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10 Odd Superstitions About Food

Superstitions can fill peoples lives with a bit of innocent fun, but they can also be incredibly crippling. This is a list of some of the more unusual superstitions that surround food. Many of these superstitions derive from Great Britain, and therefore ultimately found their way around the world through colonization.


Hollow Bread

Easy White Bread 1.Jpg

It was once (and perhaps still is) a superstition that if you found a hole in a loaf of bread you cut, it symbolized a coffin and meant that someone was soon to die. If a person found a loaf in this state, there would be days of discussion to guess who it might be that would be stricken down. Of course, these days we are less likely to cut our own loaves of bread, so this one is likely to die into obscurity.


Egg shells

Shells 5.Jpg

It was once a superstition that if you did not crush the ends of an egg after eating it, a witch would gather the shells and use them to craft a boat that she could use to sail out to sea to raise storms. This is a very ancient superstition which seems to originate in the 1580s. If you shattered the end of the shell, it would create enough holes to make it useless as a boat. We won’t even go into the logic of how a full-sized human might be able to stand in an egg shell – that was obviously not on the minds of our superstitious forebears.


Crossed Bread

Michael Pacher 004.Jpg

This innocent old superstition dictated that all loaves of bread must be marked with a sign of the cross before baking. The idea was that the cross would prevent the devil from sitting on the loaf – and thereby prevent him from cursing or spoiling the bread. The upside to this superstition is that bread rises much better in the oven when crossed – though obviously not from the influence (or lack thereof) of the wicked one.




We all know of the superstition surrounding the spilling of salt, but here is a slightly more unusual one. It used to be considered bad if you helped another person to the salt – there was even a little phrase that evolved from the superstition: “help to salt, help to sorry.” Salt is such an important part of human life that it is no wonder that it appears so frequently in the history of superstition.


Tea Rituals


It used to be considered bad luck for two people to pour tea from the same pot. In addition, if you left the lid off the teapot while brewing tea, it was meant to mean that a stranger would visit soon. There were even a series of small rituals you could perform to determine the exact day, hour, and gender of the visitor by means of tapping the wrist.


Christmas Cake

Gb Christmas Cake

Superstitions surrounding Christmas are as numerous as Elizabeth Taylor’s husbands. One such superstition says that all members of a family must have a turn stirring the Christmas cake mixture or else bad luck will befall them. Young unmarried girls were especially supposed to have a turn – otherwise they would remain alone for another year.


Eggy Luck


In many parts of Europe, farmers would take a fresh egg into the fields in the hopes that it would bring a good healthy crop. Eggs were also used to tell fortunes – two yolks would mean a marriage was coming up soon, a black spot on a yolk was a bad omen – and an egg with no yolk at all was just about as bad as you could get.




In Greece there is an ancient superstition called the Evil Eye. It is believed that when someone gives you the evil eye, bad luck (usually minor) will befall you. Now you may be wondering why this is on a food superstitions list; the reason is that the way to prevent the evil eye from affecting you is to carry around a piece of garlic. This is unlikely to help you when you are having a night out looking for a date!


The Wishbone

Picture 5-11

Before we all sit back on our laurels and laugh at the superstitions around the world that would never afflict us; let us remember one of our own most revered superstitions, the pulling of the wishbone. In Western (especially American and British) tradition, two people use their pinky finger to break the wishbone. The person who wins the longest piece gets good luck and usually makes a wish. We may all say we aren’t superstitious – but this is something we have all done at one time or another which leads us to our last (and equally common) superstition:


Wedding Rice


Throwing rice at a wedding is such a common event that we don’t even bat an eyelid when we see it happening. But what most of us don’t realize is that this a very superstitious tradition with a very long history. The throwing of rice is meant to bring prosperity, wealth, and happiness to the couple. Frankly though, with the amount of money people spend on weddings these days, it would be more useful to throw wads of cash rather than rice.

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  • maximuz04

    i dont think i knew any of these… except the rice…. cool

  • flibbertigibbet

    I’ll say #10 is fading into obscurity… I’ve never even heard of it, but I find holes in bread all the time (I bake it with extra yeast). Interesting list!

  • maximuz04

    Oh and #2, I still do this but I dont believe in it, its just fun, I alway lose. :(

  • AniH

    The hollow bread one is new to me, I bake my own bread and am always finding holes in it!

  • H3000

    Meh, slightly boring list for a 19 year old boy.

    And what’s with the new layout, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it James!

  • We British are a strange breed…

  • Nameless

    Loved this list, there were some superstitions I had never heard of… Suppose they belong more in the anglosaxon tradition; the one about the eggshells is awesome anyway, and I sort of suspected the wishbone was linked with good luck and granted wishes (hence the english name), although in my region the wishbone has a different use: one is supposed to think of a pregnant woman they know, and if they end up with the biggest half of the bone, the baby will be a boy; the pregnant lady the other person is pulling the bone for will of course get a girl. Last time I did this, I correctly predicted my friend’s baby would be a girl!

  • Travis

    Wedding rice is stupid… think about all the starving children in the world?!!

    Eggs are special… this one time in band camp a girl had to eat 6 raw eggs and she got really horny and she started making funny noises with her mouth and she danced and took her cloths and she showed her privates to the people and she whispered in my ear dirty words and then… sorry wrong story I was thinking of my moms wedding day…..

  • Bel

    Hehehe I remember eating boiled eggs as a child and my Mum telling me to break the bottom out of the egg when I was finished. When I asked why she gave the reason as explained in #9. Even as a child I was like “wtf?” lol.

    I remember reading another superstition about bread as well, that it is not meant to be sliced at both ends at once – otherwise the Devil will be able to escape (from inside the loaf of bread) and fly about the room. Hmmmmmm…..

  • lazyage

    the ‘evil eye’ one is quite common in most asian/south asian traditions too. unfortunatly my mum still believes in it…

  • jajdude

    Appetizing guns on the list, g. In a Chinese guide book they say never to flip over a fish as it may capsize a boat, but I ain’t seen any heed paid to that yet yo.

  • Arnaud

    I have a slightly different version for #9…
    My Grandfather used to tell me that you must break the eggshell after you’re finished eating it, or else the egg will “come back” poisoned…
    I still do it and I have taught my children to do the same.

    You don’t want to mess with a poisoned egg.

  • Ironically, our family forgot the rice/confetti at our wedding… blast, we’re doomed!!

    And the witches might be able to shrink down to use the egg boat! They’re witches after all!!

    I’ve been guilty of doing the wishbone breaking and the salt over the shoulder when spilled superstition.

  • nuriko

    cool… :D

    nice new layout!!!! :D

  • H3000

    @Travis “Wedding rice is stupid… think about all the starving children in the world?!! ”

    I think the last thing those starving kids want is more rice…

  • Jessy

    Koreans believe it’s good luck if you find a grain of rice still in its husk- but rice is more processed now I think, so this is less likely than back in the day.

    Also, kimchi prevents cancer, obesity, scurvy, and probably makes you taller, a faster runner and better in bed. The Koreans are full of food superstitions.

  • Travis

    @H3000 : Oh yeah I forgot the kids from somalia and ethiopia are very picky on what they eat!!!

  • Choosilicious

    Why wont those kids want rice?

  • Choosilicious

    Kimchi is very delicious and nice smelling. Most Americans have bad taste.

  • Kez

    Most Aussie’s I know do the whole wishbone thing too.
    It’s not just Us and Brits.

  • Choosilicious

    Oh and Travis ure funny :D. Even now the prices of rice is shooting up. Ponni rice from India once doubled.

    Westerners don’t know how its like. There you eat oat, corn, barley, wheat, potato and stuff like that. Here rice is our staple food. We eat porridge with rice.

    We can add fish, vegetables, chicken, prawns, century egg or if you add soya sauce, white pepper and black pepper sauce you can easily change the flavour to suit your taste. Here everyone eats porridge.

    Unlike oatmeal, you can barely modify the flavour at all.

  • akilla

    is it just me, or does the ‘devil’s’ posterior have eyes and sumhow a face?

    if it is always depicted that way, pardon me :)

  • Nelia

    I love the egg superstition. I might start breaking my shells just in case :) It has been REALLY rainy here lately and I’ve been eating a lot of eggs. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Travis

    @Choosilicious : I love rice so much I can eat rice with rice!! in fact I wish we only had rice… I wish I could give each person on this forum a little bag of rice so we could eat rice while we read the lists!!!

    I’m gonna make list of the best things about rice and send it to the contest!!

  • eric

    dude u forgot a good its said that when u eat beans u will fart all day. lol

  • H3000

    @Travis, I was obviously kidding. It’s just that all those kids get to eat now, is rice. There’s way more things being wasted than rice.

  • lo

    i like this list, i was thinking about weird superstitions and their origins earlier, so this felt like a touch of synchronicity.

    only one thing, with the eggshell one: “This is a very ancient superstition which seems to originate in the 1580s.” ???

    when i read “very ancient” i was expecting to hear that it went back thousands of years to the ancient chinese or greeks or something, so you may want to rethink the term “very ancient” here jamie ;)

  • Travis

    @H3000 : what is more wasted than rice? please do enlighten me!! people treat rice like there are millions still to come! rice is a precious vegetable that we take for granted and i will not stand here and listen to people bad mouthing rice… enough is enough! its time to stand up and be counted… grain by grain!

  • wd40

    Enough with the food lists! jeez!

  • Sch or sch

    Number 10 ia absolutely true! There´s holes in every single bread I eat and yes, lots of people die every day! Somebody stop this breadbaking madness! Now! :-D

  • Hyla

    I always win when pulling the wishbone at Thanksgiving but it never brings me any luck!!
    In addition to it being a US, British and Australian (says Kez) tradition, we Canadians also partake. :)

  • H3000

    Jesus Travis, I’m not saying rice doesn’t get wasted, rice is definitely the gift from heaven you’re making it out to be. However, you can’t possibly think rice isn’t the only thing being wasted can you? Thousands of kilo’s of leftovers get thrown away all over the world every night and millions of cartons of milk lay rotten in refridgerators until tossed away. Bad examples but all food gets wasted, not just rice.

  • H3000

    “I always win when pulling the wishbone at Thanksgiving but it never brings me any luck!!”

    The fact that you always win is pretty lucky in itself isn’t it?

  • MT

    A popular tradition among people from the South is always cook Black Eyed Peas on New Years Day and you will have a prosperous year.

  • Travis

    @H3000 : I’m sorry I got carried away back there… It’s just that people think rice “grows on trees” and according to wikipedia it actually grows under water.

    My grandfather planted rice and my father planted rice and soon when i reach the age of 30 I will too plant rice and hope that my children pass their maths class so they can plant rice!

  • Shadow

    @ Travis- Firstly; rice is a grain, not a vegetable. Second, I have volunteered with an organization to package foodstuffs that were going abroad to disaster areas and impoverished nations, the main ingredient is rice! Now, something many of you will not know, because you’ve never been poor enough to have to subsist almost entirely on rice, but white rice will constipate and bloat you, because it’s nothing but starch with no bran left on it to move it along. Also, the rice is not wasted, I promise you. The local birds and other wildlife come back behind and eat whatever is left there.

    @ Choosilicious- Please, please tell me you were joking! I live in the US, and I DO know what it’s like to be poor. Pay no heed to what they tell you on the television. Many Americans would be homeless and starving without their credit cards to keep them afloat by supplementing their income – which is a horrible financial policy to have! Even with credit cards, many families must have three and even four incomes just to survive. It is the way in this country for the rich to become richer and the rest to become poorer. So please, before you spout off with hate at the West, remember that all is not as it’s shown to you over there, and that some of us really do understand just how bad it really is.

    As for the list – Great job! There were many of these I hadn’t heard of before. However, I do need to point out that I’d always heard that rice was thrown at weddings to ‘bless’ the newlyweds with fertility in their marriage, i.e. them having lots of children, and quickly. This was supposed to date back to ancient times when having lots of children was a good idea, as they were often required to help run the farm or family business.

    Here’s a link that explains part of what I have stated, and also mentions the prosperity part:

  • Mark

    20. Kez : You from down south? Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide *cringes at having to type that in*? Because in Queensland – I’m in Rockhampton, which is about half way between Brisbane and Townsville – we don’t partake in wishboning :(

  • H3000

    Shadow, that’s exactly what I was trying to say, i’m just not as smart.

  • Randy

    In many locales in the U.S. the throwing of rice at weddings has been banned due to the belief (I don’t know whether it’s true or not, so please don’t berate me) that birds eat the uncooked rice, it swells in their stomachs and they die. Birdseed is thrown instead. Which should please Travis, I think.

