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10 More Utterly Disgusting Foods

[WARNING: Some content may disturb] We have previously posted a list of the top 10 most disgusting foods and this is our long awaited sequel. We certainly can’t deny that in the West we eat some pretty awful stuff (such as sea urchin and tripe), and this list includes a couple of our own “delights”. For that reason it is probably more balanced than the previous list which focused less on western foods. The thing that most frightens me is that this list is how easy it was to find another ten utterly revolting things that people eat.




Escamoles are the larvae of ants of the genus Liometopum, harvested from the roots of the agave (tequila) or maguey (mezcal) plant in Mexico. In some forms of Mexican cuisine, escamoles are considered a delicacy and are sometimes referred to as “insect caviar”. They have a cottage cheese like consistency and taste buttery, yet slightly nutty. To procure the escamoles, men must dig as far as 2 feet down to reach a nest of larvae. One larvae collector said: “Some of the hunters have a man with a broom who sweeps the ants off their bodies while they’re digging. I have heard that others spread their bodies with pork fat so the ants can’t bite.” It should be noted that the ant’s bite is extremely painful – so gathering the eggs is something of an “extreme” job.




Lutefisk is a traditional dish of the Nordic countries made from stockfish (air-dried whitefish) or dried/salted whitefish (klippfisk) and soda lye (lut). Its name literally means “lye fish”, because it is made using caustic lye soda derived from potash minerals. Because of the lye content, overcooking can cause the fish to turn to soap. When cooking and eating lutefisk, it is important to clean the lutefisk and its residue off pans, plates, and utensils immediately. Lutefisk left overnight becomes nearly impossible to remove (imagine what this is doing to your insides). Lutefisk is usually served with a variety of side dishes, including, but not limited to, bacon, green peas, green pea stew, potatoes, lefse, gravy, mashed rutabaga, white sauce, melted or clarified butter, syrup, geitost (goat cheese), or “old” cheese (gammelost). The scandanavians are so good at making nasty smelling or tasting food that they get two items on this list:




Surströmming is fermented tinned fish which is so foul that it is mostly eaten outdoors due to the stench. It is sold in cans, which often bulge during shipping and storage, due to the continued fermentation. Species of Haloanaerobium bacteria are responsible for the in-can ripening. These bacteria produce carbon dioxide and a number of compounds that account for the unique odor: pungent (propionic acid), rotten-egg (hydrogen sulfide), rancid-butter (butyric acid), and vinegary (acetic acid). Usually an open sandwich is made with surströmming and a number of other ingredients. Boiled potatoes (often mandelpotatis or almond potatoes) are common, as are diced onion. Other common ingredients are gräddfil (fat fermented milk/sour cream) or crème fraîche, chives and sometimes tomato. Many people do not care for surströmming (surprise surprise), and it is generally considered to be an acquired taste.



777Px-Bowl Of Kumis.Jpg

This is actually a drink, but it is sufficiently disgusting (and nutritional enough) to be included here. Kumis is a dairy product made from the fermented milk of a female horse. Because mare’s milk contains more sugars than the fermented cow’s or goat’s milk, kumis has a higher, though still mild, alcohol content. Kumis is made by fermenting mare’s milk over the course of hours or days, often while stirring or churning. (The physical agitation has similarities to making butter). During the fermentation, Lactobacilli bacteria acidify the milk, and yeasts turn it into a carbonated and mildly alcoholic drink – basically fizzy mouldy horse milk. One other property of this revolting drink is that it has a laxative effect. In other words, it makes you poo.


Century Egg

Century Egg Sliced Open

How I missed this on the first list I do not know, but here it is (at last) to haunt your dreams. Century egg is a Chinese cuisine ingredient made by preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, lime, and rice straw for several weeks to several months, depending on the method of processing. After the process is completed, the yolk becomes a dark green, cream-like substance with a strong odor of sulphur and ammonia (AKA farts or rotten egg), while the white becomes a dark brown, transparent jelly with little flavor or taste. Century eggs can be eaten without further preparation, on their own as a side dish or chopped and used as an ingredient. But whichever way you look at it – you are still eating rotten egg.


Human Placenta

350Px-Human Placenta Baby Side

I was in two minds about adding this item, but it is definitely eaten by enough people that it has its own name: placentophagy so here it is. Those who advocate placentophagy in humans, mostly in modern America and Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, China, and the Pacific Islands, believe that eating the placenta prevents postpartum depression and other pregnancy complications. A variety of recipes are known to exist for preparing placenta for eating in spite of the extended taboo against eating human body parts. Because a placenta is a temporary organ, it is considered by some to be excluded from the classification needed for cannibalism. Here is just one recipe I found on the Internet for placenta – it is a placenta cocktail: 1/4 cup raw placenta, 8oz V-8 juice, 2 ice cubes, 1/2 cup carrot. Blend at high speed for 10 seconds and drink. Or not.


Raw Blood Soup


Raw blood soup (ti?t canh in Vietnamese) is a dish made with raw blood of ducks or geese (sometimes pigs), with peanuts and herbs on top. This is the typical protein-rich breakfast of the country people in Northern Vietnam, but is very dangerous because of the H5N1 bird flu virus. This is made by taking fresh blood and sticking it in the fridge to gently congeal. Raw blood soup is a Vietnamese dish which is usually consumed while drinking alcohol and it is one that makes very little effort appeal to the taste buds of the non-Vietnamese diner. Usually you will find a few chopped peanuts scattered on top of your blood but that’s as far as it goes for fanciness. Blood soup has the oddest texture and tastes strangely metallic. [Image source]


Corn Smut


What a name! And if that isn’t bad enough, wait until you hear what this stuff is: corn smut is a disease of maize which can infect any part of the plant it usually enters the ovaries and replaces the normal kernels of the cobs with large distorted tumors analogous to mushrooms. In the United States it is (rightly) considered a pest. In Mexico… it is a delicacy. In Mexico corn smut is called huitlacoche, a Nahuatl word reportedly meaning raven’s poo. It is considered a delicacy, even being preserved and sold for a higher price than corn. For culinary use, the galls are harvested while still immature — fully mature galls are dry and almost entirely spore-filled. The immature galls, gathered two to three weeks after an ear of corn is infected, still retain moisture and, when cooked, have a flavor described as mushroom-like, sweet, savory, woody, and earthy. This “delicacy” has had difficulty entering American and European diets – for obvious reasons!


Scorpion Soup

Cooking Insects Scorpionsoup

Scorpion soup – as its name implies, is a soup made from scorpions. Preparing and eating scorpion soup can be a dangerous task as Wing Li from China recently discovered when he was stung by three as he tried to throw them in the pot. He was making the soup to help ease his rheumatism. Scorpions are eaten in the south of China. They are reared in ‘ranches’, mostly in people’s homes, then sold in the markets. Scorpions have a woody taste and should be eaten whole, except for the tip of the tail – though some recipes suggest that the venom in the tail is rendered harmless by cooking. Either way – I think I will stick to chicken soup thanks.


Casu Marzu


This cheese is so disgusting it is illegal – but that doesn’t stop the blackmarket from selling tons of the stuff to locals. Casu Marzu is a traditional Sardinian sheep milk cheese, notable for being riddled with live insect larvae. Derived from Pecorino, Casu marzu goes beyond typical fermentation to a stage most would consider decomposition, brought about by the digestive action of the larvae of the cheese fly Piophila casei. These larvae are deliberately introduced to the cheese, promoting an advanced level of fermentation and breaking down of the cheese’s fats. The texture of the cheese becomes very soft, with some liquid seeping out. Casu marzu is considered toxic when the maggots in the cheese have died. Because of this, only cheese in which the maggots are still alive is eaten. Because the larvae in the cheese can launch themselves for distances up to 15 centimeters (6 in) when disturbed, diners hold their hands above the sandwich to prevent the maggots from leaping into their eyes. If a diner is not careful to chew the maggots until they are dead, dire consequences can arise: the larvae (which are resistant to stomach acids) have powerful mouthhooks which can lacerate stomach linings or intestinal walls as the maggots attempt to bore through internal organs.


Human Fetus


This is listed as a bonus because it is disputed and even if true, is not common or accepted anywhere in the world. We have all heard the xenophobic tales of Chinese people eating fetuses. This is almost certainly untrue. However, a series of photos were released onto the internet which showed a Chinese man eating a human fetus. It turned out that he was an artist and the photographic series was one of his works of art – entitled “Eating People” (another recent work was a can of human brains). When questioned, the artist (Zhu Yu) claimed that the fetuses were real human fetuses stolen from a medical school. Snopes believes the fetus is a doll’s head attached to a duck’s body. Whether they are real or not, the photograph above is somewhat disturbing!

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  • apepper

    Yuck! Glad I'm veggie.

    • what's wrong with liking meat?
      either way you are eating living organism…

      • triploblast

        Yeah, but plants don't feel pain or fear when you kill them and chop them up.

        For the record I'm not a vegetarian, but I understand perfectly why eating animals is disturbing to many people. Heck, it's disturbing to me if I think about it for too long.

        • RR

          Certain plants emit a low-frequency sound when they are cut or pulled from the ground as a result of the trauma. This is considered by some scientists to be evidence of a kind of ‘plant pain’. I’m just sayin’.

          • Airivore

            yep, so we should all just drink water until we die of malnutrition because water can’t feel pain right?

