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Top 10 Bizarre Apocalypse Scenarios

With the Recent release of 2012 at the cinemas there is a massive hype circulating the world. The hype is that in two years (21/12/12 to be exact exact) the world will end. On this date the Mayan Long Count Calendar ends and theorist believe that this spells the end of the world by means of cataclysmic disasters. With this in mind I thought I would write this list of Bizarre Apocalypse Scenarios. These are all certainly possible end of world events, and they supplement the previously published list of Mass Extinctions that would Really Suck.


Impending Disaster of Planet X

Moon Formation

This one started life as an archaeological find. A mysterious clay tablet was found in the Middle East years ago, made by the Sumerians (earliest inhabitants of middle east). Upon this tablet was a depiction of something that looked like our solar system; all the planets were there, and all of them were rotating around the sun. But there were 11 celestial bodies. Now we know there are only 9 planets. Maybe one of them was our moon or the recently discovered mini-planet Sedna? But where did the 11th come from? At the same time astronomers were perplexed by a strange force in the outer solar system. It seemed as though the outer planets were being pulled out of their orbit. Something massive must be out there. These combined findings led to the theory of the mysterious planet X.

Planet X is predicted to be 100s of time larger than Earth and to have a massive orbit of about 3,600 years.  When it comes through the inner solar system it could cause cataclysmic disaster upon our planet. It is so massive that it could turn our poles upside down, slow down the earth’s rotation or even stop it. If it gets close enough it could even peel the earth’s crust off, or push us into the sun. All bad scenarios.


Runaway Greenhouse Effect


Here is one we’re heading straight for right now. In a few decades our climate may just go completely mental. Temperatures might rise rapidly, melting the ice caps, turning our planet’s climate into something comparable to that of Venus’. We all know about global warming; for the past 10 years you haven’t been able to open a newspaper without reading something about it. But The Runaway Greenhouse Effect is basically what will happen if we reach that point of no return. As temperatures rise water evaporates, which makes the atmosphere thicker, which in turn traps in more heat, which causes more water to evaporate – a chain reaction. It will really become similar to Venus’ atmosphere, because that is exactly what is happening there. The atmosphere is so thick that solar heat never escapes so it just keeps getting hotter. And there is nothing to stop it. Just like there will be nothing stop it here on Earth.

The threshold could happen as soon as 2015. The polar ice caps hold trillions of tons of C02, trapped in tiny bubbles of ancient air. If this is released then it could literally break the atmosphere. It could cause the initial rapid temperature rise and start the water vapor reaction. We could possibly be heading for a world where tin and lead would melt instantly in our atmosphere. When all the water is trapped as an evaporate, it is too hot to support 99% of all life, and we humans can do nothing to stop it.


Fine Tuning of the Universe


Is the world we live in and perceive real? Like the movie ‘The Matrix’ are we just a simulation? Perhaps we’re being played out by a superior alien race; watching us on a T.V. or controlling us with a computer. One of the best pieces of evidence for this theory is the Universal Fine Tuning factor. The fact that the universe is so precisely tuned to support life is a huge astronomical coincidence. I don’t just mean animal or plant life; I mean all life essentially-stars, black holes, galaxies, even atoms and particles. The entire universe seems to be fine tuned.

A British Cosmologist, Fred Hoyle, was the first to realize the implications of this ‘coincidence’. You see there is a very peculiar thing about the fundamental constants (Atomic masses, the speed of light and all that), in that if they were slightly different,  everything wouldn’t exist. Take the strong force inside atomic nuclei. If the force were just slightly stronger, it would boost up the burning of stars so much that they would explode only seconds after they were formed. We wouldn’t have a sun – or even a planet. If on the other hand the force were a tad weaker, it would be too weak to hold together elements like the heavy hydrogen isotope deuterium. Stars wouldn’t light up, and we wouldn’t be here either. And the same goes for everything else. Slightly more or less of any constant and it won’t work. So the question is, why are all the fundamental constants tuned to support the universe? [Image Copyright: David Asch]


The Infertility Problem


As you will already know, there are lots of men and women out there who cannot conceive. But did you know that the amount of people who cannot conceive is rising? And rising very fast might I add. So fast in fact that scientists predict it to be a very serious problem for the future of our species. There are a few theories about why infertility is on the rise. One is that pollution, or the chemicals in pollution, have over the years caused damage to our cells and in turn our reproductive system. Another one is that evolution has determined who can have kids and who can’t. You know through survival of the fittest? This one is very complicated to explain so I won’t bother. But in truth it is most likely a combination of lots of things; these two, diseases etc.

This is a slow extinction. At first the streets will be a little less crowded, no more traffic jams, it’s easier to get a house and there are more jobs. There are also a lot more fertility clinics that are crowded. People know that there is a problem but think the fertility treatment will help them. Cut to a few generations later. The roads are empty, most of the buildings (including the fertility clinics) are abandoned. A few people are still alive but with nobody running things like power plants, treatment plants etc, it has thrown them back to the middle ages. People are living in small communes, but children are very rare. And someday, the last child will be born.
Killed off by Non-Swimmers.


The Solar Collision

Screen Shot 2010-01-09 At 5.24.08 Pm

A comet is going to hit the Earth huh. Pah! I’m much more concerned about Gliese-710. Not heard of it? I’m not surprised with a name like that. It is a Red Dwarf star and you probably can’t see it with the naked eye. Yet! As time passes it will become more noticeable. Then one day it will hit us. Not directly you understand, but close enough to destroy the solar system. Either by ripping it apart by gravity or by hitting the Oort Cloud. The Oort cloud is a huge collection of solar dust, ice and planet sized rocks –  millions of them, that surrounds our solar system. If GL-710 hits this cloud it would send these planet sized asteroids hurtling in our direction. Not just a few of them but enough that we would have to defend our planet for thousands of years.

This star is far away so don’t start panicking just yet. It would take over a million years. But GL-710 isn’t the only star heading towards us. There are about 8 before this one that will hit our solar system. The nearest is called Barnard’s star and will hit us in 10,000 years. After that there is a twin system called alpha Cen A/B. This one could pull us in and burn us up, or it could slingshot us out into open space and we’d freeze. Or Both. One things for sure though. It is very difficult to predict the path of a star so hopefully they will miss by enough not to do any permanent damage. But don’t hold your breath. They would have to miss us by billions of miles.


Quantum Vacuum Collapse Inevitability


This one’s simple enough, scientists will destroy the universe. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Large Hadron Collider. It was in the news last year and was deemed a doomsday device because theorists said that it could destroy the planet. Well they’re wrong, because it could in theory, destroy the entire universe. In quantum physics it is predicted that the universe is filled with something called vacuum energy. Now think of this energy as gunpowder. It’s ready to explode, all you need is a fuse. So scientists built the Large Hadron Collider.

They have recently fixed the LHC. One day during a collision experiment, the use of specific elements could trigger the quantum vacuum collapse. Less than a second later the Earth will be wiped out. It’s just gone without a trace. Now a wave of destruction is spreading out through the universe at the speed of light destroying everything in its path. Nothing will stop it until the universe is completely gone.  Scientists argue that elements smash into each other in nature all the time, and that the universe is still here so there is no risk of this catastrophe. But what they fail to realize is that the particles they use in the collider are rare. Such as gold. Or they play about with elements that are so unstable they don’t exist in ‘nature’. Who knows what will happen with those ones.


Increase of the Constants

Constants Of Physics

Do you remember what I said about how the universe is fine tuned and that if the constants weren’t exactly right then the universe just wouldn’t happen?Well unfortunately in 2001 physicists discovered something bizarre. One of these constants, the ‘fine structure constant’ seems to be very, very slowly getting bigger. Surely this can’t be true? Constants are by definition ‘constant’ and should be impossible to change. This sparked a massive physics debate which still goes on today. In the meantime more evidence has been gathered that more constants are on the move; the mass of the proton; the speed of light; are all going a bit iffy.

What this means to us is that one day the universe may just collapse. All the stars will burn up within seconds, light will bend around corners then everything will eventually go dark. Some truly weird things could also occur; you could witness buildings turn into liquid rock and metal; you could see people just start vanishing into thin air (given that the air is still there because the atmosphere will disappear pretty much instantly). All this sounds too far fetched to believe, but if we take what the scientists have seen to be true, then we are heading to this kind of universe quite soon. Well…… like a few million years.


Vanishing Act


This one is just about as serious as this list will get (Apart from #9). This one comes straight from the mouths of high ranking UN officials, government agencies and scientists, and is locked away among thousands of reports that hardly anyone reads. There are a lot of figures that float around in these reports and I could reel them off one by one but it would take ages. Basically it says in three generations there will be half the population on Earth as there is now. And it will keep declining. No its not a virus, there is no prophecy saying that a comet will hit the Earth killing 3 billion people. The truth is as simple as not having enough children.

Decades ago people had to have lots of children. The main reason was, the more children you had, the more hands you had to help farm lands, work in shops and look after you when you were older. Modern technology combined with social programs has replaced our need for many children. We only really have children now because we want them. The problem now is less and less people want children. Maybe because of poor finances; the inability to find a suitable home; whatever. More women work now than ever before so they have children later and bear fewer. 50 years ago women had, on average,  5 children. Today that number is 2.7. On average a couple needs to have 2.1 children (compensating for children that die young) to ensure the continuation of the species. The decline is rapidly reaching that crunch point of 2.0. When that happens the population of the planet will go down. Faster then you think. 3 generations from now the population will be 3 billion. And still falling.
Think of it, We could all die out because we just don’t do enough conceiving. Breed people!


Grain Situation


This one is seriously stupid, but it is taken very seriously among biologists. Someday our planet could be completely covered in grain. And I mean absolutely everywhere; on the beaches; in the swamps; through cracks in the pavement. Sure there will be enough food. But the only food will be bread. Grain will overrun all other crops, pushing back all other agriculture,  until the entire biosphere is swamped with grain. Forests will turn into roaming fields of grain and the food chain will break down and all the land on earth will be one endless desert of grain. Grain dust will cause fires that may burn an entire continent or two, or all the water could be sucked up by the grain causing irreversible damage to our water supplies. We may even experience an ice age because of the extra C02 in the atmosphere from all the fires.

I know, stupid right? I mean taken down by grain. Well biologists seem to believe that one day the human race is going to create the mother of all GM crops. With Genetic Modification, you can take out a certain gene, or add another here and there, so that the crop is resistant to certain diseases or insects. What is predicted however is a Super Grain capable of withstanding anything; diseases, insects, extreme temperatures. They will be able to grow in practically any soil, maybe even rocks, and would probably be immune to anything mankind can throw at them. And it doesn’t have to be grain, that was for arguments sake. It could be anything. In Canada for instance GM Rapeseed (canola)  leaked from a test field and into the countryside. Now Super Rapeseed  is shooting up all over Canada. But it could be anything. Not just stuff that will make bread or vegetable oil. What if it turns out to be Cotton. We’re totally screwed.


