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Top 10 Bizarre Modern Paranormal Phenomena

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

Most of us are familiar with reports of the paranormal around us – whether we ourselves are believers or sceptics. Entities such as ghosts, and mysterious animals like Big Foot and Nessie, have always haunted our collective consciousness. Amongst all the weirdness that purportedly exists in our midst, there are occurrences, which though they may not all be considered new, have earned increasing attention in modern times.


Little Creatures

Duendes Enanos Dvergar.Jpg

Ever since the discovery that a hobbit like race actually once existed on the earth, science has been re-examining the possibility that other reported little people may not be entirely mythical. Putting science aside, there have always been those who insist that small humanoid creatures exist amongst us. Recent reports of gnome like or elf like creatures sometimes caught unawares in remote locations have been made. They are often described as being no more than nine inches tall, though with the physical features of a humanoid. Some of them are said to be very hairy. In Mexico and the Caribbean, duendes are small gnome like creatures that sometimes invade the space of normal human beings, either to steal food or for more sinister reasons. Either because of their utter strangeness or some power they possess, they have been said to shock witnesses almost into paralysis until they make their escape. Of course the relationship to fairies and fairy lore here cannot be ignored. In Iceland, belief that elves and other little creatures have real abodes beneath the earth is very strong. People who construct malls and large buildings are sometimes physically impeded from disturbing areas where these little creatures are believed to live, so as not to incur their wrath. Many Icelanders will claim their beliefs are based on actual sightings of these beings. So can we dismiss the elves, gnomes, fairies or whatever we like to call the little creatures we grew up reading about in fairytales as mere myth? Or are they based on very tangible creatures that still exist, and are sometimes inadvertently witnessed today?

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Giant Raptors


Raptors are birds of prey that hunt for food or feed on carrion. They are usually larger than average birds and have specialised physiology, such as powerful beaks and talons, that help them seize and tear apart their prey. Eagles, vultures and falcons are all considered types of raptors. In recent times however, sightings of giant raptor-like birds have been reported. Disturbed witnesses often describe a raucous cry emitted by the birds. Wingspan averages have varied between 12 – 18 ft, with the birds’ height being estimated at around 3 to 5 feet. Many reports describe the prehistoric appearance of the bird, as well as scaly, lizard-like skin on its legs. Giant raptors have been spotted in places such as Kansas and Oklahoma, usually in wooded areas or near canyons. Witnesses have reported the creature having a stench of rotted meat – which would be understandable given its diet. Raptors have been seen by single witnesses at a time as well as fairly sizable groups of five or more persons. Like the elusive Big Foot, conclusive evidence of their existence in our modern world is yet to be obtained. Are they real remnants from an age past that have somehow survived in small numbers today? Are they all just “misinterpretations” of already known large birds? The questions, and the random sightings, continue.




An enigmatic German derived word, a Doppelganger is basically a person’s exact double. Apparently they have been seen since early times, and are sometimes known as a “Fetch”. According to Wikipedia, a vardoger is a double in Norse mythology, who actually precedes a living person, performing their actions in advance. In modern times paranormal message boards have several posts from persons claiming to have seen someone in one place, only to meet them later and realise the first sighting was impossible. One woman looking through a large picture window, clearly saw her husband being dropped home by a co-worker. She went to the door to let him in, only to find no sign of either person or the car outside. Her husband arrived home hours later, and confirmed that at the time she thought she saw them, he and his colleague were still four hours away from home. One person was told that he was “heard” arriving home with a friend, five minutes before he actually did so. When he and his partner actually did get home, his waiting friends said their arrival sounded exactly the same, with them making the same noises and even uttering the same words that were heard the first time. Weird, yet apparently not so uncommon. A few people even claimed to have undeniably seen themselves, wearing the same clothing – stating that the double looked equally astonished at the sighting. In folklore, seeing one’s doppelganger is a harbinger of one’s death. Seeing someone else’s “fetch” was also said to portend death. Such notable persons as Percy Shelley and Abraham Lincoln reported having doppelganger experiences. Can these experiences all be explained as tricks of the subconscious mind or the easily misled eye?


Time slips

539000520 D6307D8Eda.Jpg

Time slips and Lost Time are unnerving experiences. They have been surmised to be extraterrestrial encounters, dimensional shifts or even brain strokes. The most disturbing reports are those correlated by more than one person experiencing the same impossible time jump. Characteristically, time slips occur when someone sets out on a journey, long or short, along a familiar path which is clearly defined and should take a specific time to complete. The journey appears normal, except at the end the person realises they have covered a number of miles in an impossibly short space of time. They are unsettled to find themselves at their destination sometimes hours earlier than possible. There have even been cases of “time loss”, where a person set out on a journey, travelled normally, yet arrived at their destination hours later than explainable. Where did the missing time go? Usually it is only upon arrival that the discrepancy in time is noticed. Are there dimensional “warps” we sometimes inadvertently pass through? Could physics someday confirm and explain the existence of these time slips? Enough people continue to have these experiences to justify scientific investigation into this phenomenon.


The Chupacabra


The Chupacabra has been variously described as a dog-like creature with long canine teeth. It was first spotted in Puerto Rico in the 1990’s, and has since been sighted in the Americas and Mexico. Sometimes witnesses report that the animal has a kangaroo like gait. Its name is derived from the Spanish words for “goat sucker”. This refers to its horrifying ability to creep into livestock farms at night, and literally suck the blood of animals until they die. Obviously the similarity to vampire lore and the possibility of the animal attacking humans, lead to panic in communities. What is this weird cryptid? Is it really a new animal or, as has been suggested, some kind of starved mutated coyote. Alleged Chupacabra carcasses have been found and examined, with no real conclusions arrived at. Reports of exsanguinated livestock corpses, however, appear to have increased in recent times. Many farmers have adopted armed night time watches hoping to kill this weird predator, before it eventually becomes bolder.


PANic in the Woods

3428844239 9153A86C16.Jpg

The woods are a mysterious place, full of unseen life and fraught with danger for the unwary. Forests are places of menace in folk and fairy tales. But in our enlightened modern times, could nature inspire sheer unreasoning panic? There are those whose experiences make them certain that nature has an intelligence – and it doesn’t always welcome humans. PANic in the woods has been associated with the mythological Greek God Pan – protector of wild places – whose unseen presence inspires causeless terror. Victims experience a feeling that there is a powerful, sinister force nearby, and sense imminent danger. This usually leads the person to flee the area, desperately seeking out civilization. One curiously common characteristic of PANic, is that people often describe the woods becoming quiet and strange just before the fear starts, except for an unusual, escalating, buzzing sound. At least one article on the phenomenon has been written for Fortean Times Magazine by Patrick Harpur, called “Landscapes of Panic”. Many other alleged actual experiences of panic have been posted on paranormal forums. Is there really a spirit of the woods that shuns humanity? And if so, is PANic it’s way of warning us – and fighting back?


Dog Headed Men


Men with the heads of dogs have been reported since ancient times. Cynocephali were supposed to be a race living in Africa, who cannibalized humans. But seeing such beings in modern times would seem incredible, yet there have been increasing reports of these creatures. Most sightings occur at night, though some have happened during daylight hours. Bizarrely, some have reported the men indifferently walking along main roads, attired normally, except they have the head of a dog. Most witnesses insist the head is too real in appearance and lifelike motion to be a mask. Some reports have been more sinister, where the creature has been caught unawares lurking around at night, near woods or the darkness of a backyard. One night-time jogger reported that a dog headed man kept pace with him as he ran across a field, staying alongside until the petrified man finally made it to his well lit doorway. There was one report of a DHM seen through a window from outside a house, lurking towards the kitchen. Other cases describe DHM’s who stand outside at night and look in through windows.


Black Stick Men

Stick Men.Jpg

The black stick man is another entity encountered in modern times. Not to be confused with the shadow man, incredibly he is even stranger. Stick men are supposed to look like totally black, thin, stick figure drawings, such as teachers would make in kindergarten. They have been reported as between average height to impossibly tall. Their heads are just a black circle with no facial features being discernible. They are totally two dimensional, without any depth. Usually they’ve been sighted walking along roads at night, or at transitional times such as twilight or just before dawn. Bizarrely, some have reported them wearing what appears to be a top hat. Their walk is described as a weird “lolloping” gait. They are surprised when actually seen, and have followed unfortunate witnesses on occasion. Their pace remains leisurely as they approach. Obviously to be pursued by such an otherworldly creature would be anything but pleasant, and those who have encountered them have been understandably terrified. So far however, apart from being bizarrely frightening, they have done no physical harm, and ultimately just disappear.


Shadow People


What are shadow people? No one seems to know for sure, even as sightings of these entities continue to be reported. Generally they appear as dark, silhouette figures, usually male, who suddenly walk across hallways, through walls, appear in rooms only to disappear again, and sometimes stand looking at a sleeping person only to eventually vanish once the sleeper has awakened. They have no purpose; don’t seem to be harbingers of any sort. Are they from another dimension? The afterlife? Whatever they are, they have scared enough people to have drawn some increased attention to their shadowy selves.


Black Eyed Kids

Black Eyed Kids2.Jpg

It started in 1998 when journalist Brian Bethel gave an account of being approached by two boys as he entered his car. The boys allegedly asked him for a lift. He described experiencing a sudden feeling of fear and panic, while at the same time having an overwhelming urge to open the door for the boys. He then noticed their eyes – they were entirely coal black, with no whites visible. Bethel drove away in fear even as the teens became more insistent. Since his story, several reports of encounters with black-eyed children have been recorded. In one case a woman claimed they asked to be let into her home, becoming agitated when she refused. Their main characteristics are their completely coal black eyes, their tendency to inspire sudden fear and panic, and their need to be invited into a person’s space.

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • Meggie

    I shouldn't have looked at this at 3 in the morning. O.o

    • ernsauce

      i know just what you mean

    • your friendly Arizona Gangmember

      ha ha i shouldt have looked at four in the morning and worse i have experiences with three of these things my essence personally fought a shadow person and i was luccy to awake with my soul (and for those reading ahadow people come with shadow dogs although i think they are the same being for the dog left the body of the shadow after my soul) and i once met a faceless man walking down a street at night who lumbered along draggig wat i thought was a stick and gasped out of surprise when he realised i noticed him (i always figured him a golem of sorts till i read this list) and chupacabbara ARE NOT MANGY COYOTES shotguns kill coyotes wat i shot didnt die it rolled and ran

  • Kez

    The Chupacabra was on the X-files. Lol.

    Cool list.

    • Me

      So were time slips.

    • CristyAK

      Love lists like this! I always try to believe in it just a bit and then see how it could be just a misunderstanding. Take for example Dog Headed Men has often been speculated to be what people thought baboons, gorillas, and even giraffes were. Camels draped in similar robes as men, baboons dressed & kept as pets, etc when first seen by a newcomer would have been terrifying. Animals seen for the first time are often exaggerated in reports. Such as our early drawings of whales etc.

  • Wose

    That freaked me out.
    Even listening to Karma Chameleon while reading the doppelganger entry did not calm me down, lol.

    And then the picture a a chupacarbra just worried me

    I'm going to go and google Cynocephali now :)

    • Aaron

      You know for some reason I feel like listening to that would have made it even creepier in a way.

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  • msulli222

    This list was a little creepy. I'm already a little scared of the dark (isn't that depressing- an adult scared of the dark), and this list is probably going to make me a little paranoid for a day or two, even though I know none of this exists- I don't even believe in God, let alone people with dog-heads.

    Boomshine mentioned deja vu above. I think it counts as a paranormal phenomenon that could have been on this list. As far as I'm aware, there isn't any definitive scientific explanation for it.

    • ¡?Ip

      Well if your scared of them still theres a very obvious sign here.. Somewhere in the back of your mind you really do believe in them all of them. But your just saying that you dont trying to bury the fear…

      • wasd

        “I’m already a little scared of the dark”

  • SensArmy

    Did anyone else think that the black stick figure men were just a reference to xkcd? Anyone? I mean, seriously, "Sometimes wearing what appears to be a top hat". You mean like the classhole character?

    Or maybe it's the other way around.

    (picture of the classhole if anyone is interested in seeing the similarity

    • Nicky

      In Australia we have a childrens book from a Dreamtime story (Ancient myth) called The Quinkins. It depicts the black stick figures with big ear like flaps on each side of their head that resemble a top hat. They were supposed to live in vertical cracks in cliffs (they were twice as tall as a human), and were mischievous but would help children if they were in danger, leading them to safety. I loved that story as a kid, and seeing them on this list made me remember – just thought I’d share.

    • Bullff

      It could be more so a reference to Slenderman.

  • warrrreagl

    I spend a considerable amount of time in the woods, and I have experienced PANic many times. Usually, it is associated with a particular area where the vegetation and sunlight seems somehow different than the surounding area.

    • Gpenn

      I agree with that I’ve been in the woods most my life and there’s always a difference in surroundings when this feeling is experienced

    • wrake

      I experienced something like it many years ago in the Sierra Nevada’s. Instead of running i stopped and looked around for several minutes, eventually noticing a pretty big pair of eyes and a tail swishing around it the bushes. I was being stalked by a freaking Cougar…… That’s when i ran, strait down a steep hill, falling over several times and luckily not breaking my neck. Learned later on that Cougars will often follow people sometimes for miles just observing them.

  • Street Punk

    as usual the list is cool…peace.

  • KK

    This list is awesome =) Creepy as well, didnt know about many of these

  • E.Q.

    cool list. creeped me out

  • leon

    nice try, but youve failed to convince that most of these are even really reported phenomena….where did you get black stick men from ?

  • scrumpy

    interesting list.
    The doppelganger one is clearly just mistaken identity.

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    Oh God, the goat sucker picture scared the shit out of me >_>

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    Very nice Mr. Lee.

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    black eyed’re my…black eyed do do

    this list was a little all over the place….shadow people and time slips…hmmmm

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    Oh i do love the paranomal.

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    Here I am working nights in a hospital and come across this! I couldn’t finish reading #1 because it’s just to freaking creepy! Great list.

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      Thats exactly what I'm doin… cept I finished the list.

  • genaroian_13


    BLACK EYEd KIDS???????????

  • AJKanismajoris

    i have a big book on unsolved mysteries and phenomena so none of these came as a suprise to me

  • monjoriser

    #3 is bit too far

  • LiamD

    Black stick men? LOL! black eyed kids are pretty scary… Eek

  • boomshine

    i think the doppelgangers are probably that “deja vu” feeling but a bit more intense. i live in a relatively smal town, and i always see people i think are who they are, but they turn out not to be.

  • khaliskhalid

    Thanks for scaring the crap out of me jfrater.

  • Kashin_Z

    lol black eyed kids.. Sounds like teenagers with contact lenses having fun to me!
    @Boomshine: Yeah i also think it’s just a sense of deja vu in most cases, i felth deja vu during which everything matched perfectly aswell, too perfect i felth.