          • Wasser

            @Airivore Drinking water you are killing bacteria, you murderer… :/

        • PictureTheScene

          People who are disturbed by eating animals have massive problems. I can’t describe how DUMB you have to be (unless its for a diet etc). I have friend vegetarians but they think its fine for people to eat meat, they just don’t want to. That’s ok (but still kinda weird). But why do you feel sorry if they feel ‘pain’ or ‘fear’? Does the rhino that rams you feel sorry? Do lions feel sorry for the deer that they eat? NO! Its part of life! We are on top of the food chain and should be proud and thankful! I like animals but killing certain ones is a must. Or maybe only for the strong, since there are many wusses.

          • Onlythistime

            And killing weak innocent lives who can do nothing to you makes you strong, sick stupid??? I am not against non-veg diets but your sick, sadistic idea that you can take weak innocent lives because you sick sadistic fuc.king ba.stard thinks you are strong.. Go and rot in hell sick coward..

    • Napoleon666


    • Josh

      yes go against your biological nature. Because all other species on earth do not eat meat for its vital nutrients because of sympathy. Vegan logic is nearly non existent

  • Karl

    IWWWW. Eating fetuses is MURDER & CANNIBALISM. This is one reason why abortion should be banned. People will probably eat fetuses when abortion is made legal.

    • CB Rodriguez

      oh god, here comes the crazy pro-lifer!

      • redwolfblack

        if you can live with killing a child thats fine by me……..

        • s

          You can live with ruining lives? I bet you’re a man.

    • Anon

      Hilarious… abortion is legal in many places, and I don’t see any of those fetuses getting eaten. Get your head out of the sand and grow up. Life is unfair.

    • Rafa

      So there’s more child slavery than ever before, even if they kill themselves its not murder. These monsters are getting away with it. Apparently we are better adapted to stuffing ourselves with human flesh than we are with pork which makes us sick…

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    My family eats lutefisk a lot! And when I was little I would hide in my room to avoid the stench. I thought it soooo unfair that the grown-ups could eat lutefisk inside while I was not allowed to eat stockfish inside even though I think lutefisk smells way worse (and it doesn’t taste too good either. Even my mother admitted most people eat it so they can smother it in bacon!). Today I eat boknafish while they have lutefish. It’s also stockfish only with much more salty taste and boiled without any lye beforehand. Thank god!

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    As a Dane I just have to add that we don’t eat neither lutefisk nor surströmming here. Only the Swedes and the Norwegians are crazy enough to do that… :-)
    No. 1 is just disgusting. If the food can leap into your eyes that would be a good sign not to eat it.

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    Personally the placenta turned my stomach the most. Id eat scorpion soup everyday so long as i never saw a placenta, let alone eat one.

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    Maybe not, but it is legal where I come from, so is Karl insinuating that we eat fetuses purely because it is legal to remove them?

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    Oh my word! This has got to be the most disgusting list EVER! I am feeling so nauseous right now. Thanks a lot JFray! Think I might skip lunch today…

    Listverse rules :-)

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    @Princess Loocyfer (32): No, I think he is in fact insinuating that people will eat fetuses when (if) abortion is made legal where he is.

    Now, unless you have the alactricity and arrogance to make an assumption on where he’s from…

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    I don’t care where he’s from to be honest. I don’t think making assumptions that people would eat fetuses is very fair is all. Saying that people who either aren’t allowed abortions; such as those in certain parts of Africa who those who don’t have access to the technology, such as tribes in the Amazon for example; would eat their own fetuses is demeaning and unfair. I’m just wondering where he’s getting these assumptions from is all, I wasn’t trying to critisise where he came from.

  • Mark

    @Princess Loocyfer (36): You were quite condesceding for one who doesn’t judge. Not to mention that you assume that poor people can’t get abortions… But he’s the one being demeaning, right?

  • spidermonkey

    Bleehhh, nasty! A few years ago my boyfriend’s cousin and his (now ex) girlfriend went to Mongolia. They stayed with a noamdic family in a tent for a week or so. Breakfast was curdled dri’s (the female yak) milk and if that isn’t gross enough for you they make an alcoholic drink from the milk too. Unsurprisingly it was disgusting.

  • liamd95

    Great list again jfrater! well done :D

  • teacherman

    Great list, but since the bonus is a hoax, it doesn’t need to be on here. We don’t go for the shock value.

  • nuriko

    Century eggs taste really good! Is the bonus item for real? Or hoax?

  • @teacherman (41): the bonus isn’t a hoax – it is an “art work” which the artist claims is real. The dispute over that is the reason it is a bonus item :)

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    i dunno. i wouldnt mind half o the stuff discussed here. I mean there should be a reason they are considered delicacies right?

    jfarter(40): great name

  • nokitome

    Raw blood soup (Ti?t canh) is really delicious :D. I’m not a guy but I like it still, lolz. Many other girls and women, even children like it, too :D. Try it out and you won’t be disappointed!

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  • hillerious

    3 Things:

    1. Back when I stocked groceries for a living (great exercise, btw), one night, I was “throwing” aisle 6, the soup and canned fish aisle. One case of tuna was letting off a disagreeable odor, but it wasn’t the sort of thing you would notice when you were trying to stock 200 cases an hour- which is why no one else in the chain of getting that case to that aisle noticed it. Well, I did, and doubly once it was opened. A plain brown box on the outside, it was filled with 48 cans of tuna, and about 4,000 squirming maggots. Best part? I was made to wash off and stock the “undamaged” cans. So, yeah… haven’t eaten canned tuna in about four years, now. #8 reminded me of this.

    2. Growing up on a Dairy Goat farm, every doe that made it through kidding season ate her own placenta. I assume other farm animals are the same. When I heard some women eat theirs (while I was pregnant, natch), I was less than surprised. If it were offered, I would definitely try it, but only if it were mine. Quick: is that more or less disgusting?

    3. Read a description of Cuitlacoche in volume 7 of “Steve, Don’t Eat It!”: You will have fewer regrets than he does…

  • hillerious

    Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going back to dredging perfectly healthy vegetables in flour and soda water, then soaking them in hot oil for a couple minutes… Yeah, that’s not disgusting (or delicious, honest.)

  • rubyserpent

    I’m not speaking for other foods but I’ve been eating Century Egg all my life. Although I understand to those who’s never seen it would think it looks disgusting. (Spare a thought about yoghurt, it is, afterall bacterial fermentation of milk)

    Have a try at that one day! You can find it in most asian supermarkets and it’s for a reasonable price. The Whites (or black in this case) taste like jelly and the yolk is beautiful (despite the appearance), dip it in soy and eat it with plain congee and it’s delicious!

    Actually I’m surprised at the preperation of the egg beforehand. Rule of thumb is not to question the food when eating in China. Ignorance is bliss afterall.

  • tripsyman

    Gross list – so i naturally loved it. I could handle reading most but number 5 (placenta), that is just wrong in every way man. I think I will stick to my baked bean sarnies :)

  • portal

    Century Eggs are delicacies in the chinese society.

  • cn9800

    I grew up eating Vietnamese Blood soup. The picture that this list posted makes it seem rudimentary. It mostly looks like jello with herbs in it. They also have chopped up duck intestines or meat in the blood. It’s eaten with lemon to combat the metallic taste. I would eat it again. It’s not that bad. I would say that I grew with the century egg and it is an aquired taste. But none of the stuff would make you sick like eating the Casu Marzu.

  • Swede

    Nice that u got the ö and ä at the surströmming part. I live in Sweden, and I’m glad I never have eaten that extremly disgusting fish.

  • rushfan

    Wow. Just wow. And why? Why?

    “…the larvae in the cheese can launch themselves…” Wtf?

    I don’t even like when people eat CornNuts around me!

  • steeveedee

    Hey JFrater!
    Do you watch “Bizarre Foods” with Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel? He goes around the world eating, well, bizarre foods. (actually, it’s more “bizarre things people eat” rather than “food”). Anyway, he’s eaten a lot of the things you list. Century eggs, lutefisk, blood soup, scorpions…you should see some of the stuff he eats! Penises and testicles of just about any animal, almost any bug (even roaches and spiders), rotten shark, eyeballs, bats, guinea pigs, armadillos… It’s amazing what people grow accustomed to eating, and consider a delicacy!

    Needless to say, I love the show. Check it out:

    By the way, ever hear of Scrapple? Next time you’re in the Philly area, have yourself some, with eggs! Mmmmm, pig scraps!

  • That Guy From Pennsylvania

    I suspect that a co-worker has been eating century eggs for years due to the unholy stench in the lunchroom every morning.

  • missmozell

    For more prosaic ‘I can’t believe someone would actually eat that what were they smoking when they dreamed this up this is what happens when you have too much spare time and access to a kitchen and fatty foods’ type dishes, try visiting

    I swear, you can raise your cholesterol level just by looking at that site. The most amazing thing is that someone, somewhere must’ve eaten at least one of each of the exhibits at some time. Ah, well… There are a lot of drunks out there in the world…

  • Ernmas

    Great list. One question, though, why was it stated that it was strange that Raw Blood Soup tastes metallic? Whenever I get a cut and suck the blood away there is a metallic taste.

  • Swede

    @54, Swede: Hey, you nicked my nick, Swede! I guess I should have picked something less generic… Anyway, this Swede has eaten both surströmming and lutefisk, but is not particularly fond of them. They both come from primitive, yet efficient, yet not very tasty methods of food preservation used in the days before freezers, canning and so on.

