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10 Things To Know About The New Listverse

Well it has finally happened – we have successfully migrated the entire site to WordPress VIP and you are now looking at it! It has been a very difficult task and incredibly time-consuming, but hopefully we will all appreciate the benefits that come with the move. This small list is just to let you all know what has actually been going on and what to expect with the updated site. Normal lists will resume tomorrow.


Latest Software


We are now running on the latest version of the WordPress software which we use for Listverse. Prior to this we were on a very old version which was buggy. In addition to using the latest version, we will be automatically upgraded to all future versions, meaning that we are always up to date with bug fixes and improvements.


New Comments


The comment system remains largely the same (ie, no nested comments and no comment voting) but we have made a few tweaks to improve them. The first is the use of gravatars – these are small images that represent each user. If you want to have an avatar show up, you can add one in your user profile or you can add it via which will mean it will not just appear on listverse, but any other website using gravatar technology. We have also slightly changed the layout of comments so that the number is now larger. This makes it easier to backtrack over comments that other readers have referenced. It is also (at least in my opinion) more attractive.




Prior to this move the administration involved in posting a list was immense. Here is a breakdown:

1. Write list
2. Post list to site
3. Use FTP to upload icon for list
4. Log on to Listverse via Telnet and sync the two servers
5. Stay up to publish list at 12 each night.
6. Run update script to update various parts of the site such as the archives

The new system means that we now:

1. Write list
2. Post list and icon to site with delayed publication date

As you can see this is cutting a huge amount of work which will, hopefully, give me plenty more time for research for new lists. I am quite astonished at how much deadwood gets added to a process over two years.


Listverse Users


Registered users will have noticed that we were advertising the need to register usernames with WordPress before the change. Unfortunately the move means we can’t move our users over because of the terms of use of WordPress. This means that if you register on listverse now, you will automatically be a part of the huge WordPress user system – which means automatic registration for the Time Magazine blog, failblog, Icanhascheezburger, and more. Furthermore, people registered on any of those blogs will also be able to register here. If your username is taken already, you can still use your old listverse name by choosing it as your nickname in your profile. This gives us the best of both worlds. As before, if you don’t wish to register at all, you can just enter your email address and nickname and post a comment.


New Logo

Picture 8-7

I have created a new simpler logo for the site using the alternative logo sent in our by our logo competition winner. It is much smarter I think and retains our unique look. I have also updated the little icon (favicon) that appears in the address bar of your webbrowser as the old one still referred to “list universe” when we are now officially “listverse”.



Halo WordPress.Jpg

I am sure most of you will have suffered from the stability issues that we had on the site over the past year and a half. No matter where we went, the problems continued. Now that WordPress is officially taking over the administration side of the servers, this should not be a problem. We should now suffer no downtime at all and comments should always get through. Thanks to everyone that alerted me over the last year to problems – it was a big help. Thankfully this should no longer be necessary.


International Servers


Wordpress VIP is spread out over hundreds of servers around the world which means that a person in Australia should find the site much more responsive than before as they will be seeing the site on Australian servers – rather than waiting for the American servers to dish stuff up. This is the same for most countries now and it is an excellent system (used by Google and Amazon). This widespread network helps reduce downtime, load time, and the effects of things like Digg and Reddit front pages.


The Book

Picture 9-6

I couldn’t do an administrative post without reminding you all that the Listverse Book will be out in November. Be sure to pre-order a copy! You can do so from the advert at the top of the page on the right hand side.


Today’s List


This is the only list I will be publishing today as I need to focus on making sure the transition to the new servers goes smoothly. We will be back with our normal posts tomorrow. In the meantime, use the comments on this list to tell us whether you like the changes we have made. Be honest but not nasty :)


Thank You


I really can’t thank you all enough for having suffered uncomplainingly through the troubles of the last year and for putting up with the move of the forums and listverse. It will take a little getting used to, but before long it will feel just like home. The content will certainly remain as before and hopefully the comments will continue. Listverse has been a real joy for me and the dedication of the readers really enhances that. As my gift back to you all I promise to make no more drastic changes for at LEAST a year!

Listverse Staff

Listverse is a place for explorers. Together we seek out the most fascinating and rare gems of human knowledge. Three or more fact-packed lists daily.

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  • Welcome to the new site everyone!

  • CARD

    From Colombia we can only say: Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stevenh

    congratulations jamie.

