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10 Debated Acts of Animal Cruelty

Animal rights are widely known and accepted in western culture but despite this there are topics and events which happen every year that often cause much debate and controversy on the public and media forums. From high profile support from celebrities, outspoken models from the fashion world and animal campaigners, animal rights is an issue that has sparked outrage and even government debate. This is a list of 10 widely discussed topics of animal use that some support openly, while others refuse to accept them under any circumstances.??


Fur Trade

Fashion Fur Coat  007
?Worldwide it’s estimated that 40-50 million animals are killed every year for their fur, including raccoon dogs, rabbits, foxes, mink, and chinchillas. The fur trade has gathered much protest from campaigners for the inhumane way the animals are reared and killed, often in cages where they suffer from numerous physical and behavioral abnormalities induced by the stress of caging conditions and then killed methods that preserve the pelt, such as gassing, neck-breaking and anal electrocution.??Recently China has come under attack from extremist campaigners such as PETA and media over the cruel photos and videos of dogs and cats being kept in awful conditions and then bludgeoned, hanged, bled to death, strangled with wire nooses, and even skinned alive so that their fur can be turned into trim and trinkets. Fur from China is often mislabeled as that from another species and sold throughout the world so it is difficult to know for certain where the fur you are buying came from.??


Animal Testing

?Some people will say animal testing is necessary in the furthering of medical treatment for humans but the other side of this argument is that animal testing is completely unacceptable and treatment for humans should be only be tested on humans.? ?It is estimated that 50 to 100 million vertebrate animals worldwide are used annually in animal testing. Although much larger numbers of invertebrates are used and the use of flies and worms as model organisms is very important, experiments on invertebrates are largely unregulated and not included in statistics. Most animals are euthanized after being used in an experiment.??Most research is carried out within universities, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, farms, defense establishments, and commercial facilities that provide animal-testing services to industry.??Supporters of the practice, such as the British Royal Society, argue that virtually every medical achievement in the 20th century relied on the use of animals in some way, with the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences arguing that even sophisticated computers are unable to model interactions between molecules, cells, tissues, organs, organisms, and the environment, making animal research necessary in many areas. Despite this some scientists and animal rights organizations, such as PETA and BUAV, question the legitimacy of it, arguing that it is cruel, poorly regulated and that medical progress is being held back by misleading animal models among other reasons. Regulation on animal testing varies within various countries.??


Dolphin and Whale Slaughter

?Every year, hundreds or even thousands of dolphin and small whale are rounded up and forced into a small hidden cove in Taiji where they are slaughtered in the worlds largest scale kill of its kind, lasting up to six months. Once trapped inside the cove the animals are killed by having their throats slashed or by being speared.  Media images of the event often show the usual blue waters of the cove blood red and some even go further to show the animals sounding in distress. Animal campaigners have challenged the Japanese government to change its laws but whale meat and counterfeit dolphin meat sold as whale meat help to keep this horrific event continuing while the Japanese governments response has been using pest control as an explanation.  ??


Seal Clubbing

?Seal hunting has drawn growing media attention due to the disturbing images of seals and their pups being clubbed to death. The main sealing states are Canada, Greenland, Namibia, Norway and Russia although it is Canada that has gathered the most controversy with celebrities such as Paul McCartney and former wife, Heather Mills speaking out against it. In Canada 2006, 325,000 harp seals, as well as 10,000 hooded seals and 10,400 grey seals were killed. An additional 10,000 animals were allocated for hunting by Aboriginal peoples. Canadian law forbids the killing of pup seals until they have began molting at 12-15 days. ??While the steal trade is an extremely controversial issue, many livelihoods depend on the seal trade. The total Canadian seal product exports were valued at $18 million (CAD) in 2006. Of this, $5.4 million went to the EU, although in 2007, Belgium became the first EU state to ban seal products. In 2009 the EU parliament successfully voted to ban the import of seal products. Denmark, Romania and Austria abstained form the law passed by the EU council on July 27, 2009. ??


Animals in Medicine

?High numbers of animals are used each year worldwide for their use in medicine. China is probably the most notable for its use of endangered tiger.??Animals used in traditional medicine are tigers, leopards, sharks, saiga antelope, elephants, rhinoceros, pangolins, tortoises, seahorses, musk deer, as well as 7 of the 8 species of bear. The Asiatic Black Bear (more commonly known as the Moon Bear) are kept in captivity on Bear Bile Farms to enable the regular extraction of their bile acid. ??Tiger bones, skin, fat, whiskers, tail, penises and gall bladders among other parts are believed to cure ailments, keep black magic at bay and possess aphrodisiac properties. It is estimated that there are approximately 5,000 wild tigers left, only 5% of the population number that were alive in the 1900s. About 75 percent are in India while less than 50 are believed to be found in China’s forests. The United States is home to some 10,000 captive tigers, owned by zoos, sanctuaries and private individuals.?



Animals as Food

?It is estimated that worldwide, 140 billion animals are killed for human consumption ever year. The UK, which has a projected 2009 population of 61,126,832, consumed an amazing 2.5 billion animals every year alone. ??Official figures show that UK abattoirs slaughter 900 million poultry, and 30 million cattle, sheep and pigs every year. These figures do not include imported meat; the UK is probably a net importer so it is likely that they consume close to 1 billion farm animals a year. Tonnage figures from the Marine Fisheries Agency together with estimates for average weight of fish suggest that, in addition, about 1,500 million sea fish and 80 million farmed salmon are consumed.??It’s easy to see why vegetarians and vegans are prominent campaigners for animal rights. Animals on factory farms have no legal protection from cruelty that could be illegal if it were inflicted on dogs or cats, including neglect, mutilations, genetic manipulation, drug regimens that cause chronic pain and crippling, transport through all weather extremes and gruesome and violent slaughter for human consumption.?


Animals in Sport

Large Greyhound-Racing

There are many types of sport in which animals are used for; hunting being the most recognized and debated. One of the most recently debated has been fox hunting in the United Kingdom which was outlawed in 2004 against large protests and backlash from hunters who wished for the sport to continue using live foxes. Over 250 million animals are killed each year by hunting in the US alone and this does not include the millions of animal figures that are not maintained by state wildlife agencies.

Animals in sport also include Bullfighting which is still practiced under Spanish and Portuguese traditions. Cockfighting is now illegal but legal fights still take place around the world including cow fighting and camel wrestling.

Horse and dog racing are also very popular around the world, attracting many people for legal gambling but even this has attracted debate. Thousands of greyhounds die each year from racing injuries or exhaustion and over 800 racehorses die each year from fatal injuries on US racetracks alone.


Pedigree Breeding


Pedigree breeding of dogs has attracted a lot of attention in the past few years and many think it is cruel and unfair to the welfare of the animal because of the effects on the lifespan of the animal. In 2008 the BBC dropped the dog show Crufts over concerns about breeding practices leaving dogs with debilitating conditions and inherited genetic disease such as a prize-winning Cavalier King Charles suffering from syringomyelia which meant that its skull was too small for its brain and also pugs suffering epilepsy.

It is not known how many dogs worldwide suffer the genetic effects of extreme pedigree breeding but the debilitating effect is well known. Because of the lack of genetic variation, birth defects and inherited diseases in breeds such as deafness in Dalmatians, heart disease in Boxer dogs and hip dysplasia (abnormal hip joint development) in German Shepherd dogs has become extremely common.



?Although most zoos are of a high standard nowadays and many are even encouraging breeding programs for endangered species, it is still argued that animals should not be kept in captivity but encouraged back into their native environment.??There are an estimated 5 million animals in zoos worldwide and a report by the World Society for the Protection of Animals showed that only 1,200 out of the 10,000 zoos worldwide are registered for captive breeding and wildlife conservation and that only 2 percent of the world’s threatened or endangered species are registered in breeding programs.??In some Chinese zoos, live killing is encouraged where people can feed wild animals. In the Badaltearing Safari Park, visitors can throw live goats into the lions’ enclosure and watch them being eaten, or can purchase live chickens tied to bamboo rods to dangle into lion pens. Visitors can drive through the lion’s compound on buses with specially designed chutes leading into the enclosure into which they can push live chickens. In the Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Mountain Village near Guilin in southeast China, live cows and pigs are thrown to tigers to amuse visitors.?


Animals in film

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?The use of animals by filmmakers has often received criticism for allegedly harmful, and sometimes lethal, treatment of animals during production although laws on animal rights are now stricter. ??One of the most infamous examples of animal cruelty in film was Michael Cimino’s legendary flop Heaven’s Gate, in which numerous animals were killed and brutalized during production. Cimino allegedly killed chickens and bled horses from the neck to gather samples of their blood to smear on actors for Heaven’s Gate, and also allegedly had a horse blown up with dynamite while shooting a battle sequence, the shot of which made it into the film. After the release of the film Reds, the star and director of the picture, Warren Beatty apologized for his Spanish film crew’s use of tripwires on horses while filming a battle scene, when Beatty wasn’t present. Tripwires were used against horses when Rambo III and The Thirteenth Warrior were being filmed. An ox was sliced nearly in half during production of Apocalypse Now, while a donkey was bled to death for dramatic effect for the film Manderlay, in a scene later cut from the film.??Although there are now laws covering animal use in filmmaking in America and Europe, other eastern countries such as South Korea have been criticized for the use of animals such as in the film, The Isle, in which a real frog is skinned alive while fish are mutilated.

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  • TwistedDagger

    I disagree with "sgcvelasco", clones or no clones, animal testing should only be allowed as a last resort, as long it feels, then you have no right to harm its feelings.

    But doing testing for beauty products, that's a crime, we don't need those things to survive and if we can't have a better way than to hurt animals to feel good about the way we look, lets just stay ugly! Better on the outside than the inside.

    Fur Trade, now come on, that's another crime, we have the material to not really need to kill anything to stay warm and even to look nice, if someone has that much money and wants to show people they are rich, they can simply give to charity.

    I agree we still need to eat meat, we don't have the technology to not have to kill animals at all to be able to survive, but we shouldn't hunt wild animals.

    I can go on and on about this, but I won't, we all know whats right and wrong, still as a species we always find enough reasons to kill each other and to do other ugly crimes to each other, so no wonder we can't respect other species…

    Sorry for any typos, just woke up,

    Best wishes,


    • Alina

      i agree with you totally ^.^

  • Sheikh_Mahand

    Hmmm, I think the title is slightly misleading, there's no debate where the opinions of Calforb are concerned!

    I'm a bit of a social Darwinist, we're top of the food chain so we can do whatever we like. I don't buy into all this 'ethical' stuff that trys to brainwash everyone into becoming a vegetarian.

    I don't mind other people's life choices, just don't try to convince me that giving up meat will cure all the world's ills.

    • Lachy

      You’re using social Darwinism in the wrong context for one. Secondly, it is something of a misunderstanding that competition is the only form of “survival of the fittest” out there – mutualism, altruism, etc all have payoffs that maximise biological fitness which is why they exist. Humans are very successful because of our cooperation, not because we are cutthroat to each other. It is sad to see such discredited notions continue to be believed when there’s more than enough evidence out there.

  • mattofutexas

    kelly k: the last statement in your comment is the gayest and most emo thing I have ever read, thank you for giving me a good chuckle out loud.



    • Brooke

      Listverse does not need thoughtless ignorance like this on its pages. I’d suggest keeping these sore of comments to yourself.

  • Rob

    Am I the only one without a problem with most of these? People are always worried about the animals. Where I used to live, we had to kill deer and rabbits to keep their numbers from exploding. They eat everything.

    Animals have been our food since the very beginning. The only thing that bothers people is that we eat one group over another. The Japanese eat what they kill. If they are hunting endangered species that is one thing, but the dolphins they kill are very common. Just because some people think they are cute they get upset. It is hypocritical…Those same people eat Cow, Chicken, Pig, Fish, and hundreds of other animals and sit on leather sofas or wear Nike sneakers made from animal skin.

    Which leads to the fur industry. Most animals hunted for their pelts are common. Rabbits, Racoons, etc…I disagree with hunting endangered or threatened animals, but that is all. Throwing paint on a fur coat doesnt discourage the wearer, it just makes them go out and buy a new coat to replaced the ruined one; killing more animals than saving. If you don`t like it, Don`t buy one.

    Pedegree pets…they wouldn`t exist if it weren`t for humans. WE made them. again, If you don`t like it, don`t buy one. Almost all modern breeds are the result of breeding programs.

    Animal testing…think about all of the advances in medicine that have come from lab rats…which were also created by scientists as a control group.(White mice) Insulin came from sheep.

    People who have a problem with zoos are stupid. Many animals exist only in zoos these days. WIthout them they would be extinct. They recieve food every day and dont have to worry about lions popping out and biting them in the ass.

    The only one on here I really have a problem with on this list is the seal clubbing. Not because of the deaths of the animals, but by the manner in which it is carried out. Gassing an animal or breaking its neck to preserve its fur is humane. there is no pain clubbing is just cruel.(The anal electicution thing is bad too.)

    People buying pets of any kind, then finding out they dont have the space, money, or patience to care for it and then letting it run wild or taking it to have it euthanized is much worse in my opinion.

    • Ennis

      When it comes to seal clubbing… it sounds a lot worse than it really is. The way they are killed is actually as humane as can be managed. I can't recall the method exactly, but the club is usually used to stun (in the hopes that the seal will be unable to feel the few seconds of pain), initially, and is supposed to only be aimed at the seal's head. Then a pick of sorts, a sharp metal object I don't know the name of, is used to penetrate the skull. They cause the animals as little pain as possible. Guns were used at one point, I believe, but hunters tended to harm the seals with misfire before actually killing them.
      Also, the hunt really is necessary in many ways. It sounds terrible, but it is true. The seal has no real major predator except for humans. If not for the hunt they would overpopulate, and many would die from starvation instead.

    • C. Aric Hanley

      My issue with fur, is less about the act of wearing fur and more about how the animals are treated and killed.

      It's widely accepted that most dogs have the intelligence and awareness of a small human child – between 18 months and 2 years old. It's also commonly accepted (and mentioned in this list) that animals including dogs are used as replacements for more expensive or harder to acquire animals in the fur trade and are often SKINNED ALIVE because it's faster and cheaper for production than taking the time to kill them first either humanely or otherwise. Gas is expensive; so are stun guns and cattle prods, maybe not in small amounts but in the quantities they use, yeah it adds up and more profit > less profit.

      So picture this. A small boy is taken away from his parents as an infant and raised in a cage with five or six other children. Then at around 2 he is taken, his skin is peeled off while he's alive and awake, and used to make coats for white women with rich husbands. Because in effect, those animals would experience the same level of fear and the same level of pain from that as that small human child would. The child would eventually pass out from pain (after around a minute) but once the initial pain was over, would remain alive and probably aware of their surroundings until they bled to death on the floor a shed in rural China. Change the word 'child' to 'puppy' or better yet, change it to the name of your dog, or your sisters dog, or your mum's dog or that cute little labrador you saw at a pet store once and there you have an average day on a fur farm.

      That is the problem I have with the fur industry. I eat meat. Humans are omnivores and I'm certainly not a bleeding heart eco-moron. If you want to wear fur, that is your choice but I see no reason why any animal should be put through that hell just so white women (97% of the buyers of fur) can wear them.

      • Alina

        wow :o

    • Jazz

      Actually Rob the Japanese do kill endangered animals, specifically whales in the Southern Ocean. The Japanes call it ‘research’ and the Australian government, who govern that ocean do nothing about it.

  • hunter

    Nice list. Good job.

    PETA is a hypocritical organization. They are against cruelty to animals but they themselves kill animals.

    PETA’s vice president Mary Beth Sweetland is diabetic. Sweetland injects herself daily with insulin that was tested on animals; she has conceded that her medicine “still contains some animal products — and I have no qualms about it…. I don’t see myself as a hypocrite. I need my life to fight for the rights of animals".

    How about that…

    • a cab for calloway

      So glad you brought this up.

      PETA is incredibly hypocritical and more often than not, outright offensive simply for shock value. For any group to liken the slaughter of chickens to the Holocaust is just sad.

      • Brooke

        They are a terrorist organisation that acts on the tiniest of impulses without basis of facts and evidence.. Same as sea shepherd, not helping anything.

  • Leonie

    Interesting list as usual :)

  • sgcvelasco

    since there’s cloning now, why not just clone animals and use these clones for testing? since it is the widely accepted concept that these clones are technically not the original thing?

    • Anya

      Thats stupid. You still hurt an animal.

    • Erin

      Yeah, just because it's cloned doesn't mean it's not a "real" animal =/ Nice try though.

  • Jojo

    Good list, its very sad what happens to animals now a days.

    • StupidRabbitSuits

      As a wise king once said: “It’s the circle of LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE!”

  • sgcvelasco

    darn! just a couple of minutes late. no offense Leonie. great job btw calforb! i’m sure meaty discussions are at hand today.:)

  • Steve

    Am I the only one who couldn’t give less of a fuck about animals?

    • Couldgiveafuck

      I am with you steve

    • 34E

      If you want to take emotion out of it, most of the practices mentioned above aren't sustainable, and extinct animals = extinct humans. :) If we gave as little of a fuck as the Japanese and Chinese governments we'd have nothing to eat in a short amount of time. Or at least, nothing tasty.

    • Erin

      *raises hand* I'm game. Animal testing saves animal lives too, people! Can't say that much about PETA.

      • Juri

        PETA are hypocrites in any case. The leader of PETA condemns animal testing, yet uses diabetes medication tested on animals.

        I prefer to support the other PETA; People Eating Tasty Animals.

        "Don't kid yourself, Jimmy; if a cow got the chance it would eat you and everyone you care about".

  • sgcvelasco

    @Steve (5): yikes! :)

  • deezer

    Great list! Interesting to read all the info. Thank you.

  • enigmasterpiece

    ethical treatment of something is called “humane”; to describe brutality they refer to it as “animalistic”, this list shows that the branding is false. Humans are more brutal, so much that I would prefer being an animal

  • deeeziner

    I was surprised that the use of animals for live entertainment was not mentioned in this list.

    Circuses and other animal “shows” have had to shut down because of the outcry.

  • lab

    at least the animals at Taronga Zoo get a great view!

    And another thing, apparently fins from sharks (for sharkfin soup) are cut off, then the still living shark is dropped back into the sea, to die a slow and extremely painful death. “and i must scream” indeed.

  • lab

    and also, much better then the previous list, even if it is a morbid subject

  • zagga

    I’d rather let animal cruelty go on, than let PETA have their say on things.

    • Mike

      Oh so true! I say that we should let PETA take the place of the animals. Weren't those the losers that wanted to change the name of fish to "sea kittens" so that people would be discouraged from buying?

  • simuun

    sorry, but i have to say what everyone else is thinking…this list is just way too animaly…
    can someone please start making lists about humans and insects instead of animals all the time?

    • Humans and insects are animals.

  • Muscarius

    I agree all of the above are useless animal cruelty apart from 5. A tiger would eat me as much as I would eat a beef. We are born as omnivores and I am ok with it.
    As a note: the killed ox in Apocalypse Now! was not killed in the production. It was filmed by Coppola’s wife during a religious sacrifice that the tribe would have done anyway.

  • Kelly K

    re: sgcvelasco

    You are making the assumption that clones do not feel pain, emotions, and are implying that clones should not have the right to their own bodies. What if you were the clone?

    I am not an example of an animal’s rights activist (I eat meat), but I thought your comment was seriously lacking in any thought.

    Humans are truly the pests of the universe. I will never pro-create for this very reason. I refuse to bring another being into a world so flawed and painful.

