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Your View: Who is the Best Superhero?

It is time, once again, for you to give Your View. Superheroes have been with us in comic books and movies for many years now and everyone has their favorite. But there must be one that is simply better than the rest. I want you to tell me who he or she is. As usual I will begin by telling you my favorite.

BatmanWho is the Best Superhero?

My answer has to be Batman – he is the superhero who does not have magical powers – he does what he does with his own strength and a few cool gadgets. He is also a millionaire!

Listverse Staff

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  • Jigsaw911


  • Jigsaw911

    Captain Planet………he doesn’t get hurt at all

  • mklong

    Captain Planet! Hes my hero, hes gonna take pollution down to zero

  • This can go numerous ways.

    Superman: Not because hes the most popular but I mean seriously hes called SUPERman for a reason. the only thing that can really hurt him is a freaking rock.

  • Juggz: the fact that a rock can hurt him lowers him in my estimation a lot! Batman is far superior!

    • Chuk

      One bullet can kill batman. Superman wouldn’t even get close to a millionaire with kryptonite, he would just requisition a sniper rifle and shoot batman in the face. Done deal.

  • C’mon Jamie lets be honest, Batman Vs. Superman. What can Brucey boy really do to him?

    But hey theres an idea for another list. Top 10 Superhoers’ Secret Identities.

    • Guest

      have you read "The Dark Knight Returns"? Considering that bruce nearly kills superman, i would say he can do a lot

  • stormy617

    Well this is two really but I like Hawkman and Hawkgirl with the two of them being reincarnated over and over they find each other. Kinda romantic

  • fishing4monkeys

    IRON MAN!! Eaisly the best superhero ever…

  • countach

    Superman. There’s no subsitute.

    Plus, actually the kriptonyte does not exists, so Superman is safe in our planet. :P

  • sweetsixteen

    Superman wrote on a wall:batman is a stupid jerk!
    Next day,
    Batman wrote: Superman is Clark Kent!

    I know not necessarily related to the topic but i found it funny… thought would share…

  • BigOzbowski

    Hmmm, what can Brucey boy do to Superman? How about Krytonite Gloves?, Ol’ Brucey used them at least twice to beat the holy crap outta Supes!!!

  • fishing4monkeys

    He doesn’t have superpowers either…and no offence but Iron Man just sounds alot cooler that natman :D

  • fishing4monkeys

    Batman* not natman :P

  • Countach: If kryptonite does not exist then neither does krypton so therefore superman doesnt exist either.

    • Gary

      none of them exsist lol we are talking about fictional people remember lol

  • BigOzbowski

    As a Canadian, Im gonna have to go with Wolverine!

  • I mentioned who i thought was best but didnt really highlight my favorite. I have always been a Huge Fan of the Incredible Hulk. Even to the point of suffering through the horrible movie. Thank god for Edward Nortan and an attempt at righting the wrongs of the past.

  • Justin Anthony Knapp

    Superman: first and greatest. Unless we’re counting the Messiah; then Him.

  • Harsha


  • I’ll take this in a different direction…

    My favourite superhero is: Peter Petrelli! Come on, who wouldn’t want powers like his??

  • Harsha

    Because he is the only superhero kids can relate to, not some guy who acts like a wimp when he comes too close to green glowing rocks,or sum guy bitten by a freak spider.Also, batman uses his brains more than brawns.And his costume owns.Superman’s got his underpants over his tights! Oh crappy part of it all is that no one can recognize Clark Kent when he removes his glasses.

  • dangorironhide: Peter does rule! :Sob: I miss Heroes!

  • flgh

    The Spectre…easily DC’s version of God.

  • Juggz: At least you got some of Series 2… We’re gonna have to wait untill next September most likely to see it at all. Thank god for my Season 1 DVDs!

  • Torrents FTW, just go download them

  • littlegraysheep

    Best in what way??

    Can’t just say the best without giving criteria :)

    but err…..TMOS ofcourse :D

  • Lack of decent computer. I can’t even record a video for the ‘listverse video thread’ because I don’t have the 10mb of space needed for it. Tiny hard drive + shitloads of virus protection = fucking annoying. I’ve scoured my hard drive & removed pretty much everything, or moved it to another drive, but every time I clear space it gets taken up again immediately by more virus crap.

    *sigh* I need to get myself a laptop.

  • indiefreak19

    I have always had a love for Superman, with his awesome powers and pure heroism in the face of all danger!

    But Spider-Man, before recent issues, was always the realistic hero and I have always had a love for Daredevil for some random reason!

  • fabrulana

    Spiderman – the king of puns (as opposed to Kingpin)… always liked his humorous approach to dangerous situations.

  • i might be able to find a sight where you can stream them, if i can find it ill pm it to you on the forum.

  • I love Superman!

  • Aah that’d be awesome, thanks!

  • marqueemark


  • bwmyers18

    Three words : Captain. Freakin’. America.

  • brendan

    definately not the best hero but my he’s my favorite. Nightcrawler from the X-men

  • filipinoknight

    I agree with fabrulana Spiderman is also on of the most human superheros. He knows the consequences of his actions and of him being who he is. He knows that being Spiderman someone he loves will eventually get hurt, yet he cant walk away from what he started. I love how he calls his powers his curse.

    And I’m sorry but I know Superman is iconic but its kind of ludicrous that he can almost do anything. If that was the case why would anyone think they had a chance to stop him with out the kryptonite, I’m talkin about the petty thugs and such not Luthor. It makes good stories but not realistic.

    Batman is awsome. He is just a vigilanti(sp?) who wants to wrong in his city. He uses ingenuity to get the job done. He also has some of the best villans ever.

    And finally the X-men as a collective is great cause they are humans trying to do what is right with what was given to them. Most of the mutants have powers that are devistating and yet they use it to help those who want to destroy them. Just think its a good message on tollorance.

  • filipinoknight

    Personal favs though in order
    Spiderman tied with Wolverine
    Ghost Rider
    The Hulk
    Luke Cage
    Silver Surfer

  • Csimmons

    my top 10
    9-The Hulk
    7-The Silver Surfer
    5-The Thing
    4-Ghost Rider
    2-The Human Torch
    1-Captain America

    Oh and don’t forget Captain Planet ;)

  • jocsboss

    I always liked Supergirl. All the powers of superman and she’s hot. I liked Dr Doom from the Fantastic Four, even if he was for the bad guys.

  • romerozombie

    I’d like to know more about the Hulk. I like the idea of a tortured man trying to contain the monster within him.

    But overall I probably prefer villains. Do a villains list, jfrater!

  • corinthian0430

    Morpheus…. aka “The Sandman” in the DC-Vertigo Universe!

  • filipinoknight: since when are superheroes supposed to be realistic? The whole point is to be something a ormal person cant be, hence the super part.

  • DiscHuker

    filipino: so…you don’t like superman because he is not realistic? but the guy bitten by a mutated spider who can now
    shoot webs and climb buildings seems like the boy next door?

  • DiscHuker

    what defines a superhero? is it just somebody who fights crime without being a police officer? is it somebody with superhuman powers? would bruce willis’ character from “unbreakable” qualify? what about inspector gadget? the scooby doo kids? hong kong fooey?

    i wouldn’t consider the wonder twins “super” even though they can change into all sorts of things because they are usually pretty lame.
    “wonder twin powers activate…in the form of…a bucket of water and a sponge.”

  • romerozombie

    “wonder twin powers activate…in the form of…a bucket of water and a sponge.”

    The Wonder Twins are the masters of stealth and espionage.

    • Jay

      Sounds like they're the masters of cleaning up.

  • longball

    i likes kevin costner depiction of the protector in the movie unbreakable. my kind of superhero. but as for traditional comic book super heros go, i would have to say that iron man is the best.

  • longball

    or captain america….total badass!

  • Harsha

    Hey dangorironhide: here’s some straeming Heroes vids on joox

    If any of them are broken links(I dunno how many eps are there in Heroes) try my trusted streaming list of sites. You will surely find what you’re looking for…

    [Links edited out and sent privately]

    Sorry for the big post JF

  • Harsha

    Hey dangorironhide: Here’s a good streaming site for now,

  • Harsha

    Its linked to heroes if u need more streaming sites jus’ ask, coz I can’t seem to post all the links here,

  • Glenn danzig

  • Harsha: J sent me the links in a pm on the forums, that’s some list! Thanks for that, I’ll check em out when I get home tonight!

  • Rob

    The WOnder Twins….”Form of an ice dildo….shape of a duck billed platypus!”
    What CAN’T they do with such wonderful powers???

  • cubs1908

    Wolverine’s whole attitude and persona are definitely my favorite, but if the Teeange Mutant Ninja Turtles are considered superheroes they get my vote. Also, the new Ironman movie looks awesome

  • Shadow

    My favorite? Wolverine, hands down, no contest!

  • Me

    YAY my first contribution to listverse this was my idea =)

    k i have to start off with the fact tht batmancant be o this cus n m eyes he is not a SUPERhero just a hero/vigilante as he has noe SUPER powers.

    so my favs have to be THOR just amazing loed him all my life and i dont thik spidey is the king of puns as some of u say i believe DEADPOOL is so much funnier those aremy fav 2 but heres a few others i like:

    CAPTAIN BRITAIN- ill be a bit more patriotic and sy him and not CAPTAIN AMERICA and the other reason of caourse tht C.BRITAIN is better

    *now before ppl say hw can i have IRON MAN and not agree with BATMAN simple IRON MAN has abbilites first hi armor is infused with his body giving him faster reflexes and better controlability aso he is able to communicate with satalite and thigs as a reult of the infused armor

  • Me

    WOW i think i got a bit carried away =)

  • sargelegg

    The Wonder Twins from superfriends, one can turn into any animal, one can turn ito water and ice and there monkey can magicaly make a buket appear from no where.

  • zoromihawk

    Storm from X-men, awesome example for ladies everywhere

  • JwJwBean

    Wonder Woman. She is a snazzy dresser, can stop bullets with her super hip jewelry, can make anyone tell the truth, and flies in an invisible jet. Come on.

  • Mystern

    I’ve always liked Spidey because he’s a really human character. He has problems in his “normal” life just like everybody else. Crappy job, relationship problems, money problems. Not to mention all the moral dilemmas he has as a superhero. I like him because he is far easier to relate to than the too perfect Superman, or too wealthy Batman. Even the X-Men are a bit lacking in the human element (with the exception of Wolverine), especially because they’re really just a bunch of angst driven teens who get sent to a parochial school.

  • Green Lantern. He’s almost omnipotent.

