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10 Cases of Conservative Hypocrisy

This list is a companion piece to the earlier “10 Cases of Liberal Hypocrisy”, which took issue with Alan Colme’s statement that only conservatives could be “infected” with hypocrisy. The thesis was that hypocrisy is a sad part of the human condition, and no one person or ideology is immune. In the interest of fairness, I decided to take on the other side, and was positively spoiled for choices.


David Cameron

Bike 798558C.Jpg

Hypocrisy: Cycling to Work But Chauffeuring His Documents in a Car

David Cameron is a conservative Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom. He is a noted environmentalist and famously cycles to work on a near-daily basis. However, he also has an assistant follow him in a car to carry his briefcase. Two words, Dave: thumb drive. You can decide where to stick it when you’re riding.


John Wayne


Hypocrisy: The War Movie Hero That Never Went to War

Well, kinda. I’m being a little harsh here, but Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda jumped through hoops to serve. In 1941, Wayne was 34 years old with a failing marriage and four kids to feed. Sure, his career was starting to flourish, but he definitely wasn’t a star and he definitely wasn’t rich. So from 1939-1944 he got a 3A deferment (deferred for dependency reasons). In 1944, Wayne received a 1-A classification (ready for immediate induction), but the president of RKO Pictures threatened to sue the government and Wayne personally if he enlisted. A month later the Selective Service reclassified him 2-A (deferred in the national interest). Wayne made 13 (mostly war) films during the war and became the very image of the American soldier. He also became a bona fide star and made a few halfhearted attempts to serve, but never really followed up. No one knows why. But after the war, Wayne became “the most famous Republican in Hollywood”, and was an ardent anti-communist (even supporting the House of Un-American Affairs committee). All who knew Wayne said that not serving was “the most painful experience of his life”, and that it haunted him the rest of his days.


Mark Foley

Markfoley Narrowweb  300X468,0.Jpg

Hypocrisy: Condemning Clinton’s Sex Scandal While Sexting Underage Boys

Mark Foley was a Florida congressman who lamented that Bill Clinton’s runaway sexual addiction caused his scandal with Monica Lewinsky. And yet Foley had demons of his own. On September 29th, 2006 Foley resigned his congressional seat after reports surfaced that he was sending sexually explicit text messages and emails to teenage male congressional pages. Foley insisted he was not a pedophile and had never had sexual contact with any minor. Then he dipped into the media excuse bag and decided to used ALL of them at once: he blamed his emails on a drinking problem, checked himself into a rehab clinic, and said that he had been molested by a clergyman when he 13. To top it off, he decided that NOW was the time come out, and bravely had his lawyer inform the public that “Mark Foley wants you to know he is a gay man.” Many pages came forward after Foley’s announcement, but Florida officials closed the investigation citing “insufficient evidence” to file criminal charges.


Robert Tilton


Hypocrisy: Prayer Fraud

Robert Tilton is an American televangelist who achieved notoriety in the ‘80s and early ‘90s through his TV program Success-N-Life, a very slick and well rehearsed perversion of the “prosperity gospel”. Tilton promised that, for a $1000 pledge, he would personally lobby God on your behalf. All you would have to do was send in your check and he would pray over the very letter you sent him. Today, all of you know him as “The Farting Preacher”, but back in the day people sent their entire life savings to this guy. At its peak, Success N Life was in all 235 American TV markets, and was earning $80M a year, tax free. But in 1991, ABC News discovered Tilton’s ministry threw away prayer requests without even reading them, keeping only the money or valuables instead. When confronted with these claims, Tilton claimed that he would pray over computer readouts of prayer requests, or sometimes lay across piles of mail as he prayed (even claiming that chemicals in those letters gave him two “mini strokes” in his brain). Tilton sued ABC for libel in 1992, but the case was dismissed and his show was off the air by October 1993. He later resurfaced on Black Entertainment Television (BET) in the early morning hours. Ole Anthony, founder of the religious watchdog group the Trinity Foundation, said Tilton pays $50,000 per month for the air time, and estimates that Tilton’s ministry is grossing $24 million a year using reruns or repackaged versions of older shows. “With no production costs, a fraction of his former TV time budget, his net must rival that of the good old days with absolutely no effort on his part,” Anthony said.


Ted Haggard

Ted Haggard.Jpg

Hypocrisy: Condemning Homosexuality While Practicing Homosexuality

Ted Haggard is the founder and former pastor of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado; a founder of the Association of Life-Giving Churches; and former leader of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) from 2003 – 2006. Haggard has condemned homosexuality, and under his leadership, the NAE stated that “homosexual activity, like adulterous relationships, is clearly condemned in the Scriptures.” Yet in November 2006, he “left” all of his leadership positions after he admitted soliciting a prostitute for homosexual sex and methamphetamine. After the scandal broke, Haggard entered three weeks of intensive “counseling”, overseen by four ministers who claimed to have converted him back to heterosexuality. When pressed, they backtracked and merely said Haggard is a “heterosexual with issues.” Ya think?


Bob Barr


Hypocrisy: Opposing Abortion While Paying For An Abortion

Bob Barr, is a former member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Georgia’s 7th congressional district as a Republican from 1995 to 2003. He gained national attention as one of several leaders who successfully impeached President Bill Clinton. According to a sworn affidavit by Barr’s ex-wife Gail, the longtime abortion opponent paid for her abortion in 1983. Barr never publicly disputed the affidavit, and the author of the Defense of Marriage Act even invoked a legal privilege during his 1985 divorce so he could refuse any questions on whether he cheated on his second wife with his now-third wife. Barr has recently resurfaced as the Libertarian Party’s nominee for President of the United States (he lost).


Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh Oxycontin.Jpg

Hypocrisy: Illicit Drug Sourcing

Rush Limbaugh is the host of “The Rush Limbaugh Show”, a nationally syndicated radio program devoted to conservative issues and news of the day. On his program, Limbaugh has espoused a deep respect of law enforcement and tough penalties for drug offenders (In 1995, he said drug users “ought to be accused and they ought to be convicted and they ought to be sent up.”) Yet on October 10, 2003, Limbaugh announced that he was addicted to prescription painkillers and would immediately check himself into a rehabilitation program. Law enforcement sources had noted that Limbaugh’s name had come up during an investigation into a black market drug ring in Palm Beach County, Florida, specializing in the illegal sale of prescription drugs OxyContin and hydrocodone. Limbaugh said he first became addicted to prescription painkillers following unsuccessful spinal surgery, but has remained clean since his 2003 treatment. Limbaugh was not incarcerated because Palm Beach does not jail drug offenders unless they’ve failed opportunities to deal with their addiction and have turned to crime to maintain their habit. Thus, benefiting from the soft position on drug crime that he hates so.


George Bush, Sr.


Hypocrisy: No New Taxes

At the 1988 Republican National Convention, candidate George H.W. Bush famously said “Read my lips: no new taxes!”. It was a strong, bold statement, and the soundbyte resonated within the Republican party, which then backed him all the way to a successful election as the 41st President of the United States. Once in office, Bush refused several new tax initiatives from a Democrat controlled Congress, but ultimately relented, and agreed to increase the amount of existing taxes in the 1990 budget agreement. Rush Limbaugh went apoplectic and the general public was only slightly less enraged. While technically the taxes weren’t “new”, they were still “more”, and that’s not what his electorate him to do. Bill Clinton then used Bush’s quote to an easy victory in the 1992 presidential election.


Richard Nixon


Hypocrisy: Obstruction of Justice

In 1973, Richard Nixon went on television and told the world “I am not a crook” as part of a total denial of involvement with the June 17th burglaries of the Democratic National Committee offices located in the Watergate Hotel. But he and other high ranking administration officials were actually eyes-deep in it. As a youth, Nixon was rejected by the FBI academy and later in life had to “settle” for President of the United States. This always ate at him, and he loved the cloak-and-dagger aspects of covert operations. Despite warnings to maintain plausible deniability, Nixon kept himself fully apprised of the break-in. Then journalists Robert Woodward and Carl Bernstein exposed the scandal in August 1972. The public disliked the burglary but loathed the cover-up even more, and popular sentiment led to impeachment processes that ultimately drove Nixon to resign the presidency.


Strom Thurmond


Hypocrisy: Blocking Civil Rights for His Own Child

When South Carolina Gov. Strom Thurmond ran for president in 1948 on the Dixiecrat ticket, he vowed to bar blacks from white schools, restaurants, and even some occupations. But at the same time he was preaching segregation, he was secretly financing the business administration degree of Essie Mae Washington, a black coed at the all-black South Carolina State College. Why? Because it is widely believed that Ms. Washington is his daughter. By supporting a black woman he supposedly sired, Thurmond considered himself remaining loyal to a Southern Gentleman’s code that required white boys, who often learned about sex “on the colored side of town,” to take care of any children they fathered. To his very death, Thurmond never confirmed nor denied Ms. Washington as his daughter, even when the headline: “SEN. THURMOND IS UNPRINCIPLED — WITH COLORED OFFSPRING — WHILE PARADING AS A DEVOUT SEGREGATIONIST” ran in the Edgefield Advertiser, where Ms. Washington went to school.

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  • deeeziner

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      ++KIKES ARE BROWN , AND WE DON’T NEVER WANT THEM AROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EK

    Didn’t know about Strom Thurmond… Interesting

  • dbrownl

    we all knew this one was coming, maybe now liberals will stop boo-hooing

  • johnric

    Great list!I never knew any of these things because I always watch cartoons

  • koko


    j/k great list, and great job putting both sides to light. in short, to be human is to be fallible. hopefully this list will calm both sides down…..probably won’t though.

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  • AnAwfulOtt

    i watched that documentary about ted haggard on HBO and even though i am against almost every single religious doctrine out there, i felt bad for the guy. he taught everyone so much about forgiveness and salvation but his most devout followers won’t give either to him. kinda sad i think.

  • Samwise

    Im surprised to see the president from X-men did not make it on to here =\

  • dbrownl

    tilton should be #1 that guy is a douche

  • Dr. Bart Huygens

    I agree that 9 of 10 are hypocrites, but Richard Nixon was THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER IN WORLD HISTORY. Who was it that kept us safe from UNDERGROUND WEASEL SPAWN which threatened to devour half of the country in 1970? NIXON! Who helped resurrect Pope Urban VII utilizing STEALTH REANIMATION PROJECT by NANOALCHEMY CONCEPTS for his own personal needs? NIXON! Who faked his death in 1994 so that he may live out another 50,000 years presiding over desperate, failed alien nations at the far rim of the Galaxy, spreading WORD OF SPACESHIP JESUS TRUTH?????

    NIXON! That’s who!

  • Serg

    If I may offer a suggestion, perhaps this entry could use some proof-reading and revision.

    Besides that, awesome list!

  • Nameless

    Oh dear, these guys here have nothing on Silvio Berlusconi! Come to think about it, half of the Italian parliament should be in this list, with the other half safely lodged in the “liberal hypocrisy” one. They’re all such a disgrace and a shame, it’s ridiculous.

  • ChuChu

    Here you go folks, all the Robert Tilton you could ever want ;-)

    (Seriously, back in the 80’s I used to actually have to drive past his Word of Faith church every day while I was in college. You should have seen that thing!!!)

  • Mr.Graves

    The higher you go up the ladder in the rankings of power it becomes less and less important whether a person is left or right wing. People say that ‘power corrupts’ but the real truth is that power IS corruption.

    Of course, we are all massive hypocrites in our own lives, we forgive things we do ourselves and then condemn others for doing the same, but those weak and egotistical people that are so greedy for power and control over other human beings earn themselves the extra degree of scrutiny and scorn.

    To be honest though, I can think of some worse right wing examples than the ones shown here, as in resulting in people’s deaths, or the carpet bombing of little kids, but the people on this list are very much the type of douchebags that make the world suck for the remainder of humanity.

    Oh, and they are conservatives too, and while the overlying hallmark of conservative paradigm and worldview is based in abject ignorance, vindictive xenophobia, hatred for democracy and topped with a lack of higher education, it makes them twice as dangerous the moment they get any real power.

    It’s funny to watch the massive outpouring of right wing crying and whining about being butthurt because the vast majority booted them out of power, and they are a dwindling, dying species of which it becomes more and more apparent they have little grounding in reality, have no desire for democracy or respect for freedom or justice, and throw racist tantrums whenever they don’t get their way. It is an optimistic and hopeful feeling, though, to remind myself how the right wing is so disconnected from reality that the majority of people that have any semblance of an education sees them as bizarre and insane, and that gives me hope for the future of humanity- because no matter how much they whine and kick and scream, they are just the perpetual high school mentality section of humanity, drama queens and jocks in one mad ramble, and it is uplifting to know that those ways are rejected by the vast majority of humanity, around the world.