  • CaolanMcCarthy

    A really gud list , wel done too whoeva wrote it

  • The other Darren

    cool list…tho i dont believe in anything as strange as these

  • JLM

    The Forst PANic sounded really familiar…I think ive had that a few times while I was getting high in the forest

    • Chelsea

      I'm not entirely sure why, but this made me laugh. Hard.

  • Mullaccio

    Okay I swear this is completely true but you probably won’t believe me. I am very distraught after reading about #8: Doppelgangers because about an hour before reading this list the word doppelganger came into my head for no reason. I did not know what the word meant at the time but I kept saying it in my head because I found the word amusing. I never (at least not knowingly) heard the word mentioned before. I am seriously freaked out.

    As regards to #10 about little creatures sightings, this is very common amongst users of the drug DMT (Dimethyltryptamine.) This drug is in every human’s brain and is believed to be secreted by the pineal gland during REM sleep. It is the stuff that causes dreams. It is one of the strongest hallucinogens known to man. Most people who have have taken the drug recall interacting with elf type alien beings which reside in another dimension and are only contactable through the use of DMT. Google Rick Strassman or Terence McKenna very more information. It is very interesting stuff.

  • most of these sound like they are a bad joke got out of hand.
    forest panic is nothng more then paranoia.

  • Kon

    Creeped out – I am home alone with an overactive imagination and that the bad luck to read this list…

  • Bec

    Oh man I shit myself reading this list for the fact that a few years ago, I was standing outside of my mums house when she came and opened the gate for me and went back inside, about 10 minutes later, she drove in behind me – she hadn’t even been home, and neither was anyone else.

    I hadn’t ever heard of anything like this happening before, I thought it was just something odd that happened to me.

  • someonelse

    The product of paranoid schizophrenics minds, nothing more.

  • JokieOne

    Anything 2 dimension can’t exist in our world, that including shadows, everything in our 3’d world exists by 3’d rules and all have depth, not to mention that a human being transformed into 2’d would be cut in half due to our digestion system….. and stick figures are 3’d

  • LinaX

    Great list!
    I live in an area (Panama) where the chupacabra is always mentioned. They use it to scare little kids into not sneaking out at night for fear that the chupacabra will eat them. But old folks still believe in the chupacabra.

  • oouchan

    Thanks for not warning me of the picture for number 6. I think I will have nightmares now. That was the creepiest picture. As for the dog-headed men…The decription creeped me out. First thing I did was look at my window. Great way to wake up. As for Shadow People…reminded me of the movie “Signs”.

    I have experienced the doppelganger once. I was in the kitchen when the front door opened and my mom came in. She went to her room. Nothing was said. I heard her rummaging through her room as normal. About 5 minutes later the front door opened and my mom came through…again. I just looked at her and she said “What?”. I ran to her room but there was no one there and nothing was disturbed….except me. I now insist that people say Hi or something when they enter my house…just in case.

    This list was very interesting. I think that I have been officially freaked out this morning. Creepy pictures, creepy descriptions…it’s 6am and I now want a drink.

  • Lars

    Great list.
    The kids freaked me tho.

    My family says that I have a vardog(vardoeg, spelled with the nordic ø,).
    It is actually a fairly easy thing to explain.
    My day to day schedule is so predictable that my family think they see me at 16:28 because I always arrive at 16:30.
    Trick of the mind, nothing more.
    But in older times the vardoeg was an omen.
    Much like the raven in other cultures.

  • Kate


    The reports of the Dog Headed Men really, really freaked me out. Especially the report of a dog-headed man “lurking” towards a kitchen. Nightmares, ahoy!

  • bearglove

    Weird genetic theory-our genes not only determine everything about our physical appearance and the connections drawn in our brain to activate our different strengths and weaknesses, they also determine every possible action/decision we make. Thus, Deja Vu is kind of like us just having a momentary “jump” in our brainwaves that shows us what is happening as it played out in our subconscious mind at the exact moment that our conscious mind is perceiving it, thus creating a sense of familiarity with the feeling. It usually seems at the moment as though we are experiencing the same situation as if it has already happened, but that’s merely a trick of our conscious mind to cover up what’s going on-if something seems as though it has happened before, it must be in the past-not that we are dually experiencing the same situation with both our subconscious and conscious minds.
    Time slips can easily be explained, although never duplicated or anticipated-which makes it impossible to prove scientifically. Einstein posited that time is relative, as such, we can theorize that not only is our perception of time influenced by the actions we may be performing/not performing at the moment(being busy makes time fly, standing around bored makes time crawl), but that the physical world itself “speeds up” or “slows down” under the same pretense that time is not a constant. It may be that time is moving in lurches and leaps concerning EVERYBODY at the same time, but only those taking trips experience it as dramatically because they’re moving across a larger field of the time “skips”. For example, if you are at home at precisely the same time that your friend is taking a car trip, and upon arrival at his destination notices he has made it there 30 minutes sooner than anticipated, and all you did in the same period of time was go up and down the stairs a couple of times, maybe did some chores, it would be almost inconceivable to realize that time has “sped up”, as you would have been in the same relative position(in comparison to the massive size of the Earth, while your friend has traversed at least dozens(if not hundreds) of miles. He would obviously have a much more dramatic experience. In summary-a person staying within a couple hundred feet would be moving “with” the time jump, and another person making a trip would be moving “through” the time jump(backwards or forwards, depending on speeding up or slowing down of time).

  • bearglove

    I believe the term for time jumps is referred to as “temporal pockets”, or should be anyways.
    Remain in the temporal pocket, little to know perception of the time jump, move through it(or outside of it), and perceive it drastically.

  • Egg

    I’m a bit of a paranormal buff, though I’ll be one of the first people to argue the illogic of a ghost story. This list was very fun to read, the only one I didn’t know was PANic – which I think is part of the human instinct developed over the millenia to stay in groups (humans are pretty weak little things alone).

    I’ve never seen one, but the idea of a shadow man, or stick man (which I used to assume was a kind of shadow man) always scares me.

    I think in terms of “gnomes” there are a few really videos on youtube that just sent me right to uncanny valley when I watched them.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    37. Nice theory but full of holes. Namely that the connections in the brain are made through learning, not genetics. Interesting nonetheless.

  • FtMotM

    Awesome list! Especially like how you’ve mentioned some lesser known phenomena.

  • Josh Plum

    Nfl Draft is today.
    the worlds future, is now.

  • archangel

    Awesome freaky list. Some side notes, Duende translates to dwarf. Some of the things are freaky, and yet seem to be explainable by excessive alcohol =P. Though I’m keeping my hopes that these sightings are not due to intoxication or substance abuse.

    Black eyed kids are cool… I wonder if full white-eyed kids have anything against them?

  • bearglove

    40. Not really full of holes- mainly speculation(with some interesting studies behind some of the predetermination aspect of it). Learning influences connections in the brain, but genetics determines what parts of the brain are more “active” from one person to the next. Connections may not have been the right word, maybe “brain cell cluster activation” would have been a better way to convey my meaning.

  • Polly Odyssey

    I would LOVE to meet one of those stick figure people!! Seriously, that’d be awesome if I met something like that (assuming it is real)!

    In fact, meeting a dog-headed person, shadow person, or black-eyed child would be awesome too!

  • ringtailroxy


    when I was younger, lists like this excited me to no end. in freshmen year of high school, I fell in love with Cryptozoology…until, several years later, I realised it was just a psuedo-science, like ESP studies, UFO chasers, and Ghosthunters. sorry, kids, you can still believe that things go BUMP in the night due to paranormal, unexplained reasons, or because the cat knocked over a vase, whichever suits your needs.

    10.) Little Creatures: why are similar humanoid beings, be the elves, gnomes, or fairies, always possessing of a “sinister” intent? is there any natural thing, be it a tree, the weather, a wild animal, known to have the capacity for ‘sinister’ intent? no. a tree branch that crushes your car did not do it out of spite, the tiger that mauled the Sudanese child did not do it out of damnation, and the little fish that nips you in the ocean is not trying to steal your soul. we are simply anthropomorphizing a superstition.

    9.)Giant Raptors: sounds like the ‘thunderbird’ stories of Native American legend. most likely all sightings are exaggerations of size or enlarged shadows cast by the soaring avians.

    8.) Dopplegangers: always a favorite of mine…the idea of the phenomena appeals to me…but is always based on witnessed accounts of the one seeing the doppleganger, and never from the POV of the individual being seen!

    7.) Time Slips: these seem to happen to me often-but it’s not physical time that is missing or distorted, it’s my ability to not remember what I was doing during the travel time. i.e. I leave school, follow the familiar route home, arrive home, and have no recollection of the drive home.

    6.) Chupacabra: this does not warrant a comment. Folktales & an ignorant populace spread scare stories.

    5.) PANic: I have strangely experienced a similar phenomena to this…but I do not believe it is the ‘spirit of the woods’ shunning humanity. But it’s my own fear, and usually only occurs at certain times-like when I was hiking in a state park yesterday, outside of the Everglades, & got hyper-alert as dusk approched, jumping at every little scurry by the water’s edge-and for good reason. I KNOW there are alligators there…I KNOW that it’s mating season…I KNOW there are some big bull gators in that area…so is it really panic? or self-preservation?
    (this also happens when I am swimming in the ocean and see a large shadow in the water, reflecttion, or a dark shape under the water. my ears throb with my own heartbeat, and I move away-FAST. not because I am scared of sharks or pain… I am afraid of drowning, and those dark areas trigger that fear)

    4.) 3.) 1.) I am not going to waste space on these. They are all obviously the result of overactive imaginations.

    2.) I have experienced this myself, with a friend also! We where hiking in a local state park, and I was speaking of how there are feral cats frequently living in these woods, without any help from people, when I saw the distinctive outline of a black cat in the bushes at the side of the path! I told my friend, Look! There’s one there! and she was all “Yeah! would you look at that! but as we approached, it became apparent it was a trick of the light, the leaves, the shadows, and our minds, influenced by the conversation, filling in the spaces and created a cat out of nothing.

    there. now, I can go study for finals.


  • spidermonkey

    I get PANic when I’m on my own in the woods although not as much as I used to. i’m fine when I’m with someone. It used to happen whenever I was in the woods on my own. I think my fear developed as a child – my older cousin had these storybook on tapes that were about something called Growlers. She convinced me that Growlers lived in our grandfathers orchard (which seemed huge to me when I was little). It must be nearly 20 years since she told me about them (I’m 26 now) and I still occasionally get the sh*t scared out of me by trees (coincidentally I love trees and woods).

  • bearglove

    48-Of course a doppelganger’s account is from the perspective of the person doing the seeing, as if a “doppelganger” were to see another person that looked exactly like them, they themselves would also be under the impression that they were the “real” version, and that the person they were seeing WAS the doppelganger.
    On that note, and what I said above(correlating to the whole “everything is predetermined” thing, isn’t it possible that we not only experience things at the same time, but that our brain may be jumping ahead a little and projecting our future reality into our perceptions of the present-a tiny form of precognition only concerning the immediate future? Would also explain the hunches we all get from time to time telling us exactly what we should do in the next five seconds, even if it’s not due to instincts(say, ducking to avoid an object thrown at us from behind, as we could hear the object’s approach, or maybe even feel the wind generated by it scrape our neck hairs);.

  • OJSeinfeld

    I was enjoying this until “bearglove” wrote in the comments. From entertaining fun to booooooring. Hey “bearglove” try enjoying life instead of taking it apart

  • timmy the dying boy

    Hey, #10 makes perfect sense. How else do you explain Tom Cruise?

  • Spange

    41. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to think of that! Must say that entire entry struck me as faintly ridiculous.

    This list was interesting even if I tend to not give many of the phenomena much credence. I know lots of people though who seem to have a fear of woods. Most of my friends for one. I know this because I live in a wood and while it doesn’t bother me much to walk to my house at night, they seem to hold a vague horror of it. It’s true that even in the daytime I suppose it’s a little bit, for want of a better word, creepy. It tends to be fairly quiet except for the birds and occasional scurryings. Maybe it’s a sense of things unseen going about their business which strikes people as unsettling, but usually they’re just squirrels, voles, rabbits and pheasants. Pheasants are certainly moody and vocal when disturbed but I doubt they have an agenda to rid the woods of humankind. I don’t think the Blair Witch Project did much to dispel their fears either :)

  • Bunbunbunbun

    Geez when I read the time slips one, all I could think of was “Sounds like a complex partital seizure to me..”. My mom used to have them all the time and ALWAYS described it as a “loss of time”. When you’re in a complex partial seizure, you can talk and walk and do everything relatively normally (hell, my mom was able to drive normally), but afterwards you can’t remember what happened.

  • Puxley

    And now, for your eerie coincidence viewing pleasure:

    Today’s cyanide and happiness comic

  • davetherave

    in my opinion, time slips, black stick men, and shadow men are all mind tricks and/or slip ups. Research from all corners of the physiology field continually shows that the human mind is not a reliable source of reality perception, especially when dealing with memory, light/color perception, and emotions. We sometimes confuse symbols, ideas, and memories (look at Spoonerisms for example). Would it be that big of a surprise that we also confuse things we see?
    I think more research needs to be done to see why we see/feel these things, rather than look into the existence of shadow people and other paranormal matters.

  • Scylla

    SensArmy: Thank god I’m not the only one! The top hat, as you noted, was what really confirmed that inkling of xkcd in the back of my mind. Silly.

    I don’t know if anyone’s interested, but as an upper Midwest kid, I grew up aware of the Lakota stories of #10, the little people. The most famous account is of the “little devils” at Spirit Mound, a place Lewis and Clark visited. You can read about it here: .

    I know heat stroke can cause hallucinations, and based on L&C’s account and my own visit to Spirit Mound, I’d wager that’s what the Lakota had experienced.

  • willo677

    One or two of them ive heard of but the rest are clearly made up during a quiet friday night in!! ‘Black Stick People with just a black circle for a head with no facial features being discernible’??? What a load of b*llocks!!!

  • Char

    great list, love the mystery lists and havent had a good one for ages! :)

  • the william g

    Holy cow this list is off the rocks!!! Pretty sure black-eyed kids is just all the Asian and Mexican immigrants walking around lol

  • deano147

    on number 8 the case of seeing ones self just sounds like when you see a mirror you didnt know was there!
    time slips are awesome, me and my ex had one a little while ago, turns out we were asleep :S

  • Tsiamon

    41- I was going to say, I’m sure the first reported stick-man was by randall munroe.

    Also, panic attacks do occur more frequently in forests and areas with a lot of water- it might have something to do with the high negative ion concentration that people aren’t reall used to.

  • illegal_immigrant

    It’s hard to believe a lot of these, but for me it really shouldn’t be. When I was a kid, about 7 or 8, I was reading in my bedroom when I looked up and saw what resembled a black pillar gliding across the hall outside my door. I was a creative kid, but not to the point of an overly active imagination. I’ve never had imaginary friends or any of those things. That genuinely terrified me, I was scared shitless and I swear to everything holy and non that I flew down the staircase in less than 5 steps. Big accomplishment for a 7-year old. This was also in the same apartment where other people in my family (grandma, aunt) mentioned seeing things that resembled what I’d seen in my hallway, without me or my mom or sisters never mentioning it to them. I will also add that whenever we played a CD with the word death, kill, murder, etc. in it, it would stop and skip on that word only. I had nightmares regarding shit like that until I was about 12, and even writing about it to this day makes me nervous as hell.