  • SoCalJeff

    The Black Canary. She’s the most underrated superhero. Anyone that can use mad martial arts skillz combined with a high pitched singing to stop evil, deserves consideration in my book.

  • copperdragon

    Another White Male only list. geez this place is getting worse (see cinematic psycopaths).

    I’ve always liked Wonder Woman. Especially her ability to fit into that costume!! She’s not invulnerable. She’s not rich. She’s not a gawky teenager. She’s got brains to go with the boobs.

  • copperdragon: I like Wonder Woman too – but batman would totally whip her butt! :)

  • JwJwBean

    This is all of the listers views. Jamie likes a male superhero. I have seen some females mentioned in the comments by other listers.

  • longball

    wolverine/logan is the sh!t…yea, i rescind previous statements concerning best superhero…definitely wolverine.

    How about a your view: greatest super villains???

  • emilayed

    aqua man!!! it’d be awesome to be able to breathe under water :]

  • puddingpuppet

    The Hulk is the easy choice. I mean, c’mon, he gets stronger as he gets angrier so theoretically there is no limit to his power. Plus I’ve never seen Superman smash his way through an entire planet or hold up a mountain.

  • chershey

    I agree with Batman. Because he doesn’t have magical powers that makes him the most powerful.

  • EffinUseless

    batman. no question

  • SocialButterfly

    I gotta agree with you Jamie. Part of the reason that Batman is soo popular is because he has no special powers.

    Other than that I would say Spiderman… I really enjoyed the fact that his life was kinda shitty.

  • Nightwing

    green lantern would be my fave … one ring to do it all

  • Eric

    well, if your looking for best best, itd probably be superman because the dudes just invincible unless you have some kryptonite.

    but im a batman fan hands down. in fact, he could probably just buy some kryptonite and work it into one of his gadgets and then…..bam….no more superman

    so batman gets my vote. hes uses strength and intelligence any average person could work towards and adds in a little millionare money to become great

  • Nightwing

    as much as i like the bat supes could hit him with the heat eyes from 2 clicks away burn biggggg hole in head .. no intelligence

  • MiSaNtHrOpE

    V and Evee. Neither have “superpowers,” but they are who I would aspire to be like in that situation.

  • SlickWilly

    Jesus. Hands down. Superman may be godlike, but Jesus IS god!

    Moses, too. Kicking phillistine ass since before Superman was born!

  • islanderbst

    blue falcon and dynomutt!!!

  • Johnny Razor

    Spider-man. All the way.

  • toolnut

    I totally agree with dangorironhide. Peter Petrelli is my fave. He has a multitude of powers. He is the ultimate bad ass

  • toolnut

    and the fact that he is still trying to find out who he is, trying to control his powers, he is still in the beginning stages of becoming a superhero, I think we can expect a lot more from Peter as far as character development goes

  • Mike


  • Meridee Marsh

    Silver Surfer has always ruled!

  • David
  • SocialButterfly

    I didn’t even think of Peter Petrelli!! Okay can I change my answer???

  • Shaboinka86

    Captain America. Period, he is the quintessential hero who technically does not have superpowers either, he is merely at the peak physical condition a human being could be in.

  • ?

    Superman is a Dick!!!

    Here’s proof:

  • Purdnasty

    All the autobots, hands down.

  • BrotherMan

    I personally like The Punisher. He is one strong, ruthless mofo with a knowledge of all kinds of weapons. I have a ton of his comics and some of my favorites are The Punisher Arsenal.

    The more recent Punisher movie with Tom Jane in it was done pretty well I thought. The Punisher game for PS2 is totally bad ass as well! There are SO many ways to kill people in that game that it is almost overwhelming!

    I also dig Wolverine a lot too.

  • ProgRapture

    +1 for V! Anyone see the protests against Scientology on Sunday? A whole bunch of people were wearing Guy Fawkes masks!

  • Manchild

    Silver surfer is the most powerful and has the coolest supers powers ever. He can create life with his power cosmic.

    • your mum!!!

      superman could beat the silver surfer because the surfers power is to destroy worlds not people and superman could destroy worlds if he wants but he doesn't because he's a true superhero because just because he's got powers doesn't mean there super hero's they need the hart to match.

  • toolnut

    does anyone know if they have a sequel planned for The Punisher? I would pay money to see it. The Punisher rocked my socks!

  • SlickWilly

    Honestly, I’m gonna have to go with Manchild and a few others….if were are talking about sheer amount of power, not one superhero on earth could stand up to the Silver Surfer. The guy controls the laws of time and space, for gods sake!

  • FK

    Carnage and Superman.

  • I’ve got to back up the Batman vote. No super powers, yet he’s still completely bad-ass.

    Spiderman and Wolverine are tied for second place for me.

    I’ve always hated Superman.

  • SlickWilly

    Oh man…..I’ve always railed against Batman whenever one of these arguments came up. There are just certain things that are acceptable in the world of fantasy and certain things that arn’t. For example, I will entertain any crazy, crackpot, hairbrain notion you put in front of me (in fiction :) ), so long as what follows adheres to the rules of that particular reality. Batman is so unrealistic in this fashion it sickens me. Correct, he has no superpowers. Correct, he is hyperintelligent and has a lot of money for gadgets. But damn, if he is just a regular guy, why does he always win over the bad guys that are, quite often, armed with a surplus of firearms, against Batty’s martial arts and bond-esque gadgets, without even getting shot? If you want to make him a regular guy, make him a regular guy with regular guys concerns, not a regular guy with superhero concerns!

  • Jackie

    Wolverine and Batman are the best (I’m guessing I can’t answer “X-men” as a collective? lol I like them all)

    How anybody could like Superman over Batman is beyond me. SlickWilly I’m not sure I really understand your argument, how is Batman more unrealistic than Superman? I mean sure we can make it easy to give someone super strength and nothing can stop him and he can fly and all that crap, what’s the fun in making a hero completely unstoppable? I agree with Miss Destiny, he’s totally bad-ass cuz he’s supposed to be a regular guy. And you’re right about this part:

    “But damn, if he is just a regular guy, why does he always win over the bad guys that are, quite often, armed with a surplus of firearms, against Batty’s martial arts and bond-esque gadgets, without even getting shot?”

    But isn’t that all in the fantasy of it? It’s not really supposed to be believable, he’s a comic book superhero!

  • chadster

    The Hulk, spiderman (comic version), and the silver surfer. the surfer could kick superman’s ass with his eyes closed.

    • your mum!!!

      superman could beat the silver surfer because the surfers power is to destroy worlds not people and superman could destroy worlds if he wants but he doesn't because he's a true superhero because just because he's got powers doesn't mean there super hero's they need the hart to match. and with out that they can't be a super hero.

  • SlickWilly


    There is a level of suspension of disbelief that is acceptable and then there is a level beyond that which borders on the ridiculous. Superman is acceptable because the original premise is that he is invulnerable, and the consequences of the action follow from that. (Not saying I like Superman, I agree, the invulnerability takes away from the fun, and the creators of superman have had to deal with that in a very Dragonball-esque way, constantly imagining alien superpowers that dwarf the abilities of the last guy Supes has had to tangle with. I digress.) The original premise of Batman is that he is a regular man with superior fighting and crime-solving abilities. However, he does not have super-agility, super-strength, super-speed, etc. and still mangages to avoid all the pitfalls whose avoidence is typified by those with superpowers. After all, it is because of their superpowers that they are superheros….they are not vulnerable to the things that normal people (normal people like Batman) are vulnerable to.

    It borders on the ludicrous idea that many have taken issue with in action movies, where the bad guys are constantly firing bullets/lasers/whatever and NEVER seem to hit the hero. If you have EVER made fun of this in any movie anywhere, you have no business making an exception for Batman. End of story.

    • your mum!!!

      batman's only a super hero because of his money any one could do what he does but ye it would be hard to train and that but isn't the whole part of being a superhero is that your super not rich so he should rely just be a hero and the same with ironman

  • Victoria


  • filipinoknight

    my point with superman being unrealistic is he has no weakness besides kryptone. he can do anything he can fly superpowerful invulnerable has super speed. he doesnt make mistakes. and with spider man being HUMAN, is that he knows he is flawed and that he can be killed. he knows his boundries and his limits. he was always tested on which person to save and who to sacrifice and he made a lot of sacrifices. I know theyre suppose to be SUPER and not normal humans but having human qualities makes them even better more realistic. so dont hate cause i dont care for superman i like him alright its just he can do anything and remember it took a “supreme” being to kill him. just my opinion

  • Mikerodz

    My vote is Clark Kent, Then Bruce Wayne. The rest are too weird for me.

  • islanderbst

    i guess ill be the 1st to mention the flash. barry allen one please. i liked that shortlived liveaction show in the 90’s.

  • Colonel America. That’s Captain America’s name in the Marvel Zombie’s universe. Zombie Colonel America rules.

  • filipinoknight

    41. JUGGZ I know theyre suppose to have powers normal people dont have but look at batman hes a normal human no super powers just a lot of martial arts skill and gadgets and money.
    And heres a list of regular people who are superheros but have no super powers.

  • Moriarti

    Batman and Spiderman have always been, without a doubt, the best heroes. This list is called “Who is the Best Superhero” though, and batman isn’t “super” at all, quite the contrary, he’s completely normal. :)

  • SubliminalDeath666

    SPAWN!!! He looks really badass!!

  • SlickWilly


    I’m not hating on anyone for not liking Superman. *I* don’t even like Superman. Having human qualities is great, so long as their super-alter-ego is actually super; Spidey is the archetypal example of this, and is part of the reason the series was so successful. Like I said, I will accept Superman being invulnerable so long as the action follows logically from that. I will not accept someone telling me that a normal guy can be invulnerable when he is clearly just a normal guy and clearly not invulnerable. It has to do with the original premise and whether the action follows in kind….thats what I mean when I say “realistic.” Following this definition, Superman is *way* more realistic than Batman.

  • SlickWilly

    Strictly speaking, Spawn is not a superhero. :)

  • Dangor: I have to agree with you. Peter has the best, Even Rogue can’t compare.

  • Mandie


    Best villians.

    The End!

  • SubliminalDeath666

    SlickWilly: Touche Willy, perhaps he is a mixture of a villian AND a superhero, if not he is some dude with badass superpowers who wants his life back.

  • mr_evilmonkey

    Spider Jerusalem- Transmetropolitan
    or Jesse Custer from Preacher if Spider isn’t super enough.