  • Kon

    If you throw rice at a wedding, birds eat it and their stomachs explode.

    I once got an egg with three yolks. It was HUGE and took me about 3/4 of an hour to eat. BEAT THAT, PEOPLE!

    Another that I know about bread is that if you leave the knife stuck in a loaf, it means something bad will befall whoever stuck it there.

    Also, don’t like the new layout. Feels too simple. I liked the old one more.

  • Mrs Polidori

    For the people dissing the Evil Eye, please don’t; it DOES exist.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    37 – “we don’t partake in wishboning”

    Is that what you crazy kids are calling it now? It used to be just boning? Is the wish- preffix a testimony to the angst of the teenage youth?


  • Kon

    39. Randy – Hah, you beat me to it!

  • Randall

    I’m WAITING for some moron to repeat the ridiculous fallacy that throwing rice at weddings is wrong because birds eat it, drink water, and then the rice expands in their stomachs, killing them. PLEASE someone come on and repeat that idiotic claim so I can tear you apart. I haven’t had any fun this week.

    (Because of that idiotic notion, people stopped throwing rice at weddings for a while, in the 90s… and started throwing birdseed. Or worse—and far more pukey—they’d release butterflies. GAAACK. Please, assholes. These pinheads never stopped to think that birds eat rice IN THE WILD and get along just fine, and that this idea of it expanding in their gullets was just nonsense anyway… cripes).

    OH, and by the way, Travis… you’re an idiot.

    The amount of rice “wasted” by being thrown at weddings wouldn’t save a whole lot of starving children, pinhead. It ain’t like we’re greedily stealing bags of rice out of the hands of the needy so we can toss them at a couple of losers in a tacky dress and a rented suit.

    But if you want to do good, why don’t YOU stop wasting food yourself—as we in the West surely do, on a daily basis—and stop eating so much? And then send the food you’re not eating to the kids in Africa and Asia who could make better use of it? Better still, let’s get science to work on increasing food production WHERE these people are, which is what they really need.

    Luckily we’ve already accomplished this over the last 40 years, increasing food production exponentially. Let’s hope we can keep on doing it.

    Maybe, Travis, what you should think about is going to school to learn how to help with this… OR, if you’re not smart enough, then vote and lobby to give more financial aid to other people who WILL go into the sciences, particularly in agriculture, and help with this global need.

    But okay, Travis, failing that you can go around griping about people who toss rice. Sure.

  • Kon

    44. Randall – o.0 I didn’t say anything. *crouches and waits for him NOT to kill me*

  • Randall

    RANDY went and did it before I even got my comment out! (And how ironic it should be someone named “Randy”).

    But you’re excused, namesake, because you simply repeated the nonsense without asserting it’s truth.

    It isn’t true. Some people just believe stupid things.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    “If you throw rice at a wedding, birds eat it and their stomachs explode. ”


    Really? Then why don’t we see hundreds of birds bursting at trafalgar square during rag week through student pranks? If students will steal cadavars from morgues to qualify for car pooling, then this would be a relative no brainer for them.

    I shall answer my own question

    Because rice has no negative effect on the stomach of birds.

  • Mark

    42. cymraegbachgen87 : *face-slap followed by suitably disdainful look* :|

  • cymraegbachgen87


  • Kon

    42. cymraegbachgen87 – You make a good point. XD

  • Randall

    cymraegbachgen87: (I hate typing all that, can’t you just shorten it to some other form—oops, no, I forgot. Welsh. We’re lucky your nickname has VOWELS).

    Bless you, between the two of us we’ll destroy this ridiculous notion.

  • Lucy

    Interesting list. I have not heard of most of these, besides te obvious rice and wish bone.
    My dad bakes his own bread occasionally and whenever I find a piece/load with a whole in the center, I always get an uncomfortable feeling and decline to eat the bread. Maybe my conscience was telling me something?
    And I eat a lot of eggs, and lately I’ve been having bad luck, maybe I should start cracking the ends of mine.
    And for all you people going apeshit over the rice fiasco: people throw away tons of food without even for superstisious sake, so I think it is okay to carry on this tradition. I know that in life we should not be wasteful, but I also think we should LIVE life. Something as small as throwing rice on newlyweds is not going to destroy the world or kill anyone.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    51. The settled upon LV shortening of my name is cym. That makes a modicom of sense usually used as a prefix for welshness :)

    Annoys me when its shortened to cymrae, or cymraegba…they don’t mean anything!

    “We’re lucky your nickname has VOWELS” Ironic seeing as my given name doesnt ;) And no I’m not going to tell you what it is.

    However annoying these fallacies are, its interesting to see how they made it into the public consciousness. But they deserve to be busted.

  • gabi319

    throwing rice at weddings is wrong because birds eat it, drink water, and then the rice expands in their stomachs, killing them.

    …haha….I also think it’s ridiculous, but I posted that because I was wondering if your head would explode, Randall.

    Doves at weddings are worse than butterflies! People don’t realize that not only do you need to hire a professional to release said doves, but they also don’t realize that doves won’t hold their poo just because it’s your wedding day.

  • deepthinker

    I love this list!

  • Tiki

    Why don’t you eat rice and explode!! You’re an ass. Birds indigenous to the US and UK CANNOT digest rice and although they will not explode, it can kill then. Name one bird in the US or UK you know of that eats rice in the wild. And even if they did it would not be the packed, processed rice that humans eat. You’re a pompous, idiotic ASSHOLE!!!

  • Travis

    @Randall : why did you call me an idiot? I didn’t offend you in anyway and neither did the dude with the strange name!! I really wish you had an accident and got blind and def, and with no arms or legs and with poor medical assistance you would get aids from a needle and die alone in a hole filled with shit!!

    I’ll through some rice for that to happen!
    that is all… thank you!

  • Randall


    You’re laboring under a misconception. It is not necessary for me to be offended in order for you to be an idiot. One has nothing to do with the other.

    And hey, thanks for the good wishes. That was actually quite creative.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    …the dude with the strange name…

    That is all I am reduced to!?

    I’m going to find a quiet corner somewhere and cry :'(

    BTW – massive over-reaction just for being called an idiot. The fact you would wish AIDS on someone is disgusting. Either retort sensibly or do not ‘grace’ us with your presence again.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    “but I posted that because I was wondering if your head would explode, Randall”

    I must be in a wierd mood today…cos that sounds mildly erotic.

    Dirty cym, DIRTY cym!

  • gabi319

    hmm…I really hope Travis is just joking around… If my father and grandfather were rice planters, I certainly wouldn’t need wiki to learn that they’re grown underwater…

    16. Jessy – “kimchi prevents cancer, obesity, scurvy, and probably makes you taller, a faster runner and better in bed”
    haha, my aunts and uncles have said that about every food and animal organ I refuse to eat! I think I’ll stick with fat, probably shorter, a slow runner, and…..merely decent in bed ;-)

  • Travis

    @cymraegbachgen87 : Get a new name and stop your crying you big poof!! “oohhhh he said aids!! thats so disgusting… dont grace us with your presence” wtf is wrong with you? be a man! at least Randall gave a cool comeback enhancing that I am still an idiot but a creative one!!

    @Randall : You inspire me to me creative… keep up the good work!

  • Randall


    Do you have some sick WISH to see my head explode? Why does no one love me around here? ;-)

    But you know, you bring up an interesting point or two. A) releasing ANY kind of wildlife at a wedding his moronic. B) releasing doves and butterflies is even more KEENLY moronic. If I should ever marry again, perhaps my bride and I will release wolverines. I bet the crowd would love that. I certainly would. “Thanks for the presents, now get the hell outta here, losers!” I would yell, as the little beasties tore at the heels of panicked guests all about. Snicker. C) Releasing a flock of birds at your wedding is particularly stupid because–as gabi quite rightly points out–birds are the foulest (pardon the pun) and filthiest of god’s creatures, evacuating their bowels wherever and whenever they feel like it–including in their own nests, under their own feet, and on top of us humans and our valuable belongings. MOST animals in the kingdom of nature take their business to a secluded spot, or at least to a somewhat out-of-the-way place. Not so with birds, who sh*t wherever they are and don’t care. Now imagine a flock of the feathered bastards suddenly released (and ironically ungrateful for their freedom) at your nice nuptials, with everyone in their finery. The mess resulting is hardly worth the retarded gesture one hoped to make.

    This reminds your humble Randall of the time of year it is… time when the snow has all melted, and the lawn, all the way down to the lakeside, is COVERED in goose sh*t. I HATE that. And for those who do not know, goose crap is the same size as CAT SH*T. Except that it’s GREEN. So not only is it disgustingly large, but it’s also hard to see against the grass until you’re almost on top of it. We’re therefore condemned to stay out of the yard until May, when the offensive stuff settles back into the earth. ARRRGGH.

    Fortunately this year the geese seemed to have thought better of using my back yard as a toilet, and instead visited their filth upon my neighbors. Thank you god.

    Some estimates say we get 50,000 geese visiting our small corner of New York on a seasonal basis. Imagine the awfulness left behind by 50,000 squawking poop machines.

    Now imagine something akin to that at your wedding. Idiots.

  • RandomPrecision

    every wedding i have been to they no longer throw rice. i guess people realized it was a waste. at my cousin’s wedding we were each given a little packet of these little flower things to throw. which of course resulted in my other cousin and i dumping 12 bags over the head of my sister. then at my sister’s wedding we were given bubbles. which of course, resulted in me and the groom blasting the air horns we had in our tux pockets.

  • gabi319

    Now the mystery solver in me is already trying to figure out how one could become blind, deaf and a quadriplegic in a single instance. So far, the best I’ve some up with is an angry hamster attacking someone’s face which compels the victim to get on their motorcycle to book it to the vet and then get in four separate accidents with four separate stop signs (if motorcyclists are driving fast enough, amputations can be performed by stop signs) in a sequence reminiscent of Monty Python’s Black Knight.
    But by the time I hit submit, Travis will probably add some more unnecessarily harsh insults to defend his right to be stupid…

    59. cymraegbachgen87 – “I must be in a wierd mood today…cos that sounds mildly erotic.”
    Oh cym, there’s a phallacy in your comments of scientific truths. Do you honestly believe this dirty mindset/mood of yours only exists today? ;-)

  • bucslim

    Travis – I just loved the way Joe Namath throughed the pigskin.

  • Mom424

    Haha such foolishness, birds dying from rice explosions. The real reason that they don’t allow rice throwing or confetti at most nuptials is because of the damn mess. They might tell you the bird story, but it’s the cost of clean-up that is the real reason.

  • gabi319

    63. Randall – “Do you have some sick WISH to see my head explode? Why does no one love me around here?”

    I love you BECAUSE I enjoy Randall’s exploding head! (here’s where cym jumps off to his dirty mind place) and besides…given a recent LV list of unknown and uncurable medical illnesses, a ridiculous amount of people now believe they have exploding head syndrome, so I’m guessing it’s not that horrible if they still have time to bother my with their hypochondriac paranoia.

  • Randall


    “I must be in a wierd mood today…cos that sounds mildly erotic.

    Dirty cym, DIRTY cym!”

    That’s okay cym…. I love dirty girls. ;-) They make life worth living. ;-)

    I’m touched and…. hmmm… rather aroused…. ;-)

  • Callie

    Tiki- I’d imagine birds eat all kinds of stuff they wouldn’t normally eat in the wild. Maybe I don’t really understand (I’m not up on my avian knowledge) but I doubt ducks eat stale wonder bread in the wild, either, and I have passed many an hour feeding the ducks with my nephew. Aren’t bread and rice both basic grain? Plus, I live/work in the city. Pigeons eat stuff I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole and there seems to be plenty of those suckers.

    Anyhow…I have a friend who is terrified of eggs with two yolks. She think’s it’s unnatural and creepy. I think of it as a little bonus- the prize in the cereal, if you will. Only instead of a prize, it’s a baby chicken. That I will scramble and put salsa on. Yum.

  • oouchan

    I’ll say it too. Travis, you’re an idiot. The amount that might (or might not be) thrown at a wedding is not enough to affect anyone….including birds.

    (I have heard about alka seltzer…is that one true?)

    I knew a few of these and it is always nice to learn something new in the morning.

    btw, cym…I actually like your name. Unique.

  • Travis

    @gabi319 : excellent vision on the accident! and yes my dear it is very dificult to defend my right to be stupid here!! its funny how its easier to pretend to be smart… where did being smart ever get you anywhere? and momma always said that stupid is what stupid does… so there… hmm.. take that… hmm… I’m sure you’re pretty!!!

    @buclism : I agree… Joe Namath Rules!

