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10 Wonders of the World You Don’t Know

While most of these wonders will be known to a few people, they are, on the whole, not as well known as the famous “seven wonders”. Despite that, each has a reason for being considered wonderful and deserves its spot on this list. Enjoy the list and be sure to share other lesser-known wonders in the comments.


Banaue Rice Terraces


The Banaue Rice Terraces are 2000-year old terraces that were carved into the mountains of Ifugao in the Philippines by ancestors of the indigenous people. The Rice Terraces are commonly referred to by Filipinos as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. It is commonly thought that the terraces were built with minimal equipment, largely by hand. The terraces are located approximately 1500 meters (5000 ft) above sea level and cover 10,360 square kilometers (about 4000 square miles) of mountainside. They are fed by an ancient irrigation system from the rainforests above the terraces. It is said that if the steps are put end to end it would encircle half the globe. Locals to this day still plant rice and vegetables on the terraces. The result is the gradual erosion of the characteristic “steps”, which need constant reconstruction and care.


Sri Lanka

3393140742 B49D4287D5

Sigiriya (Lion’s rock) is an ancient rock fortress and palace ruin situated in the central Matale District of Sri Lanka, surrounded by the remains of an extensive network of gardens, reservoirs, and other structures. A popular tourist destination, Sigiriya is also renowned for its ancient paintings (frescos), which are reminiscent of the Ajanta Caves of India. The Sigiriya was built during the reign of King Kassapa I (AD 477 – 495), and it is one of the seven World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka. Sigiriya may have been inhabited through prehistoric times. It was used as a rock-shelter mountain monastery from about the 5th century BC, with caves prepared and donated by devotees to the Buddhist Sangha.


Tower of Hercules

Screen Shot 2010-03-04 At 1.03.18 Pm

The Tower of Hercules is an ancient Roman lighthouse on a peninsula about 2.4 kilometers (1.5 miles) from the centre of A Coruña, Galicia, in north-western Spain. The name Corunna is said to be derived from the ancient column. The structure is 55 meters (180 ft) tall and overlooks the North Atlantic coast of Spain. It is almost 1900 years old, was rehabilitated in 1791, and is the oldest Roman lighthouse still used as a lighthouse.



Screen Shot 2010-03-04 At 9.14.11 Am

Toru? is a city in northern Poland, on the Vistula River. The medieval old town of Toru? is the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus. The first settlement in the vicinity is dated by archaeologists to 1100 BC. During medieval times, in the 7th-13th centuries, it was the location of an old Polish settlement, at a ford in the river. The Teutonic Knights built a castle in the vicinity of the Polish settlement in the years 1230-31. In 1263 Franciscan monks settled in the city, followed in 1239 by Dominicans. In 1264 the nearby New Town was founded. In 1280, the city (or as it was then, both cities) joined the mercantile Hanseatic League and was soon turned into an important medieval trade centre. As you can see from the photograph above, it is a beautiful medieval city and well worth visiting.


Ajanta Caves

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The Ajanta Caves in Maharashtra, India are rock-cut cave monuments dating from the second century BC, containing paintings and sculpture considered to be masterpieces of both Buddhist religious art and universal pictorial art. By AD 480 the caves at Ajanta were abandoned. During the next 1300 years the jungle grew back and the caves were hidden, unvisited and undisturbed until the Spring of 1819 when a British officer in the Madras army entered the steep gorge on the trail of a tiger. Somehow, deep within the tangled undergrowth, he came across the almost hidden entrance to one of the caves. Exploring that first cave, long since a home to nothing more than birds and bats and a lair for other, larger, animals, Captain Smith wrote his name in pencil on one of the walls. Still faintly visible, it records his name and the date, April 1819.


