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Welcome to the New Look List Universe

by Listverse Writers
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As regular readers will have noticed, the site has now been redesigned. Because of the high cost of this kind of work, I have done the redesign myself – this means we have no new features – just the new look. As part of the redesign I have removed some ads and moved the others around in order to make them fit better on the site. The end result is, I think, a lot cleaner.

Shop Open for Business

We have now opened our merchandising shop. Feel free to browse our items and see whether there is anything you would like. The shop takes Paypal and all major credit cards.

Visit the List Universe Shop

Please let me know what types of merchandise you would like to buy and whether you want it with or without (or both) the URL (ie, just the logo, or logo and text).

The new color scheme should make the site appear more credible to first time readers and by using blue for the links it should be easier to use.

If you have any complaints or problems, please tell us in the comments here.

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Listverse Writers

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