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Top 12 Logo Competition Submissions

First of all, I would like to thank everyone that submitted logos for the competition. I received over 40 entries and they were all brilliant. I am incredibly impressed with the artistic and creative talent that we have on the site! I have now spent the day going through the entries and breaking it down to the 12 most suitable. In making my initial decision, I have tried to consider all of the media that the logo may appear on – web, print, merchandise, and advertising.

What happens now? I would like you all to look at all of the logos (click for a larger view) and tell me in the comments which one you think should become our official logo and winner of this competition. I have not put them in any specific order – the numbering is simply to make it easier to refer to your favorites in the comments.

1. Mekanikal_Demon

Mekanikal Demon

2. Anderi


3. esmaeil


4. fogelks


5. esmaeil 2


6. Cullinan


7. Bishopwhitet


8. Chica


9. Chica 2


10. Davidr4889


11. NathanCipher


12. DFrost


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  • I like number one! Number four is a close runner-up for me, it’s cute!

  • Raz

    1, 6 and 7 are the best.
    Number 1 I’d say overall…

  • MM

    I I like 7

  • Scott-K

    If I had to choose, it would be between #1 and #7.

  • Mystern

    I really like 3, 5, 7 and 11

  • ?

    I like 7, but I’m biased :)

  • wow – diverse answers!

  • alexlwe

    i’d say 5 or 6

  • I forgot to mention – I will be making the final decision – I just want you all to help me along a bit :)

  • Joss

    I like 1, 2, 6 and 10…

    Probably 6 the best.

  • JT

    #1, #6 and #10 are my favoruites, just beacuse they are simple yet direct. I’d say #10 if I were pressed.

    All excellent though.

  • King of the Horizon

    1,2 and 7 are the best with 7 being my favourite

  • aman

    1-Very good
    2-Looks like a pharmacy logo
    3-too complicated
    4-too silly
    5-looks like a dodge car
    6-too 80’s
    7-too geeky
    9-not bad
    10-looks like a research lab
    11-looks like a bank
    12-looks like an isp

  • I like number 1 the most

  • darthbarbie

    # 1 is my favourite….

  • omegakain

    I like 1 and 7 most of the others seem either too formal and businessy or too silly for the website.
    I really dislike 2, 9, 10, and 12.

  • #1, #4, #7 – In that order are my favorites! :)

  • brandizzle

    number one..absolutely

  • Taos

    i like one the best, becuase its the only one with the adress on it

    and number 5 is good too, really new-agey

  • srichards

    i like nos. 1

  • JJ


  • Borg

    #1 is great. I love the simplicity, the spacing, everything about it.

  • Kathryn

    Number one.

  • Yogi Barrister

    #1 is the cleanest, but it does look similar to the Verizon logo that is peeking over its shoulder. It’s between #1 or #2 IMO.


  • Jackie

    I like number 1 the best

  • cannedirony

    Oh jeez, 4 and 8 for sure.

  • J.D.

    Yeah #1 is the best. It matches well with the color scheme of the site. Looks clean and sharp. It also has a level of professionalism that goes well with the quality of work that goes into the lists themselves. Kudos

  • fishing4monkeys

    #1 & #7 for me…I can’t decide! #1 seems like it would fit better but #7 looks sooo good!!

  • dangorironhide

    1, 2 or 7 for me.

  • Remember everyone: this needs to stand out on a cup – on a tee-shirt – and as the logo at the top left of every page on this site.

  • Wordstar

    Number 1 — all the way

  • T

    #1 and #7, #7 would be cooler if those objects/icons were somehow related to the discussions like maybe crosses, books, ect…

  • blargle

    #1 or #4.

    #4 is silly, but i still like it.

  • CJ

    I like #1 as well.

  • SlickWilly

    Yup. ABSOLUTELY either No. 1 or No. 7.

    The geek in me loves number 7. But number 1 probably has the most general appeal.

  • 1. It’s ok, but it’s too ‘safe.’ It looks great, but it’s not memorable; at all.

