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Top 10 Most Disgusting Candies Ever

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

Candy is normally a tasty little sweet treat designed to give pleasure to all. However, that is not always the case, as this list proves. For some unknown reason, some candy manufacturers have recently started producing the most disgusting candies you could image (they must be running out of ideas). Here is our list of the most disgusting candies you could ever eat.


Ear Wax Candy


I don’t care how this candy tastes, who in their right mind would enjoy scraping ear wax out of a plastic ear for eating? The whole idea just makes me want to gag! It even comes with its own swab. How many kids are going to start digging in their ears after they run out candy I wonder? Smart.


Candy Scabs


The gross factor in these candies is not their flavor, but the fact that they are designed to look like scabs – complete with plasters. I could possibly cope with that, but just imagine this scenario: Johnny and Jimmy are playing hide and seek. Jimmy hides in the bush that his dog Rover just recently pooped in. Jimmy inadvertently gets Rover’s poop on his hand and doesn’t realize it. They finish playing and mommy gives them some Candy Scabs to eat. Jimmy sticks it on his hand, pulls it off, and…. I think you get the picture. Dumb idea.


Dubbel Zout


The first thing this Dutch candy has going against it is that it is licorice flavored. I know a lot of people like the taste of licorice, but a lot of people voted for George Bush too – it doesn’t make it right. The next problem here is that this is licorice made with an enormous amount of salt. That’s right – it is salt “candy”. Add to that the fact that it looks like something you would expect to find on the floor of an English nightclub, and you have the makings of one of the worst candies ever.


Hotlix Candy


Okay – it is sweet – I will give them that, but inside each of these tasty candies is a REAL LIFE scorpion. Yup – when you lick through the sugar coating, you get to chow down on scorpion guts. Whoever came up with this candy needs to be forced to eat some Dubbel Zout.


Gorilla Boogers


We are really walking a thin line with this one – gorilla boogers are sweetened dried black beans (popular in Asian cooking). I was on holiday in korea once and had some of their sweet bean candy (they beat the beans to a pulp then shape it in to small bite sized pieces). It tasted like dirt. These boogers are made from the same beans. They taste like dirt too. Sweetened dirt. Enough said.


Ant Candy


Like the scorpion candy above, this is basically a lump of melted sugar with a bunch of dead ants thrown in to it. Of all the things in the world that they could have thrown in to their candy, what the hell made them choose ants. How does this stuff get past the FDA?


Jane-Jane Tasty Tuna Tidbits


Tuna was invented by mother nature for hippy vegetarians and people trying to shed some fat – so how has it managed to find its way in to candy? The main ingredient in these little blobs of sugary disgustingness is tuna. After that comes a bunch of chemicals of unknown origin, and finally sugar. Seriously – who would eat fish flavored candy?




Just because Moses and the Jews ate locusts in the desert doesn’t mean anyone should do it now! These are real crickets sprinkled with a variety of flavors. I realize that chips (which they are similar to) are not usually labeled as candy, but they are so gross (and both are equally bad for you) that they deserve a spot here. Anyone that eats these things by choice deserves to be hit with a plague of boils.


Durian Candy


Durian fruit is a common fruit in Southeast Asia. To people unfamiliar to it, it usually evokes feelings of utter disgust. One food writer said: “its odor is best described as pig-shit, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock.” You are not even allowed to bring this stuff in to hospitals or hotels in South East Asia. In Singapore, they have signs that forbid you from taking it on the public transport system (see here). That is how disgusting it is. So, it makes a lot of sense to make candy out of it. Not. But there you have it – someone has done it. This one was nearly number 1 on the list, until we discovered BeanBoozled…




BeanBoozled are jellybeans made by the company that brought us Gourmet JellyBeans. In a box of BeanBoozled we find 10 colors of beans and 20 flavors – every color has one tasty flavor, and a disgusting flavor – the idea is that you never know whether you are about to get a good one or a bad one. This makes it ideal for party games. So – why is this number one on the list? After you read the selection of “bad” flavors, you will understand: Skunk Spray, Moldy Cheese, Baby Wipes, Rotten Egg, Vomit, and more. And guess what? They really taste like their names. Next time you are watching a movie in the dark with friends, slip a few of these in to their bag of jellybeans for a great gag (literally).

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • shrpshootr

    usually, i love all your lists, but this time i disagree on all of them except for the durian one

    • Ellie

      Durian Candy may smell bad but it really tastes good.

      • sodaholicgurl

        agreed. it’s the smell that gets people they never actually try eating it. it tastes pretty fruity :D

      • Aithabathula

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      • Takashi

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    • Herp Derp

      I agree.

      Don’t hate on things until you’ve tried them yourself. I’ve had hotlix, crickets, and beanboozled (which are GREAT for pranks and parties) and they’re pretty good. Didn’t like this list :/

  • Jimiho

    First…well the Durian things should be on first place…the fruit itself stinks like hell..don't wanna know how the candy tastes^^

    • Bluementrit

      F.Y.I. the Durian candy doesn’t stink, it’s the Durian fruit that smells

      • Kyl

        Durian really tastes good..Not all durian candies smells bad , especially when added with milk and vanilla during preparation.

  • asra

    ugh, durian….*shudder

    • eufrille

      durian is very sweet and delicious its so fragrant..

    • Izabel

      Thanks for the remdnier of Sprees. I've not had them in a LLLLOOOOONNNNGGG time, but those were my favorite.My BFF loved the Chico Stick! Do you remember those?

  • Denashi

    While I agree most of the candy on this list sounds extremely gross, I don't really get number 8… what's wrong with salt-liquorice (or just liquorice for that matter, ok I know it comes down to taste, but still…)?
    It's very common to eat, at least here in Denmark!

    • lol

      They look like ecstasy bills.

      • lol

        pills, not bills…

  • Kamran

    I have the hotlix. Theyre actually pretty good

  • islanderbst

    j, are you pulling our legs on #3 and #4?!?

    but I have had nasty flavored jelly beans similar to #1. Why would someone intentionally make a candy taste like vomit? (Because they know people like me will just have to try them!)

  • courtney

    Ugh! I just had breakfast too…btw, “I know a lot of people like the taste of licorice, but a lot of people voted for George Bush too–that doesn’t make it right” Absolute genius.

  • otay

    There are some truly twisted candy makers out there i guess. The only one on this list i have heard of is the Hotlix. Great GROSS list!

  • SocialButterfly

    So the bean boozle’s are a real version of the jelly beans in Harry Potter right? Wild…

    • twdu

      you can actually buy the harry potter ones

    • Brah

      Yeah, I was a kid when Jelly Belly made the Harry Potter ones, and they tasted real. I remember two, grass and vomit. They were disgusting.

    • Jesse

      So, I bought Beanboozled candy once because I saw it on a website and thought it was hilarious. You will not get over the fact that people try every single one no matter how gross they are because of burning curiosity. If you are looking for a conversation piece and a laugh in general, I would seriously buy these. This is the only site I have seen that has them.

  • akocli

    I agree with giann. :P

    • Atiq

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  • RMags

    Beanboozled is a replacement for the Harry Potter jelly beans. I work at a candy store and they haven’t even shipped the beanboozled yet cuz its brand new. But yeah it’s gross.

  • ayuko

    i agree with akocli, who agrees with giann :P

    • Patty

      RefuseForced2Link on April 11, 2011 I agree fully with Mr Ramsey. Collectors and Law firms “gone cteolcolr” are scum. It seems way too many cteolcolrs from top to bottom have the “Jesus Syndrome” and think they can get away with just about anything other than murder…and I’ve heard of threats of murder even.

  • JwJwBean

    I have actually seen HotliX, but ours had Meal worms in them. I have also seen barbeque flavored meal worms.

  • islanderbst: no – why?

    shrpshootr: seriously? You don’t think poo or vomit flavored candy is disgusting?

  • SocialButterfly: yep – there is another similar type of jelly beans too – also modeled on Harry Potter.

  • ASoo

    Don’t knock durian untill youve tried it. Seriously. I know it stinks like all hell, but it actually tastes pretty damn good.

    • Katey

      My dad and I tried durian in Indonesia last year. We both immediately vomited. Having tried it, I can definitely knock it. It tastes like an unholy combination of sweaty gym socks and rotting animal carcass.

  • Kreachure

    Oh, so everyone here is fine with eating DEAD INSECTS with candy. I don’t hear much complaining about those from you.

    (Ugh, just give me a moment to recover from that thought…)

    The Dubbel Zout doesn’t sound bad compared to the others, but the rest have absolutely no reason to exist, except for number one which sounds great for pranks.

  • Exluddite

    What, no Bit-O-Honey, Mary Janes or Neco wafers? These three never made it out of the bottom of my Trick or Treat bag except to get thrown out.

  • Mom424

    I love double zout, and those little salty licorice teddy bears, and the little hard salty licorice diamonds. Shit flavored hockey pucks according to my kids. (they are not soft, but hard and chewy)

    I had a friend from Denmark, Jetta, who started me on them when I was in Grade 9. Dutch licorice and the very best open-face sandwiches ever. I don’t think she ever got to eat her lunch, me and Elaine always beggin’ it from her. Stealin’ it if that didn’t work.

    Should have put that disgusting slime candy on the list. Comes in something similar to a toothpaste tube. Texture of mucus. Who wants to eat stuff that resembles stuff your body sheds? Right up there with ear wax candy.

    I think the bug/scorpion candy is more of a novelty; they sold them at our version of the Kwikki-Mart. The candy tastes like sugar and water, but nobody that I know ever took a bite of the bug. Why would whole bugs be a health hazard? We eat at least a few every time we have peanut butter on toast. They’re just ground up.

  • Bass

    I’ve actually done the prank where I slipped some disgusting jellybeans in my friends jellybean bag.

    …I had to clean up his puke. -_-

  • Csimmons

    I had #1 at a party, I didn’t know what a baby’s diaper tasted like until then.

  • jerome

    excuse me… we have durian in davao, philippines. the smell is not that bad like what other people says that it stinks. taste of durian is good it a delicacy in davao. i like the candies!!! it should’t be in the number one spot!

  • adorabelle

    the ear wax candy and the candy scabs sound pretty gross to my adult sensibilities, but to pre-adolescent males i can see the appeal. especially the candy scabs, def a great way to gross out your folks. also, for the candy scabs, if a mother is giving her child something to eat after they play outside, she’s probably going to make them wash their hands.

    also, with the hotlix, i’ve seen some with the worms that supposedly taste like tequila, i bought one as a gag gift for a friend and now its kept with his liquor so he can try to tempt drunk friends to eat it.

  • champ24

    durian smells bad but taste like heaven… just believe me and try it……..

  • Frank

    Hmm, this was not a list for me. I am not a great candyfan of any sorts, but most of this is so deeply subjective and cultural that is just doesn’t work well as any sort of toplist. And much of it seems to be rather forced… take number nine for instance. Jimmy got dogpoo on his hands and got a candy… and stuck it on his hand and then ate it. How is this different from Jimmy got dogpoo on his hand and then got any other candy, and then ate it. I don’t use a fork when I eat candy, so if your hands are dirty I don’t see the difference.

    There are also three entries of various bugs in candy… well, basically any red candy (and many other foods) you ever eat is coloured with a dye made from crushed beetles, so eating insects is nothing new to you. I don’t consider any of those disgusting, and I know in many cultures candied insects are indeed eaten as treats.

    So while I probably wouldn’t eat the tuna candy, the only ones I could agree is somewhat disgusting is the ear wax and the vomit flavour – the ear wax LOOKS disgusting and the vomit flavoured would TASTE disgusting. Which makes me feel they should have been on different lists.

  • Lorcan

    Gross and wrong on all counts.

    Cockroaches, scorpions and ants?! Oh, my!