  • codman

    spiderman is definitely the greatest superhero ever

  • codman

    my sister thinks superman is the greatest but spiderman is definitely better

  • Grinnar

    Who said Kryptonite isn’t real?

    Just add flourine and krypton and we’ve got kryptonite. Batman, The Tick, and Earthworm Jim forever!

  • SlickWilly

    Hahaha, Grinnar…..”the Tick.” Loved that show, both the animated and the live action versions. Spoooooooooon!

    SublimalDeath: Hmmm….I don’t think I would classify Spawn as either a hero or a villian….he is an anti-hero in the classic sense under the broad scope of the series, but within the series’s reality, he is just a man trying to right some wrongs that were done to him. With badass superpowers. :)That’s what I love about it, though.

    That and Todd MacFarland is a frickin god. :)

  • RobS

    “By brightest day by darkest night
    No evil will escape my sight
    For those who worship evil’s might
    Beware my power!

    Can’t believe I still remember that from…40+ years ago?

  • big_bro_shane

    best superheroes story-wise: the watchmen
    best superhero: the dark knight
    best superhero timekillers: “I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC” on YouTube

  • Fritha

    Wonder Woman!

  • What was the Amalgam version of the Batman/Wolverine combination? Dark Claw? That would satisfy both camps. lol

    I, myself loved Dinobot in Beast Wars. The bot’s sense of honor and duty was so great that it transformed him from Hamlet to the savior of the timeline… twice.

  • cikolatalikedi

    I dont like Superman that much.He always looks too kind to me.
    My fav is The Sandman aka Dream and her sister Death.

  • HollyTamale

    Batman all the way. The fact that he uses his mortal powers to do good is way cooler than being an alien that is better at stuff than earth people. Think Superman is cool? Check out and see if your view changes. :)

  • Jackie

    SlickWilly: I think I do see what you are saying..but those reasons aren’t the only reasons I like Batman either (about him being a regular guy with no superpowers) I’m just glad you agree with me about Superman’s invulnerability taking away from the fun, that’s the main reason I could never get into Superman.

  • tjgrs

    Flash, plain and simple, hes the fastest being on the planet…not even superman can catch up to him

  • Superman…and I’m not just saying that because he looks good in tights. Okay, I am just saying that because he looks good in tights.

  • JettaKeiran


  • Buster

    Superman has to be in the list because he is indeed the first superhero. I’m not a big fan of him myself, but I do respect the institution that is the Man of Steel.

    Batman is the best superhero hands down. Why? Because he’s Batman… No but seriously, Batman is the best Superhero because he doesn’t need superpowers to kick asses!

    By the way…


    In the end of The Dark Knight Returns, Batman beat the crap out of Superman (mind you Batman is 50 years old or so and Superman does not age), gave him a black eye, NO ONE GIVES SUPERMAN A BLACK EYE! (‘cept Batman)

    What people don’t understand about Batman is he is supposed to represent, physically, the epitome of human perfection. However as a normal person, he cannot survive because he IS Batman. Batman considers Bruce Wayne to be the mask, and Batman the man. That is the real reason I believe he is the best superhero. Batman also has the best lines of all superheroes. In a 2006 issue of Batman he was talking to Robin in one panel and Robin asked him a question about why he was doing something to which Batman replied

    “Because I’m the god damned Batman.”

  • Rachel

    AS much as I love Batman, he’s not a superhero. He has no super powers.

  • Wolverine and Rouge

  • SlickWilly


    Maybe so, but human perfection is still human. And I don’t care if you are the quickest, most agile, strongest human on earth, you’re not going to be able to dodge a bullet when you’ve got 5 or 6 guys showering you with tommy guns all at once. *That’s* what I’m saying. I’m okay with Supes dodging bullets because he has super speed and super invulnerability. Batman has neither, so him constantly getting out of situations that only someone with superpowers could get out of is lame. L-A-M-E. Lames Bond. Lamey Lamerton of Lamesville.

    And Batman *is* Bruce Wayne’s alter ego. If the Batman has taken over, it is against Bruce’s better judgement and most likely against his will. He *wants* to be Bruce Wayne, but he has got to have some way to vent the murderous, raging vengeance that he has kept cooped up inside since childhood. I think you are thinking about Superman, ala Bill in Kill Bill….how Superman is the real man, an immortal superbeing from outer space who adopts the alter-ego of Clark Kent.

  • porobot

    Sandman….not the classic Superhero but the series are out of this planet.

  • sarahenity


    he was trained by ninjas, right?

    doesn’t that automatically make him awesome?

    hmm maybe i’m treading on dangerous ground with the possiblilty of an eruption of pirates vs ninjas arguments.

  • SlickWilly

    Oy-vey, I just can’t win….

    Would some one please explain to me exactly *why* batman is the best superhero, for reasons other than the ones I have already refuted? (comments # 95, 98, 107, 130)

  • gcat

    I’m a fan of John Constantine. The movie didn’t really do him justice (Keanu Reeves?! come on…). Everything bad happens to this guy and he combats it with smart ass comments and alcoholism. That’s my hero.

    Batman is one of the worst comic book characters that has ever been created. He has the power of being rich? And that’s not even through his own doing!!! But as far as a fight between superman and batman goes, I’d put my money on batman. Gloves made of kryptonite were enough to knock him down. With batmans incredible power of money, he could probably buy a flying suit made of the rock.

  • incipiat

    Deadpool. He can teleport and crack some very funny remarks while taking down the enemy the old fashion way – With guns and swords.

  • sarahenity

    it’s a matter of opinion, barely anyones going to agree, it’s just who appeals more to you.

    jfrater you’ve created a monster with these “Your View” topics!! unless that was of course your intention? haha i wouldn’t put it past you…

  • amazinraisin

    Frank Miller’s batman is by far the best batman.

    Also, The Mask, Sandman (already mentioned), and Mr. Manhattan would awesomely fill out the list.

  • bwithoutremorse


  • bwmyers18

    THE FLASH ?!?!?! You have GOT to be kidding !!! Any “superhero” that can be defeated by a curb ??? Come on !!

  • sarahenity

    amazinraisin – “Frank Miller’s batman is by far the best batman.”

    highly agreed.

  • AC

    There can be only one… Batman.

  • Mom424

    “The Tick”
    Seriously, gotta be Batman or Wolverine. Wolverine is sexier,(I like my men a little rough around the edges), but Batman is more brooding and introspective….Wolverine for a romp, Batman long-term.
    I have never liked any chick superheroes in the comics or on TV, except Buffy The Vampire Slayer and as an added bonus I could drool over Michael Boreanz (Angel).


    I think Batman is a tad overrated. I wouldn’t consider him a “super-hero” compared to the likes of Superman. He doesn’t even have any powers!

    I like all the marvel characters. The X-Men are good, and Spider-man is pretty interesting.

  • Buster

    Slick Willy:

    You make good points that I have to agree with, but I do have to catch you at–

    “but he has got to have some way to vent the murderous, raging vengeance that he has kept cooped up inside since childhood.”

    (I apologize before I say anything because I am a HUGE Batman/Comic book fanatic. I am a humble woman, however I am totally not holding back about my Batman knowledge. I know EVERYTHING, lol)

    But yeah, Batman is VERY anti-murder. Batman has NO goal but to bring Gotham back to the prosperous city it once was. Batman does NOT condone ANY sort of lethal force and has shown serious disapproval to any superheroes/vigilantes that kill.

    The Kill Bill thing, I have seen that movie, however I was not coinsidering that when I said what I said. The reason I said Batman is the man and bruce Wayne the Mask is because Batman is the one that said it (well technially whoever wrote that issue).

    I understand people don’t consider Batman a superhero, but I’m sorry, he is. A he’s not superhuman, but what says a superhero has to be superhuman. He’s a superHERO not a superhuman, a superHERO is a hero that is able to, and does exceed the limits of the hero, Batman does so by using his resources to his full advantage.

    Batman is totally self driven. He inserted himself into the lowest levels of society to understand why criminals do what they do. Batman may not have superpowers, but he has gone beyond just beating up bad guys and taking them to Arkham.

  • Mom424

    Slickwilly; I’m with Buster, geez first time we’ve disagreed in a while. C’mon how hard is it to be superman? Fer chrissakes nothing can kill you. Batman chooses to be Batman, thats damn heroic. What Superman chooses to be Clark Kent? He be but a lowly worm if he didn’t take advantage of the no death thing…

  • goof_ball

    MIDGET MAN AND HIS SIDEKICK UBER TALL DUDE! (but he’s not really that tall, he’s just kinda average)
    They’re the made-up superhero’s that me and my friends made up cuz we were makeing fun of people.

    Or Captain Obvious!

    Or Superman, Spiderman, the Hulk, or Captain Amarica-if you want to be real about it

  • Rosa

    THE HULK!!!!! I mean, c’mon, he gets stronger as he gets angrier… you can’t beat that!!!

    Although Batman does look pretty good in that little suit…:)

  • rhynd

    I’m sorry, Superman is the best super hero. Superman is the classic hero that cannot be beat under this yellow sun. No argument. Batman is great but he is just a man and can’t be compared to real superheroes.

  • byrneman

    I cant decide who the best is…but Daredevil is the worst.

  • Buster

    Superman doesn’t truly want to be a superhero though. In his fantasy, he’s back on Krypton farming supercrops with superhoes (superhoes as in GARDENING TOOLS that have super farming powers).

    Seriously, Superman WISHES he could be normal, but it is the weight of responsibility. Batman wants to be Batman and improve society. Superman does because he kinda would be a deusch if he didn’t.

    Batman will be number one on that list, I will makesure of it.

    This is fun. I come to this website at least 4-5 times during my day, if not more, and I never comment. I must say, this is quite dandy.


  • Dave

    As much as I love Spider-Man Id have to agree that Batman is the best.
    The worlds best detective would beat anyone in a fight…even if he gets ripped to shreds in the process…we wont stop untill you are beaten

  • keithil1

    You all are so wrong!! GREEN HORNET And KATO by far the badest superheros. They drove the coolest car. Plus they were once about to kick the crap out of Batman and Robin but Sissyman and the Boy Blunder pussed out. Green Hornet and Kato hands down winner!!

  • Joe

    Green Lantern
    and I was always a fan of colossus

  • tjgrs

    bwmyers18: The Flash can’t be defeated by a curb…He doesn’t go so fast he can’t control things. When he moves everything slows down around him, in a way its more like time stops rather than he slows down, so he wont be tripping over any curbs. That said he is untouchable and almost unstoppable.

