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10 Most Watched Sports and Their Greatest Moments

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Having published so many sporting lists in the past, it is a real surprise to find that we don’t have one that covers the best moments in the most popular sports. With this list, the gap is filled. Be sure to add your own favorites to the comments.


Formula 1

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2007 Formula One Championship – Brazilian Grand Prix

The 2007 formula one season marked the first season without veteran driver Michael Schumacher. The season was marked by intense competition between three premier drivers – Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen. The Brazilain Grand Prix was the last race of the season, and it was the first time since 1986 that three drivers were in contention for the championship with only a single race remaining. The event was marked by treacherous weather, and was started under safety car conditions. Lewis Hamilton was the favorite with 107 points, followed by Fernando Alonso on 103 points and Kimi Räikkönen on only 100 points. Without some dramatic event, it seemed clear that either Hamilton or Alonso would win, with Räikkönen not being in contention. However, Hamilton slipped to the back, from 2nd, after a gearbox problem and, though he recovered to the 7th position, Kimi Räikkönen won the race and thereby the championship. Had Hamilton finished even 5th or below, he would have won the championship. The final standings were Räikkönen on 110 points followed by Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso each on 109 points.




Borg-McEnroe’s 4th set Tie-Breaker

In any assessment of great sporting moments of the 20th Century, the fourth set tie break of the 1980 Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Singles final, between the defending champion Bjorn Borg of Sweden and John McEnroe of the USA, has earned an unchallenged place. The 1980 final began badly for Borg, as McEnroe swept through the first set 6-1, and was frequently in a strong position in the second. However, Borg took the second and third set to lead two sets to one, with the final now almost two hours old. Soon, the fourth set tie break was a reality. Match points and set points followed, in a tantalizing sequence with Borg first reaching match points at 6-5 and 7-6. McEnroe, next, held and lost two set points before Borg, even more agonizingly, missed three match points as McEnroe dealt with them firmly, with a sequence of a great serve, a net cord and a volley. McEnroe now stayed out in front, holding and losing four set points before capturing the set on his fifth chance. Against Borg’s serve, McEnroe’s viciously top spun return produced a volley error from the Swede – and the match was all square after just over three hours on court. Borg went for broke in the deciding set, hitting eighty per cent of his first serves, and losing only three points on serve in the entire set. McEnroe contributed fully to this astonishing final and twice served to save the match. But Borg, cold-eyed within sight of a title which would make him the first to win five in a row since the abolition of the Challenge Round, finally reached his eighth match point when McEnroe missed a low volley. A backhand passing shot ended it and Borg was Champion by 1-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-7, 8-6.



Pga G Tigermasters97 576

1997 Masters Tournament

At the 1996 Masters, Jack Nicklaus predicted that amateur Tiger Woods would win more green jackets than Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer combined. Golf scribes rolled their eyes. A year later, Jack looked prophetic. Playing in his first major as a pro, Woods made Augusta National beg for mercy. “He’s taking the course apart,” Nicklaus said. Tom Watson called him “the type of player who comes around once in a millennium.” Woods possessed more than brute strength – he had a killer instinct and a killer short game, and never three-putted on the course’s treacherous greens. He began Sunday with a nine-shot lead, and ended the day with a four-footer for par, a fist pump and a slew of tournament records: youngest champion (21), lowest four-day score (270) and largest margin of victory (12). Woods also became the first minority golfer to win The Masters. “I wasn’t the pioneer,” Woods said. “Charlie Sifford, Lee Elder, Ted Rhodes – those are the guys who paved the way.” Pioneer or not, Woods was the new face of golf.




Tyson-Holyfield II

Termed as Tyson-Holyfield II, the fight began with Holyfield dominating Tyson. Tyson had repeatedly complained about head-butting in the first bout between the two. As the third round was about to begin, Tyson came out of his corner without his mouthpiece. The referee ordered Tyson back to his corner to insert it. Tyson inserted his mouthpiece, got back into position and the match resumed. Tyson began the third round with a furious attack. With forty seconds remaining in the round Holyfield got Tyson in a clinch, and Tyson rolled his head above Holyfield’s shoulder and bit Holyfield on his right ear, avulsing a one-inch piece of cartilage from the top of the ear, and spitting out the piece of ear on the ring floor.The fight was delayed for several minutes as Lane debated what to do. Lane’s original inclination was to immediately disqualify Tyson, but after the ringside doctor determined that Holyfield was able to continue despite the bite, Lane announced he would be deducting two points from Tyson and the fight continued. During another clinch, Tyson bit Holyfield’s left ear. Holyfield threw his hands around to get out of the clinch and jumped back, but the two men continued fighting until time expired. The men walked back to their respective corners when the fight was then stopped. As a result of biting Holyfield on both ears and other behavior, Tyson’s boxing license was revoked by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and he was fined $3 million, plus legal costs, and was almost sentenced to prison.



Nba G Mjordan 400

Michael Jordan’s immortalized shot

It was, quite simply, the greatest clutch sequence in basketball history. Trailing Utah 86-83 with 41.9 seconds left, Chicago was in danger of facing a Game 7 on the road, with Scottie Pippen severely limited by back pain. Then Michael Jordan delivered. First, MJ hit a driving layup to cut the lead to one. Then he stripped Karl Malone from behind in the post, and calmly dribbled upcourt. After a stutter-step and a crossover dribble, Jordan launched a championship-winning 20-foot jumper over a fallen Bryon Russell. After a time-out, Stockton’s three-point attempt hit the rim and bounced away, giving the Bulls their sixth NBA title in 8 years. Jordan, who scored 45 points, and whose game-winning shot has been immortalized around the world, was named the Finals MVP.




Shot Heard ‘Round the World

BASEBALL has moments. Football has drives, basketball has runs, hockey has … I dunno what hockey has. But I know this: Baseball has moments. Moments of suspense. Followed by moments when everything changes. Some 50 years ago, Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Ralph Branca threw a smoky fastball up and in to New York Giant, Bobby Thomson, who turned on it like a farmer wielding a machete. The Dodgers had led 4-2 in the bottom of the ninth. Two Giants were on base when “The Shot Heard `Round the World” disappeared into the left-field stands at the Polo Grounds. As a result of the “shot”, the Giants won the game 5–4, defeating the Dodgers in their pennant playoff series, two games to one. “The Giants won the pennant. The Giants won the pennant”, and October 3, 1951, became a frozen moment in baseball history.



 44572965 Rwc2003Getty

2003 Rugby World Cup Final

The 2003 Rugby World Cup Final was between England and Australia. The final was closely contested with both teams showing exceptional perseverance. Elton Flatley of Australia had tied the game at 14 each with a penalty goal on the 80th minute taking the game in to extra time. Jonny Wilkinson then kicked a penalty in the 82nd minute, the score then 14-17. Flatley kicked a penalty in the 97th minute, and the score drew level once again at 17-all. With only a minute remaining in the game, the ball was returned to England from a Mat Rogers kick, and with only 26 seconds on the clock, Wilkinson kicked a final drop goal, making the final score 17-20 and clinching the trophy for England. A national day of celebration was held on Monday, December 8, for the English rugby team, and hundreds of thousands of fans lined the streets of London to pay tribute to the English team. The English squad were also invited personally by the Queen to Buckingham Palace, and this was followed by a reception at Downing Street with, then, Prime Minister Tony Blair .




Lara’s record-breaking 375 run innings

In a sport in which hitting a century (100 runs) in one innings is an extraordinary achievement, Brian Lara’s 375 runs against England last week was, well, Ruthian. From April 16 to April 18 the crease belonged to Lara and Lara alone. A 5’6″ lefty, Lara faced 537 balls from five English bowlers and hit 45 fours. His at bat was “chanceless,” meaning that, until he was put out, he never allowed a ball to get anywhere near the wicket, nor did he hit anything close to a catchable fly, the two most common ways to get out in cricket. Lara batted without interruption, not counting various stoppages for such necessities as lunch and tea—cricket, after all, did originate in England—for 12 hours and 46 minutes before being dismissed. In the wake of Lara’s 375-run tally, Trinidad and Tobago was—if such a thing can be said of a country comprising two neighboring islands—beside itself. On Thursday the prime minister, Patrick Manning, was at Port-of-Spain’s Piarco International Airport to laud Lara and his mates. It was announced that the next day would be recognized as a Day of Achievement in Lara’s honor, NATUC, the country’s national trade union, canceled a nationwide strike it had planned some time ago for that day. Besides receiving the Trinity Cross, Trinidad’s highest honor, Lara was also given real estate.


American Football


“The Greatest Game Ever Played”

Often known as “The Greatest Game Ever Played”, the 1958 National Football League Championship game between Baltimore Colts and New York Giants, was nothing less than spectacular. There’s no denying that the excitement of the back-and-forth battle reached epic proportions as quarterback Johnny Unitas led the Colts’ offense onto the field late in the game. With the clock ticking, the Colts began from their own 14-yard line. After two incomplete passes, Unitas connected with halfback Lenny Moore on an 11-yard play to start moving the offense up the field. Johnny U. missed on a long pass to L.G. “Long Gone” Dupre, before turning to his favorite target. On second-and-ten, he found Raymond Berry for a 25-yard gain to midfield. Then, Unitas looked down the left sideline and connected with Berry for another 15 yards. One more Unitas-to-Berry hook-up, which was good for 22 yards, put the Colts at the Giants’ 13-yard line. With seven seconds to play in regulation, kicker Steve Myhra trotted onto the field and booted the 20-yard field goal to send the game into overtime. It marked the first time in league history that a championship game would be decided in sudden death. The Giants won the coin toss, but were forced to punt after they went three-and-out. Seizing the opportunity, Baltimore’s offense methodically controlled the ball and moved 80 yards on 13 plays. History was made when fullback Alan Ameche punched through the line on a one-yard, game-winning touchdown after 8 minutes and 15 seconds of overtime to give the Colts a 23-17 win and the NFL title. The game marked the beginning of the NFL’s popularity surge, and eventual rise to the top of the United States sports market. Eventually 17 players would be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.



Man.Utd 1999

1998-1999 Champions League Final

Arguably the greatest football moment has to be Manchester United’s triumphant comeback over Bayern Munich in the 1998-1999 champions league final. Manchester United were trailing 1-0 at the end of 90 minutes. United won a corner just as the fourth official indicated three minutes of injury time, and in a last-ditch attempt at an equalizer, Peter Schmeichel ventured up to Bayern’s penalty area. At this point, ITV commentator Clive Tyldesley asked: “Can Manchester United score? They always score!”. Beckham flighted the corner in just over Schmeichel’s head, Dwight Yorke put the ball back towards the crowded area, and after Thorsten Fink failed to clear sufficiently, the ball arrived at the feet of Ryan Giggs on the edge of the area. His right-footed snap-shot was weak and poorly struck, but it went straight to Sheringham, who swiped at the shot with his right foot, and nestled the ball in the bottom corner of the net. The goal was timed at 90:36. It looked as if, having been behind for most of the match, United had forced extra time, with Tyldesley declaring “Name on the trophy!”.

Less than 30 seconds after the subsequent kick-off, United forced another corner, but Schmeichel stayed in his penalty area this time. Beckham again swung the corner in, which was headed downwards by Sheringham. Solskjær shot out a foot and poked the ball into the roof of the Bayern goal for United to take an astonishing lead. The goal was timed at 92:17. Solskjær celebrated by sliding on his knees, mimicking Basler’s earlier celebration, before quickly being mobbed by the United players, substitutes and coaching staff. Schmeichel, in his own penalty area, famously cartwheeled with glee. Tyldesley’s commentary on Solskjær’s goal is famous among Manchester United fans for its direct nature: “Is this their moment? Beckham… into Sheringham… and Solskjær has won it!” Tyldesley again followed this with the exclamation, “Manchester United have reached the Promised Land.” It had looked so certain that Bayern Munich would have won the cup that Bayern ribbons had already been secured to the trophy in preparation of the presentation ceremony. When the trophy was presented to Manchester United, the captain on the night, Peter Schmeichel, who had just finished his final match for the club, and manager Alex Ferguson raised the trophy together.

  • ManUre are you fucken kidding me? the best comeback in Champions history was the Liverpool win over AC Milan back in 05. Liverpool cameback from a 3-0 deficit to take it all.
    Also golf is not a sport.

    • Julius

      I'm a 'pool fan too, but you've gotta admit that the 99 final was a bigger sporting moment than the Istanbul comeback. Also, golf is a sport!

      • mcface

        i agree mate, it was amazing spine tingling stuff and i don't even like man u!

        • Fudge

          I dont like Manchesthair united either…honestly speaking..the liverpool match was indeed, a much bigger deal!

      • Arsnl

        You’re both wrong. Brazil uruguay 1950. Hell w germany-hungary ’54. Hell fc start-the german army’s team. 44 i think it was. Thats a game that would perfectly fit shankley’s quote:” football isnt a matter of life and death. Its more important than that.” (missquote though)

        • I haven't said that '99 was the greatest football moment ever, I just said it was a bigger moment than '05. I agree with you my personal Top 3 would be: 1. Miracle of Berne 2. 1986 WC final 3. "The wail heard around the world"

    • Pope John Paul II

      I'm from Liverpool, but have almost no interest in football whatsoever.
      But that night, the atmosphere in the city was incredible, the streets filled with people cheering, Everton & Liverpool fans alike came together to celebrate.. incredible stuff. Almost converted me.

    • Tonebob

      Liverpool vs Ac Milan was by far the greatest sporting come back in History, not just because im a hardened Liverpool fan and a bias fecker, but to comeback from being totally humiliated and outplayed in the first half (even the commentators writing us off) to scoring 3 goals in five minutes was unbelievable, and to then enduring a gut wrenching extra time period and to win on pens like we did.
      Its the feeling off jumping off a bridge in the first half to utter bliss by the end which did it for me. YNWA

      • Euan

        Istanbul was an amazing game, coming back in it like that and eventually even taking it on penalties. But Man U's comeback in the dying minutes was a tad more spectacular because of the whole pressure and timing thing. Not to mention the fact that they also managed to even win it before stoppage time was up. You can't write that.

    • CARD

      Totally agree, most Liverpool fans had left the stadium because they thaught Liverpool would never win.

      • CARD


    • ryan

      bullshit ac milan gave them the fucking win the 1st half blew manu game was perfect all the way through

    • Andrew

      Typical Liverpool fan. United did it in 3 minutes to win the Treble, Liverpool did it in an hour against a Milan side past their best

  • Matt

    I know the list is the most popular sports worldwide but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed.