Grey Goo Hypothesis


This is my favorite scenario, because its utterly terrifying. As technology progresses it gets smaller and smaller. Pretty soon we are going to enter the realms of Nano technology. In a simple way we are already there. IBM for instance placed single atoms to spell out the IBM logo. For this scenario we have to go a little bit into the future, not long, say 10 years. Nanobots are what I’m talking about. They will be microscopic robots designed to do all sorts of tasks, mostly in the medical field where they can seek out and eradicate bacterial infections, repair tissue damage, mend blood vessels. Lots of things that would be very helpful to everyone. They will be able to rearrange single atoms and for instance, make water out of sand. They will be able to take carbon atoms and turn them in diamonds. They will pick up raw materials and rearrange them into what they need. Well, obviously they will be extremely difficult to make, being microscopic and everything. And herein lies the problem. Scientists realize the only way to make them would be to use the Nanobots themselves. To make them self replicating. So each one is a microscopic Nanobot factory.

Here’s the scary bit. What would happen if just one of them were accidentally thrown away? Well it would pretty much go around changing atoms into robots. Then those robots would make more, and more, and more, at an exponential rate until the horror has unfolded. Scientists believe within 72 hours every single atom on earth will be turned into a Nanobot. All buildings, cars, plants, rocks, the water, animals and yes, even us humans… are now Nanobots. There it is, an endless sea of grey goo. And if ever some extra terrestrial were to land on the planet, then they too would be turned into Nanobots. What’s even more scary is that scientist are really working on creating Nanobots and are very close to achieving it.

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    Number 5 "Now scientists argue that elements smash into each other in nature all the time, and that the universe is still here so there is no risk of this catastrophe. But what they fail to realize is that the particles they use in the collider are rare"- Seriously? you think you no better than these guys who spend there entire lives studying this? Sorry, I did find it very interesting but you don't seem to have much of a clue about science.

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      1. Scientists are human like US. They just study certain things a certain way. We can all do it. Just because someone is a scientist, that doesn't make their discoveries any more legitimate than a non-scientists. Its just that you have been brought up that way, to believe that if someone wears a lab coat and has a degree then anything they say is fact. You need to do your own searching and stop having faith in other people that won't give a SHIT about you when the time comes.

      2. This list is called "BIZZARE Apocalypse Scenarios". It wasn't meant to be a factual list, hence the word "bizzare" and "scenario".


      3. Scientists DON'T know what they are doing, that is why they are experimenting… lol. Sure they know how to conduct the experiment, and implement all the safety precautions and variables using their hypothesis. BUT, the reason for experiments is to find out something you don't know. The Large Hadron Collider was made for solely that reason. And if you think smashing together the building blocks of the universe (that is you, me, and everything you have ever, and will ever, know) couldn't possibly result in a catastrophe that would destroy the world as we know it, well then… you seem to be a very simple-minded individual. Just remember that you aren't living in the safe world you think you are, where every one cares for each other and all technology is made to make our lives easier, because in the end it is all about money, and people wanting to have more than the next person.

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    I believe that a lot of these theories are merely over exaggerations, or blown out of proportion by people who think they know what they are talking about, when really they have no understanding of the topic or the science behind it.

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    it has already been projected that the world human population will reach an astronomical milestone this upcoming spring; 7 billion inhabitants of our tiny planet. 7 billion.

    the earth has never had to deal with so many people before.

    many eminent sociologists & other scientists have predicted (and i remember reading this is several different sources as early as 1992) that the human population would eventually reach 12 billion, where we would have a massive dying off, and drop down to around 5 billion.

    why the increase & sudden die off? simple.

    people are living longer. medical science has paved the way that the severely disabled, premature, elderly, & injured can survive and have a relatively comfortable quality of life.

    so the world population increases not by births, but by longevity. and deny it as we try, death is the great equalizer of us all.

    the great die off will happen over a period of time, a decade or so, and it would appear gradual.

    also playing a hand in this die off will be the unobtainable demand for food, resources, & fresh water that a population so large would demand of the planet.

    thankfully Americans are reproducing at a slower rate than other nations. we are very greedy & use more resources per individual than any other nation.

    not a doomsday prophesy, a reality. what makes human think they are above natural laws?

    oh-and that bit about people having lots of children to work on farms? partially true. but the real reason people had so many children is because of religious indoctrination proclaiming “go forth & populate” & the simple fact many children never survived to adulthood.

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    #10: Old psuedoscience from the 1930’s that’s been thrown out of modern realms because it doesn’t agree with empiracal evidence. Btw, there are only 8 planets.

    #9: A legitimate concern but too political to be peacefully discussed.

    #8: The universe came first, then life adapted to live in it, not the other way around. Besides, two of the four fundamental forces have been proven to be unessential to life.

    #7: Way too over-exagerated. While infertility rates are on the rise, we’ve seen no decrease or slowing in the population as a result, because the population is rising too. It all has to do with proportions.

    #6: Also legitimate, but over-hyped.

    #5: Scientists aren’t madmen that don’t care about the safety of the world, they do know what they’re talking about. And guess what? Recetly, they announced that scientist in China have created something fundamentally similar to black hole, and no end of the world. Scientist have families and souses and children too, they would never do something they thought would kill everyone.

    #4: The Big Crunch is only one of many possibilities of what might happen in the future (billions, not millions of years from now), while there are a lot of others. One states that all atoms will float outwards into infinity, separating permanently from eachother into a lifeless void. But scientists just aren’t sure, so don’t go around scaring people with false facts.

    #3: As already stated by another commenter, while people in the west might have fewer children, larger families are common in underdeveloped countries. And really? You’re saying in about sixty years, there’ll be half as many people? The whole population better get to dying rather quickly for this to come true.

    #2: Yes, it does seem a bit rediculous, but look at the facts. Invasive species have happened, a lot. Kudzu, which you’ll be familiar with if you live in the south US, has nearly overtaken the landscape in certain parts, and it’s completely natural. If a super-hardy strain of plant was to be introduced into a foreign environment, it could be tragic. Between the snotty tone and lack of question marks in this entry, it’s almost unreadable.

    #1: This theory is BS, at least for the next few hundred years. There are so many things that can’t happen or don’t make sense, it’s fiction. I mean, literally, it’s only used anymore in the realm of science fiction. We have so many real problems and scenarios that anyone claiming this will happen knows nothing about the plight of the world. Why don’t we just include the hypothesis that the world will end because a giant hypergalactic duck will come and swallow it?

    • enucleator

      thanks!!!!! ^^

    • #9 Just watch " The 11th Hour " David suzuki is the one of the smartest dudes on the Planet!

  • eccentric

    what about zombies taking over the world… sounds like a sci-fi movie. but it can happen. remember, SHIT happens. :)

  • G-man

    Rare particles like there is something like that :P

  • some guy

    I’m sorry, but this list is terribly written and researched. There are a lot of idiotic untrue things in here, like Barnard’s Star, and the world’s population being halved in fifty years. That’s three and a half billion people, and if people stopped having kids today, not that many people would die in fifty years.

  • Obi wan kenobi

    Number 8 shows that there is a god, not that we are being experimented on by aliens.

  • Kibey

    Carl Sagan was shit scared of nano bots and the grey goo thing.

  • Liza

    Okay this is a good list, yeah all of these theories can be debunked but it’s still fun to read. I like science fiction and fantasy stories and dystopian fiction so this stuff is right up my alley.

    But, seriously, to whoever wrote this you did your research but there is a difference between there, they’re and their. It’s not that hard. It’s kinda funny because, this list about the end of the world and all I can think about is poor grammar but seriously listverse, do you not spell-check? it’s not that hard.

  • YoungAnabaptistRadical

    I think that the concept of this list is interesting; however, the lack of sources unnerves me. I thought that failure to cite sources was one of the Top Ten Listverse Mistakes…

  • jj

    I have to join in on the grammar issues. I can’t stand reading something that makes so many basic errors. Heres the deal: There is not the same as their or they’re.

    There, like the word here, is used for location, etc.
    Their, like the word heir, is used for ownership, etc.
    They’re is a contraction of “they are”

  • Lifeschool


    I’ve posted lists of possible doomsday scenarios before in the blog so I won’t bother repeating them again. I liked the list – even though I can’t agree that these are worth worrying about – I do understand they are possible.

    #9: The world will do what the world does – day by day – depending in millions of conditions and factors. There is nothing we can do other than to observe the fact that temperatures naturally oscillate. If a volcano blows up tomorrow, every climate prediction will be wrong. I guess we are due for another ice-age too (if I play the odds) but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen. Yes the climate is changing – it always has.

    #7 & 3: The fact that some people have decided not to have kids, and that some are infertile (due to a number of reasons) doesn’t mean we are in danger of wiping out the population. When we have too much, we create less. When we have less, we create more. Basic ecconomy of scale.

    #5: The boys with their toys. Too many ‘if’s. Very dangerous.

    #2: GM = mutation of nature. I don’t want to eat mutated food (just as I wouldn’t want to have sex with a mutated woman) – because the outcome may be altogether horrible. I care if one gene is missing – I might need it, whole and as nature intended. As for grain taking over the planet… unlikely.

    #1: Big or small, robots are very likely to take over the world – to a certain extent they already have, so better get used to the idea.

  • Chanchita

    I gave up after 6 items because I couldn´t read through the mistakes. And no, I can´t “just enjoy the subject matter with nit picking”. I can´t concentrate on the content when I´m distracted by theres instead of theirs, questions with no question marks, random capital letters when not needed, and sentences like “you know through survival of the fittest.” with absolutely none of the necessary punctuation.

  • Armodillotron

    “The Dude,” has a point. say Osama Bin Laden, al Qaeda, The Taliban or an Islamic fundamentalist gets holds of some nuclear materials, and decides to blow himself, and everything around him up, because he thinks he`s going to get 74 virgins in his next life. (?) An Islamic loony, could get hold of some of Pakistans nukes for example. and suppose Israel decides to nuke Iran and start WW III, Or a crazy dictator, could get hold of some, and try to blow everything up. Kim Jong Il has nukes, but i don`t think he wants to blow anything up. Yet.

  • stockyzeus

    interesting but it was very poorly written. it was more entertaining than informative. not that it is a bad thing.

  • kingkryptor

    these are all pulled from a website called w w w . e x i t m u n d i . n l . it has i think as of now between 75-100 different end of the world scenarios fully explained, very interesting site, I highly recommend checkin it out because their are way more crazy end of the world scenarios on that site then on this list.

  • Studas

    I wish people would stop moaning about grammar and stuff. The guy made a few mistakes but you must be a real anal dickhead if this affects your reading of it that much. Fill in the gaps yourself!

    Good list! Bit far fetched but fun!

