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Top 10 Unusual Uses For Peanut Butter

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

Peanut butter is for some, food of the gods. It can be eaten with chocolate, it can be eaten with jam, it can be smeared on chicken, and it can even be used in drinks! It seems that the uses for the wonderful stuff are endless. So, in order to prove that that really is the case, I have put together this list of 10 uses for peanut butter that you probably don’t know. Hopefully there should be at least one or two tips here that everyone will benefit from. If you know of other great peanut butter uses, be sure to tell us in the comments.


Lube It Up

2394301013 8398Dcccaa.Jpg

Peanut butter is an excellent lubricator. If your lawnmower blades are getting a little tight and rusty – smear on some of the spread and voila – perfect lubrication. This hint is particularly useful because almost every time I need lube, I don’t have any around – but I always have a jar of peanut butter in the cupboard. It can be used for virtually all your lubrication needs.


Animal Medicine

294930900 6379Cadd11.Jpg

If you own a cat or a dog, you will know how hard it can be to get them to take their medication – especially when it is in pill form. Fortunately cats and dogs love peanut butter – so next time you have to give them some medication, mix it up with a spoonful and feed it to them. No more struggling with the animal as you hold its mouth open and try to force feed it a bitter pill.


Butter Replacement


Most recipes that use butter can be cooked with peanut butter instead. In cookies and cakes this can make a wonderful and subtle taste difference. Next time you are making fudge brownies, try using peanut butter instead – it will be like eating a huge Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. You can also stir peanut butter into a sauce instead of butter to give it a nutty finish.


Mousetrap Bait


Mice are not particularly fond of cheese – so it is strange that it is the first food people go for when they are baiting their mousetraps. What most people don’t know is that mice prefer peanut butter – how this has been proven I do not know, but the fact that peanut butter is so much cheaper than cheese, makes this tip a very handy and frugal one. So next time you need to bait a mouse trap, don’t bother loading it with camembert or 5 year aged cheddar, stick on some trusty peanut butter.


Price Tag Removal

Picture 002.Jpg

Despite the major advances in science in recent years, no one seems to have managed to invent a label that can be removed easily without leaving any glue behind. Fortunately, we have peanut butter. Rub some of the tasty spread on the label glue and rub with a cloth – it works brilliantly.


De-fish the house

Fish In Frying Pan.Jpg

If you have ever fried fish, you will know that it leaves behind a rather unpleasant fishy smell in the house. To help eradicate the smell, take a tablespoon of peanut butter after you have finished frying the fish, drop it in the frying pan and fry it off for a minute or two. The smell of peanut butter is the house is much more enjoyable than stale fish and oil.


Leather Cleaner

Plantation Sofa.Jpg

Peanut butter is an excellent cleaner for leather furniture. Just rub a small amount on and work it in in a circular motion. Remove with a buffing cloth and there you have it! The caveat to this tip is peanut-butter smelling furniture. To avoid that you might want to mix a little perfume oil in it – but not too much. Also, if you do add the perfume, make sure you don’t mix up your jars or you will end up with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that tastes like mouth wash.


Peanut Butter Cookies


This one doesn’t seem quite so weird, but it is included because these cookies use peanut butter as the main ingredient – there is no flour at all. The cookies are a mix of peanut butter, sugar, egg, and vanilla. You can even throw in a handful of chocolate chips if you wish. The resulting cookies are amazingly tasty and it only takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. You can read the full recipe here, which is also the source of the image above. The site is my sister’s, so check out the other articles too!


Gum Remover

Gumhair3 L.Jpg

While it doesn’t happen quite so often to us adults, children often end up with gum in their hair. This would normally be followed up by a lot of tugging and pulling with a comb to remove it, and the eventual chopping of the locks. But what most people don’t realize, is that peanut butter is a perfect “gum remover” – not only will it remove gum from hair, but it will remove it from carpet and any other object that is tainted with the chewy stuff. Just rub some peanut butter into the gum and you can wipe the whole mess off with a cloth.


Shave With It

Shaving Face.Jpg

Believe it or not, peanut butter makes a great shaving gel. Just apply it like you would apply the gel, and shave as normal. It works just as well and anyone that has bought a container of shaving gel will know, it is a hell of a lot cheaper. The end result is a very smooth shave and, as a bonus, the oils in the peanut butter are very good for your skin, so you don’t need to spend even more money on moisturizer for your legs or face. You might want to remember to use smooth peanut butter though – the chunky stuff doesn’t work quite as well. If you want to see this in action, a rather foul-mouthed girl has made a youtube clip of herself shaving her legs. You can view it here – but be warned – there is plenty of obscene language so it isn’t safe for work.

Contributor: JFrater

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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    • tbennett009

      I know, NASTY!

    • Tasty

      Should try the salt-free stuff… Tastes much better!

  • Schizotypical


    Do NOT feed your dog or cat peanut butter!!! It is very easy for them to asphyxiate on it. Do they think it's good? Of course! But dogs also think chocolate is good too, that is until the chocolate liqueur gets into their bloodstream.

    It might be best to prevent a terrible ending all together just by never feeding peanut butter to them. Cheese balls work great if you need to feed your pet medication.

    • ActuallySmart

      Hey dumbass, explain why there are so many peanut butter dog treats and why kong and other companies advise to but peanut butter in their toys as a treat, and chocolate does not have liquor in it, animals cant take chocolate because their body cant process theobromine (the molecule that causes sugar rush in chocolate) as fast as humans and so it causes them to die of cardiac arrest. Peanut butter cant do anything to your dog except make him fat which is why it's a "treat" (search dictionary for 'moderation'). I hate it when people who belive the peanut butter myth. Get your facts straight!

      • Peanutbutter

        I know that cats (not sure about dogs) can’t move their mouths from side to side, only up and down. So they have a VERY hard time eating peanut butter or sticky stuff like caramel. I doubt animals like peanut butter itself but love the taste. The treats aren’t real peanut butter from a jar now are they?

    • kiki

      cheese isn't good for animals either, and cats generally don't like it, or peanut butter for that matter

    • MJB

      In small amounts, such as covering a pill, it's perfectly safe. Giving your pet a huge spoonful or a whole jar is what is dangerous.

      But rats/mice/hamsters are a whole other story. Don't ever give them peanutbutter. They will choke on the smallest amounts. My sister killed her hamster that way, and I never give my rats any peanutbutter because of it.

  • DC

    'It can be used for virtually all your lubrication needs.'
    nuff said.

    • Steve

      and if you use the chunky, or even super chunky kind… well… again, Nuff said

  • Cazza


    I might try the label removing trick though, I get so annoyed when I can’t remove the label. Thanks for the tip haha

  • Ellie

    Really interesting list :)

  • jajdude

    Saturated guns on the list, g – been buttering peanut-encrusted nipples since I could afford it yo

  • jesuswept

    These are fantastic tips. Thank you. Regarding the mouse trap: MIT published a study in 1997 proving that over 83% of scientists actually just hate mice. I find it unsurprising those sick bastards discovered this extra use for peanut butter.

  • Hilmi Muzzy

    Uses of peanut butter ? this site keeps getting better and better by the minute.

    Owh and btw, who thinks of this whacky list anyway ?

  • Redcaboose

    Nice list, JFrater. I am guessing that it is the oil in the peanut butter that makes these uses possible. I love peanut butter, and eat some everyday.

  • TonyDee

    Peanut butter on one slice, plum jam on the other slice of white bread, slapped togather, and strong white tea (actually black tea with heaps of white sugar and low fat milk – not skim-milk(yuk)).

    YUM! (the only way to have sandwiches)

  • Biscuit

    Peanut butter toasties. yum!

    We could have used peanut butter on my sister. We had to cut off 6″ of hair. Great tip.

  • Caz

    Pity the stuff doesn’t taste better.

  • Frank

    Good for emergencies… but then again most of these tips are true for pretty much anything oily you happen to have in the house. Personally I avoid peanut butter, I don’t like the taste, smell or texture.