    Batman IS a superhero for the sheer fact that he is a crime fighting hero who possesses a great skill, hand-to-hand combat, and is still able to keep up with, if not surpass, other heroes with supernatural abilities, thus Batman is my (rethought) pick for the best superhero.

  • InfiniteJorge
  • Diogenes

    Super Assasin Ghandi.

  • Diogenes

    Bruce Wayne had a really big schlong. That’s what Batman’s superpower was. see,
    it went bothways between the dark and light. Psychological
    Subterranean with an ethereal libido.
    naw, I’m just making that up.

    time for me to stop tapping keys and pressing enter.

  • Pyrratus

    Spider-man is the absolute greatest because of his secret identity. He may have powers but he is so crippilingly human and everyday he has to struggle with himself and the danger he brings to everyone he loves so dearly. Plus, he’ll never stop getting up and fighting to protect the innocent until he physically can’t get up anymore. His character is about so much more than putting on tights and fighting some people.

    Bruce Wayne comes in a close second.

  • Pyrratus

    Also, I absolutely detest Superman. He is the most boring character in fiction. What is interesting about an (99.99999999999999999 etc. %) undefeatable character? He can save the humans he loves in an instant and the only way he can be beaten is by two beings from the universe (Doomsday and Darkseid) and a rare space rock. Seriously, WTF?

  • filipinoknight

    slickwilly sorry i wasnt commenting on your input it was further up the list i was disputiting with comment 42. Im on the same line as you on supermans powers its too much and one sided

  • Phreznipuf

    Sorry guys, 100% Batman all the way. And I completely agree, he totally has the best villians. Joker, FTW :D

    Honorable mentions also to the Flash and the totally awesome J’onn J’onzz.

  • goof_ball

    I can’t say it enough! Captain Obvious! DUH!

  • Yogi Barrister

    The only superhero I care about right now is Elle Bishop from HEROES. I liked Kristen Bell better when she was playing Veronica Mars, but I’ll take her anyway I can get her. I’m afraid the writer’s strike might have killed off her character, but hopefully she’ll be back.

  • Buster

    Batman does have the best villains. Joker is the best villain ever.

    Can’t we do a list of the best comic book villains?

  • mebd

    Best Superhero = Optimus Prime

    and Best Villain (contradicts my Superhero) = Magneto

  • Buster

    Optimus is a Robot, he can be the best Robothero ever.

  • sue

    OMG Captain Planet Rules!!!!! He totally inspired me when I was a kid.Other than him I guess it would be Superman ofcourse,although Smallville kinda ruined my general perception of him.

  • mebd

    Superman is half alien/half human. That would disqualify him as superhero. So he can be best alienhero?

  • sarahj

    scooby doo and shaggy solve all the crimes so they are my kind of bumbling super heroes!

  • slipstick

    What about the incarnation of Superman who took care of things while Supes was recovering from the beat down that Doomsday delivered him. mainly, Man of Steel. I think that would be an interesting match up. Batman and Steel. Just as long as we’re talking comics and not movies. (Could always take the worst 2. George Clooney and Shaq to create a nuclear bomb of movies.)

    How about a little love for Goliath and his clan?

    And let’s face it, Wolverine’s had some of the best voice actors to portray his voice in the video games. Mainly Steven Jay Blum and Mark Hamill. probably my favorite line is from the Wolverine game that was made for a broad release (PS2, Xbox, PC, Gamecube.) Wolvie’s sneaking into a Weapon X facility and there’s a lot of guards around. He telepathically says to Professor X that, “Security’s tighter than one of Jean’s costumes.” Something about that line that you’ve just gotta love.

  • jandaman

    WOLVERINE… he might be overrated but he’s still the best there is when it comes to being the best. Plus he always looks like the underdog when it comes to a fight. He also gets all the wild ladies and he has a killer daughter/sister/clone. The memory gaps also come in handy. “I did what?” Haha. Beat that!

  • sid

    I was wondering jfrater, that when you would pop this question and i knew your answer beforehand because i like batman too, but the thing is that i think spider is the best.

    The villains well most them are far stronger than spidey showing that just brawns are not enough to succeed.
    While batman is a mature and successful entrepeneur and acts like a playboy to the outside, spidey is a quintessential teenager(although there are loads of other teen superhereos no can come close) to whom which we can all relate to better.
    Spiderman also has the humour element which batman lacks dearly.My top three are
    1)spiderman 2)batman 3)silver surfer

  • RORSCHACH!!!! Even with what happened to him at the end of Watchmen, I just think he was way too cool to not have his own comic series. Easily the most interesting character in that book.

  • RobS

    Why is DareDevil the worst? I think he’s pretty bitchin.
    (OK, I say that not having seen a DareDevil comic since sometime in the early ’70’s.
    As far as I know, he might be quite lame now)

  • Wolverine… with out hesitation…


    always loved Spiderman, from the characters, the story the bad guys, I’d choose him hands down.

  • sidony

    Red Sonja

  • Jackie

    SlickWilly: My reasons for liking Batman is because I feel like compared to the other superheroes he does a lot more detective work and using his intelligence to sort of put pieces of the puzzle together….Does that make sense? I feel like with him the storyline is more involved with him using his intelligence rather than actual physical fighting or using superpowers. (This is based more on the cartoons and comics than the movies..)

    I also like the villains better haha but don’t know if that counts

  • the midnight knight

    I always been a fan of the Japanese super heroines the Sailor Scouts. Beside being all female group, they have some amazing power. One member actual had the power to destroy entire planets.

  • Louis

    Elijah Snow – Planetary. It is a strange world, let’s keep it that way.

  • tonny

    The god damn Batman.

  • Smerkis

    Batman, no super powers but still kicks a whole lotta ass.

  • ktk420

    Top 10:

    Iron Man
    Captain America
    Ghost Rider
    Silver Surfer
    and Charles Xavier

    P.S. DC is gay

  • Toni-Maree

    batman has and always will be the best :D
    and always say to people he doesnt have to have ‘powers’ to kick some ass.
    and the other half reckons wolverine :P

  • Lizim

    HELLO! Ambiguously Gay Duo!

  • SlickWilly

    The number 1 reason I see cited as to why Batman is the best superhero is because he “doesn’t need superpowers to kick ass.” That is the downfall of Batman, and why I simply cannot support him for best superhero. He doesn’t have superpowers, unless you count super-luck and super-money, and yet somehow still manages to do what the other superheroes can do. That is *stupid*, IMHO. That is not why he is the best superhero, that is why Batman *sucks*.

    Jackie: I like the whole detective thing, but I just can’t get in to batman for the reasons I’ve already said. I will say that Batman *does* have some cool villians. However……


    That’s right, superfans. Sad but true. Marvel has always had – and always will have – better heros, better villians, better ideas and better execution. Nothing D.C. will ever do can rival even the X-Men in terms of story, script, ingenuity, allegory and interest, not to mention the rest of the Marvel roster. My hatred for DC is only 1 of the reasons I hate Batman, and my hatred for Batman is only 1 of the reasons I hate DC. It’s a vicious cycle.

  • SlickWilly

    Haha….I think I might have called down the thunder on this one.

  • Mav

    This list went up to 27 posts before even bringing up Spidey.
    That makes me incredibly sad.

    Spiderman is easily my fav hero. He was the only one that seemed real and I could actually relate to. He had to Pay the bills, work, try and have a relationship, social life and protecting the city.

    Batman is a close second. Supes is by far my least fav Hero ever. I’d choose Aquaman before I would choose him.

  • Cambrex101

    Well, I must admit it, I’m an X-Men dork. So this list will include quite a few X-Men characters!

    and of course,
    Charles Xavier/Professor X

    and then non-X-men:
    Superman is pretty cool,
    Spidergirl (Spiderman’s daughter)

    does Sailor Moon count?

  • tonny

    By golly people, not only is Batman the best superhero, he has the greatest supervillain, the JOKER. Strangely enough, neither of them actually have super powers, but when you pit them against ANY other characters, you actually have to give them the benefit of doubt. That’s why my friend, DC clearly wins this one.

  • datter

    Two words…


    That is all.

  • Joe

    I don’t think I saw Goku and he can wipe the floor with all these guys, all you batman fans he wouldn’t even stand a chance against Goku.

  • tjgrs

    datter is right Super Grover is unbeatable

  • poop

    jesus is the best superhero

  • JwJwBean

    I love Super Grover.

  • McGinn

    there is a very good graphic novel that pits Batman and Superman against each other. Batman somehow links himself to Gotham City’s electricity. It’s quite a fight, I recommend you all check it out so they Batman vs. Superman debate can end!

  • McGinn

    I’d also like to say that Batman kicks ass only because his enemies, although cool, are no stronger than your average human. If he weren’t rich and able to buy all that fancy gadgetry he would be nothing! I bet that I could kick The Penguins ass without all that crap! I mean look at that guy!

  • Smashpro1

    In no particular order:

    Iron Man
    The Juggernaut (before people rag on me, he IS a member of the X-Men)

  • Tomo

    This list has proven only one thing – we are all a bunch of 12-year-olds inside!!

    I think spidey is the best because of the real-world setting of New York that he is depicted in. Gotham City and Metropolis are just fake wannabe cities. Thats what makes spidey more close to home.

  • Arkz_Archduke_of_Geeks

    ok these arnt the best but my 10 favorite in no order are well

    Green lantern
    captain america [[became a fan during civil war cried when he died]]
    iron man
    winter soldier

    and i have my reasons for each

  • SlickWilly

    Tomo: Haha….you are right about that one. I think my inner 12-year-old might be closer to the surface that I’m willing to admit.

  • Jackie

    SlickWilly: I DO LOVE X-MEN. I am actually more of a fan of them than Batman I was just talking about why I liked him in comparison with Superman. I do agree with a lot of your points though…

    I watched the X-MEN cartoon when I was a kid and collected the comics when I was in high school. I love them!

  • Toinkz_Toin

    Hey Guyz…..Did you hear a heroe named wolverine? Cause if you do, you must love him and idolized him.

    Wolverine is the coolest character there is, unless you are gay….!!!

  • delioglan

    The one that made me put a sheet on my back, hold my arm forward and run through the house as if i am flying.. SUPERMAN!!

    (well, that was a long time ago :)

  • I’ve been visiting this site for months, but this is my first time commenting.

    I personally like Batman best, because he doesn’t need super powers to be super. He just is. He also has some great villains, and without good villains a hero can’t really be great, in my opinion.

  • j_teether

    Batman is by far my favorite hero. However, (and I’m sure this has already been said in the posts, I just didn’t want to read them all) he is not a Superhero as that implies you have some sort of super power.

