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10 More Bizarre Music Videos

Listverse commonly plays host to things bizarre, musical, cinematic, and on one particular list, all of the above. Top 10 Bizarre Music Videos saw it’s fair share of attention, but never a sequel. I have compiled a list of 10 more odd and sometimes disturbing videos. Some are humorous, others saddening, and still others scary. All are strange in their very own way, and I know very well we wouldn’t have it any other way. In no particular order.



Screen Shot 2009-12-05 At 4.13.21 Pm

Artist: Massive Attack
Video: Watch it here

The duo from Bristol, England, belongs to a musical genre deemed “trip-hop”. Their popular song Angel can be heard on the remake of Flight of the Phoenix, a few trailers for Watchmen, and many other venues. The video focuses on a man walking through a parking garage, when he gradually picks up more and more pursuers until a huge mob is sprinting after him. Look for a fairly interesting twist at the end.


Inside the Fire


Artist: Disturbed

WARNING Highly sensitive/graphic content. As their name suggests, Disturbed is known to have had trysts with darker material, but this video (which garnered the band their first Grammy nod) takes the cake. The first minute of the video contains a disclaimer, followed by the lead singer walking in on his girlfriend who just hung herself. The lyrics to the song are sung from the point of view of Satan tempting the main character to kill himself and join his lover in Hell. The disclaimer at the beginning has a suicide prevention hotline.




Artist: Smashing Pumpkins

The video seems like a throwback to the LSD-heavy ’70’s. Trippy colors and effects abound, and I imagine the video will be incredibly entertaining after you get high.


Lie Lie Lie


Artist: Serj Tankian

Made in a very unique animation style, this video loosely depicts the songs’ subject matter. The subject matter being the vocalist smiling as he throws his lover to her death. Yeah. But the upbeat piano and opera singer Ani Maldjian’s voice bring quite a different tone to the song, sugar-coating the dark material into a soap-opera romantic tragedy.


Simple Survival

Screen Shot 2009-12-05 At 4.14.05 Pm

Artist: Mushroomhead
Video: Watch it here

A horror movie may open with a man and a woman being chased through a dilapidated building by some masked freaks, and it may be edited with some trippy color filters. It is to be expected. But a music video? That qualifies as bizarre.


Wait and Bleed


Artist: Slipknot

As if one parade of masked weirdos wasn’t enough, Slipknot is here to contribute. The band’s breakout hit features a video of all the band members, in stop-motion puppet form, terrorizing the maggot-infested lab of some mad scientist. It all culminates when the little freaks take the doctor down and light him on fire. Fun stuff.


Dragostea Din Tei


Artist: O-Zone

We’ve all seen the fat guy with glasses dancing in his chair, but few people have seen the ACTUAL video for the song that most know as “Numa Numa”. No, I’m sorry, the real title isn’t Numa Numa, and yes, I’m disappointed as well. But, the Moldavian pop group provides its own bizarre experiences, with comepletely irrelevant and ridiculous animations drawn over stills of the actual band. And they fly an airplane.


Third Reich ‘N Roll


Artist: The Residents

I have come to the conclusion that some things do not have a deeper meaning, and that they simply exists to be ridiculous and weird. Hence, the above video was birthed. I kind of want to say it is racist, due to the outfits strikingly similar to Ku Klux Klan outfits, but at the same time, it could just be strikingly similar to the hoods worn by Catholics in Seville, so I’ll reserve judgement. I haven’t any idea what the point of the video is.



Screen Shot 2009-12-05 At 4.14.44 Pm

Artist: System of a Down
Video: Watch it here

A unique band and personal favorite, System of a Down has quite a few odd videos and songs. But Spiders takes the cake. As the song builds in intensity, we see flashes between a woman in some kind of dreary facility, and her implied nightmare featuring an odd landscape and disturbing inhabitants. Some of the lyrics, and shots of the facility and people observing the woman, have led many to interpret the song to be about mind control, whether it be literal mind control or social influencing.




Artist: Tool

Of course, the list couldn’t be completed without a video from Tool. This creepy and surreal video features… uh… Aliens? No. Um… Well, whatever they are, they…. Actually, I simply cannot describe the video. Tool is known for their unique music, odd videos, and surrealist lyrics. Really, a description would do the video injustice, and an explanation is beyond me.