  • sharlu

    tehehehe lubrication needs :P . . cool list! I like it :D

  • astraya

    Did Confucius say anything about peanut butter?

    I had/(still have somewhere in a cardboard box in Australia) my mother’s recipe for a confection using peanut butter, honey, rice bubbles, sultanas and coconut – press into a cake tin, chill overnight and cut into squares. I thought of a variation and rolled the mix into small balls. I’ve made this to take to choir suppers on occasion. On one occasion one of the choristers complained about the size of my balls. The next week I was telling another chorister about this when anothernother chorister said “And how did she know about the size of your balls?”. I said “She’d just been nibbling on one!”.

    “We could have used peanut butter on my sister.”
    I immediately thought “We could have spread (used-peanut-butter) on my sister”.

    • kiki

      what are rice bubbles?

      • Girlflash

        Rice Krispies or puffed rice cereal

  • astraya

    DC comment 8: ‘It can be used for virtually all your lubrication needs.’

    That “virtually” makes a helluva difference.

  • pookster

    You should do more of these kinds of lists
    Like a top ten alternate uses of food or soemthing

  • smurff

    Peanut butter mixed with ice cream and syrup makes a nice dessert.

    Nice list again thanks.

  • flibbertigibbet

    I’ll forget about peanut butter for months- nay- years on end. Now we have a couple tubs in the cupboard (I prefer chunky, the other half prefers smooth). While none of these tips solve any problems I have right now (unless there’s a bonus tip for paying bills with peanut butter…), it has reminded me of a childhood favorite: Peanut Butter Pickle Sandwiches. Prepared exactly as it sounds. I still haven’t heard of anyone else eating them, but my mum used to make them, and I think they’re lovely. Now I know what’s for lunch tomorrow, and I thank you for that.

  • joanne

    please correct me if i’m wrong, but #’s 10 and 2 seem to contradict #’s 6 and 4 – in #10 and 2 peanut butter (mostly a mixture of oils and microscopic peanut particles) supposedly acts as a lubricant while in 6 and 4 it serves as abrasive.

  • Cazza

    Joanne – its proberly smooth peanut butter as a lubricant and crunchy as an abrasive.

  • thirtytwo

    Peanut butter is the worst thing ever invented. Fact.

  • Manon

    it’s funny, you accept that cats and dogs love peanut butter but question how they discovered that mice like it? Well they likely put peanut butter in front of the mice and they liked it…science at work

  • archangel

    Wow, amazing list. Makes me want to eat some peanut butter… yummmm.

  • ramz

    all those are great but peanut butter is best for eating with jelly!!

  • Cazza

    I’ve never liked peanut butter and jam/jelly. Doesn’t taste right.

    It’s better by itself!

  • MadMonkey

    You can also spread it on your (insert anything) and have your (insert anything) lick it off.

    • ActuallySmart

      You can also spread it on your "lampshade" and have your "luxury spray cheeze" lick it off.

      I guess it's not insert "anything" anymore.


  • downhighway61


    bread, tongue

  • Peachy

    11. A good tablespoon full will give you five minutes of peace when stuck with a chatty kid.

    Might want to add a warning about allergies, though. Peanut allergy can be really serious and people who are allergic don’t even necessarily have to eat it. A few grams is a enough to kick off an anaphylactic reaction.

  • I love peanut butter and nutella spread on rice cakes. This has been a favorite lunch of mine for decades.

  • I’m just glad I don’t suffer from Arachibutyrophobia! That would take away one of my favorite food groups! Imagine no Thai peanut sauce! No peanut cookies! No peanut and nutella rice cakes! No peanut and vanilla muffins!
    I get the chills just thinking about it!

  • astraya

    I could never figure out American references to “peanut butter and jelly” until someone explained that jelly=jam.

    • kiki

      jelly is made using only the juice of the berry, whereas jam uses the whole fruit

  • astraya

    Fear of spiders in butter, or am I missing something?

  • Cheeshygirl

    I’ve actually used peanut butter to get gum out of my daughter’s hair and it worked beautifully.

    I think those cookies might be a good way to break in my new kitchen next weekend. And make my house smell nummy!

    I’m not going to comment on the lube tip. Some things are best unsaid.

    Great list Jamie!

  • chaosinc

    Peanut butter and marshmallow cream on wheat toast. Mmmmm!

  • jim miller

    Here’s a recipe for a great peanut butter drink,called a Torito:

    One can of evaporated milk
    One can of condensed milk
    As much peanut butter as you want
    As much rum as you want
    Add some ice
    Put the whole mess in a very strong blender and let it run til fully mixed.

    If you wish, Reese’s Pieces can be added to put some chocolate flavor in.

  • ronsantohof

    I used to but peanut butter in my dog’s chew bones. It really helps with a dogs separation anxiety. The peanut butter did not seem to have an adverse effect on her health. I have no idea why peanut butter would be bad for a dog.

    • ActuallySmart

      It isn't bad, thats a myth.

    • kiki

      sometimes when a child or animal is eating peanut butter (like from a spoon, not in a sandwitch or whatever) it can block airways and cause asphyxiation. or so it is said, i have never witnessed it myself, but i think i saw it on oprah

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  • maximuz04

    Sweet, ima try the shaving with peanut butter. Only thing I can see going wrong is that I cant see through peanut butter so I might not know where to stop shaving, since I like to keep my sideburns

  • scarboro_scamp

    #6 – Loins of Lucerne? What kind of book is that exactly? Have a glance at the sticker. Kinda funny!

  • Becca

    I knew peanut butter was tasty, but I had no idea it was the Gandalf of foods.

  • petey mcgee

    everyone who is freaked out about the ‘alternative’ lube uses for pb, just needs to know that you have to use creamy not chunky. then it’s all good.

    • ActuallySmart

      And I take it this is coming from an expert.


  • 33. astraya: 31. segue **Arachibutyrophobia** Fear of spiders in butter, or am I missing something?
    Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. Now there’s a useful fear!

  • mikefed335

    Mmm… Peanut butter…

  • cyncity

    Oh I love peanut butter!!

    Two friends used cocoa butter as lube and it caused a really bad reaction…i guess peanut butter might have been better.


  • cyncity

    41. petey mcgee

    hahahaha yeah that would be rough!

  • lo

    finding a spider (visible and whole) living or dead in peanut butter would traumatize me! (but living would be worse, imagine opening the peanut butter and a wolf spider jumping out! eeek!)

  • SoCalJeff

    Shaving with peanut…I’ve never heard that before. I’ll remember that in a bind. I always seem to run out of Shaving Cream.

    BTW as for the video…even on a foul-mouthed goth girl shaving in undies on top of a piano is sexy.

  • Cazza

    Fear of spiders in butter? That would be odd.

    I’ve never actually had peanut butter stuck to the roof of my mouth. Is that weird or normal?

  • 48. Cazza: I think having peanut butter stick to the roof of your mouth would be a fairly uncommon experience. Just to be safe though, keep a glass of milk beside your plate!

  • Viktobi

    OHHHH Jfrat! Ohhh *wipes away the tears* you shouldn’t have.
    This is such a wonderful list!

    Thank you!

  • Sus

    Peanut Butter is also great for rubbing on scratched DVDs and CDs…fixes them right up! No more skipping :)

    • ActuallySmart

      I heard that too somewhere.

  • Enoooo

    My friends always think I’m weird when I eat peanut butter straight from the jug. Love the stuff. Although I must say it is one of the worst things to eat when you have a cold. And I’m sorry to say, Jamie, but out of everything on the list, I think I like Jajdude’s “buttered peanut-encrusted nipples” the best.

  • RandomPrecision

    melt peanut butter in the microwave, and then drizzle it over vanilla ice cream. mmmm.

    anyone else ever give their dog peanut butter just for the hell of it. it is so funny to watch.

    • ActuallySmart

      Why not! It's not harmful, it's just a myth that it's bad.