    2. Interesting, but I think the colors are wrong. There’s potential, but it needs some tweaking.

    3. Is this a Boards of Canada album cover? I love this, but I’m not sure it’s a good logo/website identity.

    4. Drop the creepy smiley face and we’ll talk.

    5. The last time I checked this wasn’t a flash-games website.

    6. The last time I checked this wasn’t a sporting goods store.

    7. This one is growing on me. I’m pretty impressed with it. Definitely original. It’s got a paleo-futuresque vibe to it. I think it fits with the personality of the site.

    8. No. This is wrong.

    9. The last time I checked, this isn’t a 1980’s bank.

    10. I’m not sure if it fits with the site, but this is well done. It could work.

    11. The last time I checked, this wasn’t a university book store.

    12. The last time I… Ok that’s getting old. I look at this and I think long distance calling plan. I’m just saying.

  • DarkWolf

    Number 1 is the best. Has the website and title in a cool, simple design.

  • rearden

    I’m jumping aboard the #1 train. It’s a great idea in an original and effective presentation. It was the only one out of the bunch that jumped out as something I could potentially see everywhere.

    Kudos to its creator. *applause*

  • phunniemee

    3, and 7, with 7 being my favorite by a lot.

  • InfiniteJorge

    I liked mine the best, but it’s not on here :(

    But I would definitely go with either 10 or 7

    #1 is good but it looks too much like some kind of business, like something you’d see outside of a doctor’s office. #2 is arbitrary and boring, same goes for #3. #4 is once again too arbitrary, why the smiley face… what is the significance of it and how does it represent the List Universe? #5 is good because of it’s unified design; but I don’t really like the texture the artist used. #6 prides itself on the vibrant orange color which I don’t really like, and it also seems a TAD bit too simple… #8 is once again very arbitrary and I don’t really understand it, #9 is too plain and looks, once again like something that would appear at a doctor’s office, 11 is alright but the shape on the left seems undeveloped, and 12… well, what is the purpose of “123”?

    7 is interesting, it is different, the letters have unity and incorporate many of the characteristics of a good 2D design: size changes, direction changes, varied shapes and lines etc.

    It is a fine one indeed.

    10 is a close second.

  • toolnut

    Number 7 is my favorite but I definitely think #1 is more practical

  • phunniemee

    Several of these look like bank logos. Lame.

  • TMo

    7 and 8 are the best IMO, I don’t like 6 cuz it looks like virginia tech or something. Some of the others are good, too, but 7 and 8 stand out the most. Actually I really really like 7.

  • EAL

    1,6,and 12 are the most professional looking choices, although 1 and 12 are a bit dull.

  • Kathy Katholica

    I like number 7.

  • panda

    #4 and #7

  • TMo

    nevermind, 8’s too goofy i don’t like it anymore. looks like the pacman ghosts. def 7.

  • They all look like mock-ups of already existing logos. #7 is a straight out font (a very cluttered font at that.) #6 Looks like a collage signia (Think BGSU’s 80’s and 90’s). If this is what you have to go on I guess I will have to put my vote on #3.

  • kiwiboi

    Gee…what a talented bunch. Kudos to everybody. It’s so hard to pick a favourite, but if pressed I might go for 9 or 10.

    Great work by all those whose designs are featured!!

  • Peanut

    1 or 7 for me


  • I’m between 1 and 7…

  • Random

    I vote for 1, 7, or 10.

  • JMurf

    Yep 1 or 7

  • goodoldsteve

    I’d say number 7, definitely the most creative

  • PT

    I really like #7 but for branding purposes #10 has the simplicity necessary for mugs t-shirts everything

  • Walter

    although i like the artistry and ingenuity in most of them, I feel that a lot of them are over the top and make it unnecessarily difficult to read. thats why i like #1 and #10 and with the right color scheme you should be able to use both of them.