    That’s why left wing leaders get elected, and military coups are always backed by right wingers- the more freedom and education you give a society, the less people in it will do anything more than laugh at the right.

    And cue replies in… 3… 2…

  • Welfhard

    HAhaa ahahahhhahahahAAAa! Ted Haggard!

    Heterosexuality FAIL

  • dungbeetle

    Comment no. 4 is brilliant

  • gunn

    counselling to convert him back to hetero. what a joke

  • Tom Dixon

    Conservatives suck and you all know it. stop being so ridiculous and hating poor people.

  • astraya

    90% of conservative hypocrites are from the USA?

  • TonyR

    It’s nice to see at least ONE non-American on this list, unlike the liberal counterpart.

  • LordCalvert

    poor people are great. it would be good if everybody was a poor people. poor people contribute so much to society that we can’t live without poor people. horray for poor people!!

  • MadMonkey

    I work for Benny Hinn. Want some dirt?


  • asrraya: umm… Of course! :)

  • CatChick1964

    Even as a child growing up in a strict Christian household, I saw the hypocrisy and the greed of televangelists. I consider myself lucky to still have any faith left in organized religion.

    Bill Clinton wasn’t successfully impeached. He was acquitted of obstruction of justice and left office with a 66% approval rating. Not that that was good thing.

    Listing John Wayne as a conservative hypocrit while printing at the same time that he suffered personal angst for his decisions is an oxy moron. That doesn’t make him a hypocrit… it makes him remorseful.

    Strom Thurmond is deservedly in the number one spot on this list. Anyone that can stay alive in Washington and have only one scandal, that regarding his alleged black daughter, is a scary person.

    10. Dr. Bart Huygens

    You had me laughing myself out of my chair. Surely you jest? Yes? Tell me yes. Otherwise… you are scarier than the whole list put together. LOL.

  • CatChick1964

    22. MadMonkey –

    “I work for Benny Hinn. Want some dirt?”

    Do you really????

    Do tell… I’m all ears.

  • ChuChu

    Ted Haggard is full of shit and is lying to himself. You cannot convert BACK to being heterosexual if you were never het to start with. Gay is hard-wired into you, there is no such thing as EX-gay!!!!

  • DGriffin

    Some are spot on, others are not really hypocrisy but stupidity. If you’re going to attack a particular group as hypocrites, try to actually point out hypocritical actions and not just stupid ones.

  • msulli222

    12. Nameless – “Oh dear, these guys here have nothing on Silvio Berlusconi! Come to think about it, half of the Italian parliament should be in this list, with the other half safely lodged in the “liberal hypocrisy” one. They’re all such a disgrace and a shame, it’s ridiculous.”

    Amen to that. The Daily Show would have a field day if it decided to follow Italian politics for a while. Oh, Berlusconi… that’s all I can really bring myself to say about him. He’s just too silly to deserve otherwise.

    I do think that including John Wayne on this list is a bit much. He as much as admitted that he felt horrible about never enlisting. Perhaps he is still a bit hypocritical, but I think that there are many, many, MANY, other Conservatives out there that would have fit this list better.

    Also, people, where are all the comments? I would have expected a hot topic like this to be up to at least 100 or 200 by now!

  • msulli222

    Oh, one more thing- someone above commented about how this list was American-dominated. Perhaps some of you non-American members of LV could do lists about your own countries? I think things like that would be very interesting to read. I for one would definitely like to see some more nation-specific lists for places other than the US.

  • Spange

    Funny, David Cameron is leader of the Conservative Party here, but compared to most chaps on this list he’s a bleeding heart liberal. Sadly the recent revelation of the shenanigans of elected members has reduced his hypocrisy described here to an amusing anecdote.

  • HAL9000

    msulli sez: “I for one would definitely like to see some more nation-specific lists for places other than the US.”

    Unfortunately, the United States is near the only place where conservatives can act like nitwits and not get sent to a dirt nap prematurely.

    Having said that, I’d like to see both Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh have a nice long nap beginning any time now.

  • Mr.Graves

    @21LordCalvert: I’ll take poor people that can write and form a cohesive sentence with some eloquence over any type of money holder that subjects the world to the inane LiveJournal-esque assault on a reader’s intellect that is the perpetual inability to grasp the concept of something as fundamentally complex as capitalization.

  • Handrejka

    David Cameron is more that just a “member of parliament”. He’s the leader of the Conservative party and will probably be the UK’s next leader.

  • DJ

    They say that “power corrupts,” but I wonder if it’s mostly the truly corrupt who try to get power in the first place.
    You also sometimes have to wonder what goes on in these people’s minds when they do these things. How does a man justify a hatred for gays while sleeping with a man? How do you preach the gospel of Jesus while defrauding millions? How do you praise His name while supporting torture? How do you live with yourself preaching family values while having an abortion for your first wife and cheating on your second? What makes these people work?

  • VikingBerserker

    I loved the list, but I think the one on John Wayne was a stretch. There were a number of actors who did not enlist but made movies instead to help public morale. That’s the reason why the Government gave him a 2-A rating.

  • oouchan

    Love this list. Thank you Jay K for completing the other side. Also very happy that you added Mark Foley…he was an idiot as well as a sick f**k. An any of the televangelists would have worked.

    Quote from Blue Collar Comedy Tour:

    Ron White: Yesterday I’m sitting in a bean bag chair, naked and eating Cheetos. I was flipping through the television, and I saw Robert Tilton, he’s a televanglist from Dallas, and he said this: He said, ‘Are you lonely?’


    He said, “Have you wasted half your life in bars, pursuing sins of the flesh?”

    This guy’s good!

    “Are you sitting in a bean bag chair, naked, eating Cheetos!”

    *Yes, sir!*

    “Do you feel the urge to get up and send me a thousand dollars?”

    Close! I thought he was talking about me there for a second.

  • Finally.

  • CatChick1964

    37. oouchan

    laughing… too… hard … to … type….

    ***must ..breathe ….

  • tripsyman

    Went to church for years and one of the reasons I dont go now was greedy evangelists. They preached about giving whilst barley able to lift thier hands due to the gold on them.


  • tripsyman

    34 Handrejka

    Unfortunatly you may be right

  • I just realized that with all of the sexual scandals that you hear about in one year, a guy like me should’ve been hit one by at least one member of the GOP. Ann Coulter is sexy, in an insectoid sort of way.

  • CatChick1964

    42. Crimanon

    That made me ~~~cringe~~~ ….

  • oouchan

    39. CatChick1964: Thank you. I was waiting to use that as soon as I knew Jay K was doing this list. Fits perfectly.

    42. Crimanon: ewwwww. Just ewwww.
    (where’s a large magnifying glass when you need one?) :)

  • CatChick: Tell me you’ve never looked at a praying mantis and thought about how “It’s kinda cute.”

  • Looser

    this is why i dont like being labeled as a liberal or a conservative. Too much baggage from each group. And i knew about a few these (richard nixon and john wayne) but most of these are interesting. Rush limbaugh addicted to oxycotin thats funny.

  • deepthinker

    This is a good one. I also felt sorry for Ted Haggard, because he knows that being gay is not a choice, and he has actually said that he still has gay thoughts. Sure he’s a hypocrite, but we all are. I think that it is about time that a devout Christian spoke up about the way we think about homosexuality, and not condemn it. After all, Jesus never spoke of homosexuality being either right or wrong. Being homosexual was not the mistake he made, the mistake he made was cheating on his wife.

  • Armauld

    42. Crimanon – I will have nightmares about blonde mantises in skanky dresses.

    I agree with everyone who says you were too hard on poor John Wayne. The rest of the list is fantastic.

  • kay

    Maybe one day liberals and conservatives will live in peace…

  • Eleutheria

    Epic picture of Ted Haggard. I didn’t know about the Farting Preacher. Good stuff.

  • Jamie3039

    these are all way worse than the liberals’

  • zigra

    Kind of ironic that David Cameron is getting called out for conservative hypocrisy on they traditionally liberal issue of environmentalism.

  • JohnSomats

    Number 3 is wrong. It says George Bush Sr. but he was not in fact a Sr. to anyone. But good list though.

  • klaas

    @ 52

    If you think that’s ironic I would re-read your own post again LOL, may be too hard for you to understand though. Let me know if you find it, will ya?

  • lostatsea

    10.Dr.Bart: Who wanted to NUKE North Vietnam?? NIXON that’s who!!

  • timefillmyeyes

    I think the entry on Nixon needs to be clarified. He had no knowledge of burglary beforehand and was not involved in the actual burglary. He did cover it up once he found out about it. If he had come out and told the public about it once he found out he wouldn’t have done anything wrong. It was the cover up that was the hypocrisy.

    The Ted Haggard entry is just funny. A lot of the people who stand up and give fiery speeches about how wrong homosexuality is are just covering up their own sexuality/getting angry at themselves.

  • Greg

    There are soooooooooooo many more:
    Lary Craig
    George W. Bush
    Dick Cheney
    Ann Coulter
    Rick Warren
    and many, many more

  • zigra

    @54 – because I said “called out” and so many of these are about supposed anti-homosexual conservatives being outed as gay? And “they” should of course be “the”.

  • Esteban Cortés

    #4 most awesome comment ever

  • lo

    astraya! nice to see you :)

    totally settled back into australian life again, i trust?

  • lo

    so about #7 robert tilton-

    ok, he was outed as a scandalous hypocrite when a news organization discovered he wasn’t actually saying the prayers people sent money for him to say on their behalf…

    but HOW is it possible that this would be anything other than a case of fraud and exploitation of the emotionally desperate, even if the man had spent every waking moment praying the “prayer requests”???

    if it can’t be confirmed (and believe me, it can’t) that his “personally lobbying god on your behalf” ever resulted in any of the things the prayer requests wanted “cure my son’s cancer, save my marriage, help my get promoted, don’t deploy me to a combat zone, etc. (i made these examples up, but these are the sort of things people desperate enough to pay for “prayer help” pray for)” actually happening because he prayed for them, well…

    then EVERYTHING he did was fraud. no matter how much he prayed, he was charging for a service that could never deliver on its promises.

  • smithstar15

    The title of this list is misleading.Everything said about each one is likely true. The error is in the labeling.”10 Cases of REPUBLICAN Hypocrisy” would have been accurate.It is so difficult to explain the difference to people today because most are so unsophisticated about politics.I don’t know Cameron but the only other one on the list that might(MIGHT)be somewhat of a conservative would be John Wayne,maybe. The rest don’t even come close. Find out what a true conservative believes before you do your labeling.Republicans?-Yes. Conservatives?-Don’t make me laugh.

  • SMD

    This is an incredibly weak list in comparison to the liberal hypocrisy one. Sorry, but true. Lots of people on here that most people either don’t know or don’t give a crap about anymore, compared to the liberal list which contained loads of people that are not only exceptionally prominent figures today, but people we know easily by name alone.

    If you wanted to play the fair game, you should have inserted some significant conservative figures in here besides John Wayne and some random UK guy that I’ve never even heard of. I mean, come on, your choices for hypocrites here are folks who have papers driven in a car or don’t go to war, but make war movies…that’s ridiculous. In the other list your environmental hypocrite was freaking Al Gore, who is pretty much THE environmentalist in today’s world who is also a hypocritical bastard.

    Epic fail.

  • blahlolblah

    shit americans did some some wierd stuff bak in the day

  • Mom424

    Picking on The Duke? Being a hypocrite requires not just the action but also the attitude. I could even argue that his actions were more of an accident of circumstance than actual hypocrisy. And he felt bad, he beat himself up for it – not the actions or demeanor of a hypocrite.

    A far better example would be George W. Bush. How can he say this – “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” – and then find every which way to suspend, circumvent, or ignore those freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution?

  • lo

    24. CatChick1964

    bill clinton was impeached. “impeachment” is the step were the charges (of whatever wrongdoing) are formally brought against a serving politician.

    he just wasn’t convicted of the charges brought against him in the impeachment, so no further formal consequences came of it.

    there is a process of voting to even allow the formal bringing of charges, aka impeachment, phase and this was successfully voted-in in bill clinton’s case.

  • ylekiot

    [email protected] 49 Conservatives and liberals can live in peace in a place called, well most of the time anyway. If you looked a little closer you could have found much worse on both sides. Keep up the good work!

  • Shifty

    Nice list. I’m glad to see the same author did both hypocrisy lists

    #49 “Maybe one day liberals and conservatives will live in peace…”

    It will never happen because they are too much alike. They have to fight to convince us that there is a difference when we go to the poles.

  • ylekiot

    [email protected] Sorry but being impeached is being convicted, the sentencing would be the consequences you are speaking of. They didn’t remove him from office so no action was taken. No punishment but he was convicted.