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  • brody :)

    yerp i have to agree but there are wierder video clips like cannibaal corpse have wierd videos n other bands in the death metal genre

  • stefan


  • bassbait



    If this video (and the provided song) isn’t bizarre enough, there can be no list…

    • clom

      i think i know why that was’nt on the list *clears throat* THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL OR THE BIZZARE PLANET THAT MARUOSA COME FROM THAT THAT COULD EVER POSSIBLY BE CONSIDERED MUSIC ,it sounded more like “do you mind if we burn you for half an hour then speed up your screams terror ,then if you don’t mind drinking this “everydrugintheknownuniversecocktail” let us know what you see then we put the 2 together and throw it on the internet”

  • Phil

    Woooooooo woooooooo system of a down! Fuck yeah!

  • El the erf

    Merlin’s beard! To talk of submitting a list is one thing…but really ianz09, HOW did you manage this? Y’know, you have ACTUALLY outdone Randall. Don’t tell me… Jfrater has thrown in a contract in your kitty,hasn’t he?…oh well whatever it may be, but have you made me go green or what!

  • bassbait

    Awesome list, and since I already showed you the most BIZARRE music video ever (comment number 3 obviously),

    I will show you an “honorable mention” by Serj Tankian and Buckethead.

    We Are One:


  • Bb

    Great list. I never watched the video for angel, never new it was so odd.

  • ashtray

    @bassbait (3): That’s what I see in my head when I listen to metal

  • plasmatwa2

    I am by no means a fan of Lady Gaga, but I watched her Bad Romance music video, and I think it would be right at home on this list.

  • bassbait

    @ashtray (8): is that an insult or a compliment to metal? I’m totally lost.

  • Shadice

    Dir en grey’s music video for “Obscure” is far by one of the most Bizzare music videos I’ve ever seen…and it was the censored version…XD

  • 63jax

    Nothing from Bjork? Come on man do more research.

  • El the erf

    Manson? No Manson?? Or has he already eaten too much of the first list??

  • Arsnl

    Doesnt the numa numa horror ever end?? It kills me everytime someone mentions it.

    @jfrater: what about them sub stories??

  • mahala

    and i thought the pixies had pretty weird videos.

  • r_Bob

    I think a lot of the choices were a bit hackneyed. It seems like a lot of the stuff in those metal videos are just regurgitated leftovers from mid-90’s Marilyn Manson videos.

    This on the other hand should definitely have been way up there:

    I think Animal Collective or Flaming Lips should have been included as well.

  • oouchan

    Cool list! I remember when MTV just started so I’m going to date myself here. Most of the videos were tame at that time and nothing like this. I think the most bizzare video at that time was the robots one. It was instrumental I think. Can’t remember who did it though.
    So far we have come or fallen, take your choice. I kinda miss MTV….when it used to play just videos. *sigh*

  • @Arsnl (14): When I am good and ready I will post the submarine stories. Stop mentioning it!

  • SS


    rammsteins pussy video is by far the weirdest video….
    O_o the weirdness being are the band members really having sex?

    oh also schism isnt the weirdest tool music video

    Aenima, sober and stink fist (or track 1 as its called in the US) have more bizarre imagery than schism….




  • Olivia

    I was almost postitve that there’d be Bjork in there somehow. Great list though, I loved the first video.

  • KK

    I was waiting for a Tool video…the first one I ever saw was the prison sex one i think…weird.
    Also, just a random and slightly weird video: Land of Confusion by Genesis

  • dunfire

    The band members in rammsteins pussy video are CGI, there heads on porn actors. Music Porn! New art form?

  • eminem

    No 3AM?Come on man slim shady desrves a spot 4sure

  • irtimixd

    no marilyn manson?

  • Nameless

    @SS (19): Kudos to you for adding more Tool videos (there should be a list made exclusively of their entire videography) and I’m adding Prison Sex since KK (21) mentioned it

    I don’t know if it’s the most bizarre, but it’s surely the most disturbing once you relate it to the song.

  • Nameless

    @plasmatwa2 (9): I second that, “Bad Romance” should receive at least an honorable mention, if only for the Alexander McQueen fashions…

  • ianz09

    Thanks for the comments guys! I didn’t want the list to be a carbon copy of the original, so no Bjork or Marilyn Manson. Although, neglecting Tool for a spot simply wasn’t an option. Also, whoever mentioned 3 AM by Eminem, I had actually considered that one, but I ended up with the other choices instead. But thanks anyway hope you liked it!

  • Arsnl

    @jfrater (18): ok dude. Got it …. Damn now i lost all purpose in life… Well i still my cats(14 of them: snowball, tiger, allen, speedy…) and i love collecting priceless stuff people just throw away. I mean c’mon why do people chuck away used fly paper and empty plastic bottles

  • I like this list. x3
    I also think that Paramore’s music video of Brick by Boring Brick is weird.
    Take a look when you have time. :)

  • Nikki

    Dragostea Din Tei was played a lot over here in Europe. I actually only recently saw the Youtube video.