  • Tonio

    the things i learn from this site will haunt me forever…

  • Swede

    One other thing: In France you can get arrested for carrying a can of surströmming on a train or bus. Happened to a Swedish tourist a couple of years ago. It seems the smell can actually kill a Frenchman, especially if he is some kind of a gourmet.

  • Nicosia

    Dude… Nasty food, nasty torture devices, nasty bizarre deaths… Listverse has officially made me nauseated several times this week.

    btw- I am pretty sure from the looks of it, that bonus is fake. If it isn’t, I am sure there is a special place in hell reserved for that guy. Effing sick!

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    Inspirational for those who want to lose weight. :)
    Cool list, jfrater!

    @rushfan (55): That was funny. But I agree. “Launching maggots”….I don’t know about you but just a hand in front of my face wouldn’t do. I would be wearing a full face mask like those that riot policemen wear.

  • DiscHuker

    interesting reading this whilst i am eating pizza rolls. each time i bite into one i am hoping that the filling is the chopped peperoni, cheese and sauce as described on the box. but in seeing some of these pics, i begin to wonder.

  • Wyldcat

    Holy crap. #1 is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever read. And I’ve read all of the bizarre lists on this wonderful site.

    And the bonus- what come people consider art… Wow.

    Those things being said, great list from an informational standpoint. Your site continues to “illuminate the mind and dazzle the eye”, as George Castanza would say. Keep up the awesome work, it’s truly appreciated.

  • GMB

    One fine day, I was diving for lobsters and abalone with my dad, my sister and her friend off a beach just south of Batemans Bay in the state of New South Wales, a part of the country known as Australia.

    Off this beach, there is a rock known (at least to my family) as ‘Flat Rock’ for reasons that should be very clear. It’s a rock. It’s fairly flat (although when you’re on the rock itself you’ll find there are some fairly sharp bits, so be careful).

    In any case, Dad, my sister, her friend and yours truly found ourselves on Flat Rock one day resting in the middle of a dive and all of a sudden there appears on this rock a man and a young girl (who I can only assume was his daughter). The man holds a bag full of sea urchins. My father, being a man of questions and interest of things unknown to him, asks this man (I remember thinking that this man was a Maori, even though we were on the south-east coast of Australia – I could have been incredibly wrong in this assumption and for that I am sorry, but that’s not the point of my story) why he had a bag full of sea urchins.

    A few minutes later saw me and the three other people in my party eating the roe from a freshly caught and freshly opened sea urchin on Flat Rock. Granted, this was the only time I’ve tried sea urchin roe (and I didn’t really have that much, just some yellowy-orange substance scooped between index finger and thumb), but I remember a rather tasty experience, the flavour and texture of blended prawns (it tasted a lot better than it sounds). But it’s been many years since then – I’ll guess seven or eight – and I don’t know how my taste of palette has changed in the years since. Trying it again, I may hate it. I’ve learnt to hate cucumber in the years since.

    I’ve not read this list yet, but I will in a few minutes (to be honest, I’m just responding to the “We certainly can’t deny that in the West we eat some pretty awful stuff (such as sea urchin and tripe)” comment by JFrater here [btw – in my younger and more vulnerable years I’ll admit that I quite liked tripe, especially in a yum cha context]) and if I see fit to comment further, post list reading, then I will (although most of you will probably be begging me to STFU right about now). I guess I just wanted to share that humid, yet overcast day out a flat rock where some guy offered my Dad, my sister, her friend and I sea urchin roe. And I liked it. I really did.

  • callie19

    You know, once I saw number 5 I thought “what can be worse than eating placenta?”

    ….and now I know.

  • jake ryder

    Okay i was eating breakfast here.

    I have travelled and eaten some bizarre things but these are way more disturbing. Still in Mexico I had some dish that was a small rodent aparently boiled and wrapped in a material that resembled an old sock. Totally inedible, unfortunately I didn’t catch the name of this dish. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

  • sizzlingsquid

    daymmn. eating human body parts in any form is just sick!

  • Shameem

    Bombay Duck… is in fact dried fish that smells like sweaty socks or a rotting corpse. Acquired taste, I hate it while my parents love it.

  • Pyderz

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    the cheese one doesnt look half as bad a Blood Soup.

  • erikasoup

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    nice job again listverse

  • Gauldar

    I wonder how many women in labour at the hospital ask the doctor/nurse “Please don’t throw out my placenta, I want to drink it later”.

  • Amy

    I think blood tastes metallic due to the iron in our blood. Seriously. :-)

  • Gauldar

    @ GMB

    Sushi restaurants will serve that stuff if it is in season, they call it uni.

  • corinthian0430

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    For those who don’t know- soup #5 is made from…. bull’s testicles

  • amanda

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    great list!

  • Trapper439

    When I read the line “Kumis is a dairy product made from the fermented milk of a female horse”, for a split-second I found myself wondering what they call the fermented milk of a male horse…

    Great list. I was completely unaware that people eat placenta.

  • Bert

    You could have added yet one more Scandinavian item. In Iceland there is a “delicacy” called hakarl (please forgive my spelling) which is essentially raw shark buried underground and allowed to ferment. It is, by many accounts thoroughly revolting.

  • timmar68

    Sometimes ignorance IS bliss. When I was a young girl I was at a restaurant and the grownups were eating something that looked good. They let me try it. I loved it and had a big plate of it. I was almost done with it whe they told me it was octopus. I refused to eat more, even when they kept reminding me that I loved it under a minute earlier.
    I know octopus is more accepted than the foods on this list, but keep in mind this was over 30 years ago when it wasn’t as accepted, and that fact that I was a little girl.

  • Kay

    I’m reading a book right now called stiff and it talked about that people eat their own placenta or whatever. It also talked about whether in china they ate feutises or not. So the placenta one didn’t surprise me.

  • Peter Breen

    The most Bizzare meal I have ever come accross is a raw baby ell soup where the baby eels are placed in a large bowl neXt to A Block of Tofu and then boiling broth is poured in to the bowl, the baby eels borow in the tofu block to escape the heat and are cooked alive in the tofu block, which is then consumed baby ells and all cooked to perfection yum

  • b

    ugggg way too early for this list….but still disgustingly good!

  • Tony

    Number 4 on the list is also know as Vietnamese pizza FYI.

  • peri1020

    There goes my appetite…thanks for helping me keep to my diet, Jamie.

  • Bathturd

    Thanks a lot!! Now I’m starving!!!

  • Lifeschool

    Good Day to all. “Delicacy: something pleasing to eat that is considered rare or luxurious.” …Is that a fact? Well, perhaps there are words that would sum up these ‘dishes’ more appropriately.

    Mankind has survived all these millions of years due to one major fact – we can eat anything – barks, roots, bulbs, flowers; all of which taste a helluva lot nicer than these putrid anathemas. I WAS going to dish up an omlette, but the prospect of it is now as appealing as raw chopped liver on cocktail sticks.

    Way to go – :(

  • Looser

    OH DONT MIND ME! I’ll just puke in the corner.

  • Looser

    The human placenta one was weird though cuz Joel Stein wrote an essay about his wife doing that in TIME

    • Jay

      I wrote a paper on Placentophagia at University. It's supposed to be delicious. Hospitals normally have lots of placentas. They sell these to shampoo companies. Yes, many shampoos contain human placenta and that's what you're rubbing into your scalp.

  • muzli

    In my part of the world caviar is considered utterly disgsuting. So, each one to himself.

  • Looser

    @Mark (37): this argument is ridiculous.

  • Chineapplepunk

    Bleurgh, and People around me call cheese and pickle on waffles weird…

  • Hiawatha

    In some religions, such as Christianity and Judaism, eating blood is considered a sin. Perhaps that explains the rarity of blood-based dishes in America (and other countries that have a majority of those religions.)

    Great list, by the way.

  • Jay Poe

    So New Zealand moved 30cm (12 inches) closer to Australia from the earthquake last week.

  • acidincense27

    I feel like I’ve finally found something delicious to eat for dinner tonight!

  • Kennoth

    Absolutely disgusting. However, item no. 10 is actually bearable, and there is a potential for them to be tasty, especially if you don’t know what it is.

    The rest of the items on the list – disgusting

    And the no. 1 item is actually quite famous, and I don’t think it’s illegal either since I’ve seen a documentary about it on TV, how it was eaten on some wedding celebration in Sardinia

  • Marcus

    Yum… anyone for more fetus?

  • Blacknimbus

    I was sure natto would be on this list.


    Hi there!


    And it can be easily uograded. I’ve heard from some people (I just can’t remember where), who manage to make a bread of cockroaches. Yes, you read well, COCKROACHES!

    And what about the natives in Brazil/Venezuela who eat roasted tarantulas…

  • Jay Poe

    What about monkey brains from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?

  • Eleutheria

    Awesome list, although I must admit to constantly muttering “Listverse you bastards” under my breath the whole time.

  • hav

    ick #9 is so gross. one question though: can eating century egg make you sick?

  • Becca

    I would honestly love to know how anyone could eat the maggot-cheese. And “Century Egg” is a cool sounding name. =D

  • Lynny

    The photo of a man eating the infant is untrue. Here’s the Snopes link.

  • Jay Poe

    @Lynny (106): Jfrater mentiones in the list that Snopes already denied this as being true.

  • plow22

    hey I know someone mentioned it earlier but the corn smut article on steve don’t eat it is very funny so follow her link.

