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15 Fastest Things In The Universe

Almost everybody likes speed. The thought of going faster than anyone else has inspired man: everything from countless drag racing movie scenes to the use of steroids in pursuit of the title of “World’s Fastest Human”. I knew a few of the “fastest things” below – the fastest animal and bird – but was surprised about several of the others. While researching info for a completely different project, I stumbled upon the M1-J10, the world’s fastest tank. It was so surprising, I checked on some other “things that go fast”. This list is the result.


Fastest Man


Usain St. Leo Bolt C.D (born 21 August 1986) is a Jamaican sprinter. Bolt holds the Olympic and world records for the 100 meters at 9.69 seconds, the 200 meters at 19.30 seconds and, along with his teammates, the 4×100 meters relay at 37.10 seconds, all set at the 2008 Summer Olympics. Bolt became the first man to win all three events at a single Olympics since Carl Lewis in 1984, and the first man in history to set world records in all three at a single Olympics. His name and achievements in sprinting have earned him the media nickname “‘Lightning’ Bolt”. At the 2009 Berlin World Championships on Sunday 16 August, he won the 100m final in a new world record time of 9.58 seconds.


Fastest Production Car

Barabus Tkr

The Bugatti Veyron may no longer be the world’s fastest car. Today — following a number of teasers and leaks — Barabus officially unveiled the TKR: a new 1005 horsepower supercar the automaker says is capable of doing zero to 98kph in 1.67 seconds. What’s more, the car reportedly has a top speed of 270 mph — nearly 20 more than the Veyron. Power comes from a 6.0 liter V8 twin-turbocharged with dual intercoolers.


Fastest Land Animal


The fastest land animal in the world, the cheetah is a marvel of evolution. Capable of running up to 70 miles per hour, the cheetah’s slender, long-legged body is built for speed. Its spotted coat, small head and ears, and distinctive “tear stripes” from the corner of the eyes down the sides of the nose make the cheetah highly recognizable among the large cats of Africa.


Fastest Computer


Roadrunner is a supercomputer built by IBM at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, USA. Currently the world’s fastest computer, the US$133-million Roadrunner is designed for a peak performance of 1.7 petaflops (1 petaflop = over 10^15/1,000,000,000,000,000/ 1 quadrillion calculations per second!), achieving 1.026 on May 25, 2008, and to be the world’s first TOP500 Linpack sustained 1.0 petaflops system. It is a one-of-a-kind supercomputer, built from off the shelf parts, with many novel design features.


Fastest Fish


Sailfish are two species of fishes in the genus Istiophorus, living in warmer sections of all the oceans of the world. They are blue to grey in color and have a characteristic erectile dorsal fin known as a sail, which often stretches the entire length of the back. Another notable characteristic is the elongated bill, resembling that of the swordfish and other marlins. Individuals have been clocked at speeds of up to 110 km/h (70 mph), which is the highest speed reliably reported in a fish. If this fish could travel on land, it can easily outrace a driver on a typical freeway. (Imagine the wreckage if this thing crashed…*stab*)


Fastest Train


Japan has a demonstration line in Yamanashi prefecture where test trains JR-Maglev MLX01 have reached 581 km/h (367 mph), slightly faster than any wheeled trains (the current TGV speed record is 574.8 km/h, 357.0 mph). These trains use superconducting magnets which allow for a larger gap, and repulsive-type electrodynamic suspension (EDS). In comparison Transrapid uses conventional electromagnets and attractive-type electromagnetic suspension (EMS). These “Superconducting Maglev Shinkansen”, developed by the Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central) and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, are currently the fastest trains in the world, achieving a record speed of 581 km/h on December 2, 2003. Yamanashi Prefecture residents (and government officials) can sign up to ride this for free, and some 100,000 have done so already.


Fastest Water Slide


The Insano is the highest water slide in the world at 41 meters high, a record listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Its height is equivalent to that of a 14-story building. As a consequence of its height and slope, this water slide provides an extremely rapid descent – taking between four and five seconds – at a speed of 105 km/h (65mph). Because of these characteristics, the Insano is considered the most extreme of this type of equipment on the planet. At the end of the track, the Insano provides you with a relaxing dive into the swimming pool.


Fastest Submersible


K-222, formerly K-162, was the only Papa ever constructed (“Papa” is the western name for the Soviet Union’s Anchar submarine class). It was laid down December 28, 1963, and commissioned on December 31, 1969, at Severodvinsk. It was assigned to the Soviet Northern Fleet for the duration of its career. It was the world’s fastest submarine, reaching a record speed of 44.7 knots on trials. However, that speed came at the price of high costs during construction, and both excessive noise and significant damage to hull features when used.


Fastest Manned Plane

X-15 In Flight

The North American X-15 rocket-powered aircraft was part of the X-series of experimental aircraft, initiated with the Bell X-1, that were made for the USAF, NASA, and the USN. The X-15 set speed and altitude records in the early 1960s, reaching the edge of outer space and returning with valuable data used in aircraft and spacecraft design. It currently holds the world record for the fastest speed ever reached by a manned aircraft. During the X-15 program, 13 of the flights (by eight pilots) met the USAF spaceflight criteria by exceeding the altitude of 50 miles (80.47 km. 264,000ft.), thus qualifying the pilots for astronaut status; some pilots also qualified for NASA astronaut wings. Its fastest speed recorded is 4,519 mph (7,273 km/h) while manned by pilot Pete Knight.


Fastest Helicopter


Keep in mind that the maximum speed a rotor helicopter can reach, in theory, before spinning out of control is just over 250 miles per hour. Now that you know that, at an European air show on August 6, 1986 a Westland Lynx ZB500, that was slightly modified, reached a speed of 249.1 miles per hour or 400.8 km/h, making it the world’s fastest helicopter.


Fastest Wind


On May 3, 1999 as tornadoes ravaged Oklahoma scientists measured the highest recorded wind speed at about 7:00 p.m. near Moore, Oklahoma. A wind speed of 318 mph was recorded where a tornado killed four people and destroyed 250 homes. The fastest wind measured prior was 286 mph on April 26, 1991 in a tornado near Red Rock, Oklahoma. The 318 mph speed placed the tornado 1 mph below an F6 on the 0 to 6 Fujita scale. No tornado has ever been classified as an F6.