    Good god…

  • ringtailroxy

    i have heard that although durian is atrocious to the olfactory senses, the taste and texture to the human palette is truly enjoyable! many hotels do ban the eating of durian fruit in the rooms, but a traveler told me it is most obvious very few guests obey the rules! ii would love to try it… sure, it might stink… but if it tastes as delightful as it’s odor is nefarious, it is worth a try!

    also, the fruit is about the size of a foot ball and covered in spines… having been clonked in the noggin by a coconut once, i can’t imagine the concussion that would result form a falling durian!

    • Rose

      You’re really right.

  • mattayeaux

    I accually love DZ’s. They are not licorice with a bunch of salt dumped in. They are flavored with (I think) ammonium nitrate. If you read the label it reads 0% sodium.

  • potato

    I love Durian!! I grew up with the stuff so I love the smell and taste. I think that Westerners (I am asian) are not used to it which is why they gag at the fragrance.

  • King of the Horizon

    locust isint actually too bad..if cooked by a professional.just many people in western society seem to have a hang up about eating insects but they are a delicy in many african countries.they have a crunchy texture and a white meat taste i feel

  • giann

    aww.. but i LOVE durian. its one of my favorite fruits.
    ToT. i guess the description was a too exaggerated.
    i guess he must’ve smelled a reject or something.

    God. why do many people hate durian? T_T

  • Phillies

    two words….CIRCUS…PEANUTS

    Also, at the convenience store I work at, we seasonally sell various candies that make me wonder why anyone would ever want such trash. These include Dog Food candy (brown candy bits served in a mini dog bowl) and Toilet candies (Powder candy that is served in a mini toilet).

  • AnotherEngine

    There was a recent feature on the AV Club’s site about the Crick-ettes. They also tried pickle juice popsicles. Blech…

  • frankebfranke

    Other than the stupid western candies that are disgusting as a marketing ploys, all of these are just culturally specific candies. If you’ve grown up with any of them, they really do taste good. And crickets are just crunchy, they’re not that weird to eat.

  • BeanBoozeled are like those jellybeans from Harry Potter but they were made in real life. They were made by Jelly Belly too.

    I’ve had a deep fried cricket before. It tasted like popcorn!

  • corey

    “Tuna was invented by mother nature for hippy vegetarians”

    Anyone else notice this

  • Kathryn

    “Seriously – who would eat fish flavored candy?”

    My cat’s would =P

  • Mark


    durian. the fruit itself tastes pretty decent..and it doesnt really smell ‘bad’..just its a very strong odor..if you know what i mean .. and when i had it they said not to have beer with it for some reason.
    i wanna my hands on them beanboozeled jellies i can feed to my mates =D

  • Diogenes

    There’s “Cat Butt Candy”. thats a funny one

    About 10 years ago:
    The was an assortment of japanese snacks before me.
    i once blindly ate a a handfull of what looked like , on closer inspection, to be fried baby minnows . eyes and spines and all.
    they came out of a medium sized potatochip-like bag.
    I wanted to gag.

    • Yeahsarah

      I eat those all the time they are yummy! But one time I got them in my granola bar. I wasn’t too happy about that though. I was really looking forward to eating it.

  • Joel

    I have eaten the vomit jellybeans. It actually left an acidic burning feeling in the back of my throat, very similar to the feeling after puking. I don’t know how they can make chemicals that taste that way, but it’s pretty amazing.

    I have also smelled durian candy. Not tasted, just smelled. That was enough for me. Great list.

  • Who Wrote this. I’m sure I shouldn’t be commenting before my first cup’o’java. but I was curious to know Who wrote this Biased, simple minded, “EEEWWWwww it looks gross” list

    “but a lot of people voted for George Bush too”- Jamie tell me it isn’t you, please tell me you didn’t write this into a list.

    For anyone who doesn’t like the bugs. Come over to my place and I’ll show you what Good Grub is like.

    • Michael

      Thank you for pointing this out.

  • loseitbonkers

    i have actually had dubbel zout before, as much of my family is dutch.
    the name means “double salt”, i believe, and they sure are salty as hell.
    but, hey, we americans like our candy sour, and mexicans like theirs spicy.
    you should have added lucas lemon or sweet tart ropes. ack!
    as for necco wafers, those belong on a list of top 10 stupidest candies ever.

  • Brent

    I grew up on salt licorice. It is hardly in the same category as the children’s sugary garbage it is listed among. Millions of adults enjoy this – it comes in a very wide variety of forms, with a gratifying assortment of flavor subtleties.

  • Lynn

    I recently saw a program about the JellyBelly factory and they talked about the “Harry Potter” jelly beans. The vomit flavored ones are actually an enhanced version of their previously canceled “pepperoni pizza” jelly bean. Smart really, making money from unpopular flavors by re-packaging them and riding the Harry Potter wave.

  • babygirl2882

    Ok So in 8th grade I ate a live cricket for 10 points extra credit in science. It was…interesting to say the least. Lol

    But I was eating my cereal until I read this, lost my appetite.

  • I have to say I am surprised by the discontent this list has caused! I found it quite funny when I read it for the first time. Sure it includes some things that are cultural – but why does that matter? 60% of the items are from the US and, frankly, most American’s wouldn’t eat those items OR the 40% that aren’t from the US. Why not just laugh at them all and appreciate that the list is not meant to offend? Xanthius has contributed other lists that were very popular and I am sure he is not meaning this in a derogatory manner. Perhaps he can comment on his motivation to allay everyone’s fears :)

  • Catriona

    Jamie: Where do you get this stuff? My boys would love the ear wax and scabs!

  • Phillies

    Maybe THIS should’ve been the Your View…?

  • Kreachure

    Don’t worry, I’ll laugh all you want once I’m done regurgitating my lunch :P

    Nah, I don’t think this list was too offensive. I’m sure Xanthius tried his best to ‘candy-coat’ the worse parts! (badabum-pshh!)

  • babygirl2882: wow! Kudos to you. I couldn’t do it!

    Kreachure: funny :) I am sure everyone is envious for having been beaten to that one! :)

  • Anne

    I’d definitely try the hotlix, only because I’ve had scorpion vodka before. While we didn’t actually eat the scorpion from the bottle, the vodka was really yummy after having that thing soak in it. I just wouldn’t be afraid to eat them, especially if they’re sweetened by candy.

    The earwax wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t look so much like the real stuff, earwax has always been something that really grossed me out. Otherwise the gummy scabs are probably the only other thing on the list I’d try…

  • Anne

    Oh! Also, a candy that might be good for this list are Candy Syringes. Not the Sweet Shot kind, which I’ve never tasted, the ones I’m referring to are a Japanese snack. I had one a few months ago and it was awful, it tasted like really bad duck sauce. I don’t know the name (I can’t read Japanese), and I couldn’t find it online, but it really is one of the most disgusting things I ever tasted.

  • Paul

    Haha… I’ve had the Scorpion lolly and the chocolate covered ants. Mmm.

  • Milen

    UGH, some weeks ago i tried a durin candy, and it was the wrost thing i ever tasted in MY LIFE! It’s like sweet onions, and you can’t get the taste out of your mouth, agh. I don’t know what the hell it’s worng with Singapur…

  • Jimmy

    I live in Thailand and can tell you that Durian and Jackfruit do smell horrible. BUT ! The candy has no (ZERO) smell and Durian tastes like custard. The candy is very good. As for Salt Licorice, how is that weird ? Half of Europe eats it. Try Licorice with salt and Tabasco- Turkish Pepper it’s called.

  • Thepennymachine

    eating bugs isnt a big deal. ants can be delicious, and the hotlix sounds good!

  • AhClem

    corey (#34)

    Yeah, I noticed it. Sounded kinda pejorative to me. Also, makes no sense.

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 30 years. I don’t eat anything with a face, which includes tuna.

    I think you were reaching on that one, jf.

  • Kreachure

    ‘JF’ didn’t write this, Xanthius did.

    Please don’t kill the messenger. :P

  • Silva

    I remember back in DC when they had the locust plague (yep, it does happen). Anyway, they had an article in The Washington Post that year of gourmet restaurants not only serving the locusts they’d catch, but freezing them to serve for the years when they didn’t have a nice, little plague. There were some people who did this on their own as well. Apparently, they’re very crunchy.

    They used to have those jelly beans named for the beans in Harry Potter. Why’d they have to change the name? Or is this another company taking the idea? Do they still sell those Bertie Bott’s Beans (or whatever they’re called)? I loved those; my boyfriend and I bought a few bags and dared each other to eat the gross ones out of the other’s bag.

  • oose85

    Great List.

    Just a small correction:
    “Just because Moses and the Jews ate locusts in the desert doesn’t mean anyone should do it now!”

    Moses and the Jews did NOT eat locusts in the dessert, they ate Mannah, and quail (slav in the hebrew text).

  • AhClem

    Thanks Kreachure (#59), mea culpa.

    Sorry jf. I think you were reaching on that one, Xanthius.

  • BookishWulf

    I thought I’d add my voice to those objecting to the inclusion of double salted licorice on this list. I get that everything else might not appeal to the picky American palate, but licorice? Just because YOU don’t like it…

  • DiscHuker

    for those people above that say that they have tasted durian and don’t see what people are objecting over, i submit that you have never really tasted durian.

    they don’t have signs outside of thai hotels for no reason. the smell is very distinctive and has the ability to stand out in road side markets. if you have ever been to one of these wonders you know that smells permeate everything. that any one thing would stand out is amazing.

    if you are familiar with the travel channel show, bizarre foods with andrew zimmern, you would know that of all the foul, disgusting foods that make the even the viewer gag, durian is the only thing he has ever spit out.

    whatever your view of how we got here, either God or evolution should apologize for this offense.

  • skipps

    Durians have an odour that people may find it a turn-off. The taste of the fruit, however, is just simply extraordinary! It’s like Blue Cheese — both are pungent, but tastes exquisite. I’ve tried a cultivar of durian that tastes remarkably like cognac!

  • skipps

    DiscHuker: Anthony Bourdain, on the other hand, ate an entire durian in Indonesia and loved it. Check out (around the 6:00 mark).

  • shrpshootr

    jfrater: well i guess poo flavored candy is disgusting, but its loads of fun!

  • shrpshootr

    DiscHuker: I’ve tasted durian before, just because a man on a television show didn’t like it doesn’t mean its so extraordinarily bad. I understand how people object to the smell, but the opinions in taste will greatly vary, I for one didn’t mind the taste much at all, it just smells like crap.

  • thanks for the superb idea (slipping the nasty jellybeans for the good one)

    i’m sure hilarity will soon ensue

  • L.A

    Actually Durian has that funky smell but to contrary the taste of Durian is like a Sweet Custard with Milk on it. I know it’s bit weird to say that because people do smell the Durian first before they could try it, besides that description “its odor is best described as pig-shit, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock” is so much exaggerated it’s funky and musky but not as that description.

    Watch Disney The Legend of the Ring of Fire, and watch the Legend and description of Durian.

  • Tonny SS

    DiscHuker: You sir, have no clue what’s Durian. Durian tastes great. And after some treatment, they actually smell quite nice. There are some processed Durian treats sold in Thailand that you can probably imported over, no foul smell or anything.

    And frankly, it does not smell that bad. It’s a strong smell, yes. But far from pig-shit and rotten egg.

  • jin

    Durian = fruit
    Insects =INSECTS

    Come on! What can be grosser than LIVING things petrified and cooked in SUGAR.
    Durian candy does not really tastes like the FRUIT, it tastes more like milk and sugar with the SLIGHTEST hint of the fruit. More like a pastille/butterscotch really.
    And don’t label durian as the worst if you haven’t tried it :) Like Caviar, Tongue, liver or even Wine, it is an ACQUIRED taste :)

  • DiscHuker

    why on earth would i want to “get passed” something that smells so funky it is outlawed from public places?

    what do you do when you see an insect with bright colors? you get away!! this is the natural world telling you to back off.

    what should you do when you catch the scent of a fruit that smells, at best, like rotten things?