  • Majic Walrus

    The vast majority of these seem to me to be “freak outs” of the mind causing panic.

    Little Creatures – Easily these are animals and not people.

    Giant Raptors – Easily these are normal birds of prey that people are mistaking for someone else.

    Doppelgangers – Mistaken identity and Deja Vu.

    Time slips – Deja Vu and wonky perceptions, nothing spectacular.

    The Chupacabra – No real credible sightings ever. Most likely the “chupacabra” is really a coyote.

    The PANic in the woods – What you’ve never gotten creeped out before? Doesn’t need to amount to anything else.

    Dog Headed Men – Seriously? I’ve never even heard of that but if I made me a nice hood out of a wolf’s head what would you think as I approached to eat you. Ahh! Dog Headed Man!

    Black Stick Men – Really? I’ve never heard of this one either. They come during mostly “transitional” periods which translates to time when travellers that are out are usually tired and when the level of light is generally low… optical illusion.

    Shadow Men – People, scared of their own shadows.

    Black-Eyed Kids – People lying for attention.

    • Sasha

      Hey! I'm from Puerto Rico, and the thing is we don't have coyotes here.

  • I’ve never, to my recollection, panned a list. I know how much work can go into making one and give kudos to most authors for even trying to make a list up. This list, however, is going to insist I change my habit.
    First, it is full of holes. Not just holes of logic, but holes of fact.
    Second, it is full of errors in editing, and makes it obvious that much of the “information” is directly cut & paste from somewhere, maybe wiki (?) as in this example: The Chupacabra has been variously described as a dog-like creature with long canine teeth.
    If something has been “variously” described that means there are more than *one* description. One description is all you offer.
    Third, the Raptors. Right in my neighborhood we have Turkey Vultures, with a wingspan of 173–183 cm (68–72 in) and an average weight of 1.4 kg (3.1 lb). Sure, smaller than the birds in your list, but not nearly the largest Raptors in the Americas. Still, get a line of them drying their wings off after a rain, wings wide open, one after another, and they look enormous.
    Fourth, The Chupacabra. No mystery at all. Any animal killed and left overnight in the fields will be fair game to all of the creatures who feed on carcasses. Of course the blood will be drained, the soft tissue, the eyes, lips, the sexual organs, the anus will be first to go. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the easiest to get to will be the first to be gotten.
    I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point. None of these are mysterious by any stretch of the imagination. Some, maybe all, were at some time in the past. All have been either completely debunked, or answered by science.

  • Bec

    ah it must be fun living in a world that’s completely black and white…

  • cannabiscallan

    all of these seem completely ridiculous
    but i love it

  • Yummy_taquitos

    You know, I would say #2 was Ninjas, but~ JF had to go and rule that out yesterday. =)

    Good list. Kinda creepy though

  • JK the Fifth

    I always thought stickmen were just cartoons ! But who knows, maybe they really are out there.
    Maybe they are just in your head. The reason maybe all those stick cartoons that have sprung up in modern times.

    NO.8, 2 and 1 sound real.

    PS: I sometimes have a feeling that a shadowy figure has just passed by the room or through the hallway. But I think its just a fear, no reality.

  • catalin

    The forest PANic really exist, though it’s the first time I’ve heard this term. I was born and I’ve lived until my late teens in a mountain province of my country (Romania), with huge forests hudreds years old, and I always knew that there are here and there some spots not adviseble to get in when hiking thru. The silence – buzzing phenomenon is absolutely true.( oops, there has been an earthquake right now….my hand are rather shaky. I’ll go down in the street for a walk just in case.)
    Great list. Loved stick men! Peace!

  • JK the Fifth

    This always happens. I knew I shouldn’t have read this list, but anyway I did. And now I am scared. Same happens with the scary movies. Why the hell do I watch them when I know that they are gonna scare the shit out of me. Why ?!

  • Mom424

    I don’t believe that there is anything but rational explanations for all of the examples quoted – but it doesn’t matter – it’s fascinating anyway. Fascinating how people need to come up with an explanation for these occurrences instead of being able to just put it down to a trick of light/shadow or of the brain.

    I’ve had panic in the woods, and I knew it way my over-active imagination, didn’t help any – I still ran.

    I also know for a fact that I have a doppleganger living somewhere handy to me – once or twice a year strangers approach me when I’m out and about – and address me as Cheryl someone or other. When I tell them I’m not her they ask me if I’m her sister, when I deny that, they ask me if I was adopted….can you imagine if someone saw me and didn’t talk to me? what would they think?

  • ringtailroxy


    what i meant was that a doppleganger is an entirely subjective experience. no one ever IS the doppleganger, it is seen by another individual. i have yet to hear someone say that they went home, opened the door, did something, then suddenly came thru the door again and did the very same thing…

    i would stretch to say a doppleganger is a more convincing form of Deja Vu.

    also, the older i get, the more ‘time slips’ i suffer from. usually it happens when i spend time driving to/from familiar locations, reading, playing on LV, photoediting, or chilling with my man. before i know it, hours go by, but it feels like only 1/2 hour.

    your whole ‘everything is predetermined’ line sounds a bit religious-based to me. some concepts are harder to grasp than others…but that of anything being pre-ordained, or creatures/natural occurrences having malicious intent are all a bunch of new-age rhetoric that holds about as much water as a cup made of newspaper!


  • vegadenebaltair3

    My best friend experienced a Shadow Man last year… she was sleeping one night and awoke because she was cold. She looked down from her bunk to see a totally black figure leaning against the wall near where her blanket was sitting. She asked the figure to hand it to her, and it did. The next morning, she woke up as normal, except that her blanket wasn’t on her–it was perfectly folded and sitting on her dresser across the room. She didn’t feel threatened at all (until she was thinking about it later and got a little creeped out).

  • luismenort

    RINGTAILROXXY… Thanks for all of your reasoning… I feel better now… Next time I hear footsteps of kids down the hall (there aren’t any kids at my mom’s house) I will know for sure that it’s a wild cat…. and i’ll feel safe… Again, Thank you

  • Looser

    crappy list utter lunacy i mean the chupacabra thing looks like my uncle with long teeth! he could have just painted his face and put on some fake teeth and some claws and BOOm instant chupacabra.

  • Anae

    Those black eyed peas errr I mean kids scrared the crap out of me! Hehehe

  • Looser

    time slips are the only thing that i have any belief in andd i think it can be explained w/ out aliens or dimensional whatevers

  • Sweet list!

    Doppelgangers: Why does everyone want to avoid theirs? I’ve spent the past eight years looking for mine. I’m tired of being called Andrew/Nick. There Can Be Only One!

    Time slips: My girl and I were one heading to the club. We hadn’t done anything even close to partying yet. Some how we managed to drive fifty miles in about ten minutes. quite possibly one of the most unexplainable things that has happened to me on the road.

    PANic in the woods: ?, I get a panic in my basement. I’m going with not being able to see what is around you. Dark spaces, echos, and weird squishy sounds. Very Poe.

    Black Stick Men (xkcd Rocks): I’ll take “Why are you so mental?” for three hundred. I get a nice disorder feeling from that one. Some sort of visual hallucination, could possibly be a bizarre perspective problem. Whoever said shadows are three dimensional should be smacked for talking outside or their profession.

    Black eyed Kids: I see them every time I go to the club. They’re the same opens that wear the surgical masks and “Bondage” pants. They make wonderful targets for jokes if you’ve had a bad day.
    I knew a kid back in high school who had Black eyes, in the sense that people have brown or blue eyes. Just a normal kid. Once you got to know him you found out that he liked to run with the jokes and always make himself out to be creepier than he actually was.

    Has anyone ever mentioned the Taos Hum?

  • spidermonkey

    There’s a film about a chupacabra on zone horror tonight at 9. I’m sure it’ll be crap like every other chupacabra film I’ve seen.

    • Sasha

      even scooby doo has a chupacabra movie special

  • crazy cat lady

    All of these things seem silly to me. Like some drunk/crazy/doped/bored internet junkie made it all up and i cant believe people are still buying it. Did they learn nothing from bigfoot and the lochness monster?

  • diogenes eye

    Mongolian Death Worm! Mongolian Death Worm!
    Watch out for the Mongolian Death Worm!

    how does that song go?

    I was walking down the street and what did I see?
    Mongolian Death Worm!
    Mongolian Death Worm!
    Tried to buy a used car with an ole-fashion bucket seat.
    Mongolian Death Worm!
    Mongolian Death Worm!
    Aw, my Honey’s so good, she gave me One Two Three–
    Mongolian Death Worm!
    Mongolian Death Worm!
    Mongolian Death Worm!
    (fuzz guitar solo)

    Mom424- Maybe your unaware or in denial of the double life you might be living. Its been known to happen.

  • ringtailroxy


    believe what you want, but to automatically assume that the noises you hear in your mom’s hallway are the pitter-patter of children’s feet could just be your own biological clock saying you need to get laid.


  • BooRadley

    Isn’t that Dangor Ironhide in the helmet in the picture for #7?

  • Guy from Iceland

    I’m from Iceland, and while there are myths about elves, they are not strong. Most people I talk to don’t believe in them.

  • BooRadley

    My mistake! It’s just his doppelganger…

  • trfan

    I’ve had dreams like #7, but have never actually experienced them. I’ve had dreams of being back in college, getting ready to go to class, and in seconds it’s night and class is long since over, with me not going anywhere. I’ve had several time slip dreams, probably because I have a tendency to be late anywhere I go.

    I’ve also had creepy moments like #8, also when I’m asleep. I’ll swear I hear my mom calling for me clear as day, it wakes me up, and then I’ll ask her and she says she never called for me. It’s very weird.

  • MinaLumina

    I’ve had personal experiences with 8, 7, 5 and 2. That’s not to say I’m not a nutcase, just my personal experiences. Each time was only once, with the exception of the Forest Panic, which I’m sure must be very common (I get a weird feeling every time I go into woods- and the buzzing is all too familiar).

    The Doppelganger experience is something of a family legend. We had been waiting for my uncle to come visit for a long time (it’s a bit more complicated than that, but I’ll try to keep it simple). One day, I was home alone taking a bath. Just sitting there in a perfectly quiet house, when I heard keys in the lock and my Mom laughing. Then I heard Randy (my uncle) say something and my Mom laughing again. I got out of the bath, dried off and put on a robe to go out and meet them, but no one was there. I assumed with all the splashing that I had not heard them leave. Only when my Mom came home later that day did I find out he wasn’t there at all, and in fact my Mom had spoken to him earlier in the day and he had told her he wouldn’t make it out for another few weeks. Imagine the surprise, then, when he walked in our door later that night. Turns out he was trying to keep his visit a surprise (guess I ruined it a bit).

    I tend to doubt people who claim they’ve had paranormal experiences, because it usually sounds so cheesy, but I can’t dismiss the things I’ve experienced either. It’s a Catch-22: wanting to tell people about it and knowing it will make you sound crazy. Ah well :(

  • Acidfairyy

    I liked this list, real or not. I’m sure I have heard about the Black Stick Men before, because reading about it triggered a memory I can’t quite conjure up.

    • Laura

      I have that feeling too :/ Really creeped!

  • Hey there. I have to admit that I am quite sceptical about half the items on this list, and can apply metaphysics to the other half. Amongst the most interesting are the time slips and the doppelgangers; and I myself have seen my own ‘double’ – although he was older than I.

    Okay, for all those interested in this fortean times type stuff, I recently rediscovered ‘Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World’. The series is a ‘torrent’ of information.

    Among the stories covered: an interesting summary of the Crystal Skulls (covered on LV a little while back), the Baghdad battery (ditto), the Nazca lines, UFOs, etc. Just like this list, some of the stories are true, while others are clearly folklore. Some of the ‘eye witnesses’ are also full of bull. It’s a good show if you want to fine tune your 16th sense – the bullshit detector!

  • #88 “That’s not to say I’m not a nutcase.” :D

  • Ordener

    I remember having heard that PANic in the woods (or any other place actually) is caused by extremely low frequency sounds … nothing to be scared of, really, because it happens to everyone at some point.

  • MinaLumina

    48. ringtailroxy: I don’t think you’re quite grasping the concepts behind some of these things (which is important if you’re going to criticize other people’s experiences). Most glaringly the Time Slip thing. It’s not about losing track of time, everyone loses track of time here and there. It happens all the time. A Time Slip is when you lose track of an impossible amount of time. Like going to the grocery store and back and discovering you’ve been gone for eight or nine hours. Or making the half hour drive home from work and arriving home to find it’s only two minutes after you left the office. It’s not just about your perception of time not matching the clock, it’s about the time you spent and the actions you performed being physically impossible in the time allotted.

  • MinaLumina

    91. Lifeschool: :) Can any of us promise we’re not crazy?

  • Scott Spangler

    I’ve actually had encounters with two of these phenomena. A few months ago I was laying in bed when i heard my sister come home. I heard the car pull into the driveway, people walking up the porch steps, the door opening, i heard my sister and her friend ashlee talking and walking around, but when I went to the kitchen nobody was there and her car was no in the driveway. When she did get home about an hour later I asked her why she left and she insisted she had not been home until just then. Doppleganger’s are real.

    My other experience is with shadow people. I’ve seen shadow people in my house since I was just a little kid. I would see them walking down the hallway, or coming out of rooms or walking down the stairs. Honestly it still freaks me out a bit

  • lightningclash

    There are such thing as special kinds of contacts that turn your eyes completely black. This would explain number one. The kind of people who want coal black eyes are usually scary, too. Hence the fear everyone felt in their presence.

    • 34E

      Nah, the thing is their entire sclera is supposed to be black… contacts that would do that would be huge and therefore INSANELY uncomfortable; not for everyday use.

  • Thomas the Creator

    Black stickmen…..they are called shadows you dumb shit.

    • Sasha

      if you follow the list, dumb shit, shadow people and stickmen are two different things… who's the dumb shit now?

  • Bad fucking ass…

  • illegal_immigrant

    It’s funny to think… that half of these dipshits criticizing other people’s experiences probably believe in something retarded… that would be considered stupid as hell to someone else, for example, religion? Superstition? Bigfoot? The Loch Ness monster? New Age medicine? The power of positive thinking?

    • Human?

      good point

  • illegal_immigrant

    Also, I don’t know what the problem is with all these cynical pricks. Saying you don’t believe in something is one thing. Talking shit to someone else for something they truly believe they’ve experienced is another. Can you say: Douche Bag?