  • Mandy

    My first time commenting here, but this list made me want to..

    I have a split view on some of these things.

    I think if an animal is going to be killed it should be done so that the animal dies instantly, or in no more than a few seconds – no pain and the animal doesn’t know anything about it – I also think that as much of the animal as possible should be used – meat, organs, fur…I don’t like animals being killed just for the fur/horns/hooves whatever and then dumping the rest of it.

    I also feel that animals being raised for meat should be treated a lot better than they are (of course that probably wont happen on a large scale since people make so much money out of it). I don’t agree with the factory farming conditions.

    I love zoos, and feel they do a lot for the conservation of species, but zoos must remember they aren’t just there for entertainment and to make money, but to educate the public about the animals they keep – and keep them in large enclosures as close to their natural habitat as they can.

    Seal clubbing is just wrong to me. Ok – some people say there is an overpopulation of seals so they need to be killed – but there are better ways of doing it than beating it to death.

    I don’t agree with the whale/dolphin slaughter – not because they are whales and dolphins but because of the way they are killed, they never die instantly and are stressed out and suffering immensely before death finally takes place.

    I think animal testing should only be used for medical research, and that the animal should be treated as humanly as possible, and once they have the infomation they need – or if the experiments don’t go how they plan and the animal is suffering – they should be euthanized.

    Animals in sport are another thing I’m split on – it depends on the sport and how the animals are treated during their career and after they can’t race anymore.

    Sorry for the long post, Animal cruelty is something that gets to me :P

    • Ennis

      I agree with you on all points except one. When it comes to seal clubbing… it sounds a lot worse than it really is. The way they are killed is actually as humane as can be managed. I can't recall the method exactly, but the club is usually used to stun (in the hopes that the seal will be unable to feel the few seconds of pain), initially, and is supposed to only be aimed at the seal's head. Then a pick of sorts, a sharp metal object I don't know the name of, is used to penetrate the skull. They cause the animals as little pain as possible. Guns were used at one point, I believe, but hunters tended to harm the seals with misfire before actually killing them.
      Also, the hunt really is necessary in many ways. It sounds terrible, but it is true. The seal has no real major predator except for humans. If not for the hunt they would overpopulate, and many would die from starvation instead.

      In reality, people consume way more meat than is necessary or healthy. That is, North America and the UK especially. Animals should be allowed to live like animals before they are killed. There is too much cruelty in the farming industry.

      The whale/dolphin slaughter makes me furious, though. There seems to be no logical reason to kill the animals. Both species ought to be left alone. Whales especially, as their numbers are incredibly low and, as far as I know, declining steadily.

      Animal cruelty could get me talking all day… Oh, I'd just like to clarify that I don't support the seal hunting industry, although without it many jobs would be lost in the maritimes (and the unemployment rate in that part of Canada is somewhat alarming). I also apologise for any misinformation. I'm no expert, as you can likely tell.

  • Mandy

    Sorry, wanted to add:

    I do eat meat and accept that my food came from an animal. But, although I haven’t done it myself, since I’m not in a position to, i feel that hunting wild game is a more humane of getting meat since the animal lived its life in its natural enviroment, free to do as it pleased, instead of the conditions a lot of places raise the animals in in the major meat industry.

  • Meh

    Don’t forget Cannibal Holocaust. That movie showed the live killing of 6(?) animals on screen.

  • Mandy (also)

    I agree with (other) Mandy.
    What gets to me is people argueing about humans eating animals. Let me remind you all that we are animals and by eating animals – we are doing what we are meant to be doing. Look at a food web and you will find the human animal in there. Eat plants and animals people as we are just doing what we are meant to.
    Stop argueing about it or eat a carrot and leave meat to the rest of us to eat in peace.

  • Sturmovik

    Being nice to animals is all good and well, but the answer to the question of what consitutes suffering in animals needs to be defined before you can say if something is really cruel to them. Example cooking lobsters in boiling water. The lobster has no capacity in its brain or nervous system to suffer. So it is not cruel.
    Does a chicken in a battery cage actually has a consience discumfort in any way, can it even feel unhappy at all?

  • drew

    Can I also add to the list the pet trade.Although great strides have been made in captive breeding,many animals are still taken from the wild.

  • brosiusjb

    Many times when the University of Kansas Jayhawks play basketball against Kansas State University on KStates home court the students bring live chickens and spray-paint them blue and throw them, sometimes from up to 30 feet up, behind the KU bench. KState is an agricultural, very conservative university (George W. Visited there late in his second term when he was the most hated man in the world, and was warmly received) and KU is the liberal school that’s been far, far better at basketball than KSuck for years. That’s pretty bad, they’re usually bleeding and broken by the time they’re picked up.

  • KriziaAblaza

    pic in number 3 is cute but i think no. 5 is irrelevant because it is all about the survival of the fittest. humans are on top of the food chain remember

  • BravehisTickle

    Oh my goodness..the cruelty of man..Cannibal holocaust was also an unwatchable horror :(

  • Maximuz04

    Hey JFrater,
    Is it just me or has the last few months been mostly user sent lists while in the past you made most of the lists? I was more curious just to know if it was true or just me.
    I actually think its cool, because we get a nice variety

  • Jfrater

    @Maximuz04 (29): it is true since Christmas as I want to use most of the competition lists and it gives me more time for the second book which I just started :)

  • Olé

    I love animals. Nice fire + barbequed lamb + a drink = the perfect meal.

  • Firefly

    I knew Cannibal Holocaust would come up in the comments. Sounds like Heaven’s Gate was way worse. Ruggero Deodata (CH director) has apologised for it and he feels badly about it.

    The worst cases of animal cruelty are the ones perpetrated by indiviuals. At least these examples, for the most part, have a valid reason (though I still thinm more should be done to reduce the suffering of captive animals). My mother told me that a neighbour shot qa perfectly healthy dog because his children were bored of it and wanted a new one. What kind of message does that send to his children?

  • Lleana

    Seriously, people still believe they need to eat meat to survive? I haven’t eaten meat for 14 years..hello? Alive here! I am not skinny, am not grey, have no mental problems due to lack of B12…any other urban myths you need me to prove false?

    Give me a vegan man any day, they can keep it up longer! :P

  • Olé

    @ Lleane. That is called Viagra…..not Vegan.

  • Olé

    @ Lleane. That is called Viagra…..not Vegan.

    Doesn’t qualify for a mental problem, but it is close.

  • Kelly K

    re: mattofutexas

    Matt, I think you would be quite surprised to find out that I am an extremely happy and content individual who comes from a happy and loving environment of family and friends. What I meant however, is that every injustice one can conceive of were brought on by humans. Social inequality, genocide, systemic famines, greed over humanity, torture, senseless killing, you name it! We don’t kill because we need it to survive- we slaughter for profit and for pride.

    UNICEF estimates there to be over 200 million orphaned children. Why procreate when there are children needing food, shelter, and support? A biological child is no more special than an adopted child. And this is the reason why I choose not to procreate.

    I hope you are not closed minded, although I doubt that that is not the case (this is an insult btw- maybe you cannot understand double negatives?). You seem incapable of using language beyond “emo” and “gayest”. Here’s to America’s educational system!

    • TGOD

      What else is there to live for but procreation?

  • qwerty

    humans are on the top of the food chain so it technically gives us the right over animals. however, this privilege shouldnt be taken to extremes. i dont condone animal fighting but i do think animal testing is necessary for the better of the human race. animal breeding can be a way to breed better and more hardy animals however breeds with physical deformities should not be bred.

    ps. i really do not see the point of zoos.

  • saber25

    Hello Listverse I’m back! The master of sutils: ’tis!!!!!!!!!!!!!………. Um, Me?
    Well isn’t the killing of animal specimens Debated acts of animaaaaaaaaaal Cruelty? ;)

  • tommyvercetti_1987

    I want to check those figures. In most of these cases the numbers seem staggering. Could the author of the list quote some references.

  • molohn1357

    but a monkey with lipstick on is funny and i think seal clubbing should replace whack a mole at arcades i mean who really gives a fuck about animals

    • Johnfierydesire

      Who really gives a fuck about you? You piece if shit?

    • TGOD

      i prefer the americanized seal clubbing; its called seal batting, and its way better. I home run harp seals all day. They call me the Loiusville Clubber…swag.

  • arkz

    im kinda disappointed you failed to mention cannibal holocaust in the last one

  • astraya

    Lleana: Whether you currently eat meat or not, you are the genetic heir to thousands of generations of meat-eaters, and I assume from what you said that you ate meat in the first (however many) years of your life. If your ancestors had not eaten meat, you would either not exist at all, or not have the brainspace to type a message on a discussion forum. In your daily life you are dependent on thousands if not millions of meat eaters. You are implicated in meat eating whether you eat it now, or not.

    Sydney Zoo in photo #2!

  • get a clue

    Good idea, lousy execution. (pardon the pun)
    This list is poorly researched and poorly written.

  • oouchan

    I hate zoos. I hate seeing the animals in cages. However, there is an wildlife park called Out of Africa near me. It’s owned and operated by a couple that take in abandoned wild animals that zoos give up or that private owners had. Some of these animals have been abused and cannot be sent back into the wild. It is unlike any other park out there as it using no means of controling the animal by use of weapons. They use the animals own instinct against it to keep the peace. Amazing place.

    I agree with all but the meat eating part. I guess it’s a matter of taste, but I’m a steak and potatoes kinda girl. :)

    Nice list, calforb.

  • Olé

    Yes Kellyk, mankind is responsible for all the things you mentioned. Without us the world would be a better place. So we should all just die.
    Do you know the saying “If you want to change the world, start changing yourself”?
    Knife, rope, poison or gun? Your choice.

    And I agree, you shouldn’t have kids.

  • Nattuli

    Thank you, Mandy! You vocalised exactly what I wanted to say about the subject. Now I can just sit back and relax. Also, my personal opinion on eating meat is that if I really need to, I’m going to go kill it myself. It doesn’t matter if humans were meant to be omnivores: meat production is unnatural.

  • Sodamancer

    Dear christ people, they’re just fucking animals.
    Many countries still treat people worse than this.
    There is cruelty in the world, and that doesn’t excuse it, but we have far more important things to worry about.
    The only reason these ideas are considered cruel nowadays are because most of us are fortunate enough to not live in fear of starving to death, being killed by the common cold on a large scale, or worrying about a randomly invading army burning our crops and raping our women.
    It’s great that we can take for granted those things that just 90-100 years ago were still commonplace, but it doesn’t mean we should stop worrying about the rest of humanity’s concerns.
    Earth itself has a way of weeding out shit that doesn’t belong, and you know what? Hardly anything mentioned on these lists is endangered due to many of these acts. On the contrary, actually, many animal populations have increased dramatically thanks to their use as a food/medicine supply/valuable research tool/pets/means of sheltering us from the cold.
    We’ve been using animals for tens of thousands of years, and it shouldn’t stop now-they’re too valuable of a renewable resource to just leave them be.

  • Sodamancer

    Addendum: If we fish/hunt ourselves into eventual starvation, that’s the Earth’s way of ridding itself of this monstrous parasite that has sprung up and thrived on her back.

  • El the erf

    Once in Spain, a society for the protection of animals was founded which was hard up for money…
    They put on some large bullfights. :D

  • El the erf

    Laboratory guinea pigs say to themselves: “I bet they would not do that to polar bears” :D

  • Morticia

    I’m big on no cruelty to animals, but then again I eat meat…guess I’m a hypocrit.

  • Morticia

    @jfrater, unless one already exists, please do a list on extraordinary animals who have executed amazing rescues of humankind who have found themselves in mortal danger..

  • Jaryuki

    Many zoos contribute greatly to protection and preservation of species… on the other hand, there are also those zoos who don’t give a damn about the animals but are in it for the money :(

  • Jaryuki

    @Sodamancer (47): Humans are also “just animals”

    There is no such thing as “just an animal” – they’re living beings. We should treat them as such.

    At least make sure the animals are treated well troughout their lives, even if they are kept for food.

    There is no excuse for suffering – for any species.
    (Caring about the other species does not belittle human suffering – quite the contrary.)

  • bwmyers18

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE all types of critters but I COMPLETELY understand that God gave man dominion over animals in the Garden of Eden. We are to use them as tools, food, clothing, education (animal testing) and whatever we see fit to sustain us. I agree – if an animal is to be killed for any reason it should be done quickly, painlessly, and humanely as possible, but it still should be done. For entertainment (movies, etc.) THAT is a different story. How can one consider an animal being killed entertainment? But one other aspect which hasn’t been mentioned yet is overpopulation. According to these stats, over 143 BILLION animals are killed annually through these 10 measures alone. If we stopped just these 10 then every 8 years ONE TRILLION animals would be roaming the earth. It ain’t THAT big, people. With the exception of entertainment purposes, I generally have no problem; and like I stated – I love all types of critters.

  • sad muso

    @TwistedDagger (13):

    You said everything I wanted to say.

  • columbofan

    If god didn’t want us to eat animals then why are they made of such tasty meat?
    Not that i’m a religious kind of guy.

  • sad muso

    @Kelly K (17):

    Humans are truly the pests of the universe. I will never pro-create for this very reason. I refuse to bring another being into a world so flawed and painful.

    Haha, what?

  • The Armenians

    That isn’t an animal in the picture for #1, that’s a Turk.

  • Mike Rofone.

    My favorite animal is steak.

  • Cotton Panteese

    @bwmyers18 (55):

    This is why religious people suck. Using the Bible to justify your own cruelty is literally the oldest trick in the book.

  • Lleana

    Astraya: Human animals used to live in caves and hunt with spears. We also kept other human animals as slaves. We changed. What exactly is your point?

    bwmyers18: Wow. You really thinks all the animals used in the meat industry reproduce in that quantity NATURALLY? They are domestic breeds, forced to reproduce to fill the needs of the greedy. Wild animals have ways of keeping their own numbers down without any help from us.

    • TGOD

      Ya, its called starvation and other predators. If I dont eat that cow, some yahoo wolf pack might, and thats a risk i'm not willing to take

  • Arsnl

    @Firefly (32): buy a fish:)? I think having a pet is dumb. How can a human relate with a cat or a dog? How much money is spent on pets? Maybe we should treat our own kind better too. How are you doing firefly? Are your unlucky moments over?
    @Kelly K (36): well bohr son also won a nobel. Ergo genes help. But of you decided not to procreate cuz the world is a bad bad, meany place well maybe you made the right decision. Tell me how suicide sounds to you.
    @Mandy (18): treating animals humanly? Does that make any sense to you. We are either humans so we can treat animals like animals (that sounds really rasists :-) ) or we’re animals and we can behave like bears crocs tigers etc.

  • mcswede

    Great list calforb,

  • calvin51

    Half of these list items are ridiculous. Honestly, is eating an animal cruel? Maybe to them, but to us it’s a little thing called survival.

  • sad muso

    @Arsnl (63):

    “I think having a pet is dumb. How can a human relate with a cat or a dog?”

    Fetch the retardo bus, this comment is plain idiotic! Of course humans can relate to pets!

  • Arsnl

    @sad muso (66): hmm really? Do you call your pet by its name? Or do you shout out fridge, casper, foxtrot, nevada rocks? How do you know (scientifically) that your pet is doing what you think its doing. Im not saying some “pets” arent useful. Like for blinds or on farms. But lets stop talking to our cat. Maybe an affective/emotional connection can be made but i dont know how real it is. People that have pets think its real. I doubt it. Cats and dogs dont even have self-recognition. Maybe the dog just sees you as an alpha male and the cat as a source of food. I still cant talk math or sports, or life with a dog. I prefer the company of humans. Hell id even prefer your company cuz the general opinion is that you are smarter than a pet.

  • farmerchap

    As someone brought up on on a farm around animals being killed and such you could say i was used to killing animals not that i do it, more are used 2 sending them away or killing them for myself. I enjoy fox hunting and am pleased it still goes on yet.

    i am greatly against Dolphin and Whale Slaughter we don’t need either food, the usual livestock used for food is understandable and a necessity but we do not grow whales or dolphins for this reason like we do chickens or cows, they are in the ocean and heavily decreasing in numbers also they do not repopulate as quickly as smaller fish and mammals found in the ocean. i would if i had the chance go out and protest and put my life on the line against the people who go out and harpoon these animals

    Seal Clubbing just why tell me why theres no point

    Animals in Medicine im talking about the chinese herbals and rubbish like that ooo a witch is going to take my family away if i dont eat rhino horn on the sixth day of the 2nd week on a month begining with J. what im saying it its all rubbish stupid pointless traditions and need 2 grow out of like the other high up countrys.

    Animals in Sport, i dont mind dog and horse racing im talking about illegal dog fights that pisses me off the most i hate it why dont i stick the owners in a ring eaither starve them or kick them and bully them till there angry then stick them in a pen with a another angry scared person, and force them to fight till the other can fight no more, whie others cheer and laugh, why all for the gain of money its sick, if i did find 2 dog fighting owners and could get away with it i would put them together and force them to fight till i was satisfied.

  • Mike B

    My problem with this list starts at the seventh word in the description. While so-called “animal rights” may be known throughout “western world” (neatly disparaging the dark, ignorant people of ‘non-western’ origin), it is not necessarily “accepted” as a crucial issue facing mankind.

    The concerns of over-fed, over-empowered, emotionally arrested children of the rich are easily promoted, and with enough yelling, can be characterized as “accepted”, just like the topics of alien abduction and man-boy love.

    If one were to chart the important issues of mankind’s development, it would go something like this: Fire? Check. Food stored without disease? Check. Architecture and stable shelter? Covered. Basic human rights and system of law? Finished (well, not really). End to all war? Ummm… working on it. Scientific improvement of the quality of life? PS3s for everyone! At this point, we have protected the huge mass of lazy humans under the Bell Curve who don’t actually have to work for the accumulated benefits of man, but can enjoy a long, uneventful life of malaise and enjoyment. So what next but to start inventing “issues” that flit across their minds like shiny fairy wings?

    Someone skinned a frog in a movie? A little girl buys a puppy from a store, billions of people are spared from nutritional disease or death by factory meat production; these are crimes against nature?

    As my daddy would have said, “Put down that joint, get a f$#*%ing job, buy a house and raise some teenagers, then come back and tell me about how awful life is for puppies and goldfish.”

  • nicoleredz3

    Awesome list. Seal clubbing touches my heart the most… How’d the clubbers like it if someone barges in their homes and beats theis kids for their internal organs or something?

    • TGOD

      Great analogy…not

  • ncsuwolfpack

    You do have to gave B12 to survive(it is an essential nutrient) and if you aren’t eating any animal products and not taking supplements, you are not getting it! Not an urban legend…just the facts!!

    I agree with a lot of the things in this list except for animal testing (with the exception of the cosmetic industry) and zoos. I think we are characterized as a race by how we treat other living things on this earth and as of now…we suck at it!!!

  • Firefly

    @ Arsnl 63: I was thinking more along the lines that life is dispensable. They grow up thinking it’s ok to kill something just cos you’re bored off it. What happens when they get bored of their kids? Tie them in a sack with a brick and drop it over a bridge?

    I must say I completely disagree with you about having pets. At home in the country we always had cats. There’s 3 there now. Two of them I rescued from the life of feral town cats. In my flat I have 2 rats and my boyfriend has an axolotl. The rats are getting really friendly and affectionate and it’s a joy just to watch them running around playing.

  • mom424

    Wah Wah – I can imagine the tone of the comments by the time I get home from work.

    Just remember – if baby harp seals looked like warthogs we’d all still be wearing fur.