  • Tonny SS

    I don’t know. Why would you eat Oyster?

    Your loss.

    And again, it has a strong smell, but it’s not rotten egg and pig shit level.

  • Nindya

    I’m from Indonesia and it makes me laugh to see that Durian candy is on the list :D

    So many Durian candies here in Indonesia. In fact, durian is even one of favorite fruits here among Indonesians (and yep, including me :P )

  • jasontimmer

    Okay, I’ve had the crickettes- they’re really not bad. When I was a child, I used to love catching colonies of big black carpenter ants and covering them in chocolate. They taste like coffee. I’ve also had scorpions, but by themselves with a light barbecue flavor. Very crunchy. Yeah, I’m a little odd.

    But jfrater, I think you missed a very important one- in Denmark (where my sister’s boyfriend was from) they have “Vampire drops”- these are hard candies with ammonia flavor. STRONG ammonia flavor. Even stranger, you actually get used to it- and it becomes not too bad.

  • NN

    Aren’t we judging on the CANDIES here? The durian candies don’t have a strong odor at all.

    And besides, if you can get past the strong odor (I agree that the description is exaggarated) of the FRUIT, the insides actually taste good.

    We’re not basing on smell alone here.

    Also, for everyone’s information: we also have durian ice cream here: it’s not funky smelling but it’s DELICIOUS.

  • Claudia

    hi, gotta agree with NN. durian is actually quite nice once you get past the smell/get used to it (which some might find difficult). generally durian candy does not have the odour of the actual fruit and also is sweeter.

  • jin

    we should send jfrater a durian candy sample! :) im from southeast asia, wr can I send them? and what is the cheapest courier? hehehe :)

  • The fact that you included Dubbel Zout on this list makes it immediately crap and redundant. That stuff kicks ass. We got given packets of it when I was in primary school by some Danish exchange students from the secondary school, & no-one liked them except me & a couple of other guys, so we ended up with loads of packets of it each.

    Apart from that it’s a pretty good list.

    • A Random Person

      I don't think you know what "redundant" means.

  • jasontimmer

    dangorironhide- not to nitpick, but check the definition of “redundant.”

  • Lizzie

    Congratulations on managing to make a list of CANDY controversial. And yes, my tongue is planted very firmly in cheek. :D

    I’ve never tried any of these, and I don’t intend to any time soon. But thanks for the heads-up for what to avoid! :)

    Jasontimmer – check the definition of nitpick. ;)

  • jasontimmer

    Lizzie- “Nitpick”–verb 1. to be excessively concerned with or critical of inconsequential details.

    I think I used it appropriately! ;)

  • lalala

    i agree with ayuko.. who agrees with akocli.. who agrees with giann!

  • jasontimmer: a meaning for ‘redundant’: “Having some unusual or extra part or feature.” Not being one of the ‘most disgusting sweets ever’, Dubbel Zout is an unusual or extra part of the list.

  • roey

    Durian’s good to eat. Fleshy, creamy and tasty. Just that the smell ranges from okay to really bad for different ppl. So that’s why hotels and hospitals ban them.

  • edz

    Durian is my favorite fruit.. once u get over the smell, the fruit is very addicting! trust me :] the candy is yummy :]

    • A Random Person

      The author clearly hasn't tried it and just looked up a quote s/he could use. For anyone who's had durian, it's obvious that the person being quoted is referring to the SMELL, not the TASTE, of the fruit.

  • FlockO’Seagulls

    “but a lot of people voted for George Bush too – it doesn’t make it right”

    Tasteless, needless comment. I expect better from this site.

    • pount

      My thoughts exactly!

  • longball

    in reference to #8 – voting for Bush WAS the right thing to do!

  • Asher

    Nice list, but I believe they have treatment options for BDS.

  • chikins

    the durian candy actually tastes good. so is the fruit. however, some people just don’t like the smell and that doesn’t mean it smells very bad. they just don’t like it .

  • cleargreen

    i think that durian candies are nice! it’s just because most countries have yet to taste the fruit.

  • marcus

    I would like to have these candys here in Brazil.

  • SlickWilly

    All I know, is there is a show called “Bizarre Foods” on the Travel Channel (great show!) where the host goes all around the world eating the most foul and crazy dishes you’ve ever heard of. I mean this guy will put *anything* in his mouth, he leaves no disgusting dish untasted…and he said that without a doubt, durian fruit was the most foul, nasea-inducing, wretched dish he has ever tried in his entire life. If you’ve seen the show, you know how *huge* that is. This guy eats *everything*! EVERYTHING! And the most digusting dish? Durian. Think about that.

  • SlickWilly

    Ah, I se DiscHuker beat me to the punch on that one.

  • Jackie

    SlickWilly: I love that show! You’re right some of the grossest stuff he says “oh this is actually quite tasty” and I’m thinking “NO WAY!” I’ve only seen him eat two things he couldn’t stand, one was pickled lamprey…can’t remember the other one

  • Tonny SS
  • jasontimmer

    dangorironhide- #85- I think you’re still missing the point of the meaning of “redundant” (I’m starting to think I should just give up on this one.) An example of redundancy- “The candy tastes horrible, and it also tastes awful.” THAT would be redundant. jfrater’s inclusion of the licorice flavored cany is not redundant because he felt it belonged on this list. If he would have listed it twice, that would have been redundant.

    Can anyone back me up here?

  • jasontimmer

    OK, to summarize, dangorironhide, we’re speaking about the difference between opinion and fact. It is your opinion that the candy has no place on the list. In redundancy, it is a FACT that a topic or concept occurs more than once in a statement, superfluous to the transmission of the idea.

  • Lori

    “Tuna was invented by mother nature for hippy vegetarians”

    Tuna is a meat. Therefore, vegetarians do NOT eat it. Meat is the muscle of any animal, whether it be mammal, fish or fowl, etc.

    Just wanted to make that one clear. Good list though.

    Although I’ve heard about how stinky durian is, i still want to try it. It’s fruit. How bad can it be?

    • Sam

      I'm from Asia and I love Durian! I do understand to foreigners that they may smell pretty funky, but if you would just clear your mind from those premature convictions, you might actually enjoy it! There is a lot of Durian products in Asia, particularly in Thailand. You have Durian candy, durian paste and yep, dried Durians as chips!

      If you disagree, well most Asians don't really like anchovies, so probably it's like our version of your Durian.

  • Mel

    I’ve had the beanboozled beans, and overall they’re not too bad. Skunk spray and rotten egg are bad, yes, and pencil shavings are a bit odd, but overall the gross ones aren’t too bad. The vomit one is a pizza flavor with a little bit of citrus, rotten egg is egg and onion, black pepper eat a whole peppercorn with sugar and you have that flavor, but overall they’re not way too gross.

    Skunk spray and rotten egg are gross because you not only taste them, the skunk spray give your mouth the feeling it has been sprayed and both can be smelled on your breath.

  • Brianne

    Haha, great list. That Bean Boozled game sounds fun!

  • CK

    I don’t completely agree with everything on this list but I think it was hilarious. The descriptions make this list worth reading, even if you like the particular candy.

    Just for the record, durian isn’t really that bad. Stinky tofu is worse (in my opinion) but it isn’t a candy.

  • SlickWilly

    Jackie: I believe the other might have been stinky tofu. I remember my stomach curdling watching him try to gag a piece down. I think he got a single bite down the gullet before turning the dish away. This happens occasionally, but the durian fruit he couldn’t even swallow, and it’s the only time he has ever spat anything out of his mouth on the show. Of course, Zimmern has admitted on his website that his least favorite texture is gelatinous foods, so it might have been a combination of the texture and the smell. To this day, though, he maintains that the durian was among the worst (eating) experiences of his life.

  • jedwardcooper

    I read an article about durian, and apparently, while the smell is really bad, the taste is addicting (there are underground clubs).

  • angeladixie

    I have to chime in to defend Durian…I tried the fruit in Thailand and it smelled too strong for me to enjoy…my travel mate did like it. However, I brought back some dried Durian and it was delicious with delicious on top!! You were right on with everything else (save maybe the crickets, as they are a savory item, yes?)

  • Tristan

    “Tuna was invented by mother nature for hippy vegetarians and people trying to shed some fat.”

    Vegetarians do not eat fish.

  • Your Mom

    The Bush comment…come on…petty.

    I did not even vote for the guy and I was turned off by this.

    List about crappy candy are great, leave the cheap political shots (at the right or left) out of the game.

    Unless it’s a political list…then game on.

  • SnowKid32

    Wow, be a cock some more? Worst list ever. 4/10

  • hana

    Yeah I tried durian the other day. I thought it was disgusting as well. We bought a big bag of it from a store and everyone spit it out.

  • strych9

    Re: Durian and Licorice – Who ever said we had to have the same tastebuds? To each his own.

    I personally don’t like durian, but Durian candy and ice cream are pretty good. Like a previous poster mentioned, they taste just like custard. The hint of durian adds a little zing to it. I’m guessing what most people find offensive is how overpowering the fruit can be to the senses, but used subtly as a flavoring such as in candy, the effect is quite nice.

    Someone mentioned “Bizarre Foods'” Andrew Zimmerman. I can’t believe he actually thinks durian is worse than the k’lia he ate in Morrocco – which is actually ROTTEN lamb.

  • NN

    I guess it’s safe to say that the taste of durian divides the people of this Earth…

    But, I just think durian candy is delicious. The candy doesn’t have a repulsive smell and it’s really very addictive. (just like the fruit, IMO). I can finish about one pack in 10 minutes and still be hungry for more.

  • sue

    licorice is nasty.

  • Devon

    The only thing dumber then voting for Bush would have been voting for Gore and Kerry! Of course, Islamic terrorists the world over would have been happy…….and ignorant liberals (I know..I know…its redundant)…

  • Drogo

    I read about Dubbel Zout before. They said it was originally made as a lozenge to sooze sore throats, but people liked it as a candy. I tried chocolate covered ants from a box that someone gave to relatives. It was just a blob of poor quality chocolate with what looked like a small raisin in it. If it wasn’t for the bad cheap chocolate, I might have eaten more of it.

    remember candy cigarettes?

  • Twinkle

    i find the list a bit offensive. i’m from the philippines and i like durian. i don’t even think it smells bad. to me it just has this really strong odor, like smelling directly into a bottle of strong perfume. It doesn’t smell like shit. It’s a nice odor that’s just too strong.

    i’ve tried the fruit and it doesn’t taste that great, there are definitely many fruits that taste a lot better. But durian candy is really delicious. :) it’s one of my favorite fruit candies. along with tamarind. the thai tamarind candy is the best.

  • Jack

    WHy make Beabbozzled when you can still get Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans?

    And how did Lifesavers ‘Thirst’ and ‘Musk’ flavors get overlooked?

  • ely

    Durian just happens to be the King of Fruits. If it’s bad, then all the rest must be too.

  • ely

    I like licorice too. =(

  • pdxpunk

    “I know a lot of people like the taste of licorice, but a lot of people voted for George Bush too – it doesn’t make it right.”
    Sure to make the long list of “asshole political commentary in inappropriate forums!” Way to go! But I’m sure you felt sooooooooo goooooood writing it and proving your brainless bona fides!

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  • Taranis

    I’ve had the crickets before, they’re actually not bad. It tastes like paper with flavoured powder on them. They’re weird, but not that bad.

  • NeoLudd

    This one girl from my work gave me a hotlix…
    Man, she had a nice rack

  • mask_and_mirror

    I think you mean tautology, not redundancy jasontimmer… or it was just a bad example.