    Looking real good (after a refresh to load the css ;) )

  • Trigun472

    Congrats on the successful site and forum moves! Love the new comment changes, although I’m not much a fan of the wordpress login or avatars, but that’s a petty inconvenience that anyone can get over. Thanks for easing my boredom every day, I shall continue to be faithful to the site for years to come.

  • SAnja22

    Third! good list.

  • SAnja22

    or fifth =[

  • stevenh: oh – I forgot to mention that that may be needed – there have been some extensive CSS tweaks to make the new look work :)

    Trigun: thanks :) You will soon be used to the avatars no doubt :) Having said that, if everyone complains vehemently against them I will consider removing them.

    CARD: Thanks :) I haven’t seen you comment before – so welcome.

  • Gravy

    so when is there going to be an iPhone app for this website?

  • theHEADisDEAD

    From Germany a big CONGRATULATIONS!

    love the site, and now it is betterer!

    look forward to more interesting lists!

  • Junior

    My toes hurt….Aaaahhhhh!!!!!!
    Oh…and kool change

  • Gravy: I am thinking about that one – I would definitely love to make one – I just need to do some research on how :)

    theHEADisDEAD: Thanks :) I am looking forward to writing many more! Now I just need to think of a great one for tomorrow’s offering.

  • Cate

    Congratulations! This site keeps getting better and better.

  • Tonio

    I like the Halo 3 look on no.5 lol but congrats on the whole thing!

  • jugzwei

    Nice, cant complain about it at all, maybe ill comment more now

  • Baxter

    Looking good, Mr Frater! Congratulations!

  • Cate: Thanks :) It is all upwards from here!

    Tonio: I did too – that is why I picked that version of the logo :)

    Jugzwei: nice to see you commenting again :) If you want your username to show up as Juggz you can set it as your nickname in your user profile.

    Baxter: Thanks – nice avatar :)

  • Nicosia

    Sweet! I am off to find a flattering picture for my comments :)

  • I forgot to say that you can embed youtube links just by entering their URL:

  • Nice, this seems very good so far!

  • Shifty

    I will miss the lack of stability, It made things interesting and added a certain ambiance.

    Not really, it looks great Jamie!

    Is there a way to put a link to Listverse on my WordPress dashbord page so that it is easy to get back to the site after I log in?

  • That1Guy

    Congrats on the transition… This is my first comment ever woooo!! haha

  • dogbitez

    Great transition from a great site. Congrats! Look forward to my daily fix of lists tomorrow!

  • Kreachure

    Congrats! The site is already much faster for me, and the comments look very cool now. Thanks for all your efforts!

  • Andres

    I’m very happy for you. I may or may not agree with everything you say (after all, neither do I expect the Web site to reflect all my opinions, nor do you guys expect us to agree with everything) but this is, without a doubt, one of the most riveting Web sites in the electronic universe. I admire your ability to create something interesting every day. Keep up the great work—I’ll be here every single day.

  • oouchan

    Yay!!!! :D

    I want to say I was sorry for being so impatient. Love the new look and love that fact that we can input stuff from youtube. That was a cool move.
    Thanks, again!!!

  • Maggot

    Nice job, Jamie. Thanks!

  • Andres

    I just want to add that the new feature of the commenting system—gravatar—is great. (The guy in my picture is not me, it’s Undertaker.) The ONLY thing that could make it better would be the possibility to edit comments, but I’m sure there will be time for that in the future. The thumbs up/down feature is utterly unnecessary.

  • selasphorus

    Looking good. :)

  • jazjsmom

    Congratulations, I love this already. Anyway, I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your site and this is the only website I visit everyday just to see what the next list will be. I also now have my brother and sister-in-law coming to this site also. I showed them and they loved it. Can’t wait for the book. I will definitely be purchasing a copy. Thanks for the great lists and keep them coming.

  • Shifty: try “Blog Info -> Subscribe to Blog” from the WordPress toolbar – that may do it. I am not aware of other ideas as I obviously go straight to the listverse dashboard when I log in.

    I am really pleased that people like the new comments – I did really want to add lots of new stuff but I held back and now I am glad I did!

  • uni

    I have been a passive “listverser” for over a year now. I love it. And this is great. Congratulations!!

  • Paulb

    Jfrater, you may want to be hesitant on adding html to the comments.

    people will add pictures, videos, and animations to the comments, which will just make the site load alot slower

  • uni: Glad to see you speaking up :)

    Paulb: it is only youtube which is new – otherwise it is exactly the same as before. You can’t add images, videos (apart from youtube), or animations :)

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen



    I’m 35th tah dah!!!

