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Top 10 Most Haunted Places

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

Everyone seems to know of at least one haunted house; as kids there was almost certainly one in our own neighbourhood. This list contains the most famous and most haunted places in the world. If you have had any experiences of a similar nature, feel free to tell us about it in the comments. I should add, before starting, that I am a skeptic; I have written this list for entertainment value.

1. Borley Rectory, Essex, England [Wikipedia]

Geuu 03 Img0504

The haunting of the Borley Rectory during the 1920s and 1930s, is undoubtedly one of the most famous in Britain, as well as being one of the most controversial. The wealth of sightings and experiences by independent witnesses, suggests that although much of the phenomena can be explained in rational terms, a percentage remains which can still be seen as inexplicable at the present time.

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2. The Whaley House, California [Wikipedia]


Author deTraci Regula relates her experiences with the house: “Over the years, while dining across the street at the Old Town Mexican Cafe, I became accustomed to noticing that the shutters of the second-story windows [of the Whaley House] would sometimes open while we ate dinner, long after the house was closed for the day. On a recent visit, I could feel the energy in several spots in the house, particularly in the courtroom, where I also smelled the faint scent of a cigar, supposedly Whaley’s calling-card. In the hallway, I smelled perfume, initially attributing that to the young woman acting as docent, but some later surreptitious sniffing in her direction as I talked to her about the house revealed her to be scent-free.”

3. Raynham Hall, Norfolk, England [Wikipedia]


aynham Hall is a country house in Norfolk, England. For 300 years it has been the seat of the Townshend family. The hall gave its name to the area, known as East Raynham, and is reported to be haunted, providing the scene for possibly the most famous ghost photo of all time, the famous Brown Lady descending the staircase. However, the ghost has not been reported since the photo was taken. Its most famous resident was Charles Townshend, 2nd Viscount Townshend (1674-1738), leader in the House of Lords.

4. The Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana [Wikipedia]

Myrtles Plantation Ghost Picture Chloe 832-532X337-1

The Myrtles Plantation was built in 1796 by General David Bradford and called Laurel Grove. Touted as “one of America’s most haunted homes”, the plantation is supposedly home of at least 12 ghosts.[9] It is often reported that 10 murders occurred in the house, but historical records only indicate the murder of William Winter. Possibly the most well known of the Myrtles supposed ghosts, Chloe (sometimes Cleo) was reportedly a slave owned by Clark and Sara Woodruff. According to one story, Clark Woodruff had pressured or forced Chloe into being his mistress. Chloe and Clark were caught by Sara Woodruff, and Chloe began to listen at keyholes, trying to learn what would happen to her.

5. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia [Wikipedia]


Designed by John Haviland and opened in 1829, Eastern State is considered to be the world’s first true penitentiary. Its revolutionary system of incarceration, dubbed the Pennsylvania System, originated and encouraged solitary confinement as a form of rehabilitation. On June 1st, 2007 a television show called “Most Haunted” went live to the penitentiary. Part of the group went to Al Capones cell. Two people passed out while “investigating” the prison. One member of the team, Yvette, stated that “this is the most evil place I have ever been.” They claimed to have had contact with spirits but there was no hard evidence that their claims were legitimate.

6. The Tower of London, London [Wikipedia]


Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress The Tower of London, more commonly known as the Tower of London (and historically simply as The Tower), is an historic monument in central London, England on the north bank of the River Thames. Perhaps the most well-known ghostly resident of the Tower is the spirit of Ann Boleyn, one of the wives of Henry VIII, who was also beheaded in the Tower in 1536. Her ghost has been spotted on many occasions, sometimes carrying her head, on Tower Green and in the Tower Chapel Royal.

7. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky [Wikipedia]


Waverly Hills Sanatorium, located in Louisville, Kentucky, opened in 1910 as a two-story hospital to accommodate 40 to 50 tuberculosis patients. It has been popularized on television as being one of the “most haunted” hospitals in the eastern United States, and was seen on ABC/FOX Family Channel’s Scariest Places On Earth as well as VH1’s Celebrity Paranormal Project. It was also seen on the Sci Fi Channel’s Ghost Hunters. Ghost investigators who have ventured into Waverly have reported a host of strange paranormal phenomena, including voices of unknown origin, isolated cold spots and unexplained shadows. Screams have been heard echoing in its now abandoned hallways, and fleeting apparitions have been encountered.

8. The Queen Mary, California [Wikipedia]

Queen Mary 001

RMS Queen Mary is an ocean liner that sailed the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967 for Cunard Line (then Cunard White Star Line). The Queen Mary was purchased by the city of Long Beach, California in 1967 and transformed into a hotel. The most haunted area of the ship is the engine room where a 17-year-old sailor was crushed to death trying to escape a fire. Knocking and banging on the pipes around the door has been heard and recorded by numerous people. In what is now the front desk area of the hotel, visitors have seen the ghost of a “lady in white.” Ghosts of children are said to haunt the ship’s pool.

9. The White House, Washington DC [Wikipedia]


The home of the presidents of the United States. President Harrison is said to be heard rummaging around in the attic of the White House, looking for who knows what. President Andrew Jackson is thought to haunt his White House bedroom. And the ghost of First Lady Abigail Adams was seen floating through one of the White House hallways, as if carrying something. The most frequently sighted presidential ghost has been that of Abraham Lincoln. Eleanor Roosevelt once stated she believed she felt the presence of Lincoln watching her as she worked in the Lincoln bedroom. Also during the Roosevelt administration, a young clerk claimed to have actually seen the ghost of Lincoln sitting on a bed pulling off his boots.

That’s not all! Read about all the presidential ghouls and scary happenings in Who’s Haunting the White House?: The President’s Mansion and the Ghosts Who Live There at!

10. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland [Wikipedia]

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is reputed to be one of the most haunted spots in Scotland. And Edinburgh itself has been called the most haunted city in all of Europe. On various occasions, visitors to the castle have reported a phantom piper, a headless drummer, the spirits of French prisoners from the Seven Years War and colonial prisoners from the American Revolutionary War – even the ghost of a dog wandering in the grounds’ dog cemetery.

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  • Why do the photographs of so-called ghosts show the ghosts wearing clothes? If a ghost is still wearing their original clothes, why aren't they all in rags 100 years later? Do th clothes have a soul that follows the ghost into the afterlife? Why would a ghost need clothes? Where does a ghost buy new ghost clothes?

    • ROGER

      THAT’S TOO fUNNY..

    • Joanna Mineer

      I believe in ghosts ans I know the creepiest and weirdest story ever about a woman who my uncle and my mom both seen but in 2 completley different places and she vanished and when they went back the next day her and her house were gone the only thing that was left was the foundation and it was completley growed up with grass they have told me alot more than that but thats the one i remeber the most

    • Mike

      The same reason they don’t age.

  • mix2323

    ive heard tales my grand mother told me about a river in her country that a lady comes out takes children that are too late she said she saw her once

    • Vincent Valentine

      My grandma told me this story too but he didnt see her she sead the woman took her sister

      • Oteb64

        Thats la Llorona,

        • Shayne

          Said to be in Tx, and Mexico

  • Jason – if only we had the answers :)

  • mix: I thought saw a ghost in a graveyard as a kid which terrified me – though now that I have grown up I am sure there was a rational explanation.

    • L.C

      I was at a graveyard when I was 10. When I got there i saw this old woman crying in front of a grave. I turned around to go to the grave I had gone to visit and when I looked back, like 2 seconds later, she was gone.

      • official

        quit lien

  • mix2323

    jfrater: yea me too but mine happen about 2 years ago and i wished it could be explained i couldn’t sleep for two nights stayed up watching nick at night

  • Jason : it is simple – it’s how the spirit remembers itself. It’s not how the person looked when they died, but rather how they remember them self.

  • tjgrs

    i’m not sure if it is technically haunted but the winchester house in california is very strange and it’s said that mrs. winchester built the house the way she did( stairs leading nowhere, doors on the second floor leading to the outside with no porch or balcony, windows facing brick walls) to keep the spirits of the people who had died at the hands of the winchester rifle away from her house.

  • christian

    whose to say when or how long any record skips and plays in the same groove.

  • tjgrs: I considered that one but I think it was more Mrs Winchester that was “haunted” – rather than her house.

    christian: you lost me on that one :)

    • venesa


  • Monkey

    I've gone to the Ohio State penitentiary a few times. Once I went in it for a "haunted house" tour on Halloween. It was pretty interesting. I guess it's supposed to be very haunted, along the lines of the Eastern State Penitentiary. I personally didn't see anything, but I was looking :) It's where the movie The Shawshank Redemption was filmed and it's in my boyfriend's hometown. Pretty nifty.

    Yeah, Fear was pretty scary. They have this show on now called Room 401 that's really scary. I can't believe they do that kind of stuff to people. I'm surprised they haven't been sued!

    • brian

      I thought Waverly was the REAL Shawshank?

  • christian

    yeh.., my comment #8 does come across as elusive.
    the thought there was connected to the idea , from what I’ve gathered and, somewhat believe myself on a level, is that ghosts or apparitions may be like a viynl recording, in that from whatever exists there to the senses replays itself as such and not the actual real thing. The comment about the ghost clothes is funny, but also the reaction comment with “how they remembered themselves” works well. Some of what I have heard or read for example is that deceased loved ones appear to go through the house doing routine or mundane things (reading the paper/going up and down the stairs) its a theory, but possibly something like that is kept “running” . It’s kinda hard to place it in a short comment, but I think it helps in a relation to what is unknown and . think of Lynch’s use of the close-up on the record needle in Inland Empire.

  • christian

    p.s. some of my memory connected with Lynch is in interviews with him, about how buildings or places are like recording devices; where we go and what we do on a daily basis and how imprints are made somehow beyond our short lives.

  • B

    The Winchester house is a little strange, but I definitely didn’t feel anything when I was there, it’s become so much of a tourist attraction that I don’t think any ghost would even want to stay there. I enjoyed walking around to see how strange the lady was, but I was more spooked by the hidden speakers in her garden that suddenly started talking about Mrs. Winchester if you walked by them. Now, if there weren’t so many people there, and you were allowed to get into the places they have blocked off, I would consider it pretty creepy… but that’s just because it’s so old & a lot of the things are originally from the house.

