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The 10 Most Famous Successful Assassinations

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An assassination is a murder of an individual, who is usually a famous celebrity, politician, religious figure or royal. Usually in cases of assassination there is a clear motive – jealousy, political or religious idealism, contract killing, revenge etc. This list outlines the circumstances surrounding the death of 10 of the most famous successful assassinations in world history.

10. Alexander Litvinenko Wikipedia


Alexander Litvinenko was a Russian KGB agent, turned dissident and possible MI6 agent. On November 1st 2006, Litvinenko fell ill after eating at the London sushi restaurant Itsu. He had been receiving evidence about another murder while he was eating at the restaurant. On November 3rd, Litvinenko’s condition deteriorated and he was rushed to Barnet General Hospital in London. He died three weeks after his hospitalisation suffering from acute radiation syndrome spawned from exposure to the radioactive polonium-210. The incident gained huge worldwide media coverage, probably due to the similarities in the case to Hollywood spy movies. It is now accepted that Litvinenko was poisoned by a cup of tea in his hotel room. No one has been convicted of the murder; however, there are suspicions of Russian government involvement. Litvinenko died aged 44.

9. Lee Harvey Oswald Wikipedia


Lee Harvey Oswald was a former marine who the United States government claim was responsible for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Whether or not this is true, Oswald was himself assassinated two days after the fatal shooting of the President in the basement of the Dallas Police Headquarters by Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub owner with links to organised crime. Ruby had apparently been upset and angered by the murder of the President and had sought revenge. Oswald was shot on November 24th 1963 and died later that evening, aged 24.

8. John Lennon Wikipedia


John Lennon was one of the founding members of The Beatles, who had gone on to have worldwide success as a member of the band, and also as a peace activist. On December 8th 1980, Lennon was in New York City. As he was returning to his hotel that evening a man shouted his name. As Lennon turned around, the man shot Lennon four times. Lennon then stumbled into the hotel and collapsed. While this was taking place, the assassin Mark David Chapman dropped his weapon and sat on the street, waiting to be arrested. He was charged with murder and remains in prison to this day. His motivation for the murder is unclear.

7. Robert F. Kennedy Wikipedia


US Senator Robert F. Kennedy was the younger brother of John F. Kennedy. He was shot in the early hours of June 5th 1968 by a man named Sirhan Sirhan. A day later, Kennedy died in hospital. Kennedy had been shot four times at point-blank range. RFK as he was sometimes known had been a Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Party. It is unknown what Sirhan’s motivation for killing Kennedy was, however, it is assumed he was a Palestinian terrorist seeking revenge for the US support of Israel in the Six Day’s War of 1967. Kennedy died aged 42.

6. Malcolm X Wikipedia


Malcolm X, also known as Malcolm Little was an American black Muslim minister. He is often seen as the man behind the Black Power movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s in which African Americans radicalised and became driven toward freedom and towards gaining the respect of their fellow Americans. Malcolm had previously been a member of the Nation of Islam, however, he had become a Sunni Muslim. Apparently, following this, the Nation of Islam had given orders for the assassination of Malcolm X. On February 21st 1965, Malcolm had begun giving a speech when a man rushed through the crowd and shot Malcolm X with a sawn-off shotgun. Two other men joined in and Malcolm was shot a total of 16 times. The three men who killed Malcolm X were all members of the Nation of Islam. Despite often being labelled as a cold-hearted radical and a menace, the world was sympathetic towards Malcolm following his assassination. Malcolm X died aged 39.

5. Martin Luther King Jr. Wikipedia


Martin Luther King was the main man behind the American Civil Rights Movement. The movement was an attempt to abolish the racial discrimination of African Americans. King himself was black. On April 4th 1968, while standing on the balcony of his second floor motel room, King was fatally shot. Following the assassination there were riots in over 60 cities across the USA, and five days later, President Johnson declared a day of mourning. Two months later, escaped convict James Earl Ray was captured in London, and was extradited to Tennessee where he faced the a charge of murder against King. Ray was a white man who was opposed the African-American Civil Rights Movement.

4. Abraham Lincoln Wikipedia


Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States, and held tenure from 1861 until his death in 1865. John Wilkes Booth was a Confederate spy, who had become angry at the President because of his support for the freedoms of African Americans. He became determined to assassinate Lincoln. On April 14th 1865, Lincoln was going to the theatre. With the presence of only one bodyguard wandering through the theatre, Booth seized his opportunity. He waited until laughter filled the theatre and shot the President in the head. Booth escaped, but was caught and fatally shot twelve days later. Lincoln was aged 56 at the time of his death.

3. Julius Caesar Wikipedia


Julius Caesar was a Roman political and military figure in the 1st century B.C. He was a successful military leader and following considerable success he started a civil war in the Roman Republic. Following this, he was proclaimed dictator. However, some senators in Rome were disillusioned by what Caesar had done, and so planned an assassination to take place on the Ides of March. While walking past the Theatre of Pompey, Caesar was stopped by a group of Senators to read a fake bill which was allegedly to give power back to the Senate. As Caesar did this, he was stabbed. According to historical evidence, there were as many as 60 Senators present. After Caesar was stabbed he tried to run away, but fell and was stabbed repeatedly on the floor. He had 23 stab wounds. His death marked the end of the Roman Republic, and out of the bloody aftermath emerged the Roman Empire. At the time of his death, Caesar was 57 years old.