  • Bunbunbunbun`

    My chinese boyfriend’s cousin’s husband’s grandmother apparently used to eat stillborn fetuses…

    Obviously, I can’t vouch for it’s truthfullness, but I wouldn’t doubt it XD

  • luismenort

    @jake ryder (70): Dude, I’m from Mexico, and never heard of anything like you described, Where in Mexico were you exactly?

  • mel061970

    Nice….so much for having lunch today!

  • reyairia

    My mom has eaten escamoles, she said they were delicious.

  • luismenort

    I don’t know if you get sick all of the times you eat century eggs, but I work with vietnamese people (I’m an accountant at a farm business) here in Mexico, and one of the vietnameses told me he got diarrhea from eating these eggs. Another guy told me he got sick from eating crocodile (They cook crocodile for very special ocasions).
    Yeah, I know, Vietnamese can cook and eat any animal, so whenever they kindly invite me of what they are eating, I just say “Thanks, I just had lunch”…
    I also wanted to say… Awesome list, JFrater!!

  • canuk97

    great list to read during breakfast, …. fantastic -_-

  • undaunted warrior

    Well done Jamie another one from the top shelf well done.

    Within the country I live in we have provinces ( like the US have states ) nd within these states you get a few of the older tribes – clans call them what you like, that still stick together they hunt and eat baboon, wild dog cats etc.

    Im a firm believer in live and let live, enjoy your meal no matter what, at the end of the day you would not have eaten it, if you did not enjoy it. !

  • insert name here

    how i love century eggs. it maybe looks weird but i dont think it’s disgusting.

  • Crazy-Jazz

    *throws up*

    Great list!

  • LB

    I don’t think eating your placenta is too crazy. Animals in nature do it all the time. However, I don’t think I could blend it and drink it raw with V8!

    Looser: I saw that article in Time Magazine too. There was a “placenta lady” that came to this couple’s house and cooked the freshly delivered placenta for them. She steamed it, freeze-dried it, and then packaged it in capsules so the new mom could take them like vitamins. I think that’s a great idea, and I’m totally down for doing that when I have my baby. :)

  • Mtatazela

    @That Guy From Pennsylvania (56):” I suspect that a co-worker has been eating century eggs for years due to the unholy stench in the lunchroom every morning”
    I suspect this is a universal problem. A while back I spend a year in London and used the underground daily .
    I’m sure thousands pommies eat this stuff!

  • vi6six

    In New Zealand we have a few ‘delicacies’

    HuHu grubs – Basicly a giant maggot found in rotten wood and eaten o’natural.

    Kina/Sea urchin – A spikey little bucket of fishy snot.

    Mutton Bird – Eaten a few different ways but the notable method is boiling the hatchlings and storing them juices and all in a kind of sea bladder. The fats cogeal and it becomes a preserve. Best buried for a few weeks prior to consumption.

    None of this food I’ll ever eat.

    The monkey brains thing is not an urban legend!

  • rankom

    ok..i’m sick now…

  • Limoncito

    I’ve eaten both Escamoles and Corn Smut. Insects are a big part of the diet here in Mexico and are usually heavily spiced and thus very palatable and full of protein and none of the chemicals and hormones you find in mammal flesh. Corn Smut/Huitlacoche is actually really tasty. It’s essentially just a fungus produced in a similar way to mushrooms so I don’t know if it merits even being on this list at all.

  • Glaukopis

    I had a co-worker once that was from Sardinia. He claimed that a delicacy there was basically horse sushi. That cheese is way more disgusting.

  • pestomama

    I can’t believe I have spent a large part of my morning reading about eating placenta and the socio-religious ramifications of same.

    Lovely list, J!

  • Thredith

    Wow, I think I’m feeling nauseous after this list… anyway and now that you mention it, the Kumis is not bad, or at least, not in the way you can buy it in my country Colmbia. It’s quite popular in fact… the taste is a little bit sour, sweet and somehow strong, and it’s texture is quite thick, like melted cheese. It’s not that bad, actually it’s like a plain yougurt… nothing out this world. The only thing that’s annoying is that after drinking it, you’ll need some mints for your breath.

  • ashleysweet

    oh wow…the first list of disgusting foods didn’t make me gag. This one however did. I was fine until the human placenta and blood soup came up. I had to keep swallowing to keep from puking. Great list! Perfect to get your squeamish friends with!

  • MartinL

    What a display of fiendish human ingenuity — and intestinal fortitude! Yeesh! I recall a movie from the early 80s, I think, called “White Dawn,” starring Warren Oates and Timothy Bottoms (and some other guy, I’ll look it up later) as shipwrecked whalers who live for a time among the Eskimos (or maybe Inuits). At one point they’re on a long trek in the frozen waste, and come upon a stone pile that at first I took as a food cache, because they were taking leathery dark stuff out and consuming it. Wrong-O. It was a cairn, and one of the aboriginal folk was lunching on something out of a human skull, a very old one.

    I have also understood that among the Native Americans of yore, a one hunter tracking a large animal over several days would sometimes consume that animal’s dung in order to keep himself going. (Human and animal excrement often contains a fair amount of unabsorbed nutrients.)

    My point of course is that if it means the difference between starving and living another day, humans will eat absolutely anything. That’s what omnivore means. We have very civilized notions and sensibilities, but all it takes is a plane crash in the Andes to see that, whatever it is, if it’s all you’ve got, it’s on the menu. So quit EWing and guffawing and reporting your need to hurl, and chow down, kids. The world is your McDonald’s. There are children starving in India. Want fries with ’em?

  • Ronna

    Ugh! Why would anyone want to eat that shit. GAG!!!

  • Pancho Villa

    I live in Mexico and I have tried escamoles (number 10) they are tasty but no so great. But huitlacoche (number 3) is absolutely delicious. It looks bad if you think about it, its black and smells like humid grass…but it tastes spectacular in a taco with some sauce and chili…wonderful indeed

  • random-voices

    my parents tried kumis…
    they said it’s pretty good actually
    i’m planning to try it as well xD

  • Kihtra

    ppl these days should get a life/


  • Meg

    Century eggs are delicious when topped on congee. :D

  • Darth Vader wannabe

    i have eaten lutefisk, to me it was like eatin gfish flavored jell-o

  • g

    well i was about to go eat lunch but nevermind
    a little more warning w/ the fetus pics next time please :)

  • baokhangluu

    1000 year old eggs are not any smellier or slimier than any normal hard boiled egg; the egg yolk actually tastes creamy; and the egg white has the consistency of agar and is slightly salted. I would not suggest eating them on their own, just like I wouldn’t sit down and eat an entire block of bleu cheese. 1000 year old eggs are actually quite good and would even be tasty for a Western palate. It can often be found in rice porridge aka (congee ( If you live somewhere that has a Chinatown or significant Asian population do a do a google searh for congee. If you are in NYC pay a visit to this New York Magazine Critic’s Pick, Congee Village Restaraunt(

  • Toemaytow

    Century eggs are really good xD

  • kia

    as I usually say, if its eaten somewhere in the world well LETS EAT

  • Enigma

    Is there anything the Chinese don’t eat?

  • Some very interesting points raised here, which has got me thinking!

  • Loudawalrus

    I tried Blood Soup…and it doesnt look like the picture shown here, it actaully has tons of toppings that nearly covers the blood itself…and the taste is basically blood and whatever the topping is.

  • NyappySavesTheWorld

    That’s is really disturbing!!
    but century old egg is not bad. I like it ^ ^ but w/e
    Fetus? That is just fucking disturbing!!!

  • Thang Bui

    After a first sign of Blood soup, non-Vietnamese people will feel unbelievable and totally disgusting. Some of those actually dont know what that meal is made from and try it, in fact, they dont realise it’s duck blood, they think it’s kind of Vietnamese pizza

    With Rotten eggs, many Asian people treat rotten eggs as a medicine for series of deseases: headache, heart failure,… but one thing is it’s extremmely easy to explode when boiling, and then you can imagine how terrible and unpleasant the smell is :) I smelled that before

    as cn9800 and Loudawalrus said, the Blood soup is not that bad like the picture which is raw blood has just been taken off into a small bowl. After chopping up duck (or pork) boiled liver and meat, they put them with special vegetable and herb into the bowl or plate. Then the blood is mixed up with used-to-boil-duck water and hardly stirred then immediately truck into the bowl of herb and meat. After few moments, all will be hardened and can be served with peanuts on top.

  • kofeelite

    I normally try anything twice..but this ish, i’ll pass…

  • Carrie

    This list makes for an excellent diet idea . Read it once a day in order to immediately lose your appetite.

  • LuzG

    I live in Mexico and also I think escamoles are good. If someone has the chance, try them. The corn smut or huitlacohe is really popular also, some people eat it in “quesadillas”.

  • Eva

    I’m Mexican and Escamoles and Corn Smut are great! Corn Smut is especially tasty and just reading it in your list made me hungry. =)

    Great list, as always.

  • @GMB (69): Maoris love sea urchin – so you are probably right. I haven’t tried it myself but my mother thought it was awful. I have tried tripe – in Rome, and that was okay. I have bought some to try cooking it the old fashioned English way with onions. Tripe tasted a little musty but that was about it.

  • @Hiawatha (96): eating blood is not considered a sin in Christianity – as Jesus said “it is not what goes in the mouth which is unclean, but that which comes out” (I am paraphrasing). Christians (except the minority cults like the Jehovah’s Witnesses) consider that Jesus abrogated the dietary laws of the Jews. Hence black pudding (made from pigs blood) being so popular in virtually all of Europe (which is mostly Christian).