    • Ninche

      Me too :)

  • Rob

    Thank god there’s some Tool on here!

  • jajdude

    Micro chwar guns on the list musico vids of tool ejacs, yo

  • Davy

    Great list, ianz09. They just keep getting better and better; keep em coming. :)

  • Verbena

    Nice list :)

  • nyota0uhura

    I laughed out loud when I saw the O-Zone video on the list. I was still living in Germany when they came out (and it was a HUGE hit there). The only video I ever saw was the one you show here, I don’t even know what the fat guy one is about.

    Notice how the one in the blue shirt is never seen singing by himself? Luckily, we find out what he’s good for at the end: he did the storyboard! Aha!

  • NickMatrix

    How could you overlook this masterpiece?

  • Zen

    Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance is one of the recent 1s


  • ianz09

    For the Europeans who don’t know the phenomenon:


  • ianz09

    Oh, and a quick correction. In the paragraph for Inside the Fire, my wording implies the video was Grammy-nominated. However, it was only the song that was nominated.

  • L

    I see your Lady Gaga and raise you

    Roisin Murphy


    Speaking of Roisin (pronaunced ro-sheen):

    back to topic


    Future Sound Of London

    Chemical Brothers

  • archiealt

    @Zen (37):

    I hope Lady GaGa dies. I honestly hope that she fucking dies.


    actually a really good list this time

  • L

  • L

    I see your Lady Gaga and raise you

    Roisin Murphy


    Speaking of Roisin (pronaunced ro-sheen):

    back to topic


    Future Sound Of London

    Chemical Brothers

  • oouchan

    @L (43): I like Roisin! My favorite song is Ramalama.

  • Randall

    Nice list, but I think there are weirder videos out there.

    Huge fan of Massive Attack.

    Now, as to the Residents… the identity of the band has been a secret ever since they appeared in the early 70s. Hence whenever they appear in public (which was always exceedingly rare) or on film, they’re hidden behind hoods, helmets (usually with one big eye on them) and the like.

    They’re not racists. Just free-form experimental weirdos that were often totally cool.

  • oouchan

    @ianz09 (38): hahaha! I have the misheard lyrics version on my ipod. That cracks me up everytime I hear it. The video is hilarious! (hopefully I did the link right)

  • squid

    I like Slipknot’s video for “Circle.”

  • ianz09

    @Randall (45): Yeah, I too enjoy Massive Attack. And I’m not a fan of the Residents at all, but the racist remarks were just jokes concerning pretty much the only coherent thoughts I had on the video (“Are those KKK hoods? What the hell else is happening?”)

  • Randall

    @ianz09 (48):

    I’m not sure the Residents have “fans” per se. And your reaction is typical. Nobody seems to understand them. I highly doubt they’re meant to be understood.

  • ianz09

    @Randall (49): That was my impression too. Some bands set out to be deep, profound, and artistic, but I really think these guys are just always intended to be just utterly ridiculous and odd. In that case, a success I would say

  • Steph

    @Zen (37):

    i was going to suggest that one… I love lady Ga Ga, but that is one ****ed up video for a pop song!!!!

  • Sanja22

    ummm o-zone is romanian not moldvian…. just to let you know..

  • ianz09
  • Davy

    @archiealt (40): I hate Lady Gaga too, but I don’t wish her to die. I just want her to stop with all the stupid costumes, wigs, and makeup. I mean seriously, just look at the cover of her album The Fame Monster. Really, how ugly can you get?

  • archangel

    yes, bizzare indeed.

  • Cubone

    @oouchan (17): Was is Rockit by Herbie Hancock?

    Anyway, most of these videos aren’t as bizarre as much as just silly. Seen a tool video? Then you’ve seen ’em all!

  • oouchan

    @Cubone (56): Yup! That’s the one. Thanks. Here’s the video:

  • Cubone

    @oouchan (57): yeah . . . . I just really dated myself by knowing that one . . .

  • Geyb

    How `bout Marilyn Manson? :D

  • danohh

    Aphex Twin/Come to Daddy,

  • JCL

    Forgive me if this doesn’t work, it is my first time embedding a video into this thing. :D

    Bjork – Where Is The LineUploaded by Narfouette.

  • ardjet

    Empire of the Sun is pretty bizarre..

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Bout to get your shit rocked!

  • Bunbunbunbun


    This is the uncensored version, so warning it’s kind of graphic.

    LOVE Dir En Grey though <3

  • heatherrr.

    awesome list !!! and i’m a huge fan of tool, smashing pumpkins, mushroomhead, SOAD & serj !!