  • ringtailroxy

    99. illegal_immigrant~
    i do so earnestly hope you are not referring to moi. yes, i am cynical. a skeptic. an un-believer. an atheist. i’ve been called worse than a douchebag, and actually, that’s a rather blase insult now.

    not only am i cynical, but at the very least, i do give my reasoning and potential explanations, as well as personal experience, to back up my claims.

    also, i, along with such wonderful LVers as Segue, Rushfan,Mom424, and the guys…(where the HELL is Randall, Dischuker, & Kreature when you need them/ sure, they’ll candidly engage in sexy talk & religious debate, but where, oh where, is my Randall when i desire him most?) are generally the skeptic crew. and we’re intellectual & mature as well. name calling is a bit beneath us, but insults are not.

    i am simply trying to say that just because we do not have an immediate explanation for phenomenon that occur or we perceive, makes that phenomenon real, concrete, or describable in paranormal or fantasy terms.

    i have NEVER had a ‘time slip’ by going to the grocery store & finding out, upon arriving home, i’ve been MIA for 8 hours. i would like to talk to someone who has.

    i have deliberately gotten lost while driving, just to find my way home again. i’ve always known how many miles i drive…i watch my odometer and there is a clock ion my dashboard…so if i could go 50 miles is 10 minutes, well, i would have a quicker commute to school.

    oh-and when i see such asinine excuses for programing as UFO Hunters, Ghost Hunters, and Animal X, it makes me doubt the validity of the programing offered on the History Channel & Animal Planet. (i always knew the programming on Sci-Fi Channel was…well… science fiction)


  • EdwardJ

    Idiots are breeding

  • ringtailroxy

    99. illegal_immigrant~

    one more thing-i don’t believe in Santa Claus, Bigfoot, telepathy, telekinesis, fortune tellers, past lives, or God. I don’t believe in Acupuncture as a modern panacea, Complete Chiropractic Care for total body health, the benefits of Cupping, or Psychics/Mediums.

    I do know that Yoga has a benefit of releasing endorphins & Tai Chi Chan relaxes the mind, strengthens hand/eye coordination, improves coordination, & soothes minor joint pain. I know that Feng Shui really has less to do with ‘positive energy’ and more to do with proper use of space…

    I also know that without cynics, the world would be steeped in more superstition, ignorance, and faulty reasoning than it already is!


    p.s. in case i neglected to say so, this list IS a fun one and it’s always interesting to see what faulty explanations and beliefs are circulating! it’s cute how they persist over generations…

  • Sara

    I don’t understand how people can possibly get that PANic thing?
    I mean: I don’t believe in any of these stories because, unfortunately, my mind is too old and drained out of its creativity in order not to reason. After reasoning, everything starts making sense.
    But PANic just seems silly to me.
    I’m a city person, I grew up in the fourth-biggest city of my country, I’ve never had much contact with nature as a kid but now I really love it! Whenever I can I drive up to the countryside and boy, do I love exploring forests I don’t know! In fact, I even find it much more comforting than civilization. If I could, I would just hug the woods.

  • Dancing Queen

    “There have always been those who insist that small humanoid creatures exist amongst us.”
    Yeah. We call those “monkeys”.

    “A few people even claimed to have undeniably seen themselves, wearing the same clothing – stating that the double looked equally astonished at the sighting.”
    They’re looking at themselves in a mirror in that case. >_

  • kbenjy

    I actually once saw a shadow person. I’ll recount the story here for your reading pleasure as soon as I can find it.

  • Idreno

    Okay, I love paranormal stuff and I personally have had quite a few experiences with rather unexplainable occurrences, but these last entries about Dog Headed Men and Black Eyed Children and Shadow People just freaked the heck out of me.

  • kbenjy

    I PROMISE you, I am not crazy!

    This happened when I was 16 or 17 years old- so about 20 years ago. I was lying in bed sleeping. I am an extremely light sleeper, so when I felt someone come into my room, I turned over to see who it was. There was a man standing over me (I shit you not). I couldn’t make out his features but by his silhouette I could tell that he had on a cloak and one of those old-fashioned hats with a brim…I want to call it a fedora. The whole shape of him was dark and black and so menacing that I couldn’t see him, but I clearly felt I was in terrible danger…He was standing right beside the bed and since I sleep right at the edge of the bed I could have reached out to touch him. Suddenly he moved…I thought he bent at the waist and I knew he intended to choke me or smother me…I let out the loudest scream ever. The figure disappeared but it did so slowly, sort of faded. By that time my whole family had crowded into my room to see what was wrong. I tried to tell them but I was shaking and crying so badly it took a while to get it out…no one believed me, they said I had had a dream…but I hadn’t. Strangely, after all the commotion, I fell asleep and continued to sleep in that room, though I never saw the figure again…

    …but my daughter did. At least 10 years later, we were visiting and the back bedroom was now the guest room, so that’s where we were sleeping. Keep in mind, I had my experience at 17 and it had been long forgotten, and even if anyone had remembered it they wouldn’t have told a 5 or 6 year old child about it. Well we were all up front watching tv and Sky was back there sleeping…suddenly she came running in the room to me and told me there was a man in the room. I tried to tell her there was no man but she was very insistent. My mom suddenly asked her to describe the man. She did, and the description was EXACTLY as the one I had seen years earlier. Everybody in the room was quiet, remembering, looking at me all crazy. I asked Skylar if she was afraid of him and she said no, he was just standing by the door watching her, in fact she had walked right passed him to leave the room and tell me.

    This got my sister wondering so she did some research. It seems many people have seen this figure; there’s even a name for him. “Shadow People” Here’s a link to exactly what I saw. I also had my daughter pick out the man independently of me and she chose the very same one, the one called “hat man”:

  • Arkzist

    ive looked alot into the BEKs and the shadow people

    people have been attacked by the shadow people and a shotgun did nothing to it

    as for the beks kind of remind me of some of the old vampire myths

    oh there was a story i heard about the beks where an elderly woman almost let them in but her blind husband realized they wernt what they said they were and told them to go away

  • Becca

    Wow, I haven’t heard of a few of these. The stick people thing kinda creeps me out. -_-

  • 101. ringtailroxy: I’m so glad you joined the party! I gave it a good going over at #65, but only got about half way through the list…I had a rugby game to attend.
    The “time slips”; I have them all the time…I fall asleep and then wake up later, not really knowing I’ve been asleep. I used to do this while driving (YIKES!) when we’d been shooting stage days, 18, 19 hours or longer, one after another for a week or more, with a mere 10 hour turn around, you’d get so tired you’d drive on auto-pilot. Pretty stupid, but it brought in the bacon.
    I live in the woods. when everything goes quiet it only means that there is a predator close by and everyone is being as still as possible until the predator goes away. I have never been scared. Coyotes and bobcats are not after people, and no bear has been closer than half a block.
    Big whoop.

  • illegal_immigrant

    ringtailroxy: I’m not saying people who don’t believe in supernatural phenomena are pricks. I’m talking to the people who have the nerve to say something like “It’s your imagination. You’re making it up. You are a dumbass.” to someone who HAS experienced any of these things for themselves. Sure, we always have a tendency not to believe things that come from someone else, ESPECIALLY over the internet. That’s no license to call someone out for mentioning things that have happened to them. Do people say they don’t believe in death if they’ve never seen someone die? Generally speaking, no. But when someone who DOES believe in something like UFOs or something of an out-of-this-world nature claims that they had an experience with one, people are always eager to jump on them and call bullshit. Who are they to say, “No, that didn’t happen to you.”? It’s just as real to that person as everything else that has ever happened to them. Sure, in cases of absolutely-positively-no-doubt-about-it pure madness, when a schizophrenic is having a freakout episode, there’s a time to claim that something didn’t happen to someone. THAT can be proven. Can anyone prove there is no afterlife? No. Can anyone prove that we weren’t created by an omnipotent spaghetti monster? Absolutely not. Some of these thing are a bit far-fetched, but many people who claim to have witnessed them ACTUALLY believe that they happened. And who knows? Maybe they did. There is too much in the world that science can’t prove or disprove.

  • Steve T.

    I agree with Guy From Iceland. The story of Icelanders having to do an Elf Environmental Impact Study before building a mall is an urban legend. It is true that developers have to make sure a project doesn’t endanger any historic sites, which makes sense in a country like Iceland with a long, rich history. It may even be true that occasionally a protected historic site is associated with ancient legends about elves. That doesn’t mean anyone thinks the elves are still hanging around.

  • tobias5s

    The myth of Shadow People brings to mind a great movie called “The Deaths of Ian Stone”. I think it’s quite a creative take on the myth. If your inclined, I’d suggest checking it out.

  • Alencon

    This is meant as a joke right? There’s nothing on this list for which there is any compelling evidence whatsoever.

    It’s all nonsense. If you disagree, please provide references.

  • Courtney

    I get PANic, but I don’t have to be in the woods. My ears ring whenever it gets too quiet, and if I let the ringing go on, it actually becomes deafening. I can definately understand why experiencing something like that in a deep forest would be unnerving.

    As for the Shadow Men, I’ve experienced something similar. Now, before I go on, I have VERY poor eyesight; I can’t see a foot past my face without my glasses, but I can make out shapes and colours. A few years ago, I had gone to bed but I couldn’t sleep. I was looking at the wall at the foot of my bed, and I watched a round shadow (about 12 inches in diameter) slide down my wall and into my closet. Needless to say I slept with the lights on that night. My friend and one of our teachers in highschool experienced a shadow person at the same time. They were in the art classroom, and they both looked into the hall at the same time to see a feminine figure glide past the front of the door. My friend looked outside the classroom, and there was no one there; it was a long hallway, and no one could have possibly exited that hall before my friend looked out.

  • bearglove

    my genetic predetermination theory should not sound religious in the least. Understanding that genes are like aggressive tyrants that control the makeup of the being that is currently carrying them makes it a little bit easier to grasp.
    This, along with studies showing that depressed people are more self-aware, leads me to believe that we(as well as all other plants/animals) have had our “destinies” laid out for us from the start by the genes that compose our body. However, humans are blessed with the most highly-advanced intelligence on the planet(so far), and how depressing would it be for you to truly KNOW that you are just a selfish asshole doing what you can to make your life as comfortable, you probably wouldn’t be too happy about the life you’re living(or the foreknowledge of the actions you are going to take)-so we had to develop a way of hiding the reality from ourselves, enter self-deception. We’ve convinced our brains that we need the illusion of choice to function, and our brains have given us that mercy. Modern homo-sapiens(us) seem to have appeared nearly 200,000 years ago-but evidence of organized culture and societal bonding didn’t seem to show up until 70,000 years ago-why did it take us so long to use our brains to perform actions beyond the scope of every other primate? Why did it take us so long to form social groups that were there not to just to protect each other from larger predators(or assist in hunting), but to get together and listen to musical instruments, makes tools, paints caves/rocks, sculpts wood, and starts rituals and stories together? My theory is that we didn’t do any of these things for so long because previous to that were just like the world’s most deceptive chimpanzees-we were selfish, unforgiving, greedy, lustful, and aggressive pricks who did nothing more than lie, cheat, steal, take advantage of, and rape our way through reproduction for hundreds of generations.

  • grungefreak10

    The Black Eyed Kids somewhat reminds me of a short story by Truman Capote, “Miriam.”

  • Reyairia

    I’ve heard of most of these except #5, #3 and #1.
    #3 is particularly bizarre.

  • Lusus

    Number 2, Shadow People. Sounds exactly like the phenomenon of Spectral Wraiths.

  • gatineau

    Wow, number 7 can explain why I’m always late for work. duh duh

  • Shaaronie

    On the day she was born and for at least two weeks afterward, my granddaughter had really really tiny, coal black eyes with epicanthal folds and no visible white portion. She looked really spooky. Her eyes then changed to a light gray color and now at a year old, are now a very light hazel. Her eyes are now normal sized and the folds are disappearing. I was told by people in my acting group, that I had a double. They invited her to rehearsal, and it was like looking in the mirror. We were both very uncomfortable, but played it off. We did not beome friends! It was an unsettling experience. I have seen others who looked like me, but this was really uncanny. The only difference I could discern was our hair styles. Even our body type was the same.

  • Marie

    Interesting list. Especially the stories everyone is sharing.

  • Pameloola

    I saw a doppelganger the other day……
    looked nothing like me…


    Seriously though, Black-eyed kids? Has no-one thought that it is perhaps a practical joke played by kids with a wicked sense of macabre humour, wearing black lenses in their eyes? What better way to have a ‘laugh’ than to approach people, randomly, in all seriousness and ask to be let into their house, car, etc. aware of just how uneasy this will make people feel? Ghoulish, but perfectly plausible!

    Silly fads and behaviours do tend to get imitated by kids all the time. I even remember pretending I had lost my sight for a short time, while young (yes, I was probably attention seeking) and was deadly serious, but found it completely hilarious that people were so freaked out about it. Oscar winning stuff!

    Thankfully, I no longer find jokes of this sort funny (I’m 35 ffs!) but I see stupid stuff like this go on all the time with young folk.

  • timefillmyeyes

    I think this list is somewhat of a mixed bag of psychological phenomena and tall tales.

    I’ve never heard the doppleganger phenomenon described this way. I’d always heard it as someone finding someone who looks like and is in many ways similar to themselves. That being said, I have experienced it as it was written on this list. I’ve thought that I heard my mom come home from work when she didn’t arrive until several minutes or even an hour or so later. I always thought of it as a trick of sound combined with the expectation of her arrival. I can’t speak for the experiences of others though.

    Some people have mentioned deja vu in the comment section. The explanation that I have heard is that it’s a misfiring in the brain, but I honestly don’t believe that. I’ve had dreams before that came true days or weeks later, in exactly the same fashion that they happened in the dream. I don’t believe in predestination, I think that it’s simply the brain subconsciously picking up on things that you don’t consciously notice.

  • arthur

    48 -(yes this is late, lol) Your post seems nothing more than opinion. You can’t prove this is fake, just like we can’t prove that this is real.

    Personally, #3 seems pretty badass, But, i want to know, where did you see this? I googled “black stick man phenomena” And got a band >.>.

  • trisha_03

    The sensation of panic or fear in the woods is something I have always felt, anytime I go into the forest alone. I think it’s just a psychological thing where humans fear being alone in the wilderness. Also I used to watch tons of movies like Jason where people were getting slaugtered in the forest by other people so that probably has something to do with my fear of the woods haha.

    I was once shopping for groceries and saw my best friend whom I have known for ten years coming down the aisle with two people I didn’t know. I was about to say hello to her and ask her why she was ignoring me since she’d made eye contact with me but had yet to say anything when one of the people with her called her by another name. I called my friend right away from my cell phone and she was at work, not in the store. It was strange because my friend has a distinctive face and body type and this girl was her complete exact clone.

  • deano147

    couldn’t PANic in the woos be associated with hylophobia?
    just saying.
    plus do sufferers feel a need to tense their butt?
    (Pan being a sexual deviant)

  • Katiebug

    its 4:30 am.

    and i WAS about to go to sleep.

    i know i shouldnt read these lists, but i just cant help myself!

  • lrigD

    I love this list!