  • @Jay Poe (97): Apparently so – pretty scary stuff. I didn’t feel it in the lower North Island but I believe we might be on a different fault line up here.

  • Randye009

    Wow, great disgusting list… I wish you would have left off the fetus picture though… I can’t show to the wife since we lost a preemie baby last year… I think that would upset her (and a lot of other people in the same boat)

  • DiscHuker

    i think the main problem with “corn smut” is the name.

  • @vi6six (121): hey – I am a kiwi too and I had no idea about that method of cooking muttonbirds – I might have to give that a try!

  • @Randye009 (151): I am sorry to hear that. At least the image is (most likely) a prop and not real.

  • Gabriel

    How about broccoli?
    That’s so disgusting… lol!

  • teacherguy2003

    Picture a cat throwing up in slow motion…
    that is kinda what i am doing right now after seeing that bonus picture

  • kayra
  • Rosa

    Good, disgusting list.
    I’m from Mexico, and we eat the blood when we kill a goat or a pig, but we cook it first, along with the liver, intestines, and a few other inside parts. It’s actually REALLY good, and I absolutely love it.

  • shaymm

    Im glad I ate lunch before reading this. I dont think I’ll be eating dinner. lol. And, honestly, I couldn’t read all of the way through on most of these because they are that disgusting.

  • Mabel

    I think that Chinese fetus-eating photo is a fake. I first saw that on Don’t ask why I was there; I’m not sure myself. ;)

    Surströmming – I think I saw this or something like it on that “Bizarre Foods” show with Andrew Zimmern. He will eat ANYTHING. Seriously!

    The grossest thing I ever ate was mountain oysters (testicles). They did not taste good at all, although a lot of people all over the world eat them and even enjoy them. No no no no no no no. Never again. I also don’t eat something if I don’t know what it is. If the person offering it to me doesn’t tell me, I won’t touch it. :P

  • deeeziner

    @DiscHuker (152):”i think the main problem with “corn smut” is the name.”

    The same can be said of “Porn smut” lol :)

    I’m a Navy brat with a Filipino step-mom. I would be greeted by some of the most obnoxious smells some days, as I left the schoolbus. And I’d think to myself, that smell is coming from MY house and I don’t want to go home.

    But home is where I had to go and I was always right about where the smell had come from. Then came the spoon/fork so I could “enjoy” some of the smelly stuff too. :(

    I’m not saying all Filipino food is gross, quite the opposite. So much of the menu is tasty I still have cravings as an adult, and have shared those dishes with MY kids, who enjoyed also.

    But the things that made THOSE smells were just terrible, and usually involved fish parts that the Americans usually throw away, pigs blood/intestines, or the baluts– and century eggs.

    I’m a rather picky eater as an adult.

  • deeeziner

    BTW–can anyone supply the name of the condiment popular in the far east that is in a jar, pink, and made of fermented shrimp? It usually came out of the fridge when the bottle of patis was used at the table.

  • Katt

    Kummis is just tasteless yogurt…
    it is a little sour but mostly sweet, I don’t find it particulary tasty, but it’s fine and a lot of people like it. I am from Colombia too and it is very common.
    but here it is done with cow milk.. and they add some yeast I thing to ferment it, nothing too gross, considering cake and many other bake products are made with the same yeast..

  • Katt

    @Mark (37): Mark, poor people can’t in fact, have abortions…
    and I don’t think she meant that, Princess Loocyfer
    probably meant that they don’t have the facilities to get them done, and I think that in Africa aids and malaria have a priority and abortions don’t seem to be as important.

  • GTT

    I love these lists! There´s nothing like the vague nausea you´re left with after you´re done! :)

    I had heard of most of these before and was not surprised with the casu marzu being in the #1 spot. I just cannot understand the whole experience… It has live, flying MAGGOTS that will jump at you (these people have to shield their eyes!) and have to be chewed carefully because otherwise they will latch on and bore through your intestines. What´s not to love??

    I cant even get into the other ones… Placenta? Raw blood? SCORPION SOUP? I need to go back and edit the “vague” part of my nausea statement….

  • astraya

    I sometimes wonder what goes through the mind of JFrater as he sits down at his computer in the morning. This week alone he has clocked up crazy diets, bizarre deaths, torture devices, mental disorders and disgusting food.
    Jamie, is there something you’re not telling us here?

  • jessi

    well, i had an abortion and im not rich. But i don’t think i would ever eat a fetus. thats really awful. and live maggots. my god!

  • katherinerf

    The placenta one does not bother me. Animals always eat their placentas after giving birth because it replenishes their energy and vitamins, increases milk supply, and defends the weakened mother against viruses and infections.

    Studies have shown a strong correlation between recovery time after pregnancy and eating placenta, and eating it has been very strongly shown to ward off postpartum depression.

    At least placenta eating is natural, harmless, and instinctual!

  • @astraya (166): Tomorrow’s list will be a little less macabre – promise :) I am definitely keeping no secrets!

  • John

    I like lutefisk a lot. It needs to be prepared right with some melted butter on it.

  • deeeziner

    @jfrater (169): So you say Jamie, but I still wonder who pooped in your cheerios.

  • Iakhovas

    My girlfriend is Norwegian and she tells me lutefisk is lovely. I always say I’ll try anything once, so I will give it a shot when I go over there, but no way am I ever eating a placenta!

  • Connie

    @deeeziner (162): If we are thinking about the same thing it is called bagoong [at least in the Philippines]. It’s good with rice. :p

  • bearsstar

    Century Egg is wonderful. Though I do know that most foreigners here in Taiwan think its awful (worse that Stinky tofu). I love century egg ^_^!

    However, nowadays we use chemical ingredients to make them. In ancient times, century egg was made by putting the eggs into horse urine. (thank god we don’t do that anymore!)

    The bonus picture is fake. The artist commented on the news here that he used piglet and duck parts for the shots.

  • Anonymous Girl London

    I saw a small segment on Casu Marzu years ago when I was little. I actually thought all cheeses were like that and was put of trying cheese for quite some time! XD

  • Anonymous Girl London

    Actually, I’m not sure if it was Casu Marzu or some other similar cheese. I’ll get back to you, maybe.

  • Anonymous Girl London

    It’s highly likely that is was Casu Marzu.

  • leelee

    i don’t know, seems to me that #7, kumis, might be the perfect diet drink. it’s gross so it diminishes your appetite, it makes you poo, and it makes you tipsy so you don’t care about your appetite or your poo.

    if it came in chocolate, it’d be perfect.

  • C

    Dear lord because of this list I have realized that the egg inside the porridge I like to eat is actually century eggs.

  • Chris

    Just to echo others thoughts about removing the hoax picture.

    If it was a list about generally disgusting things then the argument about “what did you expect” might apply.

    However I don’t thing people who looked at a list about disgusting foods were asking to see that.

  • RedMan

    Why are these disgusting. In some places they are common food. Rephrase the list is all I ask. I mean we as humans eat almosy anything and it taught survival. However it is just my opininion. I don’t care what people eat.

    On a side note I found out I had what started as testicular(sure I spelled it wrong) cancer, and it has spread into my liver so like me, hate me, or don’t give a fuck. I wanna say I hope all of you never suffer this. I think lists should be relabled at times. I ain’t smart but I am gonna say my word…



  • Rocky

    It shouldn’t be “surprising” that blood soup would taste metallic…the main element in blood is heme, which is composed mostly of iron.

  • ???

    Century Egg is just preserved egg lol, great for porridge.

  • Clarsax

    I would eat #s 10 and 7, and maybe #s 8 and 9 if they were cooked thoroughly. They don’t seem gross to me. As for the rest, disgusting. Although they’re not on this list, I do love haggis and I’ve always wanted to try roasted grasshoppers and ants.

    Redman, I hope its not as serious as it sounds, and if it is I hope it beats a hasty treat into remission!

  • Century Egg

    Century Eggs were actually used by one of the contestants on one of the final episodes of the Australian ‘MasterChef’ program – the judges were revolted when they smelled it before it was cooked, but after it was cooked, it was OK (although they did think it was an acquired taste) – it had lost its foul odor. Interesting list!

  • sweet lil celi

    thats gross the fetus one but my nana eats huitlacoche im told its really good but ill pass on that

  • suzi

    Randye009: So sorry. Your comment helped me understand why my reaction to the photo was so violent. My premature twin grandsons were smaller than what is on his plate. I can’t describe how offensive it is to me. BTW, they lived and are doing great.

  • muscarius

    I am italian and even thinking that people can eat some of those foods just shocks me..
    And about Casu Marzu: a friend of mine tasted it and he swears it’s the most delicious cheese in the world!

  • Syndra321

    nothing is disgusting there (except for the human placenta)
    Food is subjective, it is cultural based.

  • The original poojer

    couldve done without the picture of the fetus

  • Taash

    I agree the foetus and placenta is very distasteful. But the rest… like Syndra321 rightly pointed out food is indeed subjective

  • geronimo

    these seem to be less of a culinary experience and more of an adventure….wonder who was the first guy to make these food items……was it a dare ..”lets rot the egg for weeks and see who has the balls to eat them???”

  • Eire

    @193 Had to of been a dare. Then one must think what was the first guy who drank cows milk doing?

  • Lifeschool

    I’ve just thought of another one – ear wax – imagine you had to eat a block of it!

  • Kevin Spencer

    I ate Century Eggs once in Reus (Catalonia, Spain), and tey are so good, to be rotten eggs. I ate few times fried chicken blood, and gelly fish too.