  • atheists eat fish

    AWESOME LIST!!!!! I love Serj Tankian and Tool. Serj often uses juxtapostion to increase the intensity and bizarreness of his songs. For exapmle, the video for Empty Walls has him playing in a children’s ball pit while singing about the horrors of the Iraq war. Brilliant list. Thank you. Now I have something to do with my Saturday. So many new vidoes to see. Thanks commenters!!

  • deeeziner

    @Cubone (58): Thanks for the info, been trying to remember that one for about 6 months now…No reference point=lousy googles.

    As for the list…gave up my cable about 10 years ago, back in the heydey of Tool, Manson and NIN. So I’m pretty much a radio listener. The kids pop me up the bizarre video or two on the youtubes and I just sound like an old geezer when I stumbling make a reference to what I’ve seen, later.

    And to Arsnl— Sorry you’ve lost your purpose in life…perhaps you can make a baking soda submarine from one of your recycles and have some fun in the bathtub. :D

  • timmy the dying boy

    Man, it’s going to take the whole weekend to go through all of these.

  • Shell

    Am I the only one who thinks those guys in O-zone are kinda hot? <.<;

    Anyway, great list ianz09!

  • Andree

    the old animated radiohead music video used to scare the be-jeebs out of me as a kid. yikes!

  • lrigD

    Must admit this is not one of my favourite lists. However, I was very surprised to find Dragosteia din tei on here. I figured it was only a hit in Europe (and it was a big hit… does that make me sound old?) Nice to see a foreign band/whatever O-Zone was featured here though. You know, the actual song is about a tree…

  • mouseinthehousemi

    @ianz09 (38): LOL @ Numa Numa!

    Sweet list! I didn’t think I’d like Angel, but it turned out very rich. Expanding on a YouBoob post, I think it’s a metaphor for fear. Fear is like the mob that grows and chases you down. When a person musters the nerve, they can turn around, facce the fear, and conquer it.

  • arden

    Nice job ianz, this list definitely makes up for the last list you wrote

  • zsasz

    no aphex twin? im sure the whole list could be populated by aphex twin videos.

  • Supernaut

    A mention of Radiohead’s Blips for Kid A would have been great but otherwise nice list! Part 1 Part2

    Check out pinion, help me i am in hell, or happiness in slavery. Inside the fire wasnt a very weird video.

    Knives out is a well video also.

  • ianz09

    @arden (73): Um, thanks and ouch. Barbed compliment there

  • ianz09

    @atheists eat fish (66): Actually, quick point, I personally have interpreted the lyrics for Empty Walls to concern genocide. Serj Tankian and Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello run Axis of Justice, a non-profit organization for grass-roots political groups, and musicians and their fans to to fight for social injustices. Tankian focuses a lot of attention on genocides. He (along with the other 3 members of SOAD) is of Armenian descent, and is active is getting people to recognize the genocide, and has further extended this to reach out to Darfur and similar situations.

    Although the video is clearly a statement on the Iraq War, the lyrics as I have heard them seem more centric to the horrors of war, particularly genocide. Here is the video, hands down one of my favorites:


    But anyway, thank you, I’m very glad you enjoyed the list so much! Check out the first one if you haven’t already (I didn’t write it, I was just inspired).

  • ianz09

    @Geyb (59): Manson made it on the original list, I wanted mine to be diverse, so I wasn’t just copying the original.

    @danohh (60): Darn it, how could I list bizarre videos and forget Aphex Twin? At least it made it in the comments ;)

  • jenn

    what about closer by nine inch nails??

  • ianz09

    @mouseinthehousemi (72): It is such a great song. I wouldn’t say it is my absolute favorite song (but definitely in the top ten), but I would describe it in terms of it’s layout, buildup, sound, etc., to be the perfect song. It fits together better than any I have heard, and it is really appealing to people from all musical preferences. That is the song got me started on Massive Attack. Also, great metaphor, I never really considered that.

    Anyway, sorry for flooding the comment thread, again.

  • Weirdvideo

    Dredge – same ol’ road … awesome

  • ianz09

    @heatherrr. (65): I’m actually going to go see Mushroomhead a week from today!

  • beefcakex

    You definitely need to have a very wide taste in music to make a list like this. This video is crazy, it’s also very hard to pick up on everything the first time around because stuff happens very quickly. Also this song has subliminal powers or something, I didn’t like it the first time I heard it, but this video came into my head one time randomly and the riff started playing in my head. memorizing.

