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10 Incredibly Controversial Sting Operations

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A sting operation is defined as “a complicated confidence game planned and executed with great care (especially an operation implemented by undercover agents to apprehend criminals)” Stings are commonly used throughout the world by law enforcement and recently it has become very popular with news and media organizations including trashy tabloids as ways of getting sensational headlines. One of the big concerns surrounding these operations is whether or not they constitute entrapment. I am personally on the fence concerning the ethics of sting operations because I know it can be a great tool to catch violent criminals. This list looks at some of the more interesting and controversial sting operations. Please comment if you have any additional information on these or other stings and if you believe these techniques are ethical.




ACORN stands for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. ACORN was a collection of community-based organizations in the United States that advocated for low and moderate income families. They also provided information on voter registration and affordable housing. In 2009, selectively edited videos were released by two young conservative activists, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles (shown above). The two dressed up like a pimp and prostitute and then used a hidden camera to elicit damaging responses from ACORN employees, that appeared to advise them how to hide prostitution activities and avoid taxes. The ACORN workers also didn’t seem to be put off by the request for help in getting financing for a brothel. This created a nationwide controversy, resulting in a loss of funding from government and private donors. On March 22, 2010, ACORN announced it was closing all remaining affiliated state chapters and disbanded due to falling revenue.

Interesting Fact: On January 25, 2010, James O’Keefe, along with three others, were arrested on felony charges for interfering with the phones of the New Orleans office of Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu. O’Keefe said he was investigating accusations that Landrieu’s office had ignored phone calls from constituents who were complaining about the health care debate. They were dressed as telephone repairmen as O’Keefe videotaped the operation. They were eventually charged with entering a federal building under false pretenses which is a misdemeanor. O’Keefe pled guilty and was sentenced to three years probation, 100 hours of community service, and a $1,500 fine.


Operation West End


This has been called the biggest undercover news story in Indian journalism. In 2001, a popular newspaper from India called Tehelka (meaning “sensation” in Hindi) launched its first major sting operation, “Operation West End” to expose the alleged culture of bribery at the India’s Ministry of Defense. The newspaper had two reporters pose as arms dealers from a bogus company in London. The undercover video shows several politicians and defense officials, including the secretary of the ruling party BJP, Bangaru Laxman, discussing and taking bribes for helping them procure government contracts. After the tapes were made public, Laxman and Defense Minister George Fernandes (shown above) resigned, and several additional defense ministry officials were suspended.

Interesting Fact: Instead of initially acting on the evidence from the sting operation, the Indian government accused the newspaper of fabricating the allegations. The main financial backers of Tehelka were made targets of investigations, and the newspaper company was almost ruined. In 2003, Tehelka was re-launched as a weekly newspaper, and was funded by faithful subscribers and other well-wishers. In 2007, Tehelka shifted to a regular magazine format.


Senator Larry Craig

Larry Craig Mugshot

On June 11, 2007, Idaho Senator Larry Craig was arrested by an undercover police officer who was conducting a sting operation against men cruising for sex at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Arresting officer Sgt. Dave Karsnia said he went into a stall shortly after noon and closed the door. Craig then entered the stall next to him and put his luggage against the front of the stall door. This is often used as an attempt to conceal sexual conduct by blocking the view from the front. Minutes later, the officer said he saw Craig peering into his stall through a crack, then tapped his right foot several times and then moved it closer to Karsnia’s, until their feet touched. Craig then passed his hand under the stall divider into Karsnia’s stall with his palm up and guided it along the divider toward the front of the stall three times. Karsnia then waved his badge back, to which the senator responded, “No!” The senator pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and paid a fine, but changed his mind after word of his arrest later became public. Craig claimed he just had a “wide stance”, and he only pleaded guilty to avoid a spectacle. When he tried to withdraw his guilty plea, an appeals court turned him down. Craig served out his Senate term and was unsuccessful to clear his name in the Senate Ethics Committee. Craig did not seek reelection in 2008 and left office on January 3, 2009.

Interesting Fact: Shortly after Craig was arrested, the men’s room became kind of a tourist attraction, with men and women asking directions and stopping to take pictures. Even toilet paper from the restroom was offered on E-Bay. You can listen to Sgt. Karsnia and Senator Craig’s conversation right after the arrest here.


Sarah Ferguson


In May of 2010 Sarah Ferguson fell prey to Mazher Mahmood, a journalist for the tabloid newspaper “News of the World”. Mahmood posed as an international tycoon and was able to arrange a meeting with Ferguson. During the meeting, the Duchess was secretly videotaped and offered to connect the “tycoon” with the powerful inner circle of her ex husband, Prince Andrew. On the tape Sarah Ferguson is heard saying “500,000 pounds when you can, to me, open doors.” She is also seen taking away a briefcase containing $40,000 in cash. Ferguson‘s spokesman said she was both “devastated” and “regretful” after the reporting of the incident. She also said in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that she had been drinking prior to soliciting the cash, and was “in the gutter at that moment”.

Interesting Fact: The man who posed as the tycoon, Mazher Mahmood, is known as the “Fake Sheikh” and has hoodwinked dozens of celebrities. He keeps his identity as mysterious as possible, and no one is sure if that’s his real name or what his real background is. The journalist claims to have received many death threats, does not appear in public, and has never allowed his face to appear in any of his stories.


Bait Cars

Bait Cars

The first bait cars were used in the 1990s by the Minneapolis Police Department. Today the largest bait car fleet in North America is based in Surrey, British Columbia, which is known to many as the “car theft capital of North America”. The vehicles are specially modified, with audio/video surveillance and GPS tracking technology, and can be remotely controlled to disable the engine. Since 2004, when it was launched in Surrey, BC, it has contributed to a 47% drop in auto theft. One of the more controversial bait cars stings occurred in 2008, in Dallas TX, when a woman was killed almost instantly when a thief, driving a bait car slammed into her. The victim’s family was awarded $245,000 to settle the lawsuit.

Interesting Fact: The key in deciding when police are using a bait car illegally, and would cause entrapment, is whether they leave it in such a state that would entice someone who would normally not commit a crime. You can watch one of the more colorful (to say the least) bait car stings here. I’m sure many will be thinking the same thing I was thinking. “Where the heck was the kill switch?”


Marion Barry

Marion Barry Smoking Crack

Marion Barry is a well known politician and long-time mayor of Washington D.C. On December 22, 1988, police officers were about to make an undercover drug buy from Charles Lewis, a former Virgin Islands official, and were called back when they learned that Mayor Marion Barry was in Lewis’s hotel room. This led to a grand jury investigation into possible interference, by the mayor, in the drug investigation. Barry appeared before the grand jury and testified for three hours and later told reporters he had done nothing wrong. Then, on January 18, 1990, the FBI and D.C. Police set up a sting operation and arrested Barry in a Washington D.C. Hotel, after he smoked crack cocaine in a room with his former girlfriend, who had become an FBI informant. It was there that Barry said the now famous words that are often associated with him; “Bitch set me up”. As a result of his arrest and the ensuing trial, Barry decided not to seek reelection as mayor. A grand jury returned 14 counts against him, including possible perjury before a grand jury. If convicted on all 14 counts, the mayor could have faced 26 years in jail. The jury only found Barry guilty of cocaine usage and he was sentenced to six-months in prison. After Barry was released from jail he ran for city council. Because of the feeling by many that the government was just out to get Marion Barry, along with his general popularity; he received 70 percent of the vote. Then, in 1995, Barry was elected Mayor of Washington DC for the fourth time. Today, Barry is back serving on the D.C. city council.

Interesting Fact: Whatever you think of Marion Barry you have to admire his tenacity, and his passion for serving the people of D.C. The incident above is just a small chapter in his fascinating life. Last year HBO made a documentary called “The Nine Lives of Marion Barry,” You can watch the trailer here.