  • Lifeschool

    Just to throw in something before I go. I can understand the grammer concerns spotted by many, but the way I read is in pictures, so I didn’t pick up on ANY spelling or grammer errors at all. Crazy I know! but my eyes only decode the meaning – I never see the actual words only the images in my mind. That’s why I have to read through my blogs over and over as I don’t spot my own mistakes. ;) It also takes me ages to write anything because I can see the image but find it hard to get the words out to describe it.

  • tmxicon

    Ugh, the spelling and grammar mistakes are just the tip of the iceberg here. The items listed here are mostly wildly speculative claims. What “scientists” and “experts” are supporting these claims? Whoever they are, they represent a very small minority: people who are called “scientists” that make a living off of peddling their pseudoscientific “theories.” When 99.9% of the scientific community dismisses these claims because they are so obviously flawed I think it is time that the .1% stops being regarded as scientists and given a more accurate name. I’d call them morons, but the real morons are the people who can be convinced to buy into this nonsense; there truly is a sucker born every minute.

  • Black

    JFrater, please stop posting lists that are not written by english majors. Also delete all comments that are not written by such professionals. When I see a comment or list that has a misplaced comma or no capital letter at the beginning I stop reading listverse for a week while I rage over it.

  • asdfr

    stupid list did not want.

  • Someonelse

    Ehh… whatever!

  • Liamd

    Great list! first one i’ve actually read word for word in a while. Well done.

  • Ben Dover

    @20 Ni Trame: In total agreement with you. Global warming is the scam of the century. It is so depressing to think that there are so many pinheads out there that believe man is causing the Earth to heat up. NOT POSSIBLE!

  • Not a spelling nazi, but still…

    Seriously, poor spelling in comments is not only tollerated, but expected, it’s informal after all, but in this case there are more mistakes in the article itself than in the comments so far… Not only ‘there’ instead of ‘they’re’ and the typical typos (or at least I hope they’re – not ‘there’), but there are at least 30 rhetorical questions and about 10 question marks! This site had its integrity back in the days…

  • Not a spelling nazi, but still…

    Correction: 2 question marks! 2! And the arrogance and freedom of using rhetorical questions of a distinguished academic…

  • Matt567

    I think the most frightening Apocalyptic scenario is a “Runaway Planet hurtling between the Earth and the Moon unleashing Cosmic destruction”. And, its supposed to happen in 1994, so we don’t have long…wait a minute…

  • Tequila Sunrise

    Have you ever heard of question marks?
    Well, if you don’t know, a question mark is the thing I put on the end of the above sentence. They are commonly used at the end of questions. Hence the name.

    I’ll show you the difference

    Incorrect: Have you ever heard of question marks
    Correct: Have you ever heard of question marks?

    I’ll give you a minute to decypher the difference between the correct and incorrect sentences above. When you figure it out, please re-write the list.

  • WeTalkin

    #2 Grain situations: “…But it could be anything. Not just stuff that will make bread or vegetable oil. What if it turns out to be Cotton. We’re totally screwed.”

    Cotton is edible and fairly nutritious. Its an honest oversight but please do some research if you’re going to claim something.

    Also, yes, the article wasn’t the most well-written piece I’ve ever come across, but it was far from horrifying as many people apparently feel it to be. Calm down, jeez. Write one yourself if you think you can do a better job.

  • Ghidoran

    Meh, the content is interesting but the bad writing and bad grammar/punctuation etc. makes it really hard to decide whether the writer is being serious.

  • atty

    Great idea for a list.
    Re-write and post again,please.

  • Anonymous

    If you google “exit mundi”, it will show a very interesting website which has a collection of end-world scenarios. The articles written are very interesting, some are even scary. One particular article that I liked was the one about what would happen to the universe after 1 googol years which is 10 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 years!(that’s 100 zeroes!)

  • Anonymous

    It’s not a spam by the way. I’ve read some of the entries in this list there before.

  • Seanithan

    Dear Listverse, please assign a proofreader before approving any further lists.


  • Chanchita

    @ Lifeschool (75)…What? So, what you mean is…you´re special and unique…Wow…You can´t read properly…Well done, that´s amazing, you´re such an inspiration…
    Sorry but did anyone actually ask for that piece of personal information about you?

  • whathappened?

    This list was not very well researched/fact checked or well edited, which is a little disappointing, as I expect much better from Listverse and it almost always delivers. The problem is not with the actual items on the list,but with the way they are explained, number 3 in particular. It is indeed a bizarre theory, mostly due to its lack of truthfulness. The world is due to become extremely overpopulated in the very near future (I do not remember the exact forecasts I’ve heard, but something like 9 billion people by 2050 sounds right). This is a huge concern, as has been mentioned by commenters above, due to lack of resources, livable space, etc. It took us until the 1800s to populate the Earth with a billion people, and humans existed for an extremely long time before then, so saying that a decrease in population would be the end of the species is false. In fact, most of the problems we face today can be traced to overpopulation of the planet, including scenario #9, which is not so much about global warming as it is about global climate shifts. The actual scenario in #9 is also the absolute worst case scenario that scientists may predict and is not very likely to happen (at least not soon), though human-caused climate shifts ARE happening and those who refuse to acknowledge this should try reading more about this issue. Also, as has been pointed out already, #8 sounds pretty ridiculous as life adapted to the universe, not the other way around. I realize the argument was that all the forces seemingly aligned for the universe to exist, but it is much more ridiculous to say that “the aliens did it” then that it just so happened that thats how the universe exists. Actually, I guess the list was pretty successful (aside from the grammar and spelling errors), in that the theories are pretty bizarre and far-fetched so I suppose all my arguing is unnecessary.

  • Josh

    I hate to jump on the grammar band wagon, but I’m going to. The thing that impressed me most about this site when I first discovered it is how well-written the lists were. It was obvious that JFrater took pride in it because he took the time to make the material presentable.

    It almost seems that the guest writers who have been posting lists over the past few weeks are trying to intentionally sully the good name of the site. Like someone already said, when a list has so many basic grammatical errors, it makes it hard to even concentrate on what is being presented. When I read this list, I couldn’t help but picture a crazy, unkempt crackpot with a wrinkled shirt and disheveled hair saying something like “ok that one was bad but you dont believe it do you so heres the next one….” No inflection, no pauses, etc…

    There are countless crappy list blogs on the internet that feature writers with no understanding of grammar. I come to List Verse not just because the lists are interesting, but because there WAS, previously, a sense of professionalism.

  • msulli222

    Wow. This list could have been really fantastic. However, between the grammar mistakes and the ridiculously informal and arrogant style, this is easily one of the WORST lists on listverse.

    Given that this website has now published a book, a certain level of professionalism is expected. Why is there not some sort of proofreading program in place? Granted, this is JFrater’s site, but there are a lot of people here who would like to see it succeed even more than it already has.

  • Forsythia


    I totally agree with what you’ve said. The idea for this list is great. I thought it would be one of my favorites. Turns out, while reading I actually became bored. The list headers 1-10 sound interesting and then the paragraphs following all of them are poorly written and not fact based at all.
    If I had never been to Listverse before and this was my first read I probably wouldn’t come back.
    While I think this was a good effort, it just missed the mark for me.

  • krypto092108

    Would the Mayans ever look stupid if their December 21 2012 prediction didn’t happen, like the numerous doomsday predictions of Jehovah’s Witnesses and other dolts with doomsday predictions that didn’t happen?

  • Barry Brien

    Who wrote this list? The grammar is terrible.

  • Drew

    The author needs to learn the difference among “there,” “they’re,” and “their.” Is anyone editing this stuff?

  • Barry Brien

    It’s just hard to take a list seriously when it seems that the author couldn’t have been bothered to do any proof-reading. Personally I find it very lazy. If that makes me an ‘anal dickhead’ then so be it.

  • timmar68

    My brother-in-law is a scientist who specializes in nano technology. I love it when he visits and he tells me what he’s working on.
    If the world is ending in 2012 then I’m going to go out right now and buy things that don’t require payment until 2013! See ya!

  • osamiface38

    Why is everyone so concerned about grammar and punctuation? I’ll admit, I used to be a grammar punctuation Nazi, but after 20 yrs. of being married to someone who is borderline illiterate, I have come to realize that content outweighs presentation. A good list. Nightmare fodder, for sure.

  • Some Weirdo

    I’m rooting for #1. Apocalyptic or not, it still sounds way cooler than the others.

  • Arsnl

    @osamiface38 (102): you iz lieving my wourst nitmare. That must really suck. ” honey can i ask you to never write me a card, a text, an email or even a letter. Thanks. I love you”

  • djgazza

    number 8 gives me a lot to think about haha good idea timmar68 i think i’l join you !!!

  • Shannon

    One inescapable fact, regardless of punctuation or spelling, is that something is going to kill us all. It may not kill us all at the same time, but no one gets out alive.

    Even as a species, we are ultimately doomed by sheer chance if nothing else. Randall pointed out in a comment in an earlier list that at some point in time we will be hit by another Chixlub magnitude asteroid and humans will be wiped out UNLESS we can get off this rock.

    Right now, we are akin to a turtle in the middle of a four lane highway. We are puttering across the road and so far, we haven’t been squashed. Eventually, though, some cosmic 18 wheeler is going to come highballing down this galactic interstate and if we are still sitting here like a turtle, we are going to get squashed. No doubt about it. Given enough time and lack of space travel, our species is ultimately doomed.

    Finally, as long as we are nitpicking stuff, I really wish people would stop using apocalypse as a synonym for “end of the world”. Apocalypse means “revealing” or “unveiling” in Greek. The last book of the New Testament is called the Apocalypse not because it predicts the end of the world, but because John was show a vision of the future. End of the world means end of the world, apocalypse does not.

  • Shannon

    Oh yeah, I forgot. If ALL else fails and we somehow manage to dodge all the incoming space rocks from Hell, the Sun is going to die and that will be the end, not only of humanity, but also of the entire planet.

    So, to reiterate, we’re all going to die.

  • Arsnl

    @Shannon (106): well not even end of then world is correct. It should have been end of the humakind. In which case apocalypse may be right. Here’s a sucky way of ending it all: a huge revolution caused by a list thats pust a… as number one. The world would be devided in two. Murder, genocides. Oh the humanity.

  • Carole

    #7 A declining population is the best thing that could ever happen. Green Peace claims that in order for the world to be sustainable the population should be 3 billion. Don’t tell that to the global capitalists though, because according to them unlimited growth is the only thing that keeps our insane economies going and they need a constant supply of cheap labour to exploit.

    #9 It’s now called “climate change” not global warming. The weather will become more and more unpredictable as nature struggles to maintain a balance against the stupidity of us humans, who refuse to acknowledge that we are to blame for the mess!