  • Maximuz04

    Congrats… I must say when I first was looking and couldnt find a list for today, I panicked… feared the worst!….

  • Shifty

    #30 Thanks Jamie, that worked, Listverse now shows up under “blog suffer”

    • Shifty (#37): I hope you mean “blog surfer” :)

  • mom424

    Awesome – It looks beautiful. And loads zippy quick.
    Great job.

  • Ehmmie

    Congrats! And greetings from Peru.

  • pasttime

    Congradulations on the move. I’m sure that this is the goal of everybody who has ever created a blog. Although my computer isn’t taking it to nicely, just a bit slower, but I completely understand why you made the move.

  • astraya

    The gravatars are kinda small, aren’t they, compared to the size they appear in the forums?

    Otherwise, looks like a positive change all around.

  • shaymm

    I like the new comment section with the avatars and you-tube links…well thought out. I’ll register soon

  • warrrreagl

    Still has that new car smell….

  • CraigLstill

    Congratulations. All fast and fancy now aye. Looking forward to more of the best daily website in my favorites.

    Thank you.

  • Syd

    Wonderful. WordPress is a lovely platform. I’ve been using it for years. I’m new to listverse, but I am already enjoying it very much.

  • Eddy

    good work :D
    the changes in the comments were welcome, they look so much nicer with the big numbers and the avatars

    definetly I am thinking about creating an account, now :D

  • rowenc23

    I know you might have lost a chunk of the registered users in the move, but it also gave me enough reason to join! I’ve been reading listverse for quite a while now and I am happy to become a registered user!

  • littleboots

    Oh I was jonesing for my list this morning…I can relax now, since all will be as normal tomorrow!
    Thank you jamie…This is always the place I go first in the morning, and will continue to be.
    As for the changes…meh…makes no difference to me, but if they enhance the pleasure for others, then I’m onboard with them.
    Take care and enjoy your day!

  • billyrules!

    Wow!!! Everything looks so pretty :) i expect alot of great things from this year

  • SnowKid32

    This is considered a list?

  • Les

    I usually don’t comment because my English is bad but . . .

    I think the site looks really good.
    Congrats =)

  • callie19

    yaaaay. I’m happy

    1) this is done
    2) get an avatar
    3) I know what telnet is :)

    I’m gonna go get me an avatar

  • callie19

    Lets see if this worked

    should be Maisy ——>

  • callie19

    no…marilyn. I’ll figure it out

  • mattbang

    I love how you kept the base of the old comment system but added our Gravatars, as well as larger numbers (it all adds up in the end).

  • jammy

    Congrats, jamie!
    I’ve been a fan of listverse since ’07.
    Cheers from the Philippines! =)

  • k1w1taxi

    Looks great so far. Certainly glad of the larger numbers in the comments as it should make life a lot easier when quoting on those longer comment threads.


  • gabi319

    A great day made even better by New Listverse! Swanky new digs, Jamie. Me likes.

  • defil3r

    yay ^^ well played…movin the server and all :)

  • defil3r

    waaait…one thing. Please make a ‘end’ button at the top of the page. Or a comment box right after the list. Im on my phone and takes..ages to scrolllll alll the way down to make comments :s

  • Swapie

    Iistverse has grown up. Congrats . And good luck wth todays rugby match. Go Bulls.

  • Madcir

    The site looks good so far but what really matters is that the content stays at the same quality level. If you keep that up I know that I’ll continue visiting everyday.

  • Cyn


  • allie80

    I like it! I had commented on a list back in February and didn’t realize I had been reading the lists for that long. I don’t miss a day! It gives me my fix for lists which I didn’t realize I had until I came across this site!
    Thanks for your hard work!

  • Wolfsong

    Awesome changes! Thanks for a great daily read!

  • allie80

    I like it! I had commented on a list back in February and didn’t realize I had been reading the lists for that long. I don’t miss a day! It gives me my fix for lists which I didn’t realize I had a need for until I came across this site!
    Thanks for your hard work!

  • allie80

    Thanks crackberry for posting it twice! Ugh!

  • dremer

    Long time reader with hours of enjoyment and the changes look great. Congrats!

  • rushfan

    Wow, I’m impressed. This is awesome!

  • defil3r: I just added a link by the top of the comments to take you straight to the comment box. It should show up in a few minutes (the code changes have to sync across the servers). :)

  • Spange

    Congrats jf, it’s all lookin’ very shiny awesome. Larger font comment numbers was a great idea btw.