  • eve

    shaving? with peanut butter? for men, wouldn’t that clog their pores? whatever works, huh?
    that girl in the youtube vid is dry shaving… she’s REAL hard core.
    those cookies look good!

  • Crimanon

    Dear Lord! I thought I cussed too much. That chick was nuts. Whatever happened to language as an art form?

  • Cazza

    49. Segue: Thanks for the tip :)

    Good thing I like milk, isn’t it? Lol

  • bulldada

    *comment edited for stupidity & beastility*

    • ActuallySmart

      *comment edited for mispelling of the word beastiality*

      • Rowena

        *comment edited for misspelling of the words misspelling and bestiality*

        • Girlflash

          comment added to the stupidity and beastiality spellings and misspellings: XD

  • shamzahm

    wow im craving pb now…

  • bigski

    #53-R/P- Something real funny put a tiny bit of PB on top of your dogs nose and watch him lick it off. Now that`s humor.

  • Tricia

    I love peanut butter on celery with raisins when I need a snack but don’t want anything too unhealthy. Otherwise I’m not a huge fan of it.

  • Cernunnos

    please, dont encourage people to feed it to cats and dogs. their metabolism does not digest nuts as well as ours, they can easily suffocate on it, and dogs and cats have allergies just like humans do.
    please remove it before some poor shmuck reads it and kills their pet (and if that happens to be an american shmuck you will likely have a lawsuit on your hands in no time).

    • ActuallySmart

      Hey dumbass, explain why there are so many peanut butter dog treats and why kong and other companies advise to but peanut butter in their toys as a treat. Peanut butter cant do anything to your dog except make him fat which is why it's a "treat" (search dictionary for 'moderation'). I hate it when people who belive the peanut butter myth. Get your facts straight! The allergies part is right though, but not all dogs are allergic to it so no need to overreact.

  • bucslim

    Kind of worried about what bulldada does with his/her free time.

    Anyhoo, I want to thank Jamie for bringing back some really shitty memories of my childhood. Ya see people, I hate peanut butter. My two older brothers knew this and they would torture me with that fact. They would make their PB-N-J’s by putting the knife in the PB first, and THEN put the soiled knife into the glorious J, thereby contaminating the entire bottle of J. So when I would make my own toast with a little bit of J, I would spread it on unknowingly with remnants of PB and sometimes would eat it, not knowing I was putting a detestable substance in my mouth. I would discover it too late and then head to the bathroom where I would make an offering to the porcelain god. Most of the time I would have to check the jar for brown bits of this crap before I ate it. And most of the time I would have to pass on the J. Those bastards would laugh right in my face.

    So now I live my life with one simple rule, if it looks like poop, smells like poop, tastes like poop and feels like poop, then it’s POOP, and I don’t put it in my mouth, shave with it, lube with it or put it on my balls to amuse myself with pets.

  • MeepTheSheep

    Peanut butter is also helping malnourishment in children – it can help a near starved child back to health as part of a concoction known as Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food. Besides it’s nutritional benefits, it’s also easy to digest even on a starved stomach and it’s very cheap.

  • Crimanon

    bucslim: I don’t have quite the same aversion to PB as you do, but that is still one of the things I hate. Don’t Get PB In The Jelly! Maybe I wanted Nutella on my sandwich! I can’t even put it into words how much it pisses me off. If that wasn’t bad enough, Now I’ve got bread crumbs in the butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gabi319

    7. Schizotypical, 37. ronsantohof
    It’s alright in moderation, particularly if it’s used as a flavor enhancer rather than a meal so they don’t lick up more than they can handle. Cheese is also an iffy choice since many dogs and cats are lactose intolerant but useable if in small amounts.

    If it’s possible with the medicine, the easiest way to administer it is to ground it up into their food. I had one foster dog that was allergic to practically everything. She was prescribed baby benedryl twice a day, which was mixed in her special diet food (no beef, no chicken, no egg, no treats mainly because of any and all food dyes, etc.) in addition to a series of other pills I had to feed by hand.. :-\ .

    The actual big controversy (at least for dogs) is bones. Some say don’t cook bones, they will splinter; Some say cook bones to prevent salmonella poisoning.

  • Viktobi


    if it taste like poop…that’s a diff story…cuz i don’t have the slightest clue…

  • bucslim

    I hear that Crim!

  • Klingon

    Very nice list! Peanut Butter has so many uses.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    For number 10 there is one situation I can think of where you would not want to use it as lube. And I doubt it works for number 2.

  • jimbob

    @jajdude, Hilarious. I agree.

  • Bunbunbunbun

    Before anybody goes out and tries it… Personal lubricant is NOT one of the “lubrication needs” that can be fullfilled with peanut butter, especially if you are of the female persuasion. That is a yeast infection just WAITING to happen, my friend.

    On another note, I’d really like to try shaving my legs with peanut butter now… But wouldn’t it clog the razor and/or the drain? Even if it was smooth peanut butter, I can’t see it washing out of the blades that easy. Oh, and in the summer? I just imagine bugs and mosquitos swarming my legs. And dogs licking them like crazy… I once made a bath soak with some lemon juice and honey, and my friend’s dog wouldn’t stop licking my legs.

  • Amanda

    peanut butter and banana sandwich. nuff said

  • Lemons

    I’m trying the Shaving thing at some point, if it doesnt work and i end up shredding my face i shant be pleased listverse!

    • ActuallySmart

      Neither would Shakespear. LOL

  • Mom424

    Nice and light list for a Sunday. Perfect.
    Peanut butter and lettuce sandwiches are awesome.
    As far as the pet thing goes we’ve always used cheeze whiz in lieu of peanut butter. There’s not much milk in processed cheese food, so no problem with lactose intolerance. I have seen the tiny dab of peanut butter on the nose trick – the dog’s reaction was hilarious. And he loved it. Maybe dogs are like people? some peanut sensitive some not.

  • wickeddavis

    It’s peanut butter jelly time!!

  • rmconnors

    As far as number ten goes I hope no one is allergic to peanuts. Swelling and itchiness could be a real problem.

  • DK

    Flibbertigibbet (19)- I’ve not done simply peanut butter & pickle, but I did Peanut butter, strawberry jam, dill pickles & “buffalo style” potato chips (that were only around for a couple years, sadly).

  • Bunbunbunbun: I don’t think it will clog the drains if you use good hot water for rinsing – that should dissolve the oils in the peanut butter :)

  • DK

    oh! and segue, you commented earlier about the fear of PB sticking to the roof of your mouth, and I have to know, do you have the same page-a-day calendar as my fiance? That was the “useless information” listed for this weekend!

  • Lombagador

    Hah, first time commenting here. I loved this list – It enlightened me on the godly substance that humans call “Peanut Butter.” I totally have to try some of these, although replacing butter with PB… that could be kinda weird in some recipes.

  • Lifeschool

    I didn’t know if there were real, or you were just pulling our legs. Some of these sound a bit far fetched, but having googled it, I see where you got your ideas.

  • Lifeschool

    BTW, JFrater, I would have laughed my socks off if you had been the guy in the last picture, shaving with peanut butter!!!

  • Jael

    Do you think peanut butter will get rid of stickers from a car bumper? I have a friend who has an Obama bumper sticker on his car and he wants to get rid of it… he is dating a girl who is a staunch Republican.

  • (No Name)

    Let’s up it removes a horrid bumper sticker like that…

  • (No Name)

    oops, “hope” not “up”

  • deepthinker

    too bad so many people in the US are getting salmonella poisoning from peanuts… I haven’t eaten peanut butter in months, and I miss it.. someone let me know when the coast is clear. I can’t eat pancakes without peanut butter on them. yummy.

  • yummy-taquitos

    All those are great. except when half the people you know are allergic to peanuts and even the smell will kill them!

  • lo

    83. Jael-

    uhm, if he can’t be honest to the girl about their political differences they should break up, i don’t care how hot she is.

    but if peanut butter won’t remove the sticker there’s always a rag with lighter fluid (the type for barbecuing) or he can purchase some “GooGone.”