Joran Van der Sloot

06-29-Joran-Van-Der-Sloot Full 600

Joran Van der Sloot is a Dutch national who is a prime suspect relating to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, who has been missing since May 30, 2005, during a high school graduation trip in Aruba. The case was revived on March 29, 2010 when Van der Sloot contacted John Q. Kelly, legal representative of Holloway’s mother Beth Twitty. Van der Sloot offered to reveal information around the circumstances of Holloway’s death, and the location of her body, for a total $250,000 with $25,000 paid in advance. Kelly and Twitty contacted law-enforcement authorities in Alabama, and the FBI set a sting operation into motion. On May 10, Van der Sloot accepted the amount of $15,000 by wire transfer to his account in the Netherlands, and then another $10,000 was paid to him in cash. In exchange for the money, he took Kelly on a drive to show where Holloway’s remains were. He pointed out a house and said his father had helped dispose of the body in the foundation. This turned out to be false because the house was not built when Holloway disappeared. Later Van der Sloot told Kelly in an e-mail that it was all a hoax. At this point Van der Sloot could have been arrested for wire fraud and extortion, but authorities delayed the arrest because they were trying to build a murder case against him. Van der Sloot was not only left free, he was allowed to leave Aruba and use the money he received from the sting to go to Bogotá, Colombia, and then to Lima Peru. In a Casino hotel in Lima he met Stephany Flores Ramirez, a 21 year old business student at the University of Lima. Security video shows Van der Sloot and Ramirez entering a hotel room together, but only Van der sloot leaving. On June 2, Ramirez was found beaten to death, her neck broken, in the hotel room which was registered in Van der Sloot’s name. Ramirez died on May 30, 2010, exactly five years from Natalee Holloway’s disappearance. Van der Sloot was arrested On June 3, and on June 7, he confessed to the killing.

Interesting Fact: Van der Sloot is currently locked away in the Miguel Castro prison in Peru, where murder charges are filed. He reportedly now says he’ll reveal the location of Natalee Holloway’s body if he is allowed transfer to an Aruba jail.


Perverted Justice Stings


Perverted-Justice in an organization that carries out sting operations by having volunteers pose as 10-15 year old minors on chat sites, and then wait for an adult to message or email the decoy back. If the conversation turns sexual in nature they will not discourage it or outright encourage it. Then they will try to identify the men by obtaining their telephone numbers and other details, so that a meeting can be arranged. The organization then passes the information on to law-enforcement. Perverted-Justice has also collaborated with an American reality program called “To Catch a Predator”. One of the more controversial cases occurred in 2006 in Murphy, Texas. Louis Conradt (Pictured above) was a district attorney in Texas, and posed as a 19-year-old university student and engaged in sexually charged online chats with someone who he believed was a 13-year-old boy. After Conradt asked for pictures of the boy’s penis, they brought in an actor to play the boy over the phone. When Conradt stopped responding to phone calls and instant messages, police and the reality show decided to bring the operation to Conradt’s home, with a search warrant. When officers moved in to make an arrest, they heard a gunshot. They found Conradt inside with a self-inflicted wound and he later died at a hospital.

Interesting Fact: The sting in Murphy, Texas, resulted in 23 arrests for on-line solicitation of a minor. In June, 2007, all 23 cases were not prosecuted due to insufficient evidence. Conradt’s family filed a suit against Dateline’s To Catch a Predator series for $105 million. The case was eventually settled out of court. In 2008 the network canceled production of all future episodes.


Rachel Hoffman


During a traffic stop in Tallahassee, Florida, on February 22, 2007, Rachel Hoffman (pictured above) was caught with 25 grams of marijuana. Then, on April 17, 2008, police searched her apartment and uncovered 151.7 grams of cannabis, and 4 ecstasy pills. She was reportedly told by police that she would go to prison unless she became an undercover informant for them. She was then sent, untrained, to an undercover meeting to buy a large amount of drugs and a handgun from two suspected drug dealers. While she was at the drug buy, the suspects changed the location of the buy. The policemen that were monitoring the sting, lost track of her when she left the buy spot with the two suspects in their car. While in transit, the two suspects executed her with the same gun she was supposed to buy. Her body was recovered two days later near Perry, Florida. On December 17, 2009, which would have been Rachel Hoffman’s 25th birthday, one of the murder suspects, was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. The second murder suspect is scheduled for trial in October 2010.

Interesting Fact: On May 7, 2009, a law called “Rachel’s Law” was passed by the Florida State Senate. Rachel’s Law requires law enforcement agencies to (a) provide special training for officers who recruit confidential informants, (b) instruct informants that reduced sentences may not be provided in exchange for their work, and (c) permit informants to request a lawyer if they want one.


Mr. Big


Mr. Big is also called “the Canadian technique”, and was developed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the early 1990s for unsolved homicides. It is used in Canada and Australia, but it is considered entrapment in many other countries, including the United States and England. The technique works something like this: An undercover police unit poses as members of a fictitious gang, into which the suspect is inducted. The suspect is invited to participate in a series of criminal activities (all faked by the police). In addition, the “gang members” build a personal relationship with the suspect, by drinking together and other social activities. After a period of time, he is introduced to Mr. Big, the gang leader. The suspect is told that the police have a renewed interest in the original crime, and to give the gang further details. They explain that Mr. Big may have the ability to influence the police investigation, but only if he admits all of the details of the crime. He is also told that he must be completely clear about any other past crimes, or the gang may not be willing to continue to work with him because he would become a liability. The photo above shows Royal Canadian Mounted Police during a memorial service, carrying the hats of four officers slain in Edmonton Canada, in 2005. Two of the men serving prison sentences for the murders made confessions to Mr. Big operatives.

Interesting Fact: In British Columbia, the technique has been used over 180 times, and, in 80% of the cases, it resulted in either a confession or the elimination of the suspect from suspicion. However, cases of false confessions and wrongful convictions have recently come to the public’s attention, and many are starting to question the controversial technique. In 2007, a documentary was made, called Mr. Big, that was very critical of the procedure. You can watch the trailer here.

  • kuch

    what happened to the policemen who sent rachel hoffman to meet with the drug dealers?

    • Dave

      I was thinking that also. They obviously coerced her into it….

    • Kiki

      The guy in charge (Ryan Pender) was fired, but was then reinstated and got his job back. Big controversy here in Tallahassee.

      • oliveralbq

        thats fucking retarded.

        how long was it before he was reinstated? i have just now started looking at this for the day, so if it's already mentioned in the comments, then apologies…….
        if not, pretty please explain to me what the hell they were thinking (or, at least, what they *said* that they imagined justified this obvious … whats bucslims word? douchebaggery?)

    • Chris

      Nothing happened. At all. Rachel was a friend of mine, and will be sorely missed. It was another punch in the gut seeing her here. DOWN WITH PENDER!

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    Good list, as usual, Blogball. I like that you always add "interesting facts" to beef up your list items

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    Very interesting and well researched list.
    I'm glad my life is obscure so no one is interested in what i do in private. If someone did try to sting me, they would be very bored.

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    Good one Blogball. It's a bit scary when the police hang off pinching the offender in the hope that they will get more evidence and then the baddie goes and commits another, even worse job – #4 is a perfect example. The judgement call of when to move in and when to hold off is a very fine one.

    • oliveralbq

      i was asked to get involved in this kind of shit once……about 9 years ago, underage, doing stupid shit, like, i dunno, smoking a weed on my porch (or *something*)……

      sooo….not long after i moved to this area the 1st time, (although i was in gulfport, ms — not biloxi or new orleans yet) i lived in a split level 4 bedroom house — 3 down (mine) and 1 bdrm up in a loft thingy (which, if you have heard me tell a hurricane katrina story, my whole downstairs flooded to the ceiling, but we retracted to the loft, and were safe — sorta)
      anyway…….there was this cat living up there at the time — standig on my porch, he tells me he has acquired a new toy (he was the 2001 version of jajdude — guns in every sentence, yo!)
      —so he gets a new toy (m16a5 i think) — brings it down, and 7 guys charge the porch like a pack of bionic cheetahs if we were yummy gazelles.
      —they have us spread, search my house (find other weeds), search rob's pad (fine weeds and more illegal-as-shit guns), come back to the porch, and proceeded to explain that the house next door was under surveillance by dea and boarder patrol, cause this guy had stolen his kids from his estranged wife, and was a noted coke dealer. all news to me.
      –they also explained that they didnt give a shit about the weed (and that was the dea guy)—— and, all total, we had more than rachael did (super sucky for her). it was the gun they spazed about — assualt rifle, etc.
      –it was at this point they continued explaining that they would let us off if we helped monitor the guy next door.
      –i told him to lick my sack, and he took us in, and charged us both with possession, and rob with a bunch of gun crap.
      –at the trial i pled down to disorderly conduct. i just couldn't get involved in a sting, even though i didnt know that guy from adam. there was *something* i didnt like about the proposal he gave that didnt set right with either one of us.
      —and not to be argumenative, cqsteve, but neither of us has been in trouble since.