    This list was amazing. I’m not so much of a skeptic, this stuff fascinates me. Though I don’t think I could ever set foot in that tuberculosis house, or the Penitentiary.

  • tjgrs

    well yeah i wasn’t sure if it was haunted but tis still interesting…

    though i know for sure the light house in St. Augustine is haunted. The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS…they have a show called Ghost Hunters) checked it out and they have some of the best recorded documenation on film, it’s scary stuff, and it was once a house to all the different light keepers, so that would count as a house. I was there during the day and it didnt seem all that scary but at night im sur eit would be and what they caught on camera is amazing.

    Great list though. I love hauntings and paranormal stuff, it’s great fun. I would be a little freaked out to enter any of these houses, though i think curiosity would get the better of me and i would go in anyway, of course in movies thats how the supporting character always dies, oh well :)

  • B

    I’ve seen the videos from Ghost Hunters for the TB place & the penitentiary… I think I saw the one for the Queen Mary, too, though I’m not sure if that was TAPS. I usually don’t trust the televison shows for supernatural stuff, but I feel like they’re more sincere.

    The only show on TV that really scared me was FEAR that used to come on MTV, which, I’m not sure how much of that was real, but I believe they were messing with things they really shouldn’t have in a lot of those places…

  • Christian: oh! It makes sense now :) I saw a documentary on television many years ago that showed how the physical makeup of a wall in an old English pub may have acted like a recording device that later played back sounds that were considered by many to be ghosts.

    While it is not a haunted experience, when I was at College there was an old condemned building as part of the campus (the whole campus was originally a tuberculosis hospital) that we were forbidden from entering. Of course we broke the rules and went in and it was a really scary experience – even though it was the middle of the day the place felt very wrong. We found a closed door in one of the bedrooms and it lead to a bathroom that had been completely painted black! There were still gurneys and old hospital sheets around as well.

    • john poynton

      i remember that play well it was called the stone tapes, the sound was impregnated into the stone ,. very good, long time ago now.,

  • curious jim

    i thought that the most haunted place was the bone cathedral ar kutna hora in czech republic?

  • curious jim: I haven’t heard that. Do you have some more information on it by any chance?

  • Jen

    West Virginia Penitentiary
    moundsville, wv

    it was on an epsisode of Fear but MTV isn’t allowed to go back.
    you can take tours during the day and night. and they have ghost hunting too.

    i was there a couple months ago. it’s definitely a creepy place. but totally worth the money for the tour.

  • Jen: how awesome – did you do the night tour or the day tour?

  • Morgaine

    Kudna Hora is a “chapel” built almost entirely with human bones. Lamps, doors, altar, even a coat of arms! I think it’s quite creepy but not haunted… At first, those bones were taken from the victims of a terrible plague at the end of the 14th century (more than 30.000), and when time went by the chapel became so famous that people “signed in” to give their own bones after they passed away, sometimes specifying where to put them.
    There’s not very much information about it in internet, even in Wikipedia, but I’ve found a few pictures:
    I’m sorry, it’s in spanish :P but the pictures are cool!

  • Morgaine: wow – what an amazing place! I quite like the cult of death that is found in many Catholic countries. It is fascinating.

  • Morgaine

    By the way, there are similar “chapels”, like “santa maria della concezione” (Italy), , “Capella Dos Ossos” (Portugal) (Sorry, again in spanish :P), and, I think the creepiest of them all are the capuchin catacombs in Palermo: (Italy)
    Enjoy! :P

  • Morgaine: wow – those are amazing. I am definitely going to Rome now!

  • Tom

    This is no Funny Business!!

    Dan Aykroyd’s haunted house in up for rent for $30,000 a month. The resident ghost is reported to be MaMa Cass the enormous 60’s pop Icon.
    You can see the property at

  • The Dum Guy

    Creepy stuff. I like the progress of this website, I look forward to browsing thru all the new lists.

    jfrater, do you actually believe in ghost?

  • jen

    the day tour
    the night tour’s expensive unless you have a huge group of people

  • The Dum Guy: I am agnostic on that subject, learning towards disbelief.

    jen: oh I see. Wouldn’t that be a great way to celebrate a birthday? Take all your friends to a haunted house for the night.

  • Ravyn

    Couple not on the list (that probably should be) are the Winchester Mansion in California and the Mansfield State Prison in Ohio. (Ohio does have alot of very haunted places but who’s to comment)

  • Ravyn: I heard that The Winchester House is not haunted, just very bizarre. I will look up the Ohio prison – is it abandoned?

  • Ravyn

    The Wincester Mansion is haunted. It is the skeptics who say not due to the reasoning behind its being built. It is indeed a very bizarre place with stairways to ceilings and windows that open in the floor, rooms that are blocked off and doors that open to brick walls. Miss Winchester had a very big fasination with the number 13 and you can find it throughout the house in the number of panels on windows, number of steps in the stair cases (all but one has 13 steps), and even the number of coat hooks in the closets. I used to do alot of research about paranormal places and this is one that I have always wished to visit.

    The Mansfield State Prison (or Ohio State Reformatory Prison) is abandoned, kind of. They no longer hold prisoners there but they do run tours in the place and you can rent out the ball room for social events (my sister just attended a wedding reseption there). I hear they are starting to renovate the place using donations and tour fees. Here is the Wiki link Mansfield State Prison

  • Ravyn: thanks – and for the link – the Mansfield place looks haunted just from the pictures alone!

  • Mrpoi808

    I live in Hawaii and there are lava tubes all over the place, and there is this particular one down my road a few miles it’s basically a huge cave, it starts underneath an abandon house, looks like the people who used to live there just grabbed what they needed and split, anyways this cave is trully haunted it’s filled with remains of ancient hawaiians, if you want to feel a supernatural being around u this is gauranteed, about 7 years ago me and my buddies went down into the cave at night, about 9 of us, as soon as we got under the lip of the cave opening and into the cavern’s darkness, i could not hear anything, my ears were ringing so hard, like the sound of a baby screaming at a high pitched noise, so i freaked out and ran along with 2 other guys that heard the same, we ran out and as soon as we step foot out of the cave, the noise went quit, i mean dead silent. We all walked to my house waited for the rest, they came back an hour later with a look on there face like confusion, didn’t say much buy they did say that they walked all the way through, and ended up in the beggining of the cave entrance! They instisted thats what happened, but iv’e been all the way to the back of the cave before with an older hawaiian guy and his dog, it goes for miles. Anyways I felt like sharing my story becuase it was interesting and i never believed in ghost until that day.

  • Mrpoi808: that is a great story – thanks for sharing! Is there a chance that you could go and take some photos for us to see? I am quite intrigued!

  • StewWriter

    Several instances here, since I am a closet Paranormal Geek. Alcatraz Island and Prison just off of San Francisco, My wife and I visited on our honeymoon and though I can’t visually prove anything from the pictures we took (it was darn foggy that day) it certainly has a well documented history and it feels just downright odd to be there: cold spots, odd energy, difficult to describe sounds and such. Great place to visit and the history is amazing.
    Also, though technically not a ghost, my friend and I were saved from certain death via wave wash off a pier by an angel. She beckoned us to leave a pier we were hanging out on at Lake Michigan during a really amazing storm, and just as we left the cement onto the beach, a huge wave washed over the end right where we were. That will always stick with me. As for other places I’ve been that were truly haunted, the list is pretty long, but my buddy’s parents owned an old house that was once owned by Al Capone (it is in the documentation of the home) and we used to have parties there and we’d always feel and or see very odd things. This is also in Michigan and was said to be a mid-way point for Capone between Chicago and Detroit.
    I love this stuff!

  • Stew: wow – that is very eerie – thanks for sharing it with us – and just in time for Halloween too :) I visisted Alcatraz for the first time this year – I found it very strange when standing by the cell where the guards were murdered.

  • I went to D.C. when I was in school. I did not know the White House was haunted. I visited it, but I wasn’t aloud inside of course. Also, Im sure you have heard of The Amityville Horror. There are 2 movies based on that story. One was made like…10-20 years back, and then another was made just a couple of years ago.

  • hmmm…i thought the Amity vill house place thing would be here…I know its “just a movie” But i’ve read that it was a true story

  • Sarah and Alisa: The Amityville house is owned by a regular family now and they have said that they have not experienced anything untoward in the house. As far as I am aware, the Lutzes are the only people who said something weird happened. It is true that a family was murdered in the house before the Lutzes bought it and that the guy who killed his family claimed that he saw demons – but I think he later recanted that. you can read more about him here:

  • iain

    is it just me or is #5 been circled in the wrong place!?, i can see what it looks like, a guy hanging in the upper deck of the penitentiary, the circle needs to go left and up a bit!

  • James

    I believe the image in #5 is from an episode of Ghost Hunters that is investigating the Eastern State Penitentiary. The circled area is a frame in a sequence that seemingly shows a figure moving away from the camera. Further investigation led them to believe that the figure was 3 or 4 ft tall. They never debunked it.

  • predator

    interestingly, only england and usa…

  • anyomonous (i am a girl)

    Ha ha ha! I would hate to go in one of those places! Luckily it wasnt a video cuase it would of scared the daylight out of me! =)


  • Caroline

    Why isn’t Pluckley, Kent, UK on there? I live here, and is supposedly the most haunted village in the UK!

  • Rick B

    In reference to “Most Haunted,” I watched that show religiously until I searched the net and found a site that shows how BADLY they cheat. I thought they did some horrible acting but Yvette is the WORST. On a trip to Gettysburg 2 years ago, my family and I recorded the sound of a ghost banging on one of the sightseeing towers. There was nobody else there, my son and I heard it as did my wife and daughter. We were on top of the tower and my wife and daughter in my car facing the tower. I wasn’t scared because I thought they were playing tricks, it wasn’t until we got down to the car and saw the looks on their faces did I realize it was real. My wife and I also smelled coffee brewing in an area where both North and South camped together sharing water. The smell was incredibly overpowering and there is NOTHING in the area that would produce it. If you don’t believe in ghosts I URGE you to go to someplace haunted. They are very real.