  • DDRM

    WARNING… A little life lesson – i learned the hard way:

    No matter how irresistible it seems! don’t try to lick the lawn mower blades after you’ve lubricated them!

    • ActuallySmart

      Hahahahahahahaha….no….not funny…

  • lo

    86. deepthinker-

    seriously! i rarely eat peanut products, but having them in the news constantly makes me think of them, which makes me want some -precisely when it’s not safe to eat them! it’s extremely frustrating (but the peanut processing places the outbreak has been traced to have been incredibly gross, so i focus on that to quell my desire to go buy peanut butter just now.)

  • deepthinker

    90. lo-

    It’s funny how we desire the forbidden. Haha! Maybe it’s the salmonella we crave!

  • MichaelGreen

    That isn’t all peanut butter is used for!

  • N_Star

    Regarding #6 — the price tag removal — it sounds messy and weird. You wrote that there weren’t any good ways to remove them but I have always used a hair dryer on it for about 10-15 mins to dry out the adhesive and it peels right off. Super clean and fast.

  • gabi319

    86. deepthinker
    From the FDA site:
    Major national brands of jarred peanut butter found in grocery stores have not been among the products recalled.
    …suspended plant at Plainview, TX…Blakely, GA…

    If you read the label and avoid those areas, you’re in the clear. But I know that fear! When the e. coli in spinach thing happened and I got sick (actually from tainted seafood and not from my spinach obsession) it took weeks long after the scare blew over before I ventured to that part of the produce section.

  • Topfy

    This is my first ever post woopwoop!
    (It’s a pity I don’t really have anything remotely exciting to say then :S)
    I hate peanut butter. Although the price tag suggestion sounds very useful.
    Despite being a first time poster, I am a long time reader and just well done really, cause JFrater, your lists are great, your posts (especially on the controversial topics) seem fair and the whole site is just an awesome idea.
    I have recommended it to all my friends. :D
    I don’t understand whether I can edit/ delete posts once they are posted, so sorry about any spelling mistakes, my typing is, in general, pretty dire.

    Also, if I tick that little box that says it will email me with follow up comments…. will it send me EVERY comment ever posted on this list :O

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Yo JFrats! Make a top death metal bands or songs list! (peanut butter is delicious)

  • VikingBerserker

    Ok, I used to run a Veterinary Emergency clinic and we would always recomend that if the dog had a problem taking their meds, litely coat it in peanut butter or cheese. Unless you put an entire cup of peanut butter on it they are not going to choke on it.

    Also, to the people(s) that say dogs and cats cannot digest nutes, the peanut is not s true nut and yes they can digest it.

  • Friendlyzzz

    #10 – “It can be used for virtually all your lubrication needs.” Lolz I’d be a little more specific on that one if i were you ;-)

  • ayyoooo

    peanut butter also gets car wax off the plastic parts of your car.

  • timmy the dying boy

    Try this:

    Next time you have a nice garlicky dinner, Italian or Chinese or whatever, eat a nice big spoonful of peanut butter afterwards. It will totally neutralize that garlic breath. So, if you have a heavy date on Saturday, you can chow down on Friday and still be fresh as a daisy for that hot chick from accounts receivable.

    As for me, I think I prefer peanut butter and honey on a sammy.

  • bob

    #10! hahahahaha! that is all..

  • PirateXxEsque

    “It can be used for virtually all your lubrication needs. ”

    Heh, unless there are peanut allergies.

  • Caz

    I wonder if peanut butter can do all this because of the fats and sugars in it…

  • 79. DK: oh! and segue, you commented earlier about the fear of PB sticking to the roof of your mouth…do you have the same page-a-day calendar as my fiance?
    Nope. I just collect pages of virtually useless information and every once in a while it comes in handy.
    I also have a bizarrely retentive memory (somewhat dulled of late by my medications and a sleep problem).

  • Shagrat

    Eminently TASTY list JF

  • whoopee

    What’s with these pop ups frater? are we all the 999,999th visitor and have won prizes or is it just me?

  • adpr08

    I’m surprised with the shaving cream use but it’s funny to think how that must have been discovered. Big meeting that morning, out of shaving cream…desperate times call for desperate measures. I’ll probably try it if that ever happens to me….and speak of it to no one…..

  • Senor Shutter

    astraya wrote:

    “I could never figure out American references to “peanut butter and jelly” until someone explained that jelly=jam.”

    Jelly doesn’t always equal Jam in America. I live in the US, so I know that a lot of kids are OBSESSED with PB&J’s made with grape Jelly. Take a look at this>

    Some kids do prefer jam though. Whenever I am babysitting I ask, “Do you really want jelly, or do you mean jam?”

    Want to hear something funny? I just finished eating PB&JELLY when I thought to myself, “I haven’t checked Listverse today. I wonder what the list is.”!

    Topfy wrote:

    “I don’t understand whether I can edit/ delete posts once they are posted.”

    Oh how I wish we could edit/delete our comments!!!

    “Also, if I tick that little box that says it will email me with follow up comments…. will it send me EVERY comment ever posted on this list?”

    I have a registered account and I make sure I’m logged in, and I ALWAYS have that box ticked… I NEVER get any notifications in my e-mail.

    Sus wrote:

    “Peanut Butter is also great for rubbing on scratched DVDs and CDs…fixes them right up! No more skipping!”

    I thought that was a myth/bad joke.

  • Jael

    Lo- I would tell him that maybe they should break up, but he is just that passionately in love with her and would do anything to please her.
    Plus, if they break up due to what I said, I would get branded as being “the Other Woman” and I don’t want to deal with that.

  • Senor Shutter
  • bucslim

    DAMN YOU!!!!

    . . . .scuse me, I need to visit the men’s room. I just threw up in my mouth and shit in my Sunday PeeJays.

  • lo

    108. Senor Shutter-

    yes, in the US “jam” is a whole fruit preserve spread, while “jelly” is a fruit preserve spread made only from the clear, strained fruit juice -but what you need to know is that in most of the UK and commonwealth countries “jelly” is what americans call “jello” AKA gelatin dessert.

    image eating a peanut butter and JELLO sandwich and you’ll see how people could think “PB & jelly” fans are weirdos!

  • flibbertigibbet

    @ 77. DK: I would try that sandwich… also, buffalo style is making a big comeback, I’m insisting on it!

  • TCO

    My mom always told me that peanut butter helped get gum out. So one time i was showering and chewing gum and i blew a huge bubble and it popped out of my mouth and fell right on my privates and got entraped in my hair. and i remmebered my what my mom had said so i uncomfortablely got out of the shower and snuck into the kitchen to get peanut butter. So i was in the bathroom rubbing peanut butter on my self trying to get the gum when my brother walked in and caught me in the act. It was probaly the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me. My brother told my whole family and now that story always comes up at family dinners with all my relatives. I dont think ill ever be able to live that down but peanut butter really does work for getting gum out.

  • edwar

    that jajdude…lol always has something thoughtful

    PS- Price tag removal & de-fishing: probably the best news I’ve heard all my life. Bless you JFrater!!

  • Jessy

    If your poop looks like peanut butter, maybe you need a doctor….

    I will definitely shave my legs with pb sometime…that better not shred my legs!

    pb on pancakes must pack about a day’s worth of calories into one meal.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    yo no joke pb and jelly, mixed one part pb to 4 parts jelly, works as motor oil. (Actually that was a joke) JFrats you really should make a death metal list. Think about it, its the only kind of music that is super goofy, super technical, sometimes beautiful, and always rocks your balls off!

  • Cherokee Jack

    “{Despite the major advances in science in recent years, no one seems to have managed to invent a label that can be removed easily without leaving any glue behind.”

    Not true. They do exist. They just aren’t used as much as they should be.

  • astraya

    segue: Or fear of spiders sticking to the roof of your mouth?

  • r?maji

    ok the cookies sound really good but y would do any of the others. for exampel, the dog one. you dont no if it could be allergic to it or it might kill it.

