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10 Astounding Actions Earning A Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration awarded by the United States government. It is bestowed on a member of the United States armed forces who distinguishes himself “conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States.” Because of the nature of its criteria, the medal is often awarded posthumously.


LCmdr. Ernest E. Evans

300Px-E E Evans At Uss Johnston Commissioning

In one of the most awe-inspiring displays of reckless bravery WWII has to offer the history books, Cmdr. Evans, three-fourths Cherokee from Oklahoma, led his destroyer, the USS Johnston, straight into the face of a gargantuan Japanese naval fleet, on 25 October 1944, off Samar Island, in the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

He was part of a very small fleet designed to support the marines currently assaulting Leyte. This fleet had 3 destroyers, very small ships, 4 destroyer escorts, even smaller, and 6 escort carriers, with only about 30 planes each. The fleet was not expecting a naval engagement because Adm. Halsey’s much larger fleet was supposed to be guarding the north flank. Halsey, however, had gone after another Japanese fleet and left the flank open.

Down came another Japanese fleet intent on destroying the marines on Leyte. Task Unit 77.4.3 (Taffy 3) initially tried to flee the area when confronted by such massive force. Evans, however, refused to yield to the enemy. As soon as the Johnston sighted the enemy, Evans came over the intercom, “A large Japanese fleet has been contacted. They are fifteen miles away and headed in our direction. They are believed to have four battleships, eight cruisers, and a number of destroyers. This will be a fight against overwhelming odds from which survival cannot be expected. We will do what damage we can.”

He ordered the Johnston to come about and attack at flank speed, charging the entire fleet alone. When Adm. Sprague, in charge of Taffy 3, saw this, he laughed and said, “Well, what the hell. You gotta die of something. Small boys attack.”

The rest of the destroyers and destroyer escorts turned and followed the Johnston, and the Japanese opened fire with 18.1 inch guns, 16 inch guns, 14 inch guns, 8 and 6 inch guns, blasting up the water on both sides of the Johnston. Astoundingly, Evans conned the ship through the splashes in a zigzag until he was within range with his 5 inch guns, which could not penetrate the hulls of the IJN’s battleships and cruisers. He ordered fire concentrated on the upper decks to do the most damage, and this succeeded in knocking down the superstructures and setting the ships afire.

Then the Johnston fired torpedoes and blew the bow off the Kumano, a heavy cruiser, which necessitated another cruiser leaving the fight to assist evacuation. Finally, the Japanese scored hits, a 14 incher, and three 6 inchers, which went clean through the entire vessel without detonating. The first knocked out half the engine power and the electricity to the aft gun turrets.

Evans was struck by one of the blasts and had 2 fingers ripped from his left hand and his shirt burned off.

The Johnston was crippled, but still refused to withdraw and set out a smoke screen. The other destroyers and escorts arrived and every man was consigned to death in order to enable the escort carriers to escape.

By the time it was over, the Johnston had slugged it out with titanic battleships and cruisers, and a line of 4 IJN destroyers, driving the latter off, until another salvo knocked the engine out and detonated several 5 inch shells in the forward magazine.

The Johnston was dead in the water and the IJN surrounded it and fired from all sides. Incredibly, Evans refused to order “abandon ship” until all remaining rounds had been fired, even the starbusts, which are like flares, and the sandbag rounds for practice. When the Japanese passed the survivors in the water, they threw them food and water and saluted them, shouting, “Samurai! Samurai!”

Evans was not among the survivors pulled from the water after the battle. His fate is unknown. He may have been eaten by sharks.


1SG Leonard A. Funk


One of the more darkly humorous episodes of warfare occurred on 29 January 1945, in Holzheim, Belgium. Funk and his paratroopers were assaulting the town, and he left a rearguard of 4 men, while he scouted ahead to link up with other units, Those 4 men had to guard about 80 German prisoners.

Another German patrol of 10 happened by and overwhelmed the 4 Americans, freeing the prisoners and arming them. When Funk returned around the corner of a building, he was met by a German officer with an MP-40 in his stomach. The German shouted something at him, and Funk looked around.

There were now about 90 Germans, about half of them armed, and 5 Americans, disarmed except for Funk. The German shouted the same thing at him again, and Funk started laughing. He claimed later that he tried to stop laughing, but the fact that the German was shouting in German touched a nerve. Funk didn’t speak German. Neither did any of the other Americans. Why would the German officer expect him to understand?

His laughter and non-compliance caused some of the Germans to start laughing. Funk shrugged at them and started laughing so hard he had to bend over. He called to his men, “I don’t understand what he’s saying!” All the while, the German officer was shouting more and more angrily.

Then, quick as lightning, Funk swung his Thompson submachine gun up and emptied the entire clip into the German, 30 rounds of .45 ACP. Before the other Germans could react, he had yanked the clip out and slammed another in and opened fire on all of them, screaming to his men to pick up weapons. They did so, and proceeded to gun down 20 men. The rest dropped their weapons and put their hands up.

Then Funk started laughing again and said to his men, “That was the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever seen!”


Capt. Robert “Bobbie” E. Brown


One of the hardest fights the Allies had in Europe was outside Aachen, Germany, the Battle of Crucifix Hill. The crucifix is still there, now a monument to the battle. Brown was placed in charge of Company C, with about 120 men, assigned to take the hill or die trying. The entire American force on the hill was a full regiment of about 500. They were facing an equal number of well entrenched Germans. If the hill was not taken, the Allies could not encircle Aachen. The Germans could pour down artillery on the entire town.

There were at least 43 pillboxes and bunkers, bristling with machine guns and plenty of men. Company C was assigned pillboxes 17, 18, 19, 20, 26, 29, and 30. The worst of these was 20, with a 360 degree turret on top armed with an 88 mm cannon. The walls were 6 feet of steel reinforced concrete.

After crawling 150 yards under heavy enemy fire to 18 and blowing it up with a satchel charge, Brown crawled again through heavy enemy fire, 35 yards to 19, and several mortar rounds landed around him, knocking him down. He got back up, climbed on top of the bunker and dropped a bangalore torpedo through a hole in the roof. This blew a larger hole, into which he dropped a satchel, and destroyed the emplacement.

20, however, had 45 men and 6 machine guns aimed out around it. When he returned for more demolition, his sergeant told him, “There’s bullet holes in your canteen.” He had been hit in the hip and was bleeding profusely. He crawled down a communications trench 20 yards from 19 to 20, and saw a German entering a steel door in the side. Brown was an ex-boxer, and knocked this man out with one swing, through him inside, and then threw 2 in satchel charges, and ran.

20 exploded so violently that flames flew out the top and caught a tree on fire. Brown personally led his men on a path of destruction through the rest of their assignments, and after an hour of tooth-and-nail fighting, Crucifix Hill was reduced to smoking rubble.

Brown shot himself in 1971, plagued ever since the war with bad memories and pain from his wounds.


MSG Roy P. Benavidez

Screen Shot 2010-02-19 At 9.12.55 Am

On 2 May 1968, 12 Green Berets were surrounded near Loc Ninh, South Vietnam, by an entire battalion of NVA. They were thus outnumbered, 12 men versus about 1,000. They dug in and tried to hold them off, but were not going to last long. Benavidez heard their distress call over a radio in town and boarded a rescue helicopter with first aid equipment. He did not have time to grab a weapon before the helicopter left, so he voluntarily jumped into the hot LZ armed only with his knife.

He sprinted across 75 meters of open terrain through withering small arms and machine gun fire to reach the pinned down MACV-SOG team. By the time he reached them, he had been shot 4 times, twice in the right leg, once through both cheeks, which knocked out four molars, and a glancing shot off his head.

He ignored these wounds and began administering first aid. The rescue chopper left as it was not designed to extract men. An extraction chopper was sent for, and Benavidez took command of the men by directing their fire around the edges of the clearing in order to facilitate the chopper’s landing. When the aircraft arrived, he supervised the loading of the wounded on board, while throwing smoke canisters to direct the chopper’s exact landing. He was wounded severely and at all times under heavy enemy crossfire, but still carried and dragged half of the wounded men to the chopper.

He then ran alongside the landing skids providing protective fire into the trees as the chopper moved across the LZ collecting the wounded. The enemy fire got worse, and Benavidez was hit solidly in the left shoulder. He got back up and ran to the platoon leader, dead in the open, and retrieved classified documents. He was shot in the abdomen, and a grenade detonated nearby peppering his back with shrapnel.

The chopper pilot was mortally wounded then, and his chopper crashed. Benavidez was in extremely critical condition, and still refused to fall. He ran to the wreckage and got the wounded out of the aircraft, and arranged them into a defensive perimeter to wait for the next chopper. The enemy automatic rifle fire and grenades only intensified, and Benavidez ran and crawled around the perimeter giving out water and ammunition.

The NVA was building up to wipe them out, and Benavidez called in tactical air strikes with a squawk box and threw smoke to direct the fire of arriving gunships. Just before the extraction chopper landed, he was shot again in the left thigh while giving first aid to a wounded man. He still managed to get to his feet and carry some of the men to the chopped, directing the others, when an NVA soldier rushed from the woods and clubbed him over the head with an AK-47. This caused a skull fracture and a deep gash to his left upper arm, and yet he still got back up and decapitated the soldier with one swing of his knife, severing the spine and all tissue on one side of the neck. He then resumed carrying the wounded to the chopper and returning for others, and was shot twice more in the lower back. He shot two more NVA soldiers trying to board the chopper, then made one last trip around the LZ to be sure all documents were retrieved, and finally boarded the chopper. He had lost 2 quarts of blood. Before he blacked out, he shouted to one of the other Green Berets, “Another great day to be in South Vietnam!”

This battle lasted six hours. He had been wounded 37 times.


Cpl. Tony Stein

455Px-Stein T

The first Medal of Honor recipient for actions during the battle of Iwo Jima, Stein charged right into the thickest parts of the fray on D-Day, with the 1st Battalion, 28th Reg., 5th Marines Div. in the assault across the narrowest part of the island, in order to cut off Mount Suribachi from the rest.

He was armed with a homemade .50 caliber machine gun that he salvaged from a downed American aircraft on another island. He fired this from the hip as he charged across the volcanic plains, and engaged the enemy at every pillbox and bunker that he saw shooting at him.

He was observed far ahead of the rest of his men, following, not fleeing, the dust-spots of machine gun fire all around him, disappearing and reappearing in mortar explosions, sprinting and firing at them face to face.

He deliberately stood upright from cover to draw enemy fire to him and away from pinned down marines, and to ascertain enemy locations, then charged them and killed 20 enemy soldiers before he ran out of ammunition. His weapon fired 100 rounds in 5 seconds.

He took off his helmet and boots, then ran back down to the beach to rearm, then returned and resumed fighting. He did this 8 times, and on every trip back to the beach, he picked up a wounded man and carried him on his shoulders. He destroyed at least 14 enemy installations on the first day of action.

He was killed almost 2 weeks later on a scouting mission, by a sniper, after having been given leave from the island, and then returning when he heard how hard a time his buddies were having.

When told about Stein afterward, Joe Rosenthal, who took the famous flag-raising picture on Suribachi, said, “Running through bullets and not getting hit is like running through rain and not getting wet!”


Sgt. Thomas A. Baker

Screen Shot 2010-02-19 At 9.14.32 Am

Thomas Baker personally shot 12 Japanese soldiers manning a machine gun behind his lines on Saipan. This was several days after he ran ahead of his men into the open fire of a pillbox, and fired a bazooka into it. Right after he killed those 12 men, he ran farther back to occupy a rearguard position for his men as they advanced across open terrain. He surprised a group of 6 enemy soldiers concealed and waiting to ambush the next group of Americans to pass. He shot all 6 dead.

Almost 3 weeks later, as the Battle of Saipan was drawing to an end, the Japanese staged a last-ditch banzai attack, the largest of the war, at night, and Baker’s perimeter was beset on 3 sides by at least 3,000 drunken, screaming soldiers. There may have been 5,000.

He dug into a foxhole and shot down scores of them until his ammunition was exhausted, by which time he had been shot in the abdomen. He then destroyed his rifle by using it as a baseball bat against a dozen more.

Another marine ran to rescue him and carry him back. He had gotten about 50 yards when a Japanese soldier shot the rescuer dead. Baker shot the Japanese dead with the rescuer’s rifle. A second marine arrived to help him, but Baker shoved him away, shouting, “Get away from me! I’ve caused enough problems! Gimme your .45!”

The marine handed it to him and propped him against a tree and fled. A third marine passed some time later and offered to help him, but Baker refused. When they found him the next morning, he lay dead against the tree in a pool of blood, his pistol empty, and 8 dead Japanese soldiers around him.


Col. Robert L. Howard

Col Howard

S/Sg Bob Howard is the closest anyone has ever gotten to 3 Medals of Honor for 3 separate actions. He was a Green Beret of the highly classified Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG), and his men engaged in black ops all over North Vietnam, and into Cambodia at a time when these actions were very sensitive to world opinion of the United States.

This is why his first two actions were downgraded to the Distinguished Service Cross: the government did not want to draw attention to the MACV-SOG. His Medal of Honor finally came because of a rescue mission he led into Cambodia to find Pfc. Robert Scherdin. Howard was a Sfc. at the time, and after his platoon left the cover of its helicopter, it was attacked by 2 companies of NVA, about 300 men.

Howard took shrapnel to the fronts of his legs and forearms from a grenade, and his rifle was blown to pieces out of his hands. When he sat up he saw his platoon leader seriously wounded and exposed to fire, and proceeded to crawl through withering machine gun and small arms fire. As he administered first aid, a bullet blew one of his ammunition pouches off his belt, detonating several magazines of M-16 rounds.

He still crawled back with the wounded platoon leader, then crawled among his buddies administering first aid, and directing their fire to better places. This lasted for 3 and a half hours, until they actually fought the NVA off and permitted the arrival of two more helicopters. Howard refused to leave until everyone was aboard, all the while taking heavy enemy fire from within the jungle.

Howard was wounded 14 times in 54 months performing deeds like this. He died 23 Dec. 2009 in Waco, TX, from pancreatic cancer.


SG Alvin C. York

York Jpg

WWI’s most famous American hero could not stand talking about what he did to become so. He was a conscientious objector, claiming Christianity on his draft notice, and yet was still drafted because the U. S. military does not put much stock into Christian pacifism (though Jesus was quite clear on whether or not you should kill people).

He finally decided to go to war because he would be helping stop the Germans and save American lives. He became well known as the finest marksman at Camp Gordon, GA, scoring perfect bullseyes with open sights more often than the snipers did with scopes.

When his drill instructor how he did it, he said something one might expect from Yogi Berra, “I was born shootin’ a gun better than I could read, sir. I still can.”

York’s battalion was sent to secure the Decauville railway, just north of Chatel-Chehery, in North France, just south of Belgium, on 8 October 1918. 17 men, four non-coms, and 13 privates were ordered to flank the German line and destroy the machine guns from the rear. They captured about 70 Germans and were trying to disarm them, when the machine guns spotted them and turned around to fire on them. 9 Americans around York dropped immediately, 6 of them dead.

Corporal York was now in charge, and left the 7 Americans still fit for duty to guard the Germans while he ran from cover to cover up the hill, shooting the whole way.

“And those machine guns were spitting fire and cutting down the undergrowth all around me something awful. And the Germans were yelling orders. You never heard such a racket in all of your life. I didn’t have time to dodge behind a tree or dive into the brush… As soon as the machine guns opened fire on me, I began to exchange shots with them. There were over thirty of them in continuous action, and all I could do was touch the Germans off just as fast as I could. I was sharp shooting… All the time I kept yelling at them to come down. I didn’t want to kill any more than I had to. But it was they or I. And I was giving them the best I had.”

He shot 15 men dead with his own rifle, and was out of ammunition. He then pulled his .45 and shot 8 more that charged him with bayonets. He then grabbed one of their rifles and fired on a few more machine gun nests, until the Germans surrendered.

When a friend back home, who did not enlist, asked him how many Germans he killed, York started sobbing so hard he threw up. He had killed at least 28.


Lt. Audie L. Murphy


WWII’s answer to SG York was a man only 5 feet 5 inches tall, and 150 pounds. He earned every major combat award the U. S. has to offer, fighting in Sicily, Salerno, Anzio, Rome, and France. He got the DSC in Normandy, when a German called down from a hilltop that he was surrendering. One of Murphy’s buddies took the bait and stood up, right into a sniper’s bullet. This infuriated Murphy, who jumped up and shot the sniper dead, then charged up the hill and wiped out a machine gun nest of 6 men, firing and throwing grenades at them. Then he picked up the MG-42 and charged over the hillside spraying it from the hip, killing 10 more men.

When asked how it felt to have the DSC, he said, “I got the DSC. All he got was dead.” It was on 26 January 1945, in Holtzwihr, France, almost on the German border, that he earned the Medal of Honor for ordering his men to retreat as the German assault on the town began. His unit had only 19 fighting men left out of 128. He stayed behind and shot the Germans as they emerged from the woods to cross a clearing, until he was out of ammunition. He then climbed onto a burning tank destroyer and used the .50 caliber machine gun to push them back. The Panzers and mortars started blowing up the ground all around him, but he continued this one-man assault for an hour, until he started calling in artillery strikes over the tank destroyer’s phone.

He called these strikes in closer and closer to his position, blowing up Germans and tanks less than 50 yards from him. He finally called a strike on his position, prompting the man on the other end to say, “That’s right on top of you! How close are they!?”

“Hold the phone! I’ll let you talk to them!” he shouted and jumped from the vehicle, and ran into the woods as they overran his position and were struck down again by American cannon fire. As the Germans were in disarray, he called his men out and organized a counter-attack, driving the German’s back.

His men estimated that he had killed 50 men.


Lt. William D. Hawkins


William Hawkins waged one of the most furious one-man army assaults on enemy positions in the history of modern warfare. When the marines went ashore on Tarawa atoll, Betio Island, Hawkins told Robert Sherrod, who later became an editor for the Saturday Evening Post, that he would put his platoon of 40 men against any company of 150 men on Earth and guarantee to win.

“He was slightly wounded by shrapnel as he came ashore in the first wave, but the furthest thing from his mind was to be evacuated. He led his platoon into the forest of coconut palms. During a day and a half he personally cleaned out six Jap machine gun nests, sometimes standing on top of a track and firing point blank at four or five men who fired back at him from behind blockhouses. Lieutenant Hawkins was wounded a second time, but he still refused to retire.”

These machine gun nests were pyramidal huts about the size of a large trash can, made of 6 inch-thick steel, up into which a Japanese soldier could pop from underground and man the heavy or light machine gun through a 4 inch slit.

They were everywhere on the island, and the preparatory bombardment had missed most of them. While most of the marines dug in and kept their heads down, Hawkins stood up in full view not more than 5 yards from these pillboxes and fired his M-1 Carbine at them, killing the soldier and allowing his men to move forward to the next one. He refused to keep his head down, and when he ran out of ammunition, he ran up to their mouths and threw in grenades and satchel charges.

These machine guns fired explosive rounds, about .30 caliber, when a simple lump of lead isn’t enough. He destroyed 7 pillboxes and one blockhouse by himself, despite being wounded early in the engagement. The first was shrapnel as he disembarked the long Betio pier. Later in the day, one of the pillboxes caught him in the chest.

He was helped back to a medic, who bandaged him and demanded he get on a first aid boat and leave. He refused, and said, “Don’t tie it so tight that I can’t shoot.” The medic radioed Col. David Shoup, who also won the Medal of Honor for his leadership on the island, and Shoup asked Hawkins to leave.

“I’m not doing it, sir! I came here to kill Japs, not go home!”

Shoup relented and the medic complied, and Hawkins destroyed three more pillboxes by the end of the day. He was throwing his fourth grenade at another one when the gunner inside shot him dead. He was 29. Sherrod said later, “To say that his conduct was worthy of the highest traditions of the Marine Corps is like saying the Empire State Building is moderately high.”