  • luckyaz

    you left out the infamous winchester mystery house in california, possibly the most haunted place in the united states,

    • Dodi

      I use to live in California back in 1997 to 2000 and I took my 2 daughter and we went to the Winchester house. Didnt have no experiences while we were there. But it was strange the way she continued to buy houses around hers and build them to connect to each other. My daughter's still remember the Winchester house.

  • nelson

    the most haunted place is my house buuuuuuu sorry i like the site but stupid list

  • Ryanbow

    I was wondering..
    About Alcatraz.

    Isn’t that place like, hella haunted? I was surprised it wasn’t here.

  • Ryanbow: I didn’t find alcatraz all that spooky when I was there – I haven’t heard of it being haunted.

  • I never knew the White House was haunted.

  • Polly Odyssey

    No Winchester House? I saw a program about it when I was six and it terrified me! props for including the White house, though.

  • blue

    about 2 years ago i went on a family trip to edingbure castle as we went in2 to cellars i couldn’t move it was so cold and shocking i will never go there again not if u paid me.

  • blue


  • devilishgrin66

    The white house is extremely famous for its ghosts. It’s said that in times of war the ghosts show up the most, there was actually a story about President bush seeing ghosts lately.

    At first he saw the ghost of washington and asked how he could serve his country better, washington told him to be honest and the people would respect him. Soon after the ghost of Jefferson appeared and bush asked him the same thing. the ghost told him that he should be a champion for the rights of people. Finally the ghost of lincoln appeared and bush asked him what he could do that would better serve the country. Lincoln replied “go see a play”

  • I can’t belive I missed this list, I LOVE this stuff

  • Gamz

    Amazing stuff..but i wish there was more to the list..and dont tell me people really believe all that stuff which is shown on all those TV shows…it is more often than not enacted..

  • Laura

    I used to open a pet store I worked at. I arrived at 6:30, well before the sun came up. I would arrive in the dark, turn on the lights and work for up to an hour and a half before anyone else joined me. I frequently saw glimpses of a tall, brown haired man always turning around a corner (although there was nobody in the store) but I never mentioned it to anyone. Other employees later brought it up, and they described the exact same thing. I assume it was a ghost, but nobody has ever died there or nearby that I know of.

  • christian

    p.s. sorry there, I didnt mean to say "also saw" . To me (sometimes) , it's like a stage production with a series of simi-translucent sheets, lowered down with rigging, one set at a time, as the play seems fit to show..

    • jordan

      yeah but that doesn’t matter we understood it!

  • negthebarkeep

    this is(somewhat)in reply to christian’s #10 comment.i think our ideas are close to the’s my belief that their is a difference between a ghost and a person’s spirit.a ghost is like a photograph or movie reel.not really any kind of entity,but an impression left by a strong or emotional occurence;one so strong that it “stamps” itself onto it’s surroundings.the spirit,or soul,i believe is the actual entity that lives within all of us and moves on after our bodies pass.i could keep going,but i don’t wanna make this a theological thing.these are just things i strongly believe exist in our world and have had more than a few experiances with.sorry to make this so long.i’m very passionate about subjects like this…


  • christian

    thanks negthrbakeep, I wrote something back to you just now and sadly it got erased.
    The painter Francis Bacon also saw life captured , in ways, as photoghrapic slides dropped down into the light of projection.

  • mick b

    can someone please help me on some information??? does anybody know any recent claims of an american family being followed and haunted by 4 or 5 spirits and 1 very powerful demon, who apparentley was controlling and commanding the other spirits to committ the acts as well! it started with the first sign of activity on april 23 2006, when the mother of the family had a feeling her baby had been having alot of nightmares, so she decided to setup a video camera in the babys room one night, after repeatedly waking up to the baby screaming, and hearing other strange noises through out the house! the camera revealed something very scary! so they decided to get help. then the demons displayed there worst! which resulted in the death of the mother and father just this year, sadly leaving there baby boy behind without his parents. the boy is now living with his aunty. according to a pvr conversation setup by investigators and priests between the mother and the demon, the baby has something to do with the demons presence! they stalked that child consistantly.. most of the activity from the house was video and voice recorded.. somehow cnn’s scoop and all other copies have been banned, due to sum anonymity the parents wanted while they were still alive. you can see small clips on you tube were i found out about it! under 3 video clips called.. family haunted 100% uncut clip, another one under graphic ghost footage, and 2 different videos of one of the recordings under, scary ghost cassette recording, and the other one is, haunted family:reversed audio 2.. all but one are submitted by a youtube user named “mastud” if u would like to take a look at them yourself, go ahead. also look at all of his comments. he seems to know the whole inside out story but wont tell for certain reasons.. his story has it that apparently entities physicaly dragged the mother upstairs by the hair, threw objects such as a pvr a chair, even there toddler child was thrown at the mother and father inflicting serious injury to all! it was all caught on camera! but where is this footage. there were many attempts to remove the demons! but failed. at one of them there were 7 priests and a team of investigators present. the main attack was in broad daylight im pretty sure. on the last fatal day, apparently the entire street could here the demonic voices and lowd screams coming from the house.. police preists and ambulances were at the scene. there is supposed to be a documentry in the making about it. id sure like to know the full true story on this!!! so can someone please email me any of the the evidence, like reports or footage from this case if possible. very interested.

  • SlickWilly

    mick b: You already seem to know more about this case than I bet most of the people on these boards know. I’ve never even heard about the case you’re referencing. I’d be interested to see the evidence, though, if it actually exists.

  • mick b

    hello its mick b here. could u please send me that reply msg again, in regards to my question on the 26 march 2008! i accidently deleted it, sorry..

  • Rancen

    mick b: Did you found something else about this story? I’m very interested too.

  • mick b

    no i havnt found or heard anything else about it yet.. but alot of skeptics r saying that the whole story was a lie anyway! that this “mastud” character from youtube made it all up… have you seen the videos

  • Rancen

    Yep. I’ve seen all the videos. If its a fake, then he’s a really good at sound engineering. Youtube is premoderating messages now? I’ve send a questions if he really can prove that this is true in “Family haunted 100% uncut clip” video yesterday, but still dont see my reply. Users can moderate messages for own vids?

  • Rancen

    Yep, all mastud vids and a whole story is fake. Here’s the prove.

  • Rancen

    Umm. prove=proof

  • holden


  • holden

    this is creppy

  • Nightstalker

    There is an abandoned mental hospital not far from me in Darien, NY called Rolling Hills Sanatarium. I went there last Halloween with some of my friends for the overnight ghost hunt. We didn’t see anything but, trust me when I say this, that was one very, VERY, creepy place. I plan on going back again this year too. I’m crazy, I know.

  • Nightstalker

    Not Darien, East Bethany NY. My mistake.

  • K-mick

    “most haunted area of the ship is the engine room where a 17-year-old sailor was crushed to death trying to escape a fire” (#8, RMS Queen Mary)
    Actually, it was an 18-year-old fireman, and it was a drill.

    I also think that it should’ve been included that noises of crunching metal and screams have been heard coming from the bow area, where the RMS Queen Mary collided with and sank the HMS Curacoa in 1942, 338 people drowned.

  • night rider

    im new to this website and im very interested in some of the storys i have read.
    im really interested about and ghosts and stuff.
    ive only started to believe in ghosts lately when my friend was over and we slept in the lounger room and i looked at the ceiling an i saw a face the next morning i described that face to my dad and he said that it sounded excatly like my pop that had past away when i was about 2.
    Later i found out that his ashes are spread out in your front garden.
    thouhgt i would just share my story

  • Riya B.

    this may seem a bit vague, but i heard from a friend that somewhere in florida, close to miami county, there is this old penitatiary (i misspelled, sorry!) that was abandoned during the sixties. supposedly, the only thing the staff did was board up the stairs that lead to the second floor where all the patients were kept, and they just left the patients to starve. the hospital was never torn down and the stairs to the second floor were never uncovered, so the bodies are still up there. my friend said her sister went there, but weren’t able to go upstairs so they just went to the basement. the plumbing was horrible and the whole place was filled with water. they didn’t know that so they kept walking until they hid a dead end. my friend says that’s all she got from her sister, since she’s too afraid to tell the rest of the story.
    sorry, i don’t remember the name of the hospital. and i doubt the place even exists, so yeah.

  • twatwaffle

    i’ve read reports that the mt. washington hotel in new hampshire is haunted in room 206, the lobby, and the southern towers by the original owner’s wife: Carolyn ur something. there have apparently been some incidents where the lights in those rooms flicker continually and the sound of babies crying have been heard.
    also, has anyone ever heard about the “Presence” atop mt. washington : what’s that all about? i breifly read about it somewhere but it didn’t elaborate. thanx

  • Patrick

    Hauntings are definetly real, but they aren’t “ghosts.” It is all perfectly explainable natural phenomena.

  • Richard

    I’ve had 2 things happen to me, when I was about 8 or 9 I woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink and something was beside me in the bed and I thought it was my sister at the time but then it stood up and it was male about 5 and dissapeared, then I ran into my parents bedroom and stayed there and woke up there thats how I know it wasnt a dream…maybe I wasnt fully conscious or something and still dreaming..
    The second one it was like 12 am and I was reading about this psychic who can see ghosts on the internet and about 1/2 way through the article a really loud screech sound went through the computer! that was really scary! Theres probably logical explanations for them both!

  • johnboycee

    i love this sight

  • queenbee

    ghost dont were clothes because if they do i have never seen the wearing them well i have never seen a ghost so they might

  • kute kitsune

    yeah good question. where do the ghost cltohes come from?
    & why do ghosts even need clothes? i guess they hav their shame too! hehe. and why do they always come in white? maybe they hav an international ghost centre for clothes like “hot topic” & “walmart” (or for ghosts, – “spook topic” & “Ghostmart”)…

  • buddabeeno

    if you have been to olivas adobe that history is really haunted there . it says that there is aghost called the lady in black. she is known for lurking in every room there . the at place is way haunted . the childrens room is the most haunted room .the dungen part is haunted with the owner of the olivas adobe . it says that he went crazy and his wife tide him up down there . that place may not seem scary , BUT IT IS!!!!!!!!!