    • Me, too… are you Canadian? Since you like hockey? :D

      • Finnish man

        I love hockey! And I'm not even Canadian! ;D

        • No, you seem to be Finnish… judging by your nick. You must hate me, since I'm Swedish… :) but I still love hockey! :)

          • Finnish man

            Yeah I hate you! ;) You people always beat us in the final. That's so annoying! I miss the year 1995…

            P.S. Your crown princess is hot!

    • THOMAS


    • Ya dude that's a burner

    • I know. I mean Cricket? Rugby? Hockey is 10000 times better!!

      • XXXX

        Yeah I know! I'm pretty sure hockey is more watched than cricket or rugby D:

        • jdog

          u dumb or something after world football, cricket and rugby union are the most popular sports

          • RDR

            Haha silly yanks eh or possibly even worse…Canadians :-O

          • Ryan

            The Yanks think they are the world, regardless of what is the opion of the rest of the world, what the yanks think, stands

        • tate

          Ever heard of heard of the British Empire = everyone plays either cricket (and/or) rugby

  • plasmatwa2

    I’m not sure what’s more messed up: No hockey, or the fact you think the greatest moment in boxing history is Tyson biting Holyfield’s ear off. Seriously?

    • Totally agree with you, that ear-biting incident should not be even put into the 'greatest' category . In fact it was downright shameful for the sport!

      • oliveralbq

        took the words out of my mouth.

        im not sure exactly what would be the best in the category of boxing. unfortunately, i arrived in life a little too late to see boxing at its height — but i did mention the rumble on the jungle…..i mean, shit — i saw "when we were kings" not too long ago, so maybe im biased a tad, but i didnt write the list.

        i very rarely say something uber negative about a list — they take time, creativity, dedication, and thought.

        im not even gonna say somehting negative about this list. (other than wondering aloud why the author didnt make it 15 items — for this, see my post that has to do with 5 ommissions)

        i will say something negative about that entry, though.
        something uber negative.

        the boxing entry was fucking retarded.

        not only was it a horrible oversight, but was so mentally jarring to the sports sectio of my brain, the only thing that has made me feel better today was penning an anti-list to this one.
        a little over a month in to the life of listverse there was a list about sports disasters, but i dont recall one on blatent stupidity in sports. actually — i'll have to re-name…..the current title, with the inclusion of the word 'stupid' is an unfair insult to stupid people.

        one thing is for damn sure. —- if frater publishes it, then you'll all get to read about this mike tyson epidermal buffet once again.

    • Gatsby

      Couldn't agree more. If you want to stay in the heavyweight division for fights there's plenty from which to choose…Rumble in the Jungle, The Thrilla in Manila(my personal choice), Marciano v. Jersey Joe Walcott, Joe Louis v. Billy Conn, Joe Louis v. Max Schmeling…Even Tyson v Douglas was better than that travesty where Tyson went cannibal. I can think of thirty or forty fights I've watched in the past ten years better than Tyson v. Holyfield. And I, too, don't like to go negative, but this one is just too far out there.

  • afg

    kind of boring list….. btw, soccer is a girls sport.

    • Don't get me started… American football is a girl's sport, compared to soccer or hockey. (Damn, there go my points again…) :D :D :D

      • haha. not at all. and the elaborate dress up for American football. Its not a sport. Its a fight. Disgraceful.

      • synchronized swimming is a girls sport

        • the mick

          It's very easy for non Americans to misunderstand American Football.
          i am Australian and i love American football. But to best describe it, i will use 2 quotes that i remember:
          1) (American) football, is not a contact sport. It's a collision sport !
          2) It's not 2 coaches opposing each other. It's 2 strategists playing chess with warriors for pieces.

          • quackimacow

            I agree. Rugby has more minor injuries because of the lack of padding, but the padding allows American football players to hit each other as hard as they want without worrying about injuring themselves. This, plus the fact that pads can't prevent broken necks, means that American football has more catastrophic injuries and deaths…over 700 since 1945.

          • Lee

            if you play soccer (with people who are actually good) you’ll see that soccer is also like that.

        • Maggot

          synchronized swimming is a girls sport

          Excuse me? Apparently you have never seen this:

          • oliveralbq


            ooo how could i have been so blind

            shearer and short are too damn funny.
            from the loooks of the video, you would not only get a great preformance nomination, but a cinematography award to boot.

            thx for showing me the error of my ways :)

        • ohhh… but I love that kind of girl sport… it's sexy… ;D

    • @#$%!!

      Aaaahhh haaa haaa haa!

      So funny to say this because of the predictable OUTRAGE.

      afg knows soccer is not just a girl's sport, so you futball fans don't get ur panties in a knot.

    • you suck man
      soccer is the most popular sport in the world
      american football is only popular in america
      btw its futbal
      not soccer

    • 68 tumb downs hahahahahahahah

    • Che

      Ok, then tell me why soccer players don’t wear those pu$$y @$$ helmets and all the other protection? and why more soccer players have died in the soccer field than in the football (or as I call it “Hand egg”) field?

  • Andres

    Not sure I agree with many of your picks, but no one can question how impressive and awe-inspiring most of them were. By the way, are the sports listed from least-watched to most-watched? Are you sure Basketball or Rugby are less watched than Cricket?

    • Julius

      A quick google search brings out the most watched sports in this order:
      1) Football: 3.3-3.5 billion fans (Europe, Africa, Asia, Americas, etc.)
      2) Cricket: 2-3 billion fans (India, UK, Pakistan, Asia, Australia, etc.)
      3) Field hockey: 2-2.2 billion fans (Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia)
      4) Tennis: Around 1 billion fans (Europe, Americas, Asia)
      5) Volleyball: Around 900 million fans (Asia, Europe, Americas, Australia)
      6) Table tennis: Around 900 million fans (Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas)
      7) Baseball: Around 500 million fans (US, Japan, Cuba, Dominican Republic)
      8) Golf: Around 400 million fans (US, Canada, Europe)
      9) Gridiron (American football): 390-410 million fans (US mainly)
      10) Basketball: Not more than 400 million fans (US, Canada mainly)
      note: I don't know how accurate this is exactly. (don't trust a statistic that you haven't faked yourself ;-) ), and the exclusion of formula one is probably due to the fact that it isn't a "sport" in the traditional sense.

      Cricket is often overlooked, but it has a huge market in India, pakistan etc. where it is the most popular sport….

      OT: Surprisingly, the country that holds the record for most consecutive wins in Rugby Union is Lithuania with 18 straight wins. Random.

      • Lithuania's winning streak is pretty impressive until you look at who they generally play. Most suburban club sides here in New Zealand would probably be too much for Lithuania to handle. In saying that, it's great to see so many countries playing rugby. It's a cool sport.

      • mike9878

        Field Hockey?? WOW! I never knew it had any following whatsoever.

        • It's quite big in the commonwealth states as well as as in Germany. It's a cool and fast sport…

          • Euan

            Big in Netherlands as well, but only if we win something…

        • Saurisco

          Field Hockey is the most underrated sport.
          Its so fast and technically much better than ice hockey.

      • oliveralbq

        my initial reaction to this is
        — right on julius — i was considering googling similiar stats to see what came out in terms of numbers — so i owe you 9 min of my life.

        quickly turning into

        sadness that ping pong absolutely destroys the exciting game of ice hocky in terms of numbers dictated above.

        im very good at table tennis, but it just isnt *that* fun to watch.

      • Dr. Steve Brule

        I can’t take that list Of most watched sports seriously regardless of its veracity. Field hockey and cricket?? Field hockey is for middle school girls and cricket, well, cricket is pointless.

        As for the list, it should have been limited to 7. Skimmed right over formula one, cricket, and rugby.

        • Football

          If that’s the case “doctor” you should get rid of silly sports like gridiron and basketball because seriously…..only 400 million people watch it? Not even 10% of the world population!
          Pretty much the Indie kid of sports

  • brock

    American football?do you know that this sport exist only in usa and nobody gives a fuck about it outside there

    • PuroresuPride18

      Well Germany & Canada beg to differ. Now please STFU and go away.

      • Pope John Paul II

        The guy is right, outside of the USA it's generally considered a bit of a joke, apart from small communities of people that actually like it. Canada is an exception.
        Same goes for Baseball. Love the way Baseball has a "World Series", even though virtually noone outside of the US gives a damn.

        • I too used to wonder how a series that only involved US baseball teams could be called a "world series", but then I saw somewhere that the term world series was used because a newspaper with world in it's name used to sponsor the MLB finals. Someone else may be able to confirm this for me.

          • Pope John Paul II

            Nope, Wikipedia states that it was originally known as both "The Championship of the United States" (better!), and "World's Championship Series", or "World Series" for short.
            The name stuck.

          • Aha, I found this at

            "…….was originally called "The Championship of the United States." Several newspapers penned the Grays as "World Champions" and the new title stuck."

            That's cleared that up :-)

          • Euan

            In a way it's not even that inaccurate a name when you consider it represents most of the world that is interested in the sport…

          • ricepaddy

            Okay, this is first hand knowledge from my mother: World Book Encyclopedia sponsored the very first American baseball championship and instead of calling it the World Book Championship, it is just the World championship, now the world series.

        • paulyicecubes

          You're right, outside the US baseball is considered a joke. Except for Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Curacao, Colombia, Venezuela, Canada, Ecuador, South Africa…..The Atlanta Braves have at least one player from each of these countries, and that's just one team. I know it's fashionable to dislike American Sports, but at least be accurate.

          • paulyicecubes

            Oh and they also have an Australian as well, Peter Moylan, who is a great pitcher.

          • baseball is still a little popular in other places but american football is shit everywhere but usa

          • WFD

            Right on!

        • How is it considered a "joke"? Have you ever tried something called respect? Just because YOU don't like it doesn't make it a joke, much less a joke in the eyes of the world, asshole.

        • Belfrahn

          Missed the spot there, champ. Baseball is HUGELY popular in mexico, all of the caribbean countries, japan. We're talking millions and millions of die hard fans here, not thousands. But yes, fútbol is the world's most popular sport.

        • Mahatma G

          Just remeber the US has a huge population and its citizens are double the wieght of any other country in the world, so they count double.

      • Peter

        The "great" final of American Football in the last year of NFL Europa in Germany attracted less people than a second division normal football match.

        • Andres

          Of course. European teams in American football are as exciting as American teams in association football, which is to say not very.

          On the other hand, the first **regular** NFL (with American teams–namely the Dolphins and the Giants) game ever played in Europe attracted more than 80,000 fans, which is more people than most European stadiums could even house. What does that prove? It's not so much the sport itself, it's the lack of big names attracting people. It's the same for big-time national association football teams coming to America to play–they're obviously going to attract many more fans than MLS teams because they're carrying much bigger names.

          And it's not called "normal football," it's called "association football." If you're going to be an arrogant bigot at least be a little more precise in your writing.

    • jesus lizard

      it exists so much you created your own "euro" league….gratz on that one

      • SRS

        A total failure that one was.

    • the tank

      The reason real football is mainly played in the USA only is that all the soccer playing countries would not be able to field a team. You need a ton of balls to play football and we have a monopoly on men like that in the USA. Try faking an injury to draw a penalty and you will be rightly booed or take a beating if that happened in Texas.

      • Sarar

        Yeah, right…

      • Football

        HAHAHA do you watch Rugby? Have a go and tell me you really have the monopoly of people with “a ton of balls”. I personally call it fucking retarded because getting paid to smash against people and causing injury to yourself isn’t balls, it’s a retardation of brain receptors, but that’s just my opinion of both sports really

  • porkins

    maybe the worst mistake is on the cricket list, where it state something about lara getting the 375 “last week”, which is very odd considering the man retired from cricket about 3 yers ago

  • KabirBhai

    1. Lara? Brian lara? From which angle? Acute or obtuse? Not sachin tendulkar’s century in one day? Not don bradman last match? Not murlitharan’s 800 test wickets? Not shane warne’s spin? Not pakistan’s world cup win under Imran Khan? Greatest moment in cricket history – lara? Except this, what did lara do? Where did he go? He came, he played fr a while, he retired. No consistency.

    2. It happened in 1994. Not ‘last week’ as written in th list. Pls cut-paste carefully…

    3. Cricket is a religion. And some worship it. Now pls excuse me, Am going to commit suicide…

    • camo

      Gotta agree with my man Kabir… there have been loads of amazing moments in test cricket over the years; many better than Brian Lara's run-feast against the Poms (England). For all of the non-hardened cricket fanatics out there, his innings should be put into perspective: his opposition were not exactly the best team going around in the mid-90's… far from it, actually. The frontline English bowling attack that day boasted such names as Angus Fraser, Andy Caddick and Phil Tufnell… all mediocre bowlers at best, and all highly unlikely to be striking fear into the batsmen. Had he scored 375 runs against (for arguments sake) the Joel Garner / Michael Holding / Malcolm Marshall West Indies outfit of the mid-80's; or the Glenn McGrath / Shane Warne Australians from more recent times…. well, that would have been an achievement. Also, Lara's innings was on a flat and lifeless Antiguan pitch… hardly the menacing turners of India or the vicious seamers you find at the WACA in Australia.

      • borogirl

        Also it was a meaningless game as WI had already lost the series…. You would never want Lara batting for your life….

    • Murali800

      I agree with you, but , Brian Lara is in my opinion the greatest batsman ever and I'm Sri Lankan.

    • Kabir Bhai, fully fully agree with you here. That 375 from Lara was at most a self centerd approach at creating a record. Nothing more nothing less. And that man was a really great player… But there have been many who are greater than them. Why, I rate Dravid way way above Lara. If asked to choose, I won't know which to choose between Sachin, Bradman or Murali.

      • convertorboy

        Lara first broke the record in 1994, why does your account say last week?

    • Guest

      for ur information, Lara has glaucoma. that's why he retired. and his record was broken in October 2003 by Australia's Matthew Hayden AND he regained it in April 2004… in early stages of glaucoma.

  • blake

    Should of added MMA or hockey to replace Formula 1 or even cricket. also, you should change american football and put it lower because even though that it's the most popular sport in America, the viewership in other places in non existent.

  • mcface

    Liked the idea but this is poorly researched and written. Boxing's greatest moment is a joke, Ali anyone?