    I’ve never eaten any of this (except salt liquorice which was not to my taste but not actually unpleasant) but I think its a very personal list and the level of contraversy results from the fact that they are deemed ‘disgusting’ for such different reasons. Personally I would not write a list like this unless I had tasted the foods myself. On the other hand, it’s just a bit of fun!

    The only thing here I would not be happy to try are the jelly beans… but surely something which is intended to be disgusting is automatically on a different level from things you merely think sound disgusting?

  • anthony p

    oh my goodness it had to be a gourmet jellybean at number 1, i still remember the horse radish flavored jellybean an tomato was just as bad.
    I had a ridiculously spicy gobstopper once, i like spicy but this was one of those things out of a coin slot machine shaped like a dinosaur and it burnt like there was no tommorow. Bad memories of being 7

  • jasontimmer

    Mask_and_mirror- Intersting. I had never heard that word before. Thanks for the lesson. I looked it up, and “tautology” seems to be basically synonymous with “redundancy.” Or maybe I just used a bad example.

    As for your other comment, I agree totally what someone shouldn’t label something “disgusting” until they’ve tried it themself. I can’t count the number of people who say sushi is “disgusting”, though of course they’ve never had it. The stuff’s delicious. I’ve had roasted scorpions, ants, rattlesnake, and others, and I can’t say that any were really “disgusting,” though that bottle of cobra and scorpion whiskey I got last week ( was pushing the limits. Glad I tried it though.

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  • Gerry Alanguilan

    Durian Candy is actually pretty good. It doesn’t have the odor that the fruit has that disgusts a lot of people. The fruit doesn’t smell like pig shit, but more like a decomposing dead animal. But up close, a freshly opened durian doesn’t smell bad, at least to me. It actually smells citrusy. Obviously, I like Durian and Durian candy, and it doesn’t seem to me as disgusting as everything else on the list.

  • I too want to comment on the Dubbel Zout.
    I live against the Dutch border and I eat them regularly. I really like them, but I also know that not too many people like the taste.
    It has a pretty distinctive taste and I do understand that, when you’re not used to it, it can taste bad.
    It also tastes different from normal salty liquorice as this is really really salty.
    Dutch liquorice comes in many shapes, tastes and structures (soft – hard) and I like a lot of them, but Dubbel Zout is my favourite.
    About the appearance… most of the liquorice is black and thus we are used to the sight of it.
    Despite my own personal likings, I do understand why it made this list.
    Never tried any of the others… and I probably never will either. :-)

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  • lena

    okay if this is your kinda stuff go to and you’ll have a few more to add to this list, trust me. btw dubbel zout(which litteraly translates double salt!!!)is on there and there description is REALLY funny.

  • Meiz

    Durian is the one of the most delicious fruits. U guys should try it when you visit Asian countries. It does have strong odor but it’s very exaggerating to mention it is as bad as a pig shit smell. I am very excited when the durian season comes.. Durian!! Durian!!

  • elnrith

    this really wasnt a fair least try these things before saying theyre bad

    for example hotlix is pretty damn good…when you bite into it you dont get a bunch of bug guts…its usually pretty crunchya ctually and tastes good

    fried crickets i would easily exchange for potato chips theyre damn good

    ant candy is the same as the other two above

    beanboozled is fun for a dare or a prank but i do slightly agree ont hem being on this list

    either way i suggest youa t least try the above before you say theyre bad

    btw…durian should be number 1….period…end of story…

  • Jenn

    Great list inspite of the snide political remark. Stick to candy next time and keep hate to yourself.

  • Brandy

    I was so glad to see durian candy on this list! It certainly is the nastiest candy I’ve ever tasted. I would describe it’s taste as a hardened form of the sludge at the bottom of a dumpster. Not that I have tasted dumpster sludge…but that’s just the first thing that came to mind after tasting durian candy.

  • Rylan

    I hate Circus Peanuts and Candy Cigarettes.

  • toolnut

    ahh, come on, don’t dis the candy cigs. they are classic!!

  • me

    slickwilly- and yet he tried it..again! :lol
    something about whale blubber he didnt like much, but i dont remember. one thing he did like.

    anyway a lot of these are gross. i dont think theyre all gross, but a few definitely are!

  • spinner

    Corey: Did notice it, thought the list writer might have been over caffeinated while writing the list.
    Maybe a list is required detailing the top ten animals eaten by vegetarians.

  • Jet

    Durian is sold on the street in Ho Chi Minh City,and if you follow the smell of gym socks and pizza shop dumpster,you will find it easily.I’ve tried it,but the smell and texture were impossible to ignore.Many people seem to love it,and it is expensive in season.Durian chips are pretty good,sweeter than potato chips.Haven’t tried the candy.

  • skwerl

    The double zout is an acquired taste. I had a dutch coworker who started me on them. One upside is that they are an amazing throat lozenge!

  • atdstars

    the durian fruit may be disgusting for most people (because of its smell) but the candy is an entirely different thing! it doesn’t smell gross at all. it’s not much different from most native southeast asian sweets – it has a bit of a fruity smell and is very sweet, with a slightly milky taste. i haven’t tasted or smelled the fruit, but i’ve eaten the candy a few times before. it doesn’t deserve to be on this list.

  • Denzell


    I’m speechless.

  • Manuel

    Does anyone knows where can I buy some of the bean boozled candies?

  • DiscHuker


    i ordered some and got them in yesterday. they aren’t kidding when they say it will taste like what they say it will taste like. i gagged 3 times trying to eat the rotten egg one. a truly disgusting experience that i feel compelled to have other join me in.

    have fun.

  • discHuker: well done for trying! How were the diaper flavored ones? :)

  • DiscHuker

    jayfray: i haven’t gotten that far yet. i’m not sure i can make it if the rotten egg is not the worst. it was miserable. what demon produced such a thing?

    also, there isn’t a diaper one. there is a baby wipes. i hope that is pre-wipe.

  • Choosilicious

    The Durian candies are popular nowadays. They taste more like jackfruits. I love it! They have different flavours, and the horrible smell is not there, neither is the disgusting texture.

  • azalea

    durian candy tastes great. they say the fruit tastes good, too, as long as you dont smell it.

  • aia

    durian candy actually tastes really good. people who dont like it.. and i mean all you guys have probably tasted rejects. try buying more expensive ones. i mean, its candy. cheap people buy cheap candy.thus they dont get much pleasure from eating it

  • shahreth

    i actually like the smell of durian

  • halfdutch

    If you loooved double zout then you must try triple zout!

  • issac

    durian isn’t that bad! i don’t eat durian often but i don’t think it’s that disgusting. i think it’s just a western stereotype. it was even on fear factor on one episode where westerners are made to eat durian and i was like heck i could be on fear factor. i bet you have never tried eating it. i bet you might actually like it. and singaporeans do like it!

  • Denzell

    Although I’m Filipino, I try so hard to hold my breath whenever my durian-loving dad eats it. EVERYDAY. Ugh… Even if he does it everyday, I never got used to its putrefying smell. Bleah! *vomits*

  • Beckster

    Oh my GAWD….I was given Dubbel Zout from a friend to try, telling me it was his favorite candy as a child. So, I popped it in my mouth….the next thing I remember was him lying on the ground, me on top of him with my hands around his neck in attempted murder.
    I had no idea that anything could be that disgusting.

  • Denzell

    I looked at and saw the bean boozle thing.
    If I ever have those candy, might as well pick the light blue one. (My parents just won’t approve of me buying the bean boozled.) The toothpaste flavor, I hope, would taste like mint.
    The yummy flavor is berry blue.

    For a complete(?) list of flavors, check out this website:

  • Denzell

    Does chocka ca ca REALLY contain a REAL baby diaper?

    “If you haven’t figured it out yet, Chocka Ca-Ca is a
    REAL BABY DIAPER with a piece of chocolate fudge inside. (The candy itself looks like poop)

    The Chocka Ca-Ca comes packaged in a handsome giftbox. And you can get it in Pink (for baby girls), Blue (for baby boys), or Yellow (for baby no-one-knows-yet).

    So, if you’re going to a baby shower, or know someone who’s expecting, buy ’em a Chocka Ca-Ca (or two if its twins).”

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  • Rachel

    Ugh, I tried durian candy once and immediately spat it out. The flavor stuck in my mouth all day. Definitely worse tasting than the actual fruit. Durian ice cream is really good though.

  • tyrotoxism

    I suppose the next after ear wax candy is snot candy, wherein kids have to pull out stuff that looks like snot from a plastic nose then eat it. (nose hair included)

  • Drogo

    I just had an idea! I’m going to market a candy called Snot Candy. You’ll pull it out of a container that looks like a nose! It’ll even have some nose hair in it!

  • Beckster

    Wow. Um, ok now, gross.

  • Licorice. Ew. Enough said.

  • chris

    i find durian candy to be quite from the philippines and a cousin of mine gave me a whole pack (20 pcs of durian candy) and i finished them all in one sitting!

  • Beckster

    Dubbel Zout is Dutch for Double Salt. Double Salted hard black licorice….
    Kiss me now or lose me forever! yukko!

  • tyrotoxism

    Drogo: Hey! you STOLE my idea~

  • Beckster

    ya’ll iz nastee! LOL

  • ChaoticPython

    I wonder what the ants were thinking…
    “Hey Bill, do you smell sugar? WHAT THE –”
    Rest in peace, innocent creatures.

  • Rookie Expert

    I had recently heard about the beenboozled box of jelly beans, and i thought that was weird, and so interesting that i wrote an article on it. I was stumbling through and found your article!! And now im even more bamboozled!!

    I cant imagine trying even one of the above mentioned flavours….yuck!

  • Mark

    You forgot sweethearts and Candy Corn.

  • rushfan

    I could survive solely on candy corn and chic fil a.

  • Beckster

    Do you eat your candy corn in 3 bites, separating the colors? Cuz those ARE the rules, ya know.
    Also, do you find it a bit disturbing that they make candy corn in other colors depending on the holiday? Colors like white/pink/purple, etc. That’s just not right.
    And Chic-fil-a? really?

  • rushfan

    Only if I have time. And, whah? They make more than one kind of candy corn? News to me. Also, I worship at the altar of chic fil a. :)

  • Beckster

    ATTN Rushfan (I hope you mean Rush as in Neil Pert…)
    any way, Yes…tis true. Here is the link to see the OTHER candy corn. Please sit down before viewing……
    go to (safe site….)
    then, in the search box type in the holiday of your choice…example valentine candy corn, christmas candy corn, easter candy corn. Be prepared. Don’t be scared. They live…..THEY LIVE…….

  • rushfan

    mmmm candy corn porn

  • Ignorant Atheist

    I knew I was in trouble when I saw doubbel zout at number 8.

  • Beckster

    IA? Is doubble zout your favorite??? cuz that stuff ought to be against the law, it’s so nasty.

  • mamagumdrop

    I think the earwax candy could catch on it’s the sort of thing my boys would think pretty good.
    The dead insects though that’s pretty gross.

  • sverry

    durian candy smell’s disgusting, but once you’ve tasted it,
    you’ll ask for more. you should try one…just cover your nose while you eat.hahaha

  • Madi Malice

    I’ve been living in Asia for a year or so, and I love durians and durian candy! The writer you quoted was right, they do smell horrible, but if you can get them past your nose they taste really good.

  • Kevin

    Durian is one of the best fruits around. Get pass the smell barrier. It tastes really good

  • Quarck

    Dubbel Zout is actually quite delicious (but an acquired taste). A more foreigner tastebuds friendly liquorice is muntdrop (coin liquorice) which is sweeter and less salty. There are a lot of varieties of liquorice in Holland (drop) and Denmark (lakrids).