  • angel_sweets

    hi i am angel_sweets i really do not think the white house is haunted i mean come on really no touriset hae reported anthing right right but my house is haunted we her door creeks light switces on +off ive seen a really fast image of a person wearing red alot ive also seen shadows of peopple walking alot noises can be heard at my house todoors open not cause of the fan the is off all the time so its scary i do belive ghost are real scary feeling but we haft to live with it if we do belive there real SCARY

  • Vera Lynn

    This list freaked me out. Came here after the second list directed me here. The comments, too. EEEE!!

  • the raven

    I would include the hotel that The Shining was based on. Stephen King stayed there and reportedly experienced supernatural activity.

  • Jambo

    Hey i have always been interested in ghosts and hauntings since i was very small but im a person who has to see it before i beleive it. One time i was in London and see the ghost of what looked like a very chubby woman with very old clothes on, this was in an alley way at night. She was just floating.
    I actually crapped myself! i just ran, a couple of momments later i recognised her face… It was Annie Chapman one of Jack the Rippers victims! A chill went up my spine, i never went back to London! haha

  • NanoEs

    Hi, I’m from a small town in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m not skeptical, nor an absolute believer, but I’ve seen and heard some strange things.
    One of my friends moved to a 90 years old house, where 30 years or so ago, during military government in Argentina, two student girls suspected of subversive activities commited suicide when surrouded by police. They hanged from one of the room’s doorframe.
    Since then, that door never remained closed. I checked this myself: closed the door, walked away for one or two minutes, and when I got back both door panes were wide open. Did this three or four times, and always the same. If I stayed, nothing happened, but when I was away something definitely happened.
    We also saw strange human shaped figures in virtually all reflective surfaces in the house. The kitchen’s low wooden roof usually bended, as if some heavy thing was pushing it down from the other side. Running steps were heard occasinally. We never saw a ghost or any obvious paranormal phenomenon, though. But what I experimented was scary enough.

    Anyway, great list. Sorry for my english

  • peter

    what annoys me is that the top ten of most haunted places in the world seems to be limited to the usa and uk. paris, rome, holland, africa asia don`t have any hauntings right?

  • chippy

    at school all i could hear was constant whistling in ma ere then i herad someone crying realy freaky burnholme secondary

  • yan

    it seems that the places are old,,thats the reason y,you can feel creepy even if you are just looking in it..

  • Ethan

    to the person far below their are some haunted places in asia but basically none in africa i mean when was the last time you saw a 500 year old castle in africa and most locations in africa are very remote if you went out and talked to every tribesman in africa im sure you would here ghost stories

  • Ethan

    oh and again venice is haunted remember it is just the top ten theirs hundreds like that forest in germany theirs supossedly thousands of undiscovered bodies in the forest from WWII it’s very haunted

  • Jasmine

    oh my God! white house is haunted? how can this be are you joking? hi,everyone this is Jasmine I’am from Saudi Arabia. don’t be afraid of this they just did not find a freedom in their lives. Don’t be scared of them if you are just pray to God and God will always be there for you remember God can only help all of us.God bless everyone.

  • Jasmine


  • imstalkedbyghosts

    ghosts are in my opinion memories of souls, impressions of feelings of sadness, joy, confusement, etc…etc. Im sure pretty much everyone has seen a ghost in there lifetime.

    I saw my grandmother or great grandmother (not quite sure)

    My dad had a “gaurdian angel” walk through him.

    Ghosts are inevetibly real. face it skeptics

  • taz

    where do ghosts arrignate from exactly
    well what happens after life an all that

  • steph

    When I was living at number86 Springhead road,I had a very ghostly experience. I was 9 years old and was sitting in the kitchen when I got up to get a drink,I opened a high cupboard to get a cup but I couldn’t reach so I went to ask my mum, as I walked out the room I heard a slight thud, when I went to investigate I found all the cups upside down on the floor in a neat line. When I asked my mum what she had thought had happened she said that she had no idea, but she knew that it was a ghost of someone who had lived in the house wqay before we did.

  • steph

    hi ya i love this stuff its so cool.

  • Tom

    Hey all, this is a nice website you’ve got here, and some intresting storys/comments :P. I haven’t ever seen a ghost or had anything hit me etc, but I have heard a few noises that I could not recongize to be anything in my house or if I’m out anything that would make the sound around me.
    I don’t really know what they were, I belive in ghosts, they also kinda freak me out, but I like reading about incidents and looking at things.
    I’ve also heard alot of stories about ghosts from people around me like them staying in a hotel room and he was tapped on the shoulder etc :P. Thanks for putting this up :D

  • steph

    Hi ya Tom, what types of noises have you heard in your house and what type of noises do you think are made by poltergiests in an old house.

  • steph

    Do you live in an old house Tom?

  • Ironcross

    The show “Most Haunted” is a farce and has been disproved by many on the Internet. Sad because I enjoyed that show and thought they were honest people – they are actors. There is however, another show on the travel channel called “Ghost Adventures” which – even though the lead guy seems to be a pretentious prick, it seems to be honest. They have people examining their film and audio at the end. There was one show they did where you could see the breath of the host where only seconds before, there wa sno breath. THAT was eerie.

  • Tom

    Ah, sorry for the late reply, I don’t live in an old house, and the noises are like not banging noises as such but, like light sounds? If that is what you call them. And I don’t know what sounds are made by poltergiests :P

  • Pyderz

    Id Gladly spend a night in any of these places, in fact id pay.

  • ankit sharma

    mother fuckers bhangarh is the most haunted place in universe ……………….

  • sharkruler5000

    my house is really haunted there are indian burial grounds on our property


    its kinda strange

  • N8iveRT406

    Yeah this is ok but where is the Stanel Hotel at thats should be the #1 here…and The Alcatrez Prison well seen other paranormal shows but wasnt sure if it was lagit or not haha…well what do you guys think maybe or maybe not

  • Ransom

    beleave it or not there was a Haunted house that made its owners vanish. Atleast 5 people were missing, how ever the house burned itself down 1993 i think. As far as I know the house consumed the owners and traped its souls to forever bonded to the house in its walls.

    as far as i know the area where the house was is now roped off and not one person has stept in the area since.

  • pyrothraxe

    in answering one of comment 1s many questiions
    ghosts would not need to buy new ghost clothes
    i highly doubt ghosts would want to keep in with the fashion do you?

  • BridgeTroll

    There’s a haunted house in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia that belonged to my great great grandfather…there might be another great in there…he was one of the first settlers in Mahone Bay.

  • Saammyy

    i have been told my house is haunted. before my parents bought it in 89 the realator told them a couple lived here. the husband was cheating on his wife and she found out, shot him and then killed herself. it’s pretty creepy, my sister and 1 of my friends have said they have seen the man, and sometimes the lights in our house will randomly turn on or doors will open and close by themselves. im not to sure if it is true because i have done research but cannot find anything. the mans name was joe gibson (i know because we would get his mail after he died) if anyone can find anything i would be really interested. i live in mesquite, texas.

  • Britt

    Ok heres the thing i belive in this “haunted” stuff. But i have never actually seen a ghost. And i want to see a ghost is that weird?

  • Edgar

    Britt is not weird,i used to think that way myself,
    So after years of stepping into the occult
    I finally see a ghost in my bedroom at night of a tall old laddy dressed in black,it was the creepiest and scariest thing i ever saw,and when i react in panic the ghost grabbed me with great strengh until it disapear,iam a big guy but i was powerless and weak compared with the entity that was very powerfull,i spent more then a mounth without sleeping right,i told my family and closest friends and they didnt believe me they thought i was weak minded in that night,and some talked about the old hag syndrome and Sleep Paralysis
    but i know better that thing i saw was freaking REAL i was fully AWAKE and AWARE when that happen!
    I dont live in that house now although iam not sure if the house have anything to do with it,but i want to believe so because now i finally sleep with the lights off,but sometimes when i remember my mind is filled with fear again,
    because some people say that ghost are harmless and are here to help but that one i saw was pure evil!

  • Ruby

    hw spirits remmber themself after death……….

  • Ruby

    and i belive in them……….they r also a part of life…….i use to see a lot of haunting shows in discovery….they r very nice and intresting………

  • gabi

    I’d like to recommend Williamsburg, VA…although there probably aren’t as many memorable ghosts there as on many of the list (please don’t come up here to haunt me). When my sister was there and I visited for my birthday she organized a ghost tour for me… it was AMAZING! loved it and highly recommend. I didn’t see phantasmic lights or hear thumping noises or the like but this one part of the tour passing Bruton Parish, she tells us this story of a man who had waited at the church to run away with this girl who’s family opposed the marriage. I can’t remember the specific story…I was kinda focused on the fact that the wind was picking up like crazy as the story was being told and then when it was finished the wind died down all of a sudden. If that weren’t creepy enough, I swore I saw someone or something gray and fuzzy in the window (this was nearly 2 am). I tried to find the story online but people who’ve also been there included photos and it was scaring me, haha…

    Thanks for mentioning this places!! I haven’t been on a ghost tour in a while and these are some good suggestions…

  • John saraborv

    Hi, Sorry for my poor English, I am Russian i am a hand knotted rug business man by profession so i travel to Asia frequently. This is a true thing happened to me. I was in Nepal few years back, my suppliers told me about lots of places to see so I decided to travel in Nepal. There is a place called Pokhara 2nd capital city of Nepal but full of natural beauty. Once I went for the boating in the lake called Fewa at 10 at night, while I was near to the other end of the lake I saw one man standing there, that area was a thick forest so I thought he is looking for help and I move forward to him when I got near to him I realized that he is turning back not towards the lake (me) so I stopped the boat and got out and went near to him and I called him but he didn’t react at all so I walked towards the direction where he was facing, but again I saw he is facing to the opposite direction and slowly I realized that, that man doesn’t had any face, I noticed he had 7 fingers in one hand, in the same time I jumped to the boat and went back to the lake after getting little bit far I turned around and he was not there, I told this incident to lots of Nepalese people and that was normal for them, every one said that is a ghost of 400 years old king who died in that forest my tiger attack while hunting. Many people spotted him hundreds of time and they believe that ghost is harmless if you don’t bother him.