  • Kelly

    First off, the majority of people do NOT agree with animal rights; they may think they do, but animal RIGHTS entails the “complete abolition of all animals,” which would essentially call for the release or extermination of pets (yes, peta would be happy to kill Fluffy because they see him as the end result of pet slavery and unfit to live “naturally”) and the removal of any product, medicine, or practice that has resulted from human “exploitation” of animals (no more modern medicine, no more meat or dairy, and the vast majority of modern conveniences would be stripped from the market).
    Animal WELFARE is what most people believe in; the idea that although humans are superior to animals we have an obligation to treat them with respect and inflict only pain that is absolutely essential, and even then we must question it thoroughly. What most people fail to realize is that abusing animals is counterproductive to any industry involved with them, and most industries do try to police their own activities.
    The comment that really got under my skin is that factory farming is poorly regulated; not true in the least. Any videos you might see of abuse always show a floor-level worker as the perpetrator. I guarantee if his boss knew what was going on that he’d fire him on the spot; stressing an animal releases hormones that absolutely and completely spoil the meat. There’s simply no economic reason for an industry to allow or encourage abuse, and condemning an entire industry for the acts of a few bad apples is just as wrong as condemning a religion for the acts of a few extremists.
    What it comes down to in the end is that groups like peta throw around buzz words and gory pictures for shock value so they can get to your pocketbook. There’s little to no research in their theories on human and animal interaction, and they actively look for isolated cases of abuse to portray as the norm. I have to question the ethics of the people who make videos and pictures of animal abuse; why didn’t they put the camera down and actually stop the slimeballs from hurting the animals? Could it be they’re more interested in furthering their agenda (I sound like a conspiracy nut, don’t I?) and getting your “donations” than actually helping animals? Educate yourself on how industries TRULY operate and decide.

  • Firefly

    @ Arsnl (63):Oh, and no, there is (seemingly) no end to my liltany of misfortune. I’m just getting over the flu now but I’ll be typing with my left hand for a while to come.

  • Kathryn

    Declawing anyone? Seen it done firsthand (vet tech).. not as horrific as some sites make it out to be, but can only imagine how a cat feels when it wakes up and the ends of it’s toes are missing. Ear/tail cropping as well is quite disgusting from what I hear… have seen some bad crops in my time as a tech.

    • 34E

      Heard of one Dobie where the owner had tried to crop the tail with a too-tight elastic… they got their wish, tail had to be amputated, but not after massive infection and of course losing their animals.

  • Nezzy

    I’m pro-animal testing and pro-animals as food (I like my braai too much), but I am against most of the other items on the list (with the exeption of certain zoos).

    I live in Namibia, and trust me, everytime the seal-clubbing comes around, there’s a humongous outcry.

    I just saw the pictures of the cove in Taiji… damn. I thought you were exaggerating.

  • OhBrotherWhereArtThou

    @Arsnl (67):

    No way, man! Pet’s are wonderful, especially the higher order of pets like dogs, cats, horses, etc. You treat them good and they return the favor. Just like people, they have different personalities and quarks. The catch is, you have to understand their species and think a little like them in order to appriciate them more.

    • 34E

      Very well said!

  • Cameron

    The REAL cruelty is when groups like PETA juxtapose pictures of pig farms with concentration camps. Whether you choose to eat meat or not, acting like the genocide of millions of Jews is comparable to eating barbecue is disgusting. Also, PETA wore KKK garbs to national meetings of animal breeders. I personally don’t condone animal breeding, however, animal breeding is practically philanthropic compared to the brutal killing and lynchings that were committed by the klan. All dinner issues aside, the emotional and psychological complexity of humans makes the comparison of killing humans and killing animals downright deplorable.

    • Cat

      Perhaps it's exaggerated when PETA does it, but I'd make similar comparisons. The slaughter of millions of 'misfits' (it wasn't just Jews in those camps) was horrible and unjustifiable, but it's not any worse than the slaughter of millions of non-humans that continues to this day in a similar fashion. Concentration camps and factory farms are run in similar fashions; the inhabitants 'live' in the cheapest possible conditions, however deplorable, until it's their turn to die.

      Saying that it's okay because the animals that live on factory farms aren't human is disgusting. The idea that one life is more valuable than another, for whatever reason, is the seed of genocide.

      My essential point is that there's nothing intrinsically wrong with eating barbecue, but that you are actively funding genocide (to pretend it's anything less is to be in denial) by purchasing the meat you cook for your barbecue from factory farms.

  • timmar68

    I saw a commercial that had a cat scratching a human’s face and there was fine-print on the bottom of the screen stating that the animal was not harmed.
    Never mind the human was getting hurt…

  • Arsnl

    @Firefly (72): well i would kill the pet in front of the kids so they will stop being annoying and ask for a new pet.
    About the pets. Im not saying that everyone should get rid of their pets. Since you grew up with them of course you are not going to change your attitude towards them. But some people that give their pets clothes or spend way to much money on them or start talking with their pets really get on my nerve. Its an animal. It wont understand whats happening. Its a matter of defining what true affection and true relation are. Not what we imagine is happening.
    Oh and the thing that i hate the most is dog poop on streets. In brussels they were everywhere and with all the wet weather they were decomposing and i was forced to dribble them. In paris in some places its the same thing. And i hate when i see dogs urinating in the middle of the street and the owner looking just a bit embarrassed. Why cant people walk their dog somewhere outside of cities.
    @Firefly (75): it think you should move to a bubble:-) i guess i should fear asking you next time how you are doing. Or you could work as a motivational speaker. When god throws at me everything, i keep moving on. Well ill cheer for your left hand. But i really hope you’re not getting close to using your left foot.

    • 34E

      You've obviously never had a dog, or at least never cared for one properly. I chat to mine all the time – he doesn't understand, but he does the dog smile/laugh thing and wags his tail when I do. They might not understand words (certain syllables, yes) but they understand tone very well.

      Here, not picking up dog shit is eligible for a fine of $5000. Who gives a fuck about urine, you are not walking around barefoot and it will wash away.

  • Groogle

    At nr 7 you’re making it sound like Greenland is a country.

  • whywastherebaconinthesoap

    to a lot of people commenting here, watch the first episode of the second season of “Penn & Teller : Bullshit!”. It’s about the animal rights movement in general, but more focused on PETA (or which some call “People Eating Tasty Animals”). Pretty darn good episode, its got Ted Nugent! PETA are some nasty, hypocritical people, like a little child really, especially when it comes to killing animals (if you watch the PETA episode of P&T you’ll see why)

    • 34E

      PETA is stupid, they need to be advocating buying from local farmers and not vegetarianism. They are to causes what Scientology is to religion.

  • ringtailroxy

    there is am enormous gap between “animal rights” and “animal welfare”

    to have “rights” implies that a being is capable of conscious thought, recognition of self, & the ability to remove oneself from a situation if one finds it inhospitable.

    animals do not posses these qualities.

    however, “animal welfare” implies that we, as a thinking animal able to manipulate our environment in irrepairable ways, to exhibit a form of “self-fullfilling dominance” over the planet and it’s inhabitants, can and should protect those other living things and habitats from our own ignorance, cruel;ties, desires, and wants, due to the destructive means of human nature.

    there is much waste & disregard for the lives of other beings that permeates each of the topics discussed above.

    i have to admit that the cruelest things i have ever seen are the cruelties and neglect demonstrated byt he ignorant, the poor, the don’t give a damns to domestic animals. as a veterinary professional, it is the drive to protect & heal those harmed by others of my species that keeps me motivated-to show myself that all humans are not thoughtlessly self motivated.

    do the animals really know i have helped them? some convince me they do-most don’t. it does not faulter my passion in any way that they do not appreciate my efforts-it allows me to appreciate their sentience all the more!

    • "to have "rights" implies that a being is capable of conscious thought, recognition of self, & the ability to remove oneself from a situation if one finds it inhospitable."

      By this logic, a human baby, someone in a coma, or someone completely drunk have no rights. Also, animals such as monkeys are capable of thought and such.

  • Sunshine

    Don’t know if nyone’s commented on this yet, don’t care; you’re an asshole for not pointing out that the ox that died in Apocalypse Now was killed during a sacrifical ceremony anyway, and the crew had nothing to do with killing the animal apart from filming it, which I suppose is simply intelligent film-making as opposed to animal cruelty. It would’ve died anyway. You had an excellent point, and I was happy to see animals in films for #1 because it is sick exploiting creatures merely for human entertainment, but don’t bring down a great film by getting your facts wrong.

  • Carole

    If baby seals were ugly nobody would care that they get clubbed. Ever had rats or mice invade you home? How about squirrels or Raccoons? Beleive me, you totally change your attitude toward animals when they become vermin.

    Why should a bunch of pampered vegans, have the right to tell hunting cultures that have existed for thousands of years to stop hunting?

    Anyone who seeks love from a pampered pet is an idiot. Your pet doesn’t love you. Stop feeding your dog for a couple of days. I guarantee you if a serial killer came along and waved a steak it it’s face, your dog would dump you in a hurry.

    • 34E

      Most people don't know how to raise and take care of their dogs properly… if you do it right, you are that dog's pack leader, and as long as you assert your dominance that dog will sit starving by a bowl full of food until it is near death if you tell it to. I can tell my dog to sit and stay, put the food in his bowl, go get ready for the day, and he won't have touched it until I give the word.

      You're ill-informed if you think that dogs don't form bonds of love, too. Cats, on the other hand, I'm sure they have emotional capabilities, but not being social animals makes it doubtful they will ever have loyalty to you and not your food.

  • Nikki

    I don’t eat meat because I think it tastes horrible.

    I do however like fish!

  • Surya

    But the left testicle of a tiger, minced with the right testicle of a moon bear, sun-dried and filtered, makes you three time libidinous on bed. Ask a Chinese.

  • Missyhelen

    I think the treatment of animals that occurs is horrible. More regulations should be put in place though I do not think some of these should be completely banned. Humans eat meat, there is no getting around that. However stricter regulations on how animals bred for consumption need to be put in place. The fur trade is absolutely ridiculous and pointless. Back when humans didn’t have the technology to make use of alternative clothing sources it was acceptable. This is the 21st century and there are several other means to stay warm. And for people who enjoy fur, it is a cruel luxury that everyone can do well without.
    As for hunting for sport, with certain limitations it can be acceptable. these limitations including protecting endangered species and limiting the amount of hunting in an area, also allowing increased the amount of hunting in areas with an over population of a certain animal. Of course, this is variant. One year there can be an excess and feel free to hunt, the next the animal didn’t migrate back so no hunting. There needs to be a balance that allows humans to keep up their needs while ensuring proper treatment of animals.
    @Carole: it doesn’t matter how little you think animals are worth. Even if I thought you were scum and completely useless I wouldn’t let you or anyone be tortured in front of me. It’s the same basic right.

  • Lee06

    Human lives > Animal lives

    • Humans are animals, therefore you have just said:
      Animal lives > animal lives

  • D-Day

    Animals are very tasty. I bet humans would taste good too!!!

  • Scratch

    It’s always funny to me how those opposed to the seal hunt inevitably use a picture of a cute baby seal. Hunting baby seals is illegal in Canada.

    The Canadian hunt is heavily regulated, humane (this is supported by the Canadian Veterinary Society and the World Wildlife Fund), culturally significant, and economically profitable. It regulates the population – preventing seal deaths by starvation. Clubbing is more humane than many of the methods of harvesting beef. Seals have the benefit of being far more exotic and photogenic than cows, allowing animal rights activists to benefit on what essentially should be a non-issue.

    Yes, there are cases of cruelty but outlawing the hunt entirely is not the solution to these incidences.

    “The harp seal question is entirely emotional. We have to be logical. We have to aim our activity first to the endangered species. Those who are moved by the plight of the harp seal could also be moved by the plight of the pig . . . We have to be logical. If we are sentimental about harp seals, which are not endangered because they are partially protected, then we have to also be emotional about pigs” – Jacques Cousteau

  • Flock O’Seagulls

    Here I sit, with the other “normal people” who largely populate this site, observing the PETA/vegan wackos to the left and the serial killers-in training to the right. Oh well. Back to my tuna sandwich.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @Lee06 (90): Exactly why animal testing is important, and why PETA can suck a left one.

  • Spiderbait

    Why do you attack Japan in nr. 8 “Dolphin and Whale slaughter” and not Iceland? Japan has a ban on whaling with only a few thousand tons allowed a year for research (of course it isn’t used for research though) but Iceland has no such laws (except if you count the quota) meaning that we kill a lot more whales. We even ship them to Japan!

  • cyph3rlunch

    yea im pro-animal testing and pro- animal for food
    as for the other ones most of them are cruel but if it wasnt for animal testing half of us would be either sick or dead and then we would have just had 30 comments lol. i even heard a rumour on a show called Penn & teller’s Bullshit! that one of the PETA leaders a women can’t recall her name has used A drug that was developed using animal testing to help with some chronic disease. Don’t know if it’s true though…

  • MommaDuck

    I too, thought there would be mention of dog fighting, etc.

    Although I believe that cruelty to animals is as wrong as wrong can be, I find it troubling that there is so much outcry over it when there are children who are being beaten, abused, and far worse. Yes you hear about the treatment but you seldom hear of people protesting and going to the extremes that animal rights activists go to over the rights of children. You hear of such great measures that some people will go to in order to ruin a fur coat, but what would that same person do to help a child?

  • Ike

    @Lleana (33): I don’t HAVE to eat meat to survive… I WANT to. I love meat. I enjoy it. I will continue to do so. If you want to eat veggies all your live then go for it. But don’t look down on others because we eat meat. It makes you look like an idiot.

    As far as animal testing is concerned… How about we start using PETA members to test new medications on. I wonder how many will volunteer for that…

    • Cat

      You bitch. We look down on you because you don't care that your money was just spent reimbursing the costs of running the concentration camps on which the animals live until you kill them. Ever wonder why chicken meat doesn't have any scars or anything? Because their beaks are cut off with hot knives and without anesthesia. And don't even get me started on what they're fed. Yet I'm sure you'd say you're violently opposed to the idea of concentration camps.

      Here's an idea: instead of testing new "medications" on sentient beings, how about we focus that same effort on getting cures that already exist to people who live in poor rural parts of the world? Eases more suffering for less effort.

  • douts88

    regarding animal testing for medicines, drugs etc, these animals are SPECIFICALLY bred to be used in the lab, the same as cows, sheep, chickens, salmon are all farmed to be eaten.

    the japs policy of hunting whales and dolphins really pisses me off, and anyone who wants to defend it, come and find me, nd ill quite happily take u to task about it.

    the same goes for those bastard “traditional” chinese doctors, chinese traditional medicine is bullshit, none of it works.

  • D-Day

    I’m emotional about lobster. That shit melts in my mouth!!

  • schizo

    A bit agree with sodamancer here…

    Animal RIGHTS? Animal WELFARE? I’m not opposing those ideas at all only and if only the persons who spoke it very loud has ever prove that he/she also fought for Human RIGHTS/WELFARE. On which, not the case, on my observation.

    Yet, the same people blatantly cheer and queer over “animal cruelty” : a bunch of bigger animals scrammed to an arena to get to each other by using less of their bigger brain to crush and destroy their opponents in the most brutal and inhuman way. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about the infamous NFL. The next thread to this one. ROFLOL =D

  • Firefly

    @ Arsnl (81): I don’t agree with people dressing up their pets either. Although my brother’s girlfriend got a coat for her dog when it’s hair started falling out. Apart from food and the occasional vet bill, having a pet isn’t really expensive. But obviously you’re not an animal person and that’s okay. Personally, I feel my life has been hugely enriched for having pets. Now if only I could train my rats to type for me I’d be sorted !!

  • Melanie

    People keep bringing up the fact that our ancestors ate meat and that they needed it to survive. But you know what? When our ancestors wanted meat, they went out and caught it themselves. Their meat wasn’t bought at a grocery store. If you want meat that badly, then go out and catch it yourself. I guarantee that if everyone had to catch, kill, skin and cook their own food, there would be many, many, many more vegetarians/vegans in the world.

    Oh and FYI, not every single person who is vegetarian/vegan is associated with PETA.

  • therush

    I want to go to a zoo in China.

  • stevenn

    I am a vegetarian and it irritates me how people think hunting whales and dolphins are bad while they scarf down their fried chickens and thanksgiving turkeys. Two wrongs don’t make a right people.

  • Lleana

    Hey Ike, calm down, you are the one looking like an idiot, I didn’t try to change your mind about eating meat. I just pointed out to those making statements about needing meat for survival that it quite obviously is not true.

  • Lleana

    And can we lay off with all the PETA crap for goodness sakes, just because someone chooses not to eat meat doesn’t make them PETA supporters, there are thousands of organizations out there, PETA is just more well known due to controversy, which seems to have worked on alot of morons :)

  • Arsnl

    @Firefly (101): well id love a german shepard but since i live in the city i think it would be torture for the poor beast. And i think i will try bees but maybe after 20 years from now (one of them silly dreams), if ive got the time.
    U can try sqeeck sqeecky sqeecketh. Thats type for me motherf*****r. But i dont know all. Try doc dolittle. He was great. You could buy a small whip and make them build you a pyramide. Your legacy will be forever remembered. You do sound a bit dictatorial. You only give food, shelter and medical coverage and you expect them to work for you. Poor mice. Ill call peta right now. And after ill buy a big fur coat for my rap video.

  • sad muso

    @Arsnl (67):

    Haha, fair play! :)

  • Perx

    Now if we weren’t on top of the food chain, would these animals spare us? NOPE…
    so there goes ur argument..

  • 63jax

    1.Animal testing is strictly necessary. If we want to evolve the medicine and to help ourselves we need those kind of testing. 2.The meat is so good,pork,chicken, beef, fish, they’re so tasty…3. There’s nothing wrong with Zoos and animal sporting, by the contrary some animals breed for sport eat and live better than some people in some third world countries. 4. I do not agree with animal fur but i like clothes made out if leather:)?!. 5. I will never agree with the slaughtering of dolphins and whales!
    This list is too soft,is made for PETA and extreme animal lovers we humans developed those habits to evolve and to do anything that’s necessary to survive in this jungle called EARTH. Excuse my english.

  • Nekari

    I didn’t read every one of the comments so dunno if someone already said it but I’m betting this lands on the list of most controversial lists.

    I agree with Sheikh_Mahand, this list seemed pretty one-sided. I don’t wear fur and I think people that do are among the shittiest of our species, I’m not a fan of killing animals for such pointless things as clothing and bogus medicinal purposes and I don’t think wild animals need to be slaughtered for food when we have livestock that is bred for the purpose. However when it comes to animals overpopulating and putting themselves in danger, such as white tail deer in certain states in the U.S., measures need to be taken.

    I’m not going to apologize for eating and enjoying meat. You can be an advocate for animal rights and still enjoy a steak that was taken from a farm-raised bovine that had a quick death. I agree with some people here that our livestock needs to be treated better and killed in the fastest, most humane way possible. I don’t like the idea of an animal suffering needlessly before it’s killed for consumption. I guess what I’m saying is, there isn’t a black or white answer here. You can’t condemn someone to hell just because they like eating hamburgers. Now if they’re torturing an animal pointlessly, I say it’s time to kick a little ass. That’s where being on the top of the food chain helps.

  • lucyanon

    Great list! As a member of PETA, I think it’s really important that this information is well known and spread about. I think the idea that it is okay for like 200 billion animals to die every year for human’s use it ridiculous and cruel. Why are we such bigots that we think this is normal and just plain dandy? It’s insane.
    Also, thank you for not using the real pictures of these cruelties on the list, those pictures are really hard to see and definitely NSFW.