  • Meh

    The concept of the list is nice. But, the writing is pretty bad. It was hard to take some of the information seriously. #9 didn’t really seem like a doomsday contestant. All it mentioned was the possibility that if, by chance, one or some of the basic elements’ strength were slightly different from the beginning, nothing would’ve happened. That poses no threat to us today. At best it should’ve been used in the beginning paragraph of #2.
    I love Listverse, and read the new list every night (or try to), and will for a long time. These little grammar errors don’t really bother me that much, but it would be a nice touch if these were bring edited. It would be a bit easier to read.

  • Emmett Brown

    As a scientist, I cringe to read this.

  • Skrillah

    I just wanted to add something from Buddhist literature here with regard to entry #6 and The Andromeda–Milky Way collision(not explained here,but another similar scenario), which i think is very relevant to this discussion.It came as a complete surprise for me to find that The Buddha’s explanation of the Apocalypse was unbelievably close to the scenario #6.This is the end of the world according to Gautama Buddha as found in Anguttara nikaya VII 62.

    “Impermanent, O monks, are the constituents of existence, unstable, non-eternal…

    Now there comes, O monks, a season when, after many years, many hundreds and thousands and hundreds of thousands of years, it does not rain; and while it rains not, all seedlings and vegetation, all plants, grasses, and trees dry up, wither away and cease to be. Thus, monks, constituent things are impermanent, unstable, non-eternal: so much so, that this alone is enough to weary and disgust one therewith and emancipate therefrom.

    And, monks, there comes a season, at vast intervals in the lapse of time, when a second sun appears.

    After the appearance of the second sun, monks, the brooks and ponds dry up, vanish away and cease to be. So impermanent are constituent things! And then, monks, there comes a season, at vast intervals in the lapse of time, when a third sun appears; and thereupon the great rivers: to wit, the Ganges, the Jamna, the Rapti, the Gogra, the Mahî,–dry up, vanish away and cease to be.

    At length, after another vast period, a fourth sun appears, and thereupon the great lakes, whence those rivers had their rise: namely, Anotatto,2 Lion-leap, Chariot-maker, Keel-bare, Cuckoo, Six-bayed, and Slow-flow, dry up, vanish away, and cease to be.
    Again, monks, when, after another long lapse, a fifth sun appears, the waters in the great ocean go down for an hundred leagues; then for two hundred, three hundred, and even unto seven hundred leagues, until the water stands only seven fan-palms’ deep, and so on unto one fan-palm; then seven fathoms’ deep, and so on unto one fathom, half a fathom; waist-deep, knee-deep, ankle-deep. Even, O monks, as in the fall season, when it rains in large drops, the waters in some places are standing around the feet of the kine; even so, monks, the waters in the great ocean in some places are standing to the depth of kine-feet. After the appearance of the fifth sun, monks, the water in the great ocean is not the measure of a finger-joint. Then at last, after another lapse of time, a sixth sun appears; whereupon this great earth and Sineru, the monarch of mountains, reek and fume and send forth clouds of smoke. Even as a potter’s baking, when first besmeared, doth reek and fume and smoke, such is the smoke of earth and mountains when the sixth sun appears.

    After a last vast interval, a seventh sun appears, and then, monks, this great earth, and Sineru, the monarch of mountains, flare and blaze, and become one mass of flame. And now, from earth and mountains burning and consuming, a spark is carried by the wind and goes as far as the worlds of God; and the peaks of Mount Sineru, burning, consuming, perishing, go down in one vast mass of fire and crumble for an hundred, yea, five hundred leagues. And of this great earth, monks, and Sineru, the monarch of mountains, when consumed and burnt, neither ashes nor soot remains. Just as when ghee or oil is consumed and burnt, monks, neither ashes nor soot remains, so it is with the great earth and Mount Sineru.

    Thus, monks, impermanent are the constituents of existence, unstable, non-eternal: so much so, that this alone is enough to weary and disgust one with all constituent things and emancipate therefrom. Therefore, monks, do those who deliberate and believe say this: ‘This earth and Sineru, the monarch of mountains, will be burnt and perish and exist no more,’ excepting those who have seen the path.”

    I believe that the majority of the buddhists don’t even know this.

  • happypants78

    Nice list, even though it reads as though it were written by Toki Wartooth.

  • youllforgetit

    Aside from the atrocious punctuation, this was quite a good article.

  • Josh Fox

    They should make a movie called attack of the grain =P

  • Lauren

    This could have been written so much more interestingly. Oh dear.

  • Tonio

    China will stop #3 from happening! haha

  • Maxx the Slash

    I think global warming is bull****. Sure, the summers seem hotter every year, but winter’s get colder and colder. The typical high here in New York during the summer was around 90 for the past few years, but the lows in winter would be in the single digits, which is below average. So it’s hard for me to imagine we’re experiencing global warming only during the summer, then global cooling in the winter. It’s either constantly getting warm, or constantly getting cold, not both equally. So there can’t be global warming.

  • anonymox

    the scariest thing about this list was the grammar

  • tom

    we are all dumber for having read this

  • Incitatus

    Guys C’mon!! lets take this seriously!
    The Nanobots are ready to start attack soon, they are now in Planet X with Elvis and the dude from the Matrix trying to get a paper signed by God so they can invade us!!
    just kidding, nice list but is all fiction. I kinda believe the breeding issue, but only in first world countries.

  • lrigD

    This was quite interesting. I agree that I would’ve preferred it to be without spelling mistakes, but hey, nobody is perfect. The topic is very interesting and to be honest I think some of these scenarios are quite plausible. But some key points are missing.

    Life on this planet is going to end eventually. And people will always try to explain what they don’t understand. Look at ancient mythology, Greek, Roman, Norse, Indian etc. I mean, the ancient Greek explanation for thunder is that Zeus throws down one of his arrows.
    It’s in human nature to think up theories of why something happens. And when we find the definite reason, that’s the new theory… but there’ll always be theories. I think it’s fascinating how that evolves throughout the centuries.

    @77 Black: I’m no English major. I’m 16 years old and I live in the Netherlands. Should I not be able to write a list just because English isn’t my main language? Is my English that poor? Sorry, but I don’t agree with you.

  • atheists eat fish

    @Josh Fox (115): I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. They made Happening. OOOOOHHH- Wind! Trees! Scary!!!!!

  • timmy the dying boy

    Stupidest list ever. Whoever you got these from knows very very little about science.

    IrigD: Your English is very very good, better than at least 80% of the lists here. Don’t apologize.

  • Orthag

    i hate how people think the LHC will make a black hole, it won’t make a black hole, it can make something much much deadlier tho…..

  • Kelsi

    This list is fucking ridiculous and poorly written.

    It might as well be a list on pseudoscience. I can’t believe you let this list be posted this way, Jamie. =( Must have not had much time to proofread it carefully. Looking forward to tomorrow’s list.

    Poor show LV, poor show.

  • cartoon character

    the premise for number 1 was actually turned into a novel by michael crichton called “Prey”. its a pretty fun read if you’re liking that form of apocolypse.

  • Incitatus

    OK I just feel I have to say this…
    There are lists about everything, some of them quite dumb. I found this particular list to be quite enjoyable. Not all list have to be written by scientists or english majors (Black). Give the guy a break, at least he did some research or came up with it (in that case, write a book, mate). bloody snobs here think they are better, but I never read anything written by them.

  • Shadow Lord

    What non-sense! Sounds like a B-Grade movie for me.

  • Incitatus

    @Shadow Lord (129): Hey man, you know what sounds like a B-Grade movie title to me? “Shadow Lord” what kind of nickname is that? That is totally non-sensical how can Shadow be a Lord? is it the Shadow of a lord? or maybe the Lord of the Shadows? in which case makes me think you have been watching Star Wars too much.

  • darthblob10

    Worst list I’ve ever read on this site. Every single scenario is utter bullhonkey. This list wasn’t even stupid-funny, just stupid. I’m disappointed listverse.

  • Spacegrass

    #3 seems like it would be a good thing, as there would be more food, water and energy for every person; in fact, lowering the population may be the only way to prevent an apocalypse. I’m not too worried about grey goo either, as anyone creating nanobots will take that possibility into account and create “blue goo” to counteract it.

    #4 is also interesting, I wonder if it is possible for the speed of light to be increased…

  • kmarx

    lol, these are VERY inconvenient truths. I notice that we are still too scared to address the emminent Zombie Apocalypse scenario.

  • robachurch

    anyone ever read Prey by michael crichton? good book. tackles the idea of a nanobot outbreak, albeit, in an entirely fictional way

  • kmarx

    also, to those of you complaining about these scenarios, the list is titled “BIZARRE” apocalypse scenarios, not “most likely”.

  • Ang

    Why don’t you cite sources?

  • erickarthik

    Population crisis !!! Dont worry, we Indians are experts in that department. :D

    Grain thingy was hilarious.

    Nanobots :P really :P

  • Molly S

    All I have to say for number 7 is, ever see “Idiocracy”? Clearly not a survival of the fittest scenario.

  • Steelman

    Y2K anyone?? All of these are nothing but hype. And guess what, “Climate Change” happens – it’s called “Nature” and it’s been going on since the Earth’s creation. We have warmed, then cooled, then warmed, then…well, you get the idea. It’s funny how those pushing the panic button are also raking in millions of dollars by doing so. Al Gore anyone?

  • bassbait

    I kind of laugh at number 8 because it mentions “Aliens controlling us through a computer.”

    Well, I guess that is the ONLY explanation for it, because obviously GOD wouldn’t have that kind of power. I mean number 8 sounds just like religious themes and yet it seems pretty much ruled out.

  • Barry Brien

    @osamiface38 (102):
    For reasons already stated: It makes certain sentences awkward to read; it lowers the professional tone of the website; it’s lazy and shows that the author did not take care in writing this article, which suggests that his research could be as sloppy as his grammar and punctuation; it’s annoying to anybody who does care enough about themselves and others to use correct grammar and punctuation.

  • porkido

    Planet X? Are you effing kidding me?

  • WiseMenSay

    @Steelman (139): right, because organisations like Greenpeace, the Guardian and the UN are making a ton out of climate change. idiot.

  • Maggot

    @Liza (66): there is a difference between there, they’re and their.seriously listverse, do you not spell-check?

    A spell-check would not pick this up. This is a huge problem and deserves mention on this list as a Bonus apocolyptic threat scenario.

    @jj (69):
    There, like the word here, is used for location, etc.
    Their, like the word heir, is used for ownership, etc.
    They’re is a contraction of “they are”

    Whew. Humanity is saved. Everyone, please run your lists by jj prior to submission for publication.

  • nathalie

    On number #2

    Why are always GM crops always blamed? Farmers have been trying to breed superior crops sinds the beginning of agriculture. Via traditional breeding techniques you can also cross in resistance (herbicide, insecticide) and these crops can put on the market with no (or little) regulation. GM crops are much more regulated.
    Not all GM crops are bad and certainly not all ‘traditional’ bred crops are good. I think there will never exist a crop that will overgrow every other and can colonize every place on earth.