Fastest Bird


The Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus), also known simply as the Peregrine, and historically as the “Duck Hawk” in North America, is a cosmopolitan bird of prey in the family Falconidae. It is a large, crow-sized falcon, with a blue-gray back, barred white underparts, and a black head and “moustache”. It can reach speeds over 322 km/h (200 mph) in a dive, making it the fastest animal in the world.


Fastest Spacecraft


New Horizons is a NASA robotic spacecraft mission currently en route to the planet Pluto. It is expected to be the first spacecraft to fly by and study Pluto and its moons, Charon, Nix, and Hydra. New Horizons was launched on 19 January 2006 directly into an Earth-and-solar-escape trajectory. It had an Earth-relative velocity of about 16.26 km/s or 58,536 km/h (10.1 mps or 36,360 mph) after its last engine shut down. Thus, it left Earth at the fastest speed ever recorded. It will arrive at Pluto on 14 July 2015 then continue into the Kuiper belt.


Fastest Thing Recorded


In modern physics, light is regarded as the fastest thing in the universe, and its velocity in empty space as a fundamental constant of nature. The speed of light in a vacuum is presently defined to be exactly 299,792,458 m/s (about 186,282.397 miles per second). That’s basically the fastest thing the human species has ever experienced today. If you travel around the earth’s equator at the speed of light you will travel around the entire planet earth 7.4 times in approximately one second. While we have not been able to discover anything faster, there is speculation about superluminal particles – which leads us to number one on the list:




Tachyons are a putative class of particles which able to travel faster than the speed of light. Tachyons were first proposed by physicist Arnold Sommerfeld, and named by Gerald Feinberg. The word tachyon derives from the Greek tachus, meaning “speedy.” Tachyons have the strange properties that, when they lose energy, they gain speed. Consequently, when tachyons gain energy, they slow down. The slowest speed possible for tachyons is the speed of light.

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  • apepper

    There are things that move faster than light… wavefronts can actually travel instantly, but convey no information.



  • Norman

    A very interesting and well researched list. I enjoyed reading this very much.



  • Rohit

    Nice list! Notable omissions are fastest man (Usain Bolt) and fastest woman (Florence Griffith Joyner).

  • Galford

    i don’t think 15 exists. Perhaps the contributor can do a check and confirm? i’m in this line of work so i should know.

  • Riley

    uh dude that tank is fake

  • Galford

    Look at the picture again. The tank is just an Abrams that is enlarged with photoshop. It even has super oversized field packs dangling at its sides. Please don’t be taken in.

  • Avi

    I love this List! It has good info and i liked the whole variety of it. There is a lot of speed out there!



  • pjot

    Seriously? Is the worlds fastest supercomputer which is big as an entire room “only” 1000 times faster than an XBOX360? 133m USD for something that 1000 360’s could have done…

    1000 XBOX 360 < 133m USD

  • Mike

    THE TANK IS FAKE. There’s no such thing as the M1-J10. It’s a convincing pic, but it’s a complete photoshop. Look up pictures of the M1 Abrams on Google.

    Good list, but fake tank.

  • ZedroZ

    Great list,
    A really varied list covering a lot of topics. Great stuff JFrater!!
    Im a huge geek when it comes to tornados, I love how they look and the power they have! I’ve trawled youtube for ages but never seen the video you have for number 5.

    Keep up the good work :-)



  • Mike again

    …after looking at it closer, I take back my comment that said it was a convincing photoshop. It’s not. Look at the size of the canvas bags on the side of the tank. What the hell are in those? Fruit Roll-Ups? The antennae are as thick as telephone poles.
    Look at the size of the driver’s hatch. You could fit like 5 guys in there. Why would you need 5 drivers?
    Look at the size of the hatch on top, and the gunner’s window. That pic is so ridiculous.

  • Eric

    the explanation for #2 is wrong.

    ~ 300 000 km/s means that you travel around the earth 7.2 times in ONE SECOND (since the equator measures ~40.000 km)

    it’s the other way round.

  • Vera Lynn

    Awesome. Bloody awesome. There are are no words. Each was better than the next.

  • Talanic

    I REALLY don’t know what planet you’re living on…

    Speed of light: 186,000 miles per second.

    Circumference of Earth at Equator: Just under 25,000 miles.

    In 7.2 seconds, at the speed of light, you could circle the earth over fifty times.

    • Deon

      It was 1 second around the earth

  • Moloch1123

    Yeah, the tank picture looks faked.

    Pjot #12 – They said that it was built with off-the-shelf parts, but didn’t say when. The site below says it was commissioned in 2006, well before the XBOX 360 came out. It also has some more information about it, so please check it out.

  • ZedroZ

    @ Mike Again: (15)

    You really think its photoshopped? I would never have given it a second though in all honesty, having said that though I know nothing about tanks :-)

    After your points though I cannot decide…

  • bearded defender

    maybe if you go to the link written on the tank [in #15], youll get your answer.

  • optimus_grime


    Dr. Manhattan uses those things to look backwards and forwards through, “what we percieve as time” haha

    I LOVE WATCHMEN!!! lol

  • Mike again

    @ bearded defender (21)
    I did… the website written on the tank is the ONLY source for that info. Coincidence? I think not. :)

    Look at the building in the background. If that tank is 90 feet long, that building would appear further back, would it not?

    It’s a good photoshop, but it’s as fake as my love for my girlfriend’s cat.

  • ZedroZ

    Thanks Bearded Defender, didnt see that!!
    Too early on a Sunday morning for us Brits ;-)

  • Wisenheimer

    It is not correct to say “1 Petaflop” because “FLOPS” stands for “Floating Point Operations Per Second”. That means “FLOP” stands for “Floating Point Operations Per”, which doesn’t make any sense.

    The word “Terraflops” is also wrong. It should be “Teraflops”.