2. Franz Ferdinand Wikipedia


Archduke of Austria Franz Ferdinand, and therefore heir to the Austrian throne is largely considered to be the catalyst for the beginning of World War I. On June 28th 1914 he was on a visit to Sarajevo, which was at that time a territory of Austria. While riding in an open-top car, he and his wife Sophie were shot by members of The Black Hand which was a Serbian group attempting to gain independence for all the states annexed by Austria-Hungary. World War I began two months after the assassination, with Austria-Hungary declaring war on Serbia. This declaration of war started a domino effect across Europe in which all the allies of Serbia declared war on Austria-Hungary and all of its allies. At the time of his murder, Ferdinand had been 50 years old.

1. John F. Kennedy Wikipedia


John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States. He served from January 20th 1961 until his death on November 22nd 1963. His Presidency was one of the most event-filled of the 20th century. The space race, American Civil Rights Movement, Cuban Missile Crisis, the building of the Berlin Wall, and the beginning of the Vietnam War all took place during his Presidency. Despite there being hundreds of witnesses to his assassination there is a lot of confusion surrounding Kennedy’s death to this day, leading many to suspect a conspiracy. Just before 12:30pm, Kennedy was travelling through Dallas in his open-top limousine. Three shots were then fired from a high-powered rifle, which all entered the president. Kennedy died soon after in hospital. Lee Harvey Oswald (see number 10) was charged with the murder of the President. This assassination in particular has had many conspiracies theorists, especially considering the until he died, Oswald maintained his innocence. Among those who have been accused are the FBI, Cuba, the CIA or the USSR. Many believe that there could have been a conspiracy among these groups. There has never been any conclusive evidence to prove that Oswald acted alone, or if he was even involved in the murder. Despite numerous investigations, the death is still shrouded in mystery.

Bonus: Mohandas Gandhi Wikipedia


On January 30, 1948, Gandhi was shot and killed while having his nightly public walk on the grounds of the Birla Bhavan (Birla House) in New Delhi. The assassin, Nathuram Godse, was a Hindu radical with links to the extremist Hindu Mahasabha, who held Gandhi responsible for weakening India by insisting upon a payment to Pakistan. Godse and his co-conspirator Narayan Apte were later tried and convicted; they were executed on 15 November 1949. Gandhi’s memorial at R?j Gh?t, New Delhi, bears the epigraph “H? Ram”, which may be translated as “Oh God”. These are widely believed to be Gandhi’s last words after he was shot, though the veracity of this statement has been disputed.

This article is licensed under the GFDL. It uses material from the Wikipedia articles cited above.

contributor: Ryan

  • Why did this list start off naming the assassins and end up naming the assassinated? The titles I mean….or am seeing things… awww hell

    • JoshCF1

      You were probably confused with number 9, Oswald was actually assassinated by Jack Ruby. Since Oswald had become a big media and political figure for assassinating JFK, people usually call oswald's murder an assassination. Oh and just a cool fact I noticed: JFK, Oswald, and Ruby all died at the same hospital.

    • This article needs editing in general.

  • ryanh

    Lee Harvey Oswald is number 9.

  • Cyn

    oops! corrected. thanks.

  • James

    What about Ghandi eh?

  • Yeah, I agree with James…we want Ghandi!! =p Good list otherwise though.

  • Cyn


    Lee Harvey Oswald was captured as JFK’s killer and then he himself was killed by Jack Ruby.

    or something like that.

    and comments is the place to add your picks for more inclusions…like Gandhi. :)

  • I am sorry. My eyes were acting up. This apple pie is hitting me good.

  • mike

    I wouldn’t have put 10, 9, or 8 in the list. “Assassinations” usually involve political motives or idealogical incentives, anything else is plain old murder. Lennon was killed by some crazed fan in glasses. Ruby killed Oswald because he was pissed about JFK getting hit. The Russian fella was killed to cover up another murder. You might as well have put Selena on the list. Gandhi, McKinley, Napoleon, Sadat, Ahmad Shah Massoud, and 7 through 1 on the list…those fellas were assassinated

  • Knives

    I’ve alway been interested in assassinations and assassins, good list.

  • Brian Moo

    Lenin and Ghandi! (Never thought they’d be in the same sentence)

  • Diogenes

    Am I a freak in saying that there is a sort-of romanticism connected with assassinations(or assassinators) in our history here?

    • Jorsh

      Just the 60’s

  • varma

    i feel Gandhi should be on the list
    also indira gandhi and rajiv gandhi

  • yeah ghandi was the first thing i thought of after reading this he should be in there

  • Okay – Gandhi is now on as a bonus :)

  • Bjesomar

    For the record, name of Franz Ferdinand killer was Gavrilo Princip. Earlier that day, organization called Young Bosnia (small hand of Black Hand) placed 7 members along the line where Franz car would go. One managed to toss a bomb on the Franz car passing by, but the driver increased speed, and bomb exploded under next car, wounding passengers and several bystanders.
    The parade was stopped, and the assasination attempt seemed to have failed. However, later that day Franz decided to visit wounded from the bomb blast. The driver took the wrong turn, and when he realized that, he stopped the car just in front of cafe where Gavrilo Princip went to buy sandwich. Driver tried to reverse the car, but the machine stalled, and Gavrilo managed to shot Franz and his wife Sophie from 5 feet distance.

