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Top 10 Best Apple Ads of All Time

by cberkeley
fact checked by brunobanana

We all know and love the current generation of Apple’s Mac ads, but let’s go back in history to see the evolution that got us where we are today. Whether you’re a Mac or a PC, you’ll get a laugh. Ok, here’s the countdown, in no particular order. Enjoy!


Apples and Alligators
Apple 2013 Christmas commercial: misunderstood: (HD) (Apple)

Let’s start out with this one. Selling Apples with alligators, who would have thought?


Three Steps
Cute advertisement from Apple

Aaah, this will take you back to the days of dial-up and leave you grateful for having that “Step 3.”


Classic Apple ad: PowerBook

Who takes their friggin’ computer on a vacation to the Grand Canyon…even if it is a Powerbook.


The Internet
Old Apple Ad – The Internet

I’d-like-to-buy-the-world-a-Coke… er, make that a Mac.


Industrial Revelation
Classic Apple ad: Industrial Revelation

I can’t believe Barack Obama got to be president by ripping off Apple. Where would we be if Steve Jobs himself had appeared in this ad?


Mac Vs Windows
Classic, original Mac vs Windows TV Ad

It doesn’t matter WHAT type of computer you put in front of my Dad, that’s about the best he can do too. Actually he’s been sitting in front of his new Mac scratching his head for three YEARS now.


Ellen Feis
Ellen Feiss – Apple Commercial

What point was this one trying to make, “Macs are for potheads who hit “delete” instead of “save”? I can’t believe this actually went out before they rethought it and switched to our good old “I’m a Mac” guy.


Mac Ads Think Different Pablo Picasso

Oh, Picasso, you dirty old man you. How is this supposed to make somebody want to buy a computer?


Einstein and Gandhi

I don’t know if Gandhi and Einstein would appreciate Apple calling them “crazy round pegs in square holes” but it seemed to work. Maybe it made you well up with pride if you consider yourself a fellow maverick. Somehow Mcain ruined the meaning of that word…


The Famous 1984 Commercial
1984 Apple’s First Macintosh Commercial

And finally…the #1 all time Apple commercial. Pretty prophetic in hindsight, but it must have made for a good laugh at the time. Oh wait, if you were alive in 1984 you probably remember that the Hooters look was actually hot and so were Bridget Nielsen look-alikes.

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fact checked by brunobanana