    Some of them seem too weird to be true…
    Like the Black Stick Men. It’s an incredible coincidence that children draw exactly those figures. Maybe they can ‘see’ those Men better or something.

    The Black Eyes thing is creepy… Whenever I saw it on TV (on Charmed or something), it always creeped me out, even though it’s fake. It really looks strange.

    I’ve never had any paranormal experiences of this sort so I can’t really contribute in that way, but I really loved this list! =D

  • mikefed335

    you should have cited sources, i spent hours looking for credible accounts of some of these stories, because from the one thing i got on google about black stickmen, was extremely sketchy and contradictory.

  • Mark

    131. mikefed335 : “…spent hours looking for credible accounts of some of these stories…”

    That didn’t strike you as maybe being a waste of time?

  • Spange

    Well I was deliberately wasting time yesterday and spent a half hour trying to find sources on the Black Stick Men because it’s the most hilarious and ridiculous thing I’ve heard in quite a while. I found one account of an encounter. It described the stick man as being rather like a giant, walking symbol for a gent’s toilet. This did not serve to alter my original opinion. Actually the thought that the figures from warning and information signs were somehow coming to life to terrorise people in the night gave me quite a chuckle – it’d probably make a funny cartoon. Not sure from whence they procured a top hat though…hmm.

  • JNanes

    Wow this list was so good I felt like i HAD to comment,

    I’ve been through a time slip feeling before. Well Sorta.

    Like I’d be brushing my teeth already to go to bed. Then when I ly down, close my eyes, they open again, and its morning time already. No drugs or alcohol was used :P


  • Spartan

    the black eye kids might be emos or goths wearing black contact lenses

  • pilkington

    meryl streep

  • WonderSmurf

    I’d love to meet a black-eyed kid. :D
    And I shouldn’t have read this at 1 in the morning. @[email protected]

  • KDRockstar

    Loved the list and the stories, even if I will choose to “agree to disagree.” I will not argue with people’s personal experiences.

    However, overall, I think the black eyed kid phenomenon came up in the height of emo-land, when the black contacts were available. If these were vampire-ic creatures, why didn’t they make them younger (less than 10 years of age) or babies? Anyone would let in a poor 4-year-old.

    I live in the woods. When it is silent, there is a storm approaching or a predator, as someone mentioned earlier. I agree with the theories of sticking in groups as being a predominant reason for this fear.

    Isn’t Rachael Zoe called the chupacabra? ;-)

  • AnonX

    What kind of idiot believes in this stuff?

  • BongoShaftsbury

    Bravo! This list is a classic. Those black-eyed kids are creepy. What if you were fighting a whole army of them and your commander tells you not to fire until you see the whites of their eyes?

  • bigski

    I would be the last person to tell people who see things are crazy.
    Who knows what the human mind is capable of. It`s never happend to me though.
    I live next to the woods by a swamp with an old abandon grave yard about 100 yards away. Still no spooks. I think it would be kinda cool to see something strange.

  • Tj

    Very disappointing list, I was excited to see it, especially after the success of the other unsolved mysteries and paranormal lists on this site, but this is just plain lazy. The other lists were researched had phenomenon that was reported and had some credit to the accounts, investigations into reportings etc. This is just a sad group of things that have been stated before and made up items in no real order what so ever, would have made a fine April fools day list, but it’s almost a month late.

    Listverse you are going down hill, I visit here less and less

  • MiniPhone17

    to b perfectly honest, i didn’t even really read most of this list. i just looked @ the pictures hahaha and then i came to the picture of the black eyed kid and it scared the crap out of me (not literally, of course). Dude, this list is cool.

  • BearBank360

    this whole list seems kinda inaccurate. just wanna put that out there for contreversy. think about it. all right.

  • Steph27

    Yet another great list

    I googled the black eyed kids and couldn’t even bring myself to fully read the first searce…They’re creepy

  • Mr.Graves

    I’m so glad that the REALLY SMARTERERERER THAN YOU folks decided to join us. I too can give scientific explanations for a lot of these things. However, I’m not so insecure or so egotistical as to need to write off other people as being ignorant/superstitious or less intelligent than me just because their beliefs don’t jive with mine. I keep my ego and self-doubt in check enough that I have no desire to denigrate ntire groups of people just so I can convince myself I’m superior.

    To the people calling others ‘mentally incompetent’ or ‘stupid’ or ‘deranged’ because they believe these things, how come you aren’t smart enough to realize that for every single situation where a person has experienced a phenomena, you WEREN’T THERE and don’t have access to the entirety of the full and complete details of their situation, which would make your judgment and proclamations based in even greater ignorance, anecdotal and profoundly biased, and completely lacking scientific validity. If you were to attempt to use that reasoning in any type of academic setting, you would be laughed out of the room.

    There’s a difference between being a skeptic (scientific) and a cynic (loudmouthed idiot). Good thing you are so much smarterererer than everybody else, or you wouldn’t be able to justify categorically labelling a vast group of other individuals you have never met or understand for the sake of feeling better about your own insecure ego.

  • BongoShaftsbury: Then you’d just be surrounded by kids who are to indifferent to fight. Try grounding them, they might put up a fight then.

  • Beast

    I think e1 who encountered this shit was fucked up on something espically the stick ppl.

  • jussayin

    there are things in this world that are unexplainable, I know because it happens to me. I’ve seen ghosts, been possessed, had precog moments. Nothing producible, and truly I don’t think it works that way, but I will only testify as to what I have had personally happen.

    But dog headed men….I’ve only seen that in a Snoop Dogg video, LOL. I think lil people are just like lil people born today, and doppelgangers, there are many people who look alike. I get tons of people who say “I look just like….” and most of this list is easily explained. Black eyed kids…..emo contacts, shadow people (that pic there I thought it was a chimpanzee or gorilla), etc etc.

  • fuckoff

    I’d like to add penis rot

  • nyys

    I feel like I’ll dream a nightmare tonight…
    only heard of time slips and chucarabras(hope I spelled it right)

  • ringtailroxy

    125. timefillmyeyes~
    “I’ve had dreams before that came true days or weeks later, in exactly the same fashion that they happened in the dream.”
    exactly how many times has this occurred? we never remember all the dreams that don’t come true…and I think that phenomena like this you described are a form of Deja Vu..”Hey! i dreamed this before!” also, I find it difficult to remember a dream, no matter how lucid, following the dream, unless I write it down. unless you write down every dream, date it, and then go back after the real-world events come true, you really have no proof.

    126. arthur~
    never ONCE did I say these events where ‘fake’ I merely stated how they could not be factual, based on scientific understanding of natural phenomena. I could go into more detail, but I have finals tomorrow and frankly, Arthur, I don’t give a damn what you think. (well, not really, I do care, but I’ve always wanted to use that line!) ignorance is bliss, and yes, when I was younger, and ignorant, such things delighted my fancy and filled me with wonder too…

    146. Mr.Graves~
    “There’s a difference between being a skeptic (scientific) and a cynic (loudmouthed idiot).”

    yes, there is! and I am proud to be a touch of both, with some sexy blondeness and an affinity for rum as well! (I;m such a pirate wanna-be)

    however, I do not believe (& I did go back and look) that I specifically called anyone “‘mentally incompetent’ or ’stupid’ or ‘deranged’”

    I am arrogant and opinionated, I like myself this way. far better than being a meek individual with sadistic tendencies…

    now, there is truth here:
    regardless of whether you “believe” in evolution or not, the current scientific understanding of evolution, and the evolution of our brains, specidfically acknowledges this-

    we are pre-wired to make connections to all occurrences and phenomena by a primitive need to see patterns. real or perceived, this tactic served our early ancestors well, it served early socially grouped humans well, and it still serves purpose today. or it would have been eliminated by generations of failure to aid in the survival or reproductive prowess of our species.

    (although my ancestral female homid genetic tendency to store excess calories around my midsection, thighs, bosom, and buttocks is not such a welcome vestigial survival technique…)


  • The Only Sane One

    Dog-headed men? Sounds a lot like the classic lycanthrope to me. Right?

    Also, the one where a man seems to stand over a person while asleep reminds me of the list on dreams. With that sleep paralysis syndrome-deal, seems to be a physical embodiment of the fear they can feel when remaining paralyzed or remaining partially in the dream state. Something to think about while lying awake at night maybe?

  • jos

    Of this list, most of these are pretty base paranoia/unmined aspects of the mind. We do not yet fully understand even the most basic factors of how our minds work, however, we do not yet understand the world we live in as wel, so it’s a fair roll of the dice.

    The only one of these I have ‘experienced’ firsthand is the Shadow People one. Every once so often, I will see movement in the corner of my eye, sure, but that can be written off as a trick of light or shadows, or my weak eyes. However when I was young, anywhere from 5 to 8 years old, because my childhood is such a blur, I had an extremely potent experience waking up one night, and fully rising in bed, and having a figure sitting on the other end of the bed, watching me.

    Time is a bitch, because I remember so little of it now. By at the time, and this has been ingrained into it, I remember believing it to be my grandmother. And so I talked to he/it, and while I don’t remember the conversation now, it had no real effect on the moments.

    I remember a bright light coming from under my door, the light of the kitchen coming in through the hall is exactly what it looked like, I knew that light very well. That light being present led me to believe that this happened during the early morning, when my parents were getting ready for work.

    It really felt like I was talking to a ghost, but the thing is that my grandmother was/is still alive, and was not there that night.

    I think I remember it saying that everything was alright, and that I should go back to sleep. And I did, and when I work up, I remembered it more clearly than any dream I have ever had. And I remember it to this day. It’s faded as my mind has been stuffed full, but it so did not feel like a dream at all. Maybe my mind was playing a trick on me, some would say that, maybe I talked to a shadow person, or maybe my grandmother astral projected, or maybe somebody came into my room through my window to watch me sleep. That idea should creep me out, and yet as a child, I felt so entirely not threatened by this figure, that even now, regardless of what it was, I can’t feel any fear about the situation.

    Thanks for reading, if you did.

    Also, I was taking a late-night walk by myself recently, and although the majority of the walk was from streetlight to streetlight, I felt the strongest urge to take an excursion into a pitch black trail next to a deep wood that led to the next lit neighborhood. Needless to say, that the adventurous euphoria gradually turned into my heart coming through my throat as I felt that I was being watched/followed/circled.

    I think it’s pretty obvious that nobody is afraid of the dark itself, they’re afraid of all the things in the dark that their mind creates. The unknown, basically.

  • LeadingtheRats

    Does anyone know where i can find information of the existence of that little race described in #10.

  • Semi505

    Hmmmm… eyed kids…..are they related to the black eyed peas?

  • josh pincus is crying

    ahhhh, I love the abundance of bullshit on the internet.

  • Cybogen

    This is the stuff that gets you thinking. Anyone ever here about causes crop circles to occur?

  • scooter737

    ringtailroxy how cool are you!
    “There’s a difference between being a skeptic (scientific) and a cynic (loudmouthed idiot).”

    yes, there is! and I am proud to be a touch of both, with some sexy blondeness and an affinity for rum as well! (I;m such a pirate wanna-be)

    i love your honesty haha :D

  • Blitzen

    I really have to take exception to the first line of #10:

    “Ever since the discovery that a hobbit like race actually once existed on the earth, science has been re-examining the possibility that other reported little people may not be entirely mythical.”

    I assume that you are referring to the human fossils found at Flores cave in Bali. Readers should know that there is an ongoing controversy concerning the identification of these fossils, and that it has not yet been proved that they represent a separate hominid species. Many scientists consider the fossils to represent humans whose physical and mental growth was stunted by severe nutritional deficiency.

    I’m not against the idea of “little people” existing, but it does seem to me that we would have found some archaeological evidence of them by now if they did.

  • Miss Speedo

    I remember watching something on t.v. where this group of paranormal investigators traveled to Iceland to find elves. Apparently half of the country believes in elves an have reported not only seeing them, but the elves cooked them pancakes and coffee. That’s awesome :D

  • Moloch

    I remember getting to read about Brian Bethel’s “Black-eyed kids” when it first hit the internet; so I went and found the original story… enjoy!

    By the way… this is Shadow – the ORIGINAL SHADOW! Some bastard stole my ID on here.. so I registered my own… try it again bub, please!

  • Mr.Graves

    152 RTR: Funny, I didn’t specifically name anyone, and only referred to the folks who were making denigrating comments, not the ones who voiced fair and balanced skepticism. It is rather telling that you personalized the comment to yourself and felt the need to defend yourself of those traits when I did in no way single you or anyone out, and made note that I was only addressing those people who were showing themselves as ignorant by calling everyone else as such. I wonder what it says about your view of yourself that you jumped to the conclusion that you were part of that group?

    As for ‘meek and sadistic’, I have no idea whether that was a generalized comment, or one meant to slyly address me- I cannot tell either way but since it was included in the section specifically directed at me, there is room for conjecture- if it was, it’s a sad state of an individual when they see the trait of meekness as a sign of being weak. Meekness, humility, are signs of strength, self restraint, and control. Arrogance and cynicism are signs of being controlled by your environment and being so weak of mind you cannot assert some discipline over yourself. As for sadistic, I haven’t been to an S&M club in a few years.

    But I digress, the truth is, people who aspire to the cartoonish imagary of pirates have little grasp on reality; they believe in things that do not exist, have no scientific basis, and are generally articles of faith and weakminded, sheeplike ‘true believerism’. Kinda like all the people who believe in the things on this list.

  • #155: Leadingtherats: – I couldn’t locate one specifically, but you may have better luck searching for ‘creatures that live under the Earth’ by their old norse name: Duergar – which was turned into the modern Dwarfs.

  • cryptoidfreak

    Great list! I’ve always been fascinated by the paranormal even though it tends to get me paranoid for days.

    Did #2 remind anyone else of the train scene in Spirited Away?


  • Sof

    @ Ringtail Roxy, after reading your comments, I have a clue of how I must sound like with a group of friends. How depressing, you are quite annoying.

  • 163: Mr. Graves. Have you ever been a teacher?

  • 152: RingTailRoxy – There’s nothing like a rant to get things off your chest eh? Good luck with your finals.

  • Pameloola

    Just want to add for the record, I love this website and this is a great list – in my previous comment, the B.E.K thing just struck me as having the most rational explanation, the rest?…Well, tbh I’m completely skeptical of all paranormal phenomena and tend to favour the more psychological/rational/explainable reasons for such things, but I, like another, rather famous character feel that “I want to believe” and I have as much respect for someone who has strong beliefs, religious or otherwise, as for someone (like myself) who is an Atheist.

    There have been some really good and extremely interesting comments from everyone (bar the odd few childish additions) and I just wanna add IMHO that some folk internalize things, blaming their state of mind, etc and some externalize and blame their environment as being haunted, and so on.
    It takes all kinds of people and each to their own, I say, and much respect to everyone.


  • Mabel

    #8 and #7 could be related.

    #1 sounds like a vampire!

    This was a neat list. I laughed pretty hard over the stick men.

  • georgia

    This list reminds me of the stories I used to tell other kids when I was little to get attention.