    I really like Spiderman, but as far as functionality and overall power and awesomeness, you have to go with Superman.

    And if you think about, try putting Batman or Spiderman in the situation Superman was in in the movie “Superman Returns”. They would not have been able to stop all the things going on…

    So Superman is the Best Superhero, Batman is the best Hero

  • My 10 superheroes are

    10. Superman
    9. Flash
    8. Wolverine
    7. Batman
    6. Captain America
    5. Spawn
    4. Human Torch
    3. The Thing
    2. Hercules
    1. Spider Man

  • JJ

    Superman is the best superhero because that’s what he intrinsically is. “Clark Kent” is his disguise whereas SUPERMAN is his real identity. Batman and the others are fundamentally normal humans who need other things or catalysts to become superheroes, whether they’re driven by ambition, sense of justice, or other moral/physical obligations.

    Although I think Batman is ultimately the coolest superhero. :)

    (..and Spidey is more relatable.. he’s more like the superhero-next-door hehe..)

  • JJ


    He’s like the anti-thesis to Superman.. almost. But also for good instead of evil. Similar concept though, but more mutation-hidden-in-a-secret-lab than cleverly-disguised-with-spectacles.

  • Bud

    Batman beat the shit out of Superman in Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”, and Bruce was in his fifties when he did it! You have to consider the fact that Bruce has NO SUPERPOWERS!!, and he still hangs with the likes of Clark and Diana, (which by the way, it should be noted that Bruce had an affair with Diana, how’s that for moxie!?, a mere mortal having a love affair with an amazon?! For my money, Bruce,(The Bat), is the SHIT!!

  • Dave

    Has to be superman, not only from a historical perspective but the guy had like how many powers?

  • Jorgegrl

    My favorite super hero is definitely comic book Phoenix from the X-men not the movie Phoenix. Before she goes super villain-ness that is.

  • Bud

    I still don’t see any comments disputing my position on the Bat. I suppose nobody can actually dispute the Batman’s position in the superhero heirarchy! THE BAT RULES!!! He can kick anybody’s ass!!, even Wolverine, Lobo, the Hulk, Thor, anyone, you name them, he’ll KICK THEIR F’EN ASS!!!

  • I don’t see any comments disputing Super Grover is the best either, so logically, he wins.

  • House

    I think that Superman is hard to argue against. Superman is what got me into comics. I think as I got older and look back on it, Supermans invulnerability and boyscout attitude is what became boring. Anti-heros with a dark side like Wolverine and Batman are great. I see it as
    1. Superman (because its iconic)
    2. Wolverine
    3. Batman
    4. Hulk
    5. Spiderman

  • Punjar

    Batman, just because he doesn’t really have super powers, he’s just a regular guy who beats the crap out of bad guys. I always thought Superman was kinda lame because he can basically do anything.

  • kassy

    he’s just awesome.

    superman is just too..super.
    spiderman turns evil too.
    thats cool!

  • mark


    She can get the bad guy and good

    she is virtually indestructible

    even though there is that whole entire dark phoenix thing i’s all good!!!!!

    she can even bring the dead back to life

    can your superman or batman do that?!?!?! huh…HUH!!!!


  • ChrisG

    Ghost Rider.
    When bad guys saw Superman or Spiderman coming, they would think to themselves “Oh crap, guess I’m caught.” When they saw Ghost Rider they would literally sh&t their pants and their souls would burn in hell.

  • thesolar65

    I think it is THE MASK. Because he can be any of the Super heroes whenever he wanted to be.

  • Skyline

    People will say i’m wrong but anyway……..

    I think Jean Grey is pretty awesome, she can pretty much paralyze someone temporarily with her telekenesis. Be able to stop bullets with her mind too, would be cool. Chuck people around for fun =P

    I also like Rogue aswell, being able to absorb people’s powers would be amazing. I’m not sure if she could keep them but if she could that would be top notch hehe =]

    Both would be able to fly too =>

    Skyline xxxx

  • jbjr

    I always enjoyed the Thing series. But Superman and Batman are my favs.

    I had a re-release of a Superman’s first comic ( I could be wrong on that) Superman was running down a car full of gangsters and one goes “its the devil himself!”

  • AlyshiaH

    Ok.. so i skimmed through all the freaking replies.. and i have yet to see the best superhero of all!! The green lantern (sp?)! Hello!! First of all there have been 3 diffrent ones. The ring chooses them! And the second one (cant remember his name.. but the one before the black guy, the first earthling) was a comic strip writer for the Daily Planet (is there a male super hero who isnt tied to the Daily Planet in some way?) whos comics started comeing to life after he got the ring… umm.. whats not cool about that?

  • Kniwn

    Nightcrawler, come on, he has the ability to teleport! that is fricken awesome

  • alexlwe

    bluntman and chronic hahaha. Just kidding. i dont know what mine would be… I’d say green lantern.

  • Bill

    “Space Ghost”. Super-Hero, Talk-Show Host.

  • negthebarkeep

    i’m gonna go with batman as well,even though i only started really getting into him after “batman begins”.christian bale is by far THE BEST batman we’ve had so far(followed closely by the hilarious adam west incarnation).

    personally,i’ve always liked the darker,kinda anti hero guys best,like the punisher,ghost rider,deadpool,preacher,and the god amongst them all…SPAWN!!!


  • JamesW

    Probably Batman. He’s brilliant, no matter who you are or what you can do, he can find a way to defeat you.
    And this is coming from an avid comic-reader.
    On a side note, my favorite is Robin. He’s underrated. He has all the skills of Batman (especially Nightwing) and with more time I think he’s going to grow to become the best hero ever, surpassing Batman himself.

  • stoner26

    the flash super speed and if waves his hands fast enough he can fly and bust through the 80 inch metal doors by pushin hard enough with his super arm movements

  • Shagata Ganai

    Green Lantern. Had it all, the humanity, the weakness (2) the color yellow was immune to his power ring, and the ring needed to be recharged periodically. Great costume, but the best costume belonged to the Flash.

  • hulkbatfan

    Get out of here the Hulk and Batman are the coolest of the main superheroes. graphic and anime not included, and even still they’re still up there. more nuanced and pschologically interesting and lets put this stupid question to rest it would be a long battle but Hulk would eventually beat superman angrier stronger remember. Oh and its probably not true and all evidence points to the contrary, but batman would kick anyones arse even Hulk’s. For proof doomsday whether one likes to admit it or not has Hulk’s powers. see also original DC vs Marvel, superman begins to fear that Hulk strength may eventually move the man who can’t be moved if he chooses not to. as well Hulk count on defeating heroes only matched by batman, who beat superman even in his old age with a little bit of that bat cunning. Hitman’s pretty cool as well and they should make a movie.

  • hulkbatfan

    Oh did I mention superman, captain america, Iron man and spiderman (although I have a soft spot for spidey) are lame American properganda. peter parker and clark kent the two biggest geeks. and superman no weakness. oh lets see, every plot, the a bus is filled with children who are in imminent danger but across the world Lois Lane is hanging by her fingertip from the Ifel Tower, you have superspeed, but your gay arse can’t be in two places at the same time. oh oh no actually for some gay reason it can. superman saves the day cause he has all powers. It must have really taken alot of imagination to come up with that one.

    p.s. The Joker rules

  • hulkbatfan

    Best in comic universe count down
    Captain America

    10 spawn
    9 Hitman (Batman series)
    8 Rogue
    7 Gambit
    6 Catwoman
    5 all of Cyber City Oedo
    4 Dr Bruce Banner
    3 The Joker
    2 The Hulk
    1 Batman

  • Nightstalker

    Best superhero ever = The Punisher. He is a man who lost his family to criminals the other heroes apparently forgot to tkae care of. Now he is making sure they will never do that to anyone else. He has now powers, but has taken out more villians that the entire Justice League. Not bad for a vigilante.

  • Fantasy Heroild

    BATMAN/SUPERMAN! This duo is trully unbeatable! But i prefer more Batman than Superman! But they’re both really cool!

    Also Spider-man is nicce and Iron Man as well…

  • GL

    1.Green Lantern

  • TomJ

    Jenny Sparks. ‘Nuff said.

    @SlickWilly: To say the Batman never gets hurt is not entirely (or even slightly) accurate; he is regularly seen to be cut or shot, needing medical attention from Alfred or some other ally. Parts of his costumes are armoured mitigating some of the damage; I can’t remember the reference, but I’m sure I read once that the yellow bat symbol on his chest, in various iterations of the costume was designed to draw fire as it was also the most heavily armoured part of the costume. He’s also had his back broken and had to take significant time off for rehab, leading to… issues in Gotham.

  • SlickWilly

    TomJ: I never said Batman never gets hurt. *All* superheros get hurt, even Superman. It adds to the drama and is a necessary part of adding conflict and writing a good story. Jesus christ, use a little common sense, would you? I even own the *entire* Knightfall series that you reference, along with Frank Miller’s the Dark Knight Returns. I *know* a little something about Batman, along with many other comic superheros, and several I know a great deal about. Batman is still a dumb character at heart, though DC did a decent job of making everyone forget just how stupid the idea of a man with no superpowers running around in a bat costume is.

  • TomJ

    @SlickWilly: Sorry if I misunderstood your original comment about hpw he “always win over the bad guys that are, quite often, armed with a surplus of firearms, against Batty’s martial arts and bond-esque gadgets, without even getting shot”, which, along with your closing remark in your second comment I did take as you thinking he never got hurt.

    Of course it’s not entirely realistic and the sort of thiug only DC would do; about as realistic as a bloke with a bow and quiver of arrows being one of Earth’s mightiest heroes… ;)

  • Glen

    Superman is the best.
    And it’s because he does have super powers.
    That’s what it takes to expose the corrupt man or super villain.
    I want a hero that can not be hurt.
    I want a hero with ultimate power.
    I want a hero to protect me.
    A regular human being in a costume is not where I want to put my trust. Someone who be stopped with a bullet to the head can not ultimately protect me.

  • B-rad

    I’m sorry, but as a HUGE fan of the show I must nominate Peter Petrelli. Followed very closely by Superman.

  • Riya B.

    oh,crap, I’m such a huge anime fan I never read that much american comics! for best superhero…come on people! it’s batman of course!
    But then again, who gives a crap about superheros? for me and plenty of people, it’s all about the Joker, baby!

  • ol1inch

    HA! (and showing my age again), I grew up reading Doc Savage – Man of Bronze.