  • bucslim

    Randall – I was at a wedding where they did the butterfly thingy. What is that happy horseshit anyway? I asked someone why this display and not rice. And in a very somber and serious tone this other person blubbered out that notion of birds dropping dead after the rice exploded in their digestive system. I looked at them and my exact words were ‘Sounds like a crock of shit to me.’ They looked at me with murder in their eyes.

    Guess I’m really trying hard to think of something more pretentious than releasing butterflies. But with the way marriages go in this society, might as well be a gaping asshole at on your wedding day because the next five years is going to be nothing but hateful, ugly and confrontational, but you’ll still retain the memory of those friggen butterflies swishing through the air. The crowd might oooo and awwww, I’m going to be over in the parking lot with a can of raid and a giant flyswatter.

    The whole point of throwing rice at the couple is so that when they start stripping at the hotel, some of those grains have found their way towards the crack of their ass and settled in the panel area of their shorts, gives a whole new meaning to ‘dirty rice.’

  • cymraegbachgen87

    clarification on name. Bachgen is welsh for boy.

    I’m glad you like dirty girls…just don’t count me as one of them :p

    Travis. You are pathetic. Your name is of Old French origin, and its meaning is “to cross over”. If anyone here is a ‘poof’ I would contest that it is you.

    I will stick with my name thanks, it is indicative of what I am, unique and a talking point. I would say you should change yours…its boring.

    “Do you honestly believe this dirty mindset/mood of yours only exists today?”

    Nah. But I’m more self aware. Travis has shown me my feminine or ‘poof’ side…as has Randall…

  • cymraegbachgen87

    “I love you BECAUSE I enjoy Randall’s exploding head!”

    O God…Its happened again.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    “enhancing that I am still an idiot”

    I’m glad to see you agree with consensus opinion

  • bucslim

    ‘gaping asshole at on your wedding day’

    I looked this up in the bucslim lexicon and I think it means he was trying to say other people are gaping their assholes at a particular event. The syntax is different in the vocabulary codex, but it rendered out with a completely unrecognizable obtuseness. I’ll re-check my decoder ring after I’ve released some boxelder bugs.

  • Randall


    What the F, man? Why are you going around pretending to be a woman? What is that, some “Welsh” thing? ;-)

  • Travis

    *edited for violation of FAQ*

    Cyn the evil admin ;)

  • cymraegbachgen87

    Que!? Where have I pretended to be a woman!? Uber confused here.

    And no it isn’t a welsh thing. Thats sheep.

    What do you call a Sheep tied up in Cardiff?

    A Recreation Centre

    BTW only I can make those jokes lol ;)

  • cymraegbachgen87

    Travis – house rules. No ALL CAPS


  • Randall


    Something tackier than releasing butterflies at a wedding? Cecil Adams of “The Straight Dope” reports the following on this VERY point:

    One reader wrote in to say that “when his cousin got married, instead of throwing rice or birdseed, the couple had little jingle bells attached to business cards that the wedding guests were supposed to jingle as the newlyweds left for the honeymoon. (The reader) considers this the tackiest wedding stunt he has ever heard of. He concludes, “I think the bride came up with this, since she wouldn’t have enough class for a one-room schoolhouse.””

    The full exchange on this can be seen here:

  • cymraegbachgen87


    Why do you consider homosexual behaviour as insulting? Have you not moved on from the 1930s?

    Awww…poor travis. Obviously in denial.

    Tell me, is it dark in that closet?

  • oouchan

    73. bucslim: “The whole point of throwing rice at the couple is so that when they start stripping at the hotel, some of those grains have found their way towards the crack of their ass and settled in the panel area of their shorts, gives a whole new meaning to ‘dirty rice’.” :shock:

    Now that I have that image in my head, I shall never eat rice again…(Happy, Travis?)

  • Randall


    You didn’t. I made a joke. See, I mistake you for a female (honestly, I thought you were—clearly I have you confused with someone else whose nickname is similar in some fashion) and then turn it around on YOU and ACCUSE you of pretending to BE a female. Lotsa laffs. Get it?

    By the by, though…. you DID find the idea of my “head” (ahem… obviously not the head that contains my giant brain) “exploding” to be, by your own admission, “erotic.” I cannot, therefore, be faulted for thinking that perhaps you were a woman with dirty thoughts where moi is concerned.

    Deception, thy name is Welshman.

  • Randall

    I shall report that the Alka Seltzer “myth” is evidently unconfirmed but likely to be more BS. The aforementioned Cecil Adams reports that people who have fed A.S. to birds (why would you do this?) have only seen it to cause the birds to disgorge their dinner, not explode or otherwise succumb. Probably it’s just more nonsense.

  • oouchan

    Randall, I always thought so. Even though I don’t like birds of any kind, it still sound cruel.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    I think porn – gay, straight, lesbian, TG or otherwise – comes under the general title of erotica?

    I wasnt the one who said “’m touched and…. hmmm… rather aroused…”

    I merely said it was erotic – not that it was arousing me. ;)

    “Deception, thy name is Welshman” Hell yeah!

  • Travis

    @cymrwhomiworship: I’m sorry for the name calling!

  • bucslim

    Do you have to drop the Alka Seltzer into water and watch it fizz before you throw it at them? Like the whole glass of water? Or do you just try to aim so that the tablet lodges in their mouth?

    I haven’t heard of bird seed flavored Alka Seltzer – thought maybe the Coyote would have tried that if it worked so good. Course Acme might have come out with that product line designed just for the Coyote, I’m not sure. I’ll do some more research into this delightful area.

  • bucslim

    Randall – Ok, you got me with the bells on the business cards thingy. They probably invited only business associates and clients to their wedding. Mom and Dad were too ashamed to attend.

    I’ve got an idea, let’s release africanized honey bees at the wedding and spray queen bee pheromone on the bride’s garter belt, that’ll stir things up. Or we could all put on terry cloth headbands, white tube socks and tight running shorts and throw frisbees when they come out of the church. Or give us all garden hoses with assorted spray nozzles attached, some could mist and some could use the pressurized firehose setting. Maybe we could ask everyone to drop trow and moon the attention starved whores as they leave the facility.

    If that shit doesn’t work, perhaps we could just wish them well because staying married these days is about is harder than getting me out of a forum where Roxy’s showing her chest again.

  • Callie

    buc has a bee in his bonnet about that plan.

    also, as an offshoot, I think Roxy is a terrible stripper name. It reminds me of a dog. I’d go with “crystal chandelier” or “candi cane” or something similar. Or Heather. I knew a few stippers in college named Heather. And one named Crystal, but she used Brooklyn as a stage name. That’s also dumb. she should have been “Cherry Pie”

  • Eli

    Nice list, I like it .

  • Wow, I can hardly believe how many of these I was raised on!
    Certainly, as children, we ate boiled eggs out of egg cups in the morning and were obliged to break both ends of the shell.
    Only my mother was ever allowed to pour tea, even when we were fully grown and on our own. In her house, she poured the tea.
    The wishbone tradition is just so ingrained a part of Thanksgiving in the U.S. that I sort of supposed it came with it. I really didn’t know that it was done, with different “wishes” in different countries.
    I always baked all of our bread when my children were growing up, and I automatically made the cross in the bread top, but I thought it was only to make the bread rise nicely. I didn’t know the story of the devil sitting on top of the bread otherwise.
    kinda creepy, there.
    I never did buy the birds/exploding rice thing because (as Randall pointed out), they eat it in the wild.
    Good job, Jamie. I like lists like this. No drama, just informative. Gives the synapses a rest between some of the other lists (which I love).

  • cymraegbachgen87

    Travis…again with the ass. This time sex with it. More latent rage and homophobia I feel. Seriously – come out of the closet

  • cymraegbachgen87

    As for the name calling. No worries. I’m confident and comfortable with my sexuality. It has something to do with going to bed with an extremely beautiful woman each night.

  • bucslim

    Callie – I’ve never been sure of what the attraction is to some sort of mysterious name for a stripper. I’m pretty sure if the gal’s stage name was Open Face Roast Beef Sandwich with Extra Gravy, there’d still be a line if she had big cans and tight, firm hindquarters.

    It’s just when she calls herself ‘Breezy’ or ‘Mystique’ guys tend to think there’s an added illusion of her being a seductress. When I was in high school, the local strip joint had a 500 lb stripper and her name was Marsha Mellow. A friend of mine said the place was packed.

    So I guess the lesson here kiddies is if there’s a naked woman, there will be a line of guys around the block to take a gander.

  • bucslim

    And Callie – the ‘Roxy’ I referred to is ring tailed roxy – frequent commenter on this site who did put her cleavage pics in the forum.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    99 bucslim – A ‘Friend’ Ok. I believe you. Thousands wouldnt! ;)

    Also – your high school had a local strip joint!? I knew there had to be an advantage to American education!

    lol – only joking guys

  • Shadow

    After seeing Travis’ wonderful act of proving just how much of a waste the act of copulation his parents engaged in to produce him was – I must agree. Travis, you’re an idiot. I won’t even be as kind to you as Randall either. That gobbledegook you spouted off isn’t even poor English, it’s just the flailings of a retarded, attention seeking, child’s mind. If you really must be such, be it elsewhere, please.

    @ Randall – If my fiance weren’t sleeping in the next room, I would have laughed myself blue at the idea of releasing Wolverines at a wedding! What a beautifully sadistic idea!

    As for the rice at the wedding thing… just for Travis mind you… I’m going to have about two tons of it dropped via passing cropdusters on everyone. I’m sure Travis and the birds will be very happy with my generosity….

    Wait, I just remembered… I’m a rich, slovenly, rude American, I’m sure I could do better than that!

  • Travis

    @cymraegbachgen87 : your comments are funnier than your name!! LOL… there arent beautiful women in Wales… come on… stop playing around! In Wales you doent even have genders, there’s no male or female… you’re all under the small species with weird faces category! except for Joe Calzaghe… but he’s italian anyway!

  • cymraegbachgen87

    there arent beautiful women in Wales…

    I wouldn’t expect a closet homosexual, such as yourself, to appreciate the beauty of the female form.

    I would love for you to say my fiancee isnt beautiful. She would break you in two.

    Have you ever…EVER gotten laid…where you didn’t have to pay for it that is?

  • Travis

    @shadow : yes it is true I’m an attention seeker! Oh and by the way i’m in the next room with your fiance and “sleeping she is not”!!! You should dust her from time to time its like Spidermans hideout down there!!!

  • gabi319

    ugh, buc! Why’d you have to make reference of roast beef in conjunction with strippers?! The first time I went to a strip club with friends, a guy friend of mine made a dirty comment about roast beef…That’s almost as bad as mentioning fish taco and strippers in the same sentence.

    I’d like my stripper name to be kicks-you-in-the-balls-if-you-tip-less-than-$5

  • Travis

    @cymraegbachgen87 : yes i bet she would break me in two… those hairy arms and puffy ‘stasch never fooled me!! mucho macho por favor!!
    yes I have paid for sex and I am not ashamed!! best 6 bucks ever! LOL

  • cymraegbachgen87

    Fiance is the male form of the word…shadow may need to clarify, or this just makes travis look even MORE gay.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    “best 6 bucks ever!”

    Did you find out his name?

  • cymraegbachgen87

    “mucho macho por favor!!”

    I already KNOW you want many men.

    And my fiancee is a professional dancer…her legs would break your neck.

    “yes I have paid for sex and I am not ashamed” Probably because you know its the only way you can get it

  • cymraegbachgen87

    and before bucslim turns professional dancer into stripper, I mean proper dancing. Ballet and Jazz.


    I know what your filthy minds are capable of

  • Travis

    @cymraegbachgen87 : yes his name was Harold he was a very gentil and passionate man… he loved walks on the beach and springboks. He also mentioned that your girlfriend was very atractive… and then I paid him and he got his “fix” and denied it all!! i think he smoked those funny cigarettes… just like you do just to get in bed with your fiance!!!

  • gabi319

    A lot of what you’ve written is quite tacky but now you’re well beyond the boundaries of bad taste by picking on someone who isn’t even here to defend herself against your ad hom. For real, grow up or leave.

    A professional dancer?! :-) I take dance classes at night, but just for fun. …and the studio’s the only place I’m mildly graceful, haha. I’ve been known to trip over my own feet when swimming laps.

  • Travis

    Paying for sex is not a bad thing… and due to the credit crunch its better not to have a girlfriend at all!! a prostitute will do the same job without the nagging and the evil eye stare when u ask for certain things!!
    Hurray for hookers!!