  • AH

    @Maxx the Slash (118): Global warming is not just a literal increase in heat – it creates more extremes of temperature, therefore winters will get colder and summers hotter.

  • Dk

    I have to say, of all these unlikely possibilities, I think my preferred apocalypse would have to be the hadron collider…no years of waiting with no way to stop the impending doom…just “poof” gone, we won’t even have time to realize what happened.

  • Armodillotron

    The Aztecs predicted their own doom, so why can`t the Mayans be right, about 2012 being the end of the world?

  • chunkylover04

    As stated above…interesting list…but poorly written.

  • Andres

    I’m under the impression that people here feel smarter if they act like a bunch of assholes. Yes, the grammar is not perfect, but I don’t see a lot of spelling faults, and overall it is pretty readable. I usually complain about the grammar when it makes reading difficult, and in this case it doesn’t, at all. The only big fault I find with this list is that many topics are poorly researched. It is a very interesting topic, though.

    First of all, 2012 is not the end of the calendar. There are dates further into the future mentioned by the Mayans. In fact, the mere fact of mentioning the Mayans in this list is a mistake, if it was to be taken seriously.

    As for the Planet X, it is not seriously considered by anyone anymore. That’s all I have to say about that.

    Item number 8 seems to be a combination of two ideas (the fine tuning of the universe and simulated reality), and I may see where you’re going but that doesn’t directly point to an apocalyptic scenario.

    Regarding item 5, it is clear within the scientific community that the LHD poses no threat to existence. You could have talked about the vacuum metastability event, which is a pretty interesting topic itself and does not have to be tied to CERN in order to be so.

    It was nice, though, that you mentioned the grey goo and things like that. After all, I understand that the purpose of this list was to mention bizarre apocalyptic scenarios, not scientific theories about very possible ways the universe could come to an end. Had you polished your concepts a little bit and discarded disproved proposals, this list would have been better.

  • mathilda2

    @Ni Trame (20): said “Global warming is a myth and is not man made, just look at the facts. Also this list is very poorly written, take a writing class or something”

    Ha ha ha! First of all, if global warming is a myth, then by definition it could not be “man made”, because it would not exist (since, in fact, it would be a myth). Secondly, I believe you should be using semicolons rather than commas, and you neglected the period which should be at the end of the second sentence. Perhaps a writing class would be beneficial?

    Normally I would not critique a comment but some of the comments on lists are getting quite ridiculous. People act as if it is some personal affront to them if they do not like or disagree with the list content, the writing style, the images, grammar errors, etc. It is not as if we are paying to read the lists, so, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. I also agree with the comment about how many repeated critical comments are posted by those who have apparently never submitted a list of their own.

    I found this list quite entertaining and enjoyable; it was a fun list for a cold winter’s day.

  • Ben Dover

    If anyone can tell me how the last Ice Age ended, or any of the previous Ice Ages, then I will believe in man made global warming.
    Man made global warming is a lie and a scam.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Entertaining list. But people are not going to stop reproducing. People are going to bone regardless of what anyone in the UN says.

  • mom424

    I apologize to and agree with all you grammar nitpickers. It did detract from an otherwise fine list. I actually liked the tongue in cheek humour (I don’t believe that any of these are likely; the entertainment is in seeing what other folks will believe) and overall writing style. The forest for the trees analogy fits quite well here.
    Grammar has been repaired as well as possible without changing the tone of the author.
    PS: I imagine you can all figure out why some Canadian agricultural board came up with the name Canola oil eh?

    @Lifeschool (75): and why it took me three tries to tend the errors.
    @Andres (150): because you’ve read it after I’ve patched it up.

  • deeeziner

    @Dk (147): My sentiments exactly!

    Entertaining theories, but I have to say I have a few more immediate problems in my life to have to worry about on a daily basis.

    As for the grammar and spelling…see my comment immediately above.

  • Gus

    hmm 9 won’t happen… because it is motha… cold here in the USA midwest… and as for 8 hmm could that point to evidence that there is a uhmm God or maybe Intelligent design?? Naw we are way too advanced to believe that right… The rest eh… w/e won’t lose sleep tonight… And yes global warming is a myth…

  • Moonbeam

    What’s with the date being written “21-12-12”? Is this how dates are written in the UK?

  • Cyn

    @mom424 (154):
    ‘Grammar has been repaired as well as possible without changing the tone of the author.’
    one reason i stopped editing a while back. in the beginning i did rewrite. then attempted to just repair. then stopped altogether since my efforts went unnoticed ;) but kudos to you mom424 for your valiant effort. calls made for proofing/editing in previous comments at least got your attention. ;) course i’ve always wanted better proofing, editing & when warranted rewriting but……. :)

  • Armodillotron

    Ben Dover-the last Ice Age, ended millions of years ago. The next Ice Age? We`re in it now. it said on the telly a few days ago. and of close global warming/climate change is real. it`s been around for donkeys years. But you never had the bloody Romans, people in The Middle Ages, Tudor times and so on, moaning. It`s either Y2K, Bird flu, genocide in Sudan, Bob Geldof moaning about Africa, Israel ranting on about Iran, War on Terror, or some other crap. I`m sick of all this pessimistic, armageddon shit, our leaders keep going on about.

  • astraya

    If a Muslim ever does obtain a nuclear weapon, he is far more likely to blow up other Muslims of slightly diverging views.

  • Alexia

    I agree. It was a bit boring…I only read the titles.

  • Shadow Lord

    @Incitatus (130):

    Some kids never grow up! Well, lemme play this name-game for a while. :P

    Your nick name rather sounds like some disease of tits.

    Lady: Doc see what happened to my boobs
    Doc: Oh ma’am that stinks a lot! You have a serious case of Incitatus. I am sure you have given a T-J to a horse and got infected. A roman horse perhaps!
    Lady: What’s the cure doc?
    Doc: Give the horse a BJ! [:P]

  • Concerned

    On #3 … the numbers are down because we’re killing our babies before they’re born. Let’s tell it like it REALLY is!

  • Gobbolino the witches cat

    Gotta post again, after reading a few other comments.

    I’m a scientist, and I enjoyed this list. I’m very good at spelling, grammar, punctuation, and I STILL enjoyed this list. I found it very entertaining.

    No likee? No readee.

  • joe

    @82, hey, Not a Spelling Nazi, you misspelled “tolerated”, genius.

  • o_-

    8; there’re only 8 planets, not 9.

  • Voltaire

    @Chinli (19):
    Muslim is not a race. The term racism is so overused these days it loses any meaning…

  • calvin51

    At (30) astraya

    Mind if I use your post as a quote?

  • CannonJack

    In the future, could we please, PLEASE, only have lists that are scientifically based, written by those with at least a modicum of scientific training? Rather poorly done and redundant to several other lists here in the past. Also, as to the Fine Tuning Effect, the reason the universe is fined tuned to allow life, is because we are here to observe it as such. If it were not so, we would not be here to observe how it is tuned. This one simply cancels itself out.

  • SteveC

    I laugh at #9 considering how the so-called climate “scientists” have been caught red-handed trying to delete data that proves all the BS about global warming and CO2.

  • ThetaSigma

    But… The earths poles already naturally reverse themselves every so often.

  • Tolbooth

    is there anywhere on this site that list the sources for lists?

    This list is so interesting but i am having a hard time finding other sources to read about these things, especially the grain one! I’m really interested on further information


  • Ben Dover

    Hey Armodillotron. The last Ice Age did not end millions of years ago. It ended about 100,000 years ago. My point was that Man was not around to the extent that Man could impact Mother Nature to the point that caused an increase in worldwide temperatures. Even today Man cannot change the temperature of the world.

    I agree we are in a cooling phase. Man made Global Warming\Climate Change, whatever you want to call, it is a lie.

    You are correct about our leaders. You cannot trust a majority of them.

  • kat87

    Fun list! But really hard to read because it was written so poorly. I’d love to be around when the world ended. Lets just hope its not from a Nanobot invasion. Scary!

  • mexmark

    Yes because the big mystical sentience known as evolution has a will ….

    “Another one is that evolution has determined who can have kids and who can’t.”


    … Damn it, the only reason anyone can deny something as plain and simple as evolution is because they don’t understand what people mean when they say the word, evolution. I am disappointed listverse.

  • Fiesto

    Planet X is so pre-2006, there are only 8 planets!

  • Armodillotron

    Well, climate change/global warming, whatever the hell we want to call it, is real. that`s a fact. But what I mean, is how the hell are we supposed to know it`s caused by you and me? For all we know, it could have been around since the Dinosaurs. And politicans probably want something new to scare us with. Remember these idiots, who say “we gotta stop climate change, it`ll wipe out the planet!” do you think they`ll stop flying their private jets, driving their flash cars? Thought not.

  • Arsnl

    @Fiesto (176): maybe planet x is pluto.
    @Cyn (158):since lists can be posted by anyone why dont you pick some trusty people on this site that speak good english and that are willing to spend some time on something pointless and let them fix the lists that are about to be published.
    Ps i never understood why copyrights go to LV when everything should be like wikipedia- free for everybody.

  • Arsnl

    @Armodillotron (177): my fav is the lighbulb crap. So the car industry (all the cars being driven in the world) count for roughly 3% of co2 emission but i shoulD change my lightbulb. Plus how much co2 is produced to make a new “efficient car” and how much co2 would be produced to just improve the car you already have and run it for say another 10 years. There are so many holes in this carbon footprint stuff.

  • ZibbyYamala

    nice list! i know a grain apocalypse sounds bad but, ….. mmm, grain.

  • Ben Dover

    I think we are in agreement on everything but it ain’t coming across that way.
    The Sun rules everything related to weather on Earth. I believe the Sun is the cause of any fluctuations in temperature.
    I’m going to stock up on as many incandescent light bulbs before 2012 when they become illegal. Hopefully some common sense politicians will repeal this stupid law.

  • jake

    Can we blame global warming for Nebraska being colder than BOTH poles yesterday. You Global Warmimg wackos should step out of your parents’ basements RIGHT NOW and go outside….Its colder than anyone can remember..Yes, people are dying because of the “climate change”, from hypothermia…..Cold to Colder!!! Its crazy, I know, cold in the winter and hot in the summer, who would of thought? Yes, Global Warming is threatening our crops, Orange farmers’ groves are freezing in Georgia and Florida…..Get a job

  • Cyn

    @Arsnl (178):
    this is not a wiki, its a website. JFrater, the owner controls who has access to the inner workings of the site just as he controls what gets posted so check w/ him.

  • Heidi

    The fine-tune constants are evidence that there is a higher power. Whatever form(s) you decide to give, it matters not- but there is a supreme being behind everything. Coincidence is when you run into your neighbor at the grocery store.