  • Rokket Doktor

    i really like nightcrawler and the shadow

  • MPW

    Batman would strap on a kryptonite dildo and fuck superman to death

  • Brithombar

    Batman has no super powers, making him illegitimate. He is physically and mentally ordinary. Whether this merits him the greater for his tenacity or less because he’s just a guy, Batman simply is not a SUPERhero. Hero yes, but a dude with a utility belt trippin on vengeance is not a super power. That’s the difference between a superhero and a super hero.

  • Ricochet

    For me, it has to be Spider-Man.
    Batman makes a close second. don’t get me wrong, he is badass
    But Spidey is so realistic with all his problems that every teenager has as well as superpowers, so i can really relate to him

  • walterstc

    Has to be from the Adventures of Pete and Pete,
    ARTIE the strongest man in the world

  • Tonny SS


    You are a teenager with all the problems and superpowers also?

  • MPW

    Brithombar: the difference between superhero and super hero is a space between super and hero
    and batman has superior intelligence and strength than the average man

  • byron

    Too many comments to read through without knowing if this is already been said, but I think Flash has some awesome powers, especially those in the golden age version, where he could change a tire while driving and no one would notice.

  • fistingachicken

    hands down the two greats are v from the comic series v for vendetta and johnny the homicidal maniac

  • Glowbug

    My Top Ten Superheroes!!!

    10. Storm (mostly because, while her powers are cool, the idea of being born with weather control as a genetic mutation is just too silly for words)
    9. Shadowcat (cool-ass phasing power, plus trained in martial arts by Wolverine)
    8. Anita Blake (more of a novel character, but – even in the graphic novels – she’s pretty freakin’ cool)
    7. The Phantom (no super powers, no gizmos, no nothin’ but guts, brains and muscle)
    6. The Shadow (yeah, I know – I’m OLD!)
    5. Daredevil (again, not much in the way of super powers beyond the radar deedly, but he’s kicked the Hulks butt at least once)
    4. Spawn (quite possibly the coolest LOOKING super hero out there)
    3. Gambit (gotta love dem Cajuns, eh, mon amis?)
    2. Wolverine (a fellow Canuck who – outside of drowning – is unkillable… and lets be honest; Aer YOU gonna try holding his head under water?!)
    1. Green Lantern (Think about it – whith that ring, he can do ANYTHING!)

    Subjective as hell, but mine own list. :)

  • Denzell

    All the super-humans from Heroes. I especially like Hiro Nakamura because he can stop time and do just about anything while the time is stopped.

  • Gecko

    I adore Storm from X-Men, but she technically isn’t a super hero. She’s a mutant.

    My favourite? The Super Towel (my fake secret super hero identity)! Just kidding. I’ll have to go with the mutant.

  • Vera Lynn

    Hey all superheros are the best. I LOVE big strong men who can protect me. My faves? Hmmm. Either Superman or Spiderman. Or both ;) The guy who plays Wolverine in the movies is HOT. Cannot think of his name. Hugh ______

  • spongebabe

    Batman is clearly the best superhero. he doesn’t even have superpowers to become one. i’m sure batman can kick superman’s any time of the day.

    plus, the batmobile kicks ass!

  • MPW

    Its Hugh Jackman

  • jellojake

    Well, I would have to say HECK no to superman 1.He’s to invinsible 2.Kriptonite dosnt exsit 3.He lives on a planet like 20 billon miles away(hypatheticly). And I think that some super heroes are even, because i think ironman and batman are the same i think venom and the thing are the same e.t.c so if i were you just try and think who your faverite superhero is, then u got your answer.

  • jellojake: Kryptonite: …. Does exist.

    And he was Born on Krypton not residing on it.

  • bubbles

    BATMAN =)

  • Kase

    Batman is my favorite. He’s got the best suit, a great origin, great stories and fights, and the best villians. He preys on the fear of humans,(which is why The Joker is my favorite villian also. There has never been a more perfect match of hero and villian.) and has fighting skills to back him up. He is super intelligent, and has THE BEST secret identity, a billionaire playboy. C’mon… who would ever guess that a supposed “creature” of the night would turn out to be Bruce Wayne? And I find him to be the most…. poetic(?) of heroes. He sees Gotham as a dark hell whole of misery and hate, but still sees the light in it. This is much how he sees life; Dark and dim, and to many, hopeless. But he still tries to change it, becuase he has the power, and resouces to do so. So what makes a super hero super? The desire to help.

    And I don’t see anyone complaining about Tony Stark being rich.

    Also Spiderman is definately my second favorite. He has desires that every human has, yet he has to push them aside to do what he knows is right. His morals are what make him so great to me, also so easy to relate to. And Spiderman has maybe, the best quote to base his whole super hero story on, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Also he is HILLARIOUS. My favorite quote of spiderman(even though it was on a game): *Spiderman arrives on the scene of Rhino carnage, and lands behind Rhino* Spiderman says to Rhino, “Hey, why don’t you…” *Rhino turns around and stands straight up ammounting to enormous size* Spiderman continues,but interupts himself, “…..I am so scared I forgot my crappy joke.” as he stares up in fright at Rhino.

    …I laughed rather hard.

    I’ve never really liked Superman, because hes just too powerful. See I’m a bit of a huge nerd for heroes, and when me and my friends occasionally have our, “who would win aginst who” arguments, somebody ALWAYS pulls out Superman… Please. Yes Superman could, in the fraction of a second, rip Batman apart and scatter him remains across the universe with incredible ease… but where is the fun in that? Every super hero argument then could be summed up in, “Superman punches him.” LAME. But Batman, his arguments are the best. Because everyone wants to think that since he’s human, he would easily be beaten by anyone, but at the same time, most know that he still always has a chance, because he is so smart, and skilled at what he does. The best Batman argument I’ve had to date, is who would win between The Batman, and The Punisher? It is still unresolved, but of course I believe Batman would easily come out in the end. Anoyone care to tell me their view on that?

    Batman V.S. Punisher

    Who would win?


  • Schlong

    Eragon is the lamest.

  • Schlong: You want the Dragons list I believe.

  • Grubermeister

    Batman would own the Punisher. The Punisher is a fag ass wannabe who sucks at life. He has no skills except with guns. Batman requires no guns to kick the shit out of people. He owns people that use guns with his bare hands. All he would do is sneak up behind the Punisher beat the shit out of him, and make him look like a little bitch.

  • Grubermeister: You’re here from ebaums aren’t you. Tone it down a bit if you could.

  • chick magnet

    the joker because in some peoples world he IS a hero

  • zerocool

    peter petreli

  • Prince

    he’s probaly not the best,but i like deadpool

  • minerboh

    Batman?you wish!the greatest super hero is Spider-Man!he may have superhuman powers but he is more realistic in terms of character!He also have to deal with personal problems like finding a job,trying to save his on-off relationship with Mary Jane (pre ONE MORE DAY) and of course protecting his aunt May and dealing with the fact that she doesn’t like his super hero identity but she doesn’t have any problem marrying a paranoid scientist called dr Octapus!!!Lastly but not least, he is an approchable character and an ass kicking hero that you wouldn’t want to mess with!

  • rawr

    superman,he was born a superhero

  • amsterdam

    Batman can kick Superman’s ass anytime! With regards to power of course Superman is far superior but think about this, Superman was almost killed by Lex Luthor gazillion times, imagine what a billionaire genius superhero like Batman can do to Superman.

    Punisher vs. Batman?? Mr. Castle doesn’t have the slightest chance.

  • docskeezer

    One of the great things about superhero fiction is the diverstity of it. It really has no limits. Different superheroes represent a variety of personality traits we all find within ourselves, so really the question should be, “What superhero do YOU identify with?”.
    Personally, I identify with The Incredible Hulk. I empathise with Dr. Banner’s constant inner struggle to control his emotions. I know there have been times in my life I wish I had a raging, indestructible beast I could unleash on those that piss me off. Fortunately for everyone, it’s only fiction.

  • docskeezer

    I’m not sure about Superman, though. While I like the character, and he has stood the test of time, I just can’t help but feel like he’s not really “all that”. I mean, yeah, he can do amazing things here on Earth, but, on his own planet he may have been as normal as you or I. It seems easy to be the hero when you are stronger than everyone else.

  • Batman

    Batman,hands down! Its batman,its what he does! EVERYONE knows he has the solution for EVERYTHING on his utilitybelt! Batman can beat up anyone at any time,it woulnt be a problem hes batman! He has some serious people skills also, he recruited robin, didnt he? Just think of how many people would be hurtin if batman had superpowers! Yes,even superman!Batman could scare anyone away with his voice anyways.BATMAN IS THE GREATEST! HANDS DOWN!

  • DavieD

    Ok Firstly the most powerful has to be The Saint Of Killers from the Preacher comic considering he has killed the devil and -spoiler warning- God

    Grubermeister and Amsterdam: The Punisher has already killed the bat

    ME: The bat is as much of a superhero as the bat because it only happened that in recent times taht ironman and his suit became intergrated the thing in his chest is only to stop a bit of shrapnel killing him, he has technolgy and money at his disposale, and is a genius guess what thats what bruce has at his to.

  • Blobby

    Silver Surfer can easily whoop Superman’s ass.

  • Ren

    my favorite superhero is either Spiderman, Ironman, Ghost Rider or Wolverine. i like pretty much all of the Marvel superheroes but i cant think of any DC superheroes i like.

  • Sara

    Wolverine for sure.

  • alakdan13

    yah wolverine

  • mitch

    its gotta be batman i think the worst is spiderwoman

  • clownsocks

    You can’t go wrong with with Dr. Manhattan given that he has
    virtually every single power known to man.

  • Rare

    CAPTAIN PLANET AND FREAKAZOID! They were my childhood heroes!

    And the worst? Catgirl xD

  • John


  • piper.syd

    I reckon Superman could snap Batman in half with his little fingers if he wanted to..

    Like come on!! where on earth is Batman gonna find Kryptonite from?

    I think that Nightcrawler from X-Men would be Supermans toughest opponent.. he’ll be quite awkward to catch!! But i think the man of steel will still win!

  • hancock


  • Mister X

    One superhero who has not always gotten his fair credit is Zorro. Zorro was the first superhero to have a secret identity, the first superhero to appear in a novel, the first to appear in a comic strip, the first to appear in a movies, appeared in the most movies of any superhero (about 70), the first superhero from a minority group, and greatly influenced the creation of other superheros like batman. Just about every superhero ever created owes something to Zorro.

  • Aaron

    How about the Scarlet Pimpernel, he can be called one of the first superheroes, long before Zorro. He has everything, rich secret identity, mystery, his own calling card and his own arch enemy.

