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Top 10 Bizarre Products

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

Who would have believed that in nearly three years we haven’t produced a list of bizarre products?! We have come close with lists of ridiculous products, but they are more about commonly owned popular goods. This list focuses entirely on products which are strange by their nature. Be sure to add more to the comments.


Darkie Toothpaste
Racism in a tube

Darkietoothpaste New

Darkie (now known as Darlie) is a toothpaste brand of the Taiwan-based company Hawley & Hazel, which was acquired in 1985 by the US corporation Colgate-Palmolive. Darky, or darkie, is a term used primarily in the United States and Britain to refer to black people. The package featured an image said to have been inspired by an Al Jolson performance, that of a wide-eyed, smiling dark-skinned black male wearing a top hat, monocle and bow-tie. Because of the contrast with very dark skin, it was a common perception that the teeth of people of African descent were exceptionally white. Due to changing sensibilities regarding race and racism and efforts by certain interest groups, blatantly racist branding practices common in earlier decades began to end in the 1950s.


Boneless Fish
Why oh why?


The Boneless Fish is a fish-based frozen food invented by Dairei Corporation of Japan in 1998. It is essentially a fish that has been scaled, gutted and deboned by a skilled worker before being reassembled to look like a dressed fish (gutted and with its head and fins removed). The fish is then flash frozen and packaged. It remains uncooked. The production of the Boneless Fish is labor intensive. Dairei set up HACCP-certified factories in Thailand, China and Vietnam. The workers cut open the fish and use a pair of tweezers to remove the bones. The end product is then examined to make sure that it is free of bones and then “glued” together using a food-grade enzyme produced by Ajinomoto.


Hitler Bacon
Is it Kosher?

Pic 024 R

Hitlerszalonna or Hitler-szalonna (Hungarian “Hitler bacon”) is a dense fruit jam, although there is debate about how much fruit was actually in it and how edible it was, that was eaten by Hungarian troops and civilians during World War II. It was made from mixed fruits such as plum and sold in brick shaped blocks held in a piece of paper rather than in a jar. These slabs were sliced, a bit like szalonna (bacon). Soldiers kept it in a case and it could be cooked with other foods. The term itself is considered slang and defined as something like “tough fruit”.


Urinal Cake Candle


The product website says it all: “Bring the industrial chemical freshness of a public restroom right to your home. We’re often asked if THE URINAL CAKE CANDLE smells like pee. It doesn’t. It’s a cinnamony floral smell that’s modeled after a urinal cake our founder once relieved himself on at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. This candle covers both number 1 and number 2 odors and has become a regular contributor in the HOTWICKS world headquarters bathroom. This is the perfect gift for anyone that likes tacos, asparagus, and really hot chicken wings.” [Source]


Gay Fuel


Gay Fuel was an energy drink marketed by Florida-based Specialty Spirits, LLC towards the gay community, using the slogan “GET FIRED UP.” Some refer to it as a “graphite smoothie”. Gay Fuel was similar to Red Bull, except the liquid was dyed bright pink and elderberry flavored. Its makers claimed Gay Fuel contains a blend of sexual stimulant herbs and immune system boosters. The can was silver with several rainbow stripes. As of 2008, the official website has gone offline.


For the cannibals amongst us


Hufu was touted as “the healthy human flesh alternative” for “cannibals who want to quit”, as well as a product for anthropology students studying cannibalism. According to its website, hufu is also “a great convenience food for cannibals. No more Friday night hunting raids! Stay home and enjoy the good healthy taste of hufu.” Mark Nuckols (founder and CEO of Hufu, LLC)—then a student at Tuck School of Business—claimed that the concept of Hufu occurred to him when he ate a tofurkey sandwich while reading “Good To Eat: Riddles of Food and Culture”, a book on cannibalism by anthropologist Marvin Harris. Hufu was a non-existent spoof product, supposedly a soy-based food product designed to resemble human flesh in taste and texture. The Hufu website was in existence from May 2005 to June 2006.