  • steph

    Sorry for not writing back for a few months but I have been doing things. Tom have you seeked any help. Have you had any experiences since november, cause I have I was sitting in my room and the door was closed it flew open and I could feel a cold spot on my shoulder, I looked round and saw nothing I felt a hot blow on my face.

  • Jamie Von

    @112 Britt
    No you do not want to see a ghost.
    You WILL regret it.

  • eydie

    in 2000, my husband, son and i went to disneyland in california and one of the reasons i was so excited was that we were going to get to visit whaley house in san diego. so imagine my disappointment when we got there and found the house temporarily closed for renovations. across the street there was this outdoor mexican restaurant and we sat and ate and i stared at the whaley house, hoping for… something, anything! nothing. nada. so i just don’t know. i still would love to go back, but i’m wondering if sometimes people don’t “feel” something because they’ve set themselves up for it. how can you really be sure?

    on an unrelated note, the amnityville house is not haunted. in the early 70’s a young man named ronald defao killed his entire family in the house. the lutzes later bought it and capitalized on the house’s history by inventing the “horrors” that went on there.

  • rtijay

    very amazing, good expericien about that haunted place.
    i also wanted to do the same thing, to find out more about GHOST

  • Roop

    another place i know which is haunted is Tamworth castle in staffordshire in england because it is aid that a girld went right to the top of the tower and jumped right down it is said that her ghost and several other ghosts haunt that castle its the creepies castle ive ever been to and it is said that a ghost of a violent man stands by one of the cannons and waits for a battle and a ghost in one of the underground caves haunts.

  • Cortnee

    there is a school in quincy, MA in which i go to. it is called Central Middle School and it is VERY haunted. my reading teacher says that there is a book about the hauntings coming out in the spring so lookfor it!! loll but like faucets turn on and off, there is a stall at the end of the isle in the girls bathroom that has no toilet or anything where supposedly sarah wright was killed. creepy wright?? aha get itt?? aha

  • Katie

    I live in LA and I’ve been to the Myrtles several times and have never felt nor experienced anything out of the ordinary. However, my mom and dad spent the night there (it’s a bed and breakfast…you can stay the night) a few years before I was born and she had a miscarriage the night they stayed. I find THAT pretty creepy.

  • Rainie

    As part of my community service project back in middle school, I have had several opportunities to visit Eastern State Penitatentiary and I have to say, no matter how many times I go there, that place will always scare me s***less. When I first stepped foot in the entrance, I felt chills on my back, which was weird since it was in the middle of May. While trying to eat lunch, I made the mistake of looking up at the guard tower and there I saw a shadowy figure within (Yes, in broad daylight!). It was THEN that my teacher decided to tell us that this place was presumably haunted. Then, when I passed by Cell Block 12, my audio tour broke off to be replaced by laughter, like the type you hear in horror movies. The laughter was gone when I replayed the tour. Oh, not to mention that I was never able to take a good picture in Death Row, all of my classmates, even the skeptical, have reported incidences of supernatural sightings, and even the abbreviation (ESP) sounds ominous.

  • jeremiah_ablaza


  • korkirikid

    I’m really interested in ghosts, i live in england and the film ‘Haunting in Connecticut’ it was a really good film, i liked it because it said it was true. And i thought it was really interesting, but i found out that they edited the film so most of the scary things did not happen. It would of been better if it was true thoug. Such as the boddies in wall thing.

  • steph

    ya you guys back again
    how you doin in paranormal stuff.

  • asyd rayne

    the nicholas street jail/hostel i sthe creppiest place i know. i went there with my class one year. people where hanged to death. as a form of punishment, they were placed inside a wall and bricked inwhere they eventually died of heat and starvation…they called it the oven. solitary confinment was being placed in a cell about 6×6 feet or something of the sort and chained to the floor naked. the single cells were 3×6 feet if i remember correctly. men women and children were kept there. there are so many stories of things that have happened there. when i wentwe went on a tour of the entire place. this tour also included death row. i had a severe panic attack while i was up there. the entire class heard footsteps and suddenly the lights went out..believe me it was a pretty scary place to be!! so if you get a chance check it out online or something. it’s called nicholas street jail/hostel.

  • big bird

    stayed in York the other day and paid a visit to the haunted house situated in the shambles area, i went with my 73 year old mum and we were very very frightened my heart was beating so fast i dont know if a lot of it was suggestion but we had visited the york dungeon the day before and thought it was funny rather than scary.There is no way i would go in that house alone just the thought of it makes me feel ill!!!

  • Sam Kennedy

    anyone who believes this better cease that course of thought if we’re going to grow as people

  • kriza

    waverly hills is not even 45 minutes away from where i live!
    it is sooooo freaking crazy terrifying in there!!!!
    they used to have tour guides, and sleepovers in there.
    now they are turning it into something else.
    it is CRAZY.
    in one room, there was a pregnant nurse that hung herself.
    a woman that commited suicide by jumping off the top of the building.
    there are photographs of people hanging on the wall that move.
    and tons more insane stuff happened…
    i havent met anyone thats gone in there and hasnt witnessed something unexplainatory =/

  • Trekkerette

    OMG, did you know that one of the schools in the Philippines has a jogging ghost? She would run alongside someone and talk with them, then disappear after they pass a certain point.

    And DON’T get me started on the Balete Drive Lady.

  • angel

    well, i wish i could say i seen one once but, that wouldn’t be the whole family has stories-eyes of fire right after passing out. playing with my dead brother,but some things i do rememeber was loud pounding sounds mid day my mother cooking lunch, or walking toys no batt. or so my of demons in my house that my baptist mother called a priest-the man wouldn’t go in my room- started pouring sweat ran out and left. sense then i’ve been saved by grace though faith by jesus christ- by that still doesn’t stop them from visiting from time to time. laugh, i don’t care, believe? i don’t care. this is a little of my personal experiences some seen some felt or heard but, i feel all the time . can someone help or tell me how to manage?

  • angel

    well, besides that i’m having a stay at the murtle’s plantation aug. 15 2009 my b-day i’ll give up dates.

  • Reggie Grat


    mon the burgh, but edinburgh castle is shit, i know more haunted placs in edinburgh than that

  • Izzy

    Trekkerette: Is the Balete Drive Lady the so-called “white lady”?

    And when I was little (like, 5) I used to play out in my backyard a lot. One day I saw a little boy there. I asked him if he wanted to stay and play with me, and he said yes. His name was richard. He came back for a couple weeks, then disappeared. I asked my mom “Where’s richard” and told her what he looked like. She turned pale and told me that was one of my cousins that died when he was a child. I haven’t seen him since.

  • Izzy

    Wait, scratch that last sentence. I saw him again when I was 12. I had friends over, and he walked into the house and started talking to me. We had a conversation and he vanished in front of me. When I turned back, my friends had the “what the hell” look on their faces. They heard him, they didn’t see him. XD They’re afraid to come back to my place.

  • kenzie34

    the Queen Mary iz the most haunted place on this earth me and my friend we are ghost haunters were invesigating that boat THE QUEEN MARY IS HAUNTED!!!!

  • Mitchy

    When my friends and I were in San Antonio we did a ghost tour of the place. I know for a fact the Emily Morgan hotel is haunted look it up its so strange. We decided to go visit another friend that was staying there. We where going up the elevator to the 9th floor. No one pressed any buttons or anything. The elevator stopped on the 5th floor there were footsteps going down the hall, curiosity got the better of us so we stepped out and went to the sound of the footsteps. There was no one there we looked in the other direction there was an old fashion dressed lay standing there just watching us you could see through her she scowled then vanished. I was shaking with pure fear and we ran back to the elavator and went up to the 9th floor to our other friend.

  • MacDimples

    Yay! Edinburgh Castle! Go Scotland!

    However I agree with 136, there are many more haunted places, such as Greyfriars Graveyard which is just down the road, not to mention the underground city under the Royal Mile.

    There are many good ghost tours and one is Mary King Close which takes you down to the a underground street of the same name, and off that street there is a chamber filled with dolls and toys after a Japanese psychic said on a TV show that she could see a little girl crying because she couldn’t find her doll, so lots of Japanese viewers sent toys to Scotland and then people all over the world started doing it too. The houses on Mary King Close were bricked up and the plague victims and families were left to die inside. If you enter the City Chambers and go 6 floors down you can [if you know the right people] open a small door that leads directly to the subterranean streets for yourself but you’ll need a torch and a bit of string because it’s a labyrinth.

    The Meadows is a beauty spot in the middle of Edinburgh, which has never been built on because that is where pits of plague victims were buried. I went on a ghost tour of the under city and 3/4 of the crowd were skeptics. By the end, the tour guide challenged us to walk through a cursed underground stone circle and nobody would.

    Something very strange happened to me in my own house, I’ve already written the story so I will edit it for you.

    It was a veyr hot night in 2006 so I decided to sleep in the cool lounge room downstairs.

    I approached the glass door and hesitated, had a very strange feeling that I shouldn’t go in, a turn of instinct, but I went in anyway.

    I entered the dim darkness, shuffled blindly to the long sofa and lay down on the cool fabric. A faint night-light in the hallway provided enough illumination to see by, so my eyes scanned the room adjusting to the dimness as I lay with my head resting on the arm of the couch.

    Beyond my feet, the thin night-light weakly shone through the panes of glass and the still frame of the half-open door.

    I was waiting for something.

    Then I saw something in the corner of the room.

    I saw a shape, in the corner of the room clearly, but not with my own eyes. When people talk about a sixth sense or a third eye, I now know exactly what they mean.