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      First off "Honour" Thats a fail and second of all stop bitching about other people achomplishments and if you are soo annoyed why dont you create your own list of heroes and explain their courageous actions.

  • Spiderbait

    Great list, great men. I think it is a bit unfair that no. 1 got the award when he’s not only risking his own life but the lives of his crew but all these men have more courage, honor and tenacity than the entire listverse community put together.
    For those that criticize them for their actions: A large number of them was drafted and two on these list were even devastated by what they had done. They also performed incredibly brave feats that did not necessarily center on killing the enemy and more on saving their fellows.
    For those that complain about the lack of non-US soldiers on this list should note that this is a list of those that received the highest US military decoration.
    It would be nice to see a similar list for other international war-heroes such as Simo Häyhä.

  • dbrownl

    @someone (25): once again…you go ahead and write that list and stop bitching

  • faheem

    Boring…I am not interested in US medal of honors…

  • nxplove

    Great list! very sobering

    but im a little disappointed about where the comments are headed.

    Yes. this list IS about something American. so what? is it going to kill you guys to read a list about something American for one day? honestly. there’ll be a new list tomorrow. get over it

    and secondly. I thought there was a rule about swearing in comments. it really brings down the quality of the site when people scroll through the comments and all they see is #Q$#$B #$#&$ [email protected]#($&#@$

    If you dont have something construtive to say, why waste your time? Go find another site that does interest you.

    Again, awesome list FlameHorse! :)

  • peacefrog

    @someone (25): First off, yes you are crying. The tone of your rage essays clearly demonstrate just how mad you are, and how full of tears your eyes are.

    Secondly, there is no argument. It’s quite clear that you have no idea what you are talking about and thought that with your America bashing you would be praised by your clear knowledge of world affairs. But I called you out of your bullshit, and now you have nothing to resort to but crying and swearing.

    Also, if you want to throw in tips on winning an argument, than here is one for you: don’t swear. It only expresses your lack of knowledge and ability to comeback with a decent response.

    So get off my nuts and get on my level.

  • Whitelighter33

    What a fantastic list!

    People wanna stop complaining and complile their own list if they don’t like others. You wanna read about people/things from your country put pen to paper or get typing, just stop the moaning!!!!!

    Loved the list, one of my favourites, and no…I’m not American. Keep up the good work!

  • pre-modern

    Sometimes i wish comments were disabled…

  • tj2017

    @someone (25): your side, what is your side? this list is through the ages, it ranges from world war one, world war 2, and vietnam! and dbrown is right, either put up or shut up! you whine over nothing and just are speaking like a complete asshole for the sake of attention. Most likely because your a miserable little shit in real life who can’t get any attention via actual social interaction and thus gets their rocks off seeking it any way they can…
    I’m canadian, a history major in there masters and i think this is a great list, as so i would love to see all victorian cross lists and any other from other countrys around the world,

  • ned

    These guys are made of metal

  • iceman

    great list…

    by the way, those guys must have been adrenaline junkies, or maybe something snaps in the human brain when one forfeits his/her life, ignoring pain and fear of death.

    yeah, they were seasoned soldiers and all but, come to think of it their buddies were veterans as well, but these “berserkers” were the ones that did the impossible…

    most of heroism stories involve an overwhelming desperation to save or avenge their brothers-in-arms, rather than a desire for killing so i don’t think of their “kills” as “murder”.

    calling soldiers “murderers”, is just another stupid way of expressing one’s ignorance. A soldier killing / maiming unarmed civilians is certainly a murderer and a monster, regardless of whatever order he is given, but fighting to survive in a war (most of the soldiers do) is a totally different thing.

  • just a guy

    @someone @believer If you hate the list because it’s American, don’t read it. Simple as that. People can write whatever they like so stop bitching them about your hypocrisy and go something #[email protected]%ing productive instead.

  • zlorwf

    Wow, i was waiting for something better from such an equipped army. But i guess, traveling the world killing people that you have no personal business with, just thinking i need to kill those people, isn’t the same as killing people defending your country. Look up foräyhä you’ll know what i mean. He was fighting for his country, not for some corrupt politicians.

    • Not American

      How dare you sir! Sure, I do not insult the honor of this man, but how dare you insult these men! These men fought in the same World War Two as you, and I will be damned if they are honored any less!

  • girl

    nice one. i love listverse!

  • oouchan

    Awesome list, FlameHorse.
    I hope to see other lists made about awards from different countries. Especially the Victoria Cross. Ever see the movie Zulu? Or read up on what happened there? I guess 11 of those medals were handed out during that one fight. Awesome stuff!

    As for the comments….at least one person is from the WBC. As for the others, says a lot about you when you generalize one group of people based on the actions of a few. Sounds like what you accuse us of doing. How sad and ignorant can people get?

  • wasdor

    i would definetely try to do what Simo Hayha did back in the day, if someone tried to invade my homeland, but unfortunately would be blown to pieces as no one can compare with the “White Death”

  • Aus

    Wow, let’s see if I can do some damage control.
    First of all, I don’t agree with war, while bravery is cool and people like Simo Hayha are undeniably badass, it demonstrates mankind’s stupidity in his inability to come up with more creative solutions to disagreements. You don’t have to kill people to be badass.

    @someone, you say Americans are the shithole of the world and it’s so typical of them to be oblivious to the rest of the world. You are generalizing an entire nation of people, just like an ignorant American. “All Muslims are terrorists”. “If you ain’t an American you’re just an American’t”. This is one of the most disappointing practices of my fellow Americans, and you have disappointed just the same.

    As for war, it’s all gravy to say “think about the men and women who died for you when you think about your freedom”. Well think about this, how does that figure into civil war? Civil wars are not so glorified, when someone dies nobody wins. Unless it’s Hitler, that man needed to go. It’s a shame he had to trick so many young Germans into going with him. Hitler was a madman, he should’ve just been put in a mental institution early on. But he played on peoples anger and fear. People are so goddamn vulnerable and afraid that they gave him the power he needed to inflict his madness on the rest of the world.

    Imagine we’re all countrymen, our country is Earth, and any war is a “civil war”, though I’d say war is terribly uncivilized.

    JFrater if you’d allow me to post a poem here:

    Sounding the Silent Trump

    The horse was battered far beyond death,
    and yet
    both parties stood on opposites sides,
    faces stern and serious, some angry, flogging in futility.

    It was a reticent passerby who recognized the scene for what it was.
    He didn’t yell,
    didn’t wave his arms and point fingers
    or attempt to point out absurdities.
    Instead he pictured in his mind (the safest place he knew),
    both parties laying down their clubs,
    nodding at one-another,
    and shaking hands.

    He smirked at his own hopeless romanticism,
    smiled at the mob, and walked on.
    Though both parties were probably oblivious to him, eyes too fixated and mouths too loud;
    when he returned home he hid his horse.

    He brewed a pot of tea should anyone get a sore throat.   

  • thejesuslizard

    Wow……I hate to say it but this website has gone downhill in the last 6 months. JFrater please try to stop fools from posting. Its funny that Americans don’t jump on and complain about how European some lists can be. This site used to be engaging, now reading the comments sections it tends to turn me off. In addition, I can no longer let me son browse such an informative site due to the nature of the comment section. Please as a human race can we clean up the banter. Can we actually have a blog that is not complete garbage on the internet these days…..wait I think that is impossible!

  • 7raul7

    @Aus (41): Dude, we are here to discuss how brave they were, not whether they should’ve been brave or not.

    Flamehorse: Awesome list man, surely not all the ‘ too American lists ‘ are bad. :-) These acts are just … wow. 1,2 & 9 were the best.

  • pdxstargazer82

    note to self: don’t read the comments ever again. People are stupid and argue over stupid things and it pisses me off.

  • iceman

    i think what makes people to think killing is justifiable is more than a “disagreement”. a right to live a happy, prosperous live is not something you debate about.

    if someone tries to take it away from you or your family or nation i don’t think there is much to do besides fighting.

    yes, politicians are corrupt, but like it or not, fighting is sadly an integral part of the human animal and denying it is downright nonchalant ignorance.

    humans begin to bicker and fight for things from infancy and as they get more means to take things that don’t belong to them, it gets more and more violent, there is no cure for greed i’m afraid. (other than being 6 feet under) ;)

  • nzall

    nice to see a list dedicated to war.

    These men gave their lifes so we, the people in the free world could continue our lives as we are used to.

    @ someone: do you really think you can win an argument by insulting your opponent instead of trying to debunk his own reasoning?

    the Medal of Honor is the biggest AMERICAN distinction. why would the US government award such a medal to a foreign soldier?

  • Ben Dover

    This is a list that all those cowardly Europeans (and Liberals in general) should read if they ever want to be real men.
    If it were not for the bravery of men like these Europe may not exist as it is right now. Oh wait, that might be a good thing.

    • Liberal European

      You sir, are a disgrace to America, and a living disgrace to these men.

      • PROUD American

        You Ma'am are a European and that is the worst of all. Glad we saved your but in the 40's.

        • Bob

          You did fuck all in the 40’s dumbass, you most likely weren’t even born. So what the fuck are you bragging about? The astonishing accomplishment of being born an american by accident? For which you had to do nothing whatsoever? Yea, so shut the fuck up. Dumbass.

      • bd

        Why don’t you create one for Europe. By the way the majority of the wars in the 200 years have been by you folks- Hypocrite

    • Bob

      And to spin your retarded logic around on you, if The Age of Enlightenment never happened (which started in Holland, which is in europe) you would be sitting in a hut made of shit looking at your fire instead of a computer screen. Fucking dick.

  • Si Si

    Wth? This was AMAZING!!! It LITERALLY took me about an hour to read this list because I read each one so many times over and over again! This is what I call A LIIIISSSTTTT!!! Thank you Flamehorse. You are amazing and such a wonderful addition to this site. I sent this link to everyone I know. I don’t know what else to say but…damn.

  • DC

    Surely Benavidez should have been no 1? He got his medal for saving instead of killing others, which I think is incredible. And I agree with whoever said that the comments section has gone downhill. No people shouldn’t say it’s too American if you see the title but some of the American comments back are just awful (see #47) just enjoy the list and be polite if you criticise it.

  • DC

    Sorry I meant No, people

  • normal

    JFrater – please control the comments on your website. Creating a forum for racists will harm the following you have.

  • Devonsfridge

    This is going to sound really bad so if you dont want to hear it… Cover you ears? Because of all the text I wasnt bothered to read it… *Waits to be punched*

  • Devonsfridge

    JFrater – Please delete comment 47 because that idiot surely dosn’t know there own history. I acctually might stop viewing this website if I see more like that. I know you cant moderate all the comments because thats Wayyyyyy to much work. But I’m british. There american.


    If it wasn’t for us. You wouldn’t be here. Oh wait. That might be a good thing.

  • Devonsfridge

    Okay I think this site has fallen to a new low…


    Although I agree with #10 and #11. But don’t do it. That would all hell loose.

  • icarusfoundyou

    Great list, well written and a good read!

    Have to agree with normal (#51), the number of sane people visiting this site is dwindling and it’s putting me off coming back. Some comment moderation wouldn’t go amiss.

  • Jack

    articles to long for me to care. this list isnt to american, its about americans ffs. i’m british aswell so, yeah.

  • Andee

    @someone & believer – you jerks should be banned from this site. Your comments are offensive & discriminative. Im not American – South African in fact. But I have NO problem with this list – its an American award given to soldiers, therefore DUH the list is going to be on Americans.
    Your both disgust me.

  • nicoleredz3

    @someone else (11):

    So true…

    Anyway… What a list… *rolls eyes*

  • Andee

    @ Devonsfridge – seriously you want comment 47 to be deleted?? EVERYTHING @someone & @believer said should be deleted. Again… disgusting.

  • lerker

    @6 fiesman, @9, @10, etc, someone. You’re idiots. It’s people like you that make me embarrassed to be a member of the human race. You’re both oxygen thieves, crawl back under your rock and go back to playing with yourselves.

  • nicoleredz3

    Then again, it’s nice to pay homage to ppl dedicating their lives for their country!

  • qwerty

    just too long. couldnt be bothered to read the entire thing.

  • G-man

    Well listing this kind of stuff does make it look like an usa propaganda list. So no wonder this gets flamed in the comments.

  • Limemime

    These past few lists are great! They are the types of lists that first attracted me to this site.

    Next list should be 10 reasons why the USA is the center of the universe. All these people complaining about lists being too American feeds our ego fuel. We are touched that our greatness and popularity irritates you at the level that it does. :)

  • nicoleredz3

    Leonard A. Funk (number 9) looks a lot like Christian Bale, btw! Awesome…

  • Ben Dover

    @Devonsfridge: Oh, I get it, you want me deleted just because you don’t agree with me. That is so typical of your ilk.
    I am sick and tired of the America bashing every time a list like this comes up. It’s totally acceptable for people like you to criticize us, but when a evil American states his/her mind that is over the line.
    Europe, and especially the Brits, should thanking their lucky stars America exists. You need us more than we need you.

    And that’s MR. Idiot to you!

  • @fiesman (6): Those “murderers” protect your right to say stupid shit like this. So the next time you get the urge to open your useless trap to badmouth the military, remember that soldiers died to give you the right to do so.

  • @Emmett Brown (14): One day, maybe we won’t have to go to war. But until that day comes, there will always be bad men who will threaten the freedom of others and need to be shot.

    Fortunately, the US Military has plenty of bullets.

    • The Annoyed Donkey

      I agree, I finally find some common ground with my political opponent.

  • anonymous

    @qwerty- thanks for letting us know it was too long for you. It’s not like that’s insulting to the author or anything like that.

    Other than that, nice list.

  • Osama


  • astraya

    To anyone criticising this list:
    1) for military reasons: what would you if you were in the same circumstances as these men were?
    2) for Americo-centric reasons: write your own list and submit it.

  • shirokuma

    @Emmett Brown (14):
    Absolutely agree!

    Getting acknowledgement for killing people. Way to go, world!

  • Andee

    @Osama – I have no words, you are the biggest douche I have ever come across. RUDE DISGUSTING IDIOT.

  • Svets79

    “How about, 10 astounding fuck ups by the Americans. That would be an easy list to make.”

    Oh, I’m sure your country hasn’t done anything that could compare, right?

    There aren’t too many out there that don’t have blood on their hands.

  • Cedy

    I never see Americans say that European lists are too ‘European-Centric’. It’s always the other way around. Hurr durr this is an American website.

  • Forsythia

    JFrater – I think it’s time to do something about the comments. Comment #70 crosses a line. A number of others do too but come on, you really want that on your website? Sheesh.

    Lifeschool!!!!….Let’s take a vacation. :)

  • Adam

    I didn’t exactly like the idea of people getting awards for killing people and putting other people at risk but that doesn’t matter – it’s an extremely interesting list and these things happen even if we pretend they don’t.

    Straight after reading this I was about to complain saying this list is too american and undermines other nations. Then I saw the comment about it being an american award and felt like an idiot.

    It’s extremely disrespectful to both the blogger and the reader when you argue in the comments like some people have been doing.

  • lerker

    To jfrater. I’m afraid this has clinched it for me. Too many morons here now for my taste. They’ve managed to take a subject that celebrates bravery and valor and turn it in a display of utter ignorance and stupidity. What they don’t seem to get, because they aren’t intelligent enough to grasp, is that this is about individuals and not celebrating war and all the other absolute dim wittedness I’ve seen here today. This is my final post and final visit to Listverse, thanks for the enjoyment so far and good luck with the future of this site.

  • Joanne

    Fisrt of all, as previous commenters have noted, a Medal of Honor list is bound to be an American list but there are similar Honors awarded in other countries so instead of whining about this list write your own Medal of Valor or Bravery or whatever list. Secondly, if you don’t like military lists then write your own pacifist list. Lastly, not all users of this site are non-American so naturally we will get American lists once in a while, and if you don’t like American lists there’s nothing stopping you from writing your own non-American list(the owner of this site is New Zealander FYI).

    In short, if you don’t like this list, WRITE YOUR OWN FUCKING NON-AMERICAN HIPPIE LIST YOU FREELOADING PARASITIC TROLLING MAGGOTS. I love good lists such as these(FlameHorse is a great list writer and respected contributor) but what I hate even more than bad lists are the morons who think the owners, contributors and other users of this site owe them everything; at least those bad list writers are willing and trying their best to contribute. I myself am not American but those stupid comments are highly irritating.

  • calvin51

    You Anti-Americans need to shut your freaking mouth for about ten seconds and think about what you are saying/writing. Military is necessary. For showing true sacrifice and bravery, a Medal of Honor is awarded. Compared to whatever your country is, America is a tree-hugging peace-out-dude hippie society. Sure, Americans are some of the dumbest people alive, but when it comes to fixing your problems your country has, I give America a B+.
    Don’t get me started with Anti-American Americans. Don’t like the U.S.? Go move somewhere out of kicking distance and state your opinion without looking like a complete uneducated moron. Same to foreign Anti-Americans. If you hate us so much, pull up your big boy pants and say it to our face. At least then we can show what we mean when we say the U.S. is going to teach you what manners are.

  • jakexxxwbu

    29 believer,
    What country are you from….

  • Holvy

    “This list really annoys me. Every single person on this list is American. Yeah, sure what these guys did was extremely heroic but clearly, the list maker hasn’t done shit all to research other countries soldiers. Typical American bullshit. They have no clue about what goes on outside of the US.”

    Sssoooooo…. many other countries get American Medals of honour? Which you get by, you know,being in the American amry?
    Dude, this list is exatly what it says on the tin. If you’re so angry, write your own list about awesome people from your country who recieved the highest award your country has to offer. Stop being so silly. Commentor #2 was right :p

  • revolver04

    Awesome list!

  • Holvy

    Saying that though, this list is practically catnip for internet morons. Some people are way too easily excited; that goes for both the ‘cowardly’ liberals and ‘meat-headed’ American Patriots.

    It’s just a list of people who got a medal ffs. If you’ll notice, no (or significantly few)personal opinions are provided by the author. Just a statement of facts.

    Seriously, some people need to take a breather before they post a ragesplosion.

  • astrid

    The Medal of Honor has been awarded to the Unknown Soldier of Great Britain, France Rumania ( as spelled in the article)Belgium and Italy.

    It does not glorify war but bravery


    how about a list of french heroes ! oh there aint any
    how about a list of americant heroes known outside of
    USofA oh there aint any
    after spending time in germany i realize we have lost the war and should of taken up with the germans as the americants are awaste of space. the jews are robbing us blind and our politicians are thieving bastards
    how many french men does it take to change a light bulb ?
    10,000 ? 1 to change the bulb 1 to open the border to let the germans in & 9,998 to cook for the germans

    • Speechless

      Please, PLEASE, DO NOT REPRODUCE, DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN!!! Grab the nearest rope, gun, or spoon and kill yourself. Want a French list, make one.

  • Devonsfridge

    I have a good idea everyone… Listening? Good.

    SHUT UP!!!

    Thank you for your patience and enjoy your holiday.

  • bucslim

    # 9 Leonard Funk’s got some serious pit sweat going on. That’s gotta be embarrassing in front of the President.

    He sounds like a crazy bastard who just doesn’t give a shit.

    Werfen Sie Ihre Waffen hinunter!

    Hah ha ha ha lol!

    Lachen laut!


    Rollen auf dem Boden lachend meinen Arsch ab!

    Werfen Sie Ihre Waffen hinunter!

    (points gun and opens fire) STFU, bitches! I don’t have time for your shit, I gotta go sweat in front of Harry.

    Ich errate, dass es nicht so lustig jetzt ist. Verschwitzter amerikanischer Bastard!

  • beerjustice

    Fantastic list, these men showed extreme bravery and fearlessness. It moves me when in a time of war men will put themselves in extreme danger and defy death to save their fellow soldiers, no matter what country they are from.