  • CandJ

    I agree with all,however people will always eat meat,I just wish (if its at all possible)the slaughter houses could/would be less cruel,the poor animals are treated god-awful,in those disgusting places.
    Also I think the concept of PETA(at least their intentions)were to protect the animals,who don’t have a voice,Its when the PETA people become so radical & use violence to get their message out,that’s when they look like a bunch of nuts,its a shame because I love animals.

  • lucyanon

    So, you think it’s okay for pigs and cows to die for your consumption, but the idea of a whale or dolphin dying is just horrific for you, right? Did you know that pigs are just as intelligent as dolphins?
    To say one animal has more of a right to live than another is like saying a white person has more rights than an African American.
    Also, animal testing is not as important or necessary as you think.

  • Dandy

    I’d like to complement the comment from Scratch about Harp Seals hunting (excuse my poor English)

    Harp Seals are hunted in their natural environment, which happens to be a pure white ice bank… The immaculate red on that snow is indeed shocking. But I really do wish one day someone take down the walls of the slaughterhouses and mov’em on the ice banks of les Iles-de-la-Madeleine (Québec) so everyone can see how much blood is spilled for making your hamburgers…

    There is a awesome movie about the Seal Hunt, titled «Phoque, la film» («Harp Seal, the movie», I think it’s only available in French) in which you can see the Association of the Seal Hunters trying to meet with Paul McCartney in order inform the singer of their practices, the new technology used the prevent the suffering of the animals, etc. PETA, the sponsor of McCartney’s visit, refuses this interview.

    I don’t blame PETA, but that organization should focus on protecting endangered species. AND HARP SEALS ARE FAR FROM BEING ENDANGERED!!! To a point where you can’t go scuba diving in Gaspésie without having a Seal around «playing» with you. They’re everywhere!

    Need advice PETA? I’ve seen lots and lots of dead corals in the Carrabeans… Corals are animals, you know that?

  • lucyanon

    YOU are a f-ing idiot. What is ‘humane’ about being clubbed to death? If your little sister was bludgeoned in the head until death would you think it was ‘humane’? There is nothing that is ‘right’ with killing millions of a specific species for our own use or MONEY.

  • CandJ

    one more thing,zoos are on the list,the circus should be right along with them,they beat & starve the animals into doing those tricks,I mean would a tiger really jump through a ring of fire,if it wouldn’t get a beating? an animals instinct is to run away from fire,not into it.

  • Oscar

    A baby seal walk into a club….the end

  • Hmmm…

    Hmm.. I don’t have a problem about people giving a shit about animals, but are these people also concerned about people?

    Can you see the despair in Haiti? Can you see the poor in the slums?

    I can’t stand people who care for animals more than they care for humans. How does that even work?

  • Petie

    @Melanie (102): In many parts of the world, people do raise and process their own meat every day like they did for thousands of years. It does not deter them from eating it no less than it deterred our ancestors. It takes less than 5 minutes to process a fresh bird, feathers and all.

    To tell you the truth, I prefer to raise (or catch) and process my own meat, it is ten times better than the stuff from the supermarket. Once you process a large animal, that meat is good for quite a long time. It’s not that complicated of a process.

    Grocery stores are a convenience for a lot of people, but just as they do for meat, people take for granted that you can walk into a supermarket and pick up some tofu, lima beans, kidney beans, some sprouts, some soy milk or rice milk, cantaloupe, almonds, and whatever else to make an interesting and successful vegetarian diet.

  • WiseMenSay

    broadly i’d say i’m against animal cruelty, although i have this odd tendency to put my own species ahead of others. what always strikes me as hypocritical though is that its always the cute animals that people complain about cruelty against. seal clubbing gets decried in media worldwide, but no one ever sheds a tear for some unique specie of weevil that’s just kicked the bucket. is it really fair just to prioritise the ones we think look cute, like seal cubs and dolphins, whilst pummelling a spider with a rolled up newspaper just for looking creepy?

    also, to those decrying some of the above as ‘unnatural’ – YOU’RE ON THE FUCKING INTERNET. clearly you don’t mind the ‘unnatural’ that much. besides, pretty much all of human progress has involved getting as far away from nature as possible.

  • CandJ

    I can’t fathom how someone could look into the face of a beautiful,adorable baby seal,then bash its brains in,monsterous.

  • 23redleader

    animals have no rights.

  • Kat

    I would have liked your father Mike B. That’s all I’m going to say on this subject.

  • douts88

    @112 and 114. “I think the idea that it is okay for like 200 billion animals to die every year for human’s use it ridiculous and cruel. Why are we such bigots that we think this is normal and just plain dandy?”

    er, how bout because thats nature, we are animals ourselves after all. theres no difference between us killin x amount of cows, pigs, fish etc, than a humpback whale eating 100000 krill in one mouthfull – its nature. the only thing is that we have the ability to know when species are endangered – i.e swordfish, tuna etc.

    “So, you think it’s okay for pigs and cows to die for your consumption, but the idea of a whale or dolphin dying is just horrific for you, right?”

    firstly, pigs and cows are specifically bred for our comsumption, dolphins and whales are not. secondly the methods the japs use to kill the dolphins are ridiculously extreme (sliced open and left to bleed to death), cows and pigs are killed by electrocution (much much cleaner, quicker and less stressful for the animal).

    “Did you know that pigs are just as intelligent as dolphins?” actually there not, nowhere near. to suggest that is to suggest that pigs are as smart as humans – as its been known for a few years that dolphins are easily as intelligent as humans, if not more so.

  • gav

    I am not going to put animals on the same pedestal as humans. Nor am I going to transpose human emotions onto animals.
    But as much as I believe in animal experimentation, consumption (including fur) and for entertainment/educational purposes, I also believe in our treatment of them to be reflective of our highest order of humanity- not our lowest.

  • Romanov Konstantine

    @WiseMenSay (121): Define unnatural? IF an Ant Colony is natural whats a City? If riding a camel across the desert is natural whats driving a car?

  • Scratch

    @lucyanon (116):

    I’m not the one comparing seals to younger sisters and pigs and whales to white and African American people.

    I’m going to eat my tuna sandwich now. I hope that doesn’t horrify you too much.

  • Winston

    Too Chinese

  • inkmaid

    @Scratch (92):

    THANK YOU. I’m glad to see someone on this list not falling for the idiocy PETA spews about the seal hunt. Being a native Newfoundlander myself and having THOROUGHLY researched the hunt (rather than relying on the bullshit PETA puts out there) I have to admit I am extremely disappointed in the Listverse-ians who fall for this obvious bull and don’t have enough brains to think and research for themselves.

    The seals are rarely ‘clubbed’ to death anymore (Guns are a lot easier and enable hunters to get the seal from far away without scaring it off, for one.) and those who are are generally clubbed with a hakapik which has a hook at the end of it. They aren’t just randomly smashing it over the head over and over again.

    Frankly, if PETA and all these other ‘animal welfare’ groups (Though I doubt most can truly be called that) put all the money they use on advertising how ‘horrible’ and ‘cruel’ the hunt is every year into a fund to pay the sealers who rely on the hunt to feed and house their families, then maybe it would be viable for the hunt to end (I doubt it though as the seal population would grow massively and reduce the fish population quickly without one of its biggest predators…)

  • I wish someone with actual knowledge of the laws pertaining to the treatment of animals in the production of films would write a list correcting calforb’s absurd # 1.
    I could do it, but I haven’t the time or the inclination.
    There are too many errors in the list as a whole for me to begin a critique.

  • Lifeschool

    Hey all. Wow, what a debate! As an out-and-out outsider I can see many sides to this topic, and I really want to address this. Sadly, I have a feeling I’m not going to find the right words. I know what… I’ll try to make it easy on myself by commenting on the blog in a second post…

    Farming: First of all, I do understand that there is a need to farm. On one hand, we breed animals – give them life – and then use them for food. In that sense I guess we are the new Gods; with the ability give and take life as we please. On the other hand, if one accepts that animals have a nervous system, have a brain, and also have the ability to show pain and fear, then it doesn’t take a leap of the imagination to guess that some misguided cultivation processes can be very traumatic for the animal. Some will naturally justify this as a means to an end, while others may argue that there are alternative programs which avoid this. Human encroachment and poor profit margins can mean there is essentially less land to produce more animals for less money – resulting in corners being cut. The sad truth is that for ecconomic reasons, it is often less expensive to feed cattle the mashed up remnants of waste cattle – with all the side effects associated with that – than to buy in tons of expensive hormone supplimented fodder. Either way, we could never hope to avoid some kind of cruelty unless we gave them a free reign over the land.

    This is how farming looks – each dot in this picture is a fully grown cow (sorry it’s small).

    This post would be massive – so I’ll abreviate the rest of it.

    Animals in food: Often the pre-packed foods we get in the supermarkets is made up of mashed up parts of many animals all mixed together to form a shape – such as a burger, a kiev or a fish ‘finger’. It’s just pulp.

    Animal testing: The recent swine flu ‘vaccines’ (*bullshit) was not tested on animals. The result is that many thousands of people all over the world have reported serious side effects specific to these drugs – a significant number have become paralised or died.

    Animals as medicine: The majority of ancient chinese medical ingredients date back to a time when magick was as important as medicine – and their use was typically surrounded by ritual. Although the magick may have worked for them (as a placebo?), todays scientific analysis shows little or no medical benefit to the taking of these ingredients over, say, an asprine.

    Animals in Zoos: Some animals are born in captivity and are conditioned to live quiet happily behind bars. They are safe from preditors, they are given food and shelter, and generally don’t have to work for a living. Some human beings do the same thing. The problem comes when the zoos don’t need them anymore. They may be starved or beaten, sold as ‘pets’, or released back into the wild. Releasing conditioned animals into the wild is not a good idea; they may not be able to hunt, they may be shot for food or sport, and they may not have a ‘wild’ to go back to. Yet again, this is an open debate with no real answers. Even captive breeding programs have their drawbacks it seems.

    That’ll do.

  • 63jax

    Many comments are full of hypocrisy i bet some of the defenders are eating a big steak right now…let’s be all sincere and objective, shall we?

  • WiseMenSay

    @Romanov Konstantine (127): um, not natural? look, i’m not a dictionary. but doesn’t it strike you as odd that people are complaining about things being unnatural (with the obvious implication that this is bad) on the internet, ignoring the fact that naturally humans shouldn’t be able to communicate over such massive distances or make lists for people all over the world to read and complain about?

  • 63jax

    I don’t wanna see either bitches (Paris Hilton,Spears,etc) carrying dogs in their bags and licking in the mouth with the damn animal,c’mon the dog is cleaning it’s ass and balls with the mouth and tong,that’s just disgusting.

  • undaunted warrior

    Just got home after a loooong shift will read the comments later.

    I hate to see animals being restricted to pens zoos etc.

  • Sodamancer

    PETA is full of crazies.
    There is such a thing as “just animals”, and although we are animals ourselves, we are a special, one of a kind animal that innovates, creates, and thrives no matter what thanks to our unparalleled intelligence.
    I’m not cruel to animals on a personal level, I’ve loved and nurtured all of the pets I’ve ever had. However, I still feel it’s ridiculous that this recent(100 years or so) surge in compassion for animals is merely born from the necessity to empathize with something organic, and the absence of dangers to humanity are the cause of our concern for animals.
    Prime example-go to any third world country and tell them they are cruel to their animals, and they wouldn’t understand what the hell you were talking about-because they view animals as a resource. Stabbing a cow to drink it’s blood is the same to them as juicing an orange for us. It’s a local dietary necessity, and telling them that some may view that as cruelty would blow their fucking minds.
    Also keep in mind that those aboriginals are just as intelligent as you or I(some even more-so), and that they operate on the same emotional level we do. Sure they know that the animal is hurt by what they do, but the animal heals, or it becomes a meal, a form of shelter, etc.
    We do the same shit that they do, but because we do it on a grand scale we’re the bad guys.
    I don’t agree with conditions in modern day meat farms and the like, but I show my opposition by not buying their fucking product for my own home, but I view what they do as a necessary “evil”. I may not want to eat it, but that doesn’t mean I want to take food out of millions of other people’s mouths over my OPINION.

  • smbrickner

    Ok first some background so you can bash me easier. I am a married, 25 year old conservative in Wisconsin. I hunt and fish year round. So obviously I am ok with using animals for sport. Animals born in captivity…fine for zoos, not wild caught ones though. Animal testing…if it saves a member of your family wouldn’t you think it was worth it? Seal clubbing…has to be a better way. Ok let the pro-gun bashing begin.

  • theturbolemming

    What debate is there about seal clubbing? What serious arguments *for* it?

  • Gabriel

    Oh, great, another list form those vegetarians f*** heads…

  • deeeziner

    @Winston (129): Oh Winston, you’re a hoot! hahahahaha

  • scientific

    Animal testing is 100% necessary. Its done in the most ethical way possible. Every medicinal product we have today came from animal testing.

  • Arsnl

    @Winston (129): you messed up everything. Such a good track record. I really am dissapointed

  • John Dudey

    5 4 3 2 1 are all inevitable

  • Voltaire

    Yeah more of those stupid emo lists. They are so fucking intelligent and not naive in any way.

    This is one of my favorites:
    “Animal testing is completely unacceptable and treatment for humans should be only be tested on humans.?”

    Those PETA freaks should really volunteer for that one.

  • samanthaf63

    My charity money goes to animals. Why not do “animal” testing” on prisoners? Talk about repaying debts to society… better than them sitting around eating McDonald’s and watching cable.

  • Gregory

    I f**king hate PETA. Animal testing is absolutely necessary. Any scientist with a brain will tell you that.

  • Voltaire

    @Gregory (148):
    Yeah I can assure you that one. It’s crazy people like samanthaf63 with a really big pseudo-heart (and no brain) who make our work more and more impossible. Sure they enjoy all the benefits of modern medicine but when they hear that animals die during the process they freak out. No ape, no hamster, no rat should be harmed ever. Except for prisoners ofc – they are only humans, aren’t they?

  • TheGanjaGuru

    @147 (samanthaf63)

    “My charity money goes to animals. Why not do “animal” testing” on prisoners? Talk about repaying debts to society… better than them sitting around eating McDonald’s and watching cable.”

    Trust me, between trying to not get butt-raped and coping with the stress of extreme confinement, they don’t have a lot of time to sit around and watch tv with a big mac and fries.

    Also, I can attest that the food served in the slammer is sub human.

    Finally, have you ever considered that not everyone in prison is not actually guilty?

    Seriously, fuck you and your ignorant fucking face.

  • Patrick

    this is a freaking retarded argument. We are not feeling whatever animals may feel when they get treated badly, therefore, we can do what we please with the animals, for our good. They are freaking animals, literally a lower class organism.

  • Moganite

    I will worry about Animal welfare after all human welfare has been dealt with. The cruelty we dish out on a daily basis to each other is astounding.

    Actually you will find that all primates are omnivores and will eat just about anything given the chance. They even form hunting parties to kill larger prey. Therefore eating meat can be followed all the way up the primate and later the hominid lines to the modern species.

  • JamieW

    I find some of these responses to be troubling. It’s almost shocking to me that there are so many comments here trying to defend the actions of humans that cause unnecessary physical and or mental pain to animals.

    First of all, it seems as though there is an assumption that people who are animal activists place animals above humans and “don’t care about humans.” Well, some people have the capacity to care about BOTH animals AND humans. Woah, how surprising!! It’s isn’t a difficult feat, and this argument is used as a cop out to avoid the subject.

    “We are at the top of the food chain.” Yes, we all get it. We are the smartest monkeys. Yay for us. This doesn’t give us the moral right to cause pain to another living being so that we can have leather seats in our new car or shove our faces with hamburgers.

    I, for one, am not against using animals for food or for products. HOWEVER, I think that these animals should not have to live a horrible life or have a brutal painful death in order to provide this said food or product. I don’t believe that an animal should have to endure electric shocks in the anus so that Mrs. Davidson can wear an ugly fur coat to an event. I don’t believe that a pig should endure a horrible life and then get strung up by the feet and have it’s throat slit and then dropped to the floor to sieze on the floor in extreme pain so that you can have bacon on the side at IHOP.

    With the technology that we have today (after all, we are such smart awesome special amazing brilliant beings, right?) we could develope ways to better these animals lives that we use for food and products, but we won’t do it. Why? It’s not cost effective. Ahhh capitalism. This is the same reason that we don’t do enough to help out our fellow humans.

    I also have to comment on “people need to kill seals to feed and house their families.” No they don’t. Many people make it on a daily basis without killing seals. I’d suggest finding another way to contribute to society.


    Nice list. Sad, very sad, but still nice and educative.
    I miss in it, however, Cannibal Holocaust. Although an interesting movie, it is where I first saw animal brutality…

  • Jordan

    Anyone remember Milo and Otis? I heard they had to keep replacing the cat because the others either got hurt or died.

  • FlameHorse

    Michael Cimino better fuckin pray I never meet him. I don’t even care who’s watching when I do meet him.

    Good list, calforb.

  • Tokotiki

    I love being a vegan.

  • Jay

    Humans are more brutal than animals? Really? Has anyone watched the way predators tear their prey apart and eat them. I can see the argument that humans are no more humane than animals but lets not act like nature is not brutal at times.

  • ringtailroxy

    @Lifeschool (140): as a student of ethology & a dog trainer, let me start by saying it is not the fact the dog understands it defecated int he kitchen while you are away that triggers “appeasement behaviors” or “avoidance”. it is the stimulus of the feces ont he floor and the memory of your previous reactions to it that garnish such a response.


    tear up the garbage yourself, strew it about the kitchen, and then leave. when you return, doggie-face will act just as “guilty” as if he had done it himself.

    why? because of memory, not because of guilt.

  • Not a great list tbh.

  • Von Melee

    Whatever happened to OBJECTIVITY in lists, eh?

  • shamzahm

    how is feeding tigers live prey inhumane? either we kill the chickens and feed them to the tigers or the tigers kill the chickens and eat them. same thing either way.

  • Davy

    So what does PETA stand for?

    People Eating Tasty Animals?

    Please Excuse The Assholes?

  • douts88


    if you had to live the life of an eskimo for a week, a month, a year etc, u would find out pretty damn quickly that they need to hunt seals to survive.

    personally i have no problem at all with people hunting any animals if its for subsistance needs, its commercial and sport hunting of endangered or vulnerable species (i.e japs, iceland, norway whaling, chinese medicine, poachers etc) that pisses me off.

    after all, indigineous (sp) peoples (eskimos, native americans, african bushmen, aboriginies) nearly always have a better understanding of the way the ecosystem works and the interactions between different species than us.

  • bassbait

    I can’t stand the idea that animals deserve a certain amount of rights, because at a certain point, the rights become a little too much towards the animal side. I mean, why are we not allowed to eat meat if we are OMNIVORES? That’s stupid. That’s moronic and people still become vegetarians and it still makes me pissed off that they say “meat is murder” when we were made to eat meat. We have dominance over animals, so we shouldn’t give them as many rights as animal rights activists say, but at the same time, we should give them a fair amount of rights. Animal Cruelty is a bad thing, but people have very radical ideas of what animal cruelty is. At some points it is wrong to do things to animals such as torturing and murdering them, but the amount of things debated is a stretch. I’ll just list my views on the list:

    10. Completely bad. There is no reason to do this but to look good, which is not a good enough reason to kill an animal.

    9. All for it. If there is a good reason to do the tests, these tests can help us figure out things about the animals, ourselves, diseases, patterns, and so much more. This is not cruel, this is beneficial.