    “is infertile” “and childfree”

  • MattBlack

    The spelling and grammar were pretty bad, but the worst bits were the way the evidence and arguments were put together:

    “In a few decades our climate may just go completely mental.”
    “This one is very complicated to explain so I won’t bother.”
    “But what they fail to realize is that the particles they use in the collider are rare. Such as gold.”
    “The decline is rapidly reaching that crunch point of 2.0”

    If someone is going to publish a list that they want taken seriously, they need to write accurately, provide evidence and spell and punctuate properly. Otherwise it just comes off as half assed.

  • marc

    JFrater- this shambolic list is not fit to be on this site. it serves no purpose. U should Remove it

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @jake (182): First step of global warming is colder winters and hotter summers. Dumbass.

  • Karl

    @Ni Trame (20): Global warming IS real. There is enough evidence to support this. It will be your fault when half the population of the world would die because of massive flooding. But we can all agree on one thing. This list is horrible. Where’s JFrater when you need him????

  • c

    I’ve read almost every list on this site and have yet to find a list with good grammar…if you guys are going to submit a list, don’t put your opinion in it (“this one is seriously stupid”) or try to be sophisticated. it doesn’t seem plausible if your communication sucks

  • Ninja_Wallaby

    I love all the commenters who think global warming means a general rise in temperature even in winter. They are so cute in their simple little minds.

  • Doobie

    I wish global warming was true…I live in Canada.

  • Incitatus

    @Shadow Lord (162): Nice work Shadow, did you google my Nick? It only shows that my former guess about your nick is right. I will give you this, it was kind of funny, except for all the sexual remarks, that leads me to believe you are having issues with sex as well.

  • porkido


    Indeed. Reminds me of people who argue, “How could humans have descended from monkeys if there are still monkeys?”

  • Oni

    I think the author forgot that robots do not have a consciousness. The instant a nano-machine was thrown away it would cease to function, unless reactivated.

    I doubt AI would be placed within nano-machines.

  • applesaucebitch

    7 and 3 wouldn’t bother if they happened… in fact, in a way i would be happy.

    the english of the lists writer is terrible by the way.

  • DWong

    I think we can all agree that this list is misinterpreting the source of each theory.

  • Dutch

    This was a really poorly written list.

    The author just rambles and can barely structure a sentence.

    Listverse deserves better.

  • Alencon

    Come on folks. I think some of you are being a tad overly critical. Lighten up. I thought the list was kind of fun and I thought some of the more interesting phraseolgy fit in nicely with the topic.

  • tripsyman

    I really enjoyed this list but found the comments far more eye opening. I didn’t realise there were so many literary snobs around this site.

    Can only people with a good grasp of the English language who are able to spell and punctuate properly contribute a list to the site? (nearly forgot the question mark there folks.)

    In that case the likes of (ok I copied and pasted this bit)

    Alexander Graham Bell.
    John Britten, Inventor.
    Thomas Edison.
    Albert Einstein.
    Michael Faraday.
    Carol Greider, Molecular Biologist, awarded 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine.
    Willem Hollenbach, astronomical photographer and inventor.
    Jack Horner, Paleontologist.
    Dr. James Lovelock.
    Paul MacCready “Engineer of the Century.”
    Archer Martin, Chemist (1952 Nobel Laureate)
    Pierre Curie, Physicist (1903 Nobel Prize).
    John R. Skoyles, Brain Researcher.

    would all have their lists ridiculed as the all had problems with spelling or were Dyslexic to some degree.

    Apologies in advance for any mistakes in my post – I am sure there, their they’re is a few

  • tripsyman


  • chaos1111

    Its not the grammar that bothers me (I didn’t notice it), it’s the patronizing tone of the whole list that I don’t like; the guy seems to think that scientists are stupid uncaring fools and that he knows better.

  • Houssam

    SUPER DUPER LUPER LIST>.. one of the best.

  • archangel

    someone find another planet to live on! Universal collisions, or supernova-ing suns and the like are inevitable! So we must find another planet or face utter extinction! Then, in another far-flung corner of the galaxy, another will rise and we’ll all be forgotten. Pretty sad story but it may have happened before.

  • lrigD

    157 Moonbeam: 21-12-12 is how they write dates pretty much anywhere except for the USA. It’s kind of confusing sometimes xD

    And I wonder why the USA chose the month/day/year format… to me, it seems more logical to go from small to large, so day/month/year. Anyway… not what this list was about xD

    Some of the text has been literally taken from a site on ‘the end of the world’ scenarios. The site’s already been mentioned in the comments… it’s a good site, it has many more scenarios than just these 10…

  • msulli222

    @ tripsyman (199): The problem is not that the author does not have a good grasp of grammar; it is that no one proofread the list. All of those people you listed had people proofread their published writing before releasing it to the public.

  • God

    This list reads like a retarded 12 year old wrote it.

    This list is embarrassing for this site. I will cease to promote and link to Listverse if this kind of crap is published.

    There are plenty of unemployed english majors out there.

  • oh god

  • IClaudeI

    hey what the hells wrong with number 206?

    God is such a dick!

  • Bill

    Do yall want to know how the world really ends? Well, here goes:

    “And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men. But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness…”
    (2Pe 3:4-11)

  • ScubaSteve

    You guys are assholes. The guy tried to make a good list and all you do is talk major shit. If you can do a better job, do it yourself or shut the hell up.

    @God Yeah, man this whole site is screwed if you don’t promote and link to it. I doubt telling you friends in the 5th grade about it counts as promotion.

  • Egg

    #3 is based on a popular fallacy that people had more children so they’d have more hands on the farm. This is false as every family in history knew that more children were geater burdens than help. In the 1800’s people started having large families because parents expected more than half of their children to die before puberty, but with medical advances this did not happen.
    I’m saying that in the past only 2 or 3 children may have survived to adulthood, while in one century there was a growth in the average family unit. That being said, it wouldn’t make sense to assume that the population is going to dwindle based on this small section of history.
    Also, what North America is doing now is similar to what people did in France during the First and Second Republic, that is to use birth control to maintain standards of living.

    I don’t normally write that much, but I actually had something to offer for once!

  • Josh

    I have to ask for clarification on the last sentence of number 7. The author states that somewhere the last child will be born, and killed by non-swimmers.

    I’ve heard non-swimmers used as a derogatory reference to black people.

    How does the author intend the statement? Or am I missing a reference to pop culture, my cheerful ignorance of which I will happily admit?

  • porkido

    Research has shown that 42.71% of LV comments are complaints about the list in question, while 43.87% are complaints about the complaints.

    Is it really too much to ask that lists be:

    1. Fairly original,
    2. Thought-out and at least minimally researched, and
    3. In the English language



  • Chris

    It’s not about being a literary snob. I also make mistakes simply due to oversights. The point people are trying to make is that the quality and integrity of a site can be maintained by an easy proof-read and edit. It doesn’t matter if the author is dyslexic, which he probably isn’t. The main problem is that no time was taken to correct obvious mistakes.

    Despite this I do think some people were a bit harsh about it. At least I stated that it was a great list. There’s no need to say the author is retarded and stuff like that. He/she probably knows how to spell an use correct grammar. The sole problem was rushing the list and not re-reading it to weed out mistakes. Other than that the author did a wonderful job.

  • Chris

    Oh, I almost forget to answer Josh. Non-swimmers are dud sperm. It’s not intended as a derogatory or racist statement.

  • xnoxcluex

    Sounds a bit like obvious paraphrasing from

    Just saying.

  • deeeziner

    @Chris (215): But the author’s statement does raise the question of how a bunch of sterile sperm are going to kill the last infant.

    Until I realized “non-swimmers” could be a label for sterile humans. So in this usage it is derogatory, except that the world is finished. And what’s a little reproductive slur in the face of the apocalypse?

  • Lei

    #11 – The extinction of bees

  • ThetaSigma

    @Arsnl – Planet X, if it exists, could not be Pluto, Planet X is supposed to be hundreds of times bigger than the Earth, Pluto is far smaller than Earth.

  • Andres

    @lrigD (204): To me the month/day/year format was always a lot more convenient, and a year/month/day format would be even better.

    I’ll simplify the reason for my preference with an example. imagine arranging a year’s worth of files following a day/month format. You would have all the first days of every month together, then all the second days, and so on. That arrangement just makes no sense, as it is not chronological. Now arrange them following a month/day format. Your files would follow a perfect chronological order.

    I am aware that this example does not necessarily reflect real life and that, actually, it doesn’t make that big a difference whether a country uses mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy, but I wanted to show you that small to large isn’t necessarily the most logical way to write dates.

  • tiageorge

    Very possible , but, what if we all get a serious case of the combustible reaction sickness so to speak. That would be the most spontaneous catastrophy of the lot. People, there are many ifs of what could happen so why torture yourselves, live for today, NO ONE KNOWS what 2morrow holds except the one who planned it all!!!!!!!!!!

  • tasmanian devil

    The fact that so many poeple in the comments are expressing fear over these possible (albeit extremely unlikely) scenarios explains why the world is pushing through needless legislations to limit climate change. Environmental extremists prey on peoples fear of apocolyptal fairytales to achieve their aim of technological reversion back to a stone age society where everyone lives in teepees and dances naked around the maypole. The media is only too happy to go along because it sells advertising. I’m all for cutting back pollution etc. but not because of a bunch of lies or the off chance these baseless theories MAY occur.

  • porkido
  • Springs

    Where are ZOMBIES? That’s obviously how the world will end. Except for us resistance folk who see it coming and eventually take it back. Until the grain comes. But we will fight the grain in the beaches, we will fight the grain in the streets.

    We will defeat the grain.

  • nuriko


  • Springs

    Hey Tasmaninan Devil, is it hot over there?

  • HighProteinDiet

    #8: Hmmm… coincidence we are alive by a 1:10^99 chance, huh?

  • HighProteinDiet

    #8 Hmmm… Guess we’re all pretty lucky ro be alive in this perfectly tuned universe out of a 1:10^99 chance, huh? If you really want detail on how “lucky” we are, visit “Uniqueness of the Galaxy-Sun-Earth-Moon System for Life Support” Read the list starting about halfway down the page, you’ll be suprised

  • Chris

    deeeziner, you do have a good point. It’s unlikely that a bunch of sterile humans will murder the last infant. I think it was just phrased wrong.

  • this just scares me!

  • lolkewl

    thank god we’re all gonna die lol

  • Quam

    Hey real quick I’d like to comment on something that has always annoyed me about the runaway greenhouse scenario and its use of Venus as a model for earth’s possible disaster. Earth is approximately 90 million mi. from the sun Venus is 67 million miles from the sun.The amount of solar energy a planet receives grows exponentially as you get closer and closer to old Sol. Using Venus as an example in this case is ridiculous,akin to comparing a man who is ten ft. from a bonfire with a man who is in the bonfire.
    BTW I’m of the belief that climate change is not human caused and that it would be beneficial if our planet increases its average temperature,in case you were wondering.