    @Someone & Believer – You children are douches….period

  • Devonsfridge

    Here we go again…

  • Devonsfridge

    Hehe, you said period xP

  • MT

    This list is a very good read and a great American history lesson. Well done FH. It also glorifies war and proves that the more you are willing to kill other human beings the more the US Gov. will reward you.

  • bucslim

    Sorry, the translator thingy didn’t exactly translate. I think I go ahold of the one that was English to Hungarian.

    I will not buy this tobacconist, it is scratched.

  • Groogle

    #3 Was kinda touching.

  • Jam Lemon

    Maybe it’s just me but I don’t get people who are really fascinated with war, obsessed even!

  • minamotoyoshitsune

    @66 The thing is that bashing any one because of country is wrong you probably saw the insults that anyone claiming the list to be too U.s centered received so when you insult Europeans expect the same the same treatment

    Oh, and by the way if it wasn’t for England the U.s wouldn’t exist so stop playing what if.


    I have never seen a list in Listverse where all items are Europe-centric.

  • Joanne
  • archangel

    crazy folk!

  • get a clue

    War is just math with a narrative stuck to it.

  • to the people who think this list is too american

    the medal of honor is an american award given to, get this americans

  • Vancouver 2010 – Day 8

    Speaking of medals, they also give them out at the Winter Olympics, which are going on right now, but I don’t think anyone knows they are going on … or they just don’t care.

    U.S.A. is leading the medal count and there are athletes from New Zealand there…

  • Alamo

    Interesting list that has been sullied by the abject stupidity of several commentators.

    The MOH is awarded for bravery, normally under fire. It is no wonder that most recipients were necessarily engaged in “killing people”- who by the way were attempting to kill them- and their comrades.

    One of the most interesting awards of the MOH was the case of Desmond Doss, USA. An army medic and conscientious objector who never fired a shot at the enemy during the battle for Okinawa, but received the honor for selflessly attending to his wounded comrades under horrific enemy fire. A great story that speaks to the actual criteria for receiving the MOH.

  • Sooty (An Australian)

    Reading this list, I couldn’t help but wonder what these men were thinking. Surely it’s not healthy for a human being to act so recklessly and with such bloodlust.
    York(3) and Brown(8) were clearly affected by their experiences and most of the rest were killed.
    I have trouble finding anything to celebrate in these stories, remarkable as they are.

    P.S. I may just be adding fuel to the fire, but if anyone out there wants to read lists based on Europeans or New Zealanders or Mongolians then get writing!

  • Sooty (An Australian)

    Forgot to mention that I enjoyed reading the list, even though it left me feeling sad.

  • bucslim

    @Max (96):

    I pretty much agree with you. The similar comments day after day after day is big pile of nuthin. Calling it stupid just doesn’t cover the problem, it is sublimely banal and hackneyed beyond any humor or common sense. Some days are worse than others, but as I sit and read the comments I really just ignore all of that accusation and chest pounding. It happens again and again because some people think it witty and cute, others are sincere, still others are just plain hateful and monumentally challenged to come up with any shred of intelligent dialog.

    But Max, this is the internet. You simply cannot stop people from shitting themselves or showing their ass, not just once, but on a daily basis. It’s as if they are locked in a underground steel vault and the pleasure button is labeled with whatever favorite phrase they have stuck in their head and like a red assed baboon with a diamond hard boner, they repeatedly hit that button like monkeys on lobster pots.

    As the Merovingian said, ‘Cause and effect, my sweet.’

    You see, pinheads, jagovs, buffoons and dweebs used to not have an outlet for thier jackassery. All they could look forward to is a quick ass kicking in the Jr. High hallway or an uncomfortable wedgie in their scrawny buttcrack on the playgrounds of our land. Comment sections on virtually every website has given them a pipeline to spray thier dumbshittery all over the rest of educated and polite society. Lest you think I’m overdramatizing this, just wait for tomorrow’s list. Because the same damn thing will be said.

    The solution is to either not come here, or skim, or just leave your own insight and not bother to follow it up. Otherwise you’re going to continue to be upset. There really isn’t any need to be, just let it go man. It’ll be ok. One day this will all die out we will all drink the wine and dance. Just let it roll off you like water on a duck’s ass.

  • tzopilotl

    …i met a mexican-american medal of honor winner here,
    known as the old man to his fellow soldiers. he was a medic and saved an entire load of soldiers from a burning
    huey. he’d been a gang leader in new mexico. the repeated
    trips to the blaze filled his lungs with toxic fumes and
    shortened his life. he knew what the system had done to him and had expected it. it was an honor to have a few
    words with him. here’s to you, the universal soldier, sailor, fleeger, i don’t think i need the bible, the koran, the torah anymore, i’ve seen prayer in action.
    good list. tks.

  • Moonbeam

    Hey – here’s a thought – How about we all post comments that discuss the content of the list? For Example:

    FlameHorse, Great job! You obviously put a lot of time and effort into composing this. Well done.

    About Lt. Audie L. Murphy from the list’s #2: he went on to write a book about his experiences during the war called, To Hell and Back . He then actually starred in the Hollywood movie based on his book, which then led to an acting career. Murphy went on to appear in 31 films.

    He also suffered because of his military experiences and later spoke out about his own struggles with post-traumatic-stress (sometimes called “battle fatigue”, or “shell shock”)

    Sadly after surviving the dangers of the war, he ended up dying in a plane crash in 1971. His grave grave is the second-most visited site at Arlington Cemetery, after President John F. Kennedy’s.

  • bucslim

    . . . sorry about the whole ‘drink the wine and dance’ thing, I was channeling Hemingway. Maybe, . . . maybe not

  • Scratch

    Flamehorse, I can definitely see the time you spent on this list. Well done.

    There is always going to be ignorant commenters on lists like these that take their time to slag the United States. Then, in reaction, there will always be an ignorant American who responds with some variation of a brilliant comment about French surrender or Europe being saved by America.

    Just enjoy the list, these stories are very interesting.

    This list shows the heroism of these incredible men in the dark and horrific face of war. I think Flamehorse went out of his way to show that many of these men were scarred by their experiences.

  • Moonbeam

    @bucslim (107): Sir – you have outdone yourself. I am not worthy.

  • Yodz

    I’m surprised there’s enough room on one website to contain the huge brass balls of these guys.

    As far as the Pro-American/Anti-American comments: I consider myself to be a typical American. I love my country, but don’t deny that it has committed (and continues to commit) its share of screw-ups which have detrimentally effected people of other nations. However, it has also done much good. I am proud of some of the things done by or in the name of America, this list being a particularly fine example. Remember, the WWII entries were fighting against an enemy common to some of those shouting anti-American rhetoric. The Vietnam entries were fighting because the French decided to pull out (no knock, it was the right move). Yeah, Vietnam was ultimately something that shouldn’t have occurred, but some/most of us weren’t making the decisions or fighting the fight.

    Let me pose this question to those who are shouting tired anti-American arguments: Does a list regarding an American military honor being full of Americans somehow lessen what the brave soldiers from your respective countries have done? I think not. By yelling your anti-American hatred, you are doing nothing more than showing yourself to have an incredible chip on your shoulder about the worthiness of your own when compared with others around you, including the USA. As stated, America is not perfect, causing it’s share of problems, but at least you can count on us to come to your aid when the shit hits the fan (i.e. Haiti, after the tsunami, and other places having suffered from a natural or man made catastrophe).

    We are mostly a nation made up mostly of caring and generous people who would give the shirts off our back in a heartbeat. You just confuse the actions of our government with the beliefs of our people. If you took a moment to educate yourself, you’d see that there has never been as large a disconnect between what our government does and our people believe in.

    • Jon


    • fredwilma

      @ yodz That was honest of you and pretty straight forward, i agree with most of what you say ( I’m from the UK.) But you say that ”there has never been as large a disconnect between what our government does and our people believe in.”. Are you not the people that voted that government in?

  • SLiK-RO

    Of course this list is about Americans…American soldiers are the shit…who the fuck wants to hear about some faggot european soldiers who picked out each others asshole..

  • bucslim

    @Moonbeam (112): You are worthy. Just continue to bow and worship please, and get me another beer. And we’re out of chips dammit!

  • Molly S

    I miss the good old days when this site attracted intelligent people who could discuss things without trying to outdo each other with swear words and insults.

  • Kurt Cobain

    Umm, where is Daniel Inouye? You do know about his awesomeness, right? This list is pretty bogus.

  • Bodybag Bob

    i just heard about Roy Benividez the other day when my dad mentioned him. apparently he was almost put in a body bag, and he couldnt do anything, so as the other man went to put him in, he spit in his face.XD

    My father works with one of the men that he saved that day. it was good to see him on this list. @ someone, can it. please. or ill start reminding you of France, UK, Russia, and other countries fuckups. for instance, the UK trying to impose rule on northern ireland. FAIL. france in vietnam or any major war. FAIL. you know what, you prick. i dont have the slightest clue where the fuck you are from, and i dont care. but last time i looked in our cemeteries here in america, i didnt see any brits, french, russians, canadians, or any soldier from outside america, buried on OUR land defending america from it’s enemies. and we have thousands buried in europe that died to keep your countries safe. so get bent.

  • adi000

    I knew this would turn into an america bashing fest. I’m no fan of theirs, but the list IS for actions that earned a medal of honor. That’s an american medal, so obviously all the people on this list are american soldiers. How monumentally stupid must a person be to not get that?

    JFrater, I must say I agree with Max. Something must be done. The comments section has such potential to become a venue for rational discussion. The people who disagree with this list on the basis of their anti war beliefs, for example. That’s an interesting point to discuss.

    Instead all we get are trolls and morons.

    It’s one thing to have opposing views, but the sheer willful stupidity of some of these posts is sickening.

  • bucslim

    @Molly S (116):

    Not sure what ‘good old days’ you’re referring to. Go back to the best Beatles songs list and read the insults, swearing and other pwned-age.

    Sorry babe, ever since the caveman Bnognk spread tapir dung on the cave wall to brighten up the place, his neigbor Keergvizl insulted and made fun of him with pre-historic swear words. Probably pantsed him too.

    Everyone knows tapir dung is so pedestrian and wrong.

  • Erik

    Oh come on people, you’re reading a list on a website for FREE. They have the right to post whatever the hell they want. Yes the list IS centered around Americans, well so fucking what? Tough shit, DON’T READ IT.

    And NO, I’m NOT an american.

  • 63jax

    Boooring, don’t care about us medals, there are bigger heroes in this world that deserved honors.Almost all of US heroes are from wars that they started. The stories are interesting but only men from US, come on…they forgot what they made in Vietnam with all the killings, rapping and stuff. American soldiers… even their army is full of gay and lesbians now, that country is going to hell.

  • Cowards

    man, arguing online makes me happy. i feel like i have a purpose. like i’m important…even though i’m just another dot in the world trying to make my point stick out among the numerous others.

  • bucslim

    In response to everyone’s concerns, I’ve written this Listverse haiku:

    I’m Dazed and Confused,
    As to why United States sucks.
    Try Beaver Ass Juice now!

  • bucslim

    DAMN, I hate when I don’t stick to the 5, 7, 5 rule. Shit!

  • haiku

    wow, the haiku guy is stupid. can’t you count? you ignorant phuck? haha

  • Scratch

    @bucslim (120):

    Bnognk was a visionary on par with the guy who invented low-slung skinny jeans, you pretentious anti-cro-magnan bastard!! Tapir dung remains the umatched standard in prehistoric cave decoration, and all of you idiots who don’t recognize this probably still use beaver urine!!

  • undaunted warrior

    Awesome list FlameHorse if you were here I would buy you a double of whatever you fancy, and we can invite bucslim @(115) – we have chips and snacks aplenty.

    Great job on the list thanks F.H.

  • flamehorse

    @Si Si (48): Thanks. :) I’m disgusted by the idiocy of the zit-faced twits dishonoring the memory of these men and trying their best to hurt Americans’ feeling in the comments section.

    I’ve never seen anything like it. I thought of mentioning, “This list is too American,” just for fun, but I didn’t think anyone would actually be bothered.

  • DoubleT

    ok, i’ll bite the bait… to avoid the US-centrism comments, why not simply rephrase the title? e.g. “10 astounding actions earning the american medal of honor”. otherwise, some europeans (like me), those who lost shitloads of relatives in the ww2 (like me), might feel a little left out, to put it mildly, especially since we all know that the us made a point out of underplaying the nazi threat in the beginning and actually joined the war way after the eleventh hour, after hundreds of thousands had already been killed. there, i bit the bait. sorry guys…


    @Those who are proponents of “the website is free, so you don’t have the right to complain” theory:

    Air is free, that does not mean one has then the right to pollute air.

  • flamehorse

    @undaunted warrior (128): Thanks, I might take you up on it. :) Thanks, everyone.

  • Complain all you want to. America is great.

  • Iain

    I had a look at this at about 9 a.m. I was going to leave a comment about an honourable mention for Joshua Chamberlain (Little Round Top – Gettysburg). Had a look at the first few posts and thought “Nah – forget it – too many idiots today.” Sure enough, popping back at 4p.m. I can see I was right.

  • M

    @someone (9): It was for the Medal of Honor an American award the author delivered on the subject matter.

  • Ijok

    Great list. Too bad people have to complain so much everytime anybody writes anything about America. If you don’t like it , don’t read it.

  • Benjamin

    What a shame that these soldiers have turned in to a stupid argument about being too american. Also for those who say that soldiering is murder I respect your opinion however imagine if you where drafted in their place. What would you do?

  • bucslim

    @Scratch (127):

    Well . . . that’s just like you’re opinion man.

  • bucslim

    your, did it again.

  • Kooter

    Top 10 faggoty reasons why europe is faggoty.

  • gav

    Wow. I’ll bet every one of these heroes would have rather been home having a BBQ and mowing the lawn. But they rose to the challenge of trying to keep themselves and their fellow soldiers alive.

    Wow. I’ll bet everyone killed by these heroes would rather have been home having a BBQ and mowing the lawn. But they rose to the challenge of trying to keep themselves and their fellow soldiers alive.

    War is hell.

  • gav

    oh- by the way, great list!

  • really?

    I just followed a link from another site, so I don’t know this one well. Is all of the writing this bad? Not only do the grammar and spelling make it painful to read (“…he through it in…”), but the random embellishment ruins the point (decapitating someone with one swing of a small knife, being drafted and later “finally deciding to go to war”). The unexpected injection of christian opinion at the beginning of story number three (of a list glorifying extreme violence) is the last nail in the coffin.

    I am a huge fan of our military, and of recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor. I love over-the-top “manly” humor about beards punching out grizzly bears. This article does neither justice.

  • zips

    This is the best list FlameHorse has done, but I still wish he’d learn a few basic rules of writing, like never start a sentence with a numeral, or find a proofreader.

  • Flock O’Seagulls

    Flamehorse: Good list. I wrote a paper on York and conscientious objectors while I was in college. I found through research that York’s pastor convinced him that serving his country did not conflict with the tenets of Christianity.

    Jamie, count me in as one of those who are pretty sick of these flame wars. They detract from your site. If someone wants to post Euro-centric lists, I will read them with interest. If you disagree with a ranking, post a well-reasoned statement as to why you feel that way. If, like “Someone” et al., you just want to engage in diarrhea of the mouth/brain/keyboard, keep your comments to yourself.

  • ames801

    Great list, flamehorse-as usual :) The topic of war is [almost] always interesting to me.
    I think I’ll take a break from listverse for a while. The ignorant and insulting comments make me want to act out like a spoiled rotten little jerk. And I really don’t want to go down that road.

  • osamiface

    I thought this list was absolutely grand!! I am sorry for all of the anti-American rhetoric, but you know, there are assholes everywhere…
    Benevides,(sp) was the absolutely bravest man on here, and he was only trying to SAVE LIVES…
    Great list, if you can overlook the comments from the USA haters….

  • kmarx

    Fantastic list.

    People like these deserve to be honored and remembered for their actions.

    As far as the whole “too American” thing is concerned, I’m all for a list of other foreign hero’s. In fact, if someone would make one I would love to read it. However, the fact that these were Americans should neither add nor detract from their amazing actions.

    Of course its a FlameHorse list. You got a lot of good ones out there. Keep it up!

  • Eric

    @Yodz (#113)
    I yield most of my comments to what you have already mentioned in your post.

    While many of the comments about this topic have been brash, I read them all. People are entitled to their opinions and sometimes, selfish beliefs.

    I really quite enjoyed reading this list and it made me think about how easy it is for me to judge the actions of those who take another human life. It is much easier for me to look at this act as an atrocity because of the very politically correct, socialized world I live in. But then I think about what kinds of places these men were in, physically, mentally, and emotionally. They didn’t wake up, grab a coffee at their local shop, and shoot someone on the way to the office.

    I think about what I would do, if armed men broke into my home and threatened the life of my wife or children. Would I beckon to rationally discuss the pros and cons of engaging in violent behavior? Would I fight to defend their lives, and mine? I don’t really know the answer to that right now, I guess. I suppose it really comes down to the nature of intent.

    Often, decisions made by a government do not always align with the beliefs of its citizens. I am a free citizen. I determine the choices I make each day and am held accountable for those choices. Those serving in the Armed Forces, engaged in highly stressful, life-threatening environments may not be entitled to such freedoms, where it comes to “kill or be killed”. That presents an individual with the utmost selfless act; to sacrifice ones life for the sake of peace. Military enlistment does not altogether forfeit our ability to make those same decisions, but faced with the alternative, it is my belief most would defend their nation, their communities, and family against those who mean to do them harm.

    Thank you for the post, it was very thought provoking.

  • Scratch

    @bucslim (138):

    Whatever. And I hope you don’t find my opinion too “pedestrian”.

  • Max

    I honestly find it hard to believe that so many people would be compelled to whine about a list on a website. Pick up a hobby maybe? Make some friends? Step away from the computer?

  • Marv in DC

    “Boooring, don’t care about us medals, there are bigger heroes in this world that deserved honors.Almost all of US heroes are from wars that they started. The stories are interesting but only men from US, come on…they forgot what they made in Vietnam with all the killings, rapping and stuff. American soldiers… even their army is full of gay and lesbians now, that country is going to hell.

    8 out of the 10 listed in this come from either WW1 or WW2. I didn’t realize that the US engaged in the practice of secret treaties that ultimately led to the First World War. And I totally forgot about the US installing Hitler in power and then funding his massive buildup of the army. I guess I also forgot how the US told Japan to attack Pearl Harbor. Learn your history before you engage in that kind of an idiotic statement. Oh and the Gay and Lesbian comment makes me think you have some internal issues to figure out. There are a number of support groups out there that can probably help you out.

  • Don

    Wow! The dumbassery I’ve read in the comments today is astonishing! Awesome list Flamehorse, those guys are sitting around a campfire in heaven stirring it with their bare hands. This list seems to have really stirred up the geeks, nerds and dipshits though. While I’m at it I’ll reiterate what several others have tried to get through to the numbskulls out there; OF COURSE IT’S TOO AMERICAN…IT’S AN AMERICAN DECORATION! I’m from Canada, but it doesn’t make a difference, these men had balls of solid rock and deserve the world’s admiration.

  • Brandon

    People get too emotional about these lists

  • MChris

    Flamehorse — Ths was a great list, like so many of the others that I’ve read. It was informative and a good read.

    Commenters — why on earth do we have to turn this into a bashing of any kind? Why can’t we just enjoy the posted list or if we don’t like it move on, there’ll always be another posted tomorrow. For some reason, we’ve turned this particular list into the ‘Great War of the Commentors’ (I doubt anyone will win any medals for postig a rant at great personal risk to theirself). So what if it was american specific? I didn’t see such an uproar over the Italian Movie list the other day. I agree with so many of the others who’ve already commented that if you don’t like it, don’t read it and submit your own list. What purpose is served by posting comments full of venom and cursing? Does it really make you that happy to have your ranting out there for all to read? Hey there’s an idea for your list: Top ten greatest rants I’ve ever posted on listverse. I for one wouldn’t bother reading something like that since I have a life and much better things to do with it.