  • cymraegbachgen87

    Only problem I have with the migrate is that now all of my subscribed lists are no longer subscribed!

  • athomebehindthesun

    Congrats JF! The site looks great. I have been a long time reader and a very infrequent poster. I have finally registered and will probably post more often. I will say I was a bit put off by WordPress’s restrictions on username creation. Lowercase and letters and numbers only. Other than that the site looks great. Looking forward to all the great lists to come.

  • deeeziner

    Yeah I made it through!!!!Not as exciting a trip as a whitewater raft, but I didn’t have to get wet either.

    The new digs look and act REALLY nice Jamie…Thanks for keeping the quality of the site a huge consideration in your daily works.

    And yes I still LOVE my LV toolbar. :)

  • gabi319

    “Only problem I have with the migrate is that now all of my subscribed lists are no longer subscribed!”

    I noticed that too, cym! Now trying to find a way to write somewhat pertinent comments without making it too obvious that I’m trying to resubscribe, haha.

  • Mabel

    It looks great. Congratulations, jfrater!

  • Elsa


    Looks sleek.nicely done.

  • oouchan

    76 gabi319:…hehe… I already started that. :D

  • BooRadley

    Jamie – Everything looks super!

    Hey – shifty, oouchan – how did you get your old avatars to switch over? Mine wouldn’t do it!This should be a pic of my dogs, but I can’t see it till I post…

  • Voltron

    Looks Good!

    However it seems some comments have been deleted. I only noticed it on the Top 10 Myths About Cannabis, I don’t know if it happened to any other lists. It seems to have lost the most recent (about 30-35) comments.

  • oouchan

    80 BooRadley: Did you have it saved to your computer somewhere? If so, then you should be able to use it. If not, then you might have to hunt it down. Also, if you did use a picture, I can’t see it now.

  • randomprecision24

    Looks good Jamie! keep it up.

  • bluto

    I have a question….

    in your little book that i will be buying as soon as i get the chance, will you include any of the comments and stuff?

    and do i need to actually make an account or something here cause i have been commenting on lists for like a few years and people keep stealing my names and i have to come up with some crappy new one.

  • EKA


  • deeeekay

    looks super nice Jamie, I dig the bigger numbers and the gravatars are snazzy too! (All this from a girl who’s normally adamantly against change of nearly any kind!)

  • Vera Lynn/ Eugene

    Wow! Good job. Well done jfray I’m impressed. ;)

  • monjoriser

    I cant login, is it coz of the changes

  • I4gotmyMANTRA

    hey jFrator. the new site looks great! congradulations! only problem is it won’t let me log in. says my screenname is invalid. :/ Any ideas?

  • redcaboose

    congrats. Nice look.

  • gremlinmiller

    finally able to register

  • msulli22

    I have to say, I find this list highly controversial. I am very offended.

    Kidding. Seriously, though, great job with the move. I am very impressed, and I am happy to be a registered user now.

  • Jesse

    Hey guys, list verse fan from the very beginning, Nice new layout Jfrater, keep up the good work

  • jesse

    Hey guys, This looks good! nice new layout, big list verse fan from the beginning , i believe i was mentioned in a list based on one of my questions a while ago, Thanks Jfrater for being so close to your fans, this site rocks, keep it going

  • monkey222

    Hello, Congrats on the change. Everything looks great. Keep up the good work.

  • gabi319

    hey cym! You don’t need to subscribe! WordPress already keeps track for you! Check out “My Account” drop down menu “My Comments”.

    Unless, of course, you simply want to subscribe so you have it in email as well…

    Jfrater, I’m really liking these new changes! :-)

  • cymraegbachgen87

    O cool! I’m liking that. But now I have to go and comment on all my fave lists again…o well. :)

  • cymraegbachgen87

    Definitely like the avatars jfrater!

  • Skylight

    Mr Frater sir!

    I have been an stealth fan of your site for just over a year now and I can tell you now that the changes you have made are just outsitanding.

    congratulations to you from Australia [from one of the awesome Australian servers :P]

  • Skylight

    ..unlike my spell checking behaviour..

  • corinthian0430

    :) lucky me I have the same UN on wordpress :p

    here’s to more cool lists! :D

  • Shifty

    #80 Boo – I didn’t really get it to “switch over”. I downloaded it again from my computer. WordPress made me crop the edges to make it square.

