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Top 15 Chillout Tracks

by teacherman
fact checked by dickensgirl

“Chillout” music encompasses several different musical genres (downtempo, acid jazz, trip hop, house, lounge and electronica). The movement started as an alternative to the ecstasy filled clubs of London where revelers needed a place to cool off after heavy dancing. Clubs often allocated a “chillout room” for those who needed a break but still wanted to listen to music. It eventually became popular at parties and houses after returning from clubs when the party was continuing, but the energy level was coming down.

15. Massive Attack Teardrop

Most people will recognize this track as the theme song from the hit show “House”. It is essential due to its heavy bass lines and enchanting vocals.

14. Kings Of Convenience I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From

This is an example of a trend in chillout music where acoustic music is given a background beat and transformed into a new song altogether.

13. The Orb Little Fluffy Clouds

Another song from a commercial (which has helped chillout reach the masses). This time from the original VW Bug ad. This song features an interview about the Arizona sky.

12. 4hero Les Fleur

This is a cover of Minnie Ripperton’s classic 1970s song Les Fleur with Carina Andersson as the lead vocalist.

11. Sasha & Emerson Scorchio

Sasha & Darren Emerson – Scorchio (Full Length Version)

Some would argue that this song is too up-tempo to qualify as chillout. It has been remixed for both in the club and after the club. Cool song nevertheless. Like the video says, cool but hot.

10. Jakatta American Dream

Most recognizable as the tune in the great sequence in “American Beauty”. “You give new meaning to the word ‘delicious’.” Corny but cool.

9. Enigma Sadness

Enigma – Sadeness (Full Version)

Based on Gregorian Chants, this track is very peaceful.

8. I Monster Daydream in Blue

Basically a remix of a 1968 Belgian psychedelic tune. Keeps you bobbing your head. Sampled by other artists as well.

7. Nightmares on Wax Les Nuits

Nightmares on Wax – Les Nuits

This track sounds like a dance tune, slowed down just enough to where it could almost put you to sleep. Great dinner background music.

6. Zero 7 Destiny

Anything by this group could qualify as chillout, but this is a great example of the strong female vocals on their album.

5. Lemonjelly Spacewalk

One of the most innovative artists in the use of obscure samples. Do yourself a favor and check out their other videos. One of the few bands with a “brand” if you will.

4. Groove Armada At the River

“At The River”, was the song that shot Groove Armada to fame. It samples “Old Cape Cod” by Patti Page. The song has gone on to be one of Groove Armada’s most well-known tracks and has since been found on numerous chill out compilations.

3. St. Germain Sure Thing

St Germain – Sure Thing

Great example of a jazz influenced chillout track.

2. Air Le Femme D’Argent

From the incredible “Moon Safari” album. Funky Moog keyboards. Play this song when watching the sunrise after an all-nighter.

1. Moby Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

No chillout list is complete without Moby.

Bonus: Music for a Found Harmonium

Great piece of music that is borderline chillout, but great to listen to regardless.

Contributor: teacherman

fact checked by dickensgirl