  • Lara

    Not to downplay Jordan’s game (since everyone knows he was an incredible player) but how in the world can his shot win over Chamberlain’s 100-point game? I mean come on, no one has yet to score that many. Kobe was close scoring 81 two years ago but Chamberlain’s game definitely beats out Jordan.

    • nigeltown

      Are you joking? If you had seen him in action you would not be arguing. He defined CLUTCH.

    • oliveralbq

      im not gonna say which i believe is better,
      but im gonna take a stab–as to why the author chose tihs one:.
      this inclusion probably had to do more with the importance of the game.

      with wilt — a completely meaningless game, philly warriors v new york knicks (with the knicks starting center out due to injury) — in penn, (they played that game in hershey, pa, right?) — teams quit playing (well, quit trying, anyhow) — they just kept feeding wilt the ball, and he kept taking shots. i dont even remember his shooting percentage being that good that night. — – and truth be told, i'm *almost* more impreessed with the game he snagged 55 rebounds in.

      as for m.j. — it was game six of the finals — if he throws a brick, if he misses, they go back to utah for a game 7 on the road. if he hits it, bulls win the trophy — game over. season over. it was high drama, which turned into high excitment, which turned into a buzz that everyone felt:: they had just witnessed the baddest performance in all of the land.

  • PuroresuPride18

    You really should have included Kickboxing/MMA. The Bob Sapp vs Akebono fight got 53 million viewers! Plus Pride FC Shockwave 2002 had a massive attendance of 91,000.

    • I was about to agree with you until I saw Bob Sapp vs Akebono as a greatest moment in MMA. You sir are an idiot.

      • PuroresuPride18

        I didn't say it was the greatest moment ever, I said it WAS HUGE and got 53 millions viewers watching. You sir need to learn how to read right.

        • No where in your first comment does the word "huge" appear, and this list is about greatest moments not huge ones. You sir can eat my ass with a spoon.

  • Pope John Paul II

    Absolutely NOBODY watches or cares about American Football outside of America.
    Doesn't deserve to be anywhere near number 2.

    • iamking

      I think you might be wrong on that pope…….to bad more people watch the superbowl than world cup…..check the stats homie

      • Pope John Paul II

        I just did.
        This year's world cup final drew 250m viewers, estimated.
        This year's "superbowl" managed 97m.

        • "Cumulative TV audience of 26.29 billion (24.2 billion in-home viewers, 2.1 billion out-of-home)
          Most-watched match: Italy v France final, total cumulative audience of 715.1 million viewers"
          That's from for the '06 world cup, the superbowl '10 was watched by 106 million… there is a small difference there ;-)

          • bristola

            numbers I saw indicate almost 1billion people watch the superbowl annually. 106 million just in the US. there is a small difference there in your numbers. ;-)

          • link please?
            here are two that indicate that 106.5 million watched it:

            This is just from wikipedia but it'll help clarify your mistake a bit:
            "A frequently misquoted figure from NFL press releases has led to the common perception that the Super Bowl has an annual global audience of around one billion people. In fact, the NFL states one billion as the game's potential worldwide audience – i.e. the number of people able to watch the game. Independent studies suggest that the average global viewership is just over 100 million, the vast majority of whom are U.S. viewers."

          • I checked your links. If you had bothered to read them both of the headlines say that the superbowl is the most watched television program ever. Further in the articles it becomes clear that these are american numbers only. Thanks for further illustrating my point. Julius, YOU ARE WRONG. Thanks for playing.

          • Oh please. The superbowl is the most watched television program in the US, not in the whole world. Please provide a link where it says that 1 billion people watch the super bowl.

          • ricepaddy

            I checked the links too, the first link says that according to Nielson ratings, it was the most watched tv program. Only the US has Nielson ratings. The secondlink says it was the most watched US show ever. Numbers I saw indicate 106.5 million, beating out MASH as previous record holder 105.97 million, so it's looking like Julius is right on the money

          • he's right in that 106 million is a US number. not a world number. It's called comprehending what you read. you are infuriatingly dumb.

          • I did some further research. Both the NFL and FIFA claim to have almost 1 Billion people watch their respective championships. In the wold cups case, 1 billion for just the final match. however several places place realistic numbers much lower for both games. The superbowl around 100 million in just the US and 125-150 million worldwide. FIFA's World Cup final estimates actual worldwide veiwership between 250 and 350 million worldwide. Can we at least agree that these numbers seem more realistic?

          • Julius

            Once again, please provide links where the nfl states that 1 billion people watch their championship.
            "FIFA's World Cup final estimates actual worldwide veiwership (sic) between 250 and 350 million worldwide."
            I'm sorry, but that is just blatantly wrong, here is a link to the fifa homepage which confirms my numbers:

          • you are infuriatingly dumb and refuse to listen to reason. Whatever, you are right. I just don't care enough. ;-)

          • Julius

            OK, how exactly am I refusing to listen to reason? You are the one throwing around unsubstantiated numbers, failing to back them up with any kind of evidence, after multiple requests that you do so. And the fact that you have to resort to insulting me is certainly not helping your case.

          • Callum

            Yes sorry to say Aaron, The best varified numbers I have found are the 2008 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony at 940 million maximum (600 million average), Fifa 2008 WC finals 700 million (350 million average) & finally Superbowl XLV is a maximum of 60% of american households (roughly 180 million) and probably about 1% outside of USA so that’s an average of 250 million at best….

      • coocoocuchcoo

        HAHA amazing failure by 'iamking'….comisserations you prick

      • Arsnl

        @bristola: 1 billion. That means 1/6 people watch it. There are one billion chinese out there. Have you ever seen a chinese? Cuz for sure i havent seen some talking about the super bowl (live i mean)

    • Football is so badass. Everyone loves it. Eat a dick.

      • Football sucks

        Football is for pussies. Too much padding. Too many stoppages. Not enough action. Hockey is better.

        • homer simpson

          your an idiot.

          • memyself&I

            "your" an idiot? The irony!

    • haha… so NOT true!!!

  • Arsnl

    F1- alain prost/ayrton senna rivalry. Maybe the 1990 championship.
    Boxing-really? Fight of the century, rumble in the jungle not that pathetic excuse for a bout.
    Football. Do you know anything about that game. Anyone who has a bit of knowledge would say the gratest moment was the 1950 wc final brazil uruguay. I mean really. Who would put a ucl game in front of a wc one? So much passion goes in the wc. Its not the same for club teams.

  • Armadillotron

    You know, I`ll never forget Tyson biting off a bit of Holyfield`s lughole. That`s all everyone was talking about the next day! I honestly thought I was seeing things. I would have let the fight go on. Because boxers are better when there fighting mad. A guy who lives near me, named Holyfield, his Alsatian-crossbreed after Evander Holyfield because there was something wrong with his ear. Holyfield`s right ear bent downwards instead off upwards. Remember the jokes that came out after? "Ear-Basher," "He ain`t all ear." "coming soon-Hannibal Lecter vs MikeTyson." "Baddest Man On The Planet? MADDEST Man On The Planet." hilarious.And am I the only person who thinks Mike Tyson is a legend? People say "He`s a nutter." But in Ancient Greece, they did far worse. when he was younger, The guy was awesome. It was really sad, to see him being knocked out by people wouldn`t have lasted a minute with him when he was younger. And boxing is a violent sport anyway. EVER been in a boxing match? I have-when you win, it`s great, but when you lose, and get flattened, like I did, it`s awful.

  • jesuschirst

    I guess i understand why people so get pissed off about their sports….everyone wants to fell big/better than they are……American football is to barbaric….European soccer is a bunch of actors( watch the world cup)……I dont get it a sport is a sport, if you dont like it dont watch it….no one is making you…get a life all you haters….i like soccer/euro football and like American football…….why cant i like both

    • Tonebob

      I Agree Mate, watch watever the f*&k makes you happy!!

      • camo

        Well said. I am an Australian and I enjoy watching NFL; it is a tactical and physical play-by-play sport. I also enjoy Rugby Union and especially love AFL (Australian Football)… and whilst I think that Soccer is a game that is unfortunately populated by overpaid wimps, it is still a highly skillful sport… and beautiful to watch when played at it's best.

        If you don't like it, don't watch it… and get over yourselves.

        • Oh yes, I love Australian football, too. But they don't show it here in Scandinavia very often….

        • Cortez

          wimps? let’s see if a football player can run non stopping for 90 minutes straight. And btw, soccer can be relay rough when you play with good people. I have dislocated my shoulder in two occasions, and unfortunately I can’t payed right now because I broke my foot in a collision with the goal keeper

      • @Tonebob: 'I Agree Mate, watch watever the f*&k makes you happy!! "

        i would but they dont fucking show cricket in new orleans.

        not that its even remotely the same, but we do have a jai alai field down here — that's fairly interesting.

    • well said, you should check our rugby, basically no padding and i wouldnt call them actors

  • I think sachin deserves in cricket moment

    • indian

      no he didn't…he is an selfish ba******….lara deserves not for 375 but for his 153

    • Peter Lalor

      I think so too. I can’t think of any particular innings, but there’s be plenty of contenders. Steve Waugh’s century in his last match would be up there too.

  • Tonebob

    Im from the UK and have to disagree with all you American Football haters, im not saying I sit and watch all the games, but watching the Superbowl every year is something I look forward to every year. Baseball and Cricket on the other hand are hard to watch!! P.S And Golf!!!

  • I remember when Man Utd won the triple,also when Ryan Giggs scored that amazing goal against arsenal.What a great year for them and it still gives me goosebumps to this day.

  • jesuschirst

    I am growing tired of Europeans ripping on Americans. I know you don't like me, however, i dont like you that much either. my sport/your sport is better……i dont give a shit….you win….all euro spots are better than American sports…………….i dont know what else to say….other i am tired of fighting with you about… sports are great and we suck….I give up……….cricket is better than baseball… is better than football…just try to keep your crying to your damn country….please its get old!!!!

    • coocoocuchoo

      from how i see it the only reason this argument materialised in the first place is because with the American tv influence, Europeans could see Americans talking about their sports in an ingnorant way of thinking the rest of the world was really jealous that they (USA) were the greatest at AF or baseball…when infact no one cared, but it did ironically have the effect of makeing Europeans jealous beacuse the Americans were ignorant of what in actual fact WERE the most popular in the world (football,cricket etc) so the Europeans then began to try and hammer it into the Americans heads that 'no one gives a fuck about american football' and 'real football has 10x the following' etc etc BUT THE REALITY IS THAT THE VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICANS DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT EUROPEAN/ASIAN SPORTS AND THE VAST MAJORITY OF EUROPEANS/ASIANS DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT AMERICAN SPORTS…but neither will accept this. thats kinda how i see it

      • Saurisco

        Dude you are SPOT ON !!!

  • Boxing has turned into a farce. I used to think David Tua could bring a bit of credibility back, but after his fight the other day, I no longer think so. And for anybody who complains that they can't watch a sport because they don't understand the rules, play them on playstation. I did that with NFL and now I love the sport.

  • Suckers

    create your own list [email protected]#$%^ people

  • The 1950 world cup match was not a "final" in the sense that a world cup final is now known. In that competition, the four teams which topped the first-round pools entered a second round-robin pool. The Uruguay v Brazil match was the last, and deciding, game of the second pool, and not a "final".

    • amrit

      @ astraya – Ur Right!!!!!
      @julius – common pool beating ac from 3-0 down was nothing more than a miracle… the man u team which beat bayern was a star studded team and expected to win… pool was expected to lose and after half time it felt they wud do good if they lost by the half-time margin… but gerrard and his boys came back from nearly the death… and again we are talking scoring 3 goals against ac milan which boasted the best defence and italy is never short on defence (ok this wc excluded :-) )… go pool go

  • KimbaR

    Have to agree with the scousers. That Liverpool v AC Milan was incredible. Absoutely incredible.

  • skype

    I am suprised to see cricket or american football its popular only in few countries unlike football,basketball or hockey which are popular all around the globe

  • necropenguin

    hockey – the miracle on ice. there ya go.

    sorry rest of the world, i tried to get into soccer during the last olympics. i was just glad i had the flu at the time and couldn't force myself to stay awake. but i'm sure that even without being sick the soccer itself would have put me out easily.

    • Couldn't agree more

    • Funny. Thats how I feel about american football.

      • necropenguin

        i usually read while watching it. the game makes it easy to do. read a paragraph, watch the 6 seconds of action, read a paragraph, watch the 6 seconds of action, etc, etc.

      • hiyaaaa

        and baseball and basketball, at least ice hockey is played at a decent pace and not a snooze fest like all the others

  • brock

    Kobe Bryant is more popular than your stupid cricket and golf

    • Saurisco

      Cricket is followed by about 2 Billion people
      Its more than twice as popular as BasketBall
      Just because the American media popularizes it doesnt mean its popular than Cricket (though ! love basketball)
      Get ur facts Right !!!
      Tell Kobe Bryant to come and lick Sachin Tendulkar's ass.

      • brock

        What basketball is way more popular than cricket if it is popular in two countries who has 2billion people then ok but basketball is international sport

        • Cricket: 2-3 billion fans (India, UK, Pakistan, Asia, Australia, etc.)
          Basketball: Not more than 400 million fans (US, Canada mainly)

          • brock

            ok i am not into your stupid statistic thing i just say what i know cricket is played only in few countries while basketball is all played all around the world it is very popular in europe,china etc so stfu

          • hunter

            Actually basketball is very popular in China (1.5 billion), The Philippines (95 million), Eastern Europe and Russia (300 million) and the US (300 million) and probably around 500 million more from around the world.

            Cricket is just popular in the places you mentioned.

            Basketball rules!!!

          • hunter

            We all know cricket is not a real sport. Basketball, Football, Boxing, those are real sports. And I mean gridiron football, not that kick -ball stuff that kids play.

        • Vignesh

          are u saying that people in australia,NZ, england, west indies don't play or watch cricket? Ashes – the most important tournament in test cricket – is actually played between the Poms and the Aussies. not India and Pakistan

          • Julius is writing about the spectator numbers for the sports. In the case of cricket the NZ numbers just don't count. After all we only have 4.5 mill total pop.


    • Kobe Bryant is more popular than…

      Do you mean Kobe the rapist?

      • brock

        well i certainly didn`t mean maggot the NY faggot

        • What makes you think I’m from NY, homophobe?