  • Bjesomar: thanks for that information – very interesting. Just imagine how different the world might be now if it weren’t for that assassination.

  • jfrater: I was wondering that myself while I was writing this, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that the war would have still happened. I think that by this stage war in Europe was inevitable. What might have been different may have been the initial participants though.

    mike: I see what you are saying about some of them not being clear-cut assassinations. Ruby went out with the clear intent to get revenge, and so he murdered Oswald. But Litvinenko? I think it is one of the most glamourised assassinations ever! It is made even worse that it is caught up in international affairs. There are at least THREE different governments that have been implicated in the murder. I can almost guarantee that there will be a movie made in a few years about that killing. I also think that in 10 years, Litvinenko will be much higher on this list once more of the story unravels.

    For all those that have mentioned Ghandi, I do apologise. He definately should have been on the list. I really just didn’t think of him while I was making it.

  • Bjesomar

    Ryan: In those days, Austro-Hungary and Germany were looking for any type of excuse to continue their Drive toward East policy (Drang nach Ostem), so if the assasination failed, i’m sure ther would be soon some other more-less manufactured cause to the war.

  • zubair

    why are all the good people assanated…why didnt someone get to hitler, Mussolini, Sharon….

  • zubair: they were just lucky I guess. Both Hitler and Mussolini survived assassination attempts. To be fair though, I don’t think claiming Mussolini as a bad person is particularly fitting. I think he started off reasonably well and with good intentions – it was only after Mussolini became subordinate to Hitler that he really went wrong.

  • evan

    in the case of hitler, the allies planned several assination attempts using snipers but decided not to try them. their reasing was hitler would bring about the downfall of germany faster himself then if they killed him.

    Im not much of a conspiracy person, but the JFK one is interesting. Oswald supposedly fired 3 or 4 shots in about 3 seconds with an old bolt action rifle, scoring 3 hits, including a head shot on a moving target at range. Either somethings not right here or he was an incredible marksmen. plus the whole back and to the left movement of JFKs head. i dont really have a comment on who’s behind it, but too me theres got to be a second shooter.

    Im a target shooter. I fire semi automatic ar-15 based rifles, and firing 4 shots in under 3 seconds at a distant target is somewhat difficult, but i dont have to manually work the action with a semiauto. and because its a small recoil caliber, i dont have to reaquire the target much after each shot. Now with a bolt action and a decently large caliber, thats not the case. You pretty much are forced to reaquire the target after each shot because of the movement to work the action and the recoil of the round. extremely impressive shooting if all shots came from a single shooter.

  • mike

    Ryan: I guess I don’t know enough about Litvinenko. I heard that it was a hit to cover up a murder…but I could have heard wrong.

  • I just had a little problem with the word “Successful” in the list title because that word is so subjective. (Maybe this was to distinguish it from attempted)
    I’m glad you added Gandhi to the list. I also think the order of importance depends greatly on where you live in the world.
    As far as JFK I think if you look at ALL of the evidence & read ALL of the material without an agenda in mind it is pretty clear that Oswald was the only assassin. (Just my two cents)

  • shrokone

    I would also mention the assassination of the Empress of the Korean Empire by Miura Goro in the late 1800’s. It played a key role in the annexation of the Korean peninsula and further expanding the Japanese Empire during its height of power…

  • Diogenes

    I dont think Ghandi was ever an assassin.

    Did you know that the pillow in the room in which a dying Lincoln layed his head apon ( a doctor’s residence across from ford theater) is encased in a plexi glass coffin and will be pointed out to by eager tour guides? “–if you look there (points at pillow) you can still see a small drop of blood from Abraham Lincoln.”
    This is true.

  • Diogenes: this is a list of people successfully assassinated – not assassins :) Gandhi was assassinated.

  • kunleski

    how come itzak rabin did not make d list?

  • Barrett

    I think “successful” may be a bit of a misnomer here. If I was Lee Harvey Oswald and planned to assassinate JFK, I would consider being caught and then shot 2 days later rather “unsuccessful.”

  • mfloryan

    I don’t know Barrett. JFK would be just as dead if Oswald wasn’t caught. Every assassin in the list (minus #10) was caught or killed.

  • varma

    10x 4 da bonus :)

  • varma: welcome :)

  • Barrett: If an assassin succeeds in their objective of killing their target then I’d say that they’re successful.

  • Brian Moo

    Jfrater, you should look into Alexander II of Russia’s assassination. Last I recall, the method was similar to Arch Duke Ferdinand’s and was a great tragedy for the Russian people. Had he lived, Russia would have gotten a elected parliament and moved closer to becoming a Constitutional Monarchy like Britain. Russia also became increasingly anti-jewish due to one of the assassins being of Jewish origin. Possibly worse than not getting a elected parliament, was the fact that Alexander III and Nicholas II both witnessed his death personally, causing them to grow paranoid of their future people; ordering more brutal methods of control out of fear they would befall a similar fate to Alexander II, ultimately contributing to the Russian Revolution!

  • Brian Moo: I was not aware of all of that history – thanks for mentioning it. I will definitely do some research on Alexander II.