  • cymraegbachgen87


    I wouldnt worry about travis. Pubescent boys are often like this, particularly if they are in denial over their own sexuality. Trollz come in many forms. We all know this one is a moron with less to contribute to society than chlamydia.

    Yeah she is amazing – really graceful in ballet, and really athletic in jazz/modern. Of course this raises problems. I have to learn to dance for our wedding *gulp*

  • azalea

    If you drop a slice of bread butter-side-down, you will soon have a visitor. Try it, it works.

  • Travis

    @gabi319 : sorry if I have offended I just get on a role and dont know when to stop!! deep down I’m a sad clown.

  • oouchan

    107. Travis “yes I have paid for sex and I am not ashamed!! best 6 bucks ever! LOL”

    That was with your mother, right?

    Sorry everyone, couldn’t help myself… hehe

  • Travis

    @cymraegbachgen87 : I’m sure your girlfriend is a wonderful girl and I mean no disrespect. Please do not take what i say seriously i am only kiddin around I love Wales and chicks from wales especially Cheryl Cole!!!

    p.s: i can already spell your name without looking

  • Travis

    @oouchan : Yes it was with my mother… she has to pay for my college somehow!! right? I bet you are a wonderful person to bring the “mom” jokes around!!

  • cymraegbachgen87

    119. Meh. no permanent offence taken. Well done on my name but can you spell Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch without looking?

  • Callie

    100) And Callie – the ‘Roxy’ I referred to is ring tailed roxy – frequent commenter on this site who did put her cleavage pics in the forum.

    I had a side boob incident on the forums not too long ago. RTR is good people. A friend to the animals. Not that strippers aren’t good people either. I knew girls who very succesfully stripped their way through college and onto masters degrees while I earned $9.50/hr working at a daycare. It was lame. Interesting factoid though: of the four I knew, three are now english teachers, and I worked at a daycare and now have a job in advertising.

  • bucslim

    sorry gabi – got a little carried away with the whole stripper name thingy

  • bucslim

    Callie – anyway I can get a confirmation of the side boob incident?

  • Nancy Gulliver

    What I want is the recipe for that Christmas Cake you have on your site – that looks yummy! Will you share where it came from????? Did it have that recipe on the site????


  • cymraegbachgen87

    If you butter the back of a cat, which side up does it land?

    Random? Perhaps.

  • Randall

    Travis, for real, shut up before you further embarrass yourself. You made an idiotic statement about the rice, to start all this off with, and you’ve only proceeded to dig yourself in deeper trying to one-up the Welshman-who-pretends-he’s-a-woman-to-mock-and-confuse-me.



    WHAT is a “side boob incident,” and where can the males on the site hear more about this fascinating subject with details, pictures, and diagrams?

  • cymraegbachgen87

    127. LOL


    And once again LOL!

  • Callie

    sorry guys, the picture in question has been removed. And the other picture in question was edited for side-boobage and made my facebook picture, which is no longer racy or scandalous.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    Callie, I’m devastated. You raised our hopes (among other things) only to dash them against the rocks of photo editing software


  • oouchan

    119. Travis: Of course. You left yourself wide open and you started it with your moronic comments. You attacked many on this site and then you have the gall to turn around and cry that I picked on your mom. Actually, I feel sorry for your mom. You have not learned respect for others. So, troll, take a hike.

    Randall…I could easily picture you with your ears perked up like a dog the moment someone mentioned boobs….along with the rest of the regulars. ;)

  • Blogball

    heddinfloggin & spielenhoffer
    For some reason it’s little things like that I find the most amusing. Thanks Randall

  • Travis

    126. Randolph : Act like an adult! if you want to play around go to another site! come on you are better than that! and dont mock the rice!!!!!

    @cymraegbachgen : thats not even a word!

    @Callie : please do ilustrate!!

  • copperdragon

    wasnt there a separate food-myth list with the whole bird/rice thing? too lazy to look for it

    Randall: a side boob incident is when a lady’s blouse or dress gaps on the side or sleeve and she is bra-less.
    Reference: Lindsay Lohan

  • Travis

    @oouchan : I didnt attack anyobne Randall started with the name calling! I just offered my point of view… just like this one: Your mother is a beautiful person inside!!

  • oouchan

    134. Travis…You’re right he did, because your comment was worthy of it. Its how you acted after that, that caused you to land in this mess now. Regulars like Randall offer intelligent answers and unique points of view. Acting like a boob with sullen comments or childish remarks often piss people off and bring out the worst in us. If you want to play with the big boys, act like one. Friendly advice.
    Say what you want about my mom, I’m fine with it. (segue knows that.) :)

  • gabi319

    135. oouchan – “Acting like a boob with sullen comments”
    There’s an inordinate amount of boob references in this particular board….

  • Travis

    @oouch : please consellor teach me how to be wise like you!!

    btw: Randall’s intelligent answers are all copied from a different web site and he knows what i’m talking about!!!

  • oouchan

    Also wanted to add a comment about the spilling salt superstition … my mother is so worried about that one that when we were at a restaurant one time, I knocked the salt over and she loudly said, “Hurry, throw some over your shoulder” I looked at her like she lost her mind. But who am I to argue and I did so….she then got pissed because I tossed it over my right shoulder and not the left. That turned a perfectly good dinner into very dumb fight.

    I really don’t like superstitions and that was a perfect example of why.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    Travis drop the one-up-man-ship. Randall makes informed comments on a variety of topics and, like every good debator, researches his arguments.

    You make a few snide comments and think you can roll with the big hitters on this site. We have been very easy on you.

    The regulars here do not suffer fools, and I think it is obvious we have become bored of you. Contribute sensibly, or disappear.

  • 116880

    geez, how did we get off onto a spree of name calling, ad wishes, and he like? All this list was about was 10 Odd Superstitions about Food! GOSH!!!!!!!!!

  • Randall


    You truly are an ass.

    My “intelligent answers” (and yes, thank you, they ARE intelligent) are not “copied” from another website–they are my own. I merely REFERENCED a website that confirms them.

    And speaking of which, dolt, what was your point? You were trying to insinuate that I had cribbed from a website which *I MYSELF* had offered up a link to? I CONSTANTLY reference “The Straight Dope” on here for the very reason that I respect it as a reference source. It’d be silly for me to steal from a site which I make a POINT of referencing all the time.

  • 116880

    oops, im not sed to laptops, lol. I meant bad wishes, and the like.

  • Randall


    Shut the F up. You clearly know NOTHING. This is how ALL the List Universe threads end up.

    Gosh! (puke. Who says “gosh” anymore?) Land o’ Goshen!

  • oouchan

    137. Travis: I don’t have that much time.

    gabi…hehe. couldn’t pass that up.

  • Joss

    I wouldn’t have minded if people threw cash at my wedding!

    Very interesting about the crossed bread…I’ll remember that one!

  • Randall

    This is a VIOLENT web site, get used to it! Watch your back! Don’t hesitate to stab the other guy before he gets a chance to cut YOU.

    And then NOBODY SQUEALS. When Frater comes in and gets all, “OHMIGOD WHO SLICED UP ‘TRAVIS’?” We all go, “huh? Sliced up who? We didn’t see nuttin’. Did we bucslim? Ouchan? Cymrockinkooglinbakerhaufstren?”

    And everybody shakes their heads and sez, “nope, we didn’t see nuttin’.” and walks away calmly while Frater cleans up the mess.

    That’s how it’s done around here. Get it?

  • Travis


    Guys go to the “top 10 pick up lines” list and check my comment F’en hell-erious!!!

  • bucslim

    He tripped and fell down the stairs.

    He slipped on a bar of soap.

    He’s having a nightmare.

    I was in the forums looking for different angles of chesticular appliances.

    That whole ‘when I post someone else’s name appears instead of mine’ thing is happening again, I didn’t say or do that.

  • Lifeschool

    I am aware of nearly all of these. In addition, the tradition of crossing the bread reminded me of ‘hot-cross buns’; where a visible strip of dough was added to give the same effect.

    As for the comments – sometimes it pays to live in the UK as we get the lists many hours after America (in ‘clock’ time that is, not in literal time), and many of the arguments have cleared up by the time I get on a computer.

    Anyhoo, I appreciate the ‘lists you may be interested in’ section, which makes much more sense than the google search – very good idea. If all the pages had this function, it would be like walking the labyrinth; exploring the site internally rather than always returning to the menu. Folks could get lost within the LV halls of knowledge!

  • Travis

    hey randoph *edited for threat*

    Cyn the evil admin ;)

  • page89

    hmmm… interesting!!! not the list. That was OK. but trying to figure out who is abusing who in this innocously named list is a lot of fun. I havent figured it out yet though

  • gabi319

    146. Joss – “I wouldn’t have minded if people threw cash at my wedding!”
    Make it rain!! haha…

    Filipinos have a tradition at the wedding reception…I suppose The Money Dance is as good a title as any… where the bride and groom stand on the dance floor and people go to them to place money on their clothes in exchange for a dance. Looks innocent enough, but the description always sounded vaguely stripperish to me…

  • Travis

    At Randall’s mom’s wedding they didnt through money at her they just strapped it to her G-String when she was up on the pole!!

  • gabi319

    I gave you two warnings and you’ve degraded since then which is when I generally stop conversing with idiots. Stop compounding on my comments to aid your stupidity. I’ve resorted to ignoring you since my last warning and don’t take kindly that you’re still using the same unwanted and idiotic tactics to get in with the rest of us. If you can’t create some quality remarks, then stop contributing until you can.

  • Nikki

    dont mean to nag, but Cheryl Cole isnt welsh

  • Travis

    @gabi319 : Who died and made you jfrater?? sorry I just had to say this… ok, fair enough I wont add on to your comments! you should try some sense of humour, though!

  • DK

    Re: Callie’s “side-boob incident” turns out it was fake anyway, what we saw was her hand blocking any boobage (at least, that was her claim), but the way the photo was cropped it looked like a bit of side/underboob. So she further cropped the picture, removing any hint of boobage.

  • Travis

    @nikki : she isn’t? i’m pretty sure she is…

  • cymraegbachgen87

    Cheryl cole is nowhere near welsh. She was born in NEWCASTLE. Your ignorence truly knows no bounds.

    As to get a sense of humour…we have humoured you despite the fact you have merely insulted both ourselves (which I have no probelm with) and our families (which is out of order). Ad hominem seems to be all you know.

    Jfrater has made a quality site here. It is not up to him to police it though, it is up to the LV community. Trollz like you prevent the enjoyment of others.

    Push off until you have something to contribute to the discussion…and that doesnt include another Momma joke or insult.

  • Travis

    I agree it was all uncalled for! Next comment I make will be top notch you’ll see… thanks for the advice! It just got out of control! Cant wait for the next list so I can prove I’m smart to you all!!

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Jfrater the site has gotten like 10785493875x better since the voting thing you did. I have liked every list since then. Randall is funny, Travis enjoys snorting lines of dehydrated piss dust. Also seeing those eggs reminded me of the first time I saw Rocky and ate a raw egg. I know everyone on here tried that too.

  • ABrutalKind

    Guys – Travis is just like that annoying dog, the more you kick it the more it comes back for more. However the moment that you ignore it, interest is lost and it merely returns to its cave to cut itself in its loneliness.
    BTW: great list.

  • Callie

    153: That’s also called the apron dance. My sister and brother in law used that for their honeymoon spending money. It was mostly all ones and fives, so I wonder what people thought :)

    DK. (158) It was totally my hand! There was another, more revealing on in the actual album (NOT posted) but I took that one completely off.

  • Pickle

    I have been a loyal listverse fan for months now (first thing I do every morning :) ) But I agree that you should have left the format as it was.

  • DK

    Callie: Mmmhmm…sure it was… :D

    Pickle: Jamie’s been working a lot on a revamp of the site, the old set up, while sorta nifty, was very cluttered, with a lot of stuff that was rarely used or looked at (like the featured books, etc). This makes it a little more clear on what the site is really all about…the lists! He’s got some more info about possible upcoming changes listed in the forums, if you wanna check it out.

  • Crimanon

    “…these days we are less likely to cut our own loaves of bread” I can’t even remember the last time I actually had pre-sliced bread, one of the perks boinking a baker!

    Rice at a wedding? Maybe that’s what went wrong. Setting aside the fact that she was a Psycho-suicidal-adulterous-basket case dressed in BDUs…. You know what, I should have seen it coming.

  • Shadow

    @ Travis – That wasn’t my fiance… that was my mom you felt up you perv! LMAO!

  • Good gravy! The stuff that goes on while I’m innocently out at the dentist, getting my teeth cleaned!
    Sweet mother of god, did someone pass out the pissy pills?