      • cqsteve

        It's cool. What I was trying to say is that if deals like this go to shit then a poor kid like Rachel ends up dead as a fucking doornail. Good on you for saying "No" to the deal offered. Are the police more interested in arresting someone than your safety? How accountable are they in deals like this? I doubt if cops on the ground level can offer deals like the one offered you without authority from higher up. I'd be very suss too.

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  • SeanP

    Abscam was a huge FBI sting operation back in the 70's. If I remember correctly it's referenced in the Johnny Depp movie "Donnie Brasco".

    • I remember Abscam. The congresscritters complained about "entrapment", so much so that Doonesbury cartoon spoofed it as "Conscam".

      • porkins

        have you read the actual book, by donnie brasco?, well by joseph pistone technically but yeah, it is a really great read

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    MR. BIG sting operation has a resemblance to the film blue streak

    • Mksouthon

      Not really… in blue streak it’s a guy pretending to be a cop to get what he wants (a giant diamond) and in mr big it’s cops pretending to be gang members
      to get what they want (arrests through entrapment)

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    Everyone likes a little Blogball !
    Mr. Big sounds like a clever play.
    On the other end car baits and prostitute baits look like a bit of a strech for my perception of right and justice.
    I mean if it is all fictitious then who is the victim of those crimes?
    It' s not action against crime to serve and protect but rather attack on anyone who could, given the right circumstances, commict a crime. And that's an all different ball game.

    In italian criminal history there are dozens of examples of such operations but generally they are just hear-say. The Carabinieri (military police), that normally carrie out infiltration stings, are not obliged to pubblish anything official about this kind of work. Sometimes the infiltration is so deep that one could not tell the criminals from the officiers… yep italian justice is pretty mess'd up!

  • Lifeschool

    Very interesting! Top list Blogball!

    Ethical? I don't know – it depends on how these operations were conducted. The Canadian method seems a bit dodgy reading your description of it, but this may not be the case in real life. Can wiretapping be used as evidence? Both audio tapes and video files can be cut and pasted and manipulated in post-production to give the impression they want, and sometimes I've heard of vital scenes or information being mysteriously cut from the evidence. 'Spying' on known criminals is fair in my book as long as there is enough evidence to support the case and it's been given the go-ahead in law. Spying or staging the general public (in chat rooms for example) may be ok if the person has nothing to hide – but it seems a bit 'out there'. Staging onesself as a pimp and a prostitute and representing as such to a charity seems a bit below the belt – and may present a real moral dilema to the charity. Do you help these people or turn them away? People will get by in whatever means they can, and this may have appeared perfectly legitimate to the chairities 'do gooders' – it just seems unfair. There is always a danger in 'public vs public' operations (or 'the press vs the public' operations) that they can appear 'above the law' and can spin the story however they like.

    Right, I'm off on a working vacation for the weekend (I'm co-ordinating the site stewards at the Solfest festival, UK), see you Monday.

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    very nice list .

    They sent that girl in no2 undercover for less than 200grams of weed and 4 pills ?//? is she retarded? 200grams is NOTHING , if the cops caught me with 200grams id say "so lets talk" id get a day in court , say Im an addict and go home MAX. Screw that its weed not crack . Man american cops are so hectic . In my country Ive had more than one experience of the cop searching me finding weed and maybe R50 ($6 or $7) they'll take the cash and give the weed back . I dont care what people think , its not a big deal , its healthier than tobacco and for that chick to die for weed and 4 pills ( 1 large dose) is so stupid society needs to wake up . Go after the cocaine and heroin smugglers , but give weed to the people , there has to be at least some choice like if you dont like alcohol or have a abuse problem with it , there should be a alternative . The biggest danger a stoner poses is eating a slice of your pizza when you arent looking .

    • bluesman87

      and the biggest danger someone E posses is giving you an unwanted backrub in the que in the bank …

    • Julius

      Well, SAPS isn't exactly the best police force in the world is it now? ;-) Anything that's not a capital crime you can bribe your way out of….
      But seriously, must have been an asshole cop, for busting her for carrying under an ounce of weed….common rule of thumb is that as long it's under an ounce (28g) you're good to go, with maybe a fine and an aa meeting….
      OT: is intensedebate working for you now or are you still having problems?

      • bluesman87

        yup you are dead right SAPS are extremely easy to bribe but it works both ways , when you need them for serious help its best not to get your hopes up . I have been driving without a drivers license for 6 years , never had a fine or been arrested . But i never had to bribe either , i just plead , " ahhh sorry , sorry gents , you can see I'm not a skelem please skohkho i promise this is just one time , me I'm not rich, I'm from "my neighborhood here" please can we make a plan ." and the nice ones ( there are a lot of cool cops) realize they got better things to do and give me a break . I gotta give them that. But if its a white Afrikaans cop you know you're in shit .

        Intense debate stops working after about 100 comments . so with really juicy comment threads you are kind of left in the dark by the end of the afternoon . which sucks .

        • Goku

          hehe you're South African =D

    • Arsnl

      Dude i googled a bit about #2 and they said she was eager in doing the sting and she even gave some ideas on how the whole thing should be carried out. They wanted her to buy 1500 pills of ecstacy. Geeesh. I imagine the drug dealers arent so stupid as to think its ok when a small buyer asks for 1500 pills.

      • bluesman87

        especially a girl man, she was probably thinking of pocketing a handful when no-one was looking .

        • TEX

          You are probably right – a lot of lowlifes that get busted go to work for the cops because they feel protected, which they usually are, and for the perks – drugs and money snatched during the buy when the police aren’t present.
          I went to school with a narc – everyone knew he was, except for the real dumbasses. He had been busted and turned informant. One night he was setting up a buy and when the narcotics officers moved in for the bust a guy ran out the back of the house, supposedly with what looked like a gun – they screamed halt, which he did not, and was summarily shot and killed. Yep – it was the narc – with the buy money down his pants – good riddance.

      • Chris

        That's what you get for trusting Google. She was terrified.

    • Arsnl

      ” its healthier than tobacco ”
      Apparently dutch officials want to instate new rules so they can ban foreigners from buying cannabis on coffeeshops (atleast in cities on the border). The crime rate in maastricht is really high compared to cities thats arent at the border.
      The problem is that with every trade that is legal you will get illegal trade (luxury items-counterfeits etc) so the illegal trade of dangerous drugs would continue even if cannabis is legalized.

    • bluesy, I take large…actually enormous…doses of oxycontin (oxycodone) or morphine as well as hydrocodone every day. I'm taking it all by prescription, so everything is legit.
      Several years ago I was in an auto accident on the freeway, several cars were involved and I was not the driver at fault. Yet the Highway Patrolman arrested me, and took to "headquarters", where I remained in holding for the next five or so hours.
      I took the incident to court, and won. The entire accident is so completely stricken from from my driving record that it is as if it never happened.
      But the point I am making is that any drug, no matter what it is, if properly taken under Doctors orders, and the proper control, does not have to be something to be feared.
      Making drugs illegal, just scattershot illegal, is more harmful than helpful.

      That girl should NEVER have been put in the position where she ever even in danger of being harmed, much less of being killed. That's just so much BS that I can't even begin to address it.
      For everyone who is going to come down on the other side…yes, I am aware of all your arguments, and even agree with some of them. However, it has become more and more clear as I have gotten older that you just can't legislate everything.

  • Chineapplepunk

    Wow! This is another list that has suprised me (in a good way of course)!
    Yay! ^_^

  • Cigarman

    A honorable mention should be made to the OJ Simpson sting in Las Vegas. It was a sting if you think about it. Who the hell sells sports memorabilia out of a hotel room? That is what ebay is for. Plus all the audio equipment running when he entered the room. An ovious sting.