  • GoCanucks!

    ^I agree,Ive had a thousand year egg here in BC at a local Chinese restaurant and it is actually pretty good.

  • Eire

    I would love to have the stomach to eat these things as they must be ok. But just the thought of eating a rotten egg would make me sick

  • xdr

    @karl: “People will probably eat fetuses when abortion is made legal”
    Fortunately it’s not! Stupid

  • elevator1

    century egg is actually really good. the yolk is creamy and has a nice buttery taste, and it doesn’t smell like rotten eggs at all. the outer shell has a distinct salty flavor, and a nice jello like consistency. if you really complain about the smell, just serve it with some vinegar and chives.

  • kweng

    i like century egg. but hell, human placenta and fetus??? scorpion soup??? raw blood??

  • Chavon

    omg the bonus item shuldnt be on here…that literally made my heart POUND..that really breaks my heart that someone calls this “ART work”. WTF…these people are SICK! THAT IS A HUMAN BEING!

    as far as the placenta goes…when i had my daughter i thought the look of that shit was disgusting. once again listverse shows us how SICK ppl n the world are…

    great work jfrater….

  • Chavon

    at xdr (198)—> uh think about it. ppl r sick out here…

  • Sally

    @ Karl 17: That’s a really good point Karl. I know that now that abortion has been legal in the U.S. for over 30 years, everyone ravenously eats aborted fetuses morning, noon and night. Because that makes sense and is how the world works.

  • Jason

    As Amy said, that is precisely the reason blood tastes metallic.

  • Jason

    I’m also surprised Natto didn’t make it onto the list.

  • Zoe

    I was wondering when that maggot cheese would appear! Yum!

    Scorpion venom (snake venom, too) is harmless if you injest it – unless you have a stomach ulcer or other injuries to the stomach allowing the venom to enter the blood stream.

  • ducky

    A video on Casu Marzu
    excuse me while I… go to the washroom. *puke sounds*

    the Chinese (I’m one lol) made century eggs that way probably to try to preserve them for a long time. That’s just my guess. My classmate wants to heave at the thought of eating them neat, but I think the taste is mild enough to eat without anything else.

    I don’t know why people say century eggs are soaked in horse pee. Humans just like to scare or gross themselves out I guess xD

    I love food lists! keep em coming!

  • deeeziner

    @Connie (173): Thank-you Connie, That’s the stuff. :) Now with a name I can shop internet….

  • The_Patient

    *Most disgusted face ever!*

    I can take your other lists, whether it be about serial killers, deaths, medievel torture, but when it comes to disgusting food, yes I get very grossed out!

    I dont even eat vegetables or fruit (except for bananas!)
    I dont know which was worst on this list, maybe the placenta…maybe the Blood soup yuck!

    Also, that fetus one, is horrible, and hope its a fake!

    Other than that, good list :D

  • pac

    I have eaten Huitlacoche and it is similar to eating mushrooms, but with a strong sweet-corn taste that I find uninteresting and not worthy of being listed as number 3.


  • Vera Lynn


    RedMan (181) I am so very sorry. No one deserves that.

  • Devon

    dont talk shit about lutefisk its fucking awesome

  • albino

    While I would never even consider eating a placenta myself, I don’t really think it’s all that disgusting. Humans are probably one of the only animals that don’t, but of course, we don’t really have a reason to. Animals need to regain the nutrients from the placenta to maintain their health and feed their young but humans have good medical care so have enough nutrients and aren’t faced with the same problems. However, a mother eating her plancenta {and never anyone else eating it} is a part of nature; humans have just outgrown the need to do so but if a mother wants to that’s her discision, I wouldn’t say it’s disgusting.

  • segues

    I may never eat again…

  • diogenes

    Then Breatharianism IS FOR YOU.

  • raw

    i find this list quite exaggerating. i mean, you don’t eat casu marzu by biting chunks of it, of course you would throw away all the maggots from your plate before really eating it.
    and the century egg, it barely has any odor at all. i’ve been eating it for my whole life, and i have never smelled anything that is fart-like or rotten from the egg.
    what’s wrong with kumis? it’just fermented milk. you never heard one before? yakult anyone?? by the way, the name kumis is guite funny to me, because kumis in indonesian language means moustache..


    Notice how almost all these foods are of an animal origin..

  • Amanda H.

    This is likely to be the most mortifying list I have ever read…………………………………..

  • micksy

    You missed out on “Balut”… Half formed duck foetus eaten from the egg… That’s equally as gross… Might fit around the 4 or 5 mark…

  • Angelique

    Kumis is not always made of horse’s milk. There is another kind of Kumis not that disgusting, that is made of butter milk, sugar and probiotics, which is left to ferment for a few days. It’s a traditional colombian drink.

  • deadvampirechild

    the bonus one is sad. and desterbing.

  • fabrulana

    Nice menu … I’ll start with

  • rinne

    haha somehow i’m not really surprised by this list (yes i am chinese.)
    no worries – i don’t think the above is very appetizing either…
    …but century egg is definitely no rare delicacy. altho i hate it, it’s always on the dining table. trust me, its not as bad as it looks (okok. it doesnt LOOK that bad.)
    human placenta are said to be very nutritionous in the chinese tradition, but i dont think anyone eats that now…

    well the bonus feat scared me. good that its (supposedly) fake :)

  • CT

    I love century eggs! I don’t understand why people get grossed out by it. It’s smell isn’t even that strong. It seems like anything that’s fermented or preserved which is not bread, cheese or alcohol is labeled disgusting. And although I’ve never heard of Kumis before, I would definitely try it. Ever heard of Yakult?

  • ivmeer

    Add me to the list of people who have tried century eggs (nasty).

    But huitlacoche? Heaven on earth. I’m serious. If you like wild mushrooms you must try the stuff.

  • Anon. E. Mouse

    Nice list! I must say that not a whole lot of it managed to turn my stomach, though… I’ve eaten lots of crazy stuff myself, and I find that taste is subjective. Insects aren’t really all that bad- I’ve had fried crickets. And I would actually like to try century egg. The corn smut doesn’t really seem to be in nearly the same caliber as the rest of this stuff… It is just basically a mushroom, after all.

    Although, once I got to the Casu Marzu… That made me kinda ill. The thought of willingly eating intestine-burrowing magots is a bit much for me.

    The idea of eating placenta isn’t really all that strange or offensive, so long as it’s the mother eating her own. Nearly all other mammals do the same thing to replensish energy and nutrients after giving birth.

    That bonus… Even if it is fake… It made me physically sick. Honestly, that’s probably just because I’m seven months pregnant… But damn. *shudders*

  • gabe

    YOU SHOLD ADVISE THAT THE LAST IMAGE IS TOO STRONG FOR SOME PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mystical

    Century eggs taste good =3

  • moshmonster

    Oog, I need a new keyboard now, because it just got covered in HURL. If anyone needs me, I’ll be under my bed…

  • deezer

    one of the weird lists…. i was ok until i got to the bonus bit. now that is really DISGUSTING, even if it’s only an artist. how awful.

  • deeeziner

    @micksy (219): “You missed out on “Balut””

    You missed out on reading the first list of disgusting foods. (Linked in the first paragraph of this list.)

  • Derek

    Century egg is actually not that bad, if you have it with rice porridge the strong taste is watered down.

  • A Person

    I have to say this is by far more disgusting than the first list. Bleh…

  • zero52889

    I think I’m going to try to make a century egg

  • joe the egg

    I’ve had the ant eggs before in the Philippines. They’re surprisingly good when sauteed with ginger, garlic and onions. Taste a bit cheesy. Hehe.

  • Mon

    try to google “dinuguan”

  • Genghis

    Taste in food is cultural. Eating some that are considered by others as disgusting (except the human fetus, the picture of which I believe to be a fake and the human placenta) should fall under the category of necessity. Lewis and Clark who opened up the American West and his crew purchased the pet dogs of American Indians and ate them. Not by choice, but by force of necessity. Either that or they would have starved to death.

  • Tarah

    Ok…so the human fetus was disgusting & equally disturbing!

  • Genghis

    Balut works as an aphrodisiac for some. Some others consider it disgusting.

  • lurker

    Century Egg is very commonly eaten by the Chinese and while it looks a bit bad, its taste and smell is far less disgusting than any of the other entries. A much more worthy addition to this list will be consuming half-developed eggs.

  • Genghis

    @lurker(240): Half-developed egg is a balut.

  • Icalasari

    The human fetus wasn’t disturbing to me =/

    Then again, I have a few… problems… so, I’m not one to speak

  • Renaissance Bookworm

    Ok, I really could have done without the bonus picture! I was not prepared for that at all!
    That was the sorriest excuse for art I’ve ever seen — And this is coming from someone who once co-hosted a colloquium for amateur performance artists!

    Other than that, this was an entertaining list of cultural peculiarities! I think I may have to memorize the names of these dishes in case I ever visit the countries in which they’re purveyed; I need to know what to avoid :-)

  • zuh.

    really don’t see why people think the ‘bonus’ image is so disgusting. for one, it’s fake. second, i’ve seen FAR worse REAL images than that (many just on this site alone, haha)…and far worse ‘art work’, for that matter.

    i love weird, and i love food, thus i loved this list. =)

  • Sharlene

    Whoever wrote this list obviously hasn’t tried any of these foods yet, my family always eats century eggs for breakfast and their delicious. they do NOT taste like fart, rotten eggs, etc. so i’m guessing there must be other ppl in the world who also think the foods on this list are delicious, why don’t you actually try the foods next time before you judge them???