  • PoorMe

    Who super hero? Where? No one is there too save me when I am in troube. I have often have been bitten by mosquitoes, bugs that doesn’t make me mosquitoman or bugman so, no super hero for me. Many have died of radiation no one has got power to vision through ear(the devil and Hulk). Batman, I just hate him; his villian give him too much time to escape (One tip for villians kill heroes swiftly he!!! he!!!). I would not desire the acts of courageous wo/men where ever they be to go in vein because of these damned super heroes who torture us.
    But I like that coustume underwear worn over pants please just want to laugh plaese no more he!!!he !!! ha!!! ha!!!

  • Fanboy III

    Wonder Woman….because when it comes to tight fitting costumes, I like them on women and not men…

  • Rinneganleks

    Nightcrawler… Teleportation y’all

  • orenj

    mr fantastic, because i want his power to stretch any part of my body ahaha.i cant believe only a few people suggested flash. but the best is CHUCK NORRIS!!!! he has the most bad ass round house kick, i mean if he round house kicks you, you die, but he hits you soo hard that your soul revolves around the earth several times, then goes back into your body, reviving you. but your soul has revolved so long, your going to be 30 years older!! wow I’m soo lame ahaha lol

  • MT


  • Jams


    a Superhero with ordinary life.

  • J. Lindsey


  • mightyexcelsior

    My views are simple, i read the comics, the main source where all the super ideas are born. I feel that Wolverine is one of the best superheros out there. His only power is his healing power, his weapons are inside his body, a type of metal called adamantium, basically unbreakable, and if that isnt reason enough, i remember an issue where Wolverine was blown to pieces and all that was left was his adamantium skeleton, and in each frame of the comic it had Wolverine regenerating from veins to the meat and hair on his skin. Great issue my friends. Im also found of Captain America. Fuck Iron man, he’s partly responsible for the death of Captain America

  • ilbrelic

    superman wins he blew out a star dammit nothing competes with that.hes number one no question about it nothing can beat him but a rock that doesnt exist on earth

  • eddy

    the only answer to that question is the BATMAN
    then it comes down to
    dare devil
    green lantern
    captain america

  • lab

    James Bond (if he counts as a superhero) I justify this with his incredible abilities:

    . can’t get shot
    . can’t be killed
    . always defeats the villain
    . almost always gets “the girl” (two instances where he doesn’t)
    . automatically knows how to disarm a nuclear bomb
    . can disarm a nuclear bomb with only 1 minute to spare
    . knows almost everything (he even knows what the chemical formula of a plant looks like)
    . knows how to apply just the right amount of pressure to get his way

    He even has his own weakness, femme fatales/beautiful women, they can almost always seduce him.

  • lab


    (Otherwise it is Batman)

  • Spaulding

    The Flash.

    he can easily beat any other superhero, even superman.

  • Ace

    Goku from Dragonball Z ^-^

  • john soprano


  • hey there

    Batman is easily the coolest superhero. Who wouldn’t want to be Batman? Peter Parker is a wimp and Clark Kent let’s people walk all over him but Bruce Wayne is a baller. He’s got cool gadgets and he’s tough cause he works out. It makes it easier to feel like you could be Batman.
    Plus his suit and villains are better looking than the other heroes. Did I mention he’s pretty much no nonsense? He fights a war on crime and he does it with grit not angst. He never whines and stays pretty silent while fighting crime. He makes more sense than any other hero.

  • Christy

    WonderWoman. Cool bracelets, invisible jet, smoking bod, tall red boots!

  • johnny


  • lacemychucks527


  • ravi

    wheres the flash or captain marvel or wounder women or green lantern, people pick superman and batman the obvious choice’s. deathstroke’s cool to just examples i mean running like fast as light or using the powers of the gods and past heroes or using ur imagination to fight

  • Solo

    Hannibal Lecter

  • yc

    He is real, he knows how to fly, he controls the water and the wind element to the Highest known level to man. ladies and gentlemen I present to you: Robby Naish! search google for this superhero and you will be stunned.

  • boltman

    quite simply dr strange is the best superhero,he’s lived forever, can move through time and space and even controlled the hulks mind. nuff said

  • tomuchtimeonhishands

    my favorite superhero is by far green lantern!! his power is controlled by his imagination and will power… his power is basically limitless !! take a look at ion he is kyle ranger aka the green lantern who basically turns into a demi-god!! its just hardcore…
    but sadly he is not the best superhero… the hulk by far is the cheapest hero. i say cheap because he can not be stopped… no matter how hard he is hit he will just come back harder and stronger, its just not cool…
    but to everyone who says batman is better then superman im sorry but superman OWNS batman !! all people ever say is superman can get beat by a rock so batman is better… well im sorry to say but batmans weakness is EVERYTHING… it could be a pencil, tv, lack of oxygen, ANYTHING… so stop using that one thing against superman =p

  • Ghidoran

    Rorschach. Everyone else pales when compared to him.

  • gabi319

    313. Ghidoran
    Have you seen Watchmen yet?! I was waiting to see if it would play at our local IMAX theatre but…sadly no. I’ll have to be content with regular screens or fill up the gas tank and drive a couple hours away…although, I’ve been having a craving for a road trip lately…

  • Crimanon

    Honest unbiased opinion of the Watchmen. Never read the comics, new nothing of the movie other than Based on said comic. I expected the worst and walked out knowing that i’d seen one of the best movies for a LONG time. Go See It.

  • chad

    iron man is my fav because i have the number one issue or nova. ps fuck captain palnet .pss marvel is the best. psss dc is ok

  • chad

    Rorschach is bad as too

  • joker

    spidey is just sooo cool, i wish i had his powers!

  • Struth

    1. Wolverine
    2. Batman
    3. Spiderman
    4. The Thing
    the rest can fight it out among theemselves!

  • Samantha


  • sam

    chuck norris

  • jussayin

    I have to represent for the ladies:

    1. Storm- classy and powerful, I love the earthy powers and the fact she is a goddess
    2. Wonder Woman- tell me you don’t see Lynda Carter pwning that role, also the Justice League version kicks ass, and she’s wearing a bathing suit like it’s an evening dress!
    3. Rogue- with Ms Marvel’s powers, with the 1 streak in the front, with her sassy mouth. And I’d kill for her bod!
    4. FireStar- I grew up with SpiderMan and His Amazing friends and I just love her. lol
    5. Jean Grey/Phoenix- truthfully, as Phoenix I don’t think anything gets more powerful, and easily one of the better storylines.

  • Junglejim007

    Spiderman is the best, you can’t sneak up on him, and if you do he’s got spider strength, and lets say he’s gettin a little beat in a fight….. he shoots his webs your stuck….he gets away….get em next time. Firestar always has his back!

  • gatineau

    Tiger Woods.

  • Basilisk

    nothing against Batman though

  • Basilisk

    i simply can not believe it!

    Here is why he should have been said a long time ago. (not that i am really mad, it is kind of cool getting to be the first one to mention him!)

    1- He is a shape-shifter, that lets him make himself as strong as even stupidman- i mean superman. it also means that his secret identity looks nothing like him, unlike superman, which all he does is put on a pair of glasses and uncurls the little curl of hair (which by the way anyone with the IQ of a pile of bean dip could see right through his identity.) And he can look like anyone which makes it great if he needs to be undercover for something, i do not know exactly what, but something secret-like.

    2- He is probably the smartest person in the Justice League, except, possibly Batman.

    3- He can phase through solid objects, so he could get to places even superman himself might not be able to get to.

    I nominate the Martian Manhunter!!! (:

    I am assuming of course that the people who post these have some knowledge of other superheroes, unlike my friends who have absolutely no idea of who he is. I AM A GIRL! and even my friends that are boys are not very well educated Justice League wise or any other superhero for that matter…. i need more cultured friends……

  • Basilisk

    and by the way, for the person called tomuchtimeonhishands, superman can be defeated by lack of air too. meaning he has at least two weaknesses. kryptonite and no oxygen, and batman could beat superman with a “rock”, as seen in Superman annual year 1991 issue 3, pages 51-55, batman kills superman with just a tiny little ring of kryptonite. you can check it out for yourself.

  • Basilisk

    OH! and the martian manhunter can read minds, totally forgot….

  • Basilisk

    and on slickwilly’s comment….#95? batman is trained to the utmost peak of human strength and agility. in other words, he could get first place in practically every single olympic sport. tell that to the “the bad guys that are, quite often, armed with a surplus of firearms” and the reason he never gets shot is, I will say it again HE IS VERY AGILE, and for that matter, very fast.

  • Basilisk

    OH! OH! OH, THIS IS G O L D!!!!!!!!!

    go to this link all you superman lovers.

    description: if superman lost all his powers, could he make it as a powerless superhero? EVIDENTLY NOT.

  • spongebob

    guys guys guys we all know that mermaid man and barnicle boy are the best superheroes ever!!!! and the dragonfly

  • dragonballfan

    to be honest, the best heros are wolverine(invulnerable) superman(just freaking awesome) spiderman and batman. but coming off the subject of marvel and dc comics, how about the Dragonball Z chaarecters? i mean come on, Goku? you gotta love him. im sorry but for me its goku, he wud own superman and wolverine, which to be fair are the only ones who could put up a fight as they’re invincible, except superman, obviously kryptonite. Goku is the greatest superhero, because ok, i may contradict myself here, maybe he wundt beat superman or wolverine in a battle, but he saves the earth a hell of alot more than they do. and okay, this is going a bit deep but what about SS4 Gogeta? he is invulnerable to EVERYTHING and has an UNLIMITED amount of energy, i mean ok, this may only last for 10 minutes, but that would be all he would need to destroy superman and wolverine, because im sorry, no matter how ‘invulnerable’ you are, if gogeta hit them with a Big Bang Kahmehamehaaa x10, those guys would die, it would literally destroy them till theres nothing left, this is probably the only way to kill them, especially wolverine since no body has killed him yet, unlike superman, where he is killed by doomsday, which by the way, for a greatest villains post, doomsday would win – hands down – the ONLY killer of superman, he rules! Gogeta SS4 would kick his ass though. :)

  • Ari

    I love Superman and Spiderman, but nothing comes close to the batman

  • loma

    The Hulk

  • logan

    wolverine is the best he has Regenerative healing factor
    Superhuman senses, strength, agility, stamina, reflexes and longevity
    Adamantium-laced skeletal structure with retractable claws
    Expert martial artist
    In a magazine i read he is the freatest most undustructable superhero ever

  • callum

    i agree he kills death pool one of the greatest supervillians made with Regenerative healing factor
    Superhuman strength, stamina, agility, and reflexes
    Expert marksman, swordsman, and martial artist
    “Comic awareness”
    Telepathic immunity
    “Cursed with life” (inability to die)and other different powers

  • frogmanster




  • chocola

    best super hero!!!! spawn!!!! look it up!