    • oliveralbq

      true man — that was really really dumb.
      so, oj sets up his own sting and gets stung. will serve more jailtime for stupid crap than for murder – al capone, anyone?
      the story itself is dumb. that happened when i lived there. it's a dumpy ass casino, so anything you said, cigarman, about audio and selling shit and whatnot — it's all true, but just that much more stupid having been to this shitass casino. (the station casinos incl the stratosphere, green valley ranch, rod rocks (the 3 higher-end ones) and then fiesta station, boulder station, and palace staion (the 3 old dumpy ones).
      wha happens in vegas stays in vegas,
      oj stays in vegas. dumbass.

  • mbkk40

    Wow, the Racheal Hoffman case is terrible. I hope everyone involved in putting her in that situation lost their badges and were tried like the criminals they are.

    Just another example of why the current drug war is illogical and has too stop.

  • Listversian.

    decent list, but still not as good as the ones frater used to chuck up years back.

    we need another unsolved mysteries list or fascinating facts list. something that makes you think about it whilst you lay in bed or something?

    but regardless this list was okay.

  • Very nice list! The only one I feel sorry for though is the Rachel girl. I mean, the cops should be held responsible, i am going to have to do some research on that. I remember hearing about that when it happened. Thanks for the great early morning read!

  • vanowensbody

    Excellent list Blogball. #2 is just incredible and frightening. Sending an untrained ciivlian to do police undercover work is just senseless and stupid. The outcome was predictable. All because she was dealing pot? Unbelievable.

  • mbkk40

    And after further reading, I found out that the police officers responsable were suspended with pay….. And my faith in humanity slides a little lower.

    It's also sad that the deal she was forced to be a part of involved 2 oz. of cocaine. 1500 ecstasy tabs and a handgun. I guess weed, coke and guns are all interchangable to American law enforcement. I'm not sure what type of logic says that 24 year old college grad potheads are capable of making a deal like this, but it's awful faulty. Obvoiusly

    Small time drug users don't do big drug deals…. especially deals involving things you never freaking use! (ie: coke and guns). Cause if you don't know what you're doing, you're liable to get yourself killed.

    • bluesman87

      coke as well ? that isn't cool , thats serious shit to drop a little girl into .

      • Arsnl

        Dude she was 24. Not that little. A college graduate. I think at some point in time she should have realised that what she was doing is very very dangerous.

        • bluesman87

          I get your point but 24 is little , any chick under 30sh is a little girl in bluesman lingo (real bluesmen as in blues songs) she was probably a stoner and probably a clubber , she shouldn't have realized ( we all know stoners can be a bit hazy) the COPS should have realized. The cocaine trade is violent and vicious , they find beheaded bodies hanging off bridges traced back to cocaine trafficking , weed dealers just bullshit you about the quality . They sent a girl to do a police officers job . The cops tried to take the easy way out , and would've taken all the credit too . She was dumb but she also was definitely the victim in this .

      • Arsnl

        ” 24 is little , any chick under 30sh is a little girl in bluesman lingo”
        Neah for me 24 is ok (if its hittable its ok in my book). I read she was a bit of a hippy so probably she never learnt that people get killed and CERTAINLY she never saw the godfather trilogy.
        Ps: did you get the news about the 72 bodies found in mexico cuz they didnt want to be involved in drugs.

        • bluesman87

          Didn't want to be involved? Man, harsh! Mexico is fucked up . seriously . That little stunt probably cemented co-operation from every peasant over the whole country side . They must have so many drugs flowing through there to have to force people to get involved . No wonder Speedy Gonzales is so fast!! He's moving the coke and cousin slowpoke is moving the dope.

          • TEX

            "Mexico is fucked up . seriously . " – you said it – and the border IS WIDE OPEN.

      • Arsnl

        They were trying to get to the states so there wont be much cooperation im guessing but who knows.
        “No wonder Speedy Gonzales is so fast!! He’s moving the coke and cousin slowpoke is moving the dope.”
        Thats a good one. I wonder what tge road runner is moving. Im guessing he’s into prostitution. He’s just way to funky.

        • bluesman87

          naah roadrunner- he's got a meth lab out there in the desert ,he's the runner Wil -E-coyote is the cook . If anyone's got a prostitution ring its Pepe Le Pew

      • Arsnl

        I just cant see pepe le pew bitchslappin any chick. If anything he’s been involved in smugling meds or afrodisiacs or something like that, unless he’s got a nasty side.
        The brain seems like a good candidate for training a terrorist camp.
        And maybe the animaniacs would smugle uranium to NK. I seem them having a conference with kimmy. I bet they get along real fine.

  • oouchan

    Another awesome list by Blogball!
    I'm torn over the fact of using a sting operation to get the criminals, but I do cheer when it works out. Especially with the online predators.

    • Arsnl

      Well I imagine that parents prefer to keep their kids innocent than to catch predators right? Its easier to control one kid than to fight all the sickos on this planet.
      Lets admit the internet is a effed up place.

  • Mr. Ree

    This list wasn't at all what I thought it was by reading the title. I initially thought it was going to be covering medical operations on the lead singer of the Police. I feel so silly….

    • Obvious

      Yeah, we already covered that one.

  • Blogball at his best, again! Rachel Hoffman's case is hurtful…

  • Good list; odd comments. “Sudden” gets a nod for next LV:DickOfTheWeek & most idiotic comment of the year (beating Doug13 & that IFuckedYourMom asshole). And Brock makes a funny? Been reading BlogBall’s lists for years. Still brings out best in folks :)’ To Lerker: I am behind you with ID’ing Brock as a dumbass, but credit due: If he had said something about Sting’s surgical removal of his own voicebox so he can’t be understood a la that FamilyGuy episode, we’d have to hail him for the rest of the week.

    • 2manycats

      My thoughts exactly. Already have SUDDEN up for LV Dick of the Week. Gone have to step his game up, the week is early.

  • Regarding the bait cars, I heard a crazy story about one of those cars some time ago. This American Life has a podcast on it, actually.

    Anyway, a guy and his girlfriend live on a small street in the boonies. And all of a sudden there's a car parked outside. He knows it doesn't belong to any of his few neighbours and there wouldn't be any other reason for it to be there. Several times over the next couple days he calls the cops and tells them about the car that's parked out front, worrying that it was stolen.

    The cops respond and don't really tell him anything and they do not search the car.

    A couple days later and the guy is very worried about the car because he knows that there isn't a single good, lawful reason for it to be there. I gather he starts imagining worst case scenario (body in the trunk) and decides that he's going to open the car and look inside, and he will repay any damage to the car if there is nothing amiss. He puts on gloves, worried about contaminating a potential crime scene, and breaks in as gently as possible.

    Within minutes a bunch of cops show up and arrest the guy and his girlfriend, accusing him to attempting to steal the car. They throw him in jail and do not drop the charges. They kind of skip over the fact that he called the cops multiple times and they came to his house but didn't say a think about it being a bait car.

    Man, crappy deal. They both have records now and refuse to plead guilty.

    • k1w1taxi

      Hope they have a real good lawyer and show those cops up for the dickheads they are!! And a decent payout into the bargain. Way to engage public participation in crime fighting – idoits!!


  • Moonbeam

    I still can't believe that anyone would fall for that ACORN sting. The clothes they wore were beyond ridiculous. Did James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles really think that’s what a pimp and a prostitute actually look like? No pimp goes around trying to draw attention to himself like that. He may as well pin a sign on his back reading “ARREST ME.” Just go to The Smoking Gun and look at real mug shots of actual prostitutes. Unless your former New York governor Elliot Spitzer and you’re paying for high priced call girls they often look like meth addicts; dirty, disheveled, gaunt – just sad.

    Like I said it’s beyond me how anyone could be so dumb as to fall for this sting.

    • meyou

      They didn't actually dress that way for the ACORN sting. OKeefe wore normal business or business-casual attire when they went into the ACORN offices, but put on the ridiculous pimp outfit when they filmed themselves walking around and standing outside ACORN offices.

    • TEX

      yeah – those ACORN people were stupid as turtle beans.