  • moran

    Cosmic ray collisions in the earth’s upper atmosphere are far more energetic than the LHC can ever hope to achieve – have naturally occured for billions of years without triggering a catastrophe. If a mini black hole were produced in the LHC, it would immediately decay [according to science as usual] spewing a zoo of exotic particles. If, for some unknown reason, it did not decay it would sink to the center of the earth and consume our entire planet – in about a gazillion years.

  • Stefan

    i swear something like this list has already been published??

  • Stefan

    my bad didnt read the intro lol

  • Firefly

    Super grain? Good night!

  • Reason08

    Grain? Eventually immune at everything we throw at it? Knives anyone? :)
    (but if tht plan fails dnt fool urselves ppl.. We’re screwed :D )

  • mike

    more water vapor won’t make the atmosphere “thicker”. The molecular weight of water is lower than that of the nitrogen and oxygen in the air, so more vapor = thinner air.

  • Mabel

    Kind of a cool list. It reminded me of a book I read once called “What If The Moon Didn’t Exist?” by Neil F. Comins. Although not apocalyptic, it went through all these alternate Earths that would be if the moon were closer, if it were farther away, etc. Very interesting reading.

  • Icalasari

    #1 is bull. If anything, they would hand make a few nano bots that create, say, water making nano bots that aren’t self replicating. There wouldn’t be much point in a nanobot that only makes nanobots that only make nanobots, etc.

  • CanadianEh

    Chanchita (#92) nasty, nasty response to Lifeschool (#75) … ooops, did i speak out of turn? oh, i forgot, you’re supposed to ask me for my imput, right? hmm, last time i checked, this was an open forum and as far as i can see, the majority of these people don’t expect to be chastised for saying something that was quite logical to them. bitch.

  • rat face

    super fantastic list. A lot of them SOUND far fecthed but are totally based on what scientists have observed and they know better than me. I believe they could all happen.

  • Gina

    This is definately a scary list….I never knew some of these theories existed and I am an AVID reader!

  • Woolhouse

    #5 (43)- You do realize that your comment was written just as- if not more- poorly than the article, correct?

  • squid

    Grey Goo is so fascinating! I’d never heard of that before. This is seriously such an awesome list.

    Reading lists like this is sort of funny. I believe that, since humans are the most “advanced” species on the Earth, they have this sort of subconcious, immortal outlook on everything. What people really don’t seem to look at is that species go extinct everyday, so what makes us any different?

  • Mrs. Antichrist

    The science in these scenarios ranges from a bit off to completely absurd, but it’s still a fun list to read. :)

    My favourite doomsday scenario is the ol’ black hole vs Earth hypothesis, even though it’s very unlikely. There’s just something so awesome about being stretched out into a long strand of matter and then compressed down into a singularity.

    Realistically, however, I’d wager that infectious disease would in some way be involved in the extinction of humanity. Even if we blew most of the species up with nukes, got hit by a comet and stopped reproducing, the last of the survivors would likely succumb to pneumonia or diarrhea/vomiting from an infection (or all of the above; sounds like a fun last day, huh?).

  • This was SO FASCINATING. @[email protected]
    But it scared the freakin’ CRAP out of me.
    Thanks. ^^

    (I’m avoiding the Cheerios now.)

  • sad muso

    Haha, the grey goo one is epic!

  • laurabearsavannahandlexi

    I’m so glad you said 9 planets instead of 8 in your #10 item. Fight the power, Pluto.

    Am I the only one who’s pretty sure there’s going to be a Heaven’s-Gate-mass-suicide-type ordeal come 12-21-2012? Sort of a “let’s blow this taco stand before the shit hits the fan”?

    Just a thought.

  • JJ

    I found this article hard to read because it was so badly written.

  • heatherrr.

    how is 8 an apocalypse scenario ? and 4 is equally ridiculous. anyone with education in physics and/or quantum chemistry knows that it isn’t the value of the fundamental constants that control the universe. it’s the universe that controls the value of the fundamental constants ! the universe exists because it exists, not because some constant Max Planck derived says so. the constants are just numerical expressions that facilitate the description of atomic or planetary physics. not special secret keys to why we don’t fly off the face of the earth.

  • reason08

    @ heatherr: Your missing the point. I think the author was contending that these constants (THAT the universe has created) play a major role in the behaviour of our universe – and that if these changed, everything would be altered. Of course scientists have no say in the universe’s existance – that is ridiculous.

  • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one for whom the atrocious grammar and spelling distracted so totally from the material, that it took a (sickening) second reading to understand what insane hyperbole the list was offering!
    Drat the cat, guys! Isn’t someone on proofing?

  • Morticia

    I’m looking forward to a less crowded planet.

  • billy

    i don’t think this person likes scientists.
    the Large Hadron Collider was rebooted recently and we are still here aren’t we?

  • Mark

    I didn’t like the writing of this list. It’s subjective and written quite “matter-of-fact”, failing to take into consideration just how very unlikely many of these scenarios are.

  • sceptic

    Scientists are intelligent fools playing with dangerous toys, and we are sheeple bleating happily at their amazing achievements. Fertility is decreasing in the developed countries, conversely, third world countries’ population isn’t affected since they consume less chemicals (with food, pills etc).
    #9 is the scariest scenario; we create problems and then try to solve them by inventing even more dangerous remedies. It’s a vicious circle, if scientists knew what they are doing they wouldn’t have conceived Nukes, GM crops (that might in their turn GM us), DDT, mad cows, and the like.

  • sceptic

    Sorry, it’s #1 that I find the scariest. Scientists messing irresponsibly with the building blocks of our body (and planet)– cells, molecules, atoms and further — sounds like sci-fi nightmares come true.

  • Freaky to think about really.

  • Me

    Just love it!

  • Jin Howe

    great list dude i juz love it….it’s awesome

  • Mario

    Very interesting but I don’t believe in it. This all is only theory- what would be if it will happen.Unfortunately we all are going to the end of the world.Only different is the time, when is my turn and when is yours.(Sorry for my bad English).

  • brubbish223

    the grain scenario is hilarious its not that
    “scary” if you read it it would be funny “an endless
    desert of grain” now that would be a sight! i would walk through it if im still alive.!

    2012 is bullshit!
    nothing happening

  • @sceptic (257):…if scientists knew what they are doing they wouldn’t have conceived Nukes, GM crops (that might in their turn GM us), DDT, mad cows, and the like.
    If I were a cow and found some scientist fooling around with MY GM, I might find my self quite mad, too. Of course, I can’t conceive of a way cows could come by this information…it’s not like they congregate at Starbucks and read the paper.

  • Mark

    #3 isn’t really an apocalypse scenario, at least not on par with the other nine items on the list. If people are having less babies for social reasons and if they continue to do so, one day there just won’t be enough people. There won’t be enough people to work in the power stations, there won’t be enough people to keep the world running.

    If this scenario does eventuate what would the few (these would probably still number at least in the hundreds-of-thousands) remaining survivors do? They would go medieval, and I’m talking Charlemagne, not Joan of Arc.

    Suddenly people need more children to help them in the field (you know, so they can eat) and the population starts to grow again. Voila, a self-perpetuating cycle that will, on it’s own, not wipe the human race off the face of this planet.

  • HighProteinDiet

    @ seques (264)
    “If I were a cow and found some scientist fooling around with MY GM, I might find my self quite mad, too. Of course, I can’t conceive of a way cows could come by this information…it’s not like they congregate at Starbucks and read the paper.”
    septic is not refering to literal “mad cows”, but the mad cow disease we are all quite aware of.

  • @HighProteinDiet (266): I was making a joke.
    Perhaps you’ve heard of them?

  • HighProteinDiet

    @ segues (267)
    Oh my bad; I thought you took it literaly, you know, considering you’re blonde and all. What would be a truly terrifying apocolypse is the entire remainder of the human race dominated by blondes. (JK, JK)

  • Birdy

    …Y’know, having sources for this would be amazingly nice.

  • Jill

    Quickly, eat all the cereal and pasta you can! Get rid of the godforsaken stuff!!

  • David

    A quick knee-jerk and un-researched response to no. 3 coming up!: That one is actually kind of reassuring really and seems (if true) much more as though the population is doing a bit of automatic readjusting to saner levels! It is obvious to anyone who hasn’t lived in a white room all their life or who isn’t involved in politics that the world is ridiculously overpopulated – and it seems that most of the problems in the world are at least partly caused by there just being too many freaken’ people! More than the planet can possibly support and all that. So maybe a mechanism would kick in eventually: Overpopulation = general misery and sickness = reduced reproduction (hey – this covers infertility as well) = less people. Of course – current population trends differ from culture to culture, but that is only to be expected. The reduction of population due to the changes in culture that you mention would just be a part of this larger process of adjusting to our world.

    Thing is, I would have thought that such a shrinkage of population would not just carry on until extinction as you seem to be saying. A significantly reduced population would have such a drastic positive effect on our environment that it would probably change our entire outlook and overall physical and mental health – and the forces that drive us to reduction would be reduced.

    3 billion people or less in the world? sounds a little slice of heaven to me!

  • Joe

    “Here is one we’re heading straight for right now.”

    Oh dear God, no we’re not. If anything, the earth is in a COOLING period. People are freezing to death in CUBA, for crying out loud.

  • Arcoiris

    The most apocalyptic of all is not listed here: the population of the world will increase and increase, in spite of your “decreasing fertility” scenario. And the worst part is that it’s the poorer countries that produce more people. It’ll be like Calcutta meets Brave New World scenario, but much much worse.
    People: Stop breeding!!!

  • Arcoiris

    This is not duplicate! The most apocalyptic of all is not listed here: the population of the world will increase and increase, in spite of your “decreasing fertility” scenario. And the worst part is that it’s the poorer countries that produce more people. It’ll be like Calcutta meets Brave New World scenario, but much much worse.
    People: Stop breeding!!!

  • EnglishMajor

    ahhhh English majors, lets enjoy being the most useless members of society

  • Yi

    Terrible list.
    Horrible writing combined with extremely faulty science, I don’t even…
    Entry level physics would teach you a few basics about the fallacy of many scenarios. In fact, I recommend a rather popular book, Physics for Future Presidents.

  • Mat

    Number 8 is called creation not some weird theory about coincidence it was God’s awesome work. Anyway none of these would happen.

  • Mjau

    I don't really get the "humans will vanish because there are not enough children" one. I mean, aren't we currently having the OPPOSITE problem, what with population number getting out of control and not having enough food for everyone?

    • bionicragdoll

      Yeah that’s what I thought too. Granted women in the West are waiting later to have kids but I’d like to see the research he did about women becoming more infertile. It may just be we actually acknowledge it now as opposed to earlier times where being barren was shameful and hidden. So it’s not that we’re becoming more infertile it’s just that women are more open about it and it’s more widely accepted.