      • hunter

        A Kobe hater even in this forum? So who do like, Lebron? LOL

  • pissed

    how the fuck is cricket on here instead of hockey and bobby orr flying through the air

    • seeyop

      maybe beacuse it has over 2 billion followers?

  • charlie

    why is american football second shameful…

  • LordCalvert

    soccer sucks

    • well, my Lord, so do you.

    • what the fuck is soccer? The world plays football.

      • Dr. Steve Brule

        The only reason Soccer is the most popular sport in the world is because anyone can play, whether rich or poor or in between. All you need is something that resembles a ball. It’s the most popular sport because it’s te most easily accessible.

  • Ethan

    Cycling is getting seriously disrespected here; I know it's not popular in the US, but the 1989 Tour De France was epic. I'm not even a cycling fan, but it WAS epic.

  • crumpet

    Who cares?

  • im not gonna sit here and say something shouldbe added, and one of these sports should be removed. thats fucking stupid.

    i wouldnt even say to change anything (if only you had a real bout like the rumble in the jungle inserted instead of a crazy person eating someone's ear)

    i do feel like this isnt complete, though

    everything here is good — removing something might take away fro the overall feel of the list.

    but it should have been top 15 (just for the sake of giving everything deserved, its due)

    like i said — i cant think of any that beg removal (even though i cant really watch golf and stay awake at the same time) —- but notto have a few just reeks of incompleteness —-
    hocky — no matter your country of residence, miracleon ice was great
    horse racing — secretariat, triple crown maybe?
    top 12 maybe
    nah, 15 —
    there are others, i think you get the point

    • Agree. You missed chances here. While I personally would have made different choices in some of the sports you did select, the sports you left out are mind boggling.
      Hockey, Tour de France, Triple Crown, there are several different types of car races you neglected, marathons…people watch these sports religiously (better they should partake, but that's a different subject).

    • i completely agree… and having joined in late, i dont want to start another ruckus here… a lot of sports deserved to find place here and a lot of sports should have better 'best moments'. The list has been researched but badly edited. Lara scored 375 last week? Wow. The list is pretty ok, but once you write a list like this, people will talk.

      • Henderson

        Hockey's greatest moment would not be the 'miracle on ice' that was a fluke win over a USSR team that was falling apart because of locker room infighting.

        The Summit Series in '72, now THAT was hockey's greatest moment, between the two greatest hockey nations (considering its the US' fifth or sixth favorite sport, you guys rank somewhere below Sweden and the Czechs on the list of Hockey greats).

  • Lifeschool

    I thought the list was interesting even though I’m not a sports fan anymore – which is a complement. There sure are some interesting and sometimes definitive moments on this list. I’d only differ slightly by saying there may be even greater moments in the history of sport (e.g. Senna vs Mansell 1992, or Rumble in the Jungle) but these weren’t necessarily the ‘most watched’ matches in all of sports history. Then again, they do tend to repeat the Ali bouts on TV quite regularly; in fact more regularly than any of these listed items, so I suppose you could say The Rumble is the ‘most watched re-run sports moment’?

  • Eric KR

    Shame Rugby Onion made the list, it's like watching paint dry but much less exciting. For excitement Australian State of Origin Rugby League takes some beating. Imagine American Football with only 17 a side and played over 80 thrilling action packed minutes.

    When I first met my wife she was an avowed sports hater, she watched League and got hooked, one day I came home to find her watching Union, her words were "what's wrong with this lot? it's slow, boring, and they aren't as sexy as normal", I had to point out it was a different sport altogether, that was the last time she watched Union

    • American Football has only 11 players on the field and Rugby League has 13. Hang on, sexy, what? I thought you were making a serious comment to begin with – obviously not.

  • Lifeschool

    Sorry, I misread the title. D’oh!

  • Lifeschool

    @ Eric KR – “Shame Rugby Onion made the list” – funny – did it bring tears to your eyes? Try wearing a ski mask – works for me.

  • Akashtorturedmind

    Why can’t be most popular sports be defined differently? Instead of the number of followers or licensed profesionals which in some cases tend to bias certain sports which are appreciated in countries with larger populations(case of american football), the popularity could be based on the spread of fans throughout the world, number of countries where its the national sport, number of nations in the world associations/federations.

    I know the above figures tend to appear more appropriate but as always this gives rise to the debates about ‘most people don’t give a fuck about that’ it concerns american football, though its fanbase is huge it doesn’t really export well compared to other sports that are popular in the US. Personally i think sports like basketball are way more popular outside the US than american football.

    • Youd be right about the basketball part. I knew about american football, but I didnt know what it was. I always thought it was like rugby, which I suppose it is. Basketball on the other hand, everyone knows about. Im not talking about the NBA, or teams, people are aware of that, I'm talking more about the game itself. Personally it was easier for me to pickup basketball and play than it was with cricket and soccer. Part of this is because you need quite a bit of space for soccer and cricket, but not that much for basketball.

  • h.rosenstein

    the person who made this list was born in the 1990s and googled sh!t up to make it appear he knew his stuff. or his name is clive tyldesley.

    sheer utter cluelessness. really? that night in barcelona was the biggest moment in football? assuming club football, not even istanbul. not even fenomeno running round as newbie at barca. not even zizou's volley. not even di stefano's domination or johann's turn or beckenbauer imperious for bayen. assuming international football, not even the 70s world cups. not even jairzhino drilling it in or pele going solo as a 17 year to make a goal out of nothing. not even hand of god or the headbutt or that forlorn figure of baggio or rossi going mental. not even la furia taking its shackles of underachievement off. jordan's shot? i love the goat, but his greatest moment was the flu game. and that said, you could have picked the steal, johnson against jesus, etc. f1? when did you start watching? 2007 perhaps?

    once again, i love listverse but this is utter cluelessness.

  • The pissing contest sure started early. Glad I don't really like sports. It's more of a passing fancy.
    Most of these are rather infamous than greatest moments and hockey is missing. However, it is a well rounded list.
    Nice premise.

  • Hate to be late guy on the bandwagon – but geez – no Hockey? What were you thinking? Not only popular in Canada and the US, also has a huge following in Northern Europe and Russia.

    and btw Canadian football is much more exciting than the American brand – bigger field, fewer downs, and more distance between the lines. more agility required by the players.

    • Canadian football is much more exciting than the American brand – bigger field, fewer downs, and more distance between the lines.

      How do those things make it more exciting? Honest question here mom, not trying to debate Canadian vs. American. Though I will say that the CFL is where NFL rejects go to play. Ok, that was a troll. lol. But seriously, some say that Arena football is most exciting of all because of the smaller field of play.

      more agility required by the players.

      How so?

      • distance between the two teams at the line of scrimmage. a little more room favors agility over brute force eh? in-laws live in Saskatchewan. I'm a novice fan – still learning. Go Riders Go!

  • nicoleredz3

    I am exceptionally pleased and proud to see Cricket and Brian Lara on here. Brian Lara is on of my heroes from my country… Awesome list, BimG.

  • Helder

    As a Canadian I'm gonna back hockey…Greatest moment, Paul Henderson's goal in the 1972 Summit Series.

    • Hard to pick just one, there have been so many great moments in hockey history, but Hendersons goal is probably it.

    • Mel

      I must say that I was pretty jazzed when Crosby scored to win it for Canada in the Vancouver Olympics. Nail-biting moment with terrific finish!

  • Uuugh I hate it when a list with such an enticing title ends up being a poorly written, not researched at all pile of copy and paste poop that would make his High School English teacher take a toaster to the bath. Not going to start on the criticisms because I dont have all night but I will say that the F1, cricket, soccer, rugby union, boxing, tennis and golf moments were NEVER the greatest ever. The baseball and NFL moments could be – I have no interest in the sports. Is NFL seriously the worlds second most watched sport? It cant be. The soccer entry is an abomination. Boring final, played horribly by United who were lucky more than anything to get that win. I love United by the way.

  • Do you even realize what the coolest sport is? BIATHLON. Bi-athlon. Do you know what that is? Combination of shooting and cross country skiing. That's fricking WAR! Now go away and cry in the corner with your girlie things like American football.

    • I love Biathlon. Together with Curling it ranks as my top 2 winter sports to watch totally baked.

      • I guess you're joking… but thanks for the comment anyway.. :) BTW, how do feel about ski jumping? :D

        • Am I though? ;-)
          Ski jumping is also a great sport, I used to watch it a lot when I was younger…

      • Arsnl

        I really enjoy curling. Especially women’s curling. Its funky :-)

  • This list is a fucking joke.

    I'm going to content myself by saying that if you really think the ear-biting incident was the greatest moment in boxing history then you are too ignorant about sport history to qualify to write a list like this.

    WOYZECK gives this list a FUCK NO out of ten.

    • mom424

      Awesome comment. Got a laugh out loud outta the hubby. Irc alumni will understand the honour bestowed you. I agree – that isn't boxing and Tyson isn't a boxer, he's a thug.

      • No Tyson was a beast. Watch his pre Don King fights. He has a sick defence and incredible punching ability on the inside.

    • In boxing history (of which I really don't know very much), I might have thought the Mohammed Ali vs. George Foreman would have been the greatest match. But as I said, I don't know very much about boxing.

      • I might have thought the Mohammed Ali vs. George Foreman would have been the greatest match.

        Ali v Frazier – Thrilla in Manila

  • Really nice list and thanks for including sports we Americans don't normally consider such as cricket and rugby. I agree 100% with the tennis choice – I watched that match and it was incredible. Very much tennis' greatest moment.

    I disagree on the boxing choice – it was not the sports greatest moment, it was a farce with Tyson going cannibal and being thrown out of the ring. It was a disgrace.

    I don' think Jordan's winning shot was basketballs greatest moment either, or Tiger Woods winning the Masters was golf's. But you could make a case for both.

  • BimG – tell me you're NOT a Man U fan! Man U's '98 'come-from-behind' win at number one – with all due respect; nah, bullshit: you don't deserve any respect – – – you're a total twat AND a dick – you could probably wank and get yourSELF pregnant!
    Champions League 2005: Half Time – AC Milan – Liverpool Nil with the Reds with their tails between their legs. The teams walked out to the strains of a defiant "You'll Never Walk Alone" from the Kop Fans. About 9 minutes after the restart Stevie Gerrard headed in a pin-point John Arne Riise cross. This was followed minutes later by a Vladimir Smicer strike and 2 minutes later by a Xavi Alonso penalty; saved by Dida, Alonso followed up the rebound and hit the goal with a second strike – – – 3 – 3 after 15 minutes play. Liverpool held AC Milan out for final 30 minutes as well as the extra time and then Jersey Dudek made three brilliant saves for Liverpool to claim the title: acknowledged as one of (if not THE) the greatest come from behind ever: Then they did the same in the FA Cup against West ham a year later!

  • BimG – Here's a couple more:
    Ice Hockey – watched by millions predominantly in Canada and Europe and the US – but played world wide Ever heard of the Miracle on Ice; where the US beat the unbeatable Russians?

    Back to Football (not gridiron) What about the Miracle in Berne: World Cup, 1954? Germany came from behind (2-0) to beat the "unbeatable" Hungarians"

    Rugby Union – Post-Apartheid South Africa has just been allowed back onto the International Stage just and were woefully under par; against everyone! – They not only hosted the World Cup barely 18 months after readmission; they went on to win the thing against the likes of England, Australia and New Zealand (THE 'strength' teams of the day) – yes you are truly a dick

  • jediknight

    Where the fuck is ballet?

    P.S surely Rocky Marciano going undeafeated is the greatest moment for boxing ?

  • jediknight

    Where the fuck is ballet?

    P.S surely Rocky Marciano going undeafeated is the greatest moment for boxing ?

    • money

      Are you drunk floyd mayweather is undefeated too

  • Good list, except the greatest moment in American football has to include the Steelers. Imamaculate reception, Holmes's Superbowl catch, Harrison's interception, anything about Jack Lambert…

    • elroxzor99652

      Steelers? Get out of here… :p

    • Seems we have some Steeler haters in our midst

    • necropenguin

      i can understand the holmes catch, but i really prefer the two long bomb catches by stallworth in SBXIV. that guy made it look so easy.

  • macph

    where's verdum when we managed to defeat Fedor "the last emperor" Emilianenko?

    that's gotta be one of the best. it's like rocky marciano losing to someone for the first time!

  • Chris1372002

    Ok first of all anyone who thinks Mike Tyson has anything to do with the greatest moment in boxing really needs to learn more about the sport if that person decides to write about it. Second of all let me clarify this whole football vs. soccer debate. Which is more popular? of course it is soccer, no can can debate this. No why is it more popular? Well that's because most of the world is full of pussies. Soccer is a game for children and women. Football is for men, twinks need not apply. Football i splayed by men with broken bones and concussions. Soccer is played little bitches who fake injuries as part of a strategy. There is a reason there is no real football league for women, and when kids play they have to sign more waivers than a skydiver. Another aspect of football that I personally prefer is that during the game bursts of action occur more frequently than 2-3 time per 90 minutes. In conclusion, soccer=more popular football=far superior.

    • haha first of all Football requires the use of feet, do you understand that or is your brain to damaged from all the concussions you cavemen give each other every sunday. Second your rugby wannabe excuse for a sport is for retarted pussies, for god sakes gal you use helmets and pads fucken fags grown some balls and play rugby a real man sport. "ohh coach it hurts when the oponet touches me please give me more pads" also you fat assholes need a break every five seconds, "ohh ref time out time out, we're too tired from moving our enormous asses for the past ten seconds". The worst is the stupid american fans that all have ADD and need big flashy scores that literally trslates toa few scores in every game but because the number is so big the game had to be good , idiots.

      • "ohh coach it hurts when the oponet touches me please give me more pads"

        Are you going to defend flopping next? We get it. They’re two entirely different sports. But you’re not going to shut down a troll post with a troll post of your own.

    • oliveralbq

      @chris1372002: "Second of all let me clarify this whole football vs. soccer debate"

      "clarify" is the *opposite* of confusing rediculous bullshit that even 3 year olds know to be wrong.

      in conclusion,
      chris1372002 = weenie
      chris1372002's ideas = giraffe shit

      moral: someone needs to help him get all the ants out of his vagina.

    • Che

      why ou wera those pu$$y @ss helmets then?