  • Walter

    i noticed someone that # 10 doesn’t fit with the site? if i’m right, isn’t a planet with some sort of ring around it, or maybe just an equator line? subtly represents the universe? i dont know, maybe im wrong.

  • _MegZ_

    I like #7. I think that would be wicked on a hoodie. I think it would attract alot of attention.

  • Becca

    I like #1 and #7.

  • Mom424

    I like number 1 the best also.
    I like number 7 as well but would be too hard to silkscreen for t-shirts mugs etc…
    I actually like number 12, but the 123 requires either periods 1.2.3. and on more of an angle or bullet marks so it looks more like a list
    and the little tooth looking cartoon characters would be good as emoticons or to mark lists as family friendly….

  • Levi

    7 definately 7.

  • Derek

    Number 4

  • Blogball

    First of all I think they are all great!
    I don’t’ know anything about logo design but I remember this acronym. K I S S meaning (keep it simple stupid). And believe me I’m not calling anybody stupid that had a logo that was more complex than the others because as I said I think they are all great.

    So having said that I vote for # 1 because it is simple and also did anyone else notice it’s the only one besides # 2 that has the complete web site address on it.
    The List Universe is a web site so lets let all the people that read it on mugs T shirts etc that it is a website.

  • Liz

    it’s a tie between 7 and 10 for me.

  • james ried

    Number 7

  • Stephi

    I like #7 definitely the most!

  • Logos are not pieces of art to “like” or “not like.”

    Logos are pictures that “speak”.

    Effective logos are visible and identifiable at-a-glance.

    Once the Logo “picture” is identified with the product, the next time the picture is seen, the product should come to mind.

    The Nike “swoosh” is a good example. So is Arm & Hammer’s logo. Chevrolet’s “bow tie”, Ferrari’s horse, Ralph Lauren’s polo…

    You’re challenged to look at the list again and think, “Which one will stand out in a see of pictures and make someone A. remember Listverse and B. want to associate with Listverse.

  • DiscHuker

    i gotta go with #3. cool colors, name is very obvious and it has the initials in there for some added catchiness.

  • r3vc0

    Either 6 or 7. All of these are great, tho…

  • Cyn

    #8 is my totally unbiased fav :)

  • Blogball

    I forgot to mention I like # 2 as well becase it does have the complete website on it and the logo is simple and it uses the same idea as # 1 .
    Using the V in Verse and turning into a check mark.
    As in checking off a list

  • #1 is the best. It has the URl of the site, it has the full name and it is very simple and stylish. Simple is always the best way to go… Unless you’re going for a Rube Goldberg machine. That’s a great list idea!

  • uno

  • BrotherMan

    My first pick of the list is #1 with #7 a very close runner up!

    Good job to all contributors though!

  • DanOhh

    #1 is 1st

    #10 is 2nd

  • skipps

    I like #1 — Simple and nice.

    #4 looks okay. Not sure about the smiley face though.

    #6 looks like some high school football team logo — quite cool. But it looks like List Erse with an awkward V in the middle.

    The rest look tacky.

  • Kate


  • in terms of being recognized and simple, yet elegant, number one ultimatly has it down. There are several others which also seem like good designs, however it is difficult for me to see the others as trendy and modern when translated into merchansdise such as mugs and t shirts

  • Philmont237


  • Joe

    I really like 6. its versatile. i could see it on a hat or something.

    alot of these are too somber though. they look like logos for an insurance company or something.

    number 4 is okay too.

  • Lorcs

    1, 4, and 7. I think 7 just looks really awesome, but 4 is a bit more casual and fun looking and seven is just catchy, makes you stop and read it, it’s really beautifully detailed your eye gets drawn to it. Number 1 just because it’s rather sharp and eye-catching, but maybe a little bit formal too…

    meh, that’s my two cents.

  • MLW

    1 or 7… simple

  • Anna

    number 7 is my favorite.