  • meiz

    Century egg is good, we usu eat with porridge. It does not smell like a rotten egg at all and it is completely safe, so it should not be a problem eating it, shouldnt it? Raw Blood Soup is really disgusting..

  • Yumi

    Century egg is delicious with porridge. I like it quartered with a bit of soy sauce~<3

  • Belico

    Although I do love this food lists, I find it a little bit offensive that the lists refer to stuff we eat here quite commonly as disgusting.

    Americans, in relation to the rest of the world, have a very restringed amount of stuff that they are willing to it, like offal for example or insects; so it does seem kind of unfair to jude the world´s differnt dishes by your standras of what is acceptable and what not.

  • johnmontenegro

    Hi. In the Philippines we also have this dish similar to number 4 but instead of putting it on the fridge we tend to heat it with vinegar, ginger, onion, garlic, chives and other spices. This food is called “Dinuguan”, and this is famous anywhere in the Phil. hehehe. It costs about 10-50 pesos per serving. and it is made out of goats liver or porks liver or chicken liver along with it’s blood. here’s the pic. hehehe . Btw, it’s one of my favorites. ghehehhe

  • Mechanicarts

    Disturbing. I was eating it while forcing myself to eat asparagi. Yeah, asparagi is way better.

    No wonder chinese eat all this shit. They are too many, they gotta feed on everything they find. Even if they find it after weeks. And even if it is eggs they find after weeks.


  • phil

    kumis is not so bad

  • kat

    My husband is from the Philippines and told me that his younger sister and friends, ate the Century Egg and had diarrhea for a couple of days. Not to mention she also had stomach cramps as well.

  • sally ann

    I have totally lost my appetite cheers XD

  • Name


  • Bo kapf

    I’m a Naga, a tribe from north east india n our culinary habits r not far 4m wat d westrn world call uttrly disgustin. We eat almost anything that moves. Dog, cat, rat, rabbit, squirrel, wild cats, boar, deer, bat, flying squirrel, snake, monitor lizard, all kinds of wild birds, all kinds of river water insects (i don’t hv d english names here. It cud b anythin 4m fish to slug), ants, wasps, wasp larvae, wood worm, spider, …etc., we eat them all. There are many species that the outside world don’t kno which we might b havin for lunch or dinner. What others may find disgustin are considered delicacies here. So I didn’t find this list or the previous list disgustin at all. In fact I’m havin spicy dog meat boiled in its blood as I write this.

  • Sharlene

    Mechanicarts, u racist asshole

  • Mechanicarts

    Sharlene that was not racist. I am telling the truth. You DO eat anything you find, you are 1/4 of the world population.

  • Lord Darth Mysterio

    Hutlacoche and Escamoles.
    Crap Mexican food its better than French one, another thing, Huitlacoche is not cheap to be honest, quesadillas of huitlacohe are pretty damn good.
    The problem its that its for Méxicans only, then most of people outside think that its weird.
    Another thing blood its a horrible butt not that weird food and to be honest i dont like the idea of eat blood in anyways, ok meaby drink blood and only in a spiritual riual or something.

  • kennypo65

    There is a polish dish called chinina(not sure of the spelling)that is a soup made with duck that has the blood still in it. The broth is black as tar and usually has noodles and sometimes gizzards in it. I grew up eating this stuff and I love it. The flavor is quite sour but can be mellowed with sugar(for the kids) or even strengthened with vinegar.

  • saveconomy

    There’s a lot more stuff bizzare to the common western (generalised) tastebud, try Durian, a tropical friut in southeast asia that smells really bad; or Nattou, A japanese fermented bean that stinks, Fermented Tofu which smells like sewage…A lot of these have become so common. Problem is many people just hate chinese. That’s y the big hullabaloo over chinese eating everything. Do you know that japanese porn stars eat human shit? Go comment on that!

  • unk_chick

    Well, in Mexico I have witnessed my family slaughter a pig/cow and they use all the parts, whether for or medicinal purposes. And I have also seen my husband and his grandfather drink the fresh, warm blood of the cow. They say it’s good for you but I declined to try it. They say it’s best to drink it immediately so they just slice into the cow and fill a cup. But I’ve also seen my aunts cook it on a stove top so I guess to each his own. I tend to not ask what I’m eating unless it looks/smells questionable. I like to try new things but the blood thing may take a while to warm up to.

  • porkido

    When I lived in California, the state voted to make it illegal to sell horses for human consumption.

    The most delicious food I tasted in Japan was raw horsemeat.

    People are freaks.

  • porkido

    Want something REALLY disgusting? Try a can of Chef Boyardee, an American canned “pasta” product…

  • Car Ant

    You left out “The Three Squeals” – Chinese food/ dim sum. You have LIVE baby rats. Pick one up in your chopsticks (squeal), dip the live baby rat in hot sauce (squeal), eat it (squeal) !!!

  • d-man 523

    oh god… the bonus made me puke in my mouth… wat the fuk is wrong with you?!

  • segue

    @d-man 523 (265): The fetus is a fake…nauseating, but a fake. The “artist” seems to be one of the Post Modern school which believes Everything is Art aka Art is Everything.
    The problem, as I see it, is when you make everything something, you make it nothing.
    I wrote a thesis on the subject once, long ago.
    Anyway. My point is, there is no reason to get riled up over a fake, and not even a good one.

  • Disciple

    The bonus was a little extreme, I can’t believe someone would even joke about that. Far more abominable than just your standard cannibalism. I truly hope no one eats fetuses.

  • James

    Great prejudice! If you really think kumis is “mouldy”, then beer must be too. And the only reason you think there’s anything wrong with escamoles is you’ve never tried it.

  • My mum used to send me to school with vegamite or marmite sandwiches on fluffy white bread. They looked like axle grease, and tasted like a…well, it’s impossible to describe the taste except for the overwhelming taste of salt, with something weird underneath.

  • Bravos

    wow…wat is this.. inearly threw up all over the floor when i saw the guy eating a fetus and when i saw the bowls of blood soup

  • nikoledew05

    here in the philippines, we have a lot of weird delicacies. pig’s blood which is called “Dinuguan” here, is actually a very famous delicacy. since i live in the city, most of the famous delicacies are from provinces here and some are outrageously WEIRD! like rats in rice fields are considered “CLEAN”, coz they’re like mountain rats and are being fried, or added to soup, which is totally disgusting coz it still looks like rats i see in drainages or something, really gross! some even eat crickets, bats living in trees, etc. personally, i was able to taste fried bat when i was a kid, it tasted like chicken. TRULY!

  • k

    saw #4 on nat geo few days ago. most poor people in india many times catch rats and grill them alive and eat (natgeo)

  • BeetleBlack

    Eh, kumis doesn’t seem all that gross, since it’s not technically moldy (in the same way that pickles, wine, and beer aren’t moldy), but fermented.
    The other ones, though…

  • ummm, yeah……

    great list by the way =)

  • naj

    i should NOT have been reading this considering i’m in the midst of pregnancy related nausea…but i was fine even till the placenta, but at blodsoup ihad to run awy and take a break

  • tmac3466

    this is rediculously disgusting

  • jiji

    well, great way to turn vegetarian… :D

  • SgT

    Well, being mexican myself, I have actually eaten escamoles, albeit, I did so without actually knowing what they were (the first time i ate them), and I can vouch for the fact that they are indeed delicious! The current price for a kilogram is 100-120 US dollars.

  • JJ McKensey

    Being a ghoul, I am not that disturbed, the strangest thing I saw in my life was during a trip near Marocco, when I saw a man eating a live rat from the street.

  • jcyh81

    the rest are real disgusting, but century egg is nice…. esp cooked with vege n porridge….. it is a chinese delicacy n i have been eating it since young…….. the good ones taste nice, but the bad ones taste horrible (ammonia taste….)

  • Min

    By the way, lutefisk is only preserved in the caustic lye solution: prior to consumption, the fish is soaked in water for 4-6 days to remove all the lye and only then is the fish cooked and eaten.

  • joe


    normally I don't think of food from other cultures as "gross", but different,

    you know, you grow up with it, it might not seem bad, but I don't think I could really get used to Human Placenta

  • malu

    If I may say, I am from Sardinia (yes no comments plz! lol) the cheese is NOT actually illegal, it is illegal if "sold" due to the EEC guidelines on food, however it can be given as a present etc. What the article fails to mention is that the chees is yes rotten with the larve around however it is kept in a sealed environment so that NO outside bacteria but only those which are present from the cheese are present.

    Also with regards to the dangerous to the health of humas it is not true at all, I have had the chance to taste the cheese on several occasions and it is probably the best cheese anyone would be able to taste (however indeed the little things jumping up and down do put off a bit….) bottom line make sure you check the kitchen of your fav restaurant next time you go there… will be lucky if only maggots are found there……. ;) lol

  • NDFanatik

    I would absolutely eat a placenta, but never raw. I could in no way, shape, or form drink it or eat it like liver (some moms I know have make a roast or like liver with onions). That's a bit much for me. Encapsulate that shizz and take it for the postpartum benefits. The pill form is perfectly acceptable and does the same thing.

    The rest? Oh boy…

  • AnonymusLOL

    Huitlacoche isn't that bad. It is actually really good in quesadillas.