    8. Nothing good about this one, and I really have nothing more to say. That’s just cruel.

    7.Again, cruel. This would only be justified if humanity was in a deep crisis, and even then, clubbing them to death is still barbaric and should not be tolerated.

    6.The idea, if used right, shouldn’t be considered cruel. Unfortunately, they are endangering species for bad reasons. If there were really important causes, this would not be cruel if humans gave the animals proper care.

    5.Again, humanity is stupid, and they will do cruel things. Eating animals is not cruel in the slightest, especially considering animals do it too. It’s instinct. However, animals can be treated cruelly in the process. It’s all about how the animals are cared for.

    4.This one is leaning towards the cruel side. Entertainment is a driving force to humanity, and humanity can be pretty sick sometimes. This is no exception. I don’t see anything wrong with raising horses to race, but I do see things wrong with the way it is handled. I think hunting should only be for food, as animals would do. Also, I think Cock fights are just wrong in almost every context.

    3.Pretty messed up. That’s all about that.

    2.Don’t think it’s cruel.

    1.Is cruel, especially when I think about Cannibal Holocaust, but I think that this is just another case of improper caring. Animal Rights activists are unnecessarily extreme when it comes to animals. They think that because of the way animals are treated in filming, they should not be involved ever again. They don’t bother to think about regulating it better instead of just having a complete disregard for humans. So whatever.

  • flamehorse

    My two cents: I’m a redneck, and I see no problem with hunting. But put some sport in it! Don’t go hunt rabbits with a scoped .22! Use a bow and arrow! Challenge yourself! I eat burgers like nobody’s business, but animal testing is always a slow death, painful and terrifying for the poor fucker.

    And why? Because they’re not gonna band together, rise up and destroy us? That doesn’t give us the right, it gives us the power. Why the fuck don’t they test the shit on death row inmates? They deserve slow deaths! We’re gonna be merciful to them and hand the innocent animals a big fuck you?

    I happen to love animals. Even the ones that aren’t cute. I’ll bite the fuck outta one when I’m hungry, but we got no business killing some of them. You ever gonna get a hankerin for elephant? Giraffe sound good to you? And yet they still poach the poor bastards every day. I wanna hear one of you macho assholes defend that.

    I cannot stand PETA. They’re just as idiotically extreme as poachers. They’d blow up Washington, D. C. to save a kitten.

    But if I ever see an animal in danger, any kind of danger, I will try to save it. If I see 5 guys with golf clubs beating up a goose (which I read about in the paper once), I will take them all on hand-to-hand to save it. Yeah, I’ll fight very bravely and die very quickly, but I have no fear of death. Like it or not, animals have rights, and I will fight for them.

  • JamieW


    Of course I understand that. Eskimos live off the land, they don’t export 18 billion dollars worth of seal products out of Canada yearly.

  • Andree

    I never thought zoos were a big deal until I visited the town zoo in my husband’s hometown. If the sight didn’t make you feel even a little bad, there was/is something wrong with you.

  • bucslim

    @JamieW (153):

    “With the technology that we have today (after all, we are such smart awesome special amazing brilliant beings, right?) we could develope ways to better these animals lives that we use for food and products, but we won’t do it. Why? It’s not cost effective. Ahhh capitalism. This is the same reason that we don’t do enough to help out our fellow humans.”

    NIce generalizing of swine production, obviously something you know nothing about. Take that same pig and put them in comfy surroundings, feed them only the best and treat them with respect. All so we can drive up the cost of pork and in turn, POOR PEOPLE WON”T BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO EAT PORK!

    Listen, farmers bust their ass to ensure that pigs, cows, chickens and whatever else we eat are taken care of. A less stressed animal means higher quality food. And part of that means they have to kill them. Because no one wants to chase a pig around to slice off ham or bacon off of a live pig. But before they kill them, they feed them, take care of them and give them medicine when they are sick, and shelter them from the weather. Then they kill them, not torture them or maim them or treat them poorly. I’ve seen plenty of animals at the slaughterhouse and it isn’t pretty to look at. But I’ve never once seen a farmer go out of his way to torture an animal.

    And how do we repay those farmers? With bitchy whining snot nosed idiotic and ignorant statements like yours. Doing things your way does indeed drive up the cost of food meaning the humans you say you care about will have a very hard time EATING. And doing things your way drives honest farmers out of business because they cannot afford to make life easier for their pigs, cows or chickens than it is in their own homes.

    I suggest you pull your head out of your ass next time you comment. And if you don’t want a side of bacon at IHOP, that means more meat for the rest of us!

  • Mandy

    To the people saying that we wouldn’t care about the seal clubbing if they weren’t cute – I for one would care. I don’t care what animal it is they shouldn’t be beaten to death like that.

  • astraya

    @Lleana (62): Human animals used to live in caves and hunt with spears. We also kept other human animals as slaves. We changed. What exactly is your point?

    My point it that without eating meat and the physical and brainspace changes that that made possible, human beings would still live in caves, hunt with spears and keep other human beings as slaves.

    What, by the way, did these “human animals” hunt with spears, if not animals for meat? By your own argument, you have just – um – speared yourself in the foot!

  • evad1089

    @JamieW (153): Those animals are dead when dropped. When anything is killed with a shot or a bolt, they are dead, but still have involuntary muscle spasms.

  • Humbodlt

    @astraya (169): Zing

  • smbrickner

    I love how angry some people are getting. It’s not like you are going to be able to change anyones life decisions through an internet forum. My personal opinion is that vegans are missing out on one of the pleasures of life. There is nothing like a fresh venison steak or a perfectly prepared canadian walleye or Alaskan salmon that you have caught and cleaned and prepared your self. And I couldn’t got through life without a brat (I’m a wisconsinite) or a steak grilled over wood chips. But that is their choice to miss out on that. By the way yeast is alive to so I assume the don’t drink beer.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @saber25 (38): Crap!

  • JamieW


    Wow. Your maturity shines in your response! I’ll refrain from name calling, though. Pointless.

    I do know a thing or two about pig farming. My grandparents owned and ran a farm, and I basically grew up on it. Them and most of the local farmers that we knew all treated their animals very well (with the exception of maybe just a few small things.)

    But anyway, you’ve got to be kidding, right? You really think that this is about Mom and Pop farmers? No. This is about FACTORY FARMING. Sometimes pigs and cows asphyxiate in their over crowded pins… and that is just one of the countless ways that these animals suffer. Seriously, do 3 minutes of research on factory farming. I’d add links, but I don’t want to look it up again due to the HIGHLY disturbing nature of what you will find.

    And yes, I have seen many videos of people working at factory farms who actually enjoy torturning the animals. (Videos of them doing it, and cracking up about it with their co-workers) Of course not every worker is like that, but it’s beyond disturbing that so many of them actually do exsist.

    But… who cares as long as you get your bacon, right? Awww.

  • Kay

    Some of the stuff on the list I agree is cruel. I don’t think animal testing is too bad if it just does tests on rats and mice, but I know that’s not the case. Killing animals for food is not that bad, but I don’t like how some are treated. I have a pug, but she is not a pedagree.

  • Mabel

    Re #2 – the problem with some endangered species being reintroduced into their natural environment is that some of them have nearly no environment left, or it’s being compromised to the point where they won’t be able to survive there. Zoos may someday be the only place to see some of these animals, ever, before they are lost.

    Re #1 – in the film “Cannibal Holocaust,” some animals including a turtle and a coatimundi are killed on camera. That was a very disturbing film anyway and the animal killings were unnecessary. Ruggero Deodato, the director, has since claimed that he regretted that.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    Man, animal cruelty is such a touchy issue, I’m gonna stay out of this one. :|

  • Melanie

    @Petie (120)

    I understand that people in other parts of the world capture, raise, kill and cook their own food. However, we here in the western world are spoiled rotten and I can guarantee that if for some reason we had to start catching and killing our own food as well, many people would not do it.

    And I don’t take for granted the fact that I can walk into a grocery store and pick up some tofu and soy products. In fact, I love it! I try my best to reduce my carbon footprint by growing my own fresh veggies in my own garden. :)

  • bucslim

    @JamieW (174):

    Did you say anything about FACTORY FARMING in your original post? NO. And I don’t have to watch those disgusting videos you mentioned because I’ve seen some of them already. There is always going to be some dickheads who get their jollies off of torturing animals, but it’s also a slick way for the PETA nutballs to paint the entire agricultural industry as cruel and inhumane. And like it or not, that kind of sensationalism spills over to the MOM and POP farms who do treat their animals humanely.

    Living in an state that depends upon agriculture, it burns my hide to listen to people bitch about it.

    And finally, no on one this site thinks I’m mature pal, especially when people say things as dumb as you did.

  • bucslim

    *one on

  • CandJ

    @166 Andree
    I’ve seen zoos so bad,they look like animal concentration camps.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    What if plants had feelings? Would you still eat them?

  • oouchan

    @GiantFlyingRobo (182): hehe. Saw a poll about this once.
    Went like this:

    If plants breath (take in air) and have reactions to stimuli (sun, rain) then would it still be alright to kill them for food?

    I got a kick out of that one. Many answered no!

  • JamieW

    @bucslim (179)

    I didn’t say “factory farming” in my original post, but I clearly stated that I was against animals suffering to provide humans with products and food. If mom and pop farms do not contribute to this suffering, then I wasn’t talking about them.

    Again, I stated that I do not appove of the suffering of animals before their lives are taken to give us food or products. I didn’t say that your agricultural state is evil and tortures animals. I guess I just assume that the readers here are intelligent enough to know what I meant, but maybe I should be more clear next time.

    Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of pointless internet arguements. I just wish that people would take the gruesome problem of animal suffering more seriously and not try to debate it away with our selfish human wants and needs.

    Another thing (not related to above) is that I’m not against zoos. The zoos that I have been to have all seemed to really take good care of the animals and give them propor environments and such. Of course the animal would have a more naturally fulfilling life in the wild, but I think that living in a zoo would be a close second place. Plus it educates and raises awareness of animal preservation projects.

    But I do have to say that Sea World in San Diego is pretty ghetto. I was surprised by that. Some of the enclousures and tanks are way too small for the animals, and didn’t seem to be kept up very well.

  • Kris

    @Steve (5): Hey, how would you like it if we tested you, bled you to death, cut you for blood, skinned you, mutilated you etc.?? You are an asshole for caring so little, so fuck you. I love animals! and it sickens me all that happens even today to these creatures, I hope to never meet someone as sick as you.

  • mom424

    @CandJ (122): @theturbolemming (139): @JamieW (153):

    None of you three know anything about the seal hunt, the Inuit or Canada. Obviously. How is killing the baby seal any worse than killing a cow with a shot to the head? It’s not. A hook through the brain works as well a bolt gun – quick and dead. Just because you find it necessary to humanize a natural resource doesn’t make it right or necessary. The Inuit/Traditional hunters do NOT live off the land the way they did a century ago; they do not live in igloos or teepees or longhouses….they need cash. Seal pelts garner cash. And yes, the Inuit do in fact export all those seal pelts to the EU, they have a co-op for selling the raw pelts. Not only that but due to over-fishing by factory ships from Japan, Iceland etc, our cod stocks are ruined; probably for a 100 years…and then you boycott fur which in turn leads to an over-population of seals which decimates the cod stocks further. So now these folks have no way to support themselves. All because baby harp seals look so much like human infants. Ask our Governor General Michelle Jean; she’s loved by the Inuit. The international brouhaha she created when she munched down raw seal blubber in solidarity with them cemented that particular relationship. Kudos to her – don’t think I could do it – no matter how worthy the cause.

  • Poopscoop

    vampire buckets full of death drippings of squirting blood flowing over the palet of human pig evil.

  • Scratch

    @mom424 (186):

    Very well said. There is so much ignorance about the sealing industry floating around.

    Thank you.

  • Fox

    I like burgers and i like fur, I just think we should have to hunt down our food ourselves like every other animal.

  • fivestring63
  • Fluffhead

    Animals as food. hahahahaha thats hilarious that people get upset about humans ,who are also animals, eating other animals. Its called the food chain. Vegetarians are the biggest jokes on the planet. But that dolphin thing is pretty messed up

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @oouchan (183): LOL, what would they eat then? Dirt?

  • Iakhovas

    @douts88 (125):
    “as its been known for a few years that dolphins are easily as intelligent as humans, if not more so.”
    Seriously, I have seen some dumb fucking comments on this site, but this takes the crown of stupidity. Dolphins are as intelligent as humans? You have obviously surrounded your self with some seriously retarded people. I wasn’t aware that dolphins had mastered things like nuclear fission, space flight, vaccines, etc. Where is this super dolphin colony that you are obviously exclusively aware of? What a fuck wit.
    @lucyanon (112):
    “As a member of PETA, I think it’s really important that this information is well known and spread about. I think the idea that it is okay for like 200 billion animals to die every year for human’s use it ridiculous and cruel.”
    Another giant hypocrite. As someone who detests PETA, I think it’s really important that this information is well known and spread about.
    So you’re saying that over the last 10 years it’s perfectly acceptable that PETA murdered 21,000 cats and dogs for no reason at all, yet we should all be condemned for doing what every other carnivore on the planet does; killing animals for food. HYPOCRITE!

  • Maxo

    I think that you people are missing the point with the whole “eating animals” thing. There are many people who think that eating animals is fine, but that it’s not okay to abuse the hell out of them before hand.

    Get it?

  • Jay

    I agree with what some people have already mentioned, ‘they are only animals’. Yes animals can feel pain and some emotions, but how they do is completely differest to how humans do. So I don’t feel that that argument is very strong.
    Another instance of animal cruelty in movies would be One of Peter Jacksons first movies Braindead or Dead Alive for those in the US. They put a sheep in a paddock and then strapped dynamite to it and blew it up suffice to say it was cut out of the movie.

  • MPW

    I enjoy eating meat such as beef, pork and poultry. I, like most sane people would prefer that the animals humans use for consumption should be treated humanely in life and have a death as painless as possible. I also believe people in industrialized nations have no reason to hunt for sport or food. Humans are ensuring the survival of cows, chickens, and other animals that have been domesticated and in return we use them as a food source. I’m sorry if these points have been addressed already.

  • raftor

    I disagree with the last 5 nothing wrong with them

  • trfan

    What about puppy mills, where dogs are bred over and over and often kept in filthy conditions?

  • Esther

    Great list, but i still think that animal testing should be first.

  • simuun

    Leave us omnivores alone you vegetarians – we don’t try and force you to eat meat, so quit tellin us to eat our veggies! Everyone knows broccoli and brussel sprouts are icky!

  • Lucy

    With the magic of textiles, we don’t need fur to keep warm any more (aside from the very small population of Inuit tribes living in the Arctic circle, but they don’t farm animals for fur, they catch it themselves). We also don’t need fur for aesthetics, as there are really great synthetic substitutes on the market now. There is no need to farm animals and destroy them for their skins any more.

    While it is a necessary evil for pharmaceuticals to develop medicine and save lives, it should be banned from the manufacturing process for cosmetics (as it is in several countries in Europe). To use animals in horrific ways (spending their entire lives in cages, without any socialization, being shaved bald, and being anesthetized before they are subjected to painful trials) just to make a lipstick that is a little more red or a mascara a little more volumizing is psychotic. There are non-animal (and non-human) alternatives (like certain plants with mucus membranes of similar properties to animal membranes) for testing cosmetics to ensure their safety for human use, and we don’t need to resort to the archaic and barbaric forms of animal testing still utilized today.

    To take a living creature and make it’s sole purpose in life to get fat (and be subject to horrific conditions) and die so that a human can eat it and get a bit of enjoyment for a few minutes is disgusting. We don’t need to eat meat any more. We now have protein and vitamin supplements that allow humans to live long, healthy lives without meat (longer and healthier than lives with meat, according to the American Heart Association and American Cancer Society). Not to mention the pollution from farming animals (even if you don’t believe in global warming, and the impact of the methane and carbon dioxide from the livestock), with e.coli bacteria and ammonia from their waste. It takes many more pounds of grains before an animal gains one pound of viable meat. Just cut out the “middle animal,” send the surplus grain to starving nations, and we could end world hunger. Commercial fishing has detrimental effects on the ecosystems that are harvested. Seafood imported from other countries (especially southeast Asia and South America) often involves exploitative labor in the cleaning/butchering process (child labor and unfair wages).

    Using animals for entertainment is sadistic. Hunting is excused if the meat of the animal is used (especially if there is no other protein alternative available), but hunting for sport is wrong — if the hunter needs that much of an ego boost, they should try therapy instead. Racing or fighting animals is just as terrible. There are other forms of entertainment now. Those people should read a book or something. It isn’t healthy for the people involved, either: many horse jockeys battle with eating disorders in their careers to maintain the lowest weight possible.

    On pedigree breeding: don’t forget puppy mills! Horrific. Always be sure that if you are going to purchase an animal that it comes from a breeder that treats his or her animals humanely. Adoption should be the first option — thousands of loving animals are destroyed because homes aren’t available to them. 1/4 of the dogs in shelters are pure-bred, and mixed breeds are often healthier (for the reasons stated in the article). Many of the animals in shelters are “pre-owned” and given up for reasons outside of the animal’s influences (e.g. the family can no longer afford to keep the animal). This means that many of the animals are house or litter trained, and some even know tricks. Adopting an older animal also has its advantages — no teething phase, lower energy, easier to train (contrary to popular belief, older animals have longer attention spans and more patience than puppies), their personalities and physical appearances are fully developed so there aren’t any surprises, and more.

    Zoos should always have the animals’ best interests at heart (not the interests of their pockets). Their natural habitats should be replicated to the best of the zoo’s ability, and the animals should be given the best quality of life possible (pack and herd animals should be kept in packs or herds for optimum socialization, and the animals should be giving free access to a private sanctuary if they become overwhelmed, etc.). Otherwise, zoos help to educate the next generation. If children learn to appreciate and respect animals at an early age, they’ll help to protect and preserve them in the future.

    To be honest, I’m ashamed to belong to the human race. Being at the “top of the food chain” (which we aren’t — go out into the wilderness and see how well you fare. “survival of the fittest” only applies under natural circumstances, outside of domestication and agriculture. dominant species =/= top of the food chain) doesn’t excuse the horrors that humans have inflicted to living beings (humans and animals) throughout history. I hope societies around the world wake up and realize that suffering in all forms (human and animal) is wrong. It should be a no brainer: if you wouldn’t want it inflicted on you, don’t inflict it on another being.

  • SgtDonuts

    Zoos are very important, and although historcially (and some remaining as) cruel environments, they are also key to the preservation of species (such as the tigers, where only 5-fucking-thousnad are left in the wild. Also, animal medicine is extremely retarded (and not by its modern association,but by it’s true meaning of defective).

    The only 4 animal types i can say i give a shit about aer Dogs, Dolphins, Whales and Monkeys (apes included under monkeys, for the sake of rhythm). Cats are assholes.