  • hum

    I have to agree with this list, haha, those videos are pretty creepy, though I have to admit that I’ve seen worse. );
    We need another sequel to this, because I know all of us can rattle off another video that hasn’t been featured.
    Good job. :)

  • Aaron

    Watch #3 with a cheap pair of 3-D glasses.

  • krypto092108

    How about the video for Feuer Frei?
    It was part of the movie Triple X’s soundtrack…


  • krypto092108

    @Aaron (86):

    As soon as I can get them…

  • 63jax

    How about Michael Jackson’s Leave Me Alone. It could fit here very well.

  • DaniBee

    How can the used not be here?!!?! The Bird and The worm!
    this has my vote.

  • RSG

    sorry number 8 or whereever numa numa is should not be here
    its not a bizarre video just a pop-camp video which is common in europe

    you should have aphex twin – windowlicker

    now that video is odd!

  • Untit1ed

    How come no pussy from Rammstein?

  • gr81disp

    Just want to make a quick point that the Disturbed song Inside the Fire was written by Draimen cuz when he was a teenager his girlfriend hung herself. It really isn’t weird when you understand that.

  • ianz09

    @gr81disp (93): But if you aren’t ready for it, the imagery is quite shocking, and the tactics are bizarre, but effective in delivering the anti-suicide message the song and video are meant to convey.

  • Me

    I’m disappointed by the lack of Black Hole Sun

  • TheSloth

    Pretty one dimensional list. Some really shitty bands on there and not a very big variety of styles. “In the Flowers” by Animal Collective is one of the most bizzare yet awesome music videos you’ll ever see

  • katya

    dude, i love dragostea din tei. in third grade it was my favorite song!! but, i guess the music video is kinda weird…

  • JustKar

    …no “E-Pro” by Beck, or was that on the first list?

  • bassbait

    @beefcakex (84)

    I totally forgot about the video for this song! Of course, it’s a REALLY bizarre video, but I’ve seen more bizarre…
    Their best video however, is:


  • BethDEATH

    #7 is win.
    I love O-Zone.
    Arsenie Toderas is a GOD.

  • gav

    I am officially an old fart.

    Time to resign myself to sitting on the front porch with a glass of metamucil and a shotgun of rock salt waiting for school kids and cats to set foot in my flower beds.

  • damien_karras

    Good list Ianz, the only item in the list that unsettled me was ‘Inside the Fire’. It hit a bit too close to home for me.

  • macph

    +666 on Tool!

  • ianz09

    @damien_karras (102): I’m sorry to hear that, hope all’s well

  • ianz09

    @El the erf (5): Thanks… You ok? I think you typed a little fast, I didn’t quite catch that

  • sue

    Hyperactivate by Thomas Tolby. A #1, from back in the day when music video was a form of art…

  • Z0mgZ0rs

    Not even ONE Marilyn Manson song? This list sucks.

  • calm_incense

    @Z0mgZ0rs (107):

    Read comment #27.


  • JonnyJimDeliah

    This list needs more Black, more Hole, and more Sun

  • LMXV

    “Not even ONE Marilyn Manson song? This list sucks.”

    You guys must be new. There is another list with MM, NIN, Aphex Twin, give those artists a break for once and let others flourish.

  • flgh

    This list needs Duran Duran’s Wild Boys

  • L

    French videos, first with Aphex Twin somewhere

  • Trazzoli

    Not a bad list; its probably tough to track down all the madness in the ocean of music videos. I am surprised that there is no Gwar – they rule the world of bizarre!

  • Andor

    how about this? those are some creepy goldfish:))

  • Mrs.Gallows

    This list was highly sub-standard in my eyes. You don’t label a list as “Most bizarre” and include all these “hardcore” (My ass!) bands from today whose music videos are watched by pimple faced teens and regarded as genius because they are slightly bizarre.
    My friend, I suggest doing more research before jotting down a few videos you apparently just think are worthy of some kind of list. I’m not saying it is what you did, but it sure as hell seems like you just wanted a little list of the Motley crew (and no, not the GOOD band) that fill your playlists. Some more research would have garnered you with a respectable list (by the way- bizarre and disgusting are by no means the same thing.) For example: Dir En Grey has some pretty bizarre videos (“Obscure” for example.) You could have also included many of the various metal acts, because I tell you what’s bizarre- a band whose first album cover is their lead singer’s suicide picture. Morbid, yes. Bizarre? Yes. (Forgive me, their name escapes me.)

  • ianz09

    @Mrs.Gallows (115): Try reading the original list, and get back to me.

  • Mrs.Gallows

    I do want to add:
    I was a bit harsh, not EVERY artist
    (one, really.) on this list deserves to be called rubbish, just maybe not “bizarre.”