Mary Jane Buns


I am not sure if this is meant to be subtle pro-marijuana propaganda or just a brand name thought up by someone who has no idea what “maryjane” may also mean. These buns are enriched – presumably to make them appeal to parents who are buying them for their children. According to the marketing, these buns are “old fashioned enriched” – I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure that in the old days, food was natural and not pumped full of gimmicky chemicals to make parents buy them.


Nigger Hair

Screen Shot 2010-03-26 At 9.54.48 Am

Nigger Hair tobacco was a tobacco product from the 1950s. The advertising material for the product said: “Our grandfathers knew this tobacco and gave the brand its name, NIGGER HAIR, because it was cut in those long, curly strands that make it such a wonderful, satisfactory pipe tobacco – slow burning, cool and fragrant. That distinctive cut caused the old-time smokers to call it “NIGGER HAIR” and so it got its name.”


Jingle Jugs


Are you sick of those boring deer heads stuck to your wall? Lucky for you there is now an alternative! Jingle Jugs can be mounted on any wall and will provide years of pleasure to the man who has no girlfriend or wife or, generally, respect for women.


Giant Remote


If you keep losing your remote down the side of the sofa then you know there’s only one solution: buy a remote that’s bigger than your children – you never lose them… right? This giant, and apparently extremely basic, remote can also be used as a small coffee table or for attacking burglars. It is cheap as chips too – only $19.95 to own the ugliest piece of technology equipment ever made, iPad notwithstanding. [Source]

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • chickybee32

    I kinda love my giant remote – or I would if I could sync it to the TV. As for Mary-Jane buns, perhaps 'naturally enhanced' means they've been topped up with the product name.

    • Ella

      I can’t sync mine to my tv either! It says universal and I found my tv’s code but no luck.

      I fckn love it though I still keep it just bc it looks funny and makes me laugh! Got it at Walgreens for like $5 now WHO could resist that?! ;P

    • Martha

      I love the pet TickleMe really does move and close its leaves when you Tickle It. My kids love it!

  • lemonpledge

    What is so strange about Mary Jane brand? That DID used to be a common name, you know.

    • Bella

      Nick B.I have looked aronud this site and haven’t been able to find anything about the demise of Petersen Manufacturing Company of DeWitt, Nebraska manufacturers of Vise-Grip locking pliers. I know Petersen was acquired by Irwin-Stanley tools a few years back and all Vise-Grip production was moved from Nebraska to China. I bought a few pairs of US made Vise-Grips before they were sent overseas. If you have a story about this, please let me know. If not, the sad story would be a great benefit to this site and one more way to try to let people know that another American favorite is no more. Thank you for your time and efforts-I have bookmarked your site and will refer to it when researching my options for purchasing items.

  • smokingfrog

    As for #9, I think I like the idea very much. Fish bones are really frustating for me to seperate out.
    I am definately going to buy this product, hoping that they still sell it in Tokyo supermarkets. What’s the product name? “Dairei fish”?

    #5 : Cannibals??

    #3 : When i read the title “nigger hair”, my immediate thought was afro!! Started selling seperate afro hairs!! LOL

    #2 : In the picture, the website has a menu for Send a rack to Iraq. Iraq??

    Fantastic list btw.
    Always good to read a JFrater list :D

  • bythewaywhichonespink

    What? Oh my. Funny to read before bed.
    Night all.:)

  • aartfuldodger

    #7: Couldn’t they find a better name for it? Can anyone think to cinnamon after reading that name?

  • bluelouie

    i want one of those jingle jugs-thingys… awesome. darkie and niggerhair, awesome finds. Great list again..

  • chingpower

    i don't find #9 bizarre at all. it's common here in our country. boneless fish are all over the market place. it costs a little more expensive than regular fish. but i guess it's worth it.

    i've read #5 before. here's a link is also an awesome website. just want to share. :D

    i don't find most of the products on this list as bizarre. i find them rather ridiculous and funny.