  • teacherman

    I was just eating some Edy’s slow churned peanut butter cup ice cream.

    this should be the bonus after this excellent list: possible cure for minor depression.

  • CowzRppl2

    So…I don’t see anything about dogs in this.

  • zigra

    Peanut butter and potato chips (or “crisps” if you are outside the U.S.) is a favorite of mine.

  • ken

    Try it on pancakes. Its delicious. Spread it on while they’re still hot. The PB will melt and a little will go a long way. Just use it instead of butter. Add syrup and enjoy.

  • gatineau

    Whoever says that peanut butter is nasty should be fed a spoonfull of peanut butter and dog crap. (unless you are allergic like me)

  • gabi319

    125. gatineau – “unless you are allergic like me”

    …to the peanut butter or to the dog crap?

  • lo

    119. astraya-

    live spiders coated in peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth, when you try to unstick them with a glass of milk they crawl all over your tongue!

  • 119. astraya: segue: Or fear of spiders sticking to the roof of your mouth?
    astraya, that would be Arachnobutyrophobia!

  • 127. lo: EeeewwwwwwW!

  • Senor Shutter

    112. lo –

    In the UK “Jelly” = “Jello” (Gelatin). Ok, got it.

    “yes, in the US “jam” is a whole fruit preserve spread, while “jelly” is a fruit preserve spread made only from the clear, strained fruit juice”

    So how do you differentiate between the two in the UK? If I visit the UK and I want toast with, “fruit preserve spread made only from the clear, strained fruit juice”, on it. What do I ask for?

    That reminds me of another UK/US question.

    Biscuit Vs Cookie. In the UK what do you call what you eat with chicken and gravy?

    Can I buy a Bacon, Egg and cheese biscuit at a UK McDonalds?

  • lo

    segue- my invented definition of “Arachnobutyrophobia” has given me a fit of nervous giggles ;)

    130. Senor Shutter- i’m actually american, that was the full extent of my jam/jelly/jello knowledge. but i think with meat and gravy they’d have (yorkshire) puddings?

  • Senor Shutter

    Note to self,

    Buy Bucslim new Pajamas. The “Old Fashioned” kind.

  • gabi319

    132. Senor Shutter

    As a precaution, you may want to buy a couple PJ’s to pass around LV. I almost tinkled, I laughed so hard.

  • hypatia

    Unfortunately the girl in the video is not actually shaving. I thought the “razor” she was using looking familiar and sure enough later on you can just make out “Veet” written on the top.

    Veet doesn’t make razors but they do make their “blade-less” razor product known as Rasera. I’ve use it before. It’s basically a hair removal creme you smooth over your legs, wait a few minutes and then you use the bladeless razor (basically plastic fins on a razor looking tool) to sweep up the removal creme and hair.

    The Raseras are apparently now purple instead of pink but it looks the same and you can find it on site or throw Rasera in Google images and find many different coloured examples of this “razor”.

  • Anon

    Senor Shutter, (130),

    “In the UK “Jelly” = “Jello” (Gelatin). Ok, got it.

    “yes, in the US “jam” is a whole fruit preserve spread, while “jelly” is a fruit preserve spread made only from the clear, strained fruit juice””

    In the U.K. we use also use jam in the sense you provide there.

    I think fruit conserve, another term, applies where great big chunks of fruit such as half peaches or apricots are involved in high density. I remember my parents used to buy that in big tins originating from Australia. Yummy.

    Jelly we use in both your senses. I’ve never had any trouble knowing which, given the context. Children’s parties and the like wouldn’t be the same without gelatine jelly from moulds. Along with weak chicken or beef broth, it’s also an ideal diet for convalescents.

    Jelly as resulting from juice strained through a (non-fundamental!) muslin cloth, or more lazily, a fine sieve, provides delicious pip-free spread toppings such as bramble (blackberry), raspberry, or orange jelly. My mother used to make what I consider to be the queen of them all, rose hip jelly, but what a number to make it! Apart from consisting almost entirely of leathery husk, the hips are full of pips which are packed between the most irritating of hairs. One or two of those in your mouth and you’d know about it for hours after. So the preparatory ‘stew’ was hung up in a muslin bag over the kichen table and would drip, drip, drip like Chinese water torture for four three or five days on end into a large bowl before finally being ready to continue to the bottling stage in jars.

    However, I’d swap a hundred or more jars of peanut butter for just one of that ‘royal’ jelly!

  • Crimanon

    Senor Shutter: Sweet! Onesies!

  • Anon

    lo, (131) & Senor Shutter, (130),

    “… i think with meat and gravy they’d have (yorkshire) puddings?”

    Spot on. Strictly speaking Y.P.s are for roast beef only. Suet dumplings may be added to stews and the like. Normally what would accompany any other meats would be some form of potato, rice, pasta or perhaps bread rolls, rarely in combination.

    Cookies (like ‘chips’ for what we call ‘crisps’) is not a term you’ll find in the U.K., except on U.S. imports in supermarkets and the like. Essentially we have generic water biscuits (savoury or neutral) or generic (sweet) biscuits. The term buscuits alone would almost certainly either imply both or sweet biscuits alone. Both savoury and sweet biscuits are frequently defined by their descriptive type: cheese biscuits, sesame biscuits, chocolate biscuits, ginger biscuits, chocolate chip biscuits. Their variety is teen and legion. Garibaldis, maries, lincolns and bourbons, etc. would be understood without need for the word ‘biscuit’. Biscuits are essentially flat and more or less crisp-baked. Anything softer or of pastry is likely to be a cake or a tart.

  • Anon

    Since you asked.

  • lo

    senor shutter & anon-

    i think the form of “biscuit” that is a child of the american south lacks a true british equivalent, as it was created in the states. wiki says a “soda bread” or savory scone would be closest, but not the same. and of course UK savory & water biscuits are “crackers” in the US.

  • Anon

    lo & Senor Shutter,

    Of course, and (cream) crackers or bath olivers with us as well. The subject is so wide and complicated!

    I’d forgotten scones with their soda basis too, but they tend to get lumped more with buns and the like in the bread zone for us.

  • suzi

    The gum thing works, and sticky labels and PITCH
    Also, I use it to give cats and dogs medicine. Works great. A little bit just to coat the pill.

  • Senor Shutter

    Thanks for all the info everyone.

    So in a UK McDonald’s a Bacon, Egg and cheese biscuit is a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Yorkshire pudding?

  • Jono

    #6 Price Tag Removal


    Best. Stuff. Ever.

    No amount of Peanut Butter could outperform a simple application of this stuff.

  • heavybison

    Trust JF to come up with a weird ass list like this. Speaking for myself, i shall never, i repeat NEVER waste peanut butter on crazy shit like lubricating/furniture cleaning/label removing etc..etc..

  • MT

    I’ve used PB many times to catch mice. People in my social/economic status have long known it works better than cheese without the verification of a scientific study. But then again if we were going to use cheese it wouldn’t be “camembert or 5 year aged cheddar”.

  • Jan Hendik

    i like it on bread thank you

  • Callie

    a spoonful of peanut butter gets me through that awful 3:00 hour when it seems like 5 will NEVER come. Gets me energized, makes me ready to work for another 2 hours. And I don’t think it’s bad for dogs- maybe if they ate the whole jar, but I stuff my dog’s Kong with it and she goers nuts.

  • oouchan

    Funny list!
    My personal favorite is peanut butter, mayo and banana sandwiches.

    As for giving to animals…funnier if you give to a horse. Just a bit on inside of thier cheek … and you got Mr Ed!

  • Anon

    Senor Shutter, (142),

    “So in a UK McDonald’s a Bacon, Egg and cheese biscuit is a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Yorkshire pudding?”