  • MimI


  • MimI: I don’t really understand your comment – MLK is on the list.

  • Denashi

    As far as I know, Chapman actually had a motive: he wanted Lennons fame and thought he would gain it by killing him! … Guess we all make mistakes sometimes eh?

  • Denashi: I hadn’t heard that before – what a crazy guy he was.

  • bdover

    you guys are fuckin weird.

  • Matt

    Actually… #9 is the isn’t Lee Harvey Oswald, it is the CIA. Go to google and look up JFK real killer.

    It’s as clear as day that the driver shot him.

    Don’t be a typical American and dissagree with me. First, research and educate yourself, find the hard facts and then, only then, respond to my post.

    I say this not out of anger or bias, but out of love for my brothers. Educate yourselves and learn the truth for our future and the future of our kids.

    • Matt,

      You are a complete idiot and don't no anything. There is ample evidence that Oswald acted alone. Try reading Restoring History by Vincent Bugolosi and learn the difference between fact and fiction.

  • i no scoped jfk

  • Becky Jackson

    Whoever assassinated Kennedy may never be known, but the fact is that he was only hit by two bullets, not three.
    Also, John Lennon was not “in” New York City returning to a hotel. He lived in New York City and was returning to his penthouse atop the Dakota building on the west side of Central Park.

  • Brandy

    What about Dimebag Darrell from Pantera or Bob Marley?

  • Esam

    People who are “apparently” the best and the greatest must always have done something wrong in their lives, or must have wronged someone in an unforgivable way, or must have,sometimes unintentionaly, destroyed the life of someone..and in this way they have made themselves a hidden bitter enemy and have found themselves an assassin to make them pay for the wrong they have done.Very often..this important part of the truth must have died and buried for ever with them and their assassins in their graves..and today we all wonder “WHY HAVE GOOD PEOPLE BEEN ASSASSINATED”?????
    I believe no man on this earth will assassin a “hero”…merely for money.

  • love the sequence of order but i think that all these famous men who were doing good expect Lee Harvey Oswald should have stayed alive

  • Ivan

    thanxx fo info fool!


  • Ben Heitzman

    Didn’t Chapman kill Lennon because he wanted to be known as “The Guy Who Killed John Lennon”?

  • camille

    oswald didnt kill kennedy. someone from the mafia did, i can’t remember his name, because kennedy had ties to the mafia and wasn’t living up to his word about protecting the mafia so they had him killed. and then they killed oswald so that the truth would not get out.

    • Camille,

      You're a complete idiot. There isn't one bit of EVIDENCE trying anybody to the killing of JFK but Oswald.

  • SlickWilly

    camille: There a lot of different conpiracy theories out there concerning the JFK assassination. No one knows who it was, exactly, that shot Kennedy. I will say, however, that if you view the zapruder film frame by frame, Kennedy is indeed shot in the back of the head, as consistent with Oswalds relative position, not in the front of the head as most conspiracy theorists believe. I think it was Oswald that shot Kennedy, though I don’t believe he was a lone gunman and I believe there was a vast government coverup, which indicates some responsibility for the assassination on the part of the gov’t, and there *was* mafia involvement, with Oswald’s assassination by Jack Ruby.

    • I know exactly who killed JFK. It was Oswald and Oswald alone. I would be more than happy to send you my list of 50 FACTS that prove without a doubt that Oswald killed JFK. Try reading Restoring History by Vincent Bugolosi or try reading the ENTIRE Warren Report as I have.

  • Alex

    Kennedy should not be on that list considering he could very well still be alive. You wonder why there is still so much controversy over his possible death after 40+ years. I suggest you switch Ghandi with JFK. Who knows..these days there is no truth anymore just lies and cover-ups. Hopefully Yellowstone will erupt and really make a fucking impact on the human race. It has to be done soon.

  • ruzzie

    what about rabin? what about that egyption (nasser? sdat?) who made peace with israel?

  • ruzzie

    sadat (egypt)
    rabin (israel)
    2 more assassinations, remember?

  • ruzzie

    arab suicide bombers kill jews and arabs too in their hurry to win 72 virgins.(IGNORANT!) may suicide bombers succeed in killing only themselves!

  • rachel

    the first picture is also the poison picture on the suicide list.

    i think…

  • Neal

    #11? – U.S. President William McKinley assassination

    President McKinley attended the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. He delivered a speech about his positions on tariffs and foreign trade on September 5, 1901. On the second day, McKinley was at the Temple of Music, greeting the public. Leon Frank Czolgosz waited in line with a pistol in his right hand concealed by a handkerchief. At 4:07 P.M. Czolgosz fired twice at the president. The first bullet grazed the president’s shoulder. The second, however, went through McKinley’s stomach, colon, and kidney, and finally lodged in the muscles of his back.

    One bullet was easily found and extracted, but doctors were unable to locate the second bullet. It was feared that the search for the bullet, using the medical techniques of the time, might cause more harm than good. In addition, McKinley appeared to be recovering, so doctors decided to leave the bullet where it was.

    The newly-developed X-ray machine was displayed at the fair, but doctors were reluctant to use it on McKinley to search for the bullet because they did not know what side effects it might have on him. The operating room at the exposition’s emergency hospital did not have any electric lighting, even though the exteriors of many of the buildings at the extravagant exposition were covered with thousands of light bulbs. The surgeons were unable to operate by candlelight because of the danger created by the flammable ether used to keep the president unconscious. So the doctors were forced to use pans instead to reflect sunlight onto the operating table while they treated McKinley’s wounds.