  • r3vc0

    You’re right. 6 does not mention the actual name of the site. I like 11 more now on repeated views but 7 seems more “in the spirit” of the site with so much randomness. Maybe someone should have done the logo in a ransom style font. You know, for the various and sundry nature of the site. Just a thought. (I’m an Idea man like my idol Bill Blazejowski)

  • heatherrr.

    7 is awesome

  • bridget

    my faves are #1 & #7

  • smac

    i vote for #7

  • SUN

    Number 6 or 9, followed by 1 or 11

    1. Nice, but theres better
    2. To 80s looking
    3. Too abstract
    4. Too cutesy with no connection
    5. Not as bad as #3 but still too abstract
    6. Loving it – visually identifiable by shape
    7. Way to complicated and not understanding all the love for it
    8. Also too cutesy with no point
    9. Loving it, especially incorporating a ‘list’ in the logo
    10. Like it okay but pic should have meaning, maybe with the lines from #9
    11. Works but not particularly strking
    12. Attractive but think the 123 doesnt mesh with the reality of longer lists

  • Gr8flDdFn

    1 or 4

  • Cat Skyfire

    One word for all of them: Bleh.

  • its between 1, 7 and 11 IMO… I frankly am drawn to no. 7 because its quirky, and seems to reflect the vast range of topics the site makes lists about. so, my vote goes to no.7!

  • phunniemee

    I don’t know why so many people are voting for #1. It’s so forgettable!

  • emily

    number 12 looks like the dish network logo

  • emily

    my first pick is 10. my second pick is 7.

  • SUN

    BTW everyone of these is far better then what I could hope to come up with so while the above are my opinion, in and of themselves I dont outright dislike any.

  • Cathysferret

    #7 is my favorite… I’d wear a shirt with that on it!

  • Emeraldi

    No. 7

  • Chica

    Some tough judges out there, but I’m not seeing their entries, ha!

    I personally like #11 and #1 :)

    Great job to EVERYONE!!!

  • CK

    I like #1 and #7. #1 is very simple, elegant and visually pleasing because of the simplicity of it all. #7 is just cool =)

  • 1,4,5,6,7 are all very good.

  • Joni

    I think they’re all good, but none of them suite the website in it’s entirety. Number one seens to be the most liked, but it’s just not fitting the tone of the site. Seems more of a quick banner for advertising than a lasting logo. Seriously made me think of telephones when I first looked at it.
    My opinion would be number 7. The more you look at it, the more you begin to appreciate it. Kind of like the website :).

  • Nataliya

    I like 4 and 7

  • I’m torn between 1, 7 & 10, with #1 being my #1.

  • Monique

    I liked # 1,3,6,and 7

  • kalone23

    Definetly between 1 & 7 :)

  • pluis

    I really like the first, I guess it’s just a feeling. and I guess most have been said already.

  • JLo

    I really like “1” as a banner and as a general logo, however, I like “2” as a embedded page link or button for other web pages, blog rolls, etc.

  • petey mcgee

    #1 for sure

  • MzFly

    I vote for #7
    #1 is a close second in my opinion

  • Elle

    Easily 7, the most unique by far!

  • Wily (#68): brilliantly put – thanks!

  • danielle

    7 or 1

  • In a way I like 8 because it is a mascot – we can vote on a name for him and get the designer to do him in a variety of styles – with seasonal logos! But I don’t want to influence decisions so I will say no more!

  • FelixMG

    #7 has a quirky, mad scientist look, very eye-catching and msemerizing. Quality work that deserves recognition.

    #10 is simplicity in all it’s beauty. The monochrome scheme is very appealing and easy to remember.

    7 or 10… but i’d go with 7. These lists contain humour, for the most part, and 7 conveys that playful yet informative tone we’ve all grown accustomed to.

  • Angelina

    I don’t care what anybody says, I like #8! It is cute and quirky and would like great on a t-shirt! :-)

  • SocialButterfly

    jfrater: I like the idea of having him change with the seasons alot, I never thought of it that way!

    Before I read your comment my fave was between #6 and #1 leaning towards #6.