  • OTOH, it could be just the envy talking. Jealous of missing all of the fun :-(

  • Matt

    “We may all say we aren’t superstitious – but this is something we have all done at one time or another.”

    I know this is a silly thing to be upset about, but I don’t appreciate the presumptuous nature of that line. I, for one, have never done anything of the sort. Don’t forget the first three letters of the word “assume”.


  • 116880 (141): The listverse commenting area is a mysterious place – one never knows what one may find :)

  • Darren

    i cannot confirm this first hand but i have heard if you eat 22 mcdonalds big macs one right after the other, you will have visions of ronald mcdonald and mayor mc cheese doing the lambada whil;e you vomit violently…

  • Randall (147): “And everybody shakes their heads and sez, “nope, we didn’t see nuttin’.” and walks away calmly while Frater cleans up the mess.”

    That’s what Cyn and Mom424 are for – my days of cleaning up after you lot are over! Now I just write the lists and gaze wistfully at the comments – remembering the days when civility ruled the place!

  • Lifeschool: I normally post the list at 9:30pm NZDT which is around 9:30AM in the UK – so you actually get the lists first :) The American’s wake up at 6am to find it has been online for around 6 hours already.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen (162): Thanks – I really don’t know why I didn’t bother to do it earlier on – it has been incredibly helpful. I am going to let some of the categories die a natural death now. The combination of preferred categories and the demographics that are slowing starting to show up are really going to help me to hone the content.

  • Pickle (165): thanks for the comment on the updates. Unfortunately for those of us who use the site regularly, it is hard to imagine what newbies think when they first arrive – and we rely on newbies to stick around to help the site grow. I have been in talks with a design company who gave me a “first impressions” look at the site and the changes I am making are in accord with that. To be honest, aside from the front page and the “related lists”, not much has changed. I am hoping to have a complete redesign done – but that will bring better features to you all. These smaller changes I am making are hopefully going to prepare people :)

  • Randall


    “That’s what Cyn and Mom424 are for – my days of cleaning up after you lot are over!”

    Good! You should be able to kick back and rest on your laurels and write your lists in your subtropical New Zealand paradise… and crack open a beer and pinch your secretary’s behind and smirk knowingly as she giggles and says, “oh Mr. Frater, you ARE a playful one…”

    I KNOW you set up the smuggling scam that funds this web site so you could ultimately live a Hefner-esque life, untouchable by international law in your Kiwi playground. Can’t fool me.

    I salute you, opera guy.

    “Now I just write the lists and gaze wistfully at the comments – remembering the days when civility ruled the place!”

    When was that again?

  • Randall: I am pretty sure that civility ruled the place in week one. It was all downhill from there! As for my kiwi playground – it would be more fun if the shops were as well stocked as European ones!

  • Mom424

    Travis: You are very lucky our regulars were in high spirits today. I would suggest you learn your lessons well and truly. No-one likes to see the banhammer waved about unnecessarily, and frankly it’s not near as entertaining as the job our regulars have done.

    And ffs:

    Through – like through the looking glass.
    Threw – like threw the ball (you know, past tense of throw?)

  • cymraegbachgen87

    who died and made you Jfrater?


    Love u really mom!

    Civility reigned until one day after Randall started posting :p
    (Have I invoked the wrath of Randall on the other list…or is Randall still talking to me??? OOOOO the suspense lol)

  • Matt

    I can’t believe you guys are getting so uptight about Travis. Yes, his comments are silly, but they’re hardly threatening. If I recall correctly, Randall stirred the first hostility by calling Travis an “idiot” for not wanting to waste food (imagine that!). Randall’s feigned rants (I hope he’s not *actually* this angry all the time) are hardly necessary.

  • 6twistedbiscuits

    i think peoples responses to travis were funnier then travis

  • tassadar

    Great list!
    In Greece, we think about a certain pregnant woman and we break the wishbone to see whether she will give birth to a boy or a girl!
    As for the wedding rice: in greek, rice translates to “????”, almost the same as “????” which means root. So we throw rice to help the marriage grow roots!
    If you come to Greece you will see in most of the new cars a (plastic) garlic dangling from the rear-view mirror. You know, to keep away the evil eye…

  • B


  • oouchan

    185. B…hi back at you!

  • Klingon

    nice list! Time to head to the second most awesome place on the interwebs.
    The listverse IRC

  • PirateXxEsque

    Teehee, anyone else think of KAth & Kim** throwing cooked rice at Kath’s wedding?? hahaha

    **Kath and Kim – the orginal Australian show who’s very soul has been ripped in half by the MAerican producers in their attempt to make it Americanny.

  • sam-sam zingaling

    i need to stir me some christmas cake.

  • Madie

    Travis, your an idiot, and you need to get over this.

    cymraegbachgen87: haha my best friend used to be a ballet dancer :D He was really good at it

  • Matt

    I never tire of the irony of this statement:

    “Your an idiot.”

    …it’s a classic!

  • bucslim

    I think somewhere around the Best Beatles Songs list was the day, the civility . . . died.

    And I was thinkin

    Bye bye List Universe pie
    Sure was heavy but I’m ready to make you idiots cry
    Your weak ole shit blows, so why not piss off and die
    And I’ll be singin’ ‘This will be the day I spit in your eye’

  • bucslim

    Matt that made me chortle.

  • Sandra

    I love superstitions and their origins. Even though i’m not not superstitious. Another thing about eggs- It’s said that you can rub an egg on a pregnant woman’s belly, and crack it open. The number of yolks equals how many children she’s carrying. Which is scary when you’re pregnant and you get a 2 or 3 yolk egg just about every week while fixing breakfast.
    And last month after my fiance came home for a visit, after he left, i was fixing a big breakfast, and every single egg i broke had 2 yolks. 8 eggs with 2 yolks each. OMG! I called my mom and told her about that, and she said i could be pregnant with twins. Auuuugh! I ran to the store and got a pregnancy test. Nope not prego, just a very weird fluke.
    Even the least superstitious of us can fall victim to a silly superstition, even if only for a moment.

  • camifouad92

    I’m with H3000: “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

  • Cyn

    scrolling up thru these comments. looks like some folks forgot about not ‘feeding the troll.’ while some others forgot about common courtesy at someone else’s ‘house’. regulars should know better. & some newbs are being monitered. ;)

  • Eugene

    8 Travis and Everyone else: There is a great site called You play games and they donate rice to poor countries. It’s pretty cool.

  • Lifeschool

    183. tassadar – roots? very interesting.

    193. Sandra – freeky! Perhaps if I’d been presented with double yoke eggs I wouldn’t trust them to eat. Very funny story though :)

    174. jfrater – me? get up at 9:30? In the MORNING? Naa, you’ve been reading too much fiction dude. Nice to see you around.

  • Eugene: excellent idea – I have seen that site before. I donated some rice then forgot all about it.

    Lifeschool: heh lazy! I must confess though, occasionally I get up around 9 – but mostly much earlier :)

  • Madie

    Eugene: haha I love that website, my friends and I have competitions to see how much rice we can donate in 7 minutes.

  • ABrutalKind

    I’m not superstitious; I’m just a little stitious.

    -Micheal Scott

  • AshleyR

    the wedding one was used at my aunts wedding, but instead of rice we used bubbles!!!! there was also bubbles at my cousins wedding. coz rice would hurt birds who try to eat the rice…haha.

  • AshleyR

    oh! and before getting off this list (this one totally slipped my mind) you should have the 11:11 superstition on here! that is the most common one ever. this one is so big they even have a movie about it. i think it was called gates of hell or hells gate or something…i cant remember (i saw it a few months ago…haha)

  • Nikki

    I’m English and I don’t know anyone who throws rice at weddings; we stick to confetti.

  • oouchan

    201. AshleyR: You should have takent the time to read the posts above. Rice will not hurt birds. That’s a myth.

  • Wow! Amazing. Did Travis disappear, or did someone eat him?

    I just now got to read the posts, so I was shocked at the idiots behavior, words, attitude, his everything! I was ready to come in with both barrels blazing but…quiet.
    How nice.

  • Eugene

    Wow!! I got a response from JF!!!

    199 Madie: I like to see what level I can get to. My best is 45. I know a kid who googles every word and made it to level 50something. I was like “Little dude, that’s cheating!” He didnt see it that way. :)

  • gabi319

    206. Eugene
    I’ve gotten to 41, I believe… It’s been well over a year since I last played it but I think I was in the 39-41 range. My friend’s girlfriend made it to 48 for one brief shining moment. She works at the university’s English Department, so I suppose anything less would be bad form, haha.

  • eternalyatri

    In India, rice is used to bless a new bride and groom. But at most weddings, my own included, the rice isn’t thrown wildly, but poured into a cloth the groom holds before him as they bow to be blessed. This way, the guests can feel sure that they have actually given the newlyweds something they will need and use as they begin their lives together.

  • SamBam51

    What the hell is christmas cake?… I’ve never heard of it or scene it in the states. Is it like a birthday cake or what?

  • Cyn

    segue –
    trollz are an excellent source of protein. ;)
    properly prepared are quite tasty & then does allow for more chocolate in the food budget.


  • Callie

    Ashley…11:11 has nothing to do with food.

  • Hayley

    Its just a normal fruit cake (with raisons, glace cherrys etc)and always has to have white Marzipan icing :)

  • gabi319

    205. segue – “Wow! Amazing. Did Travis disappear, or did someone eat him? ”

    …When Frater comes in and gets all, “OHMIGOD WHO SLICED UP ‘TRAVIS’?” We all go, “huh? Sliced up who? We didn’t eat nuttin’. Did we bucslim? Ouchan? Cymrockinkooglinbakerhaufstren?”

    And everybody shakes their heads and sez, “nope, we didn’t eat nuttin’.” and walks away calmly while the mod squad cleans up the mess…

    Referenced 146. Randall
    because I enjoy citing my sources :-)

  • Christiane

    209.SamBam51 – Christmas Cakes or Christmas Puddings are almost always a fruit and nut cake which is either baked or boiled (in cloth or tin). Baked cakes often have a layer of marzipan icing,- some are dusted with icing sugar, like the German version (Stollen). :)

  • Christiane

    Ops, someone already answered that question, sorry.

  • Cyn

    213. gabi319 –
    hey..maybe if trollz thought we et ’em here. they’d stay the hell out? hhhmm…?

    i do like this intercomment referencing ..hell, even list/comment/crossover. may not make sense to the drivebys but the community gets it. ;)

  • Courtney

    I have to say in regards to #5… I’ve been making Christmas cake with my sister for YEARS. We’re both still single, lol. We must be doing something wrong!

    As for rice at weddings, it will actually kill birds if they eat it (it swells up in their crops/stomachs). Better to throw confetti.

  • bucslim

    I heard if birds watch Dazed and Confused they actually get Dazed and Confused, which leads to mental retartation and then they repeatedly sing the same song over and over again and then they die. Then you can bury the birds in a rice patty which makes the rice swell up and burst, like Kellog Sugar Smacks, Dig Em!

  • badabing

    Thank you Randall for probably the funniest and most interesting comments i’v read in a long time. But i ask you to admit that we need the ” Travis'” of this world, in fact sadly 90% of the people i know are! Please tell me this shmuck didn’t make your day!

  • Crimanon

    For everyone who thinks that rice will kill birds… A Link From Cornell University…

    Shut it.

  • heavybison

    I think perhaps too much is being made about being a “regular” and policing others who are “non-regulars”. If all ye regulars think ure “the gang”, go ahead and make this commenting area your own, direct conversations any way you like, feel free to insult and prove ur one-upmanship but just give the “regular” excuse when the same is thrown back at you…
    Survival of the fittest, i guess that’s always been the way of the world. And if you have a gang wit ya, so much the better..

  • gabi319

    216. Cyn:
    I must remember that inter-commentarial plagiarisms placates the wrath of Cyn…

    217. Courtney:
    There are a number of stupid semi-domesticated birds in the wild. So instead of having them eat rice that WILL NOT expand in their stomachs because the environment of their digestive system is ill-suited to cook rice, you would prefer to throw inedible confection that they will most likely try to eat as well? riiight… poor Randall. He’s been waiting all day for this but he’s one of the smart east coasters who managed not to wake up at 2 am for no apparent reason…

    And mom424 already mentioned the real reason for the change. It’s too messy, so they request easy-to-clean items be used like bubbles or…i dunno, pillows… A number of churches are particularly anti-rice because are worried about getting sued from someone slipping on uncooked grains.