    Essentially MacDonalds is A U.S. economic expansion, in this case into the U.K. In the same way that soccer is a global sporting import into the U.S.: so that you use its traditional names for the positions, not those of gridiron! In economics, the main aim is to sell. Products and terms must be understood and acceptable to the locals. If you travel the world, you’ll find an uneasy alliance in MacDaonalds between local terminology and tastes and Macdonalds U.S. roots. That applies to where I now live, South America. Returning to the U.K. To begin with, I did point out that Y.p. is eaten specifically with beef. Bacon comes from pigs. We ourselves are hardly MacDonalds fans. However, I can tell you that they know they can get away with ‘French fries’ in Britain for what we traditionally call ‘chips’ (as in fish ‘n’ chips, our national takeaway). ‘Biscuit’ in your sense would go down like a lead airship (pace Jimmy Page). If not served with their French fries, most items are sandwiched between a soft sesame bun (which I find a lot less to my taste even than PB) and are called a Something-or-other Mac. In this case it might well be a ‘Brekkie Mac’, for all I know.

  • em

    re: flibbertigibbet

    I’m also a fan of the pb and pickle sandwich. You should try it with some mozzarella… mmmm…

  • cymraegbachgen87

    Senor Shutter, (142),

    “So in a UK McDonald’s a Bacon, Egg and cheese biscuit is a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Yorkshire pudding?”

    No. it is a bacon egg and cheese mcmuffin. A yorkshire pudding is nothing like the american biscuit.

  • lo

    142. senor shutter-

    a yorkshire pudding is nearly identical to what americans call a pop-over or (non-sweet) “puffy pancake.” as cymraegbachgen87 says, nothing like a american biscuit (be they dropped, rolled, or beaten biscuits, yum for all!).

    i gave an “equivalent” of american chicken and biscuits = UK sunday roast (beef) and yorkshire puddings, not because the dishes are anything alike, but because they’re examples of meals with a similar social tradition and protein/carb combo.

    if you went to live in/visit asia, south america, or the UK there would be no such thing as american “chicken and biscuits” -unless you’re in a city with a KFC branch…..just like you’d only have to worry about naming “breakfast sandwiches” at mcdonald’s.

    if you get to travel don’t be afraid to eat the local foods, including street food, it’s one of the most amazing things about being immersed in another culture :)

  • 149. Anon:..’Biscuit’ in your sense would go down like a lead airship…
    This instantly reminded me of a phrase I made up in high school when I took my first Chemistry class. We learned the table of elements, of course, which I though was extremely cool.
    There was, at the time, a slang phrase being used, “going over like a lead balloon”, meaning, of course, something not going over, not being successful.
    Having just learned all of those wonderful elements, I decided to put them to use, and changed the phrase to “going over like a plumbum zeppelin.” My classmates started to use it too. I’m not sure Sister Victoria was overly pleased, but she didn’t say anything against it.

  • Cubone


  • dudemeister

    its also great for masturbating

  • Joss

    Fun list! Although, I admit the dirty part of my brain took over when reading, “It can be used for virtually all your lubrication needs.”

  • psychosurfer

    71. Bunbun, have you ever try that on your bikini line?

  • Anon

    dudemeister, (156),

    “its also great for masturbating”

    And blow jobs, for sure?

  • Anon

    segue, (154),

    “plumbum zeppelin”

    May we have copyright permission for the LV lexicon?

  • Anon

    Typos o’ mine galore: all to McDonald’s. In mitigation: Like I said, we ourselves are hardly fans.

  • Christy

    Peanut Butter cures the Hiccups…I SWEAR to it!!! Works every time.

  • Rob

    I hate peanut butter, and after reading this I’m experiencing a weird phantom peanut butter odor. Nasty.

  • Anon

    155. dudemeister

    “its also great for masturbating”

    Isn’t that cum-in butter rather than the peanut variety?

  • 159. Anon: segue, (154), “plumbum zeppelin” May we have copyright permission for the LV lexicon?
    Consider it granted.

  • Senor Shutter

    Sorry, the “Bacon, Egg and Cheese Yorkshire pudding”, was a joke. I guess it only sounded ridiculous to me. :)

    It was interesting though to learn that this little thing… is pretty much unique to the US. Like lo said, “lacks a true British equivalent.”.

    I took a look at McDonald’s UK website…

    You definitely know you ARE NOT in a US McDonald’s when you see Porridge with Jam on the menu!

    The Bacon Roll sounds interesting. The Yorkie McFlurry looks good!

  • mrs.fair

    Jamie.. TMI on ur lil personal realtionship with peanut butter!! lol
    great list although i hate peanut butter, but i might try the label thing.. my husband always keeps some peanut butter in the kitchen.. he just can’t be near me while he eats it.. it has the most awful smell!!

  • SSDD

    i love this site. I dread the day you run out of lists though JFrater…….

  • lo

    165. Senor Shutter-

    i hate mcdonald’s, but -dare i say it?- their UK offerings look almost edible, and distinctly healthier than the US fair.

  • Tay

    My mom always told me that peanut butter helped get gum out. So one time i was showering and chewing gum and i blew a huge bubble and it popped out of my mouth and fell right on my privates and got entraped in my hair. and i remmebered my what my mom had said so i uncomfortablely got out of the shower and snuck into the kitchen to get peanut butter. So i was in the bathroom rubbing peanut butter on my self trying to get the gum when my brother walked in and caught me in the act. It was probaly the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me. My brother told my whole family and now that story always comes up at family dinners with all my relatives. I dont think ill ever be able to live that down but peanut butter really does work for getting gum out.

  • Anon

    165. Senor Shutter

    “Sorry, the “Bacon, Egg and Cheese Yorkshire pudding”, was a joke.”
    Sorry too. You were the victim of so many people in LV who say that sort of thing and MEAN it. Hahaha.

    I guess the correct response would have been: “Only in Lancashire”. (Yorks and Lancs being deadly rivals).

  • eschlueter

    Well spotted, hypatia. That video of the girl shaving is clearly a weird hoax. You will notice that her legs are not even hairy before she begins. I hope nobody actually tries it, you will just ruin your razor and probably cut yourself.

  • infallibleangel

    Cool! I can’t believe it has never occurred to Me to put peanut butter in place of butter in recipes. It seems like something I would do.

    I don’t know about putting peanut butter on lawn and garden equipment. Seems like the smell might draw rodents.

  • lo

    171. eschlueter-

    there are actually a few other youtube vids of guys trying to shave their faces with PB, none of them work. but here’s the thing -they just throw some PB on dry skin and go. what would happen if they first softened up their bristles with a hot wet towel, then applied the PB to moist skin, like they were doing an old fashioned straight razor shave?

  • Cathy

    it also works really well on scratched CDs. If you have a CD that no longer works due to scratches, smear some (creamy!) peanut butter over the scratches, rub in a circular motion, and wipe the CD as clean as you can before trying to play the disc again. It works, I swear.

  • Carol

    Mum was having trouble feeding our dog her antibiotics this morning, so I suggested trying peanut butter, and it worked like a charm!
    The best part was telling her where I’d read it, though XD

  • rubyserpent_720

    Ever tried it with noodles?

    mix a little spoon of peanut butter with lukewarm greentea until smooth and pour it over plain noodles (preferably cold) and add some vinegar and soy and I garantee you’ll love it!

  • sagirl

    Ahhhh peanut butter cookies. Reminds me of school holidays at my grandparents house when i waa young. My cousin and I always used to make peanut butter cookies with my gran. I love them!!!! thanks for the walk down memory lane, i think i will make some soon.

  • eschlueter

    173. lo-

    I don’t think that would work. The problem is that the peanut butter will gum up the razor too quickly and be prohibitively difficult to rinse. The only way I can see it working is by shaving a very small (say, 1″) section at a time, and rinsing with boiling water between each stroke. Not really a viable alternative to traditional lather. It could make a cool experiment, though. Maybe I should write to Mythbusters :)

  • Crimanon

    eschlueter: I’d watch it. It would be nice to see that Ginger that they have on staff show off the gams again. Oh, maybe Scotty as the control group!