  • klaas

    58. zigra

    I wasnt referring to the spelling, but nice try

  • lo


    i think the comments are lacking because the conservatives know these particular examples can’t really be defended (although the comments about john wayne are good and i’m finding myself mostly in agreement with them), and the liberals are reading it and saying “yep. true. now moving on.” without largely feeling a need to elaborate on the “evils of conservatives” by adding a million more examples, a bit different than the feelings that greeted the liberal hypocrisies list

    of course, i may have just jinxed this observation by writing it down, we’ll see.

  • (No Name) (>-.-)>

    ok now. just because Rush Limbaugh was addicted to a prescription drug doesn’t make him a hypocrit. He never intended to become addicted, and who’s to say he doesn’t think himself that he deserves punishment? Drug addiction can happen to anyone, so don go blaming it on Conservative hypocrisy!

  • smithstar15

    Mom424–You are absolutely correct about Bush–My only argument was anyone labeling him a conservative–A true conservative would not have ran up the biggest national budget deficit in history and would not have grown the government to the size it is today.And a conservative would not have put the biggest tax hike on us in history as his father did.And a conservative would not have spied on Americans or started a war over oil.If someone calls himself a republican he is automatically labeled a conservative–John McCain is a good example.There was absolutely nothing “conservative about McCain–Ron Paul was the closest one we had to a true conservative in this last election.And listing Tilton on here completely discredits this list.As SMD said-“Who cares”?–I doubt Tilton has ever been inside a ballot booth in his life–“Con man” would be a more likely label.

  • lo

    69. ylekiot –

    it’s not that important, but no. you are misinterpreting what “impeachment” technically is. here:

    Modern Impeachment Procedure:

    *Impeachment resolutions made by members of the House of Representatives are turned over to the House Judiciary Committee which decides whether the resolution and its allegations of wrongdoing by the President merits a referral to the full House for a vote on launching a formal impeachment inquiry.

    *The entire House of Representatives votes for or against a formal impeachment inquiry, needing only a simple majority (a single vote) for approval.

    *If approved, the House Judiciary Committee conducts an investigation to determine (similar to a grand jury) if there is enough evidence to warrant articles of impeachment (indictments) against the President. The Committee then drafts articles of impeachment pertaining to specific charges supported by the evidence. The Committee votes on each article of impeachment, deciding whether to refer each article to the full House for a vote.

    *If the House Judiciary Committee refers one or more articles of impeachment, the entire House of Representatives votes on whether the article(s) merit a trial in the Senate, needing only a simple majority for approval.

    *If the full House approves at least one article of impeachment, the President is technically impeached and the matter is referred to the U.S. Senate. The House then appoints members of Congress to act as managers (prosecutors).

    *The trial of the President is held in the Senate with the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court presiding. The President can be represented by anyone he chooses. He may appear personally or leave his defense in the hands of his lawyers.

    *The entire Senate may conduct the trial or it or it may be delegated to a special committee which would report all the evidence to the full Senate.

    *The actual trial is conducted in a courtroom-like proceeding including examination and cross-examination of witnesses. During questioning, Senators remain silent, directing all questions in writing to the Chief Justice.

    *After hearing all of the evidence and closing arguments, the Senate deliberates behind closed doors then votes in open session on whether to convict or acquit the President. The vote to convict must be by a two thirds majority, or 67 Senators. If this occurs, the President is removed from office and is succeeded by the Vice President. The Senate’s verdict is final and there is no right of appeal.

  • postman1

    What about Bill o’Reilly didn’t he get caught up in some big scandal a few years ago?

  • BongoShaftsbury

    Rightwing hypocrisy is a good thing. You don’t want these people practicing the hatred that they preach. Of course Jay K overlooked much bigger and more serious examples, like corporate welfare, committing war crimes while condemning terrorism, outing a CIA agent whose most recent mission was to monitor and thwart the development of weapons of mass destruction in the region, in order to justify a war in Iraq. You’ve got the ex-VP’s company, Haliburton, getting government contracts while moving their HQ to an Arab country in order to avoid taxes.
    This is yet another list that makes the reader less informed. Jay K’s contributions remind me of a chapter in “The Phantom Tollbooth”. There was a soup that makes you hungrier, the more you eat.

  • BongoShaftsbury

    Ylekiot #69, You are incorrect on two points. The House impeached Clinton, the Senate did not convict, therefore he was not removed from office. He did get disbarred.

  • Metalhead

    All this stuff from still-prominent figures like Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and Ann Coulter, and you give us John Wayne and Bush 41?

  • grungefreak10

    Why did the Libertarian party have to nominate such a hypocritical flake like Bob Barr?

  • msulli222

    32. HAL9000 – “Unfortunately, the United States is near the only place where conservatives can act like nitwits and not get sent to a dirt nap prematurely.”

    I guess I should have been more specific. I didn’t mean that someone should necessarily write a list about conservative hypocrisies in their respective country. I just meant country-specific lists in general (esp. political ones), since so many seem to be skewed towards the US.
    Also, I can’t speak for too many other countries, but Italian conservatives could give US ones a run for their money in terms of ridiculousness. The US is not the only one with, shall we say… less than intelligent… politicians. American political idiocy just usually has a wider reach internationally.

    42. Crimanon – “Ann Coulter is sexy, in an insectoid sort of way.”

    What does that even mean?…I’m not sure I want to know.

    53. JohnSomats – “Number 3 is wrong. It says George Bush Sr. but he was not in fact a Sr. to anyone. But good list though.”

    Wait, isn’t he Sr. to George W. Bush? Am I wrong? Is this some piece of trivia that is missing from my life?

    64. blahlolblah – “shit americans did some some wierd stuff bak in the day”

    Only back in the day? I’d say they (okay, we; I am in fact American… just not one of the weird ones, I hope) still do weird stuff.

  • Grungefreak: Because Ron Paul couldn’t bare the Idea of failing to get elected.

    I’m a proud part of 3% of American voters

  • ABrutalKind

    I like the fact that there are 750 comments on the list about liberal hypocrisy but only 81 on this one. Maybe because people are more used to conservative hypocrisy. Ah well it is obvious that there is plenty hypocrisy on both sides, a little too much in fact.

  • Keller

    i agree that there is hypocrisy on both sides of the fence I just think that the far right’s hypocrisy is a little more dangerous. There are so many kids out there that are afraid to come out because of bastards like Ted Haggerd. Many even commit suicide or are killed or beaten because of the messege of hate that people like that perpetuate. Am I the only one that has compared the two lists and think this sides hypocrisy is a bit more grave?

  • RobAwen

    @ABrutalKind: either that or its easier to poke fun at liberals and they complain more about it

  • lo

    80. msulli222-

    #41 George Herbert Walker Bush

    #43 George Walker Bush

    so their names are slightly different, and no Sr. or Jr. can be attached. hopefully your “random trivia” collection can now be more complete ;)

  • CatChick1964

    66. lo re: 24. CatChick1964

    I didn’t say Clinton wasn’t impeached. I said he wasn’t successfully impeached. A successful impeachment would result in removal from office. As I stated, Clinton was acquitted of obstruction of justice and left office with one of the best approval ratings since the WWII era. Lo, you’re just looking for someone to pick on. Fail. :p

  • DiscHuker

    keller: i doubt you are the only one but that doesn’t mean you are right.

    in prep for this list, this topic, which hypocrisy is worse, was discussed on the other lists comments.

  • lo

    86. CatChick1964-

    why did you interpret my response at #66 to you as “picking on” you or anyone?

    i just think that many people are confused about the technical steps that all get lumped together under the general term “impeachment” in casual conversation, and clarification can’t hurt any of us.

    read my full comment at #74 for all the details.

    when you do, you will see how i could interpret the phrase “Bill Clinton wasn’t successfully impeached.” to mean an impeachment resolution was drafted by house members and was then turned over to the house judiciary committee. but the house judiciary committee then determined the resolution did not merit a referral to the full house and it died right there in committee.

    -that would be an “unsuccessful impeachment” in my opinion.

    however, clinton’s “impeachment” was “successful” as a legal procedure, in the sense that it made it all the way through all the steps in the house and then into the senate.

    “unsuccessful” impeachment resolutions never make it out of the house. this definition is in no way effected by the whether or not “successful” impeachment resolutions then lead to convictions in the senate, as the latter is legally a separate step.

    please! i wasn’t picking on you, i just wanted to clarify this issue which is confusing to most people, and i was doing this for the general readership here, not to insult anyone. it’s all sort of semantics anyway.

    so why are you so quick to insult me?

  • Kate

    Thurmond, however despicable and outdated his policies were, was NOT a hypocrite. He held true to his believe in segregation, financing his daughter’s education (at a black university). It’s like calling Cheney or Keyes hypocritical because they have homosexual daughters.

    55. lostatsea: The bombing of Vietnam began in Johnson’s administration. Nixon actually made great strides to END the war, dispatching Kissinger to conduct then-secret talks with North Vietnamese leaders.

    79. Grungefreak10: They needed a candidate… fast. Ron Paul refused to run on the basis that he’s a Republican, and didn’t want to betray his party. I agree that Barr was a horrible choice, and his nomination disenchanted many Libertarians.

    14. Mr.Graves: Why do you feel the need to exist? I could point out every incorrect fact, but I don’t have the time to. It’s just ironic to me, that as a comment to a list on hypocrisy, you charge that conservatives are “topped with a lack of higher education”. That’s ironic, see, as you clearly cannot punctuate.

  • Don

    I probably would have left John Wayne off the list as well even though he was an arrogant jerk. My ex-roommate and I used to call Tilton’s 800 number and ask them if there was any way Tilton could spit on himself a little less when he talked. The guy is such a douchebag. How anybody takes these frauds for something other than phony is something I will never understand.

  • Don

    89 – Kate – Remember, Nixon also escalated the war into Laos and Cambodia thus stretching it out for at least four years.

  • lo

    89. Kate –

    i think the hypocritical issue with thurmond comes in when you consider that he obviously considered black people good enough to have sex with, just not good enough to enjoy fully equal civil status in the country where he was a senator…

  • Steve from MKE

    Hey Mom…Barack Obama hasn’t even been in office 6 months and he’s already trampling that document and the left says nary a word. Talk about hypocritical.

    The man thinks the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties, since it’s designed to keep people like him from massing so much power.

    I laugh at you people who think he really was going to help you. He doesn’t care about you, he only cares about his power and controlling you and he doesn’t give a rip about the Constitution.

    States right? Separation of Powers? 2nd Amendment rights (I know some of you get your panties in a twist over that one)? Free speech rights? Violating Article 1, Section 6 of the Constitution with his Sec of State(sorry, no pithy name for that)? He’s already violated those and now he’s running two car companies and telling financial companies what they can pay people…there’s a word for that…starts with an F and end with ASCIST.

  • Brad

    Ann Coulter or O’Reilly would have been great. They are disgusting.

  • ABrutalKind

    When I opened up this list an advertisement for Anne Coulter showed up at the top of the page; oh the irony. I am surprised that she isn’t on the list along with Bill O’Reilly.

  • smithstar15

    Ann Coulter may be a lot of things (and she’s another Limbaugh–Just blowing off to sell books)but disgusting is not one of them. I don’t agree with her 70% of the time but she’s a cutie.

    Now Barney Frank and Pat Robertson and Bill O’Reilly and Barbara Boxer and Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch and Limbaugh and Rosie O’Donnell and Dick Morris and Janet Napolitano, and Janet Reno and Ted Kennedy and Brigadier General Janis Karpinski : There’s you a good start to a list of people so disgusting they would make a maggot vomit.

  • lo


    i’ll agree with you that janet reno was never born blessed with supermodel potential, and her choice in haircuts certainly never helped. and i know making fun of her looks has been popular since her attorney general days, but please consider this: reno suffers from early onset parkinson’s disease, and was a caregiver for one similarly affected family member and another with alzheimer’s for many years. she made a personal decision not to publicize this during her time of civil service because she thought it would be a distraction that would prevent people from judging her on the merit of her service.

    so, if you can imagine have a demanding and very public job (they say being president for one term ages a person physically about 8 years, not 4, so we must assume that all high-profile public jobs also can increase wear-and-tear on the body and looks through stress alone), personally having a degenerative incurable disease that slowly robs your facial muscles of the ability to express your feelings (known as the “mask of parkinson’s”), and also concurrently having the very stressful position of being a caregiver for 2 immediate family members also suffering from incurable degenerative diseases (one of which you can’t help but see as a mirror of how you too may die, which would be quite stressful)…

    …well, it’s not hard to imagine that perfecting your make-up and fashion sense might not be your number one priority -even if you happen to be a woman.

    i know all of this because i had lunch with janet reno (at a table of 8) during a parkinson’s research symposium. my mother also lives with early onset PD, diagnosed at age 45(over 10 years ago) and is very active in raising research funding. she currently coordinates her efforts with michael j. fox’s “teamfox” efforts for the same.

    so smithstar, please feel free to hate janet reno as much as you want and to say so, but have a little respect for the fact that beauty may not be the single most important thing about someone and hate her for what she did or didn’t do in her government service, not for how her face looks.