    It was real, a shadow, similar to a cloud in that it had no definite, tangible limits and its relative shape and size was tall and thin enough to pass through a doorway. I can describe it as a psychic displacement of an elemental light, a tall, broad aura of darkness.

    I was very aware that there was absolutely something there, and being rational (I have a Masters in Biomedicine and would normally consider myself non-religious) I remember blinking, trying to be sure I was awake. I was wide awake, and it was still there. I was very clear on this.

    And then it began to move.

    Towards me.

    I watched as it approached me, so surprised and dumbfounded that I didn’t even think to recoil.

    The moving darkness crossed the other sofa, and approached my bare feet, and as it made contact, a shivering coldness dissipated through my body. I was shaking violently and uncontrollably as if possessed, from my head to my toes.

    I was rational, but in my head, alarm bells were pealing and jangling.

    My mind was collected, but my body was in the throes of a fit and I knew I should leave, so I replaced the cushions then sprang from the sofa, through the glass doors, down the hallway and up the stairs.

    As I scrabbled up the staircase, I looked back down the corridor to see anything following.

    There was nothing in the hall.

    I leapt up the stairs and dived under my duvet, trembling, eyes fixed on the doors and corners of my darkened bedroom, replaying the events with clarity, mind scrambling for explanations, wondering if it wasn’t too late to wake my mother before, exhausted, I eventually fell asleep.

    It is a cosy and amiable room, we all watch evening TV there, but after I told my family they listened with curious smiles, and avoided it after bedtime. When my uncle’s family came to visit a little later, my sister gave up her bed and slept in that room knowing what happened to me, but nothing transpired. I never went down there after midnight again.

    We live in a cul-de-sac of 17 new houses built in 2001, on the peripheral woodlands of a formerly large country estate in West Lothian. The manor house was converted to a pub hotel that was boarded up in 2007. Second and third properties were partially built in the immediate vicinity of the old house and barn but had planning issues and building work slowed to a stop.

    Investigating might also mean recounting the story and it’s not a big community. I’ve known fever-induced hallucinations, drug-induced out of body experiences and potent dreams. This was like nothing else. This was real. I can’t describe what some of my hallucinations were about because the concepts and constructs in them that terrified me can’t be related by common language words and ideas.

    It was a different state of mind.

  • Kitkat

    the Stanley Hotel in Colorado should totally be on this list.

  • cici

    wow scary stuff now i am freaked out

  • Rachel

    I live in Louisville Kentucky and used to try and sneak up to Waverly to try to get in. They (not sure who “they” is) have recently opened Waverly to the public around Halloween. I’ve been, and it’s so hokey, they’ve turned it into a staged haunted house, so to speak. THe place was creepy just to look at it, I wish they would have left it alone and just did tours around Halloween.

  • danielleKY

    actually Rachel if you go up there during the week, they give you tours without the “haunted house” effect.and you can pay to stay the night there, but it is pretty expensive to do.There is no dount in my mind that Waverly is haunted. Over 20,000 people died in that place, my great great uncle was there when it was a hospital. He had TB.

  • danielleKY

    oh and kriza, they are not making it into something else. It’s considered a historical site. It cannot be torn down, or messed with in anyway,

  • Razi

    I would never have thought that a place like the white house would have ghosts in it…. I’m still a bit skeptical…. I think I’m ready to believe the white house hauntings after Obama says he’s seen weird shit there.

  • fuzzypickle

    well my friend and i are at a school, which is haunted it has chilling stories we heard,
    it has blood stains on the walls under the bleachers in the gym, and the bathroom the wall has a blood stain that says hell. NO LIE!

  • Fuzzy green monster

    I am her friend and i felt something like tap my back lightly and then a cold breeze and one day i was walking alone and heard bleachers moving and no one was in there and then a hoodie floated i got so freaked out then a day after i got pessosed and tried to bite my friends leg!

  • cellphonegunea pig

    so i am at my house and i hear a creak, and im like ok, well, its a old house it does that, and i turn around and there was a little girl standing there, and i didn’ know her, so im like who r u???
    she just stared and then there was a thump, and this guy attacked the little girl then they vanished then after i scremed a few times the guy came back and says” run! before i get you”!
    so i got my mom but it was too late my mom and dad was gone, i remembered the went to get food… and the guy came, and bit and screatched me, after all that, i ended up with a sprained ankel and broken wrist….a few bruises,so we moved but this is true.!.

  • Kuu’lei

    My mother was possesd by 2 woman at the age of 16.My mum is Samoan,when she was growing up in the Islands,she attended church college,she was your average school girl.She was very popular amongst her peers,she was very beautiful as well,mother was very fussy when it came to boyfriends & guys.Apparently,there is a waterfall tourist attraction in one of the neighbouring villagesd .If you are Samoan you would of heard about this place,it’s called PA-PA-SE-EA.Two Woman haunt these waters,so there is a board before entering the waterfalls that lists the rules of the type of behaviour needed whilst swimming & eating there.These ladys are called “Teine Sa”…They are known to take beautiful girls or posses them.What triggers them would be finding out about a girl who is alive that thinks they are beyond beautiful,or when they learn about girls who fuss about guys because they know that they could get anyone they wanted.My grandmother noticed one day that my mothers stomach was getting huge in the weirdest way,she than had to stay home from school because my grndparents were very worried about her.My great grandmother has always lived with them,she explained to my grandparents that they needed to take her to her village right at the back of Samoa so their family witch doctor could examine her.My grandmother told me that she will never forget what she witnessed next.Mother was put to sleep,when she had fallen into a deep sleep the two women spoke from my mothers lips.They told the witch doctor who they were,they then explained that Tofa (mums name)was a selfish person,that she always wore flowers in her hair & that this was disrespectable because only they are pretty.They told my grandparents that they will live within her until they have finished punishing her.After this my granparents took her home,that very night my mum bled out.They sat her on the toilet,her stomach was going down,but sadly they realised that her stomach was full of blood.She was rushed to the hospital,all of grandmothers relatives & mums school teachers donated blood.My grandparents were grieve stricken when they learnt afterwards from the hospitals doctors that they couldn’t beleive what they found in her.Mothers womb was no where to be found,she was bare inside,therefore she could never be a mother.The doctors were so terrified,they questioned my grandparents if she was possesd because there was no other explanation about their findings.When mother went home,everything went back to down normal,her father had axed down all the beautiful flower bushes that surrounded their family home.Mum had to cut her hair short and her father picked and dropped her to school every day.The young boy that mum was teasing and always said no to his invitations died sadly in nz,mums family were scared when they learnt that this boys accident was an unexplrained car crash.They were afraid for mum,but fortunately they never returned.My grandmother told me that mums possesion had cost her a very high price,those women had taken away the most prized possesion she had,her womb-the ability to have children.They were so angry at mothers actions towards this young boy that they followed him to nz,and they mended his broken heart by taking him away from this life to live with them forever where they could cherish him and show him their beauty for all eternity.This is what my grandmother told me, the witch doctor explained this to mums family after a conversation he had with them when they physically came to him back in his village.They needed to give the message to mother and her family,my grandmother said that she has never asked mum how she felt about the boy,because the witch doctor warned them never-ever to say the young boys name in this life.Grandmother then said that she knows for a fact that mother always thinks of him and regrets the way she treated him,otherwise he would be alive to this day….

    I haven’t asked my mother about the incident,grandmother told me that no one likes talking about it.My cousins and I have talked about it on numerous occasions but it send goose bumps to us all,so we always change the subject.I will ask her about what happened maybe next year!…I can’t wait to hear what she has to say….

  • Dravin Paranormal Hunter

    for any skeptics out there the paranormal, ghost, or what ever name you use for it is real i my self have done a few lockins if you ever have a chance to go for it a lockin is the best way to get proof but go in a group of 3 or 4 talk to em they’ll let you know they’re there. they are missing most of the popular places on this list like magnolia plantaion, moon river brewing co. and most of Savannah,Ga where i’m from but i can go on for days

  • Richard

    The most haunted places in the WORLD are located ONLY in America or the UK, the youngest countries in the world. LOL.

  • Lauren

    I think the ghosts have clothes on because they might be the clothes they died in, which means when pictures show ghosts in clothes on so it might be when they died. Do anyone no any good places in norfolk that are haunted?

  • Sheena

    Blah Blah…. I Think Its So Kool!!! Its Krazy That Ghost R Mostly In The U.S. Or The U.K.!!!!

  • neonblade

    Great site! Here’s a haunted castle site for you:

  • sparta

    kinda bumbed poveglia wasnt on here,

  • sandhuc

    i like looking and watching scary movies and all that stuff but if its to scary i can't go to sleep and i always feel like someones following me behind me

  • Can't believe the Bell Witch House in Tennessee isn't on this list. It's one of the most famously documented haunted houses in history.

  • Dolly

    If you look at picture # 8, The Queen Mary, there are 2 orbs in it ( the upper left of the photo) in front of the doorway, one large, one small just below and to the left of the large one.

  • Dolly

    Didn't know one could enlarge the pictures by clicking on them! I have to correct my previous statement: There are at least 6 orbs in the picture of The Queen Mary!

  • Angela

    I've lived in Long Beach (or my family has) my entire life and I grew up with a girl who's father worked on the Queen Mary and I never heard about any 'ghost' stories until about 15/20 years ago. Believe me, I'd have gotten a kick out having a ghost aboard the ship when we went and that would have made me look forward to going, instead of say, "the Queen Mary, AGAIN". Around then they doubled the ticket prices to go on the ship and began charging for parking.

    RIP OFF!!!! It's not worth it, you don't get to go into the pool area of the ship, where the 'ghost' supposedly are anyway, I recommend you don't waste your money…

    • Angie

      Actually, I was there in March of 2010 for an overnight visit, and there are several ghost tours you can take. The only reason why the pool, engine room ect are off limits to the public is because those areas have not been renovated, there is no electricity, it's very easy to get lost and it can be very dangerous. Paying for the tour, while expensive, is completely worth the price ($50 per person) because you do get access to those areas of the ship.
      Did I witness anything paranormal???? Oh yes! Shadow people in the pools' dressing area, men talking, cold spots, I was pushed, we heard laughing and banging. The picture from above, the pool area, you see a black curtain, while the tour guide was explaining the area, out of the blue, I heard a faint "hello".. About 30 seconds later the womans voice screamed out "HELLO!" it was coming from behind that black curtain, and no, there was nothing behind it. It was amazing!