    Oh, The band I previously mentioned about the band member’s suicide as the album cover was Mayhem, a black metal band. Black metal is an excellent source for gathering information on weird and bizarre in general.

  • Mrs.Gallows

    Yes, I’m familiar with the list. There are still a few on there that I don’t quite agree with, I just feel this list pales in comparison. Mostly because I feel it is more of a list catered to these modern bands, who, let’s face it, as much as they would like to be bizarre cannot handle the task. Slipknot and Disturbed are both a disgrace to music (not the industry, people will follow those dumbasses all day), but they are also failures in the respect that they try and try to be edgy and hardcore, or whatever adjective you’d like to use, but they are simply to bland and wrapped in their own asses to even begin to churn out ONE good idea or song.
    Once again, I am in no way trying to be harsh on you. I feel bad for the overall tone of my original comment, these are just my thoughts and opinions. I’m sorry if they offend you, but after all, you are the one posting on the web for all to critique.

  • ianz09

    @Mrs.Gallows (118): I was trying to stray away from the overall tone of the previous list by including a few more morbid videos, which I will stand by and say are still bizarre. I’m sorry you don’t enjoy a few of the bands, but (without making accusations) I hope it wasn’t that bias that kept you from enjoying the list as much. If you are concerned with the bands not being as dark as the death and black metal bands, I apologize. But the entire list was not meant to be a gorefest or all dark, I figured the inclusion of Inside the Fire and Wait and Bleed were sufficient enough to cover morbid, and leave room for the other categories of strange (trippy colors, odd themes, etc.). I’m not offended by naysayers (I’ve had my fair share), but when you critiqued you had mentioned things that I purposefully strayed away from due to inclusion of the item or a very similar item in the first list.

  • 14gotmyMANTRA

    @#37: Thanks that what I was going to say.

  • djfonix

    strange this isnt here….
    Rubber Johnny – Chris Cunningham + Aphex Twin

  • Megan

    What, no Manson video? What about Disposable Teens?

  • Megan

    Oh and what about Korn’s ‘Right Now?’ that shit’s pretty disturbing.

  • Pedro

    theres just no way anyone can make a list of the 10 most bizarre music videos. there are just to many of them. for example black hole sun from soundgarden or firestarter from the prodigy. shut me up and straight to video from mindless self indulgence are kinda weird too. but there are just to many to reference them all.

    PS: ramstein are pretty bizarre too especially since they released their Music/porn video “Pussy”

  • Brian

    “The Perfect Drug” by Nine Inch Nails, anyone?

  • Arielle

    Nice list! I love strange music videos ^^ I think there are some here that could be replaced, but overall I think it’s a pretty nice collection…

    (Also…I didn’t expect Dir en grey to be on the list in the first place- with Obscure of course, but they have other weird videos, too, like Zan or Sangeki no Yoru- but I’m happy they were put in the comments x])

  • Arielle

    Ahh, scratch what I said about Dir en grey! I should’ve seen the original first! x]

  • natapillar

    yeeeaahhh i love the nutty videos! they weirder the better :)

  • natapillar

    @r_Bob (16): thanks for that Fever Ray link :) had never heard of this before,but it is really good.

  • el scorcho

    Disturbing for me would be “just” by radiohead. I’m still thinking about it after 15 years….

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  • [youtube=]

    this video isn’t all THAT bizzare, its more creepy and pointless and has nothing to do with the lyrics which also are stupid.
    the robot sort of looks like a chucky became the terminator.

  • L

    @Andor (114): “goldfish”


  • BlueBeyond

    What, no Lady Gaga “Bad Romance”?

    The skeleton gave me nightmares.

  • I was fully expecting NIN’s Closer to be on there. Good list though!

  • swampsnake

    Does anyone besides me wonder what Alice Cooper might have done with video when “Welcome to My Nightmare ” was made. Some of the lyrics are enough to give you the creeps to this day.

  • Hendershot

    Quote Unquote by Mr. Bungle would be my number 1:


  • salfordio

    Quite a big fan of The Residents myself so good pick. I’d say their video for Constantinople is also pretty damn weird but I can’t link it – Maybe someone can? It’s on Youtube. Some of their albums are borderline unlistenable and only favoured by the bigest of all music posers but some are sublime..

  • The_Patient

    YAY, TOOL!! I knew they’d be on here. What a great band.

  • I don’t get why people are hating on Lady Gaga. The woman’s trying to bring a little real art to popular music. That in itself is noble enough to earn her my respect; her live talent with the piano makes me a fan.