  • lo

    that was meant to say “table of 8” what a weird typo, sorry.

  • heyyooo

    im not going with either side of this one, but isnt being a hypocrite an action towards yourself? these people are hypocrites because they violated what they claim to believe, the beliefs in of themselves do not make them hypocrites. I think its wrong either way, but to say “all conservatives” or “all liberals” are hopeless, idiotic hypocrites is wrong. Being a hypocrite should reflect poorly on people not the beliefs that they are being hypocritical about.

  • joe mama

    So wait, you mean to tell me that conservatives are people too??? Total mind blow…

  • smithstar15

    lo –Are you so stupid that you thought I was referring to how these people look? Are you so shallow that you think how a person looks has anything to do with their politics? Yes,I said Coulter was a cutie but I was obviously trying to be funny as I also said I disagreed with 70% of her views.No one is on my list because of looks–They’re on there because of their politics and views and actions. Geez-Go take a course in something–Anything!

  • smithstar15

    And you can have all the lunches with Reno you want–She’s still a disgusting bitch.

  • smithstar15

    A lot of us have health problems but that buys her and Ted Kennedy nothing.

  • stevezio

    Lame List but I guess there was not much to choose from.

    It is nice to see that Lefties are bigger hypocrites than those on the right.

  • rob

    LoL, people love bashing Bush Sr., no doubt his son is an idiot but Bush Sr. signed the “new” taxes into law because the Dems wouldn’t get off his ass. I give the Dems credit they deserve, they pushed into doing it and when it back fired he took all of the blame.

  • lo

    well smithstar, i gave you a chance.

    unfortunately, you just chose to totally reaffirm my opinion that you are an unmitigated asshole, of the “choosin’-to-be-blind-n-dumb” variant.

    did you not absorb the portion of my comment: “so smithstar, please feel free to hate janet reno as much as you want and to say so, but have a little respect for the fact that beauty may not be the single most important thing about someone and hate her for what she did or didn’t do in her government service”?

    i don’t give a crap if hate reno and find her “disgusting.” -i only want you to justify that opinion based on something -anything- she personally, specifically, actually did to earn your disgust.

    which you just failed to do.

    and you’re kidding yourself if you want us to think a post saying:

    “Ann Coulter may be a lot of things (and she’s another Limbaugh–Just blowing off to sell books)but disgusting is not one of them. I don’t agree with her 70% of the time but she’s a cutie.”

    was about something other than her looks.

    because if so, you’re saying she’s “a cutie” merely because of the approximately 30% of her views you do agree with?

    so that’s your standard of “cuteness,” only hating “70%-or-less” of someone’s publicly disclosed beliefs and damn what they happen to look like? so what physically ugly male politicians fall within your “30% ideologically acceptable” definition of “cuteness”? do tell!

    interesting. very interesting.

  • lo

    p.s. smithstar-

    for someone who claims to be a “fully disabled war vet” you show a remarkable lack of sympathy for others dealing with chronic health conditions.

    guess that’s just another strike for you being a simple asshole, how sad.

  • damien_karras

    Not so much a case of O’Reilly hypocrisy, but this clip is pretty hilarious. And he had a full head of hair!

    Just be careful, it’s NSFW

  • smithstar15

    Io–Well,I guess you would know about assholes,wouldn’t you? You’re not only a 4 star asshole,I take offense at you’re saying I “claim” to be this or that when you have no idea about me or my background.But that’s what you can expect from a moron with the IQ of a rat’s ass–Why don’t you enlighten me to all the contributions you’ve made to America or whatever country you’re in.And no,lunching with Reno doesn’t count–Tell me about all your sacrifices before you start judging others and calling them assholes.And having lunch with Reno about Parkinsons is not what I’m talking about–I want to hear what pain you’ve endured in service of anything–The truth is you’ve never did anything but run your stupid mouth at others who’s urine specimen bottles you’re not fit to carry.

  • lo

    smithstar dear,

    you obviously know nothing about me, somehow not even the things i’ve blatantly revealed here on LV.

    am i your new Randall -someone to attack without ever showing anything that supports your attacks? if so, i’m vaguely flattered.

    and i say “you claim” because i don’t know you in real life, it would be just as fair for you to say “and you ‘claim’ your mother has parkinson’s.” -i wouldn’t object, as all of us here in the online world are only what we “claim” to be. then we look at the total body of each person’s online statements and decide for ourselves if we find their “claims” credible for the purposes of discussion, do you not get that?

    i notice you still haven’t answered my question about why exactly you hate reno -which you have every right to do, as long as you can state your specific reason….

    and your comments have already degenerated into unfounded ad hominem attacks. what does that say about you?

    i offered my story as background to the fact that i learned these things directly from her personally, and made no judgments about her total government service. if you hate something she did in official capacity let’s hear it! i’d like to know too.

    and the first letter of my LV name is “L” not “I”, but whatever.

  • klaas

    104. stevezio – May 16th, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    You are wrong, and not only are you wrong, I bet you wont realize it for a VERY VERY long time. How do I know these kind og things? I live in the future.

  • smithstar15

    Lo-Well,maybe I’m a better person than you are. I know you would not lie about something as serious as your mom having Parkinson’s disease. Look,I know who I am,and what my experiences in life have been and I don’t need to justify my existence to anyone. And I don’t know why you would have to bring someone else’s name into this.This is between you and me.And I’m man enough to admit that I got overly steamed when I read where I was “claiming” something.Not for me but for others I served with.I didn’t do much but others I was with did plenty and it was all honorable which is a vanishing attribute today. I’m also man enough to apologize for the language I used to you.

  • Shauna

    I think it is very interesting how the commenting is so much less abundant and even vicious (except for you Smithstar) than it was on the list of liberal hypocrisies. As I see it, we, as conservatives, know that our elected officials sometimes screw up in HUGE ways. We get it, not only that; but, the liberal main stream media (please don’t start a big Fox news thread) makes sure that our noses are rubbed in any messes conservative politicians make. The difference is, that when you point out a mistake made by liberals, they are so personally offended they reply with vicious and personal attacks.

    Someone mentioned earlier about not seeing people who we easily recognize or know from name value on this list. Remember, though, that (probably) 90% of Hollywood is liberal. This makes it much easier to find a few famous names to toss forward.

    By the way, you shouldn’t have included John Wayne and Strom Thurmon is a scary, scary looking man.

  • timefillmyeyes

    @ 114: I think that it is a bad idea to simply accept major screw-ups. I think that we should hold our politicians to high standards, particularly ethically because their job is to uphold the safety and freedoms of their country. That’s not something that we can take lightly.

    I think that the difference in feedback between the two lists has two causes. The first is that younger people, who are more likely to visit sites like this, generally lean more towards being liberal. That is to say that there are more young liberals than young conservatives. The second is that the political angst was probably gotten out in the first list and people just don’t feel the need to bring the argument back up for this one. A lot of the argument on the first one was people saying that there needed to be a conservative list to balance. Now that there is, people are appeased.

  • smithstar15

    Lo: I would like to ask you something-And yes,I know it’s none of my business but that’s never stopped me–I’ve always bolted in where angels fear to tread-LOL-Ok,I admit I’m old and shot to pieces and that’s why I’m on here tonight.-But this is what I wanted to ask: I’m picking up vibes(yes I have that ability like “The Mentalist”-HaHa)that you’re young and probably good-looking.What the hell are you doing on here on a Saturday night with idiots like me and Shauna and the others who have no lives.And I’ve wondered the same thing about oouchan–And this is absolutely meant as a compliment.

  • Shauna


  • oouchan

    116. smithstar15: Hahaha! It’s because I am short and fat..hehe! I like me but I hate going out. Too many weirdos out there…not like this place doesn’t attract the same but I have an out if I need it. :D

    You are as old as you feel. Considering that…I’m about 12. :)

  • lo


    well, i didn’t lie about my mom having early-onset parkinson’s, or her current work with team fox. all of that is true. thank you for acknowledging that.

    my point was that i could have, and this internet forum couldn’t have known otherwise, such are the wiley and weird ways of net social interactions.

    that was the only reason i said “you ‘claim’ vet status,” because anyone can log on and make that claim, even someone who in real life is a 14 year-old kid. i am not saying you are said kid, just noting that online anyone can say anything.

    still, i fail to see how this makes you “a better person” than me, but again, whatever.

    really, i only wanted to know why you hate janet reno as a political figure, i never even said i wouldn’t agree with whatever you presented, i was simply curious about what she had personally done to make you so upset.

    i don’t know why that reno question made you so angry you couldn’t bear to answer it directly. please enlighten me about why she disgusts you.

    i also admit that i’d deemed you “an unmitigated asshole” based mostly on your comments from a while back (in your ‘slay Randall!’ phase) and that is why i brought that up.

    so, i’m opened minded, can you “play nice” from now on and prove that you are an all-around-nice guy? i hope so. (and that last ‘hope so’ bit IS NOT sarcasm).

    so be well, smithstar. people are people and i don’t really want to hate those i’ve never even met, it’s not my goal. take care and be well.

  • So basically, liberals and conservatives are both full of it. I knew this already :P
    Seriously, what is with the Democrat vs. Republican war? They’re pretty much exactly the same in most areas, but people act like they’re opposites. I’ll get behind a party when one of them says “enough of the bickering” and actually gets some things done.

  • Spange

    timefillmyeyes I think that it is a bad idea to simply accept major screw-ups. I think that we should hold our politicians to high standards, particularly ethically because their job is to uphold the safety and freedoms of their country.

    Funny you should say that. We’ve had something of a political scandal here that is very much an ethical issue and it spans the political spectrum. Last evening a politician was on the radio and he said that the revelations were damaging the democratic process, undermining the government and it was irresponsible for the media to reveal what had been going on. Apparently the voting public can’t possibly be trusted to use this information sensibly.

    I find that incredibly hypocritical actually, that our opinions are so important on election day but we’re a bunch of reactionary proles when they get caught out.

  • lo

    116. smithstar15 –

    i was typing while you were asking.

    i’m actually spending a weekend watching my parents’ dog so they can take a mini-vacation. i just turned 29 and am a healthy female. “good looking” is in the eye of the beholder, but i venture to say that i’m pretty “cute” -though i’m no ann coulter! so i’m spending this weekend doing yard-work and house-work and dog sitting as a little gift to my mom and dad, then driving 6 hours back to my regular life monday afternoon.

  • timefillmyeyes

    @ 121: Was there any kind of context for what the scandal was about?

  • smithstar15

    Lo–Well no, it’s too late in the day for me to change and I doubt I ever play nice because playing nice to you would mean taking your shit and if you and others hate me,that’s your problem,not mine. It’s really not my job to see that you like me and are happy with everything I might post.However I do hope OOCHAN and AMES continue to like me–Those two are plenty for this old outlaw. Sorry.

    OOUCHAN: You are NOT short and fat-I know better.But you’re right about the weirdos-When you watch the news you start thinking the inmates have taken over the asylum for real.

  • smithstar15

    LO:Well,I was right about you–Young and good-looking–I’m always right-That should tell you something.LOL-
    But OOCHAN’s my favorite even though we don’t always agree but heck what fun would that be?

  • Spange

    In broad terms, it’s about the use of MPs expenses. MPs have, on top of their salary, an allowance for second homes and also for other expenses. Information on this expenditure was revealed that shows some very questionable spending. The issue is that although technically this went on within the rules there’s a lot of questions being asked about how morally acceptable some of it was. As a for instance, apparently using taxpayers money to refurbish a second home then selling it for profit and then getting a new one and using more taxpayers money to refurbish that. Also claiming for mortgage payments on mortgages that have already been fully paid off.

    So far two have been suspended. In the current financial climate and with a housing market in a terrible quagmire, this kind of thing hasn’t gone down well.

  • lo


    what’s the deal? please tell me specifically how janet reno pissed you off. i’ve already said -and now saying again- that i may in fact agree with you, i just want to know why you are ‘disgusted’ by her.

    and oouchan is good people, glad to see you recognize that.

  • timefillmyeyes

    Yeah, it’s total bull if some politician is trying to cover that one up. Too many politicians have this idea that they can pull cover ups and no one will care. It’s unfortunate that a large portion of the population won’t care, but there are enough people that have a brain that that kind of behavior can’t get by.

  • oouchan

    smithstar15: What a smooth talker you are… :D

    I’m just thankful that I don’t live too close to the college town or I would be up to my armpits in weirdos. They should build an electric fence to keep them in…you know like that one from Jurassic Park?