    • JamieRay

      Posted on Do you people have a ofoebcak fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

  • bluesman87

    This list kicks ass!OMG no.9 is sooo retarded and gay fuel holy crap “gay fuel” are you serious?all the gayness ive ever needed in a can?Gay fule for a 25 hour gay! Where do these people come from hahaha? i bet you could make a millions from “straight fuel”,just use the slogan “straight fuel if you dont drink straight fuel your gay!” you’d make a killing especially in homophobic conservitive communities ( hey look at that guy he aint drinkin’ “straight fuel” he must be a queer -Git him with the rock Rilly Ray!!

  • Arsnl

    Whats strange by nature with mary jane buns? The chemicals or what?

  • Some classic items–Seen several advertised over the year.

  • aartfuldodger

    #7 won’t leave my mind anytime soon. Anyway the best way to cover number 2 (or 1, the heavy one) is to light a match inside the toilet. A simple trick I learnt from Joey from Friends.

  • oouchan

    Gay Fuel….hahahhaha….my sides are killing me!
    This list was awesome, jfrater. :)

    I liked Gay Fuel, HuFu, Jingle Jugs and the Giant Remote.
    As a gag gift, my brother got the giant remote. He has it sitting on the table to confuse guests when they visit. The kids get a kick out of it.

    I think I would want the Jingle Jugs….that way I can say they belonged to the woman who last slept with my ex. I wonder if they make a men’s variety one? Put them both up as a set. :)

  • akashthetorturedmind

    Great list jamie..i am always loving all these bizarre lists!

    #5: that is so uhm…weird?! Never knew about this…i guess its a good thing..that way cannibals won’t have to place ads to find people to slaughter and eat….

    #9: concerning this one its pretty practical to have boneless fish because sometimes its annoying to deal with these bones! By the way in mauritius lamb meat is usually referred to ‘boneless’ as the meat is commercialised in that form..boneless fish is also available and many people call it ‘butterfish’..

    have anyone heard of ‘pepsi white’ ? Basically it is the pepsi brand we all know about but its white!! The drink is vanilla flavoured and i think it is only sold in japan!

  • madhavmania

    this is going to sound a little wierd so bear with me a moment setting aside all ethical and moral considerations why is cannibalism not more widespread in nature or among humans, any flesh must be better then none in extreme situations. Am i correct in assuming there is some nutritional or health related impact on the body?

  • madhavmania

    that makes animals or humans instinctively abhor cannibalism to a large extent

  • I’m with ya there Arsnl… I thought I missed something there. Really, what of those mary jane buns??

  • Sega

    gay fuel xD
    i mean, if you were really really thirsty, and there was nothing else to drink, would you drink it?…. NO! cause that would be GAY!!
    id rather die of thirst first!

  • aartfuldodger

    And what about Vio, Coca Cola’s sparkling milk? I can’t even imagine how gross it could be…

  • Sega

    Or i guess you can pour it into a cup and tell people “it’s not gay fuel”.

  • bluesman87

    @madhavmania: yeah i heard that you can get a really serious disease ,like mad cow disease but with humans they discoverd it in a tribe that ate their relatives as a sign of respect when they died…..but if i was starving id chow down on a human -with fava beans and a nice bottle of chianti….

  • mchrismmx

    Picked up one of those Giant Remotes for the in-law for $10 at a Wal-Greens. The guy was always losing his small ones (can’t see worth a dang these days). Two weeks later, he was calling to ask me to help him find his Giant Remote cause he misplaced it. How the hell do you misplace a frickin’ Giant Remote?! (Happy ending: found it under his bed, with the small remotes and other things I’d rather not mention (shuddering at the memory)…)

  • madhavmania

    i dunno man I’m pretty sure u get mad cow by eating infected beef.

  • rookerbill

    The oversized remote is useful if you have kids who lose your remote for you, I do agree its ugly

    Darkie toothpaste, really????

  • bluesman87

    @madhavmania: / just did some research wikipeadia says-‘kuru disease ” blah blah blah(boring kak) blah bla “same family as mad cow disease ” , i think cause its spread through proteins , so chowing down each other spreads it?

  • GTT

    Wow, the things companies ould get away with before… Darkie and NiggerHair? Can you imagine if someone even tried to resurrect those two names?