  • I am by no means a crazy animal activist or a bloodthirsty torturer of small kittens. Not surprisingly, I’m in two minds about this list.
    The fur trade – personally, I will not buy a fur new. BUT I do really like the way fur looks. It’s so soft and warm! I owned a rabbit coat that I bought at the Good Will (until it got too small and was returned to the Good Will) and was totally ok with that. The bunnies had already been killed and turned into secondhand, after all.
    Animal testing – Since many tests done on animals prove inconclusive, I think we should test on humans instead. Now that everyone thinks I’m crazy, maybe they’ll pay attention…
    Dolphin/whale slaughter – I am very sorry that they are endangered, but otherwise why is this any worse than hunting any other animal? No one ever gets upset about tuataras or African blind barb fish dying out, because they’re ugly.
    Seal clubbing – same comment. Aw, look at those big cute eyes and that fuzzy little body! I care deeply about seals! But the Elk River file snail? Who’s even heard of it? It’s endangered too!
    Animals in medicine – I would be totally ok with this if it could be proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that all these medicines actually work.
    As food – I love animals as food. I eat them all the time. I see no ethical issue with eating animals. I know that factory farms are horrible places, but most of the meat I eat is locally raised on small family farms. What can I say, I have a good butcher.
    In sports – not really ok. If the animal is theoretically being harmed to HELP someone, then I can see a justification for that. But in this case, animals are being harmed for the sake of cheap entertainment.
    Pedigree breeding – overpriced purebreds are not my cup of tea. Plus, there are so many sweet little mutts out there who need homes, who will live longer lives because they’re not predisposed to hip dysplasia and such. I think when breeds actually had a purpose (like terriers being used to catch vermin) there was more reason to breed dogs and cats, but today they’re primarily pets and there’s no reason for them to be that way. On the other hand, I love watching dog shows and seeing all those excited cute doggies parading around the ring. I tend to turn off part of my brain while I watch.
    Zoos – all the zoos I’ve been to seem very nice. Many animals would die if they were NOT in captivity. I also don’t understand what’s wrong with feeding live chickens to carnivorous animals. Lions DO eat meat, whether we feed it to them or not, and I bet they’re actually happy that their prey is warm, for once. On the other hand, there is something kind of sad about zoo animals. I don’t know if they’re actually unhappy or mistreated but one does get a FEELING from them. Overall, I prefer game farms and the like where the animals are allowed to walk around.
    In film – as is pointed out, there are regulations for how animals are treated in films in America and Europe these days. I also think that there is a certain amount of sensationalism surrounding any media and that it’s difficult to tell how accurate some of these shocking stories really are – kind of like a fake snuff film in which no one is actually harmed but Charlie Sheen calls the MPAA anyway…but I digress. However, I feel the same way about animals ACTUALLY being harmed in movies that I do about greyhounds racing. It’s just such a waste.

  • TheRose

    The ignorance here is absolutely amazing.

    Vegans/Vegetarians are jokes? We’re ‘Omnivores’ by nature?

    If that’s so… How come we are the only ‘omnivores’ that can’t eat raw meat? We have to cook it or else we’ll get sick and possibly die. Sounds like we were TOTALLY meant to eat meat.. Not to mention our teeth are shaped like that of herbivores, and our intestines are the length of herbivores. A herbivore can eat cooked meat and survive. Does that make them omnivores?
    Herbivore like animals have been known to have cannibal tendancies while starving. However, that doesn’t mean they are omnivores nor will they ever evolve to produce the proper disgestive tract that omnivores/carnivores need.

    Humans are addicted to the taste of meat and selfishly eat it out of pleasure. :/

    I especially hate how people say, “I’m all for animal rights. I think we should hunt our food; it’s less inhumane.” As they chomp down on their chicken and pork. The cruelty involved in Industrial Farming which is now the MAJOR producer of meat and animal by-products is so disgusting I challenge ALL of you to watch a video of inside the slaughter houses and tell me you still don’t give a shit as you watch a struggling pig being skinned alive to the point it’s unrecognizable as a pig.

    Animals feel emotions. Yes, they are not the same as humans… As a matter or fact by nature most animals that we eat have a STRONGER sense than our own. Our sense… Taste, smell, hearing, feeling, seeing.. Are commonly acknowledged to be inferior to that of animals since we have evolved and developed more thought processing capabilities than our natural instincts.

    Pigs, before they are slaughtered, tend to have heart attacks just from the fear and the sound of other pigs being slaughtered. Pigs have been known to have the intelligence of a 3 year old child, been known to hold grudges and can recognize faces.

    Yeah, they’re just ‘dumb’ animals right?

    We should stop being so narrow minded. We can save our planet, our animals and our fellow mankind. We don’t have to put one over the other.

    Smarten up people. Do your research and stop living in ignorance. Seriously.

  • Vera Lynn

    “Its ok to eat fish ’cause they dont have any feelings.
    Something in the way. Ooooo oooo”

  • wondersquid


  • hunter

    For every animal you won’t eat, I’ll eat three

  • mom424

    @TheRose (203): We could eat raw meat – we’re just smarter than the animals and realized, quite likely by chance, that cooked food transports easier and tastes better….we’ve lost the ability (the flora in our gut has changed/evolved with our eating habits)over the millenia.

    And we are too omnivores – have you not read about stunted babies and children of vegans; it is very difficult to get the necessary brain food (fats and protein)with a vegan diet. Why do you think this is?

  • Theboyfromtroy

    Bull fighting is a cruel sport, it should be banned rightaway.

  • BravehisTickle

    Bull fighting is a cruel sport, it should be banned think it’s the national sport of Spain.

  • BravehisTickle

    @TheRose (203): It’s absolutely ‘amazing’ how you are trying to suggest that there’s no difference between humans and animals.

  • I’m glad that Heaven’s gate was major box office dud :D

  • MamaBear2Cubs

    I try to buy free range chicken & eggs as much as possible and I buy my beef from local farms here who have reputations for treating their animals well, that said it’s seemingly all I can do to silence my quilt because I love meat, sorry Mr.Cow and Mr.Chicken. I just do. My brother once saw a video on how animals are treated before and during slaughter and hasn’t eaten meat since. That’s will power. I live in Iowa so there are alot of farms here (we pretty much feed the country) and I admit some of them are horrific, animals kept in cages so small that the only time they walk more than a couple feet is walking to their deaths. Sad. I know but I still love meat. I don’t wear fur , I had no idea about the controversy surrounding pedigree breeding, my kids love the zoo, I am for animal testing for medicinal reasons, I am ok with moderate hunting as long as you eat what you kill, but those people killing animals because they believe the lining of a platypus’s lung will cure what ails ya could use a copy of the PDR.

    This list is hitting close to home right now because my son is 3, and at that age he is like “where does my cheeseburger come from?” Oh how to respond to that?

  • Skrillah

    @ 42 astraya: Thats got to be your stupidest comment ever!

  • SLiK-RO

    Animals have no souls…We should be able to do whatever we want with them. Things such as killing animals for fun is retarded,though. However, the things on this list are all done for at least something useful.

    Animal activists are fuckin QUEERIOS. Fuckin creep me out.

    Fuck PETA.

  • SLiK-RO

    @TheRose: Sorry Dude…eating plants n all that stupid shit all tha time is fuckin stupid..i like to eat meat and i don’t give a shit where it comes from…

    O yea…My demographic wins….sorry.

  • littlegoldwoman

    Whats up with the ignorant ad at the top?

  • lottalita

    I think a lot of these are just biased… yes it’s sad and i love animals, but i also accept that some things are there for a reason . But i think the animal testing and the food ones are a little over the top. A lot of lives have been saved because of these testing and well food is food. If you choose to be vegetarian or vegan good for you. But eating meat is not bad!

  • Kylo

    Wow, you people have really bad zoos over there at the west, I assume…

    Try going to Singapore Zoo & the Night Safari.

  • The way humans treat animals is disgusting. Absolutely sickening.

    How would someone liked being electrocuted, prodded, whipped and killed with no sedative? Wouldn’t it be disgusting if we kept women constantly pregnant to collect their milk for consumption? Absolutely. A cow is a living being.

    All animals deserve the right to live a natural life.

  • littlegoldwoman

    I know! And plants too. How would you like to be eaten alive? In a salad? Drowning in ranch dressing!
    Sickening how we treat all alive things that God gave us to eat. We shouldnt even eat really. We should all just starve ourselves for being such horrible people. At least eat synthetic man made food that doesnt hurt animals or plants or other living things.

  • deeeziner

    @littlegoldwoman (218): What exactly is synthetic man-made food?

    And wouldn’t all the chemicals in it be rather toxic in the long run to both us humans and the Earth. (Which is the home of all the plants and animals that you/I so cherish.)

    Sorry, but I can’t even get behind the idea of turkey bacon and sausage, because WHAT do you have to add to turkey that gives it the flavor. Can those additives really be better for you than the actual bacon or sausage to begin with.

    The last time I heard about synthetic man-made foodstuffs I was watching Soylent Green.

  • 63jax

    Excuse me i am eating now, a bull, a chicken, a pig, 10 salmons and i’m done for the morning. After i’ma take my car with leather interior made out of 10 cattle and goo to zoo, then i take my pitt-bull out to hunt some rabbits, just for fun. Very nice day.

  • littlegoldwoman

    63jax is my new bff.

  • 63jax

    a pleasure to eat you my friend…ooops,meat you…meet you,sorry.

  • lightningclash

    Everyone knows that if seals weren’t cute nobody would give two sh*ts about how they’re being clubbed.

  • Karl

    I find #6-10 disgusting while #1-5 as perfectly fine.

  • sirMouse

    I couldn’t be bothered reading all the comments, too much overreacting nonsense for me.

    A lot of the list items aren’t to my taste, but I would mainly like to point out that if we tested things out humans rather than other animals then it would be the humans suffering or dying. There’s been all sorts of propaganda against animal testing by groups such as PETA (they’re quite anti-human really, I suggest you all watch the episode of South Park involving them), but they still ignore the fact that if we don’t test it on little mice and dogs and rabbits we would have to test it on ourselves.

    Who would we test it on?
    Volunteers? There wouldn’t be an awful lot and, even if there were, I’m sure there are laws against torture, even if they volunteer for it. Remember that cannibal who was all over the press for eating someone who wanted to be eaten?
    Convicts? Isn’t that what they did at concentration camps in Nazi Germany?
    Animals? Now there’s an idea :)

    What I’m trying to say is that I would much prefer to know that my make-up is being tested on (harmless, defenceless, cute) animals than on other people. I see one as being just a little less ethical than the other.

    Sorry about the lecture, but I do so love being opinionated :)

  • Springs

    TheRose, ‘have you never seen those sharp pointed teeth protruding from both your upper jaw and lower jaw? You know, the same kind of teeth carnivores have? Ever wonder what they are for? It’s not for tearing salad my friend…


    This is so stupid… animal as food?
    well duh its happens everyday in the wild
    as for zoos well what the fuck
    they are in there for a reason…
    to fucking prevent the animals from extinction
    this is an utter disappointment worst list ever

  • seebe

    EATING ANIMALS???!! What kind of sick people would do such a thing?

  • ash_1000

    i think i will just have my fish
    (jaws tune in the background)
    damn it guess i am no longer the the apex predator

  • demon

    this is a flame list pure and simple. Everyone will have different views and everyone is wrong. I blame the creator of this list for starting a holier than thou war. I could care less eiyher way. Things won’t change so get over it. Also this is a terribly written list with a shot ton of typos and just all around bad grammar. Shut up and get over it. Animals die of we die. I choose them.

  • demon

    yeah my comment had typos but I am posting from my phone so eat me

  • signe

    @Groogle (83):
    Greenland IS a country, just not an independent one…

  • douts88

    @197 i was refering to animalistic intelligence, i.e average for the whole species. only about 1 in ten million people could come up with the idea of the light bulb and develop it for example.

    dolphins do many of the things that humans do – use tools, communicate and develop plans to co-ordinate attacks on prey (cf. sport tactics, military tactics etc), and they have an astounding ability to learn new skills.

    dont call me a fuckwit when i clearly know more about it than you do.

  • smbrickner

    @ Lucy
    I eat what I kill but I don’t need it to survive. How does that make hunting for sport wrong and indicate that I need therapy? I hunt and fish to get out in the woods and experience nature. My hobby is a billion dollar industry in the United States and provides jobs and gets kids out of the house. True the numbers are dropping because of whack jobs like the Animal Liberation Front. But it is a proven fact that hunting is a viable means of overpopulation control. Here in Wisconsin we have one of the largest populations of hunters and one of the highest frequencies of deer hits by automobiles. Imagine what it would be if no one hunted.

  • thanks for raising this interesting have touched upon nearly all the aspects of annimals’ exploitation.
    For me , all of this points out to Man’s greed and selfishness.
    drastic regulations and laws must be set and implemented to the letter.

  • I’m a humanist. I think humans are superior to animals…we should be humane, but I am far more concerned with ‘human’ suffering than any chicken or cow’s. See Penn & Teller’s Bullsh*t:

  • @The Rose – our ancestors were omnivores. They did eat some raw meat, when they could get it – it’s not an issue of our species not being ABLE to eat raw meat, in other words (back then, we were too small and weak to hunt effectively, and now we find the idea unappetizing, although personally I love sushi and I’m not the only one). Most of the time, our ancestors ate fruits, plants, as well as grubs and insects (which is an omnivorous diet). Our teeth are actually shaped like those of an omnivore, too: we have sharp canines for tearing meat, and large flat molars for grinding plants. If you look at chimpanzees today, they eat basically what prehistoric hominid species ate, and they are omnivorous. Check your facts before you start calling others ignorant.

    It is true that our digestive systems have not yet fully adapted to some of the newer aspects of our diet, particularly dairy products. However, most modern humans have come to rely on at least some meat and dairy in their diet to receive nutrients like iron, protein, Vitamin D, and calcium.

    I was vegetarian for many years and I know that there are many benefits to a vegetarian diet. However, every once in a while during my vegetarian days, I would become anemic. Clearly something was missing in my diet. When I started feeling really weak and unwell, I would go out and eat sushi. Not vegetable sushi, raw fish sushi. And I would feel a lot better. Spinach does contain iron and many other nutrients in high quantities (sometimes higher than those found in meat), but humans don’t digest plant heme very well. It goes right through us and we can’t use most of it. Blood heme, the iron found in meat, is different. We can digest that pretty well. Why is it that our bodies digest blood heme better? Thank all the centuries of human evolution. We are now pure omnivores.

    So, if you are suggesting that we go back to being four feet tall and covered in hair, good on ya.

  • Audrey


    god, it makes me so pissed to see such a selfish race of creatures try to justify hurting another species in so many ways. and without care. fuck. it makes me want to vomit.

  • Lifeschool

    @Maxo (198): Yes, I agree, fair point. I eat some meat products – such as fish – because I like the taste of meat, but I don’t appreciate how some products are produced – such as meat from battery hens. I love chicken but I can’t bring myself to eat it having seen too many pictures. Still, a little awareness goes a long way, and in the UK there have been a series of serious campains to bring this kind of awareness to the public. The result is that many consumers are switching to free range products – and supermarkets have had to respond by developing free range availability using supply and demand ecconomics.

    I suppose, thinking about it, nearly all those list entries fall into the supply and demand loop. As consumers, we actually have a lot of power.

  • Maxo

    @ TheRose (208)

    Exactly! I’m so happy to hear that at least some of us progressive and sane.

    Who cares if our mouths or bodies are meant to eat meat? Fine, eat it!! Just don’t do horrific things to the animals before you eat them. For Christ’s sake. With attitudes like “we are humans, so we can do whatever the hell we want” is what is going to destroy our species in the long run.

    and @ SLiK-RO (219)

    Animals don’t have souls? Well, humans are animals also. Not very pleasent ones at that.

  • Lifeschool

    @Jay (199): “Yes animals can feel pain and some emotions, but how they do is completely differest to how humans do. So I don’t feel that that argument is very strong.”

    We humans have infinitely greater ways to express ourselves – but saying all other animals are dumb by default doesn’t necessarily make it so. Humans come from the same gene pool as the rest of nature; so who’s to say. Me? I don’t get the whole ‘dumb animal’ thing – and coming from a psychology background I do understand about behaviourism and cognitive adaptive learning. But please understand I fully respect your views, and the views of everybody here. No offence. :|

  • Dood

    hippie bullcrap

  • Nicolas

    @Audrey (245): What about you ? Oh sorry! I didn’t know cows,goats and other animals like you are frequently online these days! The era of humans come to end at last !

  • Audrey, you are exactly the human-hater that should be stripped of all clothing and deposited in the middle of the Amazon where you can test your skills at avoiding predators.

  • Doka

    See This movie on Google videos “Africa Addio” you will will witness raw animal cruelty that used to go in africa

  • ZibbyYamala

    that’s such a shame. i’m no PETA lover, but that’s still a shame. i could never kill anything unless if it’s for survival.

  • Voltaire

    @notesofasexiststayathomefather (243):

    One of my favorite episodes of this great show. Thank you for reminding me of it. The vice president of PETA used insulin for decades ROFLMA. PETA kills 2/3 of the animals they ‘save’ xD. Some activists go totally nuts. Oh and don’t forget about Ted Nugent. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • smbrickner

    Uncle Ted for president.
    The man has it all figured out.

  • Killers

    Ignorance is bliss !

  • Fin Cho

    I am from china! I love dog meat, especially puppies are delicious! I recommend it to everyone!

  • kennypo65

    “I’m goona get in my 1973 Cadillac Eldorado convertible, with all leather cow interior, and whale skin hub caps, and big bright baby seal eyes for headlights. I’m gonna drive down the highway, at 100 miles an hour getting 5 miles to the gallon, eating big greasy McDonald’s cheeseburgers in the old styrofoam containers. When I’m done eating those burgers, I’m gonna throw the containers right out the side, and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it. You know why? Because we’ve got the bombs. Two words: nuclear fucking weapons.”- Denis Leary

  • Maxo


    You people actually think that talking about the president of PETA taking insulin or PETA killing their shelter animals means a dang thing? SO WHAT???!! Does that mean that animals can and should be abused just because one animal rights group has been hypocritical?

    You people amaze me.

    …. and just because we are “meant to eat meat” or that we can digest it doesn’t mean that we can abuse animals on a massive scale to shove our faces with McDonalds. Eat all of the meat that you want, just don’t horribly abuse animals before they are used for said meat.

    “We are humans and we can do whatever we want” is exactly the attitude that will be the end of us eventually. These farms are another contributor to destroying our environment and using all of our natural resources, not to mention, they always have the huge risk of spreading disease on a mass scale.

    But we will probably blow ourselves up before we have to really truly worry about it anyway :D

  • TheRose

    Wait.. Is someone suggesting that Vegan babies are less healthier than the children of meat eating diets?

    Bull. That’s like saying all babies born vegan are unhealthy. That’s like me assuming all children who eat meat are obese and stupid.

    My friends are vegan and have families. Their children are healthy and happy.

    Sharp canines? Like a carnivores? These little things? I’m grinding them against my tongue and it doesn’t even hurt. These teeth cannot cut through meat.. That’s why we use knifes (besides the obvious thing called manners).

    If you became a vegetarian and became anemic that’s your own fault, not the diet. Just like obese people getting heart disease from their diets are because of their lack of knowledge of what they are eating and their lack of indescretion.

    So everyone’s telling me that they need to eat meat and drink dairy to recieve iron, protein, Vitamin D, and calcium’? Really? And where do cows get all of these things if they do not munch on flesh? Hmmm? Oh, that’s right… All of these things are found in abundance in plants and fruits. Using the excuse that you need to drink milk and eat meat for ‘calcium’ and ‘protein’ is ridiculous since all of those things are found in a varity of healthy foods that don’t envolve cruelty and flesh. :)

    People tell me to check my facts, and I have. I’ve done my research. Our intestines are developed to disgest plants BETTER than meat. Our bodies are not yet ‘evolved’ to digest meat properly. If we are supposed to be omnivores, how come are bodies haven’t evolved? Humanity got greedy and started eating flesh, humanity decided that it would be like omnivores, not evolution. Blame our ancestors, but don’t use their uneducated judgement to cloud your own.