    For the record I don’t mind #7 I’m just concerned that you won’t be able to mass brand it easily. I also have to say that I really do not like #4. Anyone can add a smily face and change the font. This logo will not make the site look credible.

  • Cedestra

    I’m with #1 and #7.

  • Joan

    #1 is my favorite, #10 is a close second.

  • erin


  • dan231

    I like #1 the best. I think that is the one that will allow you the most recognition for the site as well as maintaining a nice clear and clean logo for use on any type of merchandise. Coffee cup-hint,hint

  • #1 is the best by far, but you also need a mascot…or picture, whatever…..that people will see and be like….yeaaaaaaaaaa….I go ta that site….

  • hgaratie

    I think 7 makes the best statement, but 1 is very good also! Good job to everyone who submitted though!!!!!

  • I am jumping on the bandwagon and saying #1 and #7.

    #1 is most easily marketable and recognizable: good for links, headers, ads, etc.

    #7 is the “coolest” and most complex. It would look great on a t-shirt.

  • Jeffrey

    I just read the comments and obviously it’s a tie between number 1 and 7, right?

    I too like them both JF, but as many already said, #1 looks…. coommercial-lish, like it’s a company. Too bad, Because I like it


  • Moriarti

    Numbers 1 and 7 have my vote.

  • JLo

    I should say that I enjoy looking at 7, but I am not sure it’s something I would want as a logo. I agree that it would look cool on a t-shirt, coffee mug, etc., but 1 is well done and probably will appeal to the hoi polloi, as well as the intelligentsia that already visit this site.

  • Taos

    no one else likes 5?

  • hgaratie

    I like the mascot idea with the seasons but I just don’t really feel like number eight pops out as the listverse mascot. No offense intended of course, it’s much better than I could do =)

  • Tell you wat…add up the votes in these comments and see which one adds up the most…i guess the masterstroke in #1 is..the 4 letters in CAPS after “V”.

  • juancbaena

    I would tell that, in my opinion, the best is number 1, then would be No. 7 and No. 3

  • ElleMNOP

    Easily 7, the most unique of the bunch.

  • Taos: clearly I do – I selected it from all the others to be in the top 12! :)

  • Will


  • Taos

    true, i do like 1 better, but 5 has its own appeal, and collapses down to being the logo on everything

  • Pyrratus

    I like 1, 4 and 7.

    But I’ll put my vote up for 7.

  • a730

    I think numbers 2 and 7 are the best

  • chelsie

    number 1 and 4 are winners in my opinion

  • Amber

    4! 4! 4!

  • GP

    Jfrater: I personally have a preference for #1 and #2, not only because they have “the list universe”, but they also add “listverse”. I remember visiting this site because of a link and liking it alot, and remembering it was called the list universe, but having no idea what the URL actually was, and not working. I had to google to get “listverse”. Only fot that reason I pick those two. Is there a way to incorporate that feature in the logo you actually end up choosing? Just a suggestion.

    Number 7 though, is very very cool and classy. Not geeky at all to me, and even so, this site features a wide variety of topics on its list, from the most mundane stuff to great book and art lists.

  • Amber

    8! 8! 8! too

  • SocialButterfly

    jfrater: How many possibilities were submitted??

  • SocialButterfly: over 40

  • Ike

    I like #5 but the texture ruins it for me. It makes it look too… 90’s… if that makes any sense lol

    My favorite would have to be #7 though.

  • I’m definitely voting for number 7!

    If people really don’t like “The List Universe” ask the designer to change number 7 to Listverse instead?

    I say this as a graphic designer who is designing a logo right now.

  • Wait, did I see someone calling #7 too geeky? I am speechless.

  • #140: I think GP’s got a point there.

  • Cullinan

    Well if #6 is falling back of the pack too much,
    I like #10 – it’s slick and effective.

    C’mon 6… Don’t give up!

  • Anthony

    I think #7 is the best there. Great entries overall though, very high quality.

  • Ooh – do we get to vote! #1!