    And how do you even come up with the concept for GAY FUEL?!? Do gay people have different taste buds? Like little tongue sensors that say “Well, this is marketed especially for gay people so it´s extra yummy!”? Plus, they´d have to know they´d be completely alienating any possible non-gay consumers… Dumbasses. No wonder you´re now broke.

  • mchrismmx

    Here is an entire website featuring stupid products, such as the dog-poo candle (couldn’t get a picture to copy over). Most of the stuff here is not what you’d buy on a regular basis but I’ve used the site to deal with the dreaded “White Elephant” Christmas party gift exchange at the office.

  • bluesman87

    I actually cant beleive that “nigger hair” tuff its tobbacco ? Who would buy that ? smoking the real stuff is so much better…

  • screamingthehsound

    I see the Giant Remote all the time at drug stores, and honestly the only reason I don’t buy it is because it can’t do DVR or Blu-Ray. But excluding that, its about $10 to $15, and the average universal remote in stores by me are usually $30 to $40 for cheap one.

  • betterthantheoriginalwally

    I saw the Darkie toothpaste on a YouTube clip about “If the South Won the War”. There are a lot of strange products on that documentary including how to find lost slaves, how to stop them escaping and how to insure your slaves against accidents. Great list BTW.

  • mom424

    Excellent list. Some of these are just wow. And to think I was horrified when my grandmother called Brazil nuts nigger toes. And she wasn’t the least bit prejudiced – that’s just what they were called. She learned better. Here’s another one; not so sure but I think they might still be available.

    Just another reason for me to hate Oysters.

    @madhavmania: Kuru is a prion disease. A prion is a weird protein; it has no DNA or RNA, same as a virus, but it doesn’t hijack healthy DNA or RNA either. As far as scientists can tell, it’s a protein that folds wrong. And it starts a chain reaction that causes more proteins to fold wrong. This folding somehow causes plaque to form. This particular shape is extra stable and unharmed by drugs or poisons. All prion diseases are fatal. All known ones are spread through ingesting spinal fluid/brain/nervous system components. So people get Kuru (laughing sickness) and sheep and goats get scrapie, deer and moose get chronic wasting disease and cows get BSE (bovine spongiform encephalophy/mad cow). Cats can get a form of it too. There are very good reasons for people and most other mammals to shy away from cannibalism.

  • vanowensbody

    Hey wait a minute! I have a giant remote control! :)

    Great list

  • Lifeschool

    Hi, I suppose ‘nigger hair’ tobacco was an evocative description of what it actually looked like; at least they didn’t call it pubic hair!

    @mom424: Interesting about prions.

  • I’ve seen the large remote targeted at the elderly and vision-impaired, although the models sold as such feature a lot less buttons.

  • Mathilda

    @Silva: My grandmother had a giant remote; the combination of her poor eyesight and arthritis made it much easier to push the correct button when they were giant-sized!

    Regarding “Nigger Hair” tobacco – I’m always amazed at how schools will ban “Tom Sawyer” or such because of the use of the word “nigger”. Presumably the purpose is to not offend anyone; to me it seems very short-sighted because these offensive terms were used, and to ignore or hide that fact does not strike me as very bright. Our elementary school age son has learned nothing about slavery, segregation or civil rights in school – so has no context for why fewer of his African-American classmates’ grandparents are college graduates than the white classmates. Thus, it seems to me that that kind of thing may lead to increased racism rather than decreased; if there is no understanding of history.

    (The banner ad for me while I’m typing this features an African-American woman – it is for online graduate school. Ironic.)

  • undaunted warrior 1

    I read somewhere that a very large and obese women that was bedridden due to her weight had accedently wedged the remote between her rolles of fat, and was only discovered on the nurses weekly visit on a routine weekly sponge down.

    Yuck !

  • Maggot

    @madhavmania: setting aside all ethical and moral considerations why is cannibalism not more widespread in nature or among humans

    It IS fairly widespread in nature, including ancient human civilizations. But not in modern human society. But I can’t tell you why, because for some reason you want to set aside the answer.

