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Top 10 Propaganda Videos

by Jamie Frater
fact checked by dickensgirl

Propaganda has been with us for a long time but it was not until the two wars that it became such a useful tool in control of the opinions of the people. This list shows ten of the best examples of propaganda available on the Internet including anti-porn, anti-homosexual, and anti-drugs.

10 Anti Pornography Propaganda

Citizens for Decent Literature – Perversion for Profit

Produced by the Citizens for Decent Literature, this is an amusing propaganda film from 1965 entitled Perversion for Profit. It is presented by George Putnam – “Outstanding News Reporter”. It demonstrates certain photographs and points out that they appeal to “the sodomists” and others with “overtones of bestiality”.

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9 Anti LSD Propaganda

1960’s LSD Propaganda Film – The Hotdog プロパガンダ 薬物 ホットドッグ

This is another film from the 1960s but this one focuses on LSD. The main character describes her first time using LSD and goes on to talk about eating a hotdog that has a face and screams when she tries to bite it. She tried the drug because she was “pretty jacked-up on marijuana”. This is very cool, man.

8 Anti Homosexual Propaganda

Putin signs law banning homosexual “propaganda”

Boys Beware! is the title of this 1959 anti homosexual propaganda film. In the picture we see the cunning wiles of the homosexualist focusing on the case of little Jimmy Barnes who thumbs a ride and ends up in hot water after the “nice man” Ralph picks him up. This film contains some great lines like “all homosexuals are not passive; some resort to violence”. After seeing this film you will think twice about hitching a ride!

7 Pro Tax Propaganda

Donald Duck vs Taxes

From 1943, this film uses Donald duck and his friends to explain why we must pay income tax to do our duty for the country. This is the first example here of propaganda being aimed at children with more of an eye on the future. Did it work do you think? One of the nice quotes from this film:

“[…] every American should pay his or her income tax, gladly and proudly”.

6 Anti Piracy Propaganda

Don’t Copy That Floppy – Anti-Piracy – Classic Propaganda

Now for a brief dip into some more recent propaganda. We have all seen anti-piracy clips at the cinema and the begining of DVDs, but this video is a testament to how long the anti piracy brigade has been active. This 1992 video features a rapper singing “Don’t copy the floppy”. This video was produced by the Software Publishers Association.

5 Anti American Propaganda

Anti Bush War Corporatism

This is the most recent example of propaganda in the list. It is a film by Barry McNamara (who is apparently a political thinker), and it is speaking against US domination of the world. The most interesting thing about this one is the style of animation – it could have been made by a propagandist from Soviet Russia. It speaks of the neoconservative manifesto to bring about a New American Century.

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4Nazi Propaganda

German Propaganda (1941)

The Nazis were famous for propaganda during the wartime. This video shows Adolf Hitler speaking to the youth of Germany. He asks them to embrace all things German so that in the future there will be no ranks or classes. At one point he says “We want this people to be peace loving” – yeah right. The crowd goes wild whenever Hitler stops talking.

3 Communist Propaganda

Soviet Army Victory Parade 1945 in Color Парад Победы

In this clip we see a very common theme in Communist propaganda – displays of power. The Chinese still do it, the North Koreans do it, and the Soviets practically invented it. This film is taken from Victory Day and shows a military parade in Moscow in 1945. The music in the background is a rather stirring rendition of the Soviet Union’s National Anthem.

2 Anti Communist Propaganda

American Propaganda Films – Communism

This is a 1952 American propaganda film by Coronet International Films. It is amusing how it points out that you are paying the highest taxes in history because of Communism. The film describes the origin of communism with Karl Marx. It is interesting how the commentator also speaks out against the Tsar and even insinuates that the communists were right to up-rise against him.

1 Anti Nazi Propaganda

1940’s Anti-Nazi Film Goes Viral After Charlottesville Rally

This is Another Disney produced cartoon propaganda film entitled Hitler’s Children, Education for Death. The film uses very typical propaganda images and sounds – the Nazi’s tower over the people who behave as if they are terrified. This one really just has to be seen to be believed.

fact checked by dickensgirl
Jamie Frater

Jamie is the founder of Listverse. When he’s not doing research for new lists or collecting historical oddities, he can be found in the comments or on Facebook where he approves all friends requests!

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