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Top 12 Logo Competition Submissions

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

First of all, I would like to thank everyone that submitted logos for the competition. I received over 40 entries and they were all brilliant. I am incredibly impressed with the artistic and creative talent that we have on the site! I have now spent the day going through the entries and breaking it down to the 12 most suitable. In making my initial decision, I have tried to consider all of the media that the logo may appear on – web, print, merchandise, and advertising.

What happens now? I would like you all to look at all of the logos (click for a larger view) and tell me in the comments which one you think should become our official logo and winner of this competition. I have not put them in any specific order – the numbering is simply to make it easier to refer to your favorites in the comments.

1. Mekanikal_Demon

Mekanikal Demon

2. Anderi


3. esmaeil


4. fogelks


5. esmaeil 2


6. Cullinan


7. Bishopwhitet


8. Chica


9. Chica 2


10. Davidr4889


11. NathanCipher


12. DFrost


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