  • Mortivore

    This is bad. I just read the Top Ten Most Disgusting Parasites list… and now this. Even my beer tastes a little weird, now… The horror! :)

  • mavis

    i’m singaporean, and i have to say… DURIANS ROCK. they do smell foul, i agree, but they taste awesome

  • You don’t NEED to know my name *shifty eyes*

    no, number 3 are definitely real. i’ve seen them. my cousin used to live in japan, and he eats them now. he says they’re good because they’re really crunchy. and i’m gonna bet number 4 are real too.

  • Mariam67

    I saw a box of Beanboozled jelly beans at an old timey general store, so I bought it. I still haven’t gotten around to actually trying it, though. My air conditioner is broken so they probably all melted into one big lump. :/

  • littlemissrock

    Hey, Bertibotts Every Flavour Beans is very popular in the wizarding world!

  • KingEagle

    #4, the Tuna Candy, is actually ment for cats. I had a cat when I was a kid, and I remember petshops selling those.

  • reuben

    Tuna was made for hippie vegetarians?? wtf are u on about?

  • reuben: True, that is a pretty weird thing to say. Vegetarians, by definition, don’t eat animals. Tuna is a fish and fish are animals. So vegetarians don’t eat tuna.

  • Shinigami Edo

    The beans in number one remind me of Bertie Botts every flavor beans

  • nyarltep

    “Tuna was invented by mother nature for hippy vegetarians and people ….”
    What does that even mean?
    Vegetarians do not eat meat.

  • fernbracken

    I had a durian milk shake. It was like drinking an onion milkshake. And I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth.
    Whether Jews and Moses did or did not eat locusts is irrelevant. As bizarre foods show reveals various insects are eaten around the world. I’d rather a fried grasshopper than rotten shark meat in Iceland.
    What a bizarre person to equate the taste of licorice with a president.

  • Amanda

    Dubble Zout is the sickest shit I’ve ever eaten in my life. I have a friend from the Netherlands who made me try it, and I spit it back out immediately. Blech!

  • soph

    i had the most horrific experience last night when we played the ‘bean boozled’ game! the vomit is soooooooo disgusting! and pencil shavings! wtf?!?! though baby wipes is quite nice surprisingly! just, whatever you do, try to avoid rotten eggs at ALL costs!!!!!!

  • soph

    though actually in our box the ‘skunk spray’ flavour was replaced by black pepper…

  • Crimanon

    soph: I noticed that too. I was kinda upset that I didn’t have any black pepper.

    Avoid these flavors; Rotten eggs, Skunk spray, and in my opinion baby wipes, They’re just to chemical flavored.

    And very few in my box actually were what the box said. Is this another joke they play on Us consumers?

  • Mish

    I tried bean boozled! it is crazyy flavors but i wouldnt try those bugs! YUCK! im daring but not that daring!

  • john

    maybe you should do more researchig cause durian tastes really good you know! its just really odor that makes people wanna throw up..

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  • appie

    Durian,very common here in the Philippines..
    taste good..but the odor really stinks,..whew.

  • ichang

    i really hate durian..but d cand s not bad..

    and i really wanna try d bean boozled!haha!

  • Helly Welly Bootz

    People who eat fish but no other kind of meat are called pescatarians.

  • JunieJun

    I LOVE durians!! And I like the smell.

    it’s actualy my favortie fruit ever…

  • ayslin3

    What’s wrong with Dutch liquorice? Actually the salted ones are the only one’s I like :P

  • maypuff

    about #2 (durian candy) — well, believe it or not, even though the durian candy, most especially the durain fruit, smells like hell (to put it in small words), i know MORE people who are fond of (and even CRAVE) eating a durian. in Davao City, Philippines, people come here from diffirent parts of the country just to have a taste of this fruit.

  • chavelly97.chonga

    0mg, i always wanted to find and taste and smell bean boozled because, i think they tase nasty but i would love to try them and eat them. soooooooooo i would like to find where they are and buy them. people who read my messageand if you know where they sell them just send me a email at [email protected] and send me pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  • cessy

    durian really smell awful but the candy even the fruit really taste great…it should not even be place here because in the first place the candy came from the fruit. compare it with tuna tidbits or the gorilla booger..the name makes me want to throw up already!or the candies with the insects on it!thats disgusting!

  • cessy

    and mind you…durian is so abundant here in the Philippines and I HAVE TASTED IT…both the candy and the fruit!so I KNOW what I’am talking about.

  • djJD

    I got a box of Crick-Ettes as a gift and ate one. The subtle taste only suggests you gag; while the mashed freeze-dried cricket stays lodged in the grooves of your teeth, ensuring the suggestion lasts all day long. In retrospect it was totally worth the experience.

    p.s. no boils yet…

  • KooKooKaed

    Ive gotten crick-ettes before, i actually quite liked them and they grossed out my friends which made it worth it

  • sugen

    candies…do we have candida candies?

  • mickey

    heres the problem with your list. most of these if not all of these items are actually ment to be novelty items. the ear wax and scabs…the jelly beans and yes even the ones the bugs in them. however in other places of the world what you concider a bad idea as a candy the locals may think is amazing!!

  • tri9591

    I’m not sure about other countries in the South East Asia, but here in Vietnam, people actually have heated debate about whether durian smell bad or good. Many doesn’t really care about the smell (me for example). Of course many many say it smell bad but there are plenty who LOVES the smell. The point is, durian is banned on public transport in Singapore because the smell is VERY hard to get rid of once it’s set and it’s a controversial smell too. So they choose the safest method: to ban it. Being ban on public transport doesn’t mean it smell bad, it’s just controversial (in this case, at least). Take smoking for example and you’ll see.

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  • Sputnik

    Oh man! I’ve never had the BeanBoozled, but I had the Bertie Botts’! That was SO funny. Me and my uncle, David, got some. My uncle, Jimmy, (David’s older brother…who was acting very out-of-character here) said that we could get them, but we had to “get rid” of all of them.
    So, we get out to the car and David asks for a dirt flavored bean and he eats it and freaks out! He thought that they were jokes and they didn’t really taste like that. He also described the soap flavor as “like lemon dishwashing soap” and the dirt as “just like a mouth-full of dirt”.
    …I think Jimmy made us throw the rest away…

  • Parker

    I tried the Sucker with the bug inside.. the actual sucker was not bad at all.. then while i was eating it i felt the bug leg and thought i was going to vomit.. and i couldnt finish it. on the other hand i got a Vomit dirt and ear wax flavored jelly beans… and that was the worst experience ever… dont even take the chance in eating them. its gross.

  • Anxx

    This “salty licorice” you’re talking about has it’s own name, you know. ;) And it’s not even the same as licorice. Also, it’s not only Dutch, people in Nordic Countries (Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark) like them as well. It’s usually called salmiac or sal ammoniac.

  • gabi

    I LOVE durian! this is off-topic but I swear it comes back around. In high school, we had a marine biology consortium, took a trip and the more daring of us jumped in the sulfur marshes. That place smells disgusting and the stink clings but your skin felt baby soft. Why? Because it was the same mud they use in beauty spas. The only difference is $200 not spent and that it was unprocessed, pure mud. Same applies for durian… in it’s fresh (haha, fresh) fruit form it smells like toe jam and skunk roadkill but if it’s prepared properly, you can’t smell anything unusual. And to me it tastes kind of like butterscotch pudding without the extreme levels of highly refined sugar. yum yum for durian.

    Jelly beans are just wrong, especially in hodgepodge form. I’m not adventurous to enjoy the anticipation of the Bean. I gagged on popcorn flavored ones and that’s from a regular set. From a Bertie Bot’s box, I had earthworm and it was disgusting. Tasted just like it. How do I know? I was a stupid child who refused to ever back down from a dare…

  • :)

    i’m a filipina and would like to argue about durian candies. the fruit stinks, yeah, but the candy is very different. it doesn’t contain that rotten smell or odor, plus, the taste is really good. you guys gotta try it :)

  • sisa

    Yeah i got it!Durian Candy is Number 2 from the List coz i strongly agree!Though a lot of people say “it may taste like hell but once tasted it smells like heaven”

  • sisa

    Excuse me whoever wrote that it may smells like Hell but mind you once u taste it It taste like Heaven….and it shouldn’t be in the list of the most disgusting candy though it smells bad but the TASTE is NOT disgusting!

  • Swedish

    Well, actually being from Europe Salt Licorice Candy is actually very popular here.It tastes very well indeed! It´s exceedingly popular in Scandinavia and Holland.
    And about the Crickets; I have tried them and they tastes just like any salty snack! No problem here, except maybe from the disgusted protests… of bystanders…

  • Cernunnos

    “moses and the jews” never walked in any dessert.

    and there are certainly grosser candies out there than salty licorice. i find this list extremely biased.

  • Ashley R

    urgh…just the word tuna makes me gag! and the smell/taste makes me throw up!

    haha you should make a “top ten worst foods” list! that’d be a good one :D

  • Durianfruit

    okay the durian is a disgusting tasting smelling fruit… raw cooked and seasoned it it is one of the best tasting fruits

  • Hay

    no…… durian sweets shouldnt even be here! it’s a nice sweet!

  • spike

    earwax? *gag*

  • noone

    The BeanBoozled things are similar to the novelty Bertie Bott’s every Flavor Beans (based on the candies in Harry Potter), except they tell you what those flavors are.

  • Missyhelen

    These candies must be really popular in more remote parts of the world. As for the Durian fruit, I have no problem believing that people like that. I’ve seen foods from Asia that doesn’t even come close to any fruit in terms of how disgusting it is. Partially developed goose fetus? Snakes blood? Silkworm soup? If I ever go to Asia I’ll take the Durian! :)

  • porkido

    Anyone still defending Bush is a retard. And durian ice cream is disgusting!

  • Hoppip

    Dubbel-Zout actually sounds good… Mmmm, salty licorice.

  • firham74

    About durian – the smell may need getting used to but the taste is really pleasant. Depending on the variety, it can be in the varying degrees of sweetness or a combination of sweetness with a tinge of sour. Asians, by and large, aren’t bothered by the smell and the reason it’s prohibited in hotels in Singapore is because western tourists would complain about the smell.

    If any of you want to taste durian but think can’t take the smell, just pinched your nose when sampling it. Try it. Hundreds of millions of south-east Asians can’t be wrong, can they ?

  • gabi319

    227. firham74 – Asians, by and large, aren’t bothered by the smell and the reason it’s prohibited in hotels in Singapore is because western tourists would complain about the smell.

    I’ve a picture from bus or something (found this on the internet)… it says those icons and underneath says something to the effect of “No Smoking, No loud music, No eating, No Durian”.

    As far as the candies… smell is dependent on quality of candy. There are a few durian candies I’ve had where the smell is almost nonexistant.

  • Ash-hole

    Your not a vegetarian if you eat tuna

  • gabi319

    229. Ash-hole – “Your not a vegetarian if you eat tuna”

    Where is this coming from? It’s a list about candy.
    But yes, you’re right. They are technically labeled pescetarians.

    I bolded that as a subtle reminder of you’re and your….

  • gabi: very subtle. And the reference was #4 on the list.

  • gabi319

    aha… I thought it was a response to a comment so instead of checking list content, I went and skimmed through the 200+ comments again… Thanks Crimanon!

    Ok, apparently I’m not that great at subtlety…so sue me. haha ;-)

  • Kaps92

    Durian candy is not that all bad. I like eating those treats. Its not really foul and really tastes good! Promise! depends on the variety really of the durian which gives off the smell but for me they are all really good!

  • swills

    mother nature designed tuna for vegetarians? ummm vegetarians don’t eat fish! if they do..they aren’t vegetarians…

  • Sexytime


  • Sexytime


  • rain

    Durian is a famous fruit in Southern Philippines. . . They say It Smells like Hell But Tastes like Heaven. . . Durian is sweet but smells bad. . .