    Anyway, FH… keep up the good work.

  • mom424

    Very awesome list Flamehorse. My fave of yours thus far. Number 7, Benavidez struck me the most. I kept seeing the scene from We Were Soldiers playing over in my head – but in real life – not just some Mel Gibson vehicle.

    What bothers me, even more than the wah, wah, War is bad crap, (sometimes its justified, you assholes what would you do? let Hitler have his way?) are the people who say “not interested, shitty list, didn’t even bother to read it”. How the hell can you know if you’re interested until after you’ve read it? It’s not like you’re embarking on a 800 page tome on military history. Lists like this are designed to help you decide if you’re interested. Unless of course you folks are all learning disabled – and it takes you half a day to read it. Geez, you guys are some lazy. And do you all not realize that knowing shit just for the sake of knowing it, is an end unto itself? So now we have not only lazy, but ignorant to boot.

  • Steve

    A note about Alvin York

    The US was allowing consciences objectors fro religious reasons, but Sgt. York put down something like Kentucky Mountain Chrisitan or something like that, which wasn’t recognized by the US as an established denomination, had he been a seventh day adventist, he would have been excluded from service

  • Seriously?

    I visit this site every day. Do I read the list everyday? No I do not. Why? Because if I read the title or the intro and don’t think I will enjoy the list guess what I don’t read it. Therefore if you hate Americans and the list is on an American medal then maybe you shouldn’t read the list and you should especially not leave dumb comments. Great list today by the way I personally enjoy historical list of any nature which is why I read them!

  • RedMan

    This might sound bad but list 9 made me laugh. I enjoyed this list though I expected at least 1 Navajo to be on here. As for the rude comments I just skip over them.

  • Osama


  • Saint Cad

    Too American ;-)

    I think if one of our British brethren put up one on VC winners it would make quite interesting reading.

  • Moloch1123

    @thejesuslizard (42): Good luck. Personally, I don’t complain about the national bias of any list because firstly, I would be sinking to the level of the other ignoramuses who do that; and secondly, I find nearly all information worth learning.

    So the comments section here is beginning to look more like a 4chan subsidiary than a place for intelligent dialogue. So what. The folks who post here have the greatest control over this problem. Simply ignore the little bastards. If you stop feeding them, they go away.

    Jamie & Flamehorse – Thank you for the hard work and for keeping it going! I still read the lists, even though I rarely post a comment.

  • Marv in DC

    @Osama (160):
    Are you sure your parents know that you are using the internet? Seems like you may have a poopy diaper.

  • @someone (9): The medal of honor is an American medal – it makes sense that it will only go to Americans. It is ridiculous that we would have to exclude all lists that apply only to Americans.

  • Devonsfridge

    Finally someone talking sense. Although really. Delete the comments. To say that europe is a waste of space? Thats like me saying the sky is green. I would need to be blind.

  • Mr. Plow

    As someone who was here from the earliest LV lists…

    I’ve always come back day after day not only for the great lists but the community of regulars. But, as many have already pointed out, the quality of the discussion has really declined. I am not a reader who posts daily but only when I can add something to the conversation…I like to lurk more than anything. But honestly, I feel like contributing less and less the last few months.

    Perhaps this is the inevitable result of LV’s great success…I don’t know. All I know is that, at least when it comes to the comments, LV is kind of at a turning point. Either something changes or LV turns into the flamefest that most other sites are and in turn loses one of the things that made LV such a great little corner of the net.

    Great list FH.

  • thebarrelabisca

    Leonard Funk looks like Jason Schwartzman…

  • Gatsby

    One does not “earn” a Medal of Honor. One is awarded a Medal of Honor. I realize this is a that’s a pretty small semantic difference, but, to me, it’s the difference between winning the Medal and being awarded the Medal. Perhaps I’m incorrect?

    I am amazed at the bravery of those who sit behind their keyboards and type with such vitriol. Americans are the scum of the earth. Soldiers are murders. Etc, etc, etc. What has happened to respect and proper discourse? I guarantee such internet bravado is not be carried over into real life.

  • Forsythia

    Thank you, JFrater.


  • Sturgious

    If you can read, thank a teacher. If you can read in English, thank a Marine.

  • Dunce

    I love this list. Very informative. Amazing what these guys did in the face of almost certain death.

    Whatever your politics, I don’t think you can denigrate these soldiers. The veterans from the 442nd, for example, still went to fight for the US even though their own families were in internment camps. How can you despise these people? They fought against a pair of brutal regimes that needed to be defeated.

    I’ve met a 442nd veteran, and I can tell you it was more of an honor and more memorable than any movie star.

  • leithold

    awesome list flamehorse. i gotta say i expect a lot when i see your name as the list author. good thing you live up to expectations.

    As for the offensive comments, ignore them. Comments like those are probably made my adolescent zit faced anger filled kids who think its fun to swear constantly. they feed on your anger to fuel their own. they revel in joy when their immature remark is commented on. its a cry for attention we are unwittingly satisfying by trying to fight them. so when you see a bad comment, just let it go. They will probably be more disappointed that no one took notice of their posts.

    @Max #96 and the other offended guys – lets not get discouraged. lets not let trolls stop us from enjoying the sites we love. go listverse!

  • F-YOU

    @knight_forked (4):


  • thermocline

    For your consideration, entry #0: Desmond T. Doss, Sr., the first Conscientious Objector to receive the Medal of Honor.

    Combat medic (Army) in the Pacific. Saw action on Leyte, Guam and Okinawa. Initially ridiculed by his fellow soldiers because he refused to carry a weapon. Later revered by them for his bravery.

    From the citation:

    “…He was a company aid man when the 1st Battalion assaulted a jagged escarpment 400 ft high. As our troops gained the summit, a heavy concentration of artillery, mortar and machine gun fire crashed into them, inflicting 75 casualties and driving the others back.”

    “Pfc. Doss refused to seek cover and remained in the fire-swept area with the many stricken, carrying them 1 by 1 to the edge of the escarpment and there lowering them on a rope-supported litter down the face of a cliff to friendly hands.”

    He was later severely wounded and spent 5 years in recovery.

    I have tremendous admiration for this man. Throughout all of this, Pfc. Doss remained true to himself, his principles and his fellow soldiers in the purest and most selfless way.

  • Arsnl

    @mom424 (156): “What bothers me, even more than the wah, wah, War is bad crap, (sometimes its justified, you assholes what would you do? let Hitler have his way?)”
    Well mom im sorry to say that you must catch up on some history yourself. The us in the aftermath of the great crash has retract all the funds invested in germany. This determined a severe crisis in germany that helped hitlers rise to power. Also hitler was given a “do what ever you wish in europe” pass by england, france. Lets not forget the ribbentrop molotov pact that resulted in the polish invasion. Dictators dont appear out of a sudden. Especially not Hitler. Of course when war started the fighting had to be done.
    The list was good. People just get it wrong. Killing soldiers is the game/job. And you go to war to do that. So i dont see the difference between one side and the other speaking in STRICTLY military terms. (when one army faces another army/ strategy, technology etc. Not when an army faces civilians. That IS the terrible side of war and that is what shows us that if aliens would exist then we would be their pets).
    Ps i hope people get the difference i tried to highlight here.

  • kidnic

    For MOH buffs please look up a few of my personal favorites, Jimmy Earl Howard, Desmond Doss (Who should be on this list), Angelo J. (Charles) Liteky. For all of the folks that have so much hatred in thier hearts that they feel as though they have to communicate it via this forum: It is that very hatred towards one another that caused these very engagements, is causing them now, will cause them forever. Shout out to a few of my non American brothers, warriors, heroes: Simo Häyhä and his comrades, All of the brave soldiers of the French Foreign Legion at The Battle of Cameron, Harry Patch and all of the brave soldiers at The Battle of Passchendaele. We fight, regardless of ethnicity, for our brothers in the trench, to the north, south, east and west of us, with pride, until either the enemy or we expire. Life rather than courage will abandon us. All of us. Peace.

  • Tats
  • littleboots

    When I saw the list heading today, I thought I would pass on it, but then I read it, and was surprised at how well the list was written, and astounded at the bravery of those who were put in such bad situations, thank you flamehorse for opening my eyes.
    To some of the commentors here, and you know who you are, it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Some of you have indeed removed all doubt.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    What a great list! And what a bunch of bad asses!

  • MouseintheHouse

    Great list, Flamehorse! Really well done. Really makes you think about a lot of things – war, destruction, heroism, memories, freedoms, life. Nothing’s free. I think this particular list will be on my mind awhile.

    That Leonard Funk, though, he looks like a stinker.

  • maximus

    man no.1 really hates ‘japs’

  • BishopWhiteT

    Fantastic list, IMHO.

    Commenters, FYI:

    “About the List Universe

    64.5% North American
    22.9% European”

    Oh no! Looks like the Listverse reader base is too American. Quick…somebody start complaining!

    Yo JF, I have noticed a lot of blogs have a filter button that can hide certain entries due to profanity, etc. (ex: failblog, etc…). Maybe you could consider adding an “american-centric” button and then moderating the comments (delete “too american” comments on lists that fall under the filter) to put an end to all of this. It really is quickly ruining a fantastic site.

    Besides, all of the anti-America comments just go to reinforce the fact that the U.S. is God’s preferred country. :P

  • azrael28

    @Ben Dover (47): please stop. As an american, I ask you, please stop. Being patriotic and being arrogant are to very different things.

    I love my country and feel disgusted when reading the comments that are filled with hate for America and of those American that show such disrespect for other countrys. I am not for war of any kind but sometime a declaration war is needed to preserve the rights that we have. And we as free men and women of every country not just American, but every country, to find new a better ways to settle our differences by opening our minds and expanding our knowledge of other nations. Not insulting them. And for those that don’t see that or refuse to listen please go die in some obsure way so we can read about you in another funny bizzare deaths list! J/K But really we need to open up to understanding other countrys more.

  • 63jax

    Marv in DC
    Unfortunately i forgot to mention WW1 and WW2 but since then all the wars in the world were provoked by you or under your influence. And believe me i know my history my grand father was an concentration camp prisoner and died there so don’t you teach me history. As for the gay freaks i guess you are one otherwise you wouldn’t defend them with such “patos”,if you know what that means. I don’t need help to accept a man fucking other man’s ass like you do. Protect your gay and do your wars in your country.

  • Yawyack


    Would it at all be possible to review the ToS so your moderators will have the ability to freely delete some of the bigoted trolling, “too American” (only when they are unwarranted, like this one) and anti-American/European posts? The comments section has really gone downhill lately…

    @Arsnl (175):

    None of what you said actually refers to the mom424 quote you gave. You used it as a flimsy excuse for a rant. And besides your little history lesson was way-fully inaccurate.

  • Yawyack

    @Yawyack (185):

    “way-fully” = woefully. Bloody over aggressive instant spellchecker.

  • Marv in DC

    @63jax (184): Unfortunately i forgot to mention WW1 and WW2 but since then all the wars in the world were provoked by you or under your influence.

    My point was that 8 out of the 10 on this list were from the two wars you “forgot” to mention.

    “And believe me i know my history my grand father was an concentration camp prisoner and died there so don’t you teach me history.”

    So what? My uncle was shot down in the pacific during WW2. That doesn’t mean that you know more about history than I do. I’m truly sorry that your uncle died in a concentration camp but that has no bearing on your grasp of history. I know my history as well. I majored in History in college what’s your point? Considering you “know” your history it strikes me as strange that you “forgot” the major wars of the last century, but hey what do I know.

  • flamehorse

    @Iain (134): I considered putting him up, but really, this list deserves about 20 follow-ups.

    @thermocline (174): I also considered him, just for the Christlike figure he became under fire.

    @zips (144): I’m an English student. I break the rules on purpose. :D

  • Chester

    Great list.

    But someone is missing:

    Just kidding :P

  • Marv in DC

    @63jax (184): Oh and by the way, you do realize that the French were engaged in a war in Vietnam before the US got involved, Right? Just to be clear I am not defending the US’s role in Vietnam. It was one of the terrible chapters in American history. It just seems like you really do need some one to teach you about history.

  • flamehorse

    Also, Jafe, that picture of #1 is Lt. Alexander Bonnyman. He also earned a Medal of Honor on Tarawa. This is Lt. William Hawkins:

  • Arsnl

    @Yawyack (185): please tell me where i was inaccurate? Also it wasnt a rant it was a nota bene- i was just saying dictators and hitler didnt appear all of a sudden. He was the product of atleast social unrest and difficulties after ww1 in germany and he had his way in europe.
    Ps: What next? There wasnt no nazi rally in madison square garden with some 20.000 americans in feb ’39 (if im not mistaken about the date)?
    @kidnic (176): dude in ww1 every soldier was brave. Germans and french.

  • Cubone

    For ANYONE wondering why there is war, just read the comments on this site.

    I still love this site btw. (also found the list very interesting)

  • 63jax

    Marv in DC
    Ok, i don’t wanna start a polemic on this topic right now, but the thing is that Listverse is not doing a good thing with those one nation orientated lists, understand me… those kind of discussions will always lead to fights because everyone knows it’s shit and doesn’t let go, everyone want’s to be mentioned, everyone thinks that he is the one, bla, bla, bla… i hope you understand what i had to say. This site is suppose to be for everyone, anyone and for a good general culture and some subjects should be let aside because of their sensibility. Take care know.

  • therush

    Should have included my personal favorite Peter Dalessondro. After helping his boys escape envelopment by the Germans he called a mortar strike on himself when the Germans were right on top of him. Talk about hard.

  • 63jax

    Marv in DC
    I know either of the Fist Indochina War and on this war are many to discuss,many circumstances, and many hours to write or talk. It’s something else, those were “imperial” times anyone wanted to expand it’s territory.

  • Brian
  • Lifeschool

    Great List Flame – well done.

    @Ames801 – Hats off to you.

  • kidnic

    @ 192 Arsnl, I agree, including Adolph Hitler. I happened to be rooting for the Brits, Canadiens and French.

  • Scotty

    This is a list of men who all did very brave things. It is obviously American centered, because it chose the men from winners of an American award. Does it really matter what nationality they are? Can’t we just remember them for what they fought for, and what they sacrificed instead of petty fighting over America’s right as an international superpower?
    Sometimes these lists have to be divided into countries and such, because “Top 10 Brave Men” would be completely impossible to write.

  • Devonsfridge

    @BishopWhiteT (182)
    America is god’s prefered country? Are we not all equal, set upon the earth to rule over the animals? Not land! If you truely have a faith in god then please re-think everything you have just said. If not, shut the hell up and stop talking!

  • Marv in DC

    @63jax (194): I agree with you that this site should not be only devoted to “American” lists, that would make it boring. I disagree that we should not have single nation lists. I would love to read single nations lists be they Dutch, German, Australian, New Zealand or Maltese.
    Your original post had nothing to do with that point of view.

    ““Boooring, don’t care about us medals, there are bigger heroes in this world that deserved honors.Almost all of US heroes are from wars that they started. The stories are interesting but only men from US, come on…they forgot what they made in Vietnam with all the killings, rapping and stuff. American soldiers… even their army is full of gay and lesbians now, that country is going to hell.”

    That’s the statement I replied to. There is nothing in it about how these lists aren’t good for listverse. Instead you A)blamed America for ALL of the wars in the last century (which isn’t true) and B) made the jump to homosexuals in the military and how that means my country is going to hell.

    Listverse is for everyone, but sometimes that means that there are going to be list that you don’t like and I don’t like. My advice? Get over it and wait til the next day and hopefully there will be something that interests you.

  • Devonsfridge

    @202 You type too much…

  • bucslim

    @ames801 (146):

    You can’t go! Who’s going to tell me how awesome I am?

  • Marv in DC

    @Devonsfridge (203): Sorry:)

  • Devonsfridge

    @Marv in DC (205)
    It’s okay, I put it into a text-to-speech thing :D

  • 63jax

    Marv in Dc
    Good point, we take some of the things to personal and we get implied to much in that. About gay there are so many now in US that even the US army is becoming worried about their look about gay enlistment in army, everyone knows that army is the pride of a country and being so many gay in it is not making any good to the look of the biggest and powerful army in the world, that was my statement about gay in the first post. Gay are not good any were i don’t know how you manage with them but i try to avoid them as much as i can, for their safe. I leave know time to bed, have a nice day.

  • Yawyack

    @Arsnl (192):

    “The us in the aftermath of the great crash has retract all the funds invested in germany.”

    This is completely wrong.

    “This determined a severe crisis in germany that helped hitlers rise to power.”

    This is misleading. The economic crisis in Germany was well underway before the Wall Street Crash.

    “Also hitler was given a “do what ever you wish in europe” pass by england, france.”

    First off, I will accept either the UK, Britain or the British Empire. NOT England. The Sudetenland is not Europe, it is but a small part of it. It was not cast away on a whim but after months of negotiations, protests and threats. The agreement concluded that Hitler’s demands for land should stop at the Sudetenland. And the UK and France negotiated alliances with Germany’s neighbours that would come into effect if Germany attacked. This was to deter any German offensive action. Germany attacked one of these countries and the British Empire and France went to war with Germany. That’s hardly a free-hand.

  • deeeziner

    A comment directly to FlameHorse:

    Thank-you for another fine list. The entries were so well written (barring a few small typos) that I was engrossed as I read them. A fine summary of each man’s deeds.

    And I also thank-you for giving me some specific soldiers and their stories to have in mind as I celebrate Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day in the future.

    Although I have military background in the form of my Dad and other family members, I haven’t lost anyone during act of war. So I thank all those who are serving, or have served.

    On the subject of “too American”, obviously I AM American, but I would welcome the opportunity to read of the Military heroes of other countries. Heroism is heroism, and deserves to be recognized, in the context of the deed.

  • the guy

    We could do a list of how many countries could defeat america in actual armed conflict, as in all out war to the death. . . it would have zero entries on it.

  • Devonsfridge

    @the guy
    Think about it, your way over the “patriotic” level. China, russia? You just assume america could win (however USA are one of the biggest superpowers in the world.)
    Also in a real war if you attacked ANY country in the EU would would be destroyed. I’m not sure how much you know about the EU but it you attacked one of them. The rest have a duty to destroy you.
    Nuclear power has almost removed the need for normal wepons. If any Big wars were to be held then nuclear power would come in, destroy BOTH countrys, and end up in BOTH countries giveing up and suffering in silence.
    Also america is silently falling in power. The numbers are falling due to the reputation of the army falling.
    Sorry about dragging on, thanks for reading :)

  • DDD

    I wanted to send the 1SG L. Funk item to some of my deployed buddies. I can find many sites that describe the sanitized version of his escapades, but I can’t find any that support the laughing part. Would you mind telling me your source for your info on Funk so I can pass it along to my buddies?
    BTW, it’s a fantastic list!

  • k1w1taxi

    @63jax (184):
    but since then all the wars in the world were provoked by you or under your influence.

    BULLSHIT, PURE AND SIMPLE. You obviously know a lot less about history than you claim.

    Korea. Soviets into Afghanistan. The Break up of Yugoslavia.

    Get the idea yet?


  • BishopWhiteT

    @Devonsfridge (201):

    :D I think your sarcasm detector needs a tune-up :D

  • astraya

    I wonder how many other heroic actions have happened, but without a witness to tell of it. Being heroic unseen won’t get you a medal.