  • muscarius

    the tank IS FAKE, badly photoshopped and already seen in other threads that, similarly, laughed at those people believeing in it (come on! its speed it’s ridicolous).
    not to mention that future tanks will be SMALLER and not larger.

  • Du

    Totally should have included something about the worlds fastest roller coaster instead of a water slide…

  • alex




  • Ethnic_Tension

    Another list with multiple errors:

    15 – The tank is fake. Other than no such tank existing, most tanks are limited to between 80-100km/h due to the injuries their occupants would receive when the tank goes over rough terrain

    14 – The fastest production car is the SSC Aero which beat the Bugatti’s record in October 9 2007.

    8 – The K-222 is not the world’s fastest submarine. It is the fastest submarine ever recorded by the West. The newer Soviet Alfa class submarine could sustain 41-42 knots and could burst at speeds over 45; faster than theK-222. However as their top speeds were never officially recorded their true top speed is not known.

    7 – The fastest manned plane is the X-15 which reached a maximum speed of Mach 6.70. The SR-71 holds the record for the fastest ‘air breathing’ plane as the X-15 was rocket powered. Just for comparison the SR-71’s top speed is somewhere between Mach 3.2 and 3.5.

  • muscarius
  • missmozell

    I loves me some cheetahs. Richard Pryor used to do a hilarious bit in his stand-up about a couple of cheetahs talking casually while they wait for an antelope to get far enough away to make it worth a run.

  • L

    No no no, light speed is too slow

    • anonymous

      you're right, we must go to Ludicrous Speed!

  • Mr. Plow

    The tank is a fake…I am a US Soldier actually over in the ME right now, and have experience in the armor field…

    There is not a Soldier alive who could carry those big ass rucks attached to the side of the turret…and there is NO WAY the Army would let a tank be officially given a nickname that un-PC (the military is insanely worried about that kind of stuff, espcecially over here.)

    Plus, a tank that big would destroy any roads or bridges it rolled over, making it pretty useless for anything but fighting in the open desert…and when was the last time a massive engagement like that happened? Back in 1990-91?

    The US currently in the Abrahms has a tank that can take out almost any tank in the world with it’s main gun…why the hell would we need a main gun that huge?

    Methinks you’ve been had my friend. But the rest of the list seems pretty legit…great topic!

    BTW the world’s fastest in generally considered to be a Scorpion variant which is fielded by the UK

  • Mr. Plow

    @alex (28): Alex for the win! What about Honda’s hand slap?

  • Soulcatcher

    “If you travel around the earth’s equator at the speed of light you will travel around the entire planet earth in approximately 7.2 seconds.”

    No. Light can travel around the entire planet over 7.4 times PER second. You got it backward.

  • James Frazer

    Why is there no entry on Wikipedia or Youtube for that tank? Surely a documentary maker would have caught wind so we could watch it 12 times a day on UK History?

  • James Frazer

    Just checking it out, the tank is indeed an Abrams photoshopped.

  • Sander

    No, you travel 7.2 times around the equator in 1 second…

  • astraya

    The front page of wikipedia today mentions that it’s the anniversary of the world’s longest parachute jump. Joseph Kittinger ascended to 31,333 m (102,800 ft) in a balloon then jumped to test a parachute designed for high altitude pilots. His top speed was 988 km/h (614 mph) and he landed safely.

    • astraya, isn't terminal velocity for a human falling about 120 mph? Wouldn't the opening shock of a parachute do all kinds of damage to him if he was going 614 mph when it opened? Just askin'…

  • dunfire

    With the errors in this list, it is difficult to take seriously.

  • egernunge

    Another correction: Pluto hasn’t been a planet since 2006. It’s now a “dwarf planet”.

  • rain

    when i first saw the tank, i was like. wtf? is that a tank? :)) i’ll search for that tank in wikipedia.
    anyway nice list! i thought that light was the fastest thing.

  • Trapper439

    As far as the fastest fish is concerned, I remember seeing something about newborn fish born on reefs. You’d expect them to be washed out by currents into the oceanic depths, right?

    Those tiny little fish, if converted to the size of Michael Phelps, would swim the 100 metres in a couple of seconds.

  • Chineapplepunkg

    Zzzzzzzz borrrrrrring! Usually the comments are a bag of laughs!

    I liked the list though :)

  • @Ethnic_Tension (29): The SSC Aero might have beaten the Bugatti – but the Bugatti is not listed here as the fastest car – the Barabus TKR is.

    As for the submarine – as you said yourself – the speeds were never recorded. The list is correct for recorded speed.

    I have – based on the comments – made a few corrections and replaced one item – the tank.

  • @egernunge (41): Pluto is a planet – I don’t care that modern scientists decided to change its designation – it will always be a planet to me!

  • necro_penguin

    fastest underwater swimming bird: gentoo penguin at 36 km/h (22.3 mph)

    my species would have been timed but you get disagreeable with scientists when you’re undead. we ended up eating them. they were delicious.

  • cwj

    15 is a fake.
    14 shows a difference car
    can’t really trust the rest now can I?

  • Interestin list but somewhat mistaken & inaccurate in a lot of places. Also, shouldnt the name have been ’15 fastest things known to man’ ? Just sayin.

  • egernunge

    @7raul7 (45): I think the list of “15 fastest things unknown to man” will be a bit harder to write ;-)

    @jfrater (42): I like that way of thinking. I don’t care what modern scientists say, cigarettes are healthy to me. :-)

    BTW, be prepared that you might have to revise the new no. 15 in about 8 hours. I think he’s going to beat his record.

  • ollie

    despite the criticisms of the accuracy, I enjoyed reading the list. Thanks.

  • reggie5N

    If Pluto’s a planet, then Eris, another dwarf planet, would have to be as well. It is roughly 0.875 or 7/8 times larger than Pluto (sorry if this is worded incorrectly- it’s still early). This would mean we would have ten planets; however, several other objects are larger or about the same size as Pluto, therefore we would have several planets that, as the meeting to discuss Pluto’s classification years ago, would not clear its line of orbit. A planet is scientifically classified as an astrological object that revolves around the center solar object that clears a direct line of orbit. The only planets that perform this specific function are the eight planets we recognize today: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. In conclusion, for Pluto to be a planet, we would have to classify hundreds of meteoroids, comets, and miniscule objects as planets, which would not make much sense to anyone who studies astrological classification (or taxonomy, though this is not biology we are discussing).