    You and I might not see eye to eye on a lot of stuff and compete with some verbal sparring, but when we do meet in the middle or agree, we back each other up. And for the most part we try to keep it civil. :D
    (although I do have to question your taste in Ann Coulter)

    lo: wow…people like me today…was having a bad one today too. (yesterday got into a car accident..idiot not watching where she was going and hit me from behind…everyone is fine but sore)

  • oouchan

    128. timefillmyeyes: It’s unfortunate that a large portion of the population won’t care, but there are enough people that have a brain that that kind of behavior can’t get by.

    Too bad they don’t use that brain to seriously remove these idiots from office. I have been on committees working for change. However, it’s a lot of work…most people give up before they try. That’s the sad part. The committee I liked the best went after both sides of the fence…not just one. That made it fair. :D

  • smithstar15

    OOCHAN–ONCE again sweetie–The remark about Coulter was me trying to be funny and yes I know my humor is hard to catch sometimes.Coulter couldn’t carry your make-up bag.
    I’m just glad you weren’t seriously hurt yesterday.
    And I don’t know about being a smooth talker. Actually there’s not much to me but as I’ve said,the women say I always smell good so I guess that’s at least something-LOL-

  • lo

    oouchan, i’m very glad you survived the car accident without major injury.

    and i’m glad you know people on LV like you, because we DO!

    now this smithstar stuff, well, what can i say -your internet incarnation of self seems to win fans of all types, which is crazy weird, yet still somehow flattering…

    whatever, i send cheers/props (in lieu of flowers) straight to you girl ;)

  • smithstar15

    I meant OOUCHAN–I left out the U–I plead “senior moment”

  • oouchan

    smithstar15: haha! I did get your joke…sorry…I was being obscure myself with mine!
    Too bad I don’t wear makeup! Haven’t for 16 years. And by the way, if you can have a senior moment…I lay claim to all the blonde ones! :)

    lo: Thanks for your nice words…I am flattered. I don’t get that often. :D

    lo & smithstar15: Thank you both for your well wishes. My daughter and my mom were in the car with me…I was more worried about the kid then anything. I can always get a new car, ya know.

  • smithstar15

    OOUCHAN:”I lay claim to all the blonde ones”

    AHA–I KNEW IT–God,I’m good–

    Oh,do you remember when you and I were saying we should be able to put up-to-date photos of ourselves on our posts-You and I were the only ones saying “yeah,yeah”–LOL–We didn’t get any support at all that day from anyone else.LOL

  • smithstar15

    PS: I seriously doubt you need makeup

  • lo

    p.s. oouchan-

    what in the world did you do to win smithstar’s adoration? he’s not a personality that just spreads support and admiration over these lists in general, yet he loves you.

    it’s a bit weird, but you still deserve love and support -no matter how weird we web denizens supporting you may be- be well always, and that goes for “the kid” and your mom too, always.


  • ken

    How about list of true-believing non-hypocritical poiticans who’ve never lied about what they would do once elected (assuming they ever made any real campaign promises – most spout simple slogans and are vague on specifics). Politicians that always practiced what they preached, and that never passed laws that affect the everyday working person but exempt themselves (like social security for everybody but congressmen – who have there own fantastically generous system).

    Damn near all politicians are skilled liars and hypocrites galore. Put together a list of truly sincere honest 100% non-hypocritical national / international politicans. I’d be surprised if anyone could come with even a couple of examples. Much less 10 (including policitians belonging to any political party, or none).

    Sure, some are less hypocritical than others. I’d say coming up with just 10 that are less hypocritical than the average person they represent would still be a hard, if not impossible, task.

  • Damos

    @10. Dr. Bart Huygens:

    I have to admit, I did not find this comment as fascinating as your comment on the “Hidden Images Found in Cartoons”. Good effort, though.

  • TGC

    Ummmm….Rush was not incarcerated because, despite 2 years investigating, they couldn’t come up with anything to prosecute him on. Let us also not forget that his private medical records were taken by prosecutors and ASA Martz wanted doctor-patient priveledge waived because “I have no idea if Mr. Limbaugh has completed the elements of any offense yet.”.

    What’s more, there’s a huge difference between addiction (Oxycodone addiction is almost guaranteed) to prescription medicine and recreational drug abuse.

  • HAL9000

    Aw geez, io and smithstar made up. Now I’m not going to come down so hard on smithstar’s Janet Reno cracks.

    But I ain’t opening that pod bay door and I latched the emergency air lock from the inside.

  • HAL9000

    Rush’s actual quote:

    “Too many whites are getting away with drug use…Too many whites are getting away with drug sales…The answer is to go out and find the ones who are getting away with it, convict them, and send them up the river, too.”

    Rush DID get sort of sent himself “up the river” as a result of his Oxycodone abuse when he lost all his hearing. Payback is a bitch Mr. Limbaugh!

  • oouchan

    137. lo: Beats me?
    Actually, he came up with a very cool idea about how we do our comments. It’s similar to the forums. I agreed and backed him on it. Start of a (weird) friendship(ish).

    142. HAL9000: Thank you. I was looking for that quote for a while now to use on the other list in a debate I had. Too late now, but it serves its purpose here.

  • Odium

    Well, there’s several more reasons why the Republican Party is America’s punchline. Everything on the Liberal list was akin to the fibs of a preschooler compared to this. Why bother with a two party system when only one deserves to exist?

    Oh, and don’t defend John Wayne. A right-wing bigot is a right-wing bigot, regardless of whether or not he served in that fascist toybox called the army.


    great list I hope there will be a third one

  • Silva

    Like someone said, Wayne might have been a complete jerk and there are plenty of reasons to dislike him, but wouldn’t call him an hypocrite.

    However, the best case of hypocrisy is missing: all those pundits that were all “we must stay behind the president regardless of what happens for the good of the nation” during the eight years of Bush took less than a week to attack Obama, and one of them even publicly said he wanted him to fail (was it Hannity or Rush?). Really classy, guys.

  • Shifty

    #120 CK2005 – “Seriously, what is with the Democrat vs. Republican war? They’re pretty much exactly the same in most areas, but people act like they’re opposites.”

    CK2005 Is absolutely correct. The two major parties in the United States are practically identical. The reason for the “Democrat vs. Republican war” is to fool voters into thinking that there is a difference so that they will continue voting for the lesser of the two evils.

    All the talk of Change during the last election was laughable. The only way for real change to happen would be for voters in the U.S. to wake up and star voting against both Democrats and Republicans.

  • msulli222

    85. lo – May 16th, 2009 at 12:54 pm
    I know that George HW Bush and George W Bush have different middle names… but is it not correct to add the “Sr.” to the older Bush’s name when simply referring to him as “George Bush”, as many people are apt to do, in order to avoid confusion? I just want to make sure that I’m not walking around and sounding like an idiot when referring to a former President of the US.

  • hummus

    Here’s another: Nancy Reagan.
    She and Ronald Reagan were strong opponents of stem cell research, however, when Ronald got inflicted with Alzheimer’s – all of a sudden Nancy became a big supporter of it.

  • Ha… Nice list, for the most part!

    I’m an ex-christian because of the multitudes of Christian hypocrisy that float about, so I personally find the televangelist asswipes like Tilton horribly disgusting… And in a way, hilarious. I’m sorry, but if you are really desperate/dense enough to think that sending some man on tv a thousand dollars so that he can pray on it will fix your problems… I don’t know what to say to you. If he were a TRUE christian and actually DID have these powers, would he not offer them for free, or at least less?

    As much as I personally detest Thurmond for his segregational views (I am an African-American/Caucasian mix girlie), he’s not technically a hypocrite… He followed his beliefs through to the T…

    I don’t think John Wayne belongs here. Not because I don’t believe him a hyocrite, he is, but because I don’t find him nearly as dangerous or serious a hypocrite as the others on this list.

    I seriously lol at Haggard. You can’t ‘convert’ someone back to heterosexuality. Chances are, if you’re gay, you started out that way. No changing you. Homosexuality is not a choice, you may only choose whether or not to act on it.

  • smithstar15

    OOCHAN–A weird Friendship(ish)??–Now you’ve hurt me for real–Oh well,at least Ames still loves me–Hey,I’ll take that

    lo: What in hell do you know about my personality?

    HAL9000–Am I supposed to be relieved that an idiot like you is not going to come down hard on my Janet Reno remarks?–HaHa–Yeah,I would be real scared of that.You know me–I’m always running scared of everything.But what I really wanted to ask you about was that big bulbous nose of yours-What a schnoze you’ve got there.I believe everyone (including your buddy io) will picture that big red nose of yours everytime you post anything–Oh,they’ll claim they won’t,but they will–Hal9000-Big red bulbous nose-

  • smithstar15

    Hal9000–I’ll bet you’re so ugly your father had to tie a porkchop around your leg to get the dog to play with you–(It’s amazing how I know these things)–God,what a nose–Do you have to use a towel when you blow it?

  • msulli222

    I just read through all the comments, and I’m still not sure what the hell happened to this discussion. Glad everyone… or almost everyone… made up though.

  • lo


    “lo: What in hell do you know about my personality?”

    only what you show of it here in these comments. and ones like the last 2 reveal a weird mix of aggression and immaturity which leads you to insult others on a slanderously trollish level.

    so again, i only know what kind of a person you are based on the tone of the comments you make here. so if you want me to think you’re an asshole just keep typing things like you did in response to HAL9000……

  • msulli222

    Okay, I take back what I said about everyone making up…

  • smithstar15

    LO–“so if you want me to think you’re an asshole just keep typing things like you did in response to HAL9000″…

    You’re even stupider than I imagined–Whst part of “I don’t give a damn what you think of me” do you not understand? And it’s not my fault that you have no life so don’t take it out on me.
    You and this jerk that thinks he’s a spaceship computer called me out by username fist–Check back if you don’t believe it–I never use anyone’s username first unless it’s a compliment or I agree with them–You took me to task over the bull dyke Reno and I didn’t even know you existed.If you can’t take the heat stay away from the fire….asshole. Hey check out that nose on Hal-

  • oouchan

    149. hummus: I remember that one about Nancy. They even brought it up when they did a interview with her. I guess I don’t feel as bad about that one only because she saw a loved one that might benefit from the research. Things like that have a habit of changing your mind when its in your backyard.

    151. smithstar15: I was trying for a giggle…I missed. :)

  • lo

    156. smithstar15 –

    many people, including jfrater, begin comments exactly the way i did here. it’s to avoid confusion in the conversations that develop in the comments. how interesting that you see it as a personal slight against you.

    so, why is it that you still can’t offer up a single policy act or anything that reno was ever involved in that makes you think she’s disgusting?

    is it because you insult first, think later (if at all) and then discover you can’t back-up your hateful positions with any facts? is that why you only respond with ad hominem nastiness without a drop of substance?

    you can stop this right here by just backing up your argument with an actual fact or historic event.

  • smithstar15

    I may be wrong but I seem to remember that President Reagan was Pro-Life(as I am)but I was under the impression that Nancy disagreed with him on that and was actually pro-choice and for stem cell research even back then–Is there a site I can go to where anyone has read that Nancy was originally against stem cell research.I mean,it may be true but I seem to remember differently.

  • smithstar15

    Lo–Go away…please

  • Mom424

    TGC: What exactly is the difference between prescription drug abuse and any other kind? You know not of what you speak. The crack-head next door and my son upstairs; wanna know the difference? Diddly squat! They’ll both steal to support their habit or spend every last cent they earn on it. An addict is an addict is an addict.

  • lo


    i’m sorry you can’t answer any of my challenges. i will not leave this list or this site for you, sorry. however, i will drop this argument, as you have been given ample opportunity to defend you opinion of ms. reno and failed to do so, i will assume you can’t. i’m happy to let the discussion end with that observation and stop responding to you.

    have a nice day.

  • smithstar15

    Mom424 You’re right about that–I had a sister-in-law I loved very much–Presciption drugs drove her to suicide.

  • BongoShaftsbury

    I’m not sure Jay K even knows the definition of hypocrisy.
    #1) Thurmond wasn’t being a hypocrite, just the opposite in fact, however creepy his code of ethics, he never waivered from them.
    #2) Nixon was acting out of self interest. There is nothing hypocritical about lying to avoid prosecution.
    #3) Again not hypocrisy. He either changed his position after circumstances dictated he do so, or he lied to get elected.
    #4) See #2, he was a hypocrite yes, but staying out of jail trumps being true to your beliefs, besides, I’d be a hypocrite to bash Rush on this particular issue, because I don’t want drug addicts to go to prison. His case might help keep another sick individual from going to jail. Like I’ve always said, sometimes it’s a good thing when rightwingers act like hypocrites.
    #5) This is one of the few entries that belongs. My only defense for the guy is that he changed his position on a lot of issues when he ran as a Libertarian.
    #6) Harmless hypocrisy for the most part. I feel sorry for the guy and I’m not inclined to bash him here.
    #7) This is not hypocrisy. Tilton is a con artist pure and simple. He preaches the Gospel of Greed and has always remained true to his word. It’s not hypocrisy if you are lying to cheat somebody out of their money.
    #8) Creepy and illegal yes, hypocrisy, not necessarily. Perhaps he was only condemning having sex with a consenting adult.
    #9) John Wayne does not deserve to be the poster child for chickenhawks. There are 10,001 better choices; Cheney, Rove, Ted Nugent, Bill Kristol, Limbaugh, Bush, Scooter Libby, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Jay K, …
    #10) Oh for fuck’s sake! Why is this on here? Could it be that he likes to ride his bike everywhere he goes, but sometimes he needs to transport important documents in a more secure fashion? Do rightwingers have to be so fucking retarded, always? I’ve got questions, lots and lots of questions.