  • Hex

    Durians taste nice. Much nicer then the candy itself. My grandad taught me how to crack it open =D

  • zouioch

    Durian candy does not deserve even being in the list. Sure, it stinks like hell, but it tastes like heaven! You should try some – just make sure to pinch your nose while you’re still not eating it.

  • Theo

    I was in Holland last year doing the Nijmegen marches and people stand on the roads handing out sweets and I thought yum wine gums but no i got Dubbel Zout, the most replusive thing i’d ever eaten.

  • Dropje

    I have a big bag of Dubbel Zout imported from the Netherlands about once a year. It’s irresistible! Even when the headaches start, I just have to keep eating.

  • boston

    I dont care, NECCO wafers are by far the worst thing ever created. Not just candy

  • Marc

    Mary Janes not only tasted like rotten peanut shells, they were also incredibly difficult to chew.

  • Dustfinger

    I’ve had those jelly beans that are supposed to taste like vomit, grass, ear wax, etc, but they really don’t actually taste like those things. Most of them actually taste pretty good to me.

  • call me d

    this is one of the most offensive posts i have ever read

  • Liza

    I don’t get the problem with the Dubbel Zouts, but then again those of my friends who’ve been to America all complained that your licorice sucked, is it really true you only like very very sweet licorice? I mostly prefer the salty ones, very refreshing

  • Okami

    Durians? You think durians are shit? Retard, why don’t you try eating one before you judge it you crapass moron.

  • Karasu

    I’ve personally tried the durian candies while in New York’s Chinatown. Upon putting the putrid thing in my mouth I automatically spit it out, wrapped it back in it’s wrapper, and put it in my purse without thinking. A few hours later my purse reeked of volatile durian. It not only tastes bad, but even the candy has the capability of harnessing durian’s smell!

  • dragonic

    i had a lollypop with a cricket in it but never ate it before my mom threw it out, now it makes me wanna slap myself. i also told my dad to get me some durian from the asian market nearby, telling him about how it smells bad but tastes good, he said that anything that smells bad can’t taste good, so i’ve never tried durian, either :'( gosh darnit. I WANT A BUG LOLLY!

  • Anon

    Durian candy is actually delicious.

    Don’t knock it till you tried it.

    And no smell whatsoever.

  • billy

    i want the creation of pig poo bites :D

  • WWEdeadman

    the BeanBooozled at the end remind me of “Bertie Bott’s every flavour Beans” from the Harry Potter Books. I WANT THEM!

  • Cecilie

    about nr. 8. It’s a central and northern european thing. If you’re not from around there, you wouldn’t understand. In my opnion salty licorice is divine.. don’t bitch it until you tried, which I highly doubt you have ?!
    din røv!

  • Timmeah

    I’m from Holland and I really like the Dubbel Zout :) (and liquorice in general :P). Not everybody here likes it though..

    btw, Dubbel Zout literally means ‘Double Salt’

  • micky

    I assume Dubbel Zout is somekinda salmiac which would make it very very yummy. Here in Finland salmiac, or salmiakki as we call it, is probably the most popular type of candy and it comes in many different varieties. Perhaps the most popular of these among adults is salmiakkikossu, salmiac flavoured vodka. :)

    Wikipedia article

  • leaptc

    Grew up on the tuna candy. As disgusting as it sounds, you are missing something special if you have never had it.

  • Brojam

    I’ve eaten those crick-ettes before. So they’re bugs… so what? That doesn’t mean they taste terrible. They taste exactly like Sour Cream & Onion chips.

  • Felix D

    lol I ate those bean-boozled jellybeans! They really were terrible. I kept going until I got to the rotten egg flavor and then I threw the whole packet out…

  • Theodora

    Hey, durians ARE nice. I’mma Sinagporean. =/ And to me, the smell’s appealing. Guess it’s just one of those weird things.

    Only thing that sounds truly disgusting in this list to me is the Ear Wax Candy. That just sounds uber, UBER, gross. Bleack.

  • den

    the no. 1 is lame.

  • kweng

    many people describes durian as “smells like hell, tastes like heaven” i’m from a country where this is really popular, and believe me, it’s incredibly delicious..i’ve tried the candy myself, and it tastes really good and actually doesn’t stink like the real fruit

    ant candies. ew.

  • reen

    i am malaysian. i realy like durian, 1 of my favourite fruit. it so yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy….

  • LPizza

    I really like Durian too. I’ve had the candy before, as well && I think the smell is something I just got use to. To me, it really doesn’t smell that bad, i guess you have to have grown up with it or something. It’s different for everyone.

  • c

    Oh come onnnn!! Durians are awesome! They don’t smell that bad – they actually has a sweetish smell to it… Only thing is that it sticks to you for a long time after and there’s this rubbish-like after smell which is something a LOT of people are willing to put up with because it tastes so damn amazing. And what you could do to not get the smell on you is to eat it with a spoon…

    Durian candy doesn’t smell like durian at all by the way. Tastes alright but give me real durian anyday :)

    And you are soo right about licorice… Now that makes me wanna puke LOL!

  • CI

    Whats with the durian haters?

    You lot just didn’t grow up with it.

  • LEVI

    I’m from Southeast Asia…..

    It’s true that durian smells bad but its taste is very delicious. It defies the rule in food that, “If a food smells good, it tastes good.”

    I agreee with kweng….durian smells like hell but tastes like heaven…..

    To the moderator of this site, I suggest you taste the candy first, even the fruit and maybe you will change your perception about durian…oh and one thing…PUTANG INA MO!!!!!

  • CanadianGirl

    I don’t EVER want to try any of these candies…
    I know several people that have eaten flavoured crickets, and apparently their disgusting. And I don’t care how good a durian tastes, but I don’t ever want to eat anything that smells like garbage.

  • LEVI

    to canadiangirl:

    so why then you eat your boyfriend’s dick and spermies if you don’t want to eat anything that smells garbage???

  • D

    LEVI: uncalled for man. people have a right to their opinions. making it personal doesn’t say too much about your character. anyways its not like your profiting from the sale of durians so just agree to disagree! but i do agree it tastes much better than the smell!

  • CatChick1964

    @LEVI (268):

    I cannot believe you just said that. How pathetic can you get. “D” said it right when he/she questioned your character… if you have any.

    I like to debate other peoples beliefs and knowledge on some of the subjects here on LV as much as anyone… but your comment is a downright insult to CanadianGirl and truly pissed me off.

    You should be banned from LV and your i.p. address tagged to keep you away forever.

  • Mongoose

    @CatChick1964 (270):

    I think your just angry because no guy has ever asked you to have a suck on his equipment. We should be thanking Levi for bringing some humor into our lives.

  • D

    hehe humor is one thing but takinga punt at someone unknown for no apparent reason is something else!

  • catchick

    @Mongoose (271):

    Oh spare me pulleeeze… you call that humor??? That would put you on the same level with Levi…and I for one refuse to stoop so low.

    It wasn’t funny. It was an insult. And you not one thing about me you moronic and pathetic excuse for a human being. So keep your nasty comments to yourself.

  • Prince Phillip

    Durian’s smell is strong and does sticks to its surrounding for days (hence the banning) but not at all bad.
    In Malaysia, the smell of Durian makes us drool…and the taste..oh,heaven!
    That’s why we call it the King of Fruits!
    besides eating it raw,we mix it with chilli to make a hot dipping called ‘Sambal Tempoyak’ which can be turned into a dish called ‘Gulai Lemak Tempoyak Ikan Patin’ – that Durian+Chilli+Coconut Milk+A type of saltwater fish called patin..oooh…droool…
    It’s the durian season now in Malaysia. oh yeah!

  • C

    Durian fruit may smell bad but it actually tastes really good. I used to love eating it when my parents brought some home.

  • _-DAN-_

    So how are gross jellybeans worse than flavored crickets?

  • saber25

    hey man durian is not like that bad. it tastes good also. dont mind the smell. but it tastes good here in the philippines. especially davao.

  • What no…?

    Its so funny to me that as I read this list, I had a box o’ BeanBoozled next to me, received as a gag gift. (I’m Mexican, hence the gag) Nasty stuff. The Skunk Spray REALLY smells like it. The absolute worst is Baby Wipes…It absolutely smells just like a perfumed baby wipe. I really did gag after that one. I live in the “Danish Capital of America” and Danes do like their gross candy also. Turish Pepper is really bad, more so than BeanBoozled IMO… I also tried something (can’t remember the name) that was a candied version of sardines. Yes, sardines. I think that’s the worst tasting thing I’ve ever put in my mouth besides this girl I once went down on named Amber Phillips.

  • Happypants78

    I’ve actually had the crickettes, my boss brought them back from the New York candy show. They tasted fine, and were crunchy like sunflower seeds. However…. when I looked in a mirror later and saw a leg between my teeth….that grossed me out.

  • efifheoijf

    beanboozled is the greatest thing ever. no joke. i love pencil shavings flavour :D

  • Toemaytow

    My friend just brought me the Crick-ettes XD I’m still trying to find the courage to eat them

  • Jeez

    there’s also a Japanese candy, don’t remember what it’s called, but it’s made of dried plums, salt, and (I kid you not) pepper and some other stuff too). It is hard as hell and the package I have says it’s healty for your kids. It tastes disgustingly salty-sweet – it tastes like umeboshi, for those who ever ate it and know the taste (some people -mostly Japanese- actually like this taste for some reason). I give it to unsuspecting friends and family, it’s always funny to see their reaction.
    The package looks kind of like this: (it’s not the same one as I have, but it’s the same type of candy)
    And this is what the actual candy looks like:

  • platinum ninja

    XANTHIUS: Skunk Spray, Moldy Cheese, Baby Wipes, Rotten Egg, Vomit, and more. And guess what? They really taste like their names——–

    so you’ve tried all of these? now thats disgusting.. lol. jk..

    great list tho. durian isnt that bad. it tastes good. strong odor tho. but the candy doesnt even smell like it anymore.. i think.. :P

  • saber25

    @ Jimiho (3):
    Fuck you man you said that Durian was bad but I’m a journalist here in the Phil. and they make great Durian candies here and taste very delicious be more careful when you comment along with other bad comments on Durian. I Don’t know what you want, If you want money I can give what you wish, but if still comment bad about Durian, I will find you… And I’ll personally gonna fuck you up!
    (Spoof from the movie Taken)

  • Looool

    LOL to 282. That’s sour dried seasoned plums. There is no PEPPER in dried plums, you nitwit. There are variations of sweetness and sourness to different types of plums. If you go to Asian super markets, to be at least 10 types in the dried packaged snacks isle. Green tea, black sugar, honey, etc. etc. flavors. People that like these dried plums will tell you that the sourness of these plums have a very refreshing quality, especially in the very hot weather typical in parts of Asia. North Americans must realize you guys have the highest rates of obesity, while morbid obesity is rarely seen in asia… there must be a correlation between this and the snacking preference made by North Americans (sugary, oily, food coloring stuffed snacks). Compare: choosing a Twinkie/Hoho vs choosing “Tasty Tuna Tidbit”. One is sugary, oily, artificially flavored and contains hardly any nutrition. The other is made of whole pieces of dried, seasoned lean tuna. Open up your mind and realize these “Disgusting” candies are actually not disgusting, and wont make you disgustingly FAT.

  • saber25

    Can you even guess how many scorpions did the manufacturer of hotlix candy killed? I mean they’ll gotta go to the desert and chase all of them before they even make the candy. Fried spiders and worms taste delicous too. But it’s not candy

  • Having My Say
  • Karl

    @champ24 (22):

    I agree with you. I agree to all the people there on the comments section who think that durian candy is very tasty. I mean, yes, it has a very rotten smell, but it tastes good on the inside. Westerners are always distracted by the bad smell of the durian when they eat the fruit. Durian is one of my favorite flavors of candy. The taste is soooo good that I am addicted to it. And whenever my parents bring a durian at home, I get excited. Also, it’s Singapore’s fault why many westernenrs think that the durian tastes disgusting. Oh, and just one thing to clarify.:

    Who agrees with me on this one???^

    @CanadianGirl (267): Oh, and CanadianGirl, please try durian candy. It’s soooo tasty. And the durian fruit, to. Just don’t mind the smell.