  • tripsyman

    enjoyed this list

  • john

    “the US$133-million Roadrunner is designed for a peak performance of 1.7 petaflops (1 petaflop = over 10^15/1,000,000,000,000,000/ 1 quadrillion calculations per second”

    i bet its still just used for porn

  • gersgraeme

    dissapointed the tanks not there now!!! even if it was fake put it as a bonus and say you were had

  • arsenal

    @apepper (1):
    as you said it yourself wavefronts (phase velocity) can be greater than c but since it doesnt covey information or energy it cannot be detected. we just calculate it for fun. group velocity is important here.(well im not an expert)

  • Bilbo

    Tachyons are inconsistent with most of the physics that is presently held to be true so, but i can think of a few things that go faster than light, depending on how loosely you’re happy to define ‘thing’ and ‘speed’:

    1. wavefronts, which apepper (1) mentioned,

    2. Wavefunction collapse. Get two entangled particles, measure one and the state of the other one immediately is determined, no matter how far away it is. Can’t transfer information this way either though.

    3. Expansion of space. There’s no limit on how fast space itself can expand, so shortly after the big bang distances between things were increasing at unfathomably high speeds due to extra space being created in between them. You *CAN* transfer information faster than light this way, in the sense that light in a non-expanding space wouldn’t be able to cover that distance as fast.

    • Richy2k

      Well said light cannot travel faster than the expanding universe if it did we could see what was past 13 billion light years away (although anything major in terms of being a threat to us) would take 13 billion years to reach us anyway and would have to be travelling at the speed of light that is. Having said that God created everything 6000 years ago so what the fuck do i know !

  • oouchan

    Cool list, Javyair. I just love cheetahs. They are so awesome to look at and to see them in action.
    Saw a documentary of that tornado once. Wow. That was just awe-inspiring to see and terrifying.

    @jfrater (42): Amen! I have a shirt that says Pluto is still a planet to me. :)

  • ronsantohof

    @jfrater(42): Pluto will always be a dog to me.

  • deepthinker

    I was reading the comments, and then I was like, “what are these fake tanks everyone is talking about?” I kept reading, and now I realize it was replaced… I thought I was losing my mind! Haha! I like the list!

  • NiMur90

    Interesting list!

  • Chris

    Neptune has winds recorded at 1,242MPH so number 5 is well out on the fastest wind in the universe.

  • Ethnic_Tension

    @jfrater (41): Thank you for correcting the list. Much appreciated. However I cannot find any information supporting you claim that the Barabus has gone into production. As far as I know it’s still a concept. If it has gone into production, then it cannot hold the record until it’s top speed is independently verified. That honour rests with the SSC Aero.

  • fifthsonata


    HA! Imagine an employee of where the computer is housed, plotting when he/she can come in after hours….worrying if the cache was cleared completely after they left, smiling happily as they earned the title of “world’s fastest masturbator”

  • Twap

    Great list. As a possible 16th item I suggest “Fastest Tree” – The Himalayan Jumping Tree. This species, which is native to Tibet and some parts of India, can move at up to 25 mph. It is thought that this unusual ability evolved to enable the tree to escape from its main predator, the yeti or abominable snowman. The Himalayan Jumping Tree is considered sacred in its natural environment. Unfortunately it is become something of a pest species in parts of the US, where it was introduced as an ornamental shrub without sufficient consideration being given to the hazard it can pose to dogs, cats and small children.

  • Kyran Wray

    i want to know about the tank now….

  • Lifeschool

    hi, a very good list today – I enjoyed it – and yes, at the quantum level, some things are faster than light.

  • Caroline

    Don’t kid yourself. The fastest thing in the universe is gossip. :)

  • frushka

    Sorry I missed the tank hoo-ha. Hmmmm…the sleeping-late lazy bird catches the Olympic re-runs.

    The video of the fish is beautiful, even with David Attenborough blathering on.

    The video of the peregrine falcon pretty much made my day. The sky dive and the bird were both spectacular. And the dude at the end, well…. I might have to go back to bed for awhile.

    Nice list. Very enjoyable.
    xoxox Froosh

  • jimbob

    @50 John–I’m still laughing at the porn comment.

    OK list, would like to know where the Insano (“Latin for “Atomic Wedgie”) slide is without having to google it.

  • joanne

    do the people in #9 have to line up in the stairs before sliding, or does have an elevator??

  • L

    @Caroline (64): Don’t kid yourself. The fastest thing in the universe is gossip. :)

    Wrong, it’s bad news

  • rationalthinker

    Easily one of the most interesting lists I’ve seen in a while on this site. Well researched and presented.

  • comrade

    The fastest car isn’t the Bugatti anymore, it’s SSC Ultimate Aero

  • mom424

    Cool list, great concept and delivery. (Sorry I missed the fake tank too).

    Tachyons? Pays to be a Star Trek fan – it’s all coming true.

    I too knew about the wave collapse being faster than the speed of light – NOVA on pbs is even better than the discovery channel.

    That water slide might just set another new record; Just how far your bathing suit can be shoved up your ass – talk about a power wedgie! or worse – I wouldn’t want me a power enema too.

  • Hughman Lover

    Terrible list. First of all the title is misleading. These are the fastest things on Earth, not in the Universe.
    Secondly, these are elementary school entries. Nothing new. No research done. Awful. JFrater must be taking the day off.

  • Epsen

    Interesting list, although I was hoping for more astronomy related entries like “fastest planetary orbit” or “fastest rotating pulsar.” A more accurate list title would be “15 fastest things on earth.”

    Also, number 1 is only hypothetical, and I don’t think it should have been included.

  • Eric

    Just a couple lttle things; the X-15’s name is the SR-71 Blackbird, and the fastest submarine is the Soviet Alfa class (well atleast the fastest with multiple productions) which could travel at 41 knots, and have short speed bursts uve up to 45 knots. Great list all the same!