    • squirrel1

      If you watch the actual tapes of the ACORN sting, you find out that the ACORN people they were talking to actually WEREN'T falling for it. They were attempting to get enough information out of Keefe and Giles to turn them over to the police for doing what they claimed they were doing. That's why there's controversy over the ACORN sting… the tapes were edited to make it look like ACORN was committing a crime when the ACORN employees were, in fact, trying to get information that would be important to help the police arrest Keefe and Giles for what they claimed they were doing.

      • katemc39

        Glad someone commented on this issue…maybe the list should be adjusted to include this info:
        A. The sting operators did NOT wear that attire to the interviews
        B. The ACORN employees weren't entirely buying it and in one case called the authorities…

    • regdwight

      You must not have watched the US presidential election of 2008.

  • mom424

    Excellent list Blogball – like there was ever any doubt.

    Kind of surprised that John DeLorean and his coke for cash deal didn't make the list. He was vindicated btw – entrapment.

    I don't like sting operations. The bait cars are a little different thing. They're not left out with the keys in them and the doors open… not really a sting. The other ones though, and most especially the Rachel Hoffman case, leave a very bad taste in my mouth. Having had some experience with law enforcement (the receiving end) I can tell you that the cops can already do pretty much what they want. It gets over-turned in court but by then the damage is done. Can't really take away the gun in the head moment eh? As far as I'm concerned, those that police us and administer our laws should be above reproach. They are supposed to behave better than the rest of us; can't preach the moral high ground from the gutter. And in many cases, that's exactly what they're doing – dirty tricks.

    • Arsnl

      Well I dont think the police is about preaching or being moral lighthouses for us. That the job of our families our teachers our politicians (yeah i said politicians :-) ) or the job of the justice systel to be fair.
      They are just law enforcers and human beings. They probably put a gun to a suspects head only when they consider the situation to be too dangerous and they dont want to get killed. Unlike all those drug addicts or dangerous criminals or in fact every tom, dick and harry, the cops know when they have to pull the trigger. They are trained for that.
      Ive also noticed that the police is more brutal in tough neighborhoods and is very gentle in regular ones. I guess its pretty obvious why.
      You cant argue with the fact that the police is out there to protect us because im sure that you know many more people that never had problems with the police, than people that did have.

      • mom424

        So Arsnl, you're advocating different rules for the rich. By your statement, that is exactly what you're saying. You do know that the majority of those that live in "rough" neighbourhoods don't live there by choice eh? Oh well, you and the American courts have something in common. Read this and weep.

    • Arsnl

      “you’re advocating different rules for the rich.” now where the hell did i say that?
      I just said in rought neighborhoods policemen are rough.
      Lets analyse a bit the situation. I know not everybody wants to live in a ghetto. Im a socialist myself but when did personal responsability fly out the window. When did families stop being responsable for their offsprings? Listen I come from an ex communist country and my mom and dad could have started doing drugs or stealing stuff or whatnot. There’s no difference between a country thats falling appart and a ghetto. The atmosphere is just a grim and grey and it seems that there are no possibilities no chances given unemployment is just as high. But my parents still went on with their lifes and took care of their kids they gave them a proper education (and i was, like any normal boy, in a public school).
      How many families in ghettoes (or anywhere for a fact) nowadays dont care what their kids are doing, what is their circle of friends, if their kids go to school?
      The dissolution of the what family represents determines a rise in drug consumption, a rise in crime rates etc. And im sorry you cant blame poverty that are disfunctional as a parent.

      And i said that policemen are nicer in good neighborhoods because they know nobody will throw rocks at them in paris like it happens in some surrounding neighborhoods. You cant blame that on poverty that people arent nice with the cops. I was always nice and when if i encountered cops i was always cooperative and i never was a jerk cuz my mates were looking and i wanted to seem cool.

      About your article: it seems likes its written by a righ winger for the right. Im sick and tired of scaring people then there comes a palin that shouts that the govt is evil then when elected increases military’s budget so those meanies have more funds to track you. If you dont want to be tracked vote for someone that would reduce that budget (good luck with that).

      • mom424

        "Ive also noticed that the police is more brutal in tough neighborhoods and is very gentle in regular ones" – right there is where you said it. In this country, and yours too, the law is supposed to be the same regardless. Not more heavy handed just because you happen to live in the wrong part of town. '

        And by the way, the article that should have offended all your sensibilities was penned by Time Magazine. One of the more trusted publications in NA.

  • At work

    The Rachel Hoffman situation sucks but she was no angel. Yeah, she should never have been put in that situation but she was a big part of the reason she was there. I think people are making a big deal about this because she was an attractive young women.

    This is totally not uncommom for an informant to be killed. But the lack of police professionalism should be a topic of concern.

    • Woyzeck

      She was put into an extremely dangerous situation which cost her her life for the reason that she liked to get high. Do you honestly believe that that isn't "a big deal"? Do you honestly believe that that is fair or just, or that the officers involved were merely being "unprofessional"?

      "Yeah, she should never have been put in that situation but she was a big part of the reason she was there."

      I'm sorry, but that's bullshit. There is no way she could have known in advance that she was risking her life by buying pot. Prison, yes; death caused by police officers, no.

      • mom424

        I would argue that she doesn't even deserve prison. It's been proven again and again that prohibition does not work. It doesn't stop folks from being addicts; it just gives organized crime revenue. Have a look at Mexico.

        • Woyzeck

          I agree totally. The most important factor in regards to cannabis is the fact that there is an extremely large circumstantial case to suggest that cannabinoids are extremely effective at fighting cancer. This obviously hasn't been able to be tested under lab conditions, but there is a movement based in parts of America where cannabis oil is legal that it is a painless, faster, more efficient alternative to chemotherapy in cases of skin cancer. If this was found to be the case and medical professionals were allowed to make a proper study of it, the rewards would be enormous.

          • Scratch

            Free up the weed. Mom, if you're reading this I mean to say that marijuana is bad. If you're not reading this I mean the opposite.

          • mom424

            Not only with weed are the medicinal properties over-looked/under-utilized. I've read some convincing preliminary studies on the use of MDMA (Ecstasy) to treat depression. Beats electroshock (still used as a last resort). LSD too has legitimate psychotropic uses. Not to mention the fact that the dying can't get heroin. Just like North Americans to throw the baby out with the bath water.

          • Woyzeck

            Oh, I'd forgotten about LSD – it too has very interesting medicinal qualities. The body doesn't naturally produce enough spinal fluid, which leads to illness-induced paralyses, dementia etc. LSD encourages the body to produce more spinal fluid more often, which can immunise the effect of a range of illnesses.

          • Maggot

            the fact that there is an extremely large circumstantial case to suggest that cannabinoids are extremely effective at fighting cancer.

            That’s interesting, I hadn’t heard of this. My initial reaction was one of skepticism, not that I am hard over against even recreational pot use per se, but rather it just seemed dubious (lol, no pun intended) to me, as if it were some wishful thinking or bullshit holistic approach or something. But, it piqued my curiosity and caused me to do some quick searches to learn more. I think what you’re referring to is from a 2007 Harvard study, and in my very brief bit of googling, I didn’t see any more recent updates, but here’s some info for anyone who is interested:

          • Woyzeck

            I have to admit, I'm getting this mostly from links passed on by friends to news stories on youtube and on testimonials on survivor websites (before anyone asks, no I am not a cancer survivor and no, I don't get sexual gratification from trawling cancer websites. I am Woyzeck). The reason I say it is circumstantial is that almost all of the information we have on it is from the testimonies of the people who have tried it, and without studying the effect at a molecular level there is no guarantee that cannabis is in fact the cure.

            Nonetheless, the community based around it seems absolutely convinced, to the extent that they prosthelytize about it and provide cannabis oil to cancer patients free of charge. If it really does work as it seems to, it is practically a miracle cure.

      • Arsnl

        Dude by the time you are 24 society tends to think that you are capable of determining what situations are or are not dangerous for you. Also why didnt she inform her lawyer about her situation? The only thing she can be guilty of is not having a self preservation instinct. Ofcourse we cant blame her for her death but saying this happened just cuz she liked to get high is also wrong.