  • Dana

    I think that Poveglia Island in Italy is the most haunted place in the world.

    • Name

      i think ur nuts theres no such thing as a ghost

  • GhostHunter

    i saw a ghost once one isaw i woke up and a man was sitting by my brother

  • Tania

    I've been to Edinburgh… The Castle is fascinating and an awesome visit, but I didn't feel as though it was haunted. The rest of the city however did give me a creepy supernatural vibe as I was walking around. I loved Edinburgh, but I couldn't wait to get out of there.

  • Madi

    I stayed at the myrtles plantation in the caretakers cottage and someone ( or something) cracked the window and there was nothing outside that could have cracked it , weird!

  • shynster

    these places dosnt realie seems haunted… =

  • bjerk

    all of these is fake

  • Juri

    My fave haunted place is Glamis. Glamis has its famous hidden room and monster, as well as the ghost of a former lord who gambled with the devil, a woman who had her tongue cut out and her hands cut off to stop her from betraying a terrible secret, and a former lady who was burned alive as a witch on a nearby hilltop.

  • gdssd

    There is one haunted place which you forgot. Hotel dullemond, laag-soeren, gelderland, netherlands. It's on google earth, as well as on the web. Maybe you could add this.

  • gianna12341

    By seeing London, I've seen as much of life the world can show.The man who can dominate a London dinner-table can dominate the world.

  • vishu

    well how do president obama stay if white house is haunted

  • bradley

    I do ghost hunting i have been to all those places but waverly hills sanitorium is the most paranormal

  • Sara

    have yu ever heard of la llorona? Shes a dead lady very famous in central america,, there are many different versions of the legend but the story is always the same: she was a woman who fell in love with a man to the point of obcession, they married but when he left her, she went cuckoo and killed all her children by drowning them in the river.. Then she killed herself when she realized what shed done. Since then they say that she hunts the streets of houses where there are small children, and she screams ‘ay mis hijos!’ or ‘oh my children!’

  • katelyn

    My grandmaws house is haunted. at night you can hear somebody or something walking in the night she woke up because she was hearing glass breaking coming from the grandpaw had woke up one night because of feeling something bitting his leg and he got up went in the kitchen and saw huge red and green glowing eyes you couldnt see them when you cut the light on morning my my grandmaw was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and she looked up and saw this little girl sprint past her in real old timey clothing

  • Cool stories but i hope u can put more info on them im kinda interested more and the ghosts and wat happened to them not the witnesses. Abraham lincon storie freaked me out, I would pass out seeing a dead president take off his shoes

  • Lolly-charlie

    I am pooping my pants!!!!

  • Sean

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the Danvers State Hospital in Danvers, Massachusetts. I worked for a security company as a manager some years ago that had the contracts for the old mental hospitals in Massachusetts that had been closed, and Danvers was by far the creepiest, most hair-raising place I’ve ever been to.
    Our company had some difficulty keeping security officers out there due to the large number of sightings, noises, voices, screams, and lights that were seen.
    Our mandate was to keep all the thrill seekers and whatnot away from the property because the condition of the various buildings made them unsafe to be in and around. When a trespasser was found, the officers were to instruct them to leave. Most didn’t, and they would have to call the State Police to come and remove them.
    The State Police troopers didn’t like to come on the property, either. I was called out one night for a prowler on the property who had been giving the security guards the slip for a few hours and the State Police had brought in a K9 who refused to go into the interior of the property. I quite frankly did not blame the poor creature one iota.
    On numerous training tours for new guards we would see ghosts, hear voices, laughter (hearing laughter like that, and knowing what was done to those people in the name of “science” back in the day is especially chilling), and occasionally screams.
    Yea, I was not at all disappointed when my career took me in another path and I was able to leave that behind (along with all the other haunted campuses of the Massachusetts State Hospitals, which were all vacant and empty and creepy as hell).
    If you’re not familiar with Danvers State Hospital, it was the site for the filming of the movie Session 9.


    i dont beleave n ghosts my self but if one can prove it well then maybe……

  • alexandria

    the pictures really creeped me out :D

  • Poveglia

    What about Poveglia? It is an island in Venice in Italy that housed thousands of plague victims in the past and was where they were sent to die. They were burned and, on the plague field, if you walk on it you are almost certainly walking through their ashes. It also had a mental hospital in which a mental doctor went mad, murdered his patients and threw himself from the bell tower where he was suffocated by a mist that came up from the ground. The remains of the hospital are still there to this day. The Italians are so scared of it that they forbid anyonje from going there and erected a defense called The Octagon that prevented anyone from going near it. The waters around it are considered cursed because there are no fish and anyone who sets foot on the island is said to be cursed for life.

    • Morgan Joseph

      the plague was the bubanick and the entire island is made up of the remains now.

  • p.garcia

    i worked in funeral homes for the past five years. there is one funeral home in San Diego. from the prep room to the second floor.i use to be on call at night and do the removals.and i would hear foot steps and i would be the only one in the mortuary.

  • joey

    wow i wish i would go to those places

    • cameron

      as if

  • Vann

    No doubt there are ghosts there. Those places are old.

  • Burchinit

    Shouldn’t Auschwitz Concentration Camp be on here somewhere ?

  • connorhefnersl


  • Vikkrant

    where is Bhangarh u have not show the name of that place????



  • vENESA

    wE SHoULD NOt FeAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rafiqa karim dossani

    it is very haunted house and i wont more

  • Morgan Joseph

    the pic for the Raynham Hall, Norfolk, England isnt of Raynham Hall. it is in fact of the Jane Addams Hull house in Chicago. i know for a fact cuz iv been to the hull house and thats the stairwell in the house and the ghost on the stairwell is a little girl in a white dress. iv seen her. also, the chandelier in the house swings back and forth. theres a little indian boy that stands in the back corner of the gate and theres a vortex surrounding him cuz my friend stepped in it.

  • Hi…Just thought that Goldfield hotel would be on this list. Did u prepare this list by visiting these places yourself? I am curious coz I am a paranormal researcher and I love articles like these. Love the comments on here as well ( Though some are really lame;-)

  • rushika

    i have visited one of the haunted place in india at midnight and the voices which keep on scaring really made me a patient and due that i suffer from high blood pressure and i advice everybody not to visit such places because they can make you physically ill ad if your heart is weak than you may die…

  • oscar


  • faisal

    I have studied the science of life and the demons and ghosts and deepened during a lot of science Sulaymaniyah also studied black magic and spells, which belonged, according to Hama science must be proficient in science zodiac and the planets and their attributes and mastered also the Syriac language in order to be able to be versed of this science and has many properties and plenty of hidden aspects.
    Through the experience of many I was able to treat many of the cases in which sick that have no explanation at the doctors to man the patient and after the lab tests the result is not something with the piece Abaka human feel sick or illusion because the disease or feeling experienced by the person give rise for the illusion, whether by magic Tair or spirit or ghost, or even the cause of the house or where you live by

    And for these events have a lot of solutions, but at the depth of this flag is true and not test it until the houses haunted a lot of solutions and ways to clean the homes of spirits and ghosts, or even demons and protect the place so that is no longer such events again

    As for the people with which some people complain of voice is not heard, but he and others see things not seen, but he and some feel things do not feel jealousy and all the events mentioned is correct, but when doctors because no interpretation of medicine and human interpreted as mental illness is not organic and the reality it a controlled takeover or a spirit or demon on humans and create the events of this person so that the person is a lot of fear and other symptoms

    All these phenomena can be treated simply and comfortably for the patient or the person who suffers from these symptoms and I can work necklace or a ring and have the vaccination of a person after the treatment so as not to affect by any ghost or spirit or demon then be pendant or ring protection and immunization astronomer and the strength of many and the realization of many useful the person who carried and houses inhabited the same thing

    I thank you and I hope you be in touch with me on e- mail and I want work with you in these cases. I deal this science.
    E-mail:[email protected]!/

    Thank you
    Best Regards

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  • Caitlin

    im 10, and i can tell that this is so fake.

  • haley

    the person who died didn’t die naked. and since the person wasn’t actually doing anything for those 100 years, they would sort of be stuck in suspended animation where nothing changes.

  • BB

    Well,I have never seen any ghost but I felt one once.He/She touched my shoulder,it was a very cold hand when I was sat on the toilet(no joke,it’s not funny).I almost screamed,but it was just a second and the whole thing has gone.I will never forget that day and that touch.Long time ago I heard laughing,it was like a woman nervous laugh…waaaa.I hate to talking about it,however since 2008 I haven’t seen,or felt any of them.I wont go in to haunted places as I won’t play russian roulette.Some ppl can’t realize how easy is calling a ghost,or contacting with the ghosts,but just very few of those ppl having the knowledge and the power to handle them.I’m not one of them.After that touch ,I know its souns silly but I talked to them and i told to them,I really respect them,no offence,everyone is welcome,but please don’t come again,I don”t want any touch or scream,and i don’t wanna see any of them.I’ve also told I’m a coward,and I wouldnt involve so pls try to find someone else for the communication.Thank you.Since than no spooky experience(thx God for that):-))I” not an expert,however I can’t see the logic about ghost are attacking pl just for fun.I think they are more than that,and you really have to be annoying or disrespectful to make them angry.I never denied,or hated them.But I never try to contact with them,and my life is happy:-))

  • samanayane

    .i lv haunted place

  • cameron

    the most hauntd is in england ha i liv in essex

  • Natasha

    Okay I want to say this. I think that the West Virginia State Penitentiary is one of the most haunted places ever! I have lived in West Virginia since the day I was born and I have never experienced anything like i did over there. The noises and the shadows and all the extra was enough to scare the hell out of me. Believe what you want but that place is haunted as hell

  • Mani

    Iam in india, and we have 2 mango trees in my field.Once we were planting the sapling of rice till 1a.m and then suddenly a man having 2 hands and with 1 head and body came up but it didn’t had legs….after that i fainted..I have 1 more thing to tell. It was summer season, and we all family slept out, in the back garden. We had a lot of of jasmine plants. A woman wearing a white clothes(saree) was making a bouque of jasmine. Me and my mother was wathing this. My uncle had habit of cigar. And he was also wathing that too…he silently took matchbox and made his cigar the moment cigar was burnt, the woman vanished..