Valley of Flowers


The Valley of Flowers is an outstandingly beautiful high-altitude Himalayan valley that has been acknowledged as such by renowned mountaineers and botanists in literature for over a century and in Hindu mythology for much longer. Its ‘gentle’ landscape, breathtakingly beautiful meadows of alpine flowers and ease of access complement the rugged, mountain wilderness for which the inner basin of Nanda Devi National Park is renowned. Valley of flower is splashed with colour as it bloomed with hundreds different beautiful flowers, taking on various shades of colours as time progressed. Valley was declared a national park in 1982, and now it is a World Heritage Site. The locals, of course, always knew of the existence of the valley, and believed that it was inhabited by fairies.



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The Metéora (“suspended rocks”) is one of the largest and most important complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece, second only to Mount Athos. The six monasteries are built on natural sandstone rock pillars, at the northwestern edge of the Plain of Thessaly near the Pineios river and Pindus Mountains, in central Greece. Access to the monasteries was originally (and deliberately) difficult, requiring either long ladders lashed together or large nets used to haul up both goods and people. This required quite a leap of faith – the ropes were replaced, so the story goes, only “when the Lord let them break”.




Bagan is an ancient city in the Mandalay Division of Burma. Formally titled Arimaddanapura or Arimaddana (the City of the Enemy Crusher) and also known as Tambadipa (the Land of Copper) or Tassadessa (the Parched Land), it was the ancient capital of several ancient kingdoms in Burma. Bagan was submitted to become a UNESCO heritage site[1] but many speculate of politics as partly the reason for the exclusion. UNESCO does not designate Bagan as a World Heritage Site. The main reason given is that the military junta (SPDC) has haphazardly restored ancient stupas, temples and buildings, ignoring original architectural styles and using modern materials which bear little or no resemblance to the original designs. Nevertheless, this is still a must-see wonder of the world.


Leptis Magna

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Leptis Magna was a prominent city of the Roman Empire. Its ruins are located in Al Khums, Libya, 130 km east of Tripoli, on the coast where the Wadi Lebda meets the sea. The site is one of the most spectacular and unspoiled Roman ruins in the Mediterranean. The city appears to have been founded by Phoenician colonists sometime around 1100 BC, although it did not achieve prominence until Carthage became a major power in the Mediterranean Sea in the 4th century BC. It nominally remained part of Carthage’s dominions until the end of the Third Punic War in 146 BC and then became part of the Roman Republic, although from about 200 BC onward, it was for all intents and purposes an independent city.


Library of Celsus

Screen Shot 2010-03-04 At 9.02.24 Am

This is number one for strictly personal reasons. I love books, I love libraries, and this site is dedicated to knowledge (as are libraries). The library of Celsus (in Turkey) was built to store 12,000 scrolls and to serve as a monumental tomb for Celsus (who had been consul in 92 AD, governor of Asia in 115 AD, and a wealthy and popular local citizen). The building is important as one of few remaining examples of an ancient Roman-influenced library. It also shows that public libraries were built not only in Rome itself but throughout the Roman Empire. In a massive restoration which is considered to be very true to the historic building, the front façade was rebuilt and now serves as a prime example of Roman public architecture.

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  • Great list Jamie! And thanks for including the Philippines most cherished wonder. This list will be a great reference whenever voting for the next wonders are up again. :)

    • junjun

      Im sorry but have you ever been to see Banawe Rice terraces? Grass have over growned and full of tin houses as farmers now opted to go for handy craft bussiness leaving the rice paddies neglected. However there are 2 other secluded terraces in the vicinity (1 hours by tricycle and 3 hours hike from Banawe) . One of them is called Batad. This one is far exceptional than Banawe…..

      • MAK

        dont destroy the image of BANAWE!

        • rodrigo

          ;) yez!

      • camhit

        i also share the same sentiment… the man-made wonder situated near the town central of banaue is dismally being neglected… however, the ampitheater-like terraces in batad are a beauty to behold… it is better taken care of by the local folks… the great tappiah falls is a bonus to travelers since you can reach this by hiking through the paddies… collectively, the ifugao rice terraces in the municipalities of banaue, mayoyao, hungduan, kiangan and asipulo are recognized by UNESCO as world heritage sites…

        head up north and discover these treasures when you visit the philippines…

  • chaos1111

    number #5 and #3 look incredible =D

    • rodrigo

      all nah!