  • sammy

    this almost made me puke in canada

  • tbjanet

    Aw, I love preserved duck eggs in my congee! :) They're fun to chew, and they don't smell all that much, if at all [I'm known to have a terrible sense of smell, though]. Also, they might be "old eggs" for having been left out for so long, but they're left in preservatives, so you're not eating rotten eggs. It's pretty much made due to chemical reactions, and as such, they're now prepared by putting them in a chemical solution.

    The corn smut doesn't sound so bad, and neither does the kumis … I'd like to think I'm opened to new foods, but my fear of bugs will put me off of scorpion soup and cazu marzu. No live maggots jumping up to my face!! :( Though the cheese itself does sound okay. Just not the maggots. I fear bugs.

  • Fhanella

    this list makes me dizzy. should include one more: eating dead-man corpse. i heard they’d done this in thailand. true or not, unsure.

    tbjanet: i suggest u start eating RIGHT. dats y ur sense of smell got so terrible.

    Great list.

    • Jay

      If you ever do eat a corpse, try to get a dead one. The live corpses bite back.

  • Jay

    I knew a guy who went corpse-hunting once. I asked him why he would do such a thing and he just said, "The thrill of the chase…"

  • Jay

    Fhanella, shampoos aren't "infected" by placenta. They put it in there because it's a rich source of biotin, which is very good for the hair. It's like Premarin being made of PREgnant MAre uRINe. We ingest a lot of things without knowing what we're really getting.

    My friend hasn't always made the best choices. In college he was a javelin catcher. He majored in Liberal Science with a minor in Engineering Arts.

    Yes, zombies do exist. Certain drugs can put a person into a trance-like state for days. So long as the drugs are administered in the food, the person will remain an obedient zombie. None of them show any real interest in eating human brains though. There's a rumor that Haiti has an entire army of them, ready to defend the palace against the scourge of free will.

  • Fhanella

    Jay: my god, the shampoo now is infected with human placenta.. maybe its the “recycling” thing or something. utterly gross

    live corpse? maybe you are reffering to zombie, but i don’t think it exist.. yet. “the thrill of the chase”? corpse are not-moving being, its dead. so y the chase.. must b a bad hobby of your friend.

  • Fhanella

    Jay: when i say infected, i really mean it. its just another way of sayin if these people put placenta in it y not say it out loud in the ingredients label of the shampoo, or made one placenta shampoo just like Premarin. they dont have to b utterly sneaky n cheap just because its rich with biotin.

    just think dat you are smearing your head with placenta from a woman u dont know who. possibility u get infected with disease, like aids?. i dont think they hv found any ways to disinfect aids, nor they collect these placenta from groups of healthy woman for mass production of shampoo.

    no one can made best choices in life. just dat your friend’s choice is extremely bizzare

    yeah, will b call a ‘zombie’, but its just an easier word to say ‘get drugged and in a trance-like’ state. but its different from live corpse biting back, which is so to speak, called, a real zombie.

  • eam2468

    I'm from Sweden. I now what Surströmming smells like. I've never opened one of those cans but you can smell the stench from outside the can! And it stinks! There are lot's of other disgusting Swedish dishes. One of them that were popular in the 19th century is stewed sheepbrains. There are also mashed cow lungs. It's true. I can give you the recipe.

  • Morton

    10) That actually doesn't look half bad, The taste of this wouldn't be horrible, only the thought of it would be if you weren't one for like creepy crawlies. But im fine with consuming insects.

    9) Not terrible but it looks like something my cat would have left over…

    8) Once again it simply looks like sardines but i'm betting it tastes rank!

    7) Now the look of that soup makes me quesy argh?!

    6) What is the meaning of preserving eggs for so long, it looks vile.

    5) Ultimately this would just taste like any other meat, but the thought of eating something like this is enough to make you throw up everywhere!

    4) This has put me off my morning tomato juice for life…!

    3) It looks rank although it probally wouldn't taste that horrendous.

    2) The scorpions wouldn't be so bad, but it's the taste of the brine that would startle me.

    1) Now that is rank, you bet it's only popular because of how dangerous and disgusting it is. If it wasn't so controversial then it might not be so popular, but you know what they say "Curiosity killed the cat!"

    Bonus) Guessing this is fake, although it's a very disturbing piece of artwork.

    Great list!

  • I'm Swedish. Surströmming is delicious. :) You should try it.

  • David Hopkins

    I read all the "foods" on this list except the human fetus. I was so appalled by this outrageous cannibalism that I didn't bother to read that one. People who eat placenta actually consider the practice natural, as humans are the only species that do not eat their placentas. (It's actually nature's way of giving back the female her nutrients and vitamins she lost during her pregnancy).

    We have, on occasion, caught our dog eating the poops out of our cat's litter tray. (Really, I'm not joking about this).

  • eam2468

    Surströmming stinks so bad you can feel the stench from outside the can.

    Disgusting foods were much more common in sweden in the 19th century. Then the swedes ate mashed cow lungs, stewed cheapbrain, fried rooster crests and vinegar made from rancid fruit!
    I can give you the recipes!

  • jonkimbellsy

    I love century egg!

  • chloe jonas

    OMG, I'm totally not eating for a while! I think i'm gonna puke. And thanks a lot. I'm pregnant and just got over morning sickness. gotta run.

  • Sara

    Eating placenta in a general sense grosses me out, but I’m planning on having my placenta capsulized into several pills after I give birth (whenever in the future that may be). Doing so supplies a new mother with many important nutrients and can stave off postpartum depression.

  • Allan Henriksen

    Have you considered the Philippines Balut egg?

  • zzzeal

    ughhh. … I think i tried the century eggs before.
    no comment with the taste but.. I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS ORIGIN OF ROTTEN EGGS. WTF. I THOUGHT IT WAS.. umm some other mammal’s egg. :|

    shiz! D:

  • medizin

    Suprised that Hakarl wasn’t included in this list.
    Icelandic dish that involves eating shark that is buried underground for 4 to 5 months, where it ferments. It smells so strongly of ammonia that some people can’t even approach it without retching. Apparantly it’s the most affronting, disgusting dish you can eat and even the most extreme foodies should take caution when giving it a try.

    Nice list, though. Makes me glad to be a vegan. ;)

  • Chinese eat anything.

  • Spazzerfucker

    i was eating while looking at this…blaaaah

  • A.M

    I’m veggie! I love being it! I even hate chicken! I wanna fucking kill those people who eat lil babies! Whoa

  • Emanus

    Huitlacoche it’s good, taste it before saying anything.

  • piano123

    I have been eating century eggs for all these years and I have never found the yolk to have a smell of ammonia or sulphur and they surely do not have the pungent that resembles rotten eggs.
    I think the problem lies in the eggs that you acquired but certainly not in century eggs in general.

  • piano123

    1. I have been eating century eggs for all these years and I have never found the egg yolk to bear a smell of ammonia or sulphur and its smell surely does not resemble the pungent smell of rotten eggs.

    2. Being preserved/fermented does not mean that it is rotten. With the same logic you would find western foods like yoghurt, cheese or even wine to be rotten.

    3. To you century eggs may smell bad, but that does not mean that they really are bad. In the same way that I can’t say that cheese is bad although it smells and tastes like shit to me.

    4. I think the smell issue lies in the eggs that you have purchased but not in century eggs in general. You WERE eating rotten eggs.

  • Alucard

    I’ve had the century egg. I’ve had it in a Chinese pastry. It really doesn’t taste that much. Similar to a hard boiled without salt. The key is to not look at it.

  • Ricardo c.

    Huitlacoche or corn smut is just wonderful, you have no idea.

    A beautiful combination of texture and flavor.

    And in Mexico City is not bizare at all.

    • Luna-edge

      Totally agree with you. This is a close-minded attitude of someone that hasn’t -evidently- explored the world. Then cheese is disgusting because it’s just expired milk. In that case you could also include Bleu cheese your list for -according to your logic- it would be a especially disgusting type of expired milk that is so decomposed that some fungi is grown on it and stinks like hell….

      • Luna-edge


  • lilya

    WTF???? puttin Kumis, and it’s AMAZING!!! next to scorpion soups and human placenta.
    there are a lot of thing that make u poop: milk, sigarettes, curry.

  • beckymonster

    century egg with some soy sauce or put into congee is quite awesome actually.

  • Thanks for the post! I found it all incredibly fascinating!

  • leanne


  • healthy recipes for dinner

    of course like your web-site but you need to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling problems and I in finding it very troublesome to inform the truth on the other hand I’ll surely come back again.

  • chefjosh

    Im glad that it was clarified that the horse milk was that of female horses, because I would have no part in ingesting anything made from male horse milk.

  • ShatteredStar

    And as of today you can add male genitalia to the list!!!… Here is a link. Warning there are pictures!

  • Onlythistime

    And killing innocent weak life who can do nothing to you makes you strong, stupid??? Thats sadistic, sick to think you can kill meek, weak, innocent life because you think you strong and gives you the right to kill a life that can do nothing to you. You coward idiot sick b.astard.. I am not against non-veg diets but your sick stupid idea that you can take innocent life because you f.uckingly believe you are strong you sick sadistic stupid coward… Go and f.ucking rot in hell you sick b.astard…

  • corona

    human fetus this is cannibalism asians are nasty they eat every thing

  • CanonyTroully


  • Joe

    @Wasser, so you would rather die than eating bacteria?

  • nicky

    this is digusting site of yours

  • monkey

    what the heck are you doing with this website