    218. bucslim:
    That’s what I love about these Dazed and Confused birds, man. I get older; they stay the same age. Why isn’t Dazed and Confused on here?! And you mixed up the plot for Pretty in Pink.
    Simply a little bit of inter-commentarial buggery to start of this absurdly early morning…

    oh and before I forget:
    63. Randall – “If I should ever marry again, perhaps my bride and I will release wolverines. I bet the crowd would love that. I certainly would.”
    WILL YOU MARRY ME?? That was beautifully written. I’m touched and…. hmmm… rather aroused…. ;-) (reference comment 69)

  • Cyn

    heavybison –
    this is not a street gang fight. there is no survival of the fittest.
    this is supposed to be a friendly site w/ entertaining topics to discuss. like any site that allows public commenting, over time a community has formed. it happens. what i see the community taking issue w/ are what i call the ‘driveby’ commentor who has no inclination to communicate or be a part of this community. their only inclination is to pop in and make trouble. that kinda of thing is not welcome anywhere online that i’m aware of. this is a website that allows commenting. not a free for all no holds barred forum. there are rules of etiquette here. there are people who frequent this place who value each other’s opinions. so keep that in mind when you applaud the driveby commentors for acting like asshats. be interesting to see if you felt the same way if they were in your living room acting like that in your home.

  • Cyn

    gabi319 –
    nothing placates ‘the wrath of Cyn’ better than either chocolate or cash. ;)

    *god! i am an addict i put chocolate before cash. holy shit!*

  • heavybison

    Cyn: Can you really blame the “driveby commentors” for being the only “asshats”? Can i reserve the right to be an asshat only cause it’s my living room and expect the driveby’s to behave? In fact, if it was my living room, i wouldn’t allow any driveby’s at all..

  • heavybison

    And well, if youre concerned about the “Rules of etiquette” here, the next thing to do would be to reserve commenting only for registered users, have the registration option closed to general “driveby” users and introduce a system of registration by Invite. That way, you’ll have a wonderful list of sophisticated users who are masters at etiquette…
    That would be the end of the Listverse, as i knew it..

  • Cyn

    heavybison –
    personally i would love a closed comment system. populated only w/ people w/ whom i enjoy actually conversing. even civil debate. even constructive criticism.

    but… J’s attitude is more of ‘open door’. so i honor that. even as an admin. i let a hella lotta shit slide that i personally find offensive.

    so it is not up to me how this site is run. what i do try to do is keep the commenting section from becoming total anarchy and chaos. if you take issue w/ that…you need to take that up w/ J.

  • heavybison

    You guys do a fine job as Admins. The ‘Regular’ word just rubbed me up the wrong way, i guess.
    And LV still remains a wonderful place to hang around everyday!!

  • Travis

    What you lookin’ at? You all a bunch of f*ckin’ a**holes. You know why? You don’t have the guts to be what you wanna be? You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your f*ckin’ fingers and say, “That’s the bad guy.” So… what that make you? Good? You’re not good. You just know how to hide, how to lie. Me, I don’t have that problem. Me, I always tell the truth. Even when I lie. So say good night to the bad guy! Come on. The last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again, let me tell you. Come on. Make way for the bad guy. There’s a bad guy comin’ through! Better get outta his way!

  • Matt

    I personally think Randall’s posts are far more unfriendly than Travis’s, but I suppose that’s just me. He was certainly the first to call someone else an “idiot” (and for ah honest factual mistake, rather than trolling).

  • gabi319

    229. Matt
    Randall calls him an idiot to which Travis responds with (57) “I really wish you had an accident and got blind and def, and with no arms or legs and with poor medical assistance you would get aids from a needle and die alone in a hole filled with shit!!”

    Yeah, I suppose it is just you…

    This is the second time you’ve brought this up. Let it go, man…the rest of us have…

  • cymraegbachgen87


    Possibly, but then Travis went on unsolicitated attacks against people not here to defend themselves. That, sir, is unacceptable.

    He also started to attack me for no reason.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    217. Courtney,

    As gabi said, completely wrong.

    Think it through – why don’t you hear of students going into places full of pigeons with bags of rice and causing havoc?

    Birds’ stomachs are not pressure cookers.

  • James Bond

    I was reading the comments and I think Travis was hilarious! Too bad some people here are smug stuck ups who think they are the only ones who can say stuff! I agree with Matt… he was provoked!

    Travis where are you? Have you been banned? R.I.P. dude!

  • Randall


    For chrissakes grow up and get a sense of humor. I never heard such mealy-mouthed sh*t.

    Travis made a dumbass comment about “starving children” as a reason for NOT throwing rice at weddings. If you don’t think that’s moronic or see WHY it’s moronic, then you’re a goddamned idiot too.

    I get so sick of having to defend myself to Pollyannas like you, it almost makes me unable to finish my habitual coffee and croissant… so there, thanks Matt. You’ve ruined my weekend.


  • Randall

    OKAY, *I* ATE TRAVIS. What are YOU people gonna do about it, huh?

    He was stringy and left an aftertaste vaguely reminiscent of Yoohoo. I can’t explain this. Science should look into it.

    gabi: dinner and a movie first. Unless you’re another guy pretending to be a woman. In that case, get lost.


    I haven’t even read the latest over on the thread. But you’d do well to remember not to cross me, Welsh-Boy-Who-Pretends-to-be-Woman-to-fool-Great-Randall-Spirit.

    That’s your Amerindian name. Like it? Suits you.

  • bucslim

    I’m ‘Regular’ because I take Metamucil.

    But ‘Regular’ or ‘Drive-By’ or ‘Troll,’ I think if you come in here and say idiotic things you should expect some sort of reaction, especially if those things were as stupid as what Travis was trying to say. Sure, we want to expect people to be polite, intelligent, lucid and move the conversation forward so that we can all get on with our fricken lives. You put a registration or a price on the comment section, and this community thing we’ve got going goes away. In my opinion this whole thing starts to wither. Sure, I’ll come back from time to time and take 15 minutes to catch up on a week’s worth of lists and then go back to porn, er . . . the squirrel on waterskis video.

    You want to know why this website is what it is? The lists are great, fun, informative and Jamie has worked his ass off. All true, but I’ve been hanging around here since about a month after it got started, and I think our community of regular visitors and comment makers beats the living crap out of any other website. We take just a little more ownership here.

    I said it somewhere else here but 100 comments of ‘Nice list’ doesn’t do anything for me. A few drive by dip thongs doesn’t bother me, what really makes my day is when 5 ‘regulars’ come in a shit hammer that person. Besides, who’s taking any of this personally? If you’re whole day was ruined because someone flamed you in here, you lead a sad little life.

    Hugs and sunshine!

    P.S. The next time I write a ballad to the Listverse, I expect someone to notice. I’m a person with feelings too ya know. Stop ignoring me!!!!!

  • cymraegbachgen87


    that comment was said when I was poorly arguing the cold war with you…sooooo last night. Keep up, there’s a good fellow

    Am loving the Amerindian name, but forgive me if I don’t adopt it – its a bit of a mouthful. :)

  • cymraegbachgen87

    “But you’d do well to remember not to cross me”

    I shall damn well do as I please! lol

  • cymraegbachgen87

    “the squirrel on waterskis video”

    Squirrel porn eh?

    Well they can do great things with nuts ;)

    couldnt resist

  • callie_

    “OKAY, *I* ATE TRAVIS. What are YOU people gonna do about it, huh?

    He was stringy and left an aftertaste vaguely reminiscent of Yoohoo. I can’t explain this. Science should look into it.”

    That nearly made my morning coffee and toast with cheese (I’m out of bagels) come back up. Yoohoo might just be the most vile thing on earth.

  • Randall


    Look, you were warned. That’s all I can say. Do as you damn well please, sure. Welsh obstinance in the face of common sense is well known.

    But if you force me to make you cry, I will do so. I won’t hesitate an instant, even if I like you. And no, that platinum blonde wig won’t make me like you more. Do take it off, there’s a good fella.

    Damn Welsh transvestites, trying to fool me all the time.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    Sorry Randall, it’s a Friday. The wig stays. The stockings and suspenders too ;)

  • MisterSir

    I almost hate myself for posting this, but…

    If all the starving children in the world want the rice that’s just been thrown at a wedding, they are welcome to it. It’s just laying there on the ground, and no one else wants it…

    My parents used to tell my brother and me that we should eat all our food because there were “starving children in Africa (or China, or Russia, or wherever) who would love to have that food”. My response was “If they can come and get it, they can have it.”

    Now that I have my own children, I pay them an allowance, and then I make them pay me for the food that they waste. ;P

  • TEX

    218. bucslim
    my compliments on using retartation in a grammatically correct fashion

  • oouchan

    235. bucslim: That made my day! Thanks for summing it all up…well mostly! ;)

  • GTT

    I grew up with the salt one! To this day I cannot pass the salt directly to another person because it bring bad luck. I always have to put it down and let the other person pick it up… :)

    I didnt throw rice in my wedding… I wasnt allowed because of the mess (the exploding bird thing is ridiculous…) so we had rose petals instead. Pretty, easy clean-up, no unwanted bird sh*t on your head and pretty cheap (at least here you can get a bag of petals for like $2).


    Cym: two quick questions:

    1- Is there some sort of explanation to your name? Does it mean something? Inquiring (and just a touch lazy) minds want to know.

    2- Is Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch an actual word or did you just nag on the keyboard and this was the result? Freaky language! :)


    segue (169): I know what you mean… ONE day of concentrating on actual work and look at what I miss!! That settles it, no more work ever again….


    bucslim (235) : I noticed! I actually sang that out in my head! :)

    Well, congrats guys… The comments on this thread were exceptional! :)

  • cymraegbachgen87


    1.My name means welsh boy in welsh. The number is my year of birth.
    2.Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch is a town in wales. It is the longest train station name in the world. A rough english translation is: The church of St. Mary in the hollow of white hazel trees near the rapid whirlpool by St. Tysilio’s of the red cave.

    Like german, and esparanto, many welsh words are amalgams.

  • Matt


    “For chrissakes grow up and get a sense of humor. I never heard such mealy-mouthed sh*t.”

    Yes, because insulting others is a sign of “growing up”.

    “Travis made a dumbass comment about “starving children” as a reason for NOT throwing rice at weddings. If you don’t think that’s moronic or see WHY it’s moronic, then you’re a goddamned idiot too.”

    Apparently you’ve never had a mother tell you to eat your vegetables because of some starving child in Africa. But whether he’s “right” or “wrong” is not criteria for whether or not you can insult him. If I badmouthed every wrong person I came across, I’d be making the world a hell of a lot worse. I’m pretty sure your teachers and professors never called you an idiot for being wrong. Apparently this wisdom was lost on your part.

    “I get so sick of having to defend myself to Pollyannas like you, it almost makes me unable to finish my habitual coffee and croissant… so there, thanks Matt. You’ve ruined my weekend.”

    If your emotionally unstable enough to let something like this ruin your weekend, I’d highly advise professional counseling.


    Well said, Mr. Tough-Man-on-the-Internet.

  • Randall


    Matt, you truly are a douchebag. I meet a lot of them on this site, but it’s the spinster-librarian types like you that truly take not only the cake, but the whole freakin’ pastry counter.

    Not only is your sense of humor clearly non-existent, but you evidently take yourself (and this absurd web site) so seriously as to be what I can only characterize as a “walking yawn.” You must be a laff-riot at parties.

    FIRSTLY, any clown with an IQ above that possessed by a soap dish can recognize the logical fallacy in insisting that throwing rice at weddings (or not eating your vegetables at table) is directly harmful to starving children in (pick your favorite poverty-ridden continent).

    SECONDLY, pinhead, I insult people on this web site with a sense for the dramatic, with a flair and taste (and sometimes even subtlety) which makes me an entertaining fixture here. THROUGH this insulting, Don Rickles-eque persona, I not only manage to entertain, but also to educate and inform—and occasionally I get to pop the pompous balloon of twits like yourself or others who make ridiculous assertions as though they were unassailable fact. *I* am a fixture here. You, by contrast, are an anonymous gnat who hasn’t the presence of mind to treat this forum as it ought to be treated–namely, as a lightweight venue for the exchange of all manner of dialogue, diatribe and discourse. With few holds barred. In short, this isn’t “The Journal of Foreign Affairs,” or “Nature” or “The New Scientist.” This is a web site where people send in lists. So readjust your Captain Serious stance, Sally.

    “I’m pretty sure your teachers and professors never called you an idiot for being wrong.”

    I AM NOT HERE to be Travis’ or anyone else’s parent or guidance counselor or their “team leader for improvement.” Stick that politically correct pansy-ass nonsense up your ass. This is not a classroom nor is it a debate society or an academic forum–ALL of which, by the way, I have, in the past, led handily. Did I comport myself in those venues as I do here? Of course not. You are incapable of drawing a distinction, so most likely you comport yourself like a humorless, boring dick no matter where you are.