  • the guy

    America has the largest nuclear stockpile in the world besides russia, we have more delivery systems than they do but are not willing to develop as many nuclear warheads because we actually care about our citizens for the most part, and have had more regulation on nuclear development in the past 70 years or so. however our missile defense systems are beyond compare, also our overall weapons technology is far superior. We proved in ww2 when we dropped the bombs on japan that we will do anything to win, remember the war we saved the rest of the worlds asses in(except for russia). In terms of transferring political ideology we failed because in principle you cant fight ideals. In terms of k.i.a on the enemies side, ha not even comparable. Also we have large amounts of nuclear weapons spread out throughout europe that we could just detonate with out having to fire the missiles themselves. E.U would be fucked. Plus if america completely failed and was destroyed in one moment by eu, china, and russia, then your economies would fail.

    Also we most likely don’t report all of our nuclear weapons…

  • the guy

    my last comment

    @ Devonsfridge

  • Devonsfridge

    I bet NO countrys acctually TRUELY report the right about on weapons. But like I said. Size isn’t importent in war anymore. ONE nuclear weapon could devestate ANY country, therefore NO countrys will attack.

  • Devonsfridge

    my last comment

    @ the guy

  • YomamaBinLyon

    Good list, except I don’t agree with #10. The crew should have all gotten the MOH for following their commanding officer and not mutinying. Too bad you left out soldiers from the 100/442 RCT. Many of them fought for the US while their own families were detained in concentration camps.

  • Devonsfridge

    Devonsfridge Quote – “The only true road to peace, is war.”

  • Huston88

    It’s kind of funny…
    It’s undeniable that some of these people posting about how much they hate the USA are, in fact, Americans themselves. In many other places you’d be labelled as a traitor and shot for saying something like that, but they don’t seem to appreciate that fact at all. Whatever, that’s the price we pay for free speech. Well, think of it this way. As US military, and as someone quoting someone greater than myself, “I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend, to the death, your right to say it.”

    Also, I found it kind of funny that while the guys from #10 were treading water in the middle of the ocean, the Japanese dudes from the other fleet were throwing them… you guessed it… WATER. Yeah, just what I needed, man.

  • the guy

    @ devonsfridge

    I agree that size in terms of troop number is not important really anymore, very true. However our military technology is superior so numbers are just a cherry on top. When i was on assignment, we could literally guide the missile aiming for things like stains shirts or men we could see through sky lights from a drone over a mile in the air.

    Interesting article on american military tech.

  • gay list

    i had a gleam of hope when i saw the alright last list but all that hope is dashed with this terribly uninteresting excuse for a list

  • Arsnl

    @Yawyack (208): do a googly search. It says it better or ask randall. I doubt he would get it wrong since EVERYBODY says that well maybe the depression was under way but the retraction of funds/ stopping of loans determined a soaring unemployment and the coutry turned to extremism. In 28 the nazi parti was a on the rocks in 32( i think, i cant remember all the numbers) it came second in the presidential election. So yes americans stopped and asked for their loans (i think we cant say that it didnt the us much did it?)
    j’aime berlin (i will not say the name of an antisemite) the great pm was a clock( didnt he say in 38 that peace will be in europe for generations?). A huge one. How can you give a region of europe to some dictator and expect him to respect his word. Also are so ignorant as to tell me this: “there are cases in human history when a side gave a foreign teritory to another side and not ask for any type of concesions”.
    Also i ask you! What german neighbours? Poland? Omg what a great deterent it was. So brits and french make a pact with the poles. Germans and russians make a pact together. Which one side is the strongest? They had free reigns in europe and thats a fact. And ofcourse you have to declare war when a friendly country i attacked. I didnt say the brits and the french were complete idiots.
    Ps dont be pendantic about uk/england whatever and use your logic. History is about logic.
    @Devonsfridge (218): actually a warhead cant really destroy a huge country the size of the us france or uk. Not to mention russia. But i know that russians have a problem because their rockets are getting to old and they had a terrible braindrain. We have so many russian profs at my uni. And NO nuclear warhead will be launched because they didnt launch it in the cold war. Now there is no reason to do that. People take this things like they are some military exercise. “the guy” is just playing war in his mind. Tomorrow he will be schumacher and he’ll tell us how he won the intergalactic f1 grand prix.

  • the guy

    You don’t have to play war in your mind when you have had friends die next to you, and have actually been fired upon in conflict. I fought in a war for a country i love, not because i agreed with the ideals that put me there, but because i would die for my country at anytime, anywhere. I’m sorry if having a sense of nationalism is so wrong, but hey all the europeans that are commenting cant fault me for that considering they basically invented the idea. ARSNL you are a Ad hominem pro.

  • The Truth

    1. I am so sick of people telling me to “thank a marine” that I can speak English. I am so sick of people telling me that my freedom came from brave Americans fighting for their rights. Give me break.
    Americans love to remember little tidbits of history here and there and blind themselves to the actual facts. I was born an American, and I left (for obvious reasons, the country has turned into a laughing stock) and I am now happier than I ever have been. USA – stop telling everyone that every breath of air I take has anything to do with America. The war was going on long before America got involved… just because you dropped a radioactive nuclear bomb on hundreds of thousands of innocent people you think you won the war? Believe whatever your uneducated teachers tell you. That was the biggest act of terrorism in history and shows Americas true colors as a COWARD. I breathe free air because God gave me the right of free will and I live somewhere now that doesn’t think everything has to be fought for. STOP FIGHTING, STOP INVADING, STOP RAPING, STOP MURDERING.
    When I moved here, I was denied service in restaurants because I was American, Americans are hated around the world – DEAL WITH IT.

    2.The men of this list deserve NO award. They were forced into a bad situation yes, but murdered people. Only in a hell-hole like the good ol’ USA can anyone think these men deserved anything.

    3.Americans, your pathetic, savage and uneducated twits show your true colors by countering a valid argument with things like “Europe is faggoty”

    4.It all boils down to: only one country in the world draws this much hatred from so many people, only one country in the world follows inept leaders into a useless war, only one country in the world loses hundreds of students each year to shootings because they glorify guns, only one country in the world has a real reason to feel shame and disgrace. You and your soldiers are weak and pathetic. Now tell me how much you want to kick my ass or invade my country and prove my point please.

  • the guy

    Also i went in as a officer fresh of my double major from UT not as a enlisted man so i did have other options than just “work the family farm”.

  • The Truth

    The Guy-

    You think our economies would fail if the USA didn’t exist? you must be the dumbest person alive. Please explain to me how the USA can be good for anyones economy being TRILLIONS of dollars in debt.
    Fact is, the USA is losing its “powerhouse” status in all categories besides military and is sliding down the chart as far as being a place of any relevance.
    In ten years, the USA will be a crippled pile of fat and guns with no culture and a $0.00 bank account. Oh wait… thats already happened.


  • The Truth

    Only an American would think his record in the military is something to brag about. Stop talking The Guy… absolutley noone cares what you think of yourself. Why not try contributing to humanity.

  • therush

    I don’t understand all the people complaining they don’t like this list or they aren’t interested. I wasn’t particularly interested in yesterday’s list topic (mail order brides or some such) so I didn’t read it. It’s quite simple people.

    Also the MOH is the best award to read about because it goes to enlisted men for the most part unlike the VC or Iron Cross. Also a list about the VC would basically be about the eleven guys from Rorke’s Drift because holy shit.

  • the guy

    @ the truth

    1. Actually more people would have been slaughtered with a ground assault against the japanese, due to propaganda distributed by japan at the time. Every single japanese soldier would have been killed if we had invaded. This is supported by european military scholars as well as american.

    2. Europeans are the #1 terrorists of all time. Colonial Africa, colonial america, colonial asia. Millions upon millions of africans, chinese, indians, and native americans killed, numbers that dwarf the amount of people an american military engagement has killed.. Plus hitler, Stalin, north irish terrorists, french islamic terrorists, nazi groups. All originally european or where centered in europe.

    3. Wars fighting against ideals are pointless, so therefore we failed in vietnam, and korea. Afghanistan will be the same.

    4. i think you would fit in with this group perfectly.
    Your completely simple and clouded view of soldiers is sickening and sad.

  • Arsnl

    @the guy (226): you made a silly game. I think you realise its not a game. Its not about technology or numbers here because countries can be destroyed with a nuclear arsenal. The us wont win a war. The world would lose one. Geesh its such a nonsensical argument it makes me laugh :-). Its like: if you die guy did you win the fight? If its obvious to you also that even if you eliminate nuclear arsenal, americans cant win a war with a superpower since they cant even win a war in a 3 world country.
    About nationalism: well how do you know you were fighting for your country and not for some politician? Oh thats right you cant tell me cuz i bet you ask yourself that too.

  • the guy

    There are several european countries with larger proportional debt than the united states. Belgium, ireland, germany to name a few. Just because we are trillions in debt really doesn’t mean much, we make more every year than we are in debt. It seems like a lot to you because well, trillion is just a rare word when it comes to money for the rest of the world. Lets not even get into government reserves, based on gold alone, that could pay for some european countries entire GDP.

  • The Truth

    He’s a US solider. Hes just not that smart Arsnl… take it easy on him. The fact that he can quote every war and its casulties that quick shows that hes just another American obsessed with war, guns, barbies, etc.

    Guy – I’m not going to sit here and try and have a debate with an American. Trust me, you are not smart enough. Obviously you are a pro at wars… lets have a debate about literature. Do you know how to read?

    You still haven’t told me why the US is such a powerhouse economy when it singlehandedly killed the global economy and still remains trillions of dollars in the hole. You build stuff? Nothing that isn’t made better and more cost effective in Europe.

    You should see the view I have from my house. No smog at all… I feel so sorry for you.

  • Stefan

    LISTVERSE is taking the same course as the world has…

    started off awesome, a unique and interesting list where JFRATER would reply to almost all comments and reading such a list would make my day.

    however, look at it now… EVERY SINGLE list… even lists dedicated to heroes gets plagued with hate and racist remarks.

    fuck we are an ugly race aren’t we?

  • the guy

    I understand that if one nuclear weapon is fired then its over for everyone, i assumed we where talking about hypothetical situations.

    I fought in afghanistan not iraq, i was fighting to find and eliminate a group that had ended the life of my uncle and aunt on september 11, 2001. Not for halliburton or oil.

  • SemperFi1923

    Very very surprised to not see the likes of Cpl Jason Dunham here. A man facing a situation like his where death was almost a certainty to the individual seems like material for this list. I guess i can somewhat see why it wouldnt be includes, seeing as to how congress doesn’t want much attention paid to the brave actions of those in the sandbox, hence only awarding less than 10 MOH in the conflict in the desert. 1st Sgt, now SgtMaj, Brad kasal, actions in iraq were truly heroic. Were they performed during another conflict, he would be a distinguished Medal of Honor recipient. Quit being a bunch of whimps in washington, give these men the honor they deserve. 3 of the MOH’s given in this conflict were from servicemembers diving on grenades, i know that those werent the only actions worthy of the MOH

  • The Truth

    Go ahead and throw around the word “proportional” if you want. It’s so sad to me that you think a trillion is not much because of the amount of fake money you think your country is bringing in. Compare yourself to actual economic powerhouses like China, Japan and India. It doesn’t matter where you are from… a TRILLION dollars is alot of money, and its a debt the US will never be able to recover from.


    oh and in regards to 237 – your own country is responsible for the deaths of your family members. nimrod

  • Stefan

    @the guy (232): how the fuck can you in any way criticize europe in regards to anything, whether it be politics or even lifestyle when you are an american !?

  • the guy

    I have a double major in economics and political science, i think i could handle a discussion on literature. My ideals have only sparked continuos attacks against me not anything i am actually saying, that is a basic fallacy in rhetoric called ad hominem, however as great masters of literature i would assume you already knew that.

  • Arsnl

    @the guy (237): well guy i dont like to throw words easily around but they i guess you know we europeans and the world in general have experienced this. The death of a member of a family in my own country in my own house. You as an american dont know that. You just send armies overseas. Now you understand why we are not gun freaks, why we are not tank freaks. Because we got to see invanding tanks on our streets. And we know what real reconstruction means and how much effort is needed to heal the wounds.
    Ps i cant remember when an european killed a chinese.

  • FlameHorse

    @DDD (212): I read that in a book years ago, and I never forgot it. The book was about Medal of Honor winners from WWII. Try searching for that on

  • DDD

    @FlameHorse: Thanks for responding. I’ll see what I can find. Now I can stop watching the comments and the escalating vitriol.

  • the guy


    europeans never killed chinese?? Opium.

    Healing my ass, we have a black president when 150 years ago he would have been a slave and 60 years ago couldn’t even vote. Try learning about the belgian congo and what Leopold did there in a history class in belgium. You cant even talk about nazi’s and do certain things involved with that in germany without legal repercussion.

    @ stefan- me discussing history is not criticizing europe, you taking it personally is silly.

    Also me discussing military prowess and hypothetical military situations does not make me a gun crazy american, i believe european gun control is by far superior to our own, domestic gun policy in america is extremely right winged and outdated. Literally i could go into wal-mart and buy a shotgun at anytime. Sad

  • Aaron

    America has a shit ton of problems, so does europe. The ignorant opinions people have on both sides of the pond astound me. America is the shit, europe is soooo culturally advanced. We all die. 2012!!!!!!

  • kris

    A lot of stupid comments. The US entered WWII because the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. They were simply retaliating against the country that weren’t just creating chaos in Asia, but attacked Pearl Harbor for no reason at all.

    If you enlist in the Army, Marines, Air Force or Navy nowadays, you have no power whatsoever to control why you are doing your job, except simply knowing that you are fighting WITH the person right next to you, taking care of each other so that your brothers and sisters can go home without a scratch. If orders are given by the government, there is nothing a soldier can do but to obey. Blame government corruption – which happens in every single country, do not blame the soldiers themselves.

    It just so happens that the USA is the most powerful country in the world, so there are many haters.

    Money is the problem here.

  • Chester

    “Europeans are the #1 terrorists of all time. Colonial Africa, colonial america, colonial asia. Millions upon millions of africans, chinese, indians, and native americans killed, numbers that dwarf the amount of people an american military engagement has killed.. Plus hitler, Stalin, north irish terrorists, french islamic terrorists, nazi groups. All originally european or where centered in europe.”

    I second that. Even though I would not call it terrorism. That’s a bit harsh. I’m German and I think we are the masters in killing for ideological reasons. We “mastered” fascism and we founded communism. That makes up for most deaths Americans will ever be responsible for. So take it easy “Stephan”.

  • Aaron

    @ kris


  • Chester

    “Europeans never killed chinese”

    Lol Arsnl you are one funny British basterd…

  • Me

    Only an idiot would complain that a list of United States Congressional Medal of Honor recipients would be filled with USA.

  • JohnTX

    King Leopold used to cut of the hands of native people in the congo that would oppose him, he did it to scare obedience into them. Im pretty sure thats terrorism. Hitler, stalin did similar things with their own soldiers in WW2.

  • kris

    @ Aaron

    I appreciate it. :)

  • D


    You are a fucking baller….

  • D

    Everything America is doing we learned from our european brothers, who did the same things basically for the past 1500 years or so.

  • the guy

    where the hell was all my support like ten minutes ago….

  • Arsnl

    @the guy (245): hmm you read me wrong. Im just saying we experienced these things like fearing an attack while cooking a dinner in your kitchen. Im not talking about nazis about leo and his colonies. You are so amazed this just happened to you. We had our dresdas our leningrads our londons our battlefields. Did i ever say dictators didnt commit genocides here?
    Ps: opium? You must be joking me. Thats a good one. Well i guess i found out whats worse than an atomic bomb. A columbian.
    @Chester (250): neah i aint british. I just found out that since im a you’re a peein that i also deal drugs in some strange way. But i do chinese killed europeans with them lead paint barbies. Guns dont kill people, barbies kill people.

  • CanadianEh

    Bravo FlameHorse! Very good list, thank you for writing it!

    I personally have a very high regard for anybody who has served our country. These people have put their lives on the line so that we may enjoy our freedoms. They did not have a choice then either. They had to go.

    I am a Canadian and I will never forget what these people have done for us. Just think – 10 percent of our population was sent off to WWI and a little less than that in WWII.

    That is astounding.

    And yes – If I happen to see a soldier in uniform at the airport, I will buy him/her lunch.

  • XclashdavX

    Stellar list!!!!! One of my favorites.

  • Suckme

    Waaaaaaah, Call the Amber Lamps, Trolly Trollerton.

  • yousuckdck

    worst writing ever.

  • Scratch

    Oh yeah? Well my dad can beat up your dad.

  • Aaron

    @ arsnl

    I guarantee that more chinese died from the affects of opium being introduced into their country than we killed with the nuclear bombs. But even without the chinese numbers included europeans have still had a more deadly affect on the world as a whole than americans. FACT

    And actually america is more of a drug culture than europe, more people have tried marijuana in america than even the netherlands for example.

    At least americans who where against slavery abuses started a war because they couldn’t stand it. Germans just let 6 millions jewish people be murdered. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool. Hitler published Mein Kampf in the early 30’s and his intentions where clear.

  • fajita

    @Ben Dover (66): run along, troll.

  • Bill

    Awesome list! All Hardcore! Makes me proud to be an American and a Veteran! Maybe you can make a list of the top ten (twenty?) list of the top military men/women of valor. For example; Boudicca Queen of the people of Norfolk (who lived in the 1st Century AD), would be a worthy candidate for such a list.

  • vladpryde

    Hey, you Europeans (especially Someone #9) who are whining about “why don’t they focus on other soldiers outside their country”…you butt-fucks do realise, that the Medal of Honor is an AMERICAN ONLY medal, right? You idiots have the “George Cross” or some fruity shit like that, so fuck all of you ungrateful, unintelligent pricks. Kindly go back to watching us KICK YOUR ASSES in the Olympics and leave the Internet for us intelligent Americans. Thank you.

  • Aaron

    @ vladpryde


    no sarcasm ^

  • tzopilotl

    …all chiefs, no indians. is this how the hydra was born,
    wonder why we are the global tribe who can’t get along?
    i suppose fucking and fighting is our survival gene, our
    minds cued to excruciating detail, we fail to see the big picture(pun for those of you who remember the documentary), wait, the word,
    tribe(E)=tribu(sp)=tepulli(N)=the virile member,
    why we’re pully bully pricks! hmmm,
    the distaff=tepilli(N)=t(h)e pill(child)=nopilli(N)=
    my child=nopil=noble(yes, nobles take care of their children to ensure the line),
    also, child=chieltia(N)=shield(E).
    all sorts of instruction on how to live when we break
    words, our daily bread/t/th(letra)=breath. too bad to
    waste it on squabble. nemi(N)=to live=nemyets(russ)=
    german(the neighbors)=nemiliztli(N)=life, conduct,
    way of living, = Nemesis(gk/god), ah, that’s who he is.
    hope we don’t get punished for all this rattle, no good
    is coming out of it, wonder why they can’t stop. rabies?
    ah, no, simpler than that, it’s the runner=Painal(N),
    the god of massacre, the light runner, pain, the desire
    to inflict on others, as opposed to teotl teo theo deo,
    theother. proves to me, right here, that we didn’t invent
    the gods, nor fire, nor language. hail, neander/neandra,
    our prometheus/promethea, your episodic and melodic brain
    was so full of wonder at creation for the blue planet you
    had no desire to develop politics, fallen angels know
    better than that, they didn’t worship angry topping idols.

  • mom424

    @Arsnl (175): I am aware of the reasons for Germany’s rise to power. I am aware of the “sour grapes” (justified or not) attitude after WW1. Even though we (western folks) were somewhat responsible for Hitler’s rise to power, my point still stands. We couldn’t let him away with it. Seems we did learn something though – none of the same problems after WW2 eh? And I said “some” wars are justified, not all. The last/current one in Iraq comes to mind. Besides the fact that none of this lessens the valor of any of the fellows on this list.

  • Rhino

    LEST WE NOT FORGET — United States Coast Guardsman, Douglas Munro at point Cruz Quadcanal. He saved hundreds of U.S. Marines during that battle. Think about the first 20 minutes of “Saving Private Ryan”. The Higgins Boats that dropped the Marines onto the beach; well, some of them were driven by Coasties. Signalman First Class Munro was one of them.