  • Wow! 2 entries from India :)

  • The images are incredible. Great list Jamie!

  • This is a great site for finding such places

    (Maybe I’m getting too enthusiastic :) )

  • Yet none from Indiana. :(

  • ianz09

    Hate to be “that guy”, but any chance of resurrecting Cogitz? We are almost to our fourth month of neglect.

  • andeesa

    AMAZING LIST!!! And the pics are brilliant!

  • engineeradam

    Amazing list! I’m from Michigan so I would say any number of places along Lake Superior could be considered a “wonder.”

  • nepratini

    Wow these places look amazing. It would be great to visit some of them.

    • Lolaz

      I saw number one ( city of Ephese, don’t know if the name is the same in english.. ), it’s amazing! I wish I could go there again ( I felt in love with Turkey… ). It’s a pretty ghost town, so well conserved… You can feel the people who lived there centuries ago… Amazing!

  • andrewtpepper

    Very interesting list; I visited Meteora a few years ago and it really is amazing – it was used as a background in one of the Bond films (I forget which – they are all more or less the same!).

  • deeeziner

    What a scenic and charming list! It was great to see so many entries of Eastern origin, so intriguing and enticing.

    I was compelled to Google quite a few of the places and learned more about them.

    Thank-you Jamie!

  • deeeziner

    @ianz09 (5): Thanks Ianz09 for the update as I was about to check the site to see if there was anything new posted.

    Since not, I guess i will call it a night.

  • trinityenigma

    I would love to visit all of these. A lot of people will start to add places they think have been missed or ought to be considered. May I start with Petra in Jordan? An absolitely fabulous place but it was voted one of the new 7 wonders so maybe it doesn’t count for this list?

  • thetaxcollector

    Random places

  • 63jax

    Great, awesome, amazing, beautiful…

  • @thetaxcollector (15): I don’t think so. Especially since it’s Jamie who did the list.

  • navster728

    I love this site…been visiting it for a long time. But now I know 2 things for sure:

    1) Only get my hopes up when the byline on the list is JFrater

    2) Accept that trolling is the only way some people get their boats to float.

  • @navster728 (18): Despite accepting (#2) I feel that you hate trolls. So why not we join forces and eradicate these pests? :)

  • navster728

    …I have been to the Valley of Flowers. It is along the path of a very important Sikh pilgrimage site (Hemkunt Sahib). I did the 19 kilometer trek along some pretty tough mountain paths in 2005.

  • navster728

    @sgcvelasco (19): We must be accepting of the dissenting few. Otherwise we would run the risk of becoming totalitarian.

  • @navster728 (21): Alright then. Good thing a lot of people here in listverse are part of that breed. Good mix. Strikes balance.

  • Julius

    Great list! I’ve been to 3 of them (but never heard of most of the rest) and they’re even more beautiful live. I might have included the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, a lot of people don’t know about it either.

  • astraya

    There is a poster of Meteora on the classroom door opposite our staffroom.

  • dannan1989

    I’ve been to 1) Library of Celsus, a few years ago now. This list is awesome, but really can’t tell you how great these places are in person!
    The Library of Celsus is absolutely breathtaking, as is everything else around it (it’s in Ephesus, not sure thats mentioned in the list..!). That really is a must see! – And to think, when I went, I was a grumpy teenager who didn’t want to go.. so glad I did now!

    We also saw Elton John play at the ampitheatre in Ephesus, as a side note.. I’m not a huge fan of the guy, but the show was incredible.. nighttime, candles everywhere -dotted over the theatre.. and yes, we were made to sit on the stone steps!! No chairs!

  • Julius

    @dannan1989 (25): I watched Carl Orffs “Carmina Burana” in the amphitheater in Ephesus, truly impressive…

  • machinegunking

    Whoa …!! crazy pics!!

  • thelegion87

    Wow I’ve been reading listverse for a while and what a surprise today. My own City is mentioned :) Toru? that is:).

    Fun fact the building on the left from the gray church right now is Post office, but during Napoleonic Wars Napoleon Bonaparte stayed there for few days.