    “If your (sic) emotionally unstable enough to let something like this ruin your weekend, I’d highly advise professional counseling.”

    I’d like to think you were trying to be funny, but I’m quite doubtful, Matt. You don’t seem capable of it.

    “Well said, Mr. Tough-Man-on-the-Internet.”

    WONDERFUL comeback! You ARE the imaginative sort!

    DO get lost, Matt. I have better things to do than banter with the likes of you today. It’s too nice a day and I have no desire to expend even the pittance of energy it requires to dismiss you.

  • oouchan

    “You have not yet been insulted unless Randall has insulted you”

    That’s the new LV mission statement. :)

  • Randall

    NOW… minor annoyances aside… since this is a food topic, I wanted to ask all of you here…

    How many of you are from New York? The reason I ask is, I want your opinion on PIZZA. I was just i-chatting with a friend of mine from Queens… a grumpy old sasquatch-shaped guy (actually, he’s a few years younger than me) and he maintains that truly good pizza can only be found within NYC or, as he put it, “a 15 mile limit that extends beyond The City.” Now, me being a New Yorker myself (but thankfully, NOT from Queens) I am disinclined to argue with my largely correct (but actually Irish) friend; however, as it happens I think he’s wrong. I think there’s good pizza to be had elsewhere in New York state, as I’ve had it. So I’m curious as to how many of you would agree or disagree with him (or me).

    Now, yes, bucslim, I’m sure they have some good pizza in Nebraska. Uh huh. (and okay, maybe they do. I don’t think really good pizza is all that hard to make–just fresh ingredients and then good dough, and homemade cheese if it can be had–or imported if it cannot. There are no substitutes for these. The dough should be thin and not greasy, the sauce tangy but not overdone, and preferably NOT out of a can. Actually, or discussion began with both of us bemoaning the lack of a decent bagel or croissant where we currently are—why you can’t get a decent croissant, we don’t know… but since there are Jewish communities scattered here and there in the places we frequent in upstate NY, you’d think we could find a decent bagel. But unfortunately no).

    ANYWAY… does anyone have any thoughts/opinions on this? I can easily move this to the actual forum, if need be.

    For instance—I actually think that REAL Italians here in the US—that is, people who are truly in possession of their Italian heritage–don’t really make the best pizza. I think pizza is ever-so-slightly Medigan (what my ex-wife–who IS REAL Italian–and her family called the Italian-Americans who were more American than Italian)….not really, of course, because Medigan pizza is awful… but SLIGHTLY Medigan. Are there any Italian Americans out there who would agree/disagree? (I myself am also part Italian, but NOT as Italian as my ex-wife was. To her, my family was Medigan in spades).

    I frankly think that Greeks, actually, make the best pizza. But then I am also part Greek and deeply biased, as you all know, when it comes to all manner of things Greek in nature.

    Just lookin’ for thoughts and opinions.

    Your loveable, humble and harmless Randall

  • Cyn

    251. oouchan –
    oh plz! as if the man’s ego has not been ‘enhanced’ enough as is. don’t ‘stroke it’. ;)

    LV’s mission statement is –

    “Welcome to Listverse, the most popular top 10 site in the world. Thanks to daily updates and insight into the bizarre and fascinating aspects of life, you will be enthralled.”

    or don’t you read the front page? ;)

  • Matt

    Randall, I find it ironic that you think *I* take things too seriously.

    Honestly, stop with the essays. I doubt anyone actually reads them. I sure as hell don’t. If you’re autistic, I apologize.

    Go outside and have some fun.

  • oouchan

    253. Cyn: I did and I do about a 100 times daily… was a joke, however. Trying to be cute, that’s all.

  • Cyn

    oouchan –
    just remember being cute will only take you so far but being a bitch will keep you on top. ;)


  • Crimanon

    Randall: With all of the time That I have spent in NY (about a week), I never tried the pizza. Stopped for Arby’s once but that was about it.

    As far as the best Pizza? Capital Creations in Raleigh, NC. #2 in the state, #1 quality/cost.

    Yeasty crust, Great pesto, Moz and Prov, Chicken, bacon, red onions, feta. Got to get the 16″ small by comparison while still being foldable. And the Meat lov…. ahem…. Hercules is to die for!

    Favorite staff tee shirt “We call ten inches Small.”

  • Randall


    Again, F off, Tilly. You’re not fooling or interesting anyone here. I could care less if you read what I write. But in fact obviously you DO read me, and it gets under your skin. As for getting outside, I’m happy to do so, loser. My lake, my beach and my boat all await, as do my lovely and wonderfully snarky, sarcastic daughters. I’ve just been having an amusing discussion with a Serbian colleague here at Big Eastern University whilst we both enjoyed the enchanting view out my palatial windows. Life is Oh So Good.

    You, on the other hand… well, I just hope something heavy falls on you during your miserable commute back to the trailer park, pissant.

  • Randall


    You were in New York… and all you did was go to Arby’s?!

    I…. just don’t know what to say to that. I am knocked speechless.

    Oh well.

  • oouchan

    256. Cyn: If that is true, then I should be ruling the world about now…. :)

    Randall…best pizza I had was from New York Pizza Department (NYPD). Their motto is “To go box? Amateur!” They have them here in Arizona…not sure if there are any around you.

  • callie_

    Randall, I enjoy NY pizza- thin and crispy- when I can get the real deal. I DO NOT frequent chain pizzerias with their “New York Style!!!” headlines, I prefer the sort of mom and pop shops you hesistate for a split second before entering, wondering if you’re about to get the best pizza ever or the worst salmonella ever.

    I was recently watching a repeat episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay and the challenge was Chicago style pizza, and not only do I not understand way it’s made, but I don’t think I could finish a slice of the stuff. I think pizza is supposed to be eaten at least two slices at a time and with your hands, not a knife and fork. Someone might need to explain this chigago-deep-dish-sauce-on-top phenomenon to me, cause I just don’t get it.

  • Randall


    Never heard of ’em. But it sounds like a chain. No no. No chains. Yick.

  • Randall


    My ego, like many other things, is never “stroked enough.” Trust me. :-)

  • Randall


    Bless you, citizen. You are after my own heart.

    No chain pizzerias. And thin pizza, all the way. And yes, seedy mom and pop joints that look like they haven’t been cleaned or visited by the Healthy Authority since the Forties.

    As far as Chicago Deep Dish… you know, I’ve had it (and no, I don’t mean at a “Pizzeria Uno” chain store) and really, I don’t mind it if it’s done right. But to me it ain’t “pizza.” It’s some kind of tomato/cheese/sausage/other ingredients pie. Nothing particularly wrong–but not pizza. Pizza, as you say, is a finger food. Period.

  • Matt


    I told you not only to go outside, but to be happy as well. =/


  • oouchan

    262. Randall: Here in Arizona…we have mexican pizza or chains. The mom and pop places are horrible. NYPD is the closest that comes to actual NY pizza. I have been in NY and have been able to compare. Ray’s Pizza in NY is also very good. Not the 2nd one that came out, but the original. NYPD is close to theirs. :)

  • bucslim

    I haven’t ate pizza from anywhere but my own oven for about 10 years. Oh, occasionally I’ll eat something like that if I’m at a friend’s house or if I’m on a TV crew before I go do whatever it is I’m doing.

    But I make the best pizza I’ve ever had.

    I use only the freshest, hand squeezed beaver ass juice too. The beaver ass juice and garlic dipping sauce is pretty awesome too.

  • Randall


    I’d be plenty happy if you’d leave me the f*ck alone and stop pestering me. Cripes.

    Go make a citizen’s arrest for littering or something, will ya?

  • Randall


    There are about as many “Ray’s Pizza” joints in NYC as their are people named “Schwartz.” But of course you say the original. That’s pizza tradition anyway.

    Actually, I long for your Mexican there in Arizona. That’s one thing (authentic Mexican) that I, frankly, have never had in New York… or anywhere in the Northeast for that matter.

  • Randall


    I see, now, a year’s worth (at least) of opportunities for you to work “beaver ass juice” into our conversations.

    You make the day’s worth living, my friend.

    But of course you know, beaver ass juice is better for dippin’… like lard. Thus, I prefer beaver ass juice with Gyros. Mmmmm MMMM.

    Now that’s some good beaver!

  • Randall

    that shoulda been “days worth living” not “day’s worth living.” I’m getting tired. Need to go home and have my kids make me a pitcher of gin and tonics. Post haste.

  • callie_

    “Now that’s some good beaver!”

    Was that the first time in all the beaver ass talk that phrase has been uttered? Cause…awesome.

  • oouchan

    269. Randall…True. I was there when there were only 2. :)

    Anyway, as for a mexican pizza…yummy. I make them myself actually. The sauce I use is a blend of sour cream and salsa. Put whatever meat you like on it and bake it. Then add all your favorite fresh veggies, more sour cream and salsa and eat.

  • GTT

    cym (248): Ha! It´s a real word!


    I´m still trying to sound that out. Welsh is funny… :)


    Randall (252): I know the BEST pizza place here in Peru. It is relatively small but the pizza had a thin, toasty crust, fresh ingredients made from scratch and the kicker… it has a wood burning, brick oven that just propells it into pure awesomeness! :)

    But then, you shouldnt be surprised. Peru has one of the best cuisines in the world… :D


    bucslim (267):

    Beaver ass juice… LOL!

  • Cyn

    oouchan –
    HA! i r queen bitch of this here listverse. ;) yet.. still don’t rule it. :(

    Randall –
    why does that song ‘Stroke Me’ come to mind? ;)
    actually that should be your theme song here. ;)

  • oouchan

    275. Cyn….hahahahaha! I like the stroke me theme song comment.

    You rule! (at least from my point of view-which isn’t saying much since my POV is warped!) btw…you sounded like a pirate there…see! Pirates win, again!

  • Cyn

    oouchan –
    oh yeah, pirates eat and drink better than skinny ass sober ninjas! ;)

  • cymraegbachgen87

    “I´m still trying to sound that out. Welsh is funny…”

    You won’t be able to sound it out. The phonetics of welsh are completely different to that of english.

  • MisterSir

    I think the best parts of this whole discussion are Randall’s comments. Especially the essay ones. Rock on Randall!

  • bucslim

    MisterSir – yeah maybe, but he picks his nose.

  • bucslim

    and eats it.

  • Schizotypical

    I’ve got one… if your wife continues to buy cucumbers and never eats them, it’s a sign that your penis is too small.

  • lrigD

    Don’t know about the rest of the world, but throwing rice on a wedding is actually forbidden here in the Netherlands.

    … It kills the birds. :P

  • bucslim

    It’s forbidden to throw birds at rice weddings.

  • gabi319

    Not at Randall and mine. That will precede the releasing of the hounds.

    …I should probably tell him I booked a church rather than looked up movie times….

  • Ok, since we are so off topic anyway…talking about wedding, rice, bird, hounds, movie theaters v. churches, I thought, perhaps, you might benefit from the wedding my husband and I had.
    We had it in a little park, on a bluff overlooking the ocean. We used a Monterey Pine as our wedding canopy, and had white, opalescent helium balloons tied to the tree. After the brief ceremony, everyone took a balloon and released it, rather than rice or birdseed or confetti.
    All of the birds in that area are sea birds. If we wanted to throw something the birds would eat, we’d have to have handed out fresh mussel meat or oyster meat (a yucky thought) and anything else would cause a mess, which was against the rules of the forestry department. The balloons looked really pretty, and got caught in a slipstream. It was a way for everyone to participate and still follow the rules.

  • MisterSir

    So do my daughters…

  • Mabel

    193. Sandra –
    “Even the least superstitious of us can fall victim to a silly superstition, even if only for a moment.”

    Oh so true. I know how to cheat and break the wishbone so I win, but I never took that one seriously. I do, however have a thing about spilling the salt. If I do, I must throw it over my left shoulder. Have no idea why but I MUST. DO. IT.

    I always thought the rice thing was so that people wouldn’t fall on it (because uncooked rice can be slippery).

  • Rorscach

    how about peanuts?they said when u eat peanuts you will have acne/pimples

  • gabi319

    Amidst the posting frenzy, I completely bypassed this until now:

    56. Tiki – “Birds indigenous to the US and UK CANNOT digest rice and although they will not explode, it can kill then. Name one bird in the US or UK you know of that eats rice in the wild.”