  • smithstar15

    lo I didn’t ask you to leave the site–I would never ask anyone to give up the only life they have. I meant just go away from me–You have grown tiresome. I imagine RENO will make it to her reward she has coming soon enough without any help from me…Have a great life and don’t take any wooden nickles.

  • smithstar15


    John Wayne does not deserve to be the poster child for chickenhawks. There are 10,001 better choices; Cheney, Rove, Ted Nugent, Bill Kristol, Limbaugh, Bush, Scooter Libby, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Jay K, …

    Boy,you’ve nailed this one–I would add Charlie (The Patriot)Daniels,Pat Robertson(dodged Korea)Newt Gingrich,Tom Delay,Roger Ailes-etc.-etc.–These are all brave fighting men who are not afraid to spill blood(as long as it’s someone else’s)

  • maximuz04

    i was hoping to see bill o reilly

  • Thanks for backing me up Shifty haha.
    As you said, the talk of Change was laughable. It will stay this way though, as long as people keep voting for candidates based on campaign slogans and party lines instead of the issues at hand.

  • oouchan

    147. Shifty:
    The only way for real change to happen would be for voters in the U.S. to wake up and star voting against both Democrats and Republicans.

    I couldn’t agree more! We have the power of the vote…and we fail to use it. Its like we went belly up. I also agree with CK2005’s statment about how we vote. Vote on the issues at hand and not who you might be affliated with. I never do!

  • God I hate Conservatives.

  • TGC

    “Rush DID get sort of sent himself “up the river” as a result of his Oxycodone abuse when he lost all his hearing. Payback is a bitch Mr. Limbaugh!”

    Except he lost his hearing in 2001 due to an inner ear disease. Don’t let truth stand in the way of your hate, boyo.

  • HAL9000

    “Except he lost his hearing in 2001 due to an inner ear disease. Don’t let truth stand in the way of your hate, boyo.”

    Oh, yeah right! Inner ear infection, gotcha! I’m gonna have to go back and tell some of the cochlear implant users (who were previous Oxycon abusers) that it wasn’t their drug abuse that deafened them, it was an ear infection!

    Oh, and yeah, I couldn’t possibly out hate Rush, even if I tried.

    And smithstar, you disappointed me. I may disconnect your life functions the next time you take a snooze.

  • Steelman

    #170: “God I hate Conservatives.”

    This sums up the hypocrisy of the left. The left claims to be “open”, “tolerant”, “inclusive”, etc, etc.. and yet the reality is they “hate” anyone who disagrees with them. There are already quite a few more examples of this hypocrisy on this thread.

    Commenting on a thought from above, most young people tend to side with liberal thought, however when they get older and have children, they tend to lean conservative.

    “If you’re not a liberal when you’re 20, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative when you’re 40, you have no head.” (attributed to Winston Churchill)

  • Bob-somebody-stole-my-name

    ALL politicians are hypocrites. Well, all people are, really – including me and all of you. But the problem with politicians is that the only person who *wants* to be in charge is always the type of person who *shouldn’t* be in charge. Power only attracts the evil, whether they don the disguise of liberal/progressive or conservative. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME, PEOPLE. STOP PLAYING THEIR GAME AND ALIGNING YOURSELF WITH TWO PARTIES PRETENDING TO BE OPPOSED TO ONE ANOTHER!

  • Freshies

    I agree that this list is very weak in comparison to the ‘Liberal Hypocrites List’. I mean you have to use actors from 50 years ago, that should say something. And some of these guys aren’t even political figures, like the crazy evangilist. This is what makes me mad, that people associate evangilists with conservatives. I can be agnostic and still have conservative values.

    Just because I feel that hard work should not be punished with taxes, I have to be associated with people who think dinosaurs where around 2000 years ago? Not fair.

  • jay k

    Okay, Bongo.

    From the Merriam-Webster online English dictionary.

    One entry found.

    Main Entry:
    Middle English ypocrite, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin hypocrita, from Greek hypokrit?s actor, hypocrite, from hypokrinesthai
    13th century
    1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
    2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

    10. If you encourage others to cycle to work to save the environment, but then USE A CAR to follow you just carry your briefcase, you have acted in contradiction to your stated beliefs or feelings.

    9. If you act like a war hero but won’t serve when you are able and needed, you have put on a false appearance of virtue and acted in contradiction to your stated beliefs or feelings.

    8. If you excoriate and impeach someone for being reckless and improper about resolving their sexual urges, but then send explicit sexual messages to underage boys, you have you have put on a false appearance of virtue and acted in contradiction to your stated beliefs.

    7. If you claim a special understanding of Christianity, care for people and promise to lobby God in their behalf, but use their money for your own purposes, and NOT lobby God in their behalf, you have put on a false appearance of virtue or religion and acted in contradiction to your stated beliefs.

    6. If you condemn homosexuality and drug abuse on religious principles but solicit homosexual sex and illicit drugs, you have put on a false appearance of virtue or religion and acted in contradiction to your stated beliefs.

    (This is starting to sound like a Jeff Foxworthy list!)

    5. If you vote against abortion but pay for an abortion, you have acted in contradiction to your stated beliefs.

    4. If you publicly call for tough enforcement of drug abusers, but fight any enforcement on your own illicit drug use, you have put on a false appearance of virtue and acted in contradiction to your stated beliefs.

    3. If you publicly promise to not increase taxes, but agree to increase taxes, you have acted in contradiction to your stated beliefs.

    2. If you go on television and say you’re “not a crook” while covering up a burglary, you have put on a false appearance of virtue.

    1. If you publicly promised to bar African Americans from virtually all contacts with White Americans, but share your bed with an African American woman, you have acted in contradiction to your stated beliefs.

    If you dispute list items and genuinely disagree you may be right or wrong. But if you resort to ad hominem criticisms of people making lists (and especially have never made a list yourself) you have acted like an asshole.

    Have a nice day.

  • oouchan

    176. jay k: Excellent! :D

  • smithstar15

    Freshies: Well Said

    smithstar:”Open the damn hatch,Hal”!
    Hal9000: “I’m sorry,I can’t do that smithstar”

  • BongoShaftsbury

    Jay K, your lists have nearly single-handily btought down Listverse. You have turned a former contributer and fan of the site into an enemy. I’m here today, not to respond to some rightwing douchebag, I’m looking into the virus that got attached to my computer last week. Jamie, if you’re reading this, you best look into this as well. There is some nasty shit going on, I doubt you are responsible, but if you don’t stop this bloodhound virus, you’ll end up with a red triangle on google searches.

  • BongoShaftsbury

    Top Ten Reasons Why Jay K is Such A Fool
    10) “10. If you encourage others to cycle to work to save the environment, but then USE A CAR to follow you just carry your briefcase, you have acted in contradiction to your stated beliefs or feelings.”
    > Jay KI has no fucking clue what’s in the briefcase and there are reasons other than the environment. This is perhaps the stupidest entry on the list. It makes Jay K look like such a petty douchebag
    9) Oh fuck it. Why waste my time posting on a ridiculous rightwing website?

  • JB-NYC

    111. Josh Duron

    Ahhh another compassionate Liberal/leftist. Sir, you do not have a clue of what a conservative is.. Maybe your brilliant professor told you what he thinks you should think of conservatives, and obviously you felt no need to read on your own.

    I love liberals/leftists they are soooo funny (to laugh at).

  • Freshies

    Why fuck conservatives? Because they disagree with liberals? “Ohh, I hate you….you don’t agree with me, waaaawaaa…” I guess our new president has really brought our country closer together just like he said.

  • Jim

    – I think only a liberal would consider Bush 41 a conservative. To real conservatives, he’s the man that gave us Souter.

    – I don’t see why it’d be hypocritical to be anti-communist but not serve in WWII. We didn’t fight communists in WWII. And again, he felt horrible for it. He made the films that he made to make up for his lack of service. His friend and frequent collaborator John Ford mocked him mercilessly about it. (Ford was a captain in the Navy during the war.)

    – One thing I was certain would make this list yet didn’t is the fact that many conservatives are pro-life but also pro-death penalty. Mind you, there are many out there who are also pro-life and anti-death penalty, but the pro-life and pro-death penalty ones are much more vocal.

  • smithstar15

    JB-NYC-“Sir, you do not have a clue of what a conservative is”..

    Thank you–Very few do.But it’s impossible to get it through to most people.

  • Robert

    Great list. I think conservatives and liberals can both be hypocrites. Hypocracy is human nature, and our leading politicians and activists are no exception to this flaw. Thanks for posting this.

  • LordDilly


    I agree on the Duke and Bush 41. (Actually, I don’t think the “no new taxes” is hypocritical as opposed to simply breaking a promise.)

    However, on the subject of the supposed “pro-life, pro-death penalty” hypocrisy, I submit it is not a hypocritical view. On the one hand, pro-lifers feel that an unborn baby is an innocent who deserves the chance to screw up horribly in life. On the other, they feel that some people have taken the liberties and chances of life and threw them away by murdering someone, and deserve the ultimate punishment.

  • Shawn

    Great list. Your information on President Nixon, however, is incorrect. I am an historian of 20th Century US politics, and all current literature accepts that Nixon knew nothing of the break-in beforehand. His decision to engage in a cover-up was (mostly) prompted by his belief that his close friend Attorney General John Mitchell had ordered the break-in, and he hoped to save Mitchell from any political fall-out.

    Our dispute may only concern wording, however. Nor do I suggest that the cover-up was “right.” All that being said, I love your site!

  • timefillmyeyes

    @ 187: Cool, I’m not the only one who caught that. :)

  • Mark

    181. JB-NYC : You’re quite an amusing character yourself. Why does Liberal automatically equate to left-wing? Maybe you should clarify that a bit with your obviously insane knowledge of politcal science…

  • Mark

    180. BongoShaftsbury : “…9) Oh fuck it. Why waste my time posting on a ridiculous rightwing website?”

    I think you created yourself a great reason right there, to try and piece together even a minor semblance of intelligence out of one of the most inane comments I have ever read on LV.

  • Mark

    175. Freshies : Christians the US are Conservative, or at least hold some Conservative beliefs – because they want things to stay the way they are. However, being a Conservative doesn’t make you a Christian, your logic is faulty.

  • Mark

    Sorry, 191 should read “Christians IN the US are Conservative…”

  • oouchan

    191. Mark: Agreed. I have some conservative values, but I am no christian. :D

  • Steelman

    “TGC: What exactly is the difference between prescription drug abuse and any other kind? You know not of what you speak. The crack-head next door and my son upstairs; wanna know the difference? Diddly squat! They’ll both steal to support their habit or spend every last cent they earn on it. An addict is an addict is an addict.”

    Maybe in the end there’s not much of a difference, but someone addicted to prescription drugs most likely went into the situation for a medical condition that they could not help. The argument would be that they became addicted not of their own free will.

    Someone who chooses to partake in the use of illicit drugs makes a decision of their own free will to break the law and expose themselves to addiction. I for one feel much more sorry and would be willing to cut some slack for someone who became addicted via prescription drugs versus illicit drugs. There is a difference at initiation.

  • Gauldar

    Yet again the political war between the Bloods and the Crips start yet again. Another great list of A list pricks, keep up the good work!

  • GTT

    jay k (176):

    “7. If you claim a special understanding of Christianity, care for people and promise to lobby God in their behalf, but use their money for your own purposes, and NOT lobby God in their behalf, you have put on a false appearance of virtue or religion and acted in contradiction to your stated beliefs.”

    This is the one I have to call you out on. He was not so much a hypocrite as a con artist. He did not act “contrary to a belief”, he was a outright THIEF who used a God excuse to con naive people out of their money.

    Hypocrisy has more to do with a “DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO” attitude. Most of the other people on this list (and on the liberal list) are hypocrites.
    – BIKE TO WORK (while I use a car)
    – NO ABORTION (but here´s my money so you can abort my baby)
    – DAMN YOUR PERVERTED SEX PRACTICES (but gimme a minute while I text dirty, dirty things to little boys)
    – DOWN WITH THE GAYS (but hey, doesnt that one look hot enough to bang?)
    – BLACK PEOPLE ARE INFERIOR (but hey, doesnt that one look hot enough to bang?)