        ” There is no way she could have known in advance that she was risking her life by buying pot.”
        She was buying 1500 pills of esctacy, 2 oz of coke and a gun from someone that already had a past of violent crimes. A transaction worth 13000 dollars dude. Ofcourse that a serios thing. And she knew that had a gun Come on. How could it not go through her mind that it was a risky business.

        Of course the cops should be fired and that what happened should never be repeated but the cops fault is the the type of fault that you can blame on society. Failure to protect one of its members (but that happens a lot, medics botch up operations, politicians send people to war) her fault is personal. She didnt protect herself. And this combination led to her death.

        • Woyzeck

          "Dude by the time you are 24 society tends to think that you are capable of determining what situations are or are not dangerous for you."

          So you're saying that everybody who smokes pot should expect death?

          "Also why didnt she inform her lawyer about her situation?"

          I agree, she should have done that. Doesn't make the situation right. The text up there however implies in part (c) of 'Rachel's Law' (I shudder when these kind of names are given to laws) that she didn't have access to representation… I can't say for certain that that is what is meant there.

          "She was buying 1500 pills of esctacy, 2 oz of coke and a gun from someone that already had a past of violent crimes. A transaction worth 13000 dollars dude. Ofcourse that a serios thing. And she knew that had a gun Come on. How could it not go through her mind that it was a risky business."

          I meant the pot she bought in the first place, the pot she was caught with. The original commenter's point was that her own illegal actions were a large part of the reason she wound up dead.

          "Of course the cops should be fired and that what happened should never be repeated but the cops fault is the the type of fault that you can blame on society. Failure to protect one of its members (but that happens a lot, medics botch up operations, politicians send people to war) her fault is personal. She didnt protect herself. And this combination led to her death."

          That's true, which is why I think the police should have faced charges for what they did. Otherwise, we have a society enforcing damaging and destructive laws like the prohibition on cannabis through the means of officials who are willing to put the lives of members of the public at risk in order to do so. It is not a logical way for a society to function.

    • Maggot

      This is totally not uncommom for an informant to be killed.

      It seems to me that in this situation, the word “informant” is a misnomer. She was made to perform an undercover operation, and (as you acknowledged) put in a situation that was way beyond her level of “criminal experience”. She was a sitting duck. That’s quite a bit different than a prison stoolie or a street hood informant trying to win favor with the authorities, but are at least usually still able to blend into the environment that they are already familiar with.

      • oliveralbq

        she was definitely a puppet.
        which is why it is so disturbing that the cops only got a wrist slap.

        @woyzeck: ""which is why I think the police should have faced charges for what they did. "'
        —-yeah — cause they knew they had a wooden puppet, but they also had an audience, and they entertained the audience by taking the calculated risk of placing their wooden puppet into a bonfire, and someone should be held accountable. and by someone, i'm talking not just the murderer, but the person who laid her in a bed with the murderer.

  • Kuban8r

    I live in Canada and I didn't realize the Mr. Big technique had its own name and that it was that widely used. There was a case in my province a few years ago where the RCMP used that tactic and I remember thinking that it was pure genius. I never stopped to think that that technique could result in false confessions but I still think it is a worthwile tactic where the pros probably outweigh the cons.
    In my hometown it was a case where an estranged boyfriend kidnapped his ex girlfriend and murdered her with his bare hands in a hotel bathroom. He spent a few days there trying to figure out what to do with the body before he disposed of it. Since the cops couldnt find the body they didn't have much to go on but he was suspected in the community for a long time. He was finally arrested 6 months later and the investigation was brought to light. Apparentley two cops befriended him as "gang members" when he was being detained (for questioning or something, I can't remember where they met) and these gang members hung out with him and even took him on a trip to Las Vegas where they told him they wanted him to join their gang full time….

  • Kuban8r

    ……They didn't tell him that Mr. Big could get him out of his charges, rather they just started a conversation about violent crime and preteneded that they both had histoires of beating up their wives / girlfriends. The guy confessed about 4 months in bragging about what he had done to his ex, and where the body was. Of course it was a taped conversation. The conversation plus the body and the corresponding evidence found with it were enough to put him away for life (which in Canada sadly is probably about ten years)

    • Jordynn

      Dude I live in Canada too, and it pisses me off how disgustingly nice we are to our criminals. I say you commit murder 100% no question whatsoever, go to the electric chair right away. We don't need you.
      I liked this list a lot! I used to love watching the predator show, and they should not have been sued. Idiot family.

  • Scratch

    Great list yet again, Blogball.

    The Mr. Big scenarios are definitely entrapment as far as I'm concerned and that Rachel Hoffman story is tragic.

  • john

    On the west coast there is this chain restaurant called Sherry's and they have a dessert that is Marionberry pie. Makes me laugh every time. I also just want to point out that we have been blessed with a wide variety of list over the last week or two and while some lists may not suit your fancy (donkeys and minerals) others found those lists to be on par with what they wanted listverse to cover.

    • Maggot

      this chain restaurant called Sherry's and they have a dessert that is Marionberry pie. Makes me laugh every time.

      I can’t tell by your post if you were thinking that the pie name was made up to be a spoof, but fyi the marionberry is an actual type of berry…a blackberry hybrid. Marionberry pies are pretty common. And pretty freaking delicious!

      • john

        I know its a real fruit… its still funny.

  • Cubone

    Excellent list! Very interestinng, I want more!

  • ricepaddy312

    I don't want to nit-pick, Blogball, but #1, the RCMP memorial service was in Edmonton. Only the 2 major cities here have city police service, the rest of the province uses RCMP. Those 4 members are known as the Mayerthorpe four. It's a small town outside of Edmonton, and I have to say that their deaths affected most small towns in the province, where most of us have about 10 officers. It's a terrifying thing when half your police department gets murdered in one day. I think it made the RCMP rethink how they serve warrants and how many officers to send.

    • blogball

      Thanks for pointing this out. I didn’t know RCMP jurisdiction was outside Calgary and Edmonton.
      Most of the stuff I came across said it was outside of Mayerthorpe and Edmonton and some even said it happened in Edmonton. That must have been devastating for that small town. So sad.

  • undaunted warrior 1

    Great list again from you Blogball well written and a back round involving each story, just finishes it off nicely.


  • harachi

    Every entry except number 1 deals with a particular case. Why is that?

  • Woyzeck

    I wish they were still making To Catch A Predator. I fucking love that show. I wish they would go on making it forever.

    • Arsnl

      I dont know dude. The guy blowing his brains out made me think. Maybe he needed medical attention. A psychiatrist to get back on the right track.

      • Woyzeck

        There's no doubting it. But such a dark secret is never something people want to admit, even to a psychiatrist, and if it takes their having charges made against them to make them go then it's already too late… unless it's a sting operation.
        My feelings on the guy who shot himself are complex. It's obviously terrible that it came to that, but the strange thing about it is he may have been one of the few who could have applied himself well to psychiatric treatment, as he clearly understood the gravity of what he had done or was trying to do. The rest of these paedophiles try to talk their way out of trouble; many show no remorse. The one who shot himself, had he been given the option, could have come to grips with his problem. The difficulty is though that paedophilia cannot really be "cured" (not even by cannabis… wrong thread), only controlled.

  • Garrett Staats

    "In 2009, selectively edited videos were released by two young conservative activists"

    Selectively edited? You're trying to imply that they were using Michael Moore style "filmaking" to make the ACORN sham more damaging in some way?

  • GTT

    Hey all! It´s been a few months but like any true addict, I´m back. Blogball, your lists never dissappoint.

    I all for bait cars as long as they are used properly (obviously, the case mentioned in post 61 is not approppiate use). There may be no clear victim of that particular crime but they might act as a deterrent if criminals know they are out there…

    All I will say about Joran Van der Sloot is may he rot in Castro-Castro….

    The Rachel Hoffman case makes me so mad. They pressure a scared young girl into a very dangerous situation and then get off scott free? “Suspended with pay?” So, basically, a vacation? Really?

    • mom424

      Welcome home.

      And I agree. Suspended with pay? for basically manslaughter. They, of all people, knew the risks when they sent her into that situation.

    • Kuban8r

      I feel horrible for her and her family too and I'm not saying at all that she in any way deserved what happened to her, BUT this is why I tell my kids – dont put yourself in that situation. (IE. stay away from drugs alltogether!)