  • CVTeam

    Daft Punk – Around the world

    Herbie Handcock – Rockit
    (Already in comments but this link below works)

  • Hodari

    One of the weirdest music videos i’ve withnessed in the Land down under by Men at work. I dont get it and it has many strange bits that make no sense at all. First video on You Tube for keywords “land down under”.

  • seinVerstand

    Great list. I heard of most of the songs listed but never seen any of their music videos.

    Weirdest in my opinion though is for the song “Rapture” by a band called HURT and the canceled music video for their song “Forever”

    I would embed the video but it’s been disabled so here’s the link for Rapture:

    and Forever:

  • bassbait

    @ Mr. Gallows (115)

    A person who claims that others don’t research enough but doesn’t know the name of the singer that commited suicide and was put on the album cover (honestly, if you were thinking of MAYHEM, it wasn’t the FIRST album they released), and also manages to ignore the first list…

    should not be casting the first stone…

    But I see that you have apologized. Just think before you speak (if you don’t know how to, there’s always the internet).

  • bassbait

    @zackapalooza (140)

    “I don’t get why people are hating on Lady Gaga. The woman’s trying to bring a little real art to popular music. That in itself is noble enough to earn her my respect; her live talent with the piano makes me a fan.”

    Ok, I’ll state MY reasons:

    1.I go to high school, and thus, I have to hear the same “bad romance” song OVER AND OVER.

    2.As much as you say she’s bringing art back, she can’t sing. As far as I can tell, I hear some editing… all that means to me is that it’s definitely NOT a natural talent.

    3.She’s gaining popularity off of promiscuity. That sells even if she SUCKS.

    4.She is NOT being noble… She is being a trend follower. She does not write amazing pop music, and is not changing the industry, but instead contributing to it. The best example of GOOD pop is nirvana, not because they became popular, but because they highlighted talent over looks and production.

    5.It’s sad to see salutations to an act like lady gaga. Comparing her to Mikael Akerfeldt, Chuck Schuldiner, and Paul Masvidal, who have all done technical accomplishments to be cemented in history, she gets the attention for being the “popular act”.

  • Mememe

    10 ‘More’ bizarre Music Videos is not 10 ‘Most’ Bizarre Music Videos. READ things before writing bulshit, people.
    These are add-ons to previous lists.
    Kudos on those who link more strange stuff for us to watch.

    (Wierd not to see the token Tool-hater around, though…)

    Cool list.

  • joe

    no aphex twin vids?

  • opschief

    Cibbo Matto’s Sugar Water. Weird, fantastic, very Spike Jonez-y!

  • [youtube=]

  • Amandaggogo

    What, no Marilyn Manson? The beautiful people and sweet dreams is plenty disturbing.

    Granted, I do agree with this list entirely, especially with Schism. But seriously, Marilyn Manson is the definition of disturbing. :0)

  • ianz09

    @Amandaggogo (150): First list :)

  • mrsmarvel

    Numa Numa is remarkably normal to be on this list after Slipknot. Seriously?

  • mrsmarvel

    @ bassbait (145) you are right in some respects, but Lady Gaga is a pretty good musician in her own right. There are clips of her looking completely normal a few years back and her band was pretty good. That just shows me that her Gaga is a facade and after a while will fade away. She’s not noble, she’s not bringing art to music. She’s a performer who is putting on a show. I like her music myself, but I’m not fooling myself into believing she’s anything other than a performer. Gaga is her gig.

  • Woyzeck

    @mrsmarvel (153):

    She can’t write for shit. Her “music” can be summed up as DOOMF DOOMF DOOMF give me money DOOMF DOOMF DOOMF.

  • ianz09

    @Woyzeck (154): That’s awesome

  • Trigger

    Great list but, That Mushroomhead clip is LITERALLY NOTHING compared in bizarreness to Mushroomhead’s ‘Sun doesn’t rise’ clip about a living Scarecrow being torn to shreds by crows then stiched back together for vengance by a little girl, the effects and colours etc make it so chillingly beautiful.. :

  • ianz09

    @Trigger (156): I love that song

  • David

    Strangest i’ve seen is Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android”

  • Anonymous

    It seems as though bizarre only means “creepy” in this list. Here are videos which were made in the country the word “bizarre” had originated from:


    These may be clips from films, but most excerpts like these are treated like music videos in the Indian subcontinent.

  • Anonymous


  • awesomeness

    i found so many awesome song here :D

  • IB Therefore IBS

    well, this isn’t violent, but it certainly is bizarre Baya Baya by Safri Duo:


  • VanDyk

    this list SUX! not one Manson video

  • Emma

    Where is Lady Gaga?!