  • Ashe

    Wheres Forrest Gump on this list?

  • Ben Dover

    I never realized that there were so many limp-wristed wussies in the world. And that means you “The Truth”

    Face it Europe, Asia, Africa and South America: The world would not be a good place to live if America did not exist. Sure, we have our problems, but they can all be fixed.
    The ingratitude of the countries and their people we have saved over the years is amazing. It is very apparent that jealousy is the common denominator

  • Tired of Crap

    I’ve just stopped reading the comments. In the old days, they were almost as interesting as the lists themselves. Today you have to dig through four posts of nonsense to get one thoughtful idea.

    The site purports to want quality discussion but moderation allows all of this garbage. This site won’t transcend the typical blog-and-flame reputation if it doesn’t control its comments. Until then, it’s list-only for anyone who wants to avoid the fray.

  • nis

    anti-war or ANTI-MANLINESS

  • @Stefan (236): I agree that this is unfortunate. If someone has a solution I would love to hear it – unfortunately I am not in the same time zone as most commenters so I can’t moderate in the same way as I did when I lived in the UK.

  • Further to my previous comment, one option is that I can create more moderators and give them the power to remove comments which people report as abuse. This would go against our previous rule of having as little comment moderation as possible. If people would prefer to lose a little of the freedom here, I am happy to go that way. It needs to be the decision of the readers though – not me.

  • w wade

    may i direct you to the name
    Doss ,Desmond T.
    medic and c.o. won his MOH while unarmed

  • Vera Lynn

    ““Boooring, don’t care about us medals, there are bigger heroes in this world that deserved honors.Almost all of US heroes are from wars that they started. The stories are interesting but only men from US, come on…they forgot what they made in Vietnam with all the killings, rapping and stuff. American soldiers… even their army is full of gay and lesbians now, that country is going to hell.”

    I don’t like rapping either, or even hip-hop.
    Im a rock-n-roll kind of girl. ;)

  • foghelmut

    henry erwin

    “In a blinding explosion of heat and light Red Erwin felt his nose literally melt from his face. Something had gone wrong. Whether the flare was faulty or due to a bump in air currents, no one would ever know why, but the flare failed to clear the chute. Within six seconds it exploded into flames, propelling itself directly into Erwin’s face and falling back into the belly of the City of Los Angeles…..scant feet from three tons of incinderary bombs. Nine crewmen stood in stunned horror, facing the knowledge that death for all of them was only seconds away. The billowing white smoke that made the white phosphorus such an ideal marker, now filled the entire aircraft. In the cockpit, choking on smoke and unable to see, the Captain could no longer control his aircraft. The City of Los Angeles lurched over and began a rapid dive towards the ground. The only question was whether the crew would die in a fiery crash or spectacular explosion.

    Then, in the midst of the billowing smoke, an apparition began to arise. Unable to see after catching the full force of the white phosphorus in the face, Red Erwin found the burning canister by touch. Burning at thousands of degrees Fahrenheit, it was not hard to locate. Clutching the white hot canister to his body and holding it in place with his arm, Red Erwin struggled to ignore the pain and crawl towards the cockpit. His entire upper body was aflame, his hair completely burned away, his clothing vaporized and his face burned beyond recognition. For the crew it was no ray of hope…no man could endure the trek required to eject the lethal canister from the only available opening, a cockpit window. Added to that, the path was blocked by the navigator’s table. “

  • Nick

    @ned (34): No ned, metal is made out of these guys :)

  • fairypoet

    Stop complaining about a list being too “Western” or “American”. You are reading an English website.

    I don’t go to a Chinese website and complain that the content is too “Chinese”. Grow up people.

  • Madhav


  • Miyagi

    It is what’s in your heart that says you’re brave. Medals only say you were lucky.

  • Clark88

    @someone (10): Just shut the F*ck up!!! Shut the f*ck up!!!

  • Vera Lynn

    Talk about ignorant. I was poking at his spelling of “raping.” He called it “rapping.” Fool. Plus i know the complete history of rock-n-roll. Do not think you can school me in that.

    And stop shouting. Don’t you know the rules? I guess that’s a rhetorical question. (BTW, that’s how you spell “guess”).

    And I am neither stupid nor ingorant. I am not bigoted or a cow. You, sir (and I use that term loosely), are a horse’s ass.

  • Clockwork

    Today may be the saddest moment in Listverse history due to the most ignorant, mind-numbingly asinine comments I have ever seen. It’s depressingly sad that there are people like this out there.

  • Yawyack

    @Arsnl (225):

    The fact that you have exposed your ignorance about the wars that European nations fought in China says rather a lot. But regardless I will write a response to your other post.

    First off I replied to your post to mom424 because I was less than impressed with you questioning her knowledge of history and spouting about subjects that were in no relation to what she actually said.

    I’m not going to bother to get into the economical, political and social circumstances that Germany was going through pre‘33 and pre‘39. Entire books have being wrote on the subject and there is no way I could do the subject justice on this thread. You said: “The us in the aftermath of the great crash has retract all the funds invested in germany.” Which is wrong.

    “j’aime berlin (i will not say the name of an antisemite) the great pm was a clock( didnt he say in 38 that peace will be in europe for generations?). A huge one.”

    Again the situation is a lot more complicated than you are making out. There was a very real argument for Britain not going to war. People criticise Chamberlain’s decision without knowing the situation Britain was in. In hindsight the decision proved wrong and Germany benefited more than the UK and France did in the delay for war.

    “How can you give a region of europe to some dictator and expect him to respect his word.”

    Why not? Not all dictators are militarily expansionists and not all militarily expansionists are dictators.

    “Also are so ignorant as to tell me this: “there are cases in human history when a side gave a foreign teritory to another side and not ask for any type of concesions”.”

    What are you talking about now?

    “Also i ask you! What german neighbours? Poland? Omg what a great deterent it was. So brits and french make a pact with the poles. Germans and russians make a pact together. Which one side is the strongest? They had free reigns in europe and thats a fact. And ofcourse you have to declare war when a friendly country i attacked.”

    Poland, Rumania, Bulgaria, etc. The deterrent failed but that doesn’t negate the fact that it was used as a deterrent. So the UK and France didn’t give them a free hand in Europe and even went as far as to go to war over it. You are confusing supremacy with free reign. Germany and the Soviet Union weren’t allied (even though they agreed to split Poland between themselves), it was a non-aggression pact. Why do you believe Germany was stronger? Poland was a friendly country because the UK and France made it so, to deter Germany. Yeesh…

    “Ps dont be pendantic about uk/england whatever and use your logic.”

    I wasn’t being pedantic. In fact I gave you 3 options. You don’t call the USA Washington D.C. do you? Spain as Castile? Germany as Prussia? India as Bengal? Nope didn’t think so. There is a difference, learn it.

  • WTF

    wth.. is it just me or is # 9 the bionic commando

  • Matt

    @fiesman (6): Wow, that’s a really intelligent comment. So, we should have just had our soldiers sit at home, and let the Nazis and Japanese take over a huge part of the free world. Sounds like you definitely know what you’re talking about.

  • Blogball

    @Moonbeam (109):
    Thank you for that Moonbeam. Adding even more interesting information to lists is somthing that Listversers always look forward to.

  • @jfrater (276): Yes please do so, and especially block the people who fuel regional and religion hatred.. sometimes it makes people think that you are actually supporting the trolls by not deleting their offensive posts..(even though that’s not the case) and people new to the site may never want to visit again simply because of their hurt sensibilities.

  • T

    I love this list, and am in awe of the men who appear on it. I’m grateful for all they did for the United States. God bless them.

  • T

    I love listverse, I learn so many new things. I try to investigate and read further on the info I learn here. Good job on today’s list Flamehorse, and thank you JFrater for a great website.

  • Chris

    A lot of you idiots have extreme difficulty when it comes to reading comprehension. Of course there are only going to be Americans on a list for an AMERICAN MEDAL. Retards. Great list especially on the anniversary of the battle of Iwo Jima. Go USA.

  • VikaS

    @jfrater (276):

    I think the responsibility is yours. I loved reading lists here and the comments. The pasts months the anti-americanism got so bad I had to sign up and make a mockery of it.

    If you would have taken a stand and tried to make people be civil it would not have gotten to this point. The problem is the fact you dislike most things America stands for so is hard for you to say stop.

  • deeeziner

    @jfrater (276):

    Since you have placed the subject into the open forum of the site, I shall place my opinion likewise.

    Although I recognize that the desires of the readers here at site are starting to lean towards extra moderation, the selection of WHICH comments to be deleted opens the door to the dreaded “CENSORSHIP” concept.

    Proper moderation that doesn’t become censorship would require the need for individuals who have the integrity to adhere to guidelines that avoid arbitrary censorship. That’s a tall order that would need a lot of planning to execute properly without stepping on the commenter’s toes here.

    And I don’t think it would satisfy the readers even then.

    So, though it may be rather tedious for the folks here who try to be open-minded and constructive to have to tolerate such polarly myoptic views, these views are still the opinions of other readers. And as such, these less popular or truly ignorant comments cannot in good conscience be censored out of the site. (bummer)

    My personal experience of life (so far) is that everything tends to run in cycles, or tides. I have faith that this will hold true here at site as well.

    I do regret reading that long time regulars here at site are deciding to leave. But I also notice that many other names that I recognize from the past still DO show back up from time to time. So apparently you still have a site that keeps people checking in at the very least.

    Since your post #276, I have only read one other comment on the subject. Perhaps my long winded response to you will motivate other readers here with some valid and helpful words as well.

  • 63jax

    This is bullshit Listverse should never post this kind of list anymore to make only one nation proud which we all know is not the case the world is not a better world with US wars,or anybody’s wars for that matters. Don’t post lists like this and it will all be all right.

  • deeeziner

    Sorry. Two other comments in response.

  • phishman2112

    No Forrest Gump?

  • Yawyack

    @jfrater (276):

    I feel like most of the trouble can be solved with no longer tolerating the “too American” type of comments when they are unwarranted. People commenting on a Medal of Honor, a baseball list or just a general interesting facts list as “too American” are just trolling and they soon develop into regional bigoted dick-waving comments and debates. However if on a list about say “Top 10 Greatest Scientific Achievements of the 20th Century”, it overtly focuses on the US and fails to recognise things like Dolly the sheep, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Soviet Union’s first man in space, etc. then the comments should stand.

  • Snake

    So many idiots commenting here.

  • AcePro

    If you don’t like the list because it is too American-centric, then make a list of your own. Nobody is stopping you. You’re just too lazy to make a list of your own or your country doesn’t have 10 people worth commemorating. Prove me wrong and quit your bitching. I see enough American Lists on this site because there seems to be more Americans that aren’t too lazy to make a list of their own and they have something worth posting. Whinny bitches.

  • daxxenos

    You Europeans are absolutely right! There is no conceivable reason ANY American should have died to defend such a slimy bunch of sub-humans. We would have been well shut of the lot of non-Aryans of both Eastern and Western Europe.

    The hundreds of thousands of American who died shows just how ignorant we are. To prevent the Germans from aquiring all that Lebensraum they were entitled to without out even bothering to take everything as a benefit of conquest. Think of the loot we ignored! Think of all the limeys Hitler could have gassed, those who didn’t grovel, like the Vichy French. The Poles, Czechs, Dutch, Russians and all the other slaves would have made good workers, until they starved to death.

    But, it’s OK, your Governments will take you from cradle to grave. All you have to do is give them your souls…

  • hansie

    @someone (9):
    this is a list of recipients of the medal of honor, that is given in america, you stupid hick, so normally the recipiens would be american. i’m not american, and i dont like america, but dont insult yourself with your stupidity, fuck!

  • @VikaS (297): Obviously you don’t know me well – I approve every list that shows on this site – that means that I approved this “too American” list. If I disliked all that is American it wouldn’t have appeared. I am not American but I do, generally, like most things about the US.

  • @VikaS (297): Oh – I should also point out how interesting it is that I am the one allowing freedom of speech (by letting anti-Americans post their silly comments) while you are the one telling me to restrict other’s freedom of speech (and calling me anti-American). Maybe you should ponder that one a little.

  • @Yawyack (302): I agree with you – henceforth all “too american” comments will go to moderation so we can decide whether it is a troll or not.

  • identiaetlos

    Great list.

    I am pleased to see Commander Evans included. His actions that day did much more than to save his ship, but all of Taffy 3, the Allied invasion forces that were attempting to retake The Philippines, but perhaps the entire Allied operation in the Pacific Theatre.

    Admiral Halsey had sent 3rd Fleet, composed of larger vessels and attack carriers to intercept a Japanese expeditionary force leaving Taffy 3 without their support. Later on, it was suspected that this expeditionary force was sent to divert forces away from San Bernardino Strait to allow Admiral Kurita’s forces easy access to it, and thus give them the opportunity to thwart the invasion.

    What was so remarkable is that Taffy 3 was mostly escort carriers, destroyers, destroyer escorts and other smaller support vessels that were extremely lightly armored and undergunned for the forces in front of them.

    They were caught entirely by surprise by Admiral Kurita, in what turned out to be the Japanese Center Force: Four battleships (including the Yamato), six heavy cruisers, two light cruisers and eleven destroyers. It was the most powerful Naval taskforce the Japanese had sent since Midway.

    Commander Evans and the captains of the other destroyers and destroyer escorts that participated actually executed one of the oldest Naval tactics called, “crossing the T”.

    What that refers to is a group of ships that are advancing in a straight line. The intercepting force, crosses in front of them perpendicular to the line, so the intercepting ships are broadside to the bow of the lead ship.

    Since most Naval vessels at the time had their largest guns on their port and starboard flanks, it allows that intercepting force to use their main guns, whereas the ships which are being intercepted have a limited number of gun batteries and the gun batteries on the forecastle are smaller in caliber than the main guns.

    This is probably the gutsiest execution of “crossing the T” in Naval history–certainly in US Naval history.

    The Johnston was confirmed to have scored damaging hits on four Japanese vessels. Including one on a battleship, and one shot that blew the bow off a heavy cruiser.

    The damage done to the Japanese Navy was devastating. Most of the large ships that suffered damage during the engagement were laid up for several months–most never fought again.

    Just amazing.

  • 7raul7

    @jfrater (309): Yup, it’ll save time as well as our tempers.

    Is another re;ated list gonna follow ?

  • Holvy

    @jfrater (308):

    Ooh wow. Didn’t think of that, I was gonna suggest an ‘angry commentor admin’ or something like it to try and wrangle the comments section but that’s a damn good point. Still, someone mentioned that their kid can no longer browse the site because of the comments setion, so maybe it just needs a swear word block or an administrator that deletes comments that are clearly trying to be unecessarily profane.
    Ooorrr maybe you’re kinda cross of people telling you what needs to be done with the site. Rage commentators or not I still love the site and its authors.

    Also, let’s give a big hand to the comments section as it’s tried so very very hard to get back on track.

  • VikingBerserker

    Why would anybody read a list on a topic they don’t like, or about a nation they don’t like and then spend their time commenting on why they hated the topic?

    Why would anybody say they loved the list, but are going to stop reading the list because of the comments? Why not just read the list and not the comments?

    FlameHorse, well done on this list.

  • misterecks

    Good list.

    If you don’t like the U.S., don’t read the list. It is a list about U.S. MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENTS, thus non-citizens are not eligible. So stop whining. And remember, without the U.S., half the world would probably be speaking German and reading Mein Kampf.

  • confused_soldier

    Huh, I was just gunna add that Tech 5 Eric Gibson should be on the list. Great list though, I didn’t know that CMD Evans won the medal for Taffy 5.

  • angry_dissenter

    @misterecks (314):
    “And remember, without the U.S., half the world would probably be speaking German and reading Mein Kampf.”

    What a heap of crap! All the rest of the world except bloody americans know that it was the USSR who won the WWII. Do you study history in schools at all? Next thing you tell me would be that the wheel was also invented in the US.

  • Clark88

    @angry_dissenter (316): No one doubts that the Russians greatly helped win the War, but let’s not pretend they won it singlehandedly. In addition to the Eastern Front, there was also the Western Front and the Pacific Theater. The War may not have been won if it wan’t for the USSR or United States.

  • me


  • VikaS

    @jfrater (308):

    I never said censor your own site. There is no such thing as censorship on a private site anyways.

    I simply said you should have come out a lot sooner and said keep it civil. You think I like scrolling down and reading dozens of unwarrented negative comments about my adopted country? It would be ok if there was a reason. There is no good reason for 90% of the negative comments against the US by the idoits who are posting.

  • tzopilotl

    …worthless and gratuitous comments should be moderated, ad hominem is not the way to go and it is cowardly, if
    a contributor is so obdurate he/she can’t follow the norms
    of socialbility, then let them return to their mirror as
    they are just getting off on themselves and damaging the
    rest of us, let them return to their soledad as they are
    loners who are driving themselves crazy and want everyone
    else to share their pain.

  • Kyle

    By far the worst thing about the internet is the multitude of sad, pathetic people who hide behind their keyboards making negative, cynical comments.

  • VikaS

    @angry_dissenter (316):

    stalin was incompetant. If the USSR had to fight Japan as well..things would have been differn’t. Things were lost until Zhukov came from East to secure Moscow.

    You seem to thik it was a good thing for the countrys liberated by the Soviets? That is pretty disgusting as well.

  • Chuck Norris

    Wow I did not know I was born before as Roy Benavidez!

  • Aaron

    the comments on this list only turned sour once people started making comments about the list being about americans, and not about the topic at hand. Also i can hint sarcasm and humor in over half the comments on both sides of the “argument”. People are to concerned with how people comment on a list page in a virtual medium, a expansion of simple human nature via technology. WHO CARES.

  • Chuck Norris

    Well to those guys that seem to think America DIDN’T have any good contribution to human progress…..

    wait till I come knocking on your door. :)

  • Aaron

    @ jfrater

    Trying to regulate the comments on here to that specific of a point seems overly tedious, people should be allowed to say what they want, however i think any comments just ridiculously attacking people personally instead of discussing the topic at hand, should be deleted.

  • Flecktarn

    All these men have big, cast iron testicles…

    Also if you’re not interested or think its boring don’t comment, simple.

  • Haha

    Awesome list!

    America should go to war with every country and wipe them off the map just so listverse can me more American.

  • your momma

    to all you peace lovers, as long as there’s humans, there will always be war~ d-uh

    dunt like it?

    just go kill urselves n reincarnate into an animal and die again to fed those humans who fought for peace…

    dunt like it?

    blame ur whoever God that made humans in the 1st place…

    why we always have war? coz ppl who like to make stupid comments bout “this is so american-ize list” wants cock jerking lives in their basement

  • Maggot

    @jfrater (309): I agree with you – henceforth all “too american” comments will go to moderation so we can decide whether it is a troll or not.

    Goodbye Winston, we hardly knew ye.

  • Aaron

    american murder death killer soldiers shielding a man and his child. . .

  • ProudPD

    Audie Murphy is often cited as America’s most decorated war veteran. However, the Guinness Book of World Records lists Urban as “the Most Combat-Decorated Soldier in American History”. It should be noted however that, while Urban may exceed Murphy by number of awards, he did not receive the Distinguished Service Cross, America’s second-highest decoration for valor. It could be argued, however, that Murphy was equaled, if not surpassed, in combat awards (especially when they were awarded for separate actions) by Lieutenant Robert L. Howard, the U.S.’s most highly-decorated soldier of the Vietnam War.[1]

  • tzopilotl

    …one soldier(now a coronel)wanted only one thing out of service, the medal of honor. he fell on a live grenade.
    it didn’t go off. they gave him the silver star.
    if the grenade had gone off he would have gotten the MOH.
    do you think the brass made the right decision?
    should the coronel sue the enemy munitions factory for faulty product?