  • Crocoduck

    To be fair, the fastest bird in level flight is the spine-tailed swift, at 105 mph. If you’re going to use diving speed, then an elephant is a faster land animal than a cheetah if you drop it off a high cliff.

  • timmy the dying boy

    @74: The X-15 and SR-71 are two completely different things.

    And the tank is fake! Or so I’ve heard.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Should have the fastest drummer on here

  • aprilweather

    Javyair–Finally an interesting (and highly accurate list)

  • Straight Sapien

    mmm, most of the things in the list are earthly things. if you are talking about the universe, then the title is a bit inaccurate. and btw the existence of tachyons hasnt been proven yet.If you are brave enough to include tachyons you shouldve put gravitons here as well, and you missed the Fastest Thing on the universe……THE MIND!!!

  • General-Jake

    Pretty good. I wanna see a gun list badly. pistols, machine guns watever. Im American damn it! Wheres my straps at?? (srry if there is a gun list i lookd tho.)

  • StraightSapien

    mmm, most of the things in the list are earthly things. if you are talking about the universe, then the title is a bit inaccurate. and btw the existence of tachyons hasnt been proven yet.If you are brave enough to include tachyons you shouldve put gravitons here as well, and you missed the Fastest Thing on the universe……THE MIND!!!

  • Diogenes

    jimbob at #66- The Insano is outside, where there are a bunch of palm trees.

    I am thinking of a Simpson’s episode where Homer gets stuck inside a water slide tube and they send a bunch of kids down to try and pop him loose, but it doesn’t work and they have to take the section out, craning it away with Homer and the kids.

  • undaunted warrior

    Well done Javyair great list – I live in the RSA and the distance from one of the biggest game reserves to my back door is 50 km.

    I have always been fasinated with cheetahs, but their numbers are dwindling fast, they get poached, poisened trapped and killed, just for there coats, that gets sold on the black market.

  • Rufus

    wish there were more about number 1 =S

    how about fastest growing thing or something?

  • SlashBeast

    So records set on earth are records intergalactically?

  • Governor

    I guess the words “earth” and “universe” are synonymous.

  • StraightSapien

    @ 85 Governer, read a book and comeback please

  • koussy

    thank jfrater and javyair for this awesome list .

  • Shadow Lord

    “Pluto is a planet – I don’t care that modern scientists decided to change its designation – it will always be a planet to me!”

    Brilliant!!! Pluto is FOREVER a planet for me!


    @Crocoduck (75): Explain why an elephant would fall faster than a cheetah if dropped off a cliff? At least Aristotle had an excuse for this sort of thinking.

    You sound stupid and I want for you to burn at the stake for your idiocy.

  • Vera Lynn

    The tornado vid says 44 people died. Not 4 as it is written.

  • littleboots

    aaawwww…guess the tank was “plutoed”!

  • atheists eat fish

    Great list! I can’t wait to use some of this info when I finally become a teacher next year. I love that the commenters check the facts. I particularly enjoyed the speed of light commenters. Thank you!

  • Clarsax

    Tachyons might be hypothetical and not fit with physics as we understand it today, but what we understand about physics is not set in stone. Someday someone could make a discovery that would completely change our understanding of physics and reality. It’s happened before. Tachyons could fit in well once their part in the universe is further studied.

  • Flock O’Seagulls

    Do you know why No. 9 above is so fast?

    Because “Captain Insano shows no mercy.”


  • Bret

    Jfrater you really should have done more research into #17 as it is 100% not true. The Barabus TKR is just a home made car, it is not a serious prodution or even a concept for a car to come. The car has never been proven to go 270 or even run for that matter, you’ll be hard pressed to find a video let alone a photo of it out on the road. Its specs are a complete lie as well, 0-60 in 1.67secs, thats faster then an F1 car, and since this is a 2wd car with no were near the power to weight ratio its complete bull. The fastest verified production car is the SSC Ultimate Aero. The fastest unverified claim for fastest road legal car goes to the Lotec C1000, a one off car commissioned by a very wealthy UAE man that is said to be able to reach 268mph. Please fix the list and Remove the Barabus TKR as it really shouldn’t be on this list.

  • asder

    @ 80 StraightSapien, man u are absolutely right there.100% agree.

  • egernunge

    And I was right: Usain Bolt is still the fastest man in the world, only now his record for 100 meters is 9.58.

  • Smeghead

    Usain Bolt is now even faster

  • jim666

    number1 is wrong! the fastest thing in the universe is time spent with my girlfriend it always goes much too fast

  • dewjunkey

    How could yall count light and sound?…Deb

  • Andres

    The “fastest production car” section is quite misleading. First of all, the Barabus TKR is not the fastest car in the world; it CLAIMS to be so. The fastest production car in the world, as certified by the Guiness World Records, is the SSC Ultimate Aero TT, which reached more than 257 mph in a Washington state highway.

    Even if we’re talking about claims, the SSC Ultimate Aero TT is theoretically capable of reaching more than 273 mph, according to tests performed in a NASA facility. So whether we’re talking about certified records or factory/NASA claims, the SSC Ultimate Aero TT deserves to be called the fastest production car in the world.

    I don’t know why the car has been so thoroughly belittled by automotive fans and the press. Fans (especially those from the old continent) refuse to admit that it holds the record, and the press (even in America) blatantly ignore it, some still claiming that the Veyron is the fastest car in the world. I feel sorry for SSC. People who have tested the car say it drives very nicely and it is surprisingly comfortable and user-friendly. Not to mention it is fast as hell. But oh well, I guess sometimes you’re just not meant to be prestigious.

  • dewjunkey

    I’m sorry, I ment not count sound…Deb

  • BootsShmoots

    Smeghead @98 – Usain Bolt is now even faster
    Crowd – How fast is he?
    Answer: He is so fast he can turn around and f**k himself up the a**. LOL

  • WiseMenSay

    nice list. very appropriate that usain bolt has already made it redundant. he is officially faster than listverse :P

  • Andres

    And by the way, the title of the list is not incorrect. It may be a little misleading, but it is perfectly reasonable. “15 fastest things in the universe” doesn’t necessarily mean the “top 15 things in the universe when it comes to being the fastest.” It can also mean “a list of 15 things in the universe that are the fastest in their own categories.” Do you see what I mean?