    McKinley’s doctors believed he would recover, and the President convalesced for more than a week in Buffalo at the home of the exposition’s director. On the morning of 12 September, he felt strong enough to receive his first food orally since the shooting — toast and a small cup of coffee. However, by afternoon he began to experience discomfort and his condition rapidly worsened. McKinley began to go into shock. At 2:15 A.M. on September 14, 1901, eight days after he was shot, he died from gangrene surrounding his wounds. His last words were “It is God’s way; His will be done, not ours.” and he was buried in Canton, Ohio.

    Czolgosz was later found guilty of murder, and was executed by electric chair at Auburn Prison on October 29, 1901.

  • Ellen

    I think it’s interesting that the assasination on Franz Ferdinand almost didn’t work out- the one who was originally going to shoot him failed. Then, later on, as Ferdinand was driving through a back alley, another person from the same group as the original shooter saw his chance and shot. It was a complete coincidence. I don’t remember the names of either one of them though.

    Also, the John Lennon murder is still so sad :(

  • Kalyan

    This list is very US centric.

    There have been many Assassinations in the recent past that i can think of – Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi (Prime Ministers of India. They are NOT RELATED TO MAHATMA GANDHI).

    Solomon Bandaranaike (Srilanka PM), Ranasinghe Premadasa (Sri lankan President), Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Founder of Bangladesh), Anwar Sadat (Egypt President), D’Arcy McGee (father of Confederation), Mohammad Ali Rajai & Mohammad Javad Bahonar (PM & President of Iran), Yitzhak Rabin (Israel PM), King Birendra (King of Nepal), Benazir Bhutto (ex PM of Pakistan – who was alive when the list was published), Faisal of Saudi Arabia (King of Saudi Arabia), Olof Palme (Swedish PM). Maybe you have enough material to creat a Top 50 list here

  • baish

    worth checking out:

    especially interesting the bit on “targeted killing” and “state terrorism”

  • JonSag

    The Essential Guide for Protectors of at-risk People

    Think of every assassination you’ve ever heard about. For most people, a few of these major ones come to mind: Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Anwar Sadat, John Lennon, Israel’s Prime Minister Rabin, Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto.

    From start to finish, all of these attacks — combined — took place in less than one minute. And the hundreds of attacks studied for this book, all of them combined, took place in less than a half-hour. Those thirty minutes, surely the most influential in world history, offer important insights that can help today’s protectors defeat tomorrow’s attackers.

    goto for more info.

  • TFisch

    Federal Judge John Wood was assassinated by Woody Harrelson’s dad.

  • rushfan

    Isn’t an assasination by definition “successful?” If not, wouldn’t it be called an assasination attempt?

  • Joe

    How about Saddam haussain???? Assasinated By USA or Bush???

    1st US Goverment Pempered him during Iraq/Iran War then after
    20 yrs they fucked him……

    • He wasn't assassinated he was sentenced to death by the Iraqi Revolutionary Court

  • Joe

    #48 JFK was Assasinated by Republicans………………….

  • MT

    What about Tupac and Biggie?

  • Connor

    MT: Yea Tupac’s assasination was pretty big too, one of the most famous rappers killed, i wonder why its not on here, they never found out who did it

  • dukecarlos

    why ninyo aquino of philippines is not here? i think because of here assasination the philippines get back its own freedom from a dictator marcos..

  • dukecarlos

    why ninoy aquino of philippines is not here? i think because of here assasination the philippines get back its own freedom from a dictator marcos..

  • mike

    Tupac on the worlds top ten oh yeah,maybe top 100 hardly comparable to what the other guys on here have done and why they are famous,i’m sure the entire world knows who tupac was all 0.001% of it,a violent rapper killed,thats a rarity

  • Bran

    I am of the opinion that lennon’s killing was not an assassination. the inclusion of Gandhi as an afterthought is a hideously sad state of affairs that would have had King spinning.

  • the A,s

    tupac will never be in this list he was an arrogant criminal only those mentioned in the list did something important in this world with the eception of thouse who kill thepresidents.

  • Betty

    Ok so I was doing a project about Julius Caesar…and my history techer knows A LOT and he told me that his is actually the most famous assassination!

  • Lee

    actually, Austria declared war against Serbia exactly one month after the assasination of Franz Ferdinand. . .it was on July 28 1914 when Austria declared war.

  • topz

    get Bob Marley in there he influenced music. an idol never to be forgotten and a very influential character in history

  • Paul Houghton

    and as a bonus assasination, Gandhi ! im sure hes thrilled at that, a bonus killing, wonderful, a terrible waste of a peace loving man but to be put up as a bonus killing, its not right

  • joe

    14 responses and no one picked by far the most nortorious assassination ever.

    Jesus Christ

  • Anthone

    Where’s Harvey Milk George Mascone?

  • destroyer

    i thought that jack ruby was killed by lee harvey oswald, not the other way around

  • dgh

    how come when normal people die in car accidents etc no one bats an eyelid,but when they happen to famous people -they cry conspiracie straight away.