  • Kelsey

    PLEASE someone! I need to know of a online store that sells the ear wax candy, I have searched and i beleive they do not sell them anymore. PLEASE if you know of a online retailer that sells this candy, e-mail me at: [email protected]

  • navi_blu

    i would just like to say something about #2..i live in the philippines,particularly in davao city where durian is very abundant..i admit,i don’t like the smell,and it’s not allowed in hospitals and hotels.but it actually tastes good.
    but in contrary, the candy doesn’t smell anything like the’s actually sweet and delectable.i should know.i don’t eat the fruit itself, but i am a fan of the should try it..a lot of tourists from all over the world have tried it and liked it..even my friends in california ask me to send them some once in a while…just thought i’d share it with you..the candy isn’t bad at all..

  • jo

    Hmmmmm. Amazing how this list caused so much controversy. Lol. Well. I don’t really see the insult. Just cause u eat it doesn’t mean it isn’t disgusting. I’m from the caribbean. I’m sure we eat lots of stuff other ppl would find disgusting. For instance. We eat crabs. Many ppl found that disgusting. Is it in fact disgusting? Probably. Do I give a crap? No! So maybe the list shouldn’t be taken so personally eh?

  • Mag

    I love durian candy ! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it ! Hah

  • MohawkJim

    ok, I understand how some of these foods can be understood as bad, but you don’t have to just totally rip on everything about them, or on the people that eat them.

  • Pinoy

    Durian doesn’t smell that bad. And it tastes awesome. It’s sweet.

  • Audrey

    Here, we’ve seen Peanut Butter Gum (with real peanut butter in the middle for that extra chewer)& Balogna Bubble Gum (meat gum. yuck.)
    There’s some real sick stuff out there.
    And I’ve seen those bugsuckers here in the Insectarium too. blehh.

  • therush

    My girlfriend is 1/2 Swedish and Swedes have a candy much like DZ. It tastes exactly like salt but she fucking loves it.

  • Will

    I love durian. It is famous for being one of the best tasting fruits in the world. It’s very sweet, and has the consistency of a custard apple once you get past the thick spiky shell. It grows in a few Asian countries, closer to the tropics. Very common here in Australia too, although I don’t think it’s grown here.

  • brubbish223

    thats weirdly funny!

  • katie123

    The bean boozled jelly beans are dangerous- yet hilarious! My friends and I played a sort of “russian roulette” with them. We each had to put one in our mouth and chew. Then we guessed who had the gross ones. It was funny…until you got a gross one. Needless to say, we only played once.

  • Niknak

    Hey, that’s not fair! most of the things that you mentioned on your list are just culturally different then what Americans are use to. so, don’t bash them just because you can’t handle the taste or even the idea of them.

    plus, durian tastes really good. just because it smells so disgusting, doesn’t mean that it tastes bad as well. :\

  • Talim

    Ewwies! I already hate tuna as it is! Why make it into candy?

  • oedura

    No Mexican “candy”?

    They produce some of the most disgusting stuff imaginable.

  • Jilan

    From what others have said, I’d really love to try Durian candy. And I honestly don’t think eating insects is a bad thing. I’m only appalled when I have to eat them when they still have a body form. I’d eat it if it was crunched up. I bet everyone would, especially if they didn’t know what it was. I just wouldn’t eat any of that earwax candy, scab candy, or tuna candy. For me, meat + sweet = a no no.

  • sawdust

    i LOVE durian candy. SERIOUSLY, it tastes really good.

  • Just because durians smell bad doesn’t mean they taste bad too…

  • @LEVI: tapang mo dude!

  • combatactionbarbie

    Durian fruit…while the smell is truly vomit inducing and replusive is actually quite delicious. you just have to get past the smell…much like most americans do with liver or similar items.

  • krang touc

    Durian, the king of fruits.

    Not only do we have durian candy, but there seems to be a dozen varieties of it already.

    We also have durian milkshakes and ice cream.

  • jigjug

    Durian smells bad but it really taste good!!

  • urly

    Licorice is awsome! The only reason you hate it is because you have clearly never tasted real licorice! Try real Icelandic licorice and your opinion might just change because it's awsome!

  • XepptizZ

    What a subjective and opinionized article. I have tasted durian and Dubbel Zout. Neither any favorite any time soon, but hardly as bad as stated. I would happily try any candy on that list, as food should be about the taste and the healthaspects ofcourse. Any prejudice thought which prohibits a possibility for a great experience is a loss and a shame.

    And tuna being a food for hippies? What a closeminded ludicrous thing to say. It is used a lot for sushi and cooked or raw, I love the suble savoury taste and juicy texture. But it’s save to assume the writer of the article will frown upon sushi aswell.

    Having that said, tehre are enough “normal” foods which I wouldn’t dare to eat which contain healthhazards, but are simply ignored. One of the more disgusting ones being that all Kellog’s secials have grounded up metal bits. I actually have extracted these using a magnet.

    Either way, I find this a rediculous list.

  • Thomas

    "Tuna was invented by mother nature for hippy vegetarians.."

    Vegetarians don't eat animals. In case you weren't taught this in kindergarten, fish are animals.

  • KelsiJo

    Well think about this: if you have a foot fetish, and you smell someones feet that smelled like…. Durian, would you want to eat durian after that?

  • Kit

    Hey the jellybeans are actually tasty. Like toothpast is a nasy flavor but I think it gives you that fresh morning feel. OK vomits gross but there are much worse flavors. Pencil Shavings, Skunk Spray, LICORICE….YUCK, Rotten Eggs, Booger( I wanna know how they got this flavor cause they do compare them to what the real flavor would be like). Thats just the common ones then theres dog food, baby wipes, Centipede( have not tried yet). Theres lots of flavors and most of them depend on what the person likes.

  • Jillato

    100% agreed with everything on this list especially licorice

  • bong

    Durian candy doesnt smell at all.
    Its very delicious too.
    Most of the list was spot on but your spreading lies about the durian candy.
    Durain as a fruit does smell bad BUt when its cooked or prepared as candy it doesn't smell
    and its taste is very very good.

  • xavier

    # 8 "but a lot of people voted for George Bush too – it doesn’t make it right" … How is that Hope and Change working out for you and the 20% of American unemployed? Bush was bad, we realize now it can get much worse.

  • Mathias

    Durian is awesome to taste. As a westerner, who has lived in Malaysia for a while, I can say that it does smell absolutely repulsive. But the saying is true: " Smells like Hell, but tastes like Heaven!" The first time I tried it I also had to gag because of the smell, and I was nervous about putting something that smelly in my mouth, but it tastes amazing!

  • Aponilola

    Aww… I think durian is delicious. The smell might be strong but it’s not THAT bad – and it especially does NOT smell like pig shit or gym socks.

    Homemade durian candies and other delicacies are also the BEST! If you really want to appreciate the taste of durian in candy, stay away from those sold in supermarkets. Those no longer have the durian “spirit” to them. :-) Most are just plain sugar, condensed milk and durian flavoring. Homemade ones do not have as strong a smell as the fruit itself but they contain REAL durian flesh and they taste DELICIOUS.

    Anyway, back to the list, I think I could eat those with insects in them but I don’t think I’ll be able to stand the taste of human “waste” (vomit, diapers…). X(

  • Gin

    ive had the criketes theyre actually really good :)

  • AnimeKiss

    I never liked jelly beans :S

  • CJ

    What? no toe cheese candy?

  • Butil

    WHAT THE F?! Have you tasted a Durian Candy?! I think you should try one before making a horrible statement like that!

  • Emily

    Hey, just wanted to mention that Dubbel Zout doesn't actually have salt in it, just tastes salty. And I love it.

    I wonder about durian candy, I like durian ice cream :D

  • Josh

    Love the List Universe. Find myself on here everyday, but sometimes I can’t get past the inappropriate political comments. I for one did vote for Bush, and I like licorice! I feel that both were right.
    Conclusion: love the lists and categories, just don’t feel political rants should be included.

  • Kat

    Yeah, yeah, I'm late to the party. I just had to say that I personally found this list to be childishly written and ridiculous. Maybe if you would write the facts instead of coming off like an spoiled angry teenager, I'd be more inclined to like this article.

  • pount

    You have to add your little political views, don't you. I was promised a list on the top ten most disgusting candies, not your views. I don't go on listverse for people's views, I'll go on other sites for that. Do you really think you're that important that people want to hear your views?

  • danF

    I had those Bean Boozled, Il admit it was very funny but i nearly vomited on several occassions. The rotten egg ones were the worst. We put them all in a pot and took turns picking one to eat at work. the look on peoples faces after a couple of bites was priceless

  • Xizi Luo

    I've had #2, #3 and #4. They are half as bad as you make them out to be. I actually enjoyed the crickets. Crunchy and probably much healthier than chips. P.S. "korea" is supposed to be Korea.

  • Kaka

    whoever wrote this list must be 12 years old! I had words like "racist" and "childish" pop into my head while reading this terrible crap.

  • A Random Person

    I tried to read this as if it was some kind of sarcastic joke, but when I realized the entire article was written in the same fashion I realized it wasn't a joke. The author seems to suffer from a self-centered view on the world, that anyone who disagrees must be wrong. I'm not guessing, s/he actually states this by saying that people who like licorice are wrong.

    What got to me most was the stuff that was just factually incorrect. Not only is the author ignorant, but chooses to remain in this state by refusing to do a little fact-checking.
    1. Vegetarians don't eat fish. Fish is an animal, vegetarians don't eat animals (hence the name). This is a failure to understand the definition of the word. The author must have meant "pescetarians," people who only eat seafood as their meat. I hope the author knows just how widely used tuna is, though.
    2. "Moses and the Jews" did not eat locusts. The first mention of locust consumption in the Bible is in the New Testament, and some believe it's a reference to the locust tree, not the insect. Locusts were one of the plagues unleashed upon Egypt during Moses' time, though.
    3. Crickets are not locusts, so why the author mentions locusts when talking about crickets doesn't make sense in the first place.
    4. The Crick-Ettes product is sour cream & onion flavor…clearly not a candy. This should not be on the list to begin with.
    5. The author failed to mention the flavor of durian, only citing a review of the scent. That's why durians are banned in many public places: because of the SMELL (something being banned because of the taste doesn't even begin to make sense). Those familiar with durian may have heard the phrase, "Hell on the nostrils, Heaven on the tongue," indicating that durian's strong scent is in stark contrast to its flavor…in other words, it tastes good. Durian is considered a "reward" for those who can brave the scent.
    6. Actually, it makes perfect sense to make a candy out of durian. The candied version will be able to minimize the durian smell so that more people can enjoy its flavor.

    Couple these factually wrong pieces with simple errors like not capitalizing proper nouns (like "Korea"), and this ends up being less of a review about candy and more of a rant about the author feeling his/her opinion is law.

    I do agree that the jelly beans belonged as number 1 on the list, and that was the point: they were designed to be disgusting. Why? As a release inspired with the Harry Potter book series. I haven't read the books or seen the movies, I only know that this is a Harry Potter tie-in because it clearly is written right on the jelly bean box.

    I'm surprised this is allowed on the website. Isn't there some kind of editing process, or does anything go?

    • tintreas

      Hear hear.

  • rudylenanino

    Actually, Durian candies don't taste bad. They're sweet and delicious. And the smell? They NEVER really smell like pig-shit! They just have that strong stench but once you tasted it, you will surely like it.. It's just like "Don't judge a book by its cover".. :) _r",)

  • mel

    Durians required exquisite taste, it’s not smelly. it’s delicious. so shut your fucking mouth.