  • FECES_cranium

    Personally, my greatest moment was when the Indianapolis Colts finally defeated the New England Patriots in the AFC championship to advance to the super bowl. For years the Colts battled with the Patriots only to come up short against them in the playoffs. When the Colts finally got over the hump and advanced, it was a glorious time for all Hoosiers and Colts fans everywhere. At this time, the NFL was basically ran by the AFC. So when the Colts beat the Patriots, everyone knew they had already won the super bowl. (and they actually did dominating the Chicago Bears.) This was by far, the happiest I have ever been after an outcome of a sporting event and I can honestly say that this was the only time I have ever cried tears of happiness after my team won.

  • Jeremy

    Miracle on ice was an accomplishment, but im sorry..Throughout the years Americans have made it seem better than it actually was.

    IMO Canada Russia 72, was a much bigger point in history for hockey, Being food poisoned, calls throughout the night at the hotel, Firealarms being turned on in the night..the night before the game so that the canadians cannot sleep…Among other things and still being able to defeat the Russians.. This is the biggest point in hockey history.

  • Galfordsg

    Isner-Mahut for Tennis anyone??? Or perhaps Nadal-Federer in 2008 Wimbledon?

  • Chester

    Rugby's greatest moment is definitely when South Africa won the World Cup. There was much more than just a game on the line there. You won't see them making a movie about the England-Australia game any time soon.

    I would also like to suggest a better moment for boxing. I suggest when Boom Boom Mancini killed Duk Koo Kim. I mean if we're gonna but something up there because it was violent, killing someone is much mroe violent than biting someone's ear off.

  • American Futball for Number 2!!! Dude that's not even played in 80% of the world…

    Also Formula 1 & Tennis shud have been placed higher on the list…

    and what about Hockey..??

    • The List shud have been named MOST WATCHED SPORTS IN US…. Seriously we dont care about the sooperbowl, much in europe…

      • Is it just me or are you getting dumber per post?

        • Its just you…Stop drinking is suggest..

        • Julius, come on now, dear. You know better than to tease the mentally absent.

      • I agree to that..The list is ''America Based'.. I'm from India and 100% People follow cricket there… Dont tell me 200 billion people make no difference in increasing the 'Total World Vierweship' to Number 1, added with other 'cricket playing countries'…..

        • Or Number 2 atleast..If not 1… ;)

        • Its cool that you like cricket, but last I checked India's population was only around 1 billion. Considering the population of the world is around 6 billion, 200 billion people in India makes no fucking sense.

          • 2 Billion….200 million..sorry we deal in crores and lakhs…not in millions or billions..My bad….

            But my point still holds good..

            and yes 2 billion..Not 'around' 1 billion….That was 5yrs back….

      • yes, of course, because cricket is the 3rd most watched u.s. sport

        i love cricket, but if you go to the mall in most u.s.cities, and ask 100 people at random what a cricket wicket is 1 one person might know — and about 55 of the people will tell you it is some part of the abdomen of a cricket-bug.

  • canadian

    Cricket, tennis, and golf, the three sports that people only watch when TSN isn’t playing anything else, got a spot over Crosbys gold medal goal at this years olympics? Still trying to figure that one out. Not to mention the Summit Series, arguably the greatest sporting event in history. No love for hockey I guess.

  • For all those who criticized American football, have you even watched a game?
    I am American and I am not going to shit on soccer. I get the appeal. I mean Donavon's last minute goal was magical, but I am still not going to watch MLS (even though "my team" got Henry)
    Also like the F1 inclusion. I'll watch that anyday over NASCAR.

    • Maggot

      For all those who criticized American football, have you even watched a game?

      You’re not going to change anyone’s mind. The world’s football/soccer fans will ask the same question of us Americans. My answer is “yes and I still think it’s boring as hell”. Does that change anything in the minds of ardent soccer fans? No. It’s really a matter of what people have grown up watching. That’s what brings the allure to the most fans of a given sport. The appreciation of a game’s strategies and nuances is developed over time, and an appreciation of its history is often handed down from generation to generation.

      • Actually, although I defend soccer because I'm European, I don't really like either American or European football (soccer). I like hockey. :) And Martial Arts.

        • I like hockey. :) And Martial Arts.

          I would continue to insist that martial arts are for pussies, but I’m tired of getting my ass kicked.

  • dude_dudester

    it's kinda stupid to say that nobody cares about American Football outside the states. It's popular in many places in Europe. + There is a game i London each year which is sold out. So thats actually a lie. I come from Denmark and there is a lot of American Football.

    • oliveralbq

      does everyone in denmark root for the minnesota vikings?

  • wikus

    This has to be one of the worst list on this wonderful site. First of all the only place where American Football is watched or enjoyed is in the USA. So I dont even know how it became number two on the list. Secondly all of the greatest moments are absurd. F1- greatest moment could have been first ever Black winner (Hamilton), Tennis- Isner-Mahut or Fed-Nadal, Cricket- Incarnation of twenty/20 cricket and football (the correct one) any World Cup event

    • I agree to that…That's what they are talking in the previous posts…Check…

  • Cory

    Why did you make fun of Hockey? Though watched less than these other sports, I would have to say that governments during the cold war had used hockey as one of the nationally recognized fields of battle between the Soviets and North America. Hockey – unlike any other single sport – had shown these nations that they could have a reasonable competition to settle their political views (capitalism vs communism).

    • Arsnl

      If you really think some russian dude from vladovostok or some ukranian from kiev actually gave a rats a** about hockey you must be out of your mind. If you’ve never been to russia or ukraine or the baltic countries or kazakhstan dont make assumptions.

      • Princess711

        actually it IS true! they had a series of games between the soviets and Russia!!! and they were out for blood and they took it so seriously as it meant more than just a game but politics as well! it was called the summit series and maybe you should google it….

        • Princess711

          *between the soviets and canada

          • There are no soviets any more. They are Russians (or some of the ex-Soviets may be Ukrainians or Latvians or whatever).

          • Princess711

            ok then, russians
            but back then it was the ussr aka the soviets :)

    • "…watched less than these other sports"

      Are you kidding me?

  • Princess711

    what about hockey?! i mean its crazy popular in canada and the us has a lot of teams as well! ever heard of the NHL ? ;) it at least deserves an honourable mention

    • Arsnl

      This is a reply but im using a mobile version so thats why im writing here.
      Im just saying that for someone that wasnt from the communisy block it is too hard to understand what the people felt like. The miracle on ice didnt create a huge dissapointment for common russians because they just didnt care. They had other worries. More important worries related to everyday living.
      No doubt it was very important for the communist rulers but for the common people it just flew by. It boosted patriotism in the us and it didnt do anything in ussr. So saying that nations fought and it was a communism vs capitalism thing is being unrealistic.

      • Princess711

        ok but that's how it started, and there was some of the whole communism vs capitalism in the backround, just maybe not for everyone. not everyone cared but to some people it was a huge deal! canadians- as its "our sport" and a big deal, and russia for whatever their reasons, including those views on communism and capitalism. i mean why else would they want to battle us to the end and make a huge deal on it. ot all just for fun or titles?

  • noclustu

    Leafs win the cup 1967

    also.. why is the "greatest moment" in boxing the Tyson/Holyfield incident? That's like saying the greatest moment in soccer history was Zidane head-butting that Italian guy.

    • Zidane's headbutt was awesome though! ;-)

      • ARETe

        The only exciting thing to ever happen in soccer!

    • Mats Sundin

      18 weeks later…. ahem LEAFS SUCK!

      Seriously, what did the leafs win like five cups? in fifty years leading up to 67? with 22 of those years playing in a league with only SIX TEAMS!??!? What a joke of an organization, and I haven't even mentioned the subsequent 40 year cup drought… and counting.

  • SSK

    Moments in sports is always gonna be debatable coz everyone has their own unforgettable moment. Thats why mostly no 2 opinions are going to be the same.

    For me in cricket it has to be Sachin's 200 in a one dayer. You could've also included so many great ashes moments, also the minnows India winning the World Cup against the mighty West Indies could've also been included, but I wont really argue with Brian Lara's inclusion in the list.

    But I dont think that ManU's comeback against Bayern Munchen was that great a moment in Football's history. Actually that match was pretty boring and United played pretty badly in that match. A better moment would have been Liverpool's comeback from 3-0 down …. or many other moments that i dont remember right now.

  • Rachel

    The greatest tennis moment was the 2008 Wimbledon Final, Nadal vs. Federer. That is widely considered the greatest match ever played.

  • Saurisco

    American Football at no.2…..
    I Think Listverse is really suckin' up to its American readers.

    • Jrodickens

      You clearly have no idea how HUGE american football really is, I'm not American and i thought it was gonna be number 1.

      • Saurisco

        Still based on popularity …. Many sports top American football.
        NFL seems so popular because of the influence of the US media around the world.
        Dont be biased Dude just Wiki the facts.

      • Why No 1 …No 1-10 everything…and all different stories from different super bowls….

      • hahahahahhaah well what a surprise

  • Salt

    Where is Rollerball? C'mon!

  • dio

    when refrigerator perry scored a touchdown against spuds mackenzie- during the olympics at the thunderdome.
    george bush had rolled the opening strike and roseanne barr sang the national anthem forf nathan's hotdogs.

    Then there was the Hogan in the ring with the Giant
    Tonya harding's sextape
    oj's suv all day live

    oh, remember when that guy from the harlem globetrotters pulled the other guys shorts down and threw a bucket of confetti on the audience?

    or when the berlin wall came crumbling down and pink floyd sang 'the wall' on the rubble?

    gatoraid and nike and nerf

    or when burt reynolds played against the bad news bears?
    …wait, that didn't happen.

    or that hockey game with wayne gretzky in it? the greatest!

    There's not enough blood IN sports today.

    Dictators that torture their losing teams.
    sports fans, cheerleaders, beerguts, soccer moms, jockstraps, endorsements, riots, patriotism, war, ect

    This is how my mind works. let the thumbs-down clicking begin.

  • Your Momma

    I think I'd rather sit and watch roadkill decompose than sit through a soccer game. Good God Almighty that game is an utter bore. Watching 22 people dink around with a ball for 90 minutes only to see a 0-0 tie … woohoo, what a thrill. Most other sport are a complete bore too, but soccer is the king of the tediously dull.

    • Well.. ok , some soccer games are like that… but did you happen to watch the bronze game betwixt (I just had to use that word once lol) Germany and Uruguay? That definitely wasn't a boring match.

      • Arsnl

        “some soccer games are like that”
        Nooo dude. Never take a step back. EVERY football game is way too intense. Like the spain-netherlands final. Ill remember it all my life.

    • psychosurfer

      I sometimes alternate viewing roadkill decomposition and football, but I allways mix it with some booze otherwise I tend to wish to be roadkill myself, anyway that's the thrill of soccer: waiting for something (anything) to happen, I can't imagine watching a basketball 100 plus score game, where's the fun in that but the last three seconds of the last quarter.
      Besides if you keep glued to the TV screen that long, when do you refill the cheetos bowl?

  • Vignesh

    Brian Lara? last week ?

    As a Tamil myself i'd like to see Murali's name on the list. But that achievement was built gradually over a span of 18 yrs…

    Tendulkar's 200 was the most astounding i've seen in recent times. The fact that he came back from a his injuries and bad shape to make that feat makes it more special.

    Happy to see no one talking for the Twenty20 crap

    • Yeah tell that to the people who believe American Football is No 2 in the seriously…

  • Vince Vile

    What it comes down to is, everyone wishes they were American but are afraid to admit it, so they trash it. it''s the greates country in the world … that's why there is people literally dying to get in. Soccer = kickball … gave it up in 4th grade.

    • brock

      Yeah they don`t know shit american football is real sport i can eat my burgers and watch those muscular big guys running after the ball and wrestle each other sweaty bodies its way more interesting than soccer there is no contact beetween them

    • bassbait

      I actually agree slightly with that. I notice that every time someone gets outraged, it's usually envy that causes it. America has the ability to prance around and make every other country hate it. We throw away the boring sports and only keep the ones that are more exclusive. In a way, we're condescending. It's for that reason that most of the people who hate America hate us. America's sports aren't worse (or better) than foreign sports, but it's more exclusive, and so people get mad at that. I think there is some envy in that they only don't want to play our sports because we do, otherwise, they probably would play American Football.

      • Arsnl

        I dont think people would play american football cuz its just such a pain. I imagine when people pmay this game on weekends they dont use all those pads and protection but its still expensive. Football/soccer is popular cuz its cheap. You just need essentially a ball and a lever field. Its easy to find some posts. And since its less contact you dont risk getting hurt that much.(no need for docs or stuff like that). You have to consider all these economical reasons if you question what sport is popular. Thats also why basketball is popular.

        • finks

          Actually, football is pretty cheap to play. All you need is a yard and a football, same with soccer. The pads and the proper equipment are only ever used with proper teams. And in school whenever we had to play for PE it was usually just with the ball or very rarely we'll play flag football.

    • Josh

      Man, I just love the "the only possible reason anyone disagrees with an American is because they want to be American" argument. But you have managed to take it a step further with the "if you don't like American football, you must be jealous of Americans" tripe. Bravo.

    • flump

      greatest country in what way?

      Economically? China has a massive economy but i wouldn't want to be Chinese.

      If i could, i'd move to a country with a high quality of life, such as Denmark, Switzerland or Austria.

      And i think most of the world likes US citizens and what they stand for, it just doesn't like the US government for being hypocritical and waging war on countries it has no right to be in.

      • Vince Vile

        For one thing, even our poorest have a better standard of living than a good chunk of the world. I've never stood in line for toilet paper or worried about clean drinking water. I've never had someone kick in my door in the middle of the night because something I said or wrote. Regardless of what the Repugs would have you think, I own as many guns as I want. Our women can walk down the street with their faces showing. All things considered, I think we have it pretty good. (Canada is too cold, otherwise … )

        • jeffthemaori

          Based on this criteria only, I can think of several countries that have this and more. Here in New Zealand we too have super drinking water, mountains of toilet paper, freedom of thought and expression, right to own guns(responsibly), womens rights etc etc. Oh yeah and our poor and unemployed also have near-full access to healthcare, insurance or no insurance. What we don't have is the paranoid "everyone who doesn't like what we like only thinks this because because they hate us" view that you seem to have.

          "I don't like American football" doesn't mean "I hate America"!!

  • Jrodickens

    would've thought hockey would be here but whatever, and the greatest moment in Tennis was clearly that INSANE match between Nadal and Federer in Wimbeldo 08'.