  • name1337

    Edinburg Castle? I thought borley was most haunted.

  • I had a lot of experience with denomic spirits and that there watching me andd talking to me but the thing is that my mom don’t believe me my sister has had experienced he devil and my brothers have saw orbs

  • Macie

    What about polvila Italy where the plague came and around 2000 people were cremated ?

  • danny

    not true

  • diksha

    one day when i was bathing the i dont know how a spirit of man came and start fucking me

  • asdfasdf

    I once saw the ghost of Christmas past, blowing Santa Claus, while Santas Wife was eating his fat ass, Of course i was drunk at the time, but by God that was a real experience for me.

  • Anonymous

    There are several far more haunted locations such as Auschwitz-Birkenau

  • Sarah Snead

    the poor house road tunnel in lexington Virginia. many men were hung inside the tunnel.And it has been said that many women have been raped and killed inside of the tunnel.If you go inside the tunnel and go in the middle and turn off your car and the lights you will hear screams and bloody hand prints may appear on the windows.Your car may not start and if it does your car may be pulled back.the tunnel is also incomplete and you have to turn around and comeback through.

  • Don

    Have you ever investigate Dudleyville Ct?

  • Hiremefortv

    Looking for Hawaii’s best Paranormal Investigators to be part of a new tv show for the Travel Channel! We are in need of stories – legends, sightings, and encounters.
    Email us NOW for a chance to be part of the show!!!

    Respond ASAP to: [email protected]

  • abhijeet

    geytui magina le pe b nauit… ;-



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  • coral

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  • Zombiegirl

    when I finally spotted the ghost in #5 my stomach dropped o.o

  • Zombiegirl

    I’m also really surprised bachelors grove cemetery isn’t on here… I live in Illinois and its said to be one of the most haunted cemetery’s in Illinois.. I’ve drove past it a couple of times but I’ve never seen anything. But my moms friend s went out there and were waking down a path, passed someone, turned around and they were gone. Chicago is also really haunted, I got to walk past the ally next to the building were the St. Valentines massacre happened but I didn’t hear or see anything there either… Still spooky being there.

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  • dheeraj and abhishek

    one of the most horrifying experience i have ever seen.

  • comic

    Its like you learn my thoughts! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the guide in it or something. I think that you can do with some p.c. to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, that is magnificent blog. A great read. I will certainly be back.

  • gurnihal

    theres nthing like ghosts

  • valerie

    sooooo crazy did not think that the white house was haunted DO NOT LIVE THERE NEVER! If you do dont go in the dead presidents room DO NOT!!!!!

  • valerie

    if you really want to see ghost stuff go to travel channel on tv and watch ghost adventures IT IS FREAKY!

  • valerie



  • Mahleah Rutter

    I want to go visit these places!!!

  • ??????? ????

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  • ismaaeel

    last night i heard a nose and then i went to the living room i saw a char moving no lies everybody im speaking the truth

  • ismaaeel

    yestraday when i was with my sister i saw her crying and i said whats wrong and she said nothing and she saw a dorr moving and the lights were on and off and i was so scared i went to the kitchen i wennt back to the living room i saw my sister diseapeard and i looked outside i saw her smiling at me scary she went outthe all of the lights turned off i heard a spirit ghost noise im not lying

  • jordan 14 candy cane

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  • Victor

    the real number one is bobby mackey’s night club, there’s been multiple cases of possessions and hundreds of apparitions caught on camera as well as thousands of EVP’s capturing evil spirits speaking in direct, intellegent responses to investigators’ questions. And it’s not even on the list. I would also consider putting the King’s Tavern in Natchez, Mississippi on that list also, where I’ve actually been and had paranormal experiences myself.

  • been to borley rectory camping – weird place, temperature drops and we saw and heard some pretty strange things (chanting, a black nun like shape) – also when i was young a saw the shadow of a man in Edwardian dress moving along the corridor where we lived. There is so much we don’t know or understand – quite happy with things being that way as it adds to the intrigue. mystery wouldn’t exist if we knew all the answers eh!

  • Hannah

    There is actually a book on hauntings around the world called hell house the one haunting i absolutly loved is the one in ireland that taps went to.

  • Rosie

    I was born and raised in ketchikan alaska. Since I was a kid Ive always had this feeling that someone was always breathing down my neck. Then when I was 19 the power went out throught the island plus the 3 other visible islands, I was behind the citys oldest bar. I felt like I was surrounded by old ppl and it went from a hot summer nite 2 me being freezing. Ik in that town theres @ least 3 actual paranormal sightings/sounds. Just so u all know I was waitin 4 a friend 2 get off work so we could hang out and watch a movie I wasnt tryin 2 sneak in the bar my aunt woulda kicked my arse considerin shes a bartender there lol.

  • The Winchester House didn’t make the list? Bah Humbug!!!!!

  • Bhatti

    All the stories damn scoured

  • aloak gairola

    i think u have never gone out of the west sillly. Ever heard about bhangarh fort in rajasthan india .Plz check its history or visit this place .Its a challenge ur list will soon be changed.

  • Ankita

    this is funny. surely to entertain those who are stupid enough to believe these :D

  • I,apurva apndey today want to share a bit story that my family members alway told to me..they use to say the horror stories about our old house..they said that they have seens a male & a child…1st they tryed to remove them from our house but my family members failed to do that which resulted in our downfall..we were among the richest family but after trying to remove the sprits we had a cont. loss in our business and we no longer remain rich..everything changed at last we sold the house and left that place…

    • Dj

      cool, my faimley was acused of witchcraft and do you know the story of faust?

  • dj

    one time i was chopping some food and my drawer of knives opeaned and 3 of my big knives were on the floor, and things in my room at night move around and i hear footsteps.

  • jake

    whoa theses pics freak me out

  • rhys

    whooo….i love to see ghost ahaahaha

  • HerbertTX


  • What about the Allen House in Monticello Arkansas?

  • Marley

    On the raynam hall picture there are two ghosts not one if you zoom in it shows a male in the picture as well

  • Tyler

    Manor house in littleton colorado

  • Hoppy79

    I’ve got some of the scariest ghost stories ever heard. My most disturbing is about a tree that was used in the torture and murder of numerous Australian indigenous resistance fighters. The tree hangs over an old dirt road, thus making the road haunted also. Hitch-hikers and backpackers have met their demise venturing unknowingly down the old road at night. Locals, tourist even police officers have reported that when driving down the road at night, they see countless hikers and once they pass under the tree, a corpes drops from the tree on to the windscreen of the car. Cars have been found abandoned, after the occupants have kindly offered ghostly hikers a ride, being to afraid to enter their car.

  • Hoppy79

    I used to work at Bogga road prison which is a tourist attraction nowadays, as a groundskeeper. Sometimes i would stroll up and down the flights of stairs picking up rubbish left by the few hundred tourist that came everyday and night, did i mention they do ghost tours every night, and there were some cells i wouldn’t enter. The day the prison closed, it was left as it was to preserve the dreadful history in all its horrors. Some cells were decorated with haunting lead pencil drawings on all four walls, and even the ceiling, floor and bars are scratched with art. Some art was done with human excrement and blood. The place is full of bad vibes and history, and is dreaded by its former occupants as ‘the worst days of their life’.

  • Hoppy79

    Palm Island Queensland Australia, is the scariest place i’ve ever been to, boosting the most haunted prison in modern times. Named ‘Devil’s Island’ in the early 20th century, it was used to house Queenlands indigenous criminals until the early 1960’s. It is the burial ground of Tambo Tambo, a powerful witch doctor found in a dime museum in America a century after his death.

  • Hoppy79

    ‘Grave tunnel’ There is an old road in Cherbourg aboriginal reserve (indigenous settlement) in Queensland, Australia that leads to an emu farm (tourist attraction) that is not walked to often by locals, even in a group. The settlement has two cemetries, old cemetry, and new cemetry. Burials at old cemetry stopped in 1924, all deceased since have been laid to rest at new cemetry. There is a bridge leading to the emu farm that is the main focus of local legend. The story goes, after a drinking session near the emu farm, a man makes his way back home in the settlement. The walk is at least 3 kilometers, with no street lights and a bridge at the end. When the man was crossing the bridge, he was knocked off the bridge, landing on the muddy bank of the creek. Something started to pull him down into the mud, he recalled it grunted like a pig. He prayed to God ‘please don’t let me die tonight! Not like this!’ and the mysterous entity immediatly released him. As the entity released him, he franticly dug his way to the surface, but emerged out of a grave at the old cemetry, which is 4 km from the bridge crossing. Muddy and now dead sober, he ran as fast as he could to the nearest house to safety.

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  • Megan

    I think you should come see about Savannah. One of the most haunted cities in America. With a Cemetery in the center of downtown, there are also 80 more burial sites that have been paved and built over all through out savannah. This city has survived four great fires, It was a battle field for every war fought on US ground, so were a solider dropped he was buried, and lets not forget the countless who died of yellow fever. This “America’s first planned city” was built on a grid system and almost every square has a haunted house on it. The Pirates House built in 1753, The Moon River brewery opened for bissinus in 1821, The 17 Hundered90 Inn completed in 1820, The Hampton Lily Bridge House built in 1796 then moved 4 blocks to were it stand today in 1963. Finally The Olde Pink House, built in1771, no matter how many times you paint this pink house white, it always turns back pink. I moved to this town not knowing its history until my mother came to visit, and we started to “ghost hunt” we didn’t catch to much other then orbs every where but the energy of some of these house can be pretty draining, or to strong.

  • vinod

    awsome stories but how to believe in this??

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