  • nicoleredz3

    Have heard of most of these. The Valley of Flowers in India, is absolutely beautiful! Would love to visit Toru?!

  • nicoleredz3

    @thetaxcollector (15):

    Random, you think? They’re rare places! Random, would be including the Eiffel Tower on the list…

  • ames801

    I love a list like this because I learn all about new places that I [most likely] would not have the opportunity to visit. All of the pictures are beautiful but The Tower of Hercules is my favorite.

  • ames801

    *not exactly “new places”…but new to me :)

  • oouchan

    I would really love to visit this Rice Terraces. Those look awesome. The pictures were stunning for this list.
    Great list from you, Jaime. :)

    • junjun

      I replied to sgvelasco and said that the best rice terraces in Philippines is Batad which is 3 hours hike and 1 hour by jeep from Banawe. All the best in your exploration.

  • @ames801 (32): Are you brunette or blonde ? With your changing gravatar pics, I keep gettin’ confused :)

  • ames801

    @geronimo1618 (34): I have a burgundy hair color that I constantly try to change. I usually try to color it a dark brown in the winter time and a light auburn in the summer. It’s pretty dark in the picture I currently have up.

  • cdete

    Wonderful list today!

  • joeissuperrad

    Traveling to the valley of flowers this summer, ill send pics.

  • skeratch

    Great list,

    “Father Alexio, brother Bartholomaios is gone, the good Lord let the rope break on him.”

  • GTT

    I know this was voted as one of the new wonders of the world but I´m going to go ahead and remind people of Machu Picchu. It should be on everyone´s bucket list. And if you ever do come (and are in good health) you should try the trek up to Wayna Picchu. Not only is the view from up there breathtaking, it is so peaceful….

  • Beautiful list! I had never heard of most of these places. Thanks!

  • commandercoward

    I know all of these. I just want to see the sources. Btw, nice list.

  • Lifeschool

    Hi, here are all these locations on Google Earth (copy and paste the co-cords in ‘fly to’). If you make sure Geographic Web is clicked on you can view some photos in these areas.

    Banaue Rice Terraces: 16°54’46.70″N, 121° 3’24.62″E
    Sigiriya Rock (and fortress): 7°57’24.60″N, 80°45’35.79″E
    Torre de Hercules: 43°23’9.67″N, 8°24’23.14″W
    Torun (town hall): 53° 0’38.03″N, 18°36’17.71″E
    Torun (castle): 53° 0’4.16″N, 18°36’0.95″E
    Ajenta Caves (loc): 20°31’43.75″N, 75°44’46.07″E
    Valley Of Flowers: 30°43’22.75″N, 79°36’31.94″E
    Metéora: 39°43’29.92″N, 21°37’48.76″E
    Bagan (gen. area) 21°10’14.30″N, 94°51’41.58″E
    Lepis Magna (centre of): 32°38’13.67″N, 14°17’28.30″E
    Library of Celus (loc): 37°56’20.09″N, 27°20’28.13″E

    It’s also worth mentioning the Library of Celus is in the midst of the larger complex of Ephesus.

  • Lifeschool

    @GTT (39): Great to see you around GTT :) Perhaps that will be on another list? 8)

  • Julius

    @GTT (39): the peruvian government is actually trying to pass a notion that will forbid tourism to macchu picchu so whoever wants to go should go soon…

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    This list is awesome. I would love to know more about how the irrigation system in 10 works. I bet Randall would know haha

  • suryaabraham

    For the irrigation system in #10 to work, the source of water has to be at a higher elevation than the rice terraces. The text in #10 says there is a rain forest above the rice terraces. That is fine, but as the rice terraces are at an altitude of 5000 ft, it is difficult to imagine a rain forest at a higher elevation than that.

    Normally, at altitude higher than 5000 feet the forest almost becomes temperate, not tropical.

  • suryaabraham

    A nice J.Fraterian list. But Borobudur deserves a place.

  • kagetaicho

    Several of these are better than some of the current actual wonders.