    Migrating ducks, geese, and songbirds as according to that article. Not a specific bird is stated, sorry, but I suppose a mass of birds will work as well as any other example. USA Rice Federation only listed six states in their website but I do know there are some rice plantations in South Carolina as well so I assume the USARF Six are the six members of this particular group. Seven rather large states (Texas is included) that are most assuredly home to a fair population of birds and I have yet to read any news regarding a bird’s death-by-rice.

    This article has quotes from someone in the USA Rice Federation as well as a professor of Biology. I wonder where your information is sourced…

  • gabi319

    Just remembered another food superstition: Long noodles bring long life. Even now my family makes me eat some kind of spaghetti or lo mein on my birthday. My Chinese roommate also had a similar upbringing so I think it applied to her culture as well. She had a lot of superstitious food-related rituals when Chinese New Year rolled around…

  • Randall


    Me too! I missed Tiki’s comment entirely! Is it too late for my righteous anger?

    Thanks for doing the research though…

    Can you read, Tiki? And *I’M* the pompous asshole, huh?

  • Randall


    Well, it’s far too late, but A) this nonsense about rice being harmful to birds IN ANY WAY has been disproven and was nonsense from the start; B) there are many species of birds in the US–I don’t see why the UK should be much different (except for the fact that, unless I’m mistaken, they don’t GROW rice in the UK)–that eat rice in the wild; C) You are a moron; D) if you’re going to insult me, have the good sense to know what you’re talking about first, and do so in a manner which gets my attention, second. I’m a busy man.

  • gabi319


    You are welcome! And it is never too late for your righteous anger. It’s what makes you sexy to the ladies…and the gent with the manly name but deceptively ladylike online persona.

  • gabi: Randall is all man; intelligent, powerful, strong in his convictions, usually correct (I would say always but his ego is already huge enough…another manly sign), and he is never afraid to back-up his convictions or those of his fellows when they agree with his own.
    My first introduction to Randall was an argument over some silly thing, which neither of us can remember, and which actually ended in a draw. So I’ve taken my lumps at Randall’s verbosity, but we are too much alike for us not to be friends.
    What I’m getting at is, there is nothing ladylike about Randall.

  • gabi319

    haha, segue, the ladylike reference was in regards to cym and his platinum blonde wig. (comments 242-243)

    Of course, I know Randall is all of the above. Why else would I ask him to marry me? ;-)

  • Randall

    Good god, I’m blushing on account of BOTH of you. Thank you very, very, VERY much.

  • Randall

    And gabi… applications can be sent via my agent, along with head shots, vital statistics, and a clean bill of health from an accredited physician.

    You know… a gigantic work of art is a key, central element in my novel…

  • Randall: You deserve every word. I never give compliments which aren’t due.

    gabi: cym in a platinum blonde wig??? Oh how I wish there were pictures!

  • Randall


    If you weren’t married and so very far away… ;-)

  • ~blushing~ but I am, Randall, and I am ;-)

  • bigski

    What do they put on Nebraska pizza other than beaver. Corn and hog meat maybe ? Just asking.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    “gent with the manly name but deceptively ladylike online persona”

    Seriously guys am I THAT feminine?

  • gabi319

    298. Randall – “a gigantic work of art is a key, central element in my novel…”
    I was in the hospital waiting room when I first read this (then moved to the x-ray area so I lost the signal hence the late response). It was not the best of places to giggle out loud but still worth it! I adore a man with the ability to make an innocuous phrase sound so so dirty… ;-)

    303. cymraegbachgen87 – “Seriously guys am I THAT feminine?”
    I didn’t think so but you’re the one confessing to wearing wigs, stockings and garters just because it’s Friday… no worries, cym. I don’t judge. ;-)

  • cym, I have never thought you anything but manly…until I found out about the platinum blonde wig. That did give me a moments pause. Of course, if you are a transgender and prepping for surgery, then more power to you.
    AH! No. I think you were just playing around at a dress-up party and you were doing Marilyn Monroe. I’m sure you made a charming one, too.

  • Davo

    wow ancient people were surprisingly retarded

  • 306. Davo: wow ancient people were surprisingly retarded
    Sorta like you?

  • sleepsintrees

    Regarding the Evil Eye:

    This really isn’t very ancient. During the 2 yrs. I spent there many of these superstitions were still very much believed.

    Greeks also wear a charm (a blue eye) to ward it off. Further, if they think that someone has given the evil eye the make a ptu ptu ptu (like spitting) 3x or they will turn 3x.

    Also, once done your coffee (turkish) it is turned over in the saucer and your fortune is read from the mosaic of fine grounds.

  • Advice

    Feedback for jfrater: your site is great, its informative and interesting but maybe (and this is my genuine opinion) the reason that you don’t get many newbies sticking around is because your regulars are so smug. If theyre not tearing you apart for every little statement you make, theyre judging you on your grammar, your punctuation, your spelling. Its blatently obvious that when they insult other people its all ‘fun and jokes’, someone else does it and they get pounced on like a bunch of wolverines by people who to be honest just suck arse.
    Even your admin person seems overly bias and im not surprised that people dont want to stick around and leave comments, after all welcoming and friendly this ‘community’ is not. I mean I actually find what some of the ‘regulars’ have to say quite interesting but the constant arse licking of them, the obvious bias to just let their insults pass whilst tearing at everyone else’s is pathetic. Guess what, most people are not university educated, intellectually sound, eloquent people so why is it whenever anyone mentions anything in the slightest wrong here, people get such pleasure out of not just telling them that they are wrong but humiliating them, then congratulating each other on how well they managed to insult the person? There only seems to be two type of people who are welcome on this site jfrater and they are those who are extremely intelligent, have done degrees and make sure every statement they ever make on this site is 100% factual, well-written, grammatically correct, verified, analysed etc etc or those who simply hang around to suck up to the former. I am not a particularly clever person but would often like to make comments on some of the lists, why dont i ? because i know that if its in the slightest bit wrong it will get torn to pieces. I dont mean to moan jfrater but just wanted to genuinly give some advice as a lurker as to why i think you will struggle to get more new people hanging around on your site. After all they are normally torn to pieces and humiliated after their first comment so why bother commenting again after that. Oh and to everyone else, there you go…heres a long post probably filled with a million and one spelling, grammar, factual mistakes…go ahead and make yourself feel ‘alive’ by tearing it apart.

  • Mom424

    Advice: All of your observations/criticisms have been brought to Jfraters attention over the last week or two. There are a couple of threads in the forums pertaining to this very subject. You are most welcome to go and have a read for yourself. Jamie took quick and prompt measures to deal with the issue. (read all of the list comments in the last week and you will see a huge change in tone and attitude). I am sorry that it wasn’t taken care of earlier and will accept some responsibility for it.

  • Advice: thanks for that comment – I can assure you that (as Mom424 above has said) these issues have been dealt with and a much closer eye is being kept to ensure that everyone can have their say and be treated with respect. :)

  • cymraegbachgen87

    Actually, advice, I quite agree. Us regulars can be very arrogant and harsh. It takes someone, such as yourself, to pull us up on it.

    My own opinion is, I dont care if something is WRONG, it is when something is WRONG and being presented as FACT. Then I like to correct it.

    Maybe if you stick around and get to know our quirks, you may get to like us…or not. Whichever I would encourage you to post on lists you think are interesting, and bollock people if they are too harsh on you. :) I hope to see you round the site, under whatever name you choose?

  • I second cym’s entire post, even though he often calls me out to extract “the wrath of segue” on a particularly dense or idiotic poster.
    We are, ordinarily, a group of jolly people, who find fun in all the right, and sometimes in all the wrong, places. We are, as a group, educated, but that’s not a requirement (honesty and a sense of humor are).
    Stick around, Advice. I saw something in your post which said to me that you were good people, and I am rarely wrong.
    Nobody is perfect. None of us is perfect. You aren’t perfect. But if we aggregate all of our individual perfections, sieving out our individual imperfections, we end up with a collective fairly perfect person.
    Forgive me if I’ve made no sense whatsoever. I only got about 4 hours of broken sleep.

  • Priya Q

    wow, this is one of the interesting sites I have come across.. I am hooked :)

    hey, can I give your reference on my blog (

    I would like to write about your writing style and link it back to your blog…

    will wait for your reply… if I dont get one I will go ahead and write about your blog :)


  • jussayin

    whenever I think of rice at weddings, I think of the woman who started the Girl Scouts (too lazy to google right now) and how she went deaf when the rice went in her ear, and so no, I just don’t think it’s a good idea.

    I guess I should care about the birds too….

  • Issa

    The only one I knew was the wishbone one. My sister and I do that every year.

  • Megg

    It’s not directly related to food, but rather silverware. My greatgrandmother from Italy use to say, if you drop a knife a man was going to visit you, if you dropped a spoon, a woman was going to visit you, if you drop a fork, a couple will come and visit you. I use to laugh at this until one night while I was working as a waitress and I dropped a bin of knives. Shortly thereafter the local college mens basketball team came in.

  • mindbottled.

    whoa. everytime i look at bread im gonna think someones gonna die!!!

  • Trish

    A boat…made from eggshells…seriously..?

  • san

    i knew da japanese superstitions not da american its very interesting.

  • rania saleh

    i think in my country “ireland” the pritish peole still omen in ‘TRISH “

  • rania saleh

    sorry the previou message appeared in correct letter

  • rania saleh

    please “trish” cane you give me your e-mail to chat with you ????? please reply to me message far on my e-mail “[email protected]” or any body like to connect with me about SUPERSTITION

  • Kitkat

    #2 is my fave me and a cousin of mine do it every year!

  • ADII

    Hey….i hope people throw rice and various other reasonably small, catchable foods. This includes, but is not limited to, corn pops, oatmeal, flour(I know, not really edible, but hillarious), and small loaves of bread. The money would be nice, but I don’t want my friends and family tryin g to catch MY wedding stuff. Food, they would be less inclined to STEAL from my new bride and I.

  • izzzzzyrael

    this need to be a commenting program…not a drama action

  • Rori

    hw amazing… some are hilarious


    People in this planet has been living by tradition and paganisn first of all Christams is a comemoration of tamuz ,the son of semiramis with god son , the esther eggs is the sexual parts of tamuz ,they killed tamuz and separated his body in many pieces so the sexual part was inside the river eufrates ,semiramii
    ask to all people fish tyhe all fishes ,so on holly friday people eat fish but they didnt find the sexual parts so your children are lookinmg for the eggs of tamuz ,,people are so dam they don't read the bible ,that's why is so much ignorance , christmas , sunday service , service for dead people .,so nowadays we have so many churches everyone with diferent doctrins , bnut if we compare with the bible none not even one is tellingh the truth ,I GIVE BIBLE CLASSES AND PROFECIES ,I USE THE BIBLE ONLY TO EXPLAIN ABOUT ANY SUBJECT ,THE BIBLE IS THE MOST COMPLETED BOOK ,AND EXPLAIN EVERYTHING .

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  • Sarah

    lol I've never done the wishbone thing.

  • Name

    NO NO NO NO DON’T THROW RICE birds eat it and poop

  • BreK


  • Audrey

    Here’s one, though not food related: find a penny, pick it up and all the day you’ll have good luck-UNLESS its back is face-up. If you pick up a newfound penny on tails, bad luck will befall you.

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  • powerbeats

    beats studio ferrari It looks which includes a good solid template email where suggestions are based on all your product type purchased.

  • Emaviemisamed


  • philthy12

    “This is a very ancient superstition which seems to originate in the 1580s.” 440 years is not ancient.

  • karthik

    In south india rice is mixed with turmeric powder and thrown on the newly wedded couple. While throwing rice the turmeric on the rice will spread in air and will restrict infections. there will be huge crowd in indian wedding even if it is of a limitted wealth people…….

  • gotuyerord


  • Vishanth

    ummm… have not read the whole list so I might not be commenting on a fully informed basis about the whole rice bit: For starters, I am South Indian (the region from where the place “Bangalored” originated. Rice is a staple part of a South Indian’s and is considered a blessing as it means that you shall be prosperous enough to always have a full stomach, i.e., not go hungry. It is extensively used at Indian weddings and from what I have seen, not more than a kilogram is used (for the entire wedding guest list – does get quite crowded). Its basically just an expression of goodwill and, if you are like me, to pelt the groom’s face and make him realise that that’s the most minimum amount of pain he is ever going to feel again :)

  • healthy dinner ideas

    Thanks for every other informative blog. The place else could I am getting that type of information written in such an ideal approach? I’ve a venture that I am just now operating on, and I’ve been at the glance out for such info.

  • pakeloDalge


  • fredilyn

    its good that the all superstition is very clear

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