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Top 10 Craziest Mother-In-Law Horror Stories

by Amber Smith
fact checked by Rachel Jones

The dreaded meet-the-parents. We are all desperate to make a good impression on the in-laws. We want to be accepted and welcomed into the family, but things don’t always go as planned. Some mothers-in-law take things to the extreme regarding their children’s new partners. Is it jealousy? Is it insanity? Maybe it’s both.

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10 The Second Bride

MOTHER IN LAW RUINED WEDDING with PHOTOS + VIDEOS! // Mother In Law wore wedding dress to MY wedding

We all know there is a certain etiquette for attending a wedding. For example, you don’t wear white unless the engaged couple has specifically asked you to do so.

Pretty self-explanatory, wouldn’t you say?

Well, this mother took it one step further and decided to wear a wedding dress of her own to her son and new daughter-in-law’s wedding. The couple didn’t notice during the ceremony and were bombarded with the bizarre sight when the photographer asked them to pose together for a photo. Awkward!

9 Dr. Phil’s Monster-In-Law

Dr. Phil – Khalood Explains Why She Hates Her Son-in-Law

Dr. Phil had a somewhat controversial guest on his show. With an unfiltered approach to the interview, mother-in-law Khalood quickly caught the country’s attention by mentioning that she nicknamed her son-in-law “Dumbass. ” She expressed concern that Steve (son-in-law) is slowly making her daughter lazy and disrespectful just like he is.

She revealed multiple things that prove her total disregard for boundaries during the conversation. She mentions that she has slipped something into the son-in-law’s hot chocolate during the holidays because she enjoys seeing him suffer. She also confessed to making copies of the couple’s key and regularly lets herself into their house unannounced if they are not answering her calls or text messages.

8 You’re Coming Between Me and My Son!

Mother Blames Future Daughter-In-Law For Turning Her Son Against Her | I Love A Mama’s Boy

Soon-to-be MIL Annette disagrees with just about everything that her daughter-in-law Justine does. Convinced that it is Justine’s fault for causing issues in her relationship with her son, Annette is determined to get her way.

She disregards everything the couple says about how they want to parent their daughter. She calls their wedding plans “ridiculous ” and won’t be happy unless they go with the venue that she wants, despite it not being her wedding.

She even went as far as to say, “It’s not natural for a son to go against his mother, ” blaming Justine for her son’s pushback toward her opinions. This is one manipulative mother-in-law.

7 Me Against My Mother-In-Law and My Husband

MOTHER IN LAW FROM HELL- Ruined my Wedding and my Marriage!!!

It’s bad enough when you have a mother-in-law who is rude to you, but when you factor in a husband who doesn’t stick up for you, the whole thing becomes unbearable.

This mother and daughter-in-law went head-to-head at their wedding, which is becoming a bit of a pattern for these MILs. Seems to me like someone doesn’t like being out of the spotlight.

The couple went traditional with their wedding, so they received money from guests as a helping hand to begin married life together. Her mother-in-law said that the couple must give her all of the money they had gotten from the wedding; she would then count it and decide how much they could spend and what.

Not only did she try to control the money given to the new couple, but she also insisted that the bride’s family pay for half of the wedding—yet they were allowed to invite only fifty of the four hundred guests. During an argument about the money box that the new daughter-in-law had asked her friends to hide from her MIL—still, at the wedding, might I add—the MIL decided to go all out and started calling her new daughter-in-law awful names. She swore at her, making up stories and vile accusations in front of the entire wedding party.

So after being verbally assaulted for a good ten minutes, the bride decided to leave her own wedding. Her husband stood and watched the entire abuse and said nothing, not stepping up to defend his new wife or at minimum asking his mother to stop.

His excuse? It’s his mother at the end of the day.

Of course, feeling as though her husband didn’t have her back, he is now her ex-husband, and thankfully she doesn’t have to deal with the toxic and viscous nature of his mother.

6 The Gender Reveal Breakdown

This entitled mother-in-law was already unhappy that the couple was doing a gender reveal to the whole family and not telling her personally beforehand, but the scene she caused at the gender reveal was on another level.

They used colored smoke bombs to reveal the gender, had a small number of guests at their house, and then went live on Facebook to show their extended family and friends. As soon as the bombs revealed blue smoke, the mother-in-law screamed “NO! ” and started hysterically crying. She left a few moments later but continued to call family members, crying about how unhappy she was.