  • lo

    176. rubyserpent_720-

    i made your noodles for lunch, a little PB, soy, sriracha, garlic rice vinegar, and green onions tossed with warm noodles, and it was SO good! thanks :)

  • Peanut sauce is my favorite noodle topping!

  • lo


    i think if the PB was mixed with some warm water in the hands and applied thinly to moist skin it could work. and i watch pretty much anything they try on mythbusters.

  • I4gotMyMANTRA

    ” It can be used for virtually all your lubrication needs. ”

    I’m sorry, but that just made my day.

  • Unicorns

    I removed spray-adhesive from my hands with peanut butter.

  • bigski

    Peanut butter does to me what spinach does to Popeye only slower.

  • Bunbunbunbun

    So, after reading this list, I decided to melt peanut butter on vanilla ice cream because I was craving some sweet and I’m allergic to chocolate D:

    BUT HOLY HELL! That… was the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted. Wow. Really.

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  • Anon

    dudemeister, (155),

    “its also great for masturbating”

    I see you have a somewhat Germanic name.

    Is that what you might call Peanuss Butter, then?

  • TEX

    AMAZING – I think you stumbled onto something disturbing here. That picture of Goober peanut butter swirled with the jelly (American sense) evokes strange feelings in some people. I work with a girl that has the strangest reaction to the swirled stuff. I mean she cannot look at a jar of it, or even mention it without her closing her eyes and shivering – you know text book nerve tremors people get sometimes. I thought she was joking, so one year I bought a jar for her birthday and wrapped it, the second she opened it and saw, she turned her head away, blind walked to one of the other girls and said “TAKE THIS, GIVE IT TO YOUR KIDS” – weirdarama

    The most useful thing about PB I’ve found is staving off hunger. I found out a long time ago if you’re in a rush, or waiting for dinner, along those lines, a big teaspoon of it can stave off hunger for an hour – very handy.

    I heard of of a use not mentioned here. Back in the Nam days, when I was a kid, they said that guys that got draft notices, before they reported for their physical would smear peanut butter around their…well…never mind

  • Ransom

    Cheese is also poisonous to mice and rats. I hear that Bacon is also great to use in a mouse trap.

  • Crimanon

    I’d love to see some research on that Ransom. Naturally, I’m not going to entirely take your world for it, seeing as there isn’t a Dr. or Ph.d. anywhere in your name.

    Any further knowledge on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

  • bigski

    Bacon in a mouse trap is a sin.

  • TEX


  • gabi319

    190. Crimanon
    I haven’t heard of it myself but I suppose what Ransom means by bacon in a mouse trap is if you see the mouse going after your bacon, an unquestionable rage will consume you compelling you to beat the crap out of it. Not scientific fact but I assume that’s the most logical conclusion in that hyptothetical situation.

    That’s MY bacon!

  • gabi319


  • Crimanon

    gabi: It wasn’t they bacon thing I was questioning. It was the cheese thing, blue cheese maybe. But even then I couldn’t find anything about it.

    Bacon, I don’t really like the stuff. To much as a child I guess. If I’m not mistaken rodents have no gall bladder, making VERY difficult to digest the fatty/meaty/crappy stuff. Bacon might kill them.

  • 195. Crimanon:…Bacon might kill them
    Pardon me, but as to mice and rats in one’s home, isn’t killing them the entire point?

  • Ashley R

    haha i had to use the peanut butter gum removal technique so many times when i was younger coz my little (2 year old at the time) sister used to get into my moms (and anyone elses) gum, chew it and spit it in random places on the floor, and being a child i was always down there…so i always had gum in my hair haha!

  • bigski

    Rats can eat almost anything. Bacon is just a little treat for them.Like us eating a potato chip or peanut butter.

  • diogenes

    rats make great pets. very smart. like cats in some ways.
    I had some reservations when I had a roomate a few years ago and we had a mouse problem and he suggested peanut butter. It worked like a charm. we used the stand by neck breaking boards that are fast and quick and leave them twitching with their eyes buldged out and ready to burst…I was given the gift of a pet rat by a girlfriend once and before i knew we were in the pet store that supplied OSU, I believe is the biggest campus in the world..anyway. I was doing this pretty little honey an honor in saving it from multipulte testings. I took care of it, taught it, washed it, played wrestling with it and called it from its lair when it was food time and it would come and crawl up my pant leg and into my hand . it slept and peed on my chest.
    So when it came time with a mouse problem later on and I gave way to the peanut butter, because I saw how my pet escaped and became no longer cute, but a full grown dirty rat,
    it all worked like a charm.

    long story short, we moved over to glue traps with a dab of peanut butter and the mice flocked and the babies too. horrid exterminations followed and the whole history of mankind’s cerebral justifications came into question.
    I believe I commented on a “funny motivation poster list” on this site that showed a bunch of mice getting it all at once

  • Crimanon

    segue: It seemed like he(?) was thinking bait not poison of rodents. If it’s poisonous/toxic wouldn’t the trap be redundant?

    Not for me, I have cats! We’ll see when spring Actually gets here.

    I’ve also had both for pets.

  • diogenes

    and by smart
    I mean as smart as cats are
    which isnt that smart

  • diogenes

    and by cats I dont mean the terribly stupid musical

    and believe it or not, black people have more to be proud of than inventing penut butter

    ok, i’ll quit now, I’m only having a bit of fun
    it can get out of hand easily

  • Crimanon
  • diogenes

    exspecialy when spelling trippings take place or are intentional.
    a supplament list on Carver is in my mind’s jello mold

  • diogenes

    all this time I thought peter pan was a black julie andrews in white face , suspended by theatrical wires.

  • bigski

    I had a pet rat that my wife saved from being snake food. Anyway I taught it a few tricks ( this was a white rat not a regular rat ) Not that there`s anything wrong with that. But it learned to jump from the coffee table to the couch and to stand on it`s back feet for food. That`s all the tricks Ratley learned because rats only live 3-5 years and she died before I could teach her another trick.

  • bigski

    Which has nothing to do with Peanut Butter but im just saying.
    Recipe Time- Butter 2 pieces of bread on each side.
    Slice a bannana to fit inside bread.
    Spread peanut butter on the other side of
    buttered bread.
    Fry in a skillet on both sides like grilled
    Elvis loved this.

  • 207. bigski: Yeah, following Elvis’ diet will get you what it got Elvis…an early death.

  • kayjay

    I love peanut butter, so this list is awesome. But with those peanut butter cookies, you dont even need the vanilla. All you need is a cup of peanut butter, a cup of sugar and an egg. They taste great and peanut buttery!

  • bigski

    segue- I think it was the double handfull of pills for dessert that did him in. Plus his eating habits also didn`t help any.

  • 210. bigski: segue- I think it was the double handfull of pills for dessert that did him in…
    Yeah, the mood I’m in tonight, I could go for the double handful of pills, myself.

  • Denzell

    peanut butter = shaving cream? Yeah, I’ll try that tonight, I’ll see if it works… and does NOT irritate my skin.

    I have unusually sensitive skin for a male and my chin has rashes after shaving.

  • RawRodgers

    I am going to shave with it tonight…

  • Tippy

    try penut butter with salt and vinigar crisps (or chips to you americans) in a sandwich. the two diferent tastes put together are amazing!

  • Donny

    A spoonful of Peanut Butter will also stop hiccups.

  • bigski

    And a spoonfull of sugar helps the medicine go down.

  • 216. bigski: And a spoonfull of sugar helps the medicine go down.
    I can do the sugar, but not the peanut butter. I can’t digest red meat or peanut butter.

  • maggie

    peanut butter is delicious

  • Jason

    Peanut Butter causes cancer!!!

    All peanuts (and most nut products) contain one of the most carcinogenic substances known, aflatoxin:

    Stop condoning it’s use in everything, and demand aflatoxin free products, I’m sure they must exist as there’s a patent:

  • Crimanon

    Jason: So does the water.

    And is this guy can Patent a stick… then anyone can patent anything.