  • Lifeschool

    @General Tits Von Chodehoffen (45): I guess they use ‘Surface Irrigation’?

  • muscarius

    I’d love to make a list of great places that are all here in Italy. I hope to find some spare time because we have really a lot of places that are worth a visit.

    I now tell you about one of the most amazing:
    Civita di Bagnoregio.
    Try looking for pics of this incredible town!

  • zululand


  • zululand

    @undaunted warrior

  • suryaabraham

    All the pictures have beautiful sky behind them!

    I think, to be a world wonder objects must have a beautiful sky behind them.


  • pencilcup

    For me, Mayon Volcano, also found in the Philippines, is more breathtaking than list no. 10.

    A perfect cone, indeed.

  • great list

  • mom424

    Excellent list Jamie. A ton of spots that I have never been made privy to. Makes me want to travel more than ever.

  • forgottenpatriot

    Bagan should have been 1.

    other than awesome

  • Randall

    Wonderful list! And I, a classicist, was unaware of the Tower of Hercules’ existence. I’m ashamed.

    The only issue I have? Let’s call Burma *Burma,* and not it’s false, changed-by-dictatorial-edict name, Myanmar.

  • @Randall (58): Funnily enough I was tempted to call it Burma. I shall remember that in future :)

  • blogball

    Beautiful and informative list. If you click on # 10 again you can see the Rice Terraces in more detail.

  • astraya

    @ navster728 (18): “1) Only get my hopes up when the byline on the list is JFrater”

    Try looking for lists by Blogball.

  • blogball

    Lifeschool thanks for those locations. I just checked out Tower of Hercules and it is crystal clear on Google Earth.

  • Randall

    @jfrater (59):

    On the other hand, Jamie, they might not let you into the country, then, should you ever wish to go there.

    I have a friend (who is more than a shade whacky) whose father was a career diplomat, and was assigned for quite a long time to Burma… he was some kind of environmental special envoy who worked there for years, on and off. As I recall, just before his retirement, they (the ruling junta) barred him from the country, and he was never able to go back—which was sad for the old man, because he loved Burma. He died, never having seen his second home again.

    I remember their house (huge, beautiful old place in the city) being filled with all these cool Burmese souvenirs and such, and photographs.

  • Lifeschool

    @zululand (52): Hey, either you ARE undaunted warrior (same gravatar), or you’re one of those other silly people. If that is you U.W, I actually like ‘Undaunted Warrior’ over ‘Zululand’ – but I’m happy to have you change it. Life is a kaleidoscope, is it not? :D

    @Randall (58): Agreed! Burma will always be Burma to me. I know where it is by name and I can find it on a map. Same with Bangkok and Calcutta – but that’s another list.

    @jfrater (59): Is it me? or has the new registration scheme cut a lot of the no-brainer comments today? I can actually SEE all (you wonderful) regulars – just like the old days!

    @blogball (62): Then it was worth it. Thank you.

  • blogball

    @astraya (61):

    Thanks astraya :-)

    I noticed the number of comments is less than usual for a list like this. But I have to admit it is kind of nice not seeing a bunch of troll comments. (Just my opinion)

  • jakeryder

    Excellent list. Anything that gets me wanting to travel again is great with me. One of my favourite wonders is Mt Thor. Nearly impossible to reach and awe inspiring once you are there. The highest natural verticle drop on earth.

  • padre9396

    great list. fascinating stuff and i didnt know any of them

  • astraya

    @blogball: You deserve it.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @suryaabraham (46): Ya I dont know much about biomes and stuff like that but it seemed kinda weird to me.

  • zibbieyamala

    This is such a wonderful list!! I don’t wanna sound like a jerk but the lists lately have been kinda, “eeeh”. U know, surrounded by a lot of old boring HiStOrY (to me anyway). But the pics are so beautiful! and i love the descriptions! Keep it up!

  • Cyn

    beautiful pics :) & so far so good w/ comment registration given no spam attacks. comment section actually a good read now. :)
    Jamie, i hope u leave registration in place.

  • That’s an awesome list! I want to see them!