  • I'm amazed about the Holyfield Tyson II bout inclusion. Their first match was 10x more drama filled and exciting, but neither should be on the list. Ali vs Frazier has to be up there! Hell, Rocky Balboa vs Apollo Creed should up there over Holyfield Tyson II.

  • Maggot

    In your entry for The Shot Heard ‘Round the World, you heard it wrong. It was: “The Giants WIN the pennant…”. Let’s not misquote history please.

  • Elemarth

    No gymnastics? That's very popular. It would be hard to choose between Olga Korbut, who made the sport popular, or Nadia Comaneci, who changed it forever, but I think I'd choose Nadia.
    Or was this only a list of men's sport moments?

  • bassbait

    The real greatest moment for number 6 was in NBA Jam when I had one second left on the clock and I made a shot from all away across the court and made a swish. That was incredible, and I'll never forget that day.

  • Garth

    Nce list, You should make a list of top 10 controvirsial pictures and top10 scary pictures

  • Stevielad

    how the fuck is tyson biting holyfields ear boxings greatest moment

  • miracle on ice is not one of hockey's greatest moments……it is one of the greatest moments in sports history. shame on you.

    • I have to disagree. Surely it was a great moment… for the USA team. Because that was the ONLY time they have ever won the Olympic gold medals. The Swedish, Czech, Russian, Canadian and other teams have won many times. It was only a great moment, because the USA team (as the underdogs) beat the Russians.

  • FlameHorse

    I actually don't care much for this one. The Bite Fight and Tiger winning at golf kinda ruined it for me. Gatti-Ward 1, and Nicklaus's last Majors win are more immortal.

  • triton2toro

    Tyson-Holyfield II as boxing's "greatest moment"? Wow… in a sport that requires dedication, sacrifice, and the warrior spirit, you choose Tyson biting Holyfield's ear as it's greatest moment? That would be like picking Mike Vick's animal cruelty conviction football's greatest moment, the steroids scandal as baseball's moment, and Tanya Harding's attack on Nancy Kerrigan as ice skating's moment. With the careers of so many great boxers you couldn't come up with a better moment? Buster Douglas over Tyson, Ali/ Frazier/Foreman, Hagler/Hearns/Leonard/Duran, etc.

  • Alexander

    Changing your name to Tiger. Tool. Or whomever changed it. Tool. Whoever has something to say about that is a tool and deserves to twist an ankle. Not badly but the sort of injury that will niggle for at least a week. You are a tool too. Tool. A Tigerlicious tool.

  • Mattbw

    People need to stop talking about the Champions League Finals involving Manchester United and Liverpool. You want the most remarkable game ever? Look at the final match of the English First Division, season 1988 – 89. (For those who don't follow 'soccer', this was the premier club competition in England, prior to the formation of the Premier League). The final game of the season was Liverpool versus Arsenal. Liverpool were top of the league on 76 points, Arsenal 2nd on 73. The game was being played at Anfield, the home of Liverpool. In order for Liverpool to win the title, all they had to do was avoid defeat. For Arsenal to win the title, they had not only to beat Liverpool AT ANFIELD, but to beat them by 2 CLEAR GOALS. 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, these results would all send the title to Liverpool. At half-time the score was 0-0. 7 minutes after the restart, a lobbed free-kick into the box from Arsenal left-back Nigel Winterburn was met by the head of Arsenal striker Alan Smith – 1-0 Arsenal. Play went from end to end, but on 90 minutes, the score was still 1-0, and the title was heading to Liverpool. With desperation senting in, Arsenal tried one more attack. Arsenal goalkeeper John Lukic rolls the ball to Arsenal full-back Lee Dixon, who launches the ball long upfield. Alan Smith reaches the ball first, and flicks it with his head in the direction of Arsenal midfielder Michael Thomas, who has made a surging run through the Liverpool centre. Thomas mis-controls the ball, but it takes a lucky defelction off of Liverpool centre-back Steve Nicol. The ball rolls kindly into Thomas's path, who calmly lifts it over Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar and into the back of the goal. Cue pandemonium in the away end – Arsenal win the title with literally the last kick of the game. That's how you end a football season.

  • archworf

    Like most Celtic fans in the years they had more championships than the rest of the league combined the only way to experience it was with the TV sound down and Johnny Most on the radio. A tie for greatest moments were Johnny's calls, "Havlicek stole the ball!" and "Larry Bird stole the ball!", both banner-clinchers.

  • Sanja22

    For football(soccer) what ever you thinking!?
    how about the liverpool milan champions league game?
    or geoff hurst's goal that made him the first man in history to score a hat trick in a world cup final! that goal is probably one of the most debated goals ever!

  • Cricket is the #2 most watched sports in the world, after football(soccer). I agree with the author; Lara's 375 against England is one of the greatest moments in test cricket other than Vivian Richards' fastest ever test century against England in Antigua.

  • the mick

    It's very easy for non Americans to misunderstand American Football.
    i am Australian and i love American football. But to best describe it, i will use 2 quotes that i remember:
    1) (American) football, is not a contact sport. It's a collision sport !
    2) It's not 2 coaches opposing each other. It's 2 strategists playing chess with 300 pound pieces.

    Yes, i know alot of readers will favour a particular football code over another, and i say good on you for supporting your sport ! But please be good sports yourselves and allow others to enjoy their codes without throwing insults.

    For those readers outside of Australia who have never heard or seen AFL Football (the Australian Football League) you should try to at least watch one match as our football code is quite entertaining (and i can assure you some of the supporters are pretty fanatical here too!!)

  • Shahbaz Lalani

    You have got to be shitting me on the boxing entry!Tyson biting off evander’s ear was the most shameful moment of boxing.There are so many great moments in the fine sport,but according to you a phsyco biting off someone’s ear is a great moment.

    How about the fight of the century,or thrilla in manilla.I know its your opinion but please dont insult this great sport by saying that tyson’s foul play was the greatest moment in boxing.

  • Poorly executed list.

    Restricting myself to the four areas I know most about.
    F1. Actually as a moment 2007 was pretty flat. 2008 was better, Hamiltons pass after Ferrari had already started celebrating Massa's title win. However neither of these is anywhere near the 35 German GP where Tazio Nuvolari beat the might of Mercedes and Auto Union on home soil. How big was that? The organisers didn't even have a recording of the Italian anthem for the victory celebration it was such a foregone conclusion that a German driver/car would win. 1957 German GP (there was something about the Nordschliefe) when Fangio overcame a bungled pitstop to destroy the lap record to catch and pass Ferrari drivers Collins and Hawthorn. The greatest drive by the greatest champion Ever.

    2. Cricket. As pointed out already Lara's triple was one of the softest triples ever scored . Better efforts here would be any of The Don's triples, Or Tubby Taylor (IIRC) retiring on 334 so as not to exceed Bradmans highest score. Plenty of Sachin's innings were better than Lara's. Bowling; Jim Lakers 10fer, Warney's Ball of the Century. Game; The 1961 Tied Test.

    3. 1995 Rugby World Cup Final. Not only a much better game to watch than 120 minutes of England boring their way to a World Cup. But all the off field drama, SA's first World Cup, the AB's food poisoning, 1978 All Black Grand Slam (the first against the Home Nations by any team and a much more difficult assignment than any of the later Slams) Munster beating that same AB team.

    4. Boxing. The Bite Fight? Great Moment? Epic Fail!! Tyson vs Spinks, Tyson vs Berbick just two superior Tyson moments. Holyfield – Bowe Fan Man fight just one better Holyfield moment. Then there are the truly Great moments in Boxing. as mentioned already The Rumble, The Thrilla, Ali -Frasier 1, Leonard – Duran, Leonard – Hagler, Leonard – Hearns, Robinson – La Motta, Jones – Toney, Get the idea?


  • Alencon

    You have to be kidding me with Tyson-Holyfield for boxing. ANY of the Ali-Frasier matches or the Ali-Foreman match in Zaire would have been a better choice.

    Excellent choice for American Football but I don't think it should have been #2.

  • Chris1372002 – response Part One: Typical mouthings of a red-neck know-it-all ignoramus. Actual running play by ANY footballer in America – about 15-20 minutes over how many hours the game plays with all the breaks and 'time-outs' and such. Actual running play by a professional soccer player over a 90 (120 if extra time is required) minutes is about 75 minutes – a LOT more in a lot less time.

    • Maggot

      You think that “running” is the extent of the physical demands that an American football player faces? Their short bursts of extreme physical exertion far exceeds anything a soccer player has to contend with in his “75 minutes” of running around at not always full speed. Look man, both sports require top physical conditioning in order to play well, but the demands put upon the athletes of each one are completely different, and your attempt to quantify and compare them superficially the way you did misses the mark.

  • Chris1372002 – response Part Two: You quote so-called injury-rates – your so-called 'football players' wear so much padding AND a fucking helmet it's almost impossible to get concussed or upper-body injured. Lower leg are all ankles (ligament or fracture – usually a liugament tearing a protuberance off a bone) and occasionally leg bones or fingers.

    For every fracure in "football" there are 5 – 10 in proferssional soccer – primarily tibias, and femurs – though there are also a high proportion of arm fracturesd. Concussions are common and goalkeepers regularly break arms, legs, hands and collar-bones while serious arm and leg dislocations are also common: not to mention the dozens who have died onfield or off as a result of injuries number over a hundred in the 20th Century alone.

    Climb down out of your tree and learn to walk upright you fucking primitive.

    • your so-called 'football players' wear so much padding AND a fucking helmet it's almost impossible to get concussed or upper-body injured.

      Once again, you have no idea what you are talking about.

      • LoL

        agreed. There is padding for a REASON people. Footy is not a contact sport; American football is. They are regularly colliding and tackling one another (isnt that the pt?) and there have been COUNTLESS devastating, even career-ending injuries. Anyone who says otherwise is just an idiot who refuses to admit they're wrong.

        Lets not forget that in football we have plenty of diving and fake injuries as well, something I've not seen quite so much of in American football. Epanterias, you really need to educate yourself a little more before you speak.

    • dwd

      Please don't try and make soccer sound tough. It's just sad. They cry all the time. On the field. For north Americans this is hard to understand (especially if you watch Hockey or Football) but it's true. Soccer player cry when they score and cry when they fall down and go boom.

  • Hey Jeremy – I will bow to your superior intimate knowledge – I watched that US-Russia game live and was pretty impressed by the US team's effort against a much physically stronger , faster and skillful/talented opposition. I thought the film 'Miracle on Ice' was pretty close, really (overdramatised in parts – but still pretty close)

  • Mr. Sardondi

    It's a real problem when someone with no real familiarity, much less expertise, with a subject tries to do a "Greatest" list. Sorry, BimG, but I call absolute BS on your picks in Boxing, Basketball, Baseball and American Football; and I'm very close to doing it on your picks for Tennis and Golf. When someone learns about a sport from Wikipedia, it shows.

  • Maggot: Given I have watched the American Game for over 15 years, now – and even played a couple of scratch matches – minimal padding – with mates who did play regularly AND add to that the fact that I have played (and still play) both the indoor and outdoor version of "soccer": the outdoor level at State and National Squad level as well as local: I think I DO know what I'm talking about – – – which is more than I can say for you!

    As for the running comments – you play 80 minutes and you virtually have two separate teams depending on whether you are in attack or defence – the only guys who stay on all the time being the Quarterback and ?Running Back or Linebacker – having a Seniors moment on that one and that 80 minutes is broken up by a gazillion time-outs. Soccer players play the entire time unless subbed! Maggot isn't another cover for BimG is it – you sound as stupid

    • I think I DO know what I'm talking about

      I’m trying to refrain from a pointless “my sport is better than your sport” type of argument, but you can’t compare your (supposed) national squad level soccer playing experience to a couple of pick-up games of Amer football. And as I had already acknowledged in my earlier post, I know the differences between the two games, so you were wasting your time there going on about that. Aside from the fact that they are, again, two entirely different games, all of your points against Amer football don’t change the fact that it is a very physically demanding and strenuous sport. All I’m saying is, if you really think that it is not, or that its players are somehow lesser athletes than soccer players (at equivilent levels of play), then no, you don’t know what you are talking about.

      Maggot isn't another cover for BimG is it – you sound as stupid

      Hehe nice try.

    • You know even if you're good at a sport doesn't mean you know what you're talking about. Take Carlos Tevez for example he is a good football player but if you've ever seen an interview with him you'll know he's stupid as shit.

  • SKOALMAN – grow a pair and try playing it instead of wanking off on your computer all day!

  • Dan A

    Can someone please tell me how American throwball is more watched than tennis? Not a big fan of both, but tennis is worldwide unlike throwball.

  • Amen Neza YNWA

  • Jason

    very poor list

    best moment is boxing without a doubt is when Muhammad Ali took down Sonny List first round first minute along with the picture

  • shay

    The best moment you could come up with for boxing was the ear incident? What about foreman winning the heavyweight title at 45? or the Rumble in the Jungle or the Thrilla in Manilla?

    Also I can name 20 better (soccer) football matches

  • Saurisco

    American arrogance on display !!!!

  • Saurisco

    I Think that for this list the author did not do any research.
    Very POOR list Dude………Didnt expect this from listverse

  • Dear Maggot – Contrary to your pathetic rationalisation; I do know what I'm talking about – try playing as many spoorts as I have, at the levels I have and I MIGHT respect your opinion; truly – Any connection between your reality and the truth is purely coincidental. D'you know what they call people like you where I come from? They call them 'baiters'… and you're a master.


    • try playing as many spoorts as I have, at the levels I have and I MIGHT respect your opinion

      Since you quite obviously do not know what you are talking about, what makes you think I should give a fuck whether you respect my opinion or not? You have yet to refute it in a way that makes any sense. Your childish ad hominem retorts are amusing, but add nothing.

  • Bloody typo's!

  • nthensome

    You have Cricket – but no hockey?
    BTW soccer is a kids game and doesn't belong on any sport list.

  • Eoin

    I predict man dirty Scousers leving comments about 'Istanbul', I'm a Hull fan by the way, hate Utd.

  • ian

    man utd greatest football moment? come on, what about
    – Carlos Alberto's goal in 1970 for Brazil
    – Maradona's 'goal of the century'
    – Ronaldo scoring twice in the 2002 world cup final
    – Rivaldo's last minute winner against Valencia at the end of the 2000-01 season (finishing his hat-trick)
    – Zidane's goal against Leverkusen in the 2002 champions league final

    they're all better than man utd' win

  • steve

    This list is so bad on so many levels it's just incredible.
    1. Serisosly, Formula 1, you choose that as a sport, granted, it's better then NASCAR but, it's still nothing compared to the dozens of sports moments you could have choosen from the Olympics.