  • bearglove

    “..if there were little people, we would have found archaeological evidence of their existence by now”

    not necessarily. great apes and hominids in general leave a very scant fossil record because they are intelligent enough to avoid most situations which would end their life in a fashion to be preserved intact(freezing/tar/quicksand), but exceptions still occur(usually from lava flow/mudslides), and of course humans/neanderthals with ritualistic burial.
    Mountain gorillas are an excellent example for this-according to the fossil record they don’t exist, but we know they do exist because we can see, touch, smell, get hit by, capture and study them.
    I’m not saying that a race of tiny hominids currently exists, or that they would even be the same level intelligence as us, but it’s entirely possible that they did exist at some point, and we simply have no found any remains yet.
    Maybe some inhabitable places of the world were habitable in the past(a couple of rocky islands in the Atlantic off the top of my head), could have had fertile land at one point, and an area of three or four square miles would definitely necessitate a need for tiny humanoids(around 3-4 ft on avg).

  • joker

    number 5 bottom right hand corner? looks like someone/thing playing a flute????

  • Missie

    A friend once told me about her experiences with shawdow people. She would see them often at night, waking up to catch them watching her in her sleep. Once she woke up and they were in a line jumping out her two story window one by one. She got the urge to get in line and follow them. She was awakened by her roommate who caught her standing in her window ready to climb out. She was diagnosed with a rare sleeping disoder (sorry I cant remember the name) that is similar to night terrors. As long as she takes her medicine the shawdow people stay away.

  • LSD.chaos

    It’s an illusion a trick of perception. Like a day dream your mind wonders (expecially at night) and creates false images. As your brain becoms logical they disapear but it’s your opinoin on what is reality and what is fiction.

  • Vagabondo

    I think this list has forgone on a very important group.
    The “Wee Free Man” they are called. They are blue, small and their favorite passtime are fighting, stealing and drinking, but not necessarely in that order.
    They inhabit this world ever since been trown of the other world for bad behaviour. Ah, yes forgot, they speak english with very thick scottish accents

  • VicarOfVHS

    My grandma used to tell about a doppleganger experience much like those mentioned in the article–this was in the 20s, and her dad drove a wagon to and from the fields. Inside the house, she and her brothers and sisters and mother heard Great Grandpa’s wagon drive up, the sound of wheels and rattling chains, heard the mules, everything…they heard him toss a log for the morning fire on the porch like he always did, a heavy boom on the wood, heard his boots crossing to the outer door…and then nothing. A brother went to look, and there was no one outside–no wagon, no mules, no log, and no Grandpa. He arrived about half an hour later, with exactly the same sequence of sounds.

    Rural people in the American South are known for tall tales, but my grandma always swore up and down this was the God’s honest truth.

    Also, I don’t know why, but the description of the stick men’s behavior and the dog men encounters gave me the chills. Just imagining something *that* uncanny….*shiver*.

  • sallysweet

    Really? Stick people? Weird.

    Joker – yes, Pan also played a flute made from a reed, so that’s the point of the photo illustration.

  • travisthechimp

    I can only hope the chupacabra is real and that one day I will catch one (it?) I shall name him Steven if it is a boy or androgynous, but he (it) will go by Steve. If it is a female, I shall call it Tabatha, but she will go by Tabby because of her love of cats.

    Then, one night, my chupacabra will tear out my throat and feast on my blood as I sleep. I can only hope that day is my birthday so I shall die at an exact year age. Such is the glory of chupacabra.

  • 167. Lifeschool: 163: Mr. Graves. Have you ever been a teacher?
    Lifeschool, you might want to go back and check out such Lists as South American Vacations, when Anon (alas, now gone), was posting as Spanner in the Works, and Mr. Graves was supposedly living in Chile. Then check out other older lists, with Mr. Graves in his Chilean guise. You might be quite surprised.

  • Ransom

    Black eyed kids eh? I know that my eye pupils can grow to the point where it looks like i have black eyes but only when i am really angry. Other than that there blue normally.

    Cats also have that as well, when there pissed off there Pupils grow to the point of nearly being black eyes.

  • princess-honey

    i had an expearience similar to the shadow ghost/figure whatever it was.. it was years ago in my early teens and i awoke to find a shadowed/dark figure that i somehow new to be male standing over my bed watching me.I know it sounds crazy but i can assure you i am of completly sound mind and i remeber immediatley pulling the covers over my face terrified it was gonna reach out or try hurt me and screaming for my parents to come in,at which point it had gone.

  • Maylinda

    why why WHY would you put those pictures there?! Warn me next time!!! yeeh! Sleeping is NOT HAPPENING tonight.

  • Paras Stand Tall

    They are often live “time slips” in the army. For example one of my friends said that (and made a report) that during a fight in Tchad he felt like time went so fast, as he says, he blinked his eyes and he was already two hours later. I guess they are right when they say that the time perception during a fight is not the same.

    anyways, sorry for my english :)

  • panda

    geat real

    grow up

    use your heads

    dont believe everything some one types on the internet

    on one of the things it says he got it from wikipedia now how legit is that?

  • timefillmyeyes

    152. ringtailroxy

    “exactly how many times has this occurred? we never remember all the dreams that don’t come true…and I think that phenomena like this you described are a form of Deja Vu..”Hey! i dreamed this before!” also, I find it difficult to remember a dream, no matter how lucid, following the dream, unless I write it down. unless you write down every dream, date it, and then go back after the real-world events come true, you really have no proof.”

    I usually only have a vague recollection of what the dream was about right after I wake up. I’ll have some sense of the general subject, but the specific details won’t come back until later. They’re always little day-to-day things that don’t have much impact on anything. For example, earlier this week I dreamed about going to my ethics class and my professor talking about how he had cut his finger that morning. When I woke up, all that I could fully remember was that I had dreamed about something happening in ethics class. When I got to class it happened. Everything from the words he used to the lighting in the classroom was exactly the way it was in my dream.

    This happens to me about 6-10 times a year. Sometimes the dreams are more or less clear when I wake up. I know there was one instance where I clearly remembered the dream upon waking up and recognized it later, but it was years ago and I can’t remember what the exact event was. The one quirk about it is that my memory of the exact event fades a lot quicker than my memory of any other daily activity. I am entirely unable to tell you exactly what words were said immediately after the moment of recognition has past, I just know exactly what they are while I’m in that short period of recognition.

    I’m aware that I have no proof, but I’m honestly not making an effort to convince anyone. I think it’s a cool little thing that happens to me sometimes and it’s fun to weird out my friends when I tell them about it, but I know that a lot of people are skeptical about these kinds of things.

  • *Time Slips* I just thought about time slips, and how “real” time slips occur. It’s a function of adrenaline flooding the system in a case of heightened alert, and I have had it happen to me once. I was driving through Yosemite, on one of the back roads; about a car and a half wide with a sheer wall of granite (or of some kind of stone) on the one side, and an equally sheer drop-off on the other side. My car was going up on the drop off side when suddenly, from around a blind corner, came a big pick-up truck going down hill (obviously out-of-control) on my side of the road.
    Now, I had in my car my 3 babies, and my husband was asleep in the rear. There could not have been more than 5 seconds before we hit, but in my eyes and in my brain, it took 30 seconds…I had time to consider all the options, and to make the correct move to save both vehicles from going over the side of the drop-off.
    Both my car and the truck were totaled, but the only injury was a broken ankle by the passenger in the truck. The “extra time” had given me the chance to figure how to hit the truck so that it would *NOT* go over the side, rather than avoid the accident and let the two people die.

  • Mango

    I have experienced the shadow person thing. Someone here posted a link to a picture showing “hat man”, and I nearly fell over. Same exact thing I saw. No, you don’t have to believe it. I don’t think I’d believe it either if I heard me saying this.
    I just am amazed that others have seen this, too.

  • Scandia

    The description of the “black stick men”- abnormally tall, thin, top hat, walking with a lolloping gait- sounds way too much like a historical figure who fit that physical description and wore that accessory. Could it be his coming back to watch how his country is doing nowadays?

    Otherwise, I may have seen shadow people walking on the road. I do not know if it is just my eyes tricking me. It usually looks like a person crossing the street- and always at night.

  • What is it with everyone using the word “nowadays” all of a sudden? It’s a Middle English adverb, for God’s sake! I’d put money on the fact that nobody who uses the word has read, or would read, Chaucer in the original.
    Just a hunch, mind you, but a pretty powerful one.

  • bgd73

    paranormal is above normal. Like a cars phyisics after 25 years and strange nuclear events, or 2000 mile an hour through the sky, or swimming 500 feet below the surface..this list para fairy.

  • 191.bgd73, paranormal does *NOT* mean *above* normal.
    See below, taken directly from Webster’s online dictionary.

    [edit] Adjective
    paranormal (plural paranormals)

    1. can not be explained by scientific methods
    2. supernatural

  • mhasky04

    ohh.. hahah…. i remember the movie BROKEN. the girl saw her exact self driving her car way home. in the end she finds out that she’s been dead hour ago..

  • DanteOnCrack!

    Black Eyed Kids – Aniridia (wikipedia)

  • smileyangel75

    The black-eyed kids. Can you say contact lenses and kids out late at night trying to freak people out? LOL

  • Jason Smith

    I have experienced something similar to a time slip. I call it “forgotten time”. On more than one occasion, I have woken up and not remembered much of the previous day. There could be gaps as long as 5 hours at a time that I’ll have no memory of.

    Shadow people are real. I’ve seen them many times.

  • jessejames

    I hate to say this but they I just watched a show on Nova about the little people. They found a skeleton on an island just off of Indonesia. It is said to predate Java man. They are doing research on this now and scientists believe that a gnomelike race once existed on the African continent and they migrated into Asia. So all you naysayers try digging deeper and doing a little research before you pooh-pooh radical ideas.

  • GTT

    First of all, I have to admit that I checked 3 times to see if anywhere on this list an “belated April Fool Day!” note was posted… Nope. Stick figure people?! DHM?

    In any case, I think it would be fascinating to experience a time slip… I mean, realizing that a trip that should have taken you 15 hours only took 15 minutes? Heaven… Keep in mind that I have to travel to China at least two times a year and the trip is so long and BORING! ;)

    Now, I know most people will think I´m crazy (and no, I have no concrete proof) but I have experience deja vu many times. It happened the first time (at least, the first time I can remember clearly) when I went to Italy for the first time at age 20. I was touring Siena and suddenly I knew exactly what the building I was about to enter looked like. I had somehow “seen” it before and recognized everything on sight. Still happens about twice a year and it leaves me light-headed every time…

  • Sedge

    Hey. Re: #1, isn’t there that thing where vampires can’t enter a house (car, house, close enough– esp. if you live in your car) without being invited in? Or so the Swedes tell me, and you know how that goes.

    Man, I hate being the one to bring vampires into things that may or may not have anything to do with vampires. I thought I was better than that…

  • nom

    these things are usual in Africa………they exist,alryt

  • voodookok

    i like the stick men i thought it would be pretty chill to get approached by one. made me thin of those jazz pictures

  • Chelsea

    #3 “Bizarrely, some have reported them wearing what appears to be a top hat.”

    I laughed so hard I thought I’d wake up the rest of the house xD

    Great list!

  • melz8000

    u know i know this guy that has black eyes like the guy in the pic and thats cause he has an eye disease so number 1 could just be the cause of somethin like that.

  • latfat

    stick people. seriously? come on list verse think of something better.

  • latfat

    Yeah when I smoke hash I experience 7 out of 10 of those things. But I think it is just because I smoke HASH!!!

  • Penlag (Michael)

    I’m becoming increasingly paranoid after reading these lists. After reading about an alien enounter between two families and two or more small aliens a couple weeks ago, I was really freaked out for the rest of the night.

  • duder

    I once had an experience with a stickman….
    It was a frigid autumn evening, at dusk the long dark clouds spread across the sky as the wind blew harshly at my back. I walked through the deadened leaves as they swirled about me, with each step the familiar crunch that marked each footfall. I counted each step… one. two. one. two.
    Suddenly a change… one one. two two. My pulse quickened. I felt a presence behind me, as I turned to look, terror, like lighting flooded my veins as I saw the thin black figure standing, unmoving thirty yards away. Panic overtook me as I turned and ran, looking back I witnessed the figure mimicking my every motion as it followed behind. Blinded by fear I lost track of my heading and was now fleeing through a thick forest, all around me I noticed strange designs in the trees that resembled the image of the figure at my back. Overwhelmed with terror and panic I payed no attention to the ground on which I ran. A jolt of pain ran through my body as I screamed out. I looked down only to realize that my foot had become ensnared by a steel bear trap that paralyzed my position. I struggled to free myself but the pain was unbearable. I looked up with increasing dread as the figure now approached me,at the point of tears I called for help, cries that were met with the cold howl of the autumn wind. Unable to turn my head I stared headlong into the figure’s nonexistent gaze. The figure approached… It leaned in… and asked… “Have you seen my top hat?”

    THE END?

  • NiicoleeFoss

    I was really had the chills when I read the DHM thing! It’s like imagine you’re walking alone at night and you see one of them… I would immediately black out. And the black eyed kids… they might be just teens want to bother people but they scared me a lot too!
    I think I had an experience with the shadow people. I was sleeping and when I woke up I saw the figure there, it was like a girl and then I blinked and it was gone, it was kinda creepy the only thing that I see as a joke are the stickmen!

  • latfat

    Is that for your new novel duder.I rekon it will be place #199039384303 on top books on If it gets published that is.

  • kenab

    i looked alot at the blacked eyed kids its pretty weird shit

  • chatters

    Time Slipping?

    Can you get from London to Bristol in 18 mins, including stopping for fuel and cigs in 18 mins. Admitedly I was averaging 110mph down the M4.

  • Stizzy

    I’ve kinda experienced both a doppleganger and a timeslip.

    I once took a bus journey that should have taken about 40 minutes but only took 15. To this day I stil can’t explain it, as the bus wasn’t going abnormally fast.

    With the doppleganger, my entire family reportedly heard me open the porch sliding door, unlock the front door, close it, and walk into the house but didn’t hear me come upstairs like I normally would. My dad went to check but couldn’t find me anywhere.

    At this time, I was on the other side of the city and received a phonecall from my mum asking me if I was alright and she told me the whole thing. My dad still insists it was the wind :p I thought it was hillarious.

  • Reporter

    I think that all of such experiences confirm my Islamic belief, which is shared by the Judaic and Christian traditions to a certain extent, too. According to Islam, there exist intelligent and conscious organisms, called the jinn in Arabic and later in most Islamic languages, who were created from fire, whose physical structure is ray-like or light-like and who are normally hidden from humans’ eyes but sometimes appear or make themselves heard to people in various forms thanks to their bodies’ subtle organic structure made of a light-like substance, if substance is the correct word.