  • BB

    I’m not sure if this has been said in the comments but;

    I use peanut butter to get scratches off my dvds/cd’s. Wipe it across the scratches, it should fill it in nicely. No more skipping!just wipe the extra off with a wet paper towel~

  • Brian

    For those who didn’t know what jelly was until someone said “jam”. There IS a difference, at least in the US for those that know.
    Jelly is thinner than jam and usually made from preserves instead of the fruit itself.

    Just another interesting thingamadoodle my grandparents taught me, who grew up in the country making their own jam as kids.

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  • Ian

    Anything Peanut Butter flavored aside from Reese’s products is horrible.

  • InfeaNO

    I hate penut butter. It makes me want to rip out my tounge, douse it in petrol and set it on fire. Thats how much I hate this Putrid Filth.

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  • Mr. B

    Thank you for the instructive advice on Peanuts i will definitely use them when i need too but you forgot that you can eat them.

  • pet lover

    Cernunnos, not sure where you are getting your information but it is safe to give dogs peanut butter, they can digest it and my vet reccommends it especially when trying to give the dog pills that she doesn’t want to swallow,

  • Mr. C

    I think it is great in your lonesome when the mood is right

  • ~sigh~
    I have now developed a full-blown allergy to peanuts…a hassle because I love peanuts in all sorts of food forms, and because they lie hidden in so many foods you don’t known they’re in.
    Worse, even though peanuts are not a true nut, but a legume, the allergy seems to have spread to include hazel nuts, pecans, almonds, all of the nuts one would normally eat.
    Dratted nuts!

  • segue: try dark roasted sesame seeds (purade(sp?), it’s the closest thing to peanut butter that I’ve found that lives in my kitchen. Aside from the actual peanut butter. I can’t seem to find the recipe, but if you watch enough Good Eats the episode will eventually come back around.

  • here’s part of the episode, Hope it helps. (

  • 229. Crimanon: Thanks! I’ll give it a try.
    I can’t believe the number of things that suddenly I can’t eat: red meat, nuts, anything containing HFC, dairy…something new every day.

  • the sixshooter

    well a question came up about baiting mice with peanut butter. which workes better crunchy or creamy ?

  • starlight

    Sunflower Butter is delicious…they make it in several varieties….might work for those who are allergic to peanut butter.

  • rinne

    never knew peanut butter was so amazing :)
    all the stuff above is so cool :)

  • Mimi

    Peanut butter chicken. You can find it in most Asian buffets.

  • Is it for real? Hahaha. Wow. :)

  • Corella

    Everytime i Make brownies (whether it be from a box or from scratch) i always add a little bit of peanut butter, it gives it an extra taste then just chocolate. I also add it to premade cookie dough (like chocolate chip cookie dough or even oatmeal raisin) if you mix it thoroughly it gives it an amazingly good aftertaste

  • jo

    Peanut butter plus bananas. Blend together. Makes a delicious shake. You can add nutmeg. Or ice cream or cocoa powder. Yum yum!

  • PastryChef

    I use peanut butter to pick up broken glass out of my garbage disposal when I accidentally drop & break a dish or cup. I disconnect my disposal, slide on somewhat thick rubber gloves, slather on the peanut butter & use it to pick up the small pieces of glass that you don’t want to run through your disposal system.

  • Jessica

    It works excellent of removing stickers or sticky residue off of leather.

  • me

    @ 8. DC

    lubrication needs

    nuff said, dude, nuff said

  • Kellyg

    The flourless peanut butter cookies are great! I make them all the time when my husband and I can’t afford any nice dessert. 375 degrees…1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup sugar, 1 egg…mix it together, ball it up, put the fancy criss-cross design on it…ten minutes in the oven…let cool…and wow! Delicious.

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  • retarted walres

    i use penut butter to glue down my retarted t rex

  • I was very pleased to find this blog.I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoyed every word of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff in the future.

  • Cj

    I can’t believe it! Well, how did people make peanut butter?! God’s blessings are always useful… :D

  • alex

    crazy!!!!!! :))

  • Nadz_x_


  • Ivan

    I learned that they used peanut butter to make diamonds!!!
    They put the peanut butter inside a film tube container or something simialr looking, and put it in a pressur container simulating the earth’s pressure and temperature needed to make diamonds and since peanut butter contains a lot of carbon, a diamond is what resulted.

  • james42519

    wd40 is easier to use on price tags.

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  • Nightprowler

    I hope you are referring to real peanut butter (blended peanuts) and not that sugary hydrogenated slop that is on most supermarket shelves.

  • derp

    why the fuck would i want to put peanut butter on everything? Seriously, what sort of fatty are you when you go so far as to put peanut butter on your couch? or on your lawn mower? jesus, even Elvis wasn't that bad.

  • J2L

    “It can be used for virtually all your lubrication needs”
    Intresting…..Very Intresting

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  • Mggf.
    Posted two years before this. None of the articles on this site are very original.

  • Jimtheboat

    Note to shamzam. Careful! You learn in Chemistry 101 that pb is the abbreviation for lead to peanut butter! lol1

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  • Jami

    The gum removal actually works!!! Thanks peanut butter!!

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  • Captain Carrot

    Hated the video. Hateful, ungrateful little sh*tbag is what that chick is.

    Oh, my daddy’s going on a business trip to make the money I spend w/out appreciating any of it so I’ll be a nasty, hateful little bit*h.

    Yeah, she could sleep in a room w/a bed and a lamp, and eat the same stew every night of the week for dinner if it were up to me.

    “Don’t appreciate what daddy does for you, then fine. Daddy will sell it all and you can have nothing but the essentials. Enjoy!”

  • steph

    i like to replace butter on pancakes with peanut butter, its unhealthy, so I barely eat it but I love how it tastes!

  • Michelle

    Can you report the recipe for the cookies? The link seems to be broken.

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  • Ladysphinx

    If you have the hiccups just eat a teaspoon of peanut butter. It works everytime, has not failed me yet and I prone to have the hiccups. It’s a tip my Aunt gave me as a kid. And it’s something that I tell every one when they them self’s have the hiccups.

  • tokenafew

    #15 astraya Great story!” Very funny if it,s true, well done if it’s a joke!” LMFAO

  • tokenafew

    Got the munchie,s for “PB n J’s” :<)

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  • amy

    the pop ups that block your ability to read the page are beyond annoying, so much so it makes your page useless, and so annoying to me that I will be sure never to purchase a product/company being so inconsiderate

  • Pingback: Top 10 Unusual Uses For Coca Cola()

  • Barbiee Bitchhh!

    That’s fucking DISGUSTING! Shaving w/ Peanut Butter .. is fucking gross as hell cause i eat it by the spoonful && that is to grodey bruh!

  • Stalkerwft


  • goglet

    What about making Diamonds with is? Yup it really happened in some science place.

  • bailey cummins

    that is some of the wierdest things you can use peanut butter for

  • Abbyo

    You can also use it for the hiccups. It works REALLY WELL!

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  • Erypeptspoogy


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  • healthy recipes for dinner

    It’s really a great and helpful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • buggycas

    I have an unusual usage for you, It comes from my family’s long history of being theater nerds, If you mix Peanut butter, Corn Syrup, a little Glycerin (To keep the syrup from crystallizing) And Red food Color, you have a realistic, and very tasty Stage blood. The brown of the peanut butter makes the red dye look more real, and it’s great with bread! (I know this from personal experience Lol)

  • attatavoX


  • Girlflash

    rice krispies or puffed rice

  • AshleyKnows87

    Do be careful when giving your pet peanut butter. They can have allergies to peanuts/peanut oils like us. Make sure you know how your pet will react with peanut butter before giving it with meds. Especially if its a new med that they could be reacting to as well.

  • Erin

    You can also use it to add a scoop of peanut butter to flavour ramen noodle soup, make grilled PB & J sandwiches and you can make a peanut butter and banana milkshake.

  • Sue

    The link to the peanut butter cookies does not go anywhere.

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