    2. Speaking of Olympics, what about the 1980 US vs. USSR hockey game. While not the Gold Medal game (something most people don't realize), it was a moment that defined history, and is called "The Miracle on Ice" certainly any game with "Miracle" in it's title is worth of greatest of the sport status.

    3. Baseball, your opening lines stolen straight up from this article,
    And you just took the number one game from there, did you even read the rest of their list to form your own opinion. Do you even watch Baseball to get anything from the sport and the over 100 years of other, great games played.

    This is very upsetting because usually Listverse has very well written, original lists, that make sense. This one, like some commenter before me said, is worse then high school paper a drop out would write. So blatantly copy/pasted and illresearched that it hurts to read.
    And it's not totally the writer's fault, BimG it's also the editor's. Why didn't you check it, why didn't you read it, why did you allow it to be posted?
    I expect more from you Listverse, far more then this.

    • About #2: you are right, there wasn't a gold medal game, the winner was decided by points (which included the previous games). But the USA team still won the gold medals by beating the Russians.

  • To the people who understand sarcasm watch this video –

    Long Live America….

  • OK, I'll list the best sportsmen of all time: 1.Wayne Gretzky 2.Jari Kurri 3. Anders "Masken" Carlsson 4. Bruce Lee 5. Björn Borg

  • I seem to be good at pissing people off… hahaha.. as if I care

  • American Patriot

    There’s no such thing as American Football.
    There’s only football. Look it up:

  • American Patriot

    This list sucks btw. The guy who made this list has no clue about everything. Especially boxing and football.

  • NijimaSan

    Based on the boxing section alone, this list is already highly suspect. I don’t consider myself an authority on sports but seriously…Tyson-Holyfield II is the BEST that the sport has EVER had to offer?


    I could pick 10 non-title fights right off the top of my head that were MUCH more important TH2.

    I can’t really say too much about the sports I don’t know too much about (Formula 1, Rugby, Cricket) but I get the feeling that they were “researched” about as well as the ones I do know about…which is to say, very little.

  • Julius – Carlos Tevez has the footballing brain of a Hawking but in any other capacity he may as well be a garden gnome – also he is not first class in anything else to my knowledge: On the other hand my footballing brain may only be half as good as his but for the rest I have a 156 IQ – – – – and it works admirably in all areas – hence the three Bachelor degreees and a Masters; also I had to decide between playing football for my country and swimming for it – I also played three other sports at First Class Level – so I DO have the cerebral capacity to know what I'm talking about. To anyone else wanting a parting shot – don't bother I'm sick of being involved in batles of wit with unarmed opponents

    • I'll call you out. LIAR!!!!


    • Scooter

      Sure you did epanterANUS, sure you did all those things.

      Are you also a mysterious billionaire bachelor who lives with his faithful butler and fights crime at night in a black bat suit?

      You probably have a real hot girlfriend too right? But she lives in another town and models allll the time so we can't meet her right? But she's reeeeal hot right? Just lives in another town?

      Man you are a full of sh*t.

    • Scott

      Wow do you get butthurt. I am a ninja, astronaut and million dollar male hooker who fucks models all day long. See. I can make shit up too. Easy to hide behind a computer and make shit up, isn't it? Your arguments have NO basis and your "quantifying" facts cannot be backed up, therefor you're a phony unless you identify yourself by name and then link reputable news articles that name yourself and your accomplishments.

      Go DIAF you European assclown. You're a nobody. You know it and we know it.

  • lucy

    tennis – mahut vs isner, surely?

  • psychosurfer

    Italy vs Germany semifinal Mexico 1970 anyone?
    This list was dissapointing :(

  • Steve

    I don't think American Football should be 2nd.
    I've even searched through Google, and American Football shouldn't even be in the top five.

  • bluesman87

    Say whatever you want about tennis , but those cats dress with style …

    • sportfan89

      style should not be important in sports, real ones anyway.

  • KiwiTaxi: the only person worse than a sub-cerebral, envious retard is a TALENTLESS KIWI who is a sub-cerebral retard.

    I don't care what you call me; I know it's true and I am not going to get perturberd by the jealous ravings of someone who's related to 90% of everyone else in his nation (except the Maori's – I've beard they don't like you either.

    I understand your point of view: but you're still full of shit! As an Aussie friend once told me; New Zealanders are living proof that Tasmanians can swim (or at least, float)

    • jeffthemaori

      You've beard[sic] wrong. Us Maori (or part Maori in my case) get on very well with our non-Maori friends. Aside from the odd nut (Maori or non-Maori) of course. And next time you see your Aussie friend, tell him, her or him-her that Australians are living proof that conjugal visits in an open air prison colony shouldn't have been allowed.

    • OhPlease

      Dude, you're a prick, plain and simple. It would be easier to respect your (albeit misinformed) opinions if you weren't so rude.

    • Pies

      @ epanterias

      The amusing part is that you consider yourself to be a very clever fellow, yet in this rant you have:

      – Applied an incorrect and reckless use of the colon, semicolon and dash;
      – Spelled perturbed incorrectly;
      – You should have used quotation marks;
      – Misunderstood the plural of Maori (which is in fact Maori);
      – Misused the word jealous (envious would have been correct); and
      – You used the word beard instead of heard.

      It seems, my friend, that the sub-cerebral jackass is you!

  • LoveAmerica

    I agree on NASCAR. My top moment…..Dale winning the Daytona 500.

  • GetAGrip

    Lol @ all the people arguing about baseball, soccer & American football. Do you guys have nothing better to do?

    True that baseball is mostly popular in the US but you're an idiot if you think they're the only country that cares about it. Canada, several Asian & Latin/South American countries play it too and in fact that's where many of the MLB players come from. Just because here in the UK we have pitiful baseball leagues, it doesn't take away from the excitement of a real game when you see it in America. Plus, since I started watching baseball 10 years ago at Uni, I've noticed a TON of people in the UK wearing Yankees hats, even though I doubt they even know what that logo stands for!

    As for football & American football…gimme a break. Football will always be the greatest sport ever played but you can't compare the two in terms of viewership. Almost 200 teams competed to be in the World Cup (or is it over 200?) which means people in nearly every country were watching the final. The fact that the Superbowl had a rather enormous viewership just for one country isn't so bad in comparison.

    And let's not pretend American football is a girly sport – I've had a go at it before and it's pretty brutal. They have padding for a reason.

    Anyway thats me done, time to get into work…just dont get why people get so worked up over sport? Just seems like another excuse to bash the Yanks to me. Stupid.

    • Hugh Jass

      Finally, someone whose actually an educated sports fan!

  • OhPlease

    Good god, why does everyone always argue over lists like this? So much whinging over silly things. So what if an American sport is at #2? You people do realise this is just a time-waster website for a bit of fun, it's a list written by ONE PERSON and has absolutely no affect on anything, yeah?

    Seems a little childish. It's a list, get over it.

  • Steve

    From a Irish rugby standpoint…February 2007 – Ireland V England at Croke Park in Dublin. Croke Park would never hold rugby matches as they were a british sport and the ground as the iconic main grounds for Irish gaelic games only. But as Lansdown Road was being refurbished they had no choice but to stage the match there. With the history of Croke Park it was a must win match.

    Ireland 43
    England 13

    During the Irish War of Independence on November 21, 1920 Croke Park was the scene of a massacre by the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC). The RIC, supported by the British Auxiliary Division entered the ground, shooting indiscriminately into the crowd killing or fatally wounding 12 during a Dublin-Tipperary gaelic football match. The dead included 11 spectators and Tipperary's captain, Michael Hogan. Posthumously, the Hogan stand built in 1924 was named in his honour. These shootings, on the day which became known as Bloody Sunday.

  • Muzaffar

    I am from India, world's biggest cricket playing nation, currently ranked #1 on ICC World Test Cricket Rankings. And as for as the #3 entry is concerned, yes Lara's record is impeccable but wasn't the greatest of all time.

    Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar's 200 run knock against South Africa this year, is the biggest by all means. This, because, it wasn't a test match but a limited over match, 50 overs, meaning 300 balls.

    It's greatest because this has never happened before and never will, ever again. And as for Lara's record, it will be broken pretty soon by Virender Sehwag (ICC ranked#1 test batsman in the world).

    Besides, in India, Cricket is religion and Sachin Tendulkar is more than just "GOD"

  • GKH

    I usually like your lists, but the whole "I don't know what hockey has" comment really knocked you down a few pegs. It's a great sport with over 100 years of history including some of the greatest leaders, talent and moments in sport. Instead of watching 300 Yankees games this year, try watching one hockey game.

  • Kuban8r

    Yikes list writer. I'm sure you are a fan of all these sports but I think some bias is showing here. No hockey really? Summit Series, Miracle on Ice, olympic gold medals, the different leagues that have come and gone? The fact that there are several countries (not just Canada but throughout Europe) where the sport is built into their culture and lifestyle?

    I love sports and hockey is not the end all be all to me (its in my top 5) but to omit it and its 100+ years of existence on a list like this is ridiculous.

  • I'm not quite sure how American Football made so high on this list, and yet a sport that is actually played around the world didn't. I was curious to see, so I did some Googling, not that that is the end all an be all, but every list had Ice hockey as a more popular sport world wide then American Football.

  • Dizz

    Worst List Ever on here.
    Should be removed, please do.

  • I wonder if the ‘longest tennis match’ most recently played, which included Isner, might be in the conversation for one of the most famous tennis matches…
    Oh, and when it comes to baseball, maybe not the most famous game, but the most famous ‘series,’ was the one with the Yankees and Bosox a few years back when the Yankees were up 3-0 in the series, down to the last out in the last inning of game 4, and the Bosox came back to win the game. They went on to win that series and then went on to win the World Series that year. I’m to understand that the movie Fever Pitch has footage from the celebration of that particular World Series (with the actors Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore getting to be on the field).

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  • No hockey, no MMA? I'm pretty sure that both of those sports are more popular than CRICKET.

    This list is definitely disappointing and full of fail.

  • Pies: Iwas wondering which moron was going to be stupid enough to respond to the grammatical mistakes: – !!! (Oh there's a few more for you to whine abvout (oooh look, I spellded anuther wun rong!)

    Thank you for reinforcing my inherent mistrust of strangers: BTW – it's easy to pick on typo's and whatever from the anonymity of your padded cell – but next time you do; consider that the typo's, misuse etc MIGHT just be the result of the typist's impaired fine-motor skills due to an ABI – which, BTW – DOES NOT alter the fact that the ABI individual has a reduced IQ OR vocab – just finds it harder to make them work all the time: next time, why don't you pick on someone with Cerbral palsy or abuse someone for requiring a wheelchair – and yes, I AM refering to myself as the ABI individual- you jackass

    • GetAGrip

      Sorry but you completely set yourself up by being a jerk to begin with. You can't insult other people and then whine when somebody throws it back at you just because you have an ABI. If you can't take it, do not dish it and try to be a decent human being.

    • I've been reading your posts and replies. Your comments and your arguments, and only one thing has occurred to me…you are just an arrogant fucking idiot, trying to make himself sound intellegent, but actually coming accross as a rambling moron. I are full of shit and are a complete liar, who doesn't really know what he is talking about. I find it interesting how after all this you bring up your ABI, even after you've talked how you play football and other sports. If this is true, perhaps you should stop playing sports that may contribute to your ABI, because it is clear that it has already made a great deal of effect on your life, because you epanterias are a fucking idiot! You have lost your war many time on many different levels, and now it is time for you to accept defeat, and fade away into obscurity.

    • Pies

      @ epanterias

      “Thank you for reinforcing my inherent mistrust of strangers”

      – We don’t give a shit about your mistrust of strangers. Considering all the narcissism, abuse and insults you dish out we don’t care how you feel when you are bitch-slapped in return.

      “…it's easy to pick on typo's…. MIGHT just be the result of the typist's impaired fine-motor skills due to an ABI… DOES NOT alter the fact that the ABI individual has a reduced IQ OR vocab”

      – Typo’s would be completely understandable in this circumstance, however this does not explain extensive grammatical errors which have nothing to do with hitting the wrong key. If you really are as smart as you claim then why do you make grammatical errors that one would expect only coming from a small child?

      "it's easy to pick on typo's and whatever from the anonymity of your padded cell"

      – You started it, clearly from the anonymity of your parents garage.

      “why don't you pick on someone with Cerbral palsy or abuse someone for requiring a wheelchair”

      – Picking on you? You started it through your considerable trolling in this comments section. If someone is being a dickhead (whether in a wheelchair or not) people will call them out. If you are effected by ABI then our sympathies, however ABI does not give you an excuse to be a dickhead.

  • Macthehar

    You're never gonna please everyone with a list like this, and the poster said please add your own favourites to the comments – so no need to for a load of arguements is there? These are not my 10 favourite sporting moments, but it's still a good list. Im no expert on amercian sports, and there's loads of other sports missing – but yeah, it's an interesting list, and even as Man City fan, I think the drama in the Man U / Munich game deserves to be in there, although the game was poor.

  • Califlower Ears

    what about wrestling??

    Henry Cejudo being the youngest hispanic to win the olymipic gold.

  • Jack Trueman

    How about Australian Football, this is a list of most watched sports and I think if a purely american based sport such as nfl can find its way into the list so can the AFL. It's following is huge within Australia.

  • Mike

    Hah. I hate these lists. I personally find sports like soccer and cricket disgustingly boring. And then you go through the comments and it's filled with some of the most idiotic and immature people in the world.

  • sean

    I have to add a comment for people who say "soccer" is for pussies.
    Wtf has that got to do with it being a sport. why compare it to rugby or american football?
    are you supposed to go in for bone crunching tackles and flying headbutts? Of course not you dumb yanks,
    People dont watch soccer for the aggression they watch it for the players with silky skills sick passing abilities, the rhythm, tempo. Let me teach you something, Football is very tactical it's not about two teams full of 18 stone lumps smashing into each other to try and score. It's about finesse and class. I understand patriotism and sticking up for your nations sports but don't try and fool me, I saw how much americans were loving their involvement in the world cup, you totally fell for the charm of footie.

    • Chaa

      Was with you right up until the "you dumb yanks."