  • Chickadee

    Haha, I know a candy shop where you can get the crick-ettes and the scorpion candy. They also have lollipops with worms and stuff in them. :)
    It is actually a really good shop though…

  • eadfaf

    Lol. durian candy is not disgusting unless you smell the fruit

  • Kim

    hotlix and ant candy, whoa!! definatly gotta be on top 3 yuck! who would eat that!

  • Dutchie

    I really have to disagree on this list. How can somebody not like Dubbel Zout licorice. I love it! It is quite common in Holland to eat this.

  • Joe

    Crick-Ettes actually taste pretty good! :)

  • Benjie

    The list can be misleading! The title should have the disclaimer: ACCORDING TO THE WRITER! I’ve noticed that most of those who commented (yes i read all 357) have not even tried the candies and they have already convinced themselves that they will never try the candies. Too bad for you guys. Trying food out is an adventure very much like doing bungee jumping or other extreme sports.

    Durian candy in the Philippines is good. It is really sweet and does not have a smell. The other SE countries version may be different (i.e. less sugar, smell included, taste exactly like, etc) so saying that durian candy is bad in general may be too hasty a generalization.

  • Anon

    Here is the thing. Singapore bans durians for the greater good of everyone else who cannot take the smell, but it doesn’t mean Singaporeans don’t like it.

    Also, if you are referring to the article on Wikipedia about durians, I’m pretty sure you failed to mention the part where one writer appreciates the taste.

    “The five cells are silky-white within, and are filled with a mass of firm, cream-coloured pulp, containing about three seeds each. This pulp is the edible part, and its consistence and flavour are indescribable. A rich custard highly flavoured with almonds gives the best general idea of it, but there are occasional wafts of flavour that call to mind cream-cheese, onion-sauce, sherry-wine, and other incongruous dishes. Then there is a rich glutinous smoothness in the pulp which nothing else possesses, but which adds to its delicacy. It is neither acid nor sweet nor juicy; yet it wants neither of these qualities, for it is in itself perfect. It produces no nausea or other bad effect, and the more you eat of it the less you feel inclined to stop. In fact, to eat Durians is a new sensation worth a voyage to the East to experience. … as producing a food of the most exquisite flavour it is unsurpassed.”

    To each his own, but I’ll ask you to at least provide both sides to the story before claiming something.

  • tintreas

    Why in hell would a vegetarian eat tuna? Its in the name love; tuna is not veg.

    The most closed minded and opinionated claptrap i’ve seen on a list yet.

  • din

    i actually eat durian candy. it’s not that bad. but it doesnt taste as good as the actual durian fruit.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I ate Crick-Ettes before and they’re not pretty bad. Some guy in this candy shop at Old-Town Sacramento was giving out free samples of chocolate covered crickets.

    It’s really crunchy and like that Crunch chocolate. Sorry for any grammar mistakes, Im tired right now :(

  • Laurence

    I don’t really think that the durian candy is gross………. It actually tastes good :P

  • Marisa

    Salted liquorice is the bomb!

  • jin

    i made my classmates try that beanboozled before, and they all spat it out XD except for those lucky ones who got the right flavours.

  • meryl

    Durian candy is pretty popular in our country especially in the south where durian trees are grown. I don’t know if there’s another variation of the candy but in the Philippines we mix the small durian bits (sometimes the jam) with sugar and milk and cook them until their hardened. It quite tasty. It tastes like sweetened milk with a distinct but good aftertaste.

  • Reason

    This is without a doubt the most pointless and poorly formulated list I have encountered on this site. The author shows exceptional potency for crushing objectivness, irrational disgust and weak humor. Their acknowledgment that taste and appreciation are subjective, followed by the bold statement that all opinions that run contrary to theirs are wrong, make my stomach churn. I truly hope that your fingers become entangled in something spinning and sharp to prevent you from inflicting your irrelevant and idiotic opinions on further members of the public via a keyboard, you hopeless, malformed peasant.

  • Kayleigh

    My boyfriend is Dutch and brought over a huge bag of Dubbel Zout… it’s vile.. my mum likes it though!

  • Bluementrit

    The Durian candy is delicious, yummy, tasty, and doesn’t emit any foul odor plus it is a healthy treat for the health-conscious people out there ’cause it is made from the fruit Durian.

    The Durian fruit however does emit foul odor, on the contrary the fruit is indeed tasty, yummy, and delicious too plus it offers a lot of health benefits.

  • CelestialMe

    Can you puhleaaze, try the durian first then eat it? -____-” Its taste is not as bad as the smell y’know… So #2 is completely ridiculous…

  • MeeMoe

    Durian candy is actually quite good. It only has a very subtle durian smell and it’s milky creamy and really sweet.

  • awesome, this is such a great website!!!!!

  • victimofcircumstance

    Durian? I disagree. I ate a durian candy and it smelled nothing like the fruit.

  • sonofevil

    salmiak and liquorice are the most awesome kinds of candy ever, you know, for grown ups, not wusses like you

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  • randomhuman

    dude, the smell stinks, but the fruit inside (behind that horrific smell) heavenly tastes good… judging books because of its cover page… silly…

  • Ladybug

    Ants and crickets are popular snack foods in some countries–ever heard of chocolate covered ants? This list reflects american food bigotry if ever I’ve heard it. It is perfectly safe to eat crickets and ants, there is no reason they would not be approved for consumption. Our country is highly prejudiced against eating insects, worms, larvae and other crawling, wiggling critters (even after they are dead), but it doesn’t mean that they are “bad” for you.

    As far as the last food, the jellybeans, that could have been prompted by the Harry Potter stories, which featured a magical jelly bean mix which was described as exactly like these. Some kids would want them just for the tie-in,

  • bugilator from Negros Occidental Philippines

    your description of the durian in #2 is in a way unfair. With your writing i can feel that you have not even tasted the real fruit yet. You and your western naivety. I myself hated the smell before but after tasting the fruit and acquired the taste for it, my opinion certainly changed. before you even write how disgusting one thing is, try it out first. I am utterly disappointed with your review.

  • trollolololll

    it’s only the idea , I think dubbel zout is good , lots of these are

  • Moss

    “…but they are so gross (and both are equally bad for you) that they deserve a spot here.”
    Correction: Crickets are an excellent source of protein. Also, when dipped in chocolate, they are sublime.

    BeanBoozled… Oh God, I have tried them. I think the only flavors I wasn’t scared of getting were “Pencil Shavings” and “Toothpaste.” The smell of pencil shavings is nice to me, and the toothpaste one was quite minty.
    However I did nearly barf in the middle of French class after merely nibbling one that turned out to be “Rotten Egg.”
    I don’t like licorice anyway, so I didn’t experience the “Skunk Spray” one. Thank god.
    As for why in Hell anyone would try these: the rush of taking a risk.

    And for the record, durian tastes great despite the acrid stench. :)

  • justsayin

    durian candy. the fruit smells bad but it tastes good. the candy does not smell bad and it tastes good.

  • t3 the third

    Durian just smells bad, but that’s just an iillusion, it’s very popular among South-East Asians…

  • Nickey

    I think that the idea of the scab one is ridiculous. That could happen with any candy or food or activity… this is why children wash their hands after coming inside.

  • luzalbe

    i agree with everything on the list except one….durian candy really is tasty!it may smell bad but it does taste good.

  • LaraP

    Good GOD jelly beans flavored like baby wipes? GAH! What is wrong with the world?! Okay I’m balancing this out with a positive: Here’s a lovely list of the best candy ever made (and yeah, no Skunk jelly beans either):

  • willem

    zoute drop is the best.
    but i´m from holland hahaha

  • jenna

    you should try durian candy before you can say it.

  • TheItalian

    Late poster: the Bush comment was just lame. Kind of like the list.

  • Anabel Nguyen

    Hey! I’m Asian, and sure, I might hate durian, and I might cringe whenever my mom & family go on a durian spree…but don’t hate on the durian! Durian candy is actually pretty okay…=.=’ I agree with everything except the licorice and the durian.

  • Deitra Pawley

    Why would anyone in their right mind eat anything that tasted as gross as a skunk or vomit it’s disgusting I don’t care what the appeal is if you wouldn’t. eat in real life why would you eat it in a candy

  • jinz

    in-fairness, Durian is very tasty, it has a sweet and milky taste. at 1st observance as you taste in it, you will smell obviously its odor, but it will gradually disappear as you will be used in eating. Durian is very common and popular in the Philippines.

  • I… Disagree Bean Boozled is in fact hilarious sorta like a russian roulette of candy

  • Iraida

    Nytherr on February 19, 2011 Cadillac Escalade beats Lincoln Navigator with her diegsn, Lincoln Navigator beats Cadillac Escalade with her features.

  • Random Critic

    There’s a few flaws in your logic. First of all, Singapore is strict. You’re not allowed to chew gum in public! Also, ‘the company that brought us gourmet jelly beans’ happens to be Jelly Belly. Otherwise known as the company who brought us jelly beans. Of all kinds!
    Also, you’d think that Korea was just all about sweetened dirt, the way you said it.

  • Cassy

    Hey!…Durian really tastes good…maybe you should try some…once you tastedit…you will always crave to have more…

  • leanne

    every time i hear ,read or watch someone say durian smells im like……….WAIT WHAT!????NO IT DOESNT! well maybe only a bit BUT IT SMELLS FINE TO ME AND TASTES YUMMY!

  • Durian is like a lot like Stinky tofu, the smell is unbearable when you get a whiff of it from far but once you taste it you will never want to stop eating.

  • Chloe

    The hotlix candy is actually good. I mean, first of all, a lollipop with a scorpion in it is just plain cool. And scorpions- taste good. Scorpions actually taste like chicken, if you ask me ;)

  • Sunshine

    I love Durian. Sure, it smells weird but saying “its odor is best described as pig-shit, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock” are far from the actual smell! And it tastes really good! Making candies out of it is brilliant! I dislike this list.

  • V

    Durian IS okay!! Don’t say it’s disgusting. It’s like escargots. Except durian is a fruit and escargots are snails.

  • Anonymous

    Why does #1 remind me of Harry Potter?

  • Seth McAvoy

    How does ANYTHING beat the bug candies? Oh, and just so you know, the stuff that makes Reece’s Pieces, Jelly Bellies, certain flavors of M&M, and other shiny candies shiny is made from bug poop. Don’t believe me? Google confectioners glaze.

  • Soyuz

    I’m sorry, gotta disagree with the durian candy, I mean yes it does smell bad, but it is good when made to a candy, I mean, Samuel L. Jackson loves it

  • Gatita

    I have to say that the tuna candy sounds horrible, but then I do not like fish. I’ve had durian candy (never the fresh fruit) and it’s delish! I also had some of the DZ and it’s very good also. I guess disgusting is all in one’s taste buds. Interesting list, though, thanks.

  • Mr Fallout

    I got myself a pack of Bean-Boozled recently. The “good” flavours are very nice, but the “bad” flavours are vomit inducing.

    Dog poo and maggots were some of them, but one of the so called bad flavours was Toothpaste! Toothpaste tastes awesome and so did the bean to Match, never understood that one.

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  • Chris

    Durian is THE King of Fruit – it’s the best fruit ever!!!

  • Lemon

    Dubbel zout liquorice is great! Loads of people like it in the Netherlands – it’s kind of sweet as well as salty, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! And if you think they look like drugs, what about Skittles? M&Ms? There are plenty of sweets that look like pills, or more likely, plenty of pills that look like sweets.

    Great list, though – I wouldn’t mind trying #1 for a laugh, but the rest look blegh. XD

  • i love double zout

    i love double zout there aweswome i love them wanna no why you hate them cuz your not dutch im dutch

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