  • Chip On Shoulder

    You know we could always NOT program the nanobots to make more nanobots. Theres a way to make the first nanobot, so we’ll just perfect that method instead of making them self replicate. No big deal.

  • moonrunner

    If you want a good possible scenario of what could happen with the advent of nanobots read Michael Crichton’s “Prey”. This is a rather disturbing novel of what happens when nanotechnology gets out of hand.

  • Marick

    One problem with #1. If only a nanobot can make a nanobot then how would we make one in the first place. It’s not even something that should be overlooked. It’s a HUGE hole in the whole Idea of #1. Just think about it rationally, it doesn’t even make sense…

  • lyn

    Well that’s really depressing..

  • Aurell

    or aliens take over the world.

    that would pretty fit in with your article according to the way you see things o__O;

  • Anon

    nanotechnlogy is already here, and nanobots are just a theory. And they wouldn't create themselves, that's dumb. REALLY dumb. Conspiracy theorist DUMB.

    Besides, there are ways of breaking them down in the body naturally with no outside help…

    Whoever wrote this is dumb… crashing into the sun? We'd die from the asteroid knocking us off axis first. Geeze. Grain? Geeze.

  • Hey guys, I'm a nanoscientist currently attending the most advanced nanocollege in the world and figured I'd give you the true facts about what he ranked as the "#1 way we're all going to die." It is true that as a community nanosceintists are trying to create nanobots for non-incision surgery and collecting tissue samples, but but what the author failed to mention is that the "nanobots" aren't actually little robots that go inside but instead it most closely resembles a bacteria of sorts that's built from carbon atoms. The authors thinking is flawed because the nanobots act much like a human who has cancer or a sickness, although the cancer or bacteria is spreading throughout their body it doesn't give cancer to anyone/anything that touches them the same is true for nanobots. nanobots would be a living bacteria that would be controlled and like any other bacteria it will die when it's host dies. Another few interesting facts is that the reproduction of the nanobot would make about one copy per six hours so I have no idea where he got the idea that in 72 hours we're all going to be dead. And for god sake's people have a little faith in the scientists! The people working on the collider in France and nanotechnology are some of the smartest people in the world and they don't just run experiments without first getting it approved by a large portion of the scientific community.

  • Eirach

    Heh. Most of these are illegitimate concepts written by a very uneducated person. I would say that #10 might be funny to see happen though, considering the fact that even though it's far-fetched, it's hilariously possible.

    But don't worry folks, you'll have most likely been killed before then~

    *Eirach out*

  • eeeeeeeeeeee

    Why does everyone suddenly believe that global warming doesn't exist just because we had an extremely cold winter? We're also having a sweltering summer. it's like saying the Sun doesn't exist cuz it was dark last night. (Bill Mar)

  • jenna

    oh my god, you are actually crazy.

  • Arghzombie

    I don’t want to alarm anyone but nanobots have just taken over my brain… Only a matter of time until they’ve got yours too.

  • Jay

    Does anyone have any idea what the current planetary line-up is? Listmaker says there are 10? 10? Where did we get 10? What the heck is a Sedna, the anagram of Andes? Are we counting Pluto?

  • Mr Grapefruit

    For someone who suffers from coeliac disease, number 2 would be a bit of a problem :

  • dragonh3art

    i liked the list makes you wonder what will happen in the future,however do we deserve this planet, we are poluting the atmasphere with poisonis chemicicals knowingly and wont change as it costs companies money which leads to less profits which big companies dont want to lose,as for the human race out of all the wars weve had throughout the centuries all over the world weve never learned from them nearly everyone has been about greed wanting more profiteering ,innocent poeple dieing for nothing for the sake of someone profiteering getting richer,it still goes on today were fighting wars haveing innocent soldiers killed so goverments can make money ,man cant live with each other as it is through racism,gread ,hatred,murder,religion,the list is endliss we as a human race need to grow up and change to deserve this planet,thats the way i see this planet at the moment, we as a human race need to change now or it wont be the earth being destroyed by the sun or a planet it will be ourselves that destroy the earth,moaning over sorry for spelling mistakes hope i havent bored anyone

  • jppp

    My fav are the constants theory and the super grain theory while I read the super grain a funny idea popped into my head what if the super plant were
    carrots and we started turning orange LOL but of course there would be no variety in our diet which would mean serious health defects

  • Sgt. York

    “This one is seriously stupid, but it is taken very seriously among biologists.”

    Meh…so is #9. And it’s no less ridiculous.

    As for #1…something would have to power those bots. And it if aint solar….then it aint happening.

  • erika

    this list made me think of what could possibly happen at the end of the world

  • erika

    that’s it i’m going to enjoy life as much as i can

  • Dkkss

    Shitty list.

  • bionicragdoll

    Everything on this list seemed very far-fetched, it sounded more like the rantings of a conspiracy theorist and I couldn’t tell if you were joking or serious about this scenarios.

    Lists like this do nothing constructive and only make gullible people afraid of the world around them. The world will end eventually and when it does there won’t be anything we can do about it, everyone dies eventually so just live while you’re alive and don’t worry about things out of your control.

    • It was written by Joe Travolta, John’s brother. Joe was converted to Scientology by John and, thus, his reasoning powers have been dissolved by [email protected] science-fiction scenarios masquerading as reality.

  • Connor

    The author needs some more education in physics. While the vacuum instability event CAN happen, LHC isn’t nearly powerful enough to do so. The solar wind hitting the bare surface of the moon causes much more energetic collisions and clearly the vacuum hasn’t collapsed. Further, the “fine tuning” of the universe is only an issue if you assume this to be the only universe around (which would seem unlikely). Otherwise, we would simply be in the universe that can support us because it’s the only one that can. Also, “planet x”, if it existed, could not stop the earth’s rotation (gravity cannot produce torque on a spheroid), and would certainly not change our magnetic poles or rip only the crust off, those are both basically impossible when you’re dealing with those relatively low levels of gravity. For the record, I’m a physics major at the University of Colorado, so I do have some understanding of the ideas. Not saying the world can’t end, it can (and in some pretty gruesome ways), but this list needs some serious fact checking

  • 5 | Quantum Vacuum Collapse Inevitability …Scientists argue that elements smash into each other in nature all the time, and that the universe is still here so there is no risk of this catastrophe. But what they fail to realize is…



    You’re saying that you are smarter and have a deeper understand of…what?…physics (at the *very* least) than the scientists who designed, built, and operate the LHC? I might have just let this go but, since so much information in so many of the entries is either just wrongly interpreted scientific fact or taken directly from doomsday movies, I really have to wonder how you can make this claim.

    • okay. weird. This was meant as a reply to a particular post, but seems to have been randomly displayed…I am certainly *NOT* commenting to Connor who seems to know his stuff!!!!

  • Isn’t Planet X debunked by NASA? And well yeah, in my planet, getting my dad angry is the worst that could happen :D

  • Aaron

    For number 8, the fine tuning of the universe, have we taken into consideration the very possible theory of parallel universes? If they do exist, perhaps time has created billions of universes until it finally got one right. Hence our existence today.

    • segues

      The concept of multiple universes, multiverses, has been discussed since the late 1800s. Over the last 30 years and, more specifically, over the last 15 years the idea has come to be accepted by some of the top physicists, cosmologists, astronomers, and philosophers in the world. However, it’s not a case of “finally got one right”. The multiverses, if they do exist, are simply (if *simple* can apply to such a huge concept) other, just as perfect, universes operating in much the same way as ours.

  • Zombie apocalypse should be on the list… Overall, I thought this list was pretty entertaining to read.

  • Tom baker

    The Universe HAS be set up in a way that supports life or we wouldn’t be here to talk about. Perhaps there were many lifeless universes in the past that kept re-booting until the one we have today was created.

  • Obliviondylan

    All i know is this isn’t no computer progrem & apocalypse is the end of the world how is a simulation of alien’s gonna course it, it wouldn’t an apocalypse is the end of the world so it everything was some sort of simulation it wouldn’t count as an end of the world but the Planet X one i don’t mind also the Grey Goo Theroy is fun, To be honest i think Plnaet Earth is fine till the sun destroy’s it not till 2012

  • Matt

    You are a very depressing person…lol :p

  • Lizardmancalcos

    Nanobots cannot make more nanobots, it’s impossible. like a factory (a building) builds cars, a factory (a small one) will make nanites, a nanoforge. And the nanites will have very spacifick uces like; elbows, lightlits, bladelits, spoolies, chaties, gyros, and hunter destroyers (for cancer) just to name a few. And all may need it’s very own nanoforge.

  • RustCorrosion

    Amazing list. It was entertaining plus even funny (kudos to the writer, i disagree what others say about it being poorly written – “breed people!” lol my fav). Today must be my lucky day cuz ive read a couple of really interesting lists. I find it stupid how people aren’t breeding. All they want is sex and no responsibility. Idiotic people like those ruin our world. :(

  • What about the disappearance of the bees? Without bees plants won’t be pollenated, plants die we die…..

  • MD

    Nice. A little far out there but I did find a problem with the fine tuning of the universe. Im not sure how it would lead to apocalypse. The constants work perfectly to support life because if they didn’t, we wouldn’t be here. Theoretically there are numerous universes which have different laws that govern them. We just happen to live in one with constants that allow us to discover them. I have studied this greatly and am receiving my PHD in Quantum Gravity . Good work though

  • Caleb

    This is probably the stupidest top 10 I’ve seen. Nano Bots arranging water from sand? So that is making H2O from SiO2? How the hell does that work?
    The universe has been around for billions of years and you think it will destroy itself in 10 million years from fundamentals changing?
    The LHC is obviously never going to destroy the universe.
    The birth rate is decreasing in developed countries but we will never decline that way. Governments like France and Australia have put incentives in place for women who have 2 chuldren. If you think about it then if the population declines in such a way, that would put more pressure on having children as people would end up poorer and in turn, more babies will be born.
    If planet X was real, why can’t it be seen? 100x bigger than earth? And we haven’t detected it at all? Bit silly.
    The only ones on the list that look like a possibility are fine tuning and solar collision. However, I looked up Bernard’s star and it says nothing about it being close enough to endanger earth.

  • drew

    coo coo f or cocoa puffs….

  • Two comments on #8:

    “The fact that the universe is so precisely tuned to support life is a huge astronomical coincidence. ”

    True. Or you could take the approach from the opposite side of the coincidence. Perhaps our form of life occurred because of the way the universe is tuned. In other words, we are carbon-based beings because carbon is so common in the universe.

    My second comment has to do with God. Many people use this astronomical coincidence as outlined in #8 as evidence that there is a God. They say there are just too many coincidences; there must have been a plan and a Creator.

  • Symnhanna


  • Name

    Grain would Never happen because we would just harvest it all & turn it into Fuel instead of corn…

  • chabooclods