    These beings actually don’t have any interest or benefit in having such contacts with humans. They normally live in the same space where we do in lots of places but don’t appear to us. But sometimes they get annoyed with us too much or else the more playful and ill-willed ones among them want to play tricks on us by appearing to us in either strange or human shapes and sounds…

    According to the Quran, some of the jinn came to the Prophet (peace be on him) asking him to guide themselves too against the wishes of the satanic-natured ones among them. The jinn have been ordered to be believers, to do good and probably also not to disturb humans as in the above examples. Any contact between the jinn and humans is forbidden and it’s strictly forbidden to ask any of them, believer or not, for help. Prophets like Muhammad, whom God told to guide the jinn and Solomon, to whose command the jinn were given by God himself, were exceptions to this strict prohibition.

  • Reporter

    I’m sorry that my email address in my above comment is not mine! I made a small mistake in typing it! Please don’t send my notification e-mails to that address but send them to this one. Would you please take care of this?

  • to_sam_ja

    Where are the vampires? Some of the rednecks in my country (Bosnia) still believe in vampires and werewolfes. A priest once told me that during a funeral the family of the deceased tossed a nettle into the grave. When he asked them why they did that they said that it is going to prevent him from becoming a vampire. This actually happened in the 21. century.

  • atomfitz

    whoever made this list is an idiot

  • sign

    Entertainment for the rich has become available to all! Eternal life in exchange for 6318 Great British Pound- PayPal [email protected]
    Who has got new state of mind can celebrate the 250-year-old anniversary in 2129

  • Eric

    i am still getting a terrible goose bump reading the one with the black eyed kids. very x-files like. i had a very funny experience of 2 people i thought had a dopplebanger. first was a Chinese girl in college. i first thought she was just popular for i see her around all the time. then one time i was in the stairs going up and i met her while she is going down. then when i entered a lecture hall i was surprised to see her seating in front. i stupidly stand on my spot surprised for a great number of seconds which she might found weird. later i found out she had a very identical twin sister when they both became my classmates in a class.

  • Eric

    here in the Philippines there is this paranormal phenomena about the “mananagal”. it is a local version of a vampire. it is said to be a female who separate with her body at night to find her victims leaving the lower portion of its body somewhere. i had somewhat of a “audio” encounter with this thing. when i was a kid our mother “a born again Christian” would always gather us on the living room to pray. this is the early 90s where black outs was common on our country. we only have candles as our light on the living room. while praying we heard a gush of wind that seems to be coming from a flapping noise. it is very noticeable because it seems to be disturbing the leaves of our coconut tree just beside our window. i noticed my mother, who dont believe in this kind of things, change the tone of her prayer and some people outside shouting in concern about something. i heard the flapping noise to fade away after that. all i heard from some neighborhood people after that was they noticed a weird noise and my mom seems to dismiss what happened.

  • Seen Them

    Interesting about an earlier poster’s mention of DMT and Little People sightings.

    I had an experience with them. Most terrifying experience in my life, but I hadn’t used DMT or any other drug. Another family member was aware of them (and terrified) too.

  • sally ann

    I have black eyes, that shadow dude was just plain creepy, the stick guys were funny, and the chupacabra I wouldnt want him as a pet XD

  • karstark

    Just came across these lists, am having fun, but before I read all the replies I want to respond to MSULLI222’s question about Deja Vu.

    I actually have heard one explanation about Deja Vu. I like it; others may not buy into it or prefer the mystery, but here is the one that I’ve heard:

    Deja Vu, the feeling that something that is happening has happened before, is caused by a misfire in the brain. Basically a neuron (or whatever) takes in a sensory impulse as it is happening, but it PROCESSES it as if it were a memory. That is, instead of taking it in the way we take in anything while looking around, the brain pushes it o the section that remembers stuff, and it gets filtered through THAT section, which explains the creepy “this has happened before” feeling.

    I have no proof, of course: it’s just an explanation that I heard, and I liked it. That’s all. Thanks for your time.

  • Shaun

    i thnk the last one would be vampires cause vampires need to be invited in si they can eat you…and idk about the lil creatures 1. i mean ive never seen a gnome or elf..the human with a dog head is so much bull..there is no way.i also thnk it would be rly cool to see the stick figures id ask him for his hat :)..i thnk the shadow ppl are just ghosts..and also im a hunter i go out every year to hunt deer and i never felt the PANic

  • Lordofthedans


    The scientific reason for Deja Vu is actually a combination of what you said and a sort of temporary lazy eye. One eye picks up a image a nano second before the other and gives your brain the impression that what ever is happening has already happened. This is why statistically people with Lazy Eyes experience deja vu more often

  • kmacsimus

    that does not make any sense because you hear things also that you know you have heard before. that would mean one ear is hearing it before the other? does not make sense.

  • Claire

    I’ve seen a few dog headed men in the club on a Saturday night. Scary

  • Jessi

    I know people with black eyes. its simply a mutation as is violet eyes.

  • Rayvhen Syn

    @black eyed kid (23):
    lmfao!!! I dare you! hahahaha

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  • klmmjs

    I suspect many of these ‘creatures’ are seen when people have taken drugs?

    doppleganger is an interesting concept.

  • Sasha

    ‘el chupacabras’ was in the x-files and in scooby doo cartoons. hahaha!! i’m from puerto rico and i think the first place where people saw it was here. weird!

  • wardrich

    I think the “Black Eyed Kids” have been reported to be a hoax, though I could be wrong.

  • anurlaiqar

    I experienced PANic once as a kid. Strange this is, that one of my friends who were with me experienced the exact same emotions. We had found a small hill with a couple of huge boulders sitting on top of it, when we both sensed that danger was nigh and we should leave and go back to civilisation as quickly as possible. The third guy didn’t sense anything though.

  • FearMe

    i have some black eyes and im a little person and the chubacraba is my pet and his name is spike i also am a shadow and every january 17th my head turns into that of a dog ..i hate january

  • lily

    Great, I get scared VERY easily and right now, Im scared as s***. Especially the dog thing

  • Time slips? I think you mean time zones. ;)

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  • appie

    hmmm..i love to have black eyes,..all i have is eye bugs. ;)

    maybe they’re vampires.,they want to be invited in your ;0

  • Skot

    Here is someone who has copied your page.

    Dunno if they have permission but if not how lame, no one is as good as listverse!

  • chloe

    great. now im freaked out :(

  • eh…

    i have seen 2 shadow people. the first was one of my very first memories. if not The very first. I remember my parents were house sitting my grand parents house (Creepy house) while they were on vacation in england. they set up my crib in my mothers old room. i must’ve been between 2-3 years old

    i remember laying in there with moon light coming in through the window. waking up. rolling over. and seeing this pyramid like shape sitting in the chair next to me. just looking at me. it was blacker than the darkenss of the room around it. i screamed for my dad. he came in. i told him what happened and he just said it was the 2 cats and dog sitting on the chair. #1 they were never in the room. #2 and even if they were in the chair they wouldn’t be 5 feet tall. to this day if i think about to much it makes my eyes water.

    the other time i don’t think really happened. it was one of those paralyze old hag attacks . happens when your brain is stuck between being awake and asleep. it makes you dream while awake. i just saw a black human figure zip across the room. along with the sound of a washing machine being inches from my head. along with the covers being pulled off the bed from below. i know none of it happened because when i came out of it the covers were still on the bed. but. if the shadow man was real or not i’ll never know.

    There is definitely some strange **** out their we do not yet know about.

  • asdf

    @Mullaccio (27): HOLY CRAP the same thing happened to me a few years ago. For me, the word was foramen magnum, which my teacher discussed in the class the very next day. I had no clue what the word meant beforehand.

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  • eviltwin

    I have two doppelgangers. One of them is called Kate, apparently, and the other has two kids. Makes me wonder what my dad was getting up to when my mum was pregnant…..

    Oh, and I’ve lost entire days before (no, I don’t drink)

  • Jack 101

    the time slips were a phenomena called chronokinesis, a mind abillity like telekinesis, where you controol your precepton of time. the brain sees by taking snapshots with your eyes, to make kind of a movie. chronokinesis is the ability to controll how fast you take the snapshots, and thus your preception of time. thats why strobe lights make everything seem slower.

  • naldo$

    dwarf creatures? ,never heard of them

  • lol

    Reading this list (especially the black-eyed kids and the shadow people) really scared me. Then reading the comments and some personal experiences that people have had, just sent chills down my spine! I hope there are scientific reasons for all of these cause otehrwise, that is SCARY!

    Very itneresting list though! I couldn’t help but laugh at the stick men with the top hats…at least they’re classy!

  • Darc

    one time i took a picture of my self in the mirror my eyes looked completely black and guess what?
    it’s the lighting :)
    also chukapabra is real i saw dead pictures of it online look it up/

  • I’ve actually seen the stick guy in the middle of a day (close to noon, full sun) alongside a country road and got within thirty-thirty five feet of “him” before he turned sideways and winked out like paper folding in on itself. He was flat, deep black with elements of dark gray that highlighted some details. Curiously enough, he was actually wearing what looked like a top hat. The movement I wouldn’t describe as dancing or lolloping so much as the way a puppeteer might move a Japanese paper shadow-puppet– turning as if mounted on some giant stick and limbs moving like they were being rotated by some outside force. Not like normal joints at all. Until this list I’d never heard of anyone else who’d seen anything like it. Unlike the other viewers, it didn’t really inspire terror– more of a “what in the world is that?” and me going towards it. Didn’t find any trash or debris so I have no idea what I saw.

  • samir

    Years ago I was woken from a dead sleep to see a shadow person at the foot of my bed oriented (standing as if looking) at my girlfriend. being ex-military I got in the habit (and still am) of waking up almost instantly from a dead sleep. I also know the difference between being asleep and awaken as far as dreaming. I have decent night vision and could clearly see him. He vanished a few seconds later as I tried to ease out of bed to confront him. I tried to recreate the scene later to see if there was some other explanation, some other shadows that can duplicate a human outline, but could not.

  • Angela

    I was watching the show 'Lock Up' on MSN today. They interviewed two cell mates that change the color of the whites of their eyes. One had dyed his whites red, the other blue. So with all the body modifications going on in society today, The Black Eyed Kids COULD be real, or not…Just saying…

  • big jerk

    talk abought weird…i once saw a man walk around a corner and turn into a drug store………

  • big jerk

    if ghosts are so smart then how come there dead……if i want to see some spirits i go to the liquor store.. man i dig graves….. once my pet dog rolex did a huge time poop on the side walk i steped in it and experienced a time slip …actually i am in the future so to comunicate with you i have to write backwards…i am in the year 2268 and they still havent plugged the oil leak yeat…and a gallon of gas is 17.000dollars the global tempature is 195 degrees and a android named bisket flute is president of the world

  • Lisbeth

    The black eyed kids thinq is really creepy. The reason why they need to be invited into someones space is because they’re evil and need to be qiven somethinq by someone in order to carry out whatever evil thinq it is that they’re need to carry out. or at least thats what i think lol

  • Tony

    I have seen a stick man. I use to work in an old shed which was at least three stories high. One day I saw a stick man standing at the entry, he was ducking to fit inside. He also just dissapeared. I told heaps of people.

  • Shinya

    I've seen a shadow man, never been so terrified in my entire life, just looking at the picture made me shiver

  • Jonas

    Entertaining! The doppelganger husband though was clearly having an affair with the co-worker who drove him home, and made a quick escape upon realizing his wife was home =)

  • I_Damian

    The shadow people is merely a sleep paralysis thing. I've been suffering from sleep paralysis, at least once a week, for about 3 years now. The dream that preceeds me partially waking up is consistent. I stand up from my bed and walk over to the door. When I put my hand on the handle I am lifted through the air back in to my bed by an unknown force, where I awake, but only partially. I can open and move my eyes, but speech and movement are utterly paralyzed.

    This is where I see these so called "Shadow people". They stand motionless, staring at me, just 3 or 4 blotchy shadows. This can go on for 10 seconds, or as long as 3 or 4 minutes, before I regain speech and movement and they disappear.

    I know it's a figment of the imagination because it has happened several times when I have been asleep on the sofa and other people have been in the room, and I have tried desperately to talk to them to tell them to shake me awake or something, because I hate sleep paralysis, but my mouth won't move, and words won't come out, and if they were actually there, the other people would see them, obviously.

    It doesn't bother me like it used to, meaning, it doesn't scare me witless like it did the first few times, now that I've accepted that it's just my imagination projecting my dreams into the real world when half of my brain awakes. But yeah, that's my explanation for shadow people, at least when they stare at sleeping people, only to disappear when they awake.

    My uncle has sleep paralysis too, except he sees, what he calls, a "gremlin", which runs up his bed and sits on his chest, and the little guy is extremely heavy for its small size, impeding his breathing. Guess it runs in the family. =P

  • alexanderd

    i experienced shadow people several times, and the description here is very accurate: they don’t seem to be a harbinger of anything at all. they hung out in the house i grew up in for a few months, they seemed curious: peeking around corners watching us from down the hall. although i was scared of them, as they are unexplained, i wasn’t ever really threatened by them.

    later, after they were long since departed, i told my father, who was at the time openly athiest and non-believing of spirits or paranormal. his eyes widened up when i told him, and he told me about having seen four of them once when he was a kid, he had to pee and he saw them when he entered the bathroom. they seemed to be keeping to themselves so he just wizzed and left, forgetting about them for 30-some years until i told him about my experience.

  • TCor

    I have had experiences with shadow people and time skips. I have always just assumed that time skips were a result of spacing out, but it's interesting to see what theories people can come up with. Shadow people scare the hell out of me when I'm reading. I assume that they are one of several things:
    1. The shadow of my brow tricking me
    2. My eyelashes tricking me
    3. Actual spooky entities that watch me
    Also, I would very much like to believe in hobbits because I'm a huge Tolkien fan.

  • Jay

    With over 6 billion people in the world sharing a relatively limited set of genes, it's inevitable that you're going to have look-alikes. My own was named Jeremy and he shared a great many traits with me including a love of playing the guitar and a difficulty in speaking (I got over that and will now rabbit on at great length when the situation demands it.) Anyway, I never met Jeremy but my wife and some of her friends did and they were amazed at how alike we were. It used to be a common bit of folk wisdom that "everyone has an exact double." So doppelgangers are totally possible.

    I have no idea if time slips are real but if so that probably accounts for some of the doppelganger stories. Imagine seeing yourself. Of course you'd both be disconcerted.

    A couple of people mentioned that they work in large buildings alone at night. So do I. Please, let me implore those people not to watch the scene near the middle of "Exorcist 3" where the young nurse is making her rounds in the hospital. Do NOT watch it!

    (Incidentally, this is one ofthefew cases where a truly powerful movie birthed a great sequel. Isn't there a list on that? "Exorcist 3" should be on it for Brad Dourif's performance.)

    About Little People: The famous Irish comedian Dave Allen was once asked, "Do you believe in the Little People and are you afraid of them? And he said, "No, I don't and yes, I am."

  • 34E

    Pic for giant raptors = wrong kind of raptor! lol

    And it's not just Black eyed Kids, it's Black Eyed People.