    I see your dogs but I could sure use a magnifying glass. You should post that picture in the forums.

  • snowwhyte

    I’ve been visiting lisverse daily for years, and am excited for the new changes!!!!!! Congrats to all who write and run this bitch! I am totally diggin’ it, man!

  • bettyboo56

    hey. i have been following listverse daily for months if not a year, and have never commented. so with the new changes i am going to begin commenting :D

    congratulations on the change xx

  • mikewell88

    Looks good Jamie. :)

  • Bl

    Thank you too, this is a great website.

  • Sense

    It looks great, good job JFrater :)

  • uglyduckling91


  • a’tuin

    have been reading the lists for many months new site looks great

  • Great, change is good!

  • Signe

    Congratulation on the move, JFrater, the new comment system looks really great..and I got to keep my username, so everything is perfect :-)

  • DanaJade

    Everything looks awesome JF. Only problem with moving things is that for some unknown reason, China has blocked this site. Using some proxy something or other to get around it, but it’s a pain in the butt.
    Youtube, I could deal/understand. Listverse? Why China, why? :(

  • wordpress is great!!


  • ringtailroxy

    congratulations to you, Jay Fray! and to all the loyal LVers over the past year… amazing how simply starting a cool website can amass such a following…just wait until the book is released…this site’s traffic is going to go thru the roof!

  • JK the Fifth

    Green Numbers add a nice touch. :D

    PS: The favicon is the wordpress icon.

  • Looking good.

  • zululand

    Thanks for all the hard work JF not forgetting Mom and Cyn – I hope this site goes from strenght to strenght.

  • deeeziner

    117–Good point.

    Thanks to our oft unmentioned admins too.

    Mom, Cyn and Dan –thanks for all the help you have provided to me as a member, and the hard work you all do for the site as well.

  • I am blown away by the comments today – thank you all – it makes the effort worthwhile! In the morning I will respond to some of the questions posted but right now I am exhausted (it is nearly 3am).

    One thing I do need to mention immdiately is that list subscriptions should function soon – wordpress VIP is working on importing all of the old ones. I will give an update on that tomorrow.

  • oh – there should be no missing comments – I specifically checked to make sure that the comments here matched the old site before launch. I will investigate tomorrow just in case though

  • zululand

    Thanks 118 I think they deserve credit to – Ive had to change my username to fit into the new system – I have been on this site for quite some time now and am glad you could retain your name.

  • Sue

    congrats! i’m glad there won’t be anymore sever issues- not being able to access the site was lame as hell- especially when you do it every day!
    i love this site- i learn cool stuff everyday, and often the comments are amusing as well. keep up the good work!

  • mike

    its great to see how far this site came. i remember the earliest version, and it amazes me how far it went.

  • elledeshabille

    Always getting better and better!
    I stumbled across listverse about two years ago while pulling an all nighter… a staple ever since.
    Thanks JFrater, I love it.

  • frushka

    Hey, you’re back. I thought 2-3 hours was turning into 2-3 days. Congratulations!

  • archangel

    You’re welcome!

    It loads so much faster now! (Australian)… tis awesome Jfrat! Thanks for all the hard work, and the new site is really much appreciated.

  • CK2005

    yay :D
    nice changes, and nice lists recently!

  • DJ

    Good luck with the new site! Now maybe you’ll find some time to edit lists before publishing them to take out the plethora of spelling and grammar errors in almost every single one of them ;)

  • crimanon

    My eyes almost fell out of my head when I saw the new comments, needs getting used to. My gravatar is awesome too.

  • Gnote

    This all sounds pretty good, but one key addition would be terrific.

    And that would be Hot Lesbian Action ;-)

  • tremblingfingers

    My friends and I here in Indonesia love the new platform. Congrats Jamie. Congrats Listverse.

  • Love the new Listverse! :)

  • Tropical

    Wow, liking the changes. Good work, oh and jfrater cant you make your name appear a different colour like before. it makes it easier to see when an admin or yourself makes a comment. Other than that neat work!

  • Looser

    Jfrater! congrats! hope you continue with the site for a LOOOOONG!

  • BooRadley

    I changed my gravatar again, I’m just testing to see if it posts.

    Again, thanks, Jamie!

  • Bubbles

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  • atheists eat fish

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  • erikasoup

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  • mixglorioso

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  • Shameem

    From Mauritius, a tiny tropical island lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, congrats for the move Jamie… Keep up the good work mate.