    • TEX

      How are things down south GTT?

    • blogball

      Nice to see you back GTT

    • oouchan

      Just stopping in to say nice to see you again!! :)

  • That's two things I learned about my own province! Interesting list. I knew that we used a lot of bait cars here, but I had never heard about the "Canadian Technique". Apparently we're not as friendly as advertised, if you're a criminal that is.

  • Northern Blue

    Very interesting list, but no doubt in my mind you are a leftist.

    The cases are true to the title, they are indeed controversial, but your descriptions of #10 and #5 show your true politicl colors. Your blantant defense of the child prostitution supporters at ACORN, and your slobbering over Marion Barry is rather sickening.

    • mom424

      Actually Northern Blue, you should direct your ire at the folks that keep voting Marion Barry into office. I mean he hangs out with crack whores – wtf? .

      and blatant defense of prostitution? where? I don't see it.

  • Maggot

    Nice list, blogball. I agree with the masses about Rachel Hoffman, a pretty sad story. But that Larry Craig – “wide stance”…LMAO, what a weak alibi…

    • blogball

      I agree, kind of feeble . Maybe a sumo wrestler could have gotten away with that excuse but not Larry Craig.

    • Maggot, I can't find the comment where you asked about making others long comments, and you getting cut off after a paragraph or two. The secret is to write the long comment off-site, copy it, then paste it to the comment section. You can write a novel if want to.

      • Maggot

        Thanks segues but I already do that and it hasn't helped. I usually compose in MS Word, (mostly for the spell-check) and then copy/paste into the comment box. If it's too long, I still get the pop-up box saying to trim it. Yelling obscenities at my monitor does not work either…believe me, I've tried that.

  • Jack

    Entrapment is an immoral act. One of the De Beers companies, operating out of Oranjemund, Namibia, entraps innocent people, by getting their stooges to interest innocent members of the public in illegal diamond buying, which they would not otherwise have done.

    They have no reason to approach these people, and more often than not, unsuspecting individuals get caught in these complicated nets of intrigue. Why fabricate a ruse just for the sake of doing it?

  • freckledsmile99

    Great list – interesting and well written – thanks!

  • YogiBarrister

    "Your blantant defense of the child prostitution supporters at ACORN"

    Actually, Northern Blue, you're the one defending child prostitution. The ACORN staff member who was allegedly trying to help, was in fact asking probing questions about these 'children'. He immediately contacted law enforcement and filed a complaint. The people behind this are telling lies, dangerous, hurtful lies. Don't be fooled by them.

  • therush

    6, 3 and 1 are straight up cases of entrapment. AS for #2 I'm glad the police could get that horrible drug dealer off the streets by basically murdering her. Because a plant is totally a drug.

    As for Northern Blue do you know what "heavily edited" means? Or are you just a total moron? Typical rightist.

  • blogball

    Thanks for the comments Listversers. This was really an interesting list for me to research and put together. When I saw that bait car video I knew I would have to share it. “Oncoming!!!”

  • Blogball, another fantastic list. I always look forward to your lists, and have never been disappointed by one.
    The whole "sting" operation has been something that I have gone back and forth on for years. When my children were young, and I was a single mom in Los Angeles, there were a lot of very scary things happening…and I was more or less inclined to favor sting operations. It gave me a false sense of security.

    Now, however, I see it as pretty straight forward entrapment. Although many of the "victims" may, indeed, be guilty of crimes, it would seem that the crimes they are guilty of should be what the police are focusing on, getting the clues and confessions of others in order to make an arrest.
    Of course the situation is isn't just that simple.
    Nothing ever is.
    But we have to learn to treat the least of societies members as human beings deserving of the protection of the law, or we risk losing that protection for the rest us.

  • BCbud

    lmao I live in Langley right next to Surrey, worst place in BC (Surrey)

  • LuckyStrike

    Now how could you not mention John DeLorean?

  • AlwaysVigilant

    Damn good list. Rachels case is sad. One could make the argument that if weed was legal they wuoldnt have been able to scare the piss out of her and in my opinion forcing her to do something she shouldnt be doing.

  • GTT

    Thanks guys! It´s nice to be back! :)

    Now, quick question… My laptop isnt loading the comments in the new “nested” format… Any ideas on how I can fix that?

    • mom424

      Try updating Firefox/Whatever browser you use. Worked for me.

      • GTT

        Thanks! I ended up finally downloading Forefox and it seems to work great now! :)

  • Ashley

    I live in Edmonton, and I remember the whole mounties getting killed thing was a very big deal.
    but I had no idea that they used "Mr.big" to get the guys, let alone used this technique in Canada.

  • Fantastic list. I've been following the Holloway case since it was brought into public knowledge. It's been so awful and all I'd want is for the family to find peace and be able to bring their daughters body home. I also remember watching an hour long type documentary on the organization who brings cyber predators to the court system (I'm not sure if it was To Catch a Predator or not) but I found all of that quite interesting. Whether or not the ethics are in place is one thing but knowing that there are children who meet people everyday off of the internet is quite daunting and I'm glad, even for a little while, there's a group to counter act this brings a little peace to my mind. My kids will never be allowed on the internet :P

    • oliveralbq

      the girl i was dating shortly before that case (went to school with me at univ. of alabama) — her little sis had gone to school in mtn. brook, with natalee.

      i had actually met her briefly at one point — it was relayed to me, although i dont really recall. but everyone said she was a wonderful person, and the family was always happy, and involved with things going on in birmingham, al, etc….. just makes cases like these all the more devistating……

  • lolcat

    very interesting list! I am pro entrapment, as they call it, or sting. A new law should be passed: If you can't do the time, then don't do the crime. If you can't do the time, then don't do the crime, etc. All these people are not innocent, so it is not "entrapment". Perverted Justice/Dateline was/is my favorites. That Conradt family had a lot of nerve suing when their family member was clearly solicting boys for sex. His guilt made him off himself. His guilt, not the PJ. ZERO TOLERANCE FTW!

  • Maggot

    Blogs, what do you mean by “go into regular Google”, as opposed to using the browser application Chrome? Anyway, I just use IE, but occasionally if the comment loading gets hung up for too long (while waiting for ads to load or something, which is another issue in itself), then it defaults to the non-nested style. When that happens, a screen-refresh usually fixes it upon reloading. That said, I’m not a huge fan of Intense-debate, but I can live with it I suppose. I still for the life of me can‘t figure out how some folks are able post “long” comments though, when it seems I’m limited to only a couple of paragraphs at best.

    Btw, hi GTT. Missed you!

  • vonhohenzollern

    This was a very nice list! I learned alot today. I remember seeing on Dateline or 48 Hours (one of those murder shows) the story of Rachel Hoffman. It's very sad and unfortunate to say the least.

  • kennypo65

    So the bullies responsible for Rachel's death got suspended with pay, basically a vacation. That's just par for the course, really. To Serve and Protect(ourselves). These guys are simply bullies with badges, doing what ever the hell they want to, and there were no real consequences. Well God bless Amerika!

  • timmar68

    I'm pro-entrapment, too. If you aren't a criminal you have nothing to worry about. If authorities have reason to think I'm selling drugs and come up to me to buy some so they can arrest me for it, they'll be out of luck and won't get any because I don't do or sell drugs. It'll just mean they were wrong about me. __If someone comes up to you and tries to get you to commit a crime, don't do it. I think it's bullhooey when people say that they wouldn't have done it if they weren't enticed. By "enticed" I don't mean "forced". __"I wouldn't have done it if he hadn't approached me and asked me (or offered me X) to do it." If you're not a criminal you'll say "no" because you know it's wrong. No arrests will be made so you won't be a "victim" of a sting.

    • htspe

      this "if you dont have nothing to hide" group clearly lives in a lala land. ever heard of "evidence planting"? besides after PA got passed the cops are able to carry out what`s called a Sneak and Peak provision which means they can enter your house(office) when the premises are empty and no one is there and carry out a search. they dont have to notify you about it for days, months, years…what makes you think there wont any cop who`s willing to plant, say, drugs for whatever reward he`s expecting out of it? probably not all cops will do it, but one rotten piece of shyt if enough to ruin a life.