  • Dreamer

    When I get bored at work, I start looking at Google Earth. This gives me more places to check out. I have been coming to this site for over a year but during the last month, I have started to skip the comments which used to be as good as the lists. I also hope the registration stays.

  • @Cyn (71): if the rest of the week is like today – I will definitely be keeping registration. It may also prove useful in the future if we want to implement special features for users.

  • People also seem to be using gravatars more – which is probably because those who register are likely to have registered there too. I like that as it makes it easy to see who is commenting.

  • Julius

    @jfrater (75): why are they called “gravatars” anyway?

  • sarahenity

    I definitely like that you have to be registered to comment! Makes me more inclined to contribute as I used to… Now I just have to think of something interesting to say.

    Well, besides that I love the list. It’s nice to see more from you Mr. Frater :)

  • imcrystalclear

    I love this list, and the pictures are amazing. I’ve always dreamt of going to places like these and maybe someday I will.

    Lifeschool, thank you for the links to Google Earth. It was listverse that introduced me to that feature. I love it! I guess I’m not too old to learn new things.

  • rownina

    This is amazing! I would say the JFrater lists tend to be better than the others (though there are some fine ones by other authors) and this is a particularly fine specimen of a list. I think my favourite of these places is Bagan, with the gorgeous spires sticking out of the trees. If anyone other than me wants more pictures to be astounded by the beauty of, this site here: has hundreds.
    And thank you lotsly @geronimo1618 (3) for the link to the Atlas Obscura. Tis most interesting.

  • smokingfrog

    Gerat list JFrater,

    #9 is just amazing.

    But, just a thought, the skies in #8 and #7 look computer generated. it just didnt look real to me. But if they r then wow these places are beautiful.

    I would like to add another wonder to this list.
    A really awesome place in Hiroshima Japan, which is a world heritage site.

    here are some pics:

    Cheers :D

  • 5ega

    miss info is dead. I always thought the rice terraces where in Thailand. The Philippines may have terraces but the beaches in Thailand look like they could’ve made the list too. maybe right above the valley of flowers.

  • bluesman87

    JF you really do your homework poroperly…

  • eyrith

    @5ega (81) there are also rice terraces in other parts of Asia, not just in the Philippines.

    I only know a few of these places. But others seem great places to visit one day. Cool.

  • knightforked

    Nice list Jamie, very nice photographs too! Things look a lot quieter here for past two days; I guess I can visit these serene and calm places in my imagination now.

  • subskyblog

    Number 10,6,5 and 2 particularly got my attention. I have to visit one of these places on my next vacation for sure!
    Nice list Jamie!

  • Nice one; I definitely need to find a way to visit these places. I’m more curious about Asia actually.

    I agree with GTT; there’s a whole lot about Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu out there, but I’ve been uploading some “how to” info about it at my page, for those who might be interested.


  • This is a great list. Recently we went to the Hanging Houses in Cuenca, Spain which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s in between Madrid and Valencia and a little out of the way, but definately worth a visit.

    Check out our photos and post about the area

    Cheers, Team McSlade

  • This is completely biased towards things I didn’t already know about!

  • I love this list!! You’ve inspired me to want to visit Burma. I’ve been to Toru? in Poland, although in eastern Europe I’d also recommend Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic.

  • Yes but you maybe should tell about the civilization who was there when Library of Celsus was built and that turkey has nothing to do with that.Even though very nice list and beautiful places

  • seanithanegan

    Torun really seems out of place on this list.

  • bythewaywhichonespink

    This was very cool. Thanks JF.

    I cant be Vera Lynn anymore. :(

  • tx62kg

    I was hoping to sse some places I have been before…like the great northwest of the United States. Don’t get me wrong, These are some very interesting and beautiful places that I someday would like to see in person. Anyway, show more pics of more places.

  • The images are beautiful! I like your choices.

  • Beautiful. Always love these posts.

  • So cool, i want to see them all in person!