  • lee

    @shell ikr! they’re quite good-looking. haha

  • Razi

    Supermassive Black Hole – Muse

    As if the fat guy in tights wasn’t weird enough.
    Also, the vocals of the song make it weirder.

  • alteredinside

    yo, i’ll have to go with obscure by dir en grey. first time i watched it, i actually threw up. before and after that i am still a HUGE dir en grey fan.

  • jebus

    i’d suggest that rammstein’s mein teil is up there

  • Erudite

    Aphex Twin/Come to Daddy (#61) surely takes the cake. I remember seeing that on TV in 1997 and it gave me the shits! Lulz

  • plasket

    I have no idea what’s going on in the video for The Third Reich and Roll. However, I’m pretty sure that the album (a mess of bizarre, barely-recognizable rock covers) was designed by the Residents to equate popular music with fascism. To hammer the point home, the cover featured Dick Clark in a Nazi uniform.

  • phil grignon


  • Pat

    You could make this list with nothing but Tool videos.

  • Enucleator

    @bassbait (99):
    THANNNNNNXXXXXXX!!!! great band, great song, great vid!!!!!
    bow, bow, bow!!!!

  • Enucleator

    @ianz09 (38):
    thanx, but we have the net in Europe too… this guy is a old meme already ^^

  • andmybirdcansing

    Safety Dance?

  • Zhinden

    for me here are my additions…

    Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun
    Radiohead – Just
    She Wants Revenge – Tear You Apart

  • Joethebeachtowel

    Here are two bizarre videos! One has a drug addict vanishing and the other is a religious mind trip. It was probably the weirdest s*** I've seen and I've seen a lot of s***.

  • StegosaurusWithWings

    What about Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden? That video is messed up.

  • Christa E

    No offense but this list of video's really arent bizarre and are obviously based from your taste and not from all avenues and genres. This really isnt that great of a list, I can think of a multitude of better, more bizarre music videos than this.

  • lindsey

    You should of put "I like little girls" by.. i forget his name.. haha but his video was horribly creepy. Not like, hanging and killing each other with aliens creepy, but just creepy in a pedophila way.

  • Leviathan

    howcome nobody posts Korn:Right Now?? thats one of the most disturbing videos

  • Nici

    What about Cradle of Filth?

  • Perry
  • brandon

    no gwar?Mushroomhead i can kinda understand but slipknot? where are the icp guys?

  • Aisha

    There’s this weird music video I’ve seen, which is old. It has some schoolchildren acting like robots. Then they drop into this large shredding machine that turns them into sausages. The vocals were also children singing monotonously. Can anybody tell me the title of the song/artist? Thanks.

  • Ryan Caywood

    Tool’s vids should have been on the top of this list!! I know all there is to know about Tool and I still can’t fully understand those videos (though I grasp most of it, it’s all in the symbolism and metaphors, you have to think hard). Not that silly 70’s lookin’ fake bullsh*t with nothing but the band playing in fancy technicolor! Who hasn’t seen 100 music video just like that i mean cmon! pffft. Wanna see some real weird sh*T? check out Aenima, Prison Sex, Sober (not as weird though, it’s easy to figure out what the claymation is symbolising especially with the real person near the end lookin’ like he’s withdrawling from something (prolly alcohol, I been there I know, but then again who knows that’s just what it reminded ME of). Then we have Stinkfist which is just freakin loaded with crazy crap and symbolism, and topping it off is a tie between Parabol/Parabola and Vicarious (the most meaningful imo, next to Stinkfist). Though I thought the Vicarious video’s meaning was pretty obvious to me (totally different from the lyrics btw, you have to tune out the lyrics to understand the video, as with some other Tool vids), most people don’t seem to get it cause they focus too much on the lyrics and not the images presented to them in the video. I guess I’m a highly IMAGEinitive person… (I know there’s no e in imaginative but it emphasizes what I’m talking about, for all you grammEr freaks… Actually spelling in this case… I could have aced the Spelling Bee if I didn’t think it was too GAY to bother with).

  • KimAnne31

    Wait & bleed used to b one of my favorites… Love soad.

  • agwa

    Come on guys, not a single Chris Cunningham video? Not even “Windowlicker”?
    I am disappoint.

  • King mooch

    Anybody seen the video for Robbie williams -rock dj? The end ”ll getchya

  • Katey

    you forgot BLACK HOLE SUN by SOUNDGARDEN!! But good list x

  • Jedsslulp

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  • George
    If that isn’t weird than I don’t know what weird is

  • mac

    What – no rick astley vids?

    Tut tut tut