    • Not trying to sound non-sympathetic, but do you cry when you watch the news and hear about some normal person that you do not know dies? People have sympathy for people they know or in the case of celebrities, they cry because they know of them and grew up watching them.

  • dgh

    how come when normal people die in car accidents etc, no one bats an eyelid-but when it happens to the famous people cry conspiracie.

  • Andj

    John Lennon was assassinated by his stalker who wanted nothing more than to be famous. stalkers feel incomplete, psychologically.

  • Uh…

    Where’s Dimebag Darrel? He was assasinated onstage on the same day as John lennon!

  • Deucaon

    The group which assassinated FF was “Mlada Bosna” or “Young Bosnia”. They received arms from the Black Hand but were not led by the Black Hand.

  • Kitty

    I would have liked it if they wrote all the Assassinated politics in the last 50 years. It would be interseting to see how many!!

  • porkido

    Wasn’t the ‘hotel’ that Lennon was returning to actually the Dakota, where he lived with Yoko Ono?

  • porkido

    And didn’t Sirhan Sirhan publicly proclaim that he was motivated to be “The Man Who Shot RFK”?

  • porkido

    This site is riddled with errors…it’s fun to read, but isn’t there some responsibility to check facts?

  • Bobby the K

    Ruby killed Oswald, but it wasn’t because he was steamed at Oswald for killing JFK.

  • Rich

    how old was Lennon when he was shot?

  • AniH

    Totally off topic but I work for the NHS in the UK and Barnet General Hospital is part of the Trust that I work for!

    Totally shocked me to find out that Litvinenko was sent to BGH!

  • dgh

    Concerning Litvinenko was the hospital checked for radiation.

  • nowhereman

    For Rich: John Lennon was 40 when he was murdered.

    Also, a slight correction on the Lennon paragraph. Lennon was returning to his apartment (not hotel) in the Dakota in NYC.

  • bobbyakatc

    Hey where’s Abe Lincoln?

  • dillon

    how did you set this comment box up? im trying to make something like this

  • Cybogen

    It is very unlikely Oswald had killed Kennedy. It is widely assumed he was a fall guy to lead attention away from what we now suspect that this assassination was conducted by those numerous groups outlined in the list above. Its really so shameful that the life of a man is so petty to gain the interests of a partys agenda policys.
    It makes one feel very discouraged of the state of the world. I just wish it would come time for Armaggedon so all this sadness will be over and GODS kingdom will begin as promised!

  • Huskerdusker

    Some people have mentioned it and I just want to clear up that Bob Marley was in no way assassinated, I think some people are getting him confused with Peter Tosh, who was also in the Wailers and was murdered because he refused to comply with robbers. Bob Marley I believe died of cancer.

  • Carlos

    An initial glance at JFK assassination theory may give the impression that there is one logical alternative to Oswald being the assassin. In fact, there are at least 60 alternative assassins, and no two cults of assassination enthusiasts can agree on who the killer was. I’ve been following the case since I heard the news in a small town classroom, and I think Oswald was the killer. And the accusation that the president’s driver turned around in front of all the witnesses and shot the president in the head with a 1911 Colt… please.

  • Teddy Delaney

    I would have killed Martin Luther Coon myself. I wonder who is going to plug that Radical Obongo, and save our country. They will be a real HERO. There family will become rich.

  • Eric

    gandhi should be on the top 10 and not just a special mention

  • Yuvraj

    October 2nd, 2008 at 8:12 am

    Tupac on the worlds top ten oh yeah,maybe top 100 hardly comparable to what the other guys on here have done and why they are famous,i’m sure the entire world knows who tupac was all 0.001% of it,a violent rapper killed,thats a rarity
    Why is Lennon on it? More people know 2Pac.

    the A,s
    October 30th, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    tupac will never be in this list he was an arrogant criminal only those mentioned in the list did something important in this world with the eception of thouse who kill thepresidents.
    You didn’t even know him…again, why is Lennon on it?

  • vinayb

    Assassinations have a way of transforming history- would the US continued in Vietnam had JFk lived? what would the sub continent be if Gandhi lived on?Would we have had WW1,had FF survived that day?I think the top 10 assassinations should be judged by their impact on the course of history. Has any empherical data ever been put together to ascertain the region with the highest assassinated personalities in the 20th Centuary? The sub continent would be a front runner!!!

  • Daniel

    Just thought I’d mention that a few days before JFK’s death there was a ‘plane crash’ in Roswell. Now, I’m not sure if any of you know this but it wasn’t actually a plane crash it was a UFO sighting. John Kennedy had been harbouring aliens in a museim in Roswell and therefore not letting them return to their home planet. Lee Harvey Oswald met the aliens form the sighting that had not yet been caaptured and promised to help free them if they kept him safe. Two days later he assinated Kennedy. The first bullet he used had been coated in an invincible substance supplied by the aliens allowing it to go right through Kennedy and Conally. That night there was a break in at the museim at Roswell and when investigated the aliens were not found. Oswald had freed them but they faild to keep their promise.

