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10 Longevity Practices from around the World

by David Long
fact checked by Rachel Jones

Have you ever wondered how some people defy the sands of time and age gracefully? Longevity isn’t just a matter of genetics. Lifestyle choices also influence it. As we explore ten longevity practices worldwide, you might find some surprising secrets that could contribute to a longer, healthier life.

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10 Olive Oil: The Liquid Gold of Longevity

Does Olive Oil Make You Live Longer?

Let’s take a culinary detour to the sun-soaked hills of Greece and Italy, where the olive tree reigns supreme. These folks have been onto something for centuries—drizzling olive oil on everything from salads to bread and probably even their morning coffee (okay, maybe not the coffee, but you get the point).

So, why is olive oil the unsung hero in the longevity playbook? It’s not just about being the Beyoncé of healthy fats. It’s loaded with antioxidants that combat those pesky free radicals. Think of it as your own personal superhero swooping in to save the day, one drizzle at a time.

Olive oil is like the James Bond of the culinary world: effortlessly suave and versatile. Whether you’re sautéing, dressing, or even moisturizing (yes, some swear by it for radiant skin), olive oil is there for you, multitasking its way into a longer, healthier life.

9 Embracing Ikigai: Japan’s Blueprint for a Long and Joyful Life

IKIGAI | A Japanese Philosophy for Finding Purpose

Ikigai is the magic potion that blends passion, mission, vocation, and profession into pure life satisfaction. It’s not just about finding something you love but about aligning that passion with what the world needs, what you can be paid for, and what you’re darn good at.

Imagine waking up every morning with a grin that says, “I’ve got this life thing figured out!” That’s the Ikigai glow. The Japanese aren’t just sipping green tea and practicing martial arts. They’re weaving their passions into the very fabric of their existence. Ikigai is a lifestyle, a philosophy, a commitment to squeezing every drop of joy out of life.

So, next time you’re feeling lost in the hustle and bustle, take a leaf out of the Japanese playbook—find your Ikigai. And who knows, you might outlive a ninja or two!

8 Sipping to Centenarian Secrets: The Red Wine Chronicles of Longevity

The BEST Alcoholic Drink for Longevity & Good Health (Studies Analyzed)

The elixir of life, or as some might call it, the “adult grape juice”—red wine has long been celebrated as a longevity secret in various corners of the globe. Take a stroll through the vineyards of the Mediterranean, and you’ll find folks toasting to life with a glass of this ruby nectar.

The French have made an art of sipping their way to a ripe old age, crediting their love affair with red wine for cardiovascular health. It’s like their fountain of youth, poured from Bordeaux to Burgundy.

In Italy, where the air is filled with amore, the locals swear by a daily dose of red wine to keep the doctor away. They believe the antioxidants in every sip combat the ravages of time, turning wrinkles into mere wine-induced smile lines.

And let’s not forget the Spanish—passionate about life and their Rioja. The secret to their longevity? A glass of red wine shared with friends, or as they say, “Salud, amor, y pesetas, y el tiempo para gozarlos”—”Health, love, and money, and the time to enjoy them.”

7 How to Master Hara Hachi Bu: Eating for Longevity, Japanese Style

Secrets to a long and healthy life | Ikigai – Part 1 | Hara hachi bu | Okinawa island | Weight loss

Have you ever heard of the ancient Japanese secret to staying slim and living long enough to see your great-great-grandkids? It’s called “Hara Hachi Bu,” and no, it’s not a new martial arts move or the latest sushi trend. Hara Hachi Bu is the art of eating until you’re 80% full—a practice that seems like common sense until you find yourself face-to-face with a mountain of irresistible tempura.

Imagine you’re at a bustling izakaya in Tokyo, surrounded by the savory aroma of miso soup and the sizzle of yakitori skewers. Hara Hachi Bu kicks in just as your inner glutton is ready to declare war on that all-you-can-eat sushi spread. It’s like a ninja warrior whispering in your ear, “Hold on there, hungry warrior, leave some room for the ninja turtles of your digestive system.”

The brilliance of Hara Hachi Bu lies in the balance between satisfaction and restraint. Instead of stuffing your face like there’s no tomorrow, channel your inner samurai and master the art of mindful munching. By stopping short of a food coma, you not only save your stomach from feeling like a sumo wrestling ring but also unlock the secrets of a longer, healthier life—all while enjoying the gastronomic wonders of the Land of the Rising Sun.

6 Unveiling Ayurveda: Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Life!

Best Time of Day To Eat, Sleep And Exercise According To Ayurveda | Plan Your Dailly Routine

Picture lounging on a yoga mat, sipping herbal tea, and feeling as zen as a sloth on a Sunday afternoon—that’s Ayurveda for you. This traditional system balances your mind, body, and soul. Ayurveda is more about finding your dosha, or energy type. It’s like being sorted into a Hogwarts house, but way more practical.

And let’s talk about those herbal concoctions—no, it’s not a potion class, but close! Ayurveda prescribes herbs and spices like turmeric and ashwagandha to strengthen your inner magic. It’s like the wizardry of wellness!

Ever heard of oil pulling? Ayurveda swears by it. Swish, swish, and voila—your pearly whites are as bright as the Taj Mahal at sunrise. It’s the kind of routine that makes your dentist wonder if you’ve discovered the Fountain of Toothpaste.

So, if you’re looking for the secrets to a long and vibrant life, consider taking a cue from Ayurveda. It’s a timeless tradition that’s kept people feeling fabulous since before Instagram filters were even a thing. Namaste for that!

