-it-yourself project that all ages can get in on. It’ll make a stylish addition to a den, game room, or anywhere you don’t mind being regularly reminded what time it is.

The numbers are made from a durable non-toxic foam material and are easy to adhere and remove. You can group them close together or make them take up an entire wall, or even put them up in the wrong order if you really want to confuse your friends.

9Studio Sync Lighted Shelf


This nifty little item is a “floating shelf” that mounts flush to the wall. Installation is quite simple, and it looks very clean and modern even without bringing the lights into play.

Yes, these shelves are equipped with adjustable lights on the underside that activate at the touch of a button. They can be recharged with any standard USB cable, and the charge is good for 8-10 hours. Mount two or more on top of each other for a brilliant Blu-ray or video game display area.

8Colored Wooden Treasure Chests


This item can add a touch of the rustic to any area. The three chests are just over five inches square and three inches deep, perfect for holding keys and other valuables, while the entire tray is about 16 inches in length.

The attractive finishes are old wood, black and cherry and the chests feature old-style clasps. Also great for storing dry goods in the kitchen, or spare cordage and other computer/media accessories.

7Portal Bookends by ThinkGeek


While some of you will be puzzled and unimpressed by this item, believe us when we say that the rest are clicking the link to buy right now. These bookends are inspired by the classic Valve Studios puzzler game Portal, which has a bit of a dedicated following.

If you’re checking out the lighted shelves above to display all of your video games, here’s the perfect companion piece. Thank you for helping us help you help us all!

6Globe Whiskey Decanter


For those of us who enjoy our whiskey or other spirits, storage doesn’t get much cooler than this. For the truly worldly (pun intended), this globe decanter is an awesome addition to your bar or liquor cabinet.

It holds 850 mL of spirits, features a tight-fitting glass stopper to preserve freshness, and is entirely handmade- the globe itself is even blown by hand. Comparable in price to mass-produced crystal or glass decanters, this artisan-crafted product is a steal.

5California Clock Company Kit-Kat Clock


It turns out that the Kit-Kat Clock is not manufactured exclusively for tiny, off-the-beaten-path diners that always seem to have the best food around. The California Clock Company offers this model complete with the rolling eyes and wagging tail that made this clock famous.

This is indeed a brand new in box item, not used or refurbished. The clock is powered by a single AA battery and is only about 12 inches high- meaning that anyone can and should find space for one in their kitchen.

4Retro Vintage Antique Style Rotary Dial Desk Telephone


While home telephone service is nowhere near as ubiquitous as it once was, those of us who still use a landline could do a lot worse than this striking vintage-style phone. Durable construction and quality materials make this the last land telephone you may ever need to buy.

While a little light on features (it does feature a last-number-dialed function, but that’s all), we’d be hard-pressed to find another phone that makes you feel like you’ve stepped back into the early 1900s every time you field a call. A great conversation piece, and perfect for the office.

3Cohen Ceramic Hands Sculpture
$45.12, Set of 3


Now, if you’re looking for something much more modern art-y, these intriguing ceramic sculptures could fit the bill. They come in sets of three, with each hand locked in various international gestures of peace and goodwill.

The sculptures are no more than 10.5 inches high, and no two are the same- each piece is hand-crafted. The manufacturer notes that there will be slight variations in color and texture for this reason. At under $50, these are a great choice for uplifting, original artworks.

2Elite 3 in 1 Breakfast Center


The only appliance on our list has a couple questions for you: do you like breakfast? And, where has this product been all your life? The MaxiMatic Breakfast Center squeezes everything you need to whip up everything you want into an easy to use, easy to clean appliance that measures less than 20 inches in length.

Coffeemaker? Check. 1500 watt toaster oven? Check. Nonstick griddle with a glass lid and 63 square inch surface area? That’s a big old check, and you’re ready to cook breakfast like a boss in even the tiniest of spaces.

1Egyptian Chess Set


Finally, a nice chess set is a great feature for any office, game room or study. This Egyptian-themed polystone set by CHH cuts an authoritative figure for those serious about their game. Pewter and bronze color scheme, ornate detail, 21.5 inches square and clocking in at 19 pounds… let’s play some chess.

Of course, this is just our favorite- other sets are available from recycled metal to the medieval. A great way to encourage yourself to play against human opponents instead of that cheating smartphone app, and a stylish and classy accent.

fact checked by Jamie Frater
Listverse Writers

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