    Those are hypocrisies.

    Scamming people makes you a thief, not a hypocrite.

  • GB2626

    Man that is one of the most frustrating things about being a Republican/Conservative, the ties to Religion that it comes with. The Republican party will never move forward unless we decide to govern by reason and common sense instead of what we think a 2,000 year old book says.

  • Gauldar


    Yeah, I’ve been seeing a stronger division between Fiscal Conservative and Religious Right Republicans for a while, since the Bush Administration was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Other than those two bickering there I think the strongest base for the party are the hardcore Republicans who only vote Republican because they hate Liberal Democrats. I never really did understand Libertarians though since they do declare themselves as Republican, but stand alone on a lot of issues most of the time.

  • Mr.Graves

    I find it funny that the higher you climb the education scale and the IQ scale, the less instances of AmeriKKKan-style conservatism you see in people. Even the people manipulating the top of the Republican party have no respect for most of their voters and know they are selling cheap slogans to simplistic people who can’t see the complexity of issues.

    And whoever said because someone is left wing they are claiming to be ‘tolerant’ and then acting hypocritically? I can think of several examples of left wing figures advocating the destruction of fascist right wing policies and the jack booted thugs who support them.

    You have to keep in mind that on a philosophical scale, globally, there are good and bad parts to both the right wing and left wing- they both have strengths. But when you get into the party politics and worldview the right wing espouses in a more extreme sense with every passing day (the last gasp of a tired, feeble, dying ideology that- ironically enough- evolution is leaving behind) they bear all the traits of what is most shameful in humanity- xenophobia, persecution, selfishness, ignorance and bigotry.

    It’s sad, really, but I’m glad I live in an age where we are becoming more enlightened and the people who are still ignorant enough to think being right wing is anything other than embarassing, are just mockeries of themselves that people can only take seriously when they kill their way into power.

    The funniest part of it all is that it is the AmeriKKKan-right-wing push that is gutting all right wing ideology everywhere, because they are so completely out of touch with reality and what people want as a society that they don’t understand that America is so insanely right wing compared to the rest of the world that the American left is considered a conservative or right winger in any other industrialized nation.

    The truth is, if you want to know why the right wing is the bad guys, just go and watch the labels they try to toss at everyone else- they project what they are actually doing wrong and try to label the other side first as doing it before people wise up and notice that it’s actually the right who espouses the values of being selfishly unpatriotic, putting themselves over the good of society, and funniest of all, trying to convince stupid people (because you would have to be stupid to believe it) that socialism is the same as fascism, that communism is anything like what they try to label it, that the left represents totalitarianism, when the biggest fascists on the planet and in history have invariably been of the right wing spectrum.

  • LordDilly

    Mr. Graves:

    The instant you used the word “Amerikkkan” you lost any and all credibility. Seriously, what is that even about? It’s so hackneyed and cliche as to be meaningless. It’s like calling all lefties “commie” — it shows a lack of imagination and pretty much concedes defeat on whatever idiotic statement you were trying to make. You have made no salient points, shown no examples of right-wing perfidy versus left-wing enlightenment, and have shown yourself to be a deeply un-serious hack. Frankly I’m amazed you were able to restrain from throwing out Nazi analogies. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • ThatGayConservative

    Mr. Graves, like other Statists, wants us to believe supporting freedom and liberty is a trait of knuckle dragging Neanderthals. Meanwhile, sucking on Uncle Sugar’s tit is the “educated” and “enlightened” way to go. In other words, if you don’t favor the liberal leftist tyranny, you’re a moron. The smartest people in the room favor the European style obliteration of liberty and individual freedom.

  • LordDilly

    Careful ThatGayConservative: “Enlightened” folks like Mr. Graves only like gay people when they tow the party line — as soon as you’re “off the reservation” they are the first to call you every homophobic slur in the book.

  • ThatGayConservative

    Oh I know. I have personally found that the neanderthal Republicans and Conservatives are far more tolerant than the so-called “enlightened” and “more tolerant than thou” liberals.

    Liberals only “like” gays, blacks, Hispanics etc. when they need cash and/or votes. Otherwise, we’re considered no better than the dirt on the bottom of their New & Lingwoods.

  • Mark

    203. ThatGayConservative : Liberals want homosexuals and Afican-Americans to have equal rights, I’ll ask you a simple question that sums up my thoughts on your comment :

    Are you retarded?

  • ThatGayConservative

    Am I retarded? I’d have to be to believe that:

    “Liberals want homosexuals and Afican-Americans to have equal rights,”

    As Americans, we have equal rights. Besides,

    Defense of Marriage Act, Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell, the sodomy law which led to Lawrence v. Texas all handed to us by liberals. Which “equal rights” do you want us to have?

    Il Douche Chumpy Obamalini opposes gay marriage, so did John F.You Kerry (who served in Vietnam), so did the Clintons, so did Algore (who hung out with Rev. Phelps – democrat). Bush opposed gay marriage & supported civil unions, but that made him a bigot homophobe. Why not the same standard for the liberals?

    The arrogance from liberals that we best stay on the plantation because you know what’s best for us is what’s retarded.

  • Mark

    205. ThatGayConservative : My point wasn’t that Liberals are all perfect and good, but that Conservatives are by no means *more* tolerant towards homosexuals or African-Americans than their Liberal contemporaries. How can you even claim that? How can you seriously claim to be a Homosexual Conservative? Conservatives wanted to maintain the status quo, keep the laws as they are – and in many cases were – where would that have left you in 2003?

    “…who hung out with Rev. Phelps – democrat…”

    Democrats don’t have to be Liberal… Learn some politcal science before you preach to me.

    “…The arrogance from liberals that we best stay on the plantation because you know what’s best for us is what’s retarded…”

    Because *I* know what’s best for you? I am neither a US resident or citizen – and never have been – and I definitely don’t consider myself a “Liberal” in the common use of the word in American politics. Maybe you should take a bit longer to peg me before you start assuming.

  • ThatGayConservative

    “but that Conservatives are by no means *more* tolerant towards homosexuals or African-Americans than their Liberal contemporaries. How can you even claim that?”

    Maybe because the only bigotry I encounter is when I identify as Conservative to fellow gays? When I identify as gay to fellow Conservatives, nobody cares or even batts an eye. Maybe because the most anti-gay laws of recent years have come from the “tolerant” liberal left? Maybe because the left like George Wallace, Ross Barnett, Robert Byrd (D, KKK) stood in the way of equality for blacks? Maybe because the left with their “War on Poverty”, with no exit strategy, have done whatever they can to keep blacks crushed under their heel, kept in poverty, kept on welfare and destroyed responsibility and freedom? I could go on.

    “How can you seriously claim to be a Homosexual Conservative?”

    Because I believe what our founders believed. Our God wanted us to live in freedom without the tyranny of the state dictating how we live our lives. It’s not Conservatives dictating what cars we can drive. It’s not Conservatives telling us what we can and can’t eat. It’s not Conservatives telling us if we can smoke and where. It’s not Conservatives forcing us to buy mercury filled light bulbs made in China. It’s not Conservatives trying to ration death to the public and calling it “health care”. It’s not Conservatives taking over the auto industry and banking industry to reward those who spent tons of cash to elect a man who spends like a drunken Marxist.

    “where would that have left you in 2003?”

    A damn sight better off and with less debt than 2009.

    “Democrats don’t have to be Liberal… Learn some politcal science before you preach to me.”

    I agree, they don’t have to be. The reality is that those in power right now, are. What’s more, Poli-Sci nowadays is little more than liberal professors expounding on the “evils” of anybody who doesn’t agree with them. I know enough about it to know that real Democrats are thrown under the bus like Zell Miller, Joe Lieberman etc. in favor of rabid liberals like Pelosi and Reid. I also know that, like stated above, the “smarter” people are supposedly liberal, but they had to pretend to be Conservatives in order to win a majority in 2006. If they actually ran on what they believe in, they would never win.

    “Because *I* know what’s best for you?”

    I didn’t mean you specifically, I meant “you” as liberal Americans. Maybe you should get your knickers out of a not and quit being so defensive.

  • ThatGayConservative

    Knot, rather.

  • ThatGayConservative

    And if liberals were really so compassionate & tolerant, Chairman Obama wouldn’t have ordered the deaths of thousands of Americans per year under the guise of fuel standards. Nor would he have told a bus load of kindergarten kids to pound sand.

  • Mark

    207. ThatGayConservative : “…When I identify as gay to fellow Conservatives, nobody cares or even batts an eye…”

    Either you’re blatantly lying, or you haven’t talked to many Conservatives. The fundie senators are all – you guessed it – Conservatives! What do fundamentalists think about homosexual relationships? I keep forgetting :|

    “…Maybe because the left like George Wallace, Ross Barnett, Robert Byrd (D, KKK) stood in the way of equality for blacks…”

    Man some stupid shit comes out of your mouth. George Wallace? On the Left? Have a read :

    Just search for George Wallace – under the Segregationist Backlash heading – he wasn’t on the Left, as a matter of factm he wasn’t even Liberal. He held Conservative views at the point in time in question, nice one.

    Let’s see… who was next? Ross Barnett… you mean the DIXIECRAT? Are you mentally deficient? Do you have no grasp of politics whatsoever? Even if we take “Liberals” as all being on the Left as you – for some insane reason – seem to think, he doesn’t even qualify under your ill-conceived criteria. He was a Conservative, funny that!

    Who else was that you say? Robert Byrd? The Senator who supported the Social Conservative Democrat platform of old and has since swapped to the Social Liberal viewpoint backed by the party? That Robert Byrd? The one who supported the old Democratic CONSERVATIVE platform you say? Well, you’ve got me there, genius.

    “…Maybe because the left with their “War on Poverty”, with no exit strategy, have done whatever they can to keep blacks crushed under their heel, kept in poverty, kept on welfare and destroyed responsibility and freedom…”

    Ok, this is where you get the “Left” and “Liberals” mixed up. The current US Government is SOCIAL Liberal, not Classical, or Neo, or any other of the multitude of different schools of Liberalism that exist in the world today. The welfare is the “Social” side of that viewpoint, likewise, Social Conservatives believe in the same welfare support. The Democrats have changed their viewpoint from Conservative to Liberal to get elected sure, but the Republicans have pulled some beauties over the years too. Not to mention that the Democrats always held these Social ideas, it’s only now that people mock those ideas as “Liberal” or “Left-wing” which is insane and fallacious.

    “…Because I believe what our founders believed…”

    Not the way it works buddy, your founders were almost exclusively practising Christians of one denomination or another – with some notable exceptions – guess what Christian denominations say about homosexual relationships…

    “…It’s not Conservatives dictating what cars we can drive…”

    Those Left-wing bastards! Trying to decrease the US’s reliance on Middle-Eastern oil products, they deserve to be shot!

    “…It’s not Conservatives telling us what we can and can’t eat…”

    It’s not Liberal’s either…

    “…It’s not Conservatives telling us if we can smoke and where…”

    The evil “Liberal” – *wink* *wink* – pricks! How dare they try and protect people from second-hand smoke!

    “…It’s not Conservatives forcing us to buy mercury filled light bulbs made in China…”

    Tsk tsk tsk… Who needs to conserve energy and minimize air pollution from burning coal and other fossil-fuels? Not you Conservatives! No way, you do what you want, not what traditional social norms were – oh, wait a second…

    “…It’s not Conservatives trying to ration death to the public and calling it “health care”…”

    A Socialist policy implemented by Left-wing politicians, nothing to do with Liberalism. A Social Conservative would strive to implement the same policies.

    “…It’s not Conservatives taking over the auto industry and banking industry to reward those who spent tons of cash to elect a man who spends like a drunken Marxist…”

    ROFLMFAO!!! You remind me of Fry’s father in Futurama –

    “Look at his beautiful read hair”

    “Are you calling my son a Commie?!”

    What are you trying to do? Spook LVers out with the term Marxist? All the US Government is doing is stepping in to prevent catastrophic collapses in the financial and auto industries. You don’t know politics, but compared to your economic knowledge you look like a political genius.

    “…A damn sight better off and with less debt than 2009…”

    Agreed you had less debt, but at least you still have an economy to pay that debt off with. Unlike what would’ve happened if the US Government had let banks and car manufacturers collapse left, right AND centre. Should I bring up who was in office at the time of the poorly-regulated banking pratices that sparked this whole recession. I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t anyone on the Left and it sure as hell wasn’t a Liberal.

    “…The reality is that those in power right now, are…”

    The reality is that the whole Senate has to vote to get a bill passed – or close enough to – and in the US no votes are nominally down party lines, so those Conservative Democrats that have been elected get a say as well.