  • Choptop

    #7- Time Slips
    I did a lot of research on this a long time ago and was able to find one of the interesting videos of a couple of first hand accounts, if anybody's interested.

    #2- Shadow people
    I actually used to have a problem with seeing these things when I sleep. A lot of the accounts are due to waking up during REM sleep, when your body is paralyzed and still half-dreaming.

  • Tilli

    I've experienced #2. I was about 8 yrs old and was woken up by my little sisters sharp intake of breath and the death grip she had on my arm. She was 4. All the lights were off and the sound she made startled me. I looked over at her and she was looking right at me, eyes as big as saucers. I looked around slowly to see what had scared her. In the closet (we had one of those sliding door closets without the doors) there was a man, not really a man though. He was dark… a shadow man. He was tall, his head seemed to touch the ceiling. He seemed to be wearing a long overcoat. I nearly screamed and then my mom grabbed my other arm and whisperd, "don't say anything, he'll go away". We must've layed there for an hour just staring into this closet at this. After a bit he just wasn't there anymore. The light in the the room hadn't changed, he just wasn't there. My sister and I started crying hysterically after that.

    I'd never been so scared before or since. I also was very afraid to tell anyone for a long time. Never even spoke about it to my mom after that which is sad since she now has alzheimers and is probably the only person who can cohoberate as my sister was so young. Well, that's my experiance with the "shadow man".

    The list was cool. Stick Men seem a bit comical but I'd be scared shitless if I encountered one.

  • kf1985

    Never heard of stick men before! Totally random. I am really sceptical with things like this but it reminds me of something that happened a few years ago- I was backpacking across America and I was on a greyhound bus. I think we were driving through Kansas and I was looking out of the window and I saw this large animal that was the size and shape of a horse and it was galloping across a hill not far from the side of the road, however it was completely black so you couldn’t see an features on it I thought I was just seeing things but then the guy sat next to me(who I didn’t know) nudged my arm and pointed out the window to the creature and said “what the hell is that!” neither of us could decide what it was (it definitely wasn’t a horse) and the only way I could describe it was like a child’s stick drawing of an animal……. so if you live in Kansas and you know what animal it is can you put my mind at rest or I’ll be seeing stick people wherever I go now!

  • Alejandro

    I'm from PR and since 1994, there have been numerous reports of the Chupacabra and it made a whole lot of noise around the country. I've experienced the shadow ppl myself. I was 6 yrs old and one night I just woke up without being fuzzy or sticky eyes just nothing. As if I wasn't sleeping. My room was dark but this light post outside brought the orange light into my room (Second floor bedroom). So I wake up and see this figure but looked at it for a couple of seconds making out what it was… When I see the form of a head and the space where the eyes were or supposed to be I panic and I open my mouth in amazement when I saw the figure do the same cause I caught him or it looking back at me. I turned around in panic and tried to scream but I just couldn't and I was hitting the bed above me cause my brother was sleeping in it but he didn't wake up until I could scream waking up my mother and when she came into the room, my brother woke up… It's scary, I wont lie but when I saw I was amazed but not afraid cause, honestly when I looked at it he was just looking back without malice, just staring as if he was as scared of me and when he opened his "mouth and eyes" I was startled and that's the thing that impressed me most. I've had a lot of things appear to me and make noises when I came to the actual house I'm living in but when we redecorated, it just stopped. Nice list.

  • Snorri

    haha I'm actually from Iceland, and I have to say that I haven't met a single person in all my life who believes in elves :) Although there were many who believed the stories a long time ago. Just like once everyone here believed that a certain volcano (Hekla) was a gateway to hell. But that was a REALLY long time ago :)

  • Snorri

    And one more thing I'd like to add, I've had some strange experiences. Like one time I used to live alongside a beach, in a small harbor town. There was one ghost story related to this town/beach, and what made it even more strange and scary is that this is a really small beach, and a man who went for a short "stroll on the beach" went missing, and was found dead a few days later on the beach. Anyways, one time in a little party with my friends we went to the beach. There is a "man-made hill" alongside the beach in case of floods, and we were sitting on top of it and talking. All of a sudden we started hearing strange noises from the beach, but couldn't see a thing (it was pitch black outside). We heard some gurgling sounds and footsteps, and we were getting 'quite' uncomfortable. Then we just thought like "oh that's just our imagination at work" and kept on talking. But then we started to hear them a little bit closer. We even heard "low screams", if I can call it that, not sure how to describe it… in the distance. We stopped talking, looked around us and we didn't see a thing. We suddenly heard a noise like someone was stamping his feet on the ground a small distance away. Then nothing for a while, then all of a sudden one of my friends, who was lying on his back, heard the noise right next to his head, and me and the rest heard it too of course, and we got up and ran away so quickly. We told the rest of the people and they of course laughed at us, and one guy wanted to check it out. We walked with him back to the spot, and he alone went up to the top and heard the same noises, and in like 5 seconds he flew by us and back into the house. The day after me and a couple of friends from the party went back there to check it out, and we found really strange footprints, who disappeared after a short track… No one was drunk at the party, and no drugs were taken, there wasn't anything affecting 'our minds', lol :P

  • Human?

    On the dopple ganger thing- there is a mental disorder where people believe that loved ones are being replaced by other people- like invaision of the bodysnatchers.
    My only problem is that you don't present enough info for us to be convinced that these are real #5 thru 1. I also would have liked to have read an example of the time slips and stick dudes. BUT it is a very good list.

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  • Herm

    Whether or not these things exist, this is still pretty entertaining and creepy. Please make more lists like this!

  • None

    Wonderful list, very well written, although there are a few things that could have been added. I’ve read that the chupacabra looks more like a large lizard that stands in the same stance as a kangaroo. Weird, there was just a Bones episode on that…
    I’m pretty sure that I’ve felt the PANic thing before. As a Boy Scout I’m in the woods pretty much every other weekend, and there have been a few experiences where it just goes quiet and I have a sudden urge to look over my shoulder to make sure nothing is, well, watching me. There was this one time when my troop was hiking a trail along a river. A few of us, just three, were ahead of the rest of the group. We entered this pine forest; the creepy kind where you can picture Hansel and Gretel and all those people being. All of a sudden this wind started up that ceased as soon as we left the woods. On our way back down the same trail, the same thing happened when we passed through the creepy woods again. Weird…
    I have a friend, well, more of a colleague, who told me that he believes the old house he lived in was haunted. He claimed there were multiple occurances where he saw shadowy figures pass on the floor or stare at him from the foot of his bed.
    And the black-eyed children thing: probably just a stereotype. Because of the poor kids’ creepy appearance the “victims” of the encounter may believe that they are thugs and something, and while they WANT to help them they still feel frightened. OR, the kids may actually be demons or something. But overall, wonderful list, I love reading about creepy or frightening stuff. Makes great stories to tell the new scouts on their first camping trips.

  • None

    You should have had something about disembodied voices. There have been times when I’ve been alone in my room. No one was around and no one was doing anything downstairs. All of a sudden, I would here a voice, one that I didn’t recognize at all. Sometimes it would say my name, and other times it would say something completely random. Call me crazy, but it really freaks me out…
    The “giant raptor” thing might be the thunderbird. The Native Americans of the plains, in areas in Kansas and Oklahoma, believed in a monstrous eagle-like bird that brought storms. Perhaps there actually was an oversized bird of prey. It’s possible they fed on buffalo, so when the white hunters nearly wiped the buffalo from existence the giant raptors almost disappeared as well. It’s also possible that these birds prefered to hunt most before storms, causing the Indians to believe that they caused them.

  • Name

    To help protect from black eyed kids, call Sam and Dean Winchester

  • tee

    hahaha what made me laugh was the blackstick men, yeah they may be a tad creepy but i honestly think it’ll be pretty neat seeing them if they existed of course…but i am keeping an open mind.. as for the rest they are quite creepy..just not creepy enough…

  • ChimRemix

    Its 12:58 am, and I’m afraid that if I fall asleep my doorbell will wake me up because of some BEK’s…thanks a lot.

  • Sillabub

    It scares me even reading about it. At this time of night, alone in the dark, I feel like I’m about to be grabbed. Really creepy list.

  • jingo carl pagayunan

    theres really a lot of weird things in life…but after all,those weird thing were just a flock of concrete evidences that undefinable mysteries do really exists,…

  • BlackHoleBird

    #3 Slenderman.

  • Karlisch

    That was a great list im enjoying reading all this!

  • Phoenix

    First of all, I wanted to say this was a great list! I really enjoy stuff like this. Some of them are more believable than others though, but I think the black eyed kids one is really cool! I would say that I’d like to see them for myself, but I’m not so sure that would be wise! Also, for some reason dopplegangers scare the crap out of me! I have always thought that they were harbingers of death. I don’t mean seeing someone that looks like someone else, I mean your ACTUAL doppleganger. On a side note, my husband and I live in a small town and there is apparently a guy that looks EXACTLY like my husband. We have never seen him, but people are always confusing the two. For instance, a few months ago we were in town running errands and stopped to put gas in the car. As soon as we pulled out of the station, a city cop pulled us over (my hubby was driving). We didn’t think we were doing anything wrong so after the cop came back and gave my husband his license back we asked if there was anything wrong (a tail-light out perhaps?). The cop said no, WE didn’t do anything, but he thought my husband was the other guy and that guy had a warrant out for his arrest! Thankfully a quick check of my husbands name, birthday and car registration made the cop realize he had the wrong guy and we were free to go. To this day, we still don’t know who he is, but apparently everyone else does! :)

  • Sammie

    Woah, man. Black stick men? Did God get lazy? God: *tired of drawing details* Sigh, you know what? Let me just throw a few of these in there… *draws stick men*

  • Simon Howes

    In 1982, when I was a student nurse at Warley Hospital, Brentwood in Essex, England, I encountered a ‘stick person’ in the grounds of the Hospital as I was walking home one night. It lopped across the roadway having been, seemingly, pressed up against a wall. It stopped when it saw me and raised it’s arms in fright and quickly walked off into the undergrowth. It was very tall with very thin, extremely long arms and legs and a very small oval head. Totally black and no obvious clothing. I saw no face even though it emerged very near a street lamp and so was well illuminated. I was terrified and to this day, no-one believes me….

  • Dilip

    horrifying list that i ever read.

  • NeverThat

    Genuinely creeped out by this, and I’m not easily creeped out at all usually. It’s late– I must be extra paranoid. ha Good list though!

  • Alyss

    I am Alyss and I remember a few months ago, when I was walking to school, I passed a girl who looked EXACTLY like Taylor Swift, except she had really short blonde hair. I was in the middle of the street when she passed me, and I did a total double-take and even called out “Taylor”. She didn’t look back and I almost got hit by a car. Even though my city is pretty popular, seeing a girl like that in my area was odd, so I expected to see her again. But I haven’t. I very much believe in doppelgangers, and I know what I saw. It was weird…really, really weird. I believe in Black Eyed Children, PANic, and time skips and the possibility of DHM or Chupracabra, but WTH is with the stick figure thing? That’s ridiciulous

  • Love this list, great work!

  • Amber

    I don’t know much about the others, but I know that “shadow people” are real.
    I see them a lot, and they are very scary…. I have heard them, seen them, communicated, and have even made physical contact! Not me touching them though, them touching me. Some have an urge to harm you and strike fear into you, but I have met some that want the opposite, though those seem rare because if you do see them and become frightened, they are gone from your sight forever. That is why most seen are so harmful..

    Shadow people have faces, and I have a picture of one that is not only black but has a full face, though it is a female one. The female wanted to harm me emotionally, and it worked at first.. I am only 16 after all.

    I have the picture still, if any one wants to see it.
    Oh, and as for time slips, I have experienced some before. Also, I have experienced a lot of time pauses in my life time, even a deja vu time pause! I knew it was going to happen moments before it happened. Time just.. stops. Only certain people notice it though..

  • latino

    i have experienced this shadow people phenomenon. One night in my dorm i woke up at about 1am to see the door open and the shadow of someone standing there in the doorway. Yes i was awake because i checked the time. This happened 2 or 3 nights in a row. I am a christian so it was explained to me that it was a demon trying to scare me from following Jesus.

  • ?????????????????

    is anyone getting the sense of demons or vamopires from thesse black eyed kids?

  • barra

    woof woof woof woof woof woof?

  • Black Eyed Kids……Just little punks thinking they’re vampires. Stick Figures? Never heard that one before, too funny…..I experienced a doppleganger, or my friend did of me….He was at a video store and bumped into “me”, he went on to have a conversation with “me” and we made plans…..I failed to show. I was in South America at the time this happened, to this day we still talk about it. This doppleganger greeted him by name, asked about his wife and kids and talked about things that only I would know….I wish I had been there.

  • Andrew

    The Black-Eyed kids has a pretty good adapted story on It’s called “Black-Eyed Kids in Kansas”. I never thought it was real though…

  • Kylie

    Obviously no ones ever heard of these :-

    Easy way to get full black eyes, how do they think they do it in the movies?

    And the doppleganger has some truth, i got told by my ex that id been seen in a game store with another man. I forgot to mention id onyl just moved to a differnt county, and people were coming up to me saying omg i went to school with you which was impossible. scary stuff!!

  • Bama Bhai

    Chupacabra was actually from a sci-fi movie
    check this out

  • I really appreciated this list – it’s always cool to have reality stretched a little farther in order to incorporate the “what if”. Personally, while I do not necessarily believe in these occurances, the idea that they could be is thrilling. I cannot help but wonder what Tolkien would have said about the little person found in Africa . . . I’m currently formulating a novel plot based around the lore of Shadow People, something I find quite interesting. And is it just me, or did the Stickmen seem like the freakiest out of all of them for some reason?

    Also, the black-eyed kids made me smile. Am I the only one who thought of Supernatural here? Everyone knows it means they are demon possessed!

  • ArropyAlcof


  • careytommy

    The lady in No 7 is super sexy!

  • Vampires….

  • dmr2010

    the shadow figure freaked me. i lived in a farm house growing up built and lived in by every generation of my dad’s family. a lot of really creepy sh*t happened there. i used to sleep with my television on and i’d wake up sometimes to white noise on every channel.. i used to sleep with my hall light on and whenever i’d wake up id see a shadow child peeking into my doorway and then he’d run off or disappear.. im glad to know that i am not crazy and that it was a real phenomena.

  • Rosie

    the black stick men entry is very weird, when i was little i had an imaginary friend who lived in the cranny between my bed and the wall. he was a tiny like the size of a lego figurine and was just a black stick figure with a top hat! but he also had a cane. he only came out at night before i went sleep but i had no idea that there was an actual phenomena of black stick figure people! very strange. PS. i LOVE listverse, its probably my favorite website.

  • max

    this shit is ridiculous

  • eric

    crap i’ve seen a shadow man in my room one night it walked though the window as i opened my eyes

  • Jerryson


  • Kim


  • Glendon

    Please check out to see our ever-growing database of haunted and mysterious places to visit in Florida! Plan your next vacation with a little of the “paranormal” !!

  • encubalenesia


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