With this being the couple’s only pregnancy together, it definitely put a negative spin on what should be a celebration.

5 No Boundaries

Be warned: this story is going to make you cringe.

The couple was going out of town for a few days, and the wife’s parents, who they would usually have looking after their house, were also going to be out of town, so they asked the husband’s mother instead.

Now the mother-in-law has a little bit of a cleaning problem, so they were expecting her to make comments or do the laundry—that kind of thing. But they could’ve never prepared themselves for what they came back to.

The MIL had made her way through every single item in their house. She had reorganized from top to bottom, and I mean top to bottom. There were no boundaries that she wasn’t willing to cross; she had gone into the couple’s bedroom and reorganized their extremely personal items. Don’t forget that this is her son at the end of the day and what’s even weirder is she was not embarrassed when they confronted her about it.

She said, “If you are going to have children, you are going to need to be more organized, but at least I know you have a healthy bedroom life.”

All I’ve got to say about this mother-in-law is…eew!

4 A Wannabe Hairdresser

The daughter-in-law from this story used her hair as a form of control for her mental health. When she was younger, she would experiment with her hair if she was struggling or dealing with something. This allowed her to feel more in control and gave her something else to focus on. Since then, her mental health has improved massively, and she has grown her hair out to just below her waist.

For her, this was a symbol of how far she has come with her mental health. So as you can imagine, her hair is extremely important to her. Her mother-in-law, however, did not like her hair or even care how important it was to her.

She made nasty comments about how it looked like a rat’s nest, and she was undeserving of this long hair. One day when the daughter-in-law and husband were visiting his family, the jealous MIL came up behind her and chopped huge chunks from her hair. She made cruel comments saying that it would grow back and stop overreacting.

Needless to say, the daughter-in-law was devastated and has not spoken to her since.

3 The Attacker

My Mother-in-Law Attacked Me!

Mother-In-Law Patty hates her daughter-in-law Heather so much she calls her “beast” and has even gone as far as to attack her in her sleep.

She appeared on the show Face the Truth, where she faced the panel of hosts who tried to get to the core of why Patty had such aggression and violent feelings toward Heather. They discovered that things have happened along the way to cause the breakdown in their relationship, and with the loss of her other son, Patty could be redirecting her feelings of guilt and grief at Heather in the form of major aggression.

Whatever the reasoning, this MIL went to the extremes when it came to family feuding.

2 The Kidnapper

These Are The WORST Mothers-In-Law EVER

So the story begins in a way we have probably all seen or heard before: with an overbearing, somewhat controlling mother-in-law. But for these new parents, things took a traumatic turn.

The wife had given birth a few weeks ago to a beautiful baby girl who had trouble sleeping. The mother-in-law took it upon herself to let the new mother (her daughter-in-law) know everything she was doing wrong and how the baby would get a good night’s sleep staying over at her house. The new mother repeatedly said no, as it was still very early on, and she was still breastfeeding the baby.

The new mother woke up one night in a panic because there had been no noise from her baby for hours. She ran into the baby’s room to find the cot empty. Her hysterical screaming and crying also woke her husband up in a panic, and he went to help look for the baby. After a few minutes of frantic searching, the mother ran to her phone to call 911 to find she had been sent a photo by her mother-in-law of a selfie holding the baby asleep. Completely unannounced, the MIL had used a spare key to pick up the baby while the couple was sleeping, taking the baby back to her house because she was convinced she could get the baby to sleep through the night.

Not only did the MIL cause her daughter-in-law tremendous stress and trauma with the situation, but she also dared to say she was hormonal and over-reacting when the new mother confronted her.

1 The Spitter

This, by far, is some of the worst behavior I have come across from any adult, let alone a mother-in-law. This couple were high school sweethearts, went to college together, and continued on to get married and become pregnant. Despite what most of us would call the perfect relationship, the mother-in-law always had an issue with her son’s partner.

When the baby was born, her feelings of anger and disgust toward her daughter-in-law only became magnified.

She tried to force her way into the delivery room, claiming it was her right to see her grandchild be born, but she was removed by hospital staff. After the baby girl was delivered, she asked to hold her, to which the couple obliged; she then spat in the baby’s face, saying she was going to turn out just like her mother. They, of course, took the baby back and cut her off completely.

fact checked by Rachel Jones