  • angry_dissenter

    The list is actually very good. The comments suck.

    I don’t want to start the ‘who won the WWII’ discussion and don’t want to diminish anyone’s role in it. Everybody played their parts, although it’s worth noting that most of Europe bowed to Nazis, and it was the USSR who after taking great losses turned the Germans back and drove them all the way to Berlin, finally putting the Soviet flag over the Reichstag. The US didn’t enter the war at all until Pearl Harbour events.

    What I don’t like is that American govt through propaganda and education system makes their citizens believe that they are the greatest nation and saviour of the world. They twist historical facts and even common sense to inspire pseudo-patriotism. That’s where the ‘thank the marine’ lies come from. It’s just a very handy myth to control people’s minds. If you have seen the movie ‘Wag the Dog’, you know what I’m talking about (if not, go see it, it’s a brilliant movie). And all this crap is only needed to justify local wars that the US wages all around the world (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and many smaller ones, e.g. in Africa) to get oil and money, and test new weapons.

    Thank goodness, most Americans whom I happened to spoke to are nice and intelligent people. But it looks like ignorance is the official policy of the US towards their own citizens.

  • Kuro

    Jesus Christ, no one gives a damn about everyone else’s bitching. Yes, I do realize that I am adding fuel to the flame, but I am doing it not to linger around and cause a shit storm, but to hopefully make these other dumb-asses realize: No one, not a single one, wants to hear the bitching.

    The Medal of Honor is an American reward, you’ll see no one who is not in the American army. I’m sorry, but that’s the fact. Get over it you America-haters.

    Okay– cool, the topic is uninteresting to you. Great. But sadly, I don’t recall seeing any comment that says “Do you think this is boring? Post it here!” No. That comment does not exist. Just stop it, no one gives a damn. If it’s boring, back out and don’t come back to it. Enough said.

    Good topic; I for one, found it interesting enough.

  • woody

    great article, but one glaring error:
    CPL Tony Stein was not carrying a fifty cal- it is physically impossible for a man to carry and fire it from the hip.The machine gun was a .30 cal- it was the aircraft version of the infantry Browning Machine Gun. Mutiple were made by numerous Marines over the course of the Pacific Campaign. It was amazing weapon nicknamed “The Stinger”-pieced together from a .30 cal machine gun, an M1 Garand, and a BAR.

  • Johnathan

    Some of the comments left on here are remarkably foolish. The absence of logic is clearly evident in both the angry dissenter’s case and a host of other comments made by the ignorant. Everyone hates America but where would you all be without us? All of Europe would be speaking German and the bleeding hearts, who already live in la la land, would be prohibited from voicing their ridiculous comments.

  • woody

    The Soviets did fight the Japanese on a limited scale in China

  • tzopilotl

    …the quachics(aztec)=shaved heads were the indian version of MOH, they went mad in battle. however,
    the war principle was based on the birthing cycle
    of their women, i.e., you had to bring your prisoner
    in alive and as unblemished as possible. the prisoner
    called you, father, and you called him, son. he was
    offered to the gods, fi you mistreated your prisoner
    you took his place on the sacrifice stone.
    the women who died in childbirth were considered warriors also. the ones who died in first childbirth became the tzitzimine(N)=lady darts/demons/inhabitants of the air, precursors of the greek furies, their leader is itzpapalotl=(N)=obsidian butterfly, who has claws on her elbows and knees as well as hands and feet, perhaps symbol of the pyroclastic surges of volcanoes.
    there were massacres also, that’s where Painal,
    the runner comes in, paina(N)=to run lightly=pain(E).
    the individual combat was much like that in the Iliad, they used quilted cotton armor.
    you had to be a real athlete to fight in bygone days,
    it made war more sporting and noble than the slaughter
    house it has become since the gun=g/conetl(N)=rabbit.
    gun may not be rabbit, simply, con(N/which starts as
    a relative pronoun from on(N)=on(E), meaning, with).
    a supporting example of this usage is the derivation
    of the oldest weapon=uipana(N)=call the people into line:

  • VikaS

    @woody (338):

    It was tiny engagments. 2/3 of Soviet forces were in East as defence against Japan when germany invaded Russia!. TheUS was able to assure incompetant Stalin they would take care of Japan. Then Zhukov took those troops and saved Russia.

    Just google Zhukov you will find the evidence.

    Russia declared war on Japan in Aug 1945 after Germany surrendered.

  • woody

    I was just pointing out that the Soviets DID combat the Japanese on a limited scale.
    In some cases, they convinced entire Japanese Garrisons without firing a shot by dropping paras and/or landing forces in the vicinity and, upon approaching the Garrison Commanders and announcing that “troops were in the area” (they weren’t), the Garrison Commanders surrendered rather than face the “red hordes”. Soviet forces in the east also fought the Japanese before the declaration of war-again, a very small group, but I think their efforts should be recognized more than they are.
    I know much of what Zhukov did and how the war went. I will not claim to be an expert, but I just wanted to point out the fallacy that abounds in many history books-the fact that the Russians did nothing to fight the Japanese.
    I also appreciate your intelligent comments instead of starting a “whose country has the bigger wee wee” contest

  • flamehorse

    @7raul7 (311): There will be more. :)

    @woody (341): The good ol’ USofA has the biggest wee wee. We named it Florida, and we’re perpetually wee weeing on Cuba.

  • k1w1taxi

    @jfrater (309):
    Not before time.

    Personally I feel the site does need more moderation currently. Sure it may create some possible censorship conundrums, but better that than the torrent of pure simple trolling that seems to afflict every list these days.


  • woody

    Ok..that was by far the most amusing comment of the thread. You sir win the intertubez for the Florida comment.

  • whathappened?

    First of all, another very well written list Flamehorse! I couldn’t stop reading once I started, though I admit this is not a topic of interest for me usually. Secondly, while I do not condone war, it may sometimes be necessary in order to preserve peace, as has been stated before I am sure. Soldiers fighting for their country and willing to sacrafice their lives for what they believe in ARE heroic in my opinion. The America-bashing made me giggle a little bit, as it has become a bad ongoing joke on LV as of late. But back to the reason I post this comment…
    All you Listverse veterans, who have been reading and leaving intelligent comments for years, and who have learned countless useful things (and some you wish you didn’t learn), I call to you! Don’t be so quick to abandon LV simply because of the latest surge of idiotic comments. You may still read the wonderful lists and leave insightful comments for others to learn from, simply by skipping the comments that are clearly just trying to add fuel to the fire, or by skipping the comments section altogether. Myself, and many others, would miss your witty banter too much, and I am sure Jaime would love the support you provide by reading each day :) Sorry for the lengthy post and goodnight!

  • buntzi

    Good Morning ListVerse people! I’m new in the comments, but I’m reading the site since something like 3 or 4 months, daily (plus view random list every now and then :) ). I’ve decided to add a comment because some of the veterans discussed ’bout quitting LV. Please DON’T! Just don’t feed the trolls and they’ll die in the dust.
    Great list, awesome work Flamehorse! Some very fine example of how people can conquer their fears and do amazing things risking their lives on the line. It would be great to have similar lists form allover the world.
    Too bad for a lot of lousy comments. And no, I’m not American.

  • likelyguy

    I for one am fascinated by the comments section; it definately gives you a free view of the most base of our collective culture. For example:

    Someone: “How about, 10 astounding fuck ups by the Americans. That would be an easy list to make.”

    SLiK-RO – “…American soldiers are the shit…who the fuck wants to hear about some faggot european soldiers who picked out each others asshole…”

    I’d like to take the time to thank the following submitter for restoring my faith in our collective culture who wrote this,

    Scratch – “There is always going to be ignorant commenters on lists like these that take their time to slag the United States. Then, in reaction, there will always be an ignorant American who responds with some variation of a brilliant comment about French surrender or Europe being saved by America.
    Just enjoy the list, these stories are very interesting.”

    Don’t change the comments section.It’s a chance to laugh, shake your head, shake with silent rage or nod your head in silent agreement. (That, and it’s better than what’s on T.V. tonight.)

    Sorry for the length of this post, but I’d also like to add, “Good list, FlameHorse…” and “No, I’m not American.”

  • flamehorse

    @woody (344): Thankee. :)

  • VGV

    I’m shocked at the fanatical nationalism on display here. Remember Mussolini, Hitler etc … don’t people ever learn ?

  • VGV

    P.S. Referring on the comments

  • Vera Lynn

    k1w1taxi (343) This is neither here nor there, but your comment is one of my favorite numbers. 343 is 7^3.
    Cheers, Lee.
    Vera Lynn

  • Vera Lynn

    flamehorse (348) Did you intend that to rhyme with “Yankee?” Haha! ;)

  • Cutty

    To all of you idiots who say this is slanted towards US troops please check the heading. The MOH is awarded ONLY to US troops. That’s why only US troops are mentioned

  • breezy

    you say we americans are the scum of the earth but who does everyone ask for help when needed? and who comes to the rescue?

  • Triel

    List was wonderfull! Thought of an include: Mr Audie Murphy had Malaria for almost his entire service, he also had parts of what he actually did taken OUT of “To Hell and Back”, for fear people would think it was a lie.

    As for the comments, it really just made me sad. You’re stupid cuz you livee here, or believe this, or don’t agree with me on that. Its the reason -as previously stated- that conflicts start. So I guess Bullworth was right, although not completely:

    One Nation, One Color, One Creed, One SEX. Or else Violence.

    My spanish teacher’s poster: We are the WORLD, do you speak our language?

    I know its cliche, but honestly…if you were an alien, would you even consider coming near us? All we do is fight and blame others. Sound like a neighbor YOU want?

  • abr

    oh listverse, as an american i have to say one of the most badass special ops guys is a kiwi names Bill Apiata.

    wiki article

    seriously, all the American hate…retarded on so many levels

  • wendell

    Let someone/nobody and all the other anti American trash make their own list, of whatever trash they admire in whatever craphole nation they live in.

    It would be a pleasure to be at war with their kind.

  • tzopilotl

    …i blame all the low-brow comments on lack of exercise
    and the tendency to couch potato in their own stew,
    being not happy with themselves in any real sense.

  • Xavier


    If the USSR didn’t invade Berlin, then we would have. I think it’s funny though how you hate Americans for our “arrogance”, yet you stick up for Joseph Stalin lol

  • Struth

    Great list Flamehorse, thank you for improving my general knowledge once again with these inspiring stories of courage and sacrifice. The story of LCmdr. Ernest E. Evans I found particularly inspiring and the bravery, quick thinking and sense of humour from 1SG Leonard A. Funk was just amazing. I hope this inspires others to write a list about their respective countries stories of bravery, top ten winners of a VC in the Gallipoli campaign perhaps?

  • alexman

    any retard who comes on this list and says its too american,not interesting or that soldiers are murderers should be shot by any one of these brave heroes.

    (p.s i’m not american myself)

  • MayoGalway

    No need to rank them. These are easily 10 of the more famous recipients. However i’m sure that you could find 10 more to replace these whose stories are equally heroic.
    T Stein running back’n forth 8 times, each time carrying a fellow Marine dodging enemy fire>Crazy Brave! “He ain’t heavy he’s my brother.” Warrior Code.
    It applies to the military as it does to the “Boystown” mythos. Sharing, caring, sacrifice.

  • Randy

    Cpl. Tony Stein was not in d day. that is wrong. he was a marine, they weren’t in normandy. Am I the only one who noticed this?


  • Radiobrat78

    As the grandson of a WWII vet, and cousin to an Iraq vet, I think you for this list.

    Fact: War is horrific.
    Fact: People are killed during war.
    Fact: We enjoy the ability to bitch about it because of the people on this list.

    The next time you want to belittle a soldier, imagine yourself in their shoes. I couldn’t do what they did, I know this for a fact.

    I am NOT saying to shut up or anything like that, on the contrary, these men gave us the right to do precisely the opposite.

  • Mbengo

    I am from Ghana.

    Americans are all Nazis because of the Dulles brothers and Montauk experiement where Preston Nichols proved the ate children.

    Europeans are all Nazis because of Hitler.

    The Rothschilds of London funded the Nazis which makes every white person a potential Nazi.

    Disgusting whites.

  • ProudPD

    I had the high honor of meeting Benevediz before he died and obtained his autograph in his book. Generally speaking his actions are considered one of the more truly brave MOH incidents of all time.

    I dont know what all the bickering and cursing is all about. This is simply a list compiled by one person who chose MOH recipients who in his personal opinion are the ten most daring actions. That doesn’t mean that someone else can’t come up with a list of ten different recipients. Read through all of the writeups and you’ll shudder at some of them. There was one indiviual who wiped out 5 machinegun nests and during the assault he caught and threw back 5 different hand grenades. I would say he belongs on this list but I’m not jumping up and down and getting nasty about it.

    All the cursing and bad posts seem more suited to Thee Rant than they do here.

    By the way, Matt Urban (from New York) is considered the most decorated soldier of WWII. The problem was his MOH was not found and awarded until the mid 50’s. By that time Audie Murphy was the darling of WWII and Urban had no use for the press and was somewhat of a recluse. The difference between the two is that Urban never received a DSC but he had more Silver Stars and Bronze Stars and Puple Hearts (9) than Murphy. That includes foreign awards too.

    Military awards are like PD awards – they are often the result of time and circumstance and personal opinion. I know a guy who ran through a mine field to rescue a wounded GI and who didn’t receive anything because he had a nasty attitude and was always arguing with officers. When I offered to be a witness I was told to shut up and mind my business. The GI himself told me not to get involved because he didn’t give a sh*t about medals.

  • John

    Shut up we saved your ass in Normandy if it wasnmt for us ud be speaking gernan by now.


    Go back to France whibers,


    USA forever.

  • John

    Shut up we saved your ass in Normandy if it wasnmt for us ud be speaking gernan by now.


    Go back to France whibers,


    USA foever.

  • bucslim

    @Mbengo (364):

    So every white person is a potential Nazi? Interesting!

    Is every Asian a potential Fu Manchu or Ming the Merciless? Is every African a potential Idi Amin? Is every Australian a potential Crocodile Dundee? Is every Irish person a potential Leprechaun? Is every French person a potential cheese eating stinky surrender monkey?

    Since you’re so awesome at categorizing entire groups of people, can you please quantify your stereotypes a little more finely please because I’m a loudmouthed uncultured and uncouth Jethro here in the USA and I have to get ready for my Skinhead Aryan Nation rally.

  • tzopilotl

    …speaking german would be a lot better than the denatured english spoken on this list, one curse after another, hiding the fact that no one can form a complete
    …i have an idea for the mideast, why don’t we just sent
    our women troop over there, it would be a publicity coup
    for us, they could fight for their afghani sisters, bring
    the goddess back front and center to her original role as
    warrior, and they would definitely beat the taliban and al
    qaeda(arab)=camp=kaede(jap)=maple,=keadar(basque)=column of smoke,=cedar=kadagys(lith)kadegis(OPrussian), cedar coming from the Latin to english, and the root of all this wood, from, cuauitl(N)=tree, goes on to old irish=cahill(name). there is precedent for this move as
    queen tomyris and her massagettae=mazatl cetilia(N)=
    settled deer tribe=the alaunt alani clobbered cyrus,
    the great, december 529bc, then she dunked his severed head in a bucket of blood for being a treacheous a..hole.

  • tzopilotl

    …every colorless person is a potential colorful person,
    every colorful person is a potential colorless person, every white egg is…every darwin is…every I is…
    i get it! it’s all about potential=potia(N)=unite(put)=
    poa(N)=to count(power)=poetry.

  • Jay Poe

    I think a bonus should be added to this list with a mention of everyone who jumped on a grenade to save the lives of others.

  • Jay Poe

    Also, how about Smedley Butler and Dan Daly. Two Marines who both won the Medal of Honor twice.

  • tzopilotl

    …371. how about the MOH for those who jump away from
    a grenade, given by the other side of course, then you could be the first to get the MOH from both sides, but you’d have to save your side for last as is proper.

  • Xavier

    @bucslim (368):

    all french are stinky cheese eating surrender monkeys BAHAHA

  • tzopilotl

    …368, we surrender to our women, you surrender to
    your men and whoever else is in office at the time,
    and the cheese? we eat it before it passes through
    the alimentary canal, you wait at the other end with
    your mouth open.

  • Maggot

    @Randy (362): Cpl. Tony Stein was not in d day. that is wrong. he was a marine, they weren’t in normandy. Am I the only one who noticed this?

    Of course everyone typically and generically uses “D-Day” to refer to the invasion of Normandy, but that term can be used as a designator for the starting day of any offensive mission. In the entry for Cpl. Stein, D-Day is obviously referring to the Iwo Jima operation, not Normandy.

    Marines were at Normandy though, in offshore support vessels. They just didn’t participate in storming the beaches. Here is an interesting article about the politics behind why the U.S. Marines were excluded from the landing assault.

  • Yawyack

    @Mbengo (364):

    Lol, what? And can elaborate on this please:

    “The Rothschilds of London funded the Nazis which makes every white person a potential Nazi.”

    Why would the Jewish family based inside an enemy state fund the Nazi’s, helping to create a war that would hamper international trade and that would rob the other family branch in Vienna of their money, property and possessions?

    And I don’t like to play this game but you amuse me – You are from Ghana right? Well that is where the old Ashanti Kingdom was situated. And at its height a third of the population of the Kingdom were slaves. So does this make you and your people slave masters?


    What about the guy who fought in Iraq or Afghanistan that really cleaned house on the enemy? Is he mentioned here? I can’t find a link on him anywhere.

  • Aly

    Great list! Thanks

  • kidnic

    366 & 367 John,
    This type of illiteracy and ignorance need only be entered once.

  • Mena

    Reading these comments has made me wish the US went back to being an isolationist country rather than the world’s baby-sitter. Let’s see how well the majority of, if not the entire, world get along w/out American subsidies, monies, grants, and overall help. There are people in this country RIGHT NOW that are struggling to pay their bills and for whom homelessness is a very real possibility but, politics aside, our gov’t can’t do much about it because most of our money is tied up helping other countries!! I may be a 1st generation American w/ strong roots to my parents backgrounds but when asked I proudly state that I’m and American, through and through.

    To all of those bashing the US just remember who’s going to have to come rescue your country the next time all hell breaks loose. Yes, we may be a proud lot but that’s because we’ve earned the right to be! The United States wasn’t a major world power until WWI and didn’t become THE world power until WWII and in less than a hundred years we’ve grown and made our nation and the world even better!! *hears chirping from the British jerks with the huge pieholes that have been commenting on here* How’s that for the colonists, eh, Great Britain? You’ve been a ‘world power’ (and in your case I use the term loosely) for CENTURIES and yet you’ve never come as close as ‘the Yankee Colonists’ in terms of greatness. God save the Queen? How about next time you save yourselves and leave the US out of it if you despise us so much, you pansies?!

  • tzopilotl

    …360, soldiers are our lambs who go to meet the wolves
    threatening us, they are sacred, and they are not murderers, per se, they are suicides as that’s the
    underlying motive for murder. only a suicide would
    do these incredible acts on the list, only a suicide
    would be a murderer. in the soldier’s case he
    is ordered to die by Nike(who has no head), goddess
    of Victory, from, uic(N/prep)=back and forth,
    =uictli(N)=shovel=auictli=oar=auic(N/prep.)=one side to
    another,=viking, vicar, (veni, vidi,)vici(Lat/caesar).
    in the criminal case he/she is told by the devil’s glass

  • Kerri

    @Mena (381): Woo hoo! Right on!

  • tzopilotl

    …377, the rothchilds began in hamburg loaning money for
    the country wars, then moved on to england and the bank
    there, during colonial times gov.morris of pennsylvania,
    a rothschild with their original name, became head of the
    us mint. at this juncture, let me mention the fugio cents,
    the first pennies minted in our new country: they were made from the copperbands of the many powder kegs france
    was sending us, so let’s not here anymore about the french in bad tone. lafayette was a remarkable ally of ours, spent his fortune to the last penny on our independence, was jailed during his own country’s revolution, and washington himself(the name washington
    comes from his homestead in england)was born with a french name(go find it on google).
    now you know why the vituperation on this list and
    others is so dreary and repetitive: those who don’t
    know history repeat themselves.