  • indonesia have Bromo’s mountain (central java)… its so beautiful too

  • saber25

    Thanks Jfray for posting the Rice Terraces, from my home, Philippines. But why won’t post the UnderGround River in Palawan? Btw a nice list any way. This places are completely gonna erase the ol’ 7 wonders.

  • neshe10

    Cool list, I’ve actually been to the Library of Celsus just this past summer! It’s absolutely amazing :) Virgin Mary’s shrine is not too far away from there either ;) So if you ever go there, I suggest you visit Virgin Mary’s shrine as well ;)

  • You forgot to add me to the list.

  • Amazing list! And some breathtaking photographs.
    Made my afternoon this.

  • great list… however, for number 10, i already know that the rice terraces have been part of the list of the world’s wonders… *wink*

  • Great list.. and havent been to any of these sites..
    Gotta see them!

  • That is a great list. I hope the link below is going to help those who would like to have a closer look at the 1st wonder, Library of Celsus, that’s 3D.

  • manicddaily

    Hi, wonderful list. I’ve been lucky enough to have visited Ajanta and Bagan (also Pagan) which are truly among the most magical places I’ve ever been. The cave paintings at Ajanta are amazingly delicate and lovely and have a very sacred feeling. Pagan is just incredible. The stupas go one for miles, each one different; when I was there, there were very few tourists, one jeep in the town to be rented, otherwise one went in a horse-drawn cart. My husband was allergic to horses so opted for the jeep which was terrific as we got to go to slightly farther temples–one I remember was huge but filled to the brim, literally, to the walls with a large sleeping buddha. It is an amazing place. Too sad about politics in Myammar.

  • natchurldisaster

    Really great post. Lots of crazy things and fantastic pictures.

  • wow! amazing list. i haven’t even heard of the others.

  • Love those rice terraces! Nice selection of places that do not always make mainstream media. Good job.

  • This the interesting list, with super foto’s, but as for me, it’s not a “wonder” why no where in Ukraine has been included, even though we have the many wonder landscapes, nature and buildings.


    Rivne [Rovno] Ukraine.

  • nuelene

    one entry from the Philippines..


  • masterdonlk

    I am sri lankan,and have been to sigiriya ,It is a fortress on top of the rock,HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!…not to mention the priceless artwork and the world famous irrigation system it boasts,just think of the ingenious ways they have created to get water on to the top of that rock 1600 years ago,even modern scientists are baffled by it.

    BTW…I’ve been reading listverse silently for sometime and Ive become a fan of it…hope it goes from strength to strength

  • Amazing!!! Plus I’m so happy you listed Torun, good choice!

  • epanterias

    Knew about all but No.3 – maybe you should have called this: “10 Wonders of the World You May Not Know”

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    Ajanta caves are located 99-km away from Aurangabad district in the state of Maharashtra. Ajanta caves were carved out from the 2nd century BC to 6th century AD, and are ranked high as a world heritage site.
    They were hidden in the midst of a lonely glen with a streamlet flowing down below. They were scooped out into the heart of the rock so that the pious Buddhist monk could dwell and pray. During this time, images of Buddha interpreting his different life stories and several types of human and animal figures were carved out of rock in-situ.
    All sections of people of the contemporary society from kings to slaves, women, men and children are seen in the Ajanta murals interwoven with flowers, plants, fruits, birds and beasts. There are also the figures of ‘Yakshas’, ‘Kinneras’ (half human and half bird) ‘Gandharvas’ (divine musicians), ‘Apsaras’ (heavenly dancers), which were of concern to the people of that time. The Ajanta caves are dedicated solely to Buddhism.
    The caves, including unfinished are thirty in number of which five (9, 10, 19, 26 and 29) are “Chaitya-Grihas” and the rest are “Sangharamas” or Viharas (monasteries). The caves 1, 2, 16 and 17 can be ranked high among the greatest artistic works of the contemporary world.
    The 30 Chaityas and Viharas have paintings, which illustrate the life and incarnations of Buddha. The artist has lent his creativity in each work with an overwhelming sense of vitality. These paintings have survived time and till date the numerous paintings glowing on the walls make the atmosphere very vibrant and alive.

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