  • superhero nerd

    the best superhero is obviouly wolverine no question he can regenerate and has no melting point


    Jesus FTW!

  • darker

    i think the greatest superhero is nightcrawler

  • sciencegeek

    I know who the greatest super hero is!!
    (to the tune of batman)
    na na na na na na na na na na na na SCIENCEGEEK!

  • The Truth

    The Flash.Period. Well..lets make this clear,The Wally West who runs at beyond lightspeed and simply cuts through dimensions as his form of travel.There are those who say he is the best because “he is so fast he cant be touched” well him not even being in this dimension as he moves pretty much justifies that statement. Also,he can rearrange his individual molecules as to be able to pass through solid objects easily. OR he can rearrange his molecules and as he passes through the person/thing can choose to transfer his kinetic energy into the persons molecules, scattering them and causing him/her to explode! But beyond this, his ability to transfer kinetic energy extends to any object he touches turning anything into a projectile which can travel at his speed (or whatever speed depending on how much K.E. he allocated it).and because he can move at essentially infinite speed, he can reach an endless number of objects, sending them at endless speed as well in an instant. Done Deal. But lets assume there is some enemy that for whatever reason has no molecules to be shattered (which doesnt exist but we will go along with this) and his essentially invincible due to…whatever it may be. We can go back to the fact he can cut through dimensions, and all that he has to do is take his enemy to another dimension, drop him off in some black hole or god knows where and be on his merry little way.

    Besides. He doesnt disguise who he is and he has an awesome costume. I mean honestly, that alone makes him the best.

  • Happypants78

    The Sentry anyone?

  • Karel

    The Merc with the Mouth.

  • AL Simmons

    I wouls list them as: 1: Spawn 2: DeadPool 3: Dr. Manhattan 4: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) 5: Superman 6: Grey Hulk 7: Batman 8: Wolverine 9: Punisher 10: He-Man

  • loulou

    omg you peps are nuts firestar is da bomb

  • Struth

    Don’t for get the nigh invulnerable defender of The City, The Tick! SPOOOOOON!

  • Bgtcolombia


  • Link of Hyrule

    Superman the most popular? That’s a laugh!
    Everyone with a pulse knows Spider-Man is the best superhero on planet Earth.

  • kro

    wing from the authourity
    i like the lesser known superheroes and she’s cool

  • TP

    obvously the Flash, heres evidence

  • adc104

    wolverine or spiderman they both own and can take down anything

  • Dan777

    Batman, he has been my fav since I was a kid and still is to this very day. He is the most realistic to OR The Hulk i mean come on what can hurt him or beat him? NOTHING

  • *****[email protected]$*****

    BEN 10 :)


    who would win in a fight wolverine or spidey?
    spidey- superhuman reflexes and strenth
    logan-ability to heal at extreme rate adimantium plated skeleton

  • darkdragon

    Top 5.
    1. Iron-Man
    2. Ghost Rider
    3. Batman

  • Deandada

    Clearly Batman keeps comming up as the best. Really???
    The Guardian of a city, A symbol, named after a sly animal, A man with lots of money and cool toys, with a playboy alterego, and oh yeah a kick ass house and butler. Thats right the original is always better. Copy cats need to back off, or should I say copy bats. Mind you (all) the night Bruce wayne’s parents were killed they were at a play of some sort(Zorro). Zorro is the original Crime fighter and with the tech he had back then he could still wreck most of the so called superheros that you all call the best. That def includes Batman! He is the more stealthy than night crawler, more acrobatic than batman, way more cool than Spidey(lol) a better marksman than than any sniper in mw2, and could pretty much win gold in every event in the Olympics the day after he made a fool out of batman. Bottom line is that in straight human hero’s he is the first(1850’s),the best, and the original!

  • Hancock, if more movies are made of this guy it’ll show he could kick anyones ass!

  • rodj

    i think danny phantom. i mean, who could hurt a goddamn ghost???

  • rodj

    or maybe son goku from dragonballz. he could destroy an entire planet with just one beam charge!

  • jaker

    Rorshach. with batman a close second.

  • Fitz

    Spider-man… The reinvention of the concept and consistently the most popular!

  • Master_J

    Gambit surely…

  • harriet

    mine is lavagirll

  • cherryanne

    mine iss lavagirllll (:

  • the venezuelan again

    i would say batman too.. i mean apart from been my favorite… he have no superpower like jfrater said.. and still he is in the same "league" as superman, the flash, green lantern, wonder woman ect.. and he seen to keep up very well in fact is is one of the most useful in the group.. and he the smartest of them all so problably he can find the weak points of all of them and beat them is he wanted…

  • HollowScar

    By the way, in one comic, Wonder Woman literally had Batman's head under her boots to tame him. He became wimpy to her (Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia). She definitely kicks ass. Tight clothes, whip that can make you say the truth, boots of power, invisible plain, and everything to show BDSM, and girl power. It is no wonder that Robert Downey Jr. had a pair of Wonder Woman outfit in his closet.

    How about Hollow Man (invisible man)? What kind of guy doesn't want to have that power. Granted that he was a villain, but he was badass. He looked the part, sounded the part, and was able to be one of the creepiest superpowered human in history. If anything, he was godly in a genuine sense. His quotes from the movie, Hollow Man was also great.

  • William

    The Flash. If you give it a good think, he can do a lot of things.

  • Gary

    in my mind its Wolverine, but its debatable but the debate cannot contain batman as he is human with no powers or spiderman as he does have powers but still a vurnerable human

  • YOUR MUM!!!

    branic5 and the future superman from the 41St century this superman's immune to kriptonyte and hes much stronger if you haven't herd of branic 5 i wouldn't be surprised he is on the legion of super heroes

  • mordechaimordechai

    All the comments supporting Superman are perfectly sound and thought through but then let me pose a question:
    Does the "best superhero" stands for the "strongest superhero"?
    Superman is by far strongest than anyone else but is he the best guy of them all?
    The best also means the coolest, most brilliant, brave and so forth…
    In a way the best superhero is that guy you would really fancy to drink a beer with. Or the one you would buy a used car from.
    I would never invite the superman to a beer-game night at my house!
    I also believe that Superman would never accept. Possibly he hates humans deep inside. Remember what Tarantino said about the dicotomy Clark Kent – Superman?

    That said i would vote for the Wolverine.
    Or maybe Batman; i would love to buy his car!

  • Firerai

    He-man anyday…………………….(for pure nostalgia) :D

  • choptop

    Pfft. Batman's superpower is his money.


  • Tribol

    for every body that said batman is the best cuz he doesnt have powers, he is a milionaire, he is extremely smart, he have nice gadgets, etc going by these terms i got to say that iron man is the greatest super hero ever cuz he also doesnt have powers, hes also a milionaire, hes also really fuckin smart AND unlike Bat (that have to buy/ask Morgan Freeman (I forgot the character name) to build his gadgets) Iron Man build his own gadgets whitout any help at all plus his armor can crush a humam body in seconds while Bat's armor its just a nice looking bullet proff vest

  • RickJ

    No brainer. Healing factor, indestructible adamantium lined bones and claws, Wolverine is the badassest hero ever created. "He's the best at what he does….something something something" i can't remember the rest of the quote.

  • Adam

    NO WAY DUDE. The Green lantern is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better because he has barley any weaknesses and has an incredible power. Batman stands no chance against green lantern nor does any other hero.

    By the way Aqua Man suuuuucks!!!!!!!!!!

    • geeky110

      the green lantern hasto charge his ring every few hours so any superhero could take him out when hes re charging his ring. therfore that makes nearly every super hero better than him

  • geeky110

    obviusly superman is the best hero for the job he has no weeknes auther than kryptonite and if i hadto choose a single protecter of the earth i would choose superman. but for me i prefer superhero teams such as the fantastic 4, the justice leage, the avengers. it cannot be dicided but everyone has the superhero that thrills them….

    • THOR

      top ten… for coolness
      the flash
      green lantern
      captain america
      the thing
      the hulk
      the siver surfer
      mr. fantastic

  • dufu

    Ironman is the best :D

  • Superman

    Fuck This!!!

  • Superman-the real BADASS HERO OF ALL. I love Superman as with his awesome strength & powers, he can kick the hell out of everyone & rule the whole planet, but he uses his strength & powers to help others. He is a solid man of character, full of courage, determination, fighter attitude, and he never gives up. Batman is my second fav. followed by Wolverine n Punisher.

  • gokufan

    goku he is the best

  • mav

    Phoenix from the x-men..when she’s not crazy that is

    Otherwise, its gotta be superman

  • Andrew T.

    Spider-Man hands down!!

  • Martyman5000

    Every other answer needs to sort of rely on there not being a Dr. Manhatten. He can manipulate time and space. It is physically impossible to beat him. Making himself into being was the first “trick’ he learned. He can do/be anything. Stop time? no prob. Wage wars? check. creat life on other planets, basically becoming a god? Yup.

    I admit he is kind of a cheap shot, but he is obviously the most powerfull.

    Whether or not he’s the best though… Well, he doesn’t really sympithize with humans much any more, so there’s that.


    duhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh BATMAN

  • Alyssa

    My favorites:

    1. Batman

    2. Ironman

    3. Captain America

    4. Wolverine

    5. Superman

    6. The Green Hornet (well, I don’t know if he counts…but you have to admit, that movie is hilarious)

    7. Thor

    8. Spiderman

  • mgaga

    jeez superman fans really dont get it. he aint no hero he’s too much of a dork. Whereas Daredevil is a hero

  • tbies

    Batman and wolverine. but batman is my favorite because he is human and normal but can take out almost any super human with his super human MIND.

  • slony

    the black panther is way better

  • slony

    maybe gohan ,he comes in at a second but atleast he is not scared of bats

  • SimpleMasquerade


    I mean, he counts right? He saves the universe numerous amounts of times!

  • Noob4Dayz

    i belive spiderman is the best and most popular super hero ever.comic book readers can relate more to spiderman ,he’s not a rich millionare or an indistructable alien,spider man is an ordinary teenager who got gifted with amazing powers.spiderman does not live in a fictional place like gotham city or metropolis,he lives in new york city were readers can relate and visualize better.also,at school i ask random people who don’t read comics who there favorite super hero is, they mostly say spiderman.

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