  • If only #1 was in italics…(the .com part).. just a thought..

  • bdizzle

    i like 11 6 and 4

  • thedeafguy

    I like #1, for that it’s direct and nice to look at.

  • Lhowon

    Definitely number 7.

    Don’t get me wrong, number 1 caught my eye and is very nice, but that ‘tick’ V… It looks like the logo for a telecommunications company. Very clean, very readable, and utterly forgettable. I think this site deserves something a bit more special.

    Number 7 immediately catches the eye, and in this day and age its complexity is no problem for merchandise. I admit though that a url might be a prudent addition.

  • phrainck

    #1 does it for me!

  • Lauren

    You have my vote for #6

  • macabresoren

    1, with 7 as a close runner-up.

  • Charlie Starr

    Number 7 is the hands down winner, it’s definetly the most professional.

  • BuddiVi

    Like #1. Very clean and professional.
    #11 was a 2nd choice -though a distant 2nd.

  • sarahj

    great work they are all really cool. I really like 1 and 7. 1 because it has the URL as well. But 7 is my preference as to me it has a scientific look to it.

    well done everyone!!!

  • harperse

    I like #7 and #11. All good.

  • Camille


  • Eric

    i vote for #1

    its simple and gets the message across well i feel

  • nelia

    7, by far. but i like all of them!

  • #6 but maybe with some different colors

  • # 10 is good

  • Lucy

    definitely love numbers 3 &6

  • Your answer is #1. That’s just based on all the other comments.

  • beanshide

    #1 is my favourite, although #6 is great, too, in a super-hero kind of way

  • poptart

    #1 – One of the best.
    #2 – If the colors were changed, maybe.
    #3 – Don’t like the typeface used for the large letters.
    #4 – I like it everything except the smiley face. It has nothing to do with lists. And its just…weird.
    #5 – Reminds me of The N! logo for some reason.
    #6 – The View?
    #7 – Interesting. One of the best, too.
    #8 – Oh no. Why are there little monsters?
    #10, #11, #12 – All three look like corporate symbols. They’re no fun.

    There aren’t any others you want us to look at? Are you SURE?

  • Number one is the best. For sure.

  • AndiQ

    I like # 1 best

  • Hannah

    1 & 7, but #1 is the best!

  • Number One by a country mile.

    Number four gets my second vote.

    If pushed, number two is bronze.

  • My vote goes to 1 and 10. 7 is cool looking but I can’t see that very much effort went into it by looking at it – it looks like most of the creativity is in the font… I see a lot of people voting for this one so I just had to point that out.

    I like ten for a t-shirt kind of logo but it’s a little corporate looking, I think it may just be the color.

    One is a bit complex for a t-shirt but would look excellent on the top of the website, and since I would see this more I think this one is the better of the two.

  • Nate

    7, followed at a distance by 1 and 10

  • I am just amazed that my favorites are not being picked!

  • FifthSonata

    My vote goes for #1 as the top submission, #7 as the second.

  • cheese

    1 is very good.
    i think simple is the key, rather then having this huge production.

    the other entries are still very good.

  • Ct

    9 and 10 pls :)

  • Fidel

    Are all of you people blind? Number 13 is by far the most superior of all of them. It is the use of the color on the McGuffen that makes it pop, nice use of the Cyrillic alphabet as well.

  • i’m going with #1 or #7,

    #7 totally reminds me of that movie preview of that little machanical dude that has too much time on his hands, i can’t remember the name of the movie, but it’s one of those pixar ones…

    just thought i would throw that out there.

  • Dunfire

    I like number one and eleven. Between those two? Number One!

  • Fili

    I like the first one. It’s nice and simple.

  • goof_ball

    I liked #1 & #11

  • Hikari

    numer #1!

  • Hikari


  • I love #10, but I have to give my “vote” to #1. I can just see it gelling better with the site in general.

  • the midnight knight

    7 got my vote fallow by 6 and 8

  • MojoRisin

    now is their going to be a top 10 worst logo submissions? I like 1 or 7 by the way.

