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15 Incredible Japanese Show Videos

by Kreachure
fact checked by dickensgirl

Within the overpopulated world of Viral videos, a unique breed of shorts stands out of the landscape like a magnificent Mount Fuji of awesomeness. Japanese show videos are the cream of the crop in hilarious, amazing, and all-out wacky scenes caught on camera. These videos provide short but oh-so-gratifying pieces of Japanese TV goodness, and prove that Japanese television is light-years ahead of our time.


Prank on mountain Spa
japanese ski resort punk’d

There’s something very relaxing about a spa on top of a snowy mountain… except when a prank show rigs the spa house for the visitors to ‘enjoy’ an insane ride on their relaxation chairs. Some of the best dokkiri (hidden camera pranks) available on the Net.


Toilet Training for kids
Japanese Potty training Cartoon

This is what happens when you have kids watching Anime from very young. They only want to learn from cute cartoon animals and… things that should not be considered cute at all. One of those viral videos that made us westerners raise an eyebrow and laugh our asses off.


Talent act: Scuba diving
Mr Uekusa gives us a strip show with a twist! | Auditions Week 1 | Britain’s Got Talent 2018

This clip, as well as several others, come from “Kasou Taishou”, a semi-annual talent show that showcases acts by amateur performers (called ‘Human Art’ by some), rated by a panel of judges. You have to see these acts to understand just how impressive they get to be. The creativity of the artists performing in this and other acts is uncanny, as you’ll soon discover. Here we have a trip underwater as seen from behind the goggles of a scuba diver…


Japanese girls and “The Ring” prank
japanese show ring prank so funny and scary

For those who don’t already know, the movie “The Ring” is a remake of the immensely popular japanese movie “Ringu”, which made the J-Horror movie genre incredibly popular worldwide. So if you think “the video” that curses people to die in seven days is popular in the west, you can’t imagine how popular it is among the Japanese… and that includes cute innocent Japanese girls. In other words, this prank is every Japanese girl’s worst nightmare come true.


English lesson from Japan
Japanese study english funny

If bizarre is what you want in your viral videos, look no further. An insane English lesson that became very popular in viral video outlets. This video made many a westerner think, “is this really how crazy Japanese are?” and made the cultural gap a laughing matter. Possibly the joke’s on us, because the makers of this skit probably knew how ridiculous this premise was, and intentionally provided an ironic view of Japanese culture; something that got lost on many who watched this segment overseas.


In costume

Horses [Masquerade Award Official]

A very cute Kasou Taishou performance with a cool twist at the end. It starts off pretty unimpressive… apparently. I thought you’d learned by now not to underestimate Japanese shows…


Friend in the graffiti
Change Of Guard – 16022014 – Best Friend March and Japanese Graffiti No. 5

An impressive and even touching act. Yet another gem from Kasou Taishou.


This pranks video

A compilation of random pranks with a quirky Japanese twist. You won’t be disappointed.


Hokusai meets Dali

The popular painting by Katsushika Hokusai meets the ingenious mind of Salvador Dali in this Kasou Taishou act. Impressive artistic prowess in motion.


“Please be quiet at the library” game

One of the most famous Japanese videos of the Viral age. The nasty things these poor fellas go through… and they have to keep quiet while at it! Only one of the many hilarious segments from the variety comedy show “Gaki No Tsukai”.


100-person flash mob chasing random people
Funny japanese candid camera prank ~100 people lie down all at once suddenly~ YouTube

I think the title pretty much says it all. Japanese prank madness at its finest.


The reason she got mad at me

This is one of the most impressive displays of “human kabuki theatre” in an act from Kasou Taishou. It can be accurately described as ‘A Matrix food fight’.


Human Tetris
HUMAN TETRIS – Things I Don’t Need [unofficial video]

A hilarious and very original game, proving that ‘Game shows’ in Japan are way beyond what ‘game shows’ in the West are considered to be. This is only the tip of the iceberg of how wacky and funny game shows get over there. If you search ‘Japanese game show’ on YouTube, many other games with ostentatious amounts of zaniness await. And if you want more ‘human tetris’, use those search words on YouTube and you’ll find even more segments from this game show.


Olympic highlights
Japan’s Uchimura wins Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Individual All Around gold

Amazing. You will be thoroughly impressed by the complexity of the act, and the skill of these performers.


“Matrix ping pong”
Matrix Ping Pong

The video that started it all. An action-packed ping pong match that changed the landscape of viral videos forever. I remember how watching the ‘cinematic’ effects in this one literally took my breath away. This short but amazing act made millions around the world drop their jaws in utter awe and admiration, and opened the golden gates to the wonderful world of Japanese show viral videos. The rest is history.

Contributor: Kreachure

fact checked by dickensgirl