  • Ella

    what about operation jaque? from colombia

  • Repack Rider

    The article on ACORN failed to mention that ACORN was entirely innocent of any wrongdoing, and that the film was edited to suggest activities that never took place. Investigation by law enforcement found no crime to have taken place. The removal of funding was found to be an unconstitutional Bill of Attainder, but ACORN never recovered from this heinous slander that put them out of business.

    O'Keefe and Breitbart are scum of the highest order. ACORN was a productive and co0mmunity oriented organization, but since it registered poor people to vote, it was deemed an enemy of the GOP.

    I'm surprised that you didn't know that, or at least mention it.

  • peejee

    Blogball – I will call you Sir Blogball from now on !

    I enjoyed this list. So well researched, so well written. The interesting facts topic just makes it more complete. I learned something new today. Thanks again!

    • GTT

      Yup, Sir Blogball and I will soon be founding Blogballity, a religion based on worshipping incredible lists… ;)

  • peejee

    Í forgot – I am fully supporting this kind of operations (clearly apart from the madness of number 2), but I question the first one – Mr. Big. Won t a would be criminal say anything to gain respect from his fellow "gang members" ?

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Wow! Great list! "Craig claimed he just had a “wide stance”" that makes it!

  • John P

    Good list. Very informative. None of these stings would work with the politicians in my country, absolutely none. The level of corruption ensures that.

  • bluesman87

    @seuges @Woyzeck @arsnl – Yes there are medical benefits to cannabis use . It helps with pain but its not a pain killer , it just makes your brain take less note of the pain and pay more attention to other things (scooby doo , dragon ball z ,pizza etc) but in my experience the most amazing quality it has it the ability to stop nausea . It really does work better than ANYTHING else in that regard (unless its nausea brought on by drinking too much , if you smoke then you’re in shit) thats why its good for cancer , for the nausea caused by chemo .Also it’s real use hasn’t been really ever discussed or mentioned . Its really good for getting people off drugs ( dunno bout opiates but definitely uppers) you cant take someone addicted and used to being loaded all the time and expect them to just cut everything and go to normal life . You’ve got to give them something to do and it’ll raise the success rate noticeably . I know more than a few grown Adults with families who have given up extremely bad addictions(coke) with only the help of weed . They dont drink anymore , only smoke weed , and they got a little ritual to occupy their time and the effects of the drug itself does not interfere with everyday life , in fact you cant even notice a difference once they’ve smoked . I dont think they could’ve quit without it and if they hadn’t of quit they’d be dead .But Im more for recreational use

    :-) . I trust weed more than alcohol , weed has never made me wake up regretting anything i said or did (maybe made me regret eating that last bowl of curry)and weed has never had me hanging over the toilet praying for the room to stop spinning (also when people know you’re drunk they automatically dont take you seriously , but they never know when you are stoned).Its just the stigma that keeps it illegal , also until the US govt decides to chill on it , no where in the world will freely legalize its use , cause then they get shit from the US and their alliance members that threatens trade agreements etc . It has to come from the top not the bottom . OH and there should be restrictions on its use the same as booze. A friend of mine came back from cali the other day and held us all enthralled about these vending machines there with little packs of chronic for sale ….one day bluesman one day ….

    • oliveralbq
      cannibus is #3 or #4 or #5—
      well, its one of the numbers, anyway.

    • mom424

      We should have had legal weed years ago. Your government is the reason Canadians don't have legal weed. Hilarious and sad that at least some of you guys get it first.

  • vineetbantu

    nice writing man

  • cambered

    I concur with the masses and tip my hat to you, Blogball. Your list was great reading; well prepared and full of interesting (sometimes sad) stories… I simply can't believe the negligence of the police officers involved in the Rachel Hoffman case, that is a completely ludicrous situation… I should thank my lucky stars those cops never busted me in my twenties or I may have met the same fate.

    Oh, and a little ball of spittle went hurtling across my lounge room as I read of Senator Craig's "wide stance" explanation… what a classic… thanks for the laugh!

    Looking forward to your next one.

  • ouiareborg

    Nice, except, for the comment, regarding "Mayor" Barry, "You have to admire his tenacity." I met the man, and it confirmed the fact, that he is street trash. I lived in the ghetto as a kid, and there were gang members, and drug dealers I met that had more class than that piece of garbage.

  • lachicadecafe

    Just a comment about the Latino naming system… Stephanie Flores Ramirez last name is Flores, not Ramirez. because Ramirez is the maternal last name that is not the "official" one. FYI, that's all. Interesting list, though.

  • Wata

    Man, you made a mistake about Joran Van der Sloot's victim: Stephany Flores Ramirez. Her last Name is Flores, not Ramirez. "Stephany" is First Name and Flores, last name. Ramirez is like a Second last name. I know this because i'm peruvian.

  • Emperor

    didnt the fbi release a report saying that the acorn video was heavily edited? i think he was only wearing a track suit or something.

  • Lurker

    Great list. But I was expecting to see George Michael up there.

  • Repack Rider

    Did any fictional characters or dead people actually VOTE? Registering such "persons" would be fraud AGAINST ACORN, not BY ACORN, so somebody could get paid for a bogus registration, even though no actual voter existed. Somehow though, in the right-wing crazy world, ACORN became responsible for the crimes perpetrated against it.

    But that wasn't the subject of the video, which used editing and a fraudulent script to suggest wrongdoing, when none actually existed. What should happen to people who lie about other people and cause them harm?

  • That Rachel story is messed up! It goes to show you that you should always man up to your crimes and not involve anyone else. If she went to prison at least she would still be alive, and if that sting work, she would have still gone to prison with a reduced sentence but she would be going in there as a snitch wich is still basically a death sentence. Never work with the law!!

  • koko
  • Very Nice Article

  • regdwight

    Good list. Down with the dunces at ACORN. Hurrah for whoever took down those dolts.

  • I

  • armaan

    Nice list……… But you could have included the sting operation of Godhra Mass Killing as well ! I think the entry should be at no. 1

  • Mike Kirby

    You left out the fact that the Acorn employee who “appeared to advise them how to hide prostitution activities and avoid taxes” was doing what you are supposed to do when someone confesses a crime to you: he was pumping them for information, and he called the police and told them everything he’d got from them as soon as the liars left his office. This fact was concealed by the right-wing mainstream media, who were trying to take down Obama’s allies at any cost, and only became widely known months later.

    Do your research, please.

  • maggie

    very interesting list im fine with sting operations
    cept for #2 and #10
    i find #10 was unfair to people who actually needed it
    who gives a **** if they sometimes finance prostitutes, there are people who actually need their help

  • carpinteyrofjp


  • That DA has a deep-set depression, and underlying issues that should not have been blamed on the methods of “To Catch a Predator”. I think it’s outrageous how much hand-holding is done in North America for possible child molesters.

  • Crockett

    O’Keefe, what a piece of right-wing trash.

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  • Nice list the last three entries I found very shocking. Number 5, the Marion Barry entry I found it easy to agree with Barry’s statement about him doing nothing wrong. I would feel diffrent if Barry was buying the drugs.

  • Sarah

    James O’Keefe severely edited videos to tell lies about ACORN. His reason? ACORN was helping the poor and minorities vote. To quote Paul Weyrich, founder of the “Christian” Coalition, “Too many people have what I call the goo-goo syndrome–the good government syndrome. They want everyong to vote. I don’t want everyone to vote. The more people who vote, the less likely we are to win”

    Please tell the entire story about James OKeefe and ACORN. Despite multiple investigations showing that James OKeefe, Breitbart (RIP), and Hannah Giles were lying, ACORN, built with small donations and a lot of effort over 40 years, was destroyed. ACORN was the first and most successful organization to help poor people in New Orleans clean up and rebuild their homes before the City could repossess the homes and sell property at discount to developers.

  • #6 Bait cars, this is ridiculous, you steal a car you get charged and convicted…I don’t care if you normally steal a car or not. So stupid!!!

  • dee

    look up the show they did on date line about it, coincidentally we just watched this in my victimology class today.. and whats bs is they never did a background check on the guys they set her up with and the cops never took the informant review to the division they were supposed.. they even said she would have been refused.