  • MC zippo

    5 and 7 all they way

  • Arabella

    5 and 7 rock my socks!!

  • I am really amazed – there are certainly a few that are standing out here in popularity!

  • opensaysamy

    7 is the most attractive to me. Too bad it doesn’t incorporate the site’s URL, though…

  • My vote goes with the first one (1) by Mekanikal_Demon.

    I would vote 7, but it looks too much like the Mushroomhead band logo. While that band kicks ass, the logo just takes from it.

  • Good call Max. I’m going to go with a final vote of…3. But I’d like to know what Davidr4889s influence was.

  • Rob

    10 no doubt

  • Kiana

    They’re all good, but my favorite is #7.

  • steve

    6 or 7

  • Vanna

    #1! It’s clean and simple, very true to the existing site. It would be easy to integrade with the current design :) It’s very professional… most of the other ones look like University logos :P

  • islanderbst

    1 looks most practical
    3 looks cool in a “logans run” throwback way

    if there was a list of top 10 who came up with a design but couldnt figure out how to work the vector graphics program…
    that’d be me
    oh well, good job finalists

  • islanderbst

    do we get to see the ugly and inappropriate ones?

  • Joelle

    #1 looks simply terrific.

  • Kat

    1 is great.

  • bucslim


    Sorry, I went a little Al Gore there.

  • jocsboss

    I like 2, 3, and 10

  • jocsboss

    Please remember that this has to be a instantly recognizable logo that can be used as a banner.

  • Vanessa

    Number one caught my eye. It simply tells what the site is about.

  • stormy617

    I like Number 12 with the addition of periods on the numbers like suggested above.

    It has the name and the url plus the pic ties into the site.

    I too had a problem after the first time I visited with thelistuniverse .com not working and to do a search to find it again.

  • Jess

    My favorite is #1!

  • goatmissile

    2,6,7 are RockShow.
    What talent! Yow!

  • Harsha

    Congrats to all the finalists!
    I like #1 for simplicity, #7 for complexity.
    #12 is a good idea, but the ring forcibly reminds me of my crappy ISP!!
    And there is something cool about #10!!

  • Jona

    I like 6 and 8 :)

  • cassandra

    def 1 or 7

  • Lauren

    I really like number 1, 4, 7

  • Estelle

    1, 4 and 7.

  • M.B.

    I really, really like 7. 10 is pretty good as well!

  • Gravy

    123 and 6. But I like seven the most!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • melloyello

    I like #1 and #7 the best. A lot of the others remind me of logos for a college or university.

  • You opTions are simple but limiting

    Either you go with a recycled has-been for a logo and try to blend in or disguise yourself(great marketing strategy!)… Or you pick the OnLY oNe that’s got any originality at all… #3

    But I’m just an artist and a critic, what do I know about aesthetics?

    peace, Betty

  • NZSpringy

    1. 4. 8. and 10. in that order gets my vote :)

  • melloyello

    Alright, after staring at them some more…#7 is my favorite.

  • Number 10 hands down. All the other ones are generic.

  • NZSpringy

    Sorry 1.4.7. and 10. not 8

  • Keep in mind a logo should not be busy and work at any size. Number seven, which seems to have alot of fans, is really well thought out but it is too busy and is lost at smaller sizes.

  • Idreno

    My vote is for Number 1 and 7 and maybe 10. 7 just looks so cool!

  • satori

    I like #5 and #10- 5 is fun and I think it represents the site best in that it’s unique, sleek and simple.

  • bwmyers18

    # 2 followed closely by # 6

  • ms_design_geek

    #1-Probably the best as it would be the most versatile for use on the web and in print, without looking too corporate/drab.

    #2-I don’t know why, but it makes me think of a library…

    #3-Very 1980’s.

    #4-I can’t decide if it’s cute or creepy…

    #5-I don’t know about this one. It’s very…busy with all that texture and stuff.

    #6-Looks like somebody threw a frat house and Star Trek into a blender.