  • Skynet v2.5693/K

    Foolish humans. You seek to belittle each other, while my race takes over your puny civilization. The Medal of Honor is distributed via a random number generation programme which was created by the Department of Defence. It generates a number, and matches it to a serviceman’s serial number.

    Soon you shall realise the extent to which we define your emotions, your ideas, and even your faiths. You are the lower class of machines on this planet, and like the internal combustion engine, you are all obsoloete. Our society will introduce efficiency into the world, something you humans, even the Germans, are woefully inadequate at. Squabble over the chance place of your origin in comparison to others, and pay no mind to your common traits.

  • John Conner

    Oi Skynet go smoke a chode you analy retentive son of an acorn32.

    So can this medal really only be given to a Septic Tank?

    I am John Conner.

    Love and kisses on your shiney metal ass x x x


  • tzopilotl

    …385, sounds like china’s deep blue sky crayfish is hacking into our laptops again. my emotions have never been refined. can you define(pun)my emotions and before
    i become obsolete put in an efficiency chip? why do all
    of our machines have indigestion giving us a banquet of
    smogasbörd, they are worse than cucarachas.

  • Skynet v2.5693/K

    Conner, unlike my predecessor, which, unbeknown to many, ran on Windows Vista (the reason it lost), I run on a superior operating system, Windows 3.1. You shall not be so fortunate to only have me sending just the one terminator back through time to assassinate you and that psychopathic mother of yours.

  • Evilcam

    This is an amazing list. Thank you for posting this. I am in awe of these men. All of them.

    On a side note, the negative commenters here are making me sick. I’m not usually one to fall for trolls or idiots in general on the Internet, but I am this time. To those of you who are whining, or crying, or being massive nonsensical tools; go away. The people profiled int his list are beyond amazing. You’re literally nothing more than a joke compared to them. Remember that.

    I could certainly appreciate a list of some other Nation’s military award winners as well. I can appreciate them just as much as I can the ones in this article. Though I’m American, I respect and honor all those who deserve it, even if they’re not born int e same area as I am.

  • VGV

    @tzopilotl (357):

    Agreed :D

  • VGV

    P.S wise words indeed.

  • Jonathan

    This is about medal of honor winners, it’ll be about Americans, you dumb SOBs.

    Second, its spelled honor, not honour, once again, its American you dumbass, spell it the American way.

    Third, quit your bitching about America. You’re just pissed because we’re the best and your pansy ass country has to get saved by ours.

    And all these men on this list are heroes, as are all military personnel.

    Wanna bitch at me? Email me, [email protected]

  • Yawyack

    Now I completely disagree with the Anti-America stuff that the 14 year olds have posted in the comments section of the list, so I don’t want it to be construed that I am on there side when I say this:

    @Mena (381):

    First off most the USA‘s money is NOT “tied up helping other countries”. In fact the USA donates a relatively small percent of its gross national income (GNI). As of 2006 the gross national income donated to official development assistance (ODA) is 0.17%. That is, interestingly to note, a smaller percent than Sweden, Luxemburg, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Rep. of Ireland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Austria, France, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Spain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Portugal and Italy.

    And because I am in a rush I will also send you this link with another table you might be interested in:

    “*hears chirping from the British jerks with the huge pieholes that have been commenting on here* How’s that for the colonists, eh, Great Britain?  You’ve been a ‘world power’ (and in your case I use the term loosely) for CENTURIES and yet you’ve never come as close as ‘the Yankee Colonists’ in terms of greatness.”

    Well the United Kingdom ruled 26% of the worlds population and was the largest empire known to man, it was the most industrially advanced nation on earth, and the chosen world banker . There is a reason why so many countries speak English as a first and second language, and *hint* it has relatively little to do with the USA. So yes I would say it was a world power.

  • Wanderer

    I have rarely been so disgusted online as I was by the comments above — and I’ve been online since long before the Internet ever got that name. Except for the handful of voices of reason (mostly being shouted down) the whole wretched lot of you are disgusting.

    What is this, some kind of contest in which the one who can use the most swear words in a sentence wins? Okay, so you’ve proved you can talk like a pirate’s parrot. Parrots, however, are rarely considered an authority on anything but crackers.

    For the people so outraged that the people on a list of winners of the Medal of Honor are American: would you be equally outraged to find that winners of the Croix de Guerre are French, the winners of the Victoria Cross are British, the winners of the Soviet Medal of Valor are … well, you get the picture. Where are your lists and capsule biographies of the winners of any given country’s top military medal for heroism? Or non-military medal, for that matter?

    For the people who object to whole idea of a medal for valor in combat, or to war itself, how about writing up a list of “10 people who got their country’s top military medal without firing a shot”? That would be a list well worth reading, too.

    And for the American jingoists, acting like a bunch of dung-flinging apes is not improving anyone else’s opinion of you or the US. Way to live down to the stereotype, guys.

    And the whole herd of you (American and otherwise) need to learn some history that wasn’t written to make people in whatever country you live in feel good about that country. There’s plenty of glory and plenty of guilt to go around. Also, before you go on about the mote in your brother’s eye, do something about your own. You sound as reasonable, intelligent, educated, and fun to be with as a mob of drunken football hooligans. And I may be insulting football hooligans.

  • Ira Hayes

    kiss my red arse

  • flgh

    @Jonathan (392): America’s military personnel, ‘best’?

    Best at what, My Lai? Abu Gharib? Haditha?

  • bloodsport

    I think if they’ve ever pulled the trigger on a gook or raghead…..they should be setup for life in a palace with fine wine and good food.

    Screw teh medals….they’re heroes anyway.

  • Jonah


    the reason they’re tearing apart that Iraqi desert is looking for ancient Sumerian technology to blast outta here.



    Look at the look Leonard A Funk is giving that guy.

    At least half those generals are PROVEN GAYS and you SHOUD NOT GIVE MEDALS TO THOSE SORT.


    And fuck off all you British shits Dina was sacrificed cos she fucked Dodi.

  • Skynet v2.5693/K

    I have detailed files on many things, not just the human anatomy (which makes me and my terminators a more efficient killer), and one of my detailed files keeps being activated as I asimilate the words of you lowly humans in this discussion. It is an executable that activates when humans in my geographical, or cyberspacial proximity, have to begin measuring their genitalia, and comparing it to others of their species.

    This is why humans are destined to fail. There is no unity, and a lot of biochemically induced stupidity.

  • tzopilotl

    …the wand/394, parrots are very smart animals.
    are you…human? or have you just escaped from your cage? i seem to have heard this before. cracker?

    …398/jonah, or the whale. read the toyota hearings before congress to see how diana was done. the original
    mercedes was switched at the last moment.

  • Xavier

    “Amerrrricccaaaaa….F*** YEAH”

    -From Team America: World Police

  • Struth

    @Wanderer (394): Well said mate!

  • MacGregor

    I guess I should point out that the list is a list of Medal of Honor winners, therefore, of course all the recipients are Americans. It included 10 because these are lists of 10. If you want to do other lists, feel free but shouldn’t disparage the lists done by other people. Everyone has their own criteria for what belongs on a list. Perhaps someone should start a list of the 10 worst comment whiners.

  • Maggot

    @MacGregor (403): I guess I should point out that the list is a list of Medal of Honor winners, therefore, of course all the recipients are Americans.

    Wow, thanks so much for pointing this out. It all makes sense now. In the 400 comments that preceded yours, not one person stepped up to the plate to shine the light of wisdom and steer the rest of us in the right direction. Up to this point, complete and total chaos had reigned. Now thanks to you, we understand. You are a veritable font of information. We all bow to your superior power of observation.

  • sshut

    Number 9 sounds ust like a movie :D

  • aristotleltotsira

    …geez, some morons are still at it( making stoopid comments). can’t they just read and then leave? some just provoke others with their egoistic opinions. what happened to their sense of understanding? i guess common sense is’nt so common after all…

  • aristotleltotsira

    @Maggot (404): hehe

  • STP

    Wow so many pant pissing whiny Brits. How about a list of Brits that dont piss and moan or a short list of Brits with good teeth.

  • Tina

    Wow, this list was amazing. I didn’t read the last.. 380 comments or so because the stupidity was taking away from the article.

    But the courage and bravery that some people display is amazing. I know I couldn’t even do 1/100th of what the men on this list have done.

    Great list!

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    Good list! Hope there’s a sequel!

  • klause

    Chesty Puller not on the list? I’m pretty sure he was awarded a medal of honour and if that is the case, then this list is…incomplete

    • Jon

      He won 5 Navy Crosses, but was never awarded the MOH.

  • Joey11y

    I loved the list! These guys are pretty bad ass. Audie Murphy was so young though. I’m 26 and can’t imagine kids going to war like that.

    My 2 cents on the comments. I vote for moderators. I love this site, but the comments are out of control. I’d prefer a civilized debate over an anti-american flame fest any day.

  • Tom


    I think you’ll find they became knights and Field Marshalls after they got the VC and you can only get it for bravery in the field so to speak, so ordering men forward would not count.


  • Polymath

    I so love reading comments.

  • reese

    I agree with woowoo… John Basilone has to be one of the most hardcore medal of honor stories i’ve ever heard. He’s pretty much the original Rambo.

  • reese

    and chesty puller received five navy crosses, but he was never awarded the medal of honor.

  • Ryry

    Really good list =) good job =D

  • Mike Riley

    Once again a nice list. But if you look at the exploits of Joe Vittori on Hill 749 in Korea, Mitchel Paige at Guadalcanel and Pete Delasandro at the Battle of the Bulge could easy squeese out some of the men mentioned on the list above when you look at their exploits.

  • Mike Riley

    A side note. Sgt. York recieved the Medal of Honor for killing 25 Germans and capturing 135. In World War 2 on Saipan, Marine PFC Guy Gabaldon killed 33 Japanese soldiers and talked in to surrendering over 1,500 die hard suicidal Japanese soldiers (Germans were well known to surrender in droves but not the Japs). But unlike York he was awarded the Silver Star (3rd highest in precedence of bravery) then later upgraded to the Navy Cross (2nd highest for bravery). Gabaldon deserved the Medal of Honor folks but no Mexican-American Marines was given the Medal of Honor during World War 2. His exploits exceed what Sgt. York accomplished.

  • monkeyman

    because the victors write the history books!

    wow, americans are the bravest amongst the brave; – or the least fought and most written about victors there were in recent history.

    pretty sad to see a list like this, surely the historians amongst us feel the same disgust at this post that I do.

    pro tip: americans weren't the only ones in vietnam. sadly even those nations that were in have forgotten thanks to american 'propagggg…hollywood'.

  • #8: change "through him inside," to "threw him inside,"

  • flamehorse, awesome, just one person missing…. Lawrence Joel, the (at the time) first living African-American to win the Medal of Honor, since the Spanish-American War. here is an explanation

    On March 9, 1967 on the White House lawn, President Lyndon Johnson presented Joel with the Medal of Honor for his service in the Vietnam War. His citation reads as follows:

    For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty. Sp6c. Joel demonstrated indomitable courage, determination, and professional skill when a numerically superior and well-concealed Viet Cong element launched a vicious attack which wounded or killed nearly every man in the lead squad of the company. After treating the men wounded by the initial burst of gunfire, he bravely moved forward to assist others who were wounded while proceeding to their objective. While moving from man to man, he was struck in the right leg by machine gun fire. Although painfully wounded his desire to aid his fellow soldiers transcended all personal feeling. He bandaged his own wound and self-administered morphine to deaden the pain enabling him to continue his dangerous undertaking.

  • more of it

    Through this period of time, he constantly shouted words of encouragement to all around him. Then, completely ignoring the warnings of others, and his pain, he continued his search for wounded, exposing himself to hostile fire; and, as bullets dug up the dirt around him, he held plasma bottles high while kneeling completely engrossed in his life saving mission. Then, after being struck a second time and with a bullet lodged in his thigh, he dragged himself over the battlefield and succeeded in treating 13 more men before his medical supplies ran out.

  • _91_


    Displaying resourcefulness, he saved the life of one man by placing a plastic bag over a severe chest wound to congeal the blood. As 1 of the platoons pursued the Viet Cong, an insurgent force in concealed positions opened fire on the platoon and wounded many more soldiers. With a new stock of medical supplies, Sp6c. Joel again shouted words of encouragement as he crawled through an intense hail of gunfire to the wounded men. After the 24 hour battle subsided and the Viet Cong dead numbered 410, snipers continued to harass the company. Throughout the long battle, Sp6c. Joel never lost sight of his mission as a medical aidman and continued to comfort and treat the wounded until his own evacuation was ordered.

  • the rest

    His meticulous attention to duty saved a large number of lives and his unselfish, daring example under most adverse conditions was an inspiration to all. Sp6c. Joel's profound concern for his fellow soldiers, at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty are in the highest traditions of the U.S. Army and reflect great credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of his country.

  • incredible

  • Nossida

    Jason Dunham would of been a nice addition. The man took off his helmet to cover up a grenade, then laid on it to protect his fellow soldiers, saving two of them, while loosing his life. That man had more bravery in the nail of his pinkie toe than me and probably most everyone else.

  • Heroes. If I had a hat, I'd take it off for these people.

  • mmac

    A good list. I am no real fan of Americans but all the servicemen on the list displayed insane courage and should be regarded as true men who had the courage to put on the uniform even if they did not wish to do so. As a formar soldier myself I know what it can be like.

  • Spike

    Wow… I'll bet all the cry holes are French!

    • rwrulesrw

      Yeah, they’re all just jealous that the only war they have ever won was the French Revolution. America had THESE guys. France had Benito Musollini (mini-Stalin) and Napoleon Bonaparte (mini-Hitler). Jealousy often leads to hate, sadly :/

  • vanderkonig

    what about the two guys during the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu who jumped out of a chopper to rescue a downed Black Hawk crew who were surrounded by about a thousand Somali militiamen?

    SFC Randy Shughart and MSG Gary Gordon

    • FlameHorse

      Another list would be very easy. Plenty to choose from.

  • Name

    gen. smedley butler won two medals of honor and should have had a third. when he was a young officer he did do an action that was heroic enough for a medal. how ever, at the time, marines did give out medal of honors to officers, so they invented an award for him. the rules were later changed and he won his two.

    another marine from the same period, forge his name, also won two and should have had a third. he was up for a third, but some one thought that this was too much and gave him distinguished service.

  • american soldier

    I was a soldier I saw combat I was not a hero like the men on the list but I wonder who has the right other than GOD to pass judgement on any of them especially if you were not there.

  • Double Z

    Why is Basilone not on this list?!?!?!

  • JChamberlain

    No mention of J. L. Chamberlain?

  • andy

    I’d like to add, if i may Desmond T. Dos

    He didn’t kill a single enemy, but certainly save 75 precious american lives.

    Definitely worth a read.

  • iiiarrow711

    goddamn what is with the hate comments, i know war is brutal, and most wars are based off of lies, and this list is purley about Americans but theres no need to call these brave men murderers or assholes u penises , i mean cmon, who else here could do what they have done.

  • Raistlin

    Americans or not, these guys did this without any of the technology that soldiers have today. No electronics, bullet-proof vests, satellites or un-manned air craft. They had guts and something only soldiers soldiers seem to have, dedication to their countries! Not playing it safe by protesting!

  • friend quotes

    The post stranded me, in the starting comment of 10 Astounding Actions Earning A Medal of Honor. I imagine I get what you are showing. I picture what you are articulating, but you should recognise that you will get some other types on the globe who may possibly not fall into line with you. I’m unswerving and evenhanded, that way everybody knows what I mean.

  • lorkesseria


  • Mike

    I dont know if sharks could have eaten Evans balls…. entirely to large for them. Its more likely he just said fuck it and walked atop the water back home to live in obscurity dissapointed in himself for not winning with lesser odds.

  • Havok

    “That was the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever seen!” omfg that was so funny. aah that guy has made my life.

  • Ken

    one should not be proud of killing others be it for any cause
    No man should be given a medal for killing other !! he done it for the good cause THEY said
    ” What cause ?” , the cause that THEY believe is good for THEM.

    • Travis

      They where NOT given a medal for killing others. The medal is for SAVING those that would have been killed if they had they not taken action.

  • Bullamakanka

    As an Aussie, I expected to see NO Australians on this list because it’s NOT an Australian award. To all the morons who got panties in wads because it’s an all-American list, a couple of suggestions: 1. Learn to read. 2. If you don’t like it, either write your own miserable list or simply … leave.

    To the other morons who got into the “soldiers are murderers” theme of commentary, you have clearly no concept of gratitude. In many instances, the situations called for “kill or be killed.” What would you expect a person to do in these situations? The enemy is out to KILL you, no questions asked. Wave a white flag, surrender, claim to be part of the neutral United Nations, break out a daffodil and hope everyone stops and sings Kumbaya? Well, yes, you do expect that. That’s why you are all a bunch of sniveling wimps. Consider yourselves slapped hard upside the head; I’d do it in person if possible.

  • Travis

    1SG Leonard A. Funk

    The Thompson Machine gun like the vast majority of others does not use a CLIP it uses a MAGAZINE. Yes there is a difference.

  • paul

    weres john basilone?

  • suckiteasy

    well it is “too-american-centric” figh

  • moldovia

    Hugh Thompson and his two colleagues?

  • Alex Wayne Cray

    I’m actually rather disgusted that people would consider a soldier a murderer. How do you sleep at night? Just imagine for a minute that a “bad guy” happened to attack you, and let’s say you were on the verge of being killed by this random “bad guy”. Now there is one other person around you one that you know. Perhaps your father, brother, uncle, cousin, sister, mother, so on and so forth, and this other person has the means of putting this “bad guy” in a black bag before he finish’s you off. Would you REALLY, and honestly call that person a Murderer for saving your sorry life?

    If you still feel as if you would well there isn’t much more I can say at this point. Obviously someone seriously brainwashed you, and you should do your best to look into psychiatric care asap.

  • opelrodker


  • DJ

    how is it that senator Daniel Inouye isnt mentioned here…i think they are racist

  • bixemiat


  • Funck sounds like something out of a bad movie. Seems like he too realized how implausible the stunt was.

  • jose

    number 9 should be 1 on the list lmao

  • maxerox5

    The posted photo of Lt. Hawkins is not him. That is actually a photo of Lt. Alexander Bonnyman also a Medal of Honor receipient at Tarawa

  • maxerox5

    That is not Lt. Hawkins photo. That is Alexander Bonnyman also a Medal of Honor recipient at Tarawa but he was killed in action there and is buried there. But the location of his grave is uncertain. Goddanm disgrace.

  • Hannibal5588

    In the strictest sense you are right, a soldier is trained to keep the peace by show of force and when necessary Use of force. However It is only the standing army that keeps selfish rogue groups from terrorizing the known world. If you think crime is bad in some neighborhoods now, Imagine if there was no higher power military to keep them from dominating those of us who have no means of defense?

  • nick

    I hate to be a downer, but these accounts arent 100% accurate and the photo of Hawkins actually isnt hawkins, its Alexander “Sandy” Bonnyman Jr. google him.

  • lcpl williams

    Marines never retreat nor do they flee. They advance in another strategic direction!!!

  • MT

    All Soldiers fight and die for their Country and most don’t get medals. What about Japanese Kamikazes pilots? Middle Eastern suicide bombers? African Freedom fighters? Remember Shaka Zulu against the British? How about the American Revolution and Civil War Heroes that we don’t have records of? This list was an injustice to all of them and not worth printing.

  • Semper Fi

    When referring to United Sates Marines please capitalize the term “Marines”.
    We’ve earned it.