    But anyway, as I said before, there’s no way you can claim that the Barabus TKR is the fastest car in the world, unless you decided to ignore the fact that the SSC Ultimate Aero TT exists. But, then again, we could claim that the Ford Model T is the fastest car in the world, because we can ignore every car that’s faster than it, right?

  • redcaboose

    This was an interesting and fun list. And the comments are very interesting and informative.

    @Andres (101): One item of note in this record breaking car, is that the man that drove the car and broke the record is 71 years old. It was just nice that one of us old duffers could make that run.

  • 14gotmyMANTRA


  • faketree78


  • sami71290

    Bolt just beat his record :) it’s 9.58 seconds now!

  • markymark

    the fastest space ship ? it may well be but it’s headed off to nowhere as there is no planet called pluto ? get with the times lol
    SSC Ultimate Aero TT ? bugati vernon is fastest car in the world the SSC Ultimate Aero TT is americant so its just another of there made up lies(remember weapons of mass destruction) it’s probably just a model on a tv set just like the moon landings was

  • Reverend Schizoid Boner

    The fastest thing in the universe would have to be bad news. Usually not, but if the news is bad enough, it will travel half the distance of the universe in less than a second.

  • Ethnic_Tension

    Simple solution for the argument over the ‘fastest production car’ – replace no. 14 with the fastest land vehicle which is the ThrustSSC which achieved a speed of 1227.986km/h on 15 Oct 1997.

  • reggie5N

    Pluto is not a planet. Saying that it is a planet has about as much truth and belief as people thinking Elvis is alive.

    I am so negative :P .

  • plow22

    fastest food through the human body = White Castle!

  • reggie5N

    For those who missed the tank:

    First one down. Basically same list, except only eight things.

  • Jacynta

    Not too sure if it’s been mentioned yet but Usain Bolt actually broke his own record last night in Berlin. He took .11 secs off, making the new record 9.58.
    It was an amazing run.

  • Bilbo

    @Crocoduck (75):
    No its not – a diving Peregrine Falcon is much more aerodynamic than a falling elephant. It falls faster than any other creature for that reason.

  • fgds
  • The “insano” its just awesome!!!

  • nthensome

    What am I missing, where is the info, pic, vid of this tank everyone is crying about?

  • Vera Lynn

    122 nthensome
    JF deleted it cuz it was photoshoppped. Lots of people called him out even tho it wasn’t his list.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @nthensome (122): Ya man I have no idea what everyone is talking about

  • IndianGuy

    @nthensome (122): Same here man…can’t find anyting about any Tank…
    @JFarter: Awesome List!

  • Good to see that people still know what they are talking about. So much BS around these days!

  • Dork_Vader

    I remain skeptical of Mr. bolt’s entry, mainly because It seems unreliable. Due to differing accelleration (and jerk!) a different runner can certainly have a slower time, but a faster actual velocity (or speed). Assuming the time is correct, he has an average speed of 23.35 miles per hour, based on his 9.58 100-m Time. Here’s a link for you. I use google to calculate

    According to a search, Surprisingly, it’s very difficult to find information on speed, as everything seems to point to 100-m times. I find this to be highly unreliable, as they start from rest. A 100-100 time would be better, where they run 100m or so to speed up, then a more accurate speed is gained. Still, it should be pretty easy to estimate speed using numerical integration from looking at individual frames of a camera. I’m surprised no-one has tried!

    I found this page, which seems to point to differing results

    The unreliable 12.1 m/s is much faster than the average for mr. bolt.

    Also, though he may be the fastest running man, I thought apollo 14 an re-entry contained the fastest humans. I thought that would be included.

    In conclusion, It seems that Mr. Bolt is likely the fastest runner, but there is absolutely to evidence to support this, a 100-meter time, from a stop is no way to gauge top speed, also it’s impossible to sustain said speed, as 1-mile and longer times are about 4 minutes. Also, it’s misleading, as the fastest men certainly weren’t under their own power at the time.

    Nevertheless, this list in interesting, and informative. Fortunately for me, there are a finite number of lists. These are so interesting, I’ve read them all!

    If anyone has read this and is confused about the tank, reading the comments shows that it’s a clever fake. It was #15, and was replaced by the running entry I find questionable.

  • Rewey

    Need to update the list – Bolt broke his own world record in the 100m this morning. A 9.5 sec run. Fast!

  • Kiroux

    Holy crap! I just realised Usain Bolt is a year younger than me … it begs the question, what have I done lately? Jeez, how depressing

  • This was a really great read, I am very glad I came across your site.

  • nuriko

    NICE! :)

  • Tasha

    # 15 fastest man Usain ” lightning” Bolt is even faster now!! He broke his own record and set a new world record in the 100m over the weekend in Berlin by running a 9.58…Amazing!!!!

  • Mememe

    Well, I love cheetahs, but they’re not the fastest land animal.
    The green tiger beetle is – it runs at 5 m.p.h., which for its size is remarkably fast. It’s the equivalent of a human being running at 500 m.p.h.. This bug runs so fast its eyes can’t adapt to the run and it goes blind, so it has to stop once in a while to take a look around and retrace its path.

  • sl


    You don’t think Usain St. Leo Bolt C.D exists?

    Also, what line of work are you in? Do you makelists for a living?

  • M Mac

    Good list sadly point 5 is wrong, fastest wind ever recorded was 609 kph (380.7 mph) in 1969 over South Uist in Scotland when the Jet Stream came a bit close to ground.

    Strongest regular winds are in Antartica.

    Guiness Book of Records, easily checked.

  • M Mac

    126 Dork

    Interesting a pertinant comment, I believe that Bolt was clocked in the region of 8.7 seconds for 100m in a flying start time, ie not of the blocks but up to full speed already.

    What will this boy do next as I think he has plenty left.