  • timmar68

    I love this site! When I stumbled on it I spent days reading the whole thing.
    Is the book full of new lists or is it the lists here in book form? If so, are comments included?

  • hyla02

    The troubles were worth it for some fabulous lists. Can’t wait to see what’s to come!!

  • Tio

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  • jwjwbean

    Loads fast. Looks great. Congrats on the big move going well. :)

  • deyey

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  • thesuntoucher

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  • Wilkeh

    The site is now blocked at work :(

  • nuriko

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  • psychosurfer

    Congratulations from Mexico!

  • btz563

    How can I register I can’t get wordpress to respond

  • btz563

    been reading these lists almost from the begining and love it

  • btz563

    I have worked out what I was doing wrong and I am now registed so please ignore 150

  • Darth Vader wannabe

    YEAH first i found a website that stole a listverse list… It’s becoming famous

  • TEX

    test test testing

  • Woo Hoo!! my first posted comment using the new server!! I like the revamp!! This is still one of my favorite sites to visit daily- even though I didn’t have too many problems before you fixed things. Who knows, I might start leaving more comments!! haha I like the gravatars too!! bye jaime!!

  • Noodle The Cat

    Thanks for using a logo that you didn’t pay a bunch for. Van Gogh never made any money on his work. Price does not equal quality. Also, the new logo looks good.

  • backlashed


  • Tropical

    Wooooo, its the Hamster…top gear is officially the greatest show ever!

  • Lifeschool

    Hey, after waiting and checking for nearly a week, my browser finally kicked in with the new LV today. I wonder what happened; since everybody else seems to be on here already.? Glad to see everything looking as before.

    I’ve registered with WordPress as you can see, but was unable to get my own icon working either through Firefox or IE5. Will try again tomorrow perhaps.

  • Lifeschool

    Ahh, as you can see, I fixed my avatar issue. For some reason a window came up with ‘close this if the window doesn’t close automatically’ – which then froze and stayed that way (forever; and then some). At this point, I typed in into the address bar – and it worked.

    Must have been the way my Firefox is set up or something.

  • GTT

    Testing to see if my avatar is working (been trying to upload the darn thing for a while)…

  • mdoorkeeper

    A few weeks ago, I noticed that my listverse widget wasn’t working. Finally got around to investigating. WOW!!!!!! Niiiiiice! …but…can I have my widget back? Puhleeze!

  • Voltron

    Hey jfrater, any news about the missing comments?

  • mdoorkeeper: the widgets are now working again.

    Voltron: I can’t find any missing comments – the ones here matched the ones on the old site exactly. Can you be more specific about where they are missing from or who wrote them?

  • Voltron

    I’m talking about the comments on Top 10 Myths about Cannabis.

    They were up to about 815 before the update I think, and the most recent 30 or so seem to have disappeared. They were written by by me, Limarki, TexasFlood, and a couple other people I think. There are some comments by them and me still there, but there were more.

    The last comment posted by me that did not go missing started with:

    772 Voltron
    May 2nd, 2009 at 12:46 pm

    “Thats funny, I was halfway done…”

    Maybe somehow I’m just not seing the comments for some reason?

    And also, I can see all new comments posted since the update.

  • ahmad

    unfortunately moving to wordpress servers resulted in the website being blocked in china :(

  • ndg

    Love the new site! Looks great and I’m glad it takes less work for you, jfrater. I was feeling guilty when I read about the amount of work it took you to put a list out. Everyone at work looks forward to a new list.

    The only complaint I have (which I don’t think you can do anything about)arethe “infolinks” – seemingly random underlining of words that then hyperlink to an ad. I don’t at all mind the ads – I’m glad you’re getting financial support and hope one day you can do this full time if you’re not already – but the double green underlining takes a bit of getting used to and I keep thinking they’re the important parts of the post! Contributors’ contributions don’t ‘flow’ as well as they ought.

    Anyway, thanks for the hard work, for staying with it (and not ‘blog-fading’) and providing us all with excellent reading material – this is the only blog I read regularly!

  • linda

    awww we love you guys even if you do screw up the entire site every now and then :)

  • Mor

    I have to say that I've been reading the top 10 lists and have been disappointed by the quality, finding them significantly less well-written, researched and balanced than they were in the previous version. Also, the issue of an unresponsive script on listverse pages doesn't seem to have stopped.

  • Tenzing

    I really am very much glad to had founded such a mervolous site as listverse!It’s very imformative and beside this it’s really to hang out with….

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