  • mom424

    @Maggot: Current research disputes the early human/cannibal association. It’s actually thought to be quite rare. Damn near as rare in early humans as it is in modern humans. For good biological reasons – biological imperatives that have become culturally ingrained. Although you might want to check with an evolutionary biologist on that point. Oh Slick where are you?

  • cherylandjon

    In life,there are times when I have no words,this is one of those times,OMG to this interesting list.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Funny list. Damn people are racist as hell.

  • What a wonderfully funny list!
    Mom, when I saw the Hufu, I also thought of Kuru. I have the Biography of the doctor who discovered the disease in a tribe in the New Guinea highlands. He later discovered the prion, and found it to be the cause of the disease, which turns the brain into a holey, sponge-like material. The closest thing in nature is the very rare Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.
    I have a product to add! I saw it just this past Wednesday, in fact. A jar of Butt Paste.
    I know I should have bought one just to prove to unbelievers that such a product exists, but we were streaking through the commissary in a rush, and weren’t taking any time to grab anything not on the list. If it’s still there next month, when we do our next marketing (except for fresh fruits and vegetables), I will buy a jar!

  • mtatazela

    Thought the “source” link in no.1 is for the Ipad being the ugliest piece of technology equipment ever made?

  • Maggot

    @mom424: Current research disputes the early human/cannibal association. It’s actually thought to be quite rare.

    Hmm, I wasn’t aware of that, thanks. Perhaps I shouldn’t have lumped it in with “fairly widespread”, but OTOH I wouldn’t have thought it to be “quite rare” either. Here’s an interesting article (from 2003) that talks a little about both sides. It also discusses the prion diseases you and segues have mentioned:

  • nimur90

    haha this was a great read jamie.

  • I don’t think Hufu should be on this list if it isn’t even real.

  • deeeziner


    “…but we were streaking through the commissary in a rush,…”

    Well if your market allows streaking, it’s no wonder they sell Butt Paste. :)

    I’m an owner of the giant remote control. It was a mock birthday gift for my husband when he turned 55. Tried to use it, but it takes TWO hands and where’s the ease in that?

    Hufu—not even on a dare!! Real human flesh any day, after all, WHAT do you have to add to a product to make it taste like the real thing? I think whatever additives they use can’t be healthy.

    Darkie and Nigger Hair–(I feel racist just typing the name :( ) Racism aside, according to Antiques Roadshow there is a huge market for these types of packaging/products. What about the original Aunt Jemima syrup bottles?

    MaryJane buns–Maryjane Saddle shoes and those tasty peanut butter taffys at Halloween–MaryJanes! A rather popular name here in the US, not so much after the 60s.

  • My grandparents used the giant remote. With their limited vision, it was tough to use the regular ones. Great post!

  • astraya

    In Australia, there is a well-known cheese brand called Coon.

  • the weirdest thing i’ve ever seen was this machine that emited the smell of cigarette smoke. i was in a bar in some city where you cannot smoke in bars, and one of these machines was behind the bar. the bartender would flip it on for 5min every 25min or so, because it made it smell like “a bar”…a familiar smell for the patrons

    i mean….if it actually smelled like cigarette smoke i would still think it was dumb as shit

    the fact that it smelled like a combination of burning plastic and mule piss just made it so much worse

  • flamehorse

    @mom424: Yeah, I heard em called that. Shame how nonchalant racism is around my area. Good stuff, Jafe. I can’t believe some of these entries.

  • BooRadley

    deeziner (45) Darkie and Nigger Hair–(I feel racist just typing the name) Racism aside, according to Antiques Roadshow there is a huge market for these types of packaging/products. What about the original Aunt Jemima syrup bottles?