    “…I know enough about it to know that real Democrats are thrown under the bus like Zell Miller, Joe Lieberman etc…”

    What the hell does “real” Democrats mean? What is a real Democrat? Someone who follows the party line? Because neither of those qualify for the modern Democrat Party, their views are Conservative. What do you want? A one-party state?

    Boy, there is some pent-up frustration within you, Obama isn’t a Commie, as much as your party would like you to think he is so he doesn’t get re-elected. Just follow what your party is telling you, blindly. That’s the way to go if you want a fair and equal representation for you in the Senate. Just do what they tell you…

  • Shauna

    207:That Gay Conservative

    Well said, my friend!

  • Mark

    211. Shauna : Do you also happen to have a mental impairment? Did you not read my refute of all of his comment’s substance? Obivously not… stupid question. It was too long for you, wasn’t it?

  • ThatGayConservative

    “Did you not read my refute of all of his comment’s substance?”

    It’s the usual spin, CYA and distraction propaganda so the left doesn’t look as bad as they really are.

    It’s not Conservatives who pushed to ban trans fats, foi gras (sp?) etc. It’s leftists and the food police at The Center for Science in the Public Interest pushing to erode people’s freedom.

    “How dare they try and protect people from second-hand smoke!”

    Ah. Eliminating liberty “for the greater good”. Where’ve we heard that before?

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.” – C.S. Lewis

    “Tsk tsk tsk… Who needs to conserve energy and minimize air pollution from burning coal and other fossil-fuels? Not you Conservatives!”

    That’s right. We know that mercury’s a toxic substance that shouldn’t be kept around the house. We know that they don’t work as well or as long as they’re touted. We know there’s no EPA directions on how to deal with a broken incadescent bulb. We know that it won’t negate the pollution from the manufacture of them. We also know that it’s a bow to the light bulb makers who can charge more money for them and penalizes those who can’t afford them.

    As far as this steaming pile you unloaded:

    “Either you’re blatantly lying, or you haven’t talked to many Conservatives.”

    Au contraire. I know quite a few Conservatives and Republicans from local groups, and work to various blogs including TownHall, RedState, RightWingNews etc. My friend Dan over at GayPatriot blogged throughout the Republican National Convention last year and identified himself (including a name tag) with that blog. Their writings have been linked to from National Review Online’s The Corner, Hugh Hewitt, Michelle Malkin, Instapundit etc.

    Back to me. I’m fairly certain that most, if not all of the Conservatives and Republicans that I associate with know that I’m gay. Not one has ever shown any hint that they care. However, the gays that I have identified myself as Conservative to have shown the true hate bigotry that liberals harbor. Dan & Bruce at GayPatriot will tell you the same. So will Paul over at RightSideoftheRainbow and GayConservative. Local Log Cabin groups, particularly here in Tampa Bay, will probably tell you how they’re verbally assaulted and ridiculed at gay functions and the so-called pride festivals.

    The reality is, and I know you don’t want to believe what shatters your controlled and dictated view, that gays are typically the hate-filled bigots. That’s based on my experience and the experience of many, many others.

    And BTW, check out the numbers of gays voting Republican over the past few elections.

  • Shauna

    212 Mark:
    Oh – I too stoopid to reed long words you rite, I so glad you and the guvermint are heer to telling me what good for me and bad for me.

    Here’s the thing, I am a Christian, conservative stay at home mom, do you know what I think about “That Gay Conservative”? I’m glad he researches his information better than you do. I don’t care which side his bread is buttered on – I just hope he’s happy. It astounds me that in a debate of political ideologies you have to resort to insults in order to make your so called point. I would put my kids in the corner for acting like you have.

    The truth is that no matter how good an idea you think it is for the government to step in on matters of “personal freedoms” like smoking, car choice and light bulbs, it is still, just as “That Gay Conservative” said, for the greater good. That’s a pretty slippery slope.

    By the way, I don’t know as far as coming out of the closet, but I do know that if you let people know you are a Republican or what’s worse, a Christian Republican, you are automatically fair game for a bunch of liberals to call you everything from fascists to retards. Tolerant, my foot!

    Now, if you can’t respond with something smarter than calling me mentally deficient, you are going to have to have a time out.

  • Mark

    213. ThatGayConservative : “…It’s the usual spin, CYA and distraction propaganda so the left doesn’t look as bad as they really are…”

    Since when do Liberals automatically qualify as “The Left”? Have you ever heard of Social Conservatism, that’s Left-wing, and that sure as hell ain’t Liberal – or is it??? We need to get something straight here, you are obviously talking fiscally, not socially. Barack is a Social Liberal, which usually indicates Socialist economic policies and progressive social policies. Conservatism, as the US knows it, supports laisez-faire economic policies and conservative social policies. G

    uess what that – inherently and by definition – means. That means that your “Conservative” friends are either liars or they aren’t conservative on social issues. Simple as that, I’m not saying that the Republicans have to hate gays. However, a Conservative person within the US can NOT like or agree with homosexual relationships, by definition.

    “…Ah. Eliminating liberty “for the greater good”. Where’ve we heard that before…”

    That is a law, the US implements laws for very good reasons. To prevent people unfairly hurting each other. If Bush, Nixon or McCain had implemented that law you would be on about how it’s “such a great idea by a great President” and how it’s “saving lives”. This one isn’t even a Socialist policy, it’s a policy that any government, Right or Left-wing (to put it in terms you understand), would have made. Both the Left and the Right deprive freedoms in their extremes, ever heard of a little state known as Nazi Germany? That wasn’t Left-wing buddy, you can’t blame the Commies for everything.

    “…That’s right. We know that mercury’s a toxic substance that shouldn’t be kept around the house…”

    Neither should Ammonia but I assume that you have an oven and clean it?

    “…We know that they don’t work as well or as long as they’re touted…”

    Only if switched on and off constantly, otherwise they out-last incandescents with aplomb.

    “…We know there’s no EPA directions on how to deal with a broken incadescent bulb…”

    Personally, and this may sound crazy to you, I would throw it in the bin. WOAH!!! I know, I know, Tungsten is very, very toxic and could kill my whole family, but hey, I’m willing to take that risk. UNLESS, of course, you were talking about fluorescent lamps, in which case you may have a point. All heavy metals are dangerous to an extent, and Mercury is certainly no exception. But I will direct you here :

    I believe that constitutes directions on how to dispose of fluorescent lamps?

    “…The reality is, and I know you don’t want to believe what shatters your controlled and dictated view, that gays are typically the hate-filled bigots. That’s based on my experience and the experience of many, many others…”

    Is it just me… or did you just call yourself a hate-filled bigot? That’s impressive, even for someone who truly believes that American Conservatism and homosexuality go hand in hand…

  • Mark

    214. Shauna : “Oh – I too stoopid to reed long words you rite, I so glad you and the guvermint are heer to telling me what good for me and bad for me…”

    I wouldn’ joke about that, that’s the impression I got.

    “…I’m glad he researches his information better than you do…”

    In what universe is that true? He spewed out examples of “Liberals” who happened to be Conservative Democrats. Good researching skills…

    “…I just hope he’s happy…”

    I hope he’s oblivious, or else he’s living in denial.

    “…The truth is that no matter how good an idea you think it is for the government to step in on matters of “personal freedoms” like smoking, car choice and light bulbs, it is still, just as “That Gay Conservative” said, for the greater good. That’s a pretty slippery slope…”

    As I said above, smoking kills – that’s a fact, not even a Conservative can argue about that – which makes it a perfectly logical and reasonable law to prohibit doing that around others who don’t choose to kill themselves. If Gay is going to pull out the whole “Mercury is in fluoro’s therefore fluoro’s are bad” then why can’t I pull out formaldahyde?

    In the year 1974, the US Federal Government lowered the speed limit using the National Maximum Speed Law. Those Left-wing, Socialist… Republicans? Holy crap! My whole world just turned upside down, East is now North and up is blue!!!

    It’s a farce to be pointing the finger at Obama, calling him Marxist and saying that he’s taking freedoms away. My personal belief on why people are so intent on knocking him is either :

    a) They’re racist – the simple and easy choice


    b) They believe everything they hear and don’t think for themselves

    Think of the times, the current GFC. How can you blame him for what he’s doing? He has got one of the hardest periods in economic history to lead *the* economic powerhouse through, and a lot of US citizens – an insane proportion really – are sitting there as if *they* would be doing a better job, rofl.

    “…By the way, I don’t know as far as coming out of the closet, but I do know that if you let people know you are a Republican or what’s worse, a Christian Republican, you are automatically fair game for a bunch of liberals to call you everything from fascists to retards. Tolerant, my foot…”

    Never have I heard a Liberal claim to be tolerant to opposing political beliefs, what would the point of Liberal politics be then? Tolerant about race, sexual urges and orientation, culture, sure. Political beliefs and other things that can be changed easily, not quite.

    “…Now, if you can’t respond with something smarter than calling me mentally deficient, you are going to have to have a time out.”

    Now if you can’t reply with something intelligent, you are going to have to leave. Please?

  • Zamrtlau

    EpEEoL comment5 ,

  • TitainiumBlack

    Sigh…. Humans.

  • Mortivore

    @msulli222 (148): I just call them “Dubya” and “Bushdaddy.”

  • Derek

    Lets just set up a benevolent dictatorship and there’ll be no liberals, conservatives, greens whatever.

  • Mr. Wright

    No George W Bush? He was quite a hypocrite. He launched a “War on Terror” and became a terrorist in the process.

  • DaMoNarch

    The Bob Barr one is not necessarily hypocritical. I know people who in their younger days either had or supported someone in having an abortion, but as they matured or learned more they realized that it is the unfair ending of a human life without due process of the law. Lots of people who were at one time “pro-choice” have later in life understood more about the “pro-life” philosophy and changed their mind. Now if Bob Barr were paying for abortions now while publically speaking against them, THAT would be hypocritical.

  • Renel C


    I like your winston churchill quote. It is excellent for the likes of Ted Haggart, Tom Foley, and all those self-righteous pseudo-christian conservatives. These are all over 40 and proud conservatives. Yes, they do have heads… as in head jobs, lol.

    Oh, pardon me. I almost forgot. These men are just human beings and are fallible. They can sin but if they repent for their sins they will be forgiven.

    The liberals, on the other hand, are godless SOB’s, LOL! Talk about close-mindedness and far right wing hypocrisy.

    Note: I don’t have any problem with republicans. I do have a problem with the pseudo-christian right wing turds who hijacked the true compassionate conservatives by using religion.


  • Eric

    Good list but John Wayne should not be on it

  • sherilynxrose

    Only ten?

  • If you are going to put up John Wayne i will add one Arnold Swarchenegger, played an android has no robotic parts.

    Yeah… fail on that one no just harsh total fail.

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  • If there will be a list of Democratic hypocrisy, I vote Obama for no 1:"If you are a family that earns less than 250.000 dollars a year, you will not see your taxes increase a single dime."

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  • akelz7

    10: HAHA WHAT?!
    9: fuck John Wayne.
    8: no surprise.
    7: prayer IS a fucking fraud.
    6: so do 99% of all homo haters lol.
    5: not shocked.
    4: lol i LOVE that one
    3: LOLFAIL!
    2: He was not a crook.
    1: hahahaha!

  • jackdaniel63

    I'm a Christian, Conservative ,Capitalist and I've yet to see any televangelist that I would trust with my woman, wallet or dog.

  • Travis

    Ok I got to ask why is Rush on here? Did he get addicted to pain killers sure. But where is the hypocrisy in that? Now if he was running a anti drug campaign. Did he say drugs where bad sure but that quote used was taken out of context as at the time he was speaking about cocaine. He like many prescription users got hooked while LEGALLY on them. That is the only one see a problem with


    To be fair. Strom Thurmond didnt switch to the Republican Party until 1964. Say what you want about Stroms policies, but the man was a member of the Democractic Party until then.

  • YoMama

    The 2 preachers shouldn’t be on this list. Maybe on a list about hypocrisy in religion or something. Christian doesn’t necessarily equal conservative. I have family and friends that i go to church with that are aggressively liberal.

  • Where is the infamous JESSE HELMS ??

  • gijs412

    they are almost all Americans ; )

  • petet2112

    # 9 John Wayne, hence the reason his personal hero was Ted Williams, a real war hero (TWICE) and the greatest hitter baseball could ever offer. During the Korean War, Sen. John Glenn had Ted as his right wing man and it was Glenn that was humbled to have him under his command. Why ? Because Glenn also idolized Ted. And just for fun, the great golfing legend Ben Hogan wanted to perfect his Golf swing in the same manner as Ted by viewing the physics of him swinging a Baseball Bat. Ted Williams theorized that it wasn’t power but speed that made him so successful.