  • saber25

    Um, I don’t mean to brag but I’m faster than that man on number 15. Really. Ain’t bragging. Really.

  • archangel

    I’ve always speculated something was faster than light!

  • Cannons11

    Nice list… Glad #5 made it. That tornado hit my high school the year I graduated and it also hit the restaurant I was working at that evening. Crazy night, to say the least.


    Great list,, however fastest things on EARTH would perhaps be more appropriate

  • Galford

    @ sl (133)

    Was commenting about the previous entry on 15 which was the fake tank, which was some monster weighing in at 1000 tons and can travel at hundreds of miles an hour. Ridiculous.

    i actually do military defence technology, so can’t go too far off about tanks.

  • Some very interesting points have been made here, it is refreshing to see that your site gets quality visitors.

  • JayBe
  • JayBe

    could be interesting to add neutrinos as the massive fastest particles or CERN’s proton jets as the fastest barionic matter accelerated by man.
    And skip superluminosity (it’s just speculation out of real physics, still doesn’t fit in relativity).

    This way you could say the 15 fastest things on EARTH and would be compleately true.

    Otherwise you forgot lots of interesting phenomenas out there that deserved to be here: from comets to Neutron Stars, cosmic rays, stars near Sagitarius A*, jets from active gallaxies, etc.

    Anyway, a very nice list

  • aaa

    How about doing the opposite list, 15 slowest things in the Universe? It might be a little more work than this one but just as interesting.

  • monumental13

    This is an awesome post. Well done!

  • Justin

    Might wanna re-check the fastest wind thing. Theirs a storm on Jupiter I believe thats the place, where the find blows well over 350mph.

  • michaelfury

    1. The corporate news media as they run from this story:

  • Wheres the fastest bird?

  • Governor

    @ #87

    Apparently the words “earth” and “universe” are synonymous according to Listverse.

  • buckji

    Bolt running a 9.58 is unbelievable.. Now that’s fast!

  • powerfly

    I believe you forgot pre-e…….it ranks up there. Before you can even think it BAM, done. 16 Fastest Things

  • slightlycomatosed

    16: Me cumming – O!

  • Mabel

    That was pretty neat. One of the things I like about ice skating is that I can go very fast, especially when I skate backward. But not as fast as the things on this list. LOL!

  • truthdetective

    6,7, and 14 have my vote! I would mind taking them for a test drive for sure.

  • Billy Chiaan

    maybe add fastest flying object?

  • kthxbyemoi

    cool. :)

  • Millini

    Usain Bolt is only #15?

    Listverse, I am disappoint.

  • battusai

    Number 14 is wrong. Although, there is a car that was proven to be faster than the Veyron by the Guiness World Records. It’s called the Ultimate Aero SSC.

  • DenzeLL

    car at no. 14 is a dream car for me, if it comes in black.

  • captiveenrapture

    @JayBe lol. i do agree. Sometimes news strike way to fast.


  • airnoflix

    I wonder when will human creation can travel at the speed of light. That’ll make things way way faster….

  • sudiparyal

    some are unbeleivable. mind blowing,

  • kaycee

    no where on this list did i see mention of Ludacris speed. That’s too bad.

  • Mortivore

    I think the fastest thing in the universe would have to be the speed of epic fail. Something happens, and it’s there. It’s instantaneous. It doesn’t take a few seconds for epic fail to exist, it just is.

  • Jupiter Bullet

    not accurate but still interesting to read…

  • YeahRight

    Uh… the X-15 went to the “edge of outer space”??

    LOL! I’m not sure that’s even physically possible over the course of several million years.

    Perhaps the edge of Earth’s atmosphere?

    And yes, the X-15 and SR-71 Blackbird are two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT planes.

  • Romeo

    This list should now be updated. Usain Bolt broke his own 200 meter record today. 19.19 seconds. I’m so proud to be a Jamaican.

  • From the old days

    Too bad the quality of the site has being decreasing since its started to get popular, I miss the days were lists were cool and unexpected, now just a bunch of obvious list, the fastest things? What would be next? The biggest things? C’mon try a lil harder J would you?

  • Andres

    We might conclude then that number 14 is definitely inaccurate. I thought it was an interesting list, though. I don’t see why we couldn’t have this sort of lists once in a while. But, again, it’s got that big mistake.

  • Gerish

    i think u try ur best to feed the world specially developing parts[like ethiopia] the fastest things u mentioned. thanks alot. keep it up.

  • nflteamlinks

    If you’re looking for the fastest NFL player, you can probably find them in all of the links at

  • johntashia

    The tachyon subject is very interesting!

  • do you recall that joke as a kid that goes like this?

    “what is green and goes 100 mph backwards?”

    that’s fast, too.

  • loneplacebo

    Chuck Norris is the fastest thing in the universe

  • Quackenbush

    CHUCK NORRIS NOTHING COMPARED TO ARNOLD. HE’S LIKE THE STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD, ARNOLD IS. And why did no one comment on the falcon? i thought it was incredible. 200 MPH!
    simply AMAZING! !

  • cehp94

    all of them were fucking incredible… except the one of the submarine

  • Chas

    Re item 6.

    The helicopter world speed record was actually set on 11th August over the Somerset Levels over a 15km course at an altitude of 500ft and averaged over two runs. The Lynx (registration G-LYNX) was fitted with uprated Rolls-Royce Gem 60 engines fitted with a water-methanol injection system and underwent a three month program to streamline the airframe.

    What made the attempt possible was the design of the rotor blades which employed modern carbon-fibre construction, which is so strong, they would outlast the airframe. The end of each blade was fitted with a wide “paddle” at each tip to delay the onset of airflow breakup. The Lynx is also one of the very few helicopters able to both barrel roll and loop the loop due to a specially designed titanium rotor head.

    Anyone interested in the Lynx is invited to watch a short film I made a few years ago about a Lynx visiting our local Air Cadets. The film was made in the same locale as the world record run 20 years previously.

  • Cos `

    No 13 – remember that ‘evolution’ is nought but theory. The cheetah, in my view, was designed for speed from the outset!