    I collect old photographs, mostly of people with their dogs and of children in goat carts. (And now Memento Mori, thanks to Jamie!) Mainly I find them on ebay. I only have two old pics with black children, because the bids on Black Americana go so high that I can’t afford them! I have always hoped that they were being collected by African-Americans as a way to keep in touch with their past. The thought that they are being sold to hate groups is too upsetting. And some of the old, old postcards that feature Black people do so in a very racist manner, so I will not purchase those. It is sad to think that in the not-so-distant past, racist images were used as advertising…

  • cool stuff…

  • madhavmania

    @mom424 and @bluesman
    thanks you guys that was really informative I knew there had to be some biological reason imprinted in me to avoid my neighbours on my dinner plate :)
    i wanted to set aside the ethical reasons coz i didnt need anybody to explain them to me.

  • #1 We have one of these . . . Seriously. It was one of the prizes for selling magazines in my son’s middle school fundraiser a few years ago. It never did work with our TV, but he thought it was pretty funny at the time.

  • madhavmania

    here some other stuff i found which kinda agrees with what you said about prion disease
    New Scientist:
    CANNIBALS are rare in the animal kingdom partly because eating your relatives makes you sick, say researchers in the US who have tested the idea for the first time.

    For years, biologists have wondered why cannibalism is rare. In theory, eating your own kind can give nutritional and competitive advantages, although communities of cannibals might also have a tendency to wipe themselves out. One answer, they reckoned, was that animals avoid cannibalism to stop the spread of species-specific pathogens.

    To test this theory, a team led by David Pfennig of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill created “diseased” larvae of the cannibalistic tiger salamander, Ambystoma tigrinum, and of another tadpole species, Ambystoma texanum, by exposing them to tanks infected with their natural pathogens, such as Clostridium species. Diseased and healthy larvae of both species were then given as food to 24 slightly larger and more mature tiger salamander larvae.
    The larvae that ate diseased larvae of their own species grew less quickly and were less likely to survive metamorphosis than all the other animals, Pfennig’s team will report in a forthcoming issue of Animal Behaviour. “Cannibalism may be more rare because you risk getting pathogens or parasites,” says Pfennig. “They coevolve with their host.”
    Here’s an instance of Human Cannibalism its a bout the Donner Family i highly recommend it reading it.

    While trolling through the internet i came across something pretty out there I was wondering if any of you heard about it- it’s about a guy who was ship wrecked on a deserted island and used heroin to numb parts of his body so he could cut them off and eat them. He ate himself…how freaky is that? how do you stumble upom heroin on an deserted island i am pretty sure its just a myth.

  • lmao! I thoroughly enjoyed this. Great commentary and I particularly liked the gigantic remote :D

  • I might have to order a pair of jingle jugs

  • I don’t know if I should be laughing or outraged that these products exists. Either way this is one of the most interesting things I have read on here.

  • misfit120

    Jungle Jugs…….Hmmmmmm. And all this time I’ve had to look at that stupid moose hangin’ on my wall. And it doesn’t even have cleavage.

  • tomesta

    Pretty good list..

    I can think of many products uglier than the ipad. I suppose he just added that to provoke a response. It might not be the Apple’s greatest product or the most functional BUT its certainly not ugly. Not even slightly.

  • umm, now this one was a strictly ok list. I’ve seen you guys do better stuff.

  • jrsly

    Kind of an odd mish-mash of truly bizarre items, items that are simply from another age, and “Andy Rooney rant” type items.

  • dastex1971

    Okay enough with the “Darkie toothpaste” and the like..Its starting to look like a Tea-Bagger convention

  • DogBitez

    Not one of your better lists, for sure… but the idea was interesting. Not sure that a product that was never actually manufactured and sold should be included (Hufu), especially since it was just proposed as a joke. And extremely clueless on your part to include the over-sized remote. Anyone with a parent or grandparent with vision impairment, early stages of dementia, arthritis, etc… understands the need for a simplified, large remote.

  • Actually, “hitlerszalonna” (no. 8) is still in use, it’s made from mixed fruits and a great type of jam to put in pastries. Also, this is a nickname for a type of quice jam – quince “cheese” -, which is really good.
    And, it has an other nickname: Stalin’s bread :)

  • nicoleredz3

    I jumped to conclusion and was offended by Item no. 3, “Nigger Hair”…

    Interesting list, though…

  • Mr. Confidential

    Hey!! I remember eating hitler bacon a couple months ago…was not very good. As for the giant remote, I really would not mind having one of those!