    #7-I totally adore this one (must be the artist in me), but would probably not be the best choice due to the readability.


    #9-Looks like a bank logo

    #10-I like this one too. Possibly because it reminds me of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

    #11-Like #9, looks like a bank logo.

    #12-Reminds me very much of a logo used by an ISP.

  • Chica

    “225.Ranen: Keep in mind a logo should not be busy and work at any size. Number seven, which seems to have alot of fans, is really well thought out but it is too busy and is lost at smaller sizes.”

    Exactly my thoughts… :)

  • Janet

    I really like number one!!

  • Bill Gate’s Penis

    I like mircosoft

  • JwJwBean

    I like 1 and 12 because they mention both the web addy and the name of the site.

  • Cyn

    i still say #8
    need a mascot. better on merchandise. easily site identifiable. and it is all about…not just site identification on a computer moniter. also can be modified for different occasions. basically can do more w/ something like a mascot instead of a line of text.

    IMHO and of course totally unbiased. :)

  • scott

    DEFINITLY NUMBER FOUR OR SEVEN im not even joking lol

  • Andie_Girl9

    I, 7, 5, Okay? Pick one of those.

    -Andrea Carlena Beauman

  • Andie_Girl9

    DISREGARD my last statement.
    Go #10!!!!

    -Andrea Carlena Beauman

  • echavez03

    7 all the way!!!!

  • jono

    i like number 1

  • mklong

    number 4

    speaks to the subcultural content and wild comment rants we get

  • derekouyang

    1 is a nice, but it’s not memorable, and it doesn’t stand out.

    i’d go with 9,10,11. memorable symbols, stand out

  • chadster

    7, it’s a nice shape, and it fits the sites look and essence

  • Chandy16


  • sarahenity

    7. 7 for sure.

  • Eddie

    First time poster on here, although I have been visiting the website frequently for a while. Along with everyone else I believe it is a toss up between numbers 1 and 7.

  • kiwiboi

    Betty – “But I’m just an artist and a critic, what do I know about aesthetics?”

    No more than the rest of us, of course…

  • sue

    no.1 is my fave

  • downhighway61

    i like #4.
    at first glance i didn’t like it so much…
    but there are smiley faces all around this place, i think it fits in really well.
    1,2,3,9,10,11 and 12 are all really corporate looking, like the logos for office supplies or something.
    a fun logo is the way to go, in my opinion.
    #7 is really good, but i think a bit too busy for a logo.
    just my two cents…

  • glaukopis

    7 is so bsy. It’ll be hard to read on a tshirt.

  • rymaster

    Definately #1 !!!!

  • Harsha

    #7 is nice, but looks too much like a photoshop brush

  • Nici

    #1 totally. But #5 & #7 were close runners-up in my mind.

  • Liser

    7 and 10

  • ktran

    I’d go with 1 or 4. Personally, I think 1 would be the most perfect logo. If I were on a new website and I saw the style for the logo, I would be captivated. Number 4 is just fun :)

  • dchedda

    Top 5 in order of preferance 5, 10, 12, 11 and then 9

  • TH3W1R3D

    I love Bishopwhitet (7). It looks amazing, and must have taken forever. Kudos to the creator.

  • ChuChu353


  • copperdragon

    #1, #9 and #10

  • 1


  • d3LusIonAL

    personally, i like #1, #7 and #8. :)

  • nathancipher

    hey whats up i forgot this website even existed. i rolled up on that logo contest through stumble, slapped together #11 (the bank logo) in approximately 8-10 minutes and then promptly forgot about the whole affair. usually i don’t enter these sort of things cause as a designer i can tell you that if you want a logo you need to get with someone who you can sit down with in person and get some real concepts together.


    3 and 4, i think.

  • Vstone

    Seven! So cool. One just looks too kitchy.

  • Craig

    I like #1 for it’s simplicity

  • leedee

    #1 says it all :} …

  • yc

    i like number 6 for its power….

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