5 Sauna Serenity: Sweating the Stress Away with Global Glow-How

What Happens To Your Body When You Use a Sauna Everyday

Sauna sessions, a time-honored tradition in many cultures, are like the spa day your ancestors never knew they needed. Take a cue from the Finns, who practically invented the art of sweating it out in style. Imagine being surrounded by the comforting warmth of a wooden haven, feeling the stress melt away like butter on a hot pancake.

In Finland, saunas are a way of life. It’s where business deals are sealed, friendships forged, and, let’s face it, where you get to show off your impressive tolerance for heat. The sauna experience is a symphony of relaxation and camaraderie, where the only competition is who can endure the heat without breaking a sweat—literally.

But the Finnish don’t have a monopoly on sauna wisdom. Across the globe, from the Russian banyas to the Japanese sento, people have been basking in the glory of heated rooms for centuries. Sauna sessions promote circulation, cleanse the pores, and leave you feeling as rejuvenated as a cat nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

So, consider indulging in a sauna session next time you’re feeling stressed or just need an excuse to flaunt your towel-wrapping skills. Your body will thank you, and maybe your newfound glow will have people wondering if you’ve stumbled upon the fountain of youth.

4 Siesta Bliss: Unveiling the Art of Spanish Napping

The health benefits of regular naps

In the delightful land of siestas and sangria, the Spanish have mastered the art of the midday nap, turning a quick snooze into a cultural institution. Siestas aren’t just a break from the hustle but a cherished tradition that speaks to the Spanish love for leisure.

Imagine a sun-drenched afternoon in a charming Spanish town, where the rhythm of life slows down and the siesta hour beckons. Armed with a knack for relaxation, locals retreat to the cool shade for a brief rendezvous with their pillows. It’s a rejuvenating siesta that recharges both body and spirit.

The Spanish siesta isn’t a mere nod to laziness. It’s a wise response to the scorching afternoon sun. While others may power through their post-lunch slump, the Spanish wisely embrace a cultural siesta to escape the heat and replenish their energy.

So, next time you struggle with that post-lunch lethargy, take a cue from the Spaniards and indulge in a mini siesta. It’s not a sign of weakness but a nod to a centuries-old tradition that celebrates the beauty of a well-timed nap. Because, let’s face it, life is too short to ignore the allure of a Spanish-style siesta! ¡Buenas noches and sweet dreams, amigos!

3 Costa Rican Pura Vida: The Quirky Elixir of Longevity

Pura Vida: Essential Costa Rica

In the quest for the elixir of life, Costa Rica unveils its not-so-secret weapon: Pura Vida. This captivating phrase is a way of life that has catapulted Costa Ricans to the forefront of the longevity game. Pura Vida, translating to “pure life,” isn’t just a saying. It’s a daily mantra that permeates every aspect of Costa Rican culture.

Picture strolling down a sun-kissed beach, the waves serenading your every step, and suddenly, a local passes by with a radiant smile and utters those two magical words, “Pura Vida.” It’s not just a greeting but an invitation to embrace the simplicity and joy of existence.

Costa Ricans have mastered the art of stress-free living, trading in the chaos for a laid-back, carefree attitude. It’s as if time slows down in this tropical haven, allowing its inhabitants to savor life’s flavors without rushing through the menu.

So, what’s the secret sauce? It’s a blend of sunshine, community spirit, and a dash of “Pura Vida” attitude. In Costa Rica, longevity is more than the years you live. It’s savoring each moment with a side of genuine happiness. So, here’s to Pura Vida—where every day celebrates the pure and simple joys that make life extraordinary.

2 Sip to Longevity: The Secrets of Chinese Tea Culture

Asian tea culture, explained

In the ancient tapestry of longevity practices worldwide, one cannot overlook the aromatic charm steeped in Chinese tea. As the elixir of vitality, Chinese tea is a tradition, a ceremony, and a sip of timeless wisdom.

Imagine being reclined in a silk robe, surrounded by the subtle melodies of a traditional guqin, and cradling a porcelain teacup that holds not just leaves but the secrets of longevity. Chinese tea isn’t merely a liquid. It’s a journey through the emerald hills of longevity, hand-plucked by the wise hands that have cradled generations.

The art of sipping tea in China isn’t rushed. As the leaves pirouette in the hot water, they release not just flavors but the essence of life itself. With each sip, you’re not just drinking tea but imbibing the stories of centuries, soaking in the resilience of the leaves that have weathered storms to bring you this moment.

So, let the fragrant clouds of oolong or the robust embrace of pu-erh be your companions in the quest for long life. In Chinese tea, every cup is a celebration of life, health, and the delightful dance of time.

1 Chasing the Northern Lights of Longevity: The Icelandic Art of Clean Living

8 Best Things About Living in Iceland

In the chilly realm of glaciers and geysers, the secret to longevity isn’t just hidden in the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland—it’s also woven into the fabric of their daily lives. Icelandic clean living is the pristine air and stunning vistas. It’s a lifestyle that contributes to the longevity of its people.

Picture strolling through Reykjavik, and you can’t help but notice the locals taking deep breaths of the crisp Arctic air. In Iceland, clean living starts with clean air, and they’ve got an abundance of it. Maybe it’s the oxygen-rich breeze that keeps their minds sharp and their spirits high. Or perhaps it’s hard to age when you’re too busy marveling at the Northern Lights.

Clean living in Iceland embraces the country’s natural resources. Hot springs aren’t just for tourist selfies—they’re a way of life. The Icelanders have mastered the art of soaking away stress and toxins, turning every dip into a centuries-old fountain of youth. So, next time you’re reaching for that expensive anti-aging cream, maybe consider a trip to an Icelandic hot spring instead. Your skin—and your sense of adventure—will thank you.

fact checked by Rachel Jones