  • i absolutely see no point in giant remotes.

  • dreamingpixel

    Great list, but I don’t think that oversized remotes really qualify as all that wierd. After all, they’d be great for seniors and people with vision problems, or ones with poor motor control who find little buttons difficult. Loved all the other products though (Jingle Jugs?!)

  • Tempe

    Darkie: now Darlie is main nonimport toothpaste brand in Taiwan. My parents were born in Taiwan and pretty much all of my relatives live there, so I went there a lot as a kid. Most of the people I’ve met use Darlie and I’ve used it myself.

    What makes it more amusing is that the original Chinese name of the brand is “Hei Ren” or literally “Black Man”. What’s more, there is another brand of Taiwanese toothpaste called “Bai Ren” which is literally “White Man”.

  • Hilarious

    Wow this is hilarious, I can speak mandarin and in mandarin darlie is called 'Black People Tooth Paste'. Sold mostly in Asia and I still use it. Great stuff!! That is of course if you disregard the racism behind it. As Tempe said it's Hei Ren Ya Gau.

  • Cameron

    I have a giant remote. I certainly didn't pay $20 for it, though. I got mine for $4 at Office Max. I love it, it's truly impossible to lose.

  • joe

    the large remote.

    I do not think it is meant to be for real. More of a gag gift, like the hat that holds the beer cans

  • Racismisfordevils

    Wow so much racism it really is disgusting. Why do I have the feeling that the people behind this site are ASIAN?? Hmmmm…

  • Soendoro Soetanto

    NIce list.
    Soendoro Soetanto

  • Jorgelinae

    Im from Argentina, here is very common the “tough fruit” like this post name it. We made this sweets of membrillo, batata (dulce de batata or dulce de mebrillo) and we use to eat in pies, or with cheese. Probably you think that is bizarre but they re delicious! It is very typical. And it is edible!! We only use fruit an sugar to made it (at home, of course)… Forgive my english ;)

    • Simeon

      Don’t forget the “dulce de zapallo” (pumpkin jam) or the brazilian “goiabada” (guava jam) that is possible to find in the same shape as in jars. I like to eat the “dulce de membrillo” (quince jam) with cheese.

  • Strembop

    perhaps its pica,but i eat wats on my plate if not off. stinky tofu(rotten) chicken liver, rotten shark, glaze on the plate…

  • Fat Kid

    serezha, I couldn't agree more.

  • oliveralbq

    ok—————————————- this is what the above post *says*—–
    the question, is, what does it *mean*::::

    @serezha polunin: "There is a problem with hair thinning seriously. I read on the Internet, the feeling that everything as it can, and try to cope.

    Interested in anything real. Can someone try something and 100% worked.

    For example, there are different drugs, there Mival found. Certificates have. On the effect would be to look after him, may have pictures before and after?

    Various magic is not interested, just say and sometimes afterwards came referees, a pancake.

    To sum up: help decision, is it just nerves)) should be an easy way out, I think.

    PS Already consulted with a psychologist, actually it to trichologist and sent.
    Read phoneticallyDictionary – View detailed dictionary"

  • Jay

    I didn't understand the translation any better than the original…

    • oliveralbq

      well, the first time i read it, i was like….wtf?
      i must haveread it 5 times (you know, cause *some* of the words will have weird meanings,

      i did the translation thing —–
      yeah……it was more clear in russian.

      though, i must admit — i do like the referees to pancakes comparison.

  • Jay

    If only Francis were here! He speaks Russian! And when it comes to pancakes, he doesn't waffle.

  • Jay

    Good point! But what if I don't WANT to have my arms made longer?

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    well, watcha say on number 1 is correct: can also be used as a small coffee table or for attacking burglars. indeed, convenient.

    then, y not having a bigger version of car-keys or cellphones. maybe not

    good list. makes me wonder

  • PamelaRose

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    It's made for the elderly, or people with vision problems. Bigger buttons are easier for them to see and press.

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    It says there that it was "designed to resemble human flesh in taste and texture."
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