    Don’t worry, I don’t actually beleive anything I just said (although it’s possible) I just meant to point out that some theories are so wild and so far fetched that this one isn’t exactly that much crazier. People like devote their life to searching for the answer of thing like this and like seriously, who cares? It was like fifty years ago. If any of you are one of those ‘I-HAVE-TO-FIND-OUT-WHO-KILLED-JFK-OR-I-WILL-NEVER-BE-COMPLETE’ people, I have just one question: What does it matter who killed him anymore? He’s dead. It doesn’t matter how he died, dead is dead. Lee Harvey Oswald, who most people think did it (conspiracy or not), is dead all the other people who could have killed him are probably dead by now or not far from it. If everyone’s dead you can’t punish anyone so what does it matter? People are like wasting their lives trying to figure it out or convince other people and they should really like, you know, get a life.

  • frances

    What about Kurt Cobain? that should be number 1. Hell, they managed to make it look like a suicide!

  • shadow

    I watched a special that was on last night about JFK and after seeing it it made me think. According to the special, there was 3000 pieces of evidence against Lee Harvey Oswald. He wanted to make it big anyway he could, he shot and killed a well known man before he killed JFK. He also tried to get his wife to hijack a plane. She left him because she realized he was nuts. He went to visit his wife and child before he killed JFK, he took his ring off and put it along with his money in his pocket on the dresser and left a note to buy the baby something.He then went and killed JKF.

    Ruby was not linked to organized crime. Very interesting special.

  • Amber Lynn

    Malcolm X looks like he’s saying the f word… 0.0

  • Anon

    How about Che Guevara?

  • bmd

    (from the mind of a 9yr old history buff) In the JFK assasination, there were lots of theories, but I think Oswsald had nothing to do with it. I think Jack Ruby, the driver and the umbrella man were involved. I love JFK!!!!

  • Martin High


  • awdmanout

    Daniel…. lol

  • DeAdMaN

    Fucking funny Daniel hahahahahahah

  • Ash

    Thank you very much for such interesting article.
    But I have a question. As I know, Chapman shot John Lennon 5 times. You should correct your mistake.

  • Les

    There are credible doubts that Sirhan Sirhan did not kill RFK. Here’s an article from the Guardian, a mainstream source.

  • K Paige

    I'm sorry but 16.5 MILLION people died becasue Ferdinand was assassinated- I think this trumps both JFK and Ghandi. Your list is bogus. JFK didn't effect anyone in my country. Someone else just took his place but I had many in my family serve in the Great War and the Second World War, which saw 60 million more die was a decendent of the First War.

    You should leave these kind of lists to the grown-ups who have a little bette perspective on history.

  • Lennon was murdered by cia
    Jfk and Rfk by cia
    Lincoln cia
    Tupac cia
    Biggie Small cia
    Bhutto cia
    Martin luther
    Malcom X
    Jack ruby and oswald cia
    Many more etc
    they remove people
    Who influence good among the
    Central intelligent assasinations

  • rachel

    i think you're confusing assassination with "that fool got shot"
    people who are assassinated are people in positions of political power like presidents, governors, mayors, stuff like that.
    however, musicians and other entertainers aren't assasinated, they just get shot.
    most wouldn't say tupac was assassinated they'd say "that fool got shot". so in the case of lennon and oswald, no matter how great an entertainer and musician he was, those fools just got shot.

  • Blue

    Wsnt Litvinenko killed after he announced his investigation into Anna Politkovskaia's death, or was that someone else?

  • vanderkonig

    This is a BS, America-centric list.
    The shooting of Franz Ferdinand had a much bigger impact on world history than the shooting of JFK.
    The Archduke's assassination triggered WW1 and indirectly led to WW2 and the Cold War.
    Not too many people outside the US were bothered by JFKs death, even if it was a big loss to Americans.

  • mehmed7

    Why isn't Ferdinand at one! His death lead to millions of deaths across the world. Yes, but it had to be about America.

  • Yobee

    The section on JFK's assassination is filled with factual errors, (Kennedy was hit twice, not three times, the Vietnam war began during Johnson's administration when American combat troops were first deployed, the American civil rights movement first began under Eisenhower's administration, etc., etc.), not the least being that the evidence against Oswald was definitive and would convict him even under modern rules of evidence. People with agendas should forswear lists like this.

  • poo

    u guys suck hairy nut

  • Enter text right here!

  • Why is Lee Harvey Oswald on the list twice?

  • Will

    I imagine you’re getting confused with the mention of both Oswald and JFK. But if you read both descriptions, they were both assassinated and therefore both belong on this list. I also did wonder this to begin with, you’re not alone.

  • Tal89

    another Assassination worth metioning is the assassination of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia who was killed by his nephew in March 25, 1975
    many conspiricy theories appeared after his death claming that the kings nephew was trained by the Mossad and CIA due to Faisal withdrawing Saudi oil from world markets, in protest over Western support for Israel during the conflict. This action quadrupled the price of oil and was the primary force behind the 1973 energy crisis.

  • Litvinenko was killed by MI6. They wanted put Putin into black light of world’s public because he kicked out of Russia so called NGO’s, puppets of western banksters like Khodorovsky, Soros as well. But it did not work.

    Abe Lincoln was assasinated, because he jailed 55 000 norhterners for sympatizing with southern tasks. Forget about blacks. Game is about 13 and 14 amendments, which stated, that USA is D.C. and its territories. As soon as it became state can not be under DC rules.

    Kennedy has some issue with bankesters and FED about who can issue money in USA and he printed Silver Notes. He tried cooperate with commies so Military-industrial complex can be in game. Read book THE BEST ENEMY MONEY CAN BUY.