    People who eat meat are more than likely to develope heart diease and cancer. I’ll source it if someone really wants to educate themselves.

    Vegans are living proof that we do not need meat and dairy/animal by-products. We are healthy and happy. We live passionate lives and strive away from ignorance. I always hear of ‘I was a vegetarian and I got sick blah blah blah til I ate meat and felt better.’ Yeah, the junkies that shot up feel better after not getting their fix for a while. ;)

    This is for the common questions we are constantly asked.

  • kaz

    @TheRose (258): The vegans are pussies , the nature is red in tooth and claw. We evolved to eat meat, see the canines in you mouth. Perhaps, the vegans should take their canines out too.

  • @TheRose (258): Man, the proper thing to say is ‘whatever someone chooses good on them.’ You are the vegan priest who annoys the hell out of omnivores, and makes them want to go order a few steaks. Gee, you ‘strive away from ignorance’…wow! That is sooooooooooooooooooooo profound. ‘Humanity got greedy’…baloney!

    You are right, there is a healthy way to be vegan, but there is also a way to consume only dairy + vegetables, or to be an omnivore, and be healthy.

    Your argument simply shows that you live in a pretentious bubble.

  • GiantFlyingRobo


  • bucslim

    @kennypo65 (257):

    F’n brilliant. – some guy keels over from a heart attack from eating too much eat, we throw him on the fire. More meat for the meat eaters YEAH!!!

  • bucslim

    *too much meat.

  • @TheRose (258): You are right. You are so completely right I’m going to go throw away the contents of my refrigerator and immediately go on a vegan diet.
    I hope this makes you feel better.

  • Ley

    I hope the person in charge of editing lost their job over this article. Numerous missed spaces after sentences, numerous run on sentences and the word steal where seal should be. Just wow.

  • douts88

    @TheRose (258) If humans are so perfectly evolved to be veggies and live off plants as you suggest, perhaps you could explain why humans CANNOT digest cellulose (which is part of the cell wall of every single plant cell on the planet, so therefore all plants contain it)?

  • Iakhovas

    @douts88 (240):
    Hey, I’ll admit that dolphins are very intelligent as far as animals go, but to compare even their average intelligence to a humans is ludicrous. Sure they can communicate on a basic level, food, danger, friend, whatever, but nearly every human being in the world has a vocabulary of thousands of words and we can all convey our thoughts and ideas to each other quite clearly and effectively, such as we are doing now. Ants can communicate and plan attacks too, but I sure as hell don’t put them on the level of intelligence that we possess. Apes have learned some sign language, but again I’m pretty sure you and I are far more intelligent than the smartest of primates.

  • cascading spirit
  • Josh

    For #9 on the list, there is a catch 22, if you will. There’s a poster that my biopsychology professor posted in his office. It provided an image of people protesting animal research and stated, “Thanks to animal research, they’ll be able to protest 23.5 years longer.”

    Here’s a link to the poster:

  • hunter

    @TheRose (258): I am betting that you are a hypocrite like most of the other vegan nuts out there. I am also betting I can prove it.

  • Stefan


    and secondly.. these shoudlnt even be debated.. anything that terminates innocent life is wrong, animal or human it does not matter

  • @Stefan (271): Man, you are one judgmental and illogical dude. So I guess carnivores are wrong, sharks, tigers, ocelots, black widow spiders, they are all wrong.

    Tell me, are you for or against abortion? You better be a pro-lifer, that’s all I can say.

    Like I said before about nutballs that hate humanity like you, why don’t you make every one else happier, take off all your clothes, stop consuming, stop judging other people, and walk off into the forest or jungle so the only thing you need to worry about is avoiding predators.

    I’m going to have a burger right now!

  • DWong

    Raise your hand if you would like to volunteer to be a test subject?

    Anyways, PETA’s solution to these things is to have women pose naked for advertisements.

  • shingie

    Geez, how come nobody has protested for vegetables? I mean, just because you can’t hear their screams when trees are chopped down doesn’t mean they feel pain. And making trees bleed sap just so we can have our maple syrup?! GEEZ! Why doesn’t anybody ever defend vegetables, just because they aren’t cute? :( That’s just not right.

    And why should we give farmed animals a better life? If you were in a cage your whole life, would you know you were in a cage?

    The only reason I would care about protecting an animal if it was endangered. We need the diversity in our ecosystem. Although there’s a reason why it’s called “survival of the fittest”. Adapt to the environment or die — should we then, protect endanger species?

    @TheRose(208) “If that’s so… How come we are the only ‘omnivores’ that can’t eat raw meat?”

    Uhm… we used to. And then we discovered fire. The Japanese eat raw fish/seafood all the time.

  • Chris

    Related Lists:

    Top ten ways to skin a cat

    20 ways to boil a live frog

    10 ways to beat a Kangaroo in a boxing match

    Ooooh, this comment’s gonna ruffle some feathers.

  • Chris

    TheRose, I am not against a vegan diet but I do pose you a challenge. Find me a vegetarian source of vitamin B12 and I will agree with you more. There is only one that I know of and it isn’t in the common diet. Vegetarian animals are naturally vegetarian and don’t need the same nutrients as humans. Cows can survive on grass alone. Find me a healthy human that eats nothing but grass.

    I believe we should eat a plant based diet. Note that I said plant “based”. This means we should eat small amounts of meat as a side dish, not the main course. Eating meat is not wrong, it’s part of the food chain. Lions, tigers and giant man-eating squid were all born to eat meat. This does not make them evil.

  • Chris

    Oh and by the way, I don’t eat veal or cage eggs due to the treatment of the animals. I try to only eat animal products where the animals are treated humanely to the best of my knowledge. Battery hen farms are a disgrace when we can just as easily keep chickens on a farm roaming free.

    Here in Oz we eat kangaroos. Poor creatures. Not! They are overpopulated and often fuck up their own environment. We eat them and there are still plenty of them. I see them jumping down the street sometimes where I live.

    There is a middle ground. I believe in fair treatment of animals. But this is far different than being a PETA arse clown.

    All this talk of animals makes me hang for a nice fat giraffe steak.

  • Georgie

    The things we see in this list do not even touch upon the evil mankind is capable of. Yes, people we are top of the food chain, we ARE the strongest, most destructive force in nature. But what I do not understand is why you people write that here as if it is a good thing, as if the fact that we are bigger/stronger/more intelligent actually makes it RIGHT to treat living things this way. I am no fanatic, but that honestly makes me sick. When I look at the aweful things going on in this world, such as mass genocide, the slaughter of the innocent and helpless, the holocaust, all the terrifying events that have happened to our race, I ask myself how on earth could human beings do this. Reading some of the comments written here, I see how. Being ‘superior’ to something, be it an animal or another human being, should not in any way justify the kind of cruelty we are talking about.

    Does it mean I am not ‘normal’ because I believe all living things deserve be treated with respect and kindness, at the least. Does this mean I am some kind of ‘freak’? Probably yes, and to be quite honest if a ‘normal’ person can condone the things on this list then I would be insulted to be put in the same category.

    Human beings are monsters. That is really all I have to say.

  • The_Patient

    Man, I LOVE animals.
    Another form of cruelty, dressing poor dogs in stupid little clothes! Haha, terrible!

  • @Georgie (278): The problem with you, Georgie, is that you don’t recognize both sides. And listen to how you condemn most of mankind with one brush. How should a human feel when you are so superior that you hate humans, but you protect animals? (Did you notice the link to the post where the US Department of Health and Human Services made a study and estimated animal research has added 23 years to the human life span?) Do you know that third world suffering (starvation is so endemic) can be partially alleviated by finding ways to get more meat into the diet. The thing is, you are one sided. Some people have the luxury to be vegetarian, you, for example. (Hindus, often vegetarian, certainly are no example of a healthy and robust diet)

    You write: “Human beings are monsters. That is really all I have to say.” So you hate humanity. Be consistent, hate all carnivores…and like I said earlier, you better be pro-life to remain consistent.

    The thing about me is that I love human beings. I am greatly troubled by their suffering, and I am involved in things human. I would like to see disease eradicated, war stopped, and social problems eliminated. I worry and love my wife and family. Though I think animals should be treated humanely I do think we are superior to animals, but I also think most animals are probably superior to you…your position is a source of comedy, and nothing more. I could go on and on, but it is more for the people on this board than you, Georgie. And thus I’ll say, once again, stop consuming products, strip naked and go be with nature in the jungle somewhere where you can love your animal friends.

  • Randall

    @TheRose (258):

    I’ve stayed out of this thread because I’ve said enough, in the past, about animal experimentation, etc. on previous threads… but your insistent vegan propaganda finally forced my hand.

    Look, “TheRose,” there’s no question that a vegetarian diet *can* be very healthy, and no question that we all should eat less meat and more vegetables. But there is where your correct assertions end, and the rest is just off-the-wall and untrue nonsense.

    The *firm* and authoritative consensus of science is that we are omnivores. And in fact we always have been, all the way back to at least our Homo Erectus ancestors, and possibly before. Much as our closest living relatives on the planet (chimpanzees) are also omnivores–consuming plants AND meat–and I don’t just mean grubs and the like.

    Man, in short, is no more “naturally” herbivorous than, say, a bear. We are, in fact, naturally omnivorous.

    Your assertion about the length of our intestines is inaccurate. From the Straight Dope web site, I quote:

    “Like the hard-core carnivores, we have fairly simple digestive systems well suited to the consumption of animal protein, which breaks down quickly. Contrary to what your magazine article says, the human small intestine, at 23 feet, is a little under eight times body length (assuming a mouth-to-anus “body length” of three feet). This is about midway between cats (three times body length), dogs (3-1/2 times), and other well-known meat eaters on the one hand and plant eaters such as cattle (20 to 1) and horses (12 to 1) on the other. This tends to support the idea that we are omnivores.”

    Further, our overall digestive systems are not designed to digest cellulose:

    “Herbivores also have a variety of specialized digestive organs capable of breaking down cellulose, the main component of plant tissue. Humans find cellulose totally indigestible, and even plant eaters have to take their time with it. If you were a ruminant (cud eater), for instance, you might have a stomach with four compartments, enabling you to cough up last night’s alfalfa and chew on it all over again. Or you might have an enlarged cecum, a sac attached to the intestines, where rabbits and such store food until their intestinal bacteria have time to do their stuff. Digestion in such cases takes place by a process of fermentation–bacteria actually “eat” the cellulose and the host animal consumes what results, namely bacteria dung.”

    Are you getting the picture?

    I note, also, your mockery of our human canines. Cute, but care to tell us whatever else these teeth could be for? In fact, humans possess a mix of teeth clearly meant for a grab bag of functions, and our canines are obviously designed for what all other canines in the animal world are designed for–the grabbing, holding, and tearing of meat. No herbivore possesses–or needs–canine teeth.

    Another quote from the infallible Cecil Adams:

    “I won’t claim meat is the ideal source of protein, but on the whole it’s better than plants. Sure, soybeans and other products of modern agriculture are pretty nutritious. But in the wild, much of the plant menu consists of leaves and stems, which are low in food value. True herbivores have to spend much of the day scrounging for snacks just to keep their strength up.”

    In short, TheRose, let’s back off the nonsense. You claim you’ve done your research—but it’s clear your research has been selective and biased at best.

  • Mrs. Antichrist

    Interesting list. I have mixed feelings about most of these, although I so support animal testing and slaughter for food so long as it’s keep as humane as possible.

    I mainly wanted to comment about PETA, and how hypocritical & self-serving they are. A few fun facts:

    – PETA euthanizes over 90% of the animals they “save”, including healthy, adoptable ones.
    – The founder SUPPORTS the euthanization of all pit bulls and pit bull type dogs (which, in her view, includes boxers & bull dogs). The reason? A pit bull once bit her.
    – They’ve been caught funneling money to the ALF, an extremist animal rights group that has been responsible for numerous acts of arson, threats and possible assault/injury on various persons.

    And so on. Seriously, search “truth about PETA” on Google, and you’ll find several sites full of this kind of info, with the legal documents, videos and news reports to back it all up.

    If you want to help animals, donate to or join the SPCA — an animal welfare group that actually knows the meaning of the word “ethical”.

  • MamaBear2Cubs


  • Fluffhead

    We are on top of the food chain. Yes it is pretty brutal when animals are slaughtered for us to eat, but is it any different than when other animals are killed by animals higher up on the food chain? When a Lion eats a zebra, it is a lot more brutal than when we slaughter animals. They get eaten alive. I know that we have the option to do it more humanely, but just remember, were animals too.

  • smbrickner

    Its pretty brutal when I shot a deer with my Bowtech bow too. I’m a pretty good shot though so they usually only run about 40-50 yds.

  • Casualreader

    WARNING: The following is for intelligent readers with long attention spans only. (Aha. That will intrigue them. They’ll all want to think of themselves as that!)

    There are three fundamental approaches from us humans towards other organic life, in particular those we like to call the higher forms, i.e. warm-blooded mammals and birds.

    1) Sentimental

    2) Religious

    3) Conscious or indifferent Darwinian.

    Admitting some overlap and common positions, they may be summarized as follows:

    1) The ‘Sentimental’ approach attributes higher animals -if not others – with quasi-human sensibilities, and tries to work down the chain of biological development looking for similar reactions in any organism – i.e. essentially anticipation of and/or sensation of pain and awareness of deprivation of freedom. Any non-human mammal is often considered to have equal *rights* with humans, whatever *rights* may mean. In other words, even in cases where the (other) creature’s suffering might alleviate human suffering or death, it is considered immoral that any gain by one’s own species should be bought at the expense of another species. Proponents of this view struggle with the mass of contradictions it throws up, and have created numerous institutional and personal approaches, many hypocritical, a few violent and extreme, with little regard for the interests either of their fellow humans or the animals they claim to represent. Whether religious or not, their dream might be said to be *the lion lying down with lamb* (see next section). Nevertheless, the broad tendency is an indication of something profound. Many humans have developed a sense of being part of the organic world as a whole, indeed, even depending on its integrity. We may feel a sense of responsibility towards it, a need to ‘curate’ it, and to reduce negative interventions and impact to a minimum. In other words part or all of the living world has become a positive aspect of our unique ‘cultural evolution’. This ties in with more thoughtful religious and Darwinian approaches.

    3) Religion. As with all three categories, it’s only possible to simplify grossly. Early religions tended to see Man not only as part of nature, but utterly dependent on it, they were a type of proto-Darwinian. As a result there was (and sometimes remains) a tendency to worship the sun, particular significant animals, or all nature as the fount and sustenance of their own lives. When directed at nature as a whole we call this pantheism. It is detested and taken as a serious threat by some conventional religions, as witness the Vatican’s recent attack on the film *Avatar*. Re-incarnation, the belief that the *soul* of a dead person lives again in the body of another human, or any mobile, living organism, forms part of some religious cultures, and in its extreme limit prohibits the killing of any creature. If that’s your bag, fine. Personally, I’m not for someone’s dear old granny, even my own, sucking my blood. Or a mourned son, recently killed in a car accident, buzzing over my food, spreading germs and laying eggs on it. What I call pests are open season targets! Most major religions though are monotheistic and their fundamental philosophy states themselves (or ourselves) as the centre and only interest of their God, who created the Universe and all in it for their benefit. As a rule whether use of this benefit should be responsible or not is left to *user discretion*. The problem of nature red in tooth and claw has perplexed the Christian religion, at least. Paradise is often depicted as the lion lying down with the lamb. This causes one to wonder how the lion is sustained, or even how it got to Paradise, since neither it or the lamb possess immortal souls. Perhaps they are virtual and not in need of food? Or organic food is *grown*? Clearly no lion worthy of the name will ever pass by a tasty lamb-snack in the real world. Dogs and cats in the same household not only co-exist, but may go so far as to form a pack against interlopers of their own kind. This is not Paradise, however, it’s an interesting domesticated form of the natural phenomenon known as symbiosis, which in fact belongs under Darwinism. In this two or more quite different organisms interact for the mutual benefit of both or all. The tendency nowadays is for more concerned and environmentally aware religions to adopt as much Darwinism WRT biodiversity as is compatible with their beliefs and what they consider to be ultimate God-intended human aims. In this view, God is now posited as the initiator of Life on Earth with Man as its intended outcome. It should be foot-noted here that certain existing large-scale religions may still have ritual use of animals as part of their sacred rituals. Turkey for Christmas, anyone?

    3) Darwinism. It was gradually perceived by natural historians that life appeared to exist as a series of closely-linked chains of often near-identical organisms. The creation of these at one point in time (by a posited God) seemed to make far less sense than that they were somehow directly related, as with human families (whether or not the process was initiated by God). This was brought to a head by Darwin and Wallace. They did not know, as we now do, the biological mechanism enabling the changes. But they did notice the existence of a natural force that evidently initiated and perptually empowered such a process: multiple competition-based survival. Without survival to breeding point, the direct line of any individual ends. To ensure survival requires three or four basic elements. A food supply. Not becoming something else’s food supply. Avoiding natural catastrophes where possible. And a mate (or two, or three …), if heterosexual. In other words, everything is in competition with its own and other species. Sport tells us the most athletic win at active physical games, the weeds and disabled lose out. The brain-based side of culture tells us the clever rise to the top of their tree, even if they are as helpless as a Hawking, while the stupid struggle or go under. History tells us those who have lost their food supply by ill-luck or mismanagement die en masse from famine. Whether we like it or not, Darwinism rules (humans) O.K.? What makes us different via our big brains (when we can be bothered to use them) are self-awareness, empathy and cultural plus technological evolution. The last paired set is an astonishing and uniquely human propensity, a development of common or garden evolution that works a million times faster. Hence we are able to explore space beyond the confines of our natural perception visually, virtually, and physically, the first for a mere few hundred years, the second in the twinkling of a few decades. Back to straight Darwinism. It therefore informs us that the fittest (that does NOT under many, many circumstances simply imply the physically strongest) are potentially capable of dominating or even eliminating all their weaker competition. Least of all does it tell us they are obliged to, or that it is even wise to do so. That is an utterly false interpretation made most infamous by Hitler and parroted by pathetic fanatics who are still trying to swim against the overwhelming tide of evolutionary evidence. No animal fights or kills simply for the sake of killing, as do humans. They either don’t have energy to spare, or if they do they prefer to reserve it for whatever affects their direct survival. They do not eliminate their food supply or destroy their own habitat unless for some reason they are out of natural equilibrium, as lemmings and locusts at times. Are we perhaps be following that path, ironically due to our very Darwinian super-success?

    So where does this leave us in our Darwinian treatment of other creatures?

    Self-awareness and empathy: we know life is sweet. We can apply that to other humans and other life-forms. So: Thou shalt not kill except for survival: food needs, pest (or human lethal enemy) control, curating biological balance in the wild, genuine medical advances unobtainable as yet by other means, etc. We know suffering and we know others suffer, even if not how, or to what degree. Don’t claim a lobster doesn’t feel pain. Put a lobster or any insect and the like near a lethal source of heat and its nervous system, however primitive, will shout ‘pain’ in its own language and send it in the opposite direction. Nervous systems are a very early evolutionary development of the survival mechanism. If killing is necessary, despatch quickly and efficiently. Zoos, hunting, fishing, pet-keeping and animal-based sports are difficult and ambiguous issues. Many of their participants appreciate their *victims* far more than do bleeding-heart sentimentalists. On the other hand much indifference to other life-forms and inhuman cruelty is often involved, as well as useless superstition concerning so-called natural medicines of animal origin. The advance of civilization has shown a gradual tendency to eradicate the worst of these abuses, along with human slavery. We can only hope it will continue, and that there may be enough other life left soon to protect. Not killing *for fun*, not torturing, not exploiting show a respect for life that should and ought to have reached a level of minimal sensibility equivalent to our present stage of cultural and technological evolution. If not, why not?