      Seriously, can not a single adult on this website post their opinion without being insulting, or are you all teenagers?

    • Maggot

      don't try and fool me, I saw how much americans were loving their involvement in the world cup, you totally fell for the charm of footie.

      No, we fell for the charm of actually winning a few games and going a little further in the tournament than average citizen anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, had the US team won the next round, the euphoria stateside would’ve escalated exponentially, and if by some miracle the US team would actually win the thing, yes of course US fans would be going crazy rioting in the streets and everything, as much so as in the countries of the teams that do win it. But IMO that would be caused more by the whole feeling of being the “underdog” or Cinderella-team aspect of it, rather than any true interest in the game itself. Everyone likes a winner and fans in the US are no different from fans of any other team. But the reality of it in the States is (for the majority of people) – once the team was eliminated, it was ho hum, oh well now we don’t have to think about it or pay attention to soccer any more for another four years. I’m not trying to diss soccer here but just telling it like it is…but I don’t speak for everyone either.

  • eccentric

    BASKETBALL is one of the greatest sports… so dont underestimate it. CHINA is it’s no.1 supporter. almost 900million fans. so include USA and other countries, it can dominate the world. :)

  • Jeremy

    Soccer is a queer sports and Football are for pussy who can’t take a blow!!!!!!!!!!

  • For Baseball you had to go all the way back to the Giants ? Did you miss 2004 when the Red Sox were down 3 to 1 and won the last 3 games against the Yankees to go to the World Series. Or that just four games later Boston won it's first World Series since 1918!

  • susan

    Glad to see man utd at number 1 and pleased to see the yanks and scousers get wound-up. ha, ha

    • mhm

      you sound like a chav.

  • Clark88

    Oh Good Lord. I think Listverse should decline to post lists like this since they result in the most asinine comments anyone can dream up. Imagine arguing over and getting legitimately angry because American football is on here or the author picked the wrong moment for a particular sport? It's ONE person's opinion on a half-serious, just-for-entertainment website. I swear, alot of comments on these lists epitomize everything that's wrong with anonymity on the internet.

  • Tryclyde

    This is from a respectable EUROPEAN website that ranked the world's top 10 most popular team sports. Hopefully it will quiet all of those speaking out of there arses.

    9. American Football: The most popular sport in the United States has its roots in English soccer and rugby football. It is loved by more than half the nation’s population of 306 million. With more than 200 million passionate fans residing across the US, Canada, Japan, the Caribbean and Europe, it has mass appeal and glamour. The National Football League (NFL) is the richest sporting league in the world, netting $6.2 billion annually and attracting a world-record average attendance of around 67,700. IFAF, with 45 members, is the international governing body that oversees the sport’s World Cup, where the United States are the defending champions. Outside the US and Canada, American football is also played domestically in the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, Mexico and Japan, the multiple world champions in 1999 and 2003.

    • Tryclyde


  • Brian P.

    Not even close to baseball's greatest moment. Sorry, but a team not being able to win for 84 years and finally doing it does not constitute a great moment. For the particular city, yes, but not all around.

  • srichards

    yayyyyyy for lara from trinidad….yayyy for list universe

  • thfffg

    Come on everybody knows that only America and few other country watches American football, and I cant think of another country sept america to play American football.
    Surly NBA and cricket are more famouse then american football.

    that’s one of the things that I hate about this websites.

  • defukdto

    nfl is for the weak u need to wear armour (joking but pulling the piss a tiny bit), but i still like to watch it.

    football (soccer) is by far the most watched sport in the world. if you cant see that something is wrong. pretty much every country in the world plays it, some keeps going on about 100 mil people watched the superbowl, big whoop, try for 700 mill for the world cup final.

    for football
    also the champions league final draws in more people than the super bowl.

    hmm not really tht suprising if you actually think about it. logically.

    didnt lara get 501 in a game, i know it was not a test match but man thats takes a mammoth amount of effort, what about dean jone batting while he had dehli bellie, he got sick but decided to continue batting while he was throwing up on the pitch and defacating himself, thats is guts, well what he had left.

  • defukdto

    also little thing about cricket. first international cricket match was between usa and canada

  • europeansrfags

    Soccer is a bunch of fags running around in shorts kicking a ball. No hockey on this list is a fucking SHAME. The person who wrong this list is a complete and total asscake.

    All of you european fags can just go suck a big one. Baseball/Football/Hockey destroy your faggot soccer.

  • Torosaurus

    Scott – I know Epanterias and he's 'on the level' – and you got the continent wrong too shit-for-brains. BTW is Scott short for " 'scott no friends and'll never have any!"

    What Eppa failed to mention is that he's a member of MENSA, an injury prevented him from joining his national football comp (and prevented him going back to swimming); He's also black-belt – among other things.

    You – you appear to be nothing but a small-minded envious creep – what's the matter, does everuyone laugh at you every time you try to take more than three steps without tripping over your own ass (or slipping in your drool) – are you using your own brain to fuel the comments column or breaking one in for an idiot. You are out of your depth on this one – in fact you'd be out of your depth in a parking-lot puddle! Her's a bit of sound advice – when your IQ hits 20 – – – – – SELL !!!

  • Cheap Football Tickets

    If fans or players are concerned about injuries. Well thats fine but this league has expanded before and players have adapted. And they would have to adapt again We have no idea what the physical limit of a NFL player is so none of us can say when were asking to much of them. And if teams make a case for keeping a few more players on their roster. What is the real problem with that? Teams would love to have a chance to keep some extra skill players in case of injury. Mabye last year this team could have kept Woodhead on the roster. Fans would have been all for that. Danny’s a cult hero after his showing in the preseason last year. And Im sure every camp in the NFL has stories just like his.

  • MMM

    Umm, you must know very little about football (i mean soccer by the way). That is all.

  • bobsack

    wow, 1980's olympics hockey USA vs. USSR should be #1 cuz it really is #1!

  • Chris

    This list is obviously done by a Man U fan. If you know your footballing history there have been some epic matches in both domestic and international competitions. If this is the best game in football then Peter Crouch is better than Pele.

  • Lara fan

    about the No.3 on the list, if u go check your sports statistics, Lara has already scored 400 (not out) as well….Mathew Hayden scored 381 to beat Lara's 375 but Lara came back with a bang and scored 400 against England, that too without being dismissed

  • Oui

    Haters’ gonna hate, but the 98-99 Final deserves to be in the first place.
    It was an amazing night.

  • David Wheeler

    I would contest #10. I think the greatest moment in F1 history is the 1935 Nuremberg Race with Tazio Nouvalari matched with 10 German entrants with vehicles possessing twice the horsepower. Not to be dismayed, he displayed an unbelievable skill to maintain second place until the leading Mercedes blew two tires and he passed to win. I truly don’ t believe there has been a race to match this.

  • maloneman


  • sean mcculley

    you have to be mistaken theres NO WAY more people watch baseball or boxing than MMA (mixed martial arts) there was almost as many people that ordered the Brock Lesnar Vs Randy Coture PPV as there were who watched the super bowl for free so UFC should def be on this list it IS a pro sport

  • britfag

    American handegg watched more than real football?
    I don’t think so somehow.
    In America maybe.

  • Nitish

    Wat abut Sachin tendulkar 99 centuries 200 runs in one day format of cricket greatest event in history of cricket

  • teekish

    u wrong!

  • Sarthak Mallick

    The best moment in Cricket history is not that Brian Lara’s innings but Sachin Tendulkar’s 200 against South Africa in am ODI(A 50 overs match). He is the first and only man on the planet to do so.

  • Name

    i hate sports i watch the super bowl for the commercials

  • IceMan

    I’m a bit perplexed by the order of this list. It puts Formula One at number ten, and perhaps the order of the list is insignificant to the list but F1 has a much larger viewership and fan base than many of the other sports listed here. For certain F1 has a much larger viewership than American football, baseball, and basketball, and I also suspect more than tennis, football, cricket, and boxing. The only one that I know definitely has a larger viewership is football (soccer).

  • Sam Dalton


    F1 at just number ten. What are they gonna do next? Put NASCAR at the top of the list? The only f***en sport there that has more fans is soccer. What DA demoted the world’s number two sport to tenth? Is this a joke list?

  • sportfan89

    I love this website but sometimes these folks making them are way too americanized. First of all, hockey is easily one of the most watched sports, just maybe not in Amurika, even though they do have some cities with a massive fan base, like chicago or Detroit. (which was obviously overlooked here.) here in Canada we pull in millions of viewers, per game in the playoffs….sometimes there isn’t even a Canadian team involved. Also, hockey has goals, saves, hits, penalties and especially has speed…and you couldnt think of one of those to say in item #5. it’s the most dangerous sport on earth and you treat it so bland. whatever southerner, leave all the puck to us in the true north.

  • tukz

    that is not true rugby is the best i believe hahahahahaha take that :(
    soccer comes second and rugby comes first

  • ok…now with full respect to american football i want to tell you that cricket is 2nd most watched game……

    • And that is a fact as I read that a couple of years ago on another Top Ten List. That particular list had one that I was scratching my head over. And in the Top Ten was Table Tennis ????

  • Regarding No.5. “Hockey has I dunno what ?? I’ll give you two words. BOBBY ORR. May 10th, 1970, Stanley Cup finals. Boston Bruins against the St. Louis Blues and a certain overtime goal that he scored in which Derek Sanderson was credited with an assist. Probably the most famous photograph in the history of sports was snapped immediately after he scored the goal. I was only 9 years old when it happened and I remember it like most Americans knew where they were when President Kennedy was assassinated !!

  • American HangEgg

    American Football is #2 most watched sport…… FUCK x1000 ….

    Maybe they should call American HandEGG…. HA HA HA HA

    American football is just most watched in USA, not around the world… you should understand this and Other country don’t like to play with Egg, accept USA.

  • American HangEgg

    American Football is #2 most watched sport…… FUCK x1000 ….
    Maybe they should call American HandEGG…. HA HA HA HA
    American football is just most watched in USA, not around the world… you should understand this and Other country don’t like to play with Egg, accept USA.

  • MJ all day. I remember watching that shot go up and I knew the Jazz were finished. Jordan is the G.O.A.T of all G.O.A.T’s. And this coming from a born and raised Pistons fan (look up the history euro boys, i do it for foootball)

  • pol

    handball is popular in denmark , germany , norway , france , spain , tunisia , egiptian , croatia , ostriche , iceland , korea , swedden ….is the most amazing sport in the world ¡¡¡

  • CanadianBoy

    Wow. People just need to live and let live. I’m Canadian, and yes, I do love hockey, baseball, basketball, and gridiron (as Europeans call it). But that’s simply the culture of North America, and Europeans need to respect that. Likewise, North Americans need to respect the fact that football/soccer, rugby and cricket are part of the European culture. Football/soccer is the world’s most popular sport, so obviously, there is something appealing about the sport, even if North Americans don’t see it. Sport, in any form and in any country, adds great value to a culture, and sense of belonging in a community.

    Funny thing about football/soccer. It is not very popular as a spectator sport in North America, but it remains one of the top sports that parents enroll their children in (albeit it probably has a lot to do with the fact that it is relatively cheap, because of lack of equipment, pads, helmets, etc…)

  • Namelawrence

    I’ll bet hockey is much bigger than American football. While football might be bigger in the US, hockey has viewers in the US, Russia, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Ukraine, Belarus etc……..

  • cfcdinium

    I don’t think anyone has ever thought of American football as “The Greatest Game Ever Played”- It’s just a boring advert. And it’s never on tv.
    The Champions League final beats the superbowl viewer figures every year even in the US which is funny too! Also the last cricket world cup final was watched by about 2.2 billion…

  • Bama Bhai

    Football is the most watched and Cricket is one of the most watched sport in the world. India and Pakistan and Bangladesh are 2nd and 6th and 9th on the list of population and they are cricket crazy. As well as loads of other countries like South Africa, Australia, SriLanka England and New Zealand.
    But the greatest moment is certainly not Lara’s score. But cricket produces so many suspenseful moments that it is hard to name any one greatest. But I think a Pakistan-India match would certainly top the list, as the two countries are rivals on and off the field.

  • Peter Boucher

    Could someone please tell me as to why people from the United States call it soccer and every other country calls it football. And by the way, # 7 with Evander Holyfield with Mike Tyson seemed more of a daily professional wrestling bout then anything. The “Thrilla In Manila (Ali-Frazier III, was the mother of them all regarding boxing matches !!!!

  • HughJass

    lets me honest. Even though I love soccer, only reason why it is the most watched is because 80 percent of the world is poor and its the only sport they can afford to play, thus giving it popularity. As for cricket…well when you got a over a billion brown people in India and Pakistan who are completely sheltered by any other sport, they have no choice but to watch a grueling cricket match.

    Sure, Americans are a buncha ignorant wieners when it comes to pretty much everything. But for sports, it is one place where more than a couple of sports can coexist and succeed, not like most countries where all they care about is soccer. Even after the four major sports; Hockey basketball baseball and football, you have redneck riding NASCAR, golf, and as shitty as it is, the MLS.

  • cricfan12

    Are you kidding me?! American football is nowhere as popular as cricket!

  • petet2112

    @cricfan : You’re absolutely right. Someone should do a worldwide demographics research of the sport Cricket and see how many people know more about Cricket than American Football. Start in the country of Indis where the population of that country is almost 3 times that of the United States and ask them. I lived in Honolulu, Hawaii for 2 years and there was a cricket club that would play every Sunday. I loved watching it even though I didn’t know the first thing about it or any of the rules.

  • houpehub


  • gaaraly

    the list is shit!!!!!!!!!

  • NFL…shit

    REMOVE NFL RIGHT nOW, it is not the 2nd most watched sport, it is totally impossible!!!!! PEOPLE barley knows any fucking players, the sport is shit and boring and slow…and the same with baseball…hockey is way more international. and the france vs italy game should have been their!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND WHAT THE FUCK IS BASEBALL ???

  • Peter van Kan

    Let me guess: American ?

  • Larry

    I’m glad that The Beautiful Game is #1. Football belongs to the world screw all the sub genre games like american football and rugby pfft.

  • Gamers-Special | Das Portal rund ums Gaming

    My brother suggested I may like this website. He was totally right. This submit actually made my day. You cann’t imagine just how so much time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

  • Riot

    You didn’t really tell us how many people watched these games :/ shoulda just been about the greatest moments.

  • GoldenPube

    2005 champions league final was better in my opinion

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