  • DeAdMaN

    Nice list

  • Problematique

    (Y) you included light and tachyons!

    Great List =)

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    Awww, man! This is fantabulous! These list keep getting better and better! Great job.

  • 288GTO

    No no no all those stupid tuner cars, such as that bs brabus twin turbo one-off monster and the other veyron killer, the shelby supercars (SSC) ultimate aero are not really production cars, they are not in production. the veyron is in production and therefore is the fastest production car. those other bs cars should not be on any fastest car lists. and # 1 is obviously ludicrous speed

  • sam

    very very good liked the list dont know about number 1 but oh well

  • tpb261

    Tachyons have at speeds higher than that of light only in a given media, where Light itself is slower than its vacuum speed. Say in water you can have tachyon reach a place before light, but there’s no record of tachyons in vacuum. So, I still think light in vacuum is the fastest.

  • Anon

    Roadrunner by IBM is the third fastest computer:

    Get your facts right…. I have personally found several errors…. how many more?

  • Anon

    Quantum physics has shown data transfer at 4 times the speed of sound. Just a thought.

  • I will definitely need to look up #1

  • John

    gamma rays and magnetic rays. one moves speed of light and the other moves faster

  • some guy

    This was not the greatest list, not to mention that a LOT of it was stolen word for word from wikipedia (go ahead, check the wikipedia article for each list entry, it's obvious).

  • David P.Curcione

    1. The Fastest Rocket is 36,000+ M.P.H. too! You can reach the moon in 8Hrs Flight one way trip only too! It will take Another 8hrs to get to Earth too! The Total is Both ways is 16 Hrs too! true From the moon to back to Earth to by Spece Shuttle with a Nucular rocket Drive only too!

  • Thinesswaran

    all interesting and factful.there is one wrong,thats is first fastest thing in the world is our mind.we cannot calculate the speed of our mind.for example u closed ur eyes and imagined about universe u able to see picture now how u can say in what speed u travel.sooo please correct it world or universe fastest thing is our mind ever and forever

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    Very Good, It's just an Unbelievable Survey, Thankxxxxxxxxxxxzzz……..

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    Only the 1st & 2nd is correct…the 3-15 should be rocket and jet fighter……..what is Tachyons?

    • tak reti grammar

      Only 1 & 2 are true … it should be 3-15 rockets and jet fighters …….. what the Tachyons?

      • Pra Difta

        Tachyon is a speed where more faster than speed of light …..
        its called ” SuperLuminosity “

  • raed darweesh

    This information is highly instructional and useful.

  • Félix

    "The only thing faster than the speed of light is the speed of dark"- Canibus

  • backnineblues

    if the "inflation theory" as proposed by alan guth and independently by andre linde is correct, then at the moment of the "big bang" (before the laws of physics even existed) the universe expanded faster than the speed of light.

  • rebekah

    what about the tardis? thats pretty fast, it can go from 1,000,000 BC to 100,000,000,000,000 AD at the complete other side of the universe in a few seconds…

  • David P.Curcione

    The Fastest Space Craft Is Star Trek Enterprise-D It Maxium T.N.C Scale Warp Drive of Warp.(9.9999999999999+ too!

  • shelbieann marston

    need more on the top fastest

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    Fastest Thing Recorded is now Speed of Neutrino!

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  • Suranjith Nanda Kumara


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    The Youtube video of Usain Bolt of offline folks…

  • jokeinside

    Diarrhea is faster than light, testing, take lemon and milk before bed, turn off the light, and when you feel a cramp in the tummy you stand and when you want to turn on the light diarrhea already won!

  • Pra Difta

    really interesting ….
    i believe , this unbelievable nature hasn’t showed enough us about the true identity of this universe…….
    physics & Math is really work up together :D

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  • David P.Curcione

    1..NoteThe Speed of Light True Speed is: 190,258.7519 Miles Per Second too!

  • petet2112

    A Conversion Chart for you people of LISTVERSE. Converting meters to feet here is the formula. Take the amount of meters (in this case, 100 meters) and want to convert it into yards. Take 100 x 39.37 (the number of inches in a meter) and then divide that by 12 (the number of inches in a foot). So, 100 meters x 39.37 divided by 12 = 328.08 feet. Take that sum (328.08) and divide it by 300 (number of yards) and then multiply by 100 and you come up with 109.36 yards. 100 meters is 109.36 yards. Conversion of Miles per Hour to Nautical Miles Per Hour (or knots, if you will), lets says 50 knots per hour and multiply by 1.15 = 57.5 MPH.

  • petet2112

    Back in the summer of 1996, I distinctly read an article in “Scientific American” magazine that when Michael Johnson achieved his accomplishments in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, that they would not even be touched until the year 2030-2040. Well, now we have Usain Bolt running a 9.58 in the 100 meter dash and a 19.30 in the 200 meter dash and its only the year 2012 right now. Usain is 6’5 inches tall and it takes him only 40 strides to complete his 100 meter run (that’s approx. 8 feet per stride). I am thinking that his goal of 9.4 in the 100 meters in London is a reasonable bet. Now, If I were a multi-billionaire and owned an NFL team, it would be safe to say that he would be beyond perfect as a wide-receiver for a football team. Like the famous line from “The Godfather” Part I. “I’ll make him an offer he won’t refuse.” Think About it.

  • petet2112

    @ jokeinside : That’s an interesting experiment, but with me and my extremely weak stomach, that is, seeing my own fecal matter would deter me from trying that out. But here’s a good one for you. Take two “Tic-Tac” breath mints and leave them in your mouth for about a minute and let your mouth get coated with the peppermint. Chew them and then swallow it. Then immediately after that, take a Hot Jalapeno Pepper and bite into it and feel what happens inside of your mouth.

  • Actually, it was discovered that faulty wiring caused a miscalculation on the speed of neutrinos, which are not faster than light.

  • Laurence

    Peregrine falcon is said here to have been recorded at a record of 242mph

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    I want to know more about TKR which is faster then Bugatti Veyron……I’ve searched but found little info………..

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  • olatunji rildwan

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