    Cultural evolution. If we are religious we should surely appreciate that our God intended biodiversity not for us to eliminate mindlessly in our own selfish interests, but as Creation to marvel at and care for as the finest free gift we will ever get after our own lives. If we are Darwinians, we understand the importance of biodiversity, we treasure it and are appalled by our own collective effect on it. We should do whatever we can to conserve it, even if that means local extermination of *fittest* creatures that have run amok and are terminally destroying an environment themselves. These creatures and plants were usually put there by ourselves anyway, whether by design or accident. Sentimentalism and sentimentalists have no place here and should not deter this grim and unpleasant necessity.

    As a point of fact for sentimentalists. Destruction of habitat is far more devastasting in the reduction of animal life, indeed all non-human life except pests and weeds, than deliberate killing. Think of that next time you eat a banana from Ecuador, a slice of bread from anywhere, or drink coffee from a plantation that displaced a habitat in Kenya, Brazil or Columbia.

    If a more highly evolved life-form exists in the Universe which can interact with ourselves, we should pray it doesn’t decide we need partial or total culling in the interest of Life on Earth!

    If you’ve read to the bitter end of this, congrats. You have a long attention span, a human ability which is rapidly evaporating from our collective gene pool.

  • J

    It always seems like PETA and other animal rights nuts are less educated about animals than the farmers and those who hunt. I find it ironic. I also love how one of the head honchos at PETA stated “the money is in seal clubbing” and staged the clubbing of baby seals to raise awareness for PETA. Why would hunters kill baby seals who offer little meat rather than let them grow up and harvest them when they offer a much more substantial amount of food? Just one example of the lack of education.

  • lolkewl

    errr it’s not meat, it’s the fur…

  • BoyCott

    Has anyone wondered why it is in Asia that animal cruelty isso prevelent?

  • J

    @lolkewl (290): Yes but animal rights nuts act like they are being hunted into extinction. They can’t accept that this is the way people have lived for hundreds of years and this is pretty much their only source of income. Not to mention the fabricated stories and images they have used to create a public outcry.

  • CJ :)

    I understand the need for zoos – I just wish there wasn’t a need for them. A good zoo, however, is OK.

    Pedigree breeding is a sore spot for me. There are reputable breeders of pedigreed dogs, but there are far too many puppy mills. I am sitting here surrounded by cocker spaniels who have cataracts, glaucoma, hyperkeratosis, skin problems…they are all the result of bad breeding and they suffer for it. A reputable breeder does all s/he can to ensure the genetic lines of the dogs they breed are as clean as they can be.

    PETA has lost its mind, IMHO. I don’t understand how anyone can take it seriously and why anyone would send them money. It sees no problem with debasing women to get its point across and doesn’t see that all it succeeds in doing is producing low grade pornography that obscures its message.

  • The Ashok

    People who eat animals will argue that there is nothing wrong in killing animals for food.

    People who wear fur will say that there’s nothing wrong in killing animals for clothing.

    People who hunt/poach animals for sport argue that there is nothing wrong in doing so.

    There are roughly 1400 tigers left in India. Whoever want’s tiger skin, whoever wanna taste tiger meat, whoever wanna use tiger bones for medicine…..hurry up!!! Offer valid till “stock” lasts!

  • The Ashok

    I am not here to advocate or change anyone from non-veg consumers to vegetarians but I wanted to clarify some misconceptions.

    Accept it or not, people who eat meat do so mostly for the taste. I have been a vegetarian for almost 29 years now. I am alive. Not only me….for generations altogether we are born vegetarians and have been vegetarians ever since(you know all the religious crap that forbids meat consumption).

    Keeping the crap argument about pain and cruelty aside for a while, if we look at the number of animals killed for food each year (140 billion?!!!) that is a huge number. Imagine the amount of resources needed to bring up these animals. I read somewhere that it takes 16 kilos of plant matter (fed to the animal) to harvest 1 kilo of meat (from the animal) on an average. And not to mention about water and other resources consumed for meat production. That’s definitely not a very efficient way of resource management.

    Now lets shout “greening” everybody.

  • The Ashok

    Well, another point to note here.

    Since it is very costly to run meat industry with such a huge consumption of resources, they have adopted a cost-reduction methods in producing meat. They reduced feeding farm animals and minimized grass/fodder as their food. Rather, they feed them intestines, hair, feathers, plastic and vitamins to fill their tummies. That reduces the cost. Kill an animal, take out its hair/feathers/intestines and feed it to other animals.

    Also, not to speak about the forced molting and the squeezing into small cages that allows them to raise more animals per square foot.

    And again, please don’t think that i am advocating vegetarianism here. Ultimately its your wish to choose what you eat!

  • Wenchtits

    Great, who let the petards loose?

  • archangel

    my question is… are we trying to impose human values on ALL living things, leaving us nowhere to do anything? Cause there is no such thing as animal or human rights. Not that i don’t think we shouldn’t adhere to them, just that sometimes, people might go too far?

  • archangel

    OMG i fed those giraffes in taronga zoo (no. 2)!

  • Spiderbait

    @Georgie (280)

    Actually you are just like everyone else.
    You’re pretty quick to deem yourself superior to all the others who call themselves superior, impervious to the idea that you are just as much of a besserwisser . You wonder how it is that people can commit such heinous crimes, how holocausts happen. You only need to look at your own words. Judging by your post you’re pretty disgusted with the other ‘normal’ people out there. Well, are you disgusted enough to do something about it? Perhaps you’ll protest but what if that doesn’t work? There is a lot of evil people in the world and I’m pretty sure you already know that just voicing your opinion isn’t enough. So how about more direct measures? Perhaps you will destroy their weapons? But wont they just buy new ones? These are truly evil people were talking about here right? So why not get rid of them once and for all? It can’t possibly be considered a crime. After all, wont these people just kill others? Aren’t you really SAVING lives by killing them?

    That, and indifference, are how almost all evil is perpetrated. Hitler believed the Jews would enslave us all and Manson thought he would jump start the interracial war he thought was coming. At other times it’s indifference. You simply don’t realize that what you are doing is wrong. I’ve seen old footage of the Einsatzgruppen committing mass murder. They didn’t smile or anything like that. They just looked bored. As if this was just another 10-hour workday they had to finish before getting some rest.

    So don’t get all haughty just because you think you know better, consider the fact that perhaps Jesus didn’t allow any violence because violence itself was evil and not the persons committing it. That any person who commits acts of violence is evil no matter how good of an excuse they have. Because everyone has a good reason, and only God himself can say whose reason is righteous and whose isn’t.

  • scorchio!

    We are doomed.. i hope we all get skinned alive.
    We deserve it.

    How many of you monkeys have actually killed an animal and eaten it? Very few im sure.

  • scorchio!

    Who was the genius that let monkeys get the top job?
    your god is a fool!

  • Animals are the greatest people in the world…

    Roy Sipel Roy Sipel Roy Sipel Roy Sipel Roy Sipel Roy Sipel Roy Sipel Roy Sipel Roy Sipel Roy Sipel Roy Sipel Roy Sipel Roy Sipel Roy Sipel Roy Sipel Roy Sipel

  • pithlitt

    @Arsnl (68):

    To say cats and dogs have no self recognition shows how little you know about dogs and cats, and frankly, I’ve known some dogs and cats that were a lot smarter than many humans I’ve [email protected] (197): just because humans have the physical tools(hands/fingers)to make more tools does NOT mean we are smarter than dolphins. I think we are, but that also does not mean dolphins are not smart. @TheRose (208): Some humans do eat raw meat, it’s a staple in the arctic, and how many people have eaten sushi this week? YOU smarten up and do YOUR research.

  • Sarah

    Wow! This is the dumbest comment I have ever read…

  • Spiderbait

    @Sarah [305]: Obviously you haven’t read that many comments then.

  • A.B.

    @Spiderbait [300]: Wow your comment was so nice, well written and all….why…again WHY did u have to fuck it up in the last paragraph?!?!?!!?

  • Spiderbait

    @A.B. [307]: Because writing an entire comment without being a douche is quite hard.
    That being said I have no idea, I’m not even religious.

  • jelly

    i cant even read this post till the end and all the comments . this is a very sensitive issues to me and im afraid i might cry if i do read it till the end .

  • The thing about sealing in Canada is that the majority of it takes place off an eastern island province called Newfoundland. I am from this island and have experienced the seal hunt first hand. Here is some fact's about sealing for you, most seals aren't clubbed, they are shot. White coats (or seal pups) aren't killed anymoore. Another thing that makes sealing look bad is the fact that it takes place on white ice, thus making the hunt look a lot more brutal than it actually is.

    But I digress, my main point about this whole topic is that the seal hunt on average, before GreenPeace and PETA had their involvment, would generate anywhere from $10,000-$30,000 of cold hard cash to any man that went sealing. In a generally poor area such as Newfoundland this usually was the difference between poverty or having some food on the table and presents under the tree come Christmas time. Ok I've rambled on more than I wanted to but this is my final statement about animals and their protection – as much as I love animals and do not wish to see them harmed or brutally beaten, but to put the life of an animal over the life of a person and their family's well being is just madness.

  • If you want to put the whole situation into one sentence. Humans are the problem and will not be the solution. Some people may argue that but all the problems that started for the animals were caused by humans. Those animals people now have to hunt because of their population boom, the only reason their population is so large is they were either foreign animals with no natural predators or humans killed all the natural predators so they could live "large and in charge". Now I know no one wants to hear my opinion on animal testing but this is the last thing I'm going to say here. Why test on animals when there are so many people in jail for life long sentences that will never get out and are only wasting the money of the government leaving everyone else to gripe about it.

  • pooja manhas

    it's very bad that man is expioting the animals for there commerical purpouses

  • TCor

    Am I wrong for thinking that it's ok for aboriginal people to club seals? They've been clubbing seals forever, and if you know anything about seal hunters you would understand that the entirety of the animal is used. It's they're way of life and is no more violent or "inhumane" than an orca biting into a seal (also orcas play with seals before they eat them). I'm not ok with seal clubbing willy nilly. That's not cool.

    On eating animals: Why should I not acknowledge my place in the food chain? Eating animals is fine. Animals eat animals. We are animals. I think you see my point. I don't understand why vegetarians feel morally superior. I think they may just be delirious from the lack of protein (lighten up it's a joke). Eating meat is completely natural. I will clarify that animals should not be needlessly tortured. That's sick.

  • TCor

    Animals in medicine: A human life is worth more than an animal life. Our species should look out for itself. Would you rather you were dead or that endangered tiger were dead? If I needed some sort of medicine, an animal dying would be a small price. Care should be taken to prevent extinction (small scale farming maybe). That way wild specimens could be wild and not tainted by captivity.

    On hunting: There are many subsistent hunters in the United States. I've met some. They live in secluded places and kill animals to live. They don't live near stores and venture to towns only for supplies that will last sometimes for years. Trying to live off of store bought food would be unrealistic. I think this is a respectable lifestyle. These people typically have other shortcomings though.

  • TCor

    Pretty much everything else on here: Not cool humanity. Animals are useful, but should not be abused. I like to believe that animal testers cry themselves to sleep. Zoos can range from animal spas to horrible little concentration camps. Yikes!

    That's my opinion, but it's fairly logical. If you want to disagree with me, please at least make an attempt at reason. I'd rather not endure a "But the poor animals!" rant. Granted, emotional appeals are essential in a case concerning ethics, however these emotions can in turn be explained logically. The end.

  • 34E

    I don't see how the examples of the whale/dolphin slaughter and the "traditional" medicine are debatable, they are obvious primitive practices that need to stop.

    The fur trade is a little more on the line, since the only benefit is art. At least real fur is generally reserved for high fashion due to the cost, and is from from farms (which can be cruelty free, although I'm sure there is no such thing in China).

    Our society uses too many animal products anyways. We don't NEED real fur, we don't NEED to eat as much meat and dairy as we do, and if you've ever seen slaughterhouse footage you'd understand how revolting Western culture has become.

    BUY FROM YOUR LOCAL FARMERS, PEOPLE! Help the environment, support the economy of your own country, and of course save the little piggies and moo-moos from torturous lives.

    PETA should be advocating buying local, NOT vegetarianism.

  • Hazel

    OMFG i'm sitting doing my school work and thinking how many people say they love animals yet there are so many people who are cruel to them x

  • Thea

    If you're trying to make a point about dodgy zoos, why did you use a photo of Taronga Zoo Park? It's one of the best zoos in the world and those giraffes have multimillion dollar view of the harbour, opera house and bridge :)

  • Stephanie

    I was actually very surprised to see how cruel most of the comments here are about people "not fucking caring about animals."I really thought this list would trigger some sort of emotion in people.

    We have the technology to create food that tastes EXACTLY like the meat that is available in our grocery stores and restaurants. There are also many replacements for dairy products that are much healthier for us (Do you think humans are naturally supposed to drink milk from a cow?)

    Sure our ancestors ate meat it was acceptable back then they did not have many other options for food and they were not taking it for granted like we do now a days. Nothing on this planet should have to suffer if it can be helped.

    I can't wait until there is an outbreak of diseases from the meat and people start dying,honestly I would rather all of the unconscious people go then innocent helpless animals.

    And for everyone that put down this article saying it could be better and have more information, well maybe you should just appreciate little facts VS no facts.

    • Caleb Powell

      Exactly like meat? Is your definition of exactly "looks the same but tastes like shit"?

      But reading on, it is obvious you are a misanthrope, and can't wait until the next genocide so more "evil" humans will be slaughtered. You should take all your hatred with you and go somewhere exotic, say the Amazon, where you can take off all your clothes, parachute into the jungle, and be far away from people.

      And you are probably very honest in saying that you hope people die. You probably do. But your hatred is not going to change anybody's mind.

    • deborah

      i completly agree with this, it makes me sad that people think that because they can they should.

    • Brooke

      Meat is what made humans develop, both physically and mentally. We need meat to be healthy, vegetarians have lower life expectancies than meat eaters. Get a life and learn some facts.

  • Cat

    You forgot animals living on concentration camps, alternately called factory farms. This is by far the most prevalent and the least opposed.

  • ian angelo

    in taiji, you can watch a dolphin show while eating dolphin meat!!

  • uoflcardfan08

    I don’t agree with #5. I see no difference between killing animals for the meat and a lion hunting a zebra for food.


    ZOOS ARE NOT CRUEL!!!!!!!!

  • charlie

    you forgot bull fighting,and bear baiting!!!!

  • ecutler1

    What people often fail to notice about animal testing is that it not only is essential to medical science but also to veterinary medicine. And most of the most significant advances in those areas (vaccines, transplants, artificial organs and joints, etc.) were all refined on test animals first. Besides, I work in medical research and I can tell you that animal testing is very heavily regulated at universities and medical centers (they’re overseen by institutional review boards or IRBs) and as carried out in as humane a manner as possible.

  • sniper

    This was a cool list but makes people look so stupid and pathetic…oh don’t eat a cow its a living thing. Dumbass plants are living things too.

  • sniper

    oh and retards if we didnt do animal testing then those medicines u take for u cold and stuff wouldnt be here then what would u do? animal rights activists need to just kill themselves. a tiger doesnt feel bad if it kills a human so wtf who cares if we kill them. survival of the fittest. if a tiger was attacking ur wife or husband u would shoot it. ignorant people these days i swear…join the military like i did and grow a pair

  • Jane

    Anyone that doesn’t care about the suffering of an animal, deserves to feel the same pain that exact animal feels. If someone could care less about how their McDonald’s Chicken ended up in their stomach, then they should have to feel what it is like to get their beaks cut off, to live where you can’t move enough to turn around, and are dipped into boiling water while still alive.

    Anyone who doesn’t care are awful, awful people and if they believe in a God, then he would be dissapointed in the way his humans treat the beings who are under them.

    • Brooke

      What makes you think thats how they kill chickens?

  • Beth

    Remember “Dolly”? She died very young, and from what I recall, was basically a genetic dead end. Cloning, if it does happen, will have to be refined. And with great power, comes great responsibility. Some idiot will somehow manage a frankenhorse with the head of a goat, the body of a horse, the back end of a mule, and the feet of a human. We’re not ready for cloning to become common place.

  • Azlee

    People are sick.

  • kimbee

    What about when they feed a live cat to hundreds of starving rats in ‘The Man Behind the Sun’. Urgh. Whether you like animals or not I wouldn’t recommend watching it… no special effects involved…

  • Jef

    this is cruel that millions of people don’t even care about the life but only the fur of the animals i mean hanging animals for there fur that is sick wrong and terible

  • melissa oritz

    It sad to see animal getting hurt are in film that have them killed I think that sad and it makes people think that it ok to hurt them on what they see in films.
    but it not ok it wrong.

  • melissa oritz

    It just to sad that humans are the abuser to feel control and gain power. That just makes you look dump. you people must be ashamed of your self. Don”t abuse be there voice.

  • qndqcbdiejbvcppwpm


  • Brooke

    This list is definatley not what I thought it would be. Written by a vegetarian?

    I don’t think I agree with any of this really, I am against animal cruelty but I do not think grouping all of these as ‘acts of animal cruelty’ is accurate.
    In some cases yes, but not always, and especially not when you look into how they really do it. I would never believe anything PETA says.

  • Solstice

    I cannot understand how so many people can have Godless views (PETA and other hypocrite organizations).

    Its a shock to me how either ignorant or unfaithful these people are v

  • Feed Barriers

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    • Amijane

      I’m not against people eating meat but if an aminal has to be slaughtered theres a rite way of doing things. I’ve just watched apocalypse now and the ox scene at the end has shocked me just stood there defenceless it’s made me feel sick things like this should not be on television but I guess that’s just the sick world were living in now

  • saisei

    “while fish are mutilated..” ermm..I kinda mutilate fish all the time, being a sushi chef and all that..not all of my salmons or tuna gets eaten by the end of business hour..

  • Enky

    Most of these don’t need debating, they ARE animal cruelty

  • Anonymous

    Like several other commenters, I have no problem with number five. I, myself, eat meat. This is because humans are omnivores and it is part of their natural diet. Because many of us in (in Western society as least) have an over-abundance of food and luxury- – at the extent of many animals I might add- -and are able to survive, we have the choice to live without eating meat. I still would not make the choice, but I do have a strong amount of respect for vegetarians. My family always is sure that the meat we eat was raised humanely (or at least, as humane as one can be in such a case). Still, I do not eat veal or even lamb.
    As for pedigree breeding, I am somewhat hypocritical about where I stand. My family has a purebred Golden Retriever, an animal bred for specific traits. If we are to get another dog, I’m making my mom promise that it’s a rescue.
    Animals in films I don’t particularly have a problem with, as long as they aren’t forced to work and are treated well. It seems that nowadays, a lot of animal actors are treated better than the human ones!
    I have some issues with zoos, but can tolerate them as long as the animals have an extremely good imitation of their natural habitat (not the same thing, I know, but still….) and a shelter to go inside if they want to get away from the annoying humans.
    I realize that I’m young (just turned fourteen) and still have a lot to learn. Maybe I’m wrong about everything I said, but I still feel that if something has the ability to think–no, the ability to SUFFER–we should spare it’s feelings whenever possible. Is that too much to ask?

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