  • Mobsters who put Ceasar into power made agreement with him he can not cross Rubicon and must keep army behind it, so they can make conspiracies in rome. He wanted make politics, but it was not place for him.Most American presidents do right job to fill wishes men behind courtain

  • Mirza Budarnayev

    Avusturian Prince assassination. This incident did start a I.World War (Great War) Assasin name is Serbian Milos Obilovich.

  • robert

    how could JFK and RFK be assassinated? there were thousands of people there you’d think they would of seen the assassins!

  • Trutttth

    That assassin who killed gandhi was a piece of shit, too bad he was a bad assassin otherwise he would have escaped. Rule number DO NOT GET CAUGHT, guess a dirt bag like him can’t kill professionally. Suicide mission if you ask me!

    Train like an assassin today – Learn the Secrets!

  • Alex

    How About Tupac Amaru Shakur (2PAC) -.-,,,

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  • wickedsngr

    John Lennon lived in NYC. He wasn’t visiting. The Dakota (where he lived) is not a hotel, they are apartments.

  • nitika

    This list is helpful…….

  • Ralph

    I would argue that these are only partially successful assassinations. The truly successful ones are the ones that don’t appear to be assassinations. If a “distinguished” person dies, and that death is ruled natural causes when it was murder, that is a successful assassination. Let the conspiracy theorists chew on that for a while.

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  • jnriingen

    The Warren report did not interview all who saw what actually happened. Did you watch the report of Jesse Ventura in Conspiracy Theory? In Jesse’s report, after interviewing the persons that were never interviewed by the Warren Commission, says it was not Oswald.

  • robert

    The Heydrich’s assassination is missing ,I guess the results were lot more serious than your number 6,7,8,9,10.

  • it

    Where is Rasputin??? I know more things about him than anyone else on this list. If you can’t include him, then you shouldn’t have made this list

  • No.8, John Lennon……….Today 31 years ago. 12/8/1980. May Mark David Chapman rot and putrify in his 6×8 prison cell for his “deed” of killing the former Beatle. Quite frankly, I am surprised that Chapman hasn’t been murdered by “fellow”prison inmates……….

  • ahmed

    where is Mohamed Anwar El sadat

    President of Egypt

  • YoYo

    Franz Ferdinand should be before JFK!
    It’s just because they were American aristocrats. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand was a huge contributing factor to starting a world war – much more eventful and of historical importance to the rest of the world than the JFK assassination.
    This must be an American list.

  • voodoo man

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  • baha

    What about rfk’s assassin? the guy was one of the zionest supporters. and because people like him lived, thousands of people died and thrown away from their homes so zionest can build another usa of their own.

  • james

    clean up the mess.. I may call it.

  • it

    Where is Rasputin dumbass????

  • Val

    You forgot Itzhak Rabin..

  • TOEFL Vorbereitung

    I just like the helpful information you provide for your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and test again right here frequently. I’m somewhat sure I’ll be informed plenty of new stuff proper here! Good luck for the next!

  • John Lennon wasn’t returning to his hotel. He was returning home to the Dakota Building.

  • yo

    why is there a bonus

  • assassin

    How can people not see the patter ?

    its there clue “the order of assassins” cheack it out they were men who had enamies throught out time and they still are around some are chosen some have to do it it’s in there blood. the assassinated were all men who had power and infulance some even infomation making them the target the order.

    if u want to contact me for details i will give u my email

  • chirag

    lol . . what about rajiv gandhi or indira gandhi ???????

  • Malcolm X there is that peaceful nation of Islam again. Lincoln, was assassinated by a vampire because he was a vampire hunter…Haven’t you seen the movie???

  • borachioffoulkes

    John wasn’t killed outside of a hotel, he was shot at the entrance to the Dakota building where he lived

  • Namelori

    assassinated musicians are killed in car crashes and plane wrecks tooEnter your comment here.

  • claudia

    John Lennon lived in NYC for years when he was killed in front of the
    Dakota, this was where he lived.

    Also Jack Ruby, the killer of Lee harvey Oswald, died of cancer about 6 months later. He had nothing to lose.

  • Mark

    This is my first post on this site. I enjoy history quite a bit so there were a few corrections I had to make. first king was shot at his mistress hotel room, not his hotel room. He was quite well known for his womanizeing, less well known for his pladgerizeing. He pladgerized his doctoral thesis and his famous i have a dream speach. John Wilks Booth shot Lincoln because he viewed Lincoln as tyrant, in fact booth shouted something to the effect of death to all tyrants in latin after shooting Lincoln. The view of Lincoln as a tyrant has been forgotten but was fairly common at that time period. Things such as useing secret service to illegally detain key congressman during votes on the civil war had something to do with that. Chapmen was mentally desterbed, heard messages in the Lennons albumns and was obsesses with the novel catcher in the rye. Also if i remember correctly the assasin of RFK was also mentally desterbed and commited the shooting in protest, not as a part of any terrorist group. These are the facts as I remember them from both High School and college history, this was also many many moons ago shortly after dinos ruled the earth. So i apoligize if I am mistaken on any points.

  • bbcodes

    Why is JFK #1? The death of Franz Ferdinand started a bloody World War!

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